49ers have ways to thrive against Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (17) is hit by Arizona Cardinals strong safety Budda Baker (32) during the first half of an NFL football game, Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

SANTA CLARA — No offense to the Seahawks, but the 49ers should beat them even without George Kittle and Kwon Alexander.

Alexander is out for the season with a torn pectoral muscle. Kittle is doubtful for this game with knee and ankle injuries.

Last season, the 49ers beat the Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium without Alexander, Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, Tevin Coleman, Emmanuel Sanders, Deebo Samuel and Jimmy Garoppolo. Those players either were injured, on other teams or still in college. Sure, the Seahawks have added players since then, too, but you get the point. The 49ers are better.

The Seahawks aren’t bad — they’re 7-2, but it’s a deceptive 7-2. They most likely would have only two or three wins without their starting quarterback, Russell Wilson. He’s the hands-down favorite for the MVP award, because he almost single-handedly carries the Seahawks to wins. Last week, he threw five touchdown passes and no interceptions, and the Seahawks still needed overtime to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have just three wins.

The 49ers beat Wilson and the Seahawks last season and should beat them Monday, too.

Here’s why:

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  1. Big test for Saleh, and I think he rises to the occasion. Carson and Penny will get lots of snaps and Carroll will try to find a way to work the Wide 9 to his advantage. I can’t wait to see how Saleh adjusts to his gameplay.
    Having smaller LBs is a disadvantage in some respects, but in shadowing Wilson I think it’s a big plus. I see their offense getting a TD and a couple of FGs but no more. I see KS controlling the ball and looking for opportunities with Sanders and Pettis in the flat, and pull out at least 3 TDs.

  2. The NFL schedulers sure did short change SF this season. I can’t remember another NFL team who has faced so many teams (6) coming off their bye or extra time to prepare.
    La Rams
    Arizona x2
    New Orleans.

  3. Grant, you came on TV with snazzy dresser Mark Ibanez and Joe Fonzi as a guest wearing a nice coat with baggy pants that didn’t fit and a funky shirt not tucked in your fleabag pants. I’m gonna sic Donte Witner on you. He rips people a new one every week on his show that dress better than you. Shame, you have none.

  4. Grant your positivity both scares and inspires me!

    You are growing as a writer, just like the Niners are growing as a team. I have seen you mature as an analyst and writer over the years, although you do occasionally have relapses ?. However, your assessments usually seem to be accurate and I believe your criticism mostly comes from a good place.

    As for the Niners, I have to say this game scares me, not that the Seahawks scare me, as I agree they are the inferior team, but it seems that this win would go along way toward solidifying the division and cementing the Niners into the post season, setting up possible byes and home field; which would be amazing and very helpful as we continue to crash the party this year, and go from the team that no one saw coming, to the team that can legitimately win it all. Not that we can’t do that without a W tomorrow night, but it certainly makes life easier.

    I really do not want anything to come down to week 17 in Seattle (a game which I will be attending), as I’d be perfectly content watching the Niners play their second stringers that week; but I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s just get this W! Faithful rise up!

    Keep up the good work Grant!

    Go Niners!

  5. Cmon Grant. We really don’t need you on the bandwagon, dude. You’ve done nothing but spit fire and hate for 2 years, at every step of this process, you’ve been dragged kicking and screaming, insisting the 49ers, from top to bottom, from Jimmy G to Akhello to Lynch and Saleh were in some way inadequate or inferior. When Richard Sherman keeps piping up about the ones who discounted them and said they were losers and that they should stick by that opinion, he was talking to YOU..
    You are pompous and arrogant, eat your crow.

    1. Now youre gonna be all greasy and obsequious. People got LONG memories Grant. Those negative seeds you’ve sown in the organization WILL have repercussions for your journalism going forward

    2. Actually you are pompous, arrogant and an idiot. Grant calls it like he sees week to week. If they are sucking he’ll say it. If they play well, the same. He’s not a company rah, rah fan so bug off and get a clue.

      1. get a new handle clown! i been rocking J for years…… you and grant are both clowns actually…..these guys are right!!! grant, and most his bloggers on this site…..been pissing in the cheerios for years!! grant has called everyone in this organization, from top to bottom,trash!!!! instead of any in depth articles or pieces on why things are bad now, but the future is bright optimistic type articles……he just trashes and insults!!!!
        Then, they win a few games…..and like the integrity less clown he is……he just sneaks on the bandwagon as if no one will recognize him!!! what a joke!
        After drafting Ruben foster…….Lynch has been the best GM in the NFL! even though he was learning on the job and he wasted his first 2 picks……he brought RESPECT to the 49ers! Teams, agents and players would deal with us again after years of shunning Baalke!

        Shanahan sturggled early…but 2 things were clear!!!! There was vast improvement from the 2 win seasons prior to his arrival. 4 wins is doubling the win total and 6 is tripling it!!!!! And the offense was better than anything we seen around here for years!

        grant was so hard on this organization……wouldnt throw em any bone…..wouldnt piss on em if they were on fire!!!!!!!

        1. Stay in your lane son. He isn’t like the troll that’s using Seb’s same avatar, handle and writes like him. You don’t rock, you’re more like a disco clown. At least J is right and you are so wrong. You whine like your pannys are too tight. Pop a pill, calm your little j down. Just remember, he’s Big J and you are little j. That’s not the same and you have no copyright, shush.

          You say Shanahan sturggled..when did he sturggle j ?…Grant is doing a fine job and like J said above, he will write about 49ers when they do lousy and let you know and also when they do great. He’s blunt and doesn’t mince words, no company man which is awesome. He’s fair and that’s the way it should be so go cry somewhere else. He has a great periscope, hot mic and gives reports from camp, very awesome.

      2. Ha dude. You clearly haven’t paid attention to this buffoon and his vitriol. This is the Moron that gave every excuse to Brian FREAKING Hoyer but has crucified Kyle AND Jimmy. While he’s panned virtually every decision the Niners have made in the past 2 years. Grant you are a joke and J, you’re much worse for defending this idiot. I’ll say it again. BRIAN HOYER. LOOK IT UP. when he was writing that crap back then, I knew he had NO CLUE about football. He has resorted to shock journalism and click bait. Grant you should go cover the CFL in God forsaken Winnipeg or Calgary. You’re 100% Bush league

      3. electric bells…you’re also a whiny b..ch, who cares about Hoyer. Your post is exaggerations, you know it.

  6. Your point about lesser personnel beating SEA last year is on point. Sometimes underdogs win. Sometimes JIMMY becomes jimmy.

  7. Mark Ibanez was funny. Grant did his mea culpas, and now he can move on.
    Maybe Grant should have mentioned that if you cook too fast, sometimes the food gets burnt, or that in this business, the dull and boring writers never get ahead.
    I like it that Grant is edgy and controversial.
    It was nice to see Mark and Joe Fonzi be so respectful, yet get in their zingers. Very entertaining.

  8. This is a humbling business.
    Guess the Falcons showed why they were in the SB not too long ago, and that the Saints should not believe all their press clippings.
    I almost can’t believe the Bungles almost beat the Seahawks.
    Grant may think Russel Wilson may be the MVP, but Lamar Jackson made a run that will be shown on the highlight reels for years to come.
    Seahawks have the 14th worst run defense, but the 29th worst pass defense. I hope the Niners can be balanced with the run and the pass, to always keep them guessing.
    Grant may think KS is superior to Pete Carroll, but one should never underestimate a SB winner. PC has a lot of film of the Niners to game plan from.

    1. I wish to express once more my fondness for the Lamar Jackson run.
      Lamar: Your movement constructs objective photons.
      I am taken aback to the CK7 days of yore.
      Oh Colin, you should be playing in Chicago (or at least 8 other cities) right now.

      1. Sorry Seb. The difference between 7 and Lamar is that Lamar actually studies, reads, and is accurate. Kaep was sure that his athletic ability would be the difference maker–it was until the league caught up with him.

        Now, that said, once Kaep committed to the run in an RPO play out of the pistol, teams started smashing him. The rules in fact were changed in order to prevent the efficacy of the play.

        I haven’t seen that with Lamar . . . yet.

        When he ran an option play, he committed to be a runner, and when he pitched it to Ingram, whoever was near Jackson should have blasted him.

        Jackson > CK7

        1. Captain, I have never referred to Kaep as Colin. You are falling victim to another catfish post.
          Still, Lamar Jackson needs to have played in a SB, have a 4-2 road playoff record and set playoff rushing records, to surpass the accomplishments of Kaep.
          This is why I like dual threat QBs. An accurate QB with a 400 passing yards game under his belt, that can put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint upfield for a TD untouched, is what gives gives DC’s nightmares.
          Still, you may be correct about Lamar Jackson. In his present situation, he is playing lights out.

          1. Sigh. Catfish alert.
            I have often referred to him as Colin. .
            The Niners are undefeated and Colin should be in the league yet we still have these yahoos tearing up the blogs.

    1. Much props to those who signed up and swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    2. Thank you to all veterans, whose service, courage and sacrifice have help make America great, both abroad and at home.

  9. I wish my fellow Vererans, Razor, MD, Brotha Tuna and all Veterans, to have a great Veterans day.

    1. Thanks, Under and I wish you and all the others the very best. Speaking for myself, a win tonight would go a long way into making it great. I think I’m getting spoiled with all this winning!?‍♂️

      1. Ah – didn’t know you were a Veteran – good deal, we may differ on social attitudes but much respect at you.

        1. Cool. Never had lead sent in my direction (intentionally), but spent 13 months in Korea (including the DMZ tree cutting incident in ’76) and time with the 7th Infantry Division.

  10. 49ers are better at every position group except QB and perhaps WR. Wilson is playing out of his mind right now which is concerning. Tyler Lockett is playing at a higher level than any WR on the 49er roster but I believe the 49ers have a stonger overall WR group. If Jared Goff and Russell Wilson switched teams, the Seahawks would be 1-8 and the Rams would be 7-2. So then, the way to beat the Seahawks is to limit Wilson and Lockett. IMO, I think the 49ers will be better at shutting down the run game. In pass defense, I think the 49er have to mix it up with straight 4 man rushes and then even go to 3 man rushes with a spy on Wilson. He kills teams on his scramble plays, either running for 1st downs or hitting chunk plays on scrambles. Keep him in the pocket and make him throw with guys who are nearly a foot taller than him in his face. Collapse the pocket, don’t rush out wide and leave escape routes for Wilson to exploit. On offense, it’s time to return to the dominant run game. Obviously, they need to still hit the wide run plays but I also think the 49ers should run it straight down the Seahawks throat. Take away the Seahawks will to fight. The one thing people don’t realize about Jadaveon Clowney is he is an outstanding run defender. Running wide to his side will be difficult. You’ll have to crack him with a WR or run away from him. You aren’t going to block Clowney in the run game with a TE or even a FB. I still stick with my original prediction.

    49ers – 30
    Seahawks – 28

  11. Nice to see you have some fun with your self image but what’s up with wearing Harbaugh Pants???

  12. Grant please tuck in your shirt……LOL…. for the love of god no more film takes in the latrine….lol

    Awesome Grant great job as always loved the periscope…Go Frisco

    Happy Veterans Day to the veterans here!!!!

  13. Happy to see the Rams and Cardinals take losses yesterday–anything to improve 9er chances of winning the division. A Seattle loss tonight would sweeten things up a bit.

    1. I think the 49ers would have a 3 game lead with 7 games to play if they beat the Seahawks. Definitely no celebration yet but the NFC West title is a whole lot closer if the 49ers can win tonight.

      1. That also would mean a firm two game lead for home field advantage throughout the playoffs – yes its true, at the moment the NFC tittle goes through the Niners.

  14. Can’t wait for tonight’s game.

    To all our veteran soldiers past and present, we salute you!

    Go Niners!

    1. Ok. A couple of things…

      1. I clicked on your link because the name “Smedley Butler” intrigued me. Turns out Smedley Butler is a guy who fought in the Mexican Revolution and WWI. He was dead in 1940. Not sure why you are quoting him and saying he is “Retired.” I guess “Retired from life” is a more accurate description.
      2. Plenty of current literature out there that questions the value of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Not sure why you have to link to a story on public opinion polling that’s 8 years old.
      3. The actual article doesn’t even remotely match the headline. The article doesn’t say Veterans say Iraq-Afghanistan are not worth the sacrifice. It says 37% of veterans think the government should focus on domestic issues rather than foreign affairs. Not remotely close to the headline.
      4. Don’t be the d-bag that does this crap about wars on Veterans Day. Just say “Thank you for your service” then have a coke and a smile.

  15. Not something that really directly applies to me, but Happy Veterans day. I have mad respect for anyone who puts their lives on the line to defend not just their country, but all of our shared values as allied countries. I wish you all, all the best, and I’m hoping we can get a nice, thorough smashing of Seahawks to cap it off.

  16. Thank you Veterans and also your families (Moms, Dads, Bothers, and Sisters) who also sacrificed for our country.
    I steered clear of this game this week. Too tough to wager on. If I had to, I’d probably take Seattle +6 and the over (47 1/2). I think it’s going to be close. Probably whoever has the ball last. It should be as good as it’s billed to be.

    SF 30 SEA 28

    Have fun folks! Go Niners!

    1. Good call. I try not to bet on 49er games. Too easy to let emotions overrule reasoning. My rule is typically stay away from rivalry games in college and shy away from division games in the NFL. Unless there is a crazy spread then just maybe. Usually intra-division games can be unpredictable due to the teams familiarity with each other.

  17. On this fine Veterans Day I wish to give a warm thank you to the sacrifice Colin Kaepernick has made for his country.
    Whether you choose to kneel or stand with CK7, his persistence and sacrifice are of utmost admirable qualities.
    I hope we can come together to show some much deserved respect to the man who has shown to be greater than the game.

    1. I would never equate Kaep to the veterans who served. Yes, he is a social justice warrior, but that pales in comparison to the bravery and service of our American veterans.
      He also has chosen to offend so many, who fought and died for the flag. He should have chosen another way to protest, that was, and is, less counter productive. We all want less rogue cops who shoot unarmed civilians, but there are better ways to achieve those goals.
      Voting, for instance.

      1. Catfish, you gave yourself away.
        The true sebnynah would not ignore the social issues plaguing this country under concurrent pretenses.
        Happy Veterans Day to all of us, veterans or not.
        We can agree on one thing and that is the sacrifice of those who fight or have fought for us and their families who sacrifice for our benefit.

  18. Yesterday was a good day….Rams and Cardinals lost. Hope today is even better and we become the only winner in the NFC West.

    Heart says 49ers…..gut says Seahawks.

    1. And Dallas lost :)

      I think this game won’t even be close. I just don’t see their Def stopping our offense, and we have a Def that can slow down Wilson. Niners making another statement on MNF!

      1. Yeah…..I think the Eagles will win the NFC East. I’m not sold on Dak and Kellen Moore yet.

  19. This could be another game where it is the offense that has to win it, like last week, though this time it could be as much to do with the running game as passing game. Wilson is playing so well that the D may not be able to maintain its dominance this week. Should be a really good game.

  20. Tonight is huge for both teams.

    49ers win and they have a 3 game lead in the division and are up 2 on the rest of the NFC.

    49ers lose and they’re up only 1 on Seattle, NO, and GB with games coming up against each.

  21. Anybody else worried or freaked out if Kittle doesn’t play??? …. wish we were full strength for this one

    1. 49ers have found a way to overcome lots of injuries to key players already this year. Not having Kittle for this game will suck, but that’s football and they just need to compensate. They have the talent on the roster to do so.

  22. Big game for the D line. Arik and Buck will need to keep the pads low and not get pushed back by double teams. Hopefully, the D won’t allow Carson to set the tone in the first two series. Shanalynch have been working hard to inculcate the Patriot ethos of “do you job”. The players on D just needs to stay disciplined and do their respective jobs, and let Saleh’s scheme take care of business. Sherm and Fred will have to do Kwon’s job of rallying the troops on the field.

  23. It’s Celek Time!

    Dontae Johnson released to bring Celek in. Kittle you would think must not be active today.

    1. Yay…… I mean boo….no Kittle crap

      Can Celek show up though….??? “Celek Time” show up?

      1. Yep, would have to think Spoon will be active. But my guess is Moseley will remain the starter for today.

  24. We will still win despite Kittle being out.
    Hoping our fans show up and give us a true home field advantage. I almost feel like the Niner fans at away games are more enthusiastic than those at Levis.

    Niners 27-17

  25. Sherm has been quietly preparing for his 38th interception and adding a new QB to that list.

  26. First time this year I’m not confident in a 49ers win.

    Kittle has been the go to guy to get the offense moving when they’ve been in a battle. Will be interesting to see who steps up to fill that role.

    Prior prediction was 27-23. Nervously sticking to that.

    1. AHA somebody else nervous with Kittle out….thought I was alone on this Jack…..the WR’s have dropped a lot of passes this year and nobody has stepped up except for the new guy Sanders…..good thing we got Sanders but yeah without Kittle its going to be tough……

      Hope Breida kills it tonight

  27. When u look how far this team has come since the arrival of Lynch, Shanahan and Saleh it is pretty amazing. Staley, Ward, Tartt, Armstead, Buckner and Blair are the only carry overs. The front office has done a great job of finding players that fit what the coaching staff wants to do. Approximately half of this roster is 5th, 6th, 7th round and undrafted free agents. If someone would have said we would be 8-0 with our #4 and #5 offensive tackles, Mosley at CB, no McKinnon and mix and match at FB for a few games, I would have said u were off your meds. But u can see that Lynch, Shanny and Saleh have all learned from their mistakes and grown into their jobs. No more Ruben Foster or Joe Williams. No more journeymen as starters.

    But maintaining the vision while adjusting the plan has been the most fun to watch. Jimmy G in, Cousins out. Joe Williams did not work out. UFA Bredia and Mosart and Wilson stepped in and now there is Coleman, not to mention no McKinnon. No more Marsh and Duervil and Garson etc. Shanahan has exploded as a play caller. And Saleh has shown the most growth of all. He figured out that he did not have the second coming of the legion of boom. He has morphed from a straight Cover 3 to a diverse unit that has single and two high safetys, wide 9, one, two, and three linebacker sets and exotic nickel, dime and blitz packages. He proved many of us wrong when he pushed to keep Jimmie Ward. Now, with the addition of Ward, has anyone noticed that this defensive unit went from really good to dominating? Foster out, Kwon in. Kwon down, Greenlaw up. Right now, it just does not matter.

    This team is built for the long haul with 45 of the 53 being 28 years old and under. And there are 5 or 6 on IR that would be on the 53-man with at least 2 starters, also youngsters. There are so many other things that have happened that have helped shape this team. Six of the next eight games are against playoff caliber teams. We will find out about the team, the coaches, and if what we are seeing is the real thing, or a temporary high spot.

  28. Sean McVay on the hot seat? Sounds like an article written by Grant.

    But that 4th down play where Hekker came in and took the snap in the shotgun (thereby negating the possibility of a punt) was a real head scratcher. Result was an interception. The guy in Cincinnati from McVay’s tree is likely one and done. I’m glad we got KS instead of SM! Jed deserves some credit and even more credit for staying out of the limelight and letting the professionals guide this team.


    1. Now if we can establish that Rams scouts are disgruntled, we’re onto something…

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