49ers head-coaching-search tracker

This is the tracker for the San Francisco 49ers’ head-coaching search. I will update this as news develops.

Search over.

The 49ers have narrowed their coaching search to two candidates, according to Adam Schefter.

Mike Shanahan seems like the favorite to become the next head coach of the 49ers. He did not interview for any other head-coaching vacancies, just like Jim Tomsula last year.

I can’t imagine Mike Shanahan coexisting with Trent Baalke.

Hue Jackson is the new head coach of the Browns.

The Cleveland Browns are one step closer to hiring Hue Jackson.

Why would Tom Coughlin want to coach a rebuilding team? He’s 69.

Looks like the Niners may miss out on Hue Jackson.

Update: Cole re-shot the below video.

Cole: “He received no offer from the 49ers at this point, according to a source I talked to. But, the 49ers went away from this feeling good about the process with Jackson, and ultimately they feel confident that they can hire Jackson if they decide to go down that path. There will be lots of competition for Jackson, obviously, with the Giants being one of the most sought-after jobs in the NFL.”

Another Jackson update from Jason Cole…

Cole: “The Giants job is clearly the No. 1 job, and Jackson has been advised to wait to talk to the Giants who may consider him their top target as they try to replace Tom Coughlin. This has all worked together for Jackson, who turned down overtures from the 49ers who were interested in possibly hiring him as early as Sunday. The 49ers will now wait, along with the Browns, to see the results of what happens between Jackson and the Giants.”

…and one from Silver.

Hue Jackson update, via Mike Silver.

Jackson’s interview is over and he hasn’t signed a contract. He will interview with the Browns next, according to Mike Silver. One would think the Browns’ job would be more appealing to Jackson, because the Browns can draft Jared Goff.

The 49ers could hire Hue Jackson by the end of the day, according to Rapoport. If Jackson doesn’t wait to interview with the Browns, that could mean he’s not confident the Browns would hire him. Jackson and the Niners seems desperate for each other.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter would be a solid hire.

Smart move by the Dolphins to make the first hire. Now, every team has to press to “get their guy.”

The 49ers will interview Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator John Defilippo Friday, according to Schefter.

Chip Kelly interviewed for the 49ers’ head-coaching vacancy Thursday, according to Matt Maiocco.

Stanford Head Coach David Shaw doesn’t want to coach the 49ers, according Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.

Hue Jackson update, via Charles Robinson of Yahoo!

From a couple of weeks ago: Mike Holmgren is interested in coaching the 49ers.

Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter probably isn’t an option for the 49ers head-coaching vacancy, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

From a couple of days ago: Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is interested in coaching the 49ers.

Forget about Sean Payton to the Niners. According to Rapoport, Payton will continue to coach the Saints.

The 49ers will interview former head coach Mike Shanahan on  Wednesday, according ESPN’s Dianna Marie Russini.

Sean Payton will coach the 49ers or Saints next season, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com.

The 49ers have asked permission to interview Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, according to Pro Football Talk.

The 49ers will interview Buffalo Bills assistant head coach Anthony Lynn, according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

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    1. I would not mind Payton as the next HC of the 49ers. Chip Kelly or Hue Jackson are not bad 2nd and 3rd options. But with the brilliance of Baalke and York, they’ll probably end up promoting Mangini or that QB coach / former radio guy, whatever his name is.

      1. I wouldn’t buy into anything Jed says. Last week I broke down why Payton would not coach here. SF will be second to last pick for any legitimate candidate. Cleveland is the only stop that is worse

    2. After the classless acts by the Bengals and the way they gave the game to the Steelers tonight, DO NOT hire Hue Jackson. DO NOT hire Hue Jackson at all for Kapernick could be doing the same things Cin was doing in giving the game away. Do not hire Jackson and do not keep Kap!

      1. So the offensive coordinator is responsible for the acts of the defensive players too? Glad to see you thought this one through.

    1. Interesting read – the guy got blasted by the commenters, but I can totally relate to where he’s coming from.

      I skipped out on two games this year because I was so mad (St. Louis #1 and Cincinnati), didn’t even go back and watch them on the DVR. First time in over 30 years I’ve missed a game….and I didn’t care.

      1. I swear you sound like me. I became a 49ers fan 33 years ago and I missed 12 games last year and didn’t care.

        That’s never happened.

        I found out that they traded Vernon Davis a week after it happened.

        I didn’t even check 49ers news this year till the last game when I heard Tomsula would be fired.

        I had given up.

        1. Same here – I didn’t start reading up again until I heard Tomsula was let go. Not sure why Baalke’s still around, so I’m still skeptical of the future.

          Note: If he’s really your father, Cassie, I apologize in advance for all the unpleasant things I will say about him in the future. There was a time when I thought Jed would do great things and that Baalke was a good fit for GM, but not anymore.

          1. Cassie has a double life. In her other life she’s a man in his late 50’s who apparently was lucky enough to retire early. But I will say, she provides some comic relief around here.

          2. 4er Girl: York should have apologized for firing JH, not for hiring Tomsula, those are two different issues. The first one speaks to his hubris and idiocy, and the second one speaks to his idiocy only. My dog knew better than to hire Tomsula and the rest of those clowns.

          3. Since 1980 up until the middle of this past year, I saw every snap of the ball in every game the niners played. If I was away I recorded the game and made sure nobody told me the score. This past year was a nightmare, a predictable nightmare. I ended up missing a couple of games and really didn’t pay much attention to each play during the miserable games that I saw. By the end, I was hoping the niners would lose so that the day would come that the Yorks sell the team. That is my dream now, that’s what I route for.

            Go Warriors.

          4. Hey, I’m used to it. My family gets on dad’s case all the time. He can dish it too. There was one time he removed his glass eye on Halloween and scared my friends at a sleep over.

  1. “We’re going to Run the football,” Baalke interupted Tomsula in his inaugural coaching press conference.

    “Baalke was seen coaching up the Db’s during Tomsula’s practices,” observed a Bay Area reporter.

    “I’m drafting the talent, but we’re all in on it,” Baalke stated

    Why would any coach endure this total disaster of a GM, who does not believe in the forward pass and can not draft offensive talent, never once allowing 49er fans to enjoy a game breaker type talent to watch, except, Torrey Smith who ranks dead last in Avg. yard/pass rarely catches a long ball.

    Sean Payton knows quarterbacks, runs a West Coast offense, has a daughter who goes to school in California

    Payton also may want more personnel power and may be leery of Baalke’s heavy influence with the 49ers.

    Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, who is close to Payton, said on Sunday that the 49ers will try to reel in a “big fish” as their next coach but “many of them don’t want to come out with the general manager, Trent Baalke. It’s going to be interesting to see what (CEO) Jed York does in that situation.”

    Some would-be assistant coaches were leery of joining the 49ers because they felt Baalke had too much sway over the coaching staff. That perception wasn’t helped by recent stories about ‘Coach Trent’ advising players during 49ers practices.

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article52908345.html#storylink=cpy

  2. Many posters wondered why I would have included Anthony Lynn in a list of coaching candidates. One reason was the Rooney rule. Another is that I like Lynn. In fact, after Tomsula was tabbed as the HC, I posted that Lynn would be a good candidate for the OC position. Lynn is a former Niner who has a ring, and is respected enough to be the Assistant HC of the Bills.
    Hue may not be available until the Bengals lose, but Lynn is available now.
    I think Payton will stay in NO, if he has scheduled a PC tomorrow.

      1. Well, the Niners sure were not. I would just have Lynn study the Stanford offense and implement those multi option schemes.
        Hayne is perfect for laterals, but the QB needs to pitch it when he is looking.
        Hmm, maybe they were trying to run the Fumblerooskie last game….

          1. I said it 5 months previous, but you will never acknowledge that.
            Of course, every football scheme and tactic has been postulated before. I have said many things that Bill Walsh has said before. However, if I say that they should not let them shape the offense before a game, then Gabbert spreads them wide then gashes them up the middle for a 44 yard run, the timing of the post is relevant. If I post yesterday that the Niners should interview 10 coaches and Lynn was one of them, then today the Niners announce that they will interview Lynn, maybe it would be better for you all to just say that I called it, instead of discounting it. Saying that that they never ever ever read any posts just after Jed says he reads loud and clear all the criticisms on social media, is more delusional than me.

            1. Seb read man, read what I wrote. I said it was a good spot on your part about Lynn. That’s acknowledgement. Here’s the point you’re suggesting things that are obvious and normal. To take credit for a team going 4 wide is silly, or Gabbert running for a 44yd TD, or saying they listened to you and went long on 1sr down. They do those thing every week my friend. Peter King and all the others have had Lynn on their radar for a while.

              1. I was referring to posting 5 months previous when I said you would not acknowledge that.
                I guess I should be glad that you did say it was a good spot, instead of dismissing my football knowledge.;p

              2. Seb where did I ever question Lynn? Stop seeing yourself as victimized. I questioned your choice of Rathman, but we’re allowed to disagree as far as I understand.

                There are only a few posters on this forum that have real football knowledge. The rest of us are just fans and hacks if we’re honest. You’re taking yourself way too seriously.

              3. Wilson, I have a good memory. I also do not say that posters on a blog site have more acumen than real NFL coaches.
                Talk about being oversensitive, I did put my ;p on the end of my post.

              4. Not as good as you think. Go back and find where I questioned you. I didn’t even engage on it till a couple of weeks ago. I had never considered him till you brought him up recently. He’s potential HC material. I questioned Rathman but keep up the good work.

                ;p doesn’t mean you don’t take yourself too seriously. You get all bent out of shape when people don’t agree with you and are always stating how people diss you. You spend a lot of time trying to validate your positions and spend a ton of time trolling for affirmation on your knowledge and predictions. You work really hard there. That is the definition of taking your too seriously.

              5. Duly noted. Will try to tone it down. This season/train wreck is over so now we get to surmise about FAs and draft picks.
                Think I might turn my attention towards the Warriors. They employ sound strategies and the offense and defense are solid. Draymond is incredible, Klay is smooth and Curry is from another planet. Never seen another human being do what he does.

        1. Seb, you make it look as if the Niners were in the Pac 12. In fact, they are in a tough division, competing against some of the best coaches in the NFL. Lynn, and whoever else they bring in, will be fodder for Pete and that old man in Arizona.

          1. No. The Niners can compete if they get competent coaching with a resilient and innovative offense.
            Seahawks went 10-6 and were swept by the lowly Rams. They are not invincible, and the Cards were stomped on their last game.

    1. Anthony Lynn was an assistant coach under Bill Parcels in Dallas. The Parcels connection is why he is being interviewed. Great job Baalke. You’re brilliance never ceases to amaze ….

      1. No Carmen Policy to calm the waters –only MBA’s–Je Paraag, a Doctor, and Billionaire owner.

        Or if Jed knows he can be capricious–if he’s ADMITTING THIS–why wouldn’t that lead to his family bringing in a football overseer to calm the waters when the Yorks get frantic, as they always seem to do?

        Nope, the Yorks aren’t hiring a football-minded team president. They’re just not doing it.

          1. The only reason the York’s are even considering a high profile coach is because of the fan’s protest, leaving Levi Stadium seats virtually empty forced their hand–TomD

            * To me, the obvious attempt to use Eddie DeBartolo Jr’s name as a shield was a typically shallow Jed York ploy.
            An obvious next-day follow up: If you turn to your uncle as an advisor and say you don’t need help in a coaching search because you always have Eddie… T. Kawakami

        1. Remember that boone originally signed with the 49ers as a tackle
          And his original role was swing tackle. Mike iupati was always a guard. So, if the 49ers tag boone, or offer him a new contract, they woulx do so with the mindset that boone is capable of playing tackle and pay him accordingly

    1. Staley, Tiller, Killgore, Boone, Davis. Let Brown grow stronger and learn more by relieving Davis to keep Davis fresh
      High priority should be to keep talented players like Boone and Williams.

      1. Screw that get a rt and start him so mr (I quit when I want and return when I want)can sit there and do nothing. We don’t need another hit to the head costing him 8 weeks.
        Screw that guy!

          1. Man you believe anything they tell you. He’s wearing a helmet and I’ve been kicked and punched in the head harder. So what’s his excuse for quitting this year? I’m not buying that garbage. And I’m glad he quit because it only proves my outlook on him. He’s a *ussy! And doesn’t deserve to play

            1. MD where do you stand on other phony issues like global warming, cigarettes and cancer, or making the forward pass legal in 1905?

              1. Lol global warming… People are still buying that garbage?
                Like I said earlier I’m glad he quit this year, takes a year off because he didn’t want to play. It’s football and he’s young. Still not buying this. I’ve never knocked players who proved their toughness on the field. I know exactly how tough football is, I also know in fighting you’re getting your head and faced hit also. Is like to show onelame how to take a punch…
                So yeah I’m calling him a *ussy. Because well that’s my opinion on a young player who doesn’t hit on defense or takes hits like a rb or receiver.
                Y’all can get butthurt all you want. I remember the “hit” he took and it’s funny that right about the time the team stopped playing hard last year so did he. In fact he quit for the rest of last season too. So if his head trauma was that bad why come back now and risk his life? I understand the dangers of brain trauma and I am in no way knocking the studies done. But again if his was that bad why come back? Those injuries don’t go away.
                Sorry your feelings are hurt, but I’m calling bull*hit on this particular player and I’ll add ck into this also. Another crapbag trying to get paid with these new told injuries.

            2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but calling any professional football player a *ussy because of an injury is just ignorant. These guys abuse the heck out of their bodies and not one of them is that.

              1. Ninermd is a moron. You have to understand he has this opinion because he truly was kicked in the head.

              2. im going to bet you think Floyd Mayweather isn’t one either. Yeah no players have ever milked injury for their benefit. Smh!

            3. MD – I don’t disagree that Davis is a thin-skinned a-hole, but I don’t think you can categorize him as a *ussy. If he’s looking out for his long-term health, then more power to him. Besides, he’s a good O-lineman and we need the help.

              You’ll just have to look past all the false-starts, holding calls, and off-the-field stupidity.

              1. I have no problem with a player looking out for their health. My issue with Davis is that he left the team out to dry by announcing that he was going to take the year off after the draft.

            1. Yes, if he is still in the rehabbing by April 1st, they can’t cut him
              because if they would cut him, they would have to pay him the
              whole bonus amount of 60 + mil. so with him staying they will
              owe him around 14 mil.

      2. I think expectations regarding Davis’s return need to be tempered heavily. Sure he’s coming back but after a more then a year of not practicing or playing how good is he even going to be? I question his commitment to the game and it’s clear he isn’t the type of player willing to sacrifice himself for the game so is he really the type to stay in football shape while he’s been out and is he the type to fully commit himself to giving it everything he has to coming back? I don’t think he is. I think he’s going to struggle mightily when he returns and if he’s back out of the game in 2017 it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    1. There won’t be an interview with Payton if the team is trading for him. He still has a job, he’s not going on interviews.

      1. CFC,

        Are you saying the Saints don’t have to allow Payton to be interviewed because it would be a HC to HC move, or that he isn’t going to be interviewed under any circumstances?

        1. It just doesn’t happen. My guess is that there is a general assumption that if you are interested enough to bring up the conversation of trading that you already know that you want the player/head coach. You don’t see work outs of players before they’re traded either. Their is a physical before the trade is finalized but that isn’t a “work out/interview.”

          Also only head coaches and front office personnel are able to be traded. The league doesn’t allow coordinators to be traded.

          Also when a head coach is traded the coach’s contract usually doesn’t go to the new team by default. The old team will usually release the coach from their contract and as part of the trade negotiation the coach will sign a new contract with the new team.

          1. If I was to throw out a guess as to why it generally doesn’t happen I would say that leverage is probably a big part of it. The more interested and the more information a team gleams about my coach the more I’m going to ask for in compensation. Not interviewing the coach doesn’t give extra leverage to the team holding him.

            1. CFC,

              For players you have tape to watch, and if you trade for a player that turns out to be a bad fit, it’s not great, but it’s not as bad as if you get a HC that isn’t a good fit.

              Of course, people have a good idea of what a HC is all about, too, but with a HC, a FO has to talk to that coach before making a trade, if for no other reason than knowing the guy wants to come. Also, if you don’t talk to the candidate in some depth, how can you really feel comfortable the guy will be a good fit in your organization?

            2. I haven’t taken the time and was going off memory but if you can do some google searching and find a past head coach trade where the perspective team interviewed the coach first then by all means I’ll retract what I said but from my experience it just doesn’t happen.

              1. I you’re narrowly defining an interview as something that must happen in person, then, yes, there might not be an interview, but I just can’t believe that any team would consummate a trade without talking to the coach in question.

              2. Here is the original statement that I was responding too “This brings up the question: have the 49ers formally asked for permission to interview Payton or are they just trying to get him without interviewing him?”

                I think what I said addresses it.

              3. CFC,

                I was just trying to figure out if you think the 49ers were considering trading for Payton without talking to him in any, way shape, or form. It sounded to me (and still does) like you think they might’ve been willing to do just that. If so, I would find that inconsistent with your usual clear thinking, and that’s why I asked.

              4. I’m so poor with this medium. If we were sitting at a bar Im sure I’d make a lot more sense the first time. Well for the first couple of beers at least.

        2. It’s all in the Saints court. If they give permission to Payton to talk to other teams he can do it. I would imagine the compensation would be discussed before that permission is granted and if agreed upon, then the negotiation of a new contract would take place.

          1. That makes sense, but there has to be some communication before to let the 49ers know Payton is interested in the first place and vice versa.

  3. I don’t see the need to interview more than 5 candidates. Why? Because they already went thru this process just last year. They should know what they need and why interview the same guys over again?

    1. Prime: I meant to ask you about something in an earlier thread. You said you thought it was idiotic to swap 1st round picks to get Payton. It had been proposed as an alternative to just giving NO our 2nd round pick. Why do you think it is idiotic?

      1. Cubus,I would hire Payton instantly. I just don’t like the idea of a talent deficient team giving up picks.
        If any pick is worth a bonafide coach I guess you have to do it. My opinion is Payton wants out, the Saints want out, why not just part ways?

        1. Yeah, it’s never desirable to give away picks, but at least with the swap we wouldn’t be losing a body in the draft. The question for me is: is the 12th pick about the same as the 7th pick for the 49ers (esp. with Goff and Bosa likely gone and Jaylon Smith having a severe injury). Of course the Saints might feel the same way regarding the 7th and 12. Still, they could try to see if they can get the Saints to bite.

            1. Sorry, its been leaked already. Saints will screw the Niners by making them give up 3 first round picks. Jed is kinda desperate…

          1. Considering past deals for compensation of coaches, I’d say a 2nd seems like a better deal than swapping 1st’s. I dont like it but Payton is proven.

            1. Who do you mean that would be a better deal for, Prime? 49ers or Saints? I think the Saints would much prefer an extra second than swapping firsts.

              1. Saints need lots of help. Niners should offer them a 4th, 5th sixth and 7th round pick. They get bodies, Niners get to keep their precious early picks.

              2. Its a better deal either way for the Saints. And they dont have to pay the rest of the $16 million owed to Payton.
                My point is we need to hit on all our picks this year. Especially rounds 1-4.

    2. Maybe they should give Holmgren a little respect since he helped the Niners win a couple rings, and give him an interview instead of calling him too old.

  4. Sean Payton is obviously the flashy pick and rightfully so… He would take this offense to levels in hasn’t been to in years but he needs a solid DC. That said, I have a feeling the Saints will be retaining Payton and that may very well be what his press conference is about tomorrow…

    1. I beg to differ. That was aimed at Jed. Tomsula himself was victim of a leak, saying that he would be fired before the last game. I sure hope Jed finds the leaker and parts ways with Baalke.

      1. Sebnynah,

        You are consistent in your defense of Tomsula, I will give you that. However, most evidence supports the theory that he undermined Harbaugh with Jed. Because of that I would be surprised if he ever worked in the NFL again.

        1. IMO, I think Tomsula was manipulated some by the front office during Harbaugh’s last couple years. Asked to comment on locker room issues (what do you think Jimmy T?), asked about how he (Jimmy T) would do things differently, etc. Harbaugh spooked 9er management and Tomsula seemed open to talking about it–behind closed doors. Tomsula wanted to please management, and likely stepped over the line a few too many times, ‘ratting out’ Harbaugh. Jimmy was the nice, loyal, beloved, aw shucks guy…so he was rewarded.

  5. The worst GM I’ve seen. I live in Kentucky and can not understand why our fanbase lets Jed keep such a awful GM. Put the damn pressure on York to get Baalke out.

    We are a soft fanbase

      1. Rav4: it is already a victory for JH. He left a dysfunctional owner and made him suffer through the season, I bet York thought about JH every second of every game. JH has the best coaching job in college. He is a winner and is winning again. JH can have any pro coaching job he wants, and will get another shot.

        It will be years and several coaches before York can make sense of what he did.

        1. York lit the fuse, but it was Harbaugh who blew everything up. He saw that CK (who he handpicked) wasn’t going to become the elite QB JH envisioned when he drafted him, he saw the roster was getting older / injured / less talented and wanted out. Jed let Jim H play him like a fiddle, and Jed came out the villian (mostly true) and Jim H came out the innocent victim (I didn’t leave the 49ers, I feel like the 49ers hierarchy left me – OK, sure, Jim, your an innocent victim, LOL).

          1. If JH had stayed, his reputation as a QB whisperer would’ve taken a hit as CK further regressed in 2015. By getting himself fired, while portraying himself as an innocent victim, he was able to separate himself from CK’s failure. A brilliant career move. He’ll be a great success in Michigan, stay there four to six years and come back to the NFL.

      2. Here’s my guess, Jed meddled and hired Tomsula against Baalke’s counsel. He now sees Baalke was right and has at least publicly stated he’s not getting involved in the hiring process. Baalke seems to have wanted Gase which would have been a much better hire than JT. That would be my guess why he’s keeping Baalke because this mess is his fault.

  6. If Payton is interested in the Niners, here’s what I think he sees: I can take the roster and make it a contender. I am a genius coach. He sees Gabbert or Kaep as potential tools that he can mold into great HOF QBs, maybe Gabbert more so then Kaep, because of better pocket passing for now. But he can also craft an offense specifically to Kaep, while he grows into Steve Young 2.0. He also sees a potential great RB in Hyde, maybe Droughn or Harris can be a 3rd down RB like Sproles. or he can have Baalke draft a RB like that. He has a speedy WR in Torrie Smith, a couple of little guys like Patton and Ellington. If he can get a solid TE, then he may think he has the tools to have a potent offense.
    Look at his offense in NO, it was his schemes and Drew Brees. But Brees is a small QB, and wasn’t a great QB until he was in his system. He never really had a great WR. And he didn’t have an RB as good as Hyde is right now.
    He had a good O-Line. If Davis comes back, the Niners could have a potentially decent line.
    They can draft a DL rusher with the 1st pick, a QB and O-LINE with their late picks.
    Mangini could stay as DC, he likes to blitz like Gregg Williams.
    The big question — Is Payton the coach to beat Seattle or AZ? He really couldn’t do it with AZ, how will he do it in SF? Russell Wilson turned the corner this year as a QB, that team isn’t going anywhere.

    Best option to beat Carroll and Seattle, could be Shaw. He’s Harbaugh 2.0.

      1. Seattle will continue to descend further into cap trouble. Though, it does suck that they got lucky to pick up Rawls as an UDFA. And, yes, it’s luck. If they knew what Rawls was going to be in the NFL, do you really think they would let him pass through the draft into free angency? No, no they wouldn’t. The Seahawks FO is like someone shooting craps on a heater. Chancellor = hitting yo ‘leven

        1. Not sure I agree. I think they will have to pony up more money for both Chancellor and Bennet, but I think they will let Marshawn walk, so they’ll have an extra $8 million or so there. Plus the cap is going up.

    1. Fan, while i think that Payton could solve the Niner offensive malaise, I am worried that he does not have the acumen to rebuild a defense. Also, I really hope both Chryst and Mangini are replaced with better coordinators.

  7. This whole Parcells coaching tree preference is troubling. JH came from the Bill Walsh coaching tree and he got the Niners into a SB and 3 NFCCG.
    They may diss the WCO, but face it, it is now a passing league because of all the rule changes. Protect the QB. Cant touch the WR. Stop the massive hits against an unprotected WR. It may devolve into a game of glorified flag football.
    I fully admit that I am biased towards Bill Walsh and his coaching philosophy. Why? Because it worked. It got them 5 golden rings. The WCO is not dead, they have just adapted and evolved the system, so teams like NE, Seattle and GB have succeeded. The league had adapted to the Parcells system, too, so his tenure at Dallas was not a rousing success. Baalke is a dinosaur if he wants to regress back to a- run it into the teeth of the defense system. Stanford with its multi option innovative offense is the wave of the future. Baalke should have been fired over his handling of the roster and meddling with the coaches. Any GM who led the team to a 5-11 season should expect to be fired.
    Baalke should have been fired, too, if he wants to keep the old obsolete mindset.
    Baalke is cheap, and got cheap results. There is no reason to expect any difference next season.
    Baalke should stop fishing, and just cut bait. I hear there is a good opening at a bait shop, he should really look into it.

  8. -Let’s also note that given supreme power to hire a coach for the 49ers, I’d hire Jim Harbaugh, and we know that’s definitely not happening.

    So, given the 49ers’ current situation, their known preference for an offensive-minded coach who can figure out what to do with the quarterback spot, and who they realistically could get, here’s what I’d suggest, in order:

    1. New Orleans coach Sean Payton. If they have a real shot Payton, he should be the guy. And if they have a realistic chance to land him–sounds like they do–and they somehow find a way to botch it, that’s a major typical 49ers-style bungle.

  9. Ryan Sakamoto
    ‏@SakamotoRyan Defense wins championships. Baalke has done a great job on that side of the ball. Bring in Offensive minded coach like Sean Payton. Boom!

  10. Will 49ers learn a lesson and hire a great coach because it will actually save money if you factor in team sales revenue with wins and losses it would have been cheaper to pay a top coach which is cheaper than 14 mil.

    49ers will pay Jim Tomsula’s entire $14 million contract

  11. If we are truly seeking a coach who can reshape the team into a football powerhouse, Chip Kelly is the man. He is creative and tough. Jeff Lurie just nailed his foot to the floor with his firing of Chip….now he is destined to run in circles endlessly who his next coaching ‘hire’ will be. Chip knows and develops QB’s, and knows how to put a system together. My only question is “Why is it taking so long ?”

      1. Seb

        I suppose you could ask David Shaw, Jim Harbaugh, Dirk Koetter, Pete Carroll, Steve Sarkesian, Lane Kiffin, Jim Mora, or any of the other PAC-12 coaches who had toplay (scheme) against him. Remember, Chip trained Mark Helfrich.

        1. Oregon, how about this scenario? Niners entice Helfrich to the Niners, and Chip can resume teaching at Oregon. Chip dipped his toe into the NFL pool and almost got it bitten off. He would be much happier in Oregon, IMO.

      1. Please not Chip Kelly. He is the west coast version of Jim Harbaugh. Good coach but cannot get along with people and grinds them after 3 years.

        1. You left out the similarities with Greg Roman. The strength of his football acumen is in the running game and not the passing game….

  12. The 49ers have a terrible recent history with their recent second-round draft picks, and giving the Saints this pick should not be even second-guessed. Since 2010, these have been the 49ers second-round picks:
    •2010 – Taylor Mays
    •2011 – Colin Kaepernick
    •2012 – LaMichael James
    •2013 – Tank Carradine, Vance McDonald
    •2014 – Carlos Hyde
    •2015 – Jaquiski Tartt

    Real barn-burners here, huh?

    Other than the 2012-13 version of Kaepernick, and the 2014 and 2015 picks of
    the rest of the group are busts, who are no longer on the team or may not be on the team much longer.

      1. On a five point scale:

        CK = 3
        LMJ =1
        Carradine = 2
        VMcD = 3
        Hyde = 4
        Tartt = 4

        This is an average of just under 3, with potential upside remaining. Not great, but not garbage, worst GM ever, should be dragged throw the streets, or whatever.

    1. TomD

      It always makes me feel like some White Knight when I defend our choices….Taylor Mays and Colin Kaepernick both had their days in the sun (got the opportunities to play., and both failed)…LaMichael James was an All American running back who only got to return punts, but was leading the NFL in PR’s when he asked for and received his release from the team…Tank Carradine has played every position he has been asked to, and is still trying to find his place on the team…Vance McDonald finally has a QB that can throw a catchable pass, and is catching them…Carlos Hyde and Jaquiski Tartt will both be pro bowlers in a couple of seasons….How’s that for a rosey scenario…?

      1. According to The Times-Picayune contributor Chris Landry he is:

        Payton could also find the type of setup he desires with other organizations, including he San Francisco 49ers and their GM Trent Baalke, who Landry said is a “close confidant” to Payton.

  13. 1. The great Gase

    Who is Adam Gase, and why does every team with an opening want to hire him?

    One of the primary reasons, in two words: Jay Cutler.

    Under Gase, Cutler finished the year with a career-best passer rating of 92.3 and only 11 interceptions—and he did it with an offense missing
    “The system is really good,” Cutler told the Chicago Sun-Times’ Adam Jahns. “This is the best system I’ve been in in my entire career. Denver was really good, a little bit different than this one. Defenses have changed. Adam’s system has kind of changed and kept up with the times of what’s being presented defensively and how to take advantage of those types of things.”
    I’m told he is either at the top, or near the top, of every team’s list (Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is up there on lists as well). The reason is pretty easy to digest. It’s a quarterback league, and if he can transform Cutler into a studious pro who doesn’t make consistently dumb mistakes, what can’t he do?

    Mike Freeman, 10 Pt. Stance

    1. Yes, I too am impressed with what Gase has done with Cutler. Mostly because Cutler is a true head case. That is some good work.

    1. Yeah I feel really bad for the kid. Reconstructive surgery is a big deal and means he won’t be playing for at least two years most likely. Similar to Bowman’s injury it appears.

      1. Same here Rocket. He might have to go ahead and declare even if his drafr capital has fallen.

        1. Same here Rocket. He might have to go ahead and declare even if his drafr capital has fallen.

          No “if” about it. If I’m Trent Baalke, I wouldn’t touch this guy until the 4th Round now, if at all….

          1. I agree, but but there’s a good chance a team could draft him in the second or third round and just sit him with an eye on having him start sometime in 2017.

        2. Yeah he has no choice but to declare. All he can do is rehab so he might as well get paid for doing it rather than sitting out the year at Notre Dame. He could get another year of College eligibility due to the injury but that would mean another 2 years in South Bend while not getting the benefit of an NFL team giving him the best resources available to help in the rehab.

          1. Rocket,

            That makes sense.

            Did the injury look like it might be that bad to anyone else? I only saw it once and may not have seen it correctly, but it didn’t look that bad. I was convinced it would be “only” an ACL. I feel badly for the kid.

            1. I have to admit I was surprised. If I recall correctly, no one touched him. I feel bad for the guy and don’t mean to disrespect him, but I have to admit that I’m usually surprised at how severe some of the non-contact injuries are. I wouldn’t have thought that would be the case, but it happens a fair amount, so it is what it is.

              1. It did bend the wrong way, but it looked like a “slight” hyperextension, not like the devastating injury that Navorro Bowman suffered. Just goes to show, you never know. I hope he comes back, but it sounds an awful lot like Lattimore.

              2. I watched our youngest’s knee go sideways with no contact, and after four surgeries on the same knee over about seven years he can ride a bike, but he can’t do anything that involves sudden change of direction.

                The miracle recoveries are just that, miracle recoveries. He’s surgeon was well known in Bay Area professional sports. Ligament surgery has definitely improved in the past twenty five years, but it’s still a miracle when a top level athlete gets it all back.

              3. I saw a teammate once hyper-extend his knee and blow out his ACL. It didn’t look nearly as bad as Smith’s injury.

                One of the more horrific injuries I’ve seen recently is Laquon Treadwell’s ankle injury last year. He’s come back strong. I’m impressed.

          2. His skill before the injury warrants that he’s still worth at least a 4th and if a team used a third I wouldn’t bash’em but I wouldn’t want it to be us. I think a 5th is the ideal place to balance his potential with the cost.

            1. If he’s there in the 4th round I’d take him in a heart beat as a calculated gamble. But pass on him before that.

              1. Grimey has the right idea using the comp pick on him. Cuts the risk down even more using a ‘free’ pick.

              2. Would be the same situation as when they took Lattimore. Take a shot on huge talent and see what happens.

              3. Yep. In this instance the injury doesn’t appear to be quite as gruesome as Lattimore’s, but same principle.

        3. You could tell by the angle of his leg that it was not minor. Oh well, medical technology can put him back together, maybe like Bowman. Wish him well, but he will need a long rehab.

  14. Except for Coach Payton, stay away from Parcells–we want Walsh desciples–Payton, Gase or Shannahan—-O K A Y, baalke!….B O O M–W H O O S H, O K A Y trent!!!!

    \”It’s well documented that I search out Coach Parcells on a lot of things and will continue to,” Baalke said Monday. “I’ve got great respect for the man and everything he’s accomplished in his life.”

  15. I agree with Fooch that the press conference today is likely to be the end of Payton leaving the Saints speculation.

    I’m curious, what would people be willing to give up if Payton and Brees came as a package deal.

      1. Brees has at least 3 more seasons that will be a million times better then the QB play we’ve had over the past oh I don’t know 20 years or so now. When was Garcia last on the team?

        I’d bring in Brees for 3 or 4 years while a second or third round pick was groomed behind him. Absolutely.

    1. I’m also just sparking conversation here this morning. Those that follow know that I haven’t been a supporter of hiring Payton as a primary candidate and when I read that the PC was going to be both Payton and Brees I just thought it would be fun to see what people would be willing to pay to get both.

      I honestly thought more people would be interested in him. There’s no rookie we’re going to draft that should be starting for at least a year or two and there’s no FA currently that is worth signing for any money. Brees even at this stage and age is still incomparably better then Smith and Kaepernick and would be not only an instant huge improvement at the position but it would get us a proper mentor for whatever rookie we do draft in later rounds.

    2. CFC,

      Let’s look at this way, if Payton leaves do the Saints really keep Brees at a cap hit of 25 mill or so? I doubt it. It’s possible, but I would guess the Saints go into a rebuild and clear as much of the cap as they can including Brees.

      1. That is going to be a tough decision for them. They have some good pieces on offense but without Brees, they are a different team. I would not want Brees to come to SF only because we need to draft and develop someone long term.

  16. Sean Payton would be the most football astute mind since Walsh. He could be the real Chryst and wipe away all of Yorks’ sins….

      1. Hue Jackson makes me nervous because of what happened in OAKLAND. Has he changed since then? He does have one of the most dynamic offenses or is that a product of some elite players? Tyler Eiffert, AJ Green, Gio Bernardi, Andy Dalton. Those are some quality players.

  17. This is kind of interesting:

    Gregg Rosenthal ✔ @greggrosenthal
    Most telling part of Payton story: They only looked for 2nd round pick. Both sides were ready for divorce but no fit emerged

    If true, does that mean that the 49ers wouldn’t part with a pick?

    1. Maybe the Saints saw how much interest there was around the league and realized the value of what they already had vs. what kind of coach they’d get to replace him.

      Who would you rather have – Payton or Coach ________?

      1. Your return is a close tie as the best part of the team firing Tomsula so far. The prospect of the team no longer being a dumpster fire would be the other part of course. :)

        1. ((blushing)) Thank you :-)

          I’m cautiously optimistic that with the right choices they can turn this team from raging dumpster fire to something more along the lines of a small trash-can fire in 2016.

          All they need is a good HC, quality coordinators, decent draft picks, and a couple key free agents. Yeah…nevermind, expectations are way too high – it’s gonna be another dumpster fire, lol!

    2. Tim Kawakami ✔ @timkawakami
      I’m hearing the Sean Payton conversation has happened with multiple teams and the largest issue is his salary demand. Which is not low.

      1. There might be an implication here that Jed is not willing to pay what it takes to bring in a top notch guy. We’ll have to see.

    1. It’s been throwing new threads that I start into ones already going for a couple of weeks now.

    1. With it known that the 49ers weren’t the only team interested how is it that Jed screwed up with Payton staying in New Orleans. Doesn’t that mean the other teams screwed up as well?

      1. We’ll probably never know the facts. But it would seem to me that there is the possibility that they wouldn’t pay enough for him and/or they refused to give the Saints a pick. It seems like you don’t think those were possible scenarios or am I wrong?

        1. No I’m just saying you can’t single out York as the lone guy who screwed it up when no team was clearly willing to give up what it was going to take to make a deal happen.

          1. I won’t belabor this since it’s moot at this point. But Jed gave the impression that he was willing to do what it takes to get top talent. As a metaphor if that means paying $5 million for a $3.5 million market value house, so be it. But, it’s moot so it’s onto the next guy. With all the posts, I’m not sure I know which candidate your backing?

            1. With all the posts, I’m not sure I know which candidate your backing?
              I like Coughlin as a first choice. I like his experience in almost every type of NFL situation that a head coach can experience. He is exactly what you need your head coach to be. An experience leader of men that the players will want to play for. They will respect him more then they like him which is 100% ok in the NFL. How many of Parcels players ever liked him?

              I was ok with Payton as a second or third choice. I say third without really being sure who I would put as my second choice. I used to say Koetter but I’m more in the camp that he’s probably better off as an OC, at least for now. I think Jackson is better off as an OC also but I probably wouldn’t argue too vocally against the selection if it went that way.

              My problem is that until we get rid of Baalke I’m not that concerned with who the coach is. That’s not to say that someone other then Tomsula might find a bit more success then he did I just don’t expect huge changes until we have someone else picking the players.

              1. I’ve opened myself up to those that would reply; “what about the fact that we were so competitive including a SB trip with players that Baalke selected?”

                Did Baalke select great players or did Harbaugh coach up average to good players into great ones?

                I’m definitely in the camp of the latter.

              1. There are those who say that Baalke has consistently struck out on 2nd round picks. Even if you agree that that is true, to me it’s not necessarily a reason to start giving those picks away. Still Payton would have immediately brought a respectability and optimism to the team, to a degree that I don’t think the other candidates could have matched. But it’s time to move on.

              2. I agree that there are a good number of holes needing to be addressed, but the upcoming draft is also fairly weak in terms of talent.

              3. Disagree… A coach that can instantly better the offense and money to plug two big holes on the defense is a good start.
                It’s obvious a good coach is what they need first and foremost

            1. I agree because they need the picks and he hasn’t shown to be a developer of QB’s. He has Brees. Brees is the only reason that team has even been 7-9 the past two years. Three of their last four years have been losing seasons. A lot of that is on Payton, who has quite a bit of juice in N.O. I don’t think he would know what to do with a rookie QB.

            1. In principle, Coughlin is fine. I have no way to know how energized he would be at this point in his football life to coach a rebuilding team without a quarterback.

              Coughlin may want to be in charge of football operations more than coaching. We could use someone like that.

  18. Payton is out of the running. I hope the Niners hire Holmgren to get them back to playing Niner Football. He should get Shanahan and Seiffert to be the offensive and defensive coordinators, fill the holes with quality FAs, and draft a pass rusher and O lineman with their first 2 picks.

    1. Seb you have always been so nice and positive towards me on this site. I finally figured out why, you really love old coaches.

  19. People need to relax about Payton. He’s a good offensive coach who lucked into Brees, who actually wanted to go to Miami. Brees is a HOF QB. He covers up a lot of warts. Payton has been instrumental in the destruction of the Saints cap and he has made poor personnel decisions. I liked him as a candidate but you have to look at the big picture. I said they would never give up a high pick in order to pay him $8+ million or whatever. It’s not really cheap, it just feels like extortion at that point. He either doesn’t want to be the coach in N.O. or he does. If he doesn’t, they let him go and he chooses his spot. I think they would be fine paying him his salary, just not the draft compensation. I get it. It’s questionable that he could even develop a young QB.

    For what it’s worth, Chip Kelly is the guy that I constantly hear NFL people talk about in a very positive manner, even after being fired in Philly. They really believe that he has what it takes to be successful. I have concerns about his ability to relate to professional players, but maybe he can thrive without being the G.M. as well as the coach. I mentioned this a week or two ago, but it’s something to think about now that Payton is out of the picture.

  20. Option 1
    Sign Coughlin and name Holmgren as OC.

    Option 2
    Go get Nick Saban for HC and Frank Reich as OC.

    Option 3
    Sign Holmgren on as HC and let him choose his OC.

      1. Not a fan of Jackson. He’s helped out Dalton this season, but he has more toys at his disposal with the Bengals than he would with the 49ers.
        Coughlin meanwhile is a proven force and can keep the players in check.

          1. There you go. I’m a really old coach (two AYSO years about 30 years ago) too, and we agree that Jed needs a grown up in his organization. Never happen.

      2. I still can’t get past the second half debacle in Oakland and how he called his players out publicly.
        Just don’t want to gamble on a HC that isn’t that experienced in it after a failure. Nolan and singletary had some winning streaks until they got out coached and embarrassed with 6-10 game losing streaks.

    1. No on #1&3. #2 would need a young franchise QB and 100% control. I bet he would win if he had that, though. I’m not sure he would leave Alabama even if he did have all of those things on the table. He’s a king in college.

      1. Rocket,
        I was thinking the same thing. Instead of throwing the challenge flag, they have the red challenge cane, which they angrily wave at the officiating crew while telling them to get off of their lawn.

        1. Which is better though: two old guys with three championship rings amongst them that could also be spokesmen for Depends and Geritol or Tomsula and Chryst?

          1. That’s a loaded question…. Madden games have more evolved offenses than Chryst and Chuck E. Cheese’s has employees that would be more competent than Tomsula as a HC.

          2. So big P you’re pushing for a coach who’s older and bagging on two coaches that have a winning pedigree too. You mean to tell me you haven’t seen a Giants game this year and looked at coughlin on the sidelines looking like he’s struggling to remember his name? Coughlin is another defensive minded coach who got lucky from a miraculous catch in one of those Suoerbowls. Holmgren and shanahan use his senior discounts at lunch. Lol

    2. 1. Not sure if he would want to come here.
      2. Fer dam sure he would not touch Jed with a 10 foot pole.
      3. Only one who has expressed an interest in the job,and they wont give him an interview.

  21. I suspect that Payton was Baalke’s first choice. Too bad, I really liked him for our next coach.

    I am reminded of last year when Gase was all but locked up and then we had to settle for Tomsula. Perhaps candidates that know Baalke really well do not want to work with him?

    I hope we don’t have to settle for another dud.

    1. Leo,
      Just remind yourself that three out of Payton’s last four seasons have been losing campaigns and he has had a first ballot HOF QB the entire time. Then think back to what Harbaugh accomplished with Smith and Kaepernick. It doesn’t surprise me that he is staying in N.O.

  22. Sucks because if he doesn’t win next year the fire will get hotter and we will already have our coach. Why couldn’t we hire tomsula this year.

  23. Jed shot himself in the foot again. The way that Tomsula was fired was petty and classless.
    Any prospective coach is going to look at how Tomsula was treated, and expect Jed to do the same thing to him.
    Jed does not deserve to be the CEO and he should hold himself accountable and resign to restore class and honor back to the Niners. Jed should find the leaker and fire Ballke, then resign and let another York try his hand. As long as Jed is CEO, they will never win a ring.
    I do not accept the apology, because I thought it was contrived, calculating and insincere.
    You do not fire Head Coach Jim Tomsula, and then call him JimmyT. That remark defined Jed York.

    1. So this year on the blog you were the eternal optimist. Does that mean you’re going all “Debbie Downer” from here on out?

      1. As a die hard Niner fan who predicted a 10-6 season, and will love and support the team and players no matter what, I feel betrayed. This season was so disappointing in so many ways. Jed should not have decided before the game what he was going to do, and he sure the hell should not have allowed it to be leaked before the game. Common decency should have allowed Tomsula to finish the season before deciding. But no, what a classless and tasteless buffoon Jed has become. What coach in his right mind would want to be treated like that? Jed is the problem, and Baalke is his enabler. Jed will be turned down by capable and competent coaches and he will have to settle for the dregs like last year.
        I am sorry if you think it is too harsh, but I am fed up.
        Jed should be held accountable. I could tell he practiced saying the speech at least 10 times, but he still stumbled on the words. He said he was sorry, but actions speak louder than words. The best action he should take is to fall on his sword, admit he is in over his head and gracefully resign. Roy(?) should take over or even Nikki Debartolo. Jed will just continue the nightmare, and disgruntled fans will continue to hurl epithets at him, and fly banners to humiliate him. Jed could become a hero if he stepped down, but I am resigned to endure more drek.
        Jed told me to hold him accountable. I am just doing what he told me to do.

      2. Cubus, I just had to get that off my chest. I will still wax eloquent over the WCO and pine for the return of the Glory Years, but I truly hate to be Rosily Scenarioed.
        Jed deserved that shot, and I wanted to tell him that to some, his apology fell on deaf ears. Actions speak louder than words and accountability will be achieved.
        Do not be deceived, you will reap what you sow. It will be a bitter harvest. Winter is coming.

    2. We can blame Jed for his idiotic move two years ago. But this year I don’t think we can. The only thing we can blame him for is of Baalke totally missed with the HC hiring, draft and free agency.
      Little boy Jed distanced himself from decisions this year and putting it all on Baalke which every owner should be doing. So let’s say he’s actually doing something right for once and focus on the fall guy Baalke. It’s on his shoulders this time

    3. Good idea… Let’s bring John York back on stage. You said ‘he’ so that eliminates York/DeBartolo women.

      1. I am all for Nikki Debartolo because she would draw the support of the most important person who would get it right. Eddie.

      1. I really, really wanted Gase last year, but I can’t see any way that he would even consider an interview. He’s got a number of interviews lined up and the niners are not on that list.

      2. Gase is the better of the two, but there’s no way he’s coming to the 49ers after their sheer stupidity last year.

      1. Architect of a championship offense despite having a weak OL. Also had a fairly balanced offense.

        1. They were a very balanced team that year, with the offense at 8 and the defense at 13. When I think back on that Super Bowl, I think of the Tracy Porter pick six to win the game.

          1. When I think back on that Super Bowl, I think of the Tracy Porter pick six to win the game.

            Are you thinking of the Saints-Colts Super Bowl here?

  24. With Payton out of the running, my guess is Hue Jackson will be option #1, and if they miss out on him it will be Chip Kelly.

        1. I think what he was trying to say ways “Hey..despite my creativity and genius offensive strategy, nobody is going to want me now that I’ve dismantled the Eagles and alienated some of the best players in the league. Since you seem to be voluntarily trending in that same direction with your team maybe we would be a good fit for each other – fans and players be damned!”

          Hell no, I don’t want Chip Kelly. He needs to go back to college where he belongs….or to the Cowboys – it’d be fun to watch them implode for another year or two.

          1. Jed should throw money at Mark Helfrich and make him an offer he cannot refuse. Then Kelly can go back to Oregon where he belongs.
            If Kelly comes to the Niners, expect fireworks.

    1. I pray then that we get Jackson. But if it comes down to Kelly and Shanahan, I hope they decide on Mike. Why he would be interested in the job, though, is a bit of a mystery to me. I assume no one is showing interest and he just misses coaching too much. He’s one hell of a competitor.

      1. Me too, but I doubt he’ll want to come here. These are my guesses as to who will get the job. I don’t particularly want or like Kelly as an option.

  25. Arik Armstead led Pass Rush Efficiency stat for 3-4 DEs with 200+ pass rush snaps with a 12.3 score, edging out J.J. Watt (12.0). Armstead had 38 QB pressures in 250 pass rush snaps
    The only player I’ve been more wrong about is Cam Newton.

    1. We’ll see what happens when he becomes a full time starter but yeah it looks pretty good so far and I didn’t want him at that spot either.

    2. Meh, I’m still not impressed. He can push the pocket but has no idea how to get to the ball.

      All pressures aren’t created equal.

  26. Let’s go really old school… Dick Vermeil as GM, John Madden as HC, George Seifert as DC, and Mike Holmgren as OC.

    1. Sponsorship of the Santa Clara stadium becomes Depends… “You are looking live at Depends Stadium…where the 0-11 49ers take on the 11-0 Cowboys…”

    2. Swap Vermeil with Madden and we’re good to go. I’d rather have a GM with a sense of humor and a coach who cries than the other way around..

  27. At this point, Jackson looks like the best fit for the 49ers current/future personnel… at least among the remaining talked about top candidates.

    But a quarterback guru needs a pupil. He (was) enamored with Kaepernick in 2011, but I can see him loving his choices with the #2 overall pick Cleveland has.

    (can you tell I’m obsessed with Goff?)

    Cleveland can be an attractive option. Choice of rookie QB. Low bar the first few years.

    1. Lol. You are definitely infatuated with young Mr. Goff and I’m right there with you. Don’t give up hope yet. It isn’t likely he makes it to us, but maybe Cleveland will be Cleveland and take Lynch instead.

      1. You can’t really put Palmer’s failure as a Raider on Jackson – Oakland’s crappy offensive line, depleted running game, and lack of quality WR’s had something to do with it. McFadden was hurt most of the time and Heyward Bay was fast, but couldn’t catch anything – and he was their best receiver. Plus, Palmer had been couch surfing for months before joining the team mid-season – he wasn’t exactly in game shape that first year.

          1. Ironic, isn’t it? Except I’ve nothing bad to say about our top receiver – Boldin’s been one of the few bright spots this year.

        1. Im just joshing you ;p
          I thought that Hue did a lot better job with that team than the other coaches. Actually got them to play together and reduced the bonehead plays (until the last games)
          However, Hue was afforded the luxury of getting that Bengal gig, and that loaded roster would make even Tomsula look good. Do not know if he can rebuild a team.

          1. What coaches out there would you like to see as Niner HC?

            HCs and rookie QBs are very similar this year. Lots of “possibilities” candidates, but no slam dunks. Goff could flop. Its such a radical transition to pro football. HC is an insanely complex and pressured job.

            That said, decisions need to be decisive, even if all you have are “traits.” Traits like quick release + good pocket footwork + strong arm + touch passing are rare combination in the college ranks.

            His pre-snap reads are not too shabby either (not his best game for sure.

            1. My dream would be for Jed to crawl on his hands and knees to say he was sorry and beg forgiveness to Vic Fangio. Since he will not impose Tomsula on him, Vic may accept.
              The Chicago gig does not have a bright future with GB and Vikes in the playoffs, and Detroit under performing.
              Does not matter who the DC is with Vic in charge. I would hope he nabs an innovative college OC like Mike Bloomgren of Stanford, Art Franklin of Cal or Rhett Lashlee of Auburn.

    2. You’ll surely get a thrill up your leg when the 49ers are on the clock and Goff is sitting there for the taking….

      1. I’ll take Goff will be at 7. Package 36 with other picks to move into the first round for stud OL or pass rusher.

  28. Jed fired Tomsula too early…I heard Trent say he should have waited until he could find a coach of comaparble talent out there…Now, nobody.

  29. Carl Lawson returning to Auburn next season. There goes another player I really wanted the 49ers to look at this year. If he stays healthy next season he has the talent to be a 1st rounder in 2017.

          1. Given the personnel, I think we can be pretty confident they’ll stick with a 3-4. Too much work to overhaul to a 4-3.

          1. Pretty much every team uses some form of hybrid at times. But while I appreciate he played it some for Clemson on occasion, I don’t see Lawson as a stand up edge player. He could be without a position on base downs.

              1. Yep. Not sure why. Would be a waste putting him on the edge. OLB in a 4-3 would be fine, but not a 3-4.

              2. The scouting reports have LBs listed both ways sometimes. In any case, they need to bulk up and get stronger. Like Tank, players can lose weight to fit the system. You wanted Smith. Who would you like instead?

              3. With Smith out, I hope they get a shot at Goff. Failing that, I am unsure at this stage who I would like them to take.

  30. There is a part of me that thinks Baalke will grab a QB with a high pick solely as a method of self preservation. It would generate some excitement along with the new HC and it would likely provide Baalke with enough buffer to secure a couple more years of employment. The power of promise is a powerful tool in the war against the PSL paying masses.

    1. Fans Empting out Levi Stadium leaving Jed with rotting hot dogs doesn’t hurt either…Kind of balances out those front office gargantuan egos.

    2. Big P this entire draft Baalke needs to hit on every pick. Not just the 1st round. He is on red alert from rounds one thru 7 plus free agency and signing his own guys.

  31. Any talent on the practice squad we may be over looking? Dres Anderson (Utah) had some promise coming out of college before his injury.

    1. Cassie …
      speaking of the PS .. which way
      are brass leaning .. between
      Dawson, and Acosta ?

      With all this cap room they speak of ..
      Phil’s $4 Million cap hit ain’t that much

      1. Gramps Phil… Dad has been watching a lot of youtube video of placekickers the last few days, along with Gladys Night and the Pips performances..

        1. So you mean Ray Warshing Kicker, is on the come back trail? Does he still sport the cool mustache? He is what 65 now or 70? I am sure Balke’s got some ” liqoured up kicker spotted for the 7th pick!

  32. I really have the impression that this is Baalke’s last year to put together a good roster. It’s unclear, however, what that means in terms of wins and losses.

    The thing about the draft is that most of the drafted players can’t be expected to have a huge impact their first year. I’m on the side that the 1st round draft should, but Scooter will give you a lot of good reasons why that isn’t the case. So, if Baalke really is on the clock with regards to the roster, can this year’s draft class save him?

    Maybe the bigger wild card here is free agency, because you can get immediate impact from that. Most of you will say you have to build through the draft and supplement with FA. If that is really the only viable model, then only giving Baalke one year to realize that goal is unrealistic. Of course if the goal is to get rid of Baalke after this year, then it would seem that the odds might be pretty good.

    1. With a 5-11 team, there are huge holes to fill. Many first, second and third rounders need to step up and hit the ground running. More importantly, the FA signings need to fill holes and start right away. Those veterans will be proficient, but also in high demand. With 60 mil in cap space, Baalke better not go cheap. Last year showed the importance of resigning veteran leadership. Boone and Williams should be given fair contracts.

    2. Usually I’d give you what I think are good reasons, but if the 49ers pick at #7 and don’t take a QB, I do think the 7th pick of the draft on a rebuilding team should start.

      I agree though, free agency is where Baalke needs to knock it out of the park this year (aside from getting the coach right). Lots of money to play with, but they need to be smart in how they use it.

      One guy I really think they should go after if the Chiefs let him walk (and I think there is a good chance they will) is Tamba Hali. Let Brooks go. Hali can be the veteran leader of the edge player group for a couple of years, and he’s still playing at a very high level (I believe PFF had him in their top 10 for pass rush productivity).

        1. Well, I doubt he’ll actually be available, but if he is, and recovery from his surgery is on track, I’d still be keen on it. Just the sort of difference maker the DL needs.

        1. How about Alex Boone? Hear he is pretty good.
          Mitchell Schwartz, Cordy Glenn, Kelvin Beachum, Mackenzy Bernadeau, Ramon Foster,Ted Larsen and Bobby Massie are all Free agents.

  33. Megaton cleaning out his locker. Not sure if he wants to play anymore…. Sounds like another all time Detroit great who hung them up before becoming a shell of his former self, that may have gotten tired of the horrible horrible franchise known as the Detroit Lions!

  34. Who will want to coach here? I mean when you have a terrible GM and a young owner who doesn’t care what happens as long as the money rolls in and runs a great coach outta SF in Jim H. Who can we get? A no name coach. Hell Kelly wants in but we won’t offer.

    We’ll go another 20 years without a title.

  35. I have more and more a good feeling about Hue Jackson and what he possibly could do for us:

    First of all is his experience in different offensive systems: Marty Ball, Air Coryell and Mariucci West Coast Offense approach.
    This also means he can put a premier coaching staff together with his connections.

    His offense would be a Balanced Hybrid Power Running with Vertical Passing with setting up Play Action for Vertical Routes and we have some big pieces for this offense: Carlos Hyde(power running) and Torrey Smith(vertical threat).

    So thats why he is #1 on Baalkes list and he should be our #1 priority.(i like Gase also but after last years debacle not much chance).

  36. It’s sad that this once proud franchise is having to compete with another horrible team for the right to hire a third tier HC candidate. This used to be the job that every coach coveted. Jackson looks like the dude that fell into the Sarlaac Pit in Return of the Jedi. So….so depressing.

  37. Minnesota also losing because of lack of discipline and playing mistake-free football. Peterson’s turnover is typical of boneheaded plays by teams stuck in mediocrity. He had the first down and there was no need to get the an extra yard among a pile of Seattle defenders. And the broken play by Wilson with a CB giving up on his assignment that led to the score is also classic Seahawks…

    1. This is the reason I never like conservative offenses that rely on having kickers to do the scoring and win games. I think the Minnesota kicker made 3 out of 4 — can’t win play-offs at home in home-favorable conditions without scoring a TD. The Harbaugh-Roman offense, too, relied too much on kickers, IMO.

      1. Absolutely brutal. The kicker was walking around right after the miss looking for hands to shake and everybody was ignoring him. That was a ridiculous shank.

      2. That’s the problem when you have a defensive coordinator/background for a head coach. They play it close to the vest and think defense can win games.
        When in reality defenses keep you in games, offense wins them! It’s been like this forever in the NFL except for the 85 Bears and 2000 Ravens.

        1. Agree. DC-turned-HCs dream of ball-control offenses that will support their defenses. HCs with DC-background like Bellichick and Carroll have evolved and will do whatever it takes to win big and Gambling Ron is joining that small group. But the rest from Fisher to Zimmer. Seifert would have done the same had it not been for a veteran offense (players who kept him out of offensive team meetings) and strong OCs.

        1. George
          When Harbaugh coached at Stanford and Niners, I used to occasionally wonder that if had the QB and receivers to run a potent passing offense, he would keep it bottled down and run his version of ball-control WCO. Initially I thought he didn’t develop a deep passing game with Luck, but I came to the conclusion he loves the Bo-inspired power running game way too much to focus pushing harder on the throttle.

    1. I hope McLorg is right, and not embellishing Maiocco’s comment.

      Some recent tweets within the last few minutes.

      Michael Silver ‏”Hue Jackson is in the middle of his Browns interview right now… so if you think he’s a lock to go somewhere, you might be sniffing glue”

      McLorg “I trust my sources.”

      The Browns interview began noon Pacific time. The morning interview took 5 hours. I’m guessing the Browns interview is in fact still going.

    2. Expecting 2-3 seasons tops from him as our HC. Jed York and Trent Baalke in another Freddie P. Soft.

    1. I hope he rocks a red or gold satin suit to his introductory press conference. I remember when he came out looking like a pimp once after a Raiders victory. He was talking about having some cognac and smoking a cigar or something. It wasn’t bad, it was just kind of funny because you don’t hear coaches talk like that. He was really feeling himself during that presser. I hope he’s toned it down a bit, but has the potential to be a good HC.

    1. Why take a $14.5 million dollar risk on a guy who hasn’t gotten better in 4 years?
      You thinking Hue can perform a miracle and implant a smarter brain in him?
      Better to draft someone, develop him and make him your own. That way you go down knowing you did it your way. No excuses and no reclamation projects.

      1. Alex Smith was a reclamation project that got better later in his career, even though his improvement isn’t very evident when looking at his stats. I don’t think Kaep will be here and I do think they will select a QB, if for no other reason than to energize the fan base. And selecting a QB would energize the masses, even if the hardcore fans might not be impressed. Beating the ‘Kaep can’t get better’ drum is just flawed logic. Situations change. People grow. Players get better. He might do well in a different environment and with different coaches.

        1. I don’t think Alex Smith was a reclamation project. Only because we seen how good he was under a real coordinator in Norv Turner then again under Roman years later.
          Kaepernick is a reclamation project because he needs to be taught the simplest things from scratch. Foot work, film study, reading defenses. The 49ers are better off drafting a rookie. Cheaper and like you said will ignite the entire fan base.

          1. He wasn’t that good under Turner or Roman. He isn’t that good now. He’s adequate when surrounded by a strong supporting cast. His stats are very similar every year since 2011. He took a pay cut, thought he was leaving and then came back after Harbaugh signed because of the impending lockout. I thought he would be more productive, stat wise, under Reid but he’s more or less the same QB. He compliments the current team very well because he plays smart football, but he didn’t always do that earlier during his career. He made bone headed mistakes as well. I don’t care one way or the other. I don’t think Kaep will come back but that’s up to the new HC to determine. I still think they will try to make a splash with a QB high in the draft. I see it as a way for Baalke and Jed to buy some time. Hope is powerful for the Levis sheep. Jed knows this. The benefits include:

            -More jersey sales and excited fans.

            -Two years for a rookie to develop according to their ‘vision’.

            -The ability to get rid of Baalke in two years and the new HC in three for a new GM and HC that can carry out said vision….if necessary.

            1. But Prime is right

              #7 needs to be taught the “simplest things from scratch. Foot work, film study, reading defences”……

              the truth is #7 isn’t getting any better unless we have 5-6 pro bowlers on offense

      2. Sounds like he will only cost 10 mil, which is manageable.
        Does not make sense to rely on an unproven college QB when Kaep has been a road playoff winner and SB QB.
        hopefully this new coaching staff will be smart enough to utilize his skillsets in a way that accentuate his strengths.

    2. I’m not sure it will be Kaep, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t sign up to board the Blaine Train. At least not for the long term. Maybe a one way ticket type of deal. If you’re going to draft a rookie QB, Jackson is a great guy to have working with him. We shall see…

  38. “Hue Jackson has concluded his interview with the Browns. He has not received an offer from Cleveland or SF. Both meetings went well.”

    Michael Silver 5 minutes ago

  39. Grant Cohn ‏3 minutes ago “Jason Cole says Hue Jackson “turned down overtures from the 49ers who were interested in possibly hiring him as early as Sunday.”

    1. Brodie ..

      Tell me yer kiddin’ …

      See .. I’n not sold on Jackson.. (yet)
      but sittin’ on the fence .. and..
      the way I see it .. if Marvin Lewis doesn’t get the axe ..
      then .. it’s bottom of the barrel – time again …

      Hue seems to be the only guy on anyone’s radar ..
      worth anything, it seems ..

      1. I’m not certain about any of the coaching candidates… one of the reasons I wanted Jackson was getting a head start on the coaching staff.

    2. Browns will be dangling the personnel control card, Hue will be beholden to Baalke if he came here. NY may be the best place for success. Browns and Niners may be dead end destinations for an ambitious coach.

    1. Michael ..
      someone posted on another thread… that
      Kelly should work as an OC, before thinkin’
      about another HC position …

      I’m all in on that one !

  40. I’m hoping that Jackson goes to the Giants so that we can try getting Ben McAdoo to be our HC.

    1. Why? What has McAdoo done to make him a better candidate? He has no HC experience and has only been a coordinator for two years.

      1. Kelly’ style of offense. Maybe someone like CK (Mariota/similarities) can prosper in Kelly’ offense. Of course, Kap would need to come back which my not be in the FO plans.

    1. I don’t think Kaepernick is interested in playing for SF again. They really misled him and left him out to dry. The line changes didn’t happen which jeopardized his safety. They sat him and he ultimately lost 3 million dollars because of it. They lied to him about resigning players and staying competitive.
      I would be really surprised if Kaepernick played another game in SF.

      1. While I think he may have felt stabbed in the back, he may have 10 million reasons to stay. Any new contract will be a ‘prove it’ deal for initially for a lot less.

      2. Matt ..
        I can see history repeating itself, here ..

        The year Harbaugh came, Alex was an FA..
        without any hope of catching on anywhere else ..

        Then the one day he had to clean out his locker..
        (during the lock-out) .. Harbs threw the play-book at him ..

        Just maybe .. Kaep is feelin’ like Alex
        did back then …and ..

        most people believe that with Jackson, or Kelly..
        Kaep can possibly get a 2nd chance at redemption ..

        Hey .. don’t laugh !!

        it could happen !

    2. Kaep would thrive in a Chip Kelly offense. Chip would be salivating over the possibilities to have a QB perfect for his system.

  41. Michael Silver ‏@MikeSilver 26m26 minutes ago
    I talked to Hue Jackson after his long day. He told me he’s going… to sleep, after basically getting none last night. No offers yet.

    1. cubux ..

      Whaddya wanna bet …
      Baalke has his pillow and blanket .. and
      is … (right now) … parked outside
      Jackson’s fromt door ?

  42. “Cole: “The Giants job is clearly the No. 1 job, ”
    As I thought. The better candidates are going to vie for the Giants gig and we’ll get the ones that they aren’t interested in.

        1. I was thinking about what’s better…

          A) A mediocre placeholder HC for two years… with coaching staff and system continuity (except a new OC)

          B) A mediocre placeholder HC for one year, with a slightly better mediocre placeholder HC the next year… with major turnover in coaching staff and a completely new system.

          I’m really hoping Jackson’s delay and the NY talk is salary negotiation.

          I’m not liking the other candidates.

          1. Brodie,

            The problem is like the draft it’s an inexact science when it comes to hiring a HC. Sometimes it works, but more often than not it doesn’t. Most of the candidates available this year are either inexperienced, trying to get another HC shot or just trying to get back in the league. I’m not sure there is any candidate that is superior to another quite frankly. Gase is the popular guy this year, but he’s a huge question mark too. No HC experience, very young guy who has worked with some good QB’s and HC’s but really nothing on his resume that screams success as a HC in Miami.

            Most of us want Hue Jackson now, but what separates Hue from Dirk Koetter as a candidate? Koetter has just as good a history as a coordinator and has more HC experience, so why isn’t he being talked about more? I think what happens is people respond to the name getting the most attention and that name can be popular for any number of reasons many of which have no bearing on future success.

            1. Everything you say makes sense.

              Its the Mariucci to Erickson change that still sticks in my mind.

              It sure feels like the 49ers have targeted Jackson. Its true the small interview window the Bengals allowed mean Baalke and Jed flying to Cincy… but it feels like he’s the guy they want.

      1. I like it. Kind of like a B romance movie ending. Jed drives to the airport like a lunatic and stops Jimmy T just as he’s about to board a flight to Alaska…. “Jimmy, I’m so, so sorry…come baaack!”

    1. MWN,

      There’s a lot of candidates out there. I’d like to see Hue Jackson as the next HC, but if he goes elsewhere they then have to look at Koetter and Shanahan especially imo.

      1. Hope yer right, rocket.. but..
        the more I think about it …

        from a PR standpoint … the closest
        Jedster and Baalke could come to hitting
        this one out of the park… would be
        Fangio …

        I’m not sayin’ he’d be the best choice
        (I dunno) … but .. it would show that
        the current “brain-trust”
        (the term used loosely) … is not above groveling ..

        It would almost … make them

        seem … human !

    1. If Baalke found someone willing to give up their ’16 2nd rounder to move up in the first would you use that pick on Jaylon IF he’s still available? I’m reading that some still think that a team will take him in the first.

      1. Not a chance. No matter how good he was or how promising the recovery is estimated to be, we are talking about reconstructive knee surgery and using a first or second day pick would be a tremendous gamble I wouldn’t be willing to take.

      2. As much as I really like Smith, I wouldn’t touch him in first or second round, and would be nervous about taking him in the third.

      3. I’m sticking with Grimey’s suggestion. Using a 4th round comp pick for him. Tough to imagine him still there though.

    1. First good news to come out of this search.

      SiriusXM NFL Radio ‏@SiriusXMNFL 10m10 minutes ago
      Pat Kirwan: If I had an opening at HC and or GM, Tom Coughlin is the first guy I interview. I want to know what this guy thinks of my team.

              1. Coaching requires an energy, a patience, a new way to relate to this generation. I think coaches experienced and aged as much as Tom Coughlin would not be the ideal fit for this team with its current age and need for development of its roster.
                My opinion is they need someone with some energy, youthfulness, vibrancy. Someone who can also be marketable.

            1. If they were to sign Coughlin I would hope they’d have some sort of 5 year plan to replace him with someone he brought on staff, to keep continuity.

              1. Leo,

                Five year plan? Don’t you mean five month plan?

                Seriously though, I think counting on Coughlin much beyond two years would be optimistic.

                Funny comments on Coughlin’s age, btw.

      1. Coughlin could be not only what the team needs, but the organization in general. If you want to follow the Parcells way then this is the guy who can lead you on that path. Baalke is a wanna be Parcell’s disciple; Coughlin is the real deal.

        It would depend on the coordinators, but Coughlin could set this team on a completely different course for the better if he were to come here for a few years.

        1. It all depends on how much Coughlin still wants to coach and what his options are. Coming out to California is hardly a bad trade off for continuing doing what you love.

          If he were somehow to become the next HC, that is instant respect for this team again. That alone is worth exploring the possibility.

        2. Would love to have Coughlin. However why would he want to come here, with a crummy owner and a really bad GM ? Does he really want this?

      2. Likely to be a big obstacle is that Coughlin doesn’t have any West coast ties. He’d be up and moving across the country or living away from his family. More so then anything else I think this factor is why Coughlin is probably not likely to sign with us.

        1. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 2h2 hours ago
          One issue with Tom Coughlin and #49ers is not age but proximity. He has 11 grandkids in the northeast, has been on east coast since 1988.

    2. Now that would be a heck of an upgrade – I just can’t picture him on the sidelines in 49er gear – he’s been the face of the Giants for so long..something just wouldn’t seem right, lol!

      1. IMO…would only work if the 9ers brought in a pile of outstanding coordinators and assistants. I’m thinking he’d rather remain on the east coast.

      1. Coughlin is 69, and why would he want to come in and have to deal with Baalke’s horrible track record with the draft and personnel and put up with the immaturity of Jed. I’s sure Tom would want to have a say who is selected for the draft or signed as a FA. He’s old enough to be their grandfather, and with what he has been through in NY, why take on additional stress of dealing with this chaos? He needs to enjoy his twilight years not suffer from additional aggravation.

        1. I’ve no idea, but it sounds like he wants to keep coaching, and the only other option he currently has would pit him against his old players which he may feel conflicted about.

          Certainly worth the 49ers exploring the opportunity.

  43. Ian Rapoport ‏- Hue Jackson does plan to interview with the Giants, I’m told. Working on finalizing a time, given the NFL meetings in Houston.

  44. LMJ might have stunk at football but he sure is a funny guy:

    LaMike james ✔ @LaMichaelJames
    Hey @BruceMill49er I miss U! Pause that! Hope U doing well Ur beard look like glued hot Cheetos

  45. Michael Silver ‏@MikeSilver 1h1 hour ago
    Michael Silver Retweeted rkg116
    I know what is going on. It is not that. 49ers have not decided. Browns have not decided. Hue has not been offered. Michael Silver added,

  46. Regardless of who we end up with as coach and even more so if we sign Hue I think Ken Zampese shouold be on the list for OC.

      1. His experience according to Wiki:

        2003-present Cincinnati Bengals
        Quarterbacks Coach

        2000-02 St. Louis Rams
        Offensive Assistant (’00), WRs Coach (’01), Passing Game Coordinator (’02)

        1999 Green Bay Packers
        Offensive Assistant

        1998 Philadelphia Eagles
        Offensive Assistant

        1996-97 Miami University
        QBs Coach/Passing Game Coordinator

        1992-95 Northern Arizona University
        WRs Coach (’92-94), Offensive Coordinator (’95)

        1990-91 University of Southern California
        Graduate Assistant (DBs)

    1. Not a bad idea. Very important to get a good QB Coach in here this time. If Hue gets the job he wouldn’t be calling plays either.

  47. I don’t know all the x’s and o’s of coaching but throwing this out there
    HC Coughlin
    OC Kelly
    DC Mangini
    With Kelly or Mangini to take over in 3 or so years.

    1. Philosophical differences would be an issue, I would imagine. Kelley needs to have a great offense that can out score the defense. For his system to be effective in the NFL he has to put all of his eggs in one basket. I think Kelly could be successful in the NFL but I also think it would be at the expense of a consistently effective defense. His system is perfect for college whereas it could be effective under the perfect circumstances in the NFL. He wants to speed the game up. I don’t see that as a fit with Coughlin, or most NFL teams in general. I thought he would end up in Tennessee with Mariota.

      1. I think Titans are waiting for the winning OC of the SB, otherwise, Kelly would be the logical choice to coach up Mariota since he knows him so well.

  48. Coughlin is tough on the players which is just what this team needs to fix what Tomsula undid. However, players like A Davis would stay in retirement. He doesn’t want to put in the work.
    Coughlin would be a great fit for this team’s needs regarding discipline and accountability. As hard as he was in NY, he has player’s respect both past and present. Very no nonsense.
    I think even more important than the HC is going to be the OC.

    1. If Coughlin would study the situation, and convince Jed to mutually part with Baalke, I think it would be a great hire.

    2. You’re right that Davis would hate the hire. If he didn’t like Harbaugh he won’t like Coughlin. But that’s exactly the type of coach he needs.

      1. Scooter from what i’ve read about Coughlin with NY, he came on very harsh in the begining but when he started to lose the locker room he softened his style quite a bit. He had a leadership group of players that he ran all his ideas by before bringing them to the team.

        1. Yeah, I’ve seen that too, but while he wasn’t as strict he is still something of a disciplinarian. He wouldn’t put up with half-a$$ed effort or allow a soft TC.

      2. I don’t think Davis would care. He knows he doesn’t need to like the coach to win games. If he really wants to play he’ll play.

  49. It’s pretty weird that the 49ers want to interview Coughlin and won’t give Holmgren the time of day because he’s old considering Holmgren is two years younger.

    1. I thought the same thing…but York/Baalke haven’t exactly demonstrated logical thinking or common sense over the last couple years.

      They have demonstrated a fine ability to say one thing, yet do another – not even speaking to Holmgren because he’s too old, then scheduling an interview Coughlin is par for the course.

      1. The York-Baalke can be insulted, but they will not tolerate anyone who suggests that their behavior is insulting, irrational, or self serving.

    2. Frankly, I think the Yorks are intimidated by Holmgren. Perhaps something ‘happened’ back in the early 90s when Mike was on the staff. Maybe he caught little Jed doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.

    3. The biggest difference is Coughlin has been coaching in the league as recent as this season, while Holmgren’s most recent work is in 2008. I don’t know if it’s the age so much as it’s the question of how up to date Holmgren is with the current game.

      1. I think he lost some respect when he drafted Richardson and Weeden in the first round of the draft. It was so desperate. He would look better now had he just selected good players instead of trying for a Hail Mary. The Browns are dysfunctional and everybody knows it. He contributed to that dysfunction by carelessly drafting two huge busts at two very important positions. It was irresponsible.

    4. They, the Yorks, don’t want anyone tainted by Bill Walsh and Eddie. They want what Parcells wants. He is their sounding board for football.

      1. Years ago, Baalke and Marathe ignored the advice from Bill Walsh. They deserve everything that has happened to them since then.
        Niners will never win a SB as long as Baalke is the GM.

        1. The Seb blathers.

          Bill Walsh passed away after a long illness July 30th, 2007.

          Trent Baalke was hired as an area scout in 2005. Just exactly when did Bill Walsh recommend anything that could have passed across the Trent’s desk? Bill’s consulting job for the 49ers ended in 2004.

    1. The Browns have a higher pick, a dejected fan base, a desperate owner and a much, much lower standard for improvement. He can be a hero there just by being mediocre for a few years with a rookie QB. He’ll be compared to 3 NFCCG in 4 years in S.F., at minimum, while possibly being hitched to the Blaine Train. I can’t believe that the Browns are a better situation right now for HC candidates. Smh.

          1. That was last year’s.
            This year—
            CEO- Nikki Debartolo
            GM – Mike Holmgren
            HC- Mike Shanahan
            OC- Tom Rathman
            DC- Bryant Young

  50. I think the Browns take Lynch because they determine he has the best chance to succeed in Cleveland due to his stronger arm and stature over Goff. Next goes Cook to the Cowboys where he can learn for a year behind Romo. If Buckner is gone, I would pass on Goff and select Myles Jack for the 49ers….

    1. I think the browns could trade down and sign RG III instead. They could shore up their line, have multiple picks and look like they may just have a plan.

  51. Jed ‘Tony Montana’ York… “Okay, here’s the story. I come from the gutter. I know that. I got no education… but that’s okay. I know the street, and I’m making all the right connections. With the right woman, there’s no stopping me. I could go right to the top.”

  52. From PFT:

    “First, the 49ers reportedly want Jackson so badly that they reportedly were considering offering him the job on Sunday. They didn’t. That doesn’t mean they won’t. But should Jackson want the job?

    He needs to consider the overall environment in the organization, starting with the extremely high expectations created by CEO Jed York. For York, winning isn’t everything; winning the Super Bowl is the only thing. And if the team doesn’t turn the thing around quickly, more changes will be coming. Also, unless Jackson thinks he can turn Colin Kaepernick around, the team needs a quarterback.”

    Exactly. That’s why I said that if they hire Jackson I think they will draft a QB. He might be able to get production out of Kaepernick, but he and Baalke could get more job security by drafting a rookie and implementing a two year ‘vision’ for his development. They could show some incremental improvement with the third year being the litmus test for their vision to start bearing some fruit. That’s my cynical side thinking, but the York’s have not shown me any reason for optimism. I think that’s how they think and I think that’s how Baalke is thinking right now. It’s about preservation. If things work out on any level, Baalke will be back to his smug self again in a couple of years.

    1. And that way makes more sense anyways from a football perspective.
      Why guarantee to your owner that you, when so many others have tried, to make #7 a legit NFL QB? Bad risk! Any coach proclaiming this would be foolish in any interview.

    2. With 50 million in cap space before cutting Kaepernick, (which I believe is a savings of 3 million with the dead money hit) I think the team may be more interested in signing a FA QB. If they are stuck on this offense that was built around Kaepernick’s abilities, RG III is sufficiently humbled. There is also Cousins available.
      The beauty behind finding a FA QB is that you can use the draft to shore up your line and find a pass rusher.
      Unfortunately, I think the team goes cheap and keeps Gabbert, cuts Kaepernick, loses Boone, and sits on 17 million in cap space to roll over into 2017. The team wins 6 games next season.

  53. Best thing about the coaching search so far… Watching Silver and McLorg twitter exchanges. When speculation goes up against knowledge the fun hits the fan.

      1. Its like one kid throwing a tantrum when the adult (Silver) insists he clean his plate before having any ice cream.

  54. The 49ers are running out of options. Their top candidates are – apparently – turning them down (Payton, Jackson, etc). Ouch. “sow what you reap”. They’ll end up promoting from within …

    Next HC of the 49ers: Eric Mangini

    1. How can they have been turned down when (according to multiple reports) offers were never put on for Payton and they have yet to officially offer the position to Jackson?

      1. The York-Baalke never make an offer unless the candidate indicates clearly that he will accept. The story last year and again this year will be that “we” never made an offer. Rejection is just too painful.

    1. I think Hue Jackson’s coaching stock froze the moment Coughlin fielded an interview. Hue Jackson is not the Phil Jackson of coaching. He was the most attractive option until something better became available. Tom Coughlin just ruined Hue Jackson’s wedding.
      He isn’t signing before Coughlin makes a decision. The same reporter said he’d sign in SF Sunday. Ooops. Got that one wrong. Now he is 24-48 hours from signing? I think not. He is waiting for teams to decide if Coughlin wants to coach for them.

  55. I predict Hue goes to NY. Best spot for him. Guess McAdoo failed the HC test.
    Poster on NN predicted Hue would be fired after 2 years if he went to Cleveland. That might be better than the Niners who fired Tomsula before his last game.
    Even though the Browns are dangling the GM /HC job to Hue, he must take into consideration facing the Steelers and Bengals 4 times each season.

    1. Haslam is a hot head. He has no patience, no vision and no business trying to run a franchise. He’s the idiot that wanted Manziel because a homeless man told him to draft him. He should stick to ripping his Flying J customers off via gas rebates. He’s excellent at that. Whatever QB they draft will go through a revolving door of coaches before flaming out.

      1. I think alot of the problem with NFL games is the pace that the game is officiated. College refs are more decisive, and don’t need a 5 minute conference to call a motion penalty.

  56. Just give New Orleans 2017 2nd rd pick and call it a day. Anyone else tired of this? I feel like I went through this not long ago…. That’s right it was one year ago…smh

    1. Reminds me of last year’s coaching hunt. I hoping the delay is just cat-and-mouse games… or they really are telling the truth and waiting because of the NFL owners meetings.

  57. That Clemson receiver Gallum — that’s guy not just has strength, SAQ, and field vision, but plays with a lot of heart. He’ll play on Sundays.

    1. Coker won’t have the benefit of throwing to uncovered receivers in the NFL. Finally got to play for the first time in his final year of eligibility and had a decent year, but most QB’s would with that Oline and running game. To put it in perspective he was beaten out by Blake Sims last year. He’s not an NFL caliber player imo.

  58. I think Hue Jackson will go to the GIants if they want him
    In that case best bet for Niners is Holmgren. But the Yorks are too insular to bring Holmgren on
    My guess is that they will go with Coughlin if Jackson does not pan out

    1. What we weave….

      This blog started out with about 4-5 candidates for the forty niner HC job…It has degraded into a parochial food fight and some of the most ridiculous suggestions and ‘commendations’ that never were, and now we’re back further than when we started. We scream BS for 3/4 of the season and wanting all of the coaches’ heads…now we want it to become a place where “old coaches go to die”. Coughlin…? Holmgren…? Shannahan.? This follows , unfortunately, the 49ers love for a dramatic ending where we stretch it out until we get all of the headlines, but the only coach left on the board who will allow Baalke on the practice field. Get decisive ! This is getting stupid ! Pick the best coach andc hire him….

  59. This is going to get messy. I mentioned previously that Jed should have had a coach locked in before firing anyone.
    Seems like Jed is going to repeat history. He acted without thinking, and without a plan.
    Now he will whiff on qualified candidates and have to scrape the bottom of the barrel, again.
    Jed should have stood with Tomsula, praised his yeoman work, but cautioned that changes will be made if a superior more qualified option is available. Instead, he stabbed him in the back by leaking that he would be fired, thus burning that bridge, and loudly told any potential coaches that he would do the same thing to them.
    When he stood up in that PC and asked for patience, many people bought his fairy tale, but now we know that he did not have a clue. He will stumble and bumble, and be worse off than if Tomsula was just given another year to right the ship.
    The nightmare continues. Oh, how low will this once proud franchise sink to?

    1. Seb, you’re 12 months late on this development. It was obvious they way they let Harbaugh go and that Fangio was shunned for a DL coach who was completely inept, that no legitimate HC would come to this organization.
      Sure they tried to make it more appeasing by firing/Reassigning their VP, but it’s still a joke.

  60. The Browns would make the most sense for Jackson. Little bit smaller of a move. Is one organization really any more dysfunctional then the other at this point? The Browns have talent on the roster and they have the #2 pick so if he wants to take the top QB he can. Plus the rumors that the Browns are offering more control over personnel make the 230 mile move a heck of a lot more appealing then the 2300 mile one.

    1. Haslam is an egomaniacal loose cannon. His team will never be stable. Niners’ ownership is just middling — they look so bad to us because we have high expectations. With Niners, there is a chance for winning the Lombardi as Harbaugh showed. With the Browns, chances are close to zero unless ownership changes.

  61. This college championship game was entertaining, but I wish some one could figure out a way to have a college playoff system.
    It could generate billions.
    For all those who say that there would be too many games, I counter by suggesting the colleges should stop scheduling those ritual slaughters. Alabama vs Appalachian State may generate funds for the AS program, but they are a farce because the outcome is predetermined.
    It would help the Bowl games by making more of them relevant.There would be a lot more interest if the outcome of select bowl games had playoff implications.
    They should select 8 major bowl games instead of only 2. Of those 8, the subsequent playoffs could be played during the week so the pros are not affected. It would entail only a quarterfinal series and a semifinal series, so the top 8 teams would only have to play 6 more games to decide the finalists. Instead of a final 4, there would be a final 16, thus giving more major colleges with good records a chance for the title. It would generate billions, if someone is smart enough to devise a fair system.
    Teams like Ohio St, Stanford, TCU, Ol Miss, Houston, Baylor, LSU, Notre Dame and even Michigan would jump at the chance to compete in a playoff series.

    1. So, what you are suggesting is that the top-sixteen Div1A teams play in bowl games based on their seeding in the top-sixteen, and the victors of those seeded bowl games would then enter a quarter-final round of eight teams? Would that not be only three additional games beyond the bowl games, or am I missing something in your suggestion?

      I like the concept, but there are two problems that come to mind.

      First, it is doubtful that many bowl game organizers/sponsors would be willing for their games to be just a step to the playoff quarter-finals. While the revenue for the NCAA would increase with an expanded playoff, if the bowl games became nothing more than the sweet sixteen round, it likely would be entail decreased prestige and revenue from the individual bowl games, not to mention loss of control with respect to which teams to invite. The bowl games would go from being the final game of the year to the lowest round of the playoffs, which does not seem like a situation that many of the organizers would find compelling.

      Second, and more important from my perspective, is that pushing games further into January may have an impact on student athletes. The main reason that bowl games are played during winter break is because the break makes it easier for student athletes to practice more and to travel for longer periods of time. Taking the games too far into January impacts practice and travel time for the championship game as the new semester will be starting before or at the same time that the game would be played. Of course, NCAA football could just go the way of NCAA basketball and throw the entire student athlete consideration out the window (as with March Madness), but as someone who has been an educator at a university, I would prefer that they not do so.

      1. 6 games entail 4 games between 8 teams for the quarter finals, and 2 games between 4 teams 2 weeks later, for a total of 6 games. Maybe you assumed I meant 6 rounds.
        I did not expand the pool to 32 teams since there are 40 bowl games, because that would mean the number 1 team would be playing the 32nd rated team. I think a number 1 versus a number 16 is more competitive.
        I do not want to be disrespectful, sir, but the student athlete angle has been nullified by the students majoring in football. A brutal profession, with high returns. Those major playoff games could be considered the supreme test. The Finals, with the A going to the winner.
        I really think the lagging ratings experienced in this year’s bowl games would get a boost if the games had playoff implications.
        I think the bowl committees are trying to protect their own interests to the detriment of the potential bonanza.
        They should set the National Championship in Hawaii on the weekend before the SB, to not only ensure perfect weather so the athletes decide the outcome, not the weather. It would also ensure families celebrating and creating lifelong memories, and developing lifelong connections in paradise.Many families would love an excuse to travel to Hawaii in the middle of winter.
        To finalize, Organize to Survive, or Organize and Thrive.

        1. “I do not want to be disrespectful, sir, but the student athlete angle has been nullified by the students majoring in football. A brutal profession, with high returns.”

          Here is a story from November concerning the graduation rates of the top-25 at that time: http://collegespun.com/independents/notre-dame/heres-college-footballs-top-25-in-order-of-graduation-rate

          The players who do not graduate to go to the NFL garner headlines and attentions, but even at big football programs, most of the athletes graduate, and most do not go on to the NFL.

          1. When a student can make millions playing with the pigskin, I consider that a major in itself.
            I too, deplore the lower graduation rates by student athletes. I hope the institutions at least provide an education in return for generating large revenues. I was appalled when I saw the Cal graduation rates and applaud the recent improvements.
            I hope every institution will provide an education on money management, economics, Trusts, legal obligations, contracts and rights.

        2. “6 games entail 4 games between 8 teams for the quarter finals, and 2 games between 4 teams 2 weeks later, for a total of 6 games.”

          I see. The original wording, “…so the top 8 teams would only have to play 6 more games to decide the finalists,” was ambiguous. It should be six more games among the top eight teams, not eight teams playing six more games.

    2. I also like the idea, but am discouraged that college programs are allowed to pick their schedules.

      In addition to the concerns JPN raises, which are most certainly valid, could you imagine the antitrust lawsuits if teams like Alabama did not play Appalachian State? It boggles my mind that Appalachian State is even a D1 school.

    3. I go the other way…

      – Bag the whole BCS or college playoff system

      – Have only four top division bowl games. The Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton.

      – No Fiesta Bowl. That’s the bowl that started the whole dang gazillion bowls mess.

      – Play the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Cotton Bowls on January first.

      – No corporate sponsor names for the Bowl Games. Ever.

      A sparrow fart sized problem: More than one team thinks it deserves the popular nickname “National Champion.”

      A hurricane sized problem: The commercialization of college football, turning “student” athletes into underpaid (cheated out of their education) mercenaries.

      Of course any point or argument can be countered with “but that’s the way it is now-a-days” as if that makes it all fine… or straw man accusations claiming I think these football reforms can ever happen. They won’t.

      I’m just an old-ish guy doing what old-ish guys do… wishing for the olden days.

      1. So you’d rather see the Champion voted on as opposed to actually earning it on the field? I’m old enough to remember the old days before the BCS when you often didn’t get a game featuring 1 vs 2 and it came down to bias voting to determine the champion. That was a terrible system imo, and a playoff is the only way to determine a true champion.

        1. There are 4 true champions… Rose, Orange, Sugar and Cotton.

          Biased voting sucks. It sucks in the olden days. It sucks today. The biased voting didn’t go away. It just reformatted.

          I see no need for a “system.” College football was more fun without one.
          Let students be students. If the NFL wants a farm league, no ones stopping them.

          The only way I (might) be OK with a playoff system… If the total number of games played in a season did not exceed the number played before the whole BCS mess.

          Playoffs (extra games) to determine “National Champion” little to do with making the game player or clarifying which team’s the best in the country.

          Its about revenue, at the expense of education and welfare of the students.

          1. I would be happy if it expands from 2 Bowls between 4 teams, to 4 Bowls between 8 teams.
            They should realize that it would be a potential bonanza with billions generated. I have no problem with students benefiting from providing time and skills that generates revenues.

              1. The NCAA, TV Networks, and Universities, in that order.

                But one thing to consider is that revenue from football and basketball at large universities usually stays within the athletic department and pays for coaches, scholarships, equipment, travel expenses, etc. for all the sports played at that university. We hear a lot about the bloated salaries of football and basketball coaches, and of ADs, but that is just a drop in the bucket. The revenues received allows many non-football or basketball athletes to attend college and participate in their respective sports.

              2. “and Universities” sounds like a relatively flat tax to me, like tolls, fees, tuition, parking fines, licenses etc.

                As long as its not used for additional resources… and not to generate excess surpluses that provide an excuse for reducing traditional progressive revenue collection.

          2. It’s not perfect, but the system in place now is the fairest way to determine a champion imo. Having no true champion isn’t an option and wasn’t before the BCS system was implemented. What it was back then was the Bowls inviting the teams that were going to bring the most fans with them and generate the most viewers, with standings were an afterthought.

            I agree with you completely on the amount of games. I think the schedule should either be shortened or they seriously need to start paying the players. The fact the players don’t get a piece of the revenue the schools are now generating off their backs is ludicrous.

            1. Agree that it’s better now than before, but they’ve got to get it up to 8 teams for the next TV contract.

              Take the champs from the big 5 conferences plus 3 at large voted in with the current type of system.

              Start it the week after the championship games are played and have the Championship game on the Monday following New Years.

              1. I like B2W’s suggestion for the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Cotton. I still Like the Fiesta, and your idea to get 3 at large bowls would make the 8 bowls.

              2. I agree, Jack. A couple of deserving teams might be left out each year in the eight team scheme, but not as many as now.

              3. It will grow to 8 teams eventually. The biggest step has already been taken with the adoption of the playoff system. More teams being added is inevitable.

              4. Jack I’ve been talking about that exact plan for 2 years now. What I would add to that plan to keep the polls relevant and to reward students and fans is, use the polls to reward home games in the conference championship games and the first round of the playoffs. The highest ranked teams in the polls would receive home games giving student bodies the ability to attend conference championship games and the first round of the playoffs. It would keep interest in the polls very high and what a great atmosphere it would be seeing Bama travel to Mich in early Dec.

            2. “I think the schedule should either be shortened or they seriously need to start paying the players. The fact the players don’t get a piece of the revenue the schools are now generating off their backs is ludicrous.”

              I agree with shortening the schedule but disagree on paying players. Paying the players devalues the compensation they do receive – the chance for an education that most would not otherwise be able to access. And it is just not just the education – student athletes receive housing and food allowances, books, university provided academic support, etc. A few years back, Forbes did a piece on the actual value of football scholarships: http://www.forbes.com/sites/prishe/2011/08/21/value-of-college-football-scholarship-exceeds-2-million-for-college-footballs-top-25/. They found what most of us in academia already knew – scholarship athletes receive consideration that is of much greater value than merely the cost of tuition.

              If the student athletes choose not to take full advantage of the education by completing their, that is their choice. But the opportunity is beneficial in-and-of-itself and is valuable consideration.

              What I would do is allow student athletes to make money from their appearances, likenesses, signatures, etc. It would require a new layer of regulation to ensure that such outside income was not from boosters seeking to influence athletes regarding attending particular schools, or from interests concerning the outcome of games, but it could be done in a way that would not be overly onerous on the student athletes.

              If players were to be paid, I personally would favor a flat stipend based on university size, not on player ability, or a set percentage of football derived revenue to be evenly distributed among players. Anything else would begin to negatively impact the student aspect even more than it is impacted now.

              1. Education = Payment. But the education has to be a real one.

                – Make colleges allow players to return to school at any time in their lives to complete their degree. ( with the additional benefit of forcing schools to have more scholastically realistic admittance standards)

                – Modernize Title 9 so its not based on costs vs number of students… but cost vs number of real students taking serious courses.

              2. I agree re Title 9. Disagree otherwise. If a student athlete leaves prior to graduation, that is a choice. Choices have consequences.

                Schools have realistic admittance standards. The problem arises when they subvert those to admit scholarship athletes.

              3. If players were to be paid, I personally would favor a flat stipend based on university size, not on player ability, or a set percentage of football derived revenue to be evenly distributed among players. Anything else would begin to negatively impact the student aspect even more than it is impacted now.

                This is the setup I would favor also. I am not suggesting a FA system or contracts based on talent evaluations. Simply that there should be a base stipend all players should receive for the risks they take while earning millions for the Schools. There is a great benefit to a scholarship, but the amount of revenue these players are bringing in for the Schools far outweighs the benefits they receive in return. The players put their bodies on the line (and most won’t play beyond the College level) without any real compensation from the sources they contribute to. Times have changed and the outdated model for student athletes should change with them.

              4. The issue is that the NBA and the NFL are using college athletics as development leagues. The subversion comes in via the complicity of the academic administrations of the large universities by giving scholarships to athletes who are not only unlikely to graduate, but who have no plan to graduate. This is worse in basketball than in football, but it is creeping into football more every year. This creates a situation in which such players are receiving no compensation other than room, board and sport related expenses while also taking scholarship opportunities from true student athletes. This subverts the student athlete model for the benefit of the professional organizations.

                If the professional sports are going to mandate minimum age for rookie players, they need to provide their own development leagues for those players who have no intention of receiving the educational benefit of the student athlete system. the NBA has the D-league, but it is more of a place to stick players who may be brought up to the NBA if teams need them rather than a true developmental league.

              5. JPN – “…giving scholarships to athletes who are not only unlikely to graduate, but who have no plan to graduate.”

                They are not serious students. They are revenue mercenaries. And these phoney students are still counted in Title 9 calculations. They should not.

                As it is, scores of legitimate student athletes are cheated out of an education.

      1. The list of guys they really want could be short, but all the meetings also help gain insight into your organization that could help down the road.

    1. If Jackson wants role in personnel decisions I hope he winds up in Cleveland..,.

      That’s a little unfair if you’re referring to the Carson Palmer trade. He was thrown into a tough situation and was trying to make the playoffs when he made the Palmer trade. Had that trade been made in the offseason, it likely would have wound up in a Raider playoff spot.

      It’s also a case of do we really want Baalke making all the personnel decisions unopposed? The results say no we really don’t. The best thing that can happen is that Baalke gives some personnel control to whatever Coach he hires and concentrates on getting the players the Coach needs for his system.

      1. “do we really want Baalke making all the personnel decisions unopposed?”


        Based on history Jackson seems to want power, and if that’s why he chooses Cleveland over SF than more power to him. I don’t think he’s worth changing the structure over.