49ers lose starter Mike McGlinchey for the season

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) celebrates with offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey (69) after scoring a touchdown against the Chicago Bears during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Kamil Krzaczynski)

The San Francisco 49ers have lost another starter to injury. Right tackle Mike McGlinchey suffered a torn quad during their week 9 loss to the Arizona Cardinals and will miss the remainder of the regular season.

McGlinchey drew the ire of 49ers fans on nearly a weekly basis in 2020, however, the former first-round pick was having a solid season. He has always been an above-average run blocker in a scheme that is at its best when it can run the ball and use play action to open passing lanes.

How the 49ers replace McGlinchey in the starting lineup will be interesting to watch as the team gets ready to face the Rams (7-2) on Monday night. On Sunday, it was veteran journeyman Tom Compton who stepped into the lineup. Another option would be rookie Jaylon Moore. Moore has played primarily on the left side this season, including one start. Shanahan did not rule out the possibility of Moore moving to the right side.

In other injury news, the 49ers will likely lose another defensive player to the injured reserve. First-year defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans is already playing without starters Javon Kinlaw, Dee Ford, Dre Greenlaw, Jason Verrett, Jaquiski Tartt and Jimmie Ward. Now Ward’s replacement, Tavon Wilson is likely to be heading to injured reserve after suffering a foot injury yesterday.

In addition, Josh Norman will be limited in practice with a rib injury and Dre Kirkpatrick will be day to day with an ankle injury.

After being pulled out of the game by the defensive coaching staff there were questions about Norman’s status with the team, however, that has not changed.

“No, actually I did not want him to be benched the whole game for that reason. I wanted him out of there to cool it down, so I was totally cool with that,” said Shanahan. “We came back into the third quarter, and I noticed Dre was still out there. I asked if that was because it was the same thing and they just kept going with Dre, which I’m okay with them making that decision. Josh has made some mistakes and stuff this year. I also like that he’s caused some turnovers and I like the way that he plays, but they wanted to roll with Dre. And I fully supported that for that second half.”

The 49ers hope to get Jimmie Ward back this week, but if he is unable to go that would leave recently signed Tony Jefferson to start in place of Ward.

Kyle Shanahan also told the Bay Area media that WR Mohamed Sanu suffered a knee injury and could be headed to the injured reserve. The team is waiting on MRI results to determine the next steps for Sanu.

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    1. Maybe there is a silver lining in that McGlinchey is out for the year and they HAVE to play others at right tackle. Maybe Moore emerges.. maybe Brunskill moves over and they work in Banks at guard. Who knows what’s possible if they fall out of playoff contention and want to start evaluating others. That might finally open Shanahan’s eyes to just how bad McGlinchey is. Because you know, no matter how poorly he plays (as a #9 pick overall!!!) he will never be in Shanny’s dog house. Unless of course someone else can come in and play halfway decent on pass protection.

      Brunskill sucks just as much as McGlinchey if not worse, but in his only time at Right Tackle in the past he had a pretty solid grade sheet over there. Can they upgrade two positions at the same time in the long run by moving him over? No clue.. but McGlinchey has to be much better than he’s shown since being drafted.

  1. 49ers player who stood out during training camp:
    – Trey Lance
    – Trey Sermon- This guy was the #1 RB in Camp
    – Brandon Aiyuk – This guy was the #1 WR in Camp
    – Trent Sherfield- This guy was playing better than the #1 WR in camp
    – Nsimba Webster
    – Dakota Shepley
    – Jonas Griffith
    – Deommodore Lenoir – This guy had one side of the field locked down

    Instead of rolling w/ the hot hands, Shanahan gave up on almost all of these players…

    wtf is going on -Kshan is losing it-too much power corrupts the brain

    1. You make good points.

      And thanks for reminding me about Sherfield. With him it looked like a viable WR2 had fallen into their lap. Is he even seeing the field outside of special teams? Perhaps he’ll take Sanu’s place now.

  2. Kshan has to lose some control – he can’t be the only decision on who plays –

    Having a dog house has it’s disadvantages – nobody runs to play in your house – all visitors have to tip toe around your house because they can clearly see you have a dog house.

    1. All coaches decide who plays. Why should it be any different for the Niners. The term doghouse is invented by the press. It has nothing thing to do the Niners. If a player isn’t playing up to expectations they will get reduced snaps which is what every team does.

  3. Isn’t the swing tackle supposed to be able to play either left or right tackle and not just be the backup left tackle? It was very unfortunate McGlinchey was injured, but bringing in Compton instead of swing tackle Jaylon Moore was a terrible decision.

  4. To me, saying McGlinchey is a good run blocker is like the guy in the commercial that says, I’m not the real thing but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Tackles are not like tight ends. You can’t platoon them based on their abilities. Sooner or later we have to be able to pass the ball and the team can’t rely on KS’s “genius” to make up for his poor pass blocking.

    1. I can’t upvote this comment enough. He is a right tackle. In today’s NFL the primary task of a right tackle is to keep the defense off the quarterback. If you look around the NFC West, let alone the league, it is no longer a single DE coming around the blind side of the QB. The right tackle is becoming just as important as the left tackle in protecting the QB.

      I just don’t get the constant “he’s having a solid year” comments. Solid for McGlinchey maybe, but not for a right tackle. His PFF score is wrongly decent too, but if you go back and look at individual plays- even though his man isn’t always sacking the QB, he’s either pile driving him directly into the QB, running straight around him and generating pressure, or the quarterback (because it’s not the blind-side) sees his man coming and gets rid of the ball quickly. If you watch late in games against decent teams, he’s got the QB scrambling or dumping off because he simply cannot pass protect for more than a second and a half tops.

      Watch the first Arizona game and see how many times Chandler Jones or his backup comes flying in to pressure Lance during that critical 4th quarter drive.

      He’s also relied on extra help from the tight end and/or fullback/halfback. McGlinchey is not a solid right tackle in this league. Definitely not worthy of a Top 10 pick in my opinion. And for whatever reason he constantly gets a pass from Shanahan and the press.

    2. According to PFF, Mike McGlinchey has only given up 2 sacks on the year. 4 penalties and 2 Sacks. Overall Grade of 70.4. Daniel Brunskil has given up 2 sacks and 2 penalties for an overall grade of 60. Alex Mack has given up 2 sacks with 0 penalties for an overall of 69.5. Laken Tomlinson has given up 0 Sacks with 1 penalty and an overall of 80.3. Trent Williams has given up 1 Sack with 3 penalties and an overall of 96.1. That’s a helluva difference between the sides.
      Not sure PFF is a meaningful grading system though.

      1. Some fans get something in their head and they can’t shake it loose. Those in the know consider McGlinchy to be a good right tackle and one of the best at run blocking. He may or may not have lived up to his draft position but very few people at any position do that. He will remain the right tackle for a long time because they have much bigger needs elsewhere.

        1. Jerry, with all due respect you also have in your head that the 49ers are NOT a bad team. You have been an apologist for this team all season. Results speak for themselves. I’m sorry, but it’s not in my head. I’ve gone back and looked at a lot of McG’s tape. And PFF is most certainly not counting all the times McG’s man has influenced a play execution, resulting in a different outcome.

          1. I’m a fan and yes I give the team the benefit of the doubt but I believe they have the talent to be a very good team. I know they don’t have a good record and I understand others view them as a bad team. As for MCGlinchy, I’ll go with the experts at PFF as well as others. I’d prefer to focus on other greater needs.

  5. Lots of really good offensive lineman in next years draft. 49ers would have around the 10th pick in the draft next year. That pick could get someone like Kenyon Green, Jaxson Kirkland, or Tyler Linderbaum. All absolute stud O-Lineman.

    1. didn’t they trade it away for Trey Lance?
      Everywhere I look i see bad decisions?
      I dont know whether its KS or Lynch but whoever called the shots on the following should be fired:
      1. trading D Buckner
      2. Giving up 3 no 1s to move to number 3
      3. Ignoring the secondary in free agency
      4. Overpaying certain players like Kicker Robbie Gould,
      5. Counting on Verret without a solid backup
      6. Calling the shots 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks

    2. Yes. One of the picks the 49ers traded away was their 2022 1st round pick to the Miami Dolphins for Trey Lance. Whomever is picked with that pick is part of the opportunity cost for trading for Trey Lance. Daniel Brunskil and Alex Mack have been terrible in my opinion. Obviously using 20/20 hindsight but if the 49ers could have sat still and drafted Mac Jones and then ended up with the best o-line in football after next years draft that may be a legitimate argument that it was a major mistake to trade up for Lance. We won’t know that for 4 or 5 years but conjecture is fun.

  6. For all the other things that happened on that field that were less than perfect, those 2 fumbles cost us the game. You just can’t beat good teams when you turnover the ball.

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