49ers Mailbag: Can San Francisco get a first-round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) passes against the Atlanta Falcons during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 19, 2021. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off a big 31-13 win over Atlanta, which saw their defense do something that hasn’t occurred in the last 40 years: recording three stops on downs inside the 10-yard line. However, when I opened the mailbox this week, the position most asked about continued to be quarterback.

OldCoach – Do you believe Jimmy Garoppolo is improving his trade value? If he continues to play at his current level is there any chance of the 49ers getting a first-round pick for him?

Garoppolo is clearly playing as good as he has at any point in his career and he’s helping the 49ers win games. That being said, I find it hard to believe a team would be willing to give up a first-round pick and be stuck with the $25.6 million remaining on his current contract.

I think San Francisco would be lucky to receive what Washington gave Kansas City when it made the trade for Alex Smith. Smith was coming off arguably the best season of his career in 2017 and the best Kansas City could get was a third-round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller.

Ev Daze @ EvretteDaze – What is your take on why Kyle Shanahan didn’t give Trey Lance snaps at the end of the game? Do you buy his response that it was “to avoid a comeback by the Falcons?”

I think it was a mistake on Shanahan’s part to not get Trey Lance into the game at any point in the fourth quarter.

Looking to avoid a comeback is a valid concern, however, the 49ers were up by three scores when they took possession of the ball with 5:08 left to play.

According to various reports including comments made by linebacker Fred Warner after the game, Lance has been looking sharp at practice and “has been out there dicing up” San Francisco’s starting defense. If this is true, why not show some trust in the quarterback you used three first-round draft picks to acquire and is the future of your franchise?

HotSpringsHooper @hooper762 – Why haven’t teams been able to take advantage of the weakness at cornerback?

This is all about the pass rush and play of Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt.

Nick Bosa has been strong all season, and Samson Ebukam and Arden Key have taken advantage of the attention Bosa receives since the 49ers defensive coaching staff made the decision to move them around and get them more involved. Over the last two weeks the 49ers pass rush has combined to record 16 quarterback hits and eight sacks.

The play of Ward and Tartt cannot be overlooked as well. Both safeties do an excellent job of helping in coverage and allowing the cornerbacks to play aggressively, knowing they have help over the top.

Marshal Auerback @Mauerback – Are we stuck with Ambry Thomas or is other help on the way?

We’ve already seen what the cornerbacks on the free agent market at this time of year look like. Does anyone else remember Dre Kirkpatrick’s time with the team earlier this year?

I’d expect the 49ers will ride out the rest of the regular season with Ambry Thomas, Deommodore Lenoir and Dontae Johnson playing opposite Josh Norman.

It’s typical for rookies to have some ups and downs early on. Thomas and Lenoir have definitely looked like rookies this season.

This was certainly the case for Thomas on Sunday against Atlanta. The rookie made a few good plays early before giving up a 20-yard touchdown to Russell Gage in the second quarter, but didn’t get down and kept competing.

Thomas would later give up a 49-yard completion from Matt Ryan to fellow rookie Kyle Pitts in the fourth quarter. The way Pitts was able to beat Thomas down the right sideline on a vertical route looked quite like a play Pitts had made against Patrick Surtain, the ninth player selected in the 2021 draft, when the two went against each other in the 2020 SEC Championship Game. The only difference was Ryan’s ability to get the ball deep enough for Pitts to run under it.

Mewsley @mwelsey28 – Why do the 49ers need both Tom Compton and Mike McGlinchey? They’re the same player. One is just really cheap?

Tom Compton has played well in place of McGlinchey, but they’re not the same player.

Kyle Shanahan deserves a lot of credit for how well the offense has played despite being without one of its best offensive linemen.

The insertion of Compton into the starting lineup came at the same time as Deebo Samuel’s transition into more of a running back role. This led to a more run focused offense, Compton’s strength.

McGlinchey had shown improvement this season in pass protection prior to his season ending injury, an area that Compton struggles in. The success of the running game masked this until the 49ers faced Seattle.

Carlos Dunlap dominated Compton, beating him to get to Jimmy Garoppolo for a safety early in the third quarter. On the 49ers’ final offensive play it was Dunlap again beating Compton with a strong pass rush and getting into position to knock down Garoppolo’s throw to Trent Sherfield.

We saw more of the same the following week in Cincinnati where Garoppolo was sacked five times and Compton again struggled in obvious passing situations.

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  1. Jack,
    I believe that if the 9ers are willing to eat about 10 mill of JG’s contract they could get better than a 3rd. What do you think of my idea of trading Warner for a 1st or a 1st and a third and replacing him with Al-Shaair. A trade of Warner and JG would give them the money to sign a FA CB and at least one other B+/A- FA

    1. Coach,

      I don’t believe there is any significant cap savings on Warner prior to June 1, 2023. That’s part of the Dead Money concept when teams sign new deals.

      Also, he embodies the heart and soul of this team more than anyone. He is only one of the 4 superstars on this team that performs at a high level, is a vocal leader, makes others around him better and hasn’t been bit by long term injuries in his career.

    2. Trading Warner would be a terrible idea. Why make your strength (LBs) a weakness when you don’t have to. SF’s blue print should be:
      Trade Jimmy and a 3rd to Pittsburgh or Denver for a 1st and 5th (frees up 25.6M)
      Trade McGarbage to anyone for a 3rd and 5th. Most like a run 1st team like the titans (frees up 10.9M)
      Cut Ebukam (frees up 6.5M)
      Resign Hasty, Jennings, Sanu, Sherfield, Laken, Brunskill, Arden, Givens, Azeez, T. Moore
      Free Agents to target: Donte Jackson or Casey Hayward (upgrades over Josh Norman), Tyrod Taylor (mobile back-up veteran QB to help mentor Trey)
      Draft a stud CB early (most teams have 3 good CBs), a good edge rusher to develop to a starter (gotta give Bosa a break), a good #2 TE (Kittle been banged up alot this past 2 years and Dwelly a Free Agent), a developmental Safety, DT, Center.

    3. They should just keep Garoppolo and restructure his contract if they are willing to create dead cap space.

      I’d keep Warner and move Arik Armstead. This would save the 49ers $15 million in cap space next year.

  2. Jimmy G has a strong resume which is why I think the 49ers can get a 1st rounder for him.

    -Proven Winner
    -Team leader
    -Undefeated on QB sneak
    – 2 Super Bowls / 4 years behind GOAT
    -Just turned 30
    -Manageable contract
    -Chip on shoulder

    It may take a late round pick swap, maybe Jimmy a 49er 3rd for Steelers 1st rounder and 5th rounder.

    1. I like that as far as compensation. And I really think they are a good match. Pittsburgh is a team that can win now, and don’t want to trust a rookie QB. If SF can’t pull that trade off before the draft, look for them to send Jimmy to Denver. Teddy is a F/A and I don’t see them bringing him back with his injury history (that’s worst than Jimmy’s). Elway’s track record drafting QBs in horrible. So he will rely on veterans that give him more success. They have a nice receiving core, and 50M in cap space to absorb Jimmy’s contract. And their draft position is little higher than the Steelers.

      1. Denver has some $48M in cap space. They really ought to be looking at Deshaun Watson. Their cap space comes close to doubling every year starting next year. They can go all in- no need to go after a game manager.

        Or if Miami goes after Watson, Tua becomes available. Still young and has comparable stats to Jimmy, and possibly a higher ceiling. Not a big fan of Tua but he’s in the same conversation in terms of impact as Jimmy. Miami also has a ton of cap space opening up next year so they can absorb some dead money should they decide to part ways with him.

  3. Can we get one article on how well Trent Williams is playing?

    Did anyone see him run to block a bengals player during a deebo run……that left side collapse during #44 td was a classic.

    1. I think Brian Baldinger did a pretty good job spending a significant amount of air time on this one play. That’s also probably where you got this from. :-P

  4. I think the 49ers gave up a 2nd round pick for Garoppolo based on his performance in 2 games. Now he has a lot more experience under his belt and he has decent stats. Top 10 QB Rating. Top 10 Completion %. Top half in yards. #1 in avg yards per completion. Took a team to a Super Bowl. Don’t see why teams like Carolina, New Orleans, Houston, or maybe even Pittsburgh or Philly wouldn’t easily trade a at least a 2nd rounder for that production. There may even be a wild card willing to go to a #1.

  5. Compton is pretty good at run blocking but terrible in pass pro. Brunskill is average to below average in run blocking and terrible in pass pro. Alex Mack is also below average in pass protection. Crazy that the 49ers have one of the best left sides in the NFL but the middle and right side are this bad. That liability didn’t show up against Atlanta because the Falcons have the worst pass rush in the NFL. Titans have 3 pretty good pass rushers. Jimmy G is in for a long game against the Titans. It’s still beyond me how a 2nd round pick like Aaron Banks can’t beat out Brunskill. How can that not be viewed as an indictment of the scouting department. Clearly the 49ers thought they were drafting a starter.

    1. Either get a first rounder, or a second and a player for Jimmy or he may play another year for the 9ers.
      2 quarterbacks on the field at once ?

    2. This is the best O line we’ve had in years. They are ranked top 10 by PPF. They’re very strong in run blocking but the right side is weaker on pass pro. Hopefully Banks will be ready to start next year and McGlinchey will be back who is an excellent run blocker and this year was better than average in pass Pro. As for Banks it’s just way too soon to evaluate him. One of the advantages the OLine has, is Jimmy has a very quick release and if guys can get open, the pass rush shouldn’t be too much of a concern. He just needs to throw it away when nobody’s open.

  6. I’ve been thinking.. how many teams in the NFL have 5 potential All Pros on the roster on offense/defense?

    Samuel hasn’t shown it long enough, but if we take this year as a norm rather than an exception:

    Potential All Pros:
    Offensive Backfield: Only Juice.. but most teams don’t use a Fullback anymore so I’m not really counting this.
    O-line: Williams
    TEs/Receivers: Kittle, Samuel
    DL: Bosa
    LB: Warner

    The 49ers have only two potential position areas where we don’t have at least one potential All Pro (again, neglecting Juice because there aren’t many comps in the NFL). The offensive backfield (QB/RB) and the defensive backfield (S/CB).

    This seems like an embarrassment of riches and underlines the fact that injuries and quite possibly poor coaching decisions (just a speculation, no proof) have led to an underperforming group.

    Imagine having at least one All Pro potential at pretty much every area on the field (offense/defense). How many other teams have this luxury? It affords you a lot of flexibility in terms of resource management being able to have single players own certain portions of the field/opponent while you can double up on your weak sides. And then Kittle and Samuel effectively playing like pro-bowlers at multiple positions (Kittle: Receiving/Blocking, Samuel: Receiving/Rushing), we really ought to be in the thick of things at the very top of the NFC. But alas, injuries….. or does this underline the point that unless you have a pro bowl quarterback in this league you’re not consistently going to be at the top?

    Just thought it was interesting.

    1. Having a pro bowl QB is certainly the best thing to have. Injuries have really hurt this team the past 2 years. We are weak at corner but very strong at safety although not pro bowl level. I just think when the team is all healthy we are one of the best teams in the NFL. I also love our coaching staff and the partnership of Shanahan and Lynch.

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