Garoppolo introduced; mum on future with 49ers past this season

SANTA CLARA — Tuesday afternoon, the 49ers introduced their newest player, the man they hope will be their quarterback of the future — Jimmy Garoppolo. “Hope” is the operative word.

During his press conference, Garoppolo smiled, acted polite and said all the right things. Except the ultimate thing — that he wants to play for the 49ers in the long term. He is scheduled to be a free agent after this season, and the 49ers traded for him without signing him to a contract extension.

“I guess we’ll see what happens,” Garoppolo said.

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  1. What are your thoughts on trading for JG Grant?

    Right now, my thinking looking at the 2018 draft would be draft Quenton Nelson with the first pick. Isaiah Oliver with the next pick, then perhaps Mason Cole with the idea of moving him back to centre. Fix the OL and get a good looking CB prospect first three picks.

    1. I’ve been praising Quenton Nelson lately and now that they can trade down for a mid 1st and 2nd round pick, Nelson will be there hopefully mid 1st. They get the 2nd round back that they used for Jimmy but lower to use for an OT replacing Staley. Pickup a pro bowl type of OL in FA too. The OL or the foundation needs to be solid not porous for Jimmy G. not to get crushed, for running the clock, giving the D a break, scoring and winning. The 49ers OL is the worst. The rest of the picks probably use for defense or other needs.

  2. The simple answer, I think, is that he was “mum” on the future because he does not have a long-term deal in place. He isn’t a bright-eyed rookie with no experience about how NFL contracts work.

    1. Occam’s razor. The simplest explanation is the best — he has no long-term contract and doesn’t know if the 49ers will offer a long-term contract. Anything he said beyond that would be, at best, speculation.

  3. Eastern Illinois University’s pipeline to the N FL –

    Chicago GM Ryan Pace
    Former Raider, Bronco and Redskin Head Coach – Mike Shanahan
    Saints Head Coach – Sean Peyton
    Chiefs OC and former Viking Head Coach Brad Childress
    former Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo
    49er QB – Jimmy Garoppolo

  4. He’s going to play at some point, probably when Staley returns. They can entice him to stay by promising to improve the roster. We also have Shanahan, who can turn a good QB into a MVP candidate.

    I’m hoping CJ does well in his last start(s). Even if he is just decent, we may be able to flip him in the future.

    1. If he’s educated he’ll recall that same promise made to a promising young qb by the same org. At the time that Qb was called foolish for accepting the deal, in hindsight it probably was when you consider they actually did the opposite, subsequently disassembling the coaching staff and roster.

      1. Different situation. York and Marathe are still here, but Lynch isn’t a lap dog like Ballke. Lynch said that survey question about losing didn’t come from his office. He’s not afraid of challenging the 49ers brass.

        It will come down to if he trusts Lynch/Shanahan and their vision. Lynch is a former player and not just a suit, The Shanahan’s went to bat for Cousins against the idiots in Washington.

  5. Lol@ Grant! Obviously it’s part of the negotiation process they will get something done after the season. Grant your just reaching for another story lol

  6. I actually like the approach. You get him on your field, see how much playbook he can digest, and go from there. If it turns out he’s everything you thought he’d be, you lock him up long term….

    1. Now that is a smart answer,thank you Razoreater,all this nonsense about Jimmy G not wanting to be here is just that nonsense and GRASPING at straws to make a Non-Story.

  7. That begs the question. Who do we take with our top pick? I say it should be Orlando Brown. Elite, massive tackle equal to Trent Brown’s size. Stalwart left tackle who would anchor the left side for years.

    1. I love Brown, but I don’t know if he fits the zone blocking scheme. And our needs are more interior linemen, whereas we can role with Staley and Trent Brown at tackle.

  8. In all honesty it’s pretty much a done deal. There’s nothing to suggest Garoppolo is gonna stink up the joint. I think he’s pretty much our answer at Qb. He’s probably gonna be the best qb we had since Steve Young really if he pans out. Now we don’t have to waste a pick on a qb cause we have a lot more issues than just qb.

    1. But there are a number of Brady backups who played great but were busts when going to other organizations. Has any QB ever emerged from Brady’s shadow and done well elsewhere? I think the answer is “no”. That’s what makes me nervous about Jimmy G.

    2. In what universe is this a “done deal?”

      He’s started just a couple games. Kap looked good for a few games too.

      People are dreaming.. let’s see what this kid can do when defenses have adjusted and he’s forced to learn and make adjustments as well. He’s a smart kid but let’s not sit here thinking he’s the answer after virtually no body of work to judge against.

      1. It’s a done deal because regardless of what people say we gave up a valuable pick for him. If we had other pieces in place then yeah a second rounder is nothing to give up. But we have so many holes and needs that a high value pick like a high second isn’t that expendable to be whatever about. Beathard is trash. Garoppolo isn’t.

    3. It is a desperate hiring, it is a good qb, but they do not have an offensive line, they do not protect it, they do not open gaps for the runners and they commit many punishments, I do not know what Lynch and Sahanahan think., The defense plagued by novices, they have not known How to handle this situation, the two rookies.

  9. Grant is never going to like a lot of things the 49ers do. Hevis the most negative reporter other then his dad. I read him to see what he comes up with next. When a guy thinks he knows more then the coach beware.

    1. They’ll lock JG in a room with Paraag Marathe and the deal will be done! JG will go in with his shirt on but how he come’s out is up for grabs.

  10. The Quarterback problem, has been covered, but there are others, the offensive line, which does not protect, that does not open gaps for the runners, they commit many punishments, there will not be much difference, it has been a desperate one of Lynch and Sahahnahan, to achieve some victories, it will not be easy, now that they cut off their offensive offenders, we will have to consider the problem of the defense, full of novices.
    They did not know how to make a veteran and novice co-op in their squad, as an experienced Coach does.

  11. The thing that was not mentioned here was that he seamed very eager to get to work and happy to be here, but then Lynch pointed out his agent was in the front row. After that, JG dialed back his enthusiasm. Just saying.

  12. All these posts on improving the O-Line, which I agree needs it. But a greater need is quality edge rusher and cornerback as well as one or more receivers that can get open. Between free agency and multiple draft picks it can be done.

  13. I have to agree the 49ers are cursed with the name York so prominently attached to the brand. Always one step away from disaster.

  14. Hoody Conspiracy Theory:


    We’re trading you to SF, but we’ll sign you long term in 2019, and send Tommy packing. Just don’t sign a long-term contract with SF. They’ll franchise you for $25M in 2018. Then, in the 2019 offseason, they’ll realize they have no leverage because your asking price will be $34M. Tell them you want to come back to us, and they’ll make a trade. We’ll give them a Rd1 (32 overall) pick, and they’ll take it.

    Got it? Good.


  15. There’s also this more positive outlook:

    Niners now have 2 QBs Kyle Shanahan likes under the age of 26. Garoppolo will get the Brinks truck next year, but Beathard is guaranteed to be here through 2020, if he’s decent.

    Maybe Beathard is more than decent. Maybe he is the next coming of Joe. Maybe not. No matter. If Garoppolo is worthy of a long-term contract, it’ll be because he is CLEARLY better than Beathard. If he’s not, oh well, he cost a Rd2 pick and a one-year payment of $25M. If the Niners feel good going forward with Beathard in 2019, it’ll be because he is as good as or better than Garoppolo.

    Bottom line: for a Rd2 pick and a Rd3 pick, the Niners have 2 QB candidates who Shanahan feels can be his guy. If, by the end of next season, neither guy is cemented as the next Franchise QB, or at least good (effective) QB, then it’ll be clear that Shanahan doesn’t have it as a head coach, but the Niners won’t have lost any real capital in their efforts.

    This year’s draft will be better than last year’s. The Niners will get a King’s Ransom for their Rd1 pick and the 2018 season starting QB will have a ton more talent around him than this season’s, and will therefore be much more easily/truthfully evaluated.

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