49ers got Jimmy Garoppolo; now they have to sit him


SANTA CLARA — The 49ers traded for Jimmy Garoppolo.


They have him for the rest of the season.


They probably want to play him as soon as possible.


Under no circumstances should the Niners play Garoppolo at any point this season. They better keep him on the sideline and let C.J. Beathard play out the rest of the schedule.

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    1. Trade back and pick up an edge rusher… there are 3 very good edge rushers in this draft. Then OL or Cb depending on value.

    2. Trade down for mid 1st and 2nd…pick OG Quenton Nelson from ND first. OT for Staley in the 2nd bc the 49er OL is the worst and totally porous. Add in a ‘strong solid’ OL in FA. Garnett, Brown are seem always injured and avg. Then draft edge rusher and defense, other needs after that. Foundation is key right now.

      1. But Nelson’s been going high in the latest mocks. He might not last till the mid of the first. He’ll likely be a top ten pick unless his stock plummets

        1. You’ve done business with the Jets already. Perhaps you can get their 2nd round pick, stay within the top ten, and get Nelson. That’s my ideal scenario as of now. Shanny said, “You play 16 games a year. You practice all the time. You can learn a lot from a guy in practice, too. Our goal here, we didn’t just bring Jimmy here to just help us right now. We would love for him to help us right now. But, this is more about the big picture, too”. This tells me that they’re not going to play him for the sake of playing him, and that it’s not necessary to make a determination on whether or not to give him a long term contract….

  1. He’ll probably start after the bye, maybe the week before. He will at least play the final four.

    Garoppolo left NE because he wants to start. He will walk if he doesn’t get to start at some point. Backing up Brady is one thing. Backing up CJ is insulting.

    1. No he won’t.. The kids not dumb. No QB wants to take a pounding like that just to play. He will have no say in going as we can just use the franchise tag on him.

      1. If he doesn’t want to play, he isn’t the answer at QB. He was traded because wants to start. He is a professional athlete. You don’t get to this level without being extremely competitive.

        “He will have no say in going as we can just use the franchise tag on him.”

        Yeah, give him the Cousins treatment and he’ll walk the first chance he gets.

        1. 80,
          I agree he should want to start but he needs to be put into a position to succeed. He needs a few weeks to learn the playbook it does no one any good to have him out their lost or drawing plays in the dirt.

            1. He is not stupid and neither is KS. KS probably explained to him that he doesn’t want to get him killed and to sit and learn. I would be surprised if he plays before the last 2 games and only if Brown and Staley are back. Bye the way, Hoyer is back at NE as a back up to Brady. That is where he started, isn’t it?

              1. Hmm, my comment went into moderation because I said p*ssyfoot. Didn’t think that was a bad word. Oh well, let’s try again.

                Brown and Staley should be back after the bye. That’s why I and others are predicting he would start then.

                “I would be surprised if he plays before the last 2 games”

                Why play him the final 2 games if you’re gonna p*ssyfoot around with him?

                “Bye the way, Hoyer is back at NE as a back up to Brady.”

                Who cares? They’re two different players.

    2. Are you aware of his situation in new England? He wanted out of new England because as long as Tom Brady is a starter, JimmyG would only be the back up QB. He want a chance to start, but not before he’s ready and not behind this train wreck of an oline. He’ll be patient in SF because he knows he’ll eveually be starter. Most likely week 1 in 2018.

  2. Can’t read your articles. All i know you said sit him the rest of the year. I am sure they will take your advise. I think Grant should coach because he is smarter then we could see how really smart he is.

    1. Are you getting a message that says you’ve used up your number of free articles? If so, just clear your cookies on your computer or device. Actually, we just started a new month so you should have a new set of articles to read.

  3. JG wants to be a starter. Niners may not be his ultimate destination.
    Starting CJB for the rest of the season is a nonstarter. JG wants to play, so he can showcase his skills.
    However, he may want to give himself the best chance to win by waiting until after the Bye, so Staley will be back.

  4. “And for what?”

    Experience running the offense. Getting his timing down with Garcon, Taylor, Kittle, Juice, and Goodwin in real game situations. And as a chance for KS to see if he’s worth 20+ million.

    We could sit him. Then he would still be raw to start the 2018 season. The OL will probably have 1 or 2 new starters and Garnett will be seeing his first action, don’t expect miracles from an upgraded OL early on. We’ll probably have a different starting HB, the running game will take time too.

    Garoppolo needs to play.

    1. He can do that in practice, where he’s protected from contact . if he plays he’ll be harassed and stressed. Our oline is horrendous. Let him practice but keep him on the bench till next year

  5. I didnt bother to read the article before posting this.

    Playing him after the Bye is fine. He has time to learn the system etc and the O line has time to get healthy.

    Its effectively 4 weeks. Im not sure why the media keeps calling it 3. Math doesn’t make sense.

    Anyways great trade off to read the article.

  6. This is basically the 4th story today with the same headline, I haven’t read the last two. Seems like someone regurgitates some of the things his posters say, then claims then as his own thoughts.
    U guys are debating who we should note take with first pick cuz or qb of the future is here. First he’s unproven, second he’s unsigned…..what exactly are you guys smoking. Just weeks after Hoyer was supposedly a serviceable bridge qb, then cbj was all the rage. Wake up folks, this guy will walk…..prob run from Santa Clara. Bank on it, Yorks ain’t gonna franchise anyone, that’s not in the budget.

  7. They absolutely should play him this year. Mainly because I can’t imagine he would be happy if he came to the 49ers mid season only to sit on the bench. He would have been better off staying with the Pats if that is what the 49ers do. Let him start the last 4 or 5 games, but keep the offense fairly simple. By that stage they should have Staley and Brown back.

    1. That is pretty obvious.
      Give him 3 or 4 weeks to sit and learn de offense and play him once the starting tackles are back.

      But that is not controversial so why would Grant write that?

        1. With Beathard out there getting 20 hits a game you have to wonder how soon Garoppolo will be on the sidelines. And he will get killed out there too!

        2. Once Jimmy get in there, teams will have to respect the pass. There wont be 8-9 man boxes anymore sending 6-7 blitzers.
          He gets the ball out quick, smart and accurate.

          Now of course, the 49ers need to shore up their line, but he makes a big difference.

          I say play him after the bye. You cant tell your team we are saving him to protect him. What message does that send to the rest of the team? This is football.

              1. It certainly is but he is not a back up. He has the skill set of a starter. This guy isn’t Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassell. He will be ready.
                Giants game! Might have to make the trip down to Santa Clara if he is playing!

              2. Up until now he has been a backup. It remains to be seen how he handles himself as a starter. I certainly want him to be a great QB. I’m just naturally wary.

        3. I don’t know. I thought Grant was same crazy ol’ Grant when I read this article, but it actually makes a lot of sense to not play him. Not only do you avoid the risk of injury (and embarrassment), but also if he doesn’t play his market value stays relatively low, as opposed to if he does play and does fairly well in Shanny’s offense. The better he does, the higher his value goes. Also, if he does start producing wins, say 3 to 4 wins, that knock are draft slot from 2 to 4 or 5, thus decreasing our chances of finding someone wanting to trade up big for a QB.

          On the other side though, it would be nice to get him some playing time after the bye and see what you have. If the guy looks like the real deal, especially with the lack of talent, then he’s worth a big long-term contract.

          Quite a conundrum here….hmmm

          1. If the Niners decide to keep him, his value is going to be 23 mill minimum whether he plays or not. He’ll either be franchised for that amount or sign a big deal in FA. They have to get him on the field asap to see if he’s worth that kind of investment.

        4. Mullins should be activated as emergency QB, CJ will take all remaining beatings, er…I mean starts, till he gets the cart ride into locker room…perhaps the last game or 2 of season JG plays, not starting– as tune-ups. You guys calling for him to start the last 4-5 games are delusional. This guy is 2018’s QB, he needs to learn system, terminology, and reads/keys (he won’t take long to learn the QB room stuff–as Mc Daniels has surely given him GREAT basic training– but he needs time to work with OL to figure out protect angles, positions, etc.) …ANY playing time he gets this year would be for training purposes, NOT to salvage the 2017 season…
          IF he is put in as starter after bye, then the York’s will have their fingerprints on that decision…

    2. Another ridiculous piece from GC. What is the point of trading for him now if you are going to sit him? I didn’t agree with the trade, but they obviously did it so they can see him play a few games and get an idea if he is the long term answer at QB. Let’s give up a high second round pick so we can bring in a QB who hasn’t even played a full two games and sit him the rest of the year. Good lord.

  8. Who u folks got in game 7, and don’t let your hatred of the boys in blue cloud your judgement? Heckuva series either way, proud of my squad. Makes the sting of “rebuilding” Niners a bit less painful……
    Poetic justice that Darvish gets a shot at redemption, he handled that fiasco with class and hope he’s on tmrw…..maybe hand the ball to Kersh, then to Jansen in a perfect world. In the presser, Lasorda hollered to Dave Roberts” you haven’t won sheet until you win tmrw!” Old dude still full of wizz and vinegar…..Go Dodgers!
    Forgive me for hijacking this breaking JG news post by Grant.

  9. Something to consider about York. He had a plan. He wanted to emulate the Patriots. McDaniels tuned us down, as did Caserio. It’s not a stretch to think that Jed wanted…

    GM: Caserio
    HC: McDaniels
    QB: Garoppolo

    Beyond the on the field stuff, Garoppolo is a marketable guy and a good choice to be the face of the franchise. I think Jed sees this as a win-win situation.

  10. Hell I would not just do that-I would draft O line with practically every pick besides a speed receiver and a corner.
    One thing I like is he kind of has a body language and smile, demeanor that reminds me of Montana.
    He really has an air about him that’s exciting.

  11. Well, this is a bit of a ‘Captain Obvious’ column. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Thing is though, he’s still got to play.

    As for me, I figured he’d get at least the last four games. That’d get the line about as healthy as it could be and he’d have gotten enough team reps to have some timing and plays down.

    They may make him the starter Sunday after this. THe NFL is a tough place not a ‘safe space’ and nobody gets mollycoddled.

  12. First off, I’m somewhat ignorant of how the mechanics of the NFL contracts, trades, free-agency stuff works.

    That said, is there a danger here that its actually JG here that’s taking everyone for a ride (not the pats, not Belechick, not ShanaLynch….). I mean, if he knows he is a free agent next season but he doesn’t have any more playing time in New England to put himself in front of the cameras and increase his stock, then could he just be using the Niners as a way to improve his contract value with another team when the time comes?

    Don’t get me wrong I like the trade. But something about it seems a little off to me, and I cant quite figure out what it is. Someone is going to be a winner out of this deal. I hope its the Niners, but I have a niggle at the back of my mind that thinks something else is going on here.

    Or maybe I’m just a little paranoid from all the Halloweenin’

    1. We control his future with the franchise tag. There’s nothing else going on.

      The Patriots Won Because:

      1. Garoppolo was leaving the Patriots next year and they’d get nothing for him since they couldn’t franchise him.
      2. With a 2nd round pick, the Patriots got a better pick than the compensatory pick they’d have gotten when he left (bottom Round 3 at best).

      The 49ers Won Because:

      1. Garoppolo was a legitimate prospect out of college.
      2. He’s spent multiple years on the bench running the scout team against one of the NFL’s best defenses which is helpful as well as a few starts and some relief appearances (though small sample size on the live game).
      3. He learned behind a HOF QB.
      4. He had some best coaching in all of pro-football in his early development (ie exactly opposite of what happened to Smith).
      5. He as all the intangibles you’re looking for in a QB.
      6. We circumvented the FA process where we’d be one of nine teams competing for him. Many of those teams are far better than the 49ers and would be, if he a choice, preferred destinations. Would you rather go to Denver which has everything but a QB or the 49ers? Jacksonville, same thing. Chances are we would not have gotten him, or Cousins, next year. Now we have Garoppolo and he can’t get away because of the franchise mechanics.

      Sometimes trades are win-wins. Sometimes they’re lose-lose.

      And for those who automatically assume Belichick always wins, the fact is the Patriots have lost trades before. They lost the one they made last year to the Cardinals. They traded a top-flight pass-rusher and ended with a bust of guard and a 2nd rounder that, eventually, was traded down and turned into an average guard and a ‘just a guy’ WR.

      1. Thanks Moses.

        We control his future with the franchise tag.

        Genuine question… is this a long term solution? How does this work?

        I ask only because I’ve been trying to get my head round the Cousins-Washington situation I know that tagging has been used there and it doesn’t seem to me like a satisfactory solution, except perhaps for Cousins who is able to make a pretty penny from it – but for the fans, for the franchise, it seems like a bit of a mess. Is that a unique situation due to the nature of the relationship between Synder and Cousins, or could the Niners find themselves in a similar situation?

        Given that this is supposed to be a 6-year rebuild is having to potentially rely on the franchise tag mechanism a sensible way forward? Wouldn’t the cost of tagging a QB in years 3 or 4 of the rebuild be astronomical – and given that would be about the time the franchise is hopefully starting to have success again? I guess even if JG were signed rather than tagged it would only be for a few years is that right?

        1. How can you realistically say NE was one of the best defenses? Are you freaking nuts? NE has one of the worst defenses in one of the easiest divisions in the NFL.

          They are dead last in yards per game. Dead last in pass defense. 24th in rushing defense and 18th in points allowed.

          Try some research before you throw out facts.

          1. Hey, Buttercup. He was three and a half years.

            They’re bad this year. They’ve been no worse than #10 the three years prior.

            2016: #1
            2015: #10
            2014: #8

            Maybe YOU should take your own advice and look at the fact before you criticize someone who knows the facts. So much for your stupid criticism.

        2. Thank you Moses

          Absolutely Amazing….

          Only in San Francisco can you get your butts kicked up and down the field for lack of a quality QB, and then when lady luck smiles on you and you get one…you want to bubblewrap him until we build a fence around him….He is a grown man who has started, played and seen success before we got him. You don’t teach a child about a hot stove by throwing him into the freezer….GET INTO THE GAME ! Coach Shannahan will put an abreviated game plan together for him without getting him killed, hopefully. This still football, let’s not sissify it….Go Garroppolo…Go Niners !

        3. BritishNiner,

          This is very similar to the Cousins situation in DC. Garoppolo may choose to not sign a long term deal if he doesn’t like the terms, and choose instead to play under the tag which will be around 23 mill. He has all the leverage and the Niners are in a tough spot now because they’ve given up a prime draft pick to see him play a few games this year. If his play is just ok or worse, then they have to seriously consider whether it makes any sense to give him that kind of money. My guess is they will franchise him for sure because of the pick they gave up, but a long term deal is really tough with how little anyone has seen of him.

    2. don’t think the “showcase my QB talents for 2018 suitors” narrative of yours will be very effective for him by playing/starting in 2017– IF he does start a few games, you’ll see tape of him running for his life and/or being hit, hurried, sacked, etc.– as any 9ers foe will be additionally motivated to smack him… I know many posters here think he can beat the pressure by his quick realease, but if CJ has less than 2.5 secs. on virtually EVERY pass snap, well, think about it…no time to get rcvrs set at windows for pass targets– etc., yes?

      1. That is lost on some because they are blinded by the shine on their new toy. I wish he were the panacea but it will be an offensive tackle, a Center or guard who labor in the background who will give him the opportunity to showcase himself.

        Oh and to win, we still have to stop the other team, which means we need a pass rusher, LB and at least one defensive back.

        After all that the glamorous positions can be filled or adequately addressed.

  13. Apparently Garoppolo broke Tony Romo’s collegiate records. Also, he was quite the thing in FCS:

    In his senior season, Garoppolo won the Walter Payton Award, given to the most outstanding offensive player in the Division I Football Championship Subdivision under head coach Dino Babers with his uptempo no huddle offense. As a result of his successful senior season, he was named the 2013–14 OVC Male Athlete of the Year and the 2013 College Football Performance FCS National Quarterback of the Year.

    He also showed constant growth during his college career, something that’s very important when you’re doing projections. I think that if he would have been in the draft pool this year, lots of people, even the critics of this trade, would have been slobbering on his knob after reading this:

    STRENGTHS Has a very quick trigger and good wrist snap that translates to a smooth throwing motion and clean, compact delivery (no windup). Lightning release quickness. Urgent decision maker. Sells play-action. Athletic enough to slide in the pocket and buy time with his feet while keeping his eyes downfield. Good anticipation — throws his receivers open. Can change ball speeds and drop it in a bucket. Does not take unnecessary sacks and will dump the ball. Will deliver the ball looking down the barrel of a gun. Tough-minded and poised in the pocket — can withstand a hit and pop back up. Highly competitive. Smart, respected, vocal team leader. Very durable, experienced, four-year starter. Good football intelligence.

    WEAKNESSES Is a tad undersized with small hands and short arms. Uses a three-quarters delivery that could lead to batted balls. Works heavily out of the shotgun in a spread offense, and footwork could require adjustment to working from under center. Does not always feel pressure in the pocket. Does not rip the deep out or drive the ball with high RPMs. Undershoots and often hangs the deep ball. Makes receivers work for the ball downfield, and deep accuracy could stand to improve. Makes a lot of simple, one-look reads and was not heavily challenged by consistent pressure or complex looks in the Ohio Valley Conference.


    BOTTOM LINE A decorated FCS passer, Garoppolo could excite quarterback coaches with his quick delivery, mental make-up and work habits, yet he still needs to prove he can fit the ball into tight windows and do more than carve up soft shells the way he regularly did on his way to a record-breaking performance in college. Possesses the physical tools to eventually earn an NFL starting job in a rhythm passing game with continued refinement but is more of a caretaker than a game changer and will require some patience adapting to the NFL game.

    In the end, he’ll do it or he won’t. But the Patriots wanted to keep him. Something they weren’t particularly interested in with any of his predecessors — Hoyer, Mallet, etc.

  14. 49er QBs who’s last name ended in a vowel:

    Y.A. Tittle
    John Brodie
    Joe Montana
    Jeff Garcia
    Jimmy Garropolo

    Clearly, Jimmy the Red & Gold Don is destined for greatness. Any of you punks who want to give me lip about Chris Weinke, Mike Moroski, or Bob Gagliano will be dealt with by the Capo of the first name J mafia family. Interesting story about Yelberton. He was only let on the team after he took Omerta under Meyer Lansky’s sponsorship, True story.

      1. Have to add ‘y’: letter or other symbol representing a vowel —usually used in English of a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y.

        Ken Dorsey. (That’s all a blur. I just remember how Carlos (a different board) was convinced he was the second coming of Montana.)

        George Mira (we traded Forrest Blue, a 3x pro-bowl center to the Colts for that dud because of Brodie & Spurrier injury issues. The Colts thought their center (a HOFer) might never play again. Blue sat on the bench for the rest of his career. A tragedy. ).

        Chris Weinke (relived Smith).

        Bob Galiagno. (Camp QB who ended up 3rd string and started one game.)

        Mike Moroski. (2 games during Montana back issues season. Was ineffective and replaced by Jeff Kemp.)

        Tim Rattay. (Looked good as Garcia’s back-up. But was too slow to process the field and was a sack machine.)

        If you count guys that never started: Carmazzi. Might be a few others. I don’t remember all the back-ups. Just the ones that played.

  15. This is suppose to be the year of evaluations, give him the play book coach him up a bit and get his butt out there. Start him against the Hawks and see what this young man has to offer. Some say the speed of the game isn’t too fast for him, well he hasn’t played behind this o-line. Need to no some answers before FA and the draft.

  16. A guy named bill also sat joe Montana his fist year. He put him in in the 4 th quarter, gave him a taste, and groomed him. Our ol has s pathetic and shanahans system takes a year to learn. With a trad back next year and some free agents ( if the York’s ever want to use their 100 million under the cap) next year will be exciting!

  17. Interesting…..

    A.J. McCarron = 2018 second- and third-round picks

    Jimmy G = 2018 second rd pick

    Looking more we got a good deal…..

    1. Especially considering the 49ers also have the Saints 2nd round pick. I’m hoping Brees gets an infected hangnail and has to go on IR.

    2. McCarron would command more in trade for two reasons:

      He has actually played more than 6 quarters and played well in a playoff start.
      He is a RFA at low salaries for two more years unlike Garoppolo who will command at least 23 mill next year.

  18. Grant,

    If you’re afraid of getting hurt, you shouldn’t be playing football. Right?

    We need to see what he’s got, this year, because he’s a free agent and is he worth a big contract? You won’t know anything if he’s sitting on thr bench.

    Quarterbacks aren’t always gonna have a great line in front of them. So why be asking to “get out of town”, when you’ve finally have the chance to show the league what you have? Isn’t that why he wanted out in the first place?

    1. It’s not about Garoppolo’s toughness. It’s about the 49ers calculating risk versus reward for their investment. Playing Garoppolo with this awful o-line and a bunch of players who won’t be on the team next year is high risk, low reward.

      1. Totally agree with Grant here. Playing JG now is inviting injury to a guy you are hoping to sign long term. At the very least wait until Staley returns from injury.

        1. Personally, I wouldn’t play him till the last 4 games of the season. But I absolutely have to see him play before giving him a big contract or paying him big money on a one year franchise tag.

          Besides, he’s the only other QB on the roster. Given how great our Oline is, there’s a good chance CJ will get hurt and Jimmy have to go in anyways.

          1. Last four games. That’s where I’m at. Shanahan and Garoppolo may have different ideas and I’m sure Garoppolo wants to play and will push to play.

          2. So, suppose you play him, are the last 4 games enough for a proper evaluation? He won’t have the playbook yet and he will still be learning this incredibly complex system. Will that be enough to sign him to a long term deal?

            Suppose he goes out there and stinks it up because he doesn’t have time due to the pass rush of other teams. Will that give an accurate picture of what this man can produce?

            Suppose he goes out and he gets killed. A severe injury, what then?

            I would want to wait until the poor kid has some semblance of protection, given that the team has already invested a good amount of capital for him (consider Hoyer’s guaranteed salary as part of that equation). I doubt that will happen unless they get another backup.

            1. You don’t make this kind of deal and then pretend its a try out or feeling out process. Maybe for him but for the 49ers, they are all in.
              They’ve done their homework on him both when Shanny was in Cleveland and last year. Lynch said himself they tried to make a deal with the Pats last year.

              He is the future even if he comes in and throws 10 picks in the last 4 games. Nothing has changed and he is not the messiah coming in to work miracles. This rebuild is far from over and Jimmy G is just the leader of it now.
              We still have plenty of holes and all this trade does is give us room to address other areas.

            2. If Jimmy is your poor kid?…….What is CJB?

              You are guys are funny……”its ok to play the rookie “…..”but NOOO don’t play a 4 yr vet”

              ….I say its best to play him ASAP……if he is the future, let him have a say in who we are keeping or letting go in the offseason….

              Let him be part a contributing voice of the solution instead of just being on the sidelines watching KS think of the solution

              1. I feel sorry for CJB. He got thrown to the fire and hasn’t been able to showcase his talents adequately. But, it’s clear the organization is going all in on JG which is why you protect the investment. You don’t drive your Shiny new Ferrari in a horrible sand storm. The old junker is better in those circumstances (unless your life depends on it – I keep getting reminded of the 6 year contract – as if I didn’t know – not a meaningful argument but one constantly made). I like those who give sound reasoning 80, Moses, Scooter and others. I respectfully disagree with them.

      2. So what would you do after the season if he doesn’t play at all?

        Will you give him a big contract without seeing him play or franchise tag him for millions for one year without seeing him play?

        That to me is a bad investment.

      3. Maybe not as much you think. McCloughan on Garoppolo:

        As far as his physical traits, McCloughan noted that Garoppolo wasn’t that tall — he measures a hair over 6-2 — but that he had good muscle and heft and should be able to take a hit.

        His quick release, however, is his best weapon for dealing with what promises to be a relentless pass rush in the second half of the 49ers’ season. The speed at which Garoppolo gets rid of the ball rivals that of Romo, who was renown for his quick trigger.

        “They’re going to love his release quickness and arm strength,” McCloughan said. “He throws a really tight spiral. Really tight. You get wind, you get rain, you get whatever — he’ll get it done.”

        There’s a lot to be said for getting the ball out fast and Garoppolo doesn’t have some long, slow wind up.

          1. And it was an AC Joint issue. Depending on the severity, thats a recurring type issue that could come back again. Not saying it’s doomsday but thats a tough injury for a QB.

  19. This trade was a best case scenario for the 49ers. ShanaLynch had 2 urgent orders of business early in their tenure.

    A) Find a franchise quarterback to build around: CHECK
    B) Use this season to evaluate the roster, and weed out the players who aren’t part of the future: CHECK

    The 49ers are now in an enviable position heading into the offseason. They have their quarterback of the future, a ton of draft capitol, and they have $100 million plus in cap space heading into the offseason.

    There is a lot of work left to do to get this ship turned around, but the 49ers are now in a very strong position to get ‘er done. Bravo to Shanahan and Lynch for laying the groundwork in year one.

  20. The other advantage (besides not getting him killed) to not starting him in any games this year is the fact that none of the other teams will be able to get any additional film and information on him and the contract offers would likely be a lot less competitive and lower based on the small sample size (this is assuming he could come in and look respectable and help prove himself to other QB needy teams ) other teams would have on him, so we could get him signed to a much lower long term contract if we feel like he has proved himself in practice and Shanny sees him as the longterm answer at the position.

    1. Oh I’m pretty sure the Browns and Jets would offer him BIG money without seeing him play. The Browns were willing to pay a ransom for Mcarron, why not for Jimmy ?

      1. Yah but we can beat out the Browns and Jets and SF is a place QBs would rather be than Cleveland or Jets. If he went out and dominated, he would have 10+ teams coming at him, all willing to pay top dollar.

    1. Nothing if he opts to take his one-time severance pay. Which he probably will because it’s probably the biggest contract of his life.

  21. Wonder where I’ve heard this before?

    Gannon also opined on Bears rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky, as did his show teammate Boomer Esiason. Both hit on important points. Gannon argued that Trubisky isn’t ready yet, and Esiason said coach John Fox may be the wrong guy for Trubisky.

    “He’s not ready to play and the Bears know it,” Gannon said. “I think [the Bears] are trying to protect him as much as they possibly can with the game plan and play calls. They try to be conservative and they should be…It’s a very conservative approach with a young quarterback who’s not ready for prime time.”

    Added Esiason: “I don’t necessarily know that this is the coaching staff or the offense that is going to get the most out of him. This is a defense-first coach (Fox). I never like that. I always want to see an offensive coach, much like Sean McVay, handling a high draft pick, much like Jared Goff in L.A.”

  22. I have to disagree with Grant on this scenario. JG wants to play. That was the reason the Pats traded him. Now, he has the opportunity to play, and you think the Niners are going to bench him?
    If JG wants to play, he will play. Maybe not this next game, but he will play. Niners are going to bend over backwards to make him happy. Telling him he cannot play will make him unhappy. That is a good way to drive him away.
    JG may not want to play for the Niners, which is in the rebuilding stage. He may want to go to a team that has a good chance at the playoffs. Niners may franchise tag him, so they can get compensation when he goes to a team of his choice. Niners may still need a QB, so they should draft one with their second pick. With their first round pick, they should trade back, a strategy I advocated for many times last draft, garner more high draft picks, and select an O lineman. However, if Saquon Barkley is available, they may pull the trigger on him, because he looks like a once in a generation talent. No matter what, the Niners should pay big bucks to obtain the best FA lineman as possible, by out bidding other teams.

  23. All depends on whether they truly want JG. I read somewhere that this may just be a ploy in that the ultimate goal is to get Cousins.

    Option 1: Get Cousins in 2019. Cousins is Franchise for a third year. They don’t get him. So you franchise JG next year. Get him some help so he can play better. You trade JG after some good playing time for more than a 2nd with the intention of grooming CJ to play eventually.

    Option 2: Washington no longer is threaten that he is going to sign with the 49ers. Thus he can be put on a match or walks away from Wasington. Sign Cousins to a contract that is of a lesser value simply because the niners no longer have to have him. If he bites. You Franchise and trade JG for a 1st+. If he doesn’t bite you sign JG to a long term backed up by CJ.

    1. You may be on to something. Both teams can franchise tag their QBs, then they can swap QBs.
      KS gets Cousins, and Washington gets a replacement for Cousins. Its a win/win.

      1. Ghost Phoenix

        Are you aware that Cousins has two less Lombardis than Garoppolo has …? I see Cousins as a good starting QB… but he does NOT walk on water….I guess I just don’t understand…why the niners would prefer him over a younger, seasoned, twice SB tested (and won) stud QB who is everything that Cousins might ever or never become. We’ve GOT HIM…he’s in our uniform, and should be for the next 10 years…..TOOOO many “What if’s”

        1. What in the world are you smoking? Garoppolo didn’t play in any of those SB’s and with 6 quarters under his belt, is certainly not seasoned. Do you realize how ridiculous you and others who try to dismiss Cousins sound? Cousins has ranked in or just outside the top 5 QB’s since he became the starter in DC. He lost his top two WR’s going into this season and has responded by playing even better than he has the previous two. I’ve got nothing against Garoppolo, but his resume doesn’t even begin to compare to Cousins and he isn’t going to be that much cheaper to sign either. Even the age difference (3 years) isn’t that significant.

          Garoppolo is a question mark no matter how much you are anyone else wants to spin it. He might be great and he might also be a product of a great team that fails once he leaves. With Cousins you know you are getting a quality top ten QB who knows Shanahan’s system. With Garoppolo you are gambling that his limited play will carry over when he plays full time. Big big difference.

          1. Niner realist

            I never said he did play in either of those SB’s…but he prepped , practiced, and knew everything that Brady did…..I gave Cousins kudos, and he had better have a louder resume than Garappolo…. he’s been a starter six years longer. But You could say the same things about Kaep…(as Seb constantly does)…but check their jewelry boxes….EMPTY. Also, if all we do is reread Cousins history, I think that it’s only fair to consider JG’s college stats and honors…Hoyer also knew Shannahan’s system and hasn’t used it sins KS left the ‘skins….IMHO no contest….

            1. Practice is not playing. You made a case for Garoppolo being a better option based on false information. He has played 6 quarters of football in 3 and half years. He has two SB rings he did nothing to earn. Suggesting he’s a stud and possibly better than a QB who has actually been a starter and performed at a high level for the last 3 years is ridiculous. If you want to include College results, Cousins was very good there too at higher level of competition.

    2. Why would the 49ers pursue Cousins now when Garoppolo is cheaper, and has more upside?

      I keep hearing people talking about Garoppolo’s small sample size. He’s a 4 year started for Eastern Illinois, and has been in the NFL for 3+ years. The 49ers know exactly what they are getting in Garoppolo, and that’s why they made the trade.

      – Walter Payton Award winner (2013)
      – OVC Player of the Year
      – Broke Tony Romo’s school records (FCS) for career TD’s, Passing Yards, and Single Season TD’s
      – Extremely smart kid
      – Confident, not cocky
      – Accurate passer
      – Strong arm
      – Extremely quick release with outstanding wrist snap
      – Mobilie
      – Tough
      – Good enough to be considered the Patriots heir apparent to Tom Brady since he was drafted in 2014

      The only thing left to do is lock him up for the next 5 years!

        1. It’s also worth noting that, had the 49ers won a couple of their games this season, this trade may never have materialized. It almost certainly would have taken more than a 2nd round pick to acquire Jimmy G.

      1. Why would they pursue Cousins? Because he’s been ranked in the top 5 since he became the starter in DC. Garoppolo isn’t going to be that much cheaper either.

  24. McCloughan thinks it’s a great deal:

    That poise and leadership also struck Scot McCloughan who scouted Garoppolo at Eastern Illinois when McCloughan was with the Seattle Seahawks and Garoppolo was heading into his senior year. McCloughan noted that the quarterback didn’t have a lot of talent around him and that he took over a two-win team in 2011.

    By the end of the 2013 season, the Panthers were 12-2 and Garoppolo was smashing school passing records that had been set by Sean Payton and Tony Romo. His 53 touchdowns that year were the fourth-most in FCS history.

    “He found a way to win games,” McCloughan said. “For a quarterback, that’s so important. He made average teams better. He’s a quality guy, he’s really smart, he’s mature.”

  25. I would like to see JG play this year. After the bye week would be perfect except we are playing the Seahawks. Do you really want to have JG go up against the Seahawks D with our banged up O line?

    On the other hand, imagine how stoked up the fan base would be if Garoppolo beats the Seahawks in his first start for the team. Also Deshaun Watson torched the Seahawks D the other day. Maybe they are not as good as we thought they were..


  26. My first thought was to bubble wrap him as well. Posters here have provided a lot of good reasons to do so. But how is this going to play out in the locker room if they bubble wrap him (Prime already pointed this out in a post above). I think that has to be a major if not overriding consideration. Further, this is an opportunity for a test drive. I suggested on Monday that they should selectively try to insert him at strategic points in games or against the weakest remaining opponents. But even this will be difficult and he will no doubt earn the nickname of “prima donna” in the locker room. I don’t think Jimmy would want that. So it is a tough call. Probably the best course is to insert him after the bye when hopefully both starting tackles are back.

    1. How would other players react if the franchise QB isn’t played (to protect him) while they have to go out and get pounded. Talk about a demotivater. Plus, it could do what you say, earn him a reputation and this might be very bad when he gets on the field.

      1. Exactly. Rightly or wrongly, QBs earn respect from the OL when the OL is playing poorly, QB takes a beating, but the QB doesn’t blame the OL (at least publicly). The OL usually goes out and plays much harder for the guy in subsequent games and take it personally when the QB takes a hit that was their fault.

    2. Yep. They can’t afford to sit him all year because of the message it sends to both him and the rest of the team. Let him take some lumps, if that’s what playing this year means.

  27. Reviewing predictions and assessments by one of our local experts since the spring-
    -Hoyer sucks and Barkley will beat him out (Barkley cut, Hoyer starts)
    Denver to start Osweiler (CK available)
    Browns try to trade a 2nd & 3rd for Mccarran (CK available for free)
    Niners spend a high 2nd for JG. Hoyer cut.
    Packers try to sign Hoyer (not CK)
    BB The Genius signs Hoyer (not CK). I guess BB doesn’t want to win. He must be tanking (in a pit).

    The JG trade is a move for the future of the team. The OL is the current emergency; the season is sinking because of it. They should make Juice take some QB reps to absorb some of the 2017 punishment.

    1. re-posting here- sorry, it’s even more appropriate due to this “start him asap” talk…
      Mullins should be activated as emergency QB, CJ will take all remaining beatings, er…I mean starts, till he gets the cart ride into locker room…perhaps the last game or 2 of season JG plays, not starting– as tune-ups. You guys calling for him to start the last 4-5 games are delusional. This guy is 2018’s QB, he needs to learn system, terminology, and reads/keys (he won’t take long to learn the QB room stuff–as Mc Daniels has surely given him GREAT basic training– but he needs time to work with OL to figure out protect angles, positions, etc.) …ANY playing time he gets this year would be for training purposes, NOT to salvage the 2017 season…
      IF he is put in as starter after bye, then the York’s will have their fingerprints on that decision…

    2. Haha! We have missed you BT. Hope you’re well.
      I wonder if Cleveland will try to sign Kap? How would he fare there? Didn’t you coin the sadness factory?

    3. Hoyer sucks. Barkley got cut first, but Hoyer was benched, then cut.
      Denver is planning on starting Osweiler after Seimian threw 3 picks.
      Browns are so bad, even Kaep does not want to play there.
      JG is good QB, with many desirable skillsets. NOBODY saw this coming, although I did mention I thought they would cut Hoyer to save money.
      McCarthy got caught with his pants down, and his emo eruption over a question just exposed his bias. Sounds like he would rather lose than sign Kaep.
      BB may be a genius, but is taking a huge risk that Brady will not become injured. The last thing he would ever want to do, is to play Hoyer.
      Niners just signed Bryce Harris, so they are trying to improve the O line. Hope they poach a player from a PS, too.

  28. Did anyone watch the press conference? I got that JG was being very measured in his responses. This was a bit of a sharp contrast to Lynch who was very giddy and clearly excited. This could be because he is like that naturally (I don’t know nor have watched much of his PCs or other tape non game film) or because he is being cautious.

    I wouldn’t want to read too much into what he said beyond the fact that he was reserved. He may be very mature (which would be great for the team), uncomfortable (or shy)in front of press, or knows things he cannot divulge.

    We will find out more about the kid as we move forward and I would guess the organization wants to sign him right away, though I guess his team would prefer to wait unless the offer is spectacular. They have the better position negotiating given that the 49ers have already made clear they really want him. If he stinks it up and doesn’t perform this year people may say it was due to the team he was on, if he does well, he can write a very good payday for himself and if he does nothing he still has the opportunity to sign a multi year contract here or elsewhere.

    1. My thought about the press conference was……..he sounded soft spoken and not the loud guy (intensity you see in Brady) that may be needed to lead a bunch of inexperienced young teammates….

      ……hopefully he is one of those that leads by his play on the field

      I am just happy NO Cousins……

    2. another poster here suggested JG is in SF to start in 2017, to get more game film to use as contract fodder for SF or other teams negotiations for 2018…I suggest that plan would be a big FAIL…if he starts after bye, the game tape on him will NOT look flattering!
      His shyness/reticence/coyness (or whatever else you’all want to project onto his manner) comes from the BB school of contract combat…he’s seen how this part of the game is played at the highest Machiavellian standards….

    3. I saw the entire press conference. There was a funny segment at the beginning when Jimmy G started off the presser and spent about 25 seconds talking and thanking a number of individuals. Lynch spoke second and said:

      “I think Kyle will tell you a great quality of a quarterback: taking charge,” Lynch said. “I thought I was starting, but, hey, have at it Jimmy.”

      It was a great ice breaker as everyone in the room laughed.

      I didn’t really notice much reticence from Jimmy G. He was probably a bit nervous; he had no time to acclimate himself to the situation and was thrown out in front of dozens of reporters as well as new bosses. How much experience does a young person have in that type of situation? Suffice it to say, he did far better than Tomsula.

      Finally, someone mentioned above that his agent, Yee, was there and because of pending negotiations, Jimmy might have tampered down on the enthusiasm a bit.

        1. Good notice. I think Jimmy did fine and besides it’s the on-field Jimmy that I want to see. I’m sure he’ll do just fine in post-game pressers.

          1. I never really worry about PCs (unless the on the field play is not good) much. But given that we know so little about the guy, you take what you can to see what he’s like.

  29. Interesting picture choice Grant. The focus seems to be on Brady, who looks bigger and more dominant next to JG. Plus Garoppolo is slightly out of focus. Where you being ironic?

    1. Hmm, could be.

      Grant, you’ve been quiet on Garoppolo. Are you on the fence? You got to tell us if you think Garoppolo can be a franchise QB.

        1. Cool, looking forward to it. I’ve always appreciated the amount of work you put in your analysis, even when I don’t agree with your conclusions.

  30. http://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Garoppolo-in-Glendale-Arians-recalls-49ers-12323629.php

    “His poise,” Arians said. “It was the opening game. A big, big game on Sunday night and his accuracy was really good in that game. But I was really impressed with his poise.”

    “Playing without All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski and starting left tackle Nate Solder, Garoppolo completed 24 of 33 passes for 264 yards and a touchdown. With the Patriots trailing 21-20, Garoppolo completed 5 of 7 passes for 62 yards on a 13-play drive that ended with what proved to be the game-winning field goal with 3:44 left.”

  31. My nightmare on Elm Street:

    The 49ers take their time and don’t sign Jimmy to a long term contract during the season.
    Brady gets seriously injured or decides to retire after the season.
    Belicheck then sings Jimmy to be the Pats QB and we are left with no high second round draft pick and nothing to show for it.
    And no QB for the future.
    Someone wake me up. Please.

    1. Do you understand how the franchise tag works?

      No way the Niners let Garoppolo walk in 2018. Worse case, he plays in 2018 for 23 million on a franchise tag. . Niners have tons of cap space. Case closed.

      You can wake up now.

  32. I haven’t read all the comments and articles, but has there been any discussion where JG will sit on the depth chart and the potential of him going in there due to injury or just a complete melt down by CJ??

    For instance, after half time they just roll JG out there this Sunday. You know, what if does a Matt Schab and throws 2-3 pick sixes??… LOL

    Just a thought, go niners!

  33. I saw where John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s pizza is crying about the anthem controversy causing his pizza sales to decline.

    As far as I am concerned, I decided to not buy so much as a slice from Papa John’s when I learned that Schnatter was a big time Trump supporter. He has a right to support Trump, and I have a right to not buy his Pizza because of it.

    Schnatter can blame the anthem controversy as much as he wants for his declining sales, but the real reason is he forgot that democrats buy pizza too. As Michael Jordan once said when pushed on why he refused to make his political leanings public “Republicans buy shoes too”.

  34. The is how a smart coach will play it out.

    Some on this blog say Garoppolo’s reputation will be damaged if he doesn’t play behind the pop warner offensive line the 49ers have.

    TomD says, great, tomorrow in practice, if anyone has a complaint, let me line up 10 yards behind the DL as a blitizing 250 Lb middle linebacker, wait until the Center guard gap is vacated as they take on the Nose tackle and defensive tackle. Then I’ll slip past that opening and slam into any volunteers separating their shoulders. At that speed, and at 250 lbs, I could take out a nose tackle if he wanted to play QB with this minor league O-Line.

    A likely scenario, would be 4 weeks for Garoppolo to learn the verbiage and where to go with protections, if and when he enters the game, it’s only to hand off the football or take 3 step drops.

    A new offensive line, unproven in blitzes, is going to face shrewd blitzing linebackers and safeties who will wait until they are engaged, then slip past them at full speed and slam into our QB.

    As an ex-player, I know new O-Linemen will face this strategy A-L-L season long, and it gets worse….Just when they pick up that blitz package, coaches will send someone off the edge, or blitz the center guard gap and the edges, simulstaneously.

    Best to save your investmen

    1. Every time I see Tom D refer to himself in the third person I cannot help but remember the Seinfeld episode where George starts doing the same thing:

      George is getting upset…..

      Hard to believe its been 29 years since the first season of Seinfeld. There are young interns working in my company who have never even seen a rerun. They just give you blank looks when you bring up classic Seinfeld memes such as “the contest” or “the roommate switch” in meetings..

  35. Ryan Sakamoto ✔@BEASTwriter_
    #49ers Exec. VP of Football Operations Paraag Marathe currently sitting next to Garapolo’s agent Don Yee. I’m sure a deal will get done.
    4:12 PM – Oct 31, 2017 · San Jose, CA

  36. I’m 100% convinced Grant posts these takes just to get us to do what we’re doing here. I KIND of not falling for it today. Well played Mr Cohn.

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