49ers’ Kyle Shanahan OK with pulling double duty as offensive coordinator


SANTA CLARA — 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan serves as his own offensive coordinator, and he will not hire someone to fill that coordinator position for next season.

“I can give anyone that title just so people don’t ask me that question,” Shanahan said at his Wednesday press conference. “I don’t plan on not calling the plays. So, I don’t see why that’s necessary.”

Plenty of head coaches call their own plays.

Bill Walsh did. Mike Shanahan did.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians have for years.

But they also have offensive coordinators who handle the bulk of the game planning during the week. Walsh had Sam Wyche, Dennis Green and Mike Holmgren. Mike Shanahan had Gary Kubiak. Reid had Doug Pederson and now has Matt Nagy. Arians has Harold Goodwin.

The only head coaches in the NFL who currently double as offensive coordinators are Shanahan and Hue Jackson of the Cleveland Browns, and neither coach has won a game this season.

Does Shanahan think he has taken on too many responsibilities?

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    1. how do we know he’s not currently performing that duty, “unofficially” ?
      I’d be shocked if Mike wasn’t at least getting access to the coaches tape…
      shocked if KS & MS didn’t have lengthy conversations after/during review of film…

      1. KS bounces ideas/questions off dad early and often…
        KS “official” offensive assts. Scaramouch…er, um, no- Scangarello, La Fleur, et al, perform the play install, film breakdown, and any number of other functional minutiae that a complex offense requires of an OC and staff.
        I’m still lobbying for scrutiny of Benton and Embree’s performance so far….

          1. I know these guys are dealing with 50% or greater attrition on line and TE’s, but all position coaches on O and D have the same gun to their heads…

  1. I don’t know how you can possibly be the play caller if you aren’t having a very large say in the game plan and offensive play development. So those HCs that call the plays but have an OC I am sure are still dedicating a lot of their time to the offense during the week.

    The area I would think having an OC would help most is in installation, and the day to day film breakdown. Let the OC lead the coaching up of the offense on the game plan during the week. Let the OC and offensive quality control guys pull apart the film in detail and then demonstrate the opponent’s tendencies in cut ups so Shanahan can then provide input to the game plan. Not sure how much of that is happening at the moment, but from what I have read it sounds like Shanahan spends a lot of his time watching film himself. Need to hire people you trust to that job right and provide you the input you need.

    1. Scooter.. Everything you just said, from my understanding, Mike Lafluer, Mike McDaniel,and rich scag does all that for him. I’m not sure but I believe he’s staying the OC because he doesn’t trust anyone to run his scheme better than him. And until it’s installed perfectly in his mind, why teach another coach and then hope that coach can teach it right? If you want something done right…….

      1. Yeah, I don’t know, I am sure those guys all do a lot of film watching etc as well, but from what I have read it sounds like Kyle still does a lot of the dirty work himself. When you are time poor you just have to let others do the heavy lifting on the study side of things, and provide you with the relevant stuff to look at and study. Hopefully that is already happening, but not sure. To be honest this is one side of the NFL I don’t know a lot about how it works.

        1. I’m only going by what I’ve read too. Last week when Kyle had to go off schedule to work with Garoppolo, he said he had two hours of film to catch up on. So I think KS still had the same responsibilities, but had to delay them, probably at the expense of a good night’s sleep.

  2. Of all the problems the Niners have now, IMO this is on the bottom of the list. I am more concerned with penalties, pass protection, dropped passes, turnovers, first down inefficiently, production from core players, tackling, lack of a pass rush, and injuries.

    1. Yea, maybe getting a healthy team, and better players next year will help him. Alot of these coaches,when they get “their chance” become head coaches of garbage teams, it always happens. I think Arians was lucky because Arizona had a playoff team already. He just kicked the tires and really got em rolling with his offense. Now with the players not as good, his team isn’t looking the same. Bottom line,if these oc’s became coaches of playoff caliber teams, they would look better than their records show, but when u have a hot OC like Jackson and Kyle, you become hc for teams like us and Cleveland, then they fail in 2 years and are fired. So they never get to see their talents on full display. They dont fail because they didn’t hire an OC, they fail because they never get to build to their strength. It’s losing season, losing season, fired. That’s y he didn’t want to come here unless he got that 6 year deal.

      1. Steele, Arians has been bedeviled with the injury bug, too. He lost David Johnson early, and now Palmer.
        That would be like the Rams losing Gurley and Goff.
        Successful teams are resilient, and can recover from attrition. Too bad the Niner depth was ankle deep.

  3. http://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Babysitter-to-boss-Gary-Kubiak-on-49ers-Kyle-10941146.php

    “First off, everyone thinks they’re ready for that when they get their opportunity,” Kubiak said. “That’s just the competitive nature of the business. But until you get into the fire and you’re still trying to call plays, and run an offense, and run a team, and discipline a team, and handle the media … all of those things that come into play. You’ve got to jump in there and grow as it comes.”

    “But I will say this: Kyle has been around good people and he’s watched them do it, none better than his dad … And I know through my conversations with him, he’s formed his own ideas on how he wants to handle things. I think he’s got a head start from that standpoint because of his background with his dad doing it for so long. But like anything else, it’s going to be trial by fire, so to speak. But at least he’s been able to watch some good people do it.”

  4. Coach Ofer has a case of arrogance, according to a hof coach with off background. I prefer to describe Lil Shanny as smug. Not enough time to properly prepare and execute two full time jobs, failing at both in his ignorance. Coordinators usually sit up in the booth for a reason. An 0-9 coach has never had so much fan support, still searching for the reason…..All I hear are excuses that previous regimes and players weren’t afforded.

    1. I’m sure the roster has more to do with losing then Shanny. If I remember correctly wasn’t Shanny coaching in the Super Bowl last season?

    2. Well I don’t know what “excuses” your privy to, but I don’t hear excuses, I “see” facts. INJURIES, terrible offensive line, trying to integrate over half the roster, getting rid of the non ball players balkee selected. The list goes on. The other regimes weren’t called out for these reasons, because they didn’t exist. Balkee made these men head coaches of the Titanic, and hour by hour,never knowing it’s true destiny, the boat hit the wall of all walls, the boat sank, and it was crushed. Now, the new men are trying to build something new, and different, Which takes time. But all u hear are excuses, but like I said, I see facts.

  5. Shefter has a story out that says JG isn’t gonna sign extension, Niners forced to use tag which they desperately seek to avoid. Could work out that we only get a mid round pick if we walks away unsigned, Niners actually in quite the dilemma…..especially if he doesn’t light it up on the field.

      1. The troll is making things up. The scenario is that if the 49ers have four options:

        1. Long term contract with Garoppolo if impresses them and move on to other roster issues.
        2. Sign Kirk Cousins in FA if they can/want.
        3. If 1 & 2 are options they’re interested in, then draft a QB.
        4. Franchise Garoppolo and trade him in a trade & sign deal where everything is negotiated.

    1. No, liar. This is the story:

      “With a potential pick among the top two in the 2018 NFL draft and roughly $60 million in salary-cap space in the offseason, the 49ers ultimately could decide to draft their quarterback of the future or use some of their money to sign a free-agent quarterback such as Washington’s Kirk Cousins.”

      Because the bottom-line is that if the 49ers decided to address the position in the draft or free agency this offseason, they still have the option of using the franchise tag on Garoppolo and dangling him in a trade.

    1. How about you post a link to that Shefter story, post master? Doesn’t fit the agenda? Minus a few exceptional years by Harbs, we’ve been rebuildn for 20 years…..patience a virtue I don’t posses, especially pertaining to Santa Clara Niners, hurts to say that but let’s be real that’s what they are. Left their heart in the city……

      1. Sure, this is from earlier today.


        ““The idea is that they got Garoppolo as a placeholder at the quarterback position,” Schefter said. “In a perfect world they love what they see, and he loves what he sees and they live happily ever after and it’s not an issue. But, in the event that they think there is a better option out there, they at least have a quarterback chip so to speak, that they can move on.”

        Nothing saying Garoppolo wasn’t going to sign an extension. Since they don’t have an extension in place, it could happen, but it’s not guaranteed as you suggested. Maybe you were thinking about the story that Garoppolo would be fine with being tagged, but that’s just a possibility, not a guarantee that he wouldn’t sign an extension.

        The truth is that Schefter never said ” JG isn’t gonna sign extension.” But telling the truth doesn’t fit your agenda.

      2. dReed,

        The reason I doubted your “JG isn’t gonna sign extension” fake news is because if it were true, there would be a dozen stories about it on 49erswebzone. KS would have been asked about it by the local media. KS would have been asked about in today’s radio interview. And you can bet that it would be the hot topic on this site.

        1. Dude, you’re being too kind. He’s a lying troll. He’s here to throw temper-tantrums, wind-people up and make up as much stupidity as he can.

  6. Grant acts like this team had a good roster the last 3 years and it’s the coaches fault lol Until they upgrade this roster with some good players it’s not going to matter. You can bring Harbaugh back right now and he wouldn’t win 3 games with this roster as it currently is.

  7. I don’t know the ages of you all but by the time I was born, the Niners dynasty was already in motion. 85′ I was born. I didn’t get to see when Bill Walsh took over and was 2-14, and eventually built the 49ers into a dynasty. We are trying to build something here. From the ground up. I get it. Most of us don’t want to build. We want to win now. We’ve been through hell since we left SF.

    Imagine if Chip Kelly and Baalke won 7 games last year. They would still be a part of this franchise. We wouldn’t have built anything with them besides false hope. Baalke didn’t want to “rebuild” He wanted to “reload” a chamber with no bullets.

    Say what you want about Mike Nolan but he started the rebuild long before Harbaugh got here. He cleaned up our disastrous salary cap. He hired the right GM in Scot McCloughan. They built the roster that got Harbaugh to the SB. Had they drafted Aaron Rodgers, they both might still be with the Niners. They were doing things the right way. Missed on Rodgers and Nolan wasn’t a good enough coach. Mike Singletary same thing. Harbaugh came at the right time just like McVay in LA. Rams were stacked with high draft picks including a QB. No doubt in my mind Shanahan could be doing the same if he had that talent. But he doesn’t. They have to build up to that. Bill Walsh’s 49ers. Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys. They all started off bad cause they didn’t have the talent. Just like they did, we have to stack the talent. Probably a blessing we won’t win 7 games this year. If they can at least find the talent with all the draft capital and salary cap we have, we can build something that will last. And if Shanahan isn’t a good enough coach, hopefully the talent will be there for somebody better. Let’s have patience with Lynch and Shanahan. It’s yr 1. Forget about the Yorks. We can talk all night about their mistakes. In 85′ I was too young. In 2017 I’m old enough to witness the makings of a new dynasty.

    1. I was born in 1961. There was no 49ers dynasty. I started watching in 1966 because everyone in my family were 49er fans and had been since the inception of the 49ers in the AAFC. And until Walsh built the dynasty, except for three years, there was a lot of ‘just falling short’ teasing to out-right mediocrity.

      By the time I was in HS in the mid-to-late 70s, there were three 49er fans in my school – myself, my little brother and one other guy. (We went to a small, private HS, 103 students.) All the rest of our peers were Raider, Steeler, Bronco & Cowboy fans. Because they were winning.

      Amazingly, in my 10th year reunion (1989) they’d all turned into ‘lifelong 49er fans.’

      So I’m well aware of bandwagoners. People who pretend they were there. People who are just front-runner fans and only want to root for a winner. And I can also tell the ones who are spoiled and lack fortitude because they’re the ones that whine like the little spoiled bi***es on a constant basis and look at everything in black-white.

      1. Born in 69 and raised in a small town in the foothills, paradise, ca, same thing happened to me, late 70’s, all Rams, Cowboys, Steelers and raiders fans,I was teased wearing the red and gold after they won the Super Bowl the school was a Sea of red, I learned and used the word hypocrite quite a bit!

        1. Born in a mining town in ’58.
          When black and white TV was up to date.
          And men where still around.
          Who fought for freedom. Stood their ground and died.
          That I could be alive and see the damage, that we’ve managed since.
          In this septred isle. Is nothing sacred?
          Just a one square mile.
          Justice and Liberty. You can buy what you don’t get free.
          In a world of steel and glass. We bury our past.
          On and On. We slept till dawn. When we awoke, we hardly spoke.
          My grandfather taught me how to fight.
          Old fashioned stuff like wrong and right.
          But all around I see his morals buried in a mess
          Of money troubles, Born in a mining town in ’58.
          When black and white TV was up to date.
          And men where still around.
          Who fought for freedom, stood their ground and died.
          On and On. We slept till dawn.
          When we awoke, it was, all the same.

      2. born in 1943 sold programs at Kezar. season ticket holder 1959 to 1975 seen the bad and the great and learned one thing, without talent you go nowhere

    2. Thank you, M.Ross, for your common sense post! Hope you post more often. In this dismal season, this blog has been served a steady diet of depressing negative opinions from those who appear to think they were deprived of coaching and GM jobs. I was born in 1962, came to this country in 1985 (the first full NFL game I watched was the MNF between Bears and Dolphins). Moved to the Bay Area in 1987, and have been a Niners fan since then. Been lucky to have watched the Dynasty at its peak.

      NFL is all about acquiring, developing, and managing talented players at key positions on fair and effective deals, and having coaches who can put them in position to excel and be better players. I have full confidence in Messers Lynch, Peters, Mayhew, Carthon, and Marathe to make good decisions on the personnel and contract side. I am hoping that the young coaching staff will grow into their roles and blossom over the next 2-3 seasons. But first and foremost, this team is as talent depleted as the 2005 team or worse.

  8. This article is clearly suggesting that a HC isn’t participating to the elaboration of the game plan. That his coordinators are doing the job and he just telling them go or no go.

    Kyle said that 4 other people on offense are working on the game plan. The OL coach + run game coordinator for all the running plays and the QB coach + WR coach/passing game coordinator for all the passing plays.
    He isn’t doing it on his own.
    Is Kyle still working on his own version of the game plan ? Obviously. He will call the plays he needs to know what to expect during the game. But he isn’t doing all of this on his own.

  9. Let’s face the truth. Perhaps Shanahan is not a good head coach. His team is not deciplined, commits too many penalties, clock management is questionable, and situational awareness is lacking.

    1. First year HC and a below average roster that’s been depleted. If next year doesn’t yield noticeable improvement then I’ll be concerned. While I agree the penalties are frustrating and need to be addressed, Seattle leads the league in penalties but I’d argue Carrol is a pretty good coach…

    2. Not about the X’s and O’s, More about the Jimmys and Joes! More talent then the coach can be put on the hot seat if we do not have the production!

  10. If Harbaugh had remained as the coach, the Niners would still be a competitive football team with a chance to make the playoffs.
    He’s a true leader and motivator.

    This year it seems likely the team will not win a game. They blamed Hoyer, although he gave them the best chance to win.
    Time will tell, but I doubt Shanahan will make it past three years with the Niners.
    DeBartolo blew it and it’s not about to change anytime soon with his ownership.

    1. That is a seriously asinine statement. There is no way harbaugh comes in here with this team and is anymore competitive than they are now. There is no talent to be competitive with, aside from Maybe 12-15 players. I’m sorry, God isint a football coach. He’s the only one that can make this particular unit competitive.

    2. While I agree that Jed should have chosen a HC over an empty suit like Baalke. there is no guarantee that JH would have led the Niners back to the SB.
      BTW, Eddie is no longer owner. The Yorks own the Niners.

    3. What is happening in Michigan? Harbaugh is going backward? Is he still motivating or is he wearing thin on people like in SF.

      1. Darrel,
        You’re not very smart, are you? Michigan lost a ton of seniors and several are on NFL rosters. Their QB sucks. That explains the down year. They’re still light years ahead of where they were before Harbaugh. They’ve had a couple of very strong recruiting classes. I expect Michigan to remain a force for a long time.

  11. Fish start rotting at the head, and the head of the 49er’s is York and until new ownership is found I doubt if will see a championship team. York will find a way to screw up this team when it starts showing success. The best thing for real fans to do is stop showing up, stop buying Ninner merchandise. With a hand full of fans in attendance not buying overpriced hotdogs and not paying for parking maybe when the York family starts feeling it in the pocketbook they will sell the team and we can get back to winning football games.
    As much as I feel that Lynch and Shanny might be able to set the football team on the right track Puttz York will find a way to screw it up. Go back to when Much was fired and the string of HC till Harb’s… You will see the York family in action.

  12. There are bigger concerns for the 49ers than whether Shanahan should delegate the offense to an OC Grant. The team has had to deal with a cupboard of talent that was laid to waste by the previous GM which has resulted in a lack of talent across the board (especially on the field). The 49ers are rebuilding, and it is going to take time for the fruits of labor to be realized.

  13. This made me laugh

    “Belichick just said, ‘What did you just ask me?” Glazer reported. “[Lynch] said, ‘I’m asking if you’d trade us Tom Brady. You said Garoppolo is off-limits. [Belichick] said, ‘Did you just ask me if I’d trade Tom Brady? Did you just ask if I’d trade the greatest quarterback of all-time? And John said, ‘So is that a no?'”


    1. Brady is probably the greatest QB in the salary cap era. But because of the salary cap, he has never had to go against some of the monster teams that had no discernable flaws-such as some of those 70’s Steeler and Cowboy teams, some of the 80’s Giants, Redskins and even Bears teams, and some of those 90’s Cowboy and 9er teams.
      Joe went against the majority of those nearly flawless teams and put 4 rings in our pocket.
      I maintain the salary cap has watered down the talent just a bit………….
      Just off the top of my head, if Brady had faced just the 84-85 Bears teams, he would have been taken out on a stretcher.

  14. Every organization evolves differently. Just because the current 49ers may not fit the mold of how it’s been done doesn’t mean they can’t be successful. Totally depends on the coaching staff and how things work best for them. Some of the least orthodox companies in the world are the most successful. GE has a plant in North Carolina that uses what they call Self Directed Teams. There is one plant manager who handles certain things like media and corporate initiatives but there’s not a single manager in the rest of the entire plant. Work committees organize the work and handle production. This is an airplane engine maker and they make the highest quality engines in the world. Organizations don’t need to fit any specific model. Success can be achieved in many different ways.

      1. so logic would suggest that “offensive assistants” performed many functions of today’s OC position b4 late 80’s,
        this is a semantics argument….

      2. They weren’t exactly uncommon either… Especially considering Walsh himself was one himself.
        And it doesn’t change the fact that he NEVER had an OC as was implied.

        1. Recently, BB has an OC, Josh McDaniels, and he won a SB.
          Kubiak had Rick Dennison, who coached for 3 SBs, and won a SB.
          Pete Carroll has Darrell Bevell as OC, and won a SB.
          KS still has no OC, and is currently 0-9.

          1. Sebnynah with the dumbest name on the blog, KS just explained why he does not have a OC. What are you so high you can’t understand that?
            You think that has been the difference in losing 9 games you blow hard?

        2. Walsh never had the official title of offensive coordinator when he was with the Bengals, but he was the OC for all intents and purposes.

  15. “The only head coaches in the NFL who currently double as offensive coordinators are Shanahan and Hue Jackson of the Cleveland Browns, and neither coach has won a game this season.”


    Notice anything guys?

    The Texans are 3-5, but haven’t won since Watson went down So how is the offense doing?
    28.6 PTS/G, 3rd in the league.

    1. Interesting, that would make 2 incorrect statements in this article… Maybe Grant needs to hire a fact checker? I would say they save a lot of time but since when do journalists validate information? ?

  16. This team reminds me the Dave Chappelle quote : “Damn baby, I done heard of trimming the hedges, but you done scorched the Earth”!

    This team is scorched Earth right now. They have water, fertilizer and seeds, which is the good news. Last year the worry was that Jed wouldn’t give Shanahan and Lynch the time to rebuild. They are in the process and are likely three years away from the playoffs if things go well.

          1. yet here you are posting your opinions of Grant’s opinion’s
            glad to see all you need is the word “realist” in your post ID to become arbiter of fact vs. opinion…
            …here… on a sports blog….

    1. Jack,
      I think I’m with you on this that, if you’re trying to make a point with insults, you’ve already lost credibility.

      It seems to me that ever since Mooch, the 49ers have been trying to repair and replace. Tweak some knobs, patch the damaged sections of the hull, and maybe even apply a new coat of paint. Now it appears that Jed, John, and Kyle have all agreed that there will no further investment in repairing the old rust-bucket. Rather they’re building an entirely new machine. Some have the patience for this, and others do not. In any event, It makes for some interesting, if not always informative or constructive, conversation.

      I’m hopeful until I’m not.

        1. #80,
          I hope I didn’t create an inference that insults were one-sided. That was not my intention.
          Agree that it has no place on the blog regardless of the source.

          1. Saint Lou,

            I didn’t take your comment as inferring the insults were one-sided. I was just pointing out that our host does this too. And the host sets the tone for the discussions.

        2. “I think I’m with you on this that, if you’re trying to make a point with insults, you’ve already lost credibility.”


          Yup that covers just about everybody that’s ever come here.

      1. My comment had nothing to do with insults. It was about how Grant can write just about anything and if it’s not positive the reactions are that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

        1. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he writes positive stuff either. See: prediction record and effusive Hoyer praise for a good example.

            1. you did suggest Hoyer could be successful in this system with these players– IF the season broke KS’ way…which it has not, obviously,

              1. in fact some cut/paste from your post Lambs game review might be good for a chuckle…vis-a-vis Hoyer’s performance…

              2. for further antagonism, there was the little matter of the 9-7 prediction, does this not qualify as a prediction of the 9ers being “good”?
                all long since forgotten no doubt…

              3. By the way, Grant wasn’t the only one saying that there would be great success with this system. Many were calling for Juice to have over 50 catches and Garçon to have 80 and other wild prognostications. When I pointed out that there were lots of new players and rookies. I always got back…Shanahan. Now that things haven’t broken the way early prognostications said posters state that they knew all along and that this was all part of the plan. Funny how they don’t see that the offense isn’t operating at the high octane level they envisioned. Grant is not alone. All of us make dumb mistakes.

              4. Grant you’re funny. You had a whole write up about Hoyer’s last 15 games placing him in elite company. You also gushed over him at TC. 9-7 baby. To be fair you said they could win because of weakness of schedule. Everyone expected more out of this team. I said 4-6 wins, if we win 2 that will be amazing.

                You guys need to stop putting this on Baalke. He was a bum. This is Kyle/John’s team now. No team has had this much roster turn over since like 1982. These are their guys.

              5. and I’ll toot my own narcissism horn here with this gem from sept…

                “tjf says:
                September 22, 2017 at 3:23 pm
                what if…
                CJB is KS’s near term guy…currently has Hoyer as teacher, mentor, and stand-in “Pinata” to take the weekly beatings while the OL gets working at least competently (can’t hope for better with this lineup…), then Hoyer’s pulled due to fan “outrage”- CJB now starts to get “real on-job training”…and, with some luck- the good type mind you, we see some hope by end of season…then 2018 draft major needs at higher rounds — OL, S, CB, WR, LB”

            2. “You guys need to stop putting this on Baalke. He was a bum. This is Kyle/John’s team now. No team has had this much roster turn over since like 1982. These are their guys.”


      2. the split with Mooch and Walsh leaving the bldg were the starting points of this long, long, long, slide… with a brief intermission from JH and the Stanford coaching staff mafia back in ’11 thru ’14, when the Stanford-SD State offense experiment ran it’s course….

        1. No doubt about it-York is Northern California’s Bubonic Plague….and I mean that quite literally. And Baalke was the poison transferred from the fleas.
          But we all know that.

      1. Could Washington lets Cousins go to free agency because they think the 49ers are not no longer in the QB market?

        If the 49ers are having problems extending Garoppolo, they could sign Cousins off free agency, trade Cousins for better than pick 33.

  17. The thing that annoys me most about Grant’s writing is he just posts information to support the narrative he wants to write and ignores the rest. In this case he’s droning on yet again about how Shanahan should hire an OC when Shanahan clearly explained why he wouldn’t be doing that just two days ago in an entry on this very site:

    Grant: Have you considered for next season bringing in an offensive coordinator and if not, why?

    “I mean, I think I have lots of good guys on our staff. I can give anyone that title just so people don’t ask me that question. I have guys on our staff who do a great job, guys who are in charge of the run game, guys who are in charge of the pass game. Everybody has certain areas from third down to short yardage to first-second down run game to third down run game to backed up. We have a staff who’s worked together, who knows how to, I think we’re very efficient. I don’t plan on not calling the plays. So, I don’t necessarily see why that’s necessary.”

    Grant: One more question, who is, you said someone is in charge of game planning for the run game and the pass game? Would you tell us who it is?

    *Note: This info is clearly listed on the 49er website. The fact Grant didn’t know who the running and passing game specialists were when it’s posted on there clear as day should give everyone an indication of how much “research” he’s actually doing to support his claims.

    “Yeah, I mainly lean on [offensive line coach] John Benton, our O-Line coach and [run game specialist] Mike McDaniel from the run game standpoint. They’re the ones who, they get together, they talk a lot, they put out a plan. The pass game, [quarterbacks coach] Rich Scangarello, our quarterback coach and [wide receivers/passing game specialist] Mike LaFleur, he’s our pass game specialist and receivers coach. Those guys do a lot of it. I do a lot of it on my own too before we all get together. We send different guys in different areas where Rich will be working on third downs for Monday and Tuesday, where me and Mike might be doing first and second down. And then we’ll get together tonight and spend tonight talking to Rich about what he’s seeing and then we’ll tell him what we’ve seeing. Then you get it all together and you get the plays down. We work very well together. We’ve got a bunch of guys who understand our process. We’ve gotten better at it as the year’s gone because guys I have worked with, they’ve been used to me being there at certain times. Earlier on they’ve got to, ‘Hey, he isn’t always here right now. We’ve got to go ahead with this.’ It’s been nice. I come back in later, ‘What do you guys got so far.’ And, I like a lot of it. And I go, ‘Here’s what I was thinking.’ And then we mix it together and by the time Saturday night comes and we put in the openers and sleep pretty comfortably on Saturday nights and show up on Sunday and I call it.”

    So in summary, Shanahan has a lot of help, doesn’t do it all on his own and the OC title is just that, a title. The way he’s doing it is pretty much the same way he’d be doing it if he had an official OC. Can we let this die now?

    1. again, the OC argument is semantics driven…KS has the help needed to perform “OC” tasks, etc…
      I’m still wondering about Benton’s contributions however…

    2. I didn’t give an opinion in this article. It’s not a column. I gave the opinions of Shanahan, Arians, McAdoo and Billick.

      1. better start using headers like “COLUMN” and “ARTICLE” at the beginning of each subject so we can keep the “fact vs. opinion” narratives straight…
        prob still won’t matter a whit…

    3. Realist, we all drive our arguments with examples and facts. Sure, some ignore counter narratives, but that is for others to disagree and bolster their point of view to counter Grant’s assertions.
      In summary, the Pats have many coaches working in tandem to counter schemes, and exploit weaknesses. They have been working well together, some for years, and to contrast KS, he is a first time HC, with brand new coaches, who may have never worked together before. The Pats have McDaniels as OC, and he helped the team win a SB. KS on the other hand, does not see the need to hire an OC, but his team is among the last in points per game, and is winless at 0-9.
      I really do not see how a Niner OC could do worse.

      Maybe the question to ask is- How could hiring an OC hurt the team?

      1. Did you read the transcript? See the press conference?
        Shanny clearly explained how his staff operates.
        Comprehension 101 weasel.

          1. KS relies on Benton, the O line Coach? How come everyone is ripping the O line?
            Lafleur? The passing game did not shine, even with 51 attempts.

            1. How about injuries idiot?
              You claim Kap could come in and get a win but last year blamed all the personnel around him as incapable.
              You are some kind of weasel aren’t you?

              1. All last year you blamed Devey and Pears and Beadles and blah blah blah.
                But suddenly this year it’s all about coaching?

                Weasel I’m sorry Shanny didn’t want old wind up as his QB. In fact no one does.
                I see through your weasel ways. Get over it dumbest name on the blog!

              2. Prime, Kaep, with that putrid O line and the worst WRs in the league, still managed a 90.7 QBR and he helped the Niners have the 4th best rushing offense in the league.
                No, it not only the coaching. Please pay attention. I have been saying since before free agency that they need to improve the QB position, and this season also has been a Mash unit. However, the lack of preparation from the coaches have led to way too many penalties. KS thinks that the 29th worst scoring offense does not need coaching help.
                Hmmmmm, you are sorry Shanny didn’t want old wind up as his QB? Sounds like another Freudian slip.

              3. What about passing offense dip stick? You forget that’s what a QB is suppose to do in a passing league? Small detail weasel you overlooked?

                You say the 49ers are losing because of lack of preparation by the coaches?
                But somehow old wind up who says he doesn’t need to work on his mechanics could come in and help win games?
                Sebnynah you are some kind of stupid.

              4. Prime, these coaches are brand new and the team has committed way too many penalties. It is logical to assume with better coaching they would be better prepared.
                Hurling insults just means you lost the argument, and it paints you as a pathetic loser who cannot use logic or reason to bolster your arguments.
                KS needs an OC, whether he thinks so or not. 0-9 is proof.

              5. Are you deaf or dumb? He just explained how him and his staff coordinate together to come up with the plan during the week.

                All he does is call the plays on game day.

              6. KS outlines his staff’s coordination, but at 0-9, maybe he needs to make changes.
                Since he only calls plays on game day, maybe he should also focus on game management during the game. That is one of the HC’s responsibilities.

        1. Saw, I just pointed out that posters will use opinions and facts to counter Grant’s assertions. That means that many do not always agree with him.

    1. I can also surmise that the Dolphins, Jags, Giants, Browns, Bengals, Bears and Niners may want to upgrade their QB situation. Texans may be looking for a QB with Watson re-injuring his ACL.
      Brady, Breeze and Rothlisberger may retire, so those teams will want a QB replacement, too.

      1. When dummy? When?
        You keep postponing when Kap will return.
        First it was when Shanny was hired. That didn’t happen.
        Then all these teams with injuries at the QB positions,
        2 teams in prime playoff positions have their QB go down and old wind up doesn’t even get an interview let alone a work out.

        Now you blame Trump, Godell and all the owners with your classic conspiracy theory.
        Truth is his game is as pathetic as your cheerleading.
        You lost weasel.

    1. Early in the preseason, McVay saw how hard it was, so he conceded that he needed help. He hired Matt Lafleur as the OC.
      Chip also called his own plays, but he still hired Modkins as the OC..

              1. No I’m just tired of your subliminal Kap love.
                You are not a 49ers fan,only pretending as everything revolves around Kaepernick.
                It’s obvious.

              2. Since you are fixating on Kaep, here is something I wrote years before.
                10 things Kaep (now JG and CJB) should do on Sunday. 1-17-14
                1. Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise. (This was to be played in Seattle.) (it also is a strategy to avoid the delay of game penalties.)
                2, Always (Sometimes) put a man in motion to read the defense’s reaction.
                3. Fake a handoff or pitch, and roll out the other way to befuddle the defense.
                4. Invite the blitz and roll away from the blitz or complete a quick pass. (Maybe a swing pass to the RB or a quick slant to the slot receiver.)
                5. Take advantage of the defense’s speed by doing counters, misdirections and reverses.
                6. Look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in the other direction.
                7. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for (legitimate challenges, and) the last 2 minutes (of each half).
                8. Shake hands, win or lose. Read IF by Rudyard Kipling.
                9. After the game, go to the Niner fans in the stands and give out autographed hats.
                10. Get the ball in Frank Gore’s (Carlos Hyde’s) hands as much as possible.
                Thanks again for giving me an opportunity to reply to a post about Kaep. Since you hate it so much, I think I will flood this site with Kaep posts whenever you mention Kaep.

          1. They are leading the division-because they hired OC’s? Theres nothing else that can be attributed to it?
            You hear it but u just cant believe it…………Sebnynah, you’ll say anything-and i mean ANYTHING-just so you can get in the last word.

            Time for your trip to Vienna………….

  18. If I recall correctly Bill Walsh was his own OC early on. He began hiring OCs later in his career. The change could have stemmed from the need the to delegate duties, or waiting until someone extremely well versed in his offense was ready.

    1. He never had an OC.
      Grant states this wasn’t en vogue until the late 80’s but he was certainly aware of the concept, since he was an OC in 76.

  19. It’s not the plays called that sink the offense. Its the execution that’s lagging. One could argue execution might improve if Kyle had more time by discarding OC duties, but I think alot of factors play into TPS errors.

    Maybe Kyle should invent a new position – EC (Execution Coordinator). The EC would collect error data, identify its sources, monitor and grade position coaches ability to teach proper technique.

    1. I think there are many sources for execution errors. Examples:
      – A left tackle that’s giving up speed rush sacks moves before the snap
      – DBs and OLs with improper footwork will need to grab more. Who was it that said “hand mistakes are usually foot mistakes?”
      – Players subbing for someone in another position making wrong reads.
      – Players trying to do too much, or freelance, when the team falls behind.
      – Limited reps (hello CBA)
      – Poor position coaching.

      and many others

  20. congrats again to Grant for being the epitome of a modern day sports blog alchemist by squeezing 120 posts out of a farcical premise…
    we’ll all remember these diamonds of sports journalism when you’ve made it to the bigs…

  21. Bill Walsh was unfairly blackballed from many HC jobs due to Paul Brown. When he finally got to be HC and GM, he was hesitant to relinquish power. He may have called himself the OC, but that was OK, because he was the one who invented the WCO.
    However, that may have been a semantic designation, because he had QB Coaches like Mike Holmgren, Paul Hackett and Sam Wyche, who took on the role of OC, and performed many OC duties, but without the title.
    KS is calling the plays, but the OC can help prepare the offense so they have less penalties and allow the offense to perform in unison, cohesively and effectively. The OC can sit in the booth and gain a bird’s eye perspective that one cannot see along the side line. The QB coach should not be in the booth, he should be directly interacting with the QB along the side line. Of course, after seeing how Hoyer performed, maybe his input needs improvement before being seriously considered.
    KS should just promote Bobby Turner to OC, and hire Tom Rathman back as the RB coach.

              1. Since you object so much, I cannot do less than repeat some Kaep fun facts.
                Luckily, you yourself, Prime, admitted Kaep took the league by storm. That was because he made it to the SB after only 10 starts. I do not know of another QB to do that. It took Brady 16 games to get to a SB.
                Yes, Kaep is being blackballed, but if and when he is given a chance, he could take the league by storm, again. I think he will play for a team that has playoff hopes, so it will be a team with good offensive weapons and a stout defense.
                With JG, Kaep is not needed on the Niners, but CJB may take one too many hits and be put on the IR for concussions, since the damage is cumulative, and CJB has had his head bounce off the turf about 15 times. If that happens, and I hope he stays healthy, there may be a need to get more QB depth. Hmmm, maybe Kaep would be a good option so they do not need to play JG extensively. If CJB gets injured, all bets are off.
                Kaep is getting the same treatment that many blacks endured in the 50’s. Back then, fans were deriding the skills of the black players in an effort to exclude them from the league. It was due to unadulterated racism, and Black QBs have also been the focus of attacks, even recently. Many of the fans would pontificate that black QBs were not smart enough to be a QB in the NFL.
                Many intolerant fans denounced the black players and declared that they would stop going to the games and watching football. They called for boycotts, and vilified teams that allowed black players. This present faux outrage is specious because those same fans do not object to players who are guilty of DV, which is just as heinous as rogue cops.
                Kaep is fighting against social injustice, while his detractors are defending cops who kill with impunity. Kaep is fighting for a noble cause; a more just and peaceful society. His form of protest does not demean or disrespect the flag. He does not spit on it or burn it. Silent, non violent protest is as American as apple pie, but you, being a Canadienne, do not comprehend or appreciate our time honored tradition.
                To all the fans who declare that all fans should be forced to stand, that just sounds like fascism. Forced patriotism is not true patriotism. Kaep is a patriot, and loves this country. America is great, and Kaep wants to make it even greater, with liberty and justice for all.

              2. Like a loser always sweeping the issue under the rug and who can’t admit the real reason, this isn’t about black or white or injustice.
                This is about a player whose game never evolved. That’s it.
                Losers make excuses.

              3. No, Prime, you are the real loser. I am just a fan of a player who I think can help a team win. With JG on board, and hopefully playing soon, we will see if he is worth franchising. Both parties agree that they should wait til after the season to think about contracts.
                Your hate against Kaep is so extreme, you think Hoyer, Savage, Seimian, Trubisky, Hundley, Fitzpatrick, Gabbert and Matt McGloin are better QBs than Kaep. However, it just shows how little football knowledge you know. You let your emotions cloud your judgement, but since you think that spewing insults make you sound smart, you really are delusional.
                Prime, you are a coward, to boot. You are so afraid of Kaep getting a chance, you want him banned from the league. If you truly thought he was as bad as you profess, you should clamoring for a team to sign him, so he will fall on his face. Prime, you are so terrified that Kaep will take the league by storm, again, you deny the reality of his protests for social justice.

              4. Just tell me when old wind up gets his chance. I’m so scared! Who knows what will happen.
                It’ll never happen but I guess a weasel like you needs hope.

          1. Seb. are you for real? or are you coming off an LSD trip? You cherry pick sins of the past and hold people of today responsible?? Have you ever heard of the term “Bearing False Witness”? As in, don’t do it? Because it’s wrong? It’s a sin?
            Your stuck in an LSD time warp, Seb, constantly trying to recreate ’68. Just say NO to drugs, Seb.

            1. Saw, history tends to repeat itself.
              Bearing false witness against Kaep is egregious,and many have derided his ability to read defenses or make the proper audibles, attacking his intelligence.
              Faux outrage about non violently protesting while giving players who commit DV abuse a free pass, is hypocritical.
              Accusing me of bearing false witness while implying that I am using LSD is a delicious irony.

              1. Wheel in the sky keeps on turning
                The pain in his heart keeps him yearning
                For his paramour to be returning
                To bring his broken heart back to warm
                While Kap takes the league by storm

                By now we all know the drill
                His unrequited love can’t be killed
                He’ll type yadda yadda yadda
                And remain the blog’s Piñata

              2. I wish to salute all veterans, and their sacrifices and service that has helped make this country great. I especially want to honor Hugh Thompson Jr. A true American hero.

              3. What the hell is a saw?????????? What, i’m going to saw you up or something??

                I was accusing YOU of bearing false witness! But you knew that-just another one of your attempts to bait and switch.
                You have a real future in politics. You have all that is necessary.

              4. You are catfishing for SawBrodie. Even got the same avatar. I recognize your writing style, too.
                Surprised you have not mentioned Red’s Recovery Room.

              5. seb, or should I say seb-skov or mighty Quinn,

                “I recognize your writing style, too.”

                You might find this interesting. Note the hyphen in the comment you just responded to, and the hyphen in this comment.

                sawbrodie says:
                August 12, 2017 at 5:37 pm
                Freekin Seb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                The league figured him out and grew. Kap did not grow. He’s not a victim. He just didn’t put the time in.

                Snotty little comments will not change reality. Face reality-its real.

    1. “However, that may have been a semantic designation, because he had QB Coaches like Mike Holmgren, Paul Hackett and Sam Wyche, who took on the role of OC, and performed many OC duties, but without the title.
      “Hmmm this sounds exactly like what Shanahan described in his answer. Especially since Walsh was calling the plays.so I’m not sure what your point is? Maybe shanahan should just name Turner his OC and change nothing.

  22. It has been said a time or two by some of our finest posters on here, that the Niners are wise to sit JG until Staley returned.
    JG ain’t no fool, that’s why he’s in no hurry to get pulverized behind this line…..and also in no hurry to resign.
    How’s that theory looking now? 2nd round pick for 6 game rental if we r lucky and a 5th round comp pick.

        1. Love is tough. He’s grinding out 110+yards and 2 TDs with a bad ankle and against the best Pac12 defense and a top 5 defense in the country.

  23. TomD’s Take: Yet another actor in Seb’s ‘Kap’ conspiracy to be mad at– Blaine Gabbert. He’s starting for the Cards this weekend–not old windup.

    Often I wonder which takes longer to deliver: ‘Ol Windup, or ‘Ol Windbags’ Kap stories?

    sebnynah says:
    November 9, 2017 at 7:53 pm
    I am mad Goodell is part of the conspiracy to blackball Kaep.

    Prime Time says:
    November 9, 2017 at 8:04 pm
    Oh look another long winded post from the weasel that happens to include Kap.

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account
    3m3 minutes ago
    Cardinals QB Drew Stanton sprained his knee during Thursday night’s loss vs Seattle and could miss a game or two, per @mortreport. If Stanton is out, Blaine Gabbert would start.

  24. NYG’s are one of many teams who could be looking to trade picks with the 49ers:

    Big Blue View
    Scouts assess top QBs in 2018 NFL Draft class
    by Ed Valentine@bigblueview Nov 10, 2017, 11:41am EST

    Earlier in the week, we learned that the New York Giants are reportedly “looking closely” at the 2018 NFL Draft quarterback class. In that post, Chris gave you his thoughts on the guys he believes to be the top five prospects.

    draft analyst Dan Kadar summarized the class, including Darnold, this way:

    “I think the class is going to get overdrafted. (Josh) Rosen is good. Kinda like Matt Ryan. Darnold is risky — he can look great and is clutch but he makes some real bad decisions. I think he needs another year. (Baker) Mayfield is solid and fun but risky. (Ryan) Finley at NC State is Kirk Cousins. Lamar Jackson needs another year.

  25. Seb,

    Your salute to the vets rings hollow.

    Coming from you a few months after you stated it was a vet who actually gave you the phosphorus grenade to explode on a Sebastopol playground with childeren is something you, and you alone did.
    Don’t include vets in your hideous deeds.

    Wikipedia (phosphorus grenades): phosphorus grenades were used in Vietnam for destroying Viet Cong tunnel complexes as they would burn up all oxygen and suffocate the enemy soldiers sheltering inside.

    sebnynah says:
    November 11, 2017 at 9:45 am
    I wish to salute all veterans, and their sacrifices and service that has helped make this country great. I especially want to honor Hugh Thompson Jr. A true American hero.

    1. Seb,

      Those grenades, along with your frequent chainsaw fires, (that you, yourself stated you and your son caused) are both the largest reasons of any newspaper account I’ve read about the recent Santa Rosa fire, that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives + the Santa Rosa Fire Dept. should begin an investigation of you.

      1. TrollD, joking about fires is beneath contempt. Some people lost everything, including loved ones.
        Of course, I expect no less from you. TrollD, you are the guy who fantasizes about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. After these past 2 gun atrocities, joking about firearms is almost lower than joking about beating women.

        1. But debate style based on plagiarism is not “beneath” you, Seb.

          “Breaking into gunsafes” was a term I used to describe your overuse of ammo phrases, such as: ‘shot himself in the foot’, shot of his mouth, jumping the gun, holding a gun to one’s head, packing a gun, son of a gun, etc., etc.

          Your doubling down of these phrases was a topic of discussion for bloggers like cassie baalke and others and another reason I suggested The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives become involved, ie, your playing with fires and firearm pharses are well known to all on this site.

          Please seek help, Seb. Projecting your issues with fire arms and infernos onto others is classic self denial.

          I’ve taken the liberty to post a few help centers for your perusal:

          1. Gunaholics Annonymous
          2. Flaming Desire: A beginners guide to pyrophilia

          1. TrollD, just because I mentioned the Niners keep shooting themselves in the foot, you went hysterical and accused me of breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. Do not worry, I will remind you of your obsession about guns, and your sick attitude towards them, because I think you are a low life gutter dweller who is one sick puppy. Guess you do not mind me mentioning your delusional paranoias, whenever I respond after you lie about me and disparage my family. I thought this site had protocols, that create standards which allow for civil discourse. However, I find the ad hominem ad nauseum attacks against me are continuing, with no end in sight.
            Since you brought up guns, I will use this opportunity to talk about a well regulated second amendment. After Las Vegas, second amenders were saying that then was not the time, and one should talk about gun control later, because they do not want to politicize a tragedy. Instead of gun control, people should be honoring the victims, they said. I shall respond by saying that the best way to honor the victims is to work hard to prevent further atrocities. Waiting does no good, and the gun nuts will still fight tooth and nail against ANY sane gun control.
            In a civil society, there is no need for military weapons. Military weapons are good for Killing many people quickly. Believe it or not, there is an existing gun regulation that bans machine guns. Bump stocks turn those semi automatic rifles into rapid fire machine guns. Bump stocks should immediately be made illegal. Large capacity magazines should also be restricted.
            Believe it or not, assault weapons were banned. They should re-institute the ban. If a citizen insists on owning an assault weapon, they should be forced to store it in an armory located in the police station. if they want a weapon for self defense, they should buy or be issued a double barrel shotgun, which requires reloading after 2 shots. Shotguns are good self defense weapons because they do not require pinpoint accuracy, and are lethal at close range. The Las Vegas shooter killed 58 and wounded over 500 from a distance of 400 yards.
            We should have the courage to say enough is enough. We need a well regulated second amendment. We need to make sure some DV abuser cannot obtain an assault weapon, and create a nightmare in a church. We need to put on the ballot a provision that prevents Gun makers from profiting from tragedies. Gun manufacturers should be held liable for the carnage they produce. If one of their weapons was used to harm some one, they should be forced to pay for the medical care their gun was responsible for.

            1. Seb, it looks like you can start to post this once a week now. I doubt it will help with the gunnuts run amok. NO OTHER CIVILIZED COUNTRY HAS THIS PROBLEM!!!
              This was the 166th mass shooting since January 2009, and the 10th mass shooting this year. Even more terrible, this was the 257th school shooting since 2013, and the 49th this year. Every day, 90 Americans are killed with a gun. But what have we done to address gun violence in our communities?


              1. We need to take the profit out of guns. The merchants of death perpetuate the atrocities.
                The carnage continues.

  26. In Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers believe they have QB of future
    Lorenzo Reyes, USA TODAY Published 8:02 p.m. ET Oct. 31, 2017 | Updated 8:26 p.m. ET Oct. 31, 2017

    “An unbelievable opportunity came our way in the midst of a tough season,” Lynch said. “I do want to thank the New England Patriots. It’s refreshing to find people where you can not belabor things. You bring something up and come to a quick resolution. You don’t grind people out. And that’s what we were able to do.”

  27. let’s start a new “chum” post, how about it Grant?

    — why NY needs this game to save their season– and why they’ll win…
    — a game with a 3 pt. margin of victory, for NY…
    — McAdoo & Manning use vacation from NY media “s**t storm” to deodorize locker room, with a win…

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