49ers handicapped by Trent Baalke’s draft failures

This is my Saturday column.


This is about Jed York, Trent Baalke and craps. It’s mostly about snake eyes.

York was doing fine during his postmortem press conference for the 2015 season. He was delivering a speech and his eyes were glassy and red. His voice shook as he spoke. He seemed ashamed of what he had done to his parents’ franchise, seemed like a man who had learned from his mistakes and was going to turn the 49ers around.

And then he revealed why he probably won’t. Revealed his tragic flaw.

“Trent Baalke will remain the general manager of the 49ers,” York announced during his opening statement. “Trent understands that I’m not satisfied with the current state of this team. Trent’s role is to find the next head coach and continue to build this roster and get us back to championship form. Trent has the skills to do this and get this done.”

Except Baalke doesn’t have the skills. He even admits he doesn’t have them. More on this later.

As York made his case to keep Baalke, reporters in the room started fidgeting and writing notes. Someone had to ask a follow-up question and give York and chance to redeem himself.

“You said Trent has a very clear understanding that the roster is not, the team is not where it needs to be,” one reporter said to York. “Does that mean Trent is on the clock, as it were, or on a job-security watch?”

“Trent’s our general manager,” York repeated, cutting off all discussion. He had made up his mind and saw no need to defend his opinion.

Let’s skip ahead a couple of hours to Baalke’s press conference later that day. We will come back to York.

Baalke spoke to a small gathering of beat writers in the 49ers’ media room. One reporter asked Baalke to evaluate his recent poor performance.

“You make mistakes,” Baalke said. “The draft is a crap-shoot. We all know that. It is. Now, it’s an educated crap-shoot and you can do the best you can to minimize the misses. But, at the end of the day, when you look at the percentage of guys that make it and don’t make it around the league, across the board, it’s a crap-shoot.”

The old Crap-shoot Defense: Don’t blame me, the draft is mostly luck, not skill. This is the most infamous, self-incriminating thing Baalke ever said.

He certainly is correct applying the crap-shoot analogy to his body of work. His drafts have lacked skill, logic and common sense. The past three years, he drafted five players with torn ACLs, and none of them has amounted to anything.

If Baalke had simply drafted healthy people, his results would be better. How bad are his results? In six years as the 49ers’ general manager, Baalke has drafted only four Pro Bowlers — NaVorro Bowman, Mike Iupati, Aldon Smith and Eric Reid.

You and I could do better. We could do better playing craps.

Baalke’s predecessor, Scott McCloughan, certainly did better. During the five years McCloughan was in charge of the 49ers, he drafted seven Pro Bowlers — Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Dashon Goldson, Michael Robinson, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and Alex Smith.

The Seahawks also draft better than Baalke. The past six years, Seattle has drafted eight Pro Bowlers — Russell Okung, Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett.

Bill Walsh coached the 49ers from 1979 to 1988, and during those 10 years the Niners drafted 17 Pro Bowlers. In 1986 alone they drafted three — John Taylor, Charles Haley and Steve Wallace. The only year under Walsh the Niners didn’t draft a Pro Bowler was 1982.

If Baalke had suggested to Bill Walsh that the draft is a crap-shoot, Walsh would have laughed in his face. Then he would have explained to Baalke the draft is about skill and insight. It is an art.

Baalke has failed to find a single Pro Bowler in three of the past four drafts. He also has failed to draft one good wide receiver since he became the general manager. The most productive receiver Baalke has drafted is Kyle Williams.

Some crap-shoot. Baalke would have better results if the draft really were a crap-shoot. His luck would even out. He’s doing something wrong and neither he nor York realize it. Sad.

Back to York’s press conference.

A reporter said, “Trent has complete, 100-percent control over the roster. Now, if a new head coach comes in and wants that, will that be something Trent has to work out?”

“I think it’s got to be something that those two work together on,” York said. “It’s very clear you can’t have one person have 100-percent say and not have input from the other.”

Any incoming head coach would be crazy or desperate or both to give Baalke 100-percent say over the roster. If the coach is any good, he will insist on having final say and will run the team while Baalke offers input.

Baalke probably won’t hire a coach like that, though. Baalke probably will hire someone who will hitch his wagon to a team of mules headed for the cliff knowing the reins are not in his hands.

Crash and burn.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. He’s done Allright at picking defense,but all his acl picks and reaching for people have caught up to him
    .He needs to stop thinking he’s the smartest guy on the room and trying to get credit for seeing talent no one else does..I really feel we would of had a lot better roster now if we all just sat there with a Mel Kiper draft board the last 5 years.Get us a god damn playmaker on offense Baalke!

    1. I think “alright” is exactly what he has done. Any time we pick and choose examples of who he has picked you can support a one sides viewpoint.

      But he has clearly drafted in the average to below average range. Especially when you factor in the injured players that have amounted to nothing.

      I hired a contractor recently as a general contractor. Unfortunately what he didn’t know is that he is more of a subcontractor and not good in the lead role. Baalke is the Same thing. He would be great at drafting lineman and DBs.

      1. Shish, sorry but I must disagree with the lineman, I’ll throw out the names Looney Thomas Martin plus the guys he brought in last year to fill the holes and that turned into one of the worst lines in the league. That is just offense. We can go on about D but I think you might understand where I am coming from. I would love to have Scott back.

    2. I have to disagree with you, Grinch….he’s done a terrible job offensively, and a dismal job defensively….thus far, Eric Reid is the only one of his choices that has fulfilled expectations….though Eric Amundson was a rookie, he was weak against the run, due in large part to his being physically overpowered by opposing linemen, which was probably shown at the combine…he really needs to hit the weight room this offseason….if the 49ers (Jed York) are genuinely serious about getting it right this time around, then Baalke has to go..
      The team has trusted him with the draft the last 3 seasons, and he has damn little to show for it….I seriously doubt, considering his track record with the draft, that he’ll hire a new HC that is gonna be worth a damn….he’ll hire somebody that will march in lock step to the ‘Baalke Beat’, and this past season will be status quo.

          1. Yes, I was sure that’s who he was thinking of. I was just trying to point out that it’s hard to have credibility when you don’t even know the names of he players you’re talking about

            1. Poor excuse 55! I don’t believe you.

              Besides, according to PFF, Armstead was dominant when he was in the game. And he certainly was overpowered by OL. As a matter of fact, this kid is strong as an ox.

              1. Certainly WASN’T overpowered by OL. To the contrary, Armstead is a very strong kid. I expect big things out of him moving forward, based on what I saw this season!

    3. Jim Harbaugh and 49ers Beat Chip Kelly led Eagles:

      Philadelphia Eagles 2014 Schedule
      BYE WEEK: Week 7

      3-1, 1-1 Away

      PHI 7 14 0 0 21
      SF 3 10 10 3 26

    4. Let’s get this right. As far as FA he has not got us stuck with a bad deal. I like that about him but as far as drafting he don’t know what the team needs. I know he is one of the best at moving and getting picks for later. But he needs to get a HC that can help him grow a group of guys that he trust go out and find players that fit what we want out of them. Like the Pats do. And if his head is to big to see that then he gots to go. And that’s for Jed to get in there and take from him as far as the drafting. Kap needs to go. The guy can not move in the pocket. Looks down Wr. That’s how you know a qb can’t play is when they can not move in the pocket. He can not play in the nfl. Kap would not and can not move and give him self room to get the ball down field. Sad so much to work with to look down a Wr. Drove me nuts.

  2. “The past three years, he drafted five players with torn ACLs, and none of them has amounted to anything.”

    I guess we are writing off Reaser and Smelter already?

    – Of the 12 players that went on IR in 2014, and the slew that also went on IR in 2015, NONE were “ACL redshirts” (not Baalke’s description)

    – Only one of the five didn’t make it because of the college injury. Lattimore. He was a known longshot picked at 131. 131 for Chryst’s sake.

    – Smelter, by league rule, isn’t allowed to “amount to anything” until next season.

    – Reaser has done very well for a 5th rounder in his real “rookie season” (remember, there’s a 5th RFA season league rule)

    – Carradine and Thomas are poor talent assessments. Tank was the only one that represented a big commitment in draft capital.

    – Millard was a bad fit. Only room for one FB on the roster after the change to TE oriented zone scheme.

    Baalke’s made big mistakes, but I see no problem using late picks on players that slid because of college injuries. Dail seems to be doing pretty good for a 5th rounder. Gore worked out pretty well. This Gurley fellow seems pretty spiffy.

    1. We justifiably boo when the 49ers run “safe” short yardage plays two scores down with three minutes to go. It signaled that the 49ers gave up on winning, and are looking to pad stats.

      We bood because Chryst should have called more “David Strategy” plays… lower percentage, longer passes. On a per-play basis, they have a lower likelihood of success. But if you don’t call them during desperation time, its 100 percent certain the game will be lost.

      When a team has…
      – A packed roster (2013-2014), understanding NFI players don’t count against the 53
      – Picking with far lower draft position than 2005-2011
      – With NFL loading you up with day three compensatory picks that will likely get cut
      – And other teams rebuffing attempts to trade up non-comp day three picks

      … its time for David Strategy drafting. Low floor, but high ceiling players. Players recovering from injuries. Head cases. Traits players.

      If you have a gazillion junk picks you cant package to trade up, and there’s no roster space for, its time for David Strategy long bombs…. Not checkdown passes with healthy ACLs, but mediocre talent.

      1. B2W, I do not beg to differ, I vehemently disagree. Now is not the time to make risky picks. ACL, red flags and head cases should be avoided like the plague.
        What they should do is pick smart. Maybe even the best player available. That way they will get good value. Maybe other teams will covet that player and will take him and give the Niners more picks.
        Of course, there must be picks to fill needs, too, and picks for the future.
        The sexy picks end up like LMJ, Taylor Mays, Vance, Thomas and Quinton Patton.
        Niners need solid picks that build for the future.

        1. “Now is not the time to take risky picks” Of course! Certainly not round one or two. This is not 2013-2014, with a tight roster

          When you have holes in the roster and pick 7th day one and 36 day two, there’s no need to take risky picks.

          When does “sexy pick” = hurt player. Of LMJ, Taylor Mays, Vance, Thomas and Quinton Patton, only Thomas was redshirted. His ACL’s fine. He just sucks as a player. A bad assessment like I already said.

          Carradine was a “risky pick.” The rest? End of 4th-5th-6th-7th rounder are not risky picks for obvious reasons. If a player projected to go in the 2nd falls to day three because of an injury… and the medical reports say he should recover… and he’s an ideal scheme fit… heck yes I’d draft him day three.

          What will happen this year?
          1) Baalke will draft at 10 players.

          2) 9 will have healthy ACLs.

          3) Baalke will spend a day 3 untrade-able compensatory junk pick on 1 player that has an injury. He will go on NFI, not count against a roster spot, and study the play book for an entire season. He doesn’t waste a roster spot. He only cost a late round comp pick.

          The very essence of a low risk player. Only 10% of the draft picks, and because of the late round, only 3% of the draft capital at most.

          4) Players will naturally get hurt through the season. If the 2014-2015 pattern continues, NONE will be the ACL redshirts. Certainly not the player Baalke chose in this draft, because by league rule, he’s not even allowed on the field.

          5) Facts won’t matter. Everytime a player gets hurt (happens), the hysterical press will claim it must have been an “ACL Redshirt”, a term invented by fans an media.

          Baalke’s done ALOT wrong. I’ve been a big critic. But no reason to throw the baby out of the bathwater.

          1. with the exception of quarterback. All quarterbacks are risky picks, especially since college offenses are increasingly different than pro systems.

            If the Goff fits, take him.

          2. OK, I am placated by your description of the first and second rounders. For a second I thought you were advocating picking Myles Jack.

            1. I’m more concerned with what’s between the ears or Myles Jack. He’s supremely talented, but friction with the head coach and weird story about why he couldn’t make it to classes is a red flag.

              Myles will be a star, or pain in the rump.

              1. B2W,

                Come on, man, everyone knows that Baalke should be taken out and beaten with tire iron.

                Not only is he the worst GM in the history of the NFL, and of all sports of all time, he’s also in league with Satan.

                Baalke also is known to club baby seals to death, wear a necklaces made from the teeth of practice squad players, and shoots elephants just for fun – he doesn’t even use the ivory.

                He is so vile, he is what makes vermin say, “Yuck!”

              2. Baalke is the leaker. It is his Modus Operandi.
                Baalke had a huge screaming fit with JH after the SB, and the whisper campaign started then.
                Last season, after JH was mutually parted, no competent coach would come to the Niners. Baalke had to scrape the bottom of the barrel, with bottom of the barrel results.
                Baalke promised Kaep that he would use the savings from the team friendly contract Kaep signed, to retain veteran leadership, but reneged on his word.
                Baalke stabbed Tomsula in the back by refusing to use 13 mil in cap space to improve the team, even though he had it before the season began.
                Baalke meddled with the roster. Kept a player with a broken foot on the team while refusing to use a potentially effective weapon in Hayne. Baalke put in crapola couch potatoes with crappy results.
                Baalke was the one who cut Hayne on the team bus.
                Even though Marathe was fired as President, Baalke let him sit next to him to watch the game in the press box.
                Baalke was one of 3 people in the room when Jed decided to fire Tomsula. Tomsula was not the leaker. He was leaked upon.
                Baalke had an entire draft class go bust and the 2015 FA signings mostly disappeared, or like Pears, many fans wish had disappeared.
                Years ago, Baalke and Marathe decided to ignore the advice of Bill Walsh. They deserve everything that has happened since.
                Jed will continue the nightmare as long as Baalke is GM. Book it.

              3. Wait, So it wasn’t Marathe? or Tomsula who were the leakers? I like this approach seb its very sneaky. Just name everyone in the organization and eventually you will hit on someone. Then you can say with all seriousness that “I knew it I said it all along” and can even point to a specific post where you mentioned the name.

                Didn’t it suck when Trent forced Jed to force Tomsula as D coordinator down the throat of Gase ( you know the “no competent coach who would come to the 9ers”) who all but agreed to take the HC job. Damn that Baalke im pretty sure he is responsible for global warming (which of course does not exist)

              4. BOS, Marathe was the leaker for the Kaep study hours in a blatant attempt to stab him in the back and drive him away.
                Since Marathe was gone, the process of elimination just leads to the conclusion that Baalke was the leaker of the Tomsula firing.
                Its elementary. I just used abductive reasoning.

              5. BOS, I do not absolve Jed of any blame for this train wreck. I wish that he, too, will be held accountable.

              1. Seb,

                That’s simply not reality. Of course, you’ve ever let that bother you before…

                You realize even Bill Walsh had first round busts, right?

              2. EX, I also realize that Walsh picked 5 HOF.
                Baalke has drafted 2 pro bowlers who are still on the team out of 50 picks.

    2. Reaser looked fantastic in the slot against the Rams.

      Jimmie Ward had a great year.

      Baalkes only big misses have been AJ and LMJ, and you’d be a fool to think Harbaugh didn’t have his own input on those picks. LMJ was well known to him from college. I think they got a bit desperate trying to add speed to the skill positions.

      The worse thing Jed could have done is tell Baalke he’s got a year to right the ship or he’s out. That’s how desperate contracts are signed in FA and we end up in cap hell in 3 years time.

      1. You are very nice to Baalke! Only misses are AJJ and LMJ, ha? What about Ellington, while Martavis Bryant was available? What about Caradine, good player but bad fit for us too small to play DE and too slow to play OLB in 3-4 defense; everybody could see that!). What about Vance McDonald, while Kelce and Reed were available? I am mentioning only obvious mistakes, mistakes that most of the people could have avoided. I am not mentioning M. Martin, B. Thomas who were pretty high picks, and not so easy to foresee.

        1. Im not sure everyone could see that with Tank. He was a somewhat popular pick if I recall. Matt Barrows even had him as his draft crush I think.

          1. Agreed. Tank is a natural 4-3 DE, he should be given a shot as our nickel DE instead of Ahmad Brooks, across from Lynch. Coaching staff tried to make him Justin Smith reincarnate, but he wasn’t ready to add 30 pounds (Smith didn’t do it till his late 20s, so perhaps there’s time).

        2. Bryant was a drop machine at clemson and wildly inconsistent coming out. He was far from a “sure thing”. But consider this from a different angle. Bryant is a deep threat as a speed receiver, we have one of those and his name is Torry Smith. How did he do this year? Not so hot. So unless you believe that Bryant was such an overwhelmingly supperior player to torry smith there is a pretty good chance that he would have sucked on the 9ers the way Torry has. For whatever reason CK and BG could not get torry involved in the game I think its naive to think that Martavis bryant could have magically transformed Kaep in to a competent viable QB.

          Same thing with Vance. He was horrible until Kaep got hurt since then he doubled his career production in 8 or so games so to call him a lost cause is a bit premature because once he played with a slightly more competent QB (gabbert) he started putting up better numbers. Imagine what he could do if he played with a good qb who actually throws to the TE.

          Im not saying that Vance is great or that Baalke has been good at drafting offensive talent (he hasnt) its just that a WR (and to a lesser extent TE) is 100% reliant on a QB if the QB sucks Jerry effin rice cant make a difference.

            1. Im still blaming him for not calling the 9ers and convincing them to draft Brady instead of Gio the goat herder or Tim rattay. I know he was a scout for the jets at the time but he at least could have called

              1. I liked who Karl Cuba, a poster from NN, picked last year. He had the Niners in the mock draft, and selected Lael Collins. His reasoning was spot on because he brought up the possibility that AD would not play because of his concussion issues. He also emphasized the need to rebuild the O line with Iupati and JM leaving.
                I would consider many posters on this site to be smarter than Baalke, and would make better choices. Baalke tried to go cute and selected AJ Jenkins. For that pick alone, I consider him a failure as a talent evaluator.

              2. It’s easy for someone who has no consequences to want to pick Collins.

                Given the climate at the time, if the 49ers had taken Collins and he HAD been involved in the murder…

                It’s not like the 49ers were the only team to take him off their boards.

              3. there was an unspoken agreement among all teams to not draft Collins. No other way to explain not taking a 1st round talent with a meaningless 7th round pick. His agent’s threats were immaterial, as he signed for bupkiss. But yeah, I actually thought he should be our pick, to start at G and potentially move to tackle. He was the best athlete of the OL class, and we needed a Iupati replacement. Who knew AD was going to take a year off?

      2. PJC: “Reaser looked fantastic in the slot against the Rams.”

        My yorkshire terrier would look fantastic in the slot against the Rams. It is the Rams, dude…get a grip!

        Baalke has missed wide, and often. The only reason he has a job is because clueless York is his boss.

        1. I think Baalke would have been gone right now but Jed is so shell shocked with this season’s results after telling everyone Tomsula could win four more games than Harbaugh. He’s thinking Baalke put together a Super Bowl roster three years ago and can do it again..

          1. Baalke piggybacked on Scot McCloughan and his stellar drafts who was the original architect of that SB roster. Of course, Scot had benefited from Nolan’s incompetence with 2-14 seasons to help select high in the draft.
            I hope Jed will wake up and realize that Baalke and his analytics will never work for the Niners. Jed needs a visionary with all the right stuff to win.

            1. Yeah, that 2008 draft was stellar.

              And Baalke sure piggybacked on Scott for the SB roster. He just was responsible for 2/3 of the roster. Not really important.

      3. Agreed PJC. I think this team has more talent than people realize. Last offseasons major exodus of high level talent, especially the unexpected retirements and the loss of Aldon left some serious holes, but I highly doubt any GM in the league could have saved this season.

        It’s hard to truly evaluate talent when a team is as poorly coached as the 49ers were this season, IMO. Tomsula and co. made huge errors in judgement with the OL, and only figured it out at the end of the season. Another full offseason for big Trent Brown, and with the emergence of Tiller and the return of AD, our OL could be a strength next season, and grade out much better.

        Gerald Hodges was an excellent pick up, and with a full offseason to learn the schemes, I think he has pro bowl potential. You know Harold will be improved, and a few of these other second year players like Tartt, Rush, Armstead should also show big improvement!

      4. Baalke’s had one good draft, a few mediocre drafts, and a horrible draft. I don’t trust the guy to buy the groceries. He’s the kind of guy that thinks he can cook world class Chicken Scallopini with damaged vegetables and Grade C – managers special must sell today – chicken. Ends up being the fans that pay the price with salmonella watching the games.

    3. Did Baalke draft gore? You know a tree by the fruit it bears. Baalke’s “tree” is very unproductive. In, what, 4-6 years, where are the offensive playmakers?????????????? This guy would not recognize a Jerry Rice if it fell in his lap-literally.

  3. Draft is indeed a crap-shoot, as indicated by simple boom-bust analysis. The problem is that Baalke has struck out too often on high picks, and on most offensive picks. The key problem in the Niners front office is not so much who they have, but who they lack. They lack a “critical mass” of football minds, especially on offense. (The only addition-by-subtraction that would improve F.O. would be removal of York as President and replacing him with a football guy).

    Niners have a bunch of immature people who have never grown into their roles. Baalke still has a scout mindset, Jed acts like the spoiled rich kid, and Kap never grew into a franchise QB role. I hope Hue or Chipper or whoever is the new coach brings more maturity to the table.

    1. “Kap never grew into the franchise guy”.

      What does that even mean?

      He’s not getting cut. It doesn’t matter who it is, Jackson or Kelly both will limit Kap’s deficiencies and maximize his capabilities.

      I think if a guy takes you to a super bowl then he is a “franchise guy” especially when that the team has missed a franchise guy for about twenty years.

      1. Kap was part of a complete team, top 5 in rushing and defense but who remembers where we ranked in passing off?

        He had a hell of a lot of help getting to the SB!

      2. Your dreaming with Kap. He got on a roll in 2011, no film on him, got away with a lot of completions with first reads then had the whole league stunned when he ran. Once the league had film, they stuffed the read option and quickly realized he saw nothing defensively and came after him. End of Colin Kaepernick..

    1. Being in a position of leadership the thing I’ve learned is you need to put people in positions to succeed that for their skill sets. York and Baalke are not in these positions

      York should be more involved in marketing, networking, and the business aspect of the Niners and the Stadium.

      Baalke should be a lead scout for Cornerbacks, safeties, linebackers, defensive line and offensive line.

      1. @Shish
        Absolutely 100% agree with you, and invho that is the problem in a nutshell…These 2 individuals, No Cred Jed, & Trent (Perfect Stranger) Baalke are not holding the correct positions within the organization?!

    2. How do you figure they are a week behind schedule, I didn’t know they had a certain schedule time frame to get a coach, most of the other teams looking for a new HC haven’t hired anyone yet either, this is something that you just don’t rush into , you take your time and try to get the best one you can find,
      and if there is a person that you want to interview that is still playing in
      the play offs then you have to wait to interview them.

      1. The only thing I heard with regards to a “schedule” was that Baalke answered a leading question by agreeing that he hoped that they would have a new HC by the Superbowl.

    3. You might be right but I wouldn’t mind taking a shot with Shanahan or Holmgren. Both are now outsiders, want back in and know how to field and lead Super Bowl winners..

      1. Don,
        I know that Holmgren and Shanahan are part of the Bill Walsh coaching tree and have had good success in the past, but their stars were fading before leaving the NFL.

        Holmgren’ last gig in Seattle were not memorable and Shanahan’ treatment of a young promising QB in RGIII left an ugly mark on his otherwise impressive resume.

        I still believe that Hue Jackson is first choice followed by Chip Kelly.

    1. Cubus I wish we had a 2nd interview lined up with Gase. He is the best HC prospect out there in my opinion.

        1. Guess that I missed that one. Sounds like Gase is a lock.
          Still think Mike Shula would have been a better choice, but maybe he did not like the owner.

    2. Wow! After watching the Bengals meltdown debacle against the Steelers, I’m not so sure that I want anything to do with Hue Jackson.

      No, he’s not the headcoach, but he can’t separate himself from the teams ugly culture either.
      If Jackson brings that type of culture to the 49ers it will lend a new meaning to wanting to win with class.

      1. AES
        While im not supper stoked on Hue, you cant deny the job he did with a crappy aj mccarron. Even though he was surrounded by a stacked team he played well for someone thrown in the mix

        1. Bos9er,
          I hear ya, Jackson had to quickly get his backup QB ready after Dalton’ injury. But the Bungles lost 4 of their last 8 games counting yesterday’s inexcusable loss against Pittsburg.

          I still believe that the 49ers will name Hue Jackson as their new headcoach sometime next week, but it still doesn’t remove the sour taste in my mouth after watching the yesterday’s Thug-Bowl.
          Is/was Jackson responsible for the actions of Burfict and A.Jones? No, of course not.
          But my concern (as I mentioned earlier) is that Jackson has been associated with this type of culture which would be the last thing our team needs with so many young player and incoming rookies.

  4. Grant. he’s gonna have to give coach some power Over draft ,especially on offense . He’s on his last leg. I’ve been saying wait until this is his team for years. He’s never drafted players I liked . For instance ,Arron Mac,Ty Mattheu ,T Bridgewater ,Ty Lockett,Marcus Peters ,David johnson ,eddy lacy Clive Walford ,D Verrett that’s just a few of the players I hoped we drafted. We would’ve had 2or 3 more supper bowls. I like Hue Jack for our coach. I like the QB from TCU, Kohlhausen .but maybe 6rd thru FA. Goff is probably headed to Browns. I agree with your article.

    1. Carl, if you’re being honest, I’ll bet you had multiple players on your at each pick. It’s human nature to “remember” you wanted the player who turned out the best at each pick.

      Believe it or not, the NFL draft is very hard. Contrary to what Grant has written, even the great Bill Walsh missed on many picks.

      Bill Polian has said many times that if a GM has 60% of his picks turning out to be core special team players/solid rotation players or better, then he’s doing well.

      It Baalke is being judged to a much higher standard on here.

      I wouldn’t be sorry to see Baslke go, necessarily, but it’s not easy to find good GM’s.

      1. Walsh missed on “may” draft picks? This suggests it is a long, exhaustive list. I would like to see Walsh’s misses. Especially how he blew it in the ’86 draft.

        1. Trader Bill got his nickname from that draft. Other teams refused to deal with him for years after that because they did not want to be humiliated.

          1. Here is some info from Walsh’s draft record:

            1979 missed 8 out of 10 picks (no 1st round pick, James Owens 2nd, bust),

            1980 missed on 7 of 11 (Earl Cooper first round bust, Jim Stuckey so so first round, Keena Turner 2nd round – great pick)

            1981 missed 7 of 11 (first round Lott – great pick, 2nd round John Harty – bust)

            1982 missed on 7 of 9 (no 1st, Bubba Paris 2nd solid pick)

            1983 missed on 4 of 8
            (No 1st, Roger Craig 2nd – great pick)

            1984 missed on 5 of 9 (Todd Shell 1st, bust; John Frank, 2nd so so)

            1985 missed 4 of 6 (Rice 1st, GOAT; Rickie Moore 2nd, bust)

            1986 missed 6 of 13 (Larry Roberts 1st, bust; Tom Rathman – great pick)

            1987 missed 9 of 10 (Harris Barton 1st, great pick; Terrence Flagler 1st, bust; Jeff Bregel 2nd, bust)

            1988 missed on 8 of 10 (Danny Stubbs 2nd, bust; Pierce Holt 2nd, so so)

            1989 missed on 10 of 11 (Keith DeLong 1st, bust; Wesley Walls 2nd, good pick)

            1. Walsh had five first round busts out of eight. That’s being generous calling Stuckey a non-bust.

              Walsh had five busts out of twelve in the second round.

              Remember, this is the record of o e of the best talent evaluators of all time.

              1. Shh. Joe was picked in the third. Thats a secret, because they plan on drafting Hogan in the third.

              2. Great post Ex.
                While I have not been a fan Baalke drafts he has been far better than many are stating.
                My biggest problem with him has been my perceived, head scratchers ie passing on all wide receivers in one of the best wr drafts in history, drafting AJ Jenkins when few knew who he was, drafting lamichael james so early for a team that wanted to pound the ball.

            2. EX, even with all those busts, Walsh was credited with building a team that won 5 Lombardi trophies.
              Baalke is such a bust he has ZERO rings.

              1. Seb,

                You said a first round pick should never be a bust.

                That’s what I’m addressing here.

                I’m trying to point out that success in the draft isn’t a given.

                Up to now, you and many others on here seem to be conveniently ignoring that fact.

                You want your team to win, so when they don’t, throw a tantrum and don’t look at the facts.

              2. Rip Baalke all you want, but you will have more credibility if you don’t just make stuff up and cherry pick information.

              3. I said they SHOULD, not that they NEVER are busts.
                Y’know, like AJ Jenkins.
                Walsh picked Earl Cooper, Jim Stuckey, Ronnie Lott, Todd Shell, Jerry Rice, and Harris Barton.
                Hmm 2 Hall of Famers. I think Walsh is light years better than Baalke.

  5. I liked k Benjamin we could’ve moved 2 spots to get him b4 Panthers . Baalke was talking about how he couldn’t move up to draft Odell B . He wasn’t gonna take him anyway .the players I like ,I actually study them and watch their games.i guess we have scouts checking out draft prospects and he still can’t hit . Smart move by Browns to make Pats scout GM.

    1. On the other hand, you sound like a draft genius. You should go to work as an intern or janitor for an NFL team, put your draft picks at each slot in an envelope and give it to someone higher up in the organization. If you can hit on as many picks as you claim, you’ll be the GM’s right hand man within two years, and eventually a GM yourself.

      Seriously, if you have the draft acumen you claim, you should quit what you’re doing and get an NFL job.

      1. 62. Retired. Thanks for compliment. I did apply to work in 49ers museum at Levi didn’t get job though. Like I said I actually research college prospects . lot of times I like them before they move up in draft. Most of my lower rd picks are still in league . I wish I could afford a team. I don’t like Baalke I couldn’t work for him

        1. Please post your round by round draft picks for the 49ers this year, I would be interested to see your picks.

        2. Carl, your just getting flack from the Baalke fans. I despise him myself-for his power hungry ways with a winning coach. Especially, however, with his terrible body of work. WHERE ARE THE OFFENSIVE PLAY-MAKERS????????????????????????

        3. Carl, do not worry, the Baalke apologists are so delusional, they are dissing Bill Walsh in order to build up Baalke, when other more lucid fans are dissing Baalke for his putrid drafting record.
          Believe me, I would take your draft picks over Baalke’s any day. Baalke chose AJ Jenkins.

          1. Bravo. Concur. I can’t believe there is a post about Walsh’s misses. His hit were so big that they produced 5 championships. Then when you’re winning championships, you’re picking last in the first round and last in the second, which is more like having no first round pick and no second round pick. So, what we’re really discussing is Walsh’s missed 2nd round picks. I’d just like to know who Baalke drafted in either the 1st, second, or any round that is competing for a championship.

            1. Matt,

              You mentioned that the 49ers were picking last in each round while Walsh was HC. In fact, he only ran the draft after three of the five SB wins. So it is only true in some drafts, not in all. In ’79, ’80, ’82 the 49ers actually had high draft slots (they may not have had a first round pick in each of those years, but that was by choice, not record).

              Besides, Baalke gets killed for AJ Jenkins, that was the thirtieth pick in the first round. Wasn’t that really a second round pick?

              Since you seem to be reading comprehension challenged, my point isn’t to compare Baalke to Walsh, or even to defend Baalke (although an objective look at his record shows he’s not nearly as bad as he’s portrayed). If Baalke was replaced with some one better tomorrow, I’d be thrilled.

              Yes, Baalke is no Walsh, but even Walsh isn’t the Walsh that Grant (and most others) is making him out to be. Nobody is that good in the draft.

              What I was trying to point out is that it’s far, far from a given that every first round pick or second round pick will be successful.

              1. Actually you are both wrong. Walsh controlled the draft after two of his Superbowl wins. He retired after the third one. Of course Walsh controlled the draft after several playoff losses.

  6. Dumb move when they made Sula coach .defensive coach paired with a Gm that’s knows nothing about drafting for offense. .Recipe for disaster .

  7. When your back is against the wall, and the mountain seems too tall. You can runaway and hide and let Parcells decide. Or come out fighting and catch some lightning in an envelope….

  8. Normally I enjoy a good eye roll when reading Grant and go straight to the comment section. But Grant this a darn good piece on Baalke and the 49ers. Impressive

    1. Not a good piece, at all. Don’t forget that Walsh had to be talked into drafting Montana after the NYG’s took Simms before Walsh could take him. It was said that Walsh was trying to get one of the other top receivers instead and saw Rice as a nice consolation prize after the draft. Bill Walsh was one of the al time best talent evaluators and even he missed on many picks. The NFL draft isn’t easy.

      It’s not as easy as Grant is making it out to be.

      1. It’s all hypothetical and of course Monday morning QB’ing, but my sense is that Walsh could have still won SB’ if he had gone with Simms.

        1. AES,

          I agree with that. Simms won a couple of SB’s. My point was that even Walsh wasn’t perfect, nobody is when it comes to the draft.

          I don’t love Baalke, but the bashing of the guy on here is getting to be ridiculous.

          1. Correction. Simms did not win multiple SBs. He won XXI, and was on the team when Hostetler won another.
            Bashing Baalke is over the top? After Baalke cut Hayne while on the team bus, he deserves more criticism. Baalke is a low class slimeball, and his leaking that Tomsula would be fired before the last game was a new low in this train wreck.

          2. Ex,
            Baalke’ draft haul over the past few years has left much to be desired. I have no issue with the Faithful roasting Baalke – he should be held accountable like York.

            Until Baalke makes a splash with a very good draft bumper crop he will continue to draw the ire of the fanbase. This years draft will determine Baalke’ future with the 49ers. For his and our sake, I hope he hit’s it out of the park.

      2. It was said? That right there is pure conjecture versus what actually happened with Bill Walsh my friend. You seemed to miss the point of my comment, Grant wrote something entertaining. Is it mmqb? Sure but the 49ers are dumpster fire and right now I want to see some big tires being thrown on!

    2. I usually say that Grant is being formulaic and writes stuff just to generate posts. However, after following his posts throughout the season, he has shown his linguistic skills and has entertained me with insightful prose. He has given me food for thought, and his snarkiness is not over the top. He also identifies salient issues and is adept with the sarcastic retort.
      All in all, I am pleased with his writing, and he is twice as good as his father.

  9. There is no denying Baalke has missed with the Redshirt program. That being said:

    2013: The 49ers selected 11 players and put three on IR (Carradine, Lattimore, Dial)
    2014: The 49ers selected 12 players and put five on IR (Thomas, Acker, Reaser, Millard, Ramsey)
    2015: The 49ers selected 10 players and put two on IR (Smelter and Anderson)

    Considering every team is given 7 draft picks and Baalke has gotten at least 10 picks in 3 straight years, shows that he is a good GM. He is very crafty at his job (insert: Hyde pick & Gerald Hodges trade). He is using luxury picks to hit a homerun and I don’t really think its a bad strategy. It obviously hasn’t panned out yet but that doesn’t make him a bad GM.

    Carradine has a been a victim of coaching changes. He hasn’t been given a chance to have a position and work at that positions skillsets for multiple seasons. His first year he redshirted. The next year he is supposed to be “Justin Smith” and then the next season he is expected to lose a bunch of weight after gaining a bunch of weight.

    Lattimore obvious bust

    Dial has performed well and been a solid player.

    Thomas obvious bust

    Acker and Reaser have performed at a rookie level. But they still have physical talent to contribute next year and the year after. I mean come on Reaser is cousins with Sean Taylor gotta love the potential of that guy. Not to mention his 4.3 speed.

    Smelter and Anderson can’t hate on them either. Smelter has 11 inch hands that’s ridiculous. He has a big body and catch radius. He has the potential to be Anquan Boldin and Crabtree in one player.

    My point is Baalke has missed a lot of players, but so have a lot of other GM’s. He gets dogged for putting stock in project players that take years to develop in a league where fans and analysts expect immediate impact. Redshirt program takes time to develop be patient people!

    1. Yes.

      If an “ACL redshirt” recovers fully but turns out to be a typical talent assessment failure (Thomas, Carradine), it shouldn’t count against the the whole idea of NFI redhirts.

      And lets keep it apples to apples. Compare the success rate of these guys vs typical player drafted in their respective rounds.

      1. Yes. I like to look back at the draft and study the next 5 picks, and compare them with what the Niners picked.
        Obviously, the biggest whiff was Aldon when JJ Watt was picked 4 players later.

          1. No, but I was comparing what the Niners drafted when better alternatives were possible.
            I am against the whole ACL crap shoot.

            1. 10 other teams passed on Watt too. If it was obvious he would have been so dominant he would have been the first pick. Aldon was worth it because of what he gave us for the first two years we had him.

              And if you told Baalke Aldon would get 3 DUI’s and be suspended three years in a row he wouldn’t have picked him.

              What your trying to say proves Baalkes point that its a crap shoot.

              1. Baalke should have done his homework. The psyche evaluation had red flags all over it.
                Like Grant said. Walsh did not throw darts at the board, he used his intuitive skills. That 86 draft built a SB team.
                Baalke uses analytics, and has had poor results. He employs the crap shoot method and produces crap.

              2. The fact that as many teams passed on Watt as well proves it wasn’t “obvious” what kind of player Watt was going to be in the NFL. If it was, he would’ve been the first pick, not the 11th (?).

                What was obvious, is that he had first round ability. As noted a

              3. As noted above by James, if it was truly obvious what Watt was going to be in the NFL, he would’ve been the first pick. Now that is something that’s obvious.

              4. EX and James, lets review the 2011 draft.
                Cam Newton. Von Miller. Marcel Darius. AJ Green. Patrick Peterson. Julio Jones.
                Every one of those players are damn good.
                The Niners picked Aldon next.
                Then Locker. Tyron Smith the LT pro bowler. Gabbert.
                Then JJ Watt.
                After that, Ponder, Fairly, Quinn, Pouncy, Kerrigan, Solder, Liuget and Amakamua.
                Other than Locker, Gabbert and Ponder, the 3 QBs picked after Cam, that draft class looked pretty solid with elite players chosen. The only non QB not playing is Aldon Smith.
                Niners would have not only done better if they had chosen Watt, they could have chosen Tyron Smith, Nick Fairly, Robert Quinn, Mike Pouncey, Ryan Kerrigan, Nate Solder, Corey Liuget, or Prince Amakamura. 9 choices all better than Aldon.

              5. Seb,

                Aldon Smith isn’t under performing because of a lack of talent, and the “Baalke should’ve known about his non-football issues argument is tired. The red flags regarding his mental makeup weren’t any worse than many players.

                Don’t forget, he was averaging about a sack a game when things fell apart for him.

              6. The only way any of those players you listed is better than Aldon Smith, is if you consider Aldon Smith’s off field issues that led to his being cut.

                That’s a ridiculous standard, because it requires Baalke to be a clairvoyant.

              7. Be honest, Seb, what were you saying about Baalke picking Smith in his first and second seasons? Ripping Baalke now just isn’t fair.

              8. Many point out that Cowboy occupied 2 blockers and made Aldon’s job a lot easier. Now that Cowboy is retired, Aldon has not excelled.
                The red flags were warning flags. Those 12 players after Aldon did not have them, since they have all kept their noses clean. Maybe Baalke should have picked any one of the 12 players chosen after Aldon, and the Niners could have won a SB.

              9. Being the optimistic type, I was cheering them on for success and glory. However, when the wheels came off and we are subjected to this dumpster fire, my patience has worn thin.
                I fully admit that i wrote that I thought Baalke had done a masterful job in assembling a SB quality team 2 years ago. I also wrote that even though he had done that, what the coaches did with those teams was another story. After the 2014 season, my expectations were so low, all I wanted was for the Niners to get a play off in time. I thought Tomsula was going to fix the problem when he yelled TEMPO about a milion times, but Baalke and his meddling with the roster doomed the team.
                After last season, Baalke has shown to be a poor evaluater in talent. He is way too cheap. He is full of hubris. He has no class because he cut Hayne on the team bus.
                Baalke is the slimeball who leaked that Tomsula would be fired before his last game. Baalke is responsible for this crap fest.
                You want me to cut him some slack? I am just getting started.

              10. No pass rushers are effective unless the rest of the line is doing their job. Of course, A Smith benefited from being next to J Smith, and vice versa.

                J Smith retired and Aldon Smith turned his life upside down. Hmm, which had the bigger effect?

            2. How many ACL NFI “redshirts” besides Lattimore (pick 131) failed with the 49ers specifically because of their college injuries?

              Of the whopping 12 49ers in 2014 that went on IR, how many were ACL Redshirts?

              Of the many 49ers in 2015 that went on IR, how many were ACL Redshirts?

        1. once again hindsight is wonderful.nobody knew aldon would implode on his own.if he would have stayed out of trouble there would be no second guessing

      2. Okay bro hear ya go.

        2013 Draft 2nd round picks:

        Jonathan Cyprien, Justin Hunter, Zach Ertz, Darius Slay, Gio Bernard, Manti Te’o, Geno Smith, Tank Carradine, Robert Woods, Menelik Watson, Jonathan Banks, Kawann Short, Kevin Minter, Kiko Alonso, Gavin Escobar, Le’veon Bell, Jonathan Hankins, Jon Bostic, David Amerson, Jamie Collins, Margus Hunt, Jamar Taylor, Vance McDonald, Arthur Brown, DJ Swearinger, Montee Ball, Aaron Dobson, Robert Alford, Eddie Lacy, Christine Michael.

        That’s 30 picks. I would say about 11 have made a positive impact on a team and the rest are just as much of a bust as Tank. Furthermore three of 11 are RB’s (Bernard, Bell, and Lacy) which the 49ers had no business drafting with HOF Frank Gore leading the team.

              1. There are other more pressing needs like a pass rusher and LB. The Niners should re sign Boone and still get another FA lineman. They should read the assessments of the fans because they all posted that Devey and Pears were atrocious, and were jumping for joy when they left.

        1. 2012 was a bad draft. No question. But relative to draft position and overall talent pool, 2008 was far worse. Only Morgan hit. Grant PED’d out.

          Balmer 29, Rachal 39, R. Smith 75, C. Wallace 107, Morgan 174, Grant 214.

          The 2008 draft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_NFL_draft

          wiki has its faults, but you can scroll through the drafts year to year. It really sticks out how valuable first round picks are, how some drafts are packed with hall of fame talents while other years are stinkers, and absurd it is to expect high hit rates in later rounds.

          1. “…how some drafts are packed with hall of fame talents while other years are stinkers”

            Which makes Little Jed’s “better hit this draft out of the park” comment so shortsighted. The guy seriously needs a traditional “football man” as a senior advisor.

            But where does one find “football guys?” Some phone calls around the league would be a great place to start.

          2. Which is why it irks me so much that Seattle luck factor is completely ignored. Completely ignored.

            Nope, they’re just straight geniuses. A team that has success so closely tied to so many late round and UDFA has a lot of luck going their way. They are good as well, but few are recognizing the unbelievable good luck the Seahawks have had, as well.

            1. Very true. Seattle has been very lucky.
              It’s my opinion that one lucky year in the draft tends to reap 3 years benefit to the roster with the way contracts are written now. It also gives you the freedom to allow talent to sit and learn in the system. So, I suppose it could be concluded you only need 1 draft every 3 years to keep a success squad competitive.
              However, I think system plays just as much into Seattle’s success as does the talent that has fallen in their lap.

        2. James Foster – are you related to Baalke? When you draft a punter in the 5th round – that nobody else wants and can be had as an undrafted free agent – you are a failure as a GM.

          1. What if you draft a long snapper from army in the 5th round? are you a terrible GM or are you the Genius Bill Bellicheat

    2. Pointing to ther G.M’s screw -up does not justify Baalke’s MANYscrew-ups. Just try that at work, and you’ll be sleeping on somebody’s couch. Thats the real world.

      1. Sawbrodie
        Uh sure it does. Let me give you an analogy.
        Having a 40% success rate tells us absolutely nothing about whether its a good rate or a bad rate if its taken out of context of what others in the sphere are doing. If you are a baseball hitter you have just authored the greatest season OF ALL TIME (Ted Williams .406 average for a season) if on the other hand you are shooting free throws in the NBA then you are THE WORST OF ALL TIME (see Jordan, DeAndre .38 free throw percentage)
        So to bring it back to our argument at hand. If Baalke hits on X % of his picks we can rightfully look to other GM’s and their hit rate to see if baalke is doing a below average, average or an above average job. So in this case pointing out other GM’s failures justifies how Baalke might have some of the similar failures

  10. Redshirt, this ain’t college.. If you are a SuperBowl roster then I say take a chance on somebody to play in two years. But when you are picking in the Top 10, you read the propick magazine I do and pick the best there is. Your OL sucks and you are dreaming that Davis is gonna come back, Boone wants crap load of money, Staley getting old…check out Bamas OL. And, that’s just the OL that sucks, DLine ain’t much better. Boldin and Torrey are helping out the drought with all the crying they do, get your butt open. Bill Walsh would have trouble winning with this roster. Fire all assistants…………

  11. Baalke is excellent in choosing defensive players. Acker and Reaser in the late rounds were steals. Jimmie Ward graded out very well last year, Armstead showed promise. He hasn’t done that well with offensive players but there have still been some good picks. Iupati and Anthony Davis were very good players for years. Carlos Hyde is fantastic when healthy. Trenton Brown has promise. He has been terrible picking WR’s but he did trade a 6th rounder for Boldin that has to count for something. It’s always easy to find fault but look at what happened with Chip Kelly in charge of the Eagles?

    1. Good breakdown. One of the great things about football is the variety of athletes that can play the game. Few (of any) sports match the drastically differing body types…. from NTs to CBs to kickers to OTs.

      The skill set of a quarterback is so massively different than a nose tackle, its as if they were differing sports. Imagine a baseball scout running an NBA teams draft?

      I’ve wanted Baalke to hire a consultant to help with drafting offensive skill positions since the 2012 disaster.

        1. Rumor has it, after Baalke chose Davis and Iupati, the 2nd rounder belong to Singletary. Baalke fought tooth and nail (including table pounding), but Sing got his man… Taylor Mays.

    2. Baalke and his scouts draft excellent athletes with some key measurables. They do not pay sufficient attention to other key qualities such as football intelligence, clear evidence of self-motivation, etc. This approach works often for defense but fails more often on offense where football smarts and drive to learn complex offenses are important. Baalke will draft a fine athletic specimen like Vance McDonald with great combine performance (overlooking production decline in senior year) over someone like Travis Kelce who missed the combine and much of his junior year because of injuries but had a great senior year. If Niners had a solid franchise QB, then this weakness could be hidden.

      1. Kelce isn’t a good example of your point. He came with significant question marks regarding his attitude and personality. I have heard many teams actually removed him from their draft board the concerns were that great.

        1. I concede your point about Kelce (although I vaguely recall during that draft that his immaturity reminded me of Bowman’s). Maybe I should have just said Baalke got sufficiently enamored with Vance’s athleticism and measureables that he traded up to get him.

    3. Excellent in drafting defensive players???????? Where are the Ronnie Lott’s?? The Michael Carters?? The Eric wrights?? All of those terrific D-lineman during the 80’s??? Your idea of ” excellent” and mine are very different.

  12. Reports that Gase is the guy in Miami seem to be validated by Jackson cancelling his trip there. I’m seeing more news outlets picking up the idea that Jackson is the front runner here in S.F. It’s not very exciting but at least it isn’t McDaniels.

  13. Prior to the end of the season there were some analysts who believed Jed would not fire Tomsula without also firing Baalke because Tomsula’s hiring as head coach was an action Baalke was most definitely responsible for. Clearly York’s incompetence was grossly underestimated.

    1. I do not think Baalke had that much to do with hiring tomsula. I bet he actually hoped it wouldn’t be him. Tomsula has York written all over it. Do you remember the articles about Baalke having a full day interview with gase, then after talking with Jed having to call gase back and asking him to have tomsula as defensive coordinator. When gase refused they hired tomsula.

      I think the only reason Baalke still has job is because York knows it was his fault to hire tomsula. Baalke was the one who landed harbough. Without York meddling Baalke would have more credibility in my mind. He still wouldn’t know how to draft offensive players but that’s a different story.

  14. Drafting player at the end of each round it’s a coin tossed . It doesn’t matter if you the best at choosing but you will fail at times . Baalke had done a great job considering we being drafting late . Every once in a while you will find a pro bowl player like found bowman in the third round . Most of the talent at the end of the round will be projects , you going to get lucky to find a gem ,

  15. I can only speculate but I sense that Tom Gamble is a more important factor in the discussion than is being considered. Both in who ultimately ends up the new HC and the ability to rebuild the roster.

  16. My dad aside, Baalke has done an average job at best with the draft–some hits, many misses. Same could be said for many other NFL clubs. This doesn’t let him off the hook–no excuses as the next draft rolls up–time running out. Changing the topic just a bit, how have the 9ers done with undrafted free agents? That would be an interesting analysis. I remember in 2010 when LeGarrette Blount–undrafted–verbally committed to the 9ers, then signed with Tennessee the next day. Again, have the 9ers had better than average success with undrafted free agents?

    1. From what I recall…2013 and 2014 undrafted free agents… Good? Bad?


      Sherman Carter, C, Tennessee State
      Alex Debniak, FB, Stanford
      MarQueis Gray, HB/TE, Minnesota
      D.J. Harper, RB, Boise State
      Chuck Jacobs, WR, Utah State
      Luke Marquardt, T, Azusa Pacific
      Kevin McDermott, S, UCLA
      Darryl Morris, CB, Texas State
      Lawrence Okoye, DL
      Patrick Omameh, G, Michigan
      Mike Purcell, NT, Wyoming
      Lowell Rose, CB, Tulsa


      Kory Faulkner, QB, Southern Illinois
      Morgan Breslin, OLB, USC
      Asante Cleveland, TE, Miami
      Dillon Farrell, C, New Mexico
      Fou Fonoti, OT, Michigan State
      LJ McCray, Safety, Catawba
      Shayne Skov, ILB, Stanford

  17. I’m starting to wonder if Paraag had anything to do with those drafts..His analytics seemed to be a big part of the Nines decision making the last ten years,now that his out I wonder if we will see any changet in draft philosophy?

  18. Any new HC should ge almost equal power with Baalke in drafting and i hope its Hue Jackson cuz with him our offense doesnt need a major overhaul just modernising it to 2016 standards and beyond:

  19. Why are York and Baalke afraid to even sit down with Holmgren ? Baalke is afraid of Holmgrens ability and knowledge, he also knows he will be exposed as an egotistical buffoon who knows not how to pick talent at an above average rate. Too much East Coast pride with this G.M. and he has the same feelings that Parcells has ” cringe and hate the words West Coast Offense” So Baalke is doing whatever it takes to keep this franchise away from the real success that it could have due to his pride. This is very sad.

    1. Baalke loves Hue because he knows he can dominate him and still have total control. Holmgren will tell Jed that Baalke is the problem, so Baalke will not even give him an interview.

  20. Baalke calls the NFL draft, “a crap shoot” That is hedging your handicapping abilities. Separating and defining athletes in whatever sport, be it Football or Horseracing is a handicapping contest. There are analytical measurables as well as the innate ability to see talent, categorize and assign superiority from one athlete to another. Some recognize superior edge and are better at separating ability than others. That’s why some horseplayers are more successful than others and why Bill Belichick drafts from the bottom every year yet fields an elite team again and again. By virtue of Trent’s admission that the draft is a “crap shoot” he is telling us that he doesn’t think he is very good at it. Trent has had success drafting but swings and misses a lot. In general the most successful teams in the NFL are those who have superior QB’s. The Niners do not have a superior QB. The Niner’s draft #7 this year. There is a QB in the draft, Jared Goff whom I 100% guaranty will be an elite NFL QB. Ten years ago SF had the opportunity to draft Aaron Rodgers and chose Alex Smith- an obvious huge mistake. If the 49ers fail to draft Goff they will be making as massive a mistake as they made passing on Aaron Rodgers in the mid 2000’s…

    1. Kaep had a great wonderlic test score, yet many hate him and says he cannot read.
      Guess my IQ score and if you are within 20 points, I will give you a cookie.
      I deduce from your comments that you are about a 70.

  21. TomD

    January 8, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    *49ers have no one in house.

    **If the 49ers should manage create a power structure it should look something like this:

    Hire Mike Shannahan + He hires Hue Jackson + Find Something for Mike Holmgren to do in your new president’s office Jed (since your inventing a new title for yourself).
    Use the experience of both Shannahan and Holmgren to find the next President.
    Between all 3, they should improve your team dramatically. Hue Jackson will be coach.

    1. Finally, Draft The Clemson, Deshaun Watson. He’s completed 70% of his passes–Steve Young–like #’s–and he runs like Steve Young. The WCO is made for the next Steve Young, and Shannahan + Holmgren will be helpful to young coach, hue Jackson

      2015: 31 td’s 31: TD’s 12: int’s YD’S: 3699 QBR: 155

    1. hightop,
      I’m a fan of Wentz and would take him with our 2nd pick. This would allow us to draft a stud OL or DL/LB with out 1st.
      I believe he was 16-29 with 1 passing TD and 2 Int’s. He also ran for 2 TD’s. His QB percentage of 109.8 was good and of course he won.

      With Cleveland looking more and more like Goff will be there guy with the second pick, we could make Paxton Lynch our pick at 7.
      I would be ok with Lynch because up until the recent bowl games, many scouts had Lynch ahead of Goff on their notes. But if we pass on Paxton, Wentz would look good in a 49er jersey.

      1. AES -Wentz shows some talent ,like you( I believe) and others here I think Goff would be a great pickup however either Dallas or Cleveland seem likely to grab him.Although as Rocket said recently it’s the Browns so who knows.To my estimation it looks as tho OL is the strongest grouping in this draft so going to that well seems a sound idea!

  22. Jed…..Do not let Baalke anywhere near the gas stove while drafting offense…P L E A S E !

    Revisiting the 49ers 2012 Draft Class

    First round – 30th overall: A.J. Jenkins, Wide Receiver, Illionis

    2014 draft grade: F

    The “boom or bust” selection of Jenkins didn’t seem to back the best player available mantra we heard leading up to the draft. Jenkins was selected over the likes of Doug Martin, Coby Fleener, Janoris Jenkins, and Alshon Jeffrey, pick #45, Chicago.

      1. Jackson spent the ’96 season at Cal, working under coach Steve Mariucci on a team that featured quarterback Pat Barnes and tight end Tony Gonzalez. The Bears started 5-0, including a road win over 17th-ranked USC, then wound up 6-6 before Mariucci left to become coach of the 49ers.
        He led California’s high-powered offense in 1996 as its offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, he helped lead the Golden Bears to an Aloha Bowl berth.

  23. He also drafted Anthony Davis and Chris Borland. Davis was a pro bowler and Borland would’ve being one. If Hyde didn’t get injured he looked on his way to being a pro bowler. Alton Smith was a all pro as well. As usual you cherry pick your information!

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t like his drafting but you should give him the benefit of the doubt

    1. His body of work is sub-standard. Were not going to be “filled with love” and give Baalke the benefit of the doubt. He hasn’t earned it.

  24. The pipe dream of signing Gase is over. Very easily predicted by the fact that the FO shunned him last season. I don’t understand the naivety around the new coach. The simple truth is that no big name is signing in SF.
    Your list of possible candidates can include a list of relatively obscure coordinators, a slim few failed HCs like Jackson, but expect an OC from a first round loser in the playoffs.

    1. My opinion, Jackson is better. Not 1 time did Jackson have the qb of a peyton Manning. And his offense still did great. You saw what gase did with a normal qb, 21st in offense. Jackson took the unbelievable sorry raiders and made them 8-8 as a head coach. Not just an offensive coordinator. Gase took the sorry bears offense and kept them sorry. Don’t know what the big fuse is of gase but he will be out in Miami in 3 years just like joe philbin who piggy backed on Aaron Rodgers

      1. The Raiders have had ten years of picking in the top half of each round even with their blatant misses in the draft. They also signed veterans on the back side of their careers. That being said, even those aged veterans have talent and leadership.
        I am not ready to give Jackson credit for anything in Oakland.
        I do not think his personality fits in SF.

        I also don’t think SF is interested in hiring anyone other than an OC from a first round playoff loser

        1. So hour saying they should have hired a no playoff oc as in gase. 1dt round loser, or no playoff at all? I’ll take the one that gets me the farthest. Not saying he will be a good hc but I am saying he’s better than gase. And their offenses prove it

    2. I tend to agree. Hugh is my pick but the writing seems to be on the wall. That’s why my plan B would be Mike Holmgren or Mike Shanahan. Two guys who want back in badly, will give there all and proven track records..

  25. I’ve never seen Carson Wentz play before. So far, I’m impressed. Good accuracy, good touch, saw him look off the safeties, pretty good pocket feel.

    1. Good feet too. This is the first time I’ve really taken the time to watch him play. Looks good. I’ll be interested in how he does in Senior Bowl week.

    2. Yep, he may play lower division, but he’s got a lot of good traits plus plays in a pro style offense. I like him in the second, or late first.

    1. Yeah, Goff was and probably still is tops on my list. I’ve soured on Paxton Lynch. Apparently, Wentz was the valedictorian of his high school class so the smarts should be there.

      1. After the Niners get their pass rusher and O lineman, they should go BPA on the QBs. Hogan is my first choice. Coker from Bama is looking better with the success of AJ McCarron. Those Bama QBs look NFL ready. Wentz may be the sexy pick, but Dak prescott, Cardale Jones or Nate Sudfeld may be the more solid picks.
        I did not include Cook, Lynch or Hackenberg, but maybe the SR bowl and combine will raise their stock.

  26. Is anyone watching Wentz, QB for North Dakota State? When I heard his name mentioned earlier in the year as a possible 49er draft pick I was sceptical. I’ve only seen him make three throws, so far, but he looks pretty good (first game coming back from a broken wrist earlier in the season).

    1. CFC,

      I’m not saying you should love Jackson, but what are your reasons for not being enthused by his possible (likely) selection? I’m sure you’ve noted them before, I just can’t recall.

      1. Until they replace Baalke it’s mostly moot. Jackson seems like he’s probably better suited as a coordinator then as a head coach. Grant’s point about Jackson is valid. The head coach can’t throw the team under the bus to the media. He has to be more collected then that, you can’t be the type to lose your cool and temper and air how pissed you are at your team to the press. You go out to the media and tell them that the team worked their butts off and you couldn’t be more proud of the effort and that the loss falls on the coaches and then you go behind closed doors and rip those guys a new one. Maybe the time and extra experience has taught him better and we’ll see a better head coach version of Jackson this time around. Maybe we won’t.

        I like Jackson more then Kelly, McDaniels and Gase but only a little.

        1. He also apologized in a peice with Michael Silver. And stated he learned from his actions. Plenty of coaches get pissed at their teams. Coaches saying “our team sucked” “we got our butts kicked” “we didn’t play with heart” are all examples of being thrown under the bus. It happens every week in football, or all coaches would go the Singletary route and just “look at the film”. At least Jackson saw his mistake and has been paying for it for 5 years. Not saying he will be great but by dammit of all the so-called big names, he a step above. In my opinion there aren’t any big names. Just hot coordinators destined to be fired in 2-3 years

        2. Fair enough. As per usual, Grant is only telling part of the story, Jackson also included himself in his criticism of the team. One would also hope he has learned and grown since he was in Oakland. That was an bad, injury depleted team that he took to an 8-8 record.

          1. My first sentence was my primary reason but the post-game comments were really just low hanging fruit. I’m not excited about the prospect that he’ll be anxious to try and revive Kaepernick’s career. That sounds like further time being wasted that could be used on a better prospect. Sounds like the teams rebuilding phase could be set back even longer if we’re still going to spend energy and draft picks trying to make the offense work around Colin.

            Now I don’t know for certain that that’s what will happen but if it’s even a possibility then I’m not too thrilled about it.

    2. Some have expressed a concern that if the Bengals lose yet another playoff game, Lewis could be fired and Jackson promoted. Do you see that as a concern?

      1. It’s possible. It would be less surprising than Lovey Smith being fired so Koetter can be promoted before hired away (assumed to be the case, anyway).

        I know Lewis is a good HC, but not only has he never won a playoff game, it took him a long time to get to the playoffs (in fairness, the AFC North was a brutal division when he started). Every successive year the Bengals lost their first playoff game, I would think, “This has got to be the year he gets fired.” Maybe this is the year.

      2. After the actions of two of the Bengals defensive players Lewis will be lucky to have a job tomorrow. Jackson could be the new Bengals coach by Monday.

    3. What if he wins…Jed and Trent seem to have problems getting their parking brake off that Coaching Caravan bus and entry into that interview room before the other NFL GM’s, who would quickly make a deal with Jackson.

    1. And don’t disclude Paraag, in the background crunching the analytics, ensuring that contract doesn’t go a penny above 5 mil.

          1. Perhaps, but the comment he responded to was about players. Either way, I should know better than to feed the trolls.

            1. You’re right about the location of TD’s post. It was such an non sequitur, I looked up the thread for context and it seemed it was about Jackson.

              You’re also correct about the care and feeding of trolls, but who can follow that all the time?

  27. If he keeps this up, Wentz will be a late first round pick. Of course, Jacksonville State isn’t FBS competition, but still…

    1. I think he has an invitation to the Senior Bowl (or one of those bowls), so we should be able to see him against some better competition.

      1. January 30th. I mentioned also before that the game is important but from what I’ve heard how he does in practice and the week leading up the game can be equally or even more important to teams then how he performs in the actual game. That info sometimes take a little bit to come out and sometimes you don’t hear anything about the player unless they stood out for some reason, good or bad.

  28. Niners need a pass rusher and an O lineman. If Hue Or Kelly can resurrect Kaep, the Niners should later draft a prospect that can learn and be groomed to take over in a few years like Rodgers.
    I like Hogan. That Fumblefoolski was sheer genius.

        1. So was Russell Wilson. It doesn’t make Hogan a better QB though. To be clear, I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting him in the 3rd, but pointing out the exception to the rule doesn’t make a strong argument.

          1. I like those exceptions to the rules because they are exceptional.
            Goff may be a sexy pick, but QBs chosen in the first are pretty much hit or miss. For every success, I could give you 2 busts.

            1. Still a better hit rate than every other round. It’s like when people point out that Tom Brady was picked in the 6th.

              1. If the Niners do not draft an O lineman in one of the first 2 rounds, it will not matter if a Joe Montana or Tom Brady is drafted.

          2. Hogan’s only weakness, IMO, is a weak arm. Otherwise he has the smarts, processes defenses very well and is a competitor.

            1. I would much rather have accurate than strength. He can work out and build strength. That 4th Quarter, near the end of the game, pass over the middle in the ND game was a thing of beauty.

              1. It’s not as easy as working out to get strength in your throwing arm. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Throwing motion may need to change and that wrecks all of his years practicing to get to the point he’s at now. If he’s sitting for a year or two he might have a chance, but look at ck now it’s been how long? And his throwing motion is still a part of the problem.

              2. Bill Walsh himself mentioned accuracy over arm strength. He said some QBs have a strong arm and can throw it the length of the field, but it is more important to deliver a catchable ball that hits the receiver in stride with touch, just like Joe did.

  29. Kind of difficult to accurately assess Wentz against this defense — he’s a man among boys. He shows many good things. He’s not under a whole lot of pressure. He looks less of a project than Lynch. But Wentz and Goff are still at least a one-projects. Lynch is at least a 2-year project, and still could end up being a another Kap. Wentz is probably late first round pick, may even rise to 15-22 range based on a team’s desperation.

    1. Agree, but it’s good to see that he does look like a man among boys in this game. If he didn’t, then the hype certainly wouldn’t be warranted.

  30. This is one of your better columns, no opinions out from Left Field, just the facts. Baalke reminds me of Doug Wilson. Both are very narcissistic and both are not accountable, and if the owners really wanted to win, both should of been fired last year.

  31. Interesting piece of info from Albert Breer…look for Vance Joseph to be a target as DC, and Mike Solari a target as OC. Yes the same Mike Solari that some 49ers fans despised during the reign of Harbaugh.

    1. The nice thing about Chip or Hue is that they will call the plays. So basically they are the offensive coordinator.

  32. To judge any GM strictly by his draft success/failures or number of Pro Bowlers is unfair and lacks nuance. There are three ways to acquire talent: draft, free agency and trade. Baalke’s draft strategy certainly merits some criticism, but Whitner, Rogers, Dawson, Dorsey, Boldin, Torrey Smith and Bethea are at the very worst solid acquisitions AND good values.

    By the way, Borland played well for a year and Armstead has a chance to be very good.

    We’ve gotten to the point where any sort of context is seen as excuse making. It borders on the ridiculous!

    1. Speaking of free agency, Do you think that Baalke did a masterful job when he signed Dockett, Wright, Cook, Pears, Hunter, Bishop, Cadet and Bush?

        1. Dont even mention Brooks. I am so furious at him jumping offsides, giving them free plays every game, I hope he never plays a down for the Niners again. He should be one of the first cuts during this offseason.

          1. Seb,

            When you respond to legitimate questions like that, it makes you sound nuts.

            Brooks jumping off sides this year, doesn’t change the fact that he was a very effective defender, on one of the best defenses in the NFL.

        2. He didn’t find Alex Boone, the dude fell out of the draft because he was an alcoholic in college and had issues. You supplement through free agency and you build through the draft. He hasn’t done a good job of building through the draft, which is his primary responsibility and the reason this team isn’t good right now. Anything Baalke did under Harbaugh should be considered suspect because the same methods aren’t working without Harbaugh. Baalke drafts like he wants to be known as some kind of genius. He isn’t. His ‘crapshoot’ comments revealed just how thin his tough guy facade is. If it’s a crapshoot, why not just develop a computer program that grades players and recommends prospects based on their grades and the teams needs? I’m pretty sure the computer wouldn’t have recommended LMJ, A.J. Jenkins and many others. The draft isn’t a crapshoot, it’s a very educated gamble with the odds against being the system fit, health and desire of the player. That comment was a huge red flag. It was like when the Wizard of Oz was discovered to be an old man behind a curtain.

          1. Posters who defend baalke obviously did not hear his PC when he could not remember how long his contract ran.
            Now I know when Baalke lies.
            It is when his lips move.

          2. Big P,

            As I’ve said before, it was odd to hear Baalke call the draft a crap shoot publicly, but the truth is the draft is something of a crap shoot. An educated one in which you target players who are system fits and team need fits. Whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or not, statistics bear out that the draft has a great deal of luck involved.

            Having said that, I would be fine with Baalke being fired, if there’s a better GM to be hired.

            1. Exgolfer,
              I hear you, but you didn’t hear him calling it a crapshoot when he was perceived as having good drafting skills. He was happy to bathe in the genius label when he was NFL executive of the year. It’s funny how it coincided with Harbaugh being named HCOY. Coincidence? I don’t think so. His comments seemed more like he was trying to buffer himself against further criticism instead of simply acknowledging that he needs to be hitting on players in the draft, despite the odds of doing so. He has acted like Captain Bad Ass for the last few years and he looked like a kid who just had his lunch money stolen from him during that statement. I just thought it really exposed him as a fraud because all of his false conviction seemed to suddenly bubble to the surface. The serial killer eyes looked like they had been shedding some tears. It’s exactly what you wouldn’t see from Harbaugh and it’s exactly what I feared Baalke to be….a phony. I could be wrong, but I trust my instincts.

              1. Big P,

                There’s not a doubt in my mind that Baalke’s motivation was to take the heat off himself with the “Crap shoot” talk.

                My point about the draft isn’t to defend Baalke, but simply to remind that the draft is far from the sure thing that many on here seem to think it is.

                The average team adds 2.3 starters a year through the draft.

                There’s a 44% miss rate in the first two rounds.

                I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point.

              2. Exgolfer,
                I understand the odds of hitting on picks, I just thought it was a really bad look for Baalke to say that to the media. I would have never brought it up to the media and if I was asked about it, I would have said something along the lines of:

                “The draft is always a calculated risk, however, I have been provided with all of the resources necessary to be successful by the ownership. I haven’t drafted at a high enough level over the past five years for us to be contenders over the last two seasons. I need to do a much better job of acquiring talented players with high character. I understand that my tenure as G.M. runs parallel to my ability to build a championship roster. We have the cap space and the draft picks to return this franchise to championship form. We are in the process of doing just that. If we don’t, I understand that I won’t be in this position at this time next year.”

                I just realized I’m more qualified than Baalke when it comes to speaking with the media.

  33. Wentz’s deep throws are a little off, but I’m gonna give him a pass on this one game sample because of that broken wrist, which he still has a small wrap on. The rest of his game looks solid.

      1. Yean but a couple of his outside deep shots were too far inside and one was picked.

        Speaking of picks, Wentz just got burned on that one.

  34. I dont think its that hard that he said Coffee they are pro’s:

    Hue Jackson:”I’m pissed at my team. At some point in time as a group of men you go in the game and you can say whatever you want about coaches, you win the game. Here’s your time. Here’s your time to make some plays,” Jackson said in initially unloading on his players. “We didn’t get them stopped and we didn’t make enough plays. Yeah, I’m pissed at the team. Like I tell them, I always put it on me, but I am pissed at my team because when you have those kind of opportunities, you’ve got to do it and we didn’t do it.”

    “I know one thing, this team needs an attitude adjustment,” Jackson said. “The killer instinct has got to exist here. It’s something I’ve talked about. When you don’t finish games at the end like we haven’t, this has been going on all year. I mean, this feeling I’ve had has been there all year and you try to change it, change it, change it and I haven’t been able to get it changed. I know what needs to happen and we’ll move forward.”

  35. Jed is just deceiving himself. When he says that having a terrible season is a good thing because they will get a high draft pick, it just shows he does not have a clue.
    Jed has a losers mentality. I want the Niners to have a winners mentality.
    In those Glory Years, the Niners always picked near the last. Why? Because they won. They wanted to pick last, because that meant they were the best. Jed wants to pick first, and he will probably get his wish.

  36. Hue Jackson Rant Video – Repost

    Not ideal, but not quite the crazed tirade it was made out to be either. Doesn’t look like the kind of blow up that would DQ an HC candidate.

    I remember that game. Palmer played his guts out, but the receivers (not just DHB) picked a bad game to have the worlds worse case of the dropsies. Made Vance McDonald look like Biletnikoff. I’d be sour too.

    1. If I’m remembering that season correctly… with the exception of DHB (and that final game), the Raiders receivers played way over their grade levels that season. Guys we never heard of racking up big yards/receptions.

      Some of it was Palmer to be sure, but it portends well.

  37. I have to laugh. 95% of the posters on this site have crushed Kaep and want him cut.
    However, many of these same posters want Hue, but Hue loves Kaep and really wants to make him the starting QB. Guess they are cheering for Kaep’s return, after calling him a bust who cannot read defenses and runs into sacks.

    1. Fans want the Turlock Tornado Kaepernick that stunned the Bears in 2012, and shocked the world later that season vs the packers.

      Fans don’t want his Evil Twin Skippy that took the helm last season. The nasty sibling that couldn’t even spot a completely uncovered receiver.

      1. Behind a solid O line and a very good game, Turlock Tornado can raise some serious dust. The problem is when the O line is below average and the running game is spotty.

    2. I’d love to see what Jackson could do with Kaep and Gabbert. It’s clear Chryst wasn’t the answer. Dalton hasn’t been good till this season he’s been average or slightly below. I am a Kaep fan and dissappointed in his performances this season as was the entire fan base. I thought he’d be gone after April this year. I am surprised that the FO seems to be looking for coaches who might work with him. I think it could tell us something about two things. The current coaching staff and two the quality of QB’s in the draft and in FA. It’s possible they’d rather takes chances with players they know than unknown rookies or journeymen like Fitzpatrick. I could be totally wrong because we don’t really know what’s going on.

  38. Jack mentioned Solari as an OC candidate…

    Jason Cole ✔ @JasonColeBR
    Hearing #Packers asst Mike Solari another guy Hue Jackson will bring along wherever he is hired, perhaps as an OC. Pep Hamilton as QB coach

      1. Yep, that’d work for me. Not overly keen to have the D needing to learn a new scheme again, but if that’s what the HC wants I’ll go with it.

  39. This was exactly the same m/o the 49ers used in 2014. Leak the information so other teams know your plans, when the coach is snapped up–it wasn’t our fault…In this way, the caravan circles back to 4949 centennial, to hire a no name or no talent coach, costing way less.

    1. TrollD, I know that you did not mention me, but I am feeling chippy and want to throw a few darts for old times sake.
      I see you using Modus Operandi, I wonder where you saw that. You seem to keep up your devilish delerious distasteful dishing deprecating the dolorous dunderheads in Santa Clara.
      You really must hate them so to keep up your shrill screeds in an effort to sabotage the team and subvert the fans.
      Maybe I should haunt your posts, and tell you what I really think about you. It could get very entertaining.
      TrollD, have a nice Day.

      1. They say that cat Seb as a bad mother…
        Shut your mouth!
        But I’m talkin’ about Seb
        Then we can dig it!

  40. Kaep either puts a lot more work in the art of QB’ing and less on his body or needs to get cut Sebnynah even if i liked Kaep before

    1. I may be one of Kaeps last fans on this site,and hopes he wins a couple SBs for the Niners, but if he throws the ball into the ground, I want some one who will not do that.

      1. Everyone wants this but its all up to him he has talent but he has to control his arm and work out with a Jeff García

        1. I don’t love Garcia. Everytime I see him being interviewed he’s working really had to prove himself to everyone. He was a good QB. He’s a better match to CK’s skill set but it he was such a great QB coach wouldn’t he be employed as something other than a consultant to the Rams?

          1. When he pleaded ‘-Please please please’- I thought he sounded desperate.
            Ya gotta never let them see you sweat. I like that quality in a QB. Like Joe.

  41. TrollD, are you Kawakami? You either are him, or just a paid shill to link him constantly. I know TK reads Grants blogs because once I surmised about the relationship between TT and RB, and lo and behold, 2 days later TK had a lengthy interview with him.
    It was like the TK -JH interview. TK, of all people, was not one of JH’s favorite media guys, yet JH used TK to get the message across that he was fired. RB used to talk scornfully about TK, but he had an ax to grind, and TK was his willing tool.

    1. Oh here we go again… Seb takes credit for anything that happens in the world, precisely in the way he blogs about it just hours or days before… Any advice for Kim Jong Un? Post a forecast for a 8.8 magnitude quake in Iran in the next 48hrs and let’s see if it happens.

  42. Baalke realized that he was expendable as long as a successful Jim Harbaugh was the head coach. Baalke could not deal with the fact that Haubaugh was being given all the credit for the 49er resurgence. To continue his job security it was necessary for Baalke to get rid of Haubaugh. Baalke is an arrogant SOB that grades out very poorly as an NFL GM. York is also an idiot as he is giving (not paying) Tomsula 14 Million for Baalke’s inability to work with Haubaugh. York should fire himself for the 14 million dollar mistake. The 49ers under York and Baalke are a circus. Inspite of this, Dorky continues to let Baalke run the ship. That’s how stupid Dork is. York has to grow some balls and fire Baalke’s ass or the circus will go on and on and on….

  43. GRANT!!!!!!!!!

    Booooom! Here it is!!! Keep this up, man. Great article, not mincing words, saying what needs to be said. When you pick on players, there are too many variables to keep you from seeming myopic at times, but when you turn your laser-focus on Baalke, whose track record is putrid since 2011, you can’t be argued against.

    And the tone of this article is just perfect! Love it.

  44. This weekend, number of playoff games by QBs on the road: 38.
    number of playoff games by QBs at home: 0
    Wonder if the road teams can sweep the games.

  45. Wait wait wait…… Let me guess Alex smith won that game. Lmao!
    I haven’t seen a bad game this year from a qb until today. My goodness how does hoyer have a locker.
    GO CINCY!!

  46. WOW ! …SHEESH !

    Can you believe it.?…..Our old ‘game manager’ just won his 11th consecutive start….and he’s still playing….and it’s January ..and it was a playoff game….Huhh…

    1. He looked great. His opening return on the kickoff, td run, 3 fg’s and 4 ints and 1 fumble recovery were red grange like.
      Lmao get outta here with that.

      1. NinerMD

        You’re never going to give it up right ? I think you’re still mesermized by his blue eyes….Hey MD 30-0….won’t it ever sink in….? Harbaugh’s Prevenge….

        1. Oregon… My old Alex rival. Twas it you that came on here last week and brought up the ol game manager? You and onelame seem to be the ones memorized by old “blue eyes” I still can’t see the problem with calling him what he is if he’s not a 49er. You know the team I actually root for and care about. Alex smith doesn’t win games. His defense does. When he comes out and lights up secondaries and throws for more than 175 yards a game then we can talk about him beating teams. Sorry I don’t give credit to game managers who only do the minimum to not screw up the game. He’s simply Brad Johnson, Trent dilfer, and other mediocre qb’s who rolled with top flight defense. Problem is those guys have superbowls.
          Why are you so mad I’m still not a fan of alex smiths game? He’s a chief…. Smh!

    2. Yawn. I think AS had a good game, but the Texans endured another Alamo. It was a slaughter. They did not shoot themselves in the foot, they shot themselves in the head.

    3. Smith was effective and efficient today. Not eye-popping, but sometimes you don’t need your QB to be that just as long as he gets the job done on his end.
      It’ll be interesting to see how the team looks without Maclin in the lineup going forward. That’s a huge loss.

    4. Oregon,
      Alex’ complete redemption won’t come until he wins a Superbowl. Even many of the Bills and Vikings fans tired of their teams going to the SB only to lose back in the 70′ and 90’s.

      If you’re satisfied with only making it to the playoffs to each his own I guess.
      Btw, Alex did what Alex does best; not make any mistakes and let the defense and special teams key the win. Sound familiar?

  47. Mary Kay Cabot ‏tweet – “Browns and 49ers on level playing field heading into interviews Sunday with Hue Jackson, source says. He has no favorite yet.”

    1. I hope Hue realizes that if he takes the Browns HC position, he will be fired after the season, not before his last game.

          1. That’s like asking me to consider the feelings of a fly before I squash the disease ridden thing.

            1. Well, how about this- the Browns are so bad, they drive their QB into a drunken stupor. It might happen to Goff, too. Hue better think this through.

              1. That’d work except for the fact Manziel had already had several drunken stupors before the Browns drafted him.

          2. There Gabbert factor is winning just enough games to screw up the draft position and avoid drafting a real QB, and possibly squash the hiring of a decent HC. In Jacksonville, they call it the “Two chickens with one hen” approach to QB play.

  48. 7-6-7-10
    Alex Smith wants to know:
    when was the last time you put
    points on the board in every single quarter,
    Colin…??? If not…. why not…???

    That is how the Chiefs won our playoff game
    today. What did you do to today, Colin?
    Buy another pair of tennis shoes…?

    1. Oh please. This is like Dilfer. Ravens defense was so good, Dilfer was not asked to do anything except not to give up the ball.
      I think Hoyer was befuddled because it looked like the defenders were the intended receivers. Alex did have some nice passes, but some were short passes with the first tackler falling down.

    2. Reid almost went brain dead, calling for QB keepers and AS going headfirst for the first down while leading by a gazillion points.

    1. I am sure some of that can be credited to the weather, but Jackson sure looks like the rest of the failed OC who have stopped in SF. Cincy losing this game should put an end to the Jackson HC talk.
      Pittsburg has the 2nd worst D of any team in the playoffs. Jackson and McCarran are sure making them look like a top 3 D.

      1. Correction. Mccaron is making them look that good. Dalton would be doing way better than this. Something to be said about a backup qb in a playoff game. Just ask Arizona.

        1. Hey, I never said that Dalton would be doing as bad as McCarron. Ya gotta play the hand dealt. Just like the Steelers now have Landry Jones in for Big Ben.

  49. Too bad the Bengals won’t be playing against the Broncos next weekend. We’d get to see what Jackson could orchestrate against one of the best defenses in the league.

    1. I wonder if Marvin Lewis will be fired after this loss. Letting his players get out of control and resulting in another playoff loss.

  50. Good article by Maiocco. A couple of quotes:

    1) If the 49ers plan to hire Jackson, they can go ahead and wrap that up behind the scenes, like the Falcons did with Quinn, and start putting Jackson’s plan in place to round out his coaching staff even as the Bengals are still playing.

    2) Kaepernick’s scheduled pay of $13.4 million is not as steep as it sounds. The 49ers received an approximate $3 million credit on his 2015 pay after he went on injured reserve in November.


  51. Talk about a team trying to lose a playoff game. Mindless football.

    From a Niner standpoint its an Ideal result. Jackson’s offense showed signs of life. He made effective halftime adjustments. We might know who our head coach is by tomorrow night.

    1. Hope you’re right Brodie. The CBS team is putting the blame on Marvin Lewis for not controlling his players. I fear he might be fired after this latest failure. If so, the Bengals might want to promote Hue. Doesn’t mean he can’t come to the 49ers, but…..

        1. Typical. How many coaches were out there making those bone headed plays? If it was up to you guys if someone was arrested you’d have them go arrest their parents too because obviously they didn’t raise them right.

  52. It’s rare I feel bad for a millionare athlete, but that kid in cincy has got my sympathy. How do you ever get over that? Wow! There goes my dark horse!

      1. They shot themselves in the foot (Burfict), had a leftover bullet and shot themselves with the other foot (Pacman Jones).

        I’ve never seen anything like it.

        1. The call against Burficit was BS too. He’s running towards the receiver the guy doesn’t catch the ball but both are still running full speed, both the receiver and the defender lowered their heads and shoulder pads and the defender hit the receiver clearly with his shoulder pads. If the defender hadn’t lowered his shoulder he would have been struck in the belyl by the receivers lowered head. . The replay clearly shows that both lowered and it was a shoulder to head hit not helmet to helmet nor was the defender targeting.

          BS call.

          1. Sorry. The ball was way past and he never should have touched him.That hit made the receivers head into a bobble head. Burflict had red flags before he was drafted, and tonight he showed his true colors.
            Burflict will have the rest of the playoffs and the rest of the offseason to think about that last minute.

          2. Yep… He was not defenseless!
            And seb you’re that fan that helps make this once great game a joke and shell of its former self! Everyone of these players would still take the money and play if they had to sign a waiver. I can only hope that’s what the NFL would do, so we can get back to football the way it’s meant to be played and THOUSANDS of ex players survived from.

            1. You want to chew up players and spit them out when done. Sounds Macho, but you probably never had to see former players enduring so much pain, they cry while just trying to walk. I have.
              It is a travesty to know that the NFL would rather rake in huge profits than take care of the older veterans.
              Concussions are changing the game. Ignoring it or actively suppressing the truth about concussive effects is a tragedy. The league and owners are complicit in the coverup, and conspire to continue as if nothing is the problem.
              19 kids died playing football last year. Thank God there are new safety protocols and equipment, because there used to be 30 to 40 deaths per year. Regretfully, it will take a death on the field before the pros take serious action.

              1. Seb…. There is danger in almost everything you do in life. You don’t get it. They signed up to do this. There are many more boxers out there suffering from brain injuries. Are you out there trying to change boxing?
                I completely understand if a player is head hunting. And it’s obvious. The old old rules needed to be changed. You shouldn’t be able to grab a player by the face mask and break their neck, clothesline a player running threw the hole, take a late cheap shot after the play if over, purposely go low to another players knee.
                It’s still football and these calls and rules now a days destroy the integrity of the game I don’t think you folks who didn’t grow up playing understand what you’re taught and how the physics of football plays out. I’ve seen waaaaay to many calls where a defender is coming with all of their momentum and hitting a player hard WITH A SHOULDER and it’s a roughing the player call, and accidental slap or touch to the head of a qb while trying to tackle him, a being pushed to the ground and getting NEAR the legs of a qb, hitting any receiver when they’re in mid air making a big catch. It’s beyond ridiculous and had changed outcomes of games. You can buy into what the NFL is selling and could care less about years ago because a SMALL percentage of ex players have physical problems playing a game that donates your body to wear and tear. Again they chose to play the game and knew damn well at any time or down the road physical problems could occur. These old players didn’t make the money these young players do today. They want to file lawsuits for retirement that’s fine. But the NFL was feeling the pressure of the media and some soft hearted fans like yourself and then decided to act upon it. And their ways of not being sued or having the shields rep damaged has destroyed this game. If the NFL wanted to change things the VERY FIRST thing they should do is truly test for PED’s it’s no secret these players are faster, stronger and meaner than before. Hats not from new workout regimes. It’s no secret the NFL is full of juice heads. Which easily leads to more injuries at a bigger rate. These aren’t Normal
                Men out there running and hitting. It’s basically like being hit by a small car. So yeah I’m disgusted by the way the NFL chooses to cover the real issue and destroy the game with lame powder puff football rules to save their own a**es and money. It’s a joke and I’m not buying this garbage. Seriously should start putting flags on receivers and qb’s. I mean hell they’ve all but gotten rid of the kickoff. Another exciting part of the game that’s reduced to memories of great athletes who could take it to the house and change a game. Pathetic! So eat it up seb…. But maybe you should look deeper into the issue than what ESPN and will smith tell you. Where’s the steroids issue? Those are well known for destroying you brain and body!

              2. MD, Burflict is a dirty cheap shot artist. The ball was way over Browns head and was past him. It was totally uncatchable. There was no reason in the world for Burflict to make Browns head act like a bobblehead, except to deliver a dirty blow that cost his team a victory in a playoff game.
                Defend Burflict all you want, but your championing him just defines you.

              3. Maybe you have not read any of my posts, but I have brought up the PED issues. I said the proof of HGH use is to see players deflate after playing.
                I have also weighed in on boxing. Boxing is a blood sport, and people pay money to see blood. Boxer deaths are not uncommon because the act of repeated blows to the head is the intent to deliver a concussion.
                I have also said that I do not like to watch women fight. It is unseemly, and may provide justification to men who will claim that they thought she could take a punch, leading to more domestic violence.

              4. Nobody is defending 55
                He was on one of his roid rages last night you could see it. Im not sticking to one play, im talking about the overall watering down of this league. It’s pathetic these grown men have to play patty cake with each other. I don’t know where or when you started watching football. But the one thing I liked about playing it and watching it was the hits. I use to love to watch receivers think twice about going up and catching a ball with Lott lurking around the secondary. That’s another part of football that was taken away that was barbaric and enjoyable to watch. Like boxing football doesn’t have to be that barbaric. Mayweather hasn’t been hit in decades like old school receivers wouldn’t go up and get the ball. Whether you like it or not football is just as barbaric as boxing except they’re body’s are being used more times a year. And the physical toll hey pay is well known. Again they know what they’re signing up for, and by the looks and sounds of recent and current players they’re not a fan of these new soft rules. No brotha it’s bleeding heart people ruining this game. To violent? Don’t watch! I’m on the fence of watching anymore because it’s NOT PRO FOOTBALL!

              5. This is deliciously ironic. Blaming me for the demise of football. Maybe you should look in the mirror to find someone else to blame. Your insistence to glorify the violence will just lead to more broken bodies and CTE. There is a huge difference between football and boxing. Football is a game where one tries to score points to win a game. Boxing is a sport where the objective is to inflict a concussion on an opponent. Boxing evokes primeval emotions to bludgeon the opponent into a bloody pulp. Football, on the other hand, has grace and skill. It is thrilling to see a toe tapping touchdowm or a RB juking his was down the field. Football can get safer, yet still be inspiring and joyful.

            2. You want players to sign away their rights just to satisfy your bloodlust.
              Players are human. They bleed and feel pain. They deserve to be treated with respect. Making them sign away their rights is akin to making them slaves for blood sport.
              You might be the one ruining the game.

          3. The what would have been a TD on the fumble that was blown dead hurt Pittsburg. I think the calls evened out. I hope next season the refs allow all fumbles/turnovers to play out and then go back and review the play.

          4. CFC,
            It was pure and simply a head hunting “thug” play by Burfict. His play throughout the game led to his boneheaded actions at the end of the game. Initially, I felt that his hit on Brown was borderline, but after watching a couple of replays it looked as if Burfict inflicted his shoulder on Brown to add emphasis to the hit.
            Running into the tunnel followed by several teammates after his Int was not only unnecessary but stupid.

            Someone once said that stupid is what stupid does, and I can’t think of a better way to describe the actions of Burfict and A.Jones. Let’s face, they were pretty much responsible for their teams loss.

    1. The video shows the knee touching and ball coming out at the same time. The penalty’s never should have come into play because that shouldn’t have been a fumble.

      1. On one of the turnovers, the Steeler led with the crown of his helmet, but that was not reviewable. Concussed him and stole the ball. Replay needs to be reformed. The main goal should be to get the call right.
        Still, Lewis went brain dead. Should have told them to fall to the ground right away so the ball cannot be stripped. 3 kneel downs would have been better, because it would have forced them to burn time outs.
        Lewis also should have told them not to lose their composure, and do stupid things like get personal fouls. Those 30 yards lost the game.

      2. Hill seems to believe the fumble was legit so I’ll have to take his word for it but the video wasn’t as conclusive.

  53. Hmm, that was messy.
    Bengals fulfilled their destiny. Cant win a playoff game.
    Oh well, now Hue can entertain offers. Bet he goes to the Browns because he will be given the GM job too.

    1. Good! If Cleveland hires him we definitely won’t be looking over our shoulders for a “could have been” hire!

  54. To test Jackson’s ability to maintain cool and hold his temper, the 49ers should interview him right now.

  55. Jason La Canfora – “As reported before the game, if Bengals did make a head coaching move, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther would be top internal candidate…”

          1. I doubt you can blame that on Vance Joseph since Pac Man has always been a loose cannon one way or another.

            1. Yeah that’s what I meant. Complete melt down on entire defense of CIN.
              Hue called a great 2nd half though.

        1. Maybe Guenther should have been on the sidelines, where he would have been more useful. He did not prepare them very well. Controlling emotions is an important factor of the game. losing their composure led to this loss.

          1. He might have been on the field Seb or not. At the end of the day, these guys have to understand the game. They don’t. They are undisciplined. It’s not about coaching as much personal intelligence. Pac Man was a fool tonight

            1. Proper coaching would have drilled into their heads the need to keep their composure. Hope this last minute of that game will be played over and over to all teams to demonstrate how a disciplined team wins and an undisciplined team collapses.

  56. I’m sure a lot of boo boys will come out when the 49ers hire Jackson, with plenty of advice on which coach would have been better. But if he wants to come here then that will be a significant upgrade from what we just had. And there really aren’t many other options out there that may be better candidates that would honestly be interested in coaching the 49ers in their current sorry state.

    1. Still doesn’t change the fact York screwed us over and if the next coach fails it still stands and banners and empty seats will be the norm.
      Only good thing about it is Baalke will
      Likely be gone!

    2. Disagree that it’d be an upgrade. Jackson’s offense just struggled against an okay Steelers defense and came out flat against some of the best defenses during the regular season. I’m also not seeing any semblance of a good run game either. Struggling against strong defenses and not having a good run game is a recipe for disaster against teams like Carolina and our NFC West opponents.

        1. Just stating how I feel. I honestly don’t get the love fest for Jackson. He just screams “I’ll be fired in 2-3 seasons tops”.
          The Bengals offense also came with quality pieces before this season, and the 49ers have little of that on their offense.

          1. Fine, I get you don’t think he’s as good as the hype, but seriously, how can you say you don’t think he’s an upgrade over Tomsula?

              1. The phrase ‘from what we had’ could have just as easily been referring to our OC, offensive scheme, HC, or overall coaching staff. Heck, it could be all of the above.

              2. Mid, the Niners still have their assistants. The only one fired is Tomsula.
                When Scooter said what we had, it points directly at Tomsula.

              3. I didn’t realize Hue was going to be taking over all of those roles just by himself. You’re right, the collective group of 49ers coaches may have been equal to Hue. Maybe.

        2. Thats really true.

          Hue might not be a great HC, but his job as OC this year was great.

          People talk about last game like having McCarron, four starts in his career, in a playoff game for a team desperate for a post season win for more than two decades, and under a lot of Rain, was an easy task.

          He overcame QB inexperience, huge pressured enviroment, and adverse wheather, and got some good production from their offense in the second half.

          1. Hue did not prepare him properly. McCarron put on gloves for the first time because of the rain. Hue should have had him practice with gloves while someone is showering him with a hose, ahead of time, instead of not thinking about that contingency.

      1. Hue called a great 2nd half. He made quality adjustments after being shut out in the 1st.
        He is a QB whisperer. MCCarron was pretty good tonight.

    1. The 49ers should scoop up Marvin Lewis if the Bengals foolishly decide to fire him. He knows how to build a good coaching staff, and that is the main thing this team needs.

      1. I dunno… he did not have then very composed and disciplined. Niners need a coach that will prepare them so they do not shoot themselves in the foot.

        1. Cinc has drafted well. They’ve been competitive but can’t win in crunch time.
          If the scheme is believable and taught well, it’ll work.
          Hue Jackson is a good choice.

  57. Someone is having fun with Hue Jackson’s wikipedia page (or knows something we don’t). Lists him as the Bengals HC as of 2016.

      1. If he became available he’d be the hottest coaching candidate available. Doubt the 49ers would be his first choice.

        1. It doesn’t appear there has been much
          in the way of good football in Ohio,
          for quite awhile …

          If memory serves .. the Browns haven’t been good
          since before they moved to Baltimore..
          and had Bernie Kosar …

          And the last time I remember the Bungles being
          good was back when Boomer was throwing to Collingsworth ..

          Kinda like the last time the Niners was good ..
          was when Harbaugh was here ..

          Questiion, Scooter …

          Do ya think we’re gonna hafta wait that long ?

        2. We have a lot to offer. 5 million a year, 12 draft picks, 16 million in cap space. What’s not to love? Don’t answer!

            1. No seriously it’s a coveted job. Baalke is probably going to give the first 3 rounds to the new HC.
              He’ll be able to get his QB, WR and OT or RB/TE.
              I want Hue now.

              1. I think Jackson is going to the Browns. They have a shot at Jared Goff, he can choose his own coaching staff, and he won’t have to deal with a GM that wants all say in the roster and tries to coach players.

    1. So funny. Imagine interviewing for a job tomorrow, so soon after a crushing defeat. I can just see Baalke talking to Jackson, eyes bloodshot, mind still reeling from tonight’s debacle.

    2. Now it lists him as the 49ers HC:

      2013 Cincinnati Bengals (running backs)
      2014–2016 Cincinnati Bengals (off. coord.)
      2016-present San Francisco 49ers [head coach)

      1. just checked their website ..

        it sez:

        “Current Estimated Jackpot = $ 1.3 BILLION”

        Cash Value = $806 Million

  58. I think this was posted before, but I’ll post again with a followup:

    Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora 2h2 hours ago
    As reported before the game, if Bengals did make a head coaching move, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther would be top internal candidate..

  59. Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora 2h2 hours ago
    And Guenther might turn out to be the top overall candidate for job. Bengals don’t want to lose him. Seen as a Mike Zimmer in the making

    1. I’ll say the same thing as I did above too. Tells you something that they don’t see Hue as that guy.

  60. ^^

    Brodie2Washington January 9, 2016 at 9:37 pm
    Jason La Canfora – “As reported before the game, if Bengals did make a head coaching move, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther would be top internal candidate…”


  61. I’ll say this I’m not a fan of bringing in hue Jackson. As a head coach! His calls in the first half looked the same as the calls we’ve seen around here for 10 plus years. Basic short throws and runs when you know they’re coming. The second half he seemed to open the play old a little with a few different style calls. But did he have a choice? I like coaches who will keep defenses off balance and want to score first and fast and as much as possible. I thought he was very conservative in the start and first half. I’m tired of that kind of offense that leans on the defense. So if they want an “offensive mind” I really didn’t see one last night that really sticks out or looks any different than Romans.
    But I will take Jackson over Kelly any day!
    So that means holmgren or shanahan are out Jackson will sign in Cleveland and destroy his career and we will end up being stuck with Kelly. The good news is they will suck and Baalke will be gone. I’m seeing another 5 years of horrible losing football. :-(

    1. Md-interesting take(I certainly hope we don’t see 5 years of losing football ,I’m not getting any younger) underlying the tangle the 49ers find themselves is perhaps an underlying conflict of football philosophy(I use the term loosely here) and family tree.Simply put- Walsh vs Parcells.Inman recently ran a piece which made mention of this. Shanahan and Holmgren one suspects are not going to be chosen merely because they are too old or the game has passed them by but they are from a different lineage.This will not change with Baalke as GM.What is simply is.One hopes and expects the debacle we witnessed last year will be erased by some modicum of professionalism next year.

      1. Great observation. Baalke’s a Parcell’s guy.

        One reason I prefer Walsh’s philosophy because it works almost equally well protecting a lead or coming from behind.

        But there’s value in sticking to a system long term, and drafting players / hiring coaches to fit that system.

        There’s also value in running a contrarian system. Teams have less practice defending your type of offense, and defenders physical types are a mismatch for the grind it out run game.

      2. I agree with your take. I’ve mentioned before firing a HC in mid season and bringing in a WCO guy wouldn’t work with te maul and haul O-line Baalke likes. “Parcells” if you will style offense. But this year we could easily make a change to the o-line. I think staley would fit nicely in a pulling and WCO offense style O-line. Let Boone walk, get a rg smaller and faster. If any year we could re-tool and change an o-line it would be this one. But Baalke is an obvious creature of habit and will not draft to fit a shanahan or holmgren system.
        That’s why I see another 5 years of losing. He timing is horrible since Baalke is getting another shot. Should have cleaned house and started over. Smh!

  62. On PFT:

    According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Dirk Koetter “really impressed” the 49ers in his head coaching interview on Saturday.
    Koetter wasn’t considered the frontrunner for the job but that may have changed after Saturday’s interview. John DeFilippo, Chip Kelly and Anthony Lynn have also interviewed for San Francisco’s head coaching vacancy while Bengals OC Hue Jackson will meet with the Niners on Sunday. Buccaneers GM Jason Licht still considers Koetter a “very strong candidate” to replace Lovie Smith as head coach.

    1. In my opinion, Chip Kelly could be offered an OC job. I think he needs to resurrect his image before an organization gives him the reigns.

  63. Michael Silver ✔ @MikeSilver
    Less than five hours from now, 49ers owner Jed York et al will interview Hue Jackson at Bengals headquarters. Browns follow later Sunday.
    1:20 AM – 10 Jan 2016
    York will interview? I thought this one was all Baalke?

    1. There’s life in the NFL. Less then 12 hours after playing a game you’re interviewing for one of the most coveted jobs in the world. How much sleep do you think you would have gotten last night if you were Hue?

    2. Please tell me you weren’t sold on that press conference. York never had any intention of stepping back. He just intends to run the team from the shadows. No more twitter feeds or media interviews.

      I predicted Cincy would lose last night. The offense with AJ looked like every other offence SF has run the last 15 years. That makes it pretty certain Hue will be here in SF for 2 seasons.

      1. Yep that’s me. Mr. take everything at face value. I never question the motives of those in charge…

    3. Of course, the Yorks are from Ohio…so Jed’s in the neighborhood. Plus, it makes him appear to be in control. Plus, perhaps Hue is Jed’s choice and he wants fist-hand info.

  64. Grown men are responsible for their own decisions and actions. Blaming the Bengals coaches for last nights loss at the end is asinine.

    1. What exactly is the role of coaches? To prepare the players properly. Not instilling discipline is asinine. Allowing the players to lose their composure is asinine, especially when you want to win a playoff game.

      1. No assuming that a) the coaches don’t install discipline and b) assuming that at this point in their lives that they need to be even taught such things is asinine.

        1. Yep, just like the Niner coaches who thought it was asinine to tell 7 players not to jump offsides in a game.

      2. When my 16 year old gets a speeding ticket do you really assume it’s because I didn’t tell him not to speed?

        1. Hmm, my son is 26 and got only 1 speeding ticket in his life because I told him not to, and it was for going 37 in a 30 mile zone.
          Maybe you should work on your parenting skills.

          1. Hey f*ck face first of all try improving your f*cking reading skills. It was a suggestion of a situation not one that has happened and don’t ever question my parenting skills on here again do understand me d*ck head?

              1. Yet another wonderful example of the astounding ways the mind of The Seb operates. I would have thought that the relative validity of the conclusions drawn and of the premises given in support thereof would be determinative with respect to evaluating “victory” in regard to the art of rhetoric. However, I now understand that “victory” is a self-proclaimed state based not on the arguments presented but on the subjective evaluation of the means in which said arguments are presented. Once again The Seb has elucidated the matter in a light of his own distinctive hue, showing the rest of us that form is more important than content in a war of words. Well played, The Seb. Well Played.

              2. Gad, you seem to be another duplicate troll account, probably of the TrollD variety, although the verbosity points in another direction.
                Maybe you do not follow my posts closely enough. Whenever I engage in an argument, and succeed to enrage the opposition into devolving into spewing expletives, I consider that a victory.
                Believe it or not, it makes them even madder, so I win twice.

              3. I am on board, dear sir, and have as much respect for you as you clearly deserve.

                I must admit that prior to my enlightenment, I would have pointed out that evolution is non-directional in that it is merely adaptive change with regard to existing context/environment. When one understands that evolution is a non-directional change to adapt to circumstances, on should logically conclude that devolution is an intellectually untenable concept based on the subjective measure of direction with respect to change, and that the use of profanities in situations such as the above are actually an evolution of the discourse based on adapting to the discourse parameters of non-respect manifested by one or more of the discourse participants. How easier it is to just classify them as a devolution that nullifies any points raised by the user of the offending words. It as if you have discovered how to argue without having to actually expend the energy to think. Masterful!

              4. Like I said before. It is like taking candy from a baby. Sometimes I feel let down. I expect more of a fight, but they disappoint me in so many ways.
                Your verbosity is intriguing. Do not know if TrollD could actually formulate cogent thought like that. Maybe Cassie could, but I have my doubts on her too.
                Gadfly is such an appropriate name…

              5. Gad, I hope you realize that my debate skills have beaten down the posters so badly, they cry uncle and swear to leave me alone. I do not need to think. I just use their own words against them.
                Sounds like you want to engage me. Go ahead. I relish a challenge.
                Dazzle me with your brilliance. I notice you stay away from football talk. Maybe you do not want to look foolish.

              1. If a poster can make you lose your mind so easily, I feel sorry for your kids.
                I win again.
                Have a nice day.

              2. I guess I will start. I knew that I have angered the establishment with my comments. I have noticed that concussion issues are glaringly absent on this site. The silence is deafening. I expect to be attacked as I have been constantly throughout this last season.
                Sounds like they want to sic their lapdog with the contrived insult about family values. Go ahead, I am immune to your scorn and like to dish it right back.
                What did I say? I said that Maybe you should work on your parenting skills. I said maybe. I did not declare that you were a bad parent. When I describe parenting skills, I mean that telling someone not to do something does not work very well. What I find as a parent is that you need to communicate better. I told my son that speeding tickets are counter productive, because the automatically raise the insurance rates. I use reasoning and put in a dollar amount so he understands the consequences. I also told him that a clean record will allow him to reduce his insurance in a good driver discount. That is what I am talking about parenting skills.
                Every parent could work on their parenting skills. I could work on my parenting skills. It is not a dire insult to say that MAYBE someone should work on their parenting skills.
                Unless that person has a guilty conscience. Sometimes the loudest voice is trying to divert attention. I hope you are an exemplary parent, but spewing invectives does concern me.
                If you think that cussing me out will impress me, you really need to think that through. You sir, are not a worthy opponent.
                Have a nice day.

              1. I think it’s about time for Grant to open another board–new topic. We’re all going Burfict…

              2. If one does not want his family involved in the discussion, he should refrain from mentioning them first. CFC, its your own fault. Why, it like shooting yourself in the foot.
                I wonder where I saw that before?

            1. CfC, I understand you’re anger at Seb’s comment (even though he’s oblivious as usual as to why that should have been a no go area), but do yourself a favor and just ignore him. It took me a while to realize, but he’s simply not worth it.

              1. I certainly know better and you’re right. I’ll go back to ignoring him like I used to.

      1. If you have a team that is consistently making penalties throughout a season without any sign of improvement then you can start to hang those kinds of actions on an undisciplined group of coaches. When you have two boneheaded plays within a short time in a single game, that doesn’t happen because the coaches aren’t doing their jobs.

        1. I hear you. The players involved carry their share of guilt. Coaches–particularly in a game such as last night–would be (should be) working to keep their players focused and aware. Like stated earlier it’s a shared burden. !00% coaching fault? No. !00% player? No. Lessons to be learned from this? Absolutely.

    2. Here I agree with you. Far too often the coaches are blamed for the player’s actions. Personal accountability is lacking in everyday life today. I read someone wrote when you act like children you get sent to your room like children. That pretty much sums up the implosion of the Bengals last night.

  65. Grant,

    Take a look at a summary of Walsh’s record below.

    If Baalke told Walsh the draft is crap shoot, he wouldn’t laugh in his face, he would agree with him.

    What you, and many others forget is that Walsh was able to fill roster holes with FA’s because Eddie D would spend whatever it took to win. That option no longer exists.

    What you and many others forget, is that Walsh had plenty of misses in the draft.

    The truth is, the draft IS a crap shoot. Of course, you target players who fit what you want to do, take educated risks on character problems it injuries, but after that, there’s a lot of luck involved. Skill and luck both play a huge role in draft success.

    Here is some info from Walsh’s draft record:

    1979 missed 8 out of 10 picks (no 1st round pick, James Owens 2nd, bust),

    1980 missed on 7 of 11 (Earl Cooper first round bust, Jim Stuckey so so first round, Keena Turner 2nd round – great pick)

    1981 missed 7 of 11 (first round Lott – great pick, 2nd round John Harty – bust)

    1982 missed on 7 of 9 (no 1st, Bubba Paris 2nd solid pick)

    1983 missed on 4 of 8
    (No 1st, Roger Craig 2nd – great pick)

    1984 missed on 5 of 9 (Todd Shell 1st, bust; John Frank, 2nd so so)

    1985 missed 4 of 6 (Rice 1st, GOAT; Rickie Moore 2nd, bust)

    1986 missed 6 of 13 (Larry Roberts 1st, bust; Tom Rathman – great pick)

    1987 missed 9 of 10 (Harris Barton 1st, great pick; Terrence Flagler 1st, bust; Jeff Bregel 2nd, bust)

    1988 missed on 8 of 10 (Danny Stubbs 2nd, bust; Pierce Holt 2nd, so so)

    1989 missed on 10 of 11 (Keith DeLong 1st, bust; Wesley Walls 2nd, good pick)

    Walsh had five first round busts out of eight. That’s being generous calling Stuckey a non-bust.

    Walsh had five busts out of twelve in the second round.

    Remember, this is the record of o e of the best talent evaluators of all time.

    1. BTW, the uncertainty of success in the draft is exactly why Walsh tried to load up on picks, especially in deeper drafts. He said so himself.

      1. Thank you so much, Ex, for compiling this list. This list should be archived for easy retrieval to combat disinformation and revisionist history by those who have the bully pulpit :)

        I’d think that one reason why Walsh was forced to give up his GM role was the large fraction of draft misses that had to be replaced by costlier FAs. Of course, the main reason would be that Walsh was not able to spend as much time on coaching as he could with the GM title.

        As I have commented before, the problem is not that Baalke is the GM. The problem is that his Parcellosaurus concept of offense combines with his mindset for defense and his arrogance for not getting help on offense. The Yorks made a big mistake in getting away form Niners’ proven focus on offense in their stupid effort to blaze a new trail into the valley of desolation.

        1. Exgolfer, you say the team missed 6 out of 13 picks, yet 1986 was rated as one of the best drafts any team ever had.

          San Francisco’s 1986 draft was one of the best any team ever had. From the college ranks Walsh and his staff selected five players who became starters: fullback Tom Rathman and wide receiver John Taylor, who had 133 catches between them in 1989; Kevin Fagan, the 49ers’ best defensive end; Charles Haley, their best linebacker; and Don Griffin, their best cornerback. They also chose three sterling subs: cornerback Tim McKyer, tackle Steve Wallace and defensive end Larry Roberts.

          Back in 1986, McVay predicted Baalke’s draft day problem:
          Why McVay believes that the major reason many teams fail to improve themselves in the draft “A lot of teams are virtually unable to make a trade,” says McVay. “They’ve invested so much time and money in the draft that they don’t want to make a spur-of-the-moment decision. They need to justify all their efforts. If they trade, they might be wrong—and so they don’t trade, even though it might be the right thing to do. And there are other factors. Some owners like to dabble in the draft. Some personnel guys are making big money, and they’ve got to have input. You can almost go into a stupor deciding things on teams like that.”

          Walsh was an expert at making draft day trades to pile up more picks. Baalke has attempted to emulate that approach, without as much success.

          1. Not included above was that in 1986, Walsh started the draft with 8 picks. He ended it with 13 picks plus a 1st and 2nd round pick for 1987 in which he used on your honorable mention Harris Barton and the 2nd round pick was packaged with a 4th round pick to acquire Steve Young from Tampa Bay.
            Next time you try to make a point, do a little digging.

            1. Matt,

              Again, you reveal your questionable reading comprehension. Throughout my posting on this subject, I’ve called Walsh among the best talent evaluators of all time.

              My point isn’t to criticize Walsh, but to use his record as an example of what realistic expectations are for draft success.

              Yes, 1986 was an amazing draft haul,but it still included 6 missed draft picks out of thirteen. And that was a great year.

              He had some terrible years mixed in there, as well. As ANY GM does.

              Once again, I’m not defending Baalke, I’m simply trying to get people to deal with the difficulties of building a roster with some idea of what draft success looks like. Then you can rip Baalke all you want. Just do it with some context.

              1. I think the problem lies in the data you represented. It’s a lot like saying it’s sunny in Minnesota. It doesn’t tell any real story at all.
                You did not give a complete data list. The list does not include trades made that day. You say they missed on 6 picks. They pulled 3 top tier backups. That drops the 6 misses to 3. They also landed the next superbowl QB with a pick they acquired in 1986.
                So, my only problem with your list is that you have excluded information so that the data you presented fits your claim. The list is published. I picked on year to torpedo the information. I am sure I could invest a little time and show where each trade went and the value of each pick.
                No one on here thinks Walsh’s picks were all homeruns. The list you submitted doesn’t take into account who Walsh traded, if they stayed in the NFL, and if they didn’t, the value would then go up for the pick he received.
                The list very simply is incomplete information. Your conclusion that 1986 had 6 misses is inaccurate.

              2. Matt,

                No, I didn’t just fit the data to my claim. I think part of your problem is that your approaching this as if I’m criticizing Walsh. I’m not.

                Montana was drafted in the third round, and I didn’t mention that pick, fine. Did I list any third round picks that didn’t pan out? No, I didn’t.

                Did I mention the trade that brought in Steve Young? No, but I didn’t mention any other trades either? No, again.

                Sorry, I didn’t have all day to craft a post that would suit your requirements.

                I credited Walsh with every stud player he drafted in the the first and second rounds, along with his misses. Why? Because there has been a lot of discussion that early picks should be successful nearly every time, and I was trying to illustrate that even one of the best talent evaluators of all time didn’t hit on every 1st or 2nd round pick. If you want to add Steve Young for the 2nd (&4th) pick they traded for him, that’s fine. It doesn’t change the fact that even the great, great Bill Walsh had misses, as any GM will have.

                Then Grant implied that Walsh was mistake free in his years as GM.

                As I’ve said several times, my purpose wasn’t to bring Walsh down or compare him to Baalke, but to simply show that even great talent evaluators miss fairly often.

        2. That’s where I think this whole panel is wrong… The niners didn’t make a mistake by going away from old philosophies, this is a new generation niner organization, this is their philosophy. It’s how they think. Denise distanced herself from her family and let york start calling the shots. Their is no history with this org. Their history started with 2002 Denise York BULLSH**. So ladies n gents, this is their history. We need them to realize they have been doing it wrong for so many years. This org has no proven offense. Not even when harbaugh was here. His offensense were horrible in the pass game. So much so that even when we had top 5 rushing offenses we still had top 20 overall offense. But when u have a strong defense, u can mask the problem, sometimes. So until then, until they realize that their is a real 49er history this new generation 49er front office is going to be suspect.

      2. Exgolfer Thanks for the breakdown. Be careful. Introducing reason and proportion into the discussion is a dangerous thing.

        Another crap shoot is draft class quality, especially when it comes to position. Marching orders like “he better draft a pro bowl [position name] this spring” are absurd.

        1. The whole comparison of Baalke to Walsh is an insult to Bill Walsh.
          The way some posters are trying to tear down Bill Walsh in order to build up Baalke is offensive.
          Of course, there will be hits and misses. Of course, the late round picks will not be expected to make the team, much less supplant a starter. Of course, draft classes vary and roster strength dictates whether a rookie can supplant a veteran.
          Still, Baalke will not get a pass from me, and I will continue to bash him for his draft strategy and results. His results speak for themselves. The Niners went 5-11. Maybe it is a good thing to associate draft success with team success. To me, that is a fair comparison.
          Comparing drafts to a crap shoot is appropriate. Look at the odds. 31 other teams are vying for that talent, and the Niners can only tap into one thirty second of that pool. Out of that pool, only one team will succeed, so the odds of winning is slim no matter who they choose.
          That is where I agree with Grant. Losers will pick at random and use analytics to parse the numbers and traits. Winners will use their wisdom and gut instincts to grab that gem that others do not see. Like Walsh did with selecting a skinny kid from ND, who had less physical skills than many other QBs. Walsh, however, saw how Joe had intangibles that elevated him over all the rest, and analytics cannot measure heart. As in the Art of War, Bill Walsh used the Art of the Draft to create a dynasty. Few have what he possessed, and certainly not Baalke.
          Bill recognized in Joe that most important trait- that refusal to concede defeat and the overwhelming desire to win.

          1. I’ve never once compared Baalke to Walsh. You guys are the ones comparing TB and BW. Stop insulting Walsh, Seb!

            All I’ve said is Baalke is no Walsh. How is that comparing the two?

            1. ‘Walsh has plenty of misses, its a crapshoot.’
              Sounds like you are comparing and disparaging his accomplishments. You never mentioned him selecting 5 Hall of Famers. How many seasons of pro bowl studded rosters did he command?I remember when the entire DB backfield made the pro bowl. I think one year, the entire O line made the pro bowl.
              Nice try, but you are toeing the company line. Ballke better get used to it. He is the problem with the Niners, and the sooner he leaves, the quicker the Niners will come back.
              I liked Tomsula, and despised what they did to him. I blame Baalke because he was the only other person in the room when Jed decided to fire Tomsula with his parents. Through a process of elimination, Baalke is the last man standing. Stabbing Tomsula in the back just proves that he was not the leaker.

              1. Only if you want to twist my words.

                Walsh would tell you himself, that he had plenty of misses.

                In any case, since when is stating a fact disparaging someone?

              2. Stabbing Tomsula in the back just proves Tomsula was not the leaker of the JH leaks. It was Baalke and Marathe all the time because their analytics said that they would gain an advantage with a whisper campaign. It was just business as usual for them. It was their modus operandi.

    2. Ex, lets look at the 1981 draft.
      Walsh chose Ronnie Lott, John Harty, Eric Wright, Carlton Wiliamson, and Pete Kugler.
      Walsh selected a Hall of Famer and 3 players who went to the pro bowl after winning a SB ring.
      Baalke could only dream of doing something like that.

      1. That’s the point, Seb. You can’t cherry pick like that. Nobody is going to have that kind of draft every year. Nobody. Walsh only had two like that out of ten years. Remember, he’s one of the all time greats.

              1. Dam. I wish the present roster was so stacked with elite talent, that good players who would start elsewhere, had to sit on the side lines. I remember those Glory Years. Niners were so good, they never lost a preseason game, because the Niner second string was better than many first strings of other teams.

              2. Retract your comment about the 49ers not losing any preseason games under Walsh. It’s nonsense.

              3. Well, I will not bother to research how many preseason games were won and lost, But to me, it sure seemed like they never lost preseason games.If you want to dredge up past history from the 80’s, go ahead. I will concede any correction you make.

              4. I have to agree with The Seb, here. In the past I would have thought that if one were to make an assertion such as “Niners were so good, they never lost a preseason game,” one would need produce supporting evidence to said claim, especially if said claim was disputed. But now that I have had the joy of reading the words given down to us by The Seb over plethora of posts, the scales have fallen from my eyes and I now see that merely stating something then repeating it ad nauseam without supporting evidence is not a logical fallacy, despite millennia of thought to the contrary, but rather represents the height of logical discourse. I never again will feel the need to “dredge up past history” when making an assertion regarding that past history, as such details as the actual events are not needed if I just repeat myself often enough. How liberating!

              5. In the beginning, when Walsh was 2-14, he probably did lose preseason games. However, I was referring to the Glory Years, and the Niners consistently stomped the opposition during the preseason games. My memory is not infallible, but if you want to figure out the exact figures to correct me, I will be happy to stand corrected.

              6. Seb,

                Will you agree to not post on here for one day for each 49er preseason loss during the glory years?

              7. Speaking of glory years. This blog hit its peak in 2012 as the battle between the Smithers and Kaepologists raged on.

              8. Ex,

                Walsh absolutely killed that draft. You forgot to mention Don Griffin (3rd) Kevin Fagan (4th) Tim Mckyer (6th). All guys who started in Super Bowls 23 and 24.

              9. Seb,

                It’s my recollection that the 49ers had about a .500 record in the preseason, during Walsh’s glory years (’81-’89) with the 49ers.

                Do you want to make a little wager on who is closer? You saying they won every game, or me saying they were at .500?

              10. Jack,

                I didn’t forget those players. The only players I listed were 1st and 2nd round picks, since I was trying to debunk the notion that first round picks should never be busts (Seb’s claim). I added the second round when I was reminded by the draft lists how many first round picks the 49ers traded away.

                The other thing I was trying to show is how many picks overall are missed, even by the best talent evaluators.

                But you’re right, the ’86 draft was spectacular, as was the ’81 draft.

              11. Exgolfer my memories of the preseason under Walsh was that the team won the vast majority of those games. It had little to do with Walsh and much more to do with DeBartolos spending and there being no hard salary cap. I can remember games where Michael Carter would start the game then Jim Burt would play the 2nd and 3rd quarter and Fred Smerlas would finish up the 4th quarter, While most teams were finishing games with UDFA’s the 9ers were finishing them with all pros.

              12. Old Coach,

                It turns out that the 49ers were 19-20 in the preseason during the golden years under Walsh (’81-’89, inclusive).

                My memory was that Walsh didn’t care much about winning preseason games, based on the results, so I’m not at all surprised by the 49ers actual record.

    3. What’s also not a crapshoot is draft position.

      Wiki has its flaws, but scroll through any draft year by changing the date in the URL
      and two things stand out.

      1) Draft position matters. The Rams should be ashamed of having a losing record.
      2) Draft classes vary greatly in quality. Some are packed with hall of fame players. Others mediocre.

    4. Ex,

      In ’86 Larry Roberts was a second round pick. Walsh went into that draft knowing he needed to rebuild an aging roster and loaded up on picks with trades.

      It’s kinda funny given how fans continue to rip Baalke for not giving up a bunch of picks to move up year after year. Unfortunately Baalke hasn’t hit on many impact guys from those picks.

              1. Seb,

                You’re a loon.

                Again, how is stating a fact ripping someone?

                You could say something like, “How dare you present facts about Bill Walsh. Then shake your head. Just make sure your tin foil hat doesn’t fall off.

              2. Saying that you’re a loon was not meant assn insult, but merely an observation.

                I apologize if you took that truthful observation as an insult.

  66. A quick take on Baalke’s record in craps by examining his pick in the 1st round vs. the subsequent pick.

    Year 49ers Next Winner/Loser
    2015 Arik Armstead Marcus Peters Loser
    2014 Jimmy Ward Bradley Roby Loser
    2013 Eric Reid Justin Pugh Loser
    2012 AJ Jenkins Doug Martin Loser
    2011 Aldon Smith Jake Locker Winner

    1. Craps, being mostly a game of chance depending on the random fall of the dice, is the wrong metaphor. Surely poker is a better comparison and there are good poker players and ones who leave their wallets on the table. And everything in between.

      1. You’re absolutely right. I’ve not used poker as an analogy, since you have to be at least a decent poker player to understand the nuance.

        1. Poker is really the perfect analogy for the draft. You can put the odds 80% in your favor and still lose. That can happen multiple times in a row, too. I’ve had it happen to me many times in poker.

          1. Having an 80% advantage in poker and losing many times in a row probably means that you are not calculating your odds correctly. If you’re talking about Texas Hold’m then it’s almost certain that you’re not calculating the odds correctly.

            But what you say is true of players who like to go all in when they hold hands with the best chance to win. They go broke because they don’t have infinite chips against relatively small stacks.

            The point you are really making is that fans are outcome fixated and never understand that the right choice in a football game can result in a bad outcome. Poor poker players talk about their “bad beats” which is the same kind of misunderstanding.

            1. HT,

              Trust me, I’m calculating my odds correctly.

              To clarify, I was knocked out of three straight WSOP one table satellites when I had 80% equity or better. In each case I would’ve either won the satellite or had an overwhelming chip lead.

              1. KsKh vs 7s7h all in before the flop.

              2. KQ with a flop of K 10 3 rainbow against 8 3

              All in on the flop

              3. A K against A 10 with a flop of A 9 2 rainbow

              All in on the flop

              You tell me if I had 80% or better in each case.

              BTW, I’m not claiming to know the exact odds at the table when the hands were revealed, but I had s good idea. I ran the hands on a poker odds generator.

              You’ve never seen runner runner quads to beat an over set (.1%)? You’ve never seen a double gunshot straight fill to beat top pair, top kicker (3%)? Weird things happen if you have enough trials. If you’ve played much poker, you should understand that.

              It’s a little offensive that you just assumed I don’t know what I’m talking about.

              BTW, there was a .4% chance of those three hands turning out the way the way they, from the point the money went in.

              A poker pro friend got knocked out of the main event AA vs AA (2% chance of happening). Weird stuff happens in poker. All the time.

              1. The reason good poker players aren’t wrecked by bad beats, is because they know they’re going to get their money in good over time and beat the weaker players to death. A fish hitting a two outer every now and then, is good for the game.

                The reason good players rarely talk about their bad beats, except to their closest friends, is because nobody cares.

              2. Going all in before the flop isn’t sound tournament strategy, especially if a loss will decimate your chances of winning the tournament. Controlling pot size is one of several important components of tournament play for the top professionals. Cash games call for different tactics.

                What you describe are three bad beats at critical times in three different tournament situations, not “multiple times in a row.” I’ll bet those hands won for you at least 80% of the time, even though the twenty percenters are still going to get their turns. It keeps them coming back long as you don’t let them bankrupt you.

                What flush did your friend lose to? He was in a situation where fate took over and negated the opportunity to control the pot size or the outcome.

                For football coaches who lose when all the odds are in their favor, there is no protection from the fans who know best after the fact. The Viking’s game is a perfect example. In the Viking case the kicker or the holder or both will suffer the wrath of the fans.

              3. HT,

                What if you have 8 BB, no one has entered the pot, your in the cutoff and you have AJs, 88, KQs, or many other hands, depending on your table image, how the blinds and the rest of the table is playing?

                Hint: going all in in that case is not only sound tournament strategy, it’s an essential tournament strategy.

                Pot control is an essential tournament strategy when deep stacked, somewhat when medium stacked and death to any chances you might have when short stacked.

                It’s strange that you don’t seem to realize that there points in tournaments where a player’s only move when opening a pot is moving all in (against the right opponents, you have a couple of other options, but that’s by far the most correct one, most of the time.

                You want to get all the money in preflop with AA in almost all cases, unless you are way more skilled than your opponents. I that case you can afford to wait for even more profitable spots. Otherwise the money should go in preflop with AA.

                As Amir Vahedi used to say, “To live, you can’t be afraid to die.” He was referring to bluffing and semi bluffing, but it certainly applies to AA, too.

              4. What flush did my friend lose to? One of the suits of one of the aces in his opponent’s hand. Did you really have to ask?

              5. I replied last night, but I have no idea what happened to the post. Since we are so far off topic I’ll let it go for now.

                If you want to continue go to this forum and register. The have a private message capability. I’m htwaits there too.


                No I didn’t need to know the suit that caused your friend to lose AA to AA. I was just commiserating on his fate. We’ve all been there.

              6. HT,

                My comment on the flush was unnecessarily snarky. Sorry about that.

                Everyone has different ideas on how to play poker, too.

              7. If I was sixty years younger I would study Daniel Negreanu very carefully if I wanted to play in big tournaments like the WSOP. His pot management ideas seem like the only way to navigate through endless players who want to stack off. After all an 80% advantage is going to bust you one out of five times if you go all in. Getting to the final table is a lot harder than finding Joe Montana or Tom Brady in the draft.


              8. HT,

                The problem with trying to copy Daniel Negreanu is that he’s a witch. To play small ball effectively, you need to be deep stacked, really good at reading hands, players, and bet sizing. Great skills to have, but difficult to master. That doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate some of his moves, but there aren’t too many that can play small ball like he does.

                I can also pretty much guarantee that Negreanu would get all his chips in preflop with AA in most cases. In tournaments you need to accumulate chips and AA carries too equity against opponents hand ranges to turn down, even for Daniel Negreanu.

              9. No I wouldn’t presume to copy Negreanu, but as I wrote, I would study his play. On my own, I would try to avoid going all in with aces before the flop in a tournament while also trying to reduce the players to one opponent. I don’t see that as slow playing. Anyway, I don’t play these days and haven’t for years.

              10. HT,

                The reason you see pros play AA carefully when deep stacked is that if all the money doesn’t go in preflop, they can be dangerous to play. You’ll tend to win a bunch of small pots, but lose a few big ones. Opponents will show you two pair or better and scoop a big pot. If you didn’t slow play preflop and they’re willing to call bets (or are betting themselves) on each street, then your AA has a good chance to be in trouble.

      2. Well, I could see how the Niners will get bluffed, and fold against a small straight while holding a full house. Or maybe be confronted with a royal flush.

    2. What the hell has Bradley Roby done to make him the winner. Jimmy warfs last 4 weeks this season has been better than robys whole career. As for Pugh, you can call that a wash. My opinion

    3. Pugh over Reid LMAO! Roby is very debatable. Did you watch Ward play the last 8 games without a good pass rush? Peters looks good but Armstead has incredible upside. Hence why he ranked higher then JJ Watt is pressuring the QB. Now obviously he is not at that level but he is only 21 years old. Thank god everyone has there own opinion

        1. Yeah, the Pugh/Reid one was tough as Reid has been to a Probowl. I was divided on that one, but ultimately went with PFF.

          I hear you on giving it multiple years to evaluate a player. However, that’s not a luxury one always has when they’re deciding whether to keep a GM. There will always be a couple classes of draft that can’t be evaluated over 3 years.


          1. Eddie, that is why I look at the next 5 or 6 players chosen. Watt was the 4th player chosen after Aldon.
            AJ Jenkins was followed by Doug Martin, David Wilson, Brian Quick, Coby Fleener, Courtney Upshaw, Derek Wolfe and Mitchell Schwartz.
            Reid was followed by Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, Tyler Eifert, Desmond Truffant and Sharif Floyd.
            Ward was followed by Bradley Roby, Teddy Bridgewater, Xavier Su’a- filo, Demarcus Lawrence, Joe Bitonio and Derek Carr.
            Armstead was followed by Marcus Peters, Cameron Erving, Nelson Ahgolor, Cedric Ogbuehi, Bud Dupree and Shane Ray.
            In hindsight, many of those later players would have done just as well as the Niner pick.

            1. Seb,

              Did you look at how the 2013 draft went? A first round can’t be a bust, huh? I guess a lot of GM’s should be getting their resume ready.

              1. Well, since there is 1 winner and 31 losers, the losing GMs should never feel secure.
                NFL stands for Not For Long.

              2. Why can’t you just say that you realize first round picks can be, and very often are, busts, and your claim that first round picks should never be busts was wrong.

              3. Ex, I said that first round picks SHOULD never be busts. Not that there are NEVER first round busts.
                Like Jamarcus Russel.
                Like AJ Jenkins

              4. It’s a given that many first round picks will be busts.

                You can say you don’t want a first round pick to be a bust, but when talking about something that has such significant chance of happening, I don’t see is you can say it shouldn’t happen. Busts happen.

            1. Seb,

              Even that great secondary wasn’t fully developed in their first year. So, no, nobody knew how good they would end up being after one year.

  67. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 1h1 hour ago
    Discussed #49ers coaching search on @NFLGameDay: Hue Jackson interviews with 49ers brass. If all goes well, he could end today as SF’s coach

    According to PFT, Jed York is in Cincinnati, but that might just be to finalize the deal. MDS at PFT:

    “But at the moment, the 49ers and Jackson appear to be a good match, a match that could get made today.”

      1. Probably not willing, but it might be the reality. Similar situation to Frank. Injuries starting to increase, will be 30 in April, getting easier to pickup good RBs in the draft and off the street. He’s threatened to retire a number of times; might actually do it this time.

  68. Kelly hire would have provided
    more entertainment value. Hue has no luster and his upside doesn’t seem greater than Carroll or Arians when they were hired. Kelly is well worth the risk, imo.

  69. Silver – Hue Jackson’s five-hour interview with the 49ers is complete… Browns up next at noon