49ers know never to count out Packers’ Rodgers

SANTA CLARA — Sure, the 49ers should beat the Packers this Sunday. But the Packers still have Aaron freaking Rodgers.

And sure, Rodgers was awful the first time he played the 49ers this season. So freaking awful, he arguably was the main reason the Packers lost. He passed for 104 measly yards, fumbled and missed open throws he typically completes. Just awful.

But Rodgers isn’t an awful quarterback. He’s great. And other great quarterbacks have played well against the 49ers recently. Matt Ryan threw for 210 yards and two touchdowns in a win, and Drew Brees threw for 349 yards and five touchdowns in a loss.

Rodgers is just as good as those two, if not better. And he hasn’t lost since he played the 49ers in Week 12. And he was excellent last week in the divisional playoffs against the Seahawks.

“He’s never out of the game,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said. “We were up 23-0 at halftime versus him and he made it 23-8 after his first drive, and I thought it was a tight game because of who was over there at quarterback. Aaron is as good of a player who has played this game.”

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  1. Yea, this ain’t b-ball or baseball where one player can take over a game. The 49ers have the better team, and football is the ultimate team sport. No doubt about it, Mr. Rodgers could play a perfect game for the upset win. The odds of that happening are about as good as Pelosi asking President Trump to be godfather to her grand-baby.

    I heard the 49ers defensive line has been sharpening their craft for the past week.

    1. The odds of that happening are about as good as Pelosi asking President Trump to be godfather to her grand-baby.

      or Lev Parnas asking Rudolph Giuliani to be the godfather of his son. Oh wait, Giuliani is is son’s godfather. Awkward.

  2. Interesting talking about Rogers. Him and Jimmy G have a few things in common. They were both drafted when their drafting team already had a legend for a starting QB. They both sat for the first four years. Their potential and abilities forced action by their team. There were many questions about each one in their first couple of years as starters. Rogers 1st year starting 16 games: 6 wins 10 loses–4038 yards–28 td passes and 13 ints–63.62 completion . Garoppolo 1st year starting 16 games: 13 wins 3 loses–3978 yards–27 td passes–13 ints–69.12 completion. Here is were it now changes. After staring for the better part of the last decade, we know what Rogers is all about. Jimmy has started less then 30 games and is coming off of an injury. He will grow and learn a lot in the next year or so. So no matter what happens this weekend, I like were we are headed and so glad that Jimmy is one of the ones leading us there.

    1. AR sat for 3 years, started 16 games in year 4. i thought he only sat 1-2 years…..i thought you were way off….but i actually decided to look it up b4 i posted. Regardless, you make great comparisons! The fact that JG has better stats than AR in their first year as a starter says a lot!
      I been saying all year……JG is technically in the middle of his 2nd year/sophomore year as a starter…..and hes far ahead of a lot of all-time greats as far as being a polished passer in this league!! Every now and then…..he makes those rookie/sophomore slump type mistakes. The ugly Int., fumble or a sack knocking us out of FG range….

      But the fact is this- hes farther along than pretty much every good/great qb in the history of the game, except Pat Mahomes, when you calculate the fact that hes half way through his 2nd yer as a starter!!

  3. Davante Adams says the pressure is on the Niners.
    I think the pressure is on Aaron Rodgers. This may be his last chance to win a SB.
    Aaron Rodgers is feeling the pressure. He wanted the Packers to defeat the Niners in week 12, so he could play in the friendly confines of Lambeau Field. Now, he has to travel to a hostile Levis. He is reading the press clippings, and knows that the Niners are healthy, and firing on all cylinders. They showed him the shellacking the Niners gave to Cousins, and is expecting the same treatment. Now, he has to face both Bosa, AND Dee Ford.
    Aaron Rodgers is putting on a brave face, but so did the soldiers at the Alamo and the Little Big Horn.

  4. Rodgers has played a few crappy games this year. He missed a ton of wide open receivers in the game against the Lions. In a critical game the Packers needed to win for playoff seeding and Rodgers was terrible. Having said that, I expect Rodgers to come out firing against the 49ers. I expect Rodgers at his best. IMO the 49ers clearly have the better team, the better coaching staff, and the “It” factor going for them this year. Packers are a dangerous team that can definitely beat the 49ers but I just don’t see that happening. I think I’m going 24-20 for the 49ers.

    So someone said Grant had some copyright issues with the NFL. The NFL seems to be going after a bunch of guys right now. I think they are going after a few of the guys on HotMic and a few others over publicly available video content. The NFL lets a marquee QB get knocked out of a game when Clowney clearly spears the guy in the back of the head in clear violation of NFL rules. But Heaven forbid you produce cutting edge technology and content that actually enhances the NFL fan experience. That is something the entire NFL Legal Dept needs to battle. The older I get the more unlikable the NFL becomes.

    1. On the HotMic matter, I’m curious what the HotMic ‘brain trust’ –if there is/was one–thought concerning potential content licensing issues. Did the ‘brain trust’ seek legal input/consultation before embarking on the HotMic adventure? I don’t know. Would be fun to learn more.

      I do recall a graphic/image published by the Hot Mic people a while back to advertise an upcoming HotMic stream. That graphic had the NFL shield on it. Oops?

      1. Of course Grant’s hot mic is legal. As long as you follow the rules which Grant does. Look up the ‘Podcasting Legal Guide’.

    2. Both trips to California this season were disastrous for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. They got smoked by the Chargers in week 8., and absolutely pummeled into submission by the Niners in week 12. In fact, the closer they get to California, the worse the Packers seem to play. Last season they lost @ Arizona, and @ Seattle. They lost @ Arizona in the 2015 Divisional round. They lost @ Seattle in the 2014 Conference Championship. And, of course they lost @ the Niners in the 2012 Divisional round.

      The Packers simply don’t play well at or near the west coast, especially during the postseason.

      Packers – 20
      NINERS – 34

      Book it!

  5. Let’s be clear; Rogers is a great QB. He is going to the HOF. The Packers are good, they have the same record as the 49ers. This is the NFC Championship game and if you don’t bring your A game you will lose.
    That being said; if the Niners play well, minimize the mistakes and take the Packers seriously they should win.
    They need to win the turnover battle and avoid stupid penalties. They can’t give up more than 2-3 sacks and need to get 3-4 sacks and lots of QB pressures. The Niners need to run for over 150 yards and pass for more than 175.
    I really hope the 49ers have the game won by the start of the 4th quarter. I don’t want to see Rogers having a chance to win the game in the last few minutes, he has done that too many times.
    Prediction: Niners 27- Packers 20.
    Hope for score: Niners 34 Packers 17.

  6. PFF SF 49ers
    No wonder the #49ers are in the NFC Championship game tomorrow.

    They have two of the best players at their respective positions and the best rookie, maybe ever, at his. See who makes the list.

    Wonder where we would be if we’d followed Grant’s football acument. Having fired Shanahan who couldn’t head coach. Firing Lynch who couldn’t draft or sign FAs. And definately not drafting Bosa & Deebo (whose rookie year was also quite good).

    1. The 9ers would have finished 2019 at 3 and 13, and this blog would be ripped asunder, with most everyone arguing over the 2020 draft and free agency. Oh, and the HC and GM the Yorks would have hired for the ’19 season would be on the hot seat–Grant calling for their heads.

      1. another great article that grants too lazy to write- The Kyle Shanahan coaching tree-
        When grant was calling for shany’s head last year……and everyone was jocking Sean McVay……i might have been the only one pointing out how SM was a shany understudy and a product of his budding coaching tree!!! It irked me that the apprentice was getting all this praise while the master was getting criticized …..but his own beat writers for crying out loud…..who were either too dumb to realize the truth….or just purposely overlooking it because it would destroy their weak, narrow minded narrative!!
        SM walked into a team with one of the greatest pass rushers in the NFL….and a decent, mold-able young qb!
        KS lost his qb for the year in week 3 and had no pass rush, let alone a great one. SM on the other hand…..added some good/great cb’s and another good pass rusher…..and rode Shanahans system to a SB!!!

        But Shanahan himself was “garbage”!!!! LMAO

        Well…..we had a great cb….who is finally healthier than hes been in years…….
        losing our qb led to the #2 pick in the draft were we stole the best player ( another great article grant blew)…
        we added secondary pass rushers (DF) and a few other key players ( Kwon, DG, ES,DS)…..
        and our great young qb stayed healthy!!!!!
        Now we have a chance to go to the SB……..if we can win against…..wait for it……ANOTHER SHANY UNDERSTUDY!!!!!!!

        Shany is BY FAR the best young HC in the league…..he already has a coaching tree, far earlier than the great BW might i add…..and BB! Belichek’s early understudys didnt have much success early at all!
        Anyone could see the bricks being laid the last couple years ( except grant)! The offense was better than the ones in 3 straight NFCCG’s earlier in this decade!
        The Shany system will represent the NFC in the SB for the 2nd straight year!
        C’MON GRANT!!! this article almost writes itself!!! Your dad had to correct you on your podcast……YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT KS!!!! Just like your were wrong about %98 of everything you ever said sports related!!

        1. Easy for you to say the bricks were being laid.. Now!..Grant was right when Shanny and the team were sh!t, and losing left and right with only 4 wins last year. He gives credit due when deserved like he is now since they are finally winning , so beat off.

  7. Another big difference is the coaches. The 49ers have an incredible brain/experience treasure trove. Certainly all the players have been more disciplined as they should. They love their coaches and follow them. For example no one has been talking about the progress our wide receivers have made under HOF Welker and Austin. They cover both big and small, and were both awesome in their careers. and so on for the other coaches. This is the first time all the coaches have been together and hopefully they will all be there next year.

  8. All week long the sports media has been talking about Rogers as if he alone is playing the game by himself. Sorry, but football is the altimet team sport and the last time I looked the 9ers are just the all around better team. I am not buying into the BS that the media is selling. The 9ers are going to win this game and go to the SB and win that game as well.
    Go 9ers.

  9. My hope for score would be Niners 38 Packers 9. Key is to be up by 15 going into the last 4 min of the 4th qtr so Rogers has to make very questionable and difficult throws mostly incomplete.
    Most likely it will be a close game 28 to 24 decided by a Sherman int.
    My keys to the game:
    OL take control over the Smith “Brothers” keep Jimmy G’s uniform clean.
    Run the ball 30+ times and get 240+ yards.
    Keep the flags to zero on false starts and holding calls. We don’t need any TD’s called back for blocks to the back.
    Defense keep Rogers in check and stop the run!

  10. Grant, I am not sure your final suggestion on Julio works. If Mosely lines up inside he’s running into the LB who’s got coverage on the TE. Doesn’t Julio then run to the pilon if you take away the inside route and Harris is way too far back to stop him? He then scores on the outside. The Falcons used the TE to scrape Mosely and Harris on that play.

    I also thought on your Patriot examples their DB’s jammed at the line much better than our DB’s or the Seahawks preventing free release on Hill/Adams. I also think the safety in those shots is too deep to stop a good throw. Those guys were 7 yds deeper than the WR. Rodgers can thread that ball to Adams with that kind of space. Even Garapolo threads the ball into coverage like that between DB and Safety.

    He’s a tough matchup. The game really is on the pass rush. The secondary can only slow and disrupt.

  11. I remember when Dan Marino went to the SB and was crowned before the game started. It motivated Joe and the nines to play one of their best games.
    I suspect the same will happen to Rodgers, he loves being the underdog.
    He has nothing to lose.
    I expect some of his HailMary’s at the end of the game.

    1. I have been thinking about that dan Marino super bowl a lot. Even though joe had a super bowl win everyone was praising the phenom of Marino . Joe and the Niners prepared like quiet assassins, I truly believe Jimmy has some cool joe in him and the same result could happen if that is the matchup. Even though jimmy would not have a Super Bowl win going into that game it bothers his team mates how much disrespect he gets. It’s funny how people lose their marbles when he throws interceptions but Joe through a lot too even in critical situations like themDallas game to go to the first Super Bowl. You have to have a QB that takes chances. Go Niners!

  12. Got my bets in last night. I think the Niner game will be closer than the first game, but they are the more complete team. Like most football games, the turnover battle will probably decide the outcome. I think the Niners will win that battle. However, I’m always a little apprehensive in CG’s. I’ve seen them lose with a chance to go to the SB 9 times, including in person in ‘70, ‘90, ‘92, ‘97and ‘11. On television in ‘71, ‘83, ‘93, ‘13. Ugh! Throw in all the playoff loses with a chance to get to the CG’s, including the ‘72 loss to Dallas at Candlestick (worst loss I ever witnessed in person in any sport) where they had a 28-13 lead with less than 6 minutes to go in the game! The Redskins CG of ‘83! Totally hosed! The list goes on! And grief!!! On the bright side, I was there at the ‘Stick in ‘81, ‘84, and ‘89 to see them secure the SB birth! 3-5. Maybe it’s good I’m not at Levi this Sunday! :) The good news is I’ve been fairly accurate betting on the Niners this year, only losing twice.
    I took the Niners -7 1/2 and the over 46 1/2.

    SF 34 GB 24

    As for the AFC CG, I’m went entirely with my gut. I just have a feeling! I’m about 50/50 betting that way so don’t mortgage the house! :)
    I took TENN +7 1/2 and the under (53)

    TENN 27 KC 24 on a last second FG

    Andy still can’t win the big won. I actually hope the score is the same but with KC winning as I would like to see an SF vs KC SB ( so would the NFL) and I’d like to see Andy finally get there, but lose of course!

    Enjoy the game folks! Drink beer and chew your nails!!

  13. Is your email the same Grant? I need you ask you about something I want to post on here because I need to know if it is still allowed on here.

  14. Don’t know about anyone else, but this has been the most fun 49ers season for me to watch since the ’94 49ers. Just a real joy to watch this team perform. Early in the season was all about dominance – run game and D exceptional as they steam rolled opponents. Second half of the regular season was simply awesome watching a great but injured team be tested by other very good opponents almost every week (the 49ers played in some of the best games of the year over this stretch). Then last week in the divisional round, dominance once again as the team got healthy at the right time.

    I don’t know how the season will end, but regardless I will say this team and this season has been superb entertainment. Better than the Harbaugh years, which were also fun but didn’t bring the same type of excitement this team does.

    1. I’d agree with you that this team is as entertaining to watch as the ’94 team. Juice – Bar None, Sherman – Prime Time, Kittle -Brent Jones.

      The ultimate entertainment for me is winning. I wanna see this team play their best game of the year tomorrow. The last thing I want to see is for them to waste the opportunity that’s in front of them. We’ll be losing some good players next year, and there’s no guarantee we’ll ever get back here. Take nothing for Granted and give no quarter!

    2. A year of big time cliff hangers, and sweaty palms. It may just be my failing memory, but think I’ve enjoyed this season more than any in their history. For me it’s actually one game at a time. Where have I heard that before?

    3. I have to put a plug in for the 2011 team. After 8 long and sometimes miserable seasons, the 49ers broke through with a brand new coach, dominating defense, and a middling offense led by the great Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, with a sad sack QB blossoming into a respectable QB.

      That defense was incredible with the Smith’s (Aldon and Justin) terrorizing QBs, Willis and Bowman, Whitney and Goldson hitting on the back end. That was a fun defense to watch. Plus the games were crazy. The Lions game with the Schwartz and Harbaugh drama, beating the Eagles in Philly which got people noticing this team, and the New Orleans playoff game was off the charts exciting. If not for that horrible early whistle when the 49ers clearly recovered a fumble with two minutes to play in regulation, they likely would have made it to the SB. That was a heartbreaker to lose because the Niners were better than the NYG.

      This season for sure is great fun to watch with a lot of similarities to the 2011 team. I’m just glad the offense is way better than the 2011 team making this team more formidable. Not offering a score for tomorrow, just wishing and hoping for a Niners win because they are the better team and should represent the NFC. Go Niners!

      1. That’s fair. Those years were certainly fun too. But for mine there was something a little dull about the Harbaugh years. They were great teams that played hard, simple football and beat opponents through force of will (and just being a very talented roster). But by and large they didn’t do anything fancy – just relied on their ability to out execute the opponent. Basically, they were largely a braun over brain team, but it worked because they were generally more talented and more disciplined than their opponents.

        This team is far more dynamic – speed, skill and out manouvering/ thinking opponents, while also being hard nosed when they need to be. Its a lot of fun watching the various ways the team can win games, and I enjoy watching this brand of football more than the Harbaugh years.

        1. Harbaugh is a dud and he inherited a talented yet aging roster. He was never going to stay more than 5 years. He was brought in to win and develop a QB and did neither.
          This team currently was built from the ground up. Literally brick by brick and is built to win for a long time.
          If I recall it was Hammer who was not to keen on the rebuild by Shanny and Lynch this past offseason.
          Funny how winning changes everyone’s mood.

        2. 2011 was pretty much the same. Nobody expected 13-3 going into that year, and it wasn’t until subsequent years that the legal issues and infighting took some of the shine off it.

    4. Team seems to be having more fun then the harbaugh teams and every one seems to be like able and on the same team, Lynch seems to embrace the York’s not shun them which would be hard for me to do. John Lynch seems to be a lot like the gm /president bob myers of the Warriors . Does not the credit but is the key cog that makes a team thrive to a championship level.

    5. Scoot, you have to compare it to JH first season when we didn’t expect a SB run for a new coach, not his 3rd season. It t was a great season then too!
      This season is similar in that we didn’t expect much out of the THIRD year of KS and every game was fun. Every win was another OMG. We could have gone 16-0 since the losses were last minute losses.
      It wasn’t until the 8-0 point that I felt like during the Harbaugh years; We can this game!
      It took Shanny 3 yrs though and no one saw it coming including KS!
      This is a good article on what happened

  15. Good weather tomorrow afternoon…80%+ cloud cover should mitigate any issues with low sun angles bothering receivers, DBs, and QBs. Next to no chance of rain, slight breeze tapering off.

  16. Grant, excellent defensive analysis. Belichick is in the Superbowl more than all coaches for a reason.

    Anyway to send it to Niner’s coaches before Adams receives bracket coverage.

  17. HoF QB, dangerous running game, best tackles in the league, fantastic receivers, great LB corp, sense of revenge… Big upset… Packers 30 Niners 18

    1. sebnynah says:
      October 8, 2019 at 9:58 am

      Where is that Fan4all ? He promised to come back, and crow about the Browns 32-13 win.
      Being a classless gutless wonder, he also predicted JG would be injured in the 4th quarter.
      I am marking his words…….

    2. I hope this is some kind of anti jinx thing you do.
      If not I’ll bet you’re a raider fan.
      You said the same last week. Lol

    1. Sebnynah April 19, 2019, 9:42 am.
      ‘Exactly. Football is a game of attrition. Injuries are part of the game.
      How a team responds to injuries is what will determine the outcome of the season. Niners need to be resilient, and have talented depth, so the backups can perform as well as the starters.’
      That past post sure hits home.
      I also used the word -‘resilient’ in April 2019. Now, many talking heads have used- resilient, a WOW term. Even KS has used that term, I believe.

    2. My favorites are the GB prediction where he says Dee Ford won’t have an impact on this defense because he only got 4 sacks away from arrowhead and relies on the noise factor.

      And no reason as to why they couldn’t beat the Rams, except “no explanation needed”

      This is where Grant has a problem with this stuff.
      He continuasly goes with the year or years prior, states his overthinking scenarios as if they are facts and couldn’t be changed.

      Either grant overthinks to much or really wants this team to fail. He has no gauge on rebuilding teams and the talent in coaching and players.
      This is why I rarely take his predictions or comments seriously.
      This platform is nothing but a stepping stone for bigger things in the future.
      Nothing wrong with that, but don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about and try to call out football fans twice your senior.
      Classic Cohn writing

      1. I had forgotten he said that about Ford. Anyone look up where Fords sacks came this year? Not that it matters because the defense is clearly better with him. I like Ford, I wish he was healthy more. Didn’t he also say Ford would be a liability in the run game and wouldn’t take a pass rush role rather than a three down player? Turns out either through injury or choice he did play a 3rd and passing down role. How much does Solomon Thomas weigh again?

        1. Solomon’s weight? Geepers, I’m still trying to understand WHY the 9ers signed Kwon Alexander–the guy Grant said this about…

          The 49ers just made a terrible mistake.

          They agreed to terms with free-agent linebacker Kwon Alexander, and reportedly will pay him $54 million over the next four years ($13.5 million per season on average). Alexander will earn $27 million guaranteed — tied for the most guaranteed money among inside linebackers with All Pro Luke Kuechly. Alexander now is the second-highest-paid player on the 49ers in terms of average annual money after Jimmy Garoppolo.

          Alexander, 24, is a former fourth-round pick who played the first four seasons of his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and missed lots of tackles. Then, on Oct. 22, 2018, Alexander tore his ACL and missed the rest of the season. Meaning three of the 49ers top-five highest-paid players in terms of average annual money (Alexander, Jerick McKinnon and Jimmy Garopplo) currently are rehabbing ACL tears.

          I thought the 49ers wanted to get healthier?

          This seems like a move Trent Baalke would make. But, he never would pay $27 million guaranteed for any linebacker he didn’t draft. This move is pure John Lynch.

          GRADE: F

  18. I thought 8-8 would double the win total from the season before. No 4-12 team should have been considering the NFCC Game.
    I wanted the Niners to start out 6-2, because they might have gone 2-6 in the second half, because of how formidable the opposition was. When they jumped out to an 8 game win streak, the playoffs were now attainable.
    Now, the Packers are standing in their way. On paper, the Niners have a decided advantage. However, then there are games like the Falcons. If the Niners do not play up to their potential, and make unforced errors, they may be disappointed.
    KS seems to have the team loose and confident. I am leery of Sean McVay helping LaFleur, but he lost twice to the Niners, himself, so McVay may not be superior to LaFleur, much less KS.

  19. When the season started I thought the Niners would win 7-9 games. In my wildest imagination I could not see them going 13-3. They have had an amazing season.
    That being said, I still want them to go to the Super Bowl and Win.
    I will be disappointed if they lose tomorrow. They can beat the Packers and they should.
    Go 49ers!

  20. I wish to disagree with Grant. In his periscope, he thinks that the Niners do not need to do reverses or complicated plays. I hope KS dials up some deceptive plays, that confuse the Packer defense. Then, the Niner ball carrier may be running through gaping holes untouched. Misdirections may take advantage of the Packers’ defensive speed.
    I do agree with Grant about defending against Adams. The Niners should assign Moseley on Adams, playing tight man coverage to shut down the slants, with deep safety help. Doubling Adams will take away their best weapon.
    Since Mostert and Coleman were nicked up, and Breida keeps fumbling, I hope they activate Jeff Wilson Jr and deactivate Pettis. Wilson can handle those runs up the middle. The Niners can establish a running game by lining up the RB deep in the I, with Juice lead blocking. The RB can build up a head of steam before attacking the weakness in the line, or change direction and do a counter.
    Like in the Viking game, the Niner offense should wear down their defense, by running over them. The Packer pass rush will be neutralized if JG hands off the ball.
    The Niner defense will stay rested, because they will force some 3 and outs, with the Niner offense chewing up the clock with some long drives. I fully expect the run defense will contain Jones like they did with Cooks.
    I had predicted a 28-27 score, but want to change it because I did not take into consideration another factor. I think the Niner defense will either score, or get the ball deep in their territory. This will add another 7 points. Therefor, I am now predicting a Niners 35-27 score.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

  21. Looks like I will just have to guess that it is still okay to do this.
    A while back, I decided to try creating my own 49ers blog which would focus only on stories or opinions of the 49ers. However, life and several other issues got in the way which caused me to delay creating said blog. But I finally found enough free time to be able to start the blog up, and here is the link so those who are interested can read what I write.


    It isn’t much and I do plan on improving the blog and my writing skill, but I hope that you guys will give it a look-see regardless and leave a comment or two on it. I also plan on trying to be more active on here from now on.

      1. Sorry about that Under. I am having to use Blogger, which is a service from Google. I will look into whether other email services can be used on it.

    1. Good start MW, but in your title it should say 5 Things not Thing.
      The question now is will Seb blog on and terrorize your site….

    2. Enjoyed it, Mid. One thought is to have guest writers prepare blogposts with you having control of whether or not the article is published and maintaining some level of edit control. Potential writers could submit an outline of the article for preliminary approval.

      1. Glad you enjoyed it Cubus. Bringing in some guest writers to write an article for the blog is something I plan on doing.

    3. Let the record show that I was the first to comment on MWD’s blog when years from now, it’s looked upon as the go to site for 49ers football!

  22. If the niners win this game it won’t be close imo. I think in close game Rodgers could easily pull out a “miracle” come back with some pass interferences to extend drives etc.

    That said, maybe it’s my heart talking but I’m going with SF 34-18

  23. I’m going to change my prediction. I just found out that Rodgers is the GB-QB and he’s supposed to be good.
    38-37 niners.
    GO NINERS!!!!!

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