49ers mini-camp Periscope review

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman walks on the practice field during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, June 13, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my 49ers mini-camp Periscope review below.

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  1. Grant displaying a Garoppolo-like quick release with the throw of shade at the other beat guys.

    “Too busy praising him for beating backups” 😂

  2. Grant, I come in here to get a laugh at your funny posts but when it comes to a real story like Clarks death, I didn’t find a single word. This was an important event in 49ER history, did you cover it?

    1. U missed it Bro. Both Grant and his father did quite nice tributes, and they aren’t that hard to find with a simple search. Weak on your part.

        1. Didn’t mean to attack, just to defend. Webzone might have missed those stories as they posted on the Press Democrat site as opposed to this Inside site. But you criticized in error. You can ask Grant, I’m not his apologist! 😀

  3. Good job overall Grant but you have to look into the camera once in awhile instead of staring at yourself/comments.

    Powell was better yesterday but seemed to come crashing to earth today.

    Like what I’m hearing about Bourne.

          1. Maybe you should work on the lighting, to reduce the glare on your face.
            I will repeat, that you should become more centered.
            The technical aspects need improving, but the substance and insights shined. Good report.

              1. Kaep is an elite QB.
                Even with a turnstile O line and receivers dropping balls, he managed to have a 90.7 rating.
                Kaep, as an elite QB, equaled Joe Montana’s record in the SB by passing for over 300 yards while also rushing for over 50 yards.
                Elite QBs hold playoff records like rushing for 181 yards.
                Kaep, the Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience award winner, is being blackballed by the NFL, which should void the CBA.

              2. Get a clue. If you avoid mentioning Kaep, I would comment on the mini practices, but like a moth to a flame, you cannot help yourself.
                There is definite proof that the NFL, with some megalomaniac’s meddling, is guilty of collusion. In fact, there is so much collusion, it will void the CBA. Goodell will lose power, and the players, if they are smart, will insist on better health care, especially for the aged vets. Then players will not shoot themselves in the chest so researchers can study their brains.
                Glad to see more military veterans state that they have no problem with some one non violently protesting for social justice. They object to the way certain people are twisting the first amendment protests to claim that social justice warriors are unpatriotic. Actually, it is American as apple pie to use the first amendment guarantees to advocate for justice, and against injustices.
                Lies, smears and faux outrage, along with the blackballing, will not stand up to the test of time. History will not be kind to the persecutors, and the wheels of justice, while slow, will keep inexorably turning.

  4. How important is the deep ball to Shanny’s offense? How good was Matty Ryan during that MVP run throwing down the field? Of course that could be skewed since Julio Jones could catch anything even remotely close to him.

    CB and Edge is still a major concern for this team. Good passing teams are going to pick us apart.

  5. from your comments, it appears JG is not having a Bradyesque like mini-camp. one would think that he would be the driving force behind the offense and be the leader and demand and provide the perfection he saw Brady provide during JG’s tenure with the Pats.

    1. Curious to know if Brady demanded that perfection during mini-camps or if he allowed the guys to kind of come up to speed and then hit them with his demanding style during TC. By all accounts JG is well liked in the locker room whereas I’m not sure TB is. They say it’s lonely at the top.

      1. cubus – perfection is something you can impose upon yourself, but it is difficult to have the same expectations of others who may not have the same aspirations you do! but the job of the QB is to be able to motivate them to achieve to their highest levels.

      1. I don’t think too many fans give a crap about OTA practices and what the franchise quarterbacks numbers are in June

  6. I thought Shanny would like James, and I’m hoping he beats out Bolden. James’ issue is durability. He’s the better receiver imho.
    Love to hear Kendrick is making a name for himself…The Bourne Ultimatum?
    Foster isn’t smart, we get it. He’s a seek and destroy linebacker. Warner is smart, and I doubt we’ll have to worry about him getting into trouble.
    I love hearing Thomas slotted next to Unca Buck. I remember when me and MWN were talking about Buckner, and he swore he wouldn’t be there at 7, and I was cautiously optimistic.
    Williams most likely is on the 53, but inactive on game days.
    Sherman is no stranger to pressure. He’ll play.
    Dirty Martini down the seam! Love it!
    My favorite element of G-Whiz’s game is his ability to throw accurately downfield with the flick of the wrist as a guy is right on top of him. It’s uncanny. As for his deep ball, that’ll be the last component to come together for him due to various calibrations. Just like the 500 yard shot was the hardest to zero in on over the other two distances in the 2nd phase of boot camp at Edison Range. Good report, Grant.

    1. The much-decried M-14 was Money at 500yds w/o scope. I was middlin’ and could put 10/10 on the A Range Ten Ring. 19/20 on B.
      Short axis M-16 incomparable on C Range which only went to 300 back in the day.

      1. I remember I was 7 out of 10 at 500 yards with the M-16, and I think I aimed at the waist for the bullseye. My Unca Bob’s favorite rifle was the M1. He used to go on and on, singing the praises of that weapon. Ha, ha!

      2. Just as an aside, the .45 and the M-16 were the first weapons I had ever fired, as I did not grow up with guns, and I didn’t hunt. My dad used to hunt pheasant when I was about 8, but I think the killing wore on him, so he gave it up in short order….

  7. How bad do you dislike Pettis? Your disdain for him is obvious. You could tell that you weren’t pleased that he had a great day at practice yesterday.

    Also, why do you keep harping about Powell playing with starters? Who do you think would look better since we’re without Ward and Sherman? Mabin? Moore? Cmon, Powell is our 4th best outside CB at BEST, and that’s just until Moore gets more experience. Powell will be lucky to even make the team. I think you over-reacting a little there. It’s not like he’s a serious contender for a starting job.

  8. Thanks for the report Grant, I enjoyed it, even it was about as disjointed as the 49ers offense seemed to be today.

    I would have liked for you to have at least mentioned that Jimmy G was working with a different cadence today. I’ve gathered from other sources that Jimmy felt like the change in the snap count led to multiple pre-snap penalties, and an offense that was generally out of sync. Jimmy was quick to shoulder most of the blame: “I have to make sure me and all the quarterbacks are doing it the same way, sounding similar to one another. It sucked. It wasn’t any fun, (but) you’d rather have those happen in practice than the game.”

    As for the DB’s, I think you are vastly underselling this group. I’m hearing from MULTIPLE sources that this group has been impressive. It’s been apparent to multiple beat reporters/writers, that Richard Sherman’s swagger has rubbed off on this young but talented group.

    Powell has, in fact, been on the positive side of just about every report I’ve read. He’s both familiar with, and built for this scheme, and it shows. That said, he’s not a starter anyways, and in fact, he’s fighting for a roster spot.

    Witherspoon looks like a guy who finished strong last season, after his breakout performance week 8 VS the Eagles, and has remained on an upward trajectory throughout the winter. He more or less suffocated Alshon Jeffery last season, which did wonders for the rookie’s confidence, and it’s been gravy for him ever since. He looks poised to build upon a very impressive rookie campaign.

    I expect Sherman to be full go by training camp, and I feel real good about the depth on the outside, along with our nickle-backs, and our safeties. Our defensive backfield could very well be a strength this season, even without the raw but talented and supremely athletic T. Moore, and mighty mouse – DJ Reed.

    And I am confident that Dante Pettis is going to be this season’s Ahkello Witherspoon. I think you know what I mean by that, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    As for Rueben, AKA “The Waterboy” …. again, I think you are missing the point, and unnecessarily taking the wrong angle, suggesting Reuben might not be smart enough to make all of the calls out there. Maybe it’s more about balance, the Yin to Smith and Warner’s Yang, if you will. “Malcolm is very controlled and has a lot of experience and Reuben, I always tell him that he’s like ‘The Waterboy’ out there. He’s just flying around ready to hit someone”, said Kyle. “They balance each other out very well so I think it’s a good tandem.”

    1. “Powell has, in fact, been on the positive side of just about every report I’ve read.”

      Beside me, who writes anything other than positive reports about the team during this time of year?

      1. I think most writers do a decent job of reporting the good (I.E. Pettis) with the bad (I.e. false starts, sloppy offense).

        But if there’s 5 reporters saying Powell had a good day and is looking good, and only 1 reporter saying that he’s absolutely terrible, it makes you wonder.

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