49ers in the playoffs? Seriously?

Kyle Shanahan and his 49ers are looking up at teams ahead of them in the standings. Do they really have a chance to make the post season? (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

It keeps popping up. You’re watching the 49ers’ game on TV, and at some point the playoff possibilities are flashed on the screen. It lists the sure-fire contenders and a short list of teams “on the bubble” to make the playoffs.

And listed, week after week, are the hard-luck, much injured, losers-of-three-in-a-row 49ers. Do they really have a chance to make the playoffs?


And probably no.

It is true that there is a mathematical chance that the team could make the post season. There’s a whole complicated set of dominos that have to fall in exactly the right order — even then it is a long shot. But here’s the hoping-for-a-miracle pitch.

First, consider the NFC East. Holy crap, what a dumpster fire. Not only do they not have a team with a winning record, they don’t even have one at .500. None of the four teams in the East have more than three wins. If this was soccer, they’d all be relegated.

Why do we care? Because it removes four teams from the 16-team NFC. Now we’re down to 12. And four of those teams — Carolina, Atlanta, Detroit and Minnesota — have the same 4-6 record as the 49ers or worse.

The Niners are only two games back of the Rams and the Cardinals in the West Division. With six games to go, and a head to head coming up with both L.A. and Arizona, you could make up ground quickly in the West.

Also, the NFL is still considering putting eight teams into the playoffs, instead of the current seven. The league would go to eight if the coronavirus forces the cancelation of so many games that a complete season cannot be played. So if that happens, it would be an additional chance for the 49ers to make the post season.

In addition, following the bye week, there is a good chance of getting several injured players back on the field. They could include Richard Sherman, Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, Deebo Samuel and center Ben Garland. There’s even a chance that Jimmy Garoppolo could return for some of the final games.

For all those reasons, and the fact that the team has appeared to stay relatively cohesive during the adversity, you could make a case that, with some lucky breaks, the 49ers have a possible passage to the post season.

And nope. Still not seeing it.

For starters, the 49ers have already lost to the Cardinals in the first game of the season. So Arizona has the tie-breaker right off the bat, pending the outcome of their second game of the season on Dec. 27.

San Francisco did beat the Rams in their first game, so that makes this week’s game in Los Angeles a must-win. Unfortunately, we all agreed that last week’s game with the Saints was a must-win, and they didn’t. The have to win these games or none of the scenario makes sense.

Realistically, they have to run the table in the six remaining games. That would make them 10-6, which is a reasonable record to make the tail end of the playoffs. The problem is, the schedule doesn’t look promising.

The Rams are 6-3 (pending tonight’s game in Tampa), the next opponent, Buffalo is 7-3. Washington and Dallas are 3-7 cupcakes, but remember, the Niners can’t lose a game. And then they finish up with 6-4 Arizona and 7-3 Seattle.

That’s a lot of uphill work. And frankly, the 49ers aren’t trending well right now.

As pointed out last week, the three consecutive losses have come with a pattern. Teams are coming after the 49ers passers and the offensive line, particularly the revolving door at center, have been unable to protect the quarterbacks. Pro Football Reference has 49ers quarterbacks absorbing 49 hits so far this year, the most in the NFL.

That’s not conducive to efficient passing, and it shows with 11 interceptions between Garoppolo and Nick Mullens. It may also help explain why the 49ers’ quarterbacks have tended to start well and then taper off later in games. All those hits take a toll.

Getting Garland back would be a big help at center. Beat reporters remind us that the team has used six different centers in ten games. Complications have ensued. We’ve seen too many times when the O-line has failed to even lay a hand on a blitzer.

It is something that has to be fixed. If nothing else, you’d have to think Kyle Shanahan is hoping to get a non-gimpy Garoppolo back at the end of the season. He’s surely seen enough of Mullens and C.J. Beathard. Those last games could be Jimmy G’s audition for the next two years of his contract.

But he can’t do it if the pass rushers arrive at the same time as the ball. The team needs to clean up the pass ‘pro and see what Jimmy can do.

It probably won’t be for the playoffs, but at least they can say they are looking to build on something for next season. Realistically, I think that’s their best plan.

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    1. I have advocated for this all off season. It would help extend his career, and his leadership will still have a big impact. Maybe move Moore to CB, with 4.32 speed.

    2. Picking up on our last thread Jack, I would like to remind you that everyone claimed the Rams were DOA heading into this season, when, in reality, it was mostly injuries, particularly along their OL, that were the culprit and really set them back last season. Funny how injuries can derail an otherwise promising season. Sound familiar? It ends up that salary cap issues for the Rams were a real thing heading into the offseason, but the Rams found ways to manage their issues and mitigate their tight salary cap, through the draft, and free agency. They were able to do this because their core was young and strong, and they have a very talented coaching staff, which is exactly where the 49ers should find themselves heading into this offseason.

      1. Actually, the Rams have a talented coaching staff because Sean McVay realized the was in over his head, so he stopped being the OC, and hired Kevin O’Connell as the Offensive Coordinator. He also moved on from Wade Phillips and hired Brandon Staley as DC. He cleaned house with 3 new coordinators, by hiring John Bonamego as the ST coach.
        The Rams did have problems with their O line, but the main reason why they struggled was because of Gurley’s Baalke knee, imho.
        Now, they are 7-3, and fighting for the playoffs. With Seattle’s defensive ineptitude, they may win the division.

        1. Seb, why are you like a broken record? How many times do we need to here this idea when the results don’t reflect your opinion.

          Case in point: The Rams are playing well this season. However, just 2 seasons ago, back when McVay was coordinating their offense, the Rams record at this stage of the season was a much more impressive 9-1, and just as was the case for the Niners last season, the Rams went to the Super Bowl with their HC coordinating their offense.

          1. Oh please, do not bring up the Ram SB loss. McVay was schooled by Bellichick, and he was embarrassed and looked like a clueless noob. Personally, I think that the Rams had more talent, but was defeated by better coaching.
            Fortunately, McVay wised up and fired his OC, and replaced him with Kevin O’Connell.

    3. Jack,
      I’ve become a fan of your articles over on SI.
      But I find it disingenuous for you supplant CW’ article with one of your own.
      To leapfrog CW’ article with the very first response (or in this case with your personal topic) is unprofessional for a budding sports editor as well as disrespectful.
      No bueno amigo

  1. CW,
    Nice read. Whether they make the playoffs (less likely) or not, I want the team to remain upbeat and competitive. I believe that the 49ers have built a good winning culture and must continue to sustain that mindset going forward.

    Also, I’ve maintained that Garoppolo’ play should be measured by him being healthy and is surrounded by his key offensive players.
    Some fans are adamant that JG lost the Superbowl, but that is not true.
    The defense broke down in the 4th QTR when they had a sustainable lead. Jimmy made one critical mistake in the SB and that was overthrowing E.Sanders inside the 5 yard line.

    Sure, he didn’t deliver on that particular play, but he shouldn’t have been put in that position either. Having to rely on a last minute pass to win a game typically puts the odds against you.
    No bueno.

    1. I hate the idea of tanking or losing games.

      Winning breads winning, you want to finish strong, even if its just 2 or 3 wins more. The team will not get a top 10 pick, but thats fine you can find so many amazing players selected outside the top 10. I would love if they could get over .500 at seasons end, just so its not another losing season, no matter what excuses can be made losing is losing and its not good for the team culture.

      Thankfully I have a college team thats undefeated at the moment, so that makes Saturdays a nice relief from Sunday.

    2. AES:
      Does Jimmy’s health extend to reads,pocket awareness,accuracy on his throws???

      And if everything has to be perfect for him to succeed…then…
      that’s not a Quarterback that we need

      1. Deezy,
        I got you, but which other QB do you see as giving the 49ers more at the moment?
        I don’t see any FA agent QB’s who are significantly better than JG.
        Sure, there are some very talented college QB’s who could prove to be better, but there’s no guarantee.

        The question I keep asking myself is, how would any FA or Rookie QB do under the same circumstances that the team is currently facing?

        There is no miracle QB out there that I see, who could provide wins week after week given the underlying issues that has blindsided the 2020 49ers.

        1. At the moment??
          Its tough…..because we’re kinda stuck in neutral

          …Jimmy.Nick and Beathard all offer something the other one doesnt..

          At 4-6…the season is not over yet..
          But…Jimmy is still hurt…
          So at the moment he’s out of the equation…

          I’d look at Josh Johnson…We’d have to put training wheels on of course..but still..

          Now…In terms of next year..
          We can’t pay 27million for inconsisent subpar Quarterback play..
          I’d expect that moreso out of a rookie..
          Sooooo….Draft a Rookie..

          I really wish we could get Trevor Lawrence…he’s what we need.lol..
          But that’s a fantasy of mine..

          We need someone with an Arm,Accuracy and Awareness..
          And some mobility doesn’t hurt either..

    3. I wouldn’t go as far as to claim that Jimmy lost the Super Bowl. He did have a golden opportunity to win it though, and he failed! That’s indisputable.

      Also this: JIMMY GAROPPOLO Super Bowl XVI; 20-31, 219 YDS, 1 TD, 2 INT’s, 69.2 Passer Rating, 42.6 QBR. The big play? 3rd & 10 at KC 49, Emmanuel Sanders breaks open deep down the seem, and a healthy Jimmy G. never gave him a chance to make the potential game winning play. What a shame, the 49ers 2019 season deserved a better ending.

      1. 49,
        The 49ers oline was allowing the Chiefs defense to put pressure on Jimmy throughput the game. And we should be fair in our assessments that there was a Chiefs defensive player in JG’ face at about the same time when the ball was released.
        Our defense was beat and tired going into the 4th QTR of the SB and it eventually reflected on the scoreboard.

        Sure, Garoppolo made mistakes with the 2 Int’s, but aside from the defense breaking down in the 4th QTR, I felt he did enough to win.

        I also believe, that some of the blowback that JG has received this year is being built around the SB loss more than an injury riddled 2020 season not only for him but for his key offensive weapons as well.

        These types of analysis on Jimmy leave out many other important variables that unfairly put most of the blame on JG.
        But this is only my take on the subject.

        1. Great players step up and make this big plays in the biggest moments. If that one poor pass was anomaly, I wouldn’t be harping on him nearly as much. The fact of the matter is, Kyle has gone out of his way too scheme the football out of Jimmy’s hands far too often over the last few season.

          Can the team win while paying Jimmy like a franchise QB (even though he’s playing like an average starter) with the reduced salary cap over the next couple seasons? I think the answer is …. probably not. I think they are better off finding a cheaper alternative if the opportunity presents itself.

  2. That’s what’s got me scratching my head about all this get rid of Garoppolo and draft talk. The season isn’t over yet and while the odds are long that they make the playoffs, they will be a much stronger team starting this week with the players they are getting back.

  3. Just came to stop by and see how all the trumpstumpers are doing after that massive defeat.

    Been absent since the Niners have been so frustrating and heartbreaking, but can find a little bit of joy in knowing the next 4 years will be 100x better than the last 4.


        1. Let’s see what happens come January 5th amigo. Democraps will be clamoring for Hillary and Jimmy Carter to run again, things will be so bad.

          1. Things are already so bad. Covid 19 has mangled the economy, and 263,000 people have died.
            The reason why they are so bad, is because the Commander in Cheat is totally incompetent. In fact, while world leaders were coordinating the fight against this pandemic, some bloviator played golf.
            It only took 4 years to make America become the laughingstock of the world, Breaking treaties, alienating allies, and coddling dictators, allowed Russia and China to have more influence and leadership, and they stepped into the vacuum, because your hero would rather play golf than be President.
            Well, there is a new sheriff in town. I hope he appoints Sally Yates to run the Justice department. She was the asst AG, so she has the talent and expertise. Maybe Robert Mueller to run the FBI.
            Thankfully, things will get better. Biden will Make America Great Again. With Biden’s leadership, the new vaccines will conquer the Covid 19 Pandemic, and we can all get back to normal.
            Soon, once Biden is in office, there will be a flood of revelations, and Don the Con will be exposed. Republicans will finally wake up, and realize that putting children in cages is a bad idea. Fortunately, Trumpty Dumpty had a big fall, and has lawyered up. With the blizzard of lawsuits and charges, he will be fighting to stay out of jail, so he will need them.

  4. Nice read. My sentiments exactly. I will hope for the best, yet expect the worst. This season has been an ordeal of attrition, but I still think they have the right mindset; to strive to be their best.
    The planets need to align for this to occur, but I just read that almost every planet was visible, in the recent night sky.

  5. It’s time to bring Collin back home we love Jimmy but it’s time KAP is healthy he’s ready and we need him Tell The main office it’s time we need someone with a heart like Kap cause what we have right now is nothing all three QBs we have now crack under pressure and can’t stay healthy KAP will not Crack and he’s healthy he will succeed let the pride go and call him we want him back home

    1. If Kap could stop hitting people on the sidelines with his passes and see the entire field to find wide open WRs not being covered he might have a chance in the CFL.

      All kidding aside, Kaep was done 4 years ago.
      I hope that the 49ers aren’t that desperate to consider him.

      1. I dunno, the Niners may not have enough players to field a team. They may need all the help they can get.
        I still like JG, but the present 3 QBs are inferior to Kaep.
        Right now, the Bengals should be desperate enough to at least try out Kaep. Ryan Finley is a stiff.

          1. AES, Gabbert was given the starting job, because Kaep was not allowed to compete by Baalke. However, Gabbert pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself, so Kaep won back the starting job. Gabbert did not win it back for the rest of the season, so Kaep is still superior to Gabbert.

            1. Seb,
              Gabbert is still in the league, CK is not. I’d be happy if someone gave him an opportunity, but not if it’s force by outside political pressure.

              1. Believe me, if Kaep cannot play at a high level, he should not be handed a job. I just want the blackballing to stop, and there is a huge difference, now that his biggest detractor just lost power.
                Thanks for proving my point. If Gabbert can still play, along with all the other drek QBs, Kaep should be at least given a chance to try out.

  6. David Lombardi has a good analysis of the Niners D:
    In YPC (yards per carry), the Niners are ranked 5th in NFL this season, up from #21 last season). Their run defense DVOA is slightly better overall, (8th vs 9th last year). Overall defense DVOA is down to 12th from 2nd last season.

    One of the good signs this seasons is the improved tackling where they have the second fewest missed tackles this season (behind the Colts), up from #16 last season. The best improvement in tackling has been in Warner whose missed tackles % went down from 10% to 4.8% and leads the Niners LBs (followed by Greenlaw at 5.3%).

    On D line, interestingly, Armstead has the same number of QB pressures so far this season as Buck has for the Colts (16). Neither has good sack numbers (1.5 for Armstead and 2,5 for Buck).

    1. Mood,
      Thanks for the read.
      Something to look forward to, is next year when we get Bosa back our entire D should be significantly better.

      If we keep Hyder, he and Bosa will make formidable book ends. Street is getting healthy and Kinlaw is starting to understand the speed and nuances of the game. The Revenge Tour has been rescheduled for 2021.

      1. I go into next season not even counting on Bosa. He may or may not be the same player. He may or may not have a setback in his rehab. We’ll need to draft at least one edge rusher, preferably a speed rusher….

        1. That’s where I am at as well with Bosa.
          Love him when he plays and he is a difference maker but these type of injuries typically take a long time to recover fully from. Additionally, while he is very technical (which should help), he lacks his brothers size and depends a bit more on his explosiveness so who knows what that will do to his game.

          SF has 3 major needs that need to be addressed early and often, interior line, db, and edge.

          1. I think Nicky is going to come back better and stronger. He will have a full year to train plus training camp.
            He will break the Bosa curse of injuries and lead the NFL in sacks next year.

        2. Raz.
          Sure, I understand that there are many scenarios involved with players returning from major injuries. I’m picking the best scenario as possible.

          Bosa may be two years away from having non lingering issues with his knee, but he can still be effective at 70-80% than what we have now on the front line.

          We still need to address other holes on the defensive side of the ball, but having Bosa back at any point in the season will help.

          1. Best case scenario is they don’t rush him back before he’s ready. You wanna put him on the field at 70%? I don’t. He’s too valuable in the long term. I’d rather draft a speed rusher early and another strongside DE on day 3….

            1. Many players have come back at a 70-80% status and have been effective.

              My sense is that even if Bosa plays at status the O-cords will still need to account for him which in turn opens opps for other players on the Dline.

              If the medical staff clears Bosa, let him play. I don’t know of too many players that ever play at 100% during their careers.
              Players being blindsided by injuries and setbacks are issues that occur on every team almost every year.

              1. After surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, young athletes are now recommended to undergo at least a year’s rehab and thorough testing before resuming knee-strenuous sport. Research shows that those who return to sport relatively soon after surgery incur a highly elevated risk of a second ACL injury.

                You sure you wanna put him out on that field at 70%?

            2. “having Bosa back at any point in the season will help.”

              I didn’t say he should be back right away. When the medical staff and his personal doctor clears him then he could work his way back.
              Who knows for certain if Bosa will ever be 100%?

              1. “at least a year”, and that’s for your garden variety ACL. We know there was surrounding cartilage damage as well. I’m not expecting to see Bosa on the field at all next year. Maybe he debuts in November but that’s if Murphy’s law gets broken….

      2. I’m not worried about the Niners D next season as long as they can maintain league average in-season health. Bosa at 75% paired with Hyder with rookie or other veteran backups will be sufficient to produce a top-10 pass D together with the DBs currently playing.

        The D coaching team is likely the best in the league. I have confidence in this staff to coach up less-proven talent. I can see DeMeco Ryans taking over at DC when Saleh moves on.

        The area where I have concerns are in offense. I will post some thoughts later today hoping to get some feedback.

  7. Trask reminds me of Andy Dalton. Every year there’s a team needing a quarterback that overreaches for one in the 1st round, and Trask will probably be that quarterback for that team….

      1. Who said I dislike him? He’s just not the quarterback we’re looking for. It’d be like drafting the status quo. Arm strength and athletic profile restrict his ceiling. He’s a touch thrower. Doesn’t possess the velocity to deliver strikes into small windows, especially when he hurries his throws when he’s unable to set his feet. A franchise quarterback doesn’t need a quintessential offense to succeed. I just don’t think he’s a difference maker and that’s what a true franchise quarterback is to me. He’s not a guy that can thrive by extending plays or innovate when a play breaks down, and that’s why I wouldn’t target him in the first round. Could he develop into a franchise quarterback? Maybe but I’m not gonna be the GM that makes that bet in the first round. Simple as that….

        1. Razor,
          Too bad the BYU coach and AD don’t feel the same as their QB does “any team, any time any place” They turned down a chance to play a power 5 conference team Wash. Maybe Wilson should have checked with them before wearing the headband. I’m sure they were protecting their record but is it possible they were also protecting their QB’s reputation. Evidently BYU’s schedule is considered one of the weakest in the nation, for that reason they will not even be considered for the playoffs or even one of the top bowl games. Holiday Bowl here we come. I sure would feel better about him if there was just a little film Vs. a top D.

          1. He shredded a very good Boise secondary. I dunno. Wilson has the traits to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL. Would I love to see him compete against the IU defense in the Holiday Bowl? Yea skippy! Not for the reasons you might but just for a great game. He had me convinced by week 3….

            1. I too would love to see him match up against IU in a bowl game but if IU can beat Wisc. I don’t see them in the Holiday Bowl. I also wouldn’t mind seeing him against Northwestern or Wisc.

        2. Fair enough. We all see different things in certain players. Just hope the organization makes the right decision at this position.

            1. Ok…I see..

              Yeah i don’t watch college much..
              So when watching the highlights on YouTube…videos and comments suggest other Qbs..

              So I watched Ian Book of Notre Dame ,Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati yesterday….

              Ian Book gave me sorta a Jeff Garcia/Jimmy G mashup. for some reason lol..

              He throws hella good on the run…mobile..athletic…..improviser(which i love in Qbs) He can fit the ball in tight spaces..

              Desmond kinda gave me a Kap vibe…with better speed and an arm..

              Trask,Mac,Lance,Fields just dont do it for me in the highlights…
              Don’t really wow or excite me..

              Lawrence is my wish…
              Hope he pulls an Elway/Eli Manning and refuses to go to the Jets..so we can swoop in on a Hail Mary miracle..

              I mean Wilson looked good..not a bad option…I got a Mahomes-esque vibe in certain instances..

              Ehlinger and Book can work in this offense tho..
              definitely better than what we have now..

              These things are tricky..
              Arm talent can win anywhere..
              But some Qbs are better for certain systems..

              So i leave it up to the scouts….and coach
              They have a difficult job to do…

    1. That could be true of any college QB coming out. Marcus Mariota was highly touted as a great dual threat QB coming out of college.
      So was Tim Couch and others.

      I’ve never doubted QBs who could stand in the pocket and hit their targets when passing.
      Justin Herbert looks like he could be the best rookie QB this year and he’s not known as a dual threat QB like Zack Wilson.

      A winning team is made up of talented players and great coaches. Brady won SB’s because he was part of that scenario in NE.

      Personally, I’d prefer Trask or Howell, because they are good and wouldn’t demand giving up high interest in return for Wilson.

      I was looking for a good dual type QB in the draft, but after seeing how many hits Jamal Jackson has taken and has negatively affected his game, has certainly given me pause.

      1. Lets give the LA Chargers offensive line full credit for Herbert having an outstanding rookie year. Any QB, rookie or vet can look like Joe Montana when they have protection. The Niners have everyhting except an oline ready for the next QB to be successful.

      2. @ AES – I recalled how you thought we were trying to convince you to change your political views – I told you then not to be dumb and full of yourself – as you can America never needed you – enjoy being in the minority – 80 Million strong MF’er

        Just look at the freaking difference in who is representing America now- Two facts stand out from the Trump cabinet. It is the first without a single Hispanic since President Ronald Reagan was inaugurated in 1981, even though Latinos have been the fastest growing minority since then. And it reflects the worst setback for African-Americans from one administration to the next since the 1980s.

        If you don’t like diversity, you are going to hate heaven

          1. @Prime – Don’t be mad everyone thinks you are a buffoon….. you truly are an abbreviated, infected dimple on the ass of common sense


      3. Hybrid is the new breed of the NFL quarterback. Herbert can run and has. He can also throw on the run. He’s got a cannon. Trask has a bb gun.

        1. Razor, do you think a comparison for Trask to Matt Ryan makes sense? To me that’s kind of what I see. A good enough arm to make all the throws, but certainly not a cannon. Accurate. Calm in the pocket. Not much of a running threat, but good enough mobility to navigate the pocket. Willing to throw it up for his receivers to make a play.

          1. And a gamer! There is no stat or proof of that but when you watch him, and remember he plays against the best teams in the country (SEC) he has been very good.

          2. Exactly, Scooter. These offensive lineman coming out of college aren’t NFL ready. You need a Steve Young type quarterback that can compensate for some of that. I think Shanny will come to realize that at some point in the evaluation process during the offseason….

          3. Scooter,

            I am not Razor but I would disagree with the Trask/Matt Ryan comparison. Ryan, while he didn’t have a big arm he showcased that he could make every throw without the ball hanging in the air and his deep balls were pretty accurate.
            In college he showcased his ability to complete deeper outs with anticipation and the ability to make layered throws (similar to Manning who also lacked a big arm). Actually from a physical standpoint Trask reminds me more of Peyton later in his career (not the final year where he couldn’t throw at all).

        2. “Trask has a bb gun.”
          That hits his targets at a high percentage. I wouldn’t be broken hearted if the 49ers don’t draft Trask, but it would be hard to pass on a QB that has broken TD records for the first 7 games and plays in the very competitive SEC.

          If Boise St. is the barometer in which to measure Wilson’ play, then the 49ers will not have done their due diligence if they are sold on him.
          There’s only one guarantee regarding these QB’ going forward and that is, that we will be having some good debates about these guys leading up to the draft.

          1. Florida will most likely be playing some tough competition down the stretch. BYU won’t and they might not even be in a bowl game.
            Wilson has all the tools but how do you know how he matches up against other elite talent?
            Wilson might be Carson Wentz 2.0 which could be good and bad. Like Wentz, he could be great some days, and a head scratcher the other.

            1. Barrows on which QB’s in the 1st round Shanny will be interested in:

              Matt Barrows
              7h ago
              @Gary H. Guess:

              Fields and Wilson. Their arm + their athleticism are better than anything the 49ers have right now. Shanahan also wants the QB to be the hardest worker on the team, the first guy in and the last guy to leave. I don’t know how those two stack up in that category, but if Shanahan were truly interested in QBs in the draft, that’s the first thing he’d find out.
              I should add that Trey Lance is in that category, too. I just think that given the conference in which he plays and the fact that NDSU played only one game this year, it’s a bigger leap of faith with him.

      4. AES,
        Sorry to correct you but Tim Couch was not a dual threat qb, he ran for negative yards in college to Herbert’s 1075 yards. His name eludes me but I think their was dual threat qb that came out a few years ago from a school with very similar uniforms to kentucky that you might be mixing Couch up with. (It’s nagging my brain, so I’ll do a search later)

        And while, Herbert wasn’t used as a dual threat qb per say, he was extremely athletic.
        At 6’6@ 237 he ran his 40 in under 4.7 seconds.
        The big thing him though was his Arm is Huge, he could through the ball 60 yards flat footed.

        I also like Howell a lot and think he would go high if he was a tad taller. Is able to come out this year?

        1. Shoup,
          Dully noted on the correction.
          I remember seeing Couch running a lot in the pros, but that may have more to do with him running for his life since he played on such a poor team.

          Except for the 40 dash, Trask comes very close to Herbert’ physical measurebles. He may not have the cannon arm but that doesn’t show up on the stats sheet as his completion numbers are very good.
          Having a QB who consistently completes his passes is important.

          1. No worries,

            I agree with you that the most important thing is for a qb to be able to put the ball where he wants to consistently.
            I rank a qb’s traits in the following order.
            1. Accuracy 2. Ability to read a defense 3. Durability 4. Be a quick decision maker
            – These are musts to even look at the rest of what a qb has to offer.

            – The below traits don’t really have an order and qb’s don’t need to have all but they need a combination of at least 3 of the below traits.
            That said my preference would be for the qb to have either a strong arm or be mobile, as it helps to stretch a defense out. Also, if a qb is small, it is more important to me that they have a good internal clock than if they are tough and willing to take a shot.

            5. Internal Clock (6th sense),
            6. Arm Strength
            7. Mobility
            8. Navigate a Pocket
            9. Size.
            10. Toughness (willingness to take a shot)

  8. The Rams looked really good last night and Goff looked great. The 9ers have 9 players on the Covid list including T. Williams. Early last week I thought the 9ers had a chance to improve over the bye week and beat the Rams. Not anymore….

      1. 76.5 completion rate 376 yards 3 TD’s with absolutely no running game against one of the top 2 or 3 defenses in the NFL. Leading a beautiful last drive. The kind of performance we haven’t seen out of a 49er QB all season.

          1. Come on Razor,
            No one is saying he’s a great qb, they are saying he played great for one game. Who care how many air yards per target he had if he was making the right decision and getting first downs and touchdowns?

            Yes, he had a great game and No, I still wouldn’t want him as the starting qb for SF.

          1. Ha! That’s like saying liver tastes better than $hit! Both players looked like they were trying to give the other team the win….

            1. Still, it sure seemed apparent to me, and it is usually the QB that makes the fewest mistakes who wins the game.
              Gotta give some props to those defenses. It was a hard slog for both offenses.

              1. The Rams gave away their first-round pick (2016), two second-round picks (2016), a third-round pick (2016), a first-round pick (2017) and another third-round pick (2017) for Goff. Is he a difference maker? Not in my eyes, but maybe he is to you and OldCoach….

              2. Razor,
                I wasn’t commenting on the trade. I wasn’t commenting on his career so far. I was commenting on his game last night and the 49ers chances of beating him this Sunday.

              3. Seb is the last guy on here who should be talking about what a good QB is and is not. Kaepernick and Lamar Jackson are guys he says are franchise QB’s. Really? Lamar starting to show his true game. One dimensional.

                Ill stand by saying that if the 49ers drafted Trubisky, he would be starting. He got the shaft in Chicago where Nagy is the most overrated offensive minded head coach.

              4. I guess I am in the same category as the other 9 NFL GM’s who passed on him.
                Meanwhile you are still pom poming Kap. That category is all the dead beats, low life wanna be, losers.

                I like my position better.

              5. Yes, every one of those GMs are kicking themselves in the arse for missing out on a SB MVP. You should do the same.
                Dead beat wanna be loser? Do not be so hard on yourself. I do know you want the Niners to lose all of their games, so you are the epitome of a loser.

              6. Your hero is the biggest moron I can think of. He loses by over 6 million votes and declares victory. He called a 306 to 232 EC result a landslide in 2016, but now, calls it fraud.
                He whines about as much as you, and both of your foul mouths defines you both as a low intelligence cretins, who delight in putting children in cages.
                Well, he lost. He is a loser. He is almost as big a loser as you are.

              7. Nice disguise Dee! You are such a loser posting under Seb and vice versa. I’m Canadian, I dont give a rats a$$ who your President is moron!

              8. Clueless as ever. Dee and I had some lengthy conversations, but have kept from engaging each other, so I am cool with him, now.
                You, by accusing me of having catfish burner accounts, are like your hero, who you predicted would win, but lost. He is declaring there is fraud, but the major fraud was in 2016, when he used foreign Russian aid to troll the election, and steal it by a razor thin majority in a few states. He still lost the popular vote by 3 million, and garnered only 43% of the total.
                Meanwhile, Biden had won by 4 million, with a 50.7% share of the total votes. Your hero tried to suppress the vote, stop the counts, then demand recounts. Too bad the recounts show that Biden is now winning by 6 million votes. The people have spoken, and to those who do not like the results, they should leave and go to Russia, because they just love Putin, just like their hero.
                So go ahead, declare victory, AGAIN. Your delusion that I am Dee would be amusing, if it were not so sad. Poor pitiful Prime.

              9. Then why havent you changed your avatar?

                a) you are too stupid and dont know how
                b) you love the attention?

                Either way, you are an idiot!

              10. No, I did change it to George Seiffert, and the catfish copied that. This site has no controls, because your expletive laden screeds should have resulted in banishment long ago. Guess they like the clicks.
                I will continue to be polite and civil, talking with other like minded fans, about a team I am a die hard faithful fan of. Go ahead, continue your profane bloviating and bullying. It just exposes your lack of character and establishes your IQ level.

              11. Change your avatar then and beat this “alleged” catfish.

                You are so full of it. It’s been you this whole time. You can get a new email and change your avatar. You can use any of your own taken pictures. Anything! But whatever, you just love the attention.

              12. I just love the attention?
                NO, I have repeatedly advised posters to ignore my comments, if they do not agree with me.
                You, on the other hand, haunt my posts because you are weak willed and feeble minded. I live in your head, and you seem to make it your life’s work trying to oppose me. What a waste. Too bad it just exposes you as an intolerant foul mouthed bigot, who thinks hurling insults makes you look smart. It does the exact opposite. Poor pitiful Prime.

              13. Yelling fraud does not make it true. You are clueless, like your hero.
                Berating me to change my avatar, just makes me more determined to leave it alone.
                If you want to do something positive, I would suggest you pay your debts. Welchers should berate no one, until he stops being a deadbeat. The Niners did not draft Trubusty, just like your hero did not get a majority of the votes, in the popular vote, AND the Electoral College.

    1. Well, at least they have a vaccine, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think you hoped for one, just before the holidays.
      Looks like the Niners did not take this pandemic seriously enough. Nine players. That is one sixth of the team.
      This is definitely making it twice as hard to win.
      Trent Williams is a former cancer patient, so he is a high risk patient. He should stop thinking about football, and start thinking about staying alive. I hope he can recover fully, and have a long healthy life.

  9. Seb,
    Its not just the 9ers or T. Williams who are not taking the virus seriously, the whole damn country is being stupid. Friends of mine here in the Bay area, people who would describe themselves as progressives are planning medium size T-giving celebrations. These are the kind of people who criticize the non mask wearers as unintelligent but when push comes to shove and they have to sacrifice something meaningful they aren’t so progressive.

    1. Makes no freaking sense – lot’s of dumb people in this country

      I wish they will just look at how much the health workers deal with –

      1. FlightRadar24, which tracks flight paths in real-time, reported 6,972 flights in the skies above North America as of noon Tuesday

        Trump White House planning holiday parties indoors despite pandemic warnings….The gatherings contradict government advice as COVID-19 surges in the U.S.

        This guy really hates America

    2. This Pandemic is making people crazy. Possibly exposing Grandma to Covid 19 is counter productive.
      Maybe they need to dispense the vaccines first to people who promise to wear a mask.
      Those who do not wear masks, do not believe in vaccines, anyways.
      Looks like DJ Jones and Willis are on the Covid 19 list. At this rate, I wonder if they will have enough players to be able to compete.

  10. 1. Jets, 0-10
    2. Jaguars, 1-9
    3. Bengals, 2-7-1
    4. Washington Football Team, 3-7
    5. Chargers, 3-7
    6. Giants, 3-7
    7. Falcons, 3-7
    8. Cowboys, 3-7
    9. Dolphins (from Texans), Texans 3-7
    10. Panthers, 4-7
    11. Lions, 4-6
    12. 49ers, 4-6
    13. Patriots, 4-6
    14. Vikings, 4-6
    15. Broncos, 4-6
    16. Bears, 5-5
    17. Dolphins, 6-4
    18. Ravens, 6-4

      1. NFL Media reports that the league has rescinded the suspension for violating the policy on performance-enhancing substances. Issues with testing procedures is given as the reason for the reversal and the report notes that Williams was adamant that he had never violated the policy.

        Not sure I remember ever seeing the NFL rescind a PED suspension before, but here we are.

    1. ” K’Waun Williams is suspended two games for PEDs, eligible to return to active roster in Week 14. He’s been out injured with a high-ankle sprain and wouldn’t have played next two games anyhow.”
      Per Cam Inman

  11. The NFL is a joke. The Ravens Steelers game got moved because of this COVID-19 flu but the Niners and Packers game went ahead? F’off!

  12. Scooter, have you checked out Myjai Sanders outta Cincinnati? Looks like he might fit the same role as Ford. Could be a day 3 steal?

      1. “Kenny Pickett, Pitt explode in 47-14 Senior Day win over Virginia Tech”

        Hey Scooter, any thoughts on my boy Kenny Pickett yet?

        PITT Panther’s QB Kenny Pickett was dominant on Saturday (74.1 Total QBR), throwing for 404 yards on 35-of-52 passing and accounting for three touchdowns to put an exclamation point on his last collegiate game at Heinz Field.

        P.S. Best Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours.

        1. Thanks 49Reasons, and to you.

          I have only given him a brief review, but liked what I saw. I can see him being a nice mid-late round pick that has a chance to be more than his draft slot.

    1. I’ve been checking him out… couldn’t agree more. I really like his game. He’s quick, active and long. Definitely someone you could use as a pass rush specialist.

      1. How many pass rushers should the Niners draft or sign? I’m thinking one between rounds 1-3, and another between 4-7 and one in free agency.

        Jordan, Willis and Hyder have a great opportunity to become a starter opposite Bosa next year but they all need to show more.

        1. If SF doesn’t go QB early then I would hope they trade back and get as many day 2 picks as possible.
          Then they could draft BPA from the available cb’s, iol, and edge rushers.
          The good thing they have going for them is that they don’t necessarily need players to “set the edge”, so a one dimensional pass rusher would work just fine.

          1. If they don’t take a QB in round 1 it means the top 4 were off the board and they didn’t have the conviction/balls to go up and get one. Which would mean they’re content to be settlers for a lesser talent on day 2 or 3. How disappointing would that be…?

            1. Very but maybe they feel invested in Jimmy and want to keep building via the draft.
              I’m ok with either plan. We do need a QB and an elite corner and oss rusher. We have to leave the draft with all 3 to stay competitive in the division.

            2. That is a valid argument.
              However, if they take a qb with the first overall pick, then their is no way I can see them taking an edge rusher in the 1st 3 rounds.
              On the other hand, if they decide that Jimmy doesn’t limit the offense and is a good to great qb when healthy then I am fine with them building around him… (and protecting him!) but if they do this then I think they would need to extend and restructure to free up space. I’m not a huge fan of this thought process but it does have some merit to it.

              1. “However, if they take a qb with the first overall pick, then their is no way I can see them taking an edge rusher in the 1st 3 rounds”

                Why not Shoup? The ideal scenario is take your Edge rusher, olinemen at lets say #12 overall. Then trade your 1st and 3rd round pick in 2022, move back into the 1st in 2021. Then take your QB or corner. Then in the 2nd and 3rd take what ever you need.

              2. Prime,
                I say that because if they are taking a QB, it will be with their first pick… and if they really are coveting a qb then they will probably have to trade up for him.
                As they have no 3rd rd pick… they are likely to have either 1 or 2 picks in the first 3 rounds.

                Additionally, they have no corners and would need to protect their investment at QB. The math just doesn’t add up to me.

              3. I don’t see them trading up in the top 6 where you might have to get that elite QB.
                Stay at #12-17, get the best OL or Edge rusher.
                Trade back into the 1st at maybe 20-25 and get your QB or corner.
                Then in round 2, you can either trade back or get what you didn’t get in round 1.
                Like last year, you leave with 2 starters on day one. OL, Edge, QB. 2 of the 3 at least. Then day two, get your secondary shored up.

              4. No way would I trade away prime 2022 picks to take a player late round 1 in the 2021 draft. If you need to do it to move up and geab a QB early round 1 that is fine, but not for a borderline round 1/ 2 player. Especially in a draft that will likely have more uncertainty than most years in talent evaluation due to COVID.

              5. Prime,
                To me, if SF does that then they are setting for a guy that they don’t really care if someone else gets.
                If your going to get someone you don’t really believe in, why not just wait and pick someone that has the necessary traits and hope to develop them.

              6. With a 2022 1st and 3rd like you suggested, absolutely not. Moving up from their 2021 round 2 pick with some 2021 day 3 picks and/ or 2022 mid-late round picks, sure. Don’t mortgage your future on a borderline 1st round talent.

              7. I find I have mixed feelings on this.
                On the one hand mortgaging your future for a qb and not upgrading major weaknesses seems counterproductive if you are trying to give them an optimal chance to succeed.
                That said, it seems like an even worse idea to settle for a lesser option at the most important position.
                If I am SF and the qb I like the best is there around pick 8… I would start looking to move up. Yes, you can get lucky later on (Montana, Brady, etc) but the odds are against you, and of all positions… this is the one you have to get right. Think about the 2004 draft, if you are sitting around pick 12 to 15 and need a qb… Rivers and Manning go in the top 5 so you don’t likely have a shot at them but at pick 8 you see Roethlisberger, Losman and Schaub are there… you clearly like Roethlisberger the most but Losman and Schaub show a lot potential you can work with.
                Even if a coach nails his first pick and drafts someone like Vince Wilfork then trades back up and get Losman or Schaub… do you think they would not look back and go “what if”, regarding the qb he liked? This is why qb’s are always over-drafted if they get it right… it doesn’t matter. Yes, Montana and Brady fell but with hindsight, they both should have gone number one overall.

              8. If you need a QB and you are in a position/ striking distance to go get one in the draft you believe has franchise QB potential you go get them. Those guys don’t fall to late first round though.

                The 49ers don’t “need” a QB, but I do think they will look to move on for a number of reasons which I have outlined previously.

                If the 49ers finish with a mid first round pick the question they will face is whether it is worth using the draft capital it will take to move up when they can just roll with JG. I think in that scenario they may hold onto JG (at least until the draft) to see how things play out.

            3. Naw, Joe Montana was selected in the third round, so they may be able to find a diamond in the rough, during day 2 of the draft.
              The very most important thing is to find elite O line help. Then, with the DBs in flux and FAs, a shut down cornerback. Thirdly, a pass rusher to replace Bosa, because they should not count on him coming back too early, and have him possibly suffer a setback.

              1. Seb,
                Diamond in the rough? Like Jarret Doege of W. Virginia? I think he is on national TV Saturday. Give him a look.

              2. It is really hard to evaluate college players, in this time of Covid. It also seems like the levels of competition are wildly disparate. Maybe the best way to evaluate, is to wait until the Bowl games. Then see how each QB does against elite defenses.

            4. Depending on how they finish the season it could be too difficult to move up and get the guy they want though. Unlike 2017 when very good QB options lasted to 10 and 12, there are lots of teams that will be picking top 10 that need a QB. And the 49ers don’t have a lot of ammo to move up with.

  13. Well, I thought the Niners could actually sneak into the playoffs if the planets align, but I guess they are in retrograde.
    They did not take Covid 19 seriously enough, so it has spread like wildfire through the team. Now that 10 players are in the protocols, the Niners just made it 10 times harder to win. KS, by getting fined, set the tone.
    To cap it off, Williams with the fancy face black, looks like he put on clown paint, with his PED suspension. That eye black did not make him play better. Maybe he should have concentrated more on studying the game plan, instead of applying makeup.
    With the team imploding, there is no chance of making the playoffs. Now, I hope the Niners can regroup, get back injured players, and be a spoiler for the Cards and Seahawks, with the last 2 games.

    1. I wish to apologize to K’Waun Williams. Looks like the NFL falsely accused him of a violation. The NFL should make double sure that the test results are correct, before any announcement.

      1. Once again you look as foolish as ever. Harsh criticism for a guy who plays his heart out. You know nothing about football!

        “ To cap it off, Williams with the fancy face black, looks like he put on clown paint, with his PED suspension. That eye black did not make him play better. Maybe he should have concentrated more on studying the game plan, instead of applying makeup”


        1. Gosh, I just apologized, but you cannot understand what that is all about, since you seem to never apologize for anything, like your hero.
          I will say it again. Eye black does not make a player play better. It is a waste of time, that would be better spent on preparing to execute the game plan. He should be going over his assignments and prepare for every contingency, not going over his make up. Sure, it looks cool when they win, but when they lose, it looks like clown paint. That is true even without a PED suspension. which thankfully, proved false.

          1. Sorry for what? Your emotional estrogen tirades are what you should be apologizing for.
            The NFL made a mistake in its testing but you found a window to villify the guy for wearing “face paint”
            Talk about petty, over reactionary commentary.
            Change your avatar and prove to the blog you are being “catfished”.

            1. Maybe your contempt should be directed at the NFL. They are the ones who made that false accusation.
              Maybe welchers should pay their debts before making demands.

              1. And then you berate a heart and soul player for wearing eye black then criticizing his play.
                When all he’s ever done is been a top five nickel back in the league.

                You are some kind of imposter alright!

              2. Oh yes, you are never allowed to criticize a player? What about Kaep?
                Your hypocrisy is so apparent.
                I have not slammed his play. Williams has been one bright spot, like Verrett, in the backfield.
                Maybe all he needs to do is never lose, so it can be called war paint. However, when he loses, that sad expression looks like clown paint.
                Since you think they will not win again, he should probably not put on make up.

              3. Make up? You sound jealous.

                Williams is a player in the NFL. Kaepernick was a former.
                But don’t dry your tears yet, he will be back.


  15. Unless at least 5 of the starters who are on the Covid list can be activated this Sun. The 49ers game should be cancelled or forfeited. It is not safe for the replacements or the other players who are forced to play with them. It wouldn’t hurt if all football pro and college didn’t take 10 days off and quarantine in a bubble so they could continue practicing. They should take a look at what they are doing at New Mexico St. is doing. It would also be a great example to the general public, if we quarantine for a week or two before the vaccines come out we can save lives and help out our first responders who are the real heroes.

  16. I will agree with Jack Hammer. He mentioned the dubious phrase- ‘You cant blame the coaches for injuries.’, and surmised about the relevance of that saying, pertaining to the 49ers.
    Of course you can blame the coaches, especially when they coach for the players to play with violence.
    You can also blame the trainers, for not preparing the athletes properly. I rarely see any players stretching on the side line, when that would be a good practice, while just standing around. I submit to you, that there would be a lot less hamstring injuries, just by having the players stretch while waiting on the side line. Standing around just lets it tighten up.
    It also does not help to have Hockey trainers. They bandage up gaping wounds and send hockey players back on the ice to show how tough he is. I would suggest that they should utilize the expertise of martial arts trainers, especially Judo, because it uses strength, leverage and technique, not just landing blows.
    JL should not be blameless, either. His propensity to obtain injured players is frustrating. Tak McKinley failed a physical 3 days previous. His injury did not heal up in 3 days. Ziggy lasted 2 practices. One center retired. Sure, they are a good deal, but there is a reason why they are available, at such a discount. Maybe JL should stick with fully healthy players. Find players buried in the depth charts, or who are struggling in the wrong system. Channel Bill Walsh and have 200 healthy player tryouts. (Just kidding). He should learn the lesson about Baalke, and his ACL picks. They did have a possible upside, but were doomed for disappointment due to injuries, and never reached their full potential.
    To put it in Car Jargon- Do not buy a salvaged vehicle. They almost never run as good as new.

  17. How amusing. I disagree with Grant all the time. Hmmm, Grant predicted the Niners would defeat the Saints, so he is not infallible.
    I totally disagree with his assessment, just like his hot takes on KS and JG. Grant is now your reference point surrounding football? Did you finally put down your Football for Dummies? Did you know he never played a down in the NFL?
    I am glad Grant apologized to KS. He threw some harsh shade in KS’s direction. It was interesting to see Grant and his father bowing obsequiously in his direction, for KS allowing Grant to ask a question, after many others got multiple questions asked.
    I will say this- I advocated many times for JL to allow Grant to interview him, and it finally happened. Of course JL is a class act, so he is nice to everybody. KS has not bestowed a one on one interview, because it seems like he will not do Grant any favors, due to his harsh criticism. In the zoom PC, he threw Grant a bone, letting him ask that last question. Grant wisely did not ambush KS, but gave KS a good opportunity to send a message to the troops.
    So we have come full circle. You are now brown nosing Grant, while I continue to disagree with him.

    1. One thing in common Harbaugh has with Shanny they both lost super bowls doing it vastly different ways. Is one way better then the other…

      I think all the injuries are due to the Alex Smith jinx. As we all know Alex Smith lost his job to injury and the injury parade began…Willis, Bowman and many many others so many cant remember them all.

      1. It’s time the organization changed the way it conditions it’s athletes. This isn’t just bad luck and a curse anymore.
        This is something that needs to get addressed the minute the final snap is played.

  18. Everyone here seems to be predicting the 9ers will end up with pick # 12 or about in the upcoming draft. With injuries and Covid (especially T. Williams who I see not returning this season) I can easily see them winning one more game this year and ending up 5-11. Last season 5-11 would have placed them as low as #5. Is there a pass rusher or true shut down CB in this years draft?If so draft them, If they can’t get a Bosa like D lineman or a shut down corner I believe they should trade back as many as 3 times. Hopefully that would get them a late 1st and 3 extra picks in rounds 2, 3 and 4. Then I would like to see them draft the best interior O lineman late in the first. Then follow up with a CB, DL, QB and another OL. Rounds 5-7 should be used to draft CB’s and TE’s. If we can add 10 drafted and UDFA’s to the roster it will get us out of salary cap hell and keep us competitive for the playoffs in 2021. Then use the draft in 2022 to continue drafting OL, DL, CB and QB. At that point we might have the cap space to sign a pass rusher. I have been saying this for years, games are won in the trenches is a cliche for a reason. Lets put a stud O line and stud D line out there for the 2022 season and we will be back in the SB

          1. He has a QB named Jimmy Garoppolo. Who took us to the SB 9 months ago.

            Let’s not make the same mistake we did when Alex Smith went to the bench because of an injury and never got his job back.

            We talk about the new age QB’S (dual threat) like it’s some kind of phenomenon when the truth is that they’ve been around forever.
            I remember Fran Tarkenton, Bobby Douglas, Roger Staubach, Randall Cunningham, Slash Stewart and of course Michael Vick.

            So no, it’s not a new thing. Personally, the best modern QB is Russell Wilson who is a passer first and capable of running if needed.
            Steve Young became this type of QB under Bill Walsh.
            If Shanahan is looking at this type of QB, I hope he takes a long look at Trey Lance.
            Lower conference? Yes. But his abilities combined with his size makes him more attractive to me than Z. Wilson who comes in at 210 lbs. That body type can only obsorb so much contact before it gives way.

            The only college QB’S that makes sense to me at the moment are Kyle Trask (pure pocket) and Trey Lance (dual threat).

            1. Trent Williams is our LT for the next 3 years. Center is Brunskill’s for the taking and RG is McKivitz’s for the taking. If those two take ownership, that’s your starting offensive line next year. Shanny should have his choice of moving up for Wilson or perhaps staying put for Lance. Each round he waits the odds for success will diminish….

              1. This weekend it looks like Mullen’s will be running for his life.
                Skule might start at LT, McKivitz at RG, the revolving door at RT in #69 and Mr. Invisible I call him, Laken Tomlinson.
                Good luck Mr. Mullen’s

              2. Laken is tied for 5th at LG for sacks allowed at 3 while grading out thus far as good with a 72.5 PFF grade.

                McGlinchey has allowed 2 sacks with a PFF grade of 79.7 so far.

                When Williams is at LT we’ve got three 1st rounders up front.

              3. “ When Williams is at LT we’ve got three 1st rounders up front”

                Is that suppose to mean they are good? The oline might be the worst position group on the team.

              4. I don’t think so. It means there’s plenty of talent once continuity is developed at center and RG.

              5. The centre and RG spots are the biggest weaknesses on the team. McGlinchey has also been blown up too often this year, but I really think that is a case of dropping too much weight. Fix that and he is a pretty good RT. Williams is elite, and Tomlinson is fine.

                I know razor is keen on Brunskill at centre, but for mine what this team needs more than anything on the OL is an elite centre. Brunskill can then compete for the RG spot again next year.

                You don’t need elite players across the OL to have an elite unit. An elite LT and centre, with decent guys around them, will be enough for the unit to be excellent.

              6. Razor it’s week 12. Continuity should have happened in week 5 the latest.
                This is a lack of talent issue.

              7. The 49ers were rumored to be sniffing around Ruiz last year. If there’s an elite center in this draft the 49ers don’t have the luxury of taking him in round 1. There’s a center from Iowa by the name of Tyler Linderbaum that’s pretty Eucking good, but you’re gonna have to burn a 2nd rounder on him if he declares….

              8. “Center is Brunskill’s for the taking and RG is McKivitz’s for the taking. If those two take ownership, that’s your starting offensive line next year.”

                Uhh is that supposed to inspire confidence?That’s a bad offensive line.
                The Center spot has to be improved. If we get stout there it should help both guards improve… but having the poor pass protectors lined up next to each other is a good way to get jimmy or your Qbotf killed/ confidence ruined.

              9. We’ll know just how “bad” Brunskill and McKivitz are by seasons end. Right now they have an opportunity to prove you wrong. TBD….

              10. Brunskill would literally need to perform like one of the best centres in the NFL over the last six games to convince me they don’t add a highly talented centre this offseason. And even then… I would still add a pretty good option to compete for the job.

              11. Mack is the man I would go sign. And draft a guy mid rounds that can compete at C/ OG. You mentioned Linderbaum who if he declares is a guy I would look for, but Alec Lindstrom might be a mid round guy they could go with.

    1. The only reason for T Williams not returning would be because they can’t afford him. And only reason they might not be able to afford him is the money tied up in JG. If you believe OL is most important, why do you feel the team chooses JG over Williams?

    2. Old Coach, I totally agree. I also see Trent Williams not returning, unless he takes a big pay cut. However, other teams will be throwing money at him, and he may want to go to a SB contender. Sadly, the Niners have been decimated with injuries, so it will be hard to put them ahead of any of the other NFC West teams.
      I am hoping the Niners can manage to trade back with a team who wants to leapfrog ahead of other teams to snag their future franchise QB. Maybe get a first and second to move back 4 spots. Assuming like you do, assigning the 12 spot to the Niners, that would put them at 16. Maybe trade back again to 20, where there still could be a talented OT available, and garner a third round pick. Maybe trade back from their second round pick 4 spots to get another 3rd round pick. This way, they may trade back 12 spots, and have the 20th pick, along with 2 second round picks, and 2 third round picks.
      I will disagree about selecting a CB with their second overall pick. With Bosa out, they should select a pass rusher like Jason Oweh, who Razor likes. With their other second round pick, they should select a center like Tyler Linderbaum, another player Razor likes.

  19. On a non-49ers related note, I have to say I am loving seeing Alex Smith and the WFT doing well the past few weeks. Not because I like the WFT (in fact I mostly dislike them as an organisation), but because the story of Smith and Rivera is really inspiring. If the 49ers can’t go on some miracle run, and as much as I would love them to I really don’t see it happening, I will be rooting for the WFT in the NFC the rest of the season.

    1. Scooter,
      I am a big Smith fan. The 2011 season is definitely in my top 10 all time 49er seasons and Smith was the hero from beginning (camp Alex) to the end (Vernon post) Go Alex.

    2. Hey Scooter, is that Alex “check down” Smith? All joking aside, he’s a great guy and now a real inspiration for what he’s overcome, and I’ll be rooting for him. I’d be lying though if I didn’t say that I’d be shocked to see him lead the WTF onto the winning column in this postseason., and I think their best chance is to give Gibson a bigger share of touches. Antonio Gibson, their 220 RB, has the ability to be a bell cow work horse for them, so I hope they feed him the ball more often than 15 touches per game, down the stretch, and keep the pressure off of Alex.

      BTW guys, a golden opportunity to scout QB Kenny Pickett today, head to head with the potential #1 overall pick, Trevor Lawrence. The bad news is that the Panthers’ OL is in shambles a bit. Hopefully Pickett and the Panthers can at least keep it close, but I don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Anyways, GO PANTHERS!

            1. I’m not impressed. I see Johnny Manziel all over again. Then again what do I know.
              For me, the most impressive guy is Kyle Trask.

              1. Manziel? Are you kidding?

                Johnny Football was a show-off d-bag that thought he had made it before he even got to the NFL, that was great at scrambling around and throwing it up to Evans. In what way does Lawrence resemble that?

              2. The hype I mean Scooter surrounding him. Actually I should not make any comparison as he could end up being a great QB.

                I just would not be 100% confident selecting him 1st overall.

              3. The hype around Lawrence is more comparable to Luck. Manziel was always considered risky. Lawrence is seen as a generational, true leader, face if the franchise can’t miss prospect like Luck was.

                The hype is probably greater than the reality, in that I don’t think he is can’t miss, but he is still without a doubt in my mind the best QB talent-wise in the draft.

        1. Yah, this seems like one of those games where one of the teams is simply outmatched, and the mismatch starts upfront along the OL, however it is an opportunity for Puickett to show some resilience, and ability to overcome clear adversity, and on that measure Kenny Pickett has not stepped up today.

          That said, if SnanaLynch liked him coming in, I wouldn’t expect this game to weigh heavily against Pickett, simply because Pickett seems to be at such a huge disadvantage against the #1 ranked team, in terms of personnel, and in fact it might end up working in the 49ers favor, if they are indeed interested at addressing the QB position in mid-rounds, on a QB who, like you said last week Scooter, shows potential above his draft station, and also happens to be further along than most QB prospects in his understanding a pro-style offense quite similar to Kyle’s, in terms of scheme.

          I guess I am leaning towards using a 1st round pick on either Lance or Wilson, and then cutting Jimmy lose during this offseason. However, if those guys are indeed out of range, I am in favor of using a mid-round draft pick on a QB with starting potential, and bringing Jimmy back in 2021 with the opportunity to either prove he belongs, or at least a chance to act as a bridge QB to 2021 draft pick.

          Trevor Lawrence looks frail to me. Might be too small.

          Oh geesh, Lawrence is 6’6″ 220 lbs. Sure, he’s on the lanky side, but he’s just a kid, and is almost certainly going to gain another 8-15 lbs. (maybe more). And in terms of style and substance, he’s nothing like Manziel, in fact Lawrence is more like an anti-Manziel IMO.

            1. Fair enough, Prime. Kyle Trask certainly looks the part for a pocket passing prospect, but is that the preferred skill set for Kyle moving forward, or does an athletic skill set at the QB position offer a more dynamic future for Kyle Shanahan’s offense?

              1. This whole notion of what Kyle prefers. Accuracy, toughness, durability and delivering the ball in the pocket has withstood the test of time.

              2. Prime,
                If he is going to stay with an immobile QB he better spend a lot of draft capital on O linemen. The problem with that is if they use their #1 on Trask they don’t have enough picks left to draft at least 2 IOL a CB or two and a passrusher. They don’t have the cap room to sign anything but C level FA’s so it has to be done through the draft. imho

              3. Coach why do you think Trask is immobile? And why won’t they have enough picks? Currently they have 7 don’t they?

  20. If there is a miracle run, it has to start this Sunday. The rams are still in a good position to make the post season and a loss against the 49ers would not be profitable.
    Of course, I’d love to see the rams lose!

    Happy to see Alex Smith finding success in Wash. Though I admit, I cringe a little when he gets sacked.

    1. Did you see the play when Gregory had a clear shot at AS, and the refs blew the whistle before he got bludgeoned?
      Glad to see AS being protected, but sure hope he does not scramble, and expose himself to injury.
      AS played well, and beating the Cowboys was icing on the cake.

  21. Tom Compton got a concussion during a walk through practice.
    Man, the Niners seem to be snake bit.
    Guess it will be time to see how McKivitz does at RG, against Donald.

      1. To expect anything other than a disaster tomorrow is just unfair to the kid. He may develop eventually but not by tomorrow.

  22. Jacoby Brisset and Fitzpatrick are free agents…….. I guess it comes down to how much faith they have in JimmyG…… personally, I would see if Fitz would play for $10-12 and call NE for their 3rd. – he signed a 2-yr deal w the Fins, not sure if he got a bump once he was named starter over Rosen.

  23. David Mills in the fifth or sixth round may be a better backup than the current two on the Niners roster. He was the #2 rated pocket passer in the nation out of Georgia in 2017 but suffered a bad knee injury in his senior year in HS that kept him out of football over two seasons. He is 6-foot-4, 225-pound and has the size, the arm, the accuracy, and pro-style experience to succeed in Kyle’s offense. He lacks experience (has started only 9 games to date, IIRC) but is a smart and is a team captain of the Cardinal.

  24. The more I watch Ian Book the more he reminds me of T. Brady in college. Book is far more mobile than Brady, he is a winner, accurate with a much stronger arm than most people think. He is moving up on most draft boards but I think will be available in the early 4th round. So that is Ian in the 4th round, book it.

    1. I like him as a guy that could potentially be more than where he is drafted, but he’s probably still a day 3 pick and you don’t draft him on day 3 in the belief he is your guy for the future. You draft him there to be your backup that you hope can win you games when he has to come in, and maybe ends up more than that.

      He is a good athlete that does a great job evading pressure and is a gamer, but there is no getting away from the fact he has a pretty weak arm (even if you think it is stronger than he gets credit for) which will limit him in the pros.

    2. He’s a playmaker…
      I suggested him last week..
      Him and Ehlinger

      I think they both could work in this offense..

      Fields, Trask,Mac,Lance…aint doin it for me..

  25. I think the best strategy will be to move back in the draft a couple times, to end up with 5 picks in the first 3 rounds.
    Then, they can draft quality players from the OT, IOL, CB, DE and QB positions.

      1. Prime,
        I don’t think they have the draft capital to move back up into the 1st unless they are willing to mortgage the future and not fix the cap hell their in. I believe they should trade back 2 or 3 times in the 1st. Pick up a C or G late in the first and a QB later. imho

        1. There is lots of depth on this roster and role guys. We are going to need some impact players at the skill positions. To get those we might need to trade up into the 1st or the 2nd rounds.

          The conventional way is you could trust your scouting personnel and hope you hit on your 3rd-7th rounders but if there is a guy you truly believe in, my theory is you trade back up into the round.

          Trading back out of rounds works if you are a rebuilding team. Acquire more picks and create competition amongst your position groups. The 49ers are not in this situation.
          They are in win now mode and need some picks at specific spots, not best player available.
          That’s why you might have to trade up to get those certain position guys

          1. If you think they are rolling with JG again next year then they are going to have plenty of holes to fill through the draft. I think you are kidding yourself in thinking the roster is still mostly set with limited room for draft picks.

            This team is about to go through quite a roster transition over the next couple of years. During a period where the salary cap is not growing as it was expected to. They will need those draft picks to replace guys and supplement the roster with cheap labour. The only type of player I would give up picks for is an elite QB talent.

            1. The 49ers are in for a very challenging offseason! It’s a situation where every move they make in fee agency needs to be on point, and they certainly can’t afford to miss on many of their 2021 draft picks … if any, and certainly not any of their early picks.

              On top of that, they have real questions at the most important position on the roster. The fact that the 2021 salary cap will be cut by approximately 10%, is a major challenge for ShanaLynch, but it’s also an opportunity to justify a change at the QB position, which is exactly where I see them going.

              – Does that mean they can’t bring Jimmy back on reduced salary?

              Not necessarily.

              – Does it mean they can’t bring him back as a bridge QB for one more season?

              Not necessarily.

              – Does it mean he is absolutely no longer a long term solution at the QB position?

              Probably, but not necessarily absolute!

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                Knowing these facts, how is it that so many seemingly educated adults can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that, just because someone makes a legal claim via a signed affidavit, doesn’t mean that their claim is necessarily anything more than a wildly unsubstantiated and highly dubious document!? Until this claim is testified to in a court of law, the claim (affidavit) is considered to be nothing more than hearsay, and/or baseless speculation unsupported by case law.

                In other words, when a well know conservative U.S. District Judge in Pennsylvania says this, despite hundreds of so called “affidavits”: “This claim, like Frankenstein’s Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together, based on strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations.” And then this: “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here. Voters, not lawyers, choose the president … ballots, not briefs, decide elections”, I say …. “affidavit?” – “shmaffidavit!” ….. BFD, and WHOOPTY-DOO!

    1. Seb/Coach
      I tend to agree. If Shanahan and Lynch aren’t sold on a QB in the first rd and feel that Jimmy can be productive when healthy, then trading out for more players makes good business sense. More picks allows for the opportunity to fill key positions as you’ve described.

        1. Prime,
          Maybe for people here on this board, but that could be furthest from the truth with Shanahan and Lynch.

          Garoppolo could be their man going forward without any doubt or compromise.
          I really doubt that the FO will base their decisions accounting to the PD bloggers.
          Although, it is fun debating about Jimmy G.

          1. Remember the wars the blog went through with Alex Smith? Man those days were fun.
            Miss all those bloggers from back in the day.

            1. Prime,
              Yup, we all had some intense and fun times. Years of the 49ers losing influenced crazy debates.
              Hofer67, Bayarea fanatic, DS, Stampede, MD and others were the first generation of PD bloggers.

        2. Jimmy does not possess the durability of a starting NFL QB or the ability to threaten downfield with his arm. This QB rich draft should allow them to move on and upgrade the most important position in all of sports….

  26. Niners have to find a new home to play home games and practice. Santa Clara county is implementing a new protocol starting Monday that includes a ban on all contact sports and a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone traveling into the region from more than 150 miles away. Home games scheduled on 12/7 and 12/13 against Bills and WFT, respectively.

    Team for sure has to fly back tomorrow night and arrive before midnight.


    1. In thinking about this some more, if the team has a new site agreed upon, then I guess they could fly there tomorrow night as well and stay there for the three weeks of restrictions. If they come back to the Bay Area tomorrow night, they won’t be able to practice at Levi’s. Maybe Oakland Coliseum or a longshot at Kezar.

      With 18 on Covid list for Ravens and no QBs available for Broncos, will this season even be able to finish? Funny, how I haven’t heard about a single case on the Seahawks.

  27. The hits keep coming. The Niners are being shut out of their stadium. I wonder where they may be able to play at. Some place out of state?
    Hmmm, the Broncos do not have any QBs, due to the Covid protocols. Maybe JE should look at Kaep. I think he is available.

  28. The Seahawks do not have a single case of Covid because they took it seriously. Pete Carroll stressed the importance of each player doing his best to stay healthy. They stay 10 feet apart in meetings, and the position groups are on Zoom.
    Meanwhile, KS was fined for not wearing a mask. He did not lead by example, and now, Covid is rampant in the team.

      1. PC- Sometimes you’ve got to get coached up. Some times you have to admit you screwed up and have got to do better.’ Sounds like he learned his lesson, and they have had no positive tests.
        KS- Obviously, I am disappointed…. Obviously, I can do a better job during the game of wearing it, and I got the message and I will do a better job. But I don’t want to take away from the fact of how good our organization has done in this stuff…’ 13 players have been in the Covid protocols.
        One is all talk, and one is all action. If the Niners were truly serious about Covid 19, they would not expose a 71 year old coach to huddling with players on the side line. They would put him upstairs in a booth where he would be safer. He could relay the coaching along the side line to Mike McDaniel, the run game coordinator, who is only 37.

    1. UNR has had its own outbreak and I believe the campus is shutdown at this point- I imagine that that could also work in the 49ers favor, if they could essentially go to “camp” and create a bubble on a college campus.

      As of now, I imagine they are looking for something local, but not sure they will find it.

    2. Stadium has to be wired up for real time transmission to NFL HQ for League reviews, etc.
      It will be the Glendale Twenty-Niners.

  29. Goff’s passer rating drops all the way to 43.6 compared to 112.6 when facing a clean pocket. I pointed out this exact problem I had with Goff coming out of Cal….

        1. Mahomes can. Russel Wilson can. That’s why the NFL is gravitating towards a dual threat quarterback. The offensive lineman coming out of college for the most part are not NFL ready. What I’m looking for is a comfort level with the fluctuating circumstances of any given play, who can adapt on the fly within milliseconds to make a play downfield. That’s not Goff. Goff is a process quarterback and those are the ones that usually crumble when adversity smacks them in the gut….

      1. Dunno. Wouldn’t be a fair comparison because Goff is a pocket passer. He isn’t built to play dodgeball in the pocket or throw off of different angles with accuracy on the move, but I’ll try and find out for you….

    1. Jimmy has shown he can stand in the face of pressure and deliver. Goff has not shown that at Cal, and he’s yet to show it on Sundays. Goff has the better arm, and has been available. Taking salary and draft picks needed to acquire each into consideration, I’ll take Jimmy over Goff, but I’d take Zach Wilson over both of them. Neither is a franchise type QB to me….

  30. With Williams playing today it should give McKivitz a chance to show his stuff at G. He can get a little more help with Williams being able to play on an island. I hope the kid at least holds his own. If he can play it would mean one less high draft pick they would have to spend on an IOL.

      1. I agree thats why I see them trading back multiple times and picking a IOL from 20 to 32 while stock piling 3 or 4 extra picks in rounds 2, 3 and 4. It all comes down to rebuilding the trenches and the salary cap. But we will see its still along way off.

          1. Razor,
            I wouldn’t bet the house on them trading back multiple times but with their cap problems it is the only way out that I can see. Dreaming that Paraag is going to save the day is just that a dream. I believe they need to add 10 drafted/UDFA’s to the roster next year.

  31. Well, well well. Grant has panned Kaep, now he is admitting he was blackballed.
    Will wonders never cease. Lately, he said that Kaep had lost all his skills, now he thinks he should be given another chance.
    Broncos, with no QBs, could have been a good option for Kaep, but I guess they will be content to lose without Kaep, rather than try to win with Kaep.
    I am glad Trent Williams will be allowed to play. Kinlaw, too, so the Niners have a chance to win.

    1. Prime Time says: 
August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am 

      He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

      Seb says: 
August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am 

      November 4th.

  32. Seb,
    I was very surprised by Grant’s post regarding CK. I have noticed lately he is softening. I wonder if he realized he was developing zero contacts on the team or SI just told him to be more mature. I was quickly tiring of his latest schtick where he would say KS was just listening to him.

    1. He changes his opinion every day. One day he hates Kap, the next he doesnt. Its like that with all his topics.

      I will say this. He is better on video than he is a writer.

        1. Sure you can trade him and if you get back a bag of footballs, you’ve done well.
          He is slow, lazy and always hurt and, he is immature.

          1. First, He’s not slow, he’s a 4.3 guy which is impressive for a guy of his size.
            Yes, he’s raw… a former soccer player (and it shows in how soft he is) who has bad ball skills.
            That said, unlike Pettis he does have several games of good tape. So yes, I think a team would give up a mid to late round pick up for him.

            1. He just doesn’t possess the mindset for this type of defense. Maybe he can make it with another team but as valuable as these draft picks will be due to the cap shrinking, I wouldn’t expect more than a 6th at best….

  33. How’d you like that inaccurate throw to Kupp along the sidelines by Goff staring into the imposing eyes of Hyder 3 feet away, Scooter?😎

    1. I liked it a lot! Goff is who I (we) thought he was.

      Was this in reference to my Wilson comment above? If so, wasn’t trying to defend Goff, was just pointing out that what you don’t like about Goff is something that Wilson has not proven he can do either. He gets almost no pressure playing for BYU. It is going to be a huge question mark and point of concern on him unless he plays a bowl game where he is forced to make plays in the face of pressure.

      1. Wilson has the functional athleticism to extend plays while keeping his eyes downfield. His ability to change his arm angle based on situational factors has been on display all year. More than once I’ve seen him use a pump fake, shovel pass combo in the pocket, to fake out defenders and create extra space for his receivers. When have you seen Jimmy do that? This kid is a gamer, and I have no trepidation whatsoever about his ability to perform in the face of adversity. He took his lumps last year, and he’s responded in kind! Improvement across the board….

  34. Hyder stunts inside, allowing Goff to break containment.
    Armstead seems intent on lining up offside. Some huge play, that may be his fault for thinking that lining up as close to the line of scrimmage, will help him play. He should line up a foot onsides, so there is no possibility of him getting a flag for offsides, then play better.

    1. The 49ers will not have receiver Brandon Aiyuk, defensive linemen D.J. Jones or Jordan Willis available to play against the Rams. Those players remain on the NFL’s reserve/COVID-19 list


    1. No doubt, Jimmy G is better. The question is: is JG worth the high salary in light of the large number of free agents that need to be resigned, upgrades to some positions needed, and the declining salary cap.

      1. Is our cap really that dire? I mean we have so many guys with high salaries coming off the books? Plus we have one of the best salary cap guru’s in the NFL in Praage.

        On another note, watching Mullens you know he is going to throw a bad INT any minute now.

        1. It’s not just the cap. It’s common sense. You have a chance to upgrade the position while saving $20 million to field a deeper talented roster….

          1. I think we can do both. Keep Jimmy, get our QB of the future, and plug some holes.

            Minus the injuries, we are not that bad a roster.

            1. That’s the safe approach but the odds in rounds 2, 3, 4, etc., drop exponentially for finding the future at QB. When you’re in a position to upgrade the quarterback position and save money at the same time, dude you better step up to the plate and take a swing, cuz that’s what they’re paying you the big bucks to do. C’mon man!

              1. Doubt it, but the Chiefs moved up from the 20’s to grab Mahomes at 10, right? Why can’t we make that move from what looks to be the12-15 range? I would give up whatever it takes to get him, knowing I didn’t pay as much as the Redskins or the Rams, and knowing I just got the next Mahomes….

                Trask, no. Lance would be my next choice, but I’d want to sit him for a year, so we’d need a vet like Brissett to hold serve….

              2. Wilson looks good, but as a number of people have pointed out, he really hasn’t faced a good defense with pressure in his face. Let’s hope we see him in a bowl game against a good team.

  35. Nice 2play sequence there for Nick. First he can’t get the play off, 3rd and 2 becomes 3rd and 7. Then overthrows an open Reed. It not like he wasn’t getting 1st team reps the last 2 weeks Have we seen enough?

  36. Mckivitz at guard, Brunskill at center that’s your interior ol if you don’t upgrade. They would make a prime Joe Montana or Tom Brady ineffective or ruin a promising young QB.

    1. Not one that can move and extend plays.

      Not to mention dude, this is McKivitz first start going up against the 2nd best player in the league. Give ’em a break!

      1. Even mobile qb’s can be and are destroyed by bad olines.

        One of those guys (center cough cough) needs to be upgraded some how, some way.

        1. Can be and have, but when you have a qb that can back up 12 yards and flick it 50 they can also do some of the destroying themselves!

          The best option will be to sign Alex Mack and look for one on day 3.

          1. If I were intending to go for a qb in the draft, then I’m going to make sure I have a solid center in front of him going into the draft.
            Not lining up two garbage pass protectors next to each other is paramount.

              1. No problem with it.
                Any issues there can be resolved with reps… but I think center should be addressed in FA.

              2. Alex Mack will be available. At his age he won’t command top money.

                There’s a couple lefty centers in this draft. Ball comes out different but yea, if the two are getting reps it should be fine….

      1. Yah, no kidding oneniner!

        In Mullens’ defense, he’s not exactly fleet of foot, but extending plays is a big deal. On the same subject but different player, a lack of mobility is one of the most important aspects of Jimmy G’s game that has never recovered from the knee injury. Jimmy’s accuracy issues, as well as his surprisingly poor mechanics, has been an issue post injury, but for me, it’s his lack of mobility post injury that has really been the biggest difference in his obvious regression.

        Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s ever coming back.

  37. This game is coming down to which team will make the fewest errors.
    Donald is a beast. He was blocked by 3 individual blockers and still almost got to Mullens. Mostert saved the day.
    Some one should tell Armstead that his hand is consistently over the line according to the TV. Rams coaches will be screaming for an offsides penalty.
    The Niners are cursed. Another ACL?

            1. Prime Time says: 
August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am 

              He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

              Seb says: 
August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am 

              November 4th.

              1. Mr Trubusty, you claimed the Niners would not win another game, and that the Rams would steamroll the Niners 30-6.
                So wrong.
                Looking at the Broncos game, Kaep would have been a vast improvement over Hinton, who threw twice as many interceptions as he had completions. Hill for the Saints did not impress me with his arm. He was 9 for 16, for 78 yards and an interception. Kaep may be a good replacement, because Brees may not return.

              2. Stings doesn’t it Kap lover?

                As for the Broncos, you still don’t know the COVID-19 restrictions do you? Dumb ass.

    1. no way you can tell me a rookie won’t be better than what mullens has shown this year – mehn I really drank that mullens as a starter kool -aid

      How the fck do you degress studying the same playbook – same team – same everything – Mullens looks scared…..

      1. Actually, he looked as cool as a cucumber, leading his team for a last second winning field goal.
        He made a couple bad throws, but he also had his receivers drop the ball after the ball hit them in both hands.
        Fortunately, Deebo was on a rampage. Mullens delivered the ball smoothly when it was all on the line, so he was clutch, not scared.
        The Niners won as a 2 score underdog. Please cut Mullens some slack. Sure, he is not as good as JG, but he is a very good backup.

  38. that was 3 straight times mullens could have turned it over

    the high pass to deebo
    the over thrown deep
    now the fumblelitz

    plzzzzzz – this guy will kill ME – CAN WE STOP THE COUNT

  39. Man, Saleh really does have McVay/ Goff’s number.

    This team needs to try and find a way to keep as much of this D together as possible.

      1. I dont like his game. I dont think he is worth top LT money.

        Its hard to make a bet with so many games to go but lets talk at the end of the season.

        1. I don’t see how you could not like it.
          Dudes going to the pro bowl this year he’s a top 5 T in the nfl. The question is will he overprice himself.

    1. What? If it wasn’t for the play calling and the RB’s and Kinlaws TD, we lose that game if Mullen’s has to throw it down the stretch.

      1. The Niners are back in the playoff hunt, despite some Nimrods declaring they will not win another game, and would be blown out by the Rams. The Bears are imploding, and the Cards also lost, so there is now a possibility for the Niners to squeak into a Wild Card spot. If the Seahawks lose tonight, there may even be a chance for the division title.
        I felt they would have a chance to win when Trent Williams and Javon Kinlaw were allowed to return. Deebo and Mostert were also instrumental in this victory, but the most important player was Mullens. He played within KS’s scheme, and limited his mistakes. He was accurate when it counted, and was not flustered, even though Donald seemed to run by McGlinchey like he was a turnstile, and live in the back field.
        I said during the game that this game would be won by the team who made the fewest mistakes, and am glad the Rams shot themselves in the foot too many times.
        Saleh, sadly, will probably leave to accept a head coaching position, but he deserves a promotion. Some will lament the fact that he might leave, but I like that idea, because it would mean the Niners are having success. Bill Walsh was resigned to having his coaches leave, but was happy to see them grow and advance. Saleh richly deserves his promotion because he has been beset with adversity and attrition, but kept the Rams 30 yards from scoring a TD until late in the game. If not for that long run by Akers, the Niner defense dominated the Rams offense.
        3 areas where they could improve are- Shoring up the O line, clock management and getting the DL to stop crowding the line of scrimmage. McGlinchey is going to get Mullens killed by whiffing on blocks, so I hope they assign a TE to help him on the right side. Mullens incurred a delay of game penalty, That just makes it harder to win, when they allow themselves to commit unforced errors. I hope KS will tell his QBs not to allow the play clock to run past 3 seconds before getting the center to snap the ball. Armstead seems determined to get within one inch of the line of scrimmage, but some day, that might cost them a game. Way too many times, did I see his hand on the other side of the line. Sure, the line on television is not exact, but when his hand is one foot over, the refs may call it. Hyder was also too close, on a couple plays. Kocurek should coach his players to be at least 6 inches from the line of scrimmage, just to be safe.
        Players who did well include Dre Greenlaw, who had some big stops to prevent first downs, Kinlaw with his pick six, Givens who recovered a fumble and caused an errant throw, and Hyder with his 2 sacks. Sherman looked good in his return, getting 7 tackles and a pick. Trent Taylor did well, fielding punts with no turnovers. Gould was gold.

  40. I can’t wait to see a healthy Mostert, Deebo, Aiyuk and Kittle on the field together. Give me a 1st round C and 2nd round G and I think Jimmy G could get us back to the SB. (not saying I love JG)

    1. He’s playing very well. He’s another one of those guys the tam really should bring back. I doubt he is going to price himself out of the 49ers price range though – he has really only had this type of success under Kocurek. I’m sure most teams will be aware of this, as will he.

  41. Today we caught a glimpse of what can happen when we get our injured players back. If Mullens can win with our star players back, imagine how well Jimmy could do.

    Oh, btw, we saw what could happen with a healthy team last year!

    There’s no way the 49ers would only have 5 wins if our offensive stars were healthy throughput the season.
    Hope this puts to rest the “move on from Garoppolo” talk for a while at least.

      1. Scooter,
        But the winning culture has been established and any new incoming players won’t take long to fit in.

        The Oline needs some help, but the defense could be the largest area of concern with so many current players testing the FA waters.
        Our offense (except the Oline) should be set.

        1. 49ers won today because the of the D. 49ers won earlier in the year against the Rams because of the D. 49ers won last year against the Rams primarily because of the D, as well as a lot of other games last year. The D is very important to the success of this team. As you point out this is the largest area of concern heading into next year, along with OL.

  42. I wish to commend KS on his wise utilization of his time outs. He used a legitimate challenge flag on a play that was overturned. He waited until the last 2 minutes of the game, then used them wisely to set up that last second winning field goal. Textbook strategizing, that allowed the Niners to make a stirring 4th quarter comeback.
    I am one happy camper.

  43. Playoffs!? Yeah we’re talking about playoffs .

    1. Niners have an elite D even with critical injuries.
    Goff vs Bucs 39/51 376 3 TD 2 INT
    Goff vs Niners 19/31 198 0 TD 2 INT

    2. Deebo is such a critical piece of our Offense
    3. Moore>Ward, yet very solid game for Ward.
    4. Our Oline is woeful . McGlinchey is not good.
    5. Next year Bosa , Armstead, Kinlaw, Hyder
    6. The SC City Council , which Jed allegedly bought, really burned the Niners. Barely a heads up .
    7. It bears repeating , Jimmy G 4-0 versus Rams as a starter. He just wins baby.

    1. Moore did not have a good game. He took bad angles on several occasions, especially on Kupp’s 33 yard run after catch and Akers 66 yard run.
      Our O line is one of the best run blocking O line in the league and decent in pass pro when starters are healthy.
      Santa Clara City has not banned contact sport. It’s Dr. Sarah Cody of the Santa Clara County who’s the kiljoy. There has been no outbreak of COVID from contact sport but her department needs to make virtuous statements in this manner I suppose. They could instead focus on helping curb spread in the zip codes in the County where COVID is rampant. I wrote to my County Supervisor complaining about unnecessary shutdowns. She is sympathetic but the current rules give a lot of power to Cody.

      1. Our O line is one of the best run blocking O line in the league and decent in pass pro when starters are healthy.

        When healthy? With Richburg?
        They were good at run blocking when healthy… but they were bottom 10 in the NFL in terms of pass pro last year even when healthy.

          1. Mood,
            If you look at espn’s pass block win rate. A state which measures if line can sustain a pass block for 2.5 seconds. SF ranked 26th (tied with Denver) last year in this. That’s bottom 10 in the league.
            In fact the only playoff team that was worse at this was the Seahawks who’s pass block win rate was 54 percent to SF’s 55.
            What makes this scarier is that last year SF seldom trailed and had a great running game that teams had to sell out to stop and this honor the play action fakes.
            That is why is why I would argue that our pass blocking wasn’t even decent last year.

            1. We will have to disagree.

              I don’t give much credence to these rankings by ESPN or PFF. They don’t take into account injuries leading to players shuttling in and out of the lineup and to scheme priorities.

              Take for example, PFF’s 2018 pass blocking ratings for 2018 where Niners were 23rd
              Their “score” was less than 2 points out of about 100 from the team ranked right in the middle. So the difference was negligible even by using numbers that are subjectively awarded!

              Far more meaningful is to rank the teams in broad category of Good, Mediocre or Bad. I rank the Niners pass pro as Mediocre, i.e., average. I admit that it is based on eye-sight test of performance relative to other teams’ O line. But that’s no less relevant than cherry picking when linemen got beat by All-Pro pass rushers, or by well-executed blitzes.

              1. Fair enough,
                While the article you provided shows PFF’s oline at 14th overall last year, they also graded nearly every one of them as far superior run blockers to pass protectors. McGlinchey for example was one of the very best run blocking tackles in the league… but he was ranked 73rd among tackles in pass protection, Tomlinson has a similar story in grading though not to that extreme. So we start to see that PFF grades SF as a far better run blocking team to pass blocking.
                That’s one outlet, so what about PFO or ESPN (subjective though they may be) with different grading systems also place they also assign SF’s oline in the bottom 3rd of the league in terms of pass pro, PFO 22nd, ESPN 26th.
                Now we have a consensus of 3 separate grading systems all grading SF’s Oline poorly in terms of pass protection.

  44. Razor,
    In regards to our Center conversation earlier. My personal belief is that center is just as important as Tackle in this offense. Reach blocks from the center are essential for this offenses run game to be effective. Additionally, lining up 3 (possibly 4) bad pass blockers next to each makes it nearly impossible to assign help in pass pro.

    To address this I think SF should sign a solid Center like Mack and draft a developmental center who can play guard in the in the interim. Just having one player who can make reach blocks, provide help to either guard and anchor the interior line would help immensely. With Kyle’s preferences regarding the Oline, I don’t expect SF to ever have an elite Oline in terms of pass protection, but they don’t need to be. They do however need to be at least average here, if they could just be in the top 20, preferably in the 12 to 15 range, then this could be a very dangerous offense.

    No matter who SF decides to run out there at qb, be it an immobile Jimmy or a young mobile qb… the issue has to be addressed. Wilson is the only qb I have ever seen who could consistently operate effectively behind a putrid oline. From the Brady’s and Rodgers, to the Colin’s, Young’s and McNabb’s, constant pressure up the middle seems to have major adverse effect on a qb’s effectiveness.

    1. No argument from me regarding the importance of the position in the offense. Signing Mack, releasing Richburg and drafting a center to develop on day 3 makes good sense….

      1. Razor,
        You mentioned a lefty center you liked. Who was it? Are their any other centers you like overall?

        One guy I like, and have consistently mocked to us on TDN in round 4 is Alaric Jackson. He’s a LT from Iowa that might have to kick inside, as he’s not incredibly long. I see him as a guy that could provide security at guard and tackle even if he didn’t develop into a starter. Realistically, I think he would start at guard for SF from the get go but has the athleticism to play outside if needed. With him on Board, SF would have a lot of options. Try to develop Brunskill solely at center and have Jackson become your new swing tackle/guard or vise versa. If he balls out at tackle have him take over for Mt. McGlinchey in a year or at least use the threat in your negotiations with him.

        1. Humphrey is a lefty. Lindstrom is also a lefty.

          I like Linderbaum from Iowa.

          I’m big on OL/DL with wrestling backgrounds.

          1. Razor,
            Just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t around last week until just about game time and I hear I was catfished by some dummy who was arguing with you regarding how good Goff is.. Wasn’t me . FAKE NEWS!!!!!

              1. Coach, use a different email or set up your avatar. Dont be a jerk off like Seb and let the catfish beat you.

  45. on Santa Clara City – I am not even mad at this – we’ve played better on the road –

    and the whole season is a SHAM making the broncos play without a QB is the NFL saying we don’t care about the product we just want to get paid

    The freaking SB will be played with no crowd – this season is a waste of time with a huge * –

    1. The 49ers will play their next two home games at State Farm Stadium, the home of their NFC West rival Cardinals.

      This should be good – we only have to play in 2 stadiums to finish the year

      Buffalo Bills
      Dallas Cowboys – in Dallas
      Arizona Cardinals

      Santa Clara/NFL should allow us have fans on Jan 3 for the Seahawks game

  46. FYI

    49ers and Vikings are the best below #7

    Bucs will survive, Rams + Cardinals are shaky

    1. Saints (9-2) In the lead for home-field advantage.

    2. Packers (8-3) Big lead in the NFC North.

    3. Seahawks (7-3) Took over the lead in the NFC West.

    4. Giants (4-7) Lead the NFC East.

    5. Rams (7-4) Still in NFC West contention.

    6. Buccaneers (7-5) Will be tough to catch the Saints in the NFC South.

    7. Cardinals (6-5) One-game lead for the final wild card spot.


    8. Vikings (5-6) One game behind for the wild card.

    9. Bears (5-6) One game behind for the wild card.

    10. 49ers (5-6) One game behind for the wild card.

    11. Lions (4-7) No realistic chance in the wild card race.

    12. Washington (4-7) Still not out of it in the NFC East.

    13. Falcons (4-7) Playing well too little, too late.

    14. Eagles (3-6-1)Still not out of it in the NFC East.

    15. Panthers (4-8) No realistic chance in the wild card race.

    16. Cowboys (3-8) Still not out of it in the NFC East.

  47. Softy no more – Ross Dwelley earned major points on the block on #99 – last run of the game

    Emmanuel Moseley, Kevin Givens, Kerry HyderJR + Jason Verrett played really well

    Deebo is all grown – He is a legitimate superstar – I love the fact he does not celebrate or taunt after he completes the play, drops the ball – go back to huddle – all focus – he is all business (like Barry Sanders) – KBourne should learn from the young one.

    Samuel plays like a player who needs the money. At one point, my daughter turned to me and asked “Why do the Rams keep trying to push Deebo?” I had to explain to her that they weren’t trying to push him, but they were terrified to try and tackle his legs

  48. The Niners hold their fate in their hands. If they win out, they will have defeated both the Cards and the Seahawks, possibly eliminating one of them from the playoffs. Both of those teams have severe defensive deficiencies, while the Niner defense seems to be hitting on all cylinders.
    Buffalo will be a tough opponent, but if they can rattle Josh Allen like they did Goff, victory is attainable.

    1. Your obsession with Grant is quite unhealthy. How many times have you mentioned my son’s name on just this blog post alone?

        1. Any mention of Grant keeps him topical on a blog site that he ran for years.

          Who cares? If you have commentary for or about Grant go do it on the site that employs him.

          1. The few comments I had read, usually just rips him for being arrogant, and claim his daddy got him a job.
            Now, I do not see a comment section, so maybe they see it as being counter productive. I have left him alone on the All49ers, but Jack has been posting his articles here, and Grant seems to have moved on from here.
            Personally I think Lowell got Grant to apologize to KS, Ward, Sherman, Saleh, Armstead and others. It is hard to act like an insider, when treated like a pariah.

            1. Grant seems to have moved on from here.

              NSS. Did Grant ever post so much as a so long, auf wiedersehen here following his departure? This site is dead to him, he should be dead to the site. Takes his pops admonishment and get over it.

      1. Grant is an agitator, with a quick tongue, and a chip off the old block.
        Any mention of Grant keeps him topical on a blog site that he ran for years.
        I wish him well, but the talent surrounding him at All49ers is mediocre. Jack seems to think that whispering will get his message across loud and clear.
        I guess I miss the clever word phrasing and scintillating prose, from the Glory Years. Lowell Cohn, you yourself, was part of that -Must Read, when we opened our newspapers each morning. Ah, the bygone days when things were simpler and if one could work hard, they could make a decent living, owning a house to raise a family. In this era, all that is gone, and owning a house may seem like an impossible dream for the younger generation. In this catastrophic pandemic, safety nets may be cut, and everyone may suffer. This vaccine may be the best hope to return to normalcy, but half a million people may perish from this scourge, before the final toll is tallied.
        Good Ol’ Iggy. He professed non bias because he was not a fan of the team. That did not go over well at All49ers, so he jumped on the bandwagon. The Niners derailed with all the injuries, so here we are. Iggy being an iconoclast with an attitude, but now, eating some humble pie. Actually admitting that you are wrong, when proven wrong, is a good character trait. I admit I was mistaken. I thought Kaep may find a job in the NFL, but the NFL is so adamant they want to unfairly continue the blackballing, they allow a third string WR become a starter in the NFL. I was wrong about the date- November 4th, but a storm is coming with this election.
        Some day, hopefully soon, a team will want to win so much, they will take a chance with Kaep. He would give them the best chance to win. Instead, they are content to lose, without Kaep. They want to be richly rewarded with a high draft pick, but this QB class may not be as good as some hope, because of the Covid 19 pandemic causing so much turmoil.
        Dead giveaway. ‘Obsession with Grant is unhealthy’. This is really a burner catfish account, because all I am doing is giving him free publicity. I still wrote as if this was Lowell, but he would not stoop to engage with me.

        1. Seb,
          Give it a rest its the mans son you are talking about. You are a father I bet you would tear apart anyone who was critical of your son. Its called blind love. I don’t have children but my nieces and nephews are like my children and I know I wouldn’t handle it well if someone criticized them in a public forum.If a dad asks you to lay off his kid it is best to bite your lip and just leave it alone. imho

          1. Nah, Lowell knows the drill. He is in the media, and one needs to have a thick skin to be in this business.
            Guess you are saying that Grant has every right to rip players and coaches, but if some one pushes back, that person is way out of line.
            Grant-‘Yeah I am calling you out Kyle.’ Then whines when he is not being called on to ask a question.
            Believe it or not, there are logical consequences to one’s actions. Grant is being Grant. He does not need his daddy to protect him, or a troll burner account.

  49. oneniner,
    I said it yesterday but I will repeat it. I can’t wait to see Deebo, Mostert, Aiyuk and Kittle all healthy and on the field at the same time. Who knows maybe even a healthy Hurd but regardless of those players if they don’t make significant improvements across the O line any QB will struggle.

        1. I’d remind everyone that Donald started off on Williams’/LT’s side with nothing to show for it. His success came against McKivitz(1st start)/McGlinchey. I’d say their poor performance was one part Donald, one part not enough reps together and one part poor performance. Let’s keep evaluating those two week to week and see what we end up with by seasons end….

          1. That entire right side needs work. McKivitz gets a pass but #69, come on man.
            Weight loss can’t affect your play that much can it?

            1. Fair enough regarding McGlinchey’s lack of sand in his pants, but I wonder how much can be attributed to the revolving door at RG? Takes time to gel with your foxhole buddy. Just makes it more precarious when you’re doing it under fire….

  50. The dream of pairing Zach Wilson with Shanny looks to be just that, a dream. Brugler has the Jaguars taking him #2.

    He has us taking Horn, CB from the South Carolina well.

    Panthers get Fields
    Washington Lance
    Saints take the final 1st round QB, Jones from Alabama

    1. Read that prediction. Commented that no way Shanalynch draft a CB in first round. I read Brugler’s annual draft profile reports because his assessments are usually spot on, but I don’t agree with his Niners picks.

    2. The 49ers were never going to take a QB in the first round. That was a made up scenario by you and a few others around here. There has been nothing to indicate they were going to move on from Garoppolo and it would be foolish to do so.

      1. That’s your opinion. They’d take Zach Wilson if they could get him, and I’m comfortable in the knowledge that Steve Young reiterated what I’d been saying all along; the kid is going to be a star in this league!

        1. They’d take Zach Wilson if they could get him

          And that’s your opinion which there is zero evidence for. Steve Young talking up a BYU QB? Shocking. In all seriousness, Wilson looks like a good prospect, but it would not make sense to dump a QB who has won as many games as Garoppolo has and I highly doubt the 49ers have even considered it. Just my opinion.

          1. Sure, that’s why they sent the vice president of player personnel to personally to scout him.

            Suffice it to say that Steve Young knows more about quarterbacking than both of us combined, and I don’t recall him talking up Taysom Hill when he came out.

            Bottom line is if you get an opportunity to upgrade the position and save #20 million a year at the same time, you’d better have a good reason for not doing it; and Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t a good enough reason….

            1. Yeah they also sent him to scout Mac Jones and another one I can’t remember off hand. That’s what you do as a scout last I checked. Doesn’t mean they are seriously considering dumping the only QB they’ve been able to win with since Shanahan arrived. I agree that Young knows more about QB and football in general than I do. Doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to being a little biased toward an alum who is gaining interest due to playing well. He talked about Hill a few times while he was at BYU.

              Former BYU football star and Hall-of-Fame quarterback Steve Young knows a little something about being under center — and he said Thursday that he likes the things he’s seeing in Hill.

              “Taysom is absolutely qualified,” Young said. “He’s ready to do it. He’ll have to grow quickly with some of the early games they have. He’ll face the fire but when I talk to him, when I see him, when I see other people talk about him, I feel like he’s got not just the physical ability but the moxie to go do it. I think we all have very high hopes for him and I think he’s capable of it.”

              I’m not saying he’s wrong for liking Wilson or you either for that matter, but to go from Adam Peters seeing him play live to the Niners are ready to dump Garoppolo if they can draft him, is a huge leap into fantasyland. I have no doubt they are interested in drafting a QB, they currently don’t have anyone signed behind Garoppolo beyond this season, but I think it’s to have a young guy to develop behind Garoppolo not to replace him, at least not in the near future anyway.

              Your last statement is conjecture at best. You believe a one year College wonder who hasn’t played anybody is an upgrade on a proven NFL starter who has won nearly 70% of his starts. That’s a pretty good reason why a team shouldn’t do what you are suggesting.

              1. Sure he could, but doesn’t change the fact it is a stretch to say he’s an upgrade on an NFL player who has won nearly 70% of his starts. It would be nice to see how he does against some real competition at the very least.

              2. So you want to have your slice of hype pie and eat it too, huh?

                You believe a one year College wonder who hasn’t played anybody is an upgrade on a proven NFL starter who has won nearly 70% of his starts.

                Smith had a 65.8% winning record with the Chiefs. What did that genius not named notanexpert do? He traded up from the 20’s all the way up to 10 to get Mahomes. This is why notanexpert’s lol sounds like that nervous laugh someone makes after an awkward statement….

              3. Too much. Too many teams in front of us need a QB. You’d have to pay through the nose to move up that high. 18-20 range if we finish 7-9.

              4. Nothing awkward about my statement. I stand by my view that a College QB who hasn’t played against top competition should not be considered an upgrade over a QB who took an NFL team to a SB less than a year ago. He looks like a good prospect and he’ll likely be a high draft pick but he’s got to get into the NFL and win a lot of games before you can honestly say he’s an upgrade on Garoppolo. Whats really confusing is you were supporting the idea of continuing on with JG not that long ago. Now you have completely changed your tune. You seem easily swayed without much conviction.

              5. Set your Jimmy doll down and step away from the shrine. He’s injury prone, inaccurate, can’t throw downfield and hasn’t improved his mechanics. We’d be lucky to get a 3rd round pick for that winning qb, Jimmy Garoppolo. If only Andy Reid had taken your dumbass advice we might have 6 Lombardi’s instead of 5….

    3. Regardless of whether they would or wouldn’t take a QB if they were in position to grab one of the top guys, winning will only reduce the chances of being in position to do so and thereby reduce the chances of them taking a QB round 1.

      Not that I am complaining though. I prefer to win and see the team stay in playoff contention. But it does have the double edged sword of negatively affecting their draft capital.

      Personally I still think they will take a QB high, whether they stick with JG next year or not. Maybe they need to move up to get one. Maybe they aren’t able to and decide to take one round 2 (or move up from round 2 for a guy late round 1).

      1. I sure hope it isn’t Jones. It’d be like Jimmy all over again. Gonna have to surround him with support to be successful on Sundays….

        After the first 4 QB’s there isn’t anyone I’d move back up into round 1 for. I’d look at Carson Strong in round 2. Sit him for a year behind Jimmy or a cheaper vet like Brissett….

        1. Maybe. I’m not that big on Jones either, though I would be fine if they spend a 2nd rounder on him. But yeah, an upgrade over JG I do not see.

          One thing is for sure, even if they stick with JG next year, they need to make sure they have a capable deputy in case of injury. Can’t let an injury to their QB derail another year completely.

  51. I don’t think a QB in the first round is going to happen (especially if we win 2 more games) its time to start looking at QB’s that will be available in the 2nd rd or later. Maybe Penix in the 2nd or Book in the 4th or both. My trade back scenario is looking better. We could get a QB a pass rusher and a couple of O linemen in the first 4 rounds.

  52. It is worth noting that McGlinchey is one of the top run blocking RT’s in the entire league, hopefully he can find a weight that suits him best in pass protect, maybe somewhere in between?

    1. McGlinchey had a better supporting cast around him last year. This year not so much.
      The lower weight may be a part in his sub-par play, but the patchwork Oline definitely has had a big effect as well.

      I was somewhat encouraged by rookie McKivitch on Sunday and hope that he can show up in the coming weeks to help solidify that position.

      The Center spot will need to be cruciallly addressed in the off season. And if the 49ers let T. Williams walk the entire Oline may be in need of an overhaul.
      Very interesting off-season for the 49ers coming up.
      Paraag will have to put in some all-nighters on the cap space issue to field a playoff team.

      1. After watching him last game, I would call him the highest rated turnstile. Donald ran past him like he was standing still. He needs help.
        Maybe the Niners should assign a blocking TE next to the RT spot. Give McGlinchey help outside. That TE could also pinch in the pass rusher so Mullens can roll out right.
        I agree, the center spot is critical for success, but Brunskill may be versatile enough to make the change. They should draft an OT, because Williams may leave, and the Niners cannot afford him.

      2. Agreed AES, I see some potential in McKivitz, and he’s got a mean streak which I always appreciate. This team continue to have issues all over their OL, and that makes developing a young QB that much harder.

        Unfortunately for the 49ers, their issues on the OL start at the Center position, and in terms of contracts, the Center position is dicey for the team over the next 2 seasons, as they are potentially on the hook for a large chunk of dead money (especially next season @ $8,442,000 in 2021, and $5,400,000 in 2022) against the cap if they dump Richburg. How much dead money can the team realistically eat at the Center position with the anticipated reduced salary cap over at least the next couple seasons? Tomlinson’s salary jumps to $6,500,500 in his final year next season, and McGlinchey will be on the final year of his rookie deal, and at this point I doubt they are going to exercise his $13+M 5th year option. He may be a good run blocker for this scheme, but 295 lbs is simply too lean for a man of his size/height, and his current inconsistency in pass protection makes a potential contract extension a perilous endeavor.

        One more thing: Kyle Shanahan OWNS Sean McVay!!

  53. NFC West Coaching Soap

    [KShan] -> [McVay] -> [Carroll] -> [Kshan] -> [Kingsbury] -> [Carroll]

    In summary KShan defeats McVay who defeats Carroll who defeats KShan who defeats Kingsbury who defeats Carroll

  54. The 49ers win and continue their ownership of the Rams while staying in the playoff race. Should be another awesome week of draft talk and hindsight article links from Jack Hammer on who the Niners should have kept instead of who they have. Good times.

  55. How can the Niners defeat the Bills? Armstead needs to stop crowding the line. Mullens needs to get the play off before there is 3 seconds on the play clock. Let Mullens be the field general so he can march the team down the field with pre planned scripted sequences, to keep the defense off balance. Mullens should take what they give him. With Aiyuk back, they may try more throws down field. Give McGlinchey TE help.
    Getting the ball in Deebo’s hands as much as possible, is a wise strategy. Mostert and Wilson seem to be an effective one two punch, so they need to keep running the ball. That will make the play action pass for a long bomb, more effective. If confronted with second and one, try a strike down field.
    Special Teams should keep Taylor in at PR, because he has sure hands. Reducing the unforced errors is a wise goal to strive for. The Rams made more mistakes than the Niners, and lost.
    KS need to keep being bold and innovative. Maybe take advantage of the defensive team speed by doing counters and misdirections. It was masterful to see him forcing the Rams to burn their time outs, so even if they did get the ball back, they would run out of time because they could not stop the clock.
    Saleh should just keep doing what he is doing. It was nice to see coverage sacks. Givens, Hyder and Kinlaw played exceptional games. Getting Sherman back was huge, and he seemed more like a safety, than a CB, at times. Moore needs to take better angles, especially at FS.

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