49ers have plenty to choose from at receiver in draft

The 49ers don’t need to find the next Jerry Rice or the next Julio Jones. They just need to find the next Emmanuel Sanders.


The 49ers traded for Sanders at the trade deadline last season, and he instantly solidified them as Super Bowl contenders. And now he’s on the Saints. The 49ers will have to find his replacement in the upcoming draft.

The 49ers were in a similar position last year when they had to draft a replacement for Pierre Garçon, their fearless, rugged wide receiver who retired. Garçon specialized in taking big hits while making tough catches in traffic. His replacement had to be strong and tough enough to withstand collisions with linebackers.

So the 49ers spent their second-round pick on Deebo Samuel, a 214-pound receiver who is built like a running back. And they spent their third-round pick on Jalen Hurd, a 227-pound receiver who played running back for three seasons in college at Tennessee.

Sanders is much smaller — just 180 pounds. He looks like a civilian. The 49ers didn’t ask him to run lots of shallow routes into the teeth of the defense where he could get crushed, nor did they ask him to run reverses and play like a running back.

The 49ers asked Sanders to be their deep threat, the guy who runs the post routes and sprints past the last line of defense. Think of the end of the Super Bowl when Sanders ran deep down the middle of the field but Jimmy Garoppolo overthrew him. The Niners also asked Sanders to be their slot receiver, where he used his quickness and agility to run slants and other shallow routes.

Sanders’ replacement must be fast enough to run deep and quick enough to play in the slot. Those are the requirements. Size does not matter. Last year, the first wide receiver drafted was Hollywood Brown by the Baltimore Ravens. He weighs 166 pounds. Someone like him would be a perfect Sanders replacement. The 49ers don’t need a big, tall, traditional No.1 wide receiver, because they have George Kittle, who essentially is their big, tall No. 1 receiver.

The 49ers have two first-round picks in the upcoming draft. Here are five wide receivers they could take who fit Sanders’ role in the offense.

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  1. Hey Razor, what do you think is going to happen on draft day.
    Niners just got Travis Benjamin . are the Niners still going to get a WR at 13 or will they get some one to replace Buckner? or will they trade # 13 for more picks?

    1. With the SB window open, I have them getting a player that can make an impact where there’s an opening, and that is wide receiver. I don’t see them drafting a DT until day 2, after trading down from #31.

      I think Benjamin is to give James some competition at PR rather than carving out any real role as a wr.

      1. This all relative. If Brown falls I think you have to take him.
        If he is off the board all the Wideouts are their I take Jeudy.
        If Jeudy is off the board I either go with an OT (unless its Becton), hold my nose and take Lamb, or trade back. Trading back would be the preferable option for me in this scenario as I think Jeudy is significantly better than than the other 2 receivers.
        Henderson, Kinlaw and Ruggs are all players I would happily take but I don’t love at 13, I would want to trade back and get another dart to throw at the board to help mitigate the risk with those selections.

        1. I don’t have to take Brown if he falls, but you can bet your duck and dumplings the trade offers will be coming in fast and furious. It’s at that point that I accept the best offer, and target my DT in round 3. Perhaps Raekwon Davis….

          1. I think if Brown dropped he’d be a steal at 13. So I think I’ve gotta side with Shoup here.
            However, given the draft capital they’ve spent on the DL, I think it’s likely Shanny gets a new toy for his offense .
            Brown at 13 and best available WR 31 wouldn’t be the worst though

              1. You can come back at #31 and take Raekwon or Jordan Elliott outta Mizzou.

                In a SB window, you’ve got to ask yourself, which combo gives us the best chance to win now?


              2. That’s a fair point Razor.
                But I do think the strength of that D line put them in the position to win it.
                I don’t think Brown can fill the void left by Defo, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try.

              3. I think ideally I’d want BA receiver at 13 and Blacklock at 31.

                I don’t disagree with you, Razor. You make an excellent point. I just can’t ignore Brown’s value at 13.
                All this being said, I suspect there’s a less than 5% chance Brown drops out of top 10.
                Unless a gas mask video appears on the eve of the draft.

              4. Another point, Bebsie is you’re paying north of $25 million to a qb you want to get a real good look at this year. A guy you want to see exactly what you have and where his ceiling is. What better way than to give him a weapon like Lamb or Jeudy? If one of those guys can’t inject a dose of development into Jimmy’s game, then you know it’ll be time to move on in 2021….

              5. Also a valid point.
                You’re a sharp fella Razor.
                It’s not just Jimmy I want to see with the right weapons at his disposal.
                It’s Shanahan too

        2. Shoup, why so down on Lamb?
          I’m genuinely curious. I still think Jeudy is the best of the 3, but Lambs hands are Hopkins- esque. His catch radius is better than HR3 and JJ.
          I keep flip flopping on who would be the best fit for the 9ers

  2. Grant,
    You’re a little late to the party. We discussed the WR possibilities in the last entry.
    But, I’m a Ruggs guy.

    1. Because of his fit in our offense? Or because you like him as an overall prospect?

      I really like him for both reasons. But it always seems like these high end speedsters never become star WR’s

      1. James,
        Tyreek Hill has had very good success in Reid’ offense because Reid is an offensive mastermind.
        I think that Shanahan could be just as creative with Ruggs in his offense.

        1. Hill definitely fell into the right place. Ruggs would be doing the same.

          The only thing with Ruggs is he is not as polished as Jeudy. He may never get there, when it comes to route running and getting open Jeudy is ready to step in and get the job done. Our super bowl window is now, I am not sure we can wait around for Ruggs to develop.

          1. Ruggs is a day one starter. You can’t develop speed, you either have it or not. The kid can also catch the ball with great help using his 10. 7 inch hands.
            I believe that Ruggs will flourish in a Shanahan offense to the extent that he can be more productive than Tyreek Hill.

            Now, as I’ve stated before, I would be very happy with Jeudy because I also view him as a day one starter. But if I’m a mad offensive scientist like Shanahan, Ruggs would be my guy.

            1. How do you feel about Ruggs only having 46 catches as a career high? Not sure he would stop in and garner 100 targets and catch 70+ balls.

              1. Alabama is chock full of talent. Ruggs did not need to haul in big receiving numbers. I believe that his very presence on the field may have opened more opportunities for the other WR’s and the entire offense. Like his days in Alabama, Ruggs wouldn’t need to be the top WR to be effective.

                George Kittle didn’t have big receiving numbers in college either. He was known more for his blocking prowess. But Shanahan envisioned what he could do with Kittle in his offense and the rest is history. Shanahan might be seeing Ruggs in the same light.
                Well, we will all have our answer by this time next month.

              2. The Kittle example is good for what your are saying. I think they prefer Jeudy. Greg Cosell thinks he is hands down the best WR on draft. I trust Cosell.

                But your right we shall see in a few weeks!

              3. AES, again that’s an assumption based on nothing but faith. With our SB window open right now, I’m not so sure we want to be making those kind of assumptions with the 13th overall pick. I’d like it to be as sure fire pick as can be, especially at the wr position. We just cannot afford a miss on that pick….

        1. I would answer – does he need to?
          With all the fire power on offense in Deebo, Kittle and Mostert catching out of the backfield, HR3 could be a huge factor catching 60-70 passes. As I’ve mentioned before, his mere presence on the field gives the defense a dynamic they have to account for.
          Lamb may have a good catch radius, but at a little under 4.5 he won’t win too many races to the end zone.
          Now HR3 on the other hand…
          We’ll, you know how I feel about Ruggs.

          1. That Jerry dude…what was his name? He wasn’t supposed to be very fast either, but on the field he always out ran everyone else. Cee Dee runs on the Lamb better than Jeudy or HR3….

              1. It’s fluid. Everyone of them has their strengths. With Jeudy, it’s his routes. Lamb, it’s RAC. HR3, it’s speed. Going into the process I thought Lamb was the best of the three, and I still do. I just watched his game against Texas again, and I can’t help but feel like he might be the guy. I’ll watch some more of Jeudy, and I’ll probably end up at the same place. HR3 has me a little worried in that he’s not as sure a bet as the other two, and for that reason I’m not entirely sold on him that early….

              2. Eh, I can’t watch that Texas Tech game without thinking how awful the D is. Same with most of his film. Why I prefer his Alabama and LSU tape.

            1. On Lamb, my main concern with him is not something he could control – the conference he played in doesn’t play D and so we didn’t really get to see how he plays against good coverage often, and he wasn’t forced to really work himself open so he is a little underdeveloped as a route runner for my liking.

              What encourages me greatly though is how he performed against Alabama in 2018 and LSU in 2019 playoffs. Against ‘Bama he was really good. Schooled the freshman Surtain a few times. Showed good understanding of how to work the defender most of the game. He had a few drops vs LSU, but he showed some decent skills to get open a few times (albeit mostly when he wasn’t being marked by LSU’s top 2 CBs and when the game was already all but over). Those two games make me think he will be fine in the NFL once he adjusts.

              However, those games also make me think he will mostly be a short and intermediate area WR. Not a guy that will feast often on deep balls, nor scare too many teams as a deep threat. Which is why, for the 49ers, I prefer Jeudy and Ruggs as guy that can help open up the D. They already have Kittle, Deebo, Bourne and Taylor to attack the short and intermediate areas.

              1. I’d compare Jeudy to Amari Cooper and Lamb to DeAndre Hopkins. Two completely different styles. Pick your poison, and for the 49ers I’m leaning towards Lamb atm, however I’ve always felt, and still do feel like he’ll be the first wr to come off the board. In that event, it’d be Jeudy and who could complain about that?

            2. “AES, again that’s an assumption based on nothing but faith.” Razor

              There aren’t any guarantees with any players. We are all touting our personal choices based on assumptions at this time. If we can find a player in the later rds and get lucky as in the case with Kittle, I’m all for it, but even that scenario is not guaranteed.

              As I’ve said already, I’m basing my “assumptions” on Ruggs’ extraordinary speed and Shanahan’ ability to utilize it.
              That combination alone has great potential in my view. As a few here have observed, HR3 wouldn’t need to have 70+ catches to have an impact. If Ruggs has 30-40 receptions it will make the offense better.

              1. You’ve got to get more than that if you are using a first round pick on a WR. Ruggs is talented but I think you are reacting to the stop watch rather than the production. He was the 3rd receiver for Bama this year and wasn’t too far ahead of the 4th guy on the list. Ruggs would be a good pick late in the first round but not at 13. Jeudy is clearly at the top of the class from what I’ve seen and if he isn’t there at 13 I’d trade down or take the CB Henderson. I’m a little biased as I’m a Gator fan, but Henderson is a stud cover guy who really developed his physical side this year. He and Okudah are the only true first round caliber CB’s in this draft. There are going to be good WR’s available well into day two, but top CB’s are scarce.

  3. I would happily trade our first two picks for Jeudy. That gives you a legit WR1,WR2, and Kittle as number 3.

    We can add a veteran DT after the draft to compete for a spot (Jernigan, Snacks, Hankins). Other than that we are set for 2020 season. Next year is when we have more holes to fill but we have more picks and more money to work with. It’s been sort of rough this year but Jeudy can make it all better.

  4. Take Juedy and trade #31 for a couple more picks. Use ’em for your DT, Raekwon Davis and your CB, Jaylon Johnson.

  5. For Ruggs or Jeudy i would move up.
    But I would choose Ruggs cuz of his speed,hands and drive 3 traits that can’t be teached.
    Height difference is only a couple of inches it’s not like comparing Randy Moss vs Wes Welker.

  6. Grant, a lot of owners/GMs are critical of the league’s insistence to hold the draft as scheduled. So much so that Goodell has issued a do not criticize edict. What are the chances of him (Goodell) backing down? Your thoughts?

      1. Then should we be easier on the team if any of the picks turn out to be unqualified busts? I mean no face to face, no in-person evals, no physicals, pretty much going by tape at this point.

        1. Actually, that is a time honored tradition.
          Some teams will studiously ignore a player they covet, so another team will not poach that player before the team can select him.
          Fortunately, they got through the Combine, so they have those measurables to go along with the game tape. It would matter if one team was hamstrung, but it looks like every team is in the same boat.
          I am just glad that Goodell will stop hugging the players.
          Now, if only they can actually have a season……..

          1. Some teams will studiously ignore a player they covet, so another team will not poach that player before the team can select him

            Sure. And a team will bring in a player they have no intention of picking to mess with other teams heads. The point is, this year there is much much less to go on. I can see higher percentage of high picks washing out, perhaps offset by a greater number of slipped through the cracks lower round guys rising to the occasion.

            1. Everybody is in the same boat, and even with the additional information, teams whiff all the time on very promising players, and late round players like Kittle emerge.
              The draft is a crap shoot, and it just comes down to the roll of the dice. This just forces teams to shoot the moon at times.
              I am not a GM, but I think generally, they have made up their minds on the draft board before the SB, by evaluations from the game tape, and relying on their regional scouts. Then the board gets shuffled during the Senior Bowl and Combine. Free Agency hopefully fills the glaring needs, which settles the board even more. Most teams expect one sure fire starter in the first round. Most other mid round players can break into the lineup, become good support, or are good developmental players. Later round players are gambles, become PS players, or are cut. The Niner scouts have been very competent to find those late round players, and UDFAs.

    1. I do not expect them to sign anymore F/A’s. I think Breida will get the Trent Brown treatment for a 3rd or 4th round pick, which they might use on a TE.

      1. Hey how do you feel about K’Lavon Chaisson? I would be down to get him if Juedy is not there at 13. Maybe trade back a few spots.

        You can never use enough pass rushers right? If and when we move on from Ford he could fit right in.

        1. His injury history gives me great pause investing a 1st round pick on him, but I expect a GM above #13 to take him.

          If Jeudy is the first wr to come off the board to the Raiders, Shanny will be on the Lamb.

  7. The Niners could select from this deep and talented WR class, if only they had second third or 4th round picks.
    The WR position is not as dire as some think. Trent Taylor in the slot really synced up with JG, before his foot injury and infection. Pettis has issues, but they may be correctable. Goodwin is just as fast as Ruggs, so they would want to draft a taller WR who can high point the ball. They do have 6’4″ Hurd, but he needs to be fully healthy. Poindexter is another tall option, but is recovering from a knee injury.
    Deebo and Bourne were very productive, yet Kittle is the number one receiver for the team, and Ross Dwelley can get open for passes too.
    The best strategy is to get as many players as they can within the top 100 players. Trading away players could be an option, but trading back in the draft may be the most practical way to go. other teams may be looking to trade up, so the Niners should cultivate those scenarios.
    I do not think that trading way back in the second round will allow the Niners to get the player they covet. They should execute smaller trade backs of maybe 5 spots. I think the Broncos may want to leapfrog ahead of the Raiders and Niners, to get the WR they covet, who many think is Ruggs.
    Maybe the best strategy to follow is the one Bill Walsh employed in 1986. The Larry Roberts strategy involved having a list of players, and as long as that list was viable, the Niners kept trading back. Small amounts, but they garnered picks, then bundled those picks to move up when they targeted a player they wanted. In the end, they drafted 8 players who helped win a couple more rings.
    There are 3 trades that may be possible. One involves the Broncos. They could move up 4 spots with a trade up with the Jets. The Broncos would give up their 15th pick and 77th pick for the Jets 11th pick, and select Ruggs. It balances out to within 5 points in the TVC. I am speculating that CeeDee Lamb will go first, Denver will get Ruggs, and the Raiders will pick Jeudy, so the Niners could either select Javon Kinlaw, or trade back. I believe Kinlaw may be selected by the Jags to replace Calais Campbell, so the trade back is best option at that point.
    The Niners should trade back with Miami, who has 14 picks, so they can easily afford to spend a pick to move up. The Niners give up their 13th pick for the Dolphins 18th and 70th picks. It almost balances out, within 10 points towards the Dolphins, so they are not being taken advantage of. They want to leapfrog ahead of the Bucs to get one of the top 4 O linemen.
    The third trade back involves the Chargers. They will want to leapfrog ahead of the Chiefs, who may select a RB. Many mocks have the Chiefs doing that. The Chargers lost Melvin Gordon, so they need to find his replacement. By leapfrogging ahead of the Chiefs, they get the RB they covet, and weaken the Chiefs by depriving them of one of the top RBs. The Niners trade back from 31, and receive the Chargers’ 37th and 112th picks. It adds up exactly on the TVC.
    This trade scenario now has the Niners with first, second, third and 4th round picks. Instead of 2 picks, they have 4 picks, and accomplish that goal by trading back only 11 spots total.
    With those second day picks, the Niners could select a WR like Denzel Mims, Brandon Aiyuk, Jalen Reagor, Bryan Edwards, Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool or Donovan Peoples-Jones.
    With that 18th pick, the Niners could select CJ Henderson, who is ranked 18th on the CBS Big Board, or AJ Epenesa, Ross Blacklock, Neville Gallimore or Yetur Gross- Matos for DL help to replace Buckner.

        1. Do a mock. My mock will be superior, because it will have twice as many players in the first 4 rounds.
          This mock has the Niners get 4 picks in the first 4 rounds by trading back 11 slots. Right now, the Niners only have 2 picks. It is inherently disadvantageous for the Niners to be shut out of the picks between 32 and 155. That is missing out on a lot of talent.

          1. Do a mock. My mock will be superior, because it will have twice as many players in the first 4 rounds.

            So if somebody else posts a mock with even more trades for more picks it will be better than yours according to this logic. A 10 year old could reason better than this.

            1. There is always the dilemma of too much of anything can be harmful.
              I devised a trade back scenario where the Niners received picks in the second, third and 4th rounds. You cannot keep trading back and get 30 second third and 4th round picks.
              In many drafts, they have only a finite amount of money to pay the rookies. If they drafted 30 players, that would make over half the team as rookies.
              2 picks is good, and what they have. 4 picks is better, and would allow them to fill more needs. 30 picks are too much, and frankly impossible.
              I am sorry, your reasoning is flawed. Make a mock that achieves your scenario, but that would entail trading back too much. My scenario has the Niners trading back a modest 11 total spots. I did not like the Baltimore trade back, because it would have the Niners trading back 24 spots.

          2. Sebs

            Your trade backs will have merit, sometimes…….but just how do you figure getting all these willing partners to do all this trading? Sometimes they will-but not all the time are you going to get all these willing trade partners………..
            Niners need quality, not quantity,

            1. Thankfully, they can get quantity and quality. They do not need to be mutually exclusive. This is a deep talented draft. The more picks, the better chance of getting a starter.
              How to get willing partners? Present fair deals so it becomes a win/win situation. Another team may want to move up to poach a player they covet, before another team in front of them selects him.
              Also, the Niners should target teams that have many picks, like the Dolphins, Vikings and Broncos. They have the draft capital to move up.
              Teams trade up and trade back many times in many drafts. If it is in their best interest, a willing trade partner can be found.

        1. Are you kidding? I’d rather taser my nuts than read anything you write.

          Just more garbage we have to scroll through to get to the real football talk.

          1. “Are you kidding? I’d rather taser my nuts than read anything you write.” Prime

            Now that’s funny! Thanks for the laugh.

            1. The funny thing is- He does read what I write, because he comments every time.
              I just wrote that they should follow Bill Walsh’s – Larry Roberts draft strategy, but his hate of any idea I present just means he thinks they should not follow Bill Walsh’s draft strategy.
              John Lynch has proposed they may make some trade backs to get more picks. Guess he wants to diss JL.

            2. Prime’s counters are brief and to the point-funny backlash to the mighty Quinn!
              On the other hand, Sebs stuff, taken with the right attitude, is hilarious–whether he means it to be or not!

    1. Could it be possible the team has their replacement for Sanders on the team already and doesn’t invest in a wr, one of their deepest positions right now as far as body count?

      1. Our chances of getting to the big dance have vastly improved. Id still like to dominate the NFC West and win the division leaving nothing to chance in the meantime.

    1. Using your top pick to draft a wide receiver with blinding speed makes sense only if you plan to start throwing downfield a lot. That wasn’t done much last season. For whatever reason. If I’m going to use my 4.3 speed to make a wild sprint deep into enemy territory, I’d better see the ball. Keep throwing to Kittle when I’m supposed to be the primary receiver and I’m going to be one disgruntled first round pick.

      1. HR3 has the ability to turn a 5 yd pass into a long TD. I believe it’s a misnomer to think that Ruggs is going to run post patterns on every snap. His speed and catching ability make him dangerous anywhere on the field.
        While some bigger WR’s may have a larger catching radius, most of them don’t have the speed to take it to the house like HR3.

        Now, with all due respect, I’m not trying to convince anyone here to go with Ruggs. I’m merely giving my opinion on my personal preference.

        1. At pick #13 I’d be expecting around 75 receptions for about 1100 yards and 6 TD’s. That’s roughly 20 receptions more than Samuel, 300 yards more, plus double the TD’s. Samuel was a high 2nd rounder at #36, while you’d have the 49ers make HR3 the 13th overall pick. I don’t think that’s an unrealistic expectation for the rookie, but you’d be making that assumption based on faith, because there’s nothing in his collegiate career to support it….

          1. You can’t have that mind set when drafting a player. For one it’s an unrealistic expectation for anyone at the WR position to come in and have those kind of numbers. #1 this is a run heavy offense. Everything comes off the run. #2 Kittle will always be the # 1 option. He is a generational talent who affects the game more then anyone in the NFL as a non QB. Ruggs is an outstanding compliant to Deebo and Kittle. Even if he doesn’t have the ball he is extremely dangerous. It’s a very lazy comp to compare him to Goodwin. The only thing they they have in common is that 4.27 forty. Ruggs is 10x the athlete then Goodwin. He has natural ability. Incredibly agile too. Watch his high school basketball highlights. It’s INSANE how athletic he is. This guy is the target at 13 unless someone takes him before. Which should be the concern.

            1. Tyreek Hill’s rookie season: 61/593/6 TD’s, plus he was a 5th round pick. HR3 is a much better route runner than Hill coming out. When I’m drafting a receiver as high as 13, and I traded Buckner for the opportunity, he sure as hell better produce that well or better!

              1. Hill had 58 receptions last season and the Chiefs won the Superbowl. Hill’ presence on the field (even without catching a pass) was impactful because the defense had to account for him.
                Defensively, you just can’t ignore that kind of speed. Ruggs can provide the same scenario.

              2. He was also out 5 weeks with an injury, AES. He would have had 80+ receptions had he been healthy.

            2. Ruggs is 10x the athlete then Goodwin. He has natural ability. Incredibly agile too. Watch his high school basketball highlights. It’s INSANE how athletic he is. This guy is the target at 13 unless someone takes him before. Which should be the concern.

              Goodwin is an Olympic caliber athlete. Ruggs is good but he is not ten times the athlete Goodwin is. There is a very good comparison to be made here as far as what they would be asked to do in the offense. You can’t take a WR that high to be a complimentary piece to KIttle. He has to be a stud that will have a chance to overtake Kittle in the number of targets. That would make Kittle and the team overall more dangerous.

          2. We also expected more sacks from Bosa in his rookie season. What was your prediction? In any event, Bosa proved to have a great impact on the field without the high sack numbers.
            I happen to feel the same way about HR3. He’s an impact type player with and without the ball.

      2. fescue
        “Using your top pick to draft a wide receiver with blinding speed makes sense only if you plan to start throwing downfield a lot.” “That wasn’t done much last season. FOR WHATEVER REASON?”

        * What happens to Safeties when they’re looking at a WR with Ruggs III speed? How does that help the other other receivers, including Kittle, Juice and WR/RB Mostert?

        Ruggs III Scouting Report:
        Ruggs’ speed alone helps both the running and passing games because it forces safeties into more passive positioning. He can work all three levels and his ability to turn slants and crossing routes into big gainers could make him the favorite gift under the tree for a quarterback (JG) and offense in need of an explosive weapon.
        Game-breaking speed requires safety help at all times, Slick outside-to-inside release, Easy, gliding strides as a route-runner, Torments coverage with changeup to fastball route speed, Has jetpack to take a quick slant to the house from anywhere on field, Smooth transitions from more complex routes, Disciplined eyes and route conviction to sell double moves, Man coverage will struggle staying with over routes and shallow crossers
        Soft, reliable (10 1/8″) hands catch it inside and outside the frame Good hand quickness to snare fastballs underneath, Shows toughness as a runner with willingness to drop his pads and finish

    1. They both run 4.27 forties. Both leaped 42 inches vertically, and leaped 11 feet in the broad jump.
      Goodwin ran a 6.66 three cone, but Ruggs did not participate, so his is probably slower.
      I watched Ruggs highlights, and saw a lot of slants. I did not see him highpoint the ball.

      1. You probably didn’t watch one full game of Ruggs. Instead googled some stats and came up with your typical elementary commentary.
        I know for sure your either 80 years old or 8. No one in-between has the lack of ignorance you display daily.

        1. Oh, how deliciously ironic. The guy who bet 200 bucks the Niners would draft Trubisky is trying to claim intellectual superiority.
          Prime, you want the Niners to have twice as hard a time to win, by making them play twice in the Clink.
          What next? Will you claim Kaep will take the league by storm again?

          1. I was wrong about Trubisky, Kap won’t take the league by storm, $200 bucks to Razor if you meet me next year at a home SF game?
            What do you say Seb?

  8. I doubt that Goodwin will be on the team come September. His comparable measurements to Ruggs don’t mean anything if he can’t get on the field.

    1. I think his family crisis is behind him, so he may bounce back strong. The most important thing is that KS likes him. I still would like for them to trade Marquise Goodwin away so they can get another draft pick.
      The Broncos may be a good trade target, since they have 11 picks. The Broncos have Tim Patrick as WR2, who was cut by the Niners, so Goodwin would be a huge upgrade at that position.
      I would not complain if the Niners drafted Ruggs, I just think he will be selected by the Raiders at pick 12, if he is as good as you say.
      Getting a WR early is a luxury, but they need to draft the replacement for Buckner. Kinlaw may also be gone by 13, so the Niners should trade back.
      Denzel Mims is my preference, but I am very impressed by Michael Pittman. He can highpoint the ball and come down with contested catches. Chase Claypool may be that Swiss Army Knife, because he can block like a TE.

  9. Said it last year they should have traded Goodwin and picked Hollywood Brown.
    He would have been exceptional in this offense.

    1. That is why I want to trade him, so they get something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing.
      Goodwin may find joy again in playing, and be a valuable part of the team. He may want to go somewhere else, and thrive having a new start on a new team. The return of Taylor and Hurd, along with the competition from the draftee, may have too many players to fill only 6 roster spots.
      I wanted AJ Brown, KS chose Deebo.
      AJ Brown had 52 catches for 1051 yards and 8 TDs. He ran 3 times for 60 yards and a TD.
      Deebo had 57 catches for 802 yards and 3 TDs. He ran 14 times for 139 yards and 3 TDs.
      Marquise Brown had 46 catches for 584 yards and 7 TDs.

  10. Couple interesting notes and why I think 49ers are looking at Ruggs ahead of everyone else. Shanahan covets OBJ. I think he views him as the perfect fit for his scheme. Here’s a comp between Ruggs and him (using combine data). The Defo trade may have had two purposes, contract relief and drafting Ruggs (not Jeudy or Lamb). I think we may even trade down to 11 to ensure it (not saying that’s wise, but that’s how much they covet Ruggs). We’ll have to watch and see.

    H: 5’11
    W: 198
    Arms: 32 3/4″
    Hands: 10″
    40x: 4.43
    Vertical: 38.5
    Broad Jump: 122
    Grade: 6.4

    H: 5’11
    W: 188
    Arms: 30 1/2”
    Hands: 10 1/8”
    40x: 4.27
    Vertical: 42
    Broad Jump: 131
    Grade: 6.7

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