49ers hurting at right guard after loss to Vikings

San Francisco 49ers offensive guard Joshua Garnett is carted off the field after getting injured during the second half of an NFL football game against the Minnesota Vikings, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

SANTA CLARA — Merely six days before their upcoming game against the Detroit Lions, the 49ers don’t know who their right guard will be.

It’s a big deal not to know who your right guard will be.

The 49ers lost both their starting right guard (Mike Person) and backup right guard (Joshua Garnett) Sunday during the 24-16 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The 49ers fear neither will be ready for the next game.

“I know it’s going to be a big topic this week,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said during his Monday afternoon press conference. “We’ve got a foot strain for Person. Garnett dislocated his toe. We don’t know how long it’s going to be. The good news is nothing is broken with either of them. No I.R. or anything, but we’ve got to see how they respond to treatment during the week to have an idea of whether they have a chance this week, and going forward week to week after that. We need a few more days to understand that.”

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    1. Goff had all day to throw and a clean pocket. He could have had a beer and chips before his throws. Even an average NFL QB will eat you up if you give him all day to throw. Jimmy G would have looked completely different if he had that much time to throw.

  1. This OL is looking like a serious issue now. I think they better sign J. Cooper tonight.

    Meanwhile, despite the comforts of home cooking, and an OL which is actually playing pretty well, Derek Carr throws 2 of the ugliest INT’s you will see this season, killing his team’s chances. Additionally, Carr is looking shaky throwing a few premature, panic-button type passes way out of bounds, giving up far too early on a play rather than even attempting to extend.

    Not impressed with Carr AT ALL, this evening. He has zero excuses tonight for his poor QB play.

    Goff looks decent, but he’s had a calm, clean pocket all night, fixing himself a sandwich back there. The Raiders pass rush is dead without Mack.

    And, BTW, interesting to watch McVay using his best McKinnon / Goodwin impression tonight with Gurley catching passes in the backfield, and Cook using his speed to make plays.

    1. Carr was having a very Alex Smithesh night taking short safe throws,except for that last pass….Good God that was horrible
      I don’t know why but I take so much joy seeing a bunch of 45 year old men with black and grey tear smeared make up with shoulder pads and spikes on it standing there in utter shock

    2. Make that 3 of the ugliest INT’s you will see this season. Wow. What happened to Derek Carr? The Rams are good but, I’m sorry, ZERO excuses for Carr. At least Jimmy G had some legit excuses, IMO.

      Carr is at home, Donald hasn’t been much of a factor due to limited conditioning this offseason, and the Rams’ Linebackers are questionable.

      Simply really, really bad quarterbacking by Derek Carr! Wow!

      1. Peters thoroughly embarrasses Raiders in front of home crowd with a Marshawn Lynch style crotch grab after game sealing pick six! Holy Sh_t!

        The Raiders have the look of an out-of-control dumpster fire. Is Chucky trying to burn that place to the ground? Oldest roster in the league, lacking any semblance of a pass rush, one day after a rusty Khalil Mack put on a pass rushing show for the ages on Sunday Night football.

        1. Gruden takes another personal shot at one of his players, this time it’s the rookie Arden Key.

          Gruden: “I don’t think he had a smashing debut.”

          Boy, does Jon Gruden’s old school coaching style jive with today’s NFL locker room dynamics? From what I am hearing, that’s a big fat NO!

          I guess the smart money is going against the Raiders for at least the next …. shall we call it 5 or 6 seasons?

          1. There may be some negative whispers in the Lions locker room as well.
            The players were not happy with Patricia making them run each time they made a mistake in practice. Some players felt that spending time running (punitive measure) took time away from practicing and correcting any mistakes.

            After watching the game Monday evening these players may have a point. They looked totally out of sync and unprepared.

      2. Make that 3 of the ugliest INT’s you will see this season

        I think I saw uglier ones coming from Stafford. But maybe not all his fault?

        The New York Jets intercepted five passes in a game for the first time in 19 years, and they believe it’s because they knew what was coming.

        “We were calling out their plays as he was getting up to the line,” linebacker Darron Lee said of quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was intercepted four times in the Detroit Lions’ 48-17 loss at Ford Field.

        Asked how the Jets knew Stafford’s signals, Lee said, “Study. Everybody studied.” He said they were able to figure out the Lions’ tendencies based on formation and signals.


        Gee, not because a former Lions player spilled his guts?

        1. No, no, intel is useless. Everyone says so.
          Eli Harold said they would have to torture him to gain any actionable intelligence. ;p

              1. Who are you THIS time?
                Seb? Paul? Eve? Sybil? Your wife?
                And why, oh why, do we constantly have to witness your nervous breakdown?

          1. I would give anything to meet you in real life to see if you’re really as huge of an idiot as you sound. My God man. Actionable intelligence. The newest in a long series of catchphrase that you hold onto the tiniest sliver of hope for acceptance, on a football blog. Sheesh. If this is how you validate yourself, more power to you. But you sound like an empty husk of a human being blathering any old nonsense about a sport you know NOTHING about. If I were you I would POST LESS AND READ MORE, I BET YOU WOULD ATTAIN YOUR GOAL OF KNOWING A LOT ABOUT FOOTBALL BY LISTENING TO WHAT THE OTHER POSTERS SAY. rather than just spouting strategy that was antiquated 50 years ago. To be clear, teams absolutely glean as much info as they can from their opponents former players. But you are way overstating that impact. If it was that big of an edge, why wouldn’t we just sign a player each week from our upcoming opponent, genius?
            You get these crazy ideas but forget to apply any semblance of common sense. Go read your football for dummies book, although it will probably go way over your head. I’ve forgotten more about football than you’ll ever learn.

            1. Dude, chill. I was trying to be humorous, but obviously, that went way over your head.
              We have absolute proof that the Jets gained intel. The players fully admitted they knew what the play was called, ahead of time, so they could anticipate the pass. Guess what? they picked the ball off 5 times. That sure sounds like the intel was important.
              Maybe you should become better informed. Read the league rules, because they prevent teams from doing what you advocate.
              Football for Dummies is about your speed. I prefer Building a Champion, Finding the Winning Edge and The Score Takes Care of Itself.
              If it means that you get upset when I post, I guess I will post a lot more. ;p

              1. BTW, they did not need to torture Eli Harold to gain any actionable intelligence. Read his interview. He is thirsting for revenge, and spilled his guts over every possible way he can help Detroit beat the Niners.
                If you do not think they had Harold stand up before the whole team and give precise scouting reports on every Niner player he played with, you are more delusional than TrollD.

              2. Anyone with 4th grade reading comprehension knows that the Jets players said they knew what was coming due to
                NOT espionage!
                They said it out loud after the game, scribes wrote it, most of us read it and comprehended it. Willful ignorance on your part.

              3. Yes, they totally ignored the fact that a former Lions player spilled his guts, and told them exactly what those hands signals meant.
                Nice try.

              4. SEB
                Everytime you speak you sound like a bigger and bigger idiot. When 50 people tell you you’re wrong, you double down and stand firm in your idiocy. Maybe it’s not “us”, maybe, just maybe its “you”
                Surely you are smart enough to know that.
                I love how you feel the need to list the books you’ve read. You flaunt that list every other day when someone questions your football acumen. It’s getting old. For one those books are 20+years old and just a little outmoded for a lot of modern football. For 2 they are more philosophy than X’s and O’s. For 3 you realize that Bill Walsh isn’t the only person to ever write about football. I Hope. You probably didnt even know that your football God was a paul brown disciple he LEARNED from people that KNEW more than him. Hmmm think on that a secong….i”ll wait…..
                . For 4 you are hopeless man. You’re that idiot that when someone says “dont touch that, its hot”, you dont listen, I have a feeling your whole body (and mind) is scarred with burns from not listening.
                One thing I’ve definitely noticed is that when someone else misspells a word, you point it out, even though you make typos all the time. You constantly call people out for their lack of logic, but fail to apply your “standards” to yourself. You move your point of view all the time. You are inconsistent, show a serious lack of wisdom. Have zero people skills. Youre pretty much a world class prick. And you’re a narcissist. You cant tell a narcissist anything. That is the worst personality deficiency you could possible have. And until you decide to work on your personality disorder, you are going to slip further and further into madness. Only you can fix that. You need to quit reading so much football, you already know it all apparently, now maybe try a book like “how to win friends and influence people”. That would be a MUCH MUCH better use of your time. Unless you enjoy being a total dick.

              5. And to think Oneniner aka Onelame was the Seb, ds amd other out of control trolls on this site. Seb I’d crown you the worst but you were never kicked off of this site 3 times and begged to get back on, over Kaepernick. Like Onelame did for A Smith.
                Oh those were good times. Weren’t they Onelame?
                He was litterally the laughing stock of this blog in the MM days.

              1. AES, I sure do not want to waste my time on Eel, but he seems to be asking for it.
                Dissing Bill Walsh just confirms his total lack of football knowledge.
                His intolerance of my writing is just jealousy. He wishes he could say something smart, but cannot string two coherent thoughts together.
                I always know when they go off the deep end, when they start hurling insults.
                Thank you for providing good advice. I will try my best to ignore him, just for the sake of blog civility. I hope you have realized that I have left you, and many others in peace, and have not addressed you, until you address or mention me.
                I do like your contributions. You bring a different perspective, and make me look at things from a different angle.

            2. I think Eells summed it up nicely on behalf of all of us. Seb is a world class narcissist. Seb, work on making friends. I doubt you have any.

  2. Derek Carr officially sucks. Looks like not much upside visible. But Whoever 87 is, that dude is a baller.

    Mark Davis, though, much better haircut. So all is not lost.

  3. Grant,

    I always read your articles to get unique insight, analysis, and opinion. You always do really good with that. This time you were just reporting facts and quotes. What gives? There’s zillions of sources that already do that. Get back into your groove! :-)


  4. After watching McVay utilize his best Jerick McKinnon / Marquise Goodwin combination last night to break down the Raiders’ defense, with Todd Gurley (targeted 5 times as a receiver, with 39 yards and 1 TD receiving) catching passes out of the backfield, and utilizing Brandin Cooks‘ speed to stretch the defense (87 yards receiving, with a whopping 17.9 AVG) I couldn’t help but laugh at this quote from Bleacher Report – this one’s for Jack Hammer:

    “Playing him (Garoppolo) against the Vikings during an injury rash was like driving a new hot rod through rush-hour city traffic without car insurance. No wonder he looked a little nervous.”

    1. Interesting contrast during week one. Both the 49ers and Rams were competitive, but clearly shaking off some rust in the first half. And both teams trailed on the road at halftime, in what were otherwise competitive first halfs. But, thanks to an unfortunate rash of injuries for one of these teams, that’s where the similarities ended.

      Although they are practically brothers from another mother, with both HC’s working as their own OC’s, while running similar version of the WCO 2.0, there are definitely some clear differences between McVay and Shanahan’s bread and butter schemes. However, one thing seems clear … both HC’s were moving in the same direction offensively, when it comes to using their featured tailback and deep threat WR.

      Well, during week 1 of the 2018 season, one of these HC’s had both of those chess pieces healthy and in place, while the other had lost both. Additionally, one of those HC’s had a healthy OL, giving his young QB plenty of time to survey the field, pat the football, and utilize those offensive chess pieces, while the other HC was facing a much tougher defense, and had lost 2/3rd’s of his active OG’s by early in the 2nd half, forcing him to shuffle the OL in ways you would hope you never see, forcing his rookie OT to play entirely out of position.

      I’ve drawn this contrast because, what we saw from the Rams’ offense in the 2nd half of last night game, was both very similar, and very different from what we saw from the 49ers offense on Sunday.

      McVay chose to rest his starters for almost the entire preseason. And, while his starting offense clearly looked rusty in the first half of the game last night, they looked healthy as a horse, in stark contrast to the mash unit on display in Minnesota on Sunday.

      Here’s the thing. The 49ers weren’t the walking wounded on Sunday because they played the starters more minutes than the Rams did during the preseason. No, the 49ers were the walking wounded because they fell victim to some very bad luck during training camp, and in the opening half of the first game of the season. It’s really unfortunate. Sure, injuries are part of the game. But that doesn’t change the fact that, if you suffer enough of them to key players, early in the season, injuries can derail a season faster than an old man can lose a toupee in a hurricane! And that’s a real shame!

      1. First and foremost, the 49ers better figure out a way to fix this OL in a hurry! You simply have to be able to protect your QB. Jimmy G has a lightning quick release, but you’ve still got to give routes a chance to develop! If they can’t get that fixed, it’s going to be a long season! Counting on Garnett and Person to stay healthy is looking like a risky bet!

        That, and guys need to catch the damn ball!

    2. Before the game, I advocated that JG throw some easily catchable swing passes to Morris to get him involved in the passing game.
      Wish they would read this blog. ;p

        1. Too bad you did not have the capability to think of that before the game.
          Those swing passes to Gurly were pretty effective. McVay did not need to read this blog. He is very smart, and came up with that strategy on his own, because he wants to win.

      1. It’s not a bad idea on its surface even if I would prefer using Breida in such a fashion.
        The question becomes, would we risk showing them to be no threat at all in the passing game :)

        1. Morris is not know for his pass catching prowess, so they may ignore him when JG drops back to pass.
          I also thought that by throwing short swing passes, Morris would gain confidence catching the ball.
          I hope they use Breida like they planned to do with McKinnon. Have him create mismatches with the LBs down field.
          These quick, easy outlet passes will help JG get rid of the ball quickly, so he does not keep taking such a beating.
          You are right, it is a risk. If they keep dropping the ball…….. :(

  5. Bring on the Lions… In the meantime, I think back a few weeks ago when one of our commenters equated Dante Pettis to AJ Jenkins. He/she was sooooo sure of it.

  6. The redzone issues we saw on Sunday are nothing new for Shanahan led offenses. The guy is a wizard between the 20’s. During his 10 years as a playcaller his offenses have ranked in the top 1/2 of the league 8 times. During those same 10 years his offenses have ranked in the top 1/2 of the league in redzone TD percentage only 3 times, same with the points scored ranking for his offenses.

    The game is all about points and this guys offenses have stunk in that area for 70% of his career.

    1. Probably true on the stats but the problem on Sunday wasn’t Shanahan’s scheme. Wasn’t Shanny’s fault Morris fumbled, or that Garcon got both hands on the ball and couldn’t hold on, or that JG overthrew Kittle in the end zone. Shanahan is the real deal. His offensive schemes are outstanding. When he gets all the pieces together this is a Superbowl caliber offensive scheme.

      1. Sunday was just 1 game, but this has been a pattern throughout his career. It might be a “Superbowl caliber offensive scheme”, but Shanny’s offenses score in the bottom half of the league in 70% of his career as a playcaller. Teams don’t play in many Super Bowls with those results.

        The list of excuses for this guy is far longer than his list of results.

        1. I guess if you want to be full of crap you can post stuff like that but the reality is that Shanahan served as the Texans OC and Redskins OC but Kubiak and Mike Shanahan really ran those offenses. For several of those years, Kyle wasn’t even calling the plays. Kyle got his first shot on his own in Cleveland but he resigned after the front office insisted Johnny Manziel be the starter. Then he went to Atlanta where he took the Falcons from average to being the highest scoring offense in the league. Shanahan is one of the brightest offensive minds in football.

          1. He called the plays in both Houston and Washington. Yes he worked under Kubiak and his Father, but starting in 2009 he was the main play caller for every team he coached for.

          2. “Shanahan is one of the brightest offensive minds in football.”

            Where did I say that he wasn’t? In fact I said that “he is a wizard between the 20’s”.

            The team just lost a game it could have won, in large part because it failed to score TD’s on 3 of 4 trips into the redzone. And even the one they got credit for was a play that actually was snapped from the 22.

            It’s crazy how pointing out an area that he needs improvement in when there is data to back up the statement can so easily become a huge debate.

            1. “Shanny’s offenses score in the bottom half of the league in 70% of his career as a playcaller. Teams don’t play in many Super Bowls with those results.

              The list of excuses for this guy is far longer than his list of results.”

              This doesn’t sound like you think he’s a wizard of any kind. My problem with your statement is it totally ignores the fact that in many of the years you cited he wasn’t really running the offenses and when he finally got his chance to coordinate an offense he led the league in scoring. The year he put together with RG3 and then with Ryan were some of the best offenses in football.

              1. Houston,

                “Jack Hammer says:
                September 11, 2018 at 9:44 am
                The redzone issues we saw on Sunday are nothing new for Shanahan led offenses. The guy is a wizard between the 20’s.”

                “The year he put together with RG3”

                Wait, you just said in your previous comment that Mike was calling the plays instead. Which is it?

                “and then with Ryan were some of the best offenses in football.”

                Yeah I know, and I gave him credit for those 2 seasons, which are part of the 10 in which he’s been the OC. His 2nd year in Houston was pretty good too. Top 10. Never disputed any of that.

            2. Yes and No.
              That may be true to some degree, however when looking at it on a game by game basis, I ask only… Did the coaches fail to put the players in a position to score? or Did the players fail to score when the coaches put in position to do so?

              In my opinion, in this game, the players were put in a positions to do so. Kittle was open in the End Zone but he and Jimmy failed to connect, the same was true for Pierre Garcon. No matter who you wish to blame, in both cases they were plays that could have been made. The only red zone drive that he failed to put them in a position to score, ended in a fumble on second down. I would say he left 4 pts off the board while the players left 17.

              This still bears watching, but I’m not going to slam him based on what I have seen this season so far.

    2. Jack, surely you’ve been watching NFL football long enough to understand how important OL play is for a QB and an offense? You sure seem to discount the big deal it was to be playing a rookie RT at RG, for the first time in his career, for almost an entire half, while going up against one of the stoutest DL’s in the league, in one of the loudest stadiums in the league.

      Surely you aren’t suggesting that very poor OL play (primarily due to injuries) isn’t, in itself, an absolute killer, especially on the road against one of the top DL’s (and top overall defenses) in the NFL?

      I’ve got news for you. That, in itself, is almost always a deathknell for a road teams offense.

      1. Bro, why are you so long winded?

        The 49ers reached the redzone twice when they had their staring oline in the 1st half, and matched that total in the 2nd half even with their rookie RT having to play RG.

        Yes, injuries make things tougher, but they scored more points after those injuries than they did before.

        So many excuses for their failures.

      2. Jack Hammer has some weird vendetta against Kyle Shanahan for some reason. While the entire NFL world thinks Shanny is one of the top 3 play callers in the league, Hammer throws out stats based on teams that have zero correlation with today’s Niners. Now tell us how it’s not personal Jackie

        1. “While the entire NFL world thinks Shanny is one of the top 3 play callers in the league,”

          I’m not debating that at all. His teams have routinely been among the best in the league in yards gained. Problem is, yards don’t win games.

          “stats based on teams that have zero correlation with today’s Niners.”

          Shanahan has shown a history of his teams having a lack of success with: A) his teams scoring points and B) his teams struggling to score touchdowns once in the redzone. His lack of success in those areas is the correlation to today’s 49ers because we’ve seen the same thing play out through his first 17 games with the team.

          1. So what you are tying to say is Morris’s fumble at the goal line , the overthrow to Kittle in the end zone is because historically Shanahans play calling and coaching?

            Before you answer consider that before Shanahan got the job, he had to and still is building a roster to his offense. Would you say he has all the weapons to make it work and that there is concern after what 18 games now that his way does not produce enough points and score in the red zone? You are telling me there is a pattern here and how previous coaching stints to now are consistent?

            1. Of those 18 games let’s not forgot half of them were played with a limited roster and a rookie QB who might not ever be a starter in the NFL.

              1. It’s 17 games. The roster is one that his hands are all over. He chose to go with Hoyer/Beathard last year.

                There was a quick uptick over the last 3 weeks of 2017.

                Can they get back to that quickly enough for the season to not get away from them?

              2. Are you serious? Considering they had zero options at QB (Hoyer/rookie draft pick) and inheriting a roster that could not compete at this level and you are sayin there is a pattern of underperforming in the red zone after 17 games? Are you really saying that?

            2. With the 49ers Shanahan has picked his guys. He and Lynch have turned the roster over, so if he didn’t have/doesn’t have the right players he shoulders some responsibility for that.

              As the coach he is ultimately responsible for everything that takes place on the field. So if players are routinely not making plays that’s his responsibility. If it wasn’t the coaches responsibility there would never be a fired HC.

              The results speak for themselves. Lots of yards, not lots of points.

      3. So many here hate anything that isn’t Wine and Roses. Shanahan is a great play caller…and he needs to improve his ability to create points in the RZ. What’s the problem? Why so defensive when anything remotely negative is pointed out? We know he’s a great offensive mind, but there is a clear issue with scoring points in the RZ over the course of his career. I’m pretty sure he’d tell you he needs to be better in that area to.

        1. -and he needs to improve his ability to create points in the RZ.
          I guess fumbles and overthrows are a coaching problem now? They score on those 2 plays and Shanny looks like a genius. He doesn’t and the vultures come out bringing up the past and lazy stats

          1. Chris the point was made based on 10 years of statistical data, not just Sunday’s game. No one is saying Shanny sucks or he isn’t a great OC. There is data that says his offenses have struggled to score points in the RZ more often than not. The good thing is there are 3 years where his offenses did perform well in the RZ, so he obviously has been able to do it successfully when he has the right mix of players. You don’t have to like it, but don’t refer to it as lazy. Lazy is blindly supporting everything your team does simply because you don’t like to hear anything negative.

            1. 10 years of statistical data?That data has zero correlation to today, this team, this coach, these players today. Trying to justify a pattern based on stats from previous players and teams from 10 years ago is lazy and frankly very ignorant. If you have ever worked with statistical analysis you would know all factors must be the same in order to compare

              1. Smh. It’s football. Things change from season to season you can’t have the factors all the same. You compare it based on the common component which is Shanahan. Analyzing a Coaches history is common place, yet you act like it’s something we mean Niner fans are doing to troll Shanahan. It’s anything but lazy and ignorance lies in not wanting to explore all avenues of a subject which is what you are doing right now. I’ve had a few disagreements with you now and all stem from the fact you can’t accept anything but positive feedback in regards to this team. You whine and complain every time someone points out something remotely negative. That is called being a sheep Chris. If you ever want to discuss something honestly without your rose colored glasses on let me know.

              2. Chris,

                From what I’ve seen pretty much anything that you don’t agree with is ignorant, lazy, idiotic or some other similar description.

                As rocket stated, “The good thing is there are 3 years where his offenses did perform well in the RZ, so he obviously has been able to do it successfully when he has the right mix of players.”

                I’ll take that one step further because those 3 years were all in year 2 or 3 with the respective teams.

                Maybe it will all turn around in week 2, maybe not until year 3, or maybe we will be picking this conversation up again in 2021.

        2. Yep, spot on. There certainly is a strong contingent that can’t accept any negative comments about certain aspects of the 49ers. This Shanahan thread is one example. The defence of JG’s performance is another.

          The 49ers aren’t infallible. It is ok to say not everything they do is wonderful. The 49ers haven’t been good in the RZ under Shanahan. And he has historically had similar issues elsewhere. Until he proves otherwise it is very much pertinent to raise this is a question mark. Doing so does not mean you think Shanahan stinks.

          1. Scooter: I agree there have been redzone issues and my own evaluation of Jimmy G’s performance was a C+. However, there were enough opportunities to score TDs. It seems to me that if TDs are not scored on those opportunities because of player mistakes, then it is on the players and not on the guy calling the plays. The Alfred Morris fumble and Jimmy G overthrow to Kittle in the endzone come to mind. Surely, KS wasn’t at fault for those.

            1. C+, D, whatever. I don’t really care what grade people want to give him. End of the day he made too many errors and had a bad game overall.

              1. Hmmm, what ever happened to the term “meaningless” that was bandied around here in the Spring?
                I guess that doesn’t apply to Shanahan’ past seasons.

      4. You haven’t exactly addressed my point Jack. Are you simply avoiding it? You do understand the concept of chicken & egg right? Cause and effect?

        Of course, all we know is that, without seeing a large portion of the 2018 version of Kyle Shanahan’s starting offense, thanks to key injuries, it’s impossible to know just how well this team, if healthy, would be producing in the redzone, or anywhere else on the field.

        And that’s the issue. Anything else is speculation. This team appears cursed when it comes to injuries this year. It started back in camp, accelerated into the first preseason game, and the key injuries continued to add up through the first half of game one.

        All we have to go on is … how would we expect this team to be playing if healthy?

        I submit that, if you look at the way Sunday’s game unfolded, and the likelihood that a lot of other NFL teams would probably have simply folded on Sunday, had they suffered the same fate as the 49ers in terms of injuries, it’s an indication that this team has improved, and just might be able to go toe to toe with the big boys if they were relatively healthy.

        1. I don’t believe I missed your point. It’s about how injuries have derailed the offense and we are seeing the results of that. Correct?

          1. Well, you seem to be dismissing the injuries Jack.

            I do think it’s fair to criticize the way in which ShanaLynch put this OL together. Mike Person is no spring chicken, and we all know that older players get hurt more often. Joshua Garnett has been unreliable since the day he was drafted. And ShanaLynch made the decision to roll with a rookie RT this season, sacrificing depth in the process.

            That’s fair.

            What isn’t fair, IMO, is your unwillingness to admit that all of these injuries are taking a major toll on this offense, as one would expect. The offense we saw on Sunday was but a shell of the offense ShanaLynch had been working towards before the injuries derailed the team. And as I keep saying, the offensive line injuries alone were likely enough to be the difference against a team like the Vikings, on the road, to start the season.

            I mean, first they lose their most dynamic offensive weapon, and the one offensive player whom ShanaLynch had to sign this offseason. And then they lose their best, most consistent WR who happens to be, by far, their best deep threat. And then they lose 2/3rds of their active OG’s, forcing them to move a rookie RT to play a position he hasn’t played in his entire career, going all the way back to high school. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

            So now, on top of losing their top 2, most explosive offensive weapons on the roster, one of whom was Jimmy’s go-to, safety blanket last season, the Vikings Defensive Linemen are suddenly getting free runs at Garoppolo, completely untouched. All of these injuries coming before this team has even had a chance to knock off the rust, and all of this is happening on the road, in one of the league’s most hostile environments, and you’re like “what about redzone efficiency?”


            1. I’m not dismissing anything. The offense actually scored more points 13 to 3 and had more yards 222 to 129 AFTER they lost Person and Garnett.

              And since you brought up redzone efficiency, they were better with that in the second half too.

    3. You all really shouldn’t talk to Jack. Even if you prove him wrong, he’ll just say that wasn’t what he meant. He got kicked from Webzone for making up stats to downplay our performance against the Jags. He was on a Raider blog last year with the same Negative Nancy schtick, they thought he was a Chiefs fan. Don’t feed the troll.

      1. I wasn’t kicked from Webzone. It’s been over 2 years since I commented there. And I also never commented on a Raiders blog. Actually don’t even know of one.

        1. Sure, I believe you. Just like I believe you were a coach. Someone posted a link of you being on a Raider blog late last year with the same name and schtick. You changed your name a little for Webzone, something like Jack84. It was clearly you. You were easy to spot because of the way you write and what you talk about, even how you interacted with people that called you out. Webzone saw right through you.

          1. That’s fine #80. Totally false statement on your part but believe what you would like to believe.

            And if you don’t believe that I was a coach you can ask the host of this blog for confirmation if you’d like.

            1. “And if you don’t believe that I was a coach you can ask the host of this blog for confirmation if you’d like.”

              Assuming that’s true, it just proves that you have some kind of relationship with Grant outside of this blog. Which would explain why you defend him so much, almost to the level of seb.


              Yes, Jack can be insightful and knowledgeable at times.

              1. #80,

                Just a word of advice, don’t take this place so seriously. There are times we all get carried away but you are now questioning a guys personal life instead of talking football. Let it go.

              2. “proves that you have some kind of relationship with Grant outside of this blog.”

                Yes, I have emailed him a couple of times with issues about my posts not going through so as a result he knows me and has done his due diligence as a reporter.

                “Which would explain why you defend him so much”

                This shows that you haven’t been around here too long. I have had some back and forths with Grant on topics that have resulted in being put on a time out.

                What I’ve learned over almost 7 years of reading Grant is that while not everything he says plays out, he is right more often than he is wrong.

                He reminds me a bit of Ira Miller in that way. In the 90’s as a young man I used to hate reading his stuff because he didn’t pull any punches. Problem was, the darn guy was right way too much for my liking. LOL

              3. Jack,

                Don’t think that I forgot about how you constantly trashed JG after the trade, before he saw action with us. You changed your tune after I dipped into the archives and you realized that you were all for a JG trade just a year earlier. Another poster asked you what had changed in that amount of time, you never responded to that question. The truth is that the only thing that changed was his jersey. You thought JG had great potential, but chose to trash him because, and only because he was on the Niners. That is troll behavior.

                Recently you gleefully called JG GaroppoLol after he finally had a bad game. You occasionally throw in some positive stuff to cover up the fact that you are just a troll.

              4. #80,

                You didn’t have to dig anything up. Yeah I was high on Garoppolo and would have given up multiple picks for him. When the trade went down last year it was at a time the team wasn’t playing good and I didn’t think he’d make much of a difference because I thought the rest of the offense was really bad. I was wrong, and he proved that. Really not a big deal. We are all wrong from time to time.

                Yes after the game on Sunday i posted:

                “Jack Hammer says:
                September 9, 2018 at 1:10 pm
                Jimmy Garoppo-LOL”

                It was as a response to so much of what had been said around here during the offseason, and when it played out like I’d been saying I was laughing. Does it mean I think the guy sucks or don’t like him as the QB? Nah. The LOL was mostly directed at those who clung so tightly to the last 5 games of 2017.

                You seem to spend a lot of time worried about what others say on here, or feeling disrespected. To that I say grow a pair. It’s a freaking football blog and everyone will make some comments that are wrong and some that are right. Congrats on liking that LB the Bills drafted and patting yourself on for picking him out and how good he played in a game his team gave up 47 points in.

                Now, have anything you’d like to chat that has to do with the team or do you just want to keep lapping on me?

              5. “Congrats on liking that LB the Bills drafted and patting yourself on for picking him out and how good he played in a game his team gave up 47 points in.”

                Thanks. And the Bears blew it against GB, doesn’t mean that Mack and Edmunds aren’t good.

              6. Even though I question whether Hammer is a 49er fan or not. I have to say he’s always been pretty fair and balanced s with his opinions on players. I’ve agreed and disagreed even though he’s a stat puller. And can be kind of brash and dic*ish with his responses. It’s Hammer. You aren’t going to get any kind of difference in his posts.

              7. md,


                There’s no doubt the 49ers are my team. Season ticket holder from the time I was 11 through 29. My first year was Rices rookie season. I was there in 80 when they came back to beat the Saints. I was there in 81 when they beat the Giants to clinch the division. Ran out on the field with a family friend and got in that group surrounding Lott. Was there for so many great memories.

                So yeah, I’ll dissect them a bit, but that’s just being real.

              8. 80,
                I enjoy your input on this blog. But trying to denigrate a poster (whomever it is) puts you in a bad light which is disappointing.
                You’ve shown on this blog that your takes are good, so I hope you continue to take the high road and give us your good takes.

              9. 80, while Jack and I have gone at it, hammer and tongs, I do respect his football acumen.
                At least he can back up his concerns with facts, and can present a logical, straight forward argument.
                Please do not fall into the trap of having to build your argument by tearing down your adversary.
                It does not matter if Jack is a coach or not. His ideas and words matter.
                Maybe we should all stop making this so personal, and just stick to football.

              10. Hammer… awesome memories.
                I guess that puts my question to bed.
                Question. Do you feel Levi will ever get the “football feel” the stick had?
                I don’t think it’s there yet. Still seems like a tourist attraction to me.

          2. #80: When Jack was writing for Webzone, there were many here, including me, who enjoyed reading his columns. He has a different way of looking at things. Yes, he seems more negative now, but it’s his perogative.

            1. Cubus,

              Thanks for the nice words about my work.

              I wouldn’t say I’m more negative now, just being realistic. The team has won 13 games over the last 3 years. Under the new regime they’re 6-11. I’ve said I’d expect 8-10 wins from them this season.

              I’m not going to come on here with sunshine and rainbows when the team is failing to win games.

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      2. And even then I wasn’t commenting, I was writing for them. I stopped writing for them by my own choice because I was dealing with some family issues and couldn’t put the time and focus into it that I demanded of my own work.

        This is the second time you’ve tried to just outright make something up about me.

        1. I don’t understand the polarization that occurs with Shanahan and JG. On the one hand the team was mediocre last year (with similar players) and many were talking about how they were dark horses for the playoffs this offseaon (as if Shanahan and JG could elevate subpar players into the pro bowl).

          I think everyone has gotten carried away with both Shanahan and JG. They are very good, but not supermen. This season will be a come back to earth for many.

          While the Rams and Niners have many similarities, they are on different ends of the spectrum with us looking up. The team will be taken more seriously when they consistently win.

          Pointing this out does not make one the enemy. Kudos to all who continue to contribute to understanding football.

          1. Remember how much we agreed on the incompetence of Kelly and Kap/Gab? Back then I was one of the most negative posters on this site. I even agreed with Jack frequently.

            But now there are reasons to be optimistic. Even though I’m optimistic, I still ‘keep it real’ My comment after the Vikes games started with me saying JG had a bad game, regardless of the drops. I ripped KS after his SB loss. I criticized KS going for it against Carolina and for the lack of balance in play calling pre-JG. I’ve ripped the Thomas pick many times.

            I guess it depends on one’s definition of keeping it real. Is it having an unbiased opinion (being negative or positive based on information and observations) or is it being incessantly negative while largely ignoring the positives?

            1. My comment wasn’t about you 80. It was a general comment regarding strong opinions about KS and JG. It wasn’t directed at any one poster, and I certainly feel like some of the discussions can be fruitful in terms of learning more about the sport we love.

              It isn’t I win, you lose. It’s not like Seb where we have to be right, even when we are clearly wrong (and win at feats of strength- strangely Seinfeldstonian). We share opinions. Sometimes strongly and vociferously. Some will bear out, others won’t.

              Both Hammer and I were wrong about holding JG back last year. No biggie, the team was the better for it.

              In the end we all want to cheer our team to victory. That’s why we are all part of this community. To share, to cheer and sometimes to grit our teeth in frustration.

        2. But just as you said about the 49ers, that doesn’t make him infallible.
          This really wasn’t the game to harp on Shanahan’s redzone history.
          (1) Alfred Morris fumbled on 2nd down.
          (2) Garcon dropped a ball that he has historically been able to come down with and there was no pass interference called even though the defender appeared to make contact before the ball arrived.
          (3) JG missed a wide open Kittle.

          And this is not to say that his play calls in the red zone were good. I don’t even know how much the play calls matter in the red zone…

          In 2007, Josh McDaniels’ Patriots offense led the NFL with a red zone TD% of 70.24%. The following year (2008) McDaniels’ with Matt Cassell at the helm, dipped to 19th at 50.77%. In 2009, his Broncos were 24th at 48.08%. In 2010, they were at 55% when he was let go. In 2012 back with Brady, his team was at 67.5%.

  7. All 3 of Carr’s INT’s last night were UGLY. A woefully underthrown ball on a post route. A baited pick-six, telegraphing his pass. But after further review, that second INT from Carr last night was the most extraordinary one. He does a pir·ou·ette (as a noun, it’s a ballet term, meaning: a whirl, twirl, or spin) and then he throws an absolute lollipop off his back foot, where only a defender stands. Some no-name Ram LB can’t believe his eyes. You won’t see an easier pick to make this entire season!

      1. Apples and oranges rocket.

        Jimmy Garoppolo had valid excuses, while Derek Carr didn’t. There’s a world of difference between playing at home, behind a healthy OL, and on the road in a loud, hostile environment, behind an injury-riddled makeshift OL.

  8. Does anyone know if Eli Harold made the Lions team? If so, did he play last night? How does that impact the 49ers return on that trade?

    1. Yes, Eli played last night. I heard him credited with a tackle vs run. I didn’t notice him get any pressures, but I had somewhat divided attention to that game.

    2. Thanks. Not sure how that conditional trade works. If the value of the draft pick escalates on playing time or production or if it’s just a straight 7th rounder if he made the team and thats it.

      1. Harold has to be on the team for 4 games, before the Niners get a 2020, 7th round pick.
        Knowing this, he might get cut after the game.

      2. The condition on that deal is that Harold needs to be on the roster for 4 weeks in order for the 49ers to get the 7th round pick in 2020.

        1. What does “on the roster” mean exactly with regards to the timing? I thought the 4 weeks started the day he reported to the Lions. Is it instead 4 weeks from the day he made the 53?

      3. He has to remain on the Lions roster for an agreed upon period of time for the trade to result in a pick. I thought it was four weeks.

  9. JG needs to finish off drives. This was a stern test, so I expect him to get better.
    What I am worried about is- will all the hits start to slow down his thinking processes? Will he drop his eyes, start concentrating on the pass rush, and stop looking downfield?
    JG should assert during his next PC that his main goal this season is scoring TDs. He should focus on scoring TDs, and look at the score at the end of the game. He should admit that he learned that settling for Field goals is a good way to lose games.

  10. The tale of two QB’s the 49ers could of had for this year and guess who won. Now JG played just OK and people will say give him time and try to defend him. Now I will say that he doesn’t have help with the lack of quality WR and RB on the team. if we had those two things we probably would of won. people will say Pettis played good and we don’t need to add any WR because it will stop the growth of the young WR. Look at what happen with the young WR who ran the wrong route. They should of signed Dez or another veteran WR if they want to win this year.

    If you were the GM of the 49ers would you try to trade for Bell and sign Dez. I’m sure Steelers probably wouldn’t trade him anyway but they should and the 49ers should call them. imagine Bell and signing Dez, we would win lots of games. Now people will say they won’t help us or wouldn’t want to trade picks to the Steelers but why not. we want to win now and if you win the lower the draft pick would be. Signing Dez wouldn’t solve the WR issue long term but will help at least for this year and maybe next year. Bell is 26 and would help for at least 4 more years. They can release Jerick in the offseason or have the best 1-2 RB next year along with the best FB. Also Bell can catch passes and that seems to be what was missing from the game on Sunday.

    Of course people will say its just 1 game and it was against the Vikings, they did not look like SB contenders the Vikings, we could of and should of won the game with our current roster, so adding more quality players would help get us to the SB.

    1. No to Dezi and I don’t believe Shanny, nor would I, ring the Bell. Instead, he’s gonna take an edge rusher in the 1st round and an OT in the 2nd round. Maybe a stud RB is sitting there in the 3rd round that he likes, but I imagine he’ll grab one later on….

  11. please tell me who is the better option on the roster. Bourne can’t run routes. Garcon getting old and dropping passes. Pettis might be their best but is a rookie. Goodwin hurt again in the first game. Trent is ok but is 3rd or 4th option. Don’t know about James yet

    1. Garcon, Goodwin and Pettis are all better than Dez at this point. You aren’t bringing him in to be your 4th or 5th WR. Trent is a slot receiver; Dez is strictly and outside guy. If they were going to sign him they would have done it in the offseason. No way they are bringing in a limited player once the season has started unless they have a big time run of injuries.

      In regards to Bourne, It makes me smh at how quickly people overreact and turn on a player based on one mistake. He’s a young guy with good size who they like in the system. They aren’t dumping him because he ran the wrong route on one play. That is crazy fan logic; not the teams.

      1. Word was that Bourne had a poor TC and preseason. The preseason I saw was relatively poor. Relative in the sense of his very good performance at the end of last year. Chalk it up to fans expecting more based on what we saw last year.

        Further, my understanding is that KS does not easily forgive the kind of route running mistakes that Bourne made (esp. since it resulted in a pick six). I guess we’ll get an idea if he is in the doghouse based on what they do with Richie James this week.

        1. What’s he got to lose by activating, James this week? Shanny, if you’re reading this; dual slot attack with the protagonist from POTA, Taylor and the super freak, Rick James!

        2. I didn’t hear or read anything about him having a poor TC and saw nothing in preseason that led me to believe he was in any danger of not making the roster. I think a lot of people are excited about Richie James because he caught the most passes in preseason, but Bourne seems to be a kid Shanahan likes. There’s always a chance they will make him inactive to see what James can do at some point though.

          As for not forgiving mistakes, I highly doubt he is going to change his mind about a player based on one play in the first game of the season. Do you think he’s having second thoughts about Garoppolo after all the poor throws he made? It’s game one in a league that doesn’t play much in the preseason anymore. There are going to be a lot of mistakes. Don’t overreact to them.

          1. He’s got a plethora of WRs to choose from compared to what is available to him at the QB position. So yes, Jimmy G gets a lot more leeway than Kendrick Bourne.

          2. Here’s something Fucillo wrote. Again, remember that my point is relative to how Bourne performed at the end of last season in actual games:

            “I swapped out Kendrick Bourne for Aaron Burbridge. Bourne has had some decent moments in the preseason, but he has not stood out like we have seen from someone like Richie James. The latter was consistently productive, and seemed to secure a roster spot and potentially a decent little role. The fifth and sixth receivers are players who need to excel on special teams. Bourne can play on special teams, but the team seems more comfortable with Burbridge’s special teams skills. That could be the difference.”


            1. I’m not sure what your point is here Cubus. Bourne got better as the season went on last year and received a fair bit of playing time. He also had a really good game against the Titans down the stretch. To borrow from a former contributor to the forum: all arrows were up.

              Fucillo was wrong and I think the last WR spot likely came down to James or Burbridge; not Bourne or Burbridge. I thought James would either be cut and put on the PS, or would make it on to the end of the roster and be a healthy scratch because while he is a talented guy, he doesn’t have the size Bourne does and he also doesn’t play ST’s other than being an option to return kicks. There really wasn’t a situation where he was going to make it ahead of a player like Bourne, at least not in my way of thinking.

              As I said, there may be a time when James does get activated so they can see what he can do and it may even come at Bourne’s expense, but this idea that he struggled in TC or was in danger of not making the team was created by Richie Mania, which Fucillo also succumbed to.

              1. You may be right on the Richie mania, but it was coupled with the Bourne mediocrity relative to last season. Rightly or wrongly, this happens all the time in life and evaluators are not immune. A mistake like running a wrong route leading to a pick six is enough reason to bench someone at Bournes’ rank in the pecking order. Let’s see who gets the nod this weekend.

      2. rocket

        ‘can’t believe that we agree so strongly on Bourne…also why the hell are we holding onto Victor Boldin and not Burbridge…O.K. on Kittle, but what’s the loyalty to Celek over Cole Wick who has better hands and is at least an equal blocker…?

  12. Also their is no red zone option to throw to and Dez can solve that problem. Again this would be for this year and maybe next but would not solve the WR issue long term. The 49ers do not have any great or good WR currently, they just only have OK Wide outs.

  13. Razoreater:
    Look at what happen to the RB he liked and took in 4th round Joe and he’s no longer with the team. If he doesn’t get a RB then this offense will look like what it did on Sunday.

    1. Yea, Shanny gets a mulligan on Joe because of his track record of finding RB’s in the later rounds. I was against drafting him, but he didn’t listen to me, Lynch or Big Scootie….

  14. Look at what happen to the RB he liked and took in 4th round Joe and he’s no longer with the team. If he doesn’t get a RB then this offense will look like what it did on Sunday.

  15. Houston,
    Garcon, Goodwin and Pettis are not better than Dez as of today. Pettis might be over the next few years, but currently Dez is better than all three. Goodwin has the speed but that’s all he has. Dez would be the out side WR and you see how Larry is now a inside WR and is still playing good, Dez could do that as well but in this case Garcon, Goodwin and Pettis are not better out side WR than Dez and that’s what we need out side WR. JG could not throw to the out side cause he has no WR and when he tried the guy ran the wrong route. All the WR on the team are limited but one thing you are right about is that they probably won’t bring him in and its not because he can’t play. Its either he wants too much or they really think they have good WR which is not the case. And that’s just being hard headed on the part of Shanny/Lynch

    Bourne probably wouldn’t even be on most teams and that’s why he went undrafted. Now hes still young yes but he probably won’t become much and that’s before he ran the wrong route. They might let him go when Bolden gets back who is no better than him.

    1. Believe what you want to believe but Dez is sitting on his Couch because he can’t separate, has never run good routes to begin with and has been a problem in the locker room at times. The Niners have guys who are very good on the outside and get open and yes they are better than Dez. That is why they actually are on a roster and Dez is not.

      1. Yea you believe what you want as well. Even Jerry Rice says the 49ers need Dez. Who can catch the tough passes over the middle and go up and fight for the ball, you don’t need separation for that and that’s what this team is lacking. he is deciding to stay home, two teams already wanted his services but he said no. they are on the roster because 49ers don’t want to go out and get any other WR and or they think the play book might be to hard, IDK but with this group will not be that good. I’m not a Dez fan or care if he plays again but just saying the skills he has left is that the 49ers need right now.

        1. Dez doesn’t have a job because nobody is going to pay him much for what he is now. Your view of our WR core is not accurate and saying they should sign a guy who can’t get open doesn’t make any sense. They have two guys in Garcon and Goodwin who get open and can make plays in this offense. They have a rookie who is a very good route runner and can play anywhere in the formation, and they have a really good slot receiver who is excellent on 3rd down. They don’t need another WR at this point and certainly not a washed up one like Dez Bryant.

  16. A lot of talk about Shanahan’s issues in the red zone, and while they are legitimate, they alao ignore that Morris has a history of fumbling the ball, Garoppolo needs to place the ball better, and the WRs and TEs need to catch what is catchable.

    1. Mid, it seems to me for the last few years that the red zone has been an issue and if my memory serves me correctly that even extends thru the Harbaugh years.

      1. ” if my memory serves me correctly that even extends thru the Harbaugh years.”

        They were top 15 in 2012 and 2013. 15th both years to be exact.

  17. Matt Barrows

    The last time Mike McGlinchey played guard? Never. He said in the locker room that today’s game was the first he’s played the position.
    2:55 PM – Sep 9, 2018

    Starting right guard Mike Person went down in the second quarter with a foot injury. Backup right guard Joshua Garnett then left the game on a cart also with a foot injury.

    Garnett’s exit brought in swing tackle Garry Gilliam. Gilliam went to right tackle and McGlinchey slid down to right guard.

    The Gilliam-McGlinchey tandem struggled as the Vikings attacked the right side of the 49ers offensive line with blitzes and heavy pressures. San Francisco nearly overcame the deficiencies on the offensive line to pull out a come-from-behind win.

    Reply: So can we please stop with the attacks on Garoppolo, Seb and the rest.
    Seb, maybe you should review your receiver falls down on purpose scenario during a flea-flicker.


    1. *Seb, we haven’t heard enough of your views on how much greater Kaep is than Garoppolo.
      Perhaps you should stick to ‘yarns’ your more polished

      Yarn (Websters Dictionary)-
      a long or rambling story, especially one that is implausible.
      synonyms: story, tale, anecdote, saga, narrative…

  18. Something’s about those in charge of the 49ers feels good and right – like the players drafted, playcallling, both offense and defensive schemes, ….etc…
    Playing Mike McGlinchey @ guard when they had never prepared him or gave him reps during TC…..baffles the mind…..

    (Just imagine if we had kept T.Brown a solid Tackle, played Mike at Guard and have him move to RT next year)

    Just goes back to the question is ALL this too much for KS to handle…..?

      1. Brown was very good at pass pro, and about equal to where McGlinchey is right now at run blocking.

        Mc repeatedly has trouble when he has to reach on running plays.

      2. Brown’s gone…no undoing it. At this point I’ll trust Shanahan’s judgement. If Shanahan’s 9ers win fewer than 4 games in 2018, and he’s fired after a 0 and 6 start in 2019, then I’ll conclude that professional football was too much for Kyle. Maybe then 9ers ownership will come to their senses and hire a few fans from this blog to run the team…like it should be run.

  19. Okay… Since some of us are much more qualified than existing 9ers staff to lead our beloved team to six consecutive Super Bowls over the next seven years (this year being a dumpster fire), let’s have those interested in a position with the 9ers sign up for the following:


    Front Office… Positions follow (see dozens via the link). Assume everyone is fired, with the exception of ownership. Positions include GM, Exec VP of Football Ops, VP of Player Personnel, Director of Pro Personnel, etc.

    I have dibs on one of the custodian positions. Who wants what? C’mon, we can take the 9ers to even greater heights!

    1. I’ll be the owner (due to York being caught in a money laundering scheme) and hire Jack as my head coach, Scooter as the GM, Razor as VP of Player Personnel, Rocket as Exec VP of Football Operations, JPN to handle the legal side, and Under as Director of Pro Personnel. Everyone else would be safe in the front office, and I would let Jack and Scooter build their own coaching staff.

      1. I’d like to supervise the strength and conditioning staff. I would really like to try to get a handle on why there are so many non-contact injuries on this team.

      2. I nominate Paul/Seb as head groundskeeper. All those tree stumps around the midfield Niners logo? He’ll leverage those suckers right out.

      3. Thanks Mid. As my first act as GM I would like to formally apologise for the state I leave the franchise in when I am sacked…

    2. I’d consider…

      – Special Senior Assistant to Joan in Payroll
      She knows where the bodies are buried.

      – Press Conference Audio Control Technician
      We can’t hear the reporter questions but the coaches voice is loud… or the reporters question is loud but we can’t hear the coaches… or we can’t hear anyone. This needs to be fixed.

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