49ers lost Sanders, but draft has plenty of replacements

Big loss?

The 49ers let wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders sign with the Saints on Friday. Sanders signed for two years and $16 million, and will make one of the 49ers’ biggest NFC rivals even more difficult to beat.

Last year at the trade deadline, the 49ers traded their third-round and fourth-round picks in 2020 to the Broncos for Sanders and a fifth-round pick. Sanders was a rental —nothing more. The 49ers felt they needed a quality veteran receiver like him to reach the Super Bowl. And they were right.

Sanders made an immediate impact. He had 502 receiving yards in 10 regular-season games with the 49ers, and he helped improve Jimmy Garoppolo. Before the Sanders trade, Garoppolo’s quarterback rating was 90.8. After the trade, his rating jumped to 108.1. And during the best performance of Garoppolo’s career — a 48-46 win over the Saints — Sanders caught seven passes for 157 yards and a touchdown, plus he threw a 35-yard touchdown pass. And now he’s gone.

Big loss.

But the 49ers were smart to let Sanders go. They made the right choice.

They don’t have the cap space to justify overspending for a 33-year-old wide receiver with a surgically-repaired Achilles. The 49ers are just $15 million under the cap and must save roughly $8 million for draft picks. And the 49ers still have to give All Pro tight end George Kittle an extension which will make him the highest-paid tight end of all time.

Sanders had to go.

But the 49ers can replace him in the upcoming draft, which features a historically talented and deep class of wide receivers. And the 49ers have two first-round picks — the 31st and the 13th, the latter which they acquired from the Colts by trading Pro Bowl defensive tackle DeForest Buckner. The 49ers almost certainly will use one of those two picks on a wide receiver.

With the 13th pick, the 49ers might have their choice of the top three receivers in the draft — Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy, Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III and Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb. At least one should be available.

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  1. At 13 there is no rookie CB that can come in and start over Moseley or Witherspoon. Keep in mind the off season workouts and quite possibly part of TC can be postponed. CJ Henderson would be a soild pick up at 31 but definitely not at 13. He is not even close to the prospect of Juedy, Lamb and Ruggs. If I had to make an educated guess, Kyle has fallen in love with Ruggs jumping ahead of a team like Denver eying him. Ruggs will force a safety over the top at all times. Allowing Deebo, Kittle to destroy the meat of the defense. Ruggs, Deebo, Kittle and quite possibly Hurd are a nightmare for anyone in the NFL.

    1. Ruggs is a perfect fit for a play action heavy offense. Once that safety gets sucked up and Ruggs finds himself one on one it’ll be all over but the cheering.

      I hope Grant pushes his cb at #13 narrative all the way to draft day, because he’ll be wrong once again! I think the Jets take Lamb, Vegas takes Jeudy and the 49ers will take HR3. I fully expect them to then trade out of #31, and then target a CB. The earliest they’ll need him to start will be 2021. Besides that, WR isn’t the only cupboard that’s full in this draft. CB has very good depth as well. Keep in mind, they didn’t feel a need to trade for a starting CB last year. They felt the need to trade for a WR who is no longer on the roster. That’s where they have a glaring need for a starting caliber WR….

      1. Around the web – mock draft roundup:

        As of today, 03/25/2020, a survey of 47 popular mock drafts around the internet, the majority of the mock drafts have San Francisco selecting a wide receiver with their first pick (#13). The most popular projection being CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma, followed by Jerry Jeudy of Alabama. DE’s Javon Kinlaw of South Carolina, & Derrick Brown of Auburn, are tied for third.

        1) CeeDee Lamb – 9 mock drafts
        2) Jerry Juedy – 8 mock drafts
        3t) Javon Kinlaw – 5 mock drafts
        3t) Derrick Brown – 5 mock drafts

        Interesting to see only 1 of the 47 mock drafts list Henry Ruggs III to the 49ers.

      1. Good grief!
        He’s NEVER proved anything EVER in his career. It’s all a fantasy. A tiresome repetition.
        The expectation that suddenly he’s going to emerge as a bone fide difference maker is folly.

    2. If there’s a run on WRs – which some experts are mocking – Javon Kinlaw might drop to #13 and 49ers should take him even if Ruggs or Lamb are still available.

      With #31, they can get Tee Higgins who can be just as good any of the other WRs in this draft. If Higgins is gone at #31, they can pick a quality OL (example Austin Jackson) or CB like A.J. Terrell.

      1. *https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2020-nfl-mock-draft-tua-tagovailoa-lands-with-surprise-team-in-trade-up-ravens-make-big-move-for-receiver/

        Higgins yes, but the above mock does it the way it should be done. We’ll see if Lynch can pull it off.

        1. Razor – thanks for sharing the link. In the scenario laid out in that mock, the 49ers end up with Higgins and picks #45, 55, 76 and 106. Not bad!

  2. “The 49ers don’t have great cornerbacks. They have great pass rushers. Last season when the rush got tired, or when it faced a mobile quarterback who could buy time, or when it faced a good offensive line, or when the officials didn’t call offensive holding penalties, the 49ers cornerbacks got exposed.”

    Where have I read that recently? ;)

  3. It’s funny, in just about any other year I would agree with you. You can wait on taking a player from a very good and deep group to maximise overall value of the draft.

    And despite the 49ers having really only one clear need for a starter (WR), in a normal year I would still agree. Team building should ideally be based on what provides the best long term outcome.

    But the 49ers just lost the SB. Their SB window is open now, and they may not have as good a roster as they currently have in the coming years as salary cap forces guys out. Can the team really afford to wait for a WR, and hope the guy they take later can do the job From the get go? Or do they go get the guy they really like to fill that immediate hole?

    My money is on the latter.

    1. Scooter – keep in mind that this 49ers front office has been hit-and-miss with drafting WRs. Are you confident they’ll pick the right one?

  4. The WR position is very interesting especially since they have been linked to Dorsett and Gabriel. Evidently there is question marks about Hurd and Pettis in particular . That being said there was question marks about McKinnon and Goodwin and they are still on the roster.

    It might just be smart to replace Buckner with Kinlaw or Brown. Then draft a CB at 31. I also wouldn’t mind Jalen Reager at 31.

    1. They aren’t using #13 on a DT unless Brown drops, and I imagine at that point they’d receive some very lucrative offers.

      1. Ya true, we have too many defensive line guys we want to give snaps this year.

        I am just trying to consider what we would do at 13 if not WR. Or if Jeudy and Lamb are gone is HRIII a good value at 13?

        The offensive T are studs but we are set at T unless they moved Staley to RG?

  5. I haven’t studied the draft prospects alot. Mainly reading what others say and a smattering of highlights.

    How can we make losing DeFo make a little less painful?
    – Find equivalent talent, though this is very unlikely at pick 13
    – Make of the difference by taking a player of high position importance+need. OT or CB.
    – Trade 13 back for multiple players that, on aggregate, can minimize (but not totally make up for) the loss of a great player.

    Extremely Unlikely
    Okudah – Position Importance + Need + Talent.

    Brown – Fills direct hole vacated by Buckner. Grab him.

    Could Happen
    Top OT (that can play outside zone) – Another grab him. Have not watched Wirfs and other OTs yet.

    Most Likely
    Your Favorite Receiver – Instantly makes a scary offense even more scary.

    I’m hoping for Brown or a good OT/CB at 13. Unless the 49ers suddenly tank, it’s unlikely the 49ers will be in a position to draft a Derick Brown, top OT or top CB for a while.

    1. I’m a believer in Free Agent for this year, draft for year after next. That’s why I’d be perfectly happy with an OT at 13. Big plus if he can play inside.

      1. Not gonna happen B2W. The 49ers believe they have a starting OT in Coleman, and if he doesn’t do anything to change their mind this year, he’ll be paired with McGlinchey when Joe retires….

        1. Interesting take. Coleman has been fighting a whole lot to get there. You think they move McGlinchey to LT at that point?

          1. Our Oline opened some gaping holes for Mostert and Coleman down the stretch and playoffs. Even with Staley closing out his career, I don’t see taking an Olineman in the 1st rd as an immediate need.

            There are 3 elite WR’s that the 49ers may likely be able to chose from. Being in position to pick a potential HR (home run) type WR makes more sense to me.

            1. Everyone talks about the niners Oline being good because of their running game, but what about their pass blocking? The 49ers pass blocking win rate was 26th out of 32 teams. The only playoff team with a worse pass blocking win rate was Seattle, and they have a magician behind their line.

              Many have complained about Jimmy’s supposed lack of growth but few have acknowledged the amount of duress he was under.

              That’s not to say SF should go Oline early… but that definitely should be in the conversation.

              1. The Niners solved that problem by releasing Person, and signing Compton. Weston Richberg will return so the IOL weakness will be alleviated. They should trade back, get more picks, and select an IOL in the second day.
                The WR position is deep with Taylor, Hurd and Poindexter coming back and the recent signing of Travis Benjamin. Goodwin Pettis and James will make the WR competition tough.
                The biggest need would be to find a replacement for Buckner, so Kinlaw should be targeted.

              2. Interior of the o-line is weak. Person was a journeyman. Richburg can’t stay healthy. Tomlinson is about average IMO. Honestly, the 49ers need new starters at Center and a Guard next season. IMO finding a top notch Center is Job #1 for the o-line roster moves. Not sure if there is one that will be available at 13 or 31. I’m thinking the 49ers trade out of one of their first round picks and then concentrate on finding O-line help with whatever picks they are able to get out of that trade.

              3. The Niners solved that problem by releasing Person, and signing Compton.

                Compton is not expected to be a starter… and if he is the niners are in trouble, as he is probably a downgrade from Person.
                Additionally as Houston stated below, Richburg has trouble staying healthy, he has missed significant action 3 seasons in a row and is coming off a fairly major injury. If the niners stand pat… their Oline will be worse than last season and their interior was already below average.

              4. Well, I did say that they should pick an IOL after trading back, in the second day of the draft.
                I had them taking Matt Hennessy in the 4th round, but they do have Garland re-signed and Brunskill may out compete Compton.
                On the depth chart, they have penciled in Compton, with Ross Reynolds as his backup. Kofi Amichia may be another guard to consider.
                Even without the draft, there are many candidates to fill the IOL. It will be competitive, and hopefully, one player will emerge as a clear winner. I think it will be easy to improve upon Person, considering his struggles last season.

              5. Just did a 1stPick draft simulation and the Falcons made me an offer I couldn’t refuse at #31 for Scooter’s cb, Gladney:

                Round 1 Pick 13: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama (A)
                Round 2 Pick 15 (ATL): Justin Madubuike, DT, Texas A&M (A-)
                Round 3 Pick 14 (ATL): DeMarkus Acy, CB, Missouri (B+)
                Round 4 Pick 13 (ATL): Matt Hennessy, C, Temple (A+)
                Round 5 Pick 10: Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic (A+)
                Round 5 Pick 30: Patrick Johnson, DE/OLB, Tulane (A+)
                Round 6 Pick 31: Alohi Gilman, FS/SS, Notre Dame (A+)
                Round 7 Pick 3: Steve Nielsen, OT, Eastern Michigan (A+)
                Round 7 Pick 31: Richard Moore, OLB, SMU (A+)

              6. Instead of the 77th pick, it should have been the 95th pick(Third round #31), in order to balance out better. However, Elway may be eager to trade up to get the player they covet, and could help them get back to a winning season. He may want to overpay to facilitate the deal, and with 11 picks, he can use that draft capital to achieve his goals. Maybe they both could settle on the middle selection (83), as a compromise.
                Interesting. Damarkus Acy did not participate in the Combine, and his rankings are in the 200’s and 300’s. However, he did well at the Senior Bowl practices, enough to put him in some mocks. Nice sleeper pick.
                Nielsen is another under the radar pick, but most 7th rounders are long shots.
                We both have mocked Hennessy, and I agree with your pick of Jeudy. Of the 3, he may be the most NFL ready. Nice mock.

        2. The 49ers like Coleman. They just signed him to a new contract. He was having a really good 2019 camp. I hated it when he got hurt in that preseason game.

          But it’s a one year contract. If (heaven forbid) Staley got hurt and Coleman played very well , Lynch would have trouble finding the cash to bid for his 2021 services. The Niners could be without Staley and Coleman in 2021.

          If a top OT (that fits the scheme) falls to 13 I’d be fine with the pick. I’d be alot more excited about Okudah or Brown but I don’t see them falling to 13.

          I’d be fine with a receiver too. Though the draft may be deep at that position, Shanahan might be targeting one that he thinks is perfect for the system that likely won’t be there at 31.

        3. The 49ers see Coleman as the heir apparent? Really?
          I’m calling BS… even if some coach said so.

          He was drafted in the 3rd round by Cleveland and 49ers traded a 7th rounder for him in 2018. He has been with the team for 2 years but never seen the field and 49ers believe so much in him that they gave him a 1 year extension (for less than 1M), when Staley is expected to still be on the team. IF the 49ers thought he was a starting OT do you really think they would have only paid him 1M? Do you think they would have only signed a potential starter to only 1 year, especially when he was so cheap, and starter is expected to leave the year after he becomes a free agent.

          No matter what is said every action the team has taken in regards to him screams backup if he makes the team at all.

    2. Okudah did have that injury at the combine. He could fall out of top 5 especially if there is a scram for QB’s.

      There is also potential for Brown to fall in range for us to trade up to get him.

      1. I’d do back flips if we somehow landed Okudah or Brown.

        We have little trade up ammo, but I’ve been mulling 13+31 for pick 9-12+2nd rounder scenarios. Makes sense from a chart standpoint, though I’m not sure how common two picks for two picks trades are.

  6. The Niners may have lost Sanders, but Taylor, Hurd and Poindexter are coming back from injuries. They re-signed Bourne, and Richie James is another good option. Pettis may even step up his game.
    They lost Buckner, so there is a critical need to find his replacement. Unfortunately, Kinlaw may be gone by 13, so the Niners should trade back. 2 teams in the first round that should be glad to spend a draft pick to move up, are Miami and Minnesota. Miami would move up 5 spots for a third round pick (70). Minnesota could move up 4 spots for a third round pick (89). The Niners would move back 9 spots and receive 2 third round picks, and pick at 22. The third trade back would be with the Chargers, who would want to leapfrog ahead of the Chiefs to get the next best RB. For the 31st pick, the Niners would receive a second round pick (37) and a 4th round pick.
    In the first 4 rounds, the Niners would have pick numbers 22, 37, 70, 89 and 112. 5 picks. that would be enough to select a DT, WR, CB, IOL and OT. The DT would replace Buckner. The WR would replace Sanders, The IOL pick would compete to replace Person. The CB and OT would be candidates to eventually replace Sherman and Staley.
    If they remain with their original picks, they would have pick numbers 13 and 31 in the first 155 picks. By trading back 15 spots, the Niners could garner 3 extra picks. The Niners could make 2 more trades. The Broncos have 3 third round picks and 11 total picks. Elway would want some veteran talent so he could trade one of his third round picks for CB Ahkello Witherspoon and WR Marquise Goodwin. Both positions are listed as draft needs. Witherspoon started half the season before spraining his ankle. Goodwin ran a 4.27 in his Combine, the same as Ruggs. Goodwin would allow the Broncos to pass on a WR, and select an O Lineman, to help protect Lock. 2 players for one pick would make this a win for Broncos, and It would be a win for the Niners, because it would free up more cap space. The Niners would ask for pick number 77, but settle for pick number 83. The last trade scenario in this proposal would send Matt Breida to the Bucs for their 4th round pick(117).
    The Niners would end up with pick numbers – 22, 37, 70, 83, 89, 112, 117, 156, 176, 210, 217 and 245.

    1. You sure are obsessed with that trade to Denver haha. Seen you propose it like every article. Trades don’t happen like that even in 2020, it ain’t the NBA or MLB.

      1. Actually, the Clowney trade to Seattle had 2 players and a pick involved, so that blows your theory out of the water. That happened in 2019. In 1960, the Cards traded Ollie Matson to the Rams for 7 players and a second round pick. In 1962, they had a 3 team trade between the Vikings, Bears and Rams. In 1963, they had a 3 team trade between the Colts, Cards and Cowboys. They also had a 2 player trade for a player and a pick. In 1964, the Rams traded 2 players for a 3rd round pick from the Cowboys. The Packers traded 2 players to the Giants for a third round pick. In most drafts, they had multiple players traded for picks.
        The Hershel Walker trade involved 18 players and picks between 3 teams. Multiple player trades are not impossible.
        Maybe you think the present NFL GMs are not smart enough to be able to formulate a trade involving players and picks, but in the early years of the NFL, teams had multiple player trades, and they still do them today.
        I have proposed a trade with Denver, because JL and Elway are friends, and have made trades before, like Dekota Watson and Emmanuel Sanders. They both execute trades that are win/win deals.The Broncos have a boatload of picks, and they may want to use one to gain 2 veterans who fill needs.

  7. I love these threads… I’m not sure how the hell I would get through this shelter in place order without them! It is more entertaing than a soap opera that’s for sure! LOL I’d be shocked if we didn’t take one of those three wide receivers at 13 and I’m hoping it is Ruggs. Trade 31… recoup some of those draft picks we lost… Lynch and Shanahan’s have proved more than capable of finding value in the later rounds

  8. Shelter in place cray-cray Idea #106

    The 2nd round tender on Matt Breida could be a sign Lynch knew teams had interest in his services. Could Breida be a Tender-n-Trade candidate? 13+Breida or 31+Breida to move up?

    More importantly, will anyone ever invent a microwave oven with a reverse gear for ice cubes?

  9. Seb trading down is not a option cuz we are in a Superbowl window we need quality and not quantity, we are not the frigging Pat’s who could pick quantity cuz they owned there division, NFC is a different story.
    And Grant i accuse you of this article cuz i guess you want Ruggs with the Raiders LOL.

    1. If the Niners can manage to get 5 players in the first 4 rounds, that is better than 2. To me, that is the better strategy, and look at Solomon Thomas. Number 3 overall, and they cannot trade him for a bag of spit. There is no guarantee that any player in any round will be a HOFer. However, I would rather have 5 chances of getting a starter, instead of only 2. Kittle, one of the best players on the team, went in the 5th round, and Joe, the best QB that I ever saw in person, went in the 3rd round.

  10. Just saw we have 19.5m in cap space from 13m at the start of new year…considering we’re bring back over 90% of this team and have two 1st round picks I’d say that’s damn impressive, regardless of what Grant says. Great job FO!

    Sorry I’d post link but this sites giving me issues. It’s on webzone

  11. I’ll say it again. Lamb does not break tackles, he’s benefitted from good QB play in college where they don’t play defense well.
    He’s open because of his speed. Loved him at OU, for college ball. He will not come over to the nfl and fit in with the physical play it brings.
    He will not be a year one starter, he will need to put weight on, and somewhere along the line get the physical gene in him.
    Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Just like a WR with speed that needed growth and now is probably on his way out of the nfl.
    Hint…. rhymes with Lettuce.
    At 13 you want someone that will come right in and produce, and Bama doesn’t coach soft players.
    I’d have taken Hollywood brown over Lamb, simply because as a slot he’s small fast and perfect for the position.
    Lamb is not an NFL Wideout.
    Say no to CDL!

      1. If the raiders continue their history of selecting fast WR’s there’s a strong chance that they go with Ruggs.

        We may be in a situation where we decide on either Jeudy or CeeDee. Jeudy would be my pick based on his competition level and of course proven production. He also played with two different QB’s and maintained his consistent play.
        I’m still a Ruggs fan, but if he’s gone, it’s Jeudy for me.

        One thing is certain, who really knows what the FO is thinking. Does anyone have a contact with Joan in accounting 😊

  12. PFF guys made good points yesterday of this virus effecting later round guys due to limitations on interviews and pro days….Generally 5th round and on has been money for us, I wonder how much this staff is effected.

  13. Hyder played 709 snaps for the Lions in 2016, and ended the season ranked 42nd of 110 qualifying edge defenders, with a PFF overall grade of 77.4. He led the Lions in both sacks (8) and total pressures (51), and his pass rush productivity of 10.5 ranked 13th of 33 4-3 defensive ends with at least 290 pass rush snaps.

    Seems like a signing with a lot of upside

    1. Hyder draft prospect analysis by Nolan Nawrocki

      STRENGTHS Thick through his trunk. Stout against the run — drops his base and holds his ground. Excellent hand use — shoots his hands and jolts defenders. Strong, active paws to disengage. Gives effort in pursuit. Strong wrap tackler. Competes against double teams. Tough, durable, three-year starter. Has a professional work ethic. Team captain.
      WEAKNESSES Bad-bodied. Size and length are just adequate — does not have ideal build. Not explosive — ordinary get-off. Very average foot athlete, especially for his size. Top-heavy movement — shows some lower-body stiffness and struggles to redirect efficiently. Production is effort-based. Could stand to shed some bad weight and improve his conditioning and stamina. Production is fabricated against lesser competition in garbage time.
      DRAFT PROJECTION Priority free agent
      BOTTOM LINE Undersized, thickly built, active defensive lineman with tweener traits. Lacks ideal explosiveness and flexibility, but his hand use, competitiveness and motor could enable him to fight for a spot as a rotational three- or five-technique.
      -Nolan Nawrocki


  14. The 49ers have a few issues on the team. WR is the number 1 issue. Even with all the WR they have right now, getting Jerry or Ruggs at 13 would be smart if they really are that good to take at that spot and the team feels they could help right away. Drafting a DT is not worth it at all. Their is no DT worth drafting at number 13, that would be a wasted pick because they could just sign a free agent or draft one in the fifth round or just wait to see if one falls to pick 31. their really is no CB worth drafting at 13 either, their is no super star CB. Don’t need no OL either, they can address that later in the draft. Really their is only WR to take at 13 unless all 3 are taken by then, at that point just trade down and stack the roster with backups who will start next year or could this year. You could start to talk about trading for a WR like Odell but he wouldn’t be worth a first round pick this year. maybe a 2 or 3 next year.

    If they could sign a DT, like Suh he would provide good run stopping ability. Then draft Ruggs or Jerry at 13 would address the WR spot. At 31 best thing would be to trade down a few times. Then pick up a CB and OG Both in the second or 2/3 round. I haven’t really watched tape on the draft but unless their is a ball hawk player in the draft either CB or Safety, get that player because thats what we need. If the off season goes like that, sign/draft and then pick up undrafted players we could have an even better team next year

    1. Niner- i totally agree! Ruggs or JJ at 13….. cb or OL or trade at 31……theres no cb worth taking at 13!!! If we end up taking a wr at 31….its because we went OL at 13….BUT NOT cb!!!
      Grant_ your so freaking clueless dude!! EM goes from UDRFA to filling in admirably….to outright taking AWs job!!!! He gave up 1 big play all year and you pull the plug on him!!!!???? No dude, that is not how things work! He’s earned the right to play…..and see weather or not he’s the man going forward! Sherm gave up 2 big plays all year!!!!! So he’s done too , right??!! LMAO! That dude is more likely to earn a 2nd contract than be shown the door in 2021 IMO!
      AW has shown promise……he’s a decent back up at this point…..if he ever learns to track the ball….he could start again one day!
      KW is one of the best nickle cbs in the league!!! Dude can blitz and finish with a sack….step up and defend the run…..and cover well!
      WR is sooooo far and away the biggest need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we could draft a wr at 13 AND 31!!!!! or draft Ruggs at 13 and STILL trade for OBJ!!!! get a clue man! its one step forward then 2 steps back with you man! Its getting old :(
      We have warm bodies at the wr position…..but how many of them are J.A.G????
      We know we got guys who could start at cb and it wouldnt be the end of the world…..guys we went 13-3 with and almost won the SB!!! And b4 you blame the cbs for giving up 2 big plays the entire game…….imagine if it were 31-10 instead of 20-10!!!!! thats the point here…..not to depend on the D to never giving up one single big play…..because that’s just unrealistic!
      We ALMOST won the SB twice last decade with the leagues best defense…..but we DID win the SB 5 times in 15 years with the leagues BEST OFFENSE!

  15. Okudah isn’t getting past the Lions. Let’s get that out of the way.
    Given the importance of inside pressure, there’s no way Brown drops out of 10.
    So that leaves some OT’s/ Kinlaw/ CJ Henderson and a tier one WR in play at 13.
    OT’s are likely out. The Niners have shown they can win games with the backups they have now and maybe Coleman steps in when Joe retires?
    CJ Henderson is a reach at 13, though he looks like a nice prospect.
    Kinlaw likely won’t be there, but if he is he deserves a look. Still unlikely given the personnel the Niners already have on the D-Line.
    In all likelihood they take one of the top WR’s here and it could come down to who’s left after the Jets and Raiders pick. Jeudy is the most polished. Lamb has the largest catch radius. Ruggs can fly. All three can immediately make this O better

    1. The Niners have shown they can win games with the backups they have now and maybe Coleman steps in when Joe retires?

      Coleman is FA when Staley retires. It’s hard to step in when you’re not on the roster.

  16. Mock 8. Shelter in Home.
    The Niners make 5 trades, and accumulate 5 additional picks. 22, 37, 70, 83, 89, 112, 117, 156, 176, 210, 217 and 245.
    Using the Draftek/CBS Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    22- Trevon Diggs CB
    37- Ross Blacklock DT
    70- Davon Hamilton NT
    83- Chase Claypool WR
    89- Jeremy Chinn S
    112- Jonathan Greenard EDGE
    117- Matt Hennessy OC
    156- AJ Dillon RB
    176- Justin Strnad LB
    210- Charlie Heck OT
    217- Joe Reed WR/KR
    245- Stephan Sullivan TE

      1. Believe it or not, JL made 6 trades in the 2017 draft that netted 10 players and two 2018 draft picks. It is not an impossibility. He traded back, but also traded up. Sure, some picks were busts, but JL ignored my advice about avoiding the red flagged players. However, getting Kittle and eventually Fred Warner, made that draft a success.
        With 2 picks in the first round, I can easily see them trading back to garner picks in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds.
        JL just needs to put on his ‘Trader Bill’ Hat, and be bold and creative.
        Since you seem so judgmental, let me see a mock of yours. I hope you are not too busy to make one up.
        I could use a laugh. ;p

        1. Every year is different.
          But ok I give it a shot lets hope
          you get a laugh Seb 😋.

          13: Henry Ruggs WR, why? Cuz i really believe our offense would be lethal with him and he’s the best WR in this class IMHO.
          39: Adam Trautman TE, why ? We could use some wrinkles like Pat’s with Gronk and Hernandez,Traded our 31 for Dolphins 39, 141 and 2021 4th round.
          141: Hakeem Adeniji OG,Why depth,and possible starter later.
          156: Nevelle Clarke CB
          176: Malcolm Roach DE
          210: Myles Dorne S
          217: Isiah Coulter WR
          245: Kyahva Tezino ILB

          1. I like your mock draft. I really think Miami could be a trade partner with us, so I think that trade.

            How is Trautman as a blocker? We definitely will need another TE on this roster.

            1. Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic is the one we want in round 5.

              Trautman at #39 is a huge reach. His blocking is horrible.

              1. Razor,

                I’m a big Harrison Bryant fan, but I don’t think he makes it to the 5th round.

                This isn’t a strong class for TE—Especially not ones that are being compared to Kittle

            2. I really don’t feel like the Niners need to accumulate a large number of draft picks via draft trades this year. Unlike seasons past, there are far fewer positions of need, and therefore opportunities for rookies to contribute immediately. Their draft strategy needs to reflect this new reality, IMO, so the focus needs to be aimed squarely on quality rather than quantity, and I suspect the FO will approach the upcoming draft with this approach. The focus in April, starting with the 13th overall pick, should be all about finding those few players who have the best chance at competing for substantial playing time as early as this season, and my upcoming 49ers mock draft 1.0 will reflect this approach.

              Stay tuned.

          2. Keep your day job (If you still have one). ;p
            Ruggs ran a 4.27, but Goodwin can also run a 4.27.
            Trautman dominated low level talent, but may struggle in the pros. Taking a TE in the second round may be a luxury the Niners cannot afford. Brycen Hopkins may be a better option, but I like Thaddeus Moss and Stephan Sullivan in the later rounds. Harrison Bryant is another later option. I hope you are aware the Niners do have Kittle and Dwelley, so TE is not a second pick priority.
            Adeniji looks nice.
            Nevelle Clark has a red flag- PED.
            Roach is OK, except for his short arms.
            Dorne did not perform in the Combine.
            Like Trautman, Coulter shined against low level talent, but at 217, he is a good developmental project.
            Tezino is a dark horse pick, ranked 348 on the CBS board.
            Glad you had a trade back. Your first 3 picks were on offense. Mine were on defense, because they traded away Buckner, and defense wins championships.
            Nice mock. At least you seem to have put some thought into it.

    1. Seb,
      Not bad, if those players are available in that draft order.
      There’s only a few that interest me from your list – Blacklock, Chinn and Hennessey. I like Joe Reed, but doubt he’ll still be on the board at 217.

      But that said, I wouldn’t pass up on potential game changers in Ruggs, Jeudy and CeeDee. The players you mentioned are fill-in types. Anyone of the WR’s mentioned are immediate starters.

      1. Thanks.
        Joe Reed is ranked at 211 on Draftek, and 269 on the CBS Big board.
        I think CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy will be gone by 13. Denver has been mocked with Ruggs many times, so maybe they will trade up to get him. There are still 15 WRs in the first 100 players, according to the draft big boards. Tee Higgins and Denzel Mims might be good candidates after 13. Justin Jefferson, Jalen Raegor, Laviska Shenault, Brandon Aiyuk and Michael Pittman are all good prospects in day 2. I like Claypool because of his Combine. He may be a hybrid TE/WR, so KS can utilize him for blocking, too.

        1. I don’t foresee all of these WR’s gone before #13, but if they are, I turn my attention to J. Kinlaw and hope for a Jefferson or Higgins at 31. I don’t see second tier WR’s as instant starters, but they could still contribute. There would also be top rated Olinemen at 13 if Lynch wants to go that route.

  17. Tight end Ross Dwelley signed his one-year contract as an exclusive rights free agent, the 49ers announced Tuesday.

    1. Miles Austin’s ex-teammate and competition for James PR duties. His best season of his career was in Shanny’s offense at Cleveland.

      1. Meh, Benjamin was a bust with the Chargers. Maybe he can be the 9er K/P Return specialist…If he doesn’t get hurt again. He had one good year in 2015, with the Brownies…

    2. So maybe we are not drafting a WR at 13!?!?


      Potentially Taylor Gabriel still?

      1. james- everyone on that list after Deebo and Bourne……is either a huge question mark/ someone who cant be relied on………..or worse guy’s who’s arrow is pointing down/possible bust!

        Ive been listening to some good podcast ( not CZ) and 2 things stand out on those platforms that are still being debated here….

        1. the wr position is filled with nothing but question marks …..to the point the point ppl are calling for wr’s at 13 AND 31…..and though this idea might shock some….once you look at who we got with a pessimistic eye or a “grant eye”……its hard to argue the logic! The more i thought about it…..it came down to one thing- roster spots! Although we have a bunch of unproven guys…..you cant just CUT THEM right!? Well….guys like Pettis, Goodwin and james could be traded for a mid to late round pick in 2021…..to teams that missed out on a wr in this years draft. And TT and Hurd could start the season on the PUP…..giving them more time to get healthy.
        Regardless of how many wr’s we draft…..i can see both of these scenarios playing out.

        2.On this blog its divided…..due to one of the loudest members banging the drum on one side……but outside of this bubble its clear- ppl dont see the need to “trade back to gain a bunch of picks”!! No one is buying this….AT ALL!!! The roster is loaded….its deep….many young players on a SB roster that aren’t going any where!!! Not many roster spots to be had! Its moronic to sacrifice quality for quantity……only to have to cut draft picks a few months later!!!! Sorry sebbie!! It would be very hard to make this roster…..and even harder to get a lot of playing time! 1-2 really good wr’s could get a lot of PT (playing time)……an OG could possible start……a good pass rusher will always crack the rotation………and i might not mind the starting cbs……but an injury or 2 would mean AW and whoever is behind him , Harris maybe, would be on the field far too much for my liking……so yes, a good CB is a need, but not a priority.

      1. Not sure how much value Pettis and Goodwin have.
        They can’t get on the field. If I were a GM, I would pass on them.
        What value do you think they have?

        1. Considering the other teams, some may have WR needs. Denver has Courtland Sutton, but could use another WR, and is considering drafting a WR with their 15th pick. The Raiders need a replacement for Amari Cooper, and has not found one yet. They may draft a WR. Even Miami has been mocked taking a WR with one of their 3 first round picks. The Vikings traded away Diggs, so they may select a WR in the first round. The Eagles, Saints and Packers have been mocked taking a WR in the first round.
          I certainly would not trash Goodwin and Pettis, because they would lose all trade value. Goodwin had a family crisis, which hampered his playing. He has processed that, and moved on. Pettis did score TDs, even the game winners against the Steelers and Cards, I believe. They both may flourish in a new system, with a new team. They may garner only a 5th or 6th round pick singly, but if they are bundled with another player, they may garner a third or 4th round pick.
          They may have been supplanted by the emergence of Deebo and the acquisition of Sanders, but they still do have worth, to the right team.

  18. I don’t get on here much but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I would love to see Lynch get one of the three top receivers ( Jeudy, Lamb, or Ruggs)with the 13th pick. Or trade 13 for OBJ and hopefully the Browns 2nd round pick. Something like that. Odell is a proven talent n our window is open. I don’t think he’s a cancer. Definitely a diva because he’s confident and confidence is contagious. Plus Jimmy could use some confidence right now.

    1. Confidence doesn’t have to be that expensive or old in wr years. Just draft Jeudy or HR3 and use #31 to trade down for your cb.

      1. I hope they add to the offense first. Getting a true WR1 would be amazing and could make this offense nearly unstoppable.

      1. Is there any truth to the Odell Beckham Jr. to the 49ers rumors? How likely is he to be on the move? — Jonathan Z.
        Nope. No truth to that. Sorry, gang. I know the 49ers loved him but they are trying to rebuild draft capital, not give up draft capital.

    2. JT- i day dream about Ruggs at 13 and trading next years #2 for OBJ!!! The wr room will need a veteran…..its not crazy talk. I pointed out in an above post….how a scenario could unfold with us getting 2 stud wr’s.. One thing i forgot to mention was how, IMO, this is the type of roster where you can do things like trade next years top picks to either move up in this draft….or for veteran, proven players. The roster is stacked, everyone ( except sherm and Staley) are young and were in a SB or bust window!! That is exactly the type of team that could trade picks next year for picks now or even a vet. Especially since THIS draft is deep in the 2 positions we need the most…wr, OL, cb

  19. Team is considerably worse now than it was a couple months ago. This is why teams, especially losing teams, don’t often return to the Super Bowl, and why you need to win it when you have the chance. Anyone who has convinced themselves it’ll just be an easy retread is simply delusional.

      1. Sorry to hear you missed me Prime, I’ve not had a great go of it recently in my personal life, so I’ve been “dealing” with that. I’ve checked this place once or twice but found it kinda hard to really care enough to comment. Am I “back”? I don’t really know.

    1. Odds are against them to be sure, but to proclaim that the team is “considerably” worse because we now have four instead of five 1st rounders in the defensive trench is hyperbole. Are we worse? You bet, but not by much and we’re prepared to make up for it with two 1st round additions in the upcoming draft. How many Super Bowl teams that got two 1st round picks in their next draft do you know?

      1. I guess I just rate Buckner a lot higher than you do. I’d argue he was the most important piece on that D-Line, next to Ford.

        1. Renas
          You make it sound like somehow the 9er FO screwed up by losing Buckner? If you’ll be so kind, In your expert opinion, tell us what they should have done to avoid becoming “CONSIDERABLY WORSE? “

          1. Never claimed to have an expert opinion, just an opinion. I think they should have let Armstead walk, who I feel was more easily replaceable, and paid Buckner. I would have probably paid Sanders too, as in hindsight losing those picks didn’t really do anything for the Niners otherwise. If they won a ring it would be different.

              1. Renas:
                So which is it. you’re too handsome? Or…”If anything, what prompted me to take time away has made me perhaps even more cynical?”
                I’m betting on the latter, but suspect you’ll get over both….And once again be an
                inspirational ray of sunshine….Right?

              2. There isn’t really any “getting over” what I’ve been dealing with. Just learning to deal with it. And this and that are two different things, unless you think I was giving you a serious answer?

            1. The Man/Woman is entitled to their opinion. Losing Buckner is going to hurt, but in the cap system you have to make tough decisions and this was the one they made. They chose Armstead at a lower number and a 1st round pick over Buckner and a likely 3rd round comp pick. The other part of this is that because Armstead agreed to a backloaded deal they were able to keep Ward and a few others they wouldn’t have if they had signed Buckner to the deal he got from the Colts. We’ll have to wait and see how it works out, but there was no please all solution to this. They couldn’t keep both and be in position to resign Kittle and others coming up in the next couple of years.

    2. I think free agency has strengthened Arizona and Seattle, maybe, and that’s more troubling to me than losing Buckner and Sanders, since, something Scooter has alluded to, our offense may be more potent this year, after the draft or not. After all, McKinnon, Taylor, and Hurd — the health god willing — will all be to contribute, and our oline might be better than last year’s. Repeating as NFC champs, though, is going to be a greater challenge this year imo because of our division.

      1. Seahawks are on Clowney watch. If they manage to retain him, they will be formidable.
        I agree. Hopkins to the Cards was highway robbery. Sure wish Bill O’Brien would trade with the Niners. The Cards even shed the David Johnson salary.
        Thankfully the Rams look worse, so there might be 2 easy wins in the division. ;p

    3. I see the time away hasn’t changed anything – still doom and gloom Renas! 😉

      Let’s wait until at least after the draft to see just how much “worse” the team has gotten. And really we won’t know until we see the team in real games. But my thoughts, as George points out, are that the offense could and should be better next year. They will draft a replacement for Sanders. And while the D has lost a very good player, they return all 10 other starters (and key backups) and the loss was at a position that was crazy deep and talented last year (and they will still likely add someone to that DL too).

      1. I see the time away hasn’t changed anything – still doom and gloom Renas! 😉

        If anything, what prompted me to take time away has made me perhaps even more cynical!

        Of course the draft can change things. Not even waiting until after the draft – players that are surprisingly good from the shelf etc could change things. But the fact remains that the team has lost some big time talent, and it’ll be asking a lot of any rookie to come in and replace the players that were lost to keep the team at the same level, let alone elevate them higher than last year. On top of the extra pressure of choking the SB away once again, and the standards being winning the whole thing, it’s hard right now to be gung ho about how great the team will be next year.

        1. “If anything, what prompted me to take time away has made me perhaps even more cynical!”

          Sorry to hear. Hope everything is alright/ on the improve.

    4. Renas, i respectfully disagree! Most teams dont return to the SB because they lose a lot of players……and we lost very few! Another factor ppl are missing …..is just how young this team is……they had what, 3 players who played a major role in their 30’s ??! Experience alone , with every single player across the board, will make them better! Only 2 players dont apply- Staley and Sherm…..they are both at a point where improvement by experience will be negated by age/ wear and tear on the body. And JG will probably have the most improvement due to experience…..especially if we get him top tier weapon(s)

  20. Renas,
    Shanahan will adjust his offense to mitigate the loss of Sanders. Adding one of the 3 top WR’s will more than compensate for Sanders and eventually make us better by playoffs time.

    DBuck is a bigger loss imo, but with Taylor, Street and Blair returning closing that gap could be feasible until that hole is filled more sustainably.
    We’ll be ok bud.

    1. For sure. I can’t and won’t claim to know better than those involved making the decisions, and of course you can’t pay everyone. Also have to factor in that Jimmy should be better this coming year thus elevating the receivers more anyway.

  21. With the receivers Jeudy is the same mold as Lamb.
    Ruggs is that burner. Not fond of his size but over in KC they have their Ruggs and he kills defenses.
    I’m leaning Ruggs as of now, I haven’t watched Jeudy play much, but I have seen CDL play.
    Not a big fan of his coming into the pro’s, but if he can get that open in the nfl he could dangerous.
    I’d lean Lamb overJeudy only because he’s a Sooner, and someone from OU has to become an all pro at some point. (Receiver) that is.
    Size or Speed.
    We have some speed but not size, got a hunch of Vegas takes Jeudy, Lamb is a niner.
    And he will have to prove me wrong on my thoughts about him being a pro.
    Whoever they get I just hope they are a game changer. Haven’t had one since TO that’s a long time.

  22. 13 CeeDee Lamb, WR. Look at the top WRs in the NFL. The vast majority have size, and this guy is a playmaker after the catch.

    31 Cesar Ruiz, OL. Can play C or G at a very high level. We’re a run first team. Weston Richburg may never be the same, and if he is, we have a major upgrade at G.

    139 Lamar Jackson, CB. Long and tall CB with measurables similar to Sherm. Can learn from the master how to hone his craft and won’t be expected to start as a rookie.

    159 Benito Jones, DT. 10 tackles for loss (including 5.5 sacks) for Ole Miss. Nuf said

    1. If we pass on Blacklock, Benito is the player I target in round 6. He’s another fit at 3t for Kocurek’s defense.

      1. CBS mocked us dealing 13 to the ravens for 28, 55, and 106. I normally don’t like mock trades, but that one made some sense. Other than some of the positions above where I think we have need, SS could certainly be addressed. Tartt is good not great, and he’s in the last year of a contract. Marcell Harris doesn’t look like a starter to me. I’m thinking we could look at Jeremy Chinn if we do accumulate more picks. Sounds like he had a good senior bowl and combine. Might we worth consideration at 55

  23. There is absolutely no way this regime is drafting a WR with the 13th pick! They have Hurd, Taylor and Pettis plus with their scheme they don’t need a top ten WR.
    At CB there’s no way a rookie is going to beat out Sherman, k’waun, Ahkello
    Or even Mosley

    1. All three of those receivers are backup players at best. None have demonstrated the capacity to get on the field, stay on the field or perform on the field. If they didn’t draft a wr at #13 it’ll be because they moved up above Vegas to get Jeudy….

      1. Razor…. bingo!
        And to add why they will take a receiver.
        This team lost the Superbowl for two reasons.
        They had a stout defense that couldn’t get the stops they needed to end the game,

        Their offense couldn’t generate a drive to end the game.
        They lost a big piece of that defense and have signed guys to fill the gap, they lost a good receiver and haven’t filled that spot yet.
        This is the deepest WR class in awhile coming out.
        Odds are they’re getting a receiver and bolstering the offense so there isn’t another playoff loss due to the offense.
        This defense is good, but not Superbowl good, meaning they don’t shut down offenses on a regular basis.
        This team needs an offense that defenses can’t stop. And with a solid defense it’s a good combination for a Super Bowl.

        They are certainly going WR unless one of those two top OL slip down, and even then they still might go WR

    2. Rudo49,
      Well, you’ve shut down the general consensus that the 49ers will take one of the 3 WR’s. You don’t seem interested in any CB.
      So, please give us your picks at 13 and 31.

  24. The 49ers are hamstrung because they grossly overpaid for Garoppolo. His big contract is why they had to let Buckner go. Half of his plays are handoffs, several are quick passes to wide receivers, some are to receivers who are either wide open or are able to reach for the completion. Then you have your incompletions and interceptions, batted down passes, fumbles, overthrown passes to wide open receivers, and sacks. Then you have your quarterback sneaks and scrambles. My point is that C.J. Bethard could have done as well or better, and he’s still on his rookie contract. Garoppolo was 1-2 when he got hurt (third game was a lost cause). He couldn’t play behind that line either. I’d have traded Garoppolo and gotten several draft picks, retained Buckner, and be a far better team. Would then have some money for George Kittle.

    1. The 49ers are hamstrung because they grossly overpaid for Garoppolo.

      Not true. Brissett makes $27.98 million a year while Jimmy makes $27.5 million a year. Jared Goff? $33.5 million.

      My point is that C.J. Bethard could have done as well or better, and he’s still on his rookie contract.

      This is so laughable that I’m too weak to respond.

      Would then have some money for George Kittle.

      We’ve got plenty of money to sign Kittle.

      1. Your reply implies that you think Garoppolo is worth the 135 million they contracted to pay him. If you believe he had more to do with the 49ers being in the super bowl than Buckner, you are a fool. The players voted for Buckner as their most valuable player. Garoppolo, I’d guess, wasn’t even in the running. You are bowing down to a false idol.

        1. NFL.com rated Jimmy 15th, one spot behind Brady among NFL qb’s. He was tied for fifth among all QBs in touchdown passes (27), third in yards per attempt (8.3) and tied for fourth in completion percentage (69.1) last season. Without him, you don’t even sniff a Super Bowl.

          Buckner was more valuable to the Colts than the 49ers. They get to pay him a ridiculous $21 million a year for 5 years, plus gave us their pick #13. All the while paying their 3 qb’s a whopping collective of $47,125,000, the highest in the league. The capper? They still don’t have a qb. Only in a Ballard/Fescue and perhaps CFC world does that make any sense….

        2. dude, your an idiot! starting qbs make 25-30 $ mil a year!!! PERIOD!! End of story!!! ALL STARTING QBs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only way around it id a qb on a rookie contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Then you have a few years of a qb at a bargain price and 1 of 2 things happen…….
          1. hes either garbage, like Trubisky, and you cant wait to get rid of him!!!!!…….or…….
          2. hes good like Mahomes, Prescott, Jackson…….and you get to pay them $40 mil a year!!!!!!

          crying about a qb making $27 mil is like crying about paying taxes!!!!!! its just the way it is!

          this team has been on the rise since JG……how can you be complaining??!!! troll!

    2. My point is that C.J. Bethard could have done as well or better, and he’s still on his rookie contract.

      That’s interesting how do you explain 2017? Same roster, but played in 5 games… but Jimmy was 5-0 while CJ was 1-4?

    3. Agree with fescue…why pay a guy MILLIONs when he is unproven….Bucker was proven…..JimmyG is a checkdown throw INSIDE the numbers QB he does not make all the throws an elite QB makes period….guys need to take off the rose tinted glasses…..

    4. fescue,

      Take advantage of the free NFL game pass and watch how bad this team was without Garoppolo. The games don’t lie. This team wins with him and loses without him, and as far as QB cap hits go, JG’s isn’t that bad considering how much he means to the success of the team. His contract is not going to stop them from signing Kittle.

  25. Wow, what an off season so far. I can’t recall when I’ve seen this many starting QB’s change teams. League is going to look a little different this year.

  26. Just to offer credit where it’s due, we have to acknowledge that Kap taught us how to cough into our elbow long before this Pandemic emerged. He did it afterTDs. How prescient.

  27. Looking at the NFC, TB has really improved. Their biggest weakness was the QB throwing 30 interceptions, giving the games away.
    They solved that by obtaining Tom Brady, who will reduce those game losing interceptions. I know Brady has said he will not lobby for anything, because he is smart, and will know Arians will give him the right tools to succeed.
    Every mock seems to think that they will select an OT to protect Brady, but if Brady got either Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs to throw to, he may be able to pass before the pass rush can get to him. Brady needs weapons, and there are some elite WRs.
    TB has now become a threat, even with the Saints in their division. The Falcons and Panthers may be vying for the cellar.
    In the NFC North, GB won 12 games last season, and the Vikings were in the playoffs. Both the Bears and Lions have not improved much, to be able to supplant those other two.
    In the NFC East, Washington may scoop up Cam once he is released. The Kyle Allen signing was a smoke screen. Rivera wants to get Cam for free, instead of paying with a draft pick. The Eagles and Giants do not seem to have improved enough to challenge the Cowboys, who kinda backed into the division title.The Cowboys, with Nolan as their DC, will underachieve, so Cam and Washington may win the division.
    In the NFC West, The Niners are the team to beat. They may have lost Buckner, but they kept Armstead, and were able to retain most of the team. Getting that 13th pick was a bonanza. Not too many SB teams get 2 first round picks. The Niners may be able to reload, and not have to rebuild, for another Quest for 6.
    If the Seahawks can manage to fix their O line problems, and their RBs stay healthy, they might return to the playoffs. Since the Cards got Hopkins, and dumped Johnson, they are poised to have a winning season. The Rams lost talent, and do not have a pick until 52, so they may struggle next season.
    Hope springs eternal. I not only dream of that 6th ring, I hope they can manage to have a season!

  28. Ballard not only would gave SF the 13th pick for Jimmy, he also would of gave his left nut to have a QB as good as JG. Don’t ever forget what SF was before Jimmy got to SF. That’s including Kyle.

    1. The 49er success last season had a lot to do with the drafting they were able to do following the 4-win team they had the previous year. Garoppolo lost two out of the three games he played. Getting injured allowed him to dodge having to qb that ’18 team, which couldn’t form a pocket for Bethard and Mullens to throw out of. With a 33% success rate he had before going down, he’d have won 5 games. He came back from injury to play with a completely retooled team, especially the defense. I watch him play and don’t see him doing anything justifying that $140 million contract. Put him on an ordinary team and you’ll see ordinary stats.

      1. 21-6 as a starter. First full year starting 16 games goes to a SB. If it wasn’t for this great defense we had blowing a 10 point lead with 6 min left, JG is SB MVP. Now no one is worth 100 mil in any sport. But with so many over paid QBs in the NFL, he is not one I point to and say he ain’t worth it. He installed confidence in an organization that had very little. Everyone in that building thinks the world of him. Every X player or current player think he is a baller. By the way please stop mentioning Mullen’s and Bethard in the same context as JG, you sound like an uneducated moron when doing that.

      2. “Put him on an ordinary team and you’ll see ordinary stats.”

        Ah, no thanks. He’s where he belongs right here, right now.
        Btw, who are your ordinary teams?

      3. agree with fescue…JimmyG is a mediocre run of the mill QB nothing special…..we all (most of us that are not HOMERS) saw with our own two eyes his lack prowess during the big show

        1. Must of us (who are not outsiders) believe that Jimmy G, is the man of the hour, too sweet to be sour – Stewart Scott

      4. That is poor speculation at best fescue. The Oline in 2018 was the same as it was last year except last year they lost multiple starters for long periods of time and Richburg for the season. The 49ers were not a good pass blocking unit yet somehow JG was top ten in most important categories and the team won 15 games. He’s not flashy, but he stands in there and makes plays and the record says he is worth every dime they are paying him.

      5. idiot- JG was 1-1 as a starter in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your crediting him with the Chiefs loss, but you clearly didn watch the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KC scored a td on every possession……then when they finally slowed down….JG was leading a fierce comeback!!!! That loss is on the Defense bro!!!!!! JG had nothing to do with KC scoring 6 tds on first 6 possessions!!!!!! Your boy Buckner did though!

    2. I’ve never seen a professional football roster that was rivaling the Browns for ineptitude completely overhauled and rebuilt in 3 years. The opportunity to acquire Jimmy had a lot to do with that expediency….

  29. Brad Kelly
    · Mar 21, 2020
    Now accepting questions for my Mailbag 2.0 on @PFN365. Drop them in the replies.

    Cláudio R Fernandes
    Lamb, Jeudy, Ruggs or Jeferson, who’s the best fit for 49ers?

    8:13 AM – Mar 21, 2020 · Ribeirão Preto, Brasil

    This has become a popular question since the San Francisco 49ers traded DeForest Buckner for the 13th overall pick and watched as their top wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders signed with the New Orleans Saints. If the 49ers decide to remain at the 13th overall pick, wide receiver could very well be the position that they target.

    The top tier of wide receivers in the NFL Draft are Henry Ruggs III, CeeDee Lamb, and Jerry Jeudy. In my opinion, those three can essentially be interchangeably ranked depending on the team deciding between them. The best fit for the 49ers would be Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy.

    Jeudy, the former Biletnikoff winner, has the strongest tape of the three when aligning in the slot, a position that the 49ers have shuffled multiple guys through in recent years. On top of that, Jeudy is the most unique and nuanced route runner of the three. With how often the 49ers use play-action, giving Jeudy an extra two steps to create separation will embarrass some NFL defenders and create easy throws for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. For Kyle Shanahan and his offensive system, Jeudy is the best fit at wide receiver.

    How fun would it be to see Lynch move up above Vegas to grab Jeudy while the camera shows Gruden snarling at Mayock in the war room?

    1. Tbh I have been trying to ignore Jeudy as I just find it hard to believe he will be available when the 49ers pick. But if they find a way, he would be a really nice addition.

    2. Eric Crocker, thinks Jeudy is by far the best of the 3 top receivers and is the best fit for SF additionally he thinks SF should move up for him if they have to.

      1. Yeah, just listened to his podcast with Rob Lowder earlier. I kind of agree – he’s definitely the guy I think is the most NFL ready with the highest floor. But they don’t have a lot of ammo to move up with. I think to make it work you’d have to look at swapping 31 for a 2nd round pick in the same deal.

        I have seen Jeudy compared to OBJ a fair bit and we know Shanahan likes OBJ. I can see the comparison… to a point. As a route runner, they are similar. Excellent route runners at all levels that really get on top of defenders quickly and know how to set them up to get open out of breaks. But OBJ has better hands, is a little more reliable running into traffic, and tracks the ball deep a bit better. Still, I don’t mean that to suggest Jeudy isn’t a great prospect by any means, he is, and would be a great addition for the 49ers.

      2. I will be very surprised if Niners move up for anybody in the draft.

        IIRC, sometime in 2018 (maybe off-season), Kyle once spoke at some length on his views on receivers. One point he made was that he is content with having a stable of very good receivers. His bar of elite appears to be set very, very high. IIRC, he mentioned only Julio Jones as the current active player in that short list of modern receivers. Sure, he said, if we have chance to go get one of those players, we’ll consider taking that opportunity.

        Crocker and other knowledgeable folks don’t seem see a Jones among these receivers. It seems that the way to take advantage of deep drat in receivers would be to trade down, no? Kyle seems to consider the receiver position as one where he has evaluation expertise because he played that position, and seems to focus on value in the early to mid-second round for receivers. Historically, first round receivers have the highest record for underperforming for a position group. I think the second round players in the last draft easily outperformed the two from the first round.

        1. Historically, first round receivers have the highest record for underperforming for a position group

          This is what i was thinking also. I think its a bit of recency bias with the success of last year’s draft class.

        2. One thing we also know by now is that if Shanahan really wants a guy, the 49ers aren’t shy about doing what it takes to move up and get them. Not content to just hope a player falls, or be willing to move on and take the next guy.

          If Shanahan truly wants Jeudy, I expect the 49ers will indeed trade up.

          1. true….seems like we have less ammo to do that though…not saying it can’t be done, just have to be more creative i guess

            1. Leo, how about we make a deal with the Brownies at #10?

              Our #13(1150) + we switch our #31(600) for the Browns #41(490) and their #115(64). That’s a difference of only 50 points in the Browns favor, and we leap both Vegas and the Jets to get Jeudy!

      3. Eric Crocker is right and Jeudy is the perfect WR for this system. I don’t see them moving up to get him, they just don’t have the ammo to do that, but if he’s there Shanahan will take him without a doubt. His route running and ability to get separation will have Shanahan salivating over what he could do in this offense.

    3. Razor
      Even if Brad Kelly is right about Jerry Jeudy, there are the easy drops and lack of concentration! Fixable, but still a concern. That’s why Shana/Lynch make the big bucks, to make decisions like this and the rest of us get to watch……Or In a few cases, watch and complain!

  30. Maybe the raiders finally get a replacement for Cliff Branch if they go with HR3. The question is can Gruden share the spotlight with a star player? He seems set on wanting to be the face of the team.
    If they get Ruggs, Jeudy would make a nice starter for the red&gold.

  31. I don’t know about anyone else, but something is telling me that the 49ers are going to have to trade down from or address another position with the 13th pick due to the top three WRs getting taken before they are on the clock.

    1. That would mean some very good players would be pushed down into our lap, and our phones would be ringing off the hook. At that point I might take a lucrative offer and then target Higgins with my first bite at the apple….

        1. Bah, Higgins has as much upside as all three of those wr’s. Size, speed and pass catching ability. He’s got all the tools to be a #1 wr in the NFL.

          1. Higgins is all of that, but he lacks in route running, the ability to separate, physicality, and blocking. Higgins may get picked in the first round, but his skill set is not a fit for Shanahan’s offense.

            1. I like Higgins, but I agree – not convinced he is a player Shanahan will want. In fact, I suspect Shanahan might prefer Pittman over Higgins if he wants a big guy.

              1. Normally I’d agree that Higgins isn’t your prototypical Shanny receiver, however he would compliment Samuel extremely well. Also, those throws that usually sail high on Jimmy would be completions to Higgins. You guys think because Higgins has size that disqualifies him from Shanny’s consideration? Why? Dude can play any wr position on the field and his routes are nothing to sneer at, plus he has speed. What am I missing here?

              2. I was not referring to his size Razor because there are smaller WRs who have limitations like Higgins who would not be a fit for Shanahan’s offense either. The ability to impose his will, separate from the DB assigned to cover him, and block are all areas of weakness for Higgins; those same areas are the ones that are a necessity in Shanahan’s offense.

              3. I’ve got him as my 4th best wr in a historic class. He uses his hands to get separation on the line of scrimmage and at the breakpoint. He has a great understanding of leverage as well which he uses to get open. He’s very balanced with the ball in his hands which is why he’s hard to bring down. Great body control in the air too. He may lack top end speed and quickness, but he doesn’t need it to win his matchups. He’s a #1 wr at the NFL level in my eyes….

              4. I see those traits as well Razor, but the limitations Higgins has tell me he is not a fit for Shanahan’s offense

    2. If they can’t move up to get their guy, and a WR they want isn’t there at 13, then yeah, I suspect that will be the 49ers next favoured option.

        1. I bought the entire set. Stallone hit the jackpot with the Rocky character.
          Rocky 1 is still my favorite. Former raiders LB Carl Weathers was great as Apollo Creed as well.
          But if I had to see a movie, it would still be the Godfather 1 and 2 and throw in the Good Fellas too.

            1. Sorry, I was going off your 10:35 entry on Rocky lV.
              But no, I have not caught any of Juice’ workouts. I’m sure they are pretty intense though.

              1. The one where he’s doing squats with what looks to be a 20′ tree limb was impressive. Also where he’s pulling his wife on the sled through the dirt was nice. I used to run pulling a spare tire around the neighborhood after I saw that movie.

  32. True. With the right expectations there appears to be plenty of upside.

    10 sacks in 2019. Played on two poor teams. Better production than Blair. More experience and better production than Alfieri.

    Gets to face his old team 2xs a year. Lots of upside

  33. Kinlaw withdrew from the Senior Bowl because of knee tendinitis, so he may drop in the rankings. That is bad news.
    However, that means the Niners may trade back 5 spots, and still select him. Miami, with their 14 picks, may want to use their 3rd round pick to move up and get the player Grier really wants. Maybe one of the 3 top WRs, or an O lineman to protect Tua.
    The Niners should trade back with their 31st pick. Maybe with Denver to get 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks( 46, 83, 118). Maybe the Chargers, for their Second and 4th round picks(37, 112).
    Maybe Carolina, who could possibly want to leapfrog several teams to select a QB. They might give up second, 4th and 5th round picks( 38, 113, 148), in order to move up 7 spots to 31, and get the player they covet.

    1. “Kinlaw withdrew from the Senior Bowl because of knee tendinitis, so he may drop in the rankings. That is bad news. However, that means the Niners may trade back 5 spots, and still select him.”
      * An example of Cognitive Disconnect? Knee tendinitis and trading back to selection him = Oxymoron!

      1. The issue may be like Montez Sweat, who had Knee issues, too. Tendinitis may be curable. It does not have to become chronic. Sweat started out slow, but improved in the second half, and had 8 sacks.
        Now, if he had an ACL injury, I would consider him red flagged. Generally, I have refrained from selecting good prospects if he had an ACL or Achilles tear, unless he can demonstrate a year of solid play after recovery.

  34. Suh just reupped with the Bucs on a one year deal worth $8 million. 49ers reportedly came close to signing him. I would provide a link, but the blog seems to balk whenever I try to post something from 49erswebzone.com

    1. blog seems to balk whenever I try to post something from 49erswebzone.com

      i was having that same issue the other day

    2. Ahhh, I actually thought the 49ers would go pretty hard for him. I still suspect they will look to add a vet to the DL that can start in a pinch or be a good rotational piece.

          1. According to reports, the 49ers did try and sign Suh.

            Solomon Thomas will get a chance to show he can be the 3t in Kocurek’s defense. He has the prerequisite traits to be successful in it. I just hope he uses the offseason to come into camp stronger than ever, and show everyone he’s the man for the job….

            1. Sorry, an old fashioned misunderstanding. Yes, I know they went after Suh, my comment was meant as “I’m not surprised by the report Mid referenced that they tried to sign him”.

              I then thought that when you said “they did”, you were referring to the 2nd part of my comment about still looking to sign someone.

              1. My bad, Scooter. I wasn’t even aware that they targeted Suh until I read the report. Your guy, Wolfe is still available but word is the Patriots got a bullseye on him….

  35. La do da do Day to Tampa! Go Ballard go!

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Colts are signing former #49ers DT Sheldon Day to a one-year deal, source said.

    5:39 PM – Mar 25, 2020
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    139 people are talking about this

  36. In a perfect world: The 9ers 2020 draft picks
    #13: WR Henry Ruggs III, Ala.
    #31: 9ers trade draft pick # 31 and draft pick # 245 to Miami for draft picks # 56, draft pick # 70 and pick # 173
    9ers trade draft pick # 56 to CIN. for draft pick # 65 and # 107
    #65: Center: Cesar Ruiz, Mich.
    #70: DT: Jason Elliott, Missouri
    #107: TE: Harrison Bryant, FAU
    9ers trade draft picks # 156, draft pick # 173 and draft pick # 176 to CAR. for draft pick # 113
    #113: QB: Jake Fromm, Georgia (9er QB CJ Beathard is traded for future draft pick)
    # 210: RB: Darrynton Evan App St.

    1. GEEP,
      Nice work bud.
      There’s a couple of possible hidden treasures there in Elliott and Bryant.
      I like Ruiz as well.

    1. How about I remind you how much of a coward you were to meet me at Union Square 2 years ago?
      You remember that?

      1. You are such a coward, you are even afraid to do a mock.
        Threatening me with violence? That sure makes you look like an ignorant bully.
        I come here to make polite, civil conversation and post comments and opinions about a team I love. Your macho bravado just exposes you. You cannot form one cogent thought, so you spew insults and invective, trying to sound superior and judgmental. It does the exact opposite. You look like a pitiful lower life form that never grew up.
        You actually want the Niners to have twice a hard a time to win. Next, you will probably want Kaep to take the league by storm, again. If you do not want the title of a coward, I would suggest you do not welch on your debts.

        1. Just say you are a chicken and didn’t want to show cause that’s exactly what happened.
          You are just one of those guys who likes to run his mouth behind a screen.
          Japanese heritage. Explains everything!

              1. That’s all you got? Even after the fact we proved the stipulation on the bet was exercised. Typical coward.

              2. He accepted the bet-then you added those stipulations. You were BEGGING me to bet you, and he wrote- I’ll take that bet.
                THEN you added those stipulations.
                The fact of the matter is that you bet 200 bucks the Niners would draft Trubisky, and they drafted Solomon Thomas. Weaseling out of a debt is just your style.
                Man up and pay, or be called a welcher.

              3. Like always your penchant for the truth and reality of situations is always way off.
                I asked you to meet to settle our differences once and for all and you cowered. You live with that and I’ll live with being a “proclaimed welcher”
                I can look at myself in the mirror knowing the truth and that I’ll always back up my words. Can you?

              4. Threats of violence do not make you brave. It just proves you are a bully, which is the biggest coward of all.
                I thought racism and physical threats are bannable offenses. You bring nothing to this site.

              5. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll pay Razor the $200 for a date with you at my next home game in Santa Clara ? Whoever vs. 49ers?


              6. Prime, I knew I could shame you into paying your debts.
                A date with you? I did not know you were gay. I am a happily married man, so no.

    2. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

      catfish! CATFISH!!!!!!!!!! (when it suits your purposes!!)

      No big deal, Sebs-we all do it, more or less-no harm intended with it………

  37. The Blair Witch contract:

    $2.16 million base salary (all guaranteed)
    $137,500 prorated bonus
    $1.0475 million salary-cap hit

    1. The point Sanders makes is that it’s hard to argue with Garoppolo’s w/l percentage. Not for me. Those wins when he first joined the Niners were agains subpar teams or playoff teams resting their top starters. At the start of the ’18 season, his record was 1-2. The team was terrible, going 4-12. The knee injury turned out to be a blessing for Garoppolo’s record. He was on his way to a five or six win season. But, he’s ready to go in ’19, and discovers the old Chevy he was driving the previous season had turned into a Ferrari! That team had the #2 defense in the NFL. Anchored by Deforest Buckner, the team’s mvp, should have won the superbowl. But their quarterback wasn’t able to live up to his 135 million dollar contract. He wilted when the game was on the line. They should have given Buckner his 21 million. Taken it out of Garoppolo’s money or traded him away. There is no way the defensive line will take the niners to another #2 ranking, or back to the super bowl. They traded away their opportunity.

      1. ‘They traded away their opportunity’.
        JL traded, and took a 4-12 team to the SB. Now, with 2 first round picks, they may reload and compete again for a ring. I just hope JL can manage some more trades.
        The whole premise that JG is mediocre, and CJB could replicate the winning, is delusional.
        Remember, JG came aboard, and took a 1-10 team, and made them respectable with a 5 game winning streak for a 6-10 record. They played a full strength Jags team and defeated them. Only the Rams game had they pulled a few of their starters. In 2018, JG lost the first game, won his second game, then became injured on his third game. CJB then came in and lost 5 games. Mullens salvaged the season by going 3-5 in the second half.
        In 2019, JG led a 4-12 team, and started them off with an 8 game win streak, and a 13-3 season. JG led them to the SB. In the SB, JG did struggle, but only after he incurred a concussive blow to the head. JG also did not allow the Chiefs to score 21 points in the last 7 minutes of the game. The Niner defense did. Buckner was in when the Chiefs scored 21 points, but I will not claim he lost the SB.
        In 2019, the Niners were 8th in scoring defense, yet 3rd in scoring offense. JG helped make that number 3 ranking. Overall, before JG came to the Niners, they were 1-10. They were 0-6 with Hoyer, 1-4 with CJB. In 2018, CJB was 0-5, and Mullens was 3-5. Without JG, the Niners were 4-20. Since JG has been here they are 21-6. Obtaining JG and letting him lead the team, has been crucial for their success.
        Claiming they should cut JG to save money is just trolling.

    * Georgia QB Jake Fromm guided the Bulldogs to the national-title game, but lost to the Crimson Tide in OT
    * Fromm started every game over 2 seasons and led the Bulldogs to a 36-7 record (4 of 7 losses by 1 score), amassing a TD-INT ratio of 78-18 over 3 seasons, before declaring for the 2020 NFL draft.
    * Coaches praise his businesslike and competitive approach, and teammates gravitate toward his leadership.
    * Of the 4 NFC South football teams, the Falcons, Bucs, Saints, and Panthers, the Panthers are the only team that has not expressed some interest in Jake Fromm.
    * Falcons:
    At 35 Y/O, Matt Ryan is approaching the end of his career and his backup Matt Schaub. is 38 Y/O! Fromm has been projected to be the Falcons draft pick #78, in the 3rd Rd.! He’s also a scheme fit and positional need for the Falcons.
    * Saints:
    The comparisons to Drew Brees are a dime a dozen for Fromm. If a QB can make the reads, Sean Payton can design guys open and Jake Fromm can make the reads.
    * Teddy Bridgewater is on his way to the Carolina Panthers and the Saints need a traditional backup QB
    * The Saints have the 88th overall selection in the third round.
    * Buccaneers:
    * The Bucs have won the offseason with the signing of Tom Brady, but he’s still going to be 43 Y/O at the start of the NFL season. With the Bucs moving on from Jameis Winston, there’s room for a backup QB, not to mention a coach by the name of Bruce Arians that loves the way Jake Fromm carries himself.
    * Bruce Arians: “Jake has an unbelievable amount of moxie about him, to take a team like that, and take charge with all the great athletes they have. The respect factor in that locker room I saw was amazing.”
    * I’m amazed at Jake, his command of the team, not just on the field. When I was sitting in the team meeting room, he walked in and you could tell it was his team.” Bruce Arians to DawgNation in 2018.
    * The Bucs have the 76th overall pick in the third round. And for those of us who have forgot, Brady was a 6th round draft pick by NE and a pretty good QB to set behind and learn FROMM (pun intended).
    My crystal ball is not working, but just maybe drafting him at #123 (4th Rd.), could end up being a steal?

    1. 5.1 forty time and a noodle arm- Pass.
      Arians- ‘ The ball was where it was supposed to be . He stood in the face of pressure and delivered the ball. He played very well. I would be very comfortable with him starting.’
      Guess who he was talking about?
      Blaine Gabbert.

      1. And what did TB HC Arians, have to say about you?
        * And has NOTHING to do with Fromm! But feel free to rave on, if it helps you to feel important

        1. It has a very direct inference. Arians goes into coach speech, praising to the high heavens any QB he likes.
          You really need to chill. Becoming so defensive just means I hit the nail on the head, and made you upset.
          Some sure like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.

        2. This is like 49reasons writing a tome about Connor Cook. All I have to write is -Connor Cook, and it counters every one of his arguments.
          Now, all I have to write is- Jake Fromm, and we all know what that means to you.
          In fact, I will bet you that Jalen Hurts is drafted before Jake Fromm. If Fromm is selected first, I will acknowledge your football acumen. If Hurts is selected before Fromm, I would expect a sincere acknowledgement that I know something about football. Praising my football acumen may be hard to do, but you seem so sure about Fromm.
          I have lost bets, and have fulfilled the terms of the bet, in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

      2. Remember Ken Dorsey – Oooch!
        No one could argue regarding his college numbers at Miami (Hurricanes) 38-2 and a National Championship. Those numbers just never translated to the pros.

        Have to admit, those college stats were pretty impressive and definitely inviting to the 49ers.
        We’ll have to see if Fromm has better luck in the pros.

        1. AES
          Yes, that’s true. But that’s the fun of doing mock drafts. Like I said, there’s always that 6th Rd. draft pick that turn out to golden!
          * It’s like fishing, every now and then you get a bottom feeder, like a Seb-Sucker, that bites.
          (They’re worthless, but alley cats love them).
          * So how about the other 7 draft picks?

          1. Looking at the Georgia QBs who have made it to the pros, only Aaron Murray was drafted in the last 10 years, and he did not throw a pass in the NFL. Fromm will be run down by the DTs.
            Seb sucker? Guess I really rattled you. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.
            Glad you like mocks. I do, too.

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