49ers mock draft 3.0


With the NFL draft just 20 days away, these are the picks I think the 49ers will make. Remember, this is fluid process.

Round 1, pick No. 2:  Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State.  The new base defense places eight men in the box at all times. This configuration is strong against the run, but somewhat exposed against the pass. So, the cornerbacks have to be fantastic. Lattimore is fantastic.

Round 2, pick No. 34: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame. The Niners need a quarterback who can compete with Brian Hoyer for the starting job in 2017. Kizer is the only QB who fits that description after Round 1.

Round 3, pick No. 66: Ryan Anderson, DE, Alabama. A vicious run-defender and a quality pass-rusher who recorded 8.5 sacks last season. Anderson would start right away at left defensive end and play head-up against the opposing team’s tight end (think Cliff Avril, Brooks Reed or Yannick Ngakoue).

Round 4, pick No. 109. Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson. A pass-catching tight end who fits Kyle Shanahan’s physical profile at this position (think Jordan Reed or Austin Hooper).

Round 4, pick No. 143. Joe Williams, RB, Utah. A second-round talent who probably will fall to Round 4 because he briefly retired last season.

Round 5, pick No. 146. Elijah Lee, LB, Kansas State. A tall, athletic linebacker who can cover pass-catching tight ends such as Leggett.

Round 5, pick No. 161. Corey Levin, OG, Chattanooga. A small-school guard who fits Shanahan’s outside-zone-blocking scheme.

Round 6, pick No. 198. Eric Wilson, LB, Cincinnati. A fast middle linebacker (4.48 40-yard dash at his Pro Day) who recorded 129 tackles last season.

Round 6, pick No. 202. Isaiah McKenzie, WR, Georgia. The best return specialist in the draft. McKenzie also fits Shanahan’s physical profile for a small wide receiver (think Taylor Gabriel).

Round 7, pick No. 219. Jylan Ware, OT, Alabama State. A 6’7″ offensive tackle with 34-inch arms who ran a 4.93 40-yard dash at his Pro Day.


XWR: Pierre Garcon, Aldrick Robinson
SWR: Jeremy Kerley, Bruce Ellington
ZWR: Marquise Goodwin, Isaiah McKenzie
LT: Joe Staley, John Theus
LG: Zane Beadles
C: Jeremy Zuttah, Daniel Kilgore
RG: Joshua Garnett, Corey Levin
RT: Trent Brown, Jylan Ware
TE: Logan Paulsen, Jordan Leggett, Vance McDonald
QB: DeShone Kizer, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
RB: Carlos Hyde, Joe Williams, Tim Hightower

DEFENSE (Over front)
RDE (4t): Arik Armstead, Quinton Dial
NT: Earl Mitchell, Mike Purcell
DT: DeForest Buckner, Ronald Blair
LDE (6t): Ryan Anderson, Aaron Lynch
Otto: Ahmad Brooks, Malcolm Smith, Brock Coyle
Mike (MLB): NaVorro Bowman, Eric Wilson
Jack (SLB): Ray-Ray Armstrong, Elijah Lee
LCB: Rashard Robinson, Tramaine Brock
SS: Eric Reid, Jaquiski Tartt
FS: Jimmie Ward, Don Jones
RCB: Marshon Lattimore, Dontae Johnson
NCB: K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond

PR: Isaiah McKenzie
KR: Isaiah McKenzie
P: Bradley Pinion
K: Robbie Gould
H: Kyle Nelson

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  1. Retired briefly? I say he goes undrafted with all the recent early retirements.

    1. Agreed, I live in Utah. Season ticket holder to Utah games. He will not go before the 6th round. He retired cause he was dropped on the depth chart. He also was booted from a school for stealing.
      Lunch and Kyle want guys that love the game of football, who live to play. This is not the guy.

      1. Saw him play in person…I’d say he goes somewhere in rounds 4-5. He’ll be drafted.

      1. Hooker considered quitting and was talked out of it by his mother. He wasn’t happy because his transition from HS to college wasn’t going well. A similar thing could happen when he gets to the pros.

        1. Ha!!! Similar thing happened to A.J. Jenkins, who almost quit college ball. Then, he transferred, then he got it going and was drafted by Baalke in the first round. Never did catch for us and never did catch on with another team longer than a season. I think AJ’s retirement is now for good.

        1. When did Young consider retiring? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I don’t remember anything like that. He wanted to play for Denver after our doctors wouldn’t clear him.

          1. Maybe this is what you were referring to.

            “That’s the paradox. I’m lonely and I desperately want to catch the next flight back to Connecticut. But at I also want to prove that I can be as good as Jim McMahon.”

            “I called my dad and told him I wanted to come home. “They don’t even know my name here!” His advice was direct: “Steve, you have to suck it up.”


            Good memory ht.

            1. From the same link.

              “I discovered that sound throwing has a lot more to do with mechanics than arm strength. And it begins with something as simple as the proper grip.”

              Mechanics can be learned and maintained.

        2. What about the time he literally crawled off Ford Field against the Lions, down by at least two scores he sucked it up by engineering a comeback….

    2. My thoughts, too. All we need is another rookie retiree costing us a draft pick and signing bonus.

    1. Nor am I! Too inaccurate. I’d rather wait a full year to get the most accurate passer in Cousins than have to wait for someone to teach a 20-something QB basic mechanics and footwork.

  2. Nice draft and don’t think I didn’t notice where you had Kizer on the depth chart. I would be very happy if Leggett fell that far

  3. Another quality mock Grant, but it’s hard to imagine Kizer starting right away. In fact, I think if he falls to round 2, the 49ers can justify starting Hoyer on opening day, while Kizer develops. That said, I could see Kizer starting before the end of the season. A couple months back, I believe you posed the question of ranking the top 5 QB prospects.

    Here was my answer:

    1) Kizer
    2) Kizer
    3) Kizer
    4) Kizer
    5) Kizer

    1. If they draft Kizer I see him sitting at least half the season as would any rookie QB in KS’s system. I don’t see them drafting a QB untill Rd 5 unless they trade back and get extra 2nd or 3rd rd picks.

      1. Would be very similar to the Eli treatment. He sat for the most of the first 9 games, Warner went out there, and then they let Eli have it from game 10 on.

    2. Leggett would be a steal in round 4.

      The “Retiree” might be the best fit for our RB corp physically, as he has elite speed/balance/vision, but as you know, I’m weary of “early retirements” after the Borland bombshell. That said, a gamble on a 4th round pick, is better than a gamble on a 3rd round pick, like Borland was.

      I’d be very happy with Lattimore and Robinson as the staring CB’s, and I agree, CB’s need to excel at man coverage in this scheme. Though I prefer Adams in round 1.

      Ryan Anderson is another good fit.

      1. Joe Williams’ rushing performance VS UCLA will go down as one of the greatest. Scintillating! Astonishing! Exhilarating! are a few words that come to mind. I understand why he walked away temporarily, but I also know that he’s a guy who is already very concerned about life after football, and that gives me pause.

        1. I know what you mean but he should be concerned about life after football. It’s a conundrum!

          1. Agreed kt49er. It is a conundrum. Yes, football careers tend to be rather short, and it’s important to plan for the future. However, Joe has already been actively engaged planning for life outside of football, in part, because of the pounding these guys take. In fact, injuries are really the catalyst for his first “retirement”.

            I want a guy who says, yah, life after football is important, but I love the game so much I am going to worry about the future when the time comes and concentrate and being the best NFL RB I can be, and perhaps, earn enough money to do whatever I want after I forge an outstanding NFL career!

            I know it’s easy for me to say from the grandstands, as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, as well as the chronic joint and back pain a lot of these guys suffer through later in life, is not to be taken lightly. But if a guy has already been willing to walk away as a college player, it raises red flags for me, and real concern that he could very well be another Chris Borland, walking away after a season or two.

            1. Safe to say I am rather spooked by the CTE problem, thanks to Chris Borland. If your honestly considering walking away before the draft, what are the chances that a few concussions later, you say “I’ve had enough”?

            2. Not to be too callous but some of this is money related.
              Athletes have to wait for their second contract to really cash in at the NFL level.
              And unfortunately for running backs, they seldom see a 3rd contract that can net them much money. I think this is part of the reason the value of a rb has fallen off so much… teams are really only renting them for a few years.

    3. Here’s how I rank them:

      1. Trubisky
      2. Kizer
      3. Doesn’t matter
      4. Doesn’t matter
      5. Doesn’t matter

      1. No Mahomes? There are people on this blog who think he’s a 1st round talent. I think you are close in your assessment. I think it’s really

        1. Trubisky
        2. Doesn’t Matter
        3. Doesn’t Matter
        4. Doesn’t Matter
        5. Doesn’t Matter

        And even Trubisky is a giant gamble at the top of the 1st.
        Also, Don’t like Kizer in the 2nd. I really want a quality WR in this draft so if they skip WR in round 1 I’d like them to go after Ju Ju out of USC in Round 2.

        1. No Mahomes. He’s just a guy with a strong arm. Air Raid QBs never pan out in the NFL.

          1. True statement Grant. Mahomes is just not an NFL QB. Reminds me of the times on this blog when people really wanted the 49ers to select Graham Harrell with the 10th pick – He went undrafted. Mahomes obviously deserves to be drafted but he’s a 4th round flyer kinda guy. Any team who selects him in round 1 are Tim Tebow at pick #25 level of stupid.

      2. Here’s how they will be ranked in 3 years:

        1. Mahommes
        2. Watson
        3. Peterman
        4. Trubisky
        5. Dobbs

        Here’s the order they’ll be drafted
        First Round
        1. Trubisky
        2. Watson
        3. Mahommes
        4. Kizer

        Second round
        5. Webb
        6. Kaaya

        Third Round
        7. Peterman

        Fourth round
        8. Dobbs

    4. Is that the Kizer who’s defense lost the lead by giving up a 32 second drive for Stanford’s winning field goal?

      Is that the Kizer who’s reaction was to flop on the ground in front of a national TV audience?

      Is that the Kizer who was very slow to get up with a coach telling him to get up?

      Yep, that’s the Kizer.

  4. Yeah, draft a very talented CB, but one who has hamstring issues. Lattimore is a physical freak, but at the same time his hamstrings can give out at anytime. Lattimore is not going to make it out of training camp, much less OTA’s with those hamstrings. Yeah, let’s draft a player at number 2 who is very susceptible to getting injured. My guess it will be either Solomon Thomas or Fournette.

  5. Pretty good i I would sign for this but better is:
    pick #34 jordan willis edge le
    pick #66 n peterman qb
    for rb later on brian hill wyoming or aaron jones utep kid or ponnell sd state kid

  6. You can’t take Lattimore #2. He’s like that foreign sports car you constantly have to tinker with to keep it on the road. Freshman year, he had a hamstring injury/surgery that caused him to redshirt the entire season to include the post-season. Next redshirt Freshman season was not an anomaly, because as you may have surmised, more hamstring injuries that forced him to miss a multitude of games. Once the redshirt Sophomore was finally able to make it through a whole season as a starter, he follows that up with what he called a “hip flexor” at the combine. Sure, whatever you say Marshon;>)Red flag people! I find it interesting that against the two quality receivers he went up against, Williams, Clemson he didn’t cover, and Westbrook, Ok, he didn’t cover much. When he did, he didn’t fair well. There’s approximately 10 corners with first round grades, and one or two are sure to drop. Got to be pass rusher, King Solomon or Allen Wrench at #2.

    I like Kizer, but may need to trade up with the Broncos to secure him.

    I like Anderson as well, but you’d probably need to trade up into the bottom of round 3 for your fourth round pick, Leggett. Don’t think he’ll get out of the 3rd round.

    Williams is looking like a 6-7 or UFA with the consensus of my scouting reports. Unless teams are sold on his commitment, I don’t he’ll warrant that high of a selection.

    1. I agree with you on the Lattimore health issue Razor and some of the other points you make but could not get over the Kizer depth chart ranking. Grant must be hard up.

    2. Lattimore could be a member of the “fast and fragile” brigade. A high strung player who’s hammy goes pa-twang every once in a while.

  7. Grant, thanks for the “these are the picks I think the 49ers will make” mock. Who are your favorites at 2, 34, 66…?

  8. Grant,

    I see your depth chart having Logan Paulsen as the starter. Really, a blocking tight end starting. Vance McDonald is much more talented than Paulsen. Again, the Niners did not sign Paulsen to start, they signed him to compete with Celek. If healthy, McDonald is a much superior tight end than Paulsen. Wake-up!

  9. Thought I would mix it up a little bit with the first pick. If Fournette is the sure thing offensive juggernaut he’s projected to be then unless you have Ezekiel Elliot or Adrian Peterson in his prime on your team I don’t know how you pass no him. At least that’s my reasoning for taking him #2 in the mock. Don’t hold me to that personally :)

    Episode IV. A New Hope

    After grabbing a couple decent starting receivers in free agency Kyle rounds out his new powerhouse offense.

    #2 Leonard Fournette RB In the beginning Fournette will do for Hoyer and Kizer what Elliot did for Prescott, which is to limit their role to simply not turning over the ball.

    #24 Deshone Kizer QB Trade #34 and ’18 3rd round pick. They need to get in front of the Chiefs. They could make a lesser offer to the Seahawks but it would still likely be a 4th instead of a 3rd so instead of making a division opponent stronger the Raiders get the extra pick.

    #66 Josh Jones SS Physical body slamming safety. Will have to learn to trade some of that aggression for control but this is exactly the type of S that I can see Lynch respecting and wanting on his team.

    #109 Antonio Garcia OT A sleeper prospect who’s shorter then avg arms have people looking past him. Quick hands and feet more then compensate for the arms. His athleticism will help him retain his quickness once NFL trainers start to bulk him up.

    #143 Brendan Langley CB Very raw boom/bust prospect corner. Ok height and size, showed at the Senior Bowl he could keep in step with the faster receivers.

    #146 Derek Rivers DE Well it’s too bad that Grant doesn’t think the defense uses a Leo because he’ll never correctly describe where Rivers is playing on our team.

    #161 Jessamen Dunker OG Will need some development but has starter potential. Not a bad find in the 5th

    #198 Richie Brown LB Potential prospect for replacing Bowman in a year or two

    #202 Brandon Facyson CB Practice squad player/potential depth

    #219 Mack Hollins WR Practice squad player/potential depth

    1. CFC,

      I liked your previous mock better but this isn’t bad. I get what you are saying about Fournette, but I don’t see him as a great fit for this system. He’s a power runner with speed but doesn’t excel running laterally which you have to do often in the zone blocking system. He also hasn’t caught many passes which is another staple of KS’ system. Great player, bad fit imo. With the names over the years that have had success under the Shanahan’s, the last thing they need to do is draft a RB early.

      Your trade up for Kizer is probably necessary, but I think they’d have to give up more than a 3rd in 2018 to make it happen. I’m guessing the Raiders, or any team would want a 3rd this year or a second next to do it. I could be wrong on that but it seems light in compensation to me.

      Agree with you on Jones and he’d be a nice pick up where you have him going.

      1. Cook would take the job from Mr. Hyde in Shanny’s offense, and be an All Pro this season….

      2. I in no way endorse or even believe they would go that direction but I wanted to see how the mock played out. However I don’t think system is really something that’s going to effect a great running back if that’s what Fournette in fact is. Natural runners can fit any style. With that said a few teams will look at the success the Cowboys had and try to emulate that by protecting their young QB with an ‘elite’ RB and obviously a good offensive line doesn’t hurt. :)

        I really wrestled with the trade up compensation. Chart wise the trade makes perfect sense but I agree that dropping from #24 to #34 sounds like it should take more then a just a 3rd rounder. If someone says they should throw in a 5th as well I’d be open to that.

        1. Except that our 3rd rounder is practically a 2nd rounder. If we gave the Raiders our 3rd rounder, they would need to give us their 4th and 5th round picks and they would still be ahead on the points chart. I don’t see us doing it unless we have already traded back for extra picks in the 1st round. I can’t see us giving up draft capital for a QB this year and getting someone like Peterman later makes more sense.

          1. There’s a 180 point difference between pick #24 and #34. #34 is worth 260 points. So the trade as it stands gives the Raiders an extra 80 points in draft capital which is basically the mark up for the 49ers trading up for a QB. The Raiders aren’t going to trade out of the first round for an even trade. If anything the 49ers might have to sweeten the deal with a 5th or 6th rounder.

            Peterman makes more sense to you because you think he’s equal to Kizer in potential. The fact that one is seen as a potential first rounder and the other is seen as a day three pick says that NFL teams don’t share your opinion.

        2. I understand your intent and I don’t disagree that an elite RB is a good thing, I just don’t think Fournette would deliver the bang for the buck in this system. I read a breakdown somebody did on Fournette (I will try to find it and post it here), looking at the type of plays he excelled in, and they were all going forward. When he ran laterally or had to be patient in waiting for something to open up, he struggled. The outside zone is not the best system for him. I also think based on the success RB’s taken late or even undrafted have had in this offense, they won’t look at it until day 3 most likely.

          1. Here is a perfectly executed outside zone run. Tell me what part of this play you think wouldn’t suit Fournette?

              1. Here’s the breakdown I was talking about. I don’t know if the guy has any credentials to be doing this but he did a nice job in analyzing Fournette’s game. He is no doubt a great player, but I don’t think he would be utilized properly in this type of blocking system and isn’t the receiver they need for the position.


    2. Very clever. I like the Star Wars setup. I think it would be tremendous if Kyle Shanahan selected a RB at #2 after his father was famous for finding great RB’s in the later rounds. I’m no NFL historian but I think Mike Shanahan could be credited with de-valuing the RB position. All Shanahan did was find guys who were naturally adept at 1 cut & go and looking for the cut back lane. He paired those types of RBs with his blocking scheme of zone stretch on play side and cut blocks on back side which created natural cutback lanes. Terrell Davis was a 6th rounder that ended up in the perfect offense for his style and that led to the HOF.

  10. I like it Grant. It’s also plausible which a lot of mocks aren’t so I appreciate that as well. The knocks against Lattimore for the Hammy issues are valid, but he just played an entire season at a very high level so that is where the focus should be. A lot of players have injuries in College and go on to have good NFL careers. I’d prefer Hooker, but would be fine if it was Lattimore.

    1. The knocks against Lattimore for the Hammy issues are valid, but he just played an entire season at a very high level so that is where the focus should be.

      Nope, it’s still on the hammy where he re-injured it at the combine.

      I’d prefer Hooker…

      Wouldn’t we all;>)

      1. Touche.

        For the record Lattimore just felt tightness, he didn’t reinjure it. Those things tend to be a result of the type of training the player does, lack of proper stretching and diet/hydration. All things that will change in a NFL program. He is clearly the best CB in the draft so I wouldn’t ignore him for something that can be dealt with better at the pro level.

        1. Ignore him with the second pick, and if he’s so good, why didn’t he cover Williams in the Clemson game? What happened when he couldn’t keep track of Westbrook the limited amount of times they asked him to? Those are really the only two quality receivers he “faced” this year. He’d be the first corner ever drafted that high….

        2. But those hamstring issues don’t go away. They tend to be nagging injuries that reoccur.

        3. I remember Emmitt Smith pulling up with hammy issues in seemingly every game. He had a long and productive career.

          1. Right but a very different set of circumstances. He will need to stretch out for the ball and make very quick direction changes that he won’t anticipate. This will be much more strenuous on his body I think than anticipated movements that the RB reads.

    2. Hooker is good, too, but his injury issues seem more concerning than Lattimore’s.

  11. Grant – With that first pick its almost like you knew T Brock was getting arrested today for a “domestic incident”

    1. There’s 10 corners with first round grades in this draft. No need to waste it at pick #2 on a guy with hammy issues….

  12. To pick up Razor’s thread from yesterday about the Bear trade back market… that’s been my view for a while.

    A tale of three trade back markets

    2013 – Bear
    Oakland traded 3
    Miami’s 12+42

    2014 – About Right
    Cleveland traded 4
    Buffalo’s 9+19(2015)+115(2015)

    2016 – Bull
    Cleveland traded 2+139(2017)
    Philadelphia’s 8+77+100+12(2017)+2018 second

    This is why the chart goes out the window near the top of the first. Trade scenarios should have trade bait names to move up for, like Goff, Wentz or Watkins.

    April 27 will be national yo-yo day

    There are no red “Trade Back” buttons under a GM’s desk. Lets brace ourselves for yo-yo’s that will scream “reach” if the 49ers stand pat… or “stupid trade” if Lynch makes a deal like 2013 (as if a GM would say “no” to better offers).

    1. Notes of optimism…

      – Just because many fans like me think the talent is fairly even picks 2 through 7, that doesn’t necessarily mean Lynch and Shanahan value picks 2 to 7 evenly. There could be a specific player they are gaga about.

      – Even talent doesn’t mean lack of talent.

      – There still a chance a team will fall in love with a quarterback and will want to secure him.
      3 – Bears – Unproven QB
      6 – Jets – Needs New QB
      7 – Chargers – Older QB
      11 – Saints – Older QB
      12 Browns – Needs New QB
      13 – Cards – Older QB
      17 – Skins – Cousins not under long term contract

      – Pick 2 might be frustrating, but picks 34 and 66 are very well positioned. Very good players will be there. A player is likely to fall to 34 many teams consider a first rounder.

      1. Ugh! I get the clever little “King” reference, but you’ve warn it out like a cheap suit Razor.

        According to the Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Not exactly a nickname I would carry proudly bro!

    2. This is a really deep draft that isn’t top heavy with stars. That’s what makes it difficult to envision a team wanting to trade up. There is really no one to trade up for worthy of the compensation.

      1. Agreed, probably only happens if a team falls in love with Trubisky or Watson. I like Lattimore, but hard to pass on Solomon if they stay at two…

  13. New mock, taking into consideration the Niners trading back.

    Niners trade back with Cleveland. Cleveland will want to get the first 2 picks of the draft. They will either go for Fournett, a possible Jim Brown type player, or they will go for a Cleveland native, Mitch Trubisky. Either way, the Browns will offer their pick numbers 12, 33, 52, along with a 2018 second round pick. Or, the Browns will want to save their 33rd pick, and offer pick numbers 12, 52 and 65, along with a 2018 first round pick. They may want to assume they will make the playoffs, and it would balance out if they were picking at 23. However, I will go with the more conservative 2018 second round pick, which would balance out if the Browns were picking as the 4th worst team in 2018.

    The Niners would leverage their number 2 pick into pick numbers 12, 33, 52, along with a 2018 second round pick.

    The Niners would trade that number 12 pick with the Ravens. They would get the Ravens number 16 and 78, which would balance out perfectly on the TVC. The Niners would trade back with the Broncos, who want the best ranked O lineman in the draft. They would get the Broncos numbers 20 and 82 for pick 16, and the Niners should throw in pick number 161 to balance out the TVC.

    The Niners would then make one final trade back. KC wants a replacement for AS just in case, so they would want to leapfrog over Houston and the Giants,and even Miami who had their QB suffer a leg injury, to poach a QB. KC would offer pick numbers 27, 91 and 132 for the Niners picks 20, and 202 to balance the TVC.

    The Niners would leverage trading back 25 spots and 2 late round picks to gain 6 additional picks. Numbers 33,52,78,82,91,132, while losing pick numbers 161 and 202.

    The Niners would end up with pick numbers 27, 33, 34, 52, 66, 78, 82, 91, 109, 132, 143, 146, 198 and 219.

    Using Draftek and trying to pick within 5 of the rankings, the Niners could select-

    27- Taco Charlton EDGE, although Deshone Kizer QB is ranked 28th.
    33- Obi Melifonwu SS
    34- Montravius Adams DT
    52- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    66- Taylor Moton OT
    78- Chris Godwin WR
    82- Davis Webb QB
    91- Fabian Moreau CB, not an ACL injury.
    109- Isaac Asiata OG
    132- Eddie Vanderdoes NT
    143- Jeremy McNichols RB
    146- Jordan Leggett TE
    198- Jayon Brown ILB
    219- Josh Carraway OLB

    Niners get depth all around. 2 ILB, Edge, SS, DT, OT, WR, QB, CB, OG, NT, RB, TE and OLB.

    1. The Browns will offer 12+33+52+65+2018 first+2019 first+2020 first+2021 first+2018 2nd. But Lynch will turn it down and draft a long snapper at pick 2.

      1. If you pick according to the present draft order, you will get 3 players in the first 3 rounds. This scenario has 8 players in the 3 rounds. Just by sheer numbers, this mock would be stronger than yours.

        I also challenge you to diss the players I chose. I admit that Fabian Moreau is injured, but he lit it up at the Shrine game practices.

    2. Seb

      As I have stated previously, I like your mocks better than anyone elses…this one’s your best yet if it can come close to pulling it off w/ the same personnel….I like it….

      1. TY ;p.

        Do not know if Lynch could pull it off, but the Niners would get a good foundation to build upon.

      2. You like them because they are ridiculously slanted toward the Niners. They are completely out of left field and unrealistic. We can all dream about other teams giving up a ton of picks so the Niners could draft 20 players but it isn’t going to happen.

          1. And its better to burn out, then it is to rust………..

            Sorry-couldn’t resist.

        1. Rocket

          You DO like that word ‘ridiculous’ don’t you…? Don’t be so absolutist…’less crow to digest on April 29th….Unrealistic…?

          1. If the shoe fits…and ridiculous fits a lot of these entries. It’s completely unrealistic to expect a team to make multiple trades in the first round and wind up with a bunch of picks on the first two days as a result. Doesn’t happen ever. 1 trade sure, but what this guy proposes is pure nonsense.

            1. I just saw a pundit predict the Jets would trade back twice to get a bevy of picks.

              Argue with him, too.

              Also saw an article with 9 teams who might want to trade up.

              Just because it is rare does not mean it could not happen. I want Lynch to be bold and innovative. He should also bundle players to make the deal more feasible. Some teams would see the logic in getting established players who have been battle tested in the league, in lieu of an unproven rookie who needs to study and grow stronger.

              1. Have you ever seen a team turn 3 picks in the first 3 rounds into 8 in the same draft after trades? Your bundling of players idea is stupid seb. Give it up. Nobody wants to trade valuable picks for players you don’t want.

            2. Study the Niner 86 draft. Walsh traded back multiple times and even traded up to get a player he coveted.

              Maybe you should diss Bill Walsh for being ridiculous.

              1. Bill Walsh traded back 3 times in the first round and wheeled and dealed some more. He had 4 third round picks, but traded away 2 of them to move up.

                Try again? Maybe you should not open your mouth without thinking. Bill Walsh made multiple trade backs, and even a trade up, and built a SB team.

                Dissing Bill Walsh is a lesson in futility, and he proves my point that teams can trade back and do well.

              2. Stop shovelling your BS and show me a team that wound up with 8 picks in the first 3 rounds after starting with 3 as you proposed above.

              3. I just proposed a scenario where it could happen, but in this draft, Cleveland traded back so they are starting out with 5. They very easily could trade back and accumulate more picks.

                Of course, I will maximize the number of picks, but that is just to show the potential. I would be extremely happy with 5, and Cleveland is living proof that it is possible.

              4. Your scenarios are ridiculous and unrealistic that is the point. There is no chance the 49ers are going to turn 3 picks into 8 in the first 3 rounds. Try doing a mock without trades for a change because you have no clue how they work in this league.

              5. My bad, I thought they traded up from a third they got from Detroit.

                However, he started with 4 picks in the first 5 rounds and ended up with 8 in the first 5 rounds.They also got a first and second in the subsequent draft. So 10 overall picks within the first 5 rounds. Not bad.

              6. Yes, I did do a mock with no trades.

                Still think the smartest move is to trade back, and Bill Walsh himself said that teams thought they were schooling the Niners, but the Niners ended up with the last laugh.

        2. Rocket, in my last mock before the draft last year, I predicted the Niners would draft Buckner, Garnett and Fahn Cooper.

          If I can recall correctly, nobody else claimed more than 2. Some whiffed completely. If you want to claim to be better at drafting than me, please prove it.

          Put up a mock, they are really easy to do, and there are sites that can run through all sorts of permutations, even with picking the players for other teams and following the draft boards.

          Ridiculously slanted towards the Niners? I have tried very hard to follow the draft value chart, and even Baalke admitted he used them to figure out trades.

          Niners Wire had the Panthers taking advantage of the Niners for 900 points.At least they should have offered a first round pick to balance it out a little.

          When you pronounce that teams would have absolutely no interest in moving up, and never would do that because it is silly to even think about it, maybe you should remember the Rams moved up by giving up 6 picks including multiple firsts and seconds, and the Eagles moved up with multiple firsts and 5 picks overall. The year before, the Niners traded back.

          My trades are not asking for such absurdly generous compensation. The trade with Cleveland does move up 10 spots, but they have a boatload of picks, so they can afford to go bold. When in draft history have you heard of a team getting the first AND second picks of the draft? It would be incredibly fortunate to have that boon. It is worth something.

          I have also never gone through a draft, and not had a player coveted be taken just before the Niners pick. Teams will want to reach as far forward as possible. It is a strategic move to leapfrog over a team, so one can poach a player early, instead of being content to losing the pick, when the price to move up may not be that costly. Getting a coveted player has value.

          Yes, the Niners should plan on staying put, and just selecting the players at their designated positions. However, Lynch claims to be thinking about many players, and many scenarios. He is preparing himself for many changes, making adjustments on the fly, expecting the unexpected, and with the second pick of the draft, he has a ton of draft capital to work with. Even the 34th pick might be used to trade back with, because there will be some teams in the late thirties or early forties, who may really want to get a good player they covet because he would instantly fill a need.

          Some claim my trade back are delusional, improbable, unrealistic and absurd. I can only point out that they have happened many times before, and would like to point out a success story. In 1986, Bill Walsh put on his ‘Trader Bill’ hat and wheeled and dealed. He succeeded in building a SB team. He not only traded back, he traded up to get the player he coveted.

          All I want is for Lynch to emulate Bill Walsh. You, and others, obviously, do not think Lynch is capable of pulling it off.

          I have faith in Lynch.

          1. You have faith in Lynch? You’ve taken a few less-than-complementary digs at him the last while. And you place conditions on him…if he fails to act as you see fit, he’s a failure.

            On the matter of trading for more picks, why don’t you develop a scenario where the 9ers trade every 1st rounder they have through 2022 for picks this year. See if you can draft 25 players in 2017 with strong potential to make the squad this season. Heck, go out to 2025. I applaud your creativity… Windmills…

            1. Cassie, he will not go emo over constructive criticism, unlike your daddy.

              If some criticism on a sports blog is enough to fluster him, he is in the wrong business.

              Actually, I am very happy with what I have seen so far. He sure acted decisively with Brock.

              Yes I will call him a failure if he cuts players on the team bus and selects multiple ACL players. However, he followed exactly what I wanted by signing 3 FA WRs, and his aggressive action during the Free agency period made me very happy. I was disappointed that he did not get Dante Hightower, Poe or Brandon Williams, but realize that he was fighting the Niner reputation, and elite players did not think this was a good landing spot.

              If he cannot manage to trade back, I will not see that as a failure, but will be disappointed.

              Sure ridicule me by posing a far fetched scenario, but it just means that you are trying to hard to oppose me in any way. Just like a Baalke shill.

              I really do not want the Niners to be in the position to trade back every year. With the number 2 overall pick, that has draft value, and the shrewd strategy would be to leverage that pick to gain multiple additional picks, plumbing the sweet spot of the draft.

              Actually, I want the Niners to pick last every year, and believe me, I will not call him a failure for picking last.

              Above all, I sure hope Lynch does not expect every fan to bow down to him like Baalke did, then go petty and emo at the slightest criticism. Lynch is a big boy, and has thick skin. I hope he will invite honest and sincere constructive criticism, and learn from his mistakes.

              Last thing he needs is for his toady friend posters to attack others, at his behest, like I think Baalke did with me.

              1. Well of course Baalke targeted you…it was personal to him. He gathered up all his toady buddies and called for attacks on you. You were a threat to him–with your soaring intellect, peerless understanding of NFL football, and mildly megalomaniacal behaviors. I’d imagine you’ve intimidated Lynch just a little too. He hopes he can measure up to your expectations.

              2. Your the center of the Universe, eh Seb?

                Bulky doesn’t have a clue as to who you are……………..or any of us. He runs in different circles. With all of the drama and subterfuge that guy was involved with, what the H would he be fiddling with this forum?

                Just what makes you so important that he would hang on your sermons??

              3. With a name like Cassie Baalke and you pretending to speak for your daddy, there may be others on this site with megalomaniacal dispositions.

                No, I do not deign to think Lynch even knows of my existence.

                Your daddy was thin skinned, I bet he read every word and got all emo. Do not be deluded. I know the pushback and opposition to my posts are orchestrated and well organized. I have said too many harsh things to be ignored. The vehemence and persistence with the non stop attacks just proves my point.

                I sure am glad Baalke was fired because my non stop criticisms just showed how bad he was. I was one of the first to describe him as a dead man walking. The stench of Baalke is slowly dissipating, but the shadow still lingers on these sites.

                Lynch has made mistakes like cutting players instead of bundling them and trading them away to targeted teams for a draft pick, but he will learn. Hope he learns from the Ravens, and what they did with Zuttah. He should not have sounded so optimistic about Kaep only to have him opt out. He should have been more reserved, measured and diplomatic. Then people would not wonder if all his talk is hyperbole.

                Glad he signed battle tested and battle hardened FA WRs, because rookies tend to get injured. I am extremely happy he managed to sign so many players. Baalke only managed to sign 2 and one of them was DEVEY.

                Since you think Lynch dotes on every word I say, there are 6 things I would like for him to do.

                First, he should re institute the practice of free sodas in the locker room. Making the players pay was just a sign that they were going cheap. The Niner organization should be able to afford to keep the players well hydrated. That will make the players happy.

                Second, he should announce as soon as possible that they will reduce beer prices until the team starts winning. That will make the fans extremely happy.

                Third, he should have available to all his coaches, food at their fingertips. Every food delivery service should be on speed dial, and maybe even a kitchen next to the offices. It needs to be balanced, nutritious and delicious.

                I do not want to hear about a coach being sent home to eat. The time before the draft is crucial, and may determine the fate of the season. I hope they are crunching numbers and mocking permutations, and running through scenarios, both probable and unforeseen.

                Fourth, he should convince KS that Kaep could be a very effective QB, and resign him so they can get him throwing to his receivers. It is critical for them to synch up so they could work on teamwork and timing. Going with Hoyer and an unproven rookie just does not fill me with confidence. It would be a gutsy thing to do, and there would be immediate backlash, but he should just say he wants to use every weapon he can to win. Since it sounds like Lynch controls the 90, he can insert Kaep into the competition, and if KS works with him and decides he wants to go in another direction, they can trade him to a team of his choice and get a draft pick for him, instead of nothing.

                Fifth, he should convince Jed to acquire from Craig Walsh all of Bill Walsh’s hand written notes. To me, they are priceless, but even if he does not want to part with them, he should allow the Niners to archive them. They might even find something that will help them win.

                Sixth, and this is the hardest one, I hope Lynch and KS can swallow their egos, and ask Chip back as the OC. Chip would be another resource to use, and the goal should be to leave the egos at home and all work to make the Niners better. KS may be the most stubborn about this, but he, as the head coach, should feel comfortable enough to delegate authority. Chip, as a former head coach, could help KS avoid the head coaching pitfalls, and help KS focus properly. He might even help with the game management, and the need to make quick adjustments.

                They are paying Chip anyways, and this might be a good way for Chip to redeem himself. He could also work on his people skills by working on interpersonal relationships within the workplace.

                It would also be a good way to let Jed keep his word. He declared that Chip would be working for the Niners for many years. This way, he would fulfill his promise.

                Sure do not expect this to happen, but not utilizing a resource that might help them win is like sheathing a weapon. Guess I am just wondering how badly do they want to win.

                Thanks again for inviting me to post more. Sure hope Lynch sees this. Maybe Joan in accounting will post this to him.

              4. Saw, I write as if they read my blog posts, but if I were really serious, I could make a few clicks and send an email. It is child’s play to be able to send a post.

                I also remember Eddie disavowing that he ever read Lowell’s articles. Then recently, he admitted he read every word. so take what they say with a grain of salt.

                Of course, Lynch should not be perusing blog sites, he has much more important things to do, but the Niners have a PR department, and part of their job is to monitor what is said. Certainly, they should ignore 99% of what is written, but maybe, they might find a cogent salient post every so often, and pass it on to an assistant who may think it might help the team play better.

                I also remember Jed telling the world that he gets the message, loud and clear, so he reads the blogs, both the good and the bad.

          2. Rocket, in my last mock before the draft last year, I predicted the Niners would draft Buckner, Garnett and Fahn Cooper

            You didn’t have a clue who any of these players were and picked them of a draftek board based on their rankings. That takes no skill at all and almost everybody had the Niners taking Buckner and Garnett was mentioned as a possibility by a lot of people which is where you likely got the idea for one of your 200 mocks.

            Your mocks just like your trade scenarios involving end of roster players, are ridiculous (that was for Oregon).

            1. Like you, I am not a paid scout, but I have researched all the players, working off utube film the Combine and articles.

              The fun part about mocks is that every one can do one, they are very easy to do. I also mocked players like Nick Kwaitkoski and CJ Prosise. Kwaitkowski played very well against the Niners last year, and CJ Prosise did very well when he was healthy.

              Another thing about these mocks is that they are archived, so we can go back to see how the predictions panned out. Since you have not brought up your mock, you probably whiffed on all your picks. If I can recall correctly, you were a big Goff fan. Too bad he had a poor season.

              Wonder if you will do a mock this year.

              1. I can’t remember who I ultimately mocked to the Niners after Buckner and it doesn’t really matter because it’s a shot in the dark that takes absolutely no skill whatsoever. The fact you measure yourself by getting a couple of players you’ve never heard of right is pathetic and sad, but it’s understandable based on the fact you’ve proven time and again you know nothing about the game.

              2. Buckner. One. Good for you. I predicted 3 times more than you, but you will just call it blind luck.

                Maybe you know 3 times less than me.

              3. And this is why so many just shake their heads at your responses or ignore them entirely. You either didn’t read or understand what you responded to and just regurgitated the same old crap you always do.

              4. Of course you want to attack me when I prove you wrong.

                Yes, the draft is an inexact science, and getting even a couple picks may seem like a victory, but I was astute enough to predict what Baalke was going to do, 3 times.

                You got the one obvious choice, Bravo. You must be a draft guru.

              5. You didn’t prove anything. You assumed that because I can’t remember who I took after Buckner that I was wrong. I can’t remember because I really don’t care and put no value on it. This is what I mean about you not reading or understanding what is said to you. Mock drafts are for fun. They take no degree of skill other than looking at a list of players rated by other people and inserting a name. Some like myself and a few others on here actually watch a lot of College football and know a lot of the players and yet we don’t measure ourselves by how many correct predictions we get in a mock draft and don’t pretend to know everything about every player. That is left for someone like yourself who doesn’t watch College football and just piggy backs off of draft ratings put up online. We already know about your lack of knowledge based on the things you post here. To crow about being correct on 3 picks in what was a bunch of mock drafts you likely put on here, is yet another indication that you are a novice who doesn’t really understand the game or the business behind it.

              6. No, I went with my LAST mock, the day before the draft.

                Sure I put up lots of mocks, and vary them due to different trade scenarios, but tracked what the buzz was and came up with that last mock.

                I remembered how many players I got right because I got 3, and no one else got more than 2.

                You forgot your mock because it was forgettable. It is lurking in the archives, but I am too lazy to dig it up.

            2. Sebs……….

              I’m telling you true: these guys do not know, or care, who we are.
              They have much, much bigger fish to fry-especially right now. In the big scheme of it all, you think they give a rats arse what we say on this little blog??
              What are they smokin up there at Johnson’s Beach?????????

              1. Saw, I write as though they are doting on every syllable.

                It is just a literary device.

                Believe me, if I were truly serious, I would be flooding them with E mails.

                Of course, I have stated many times that they should be holding their noses to the grindstone, because out thinking an opponent is half the battle. The other half is the playing the game.

      3. Oregon,Seb is beyond realistic. Especially his improbable draft trade scenarios.

    3. The challenge with these scenarios Seb is finding willing trade partners and that is always a challenge and then having the player you want there when you pick. That is another difficulty. Your strategy is also very reminiscent of a recent departed general manager whom you heavily criticized. Save for picking players with injured histories but possible first round grades you certainly are mimicking his propensity to move down and acquiring picks.

      1. East, I have made the trade scenarios with logical explanations focusing on needs. The number one ranked O lineman is ranked 15. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that he may fall to 16. Denver really wants an O lineman.

        Cleveland could be the first team in the history of the modern era to have both the first and second picks. That would be huge. Maybe Hugh would be happy with Osweiler if all he has to do is hand off to Fournett. Maybe then he could wait later to get his future QB.

        With my trade back scenarios, at 20, one of the 3 best rated QBs would still be available. In the Niners case, it would be silly to spend all that draft capital with Cousins available next year. I am not the only one speculating about the Chiefs selecting a decent backup to AS, and they may be running out of patience with him. Giants may be thinking beyond Eli since his play has regressed, and Miami had their QB sustain a twisted knee ACl will medial collateral damage. Houston needs a QB in the wort way since they gave up a draft pick to get rid of their starter.

        Baltimore is only trading forward 4 spots, but there may be a player they really covet. All of the teams ahead of them may be thinking about DBs, and the Ravens resigned their defensive lineman. Maybe a WR like Williams or Ross is available, and the Bengals lost WRs. Giving up a first and third for moving up may not be to high a price if they get the player they covet.

        Trading back 10, 4, 4 and 7 spots are not wildly improbable. The cost is not that great and the gain could help the team win.

          1. Fun paper exercise at best, but requires too much scrolling to get through the many scenarios he offers. Makes Seb feel warm inside nonetheless.

            1. Cassie, I kindly invite you to scroll past my posts.

              Quit wasting your time. And mine.

    1. This will be interesting to see if the team is willing to cut a starter before the draft.

        1. Perfect time to let everyone know you need a starting CB from the draft now

          1. Doesn’t matter this year. You’ve got 10 of them that have first round grades. I’m a big fan of Chidobe Awuzie, and think you could trade up above Denver in the second round and grab him….

            1. Unless you know someone with access to GM’s draft boards and is giving out the info nobody knows how many CB’s have first round grades and I would be fall down dead shocked if a single one of them had 10 CB’s with first round grades.

              1. Razor really doesn’t want to draft a DB with the first pick. It’s driving him into a fit of hyperbole driven hysteria.

              2. Jones might have gone before Lattimore.

                Humphrey(I like better than Hammy Latti)
                Adoree Jackson

                There’s an argument to be made for these 11.

              3. I like his physicality and ability in zone to read the quarterback, use his track speed and snatch the ball. Reminds me of Ramsey, similar size and similar hip technique issue needed to perfect their man coverage skill.

              4. Must have been nice for the Bama DBs playing behind that front 7. I don’t trust Humphrey as a top prospect. Could be another Dee Milliner for mine.

  14. So, Grant…how do you know Kizer’s the only rookie QB who can compete w/Hoyer? I don’t see any of these rookies becoming a starter their first year. Besides that, Coach wants Hoyer to lead his offense…to provide some stability and help teach it to his teammates. The rest of your mock…meh. You need to get off the Joe Williams bandwagon…he’s not the all-around RB Shanahan’s looking for. To play for KS, you’ve got to be a good of a receiver as runner…that’s not Williams.

    1. The best running backs in this draft are Fournette, McCaffrey, Mixon and Williams.

          1. Oregon, of course, but I see McCaffrey and I see a guy who may just be a hit or two away from being done in the NFL…

            1. He seems kind of ordinary — not particularly fast or elusive. A one-cut zone runner who should be available in the fifth round.

  15. Nice Grant, the first three rounds all seem pretty realistic picks for the 49ers.

    I can definitely see Lattimore as a legit chance of going #2, but the injury concerns are a real concern. I also find myself liking Hooker and Conley a lot too, which makes me wonder if they are all really as good as they seem or benefitted from the talent around them. Which is the same issue I have with Alabama players. How good are Tim Williams and Ryan Anderson really? I am not as high on them as many, though both guys have dropped a lot on the boards of most draft resource over the past month or so to closer to where I think their value lies. I think I would still prefer Joe Mathis to Anderson. Your thoughts?

    1. Thanks, Scooter. Mathis is a good prospect who probably will fall to the sixth round due to his injury issues. I get the feeling the Niners are looking for a 6-technique earlier in the draft, but I could be wrong.

      1. Yeah, good point on the 6T. Do you think Mathis can play that role? He played on the left which helps, but was more of a 2-point stance guy.

          1. I think he’d be a great pick. I am probably in the minority, but I actually would be fine with taking him as high as the 3rd round.

              1. Not sure. That interview is about a month old. I think he would be ready for training camp at the latest. He could be ready to go right away. By draft time he would have had 7 weeks to get his strength back. I’m not a doctor though.

              2. Me too #80. He’s one of my favourite “sleeper” picks in the draft, though its a bit of a cheat saying he is a sleeper.

    1. Mathis has been my guy Ever since Scooter pointed him out a couple months ago. In my most recent mock draft I have the Niners trading into the middle of the 3rd round to draft him. I’m super enamored with his skill set.

  16. “Multiple coaches and scouts in attendance for Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes‘ pro day told Matt Miller that the quarterback was unimpressive.”

    “Miller received a number of less-than-positive texts about Mahomes including: “Thrower, not a passer,” “forces everything,” “got some [Colin] Kaepernick to his arm” and “not sure you can teach timing and touch.“



        1. #80, I’m thinking one of the big four (Watson, Trubisky, Kizer, Mahomes) will drop to 34. If not, it pushes a good player at another position closer to #34.

              1. True, he would have to bulk up to play DE. He only weighs 244, but at 6’5” his frame should be able to handle an extra 10 to 20 LBs.

                I agree that he would be a perfect fit at OTTO. And we could finally move on from Brooks.

              2. I could be wrong, but the physical profile at 6-technique seems to be someone who’s shorter than 6’4″ and stronger than 25 reps on the bench.

              3. Wouldn’t Anderson be an Otto as well? You say DE in your mock, but he’s more of a LB. Even his college coach has said his best position in the NFL may be ILB in a 3-4.

              4. I don’t think he’s fast enough to play Otto, but he does seem strong enough to set the edge against a TE.

              5. I see. I think his best fit is as a 3-4 OLB or on ball OLB in a 4-3, so my take is Otto would be a better fit than DE. But he couldn’t play Otto the way Myles Jack does. He’d be more of your rush LB type.

              6. In that case I would probably pass on him. Think I would prefer others to play DE.

              7. Setting the edge as a LB though. It will be tougher keeping OL off him as a DE with his short arms.

              8. A 6-technique matches up with a TE. Yannick Ngakoue and Brooks Reed have short arms.

              9. Yeah, probably as much a case of me wanting to find reasons not to take him as much as anything else. I think he will be a solid but unspectacular pro. Which in the 3rd round is probably a good pick.

              10. Yeah, if his foot checks out I can see him going 3rd round. I don’t think Mathis will be a guy that will necessarily generate 10+ sacks year in, year out, but I see him as a guy that can be consistently difficult to block, generate pressures, and be strong against the run. After Garrett and Lawson, he is probably my next favourite edge guy – not saying he is the 3rd best edge player in the draft but my 3rd favourite guy in terms of likely value for pick.

    1. Guess it just depends on who you ask or what’s their motivation.

      “”I saw a kid that showed really good touch, good accuracy,” he said. “I know he has a big arm, but really I don’t think there is much of a negative to this kid. ” Mayock.

      “Mahomes throws the best deep ball, is the most accurate deep passer in this class and made some throws from launch points that I honestly can never remember seeing,” McShay

      These were both quotes from his pro day as well.

  17. I saw Jordan Willis going to the 49ers in third round in mocks. His combine numbers were very good 6-4, 255, 4.53 forty, 1.54 split, 39 vrt.

    I was intrigued, and dialed up a few game breakdowns. He didn’t look that fast or agile.

    What jumped out was Mahomes. I bashed his footwork (or lack thereof) from his pro day, but I can see why a team will take a chance on him. Super fast release. Ball jumps effortlessly from his hand. Can buy time and evade to complete a pass. Tough.

      1. Indeed. Was curious how Lynch would respond (would imagine there was a quick conversation with the Yorks). Message sent.

  18. Nice draft.

    Concern for the O-line makes me appreciate your 6’7″ tackle from Alabama St.

  19. Shanny has 6 yesrs. This draft he can take many wild card chances. It’s not like they have to take a safe pick like Solomon or Lattimore.
    That’s why I think they gamble this year at #2 with Trubisky or Williams or Corey Davies.
    Then they will go conservative in the later rounds.

  20. New mock factoring in Brock’s release.

    Niners trade back with the Saints. Niners should offer 3 players- Ahmad Brooks, Celek and Burbridge. Additionally, the Niners will trade their pick numbers 2 and 143 for the Saints 11, 32 and 42, along with a 2018 second round pick. They will trade 143 because the Saints do not have a 4th round pick, and it would sweeten the deal.

    Saints would like the deal because they could select Fournett and deprive the Panthers form obtaining him. They would also get a starter in Brooks and 2 good backups. Or the Saints could select a DB like Adams who played at LSU. Yes, they give up quantity, but they get quality.

    Niners would use the 11th pick, but trade back with the 32nd pick. They would trade with the Chargers, who would give up pick numbers 38 and 113 for pick number 32. They give up a 4th round the Niners lost to the Saints so they could move up 6 spots to get the player they covet. It almost balances out perfectly in the TVC.

    The Niners would trade back twice and end up with pick numbers- 11, 34, 38, 42, 66, 109,113, 146, 161, 198, 202 and 219. They would lose players Brooks, Celek and Burbridge, but gain a 2018 second round pick.

    Using the Draftek big board and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking, the Niners could select, with kudos to CFC for mocking King Solomon at 11-

    11- Solomon Thomas EDGE
    34- Obi Melifonwu SS
    38- Montravius Adams DT
    42- Kevin King CB
    66- Davis Webb QB
    109- Danny Isadora OG
    113- Duke Riley OLB
    146- Jordan Leggett TE
    161- D’Onta Foreman RB
    198- Jayon Brown ILB
    202- Chad Williams WR
    219- Josh Carraway EDGE

    2 EDGE, SS, DT, CB, QB, OG, OLB, TE, RB, ILB and WR

    Trade Back and still get King Solomon. Kevin King replaces Brock.

    1. Niners would faciltate this trade by paying part of Brooks salary. from 3-4 mil.

    2. I’m confused Seb, how does a “King” drop out of the top 10? Seems contradictory to me. Wouldn’t a King be at the top of the class?

        1. For the record: There’s zero precedent over the last decade for an undersized interior defensive lineman getting taken second-overall. Ndamukong Suh (6-4, 307) was the last defensive tackle to go second. That’s a 34 lbs difference, if you’re doing the math!

          Again, I like Solomon as a player, but he’s buried on our depth chart, and would likely have a small role for the foreseeable future, IMO.

          1. It’s Lattimore or Adam’s if the 49ers don’t trade back, unless they trade one of the twin towers, Armstead or Buckner. And that’s a highly unlikely scenario.

          2. 15 years ago, Thomas might be worth a #2. In today’s NFL, you simply don’t see many 273 lbs interior DL, and again, if you’ve followed his career, Thomas is NOT and edge rusher, and doesn’t show the flexibility to excel on the edge.

            Grant understands this very well.

            1. Nor does he have the desired body type to be effective as an edge rusher. So, he makes little sense for the 49ers, considering their current depth chart.

          3. But he’s not going as a DT, he’s going as a DE. And while I think Thomas dropping to #11 is crack-pipe time, I don’t buy off on your criticism. Especially as he did indicate Thomas as an EDGE draftee, not a DT.

            And there is precedent for short defensive ends.

            1. If that’s the case, why did Thomas play his best at Stanford on the interior. If he’s a special edge rusher, he’d have been playing more on the edge. Every team wants to sack the QB! Quote: “Most of his snaps came inside so he lacks reps outside the tackle where he is most likely to play on base downs.”

              CBS: Lacking the bulk to be an every-down defensive tackle or the burst and bend of a classic defensive end. Production may be inflated due to Stanford’s willingness to run stunts and loops to free him up.

              SBN: “The idea is that Solomon Thomas could be the Jaguars’ pick at fourth overall and play EDGE opposite of Yannick Ngakoue. While I believe Thomas is talented, and could potentially play EDGE in the NFL, I’m not sure if that’s his fit. Thomas’ best fit to me is interior defensive lineman as a 2i-technique, 3-technique, or a 4i-technique, consistently playing the shoulder of the offensive lineman he matches with, rather than a straight attack lining up on their chest. Thomas was an all-around defensive lineman at Stanford, and I still want to display his film, as there’s always the chance the Jaguars could draft him and work him as an EDGE. I just see defensive tackle as his fit. In watching Thomas’ tape …… the majority of the time when he played defensive end, he played the 5T on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle, HOWEVER, HE WASN’T NEARLY AS SUCCESFUL “GETTING HOME” TO THE BALL AS HE IS ON THE INSIDE ….. and was more of a strict pressure creator.”

              And now he suddenly a 6/7 Tech, competing for QB sacks against the worlds best OT’s? I think not!

              1. And I’ll say it again for the umphteen time ….. unless Thomas is a special player at LDE, which all indications are he isn’t, who are you going to bench behind Thomas, 1st Rnd pick Arik Armstead, or 1st Rnd pick DeForest Buckner?

              2. Better fit’s than Thomas at the 6T, IMO:

                Takkarist McKinley, DE/OLB, UCLA, 2nd round
                Demarcus Walker, DE, Florida State, 2nd round
                Jordan Willis, DE/OLB, Kansas State, 3rd round

              3. For mine McKinley is an OLB, not a DE. He reminds me of Bud Dupree, but not quite as athletic. Great effort, poor technique, probably needs to play with a bit of space.

          4. This is the year when precedents are shattered. Some mocks had 5 DBs going in the first 10 picks.

            After Trent Richardson flamed out, there were very few RBs taken in the first round. This draft, there may be 3 or 4 taken in the first round.

            There may be no O linemen taken before the 20th pick, and one mock had a TE going 6th.

    3. Your trades and mocks become more and more outlandish the more you post them!

      1. East, I am just throwing out mocks to show the possibilities.

        With the number 2 pick, the Niners are poised to be able to leverage that pick into multiple picks. Lynch just needs to be up front and honest, and declare he will forego quality for quantity. He should also declare that he will only entertain fair deals in which both sides benefit. The outlandish deals will never happen.

        That Saints deal benefits the Saints greatly, too. They would parlay those 2 first round picks into the second overall pick, along with gaining 2 players who started for the Niners last season.

        Trading back into the first round is a common practice. The Niners did it last year, and did it for similar compensation, a second and 4th rounder.

        1. Why not make those couple of trades into 6 or 10 first rounders if your simply trying to make the team more competitive? I’ll tell you why because it’s unrealistic and simply outlandish, like your proposals.

          Just because something can happen doesn’t mean it is likely to happen. This principle seems lost on you somehow and you seem to exploit it at every opportunity.

  21. Our D will need it’s Earl Thomas before it’s Sherman…Hooker is the pick at 2. Sherman has been exposed when Thomas was gone. Then Peterman over Kizer. Can’t draft a QB of the future who did nothing but get worse over his career.

  22. http://www.ninersnation.com/2017/4/7/15227602/testing-football-iq-kizer-vs-trubisky

    “After watching both videos you can see that between the two, Kizer seems much more comfortable in the interview. Not only that, but Kizer seems quick to learn the terms and play that Mooch gives him.”

    “Trubisky, on the other hand, seems to be nervous and scared of saying something wrong. On top of that, he seems very hesitant when drawing up the play after Mooch shows it to him. It seems it takes him a bit longer than it did Kizer and he just seem much less confident.”

      1. Ah, Gruden… There’s never been a college QB who made at least one read and checked down to the #2 WR that he didn’t fall in love with.

      2. It was Mooch not Gruden. The article highlights Trubisky’s inexperience and shows that he could struggle at learning a pro offense. It shows that Kizer is a quick study or well rehearsed. If he’s just well rehearsed, it shows his willingness to learn and prepare.

        1. The key is Trubisky’s inexperience; not what he’s capable of. That is the difference between a 1 and 2 year starter and the system they come from. Has little bearing on how either will do as a pro.

          1. Film is the most important thing as Shanny has said many times. But I imagine Shanny would talk about what the QB sees in our offense and against various formations, similar to what Mooch did.

            Kizer impressed the Niner brass. Was it on a personal level or did he impress with football knowledge and ability to learn quickly?

            1. I imagine it was a combination of everything, but I guarantee you Shanahan isn’t basing his rating on who is better on the white board right now. None of these rookies could come in and run the system without extensive field and class room work, so figuring out what they know now is simply giving the Coach an idea of where he has to start.

              1. Sure it was. That’s why they didn’t take him until the 4th round and toyed with the idea of trading into the first to get Lynch.

              2. Sure was. Only reason he dropped from the top of the second round was because of the DUI.

              3. Confidence is a two edged sword in a QB, especially a novice college boy who hasn’t faced a game plan NFL defense before.
                We’ve seen what lack of confidence can do (Alex, Colin), but still let’s remember that George A Custer was confident too. Well, maybe not those last 40:00

              4. Ah poor George, made for a great story in history though.

                I disagree that Prescott would have gone in the second without the DUI. His play in College was good but nothing that suggested he would be as good as he was last season. Garrett is trying to pretend they knew something about him when in reality they totally lucked out. The bottom line is you really don’t know how a young QB is going to adapt until you have him in your program which is why so many fail.

              5. Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott was thought to be a second or third round draft pick next month in the 2016 NFL Draft. After throwing for over 300 yards against LSU and Alabama’s NFL-caliber defenses and holding every passing record at Mississippi State Prescott was considered one of the top ten quarterbacks in this year’s draft class. The Bulldogs QB had a solid showing at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL last month and was named Most Outstanding Player. *Excerpt right after DUI

              6. I remember a few had him as a possible third but I don’t remember nor can I find any who rated him higher than that. PFF, CBS and ESPN all had him as a day 3 prospect with a good backup/spot starter ceiling. Mayock didn’t have him in the top 5. Had nothing to do with the DUI as when teams met him they were impressed by his maturity.

              7. When I first mentioned Dak he was seen as a 4th or 5th rounder. I can’t really recall seeing a mock draft that had him higher then the third round. I have to believe that when it comes to QB if a team grades a player as a second round caliber selection then that’s where they’re going to take him because the position it too important to let pass by if you really like the guy. The fact that he ultimately went in the 4th where he was originally projected tells me that the DUI probably didn’t have much effect and that teams simply didn’t see him for the player he is.

              8. Day two is not round two Razor.

                Friday, April 29 Day Two of the NFL Draft 2016

                Rounds 2-3: 7 p.m. ET on ESPN*, WatchESPN and NFL Network.

              9. CFC,

                Agree 100%. Dak is a great story because of the fact not many were on him as being capable of doing what he did.

      3. Hey Grant, if the 49ers are stuck at #2, which player makes the most sense as of today, and in what order:

        A) Marshon Lattimore – CB
        B) Jamal Adams – SS
        C) Malik Hooker – FS
        D) Solomon Thomas – DL
        E) Rueben Foster – LB

        Here’s my list:

        1) Adams, and with Ward moving to FS and Reid as primary backup at both spots.
        2) Lattimore, to team up with Robinson, as both guys can play on an island.
        3) Foster, versatile, instinctive, and fundamentally sound LB.
        4) Hooker, seems ideal as a single high Safety, keep Ward at CB.
        5) Thomas, relentless interior defender who is likely buried on 49ers depth chart.

        1. Good question. I think I would go:

          1. Lattimore. The Niners need a CB who can play on an island.
          2. Adams. Can play either safety position and has no medical issues.
          3. Hooker. Would be a fantastic free safety in this system if he can stay healthy.
          4. Thomas. Good player but doesn’t fill a need.
          5. Foster. No. 2 probably is too high to take a MLB.

          1. 1. Foster. Love is in the air. They love him and his love for football. Our LB situation is a mess.
            2. Adams. Vastly improves our front 8.
            3. Lattimore. Would fill a need.
            4. Thomas. Excellent against the run.

            1. Here is the reality of the situation. Getting a blue chip defender in Rnd 1 is a must. Whether it’s Thomas, Lattimore, Foster, Adams, Hooker… As long as they do not go QB I’m happy in rnd 1.

              1. 1. Foster- When we were great a couple years ago our MLBs pumped fear into opponents. Getting Foster is a big step in that direction.
                2. S Thomas-A disruptive force anywhere on the line is welcome thought. Buckner, Armstead, Thomas may give you the best D line in the NFL in 2 years.
                3. Hooker- Many say if it wasn’t for his injury he would be the clear cut #2 pick. Many compare him to Ed Reed. If he is anything close to him you pull the trigger if Injuries check out.
                4. Lattimore- A very good corner no question about it. His hamstrings are a concern. We have so many young corners that can still develop into good starters. If they take him I wouldn’t be upset but I would question it.
                5. Adams- A very good football player. If Lynch is hell bent of drafting him how can I argue against a close to a hall of fame safety. I think Reid and Tartt are good enough in this scheme to play well. Adams doesn’t fit a need right now in my opinion.

          2. Nice Grant. I guess I didn’t need to ask you who you had at number 1 considering your latest mock :)

            Lattimore is the real deal! Boy can that kid swing his hips and mirror a receiver? He’s got the ideal size and elite make up speed to match his lucy goosey hips. I’m personally not concerned with the hammy. NFL trainers, along with proper nutrition & hydration ought to have him fit as a fiddle in 2017 an beyond!

          3. What are your thoughts on Gareon Conley, Grant? I really like his coverage skills. In fact I would say his coverage skills are at least on par with Lattimore’s. His tackling and run support is woeful though.

            The main question mark I have on Conley though is why it took two seasons for him to play at that level? Is it a case of a guy that just needed some time (and if so, will the same be the case in the pros)? Was it just riding a one year high? Or was it more a factor of having two other excellent DBs in the same secondary, making him look good?

            1. Lattimore has more recovery speed, Conley probably has better hands, although Lattimore has good hands, too. Neither gets beat deep, unlike Alabama corners. I like Conley. I’ve heard some say he’s better than Eli Apple.

              1. I think Humphrey is a very good corner. Jackson is the one I wouldn’t touch. He had the easiest job defensively….

                Paul Kuharsky ✔ @PaulKuharskyNFL
                .@DraftCampbell on @Midday180 thinks Humphrey ranks up there with Lattimore. “I know the Titans really like him.” Need to play ball better.
                2:23 PM – 6 Apr 2017

            2. Conley is really technically sound. Really good player but doesn’t have Lattimore’s talent. Would be a great pick in the second if he falls, although I doubt he will.

              1. Yeah, I doubt he goes top 10 too, but I don’t think he would look out of place there.

                I will also say that while I really like his coverage skills, I don’t think the 49ers will rate him as highly as some other clubs. Lynch and Shanahan have stressed the importance of physicality in the secondary, and that just isn’t Conley’s game.

    1. Son of a Mitch Trubiscuit = Alex Smith

      Kizer Permanente = Ben Roethlisberger

    2. This has been one of the biggest question marks around Trubisky. Does he have enough alpha dog in him to lead a team of grown men? This is one of the areas that is cited as to why he took so long to start at NC. Too shy. Too timid. Took him a long time to feel comfortable.

      How long will an NFL team be willing to wait for him to feel confident and comfortable leading the team?

      1. Exactly what I’ve been saying ever since the Trubisky train started rolling.

  23. I believe this is shaping up to be an easy draft for the Niners.

    1st pick. Niners were last against the run, so simply draft Soloman Thomas with the first pick. Great player, great guy. Non stop motor.

    2nd pick. Just select the best safety or cornerback on the board.

    3rd thru 5th round. Select players who will back up or might start on a rare occasion. Look for a backup offensive lineman, wide receiver, LB, or maybe even QB. Do not pick
    any red shirt players who were hurt and couldn’t play last year.

    6th-7th round and UFA. These guys are just camp fodder. It’s just luck who makes the team and contribute from these rounds.

    1. Sure, there is luck involved, but finding talent at the bottom of the draft is not simply about luck. There’s zero precedent over the last decade for an undersized interior defensive lineman getting taken second-overall, and unless Thomas plays on the edge, and there are a large number of scouts who understand he’s never been an edge rusher nor does he have the desired body type or flexibility, he’s likely buried on our depth chart. How does that drastically improve our team?

      Get a blue chip player for this secondary, and hope to find a quality edge rusher a bit later in the draft.

        1. Houston who had the #1 ranked D last year had a sub par secondary. Broncos and Seahawks have a combo of both.

        2. I think they can get a good corner as late as the 3rd round. So Edge in the first, quarterback in the second….

          1. Thomas isn’t a true edge player. Most of his pass rush will likely happen as a 3T in Nickel packages. That’s why there is some question as to his fit. There is no doubt he’s a great prospect but is he the right one? I’d go with the DB or LB personally, but would be fine with Thomas too.

            1. King Solomon is nowhere near his ceiling, so I would contend his growth as an edge rusher will progress further than Justin Smith’s….

            2. Rocket
              In thinking about Thomas, SF would have to rate him pretty much like Bruce Smith to take him at 2. Different eras, but Smith came out at 6-4 265 and played RDE in 3-4 Base and moved in to 3t on 3&L. He was a fearsome player, but not the edge force of Dent, Dean, Haley. He finished his career at about 285.
              If the FO thinks he’s that guy, I’m on board. I have a worry about Lattimore’s durability, but again must defer to Lynchahan.

              1. Bruce Smith was an incredible player so if Thomas is thought to be at that level they should take him. I don’t think he is, at least from what I’ve seen so far, and the thing with Smith is that they could move him inside or out, and he’d produce. He was double teamed more than any 3-4 DE I’ve ever seen and still found a way. I think he could have been a dominant edge rusher in a 4-3.

                I understand the concern about durability, but I don’t think you can pass up a player you have rated that high because he’s had a history of hamgstring pulls that took place before the most recent season. I don’t know where they have him rated but if he’s the second best player on the board you take him imo.

        3. More importantly, the only successful versions of the Seahawks D have had a great secondary.

  24. 49reasons, I couldn’t disagree with you more about drafting players in the sixth round or later. It’s all luck. I could prove this point by simply having EVERY person who has ever posted simply list their picks for the 6th/7th round. They could even do this by never watching a single minute of tape. They are making the picks just from draft magazines sitting on the barca loungers eating bon bons.

    Then have someone keep track of what the experts (who have been watching hundreds and hundreds of hours of tape, scouting players in person,etc.) say who to pick in the 6th/7th round.

    I GUARANTEE you there will be hundreds , if not thousands, of posters who, looking back after this draft, who will have done a better job than these so-called experts. Why, because it all comes down to luck on who you pick. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Then list

    1. If that’s true Wildbill, why do NFL scouts spend time scouting and ranking any player who’s projected after round 5 (which they do …. extensively)? Why waist time on that, when they can simply close their eyes and and throw a dart at the wall?

      No question, the further down your board you get, the the worse the odds get, but to suggest there is no reason to scout these kids, because hitting on a prospect after round 5 comes down to pure-100% luck, would get you laughed out of every NFL draft war room in the country.

        1. Right behind you #80:

          AVIANTE COLLINS, OG, TCU – (projected 6th round): If you attribute Collins’ quickness to his athletic bloodlines, his quickness and ease of movement should come as no surprise. Height and arm length are below average for tackle position, but he’s an ideal candidate to move inside to OG. He has the lateral quickness for reach blocks in a ZBS, and has the feet to keep his block tied to inside shoulder on play-side blocks. Was a top performer at the combine in a couple events with a 4.81 40, and 34 reps on the bench. Future starter potential in zone blocking scheme.

          AARON JONES, RB, TEP – (projected 6th round): Aaron Jones had a private workout for the 49ers brass. Jones followed up a fantastic 2016 season with a outstanding combine. Jones timed out at 4.50 on his second 40 yd dash. Jones’ vertical jump was measured at 37.5 inches which was tied for the second highest among running backs. He also had the third best broad jump among RB’s at 127.0 inches. Jones also looked sharp on the catching drills, and has shown soft hands during his college career.

            1. Thanks #80, I like your sleepers as well. Since your avatar is the GWROAT, I’ve been meaning to ask you this …… does Corey Davis not remind you a little bit of Jerry Rice?

              1. He does. He has great hands and route running. I like his game speed. A perfect fit in a WCO. He comes from a small school, but so did Jerry.

              2. And, if you watch they way he runs after the catch, he reminds me sooo much of Jerry it’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I am not actually suggesting he’s the next Jerry Rice. Jerry was one of a kind! But boy…… I think Davis is going to be a fantastic #1 WR!

      1. Actually, it does. That’s the irony. It really does. You actually have a better chance of finding a starter from a UFDA than Round 6 or 7. And it’s not because they’re better, but it’s because you bring in a dozen of them a year. More trash to sort for the odd diamond.

        Started 2010 Draft Evaluated for stating over a 5-year (80 game) period:

        Overall 15.0%. Yes, that’s right. Of the 2010 draft, an average draft, only 15% of games were started by all players of all rounds. By round you can see the fall-off:

        1st 67.5% of possible starts
        2nd 33.8% of possible starts
        3rd 36.3% of possible starts

        Then we have the major talent break on Day 3. (And why I laugh at everyone who whines about Baalke’s day three ACL picks considering the mediocrity/failure rate of Day 3 is over 95%. I mean, it’s just ****ing ignorance. Round 4 and later is, basically, NFL trash that if you’re extremely lucky you might get someone half-way decent.)

        4th 6.3% of possible starts (huge numbers of these Day 3 starts, btw, are injury fill-ins, not long-term starter starts)
        5th 4.4% of possible starts
        6th 1.9% of possible starts
        7th 0.0% of possible starts

        Really, it is throwing darts at the wall for Rounds 6 & 7. And even Rounds 4 & 5 are fairly non-productive.

        Which, btw, when you start arguing about the ****ing merits of Joe Billybong vs Billy Bigchin for the best Hidden Gem of Round 6… Just don’t…. Joe Billybong and Billy Bigchin are both long-shots and chances are both will flop.

        1. As stated earlier, the further down the draft, the worse the odds get MosesZD.

          Show me a stat comparing 6th & 7th round pick who were scouted, as opposed to those who weren’t, and then we’ll talk. Of course, you won’t find that stat because teams DO scout players projected to go after round 5. So, your argument holds no merit.

        2. Moses,

          Lynch would fire you for comments like that. Look at all the players we have met with. A lot of them are late rounders.


          Teams do their due dilligence with every pick and UFA. Dwight Clark was taken in the 10th. I get it, not every player will succeed. But it is not throwing darts.

          1. Absolutely #80. Good find, thanks for the link.

            If it was simply about throwing darts, I have a good friend from Ireland who is an absolute, dead-eye ringer. Maybe he should submit his football resume to NFL teams? One caveat, he still calls an American football field a “pitch”, so……..

  25. Never been a corner or safety taken as high as 2 in the NFL draft. This gonna be the first year? Really doubt it.

    1. Just because it hasn’t happened previously doesn’t mean it never should. In a year where there is no consensus top pick after Garrett, taking a CB or S would be justified.

      1. Not really when this draft is favoured to have plenty of talent at the CB and safety position.
        We don’t have an immediate need at CB or Safety so it can be addressed in the later rounds.
        We do however have a need at WR, QB and pass rush.
        This is not a BPA draft for us. It’s about addressing specific needs.

        1. It has a lot of depth everywhere with the exception of QB and OL. Taking a QB at #2 wouldn’t make sense due to the fact there are much better players available and none of the QB’s are worthy of a pick that high.

          1. I disagree. Mitch Trubisky is everything we need in a QB.
            He can’t start or play in the 1st year, but with Shannahan able to develop him, he will be the starter for years to come.
            He is the not the most experienced, but he is the most accurate QB in the draft.

            1. I like Trubisky and have him rated as the top QB in this class, but it’s way too risky to use the second overall pick on him. I can’t see the Niners doing that, but if for some reason they do, I’ll be ok with it because of who the HC is.

    2. On that note, there hasn’t been an undersized interior DL taken top 2 in over a decade.

  26. 49reasons.

    Do you want to bet me that I could have my students (around 250 of them) just read a draft magazine (I will give them five minutes to do this)and make their 6th/7th round picks. I would then compare those picks with who the teams actually selected. Three years from now I would compare those picks. I guarantee many students would fare better. How will you explain that.

    And isn’t it silly to call what they are doing a WAR room? Call it what it is. It’s a DRAFT room.

    If I can roll a live hand grenade into the room or go in there a shoot everyone, then you can call it a war room.

    1. Lol, War Room is certainly a silly term, I’ll give you that Wildbill. We’ll have to agree to dissagree on the finer point. Over an extended sample size, I would take that bet quicker than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck, but I don’t bet strangers. I only bet with my friends because taking their money, or pride is so much sweeter.

    2. Well…250 students… Are we talking 5th graders, high school juniors, community college evening types, university ploy sci class? Just curious.

  27. I have two favorite players in this draft: Jamal Adams and Christian McCaffrey.

    Adams would be my choice if Lynch cannot trade down from #2.

    Shanny: “the defense we will run all starts with the safeties and cornerbacks.” Reid may be gone after this year. Adams can start next to him right away, and Jimmie Ward can play on the corner or in the slot for at least this season. I don’t want to take a player at #2 who may not be physically able to play every single game for the foreseeable future.

    QBs: the only two in this draft that I like much are Trubisky and Watson, both of whom will go very high. Why not just go with Hoyer this year when it looks like Cousins can join the team next season? Shanny wants Cousins, and Cousins wants Shanny. If for any reason Cousins does not join the team, there’s another draft next year that will have better QB prospects than this year.

    I like me some Fournette, but McCaffrey is more versatile.

    1. I agree gw2!

      I’ve fallen in love with Adams’ fit for the 49ers, and instant impact he would have.

      McCaffrey is certainly the more versatile weapon compared to Fournette, but if a team is looking for a bell cow RB for a power scheme, Leonard Fournette has HOF potential, IMO. And I don’t see McCaffrey as a future Hall of Famer.

    2. gw2- two of my favs as well(as noted in my fan mocks) alas we not see them in crimson and gold.

  28. TomD’s prediction: Alabama players dominate 1st round.

    Niners need to trade down or jump on board the Alabama gravy train by drafting DT, Johnathan Allen, compared to the Seahags, LDE, Michael Bennett

    1. If Shanny wants to win now, draft this player and create nightmares with the opposing O-Lines.

        1. # 80,

          Thx for the insight. Miami had a stellar season, much like ‘Bama will prove in the NFL, 2017 draft.

          OSU is in the running, and don’t count out Harb’s safety, Jabrill Peppers. He is the # 1 safety in a few mocks !

  29. the defensive scheme does not require the Niners to play 8 in the box. The Carroll/Saleh flavor of it tends to go with 8 in the box but it’s not a requirement. Ask one of the linemen to 2 gap and you’ve freed up a linebacker to be the Primary Force…which in turn lets the defense back a Safety off for a 2 high look for either Cover 2 man or zone or an aggressive Quarters coverage which works great with the Over/Under 4-3 scheme.

    1. You almost never see Cover 2, 2 Man or Quarters from a Pete Carroll defense.

      1. Pete Carroll has Earl Thomas and (so far) Richard Sherman in his secondary.

        it’s an Over/Under scheme. again, Carroll likes to play single high but it doesn’t have to be so. my point is that just because Saleh comes from the Carroll tree doesn’t mean he’s locked into a particular coverage. The scheme is more flexible. Dungy and the father of the Under scheme Monte Kiffin ran famously ran it out of a stunt Cover 2 (Tampa) coverage. if Saleh’s smart, he’ll consider what he has at Corner and not necessarily make them play press zone until he finds out what he has for a pass rush.

          1. :We’re going to try to get players to fit that scheme, and we also know we’re going to adjust to the players that we have, too. “

            I’m not saying they won’t go with a single high coverage scheme. But I’m saying it would make sense until you know you have the pass rush and players to execute in coverage to play something safer in even run/pass situations…maybe an aggressive quarters coverage. obviously fairly obvious run situations you’d play with an 8 man front.

        1. Whose your 3rd round corner that could challenge for a starting role? Mine is Shaquill Griffin….

              1. That’s where I see him too. It only takes a couple of teams to go in another direction for him to fall to the 3rd.

              2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Denver jump on Witherspoon in the bottom of the second round.

    1. *Yet I never hear about Lattimore’s hamstrings, just Johnathan Allen’s arthritic condition which his doctor said is a non issue.

  30. Glad you finally caught up to that. Tweaked his hammy again at the combine. He’s a foreign sport car you constantly have to fine tune….

    1. # 8o, Jacksonville is the latest tradedown partner with the 49ers:

      OSU has quality players. A perfect draft to trade down if the Niners want to.

      No NFL draft prospect has been pegged to the 49ers with the second-overall pick as often as Stanford defensive lineman Solomon Thomas.

      From Miller:

      The hottest name in NFL draft circles right now is Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas. Many in the NFL media have connected him to the San Francisco 49ers at No. 2 overall. I continue to hear from scouts that the Jacksonville Jaguars really like him if he’s there at pick No. 4. Thomas, a redshirt sophomore entry, has shot from a potential top-15 player to what seems like a lock in the top five.


    2. Not hammy. Hip flexor. We now have three points of failure — left hammy, right hammy & hip flexor.

      1. Moses, he said it was a hip flexor but I’m not buying it. Hammy, hammy, and hammy!

  31. And at 273 pounds, Thomas would need to gain weight to be an every-down player along the interior if he wants to avoid getting targeted by double teams against the run. There’s no precedent over the last decade for an undersized interior defensive lineman getting taken second-overall. Ndamukong Suh (6-4, 307) was the last defensive tackle to go second.

    1. We all know what Suh brought to the table, so is the type of interior lineman, or player in general you look for at 2. Unless that is available, better switch to dominant CBs or an offensive player, unless planning a trade down

      1. The question is. Is there a dominant player like Suh, or QB (Manning), CB–Richard Sherman (when young)/Deion Sanders at # 2.

        If not, trade the pick !

  32. Burning questions you should be asking yourself. Is Lattimore as good as Shawn Springs, who is currently the highest corner drafted at 3? Is Hooker/Adams as good as Charles Woodson, who is currently the highest safety drafted at 4?

    1. Not really burning questions. As I said the other day, two of the three traditional positions for top picks are weak this year. Highly unlikely to have a QB or OT taken in the top 3. Opens the door for other positions.

      End of the day the real burning question is which player will most help the 49ers? It is in fact the only question of relevance.

      1. Not really burning questions

        I like to throw a shout out to my man Hammer whenever I can;>)

      2. End of the day the real burning question is which player will most help the 49ers? It is in fact the only question of relevance.

        That’s an easy one, Myles Everrett;>)But if not, there’s at least 500 more to choose from….

    2. Those may be questions without answers, or at least the answers won’t be definitively known for awhile. Could be more instructive to just ask are these players better than others in this draft. Task at hand.

      1. Why not pass the salt and get the Peppers? He can cover, linebacker, running back and punt returner. Seems much healthier than either Hammy or Hooker….

        1. Um, actually, at the moment, Peppers is a liability in coverage, Just wanted to point that out. He’s too limited at the moment to be considered top 5, perhaps even top 10. He’s #14 on my board.

          NFL.COM: Jabrill Peppers: Scouts question his instincts and lack of ball production. Has just one interception and 10 passes defensed at Michigan. Slow to recognize construct of play and can be found playing through a straw at times. Needs better recognition and anticipation to become an improvising play-maker. Doesn’t always trust his feet in coverage and will maul at the top of the route. Just a guy when asked to play deep safety. Slow to read and range until ball is in the air.

          1. Peppers is athletic, very athletic in fact. He’s a very good kick returner as well, though not necessarily a home run hitter. However, he also has questionable technique as a tackler, and has never forced a single fumble. PASS!

            1. Peppers is strictly a hybrid LB/S. Not exactly a good fit for this defense, IMO.

              1. I agree. In all my mocks,he does not fall enough, and there are more needed players around where he is slated on many draft boards. Adams and hooker are better options, even Lattimore. Then Foster may be right next to Peppers, so who does the Niners need more? ILB.

                However, I saw one mock, and since it was QB heavy, Peppers fell out of the first round. If he is available at 34, the Niners should pass on Obi and select Peppers.

    3. The year Springs was drafted there was a franchise OT taken number one. Woodson’s draft year featured Payton Manning. No player at either position worthy of a top 5 pick this year. It’s wide open after Garrett.

      1. Bingo Rocket! That’s why it’s essential that we trade down if we can. If not I believe the cleanest prospect at 2 is Thomas. No red flags with that guy. Plus a great character guy as well. Which obviously means a lot to Lynch/Shanny… Great thing is that we all will mostly likely be wrong but we find out for sure in 19 days..

        1. If not I believe the cleanest prospect at 2 is Thomas.

          Yep, even Z said he could end up being the best defensive player in the draft. I don’t think he’s near his ceiling either. He’s a team captain. He’s driven to be the best. He loves the game. He’s clean medically, and his constitution seems close to being at an optimum level….

          1. I have no qualms with taking Thomas at #2. I really like him as a prospect. But I don’t think the reason for taking him should have anything to do with no DBs having been taken at #2 historically. Its just not an argument that should have any bearing on who the 49ers draft. If the 49ers brass believe a DB helps them more than Thomas (or Allen), I am good with that, and that’s who they should take. And I can definitely see good arguments for Lattimore, Hooker or Adams as guys to take at #2. Even Foster or Fournette.

            1. Lol. Of course you don’t do it just because it historically has never happened. It provides a context into what position is valued at the top, and clearly it’s QB, Edge, LT, and skill position. Are Hooker and Lattimore good enough to go the highest ever? Dunno, they can’t stay out of sickbay;>)

              1. Springs started 37 consecutive. Woodson 34. One season wonders and glossing over serious medical red flags is folly….

              2. It’s a different game and time now. I will take what they have done most recently over what happened two years ago. Both are elite level talents and will go somewhere in the top ten. If either are rated as the top player on the Niners board, they should be the choice regardless of past injury.

        2. Trading down would be the preference I would imagine, but there really isn’t anybody for teams to trade up for. Hopefully I’m wrong and a couple of teams target a player they want to move up and get.

      2. You’d have to be pretty special to be drafted a first at your position. I don’t see Hammy or Hooker or Adams as that player. Woodson played at a high level in 34 straight games for Michigan. Springs played at a high level for 37 straight games for Ohio State.

    1. “You’ve got to have a sense of what’s going on,” he said. “You’ve got to know how the O-line thinks, how they move. Yourself, you’ve got to have violent hands anywhere on the D-line. And you have to have a sense for the ball and a knack to get off on the ball.”

      “I don’t think no one gets after it like me,” Thomas said. “No one plays extremely tough like I do. I just try to show I’m the best I can be. That’s my goal, to always be the best. You have to think you’re the best to be the best.”

      1. “I don’t think no one gets after it like me.”
        LOL, Stanford education? How’d he get through Freshman Comp?
        Now I know he’s not being currently interviewed as a Press Secretary or Professor of Linguistics, but those Stanford fans do go on about their lofty academic standards.
        ; >)

  33. Another burning question with regards to the top two defensive lineman after Myles Everrett;>). What’s worth more, King Solomon’s ceiling or Allen Wrench’s floor?

    1. I’m not sure Allen’s floor is as high as people think. Allen is the kind of player that I’d call, if we were talking baseball, a AAAA player. (A AAAA player, or four A player, but rarely quadruple A, is a player who is an outstanding player at the AAA level but always has trouble succeeding at the major league level, either because of a lack of one of the five major tools or bad luck.)

      Simply put, I believe in minimum athleticism (tools) for a position. Once you make that, I’m interested in other things, like how you’ve used your tools to develop competitive-level skills.

      For me, Allen just doesn’t have the tools for DE and if he’s going to make a living in the NFL, he’s going to have bulk/strengthen up and do it as a 4-3 DT. And I don’t’ mean 3-technique DT like Donald who is a quick-twitch/strength monster, I mean ‘two-gap, low-pass-rush run stuffer.’

      In fact, I think of all the ‘top-rated’ prospects, he has the greatest chance to be a mediocrity in that he’ll almost certainly be over-drafted and whose best, and possibly only, path to success in the NFL will be as a 4-3 run-stuffer with a very modest pass rush.

      Also, like many of the Alabama players, I think he’s one of those players who, being on a super talented team, looks better than he is because of it.

        1. I wouldn’t go that far. Honestly though, based on his talent, I think he could be a solid DE who makes a number of pro bowls. I don’t think he’ll be the pass-rusher of Peak Dwight Freeney, but unlike Freeney he can stop the run.

          I really think more along the lines of the very under-rated Cameron Jordan. He gets a lot of pressures and a decent amount of sacks. He’s even made a couple of pro bowls. Plus he plays the run well, something most of the top edge rushers struggle with.

          But nobody ever talks about him.

            1. I think you’re not understanding this draft. This is a ‘one player’ draft when it comes to elite prospects. After Garett there are five Blue Chip, of which three are players who grade out equally:

              Thomas, Allen, Fournette. Or, as NFL.COM ranks them:

              Garrett, Myles DE 6’4″ 272 Texas A&M 7.6
              Thomas, Solomon DE 6’3″ 273 Stanford 6.8
              Allen, Jonathan DE 6’3″ 286 Alabama 6.8
              Fournette, Leonard RB 6’0″ 240 LSU 6.8

              And, really, it’s short on blue chippers. There are only a copule of other players (the two big safeties) that fall into the Blue Chip category. Then we’re down to the Red Chip guys pretty fast. But there is a LOT of them.

              Compare that to 2014 where there were a number of elite prospects:

              Clowney, Jadeveon DE 6’6″ 266 South Carolina 7.5
              Robinson, Greg OT 6’5″ 332 Auburn 7.4
              Watkins, Sammy WR 6’1″ 211 Clemson 7.3
              Matthews, Jake OT 6’5″ 308 Texas A&M 7.2
              Mack, Khalil OLB 6’3″ 251 Buffalo 7.2

              But then a significant drop-off after those five prospects to Red Chip.

              And, of course, I don’t think Allen is blue chip. I think he’s getting a boost from the program he was in and is not a Top-5, or even Top-10, prospect. But we shall see as you don’t know until the rubber meets the road.

              So, regardless of what you think, the fact is that’s what’s there. Which kind of makes all the trade-up scenarios kind of weak in my book. Why would anyone trade up for a marginal-blue-chipper when you can have someone pretty much the same five or six picks later.

    1. King Solomon was the runaway winner of the Pac-12’s Morris Trophy as the most dominant defensive lineman in 2016 by a vote of the conference’s blockers.

  34. For some reason I can’t fathom, Mayock has Peppers as his top rated safety. Maybe, just maybe he knows something we don’t know….

    1. Especially since Mayock was a safety. I haven’t heard that Peppers is one of the thirty the team will bring in for visits. Not that that necessarily means they don’t like him, it’s just that he is not on the “fan-viewable” radar.

      1. Well, if he’s that good, and John Lynch should know better than Mayock, after all, Lynch will likely land in the HOF as an NFL Safety. Personally, I see a hybrid player who excels at nothing except athleticism. 10 passes defensed, 1 INT, and zero forced fumbles throughout his career. He’s Doene Bucannon, without the technique (but with kick return value) who was the 27th pick in the 2014 draft!

        Lynch and Shanny are looking for football players, not athletes who are projects. If the 49ers are going Safety early, taking Peppers over Adams or Hooker would be idiotic at best.

        1. Now, if they don’t take a Safety in Rnd 1, and Peppers is still on the board round 2, which could happen, perhaps he’s a good value. Top 5? No chance!

    2. Or he was fan of Taylor Mays… Because that’s what his career screams to me…

      And I think says it all:

      WEAKNESSES Scouts question his instincts and lack of ball production. Has just one interception and 10 passes defensed at Michigan. Slow to recognize construct of play and can be found playing through a straw at times.

      Slow to read and range until ball is in the air. Can be overzealous against play-action and drawn below his deep ball responsibilities. Too small for take-on duties at linebacker. Leads into tackles with ducked head. Opts to hit rather than wrap-up.

      Basically he’s a day-late, dollar short in the college passing game and can’t convert to LB. Oh, and he’s a poor tackler.

      To me that’s Taylor Mays all over again. Only this time we won’t be having Singletary lobbying for him…

  35. Mock 4.0

    The Forty Niners trade the first round #2 pick to Washington for Kirk Cousins and Washington’s first round #17 pick.

    1. #2 Kirk Cousins, QB, Washington (trade)
    1. #17 Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama
    2. #34 Tim Williams, Edge, Alabama
    3. #66 Chidobe Awuzie CB, Colorado
    4. #109 Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami (FL)
    4. #143 Howard Wilson, CB, Houston
    5. #146 Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech
    5. #161 D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas
    6. #186 Jelani Hamilton DL, Miami
    6. #202 Ben Braden, OG, Michigan
    7. #219 Ben Boulware, ILB, Clemson

    ;)) Get ready for Captain Kirk!

  36. LOL! I respect your consistency…. Niners will not trade the #2 pick for Cousins. Too steep of a price considering you have to pay him 23 mil a year. Niners have the money but that’s way too much draft capital to give up. I see Cousins resigning with the Skins. Kyle has plenty of time to get his QB of the future. If one that he likes falls to Rnd 2 if not 2018 will be the year.

  37. Matt Miller:

    The hottest name in NFL draft circles right now is Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas. Many in the NFL media have connected him to the San Francisco 49ers at No. 2 overall. I continue to hear from scouts that the Jacksonville Jaguars really like him if he’s there at pick No. 4. Thomas, a redshirt sophomore entry, has shot from a potential top-15 player to what seems like a lock in the top five.

      1. That’s nothing. Wentz sky rocketed up the draft board to the 2nd pick from the 2nd round.

  38. I think Cousins has been offered a 5yr deal with the Skins, but he doesn’t have to sign it. He says he will be the 49ers QB either this year or next. He loves Shanny and it’s mutual.

    Not sure it would be worth it to make that pick exchange just to get him a year early.

    And Reuben Foster, for all his talent, is a head case waiting to break bad. Pass.

  39. There’s only been talk from what I’ve read about an extended deal. He’s not exactly creating good will with Washington publicly stating that he wants to play for the Niners and Shanahan. Then again, maybe he is trying to create leverage. Are the ‘Skins going to gamble that he will sign an extension? If he doesn’t they get nothing if he walks next year. Are the Niners going to gamble that he will definitely be available only for them next year. Seems far fetched to me. Things change. The future is now, not next year. Read some of the mocks on the ‘Skins fans blogs. Half have them trading Cousins to the Niners for the number two pick, with different variations concerning their number seventeen and compensatory picks, etc. I think that KS wants him now. I think it could happen. I’d rather see that then using the pick for a cornerback like Grant suggests, as good as Lattimore is. Game altering players are what you should be using it for. A quarterback like Cousins or a pass rusher like Thomas or Allen. Nothing else. No trade back. That’s nonsensical to me. That’s a Baalke move to me. I like quality over quantity. It will be interesting.

    1. Hey Juanhunglo

      …Let’s be real here…” I like quality over quantity..” Think back to JaMarcus Russell, every one of these draftees and players has the potential to ‘stink it up’ after they sign…. and were we to bet…I’d bet that a few this draft will be labeled ‘bust’…I don’t believe that Kirk Cousins will never wear a niner uniform unless it’s a costume party. Trade back…? Hell yes…just as insurance that Lynch/Shannahan don’t have the same luck as the ’12 draft….the more the merrier, and the best chance is to trade back and get as many chances as possible for greatness…

  40. Thanks Rebuild. Hope is eternal. If it happens you owe me a beer. Pliny, Racer 5, or Sculpin will do though I just had a Big Chicken at Henhouse. Very good. ;)

    1. Juan, ya gotta admit I have upgraded the diction on this site. Posters are afraid of my rapier like denunciations when they cannot write a cogent sentence.

      Oh, my kingdom for an edit feature……

      1. Or perhaps the whole root of your self absorbed delusion Seb, is a human problem. We will sacrifice all the beauty of our lives, will imprison ourselves in totems, taboos, crosses, blood sacrifices, steeples, mosques, races, armies, flags & nations, in order to deny the fact of death, which is the only fact we have. Have a little humility my friend.

        1. 49, I have perused many different blog sites, and in some, it is apparent that some posters have not had an 8th grade education, or type like they failed English. I have also seen some where you know the guy was drunk.

          This site, I have seen some words that never has been incorporated into the football lexicon. In fact, I have had to look them up and have become educated on their usage.

          So, I have corrected some, some I do not even bother, but it is nice to be able to intelligently converse on this site with proper English, forming cogent arguments with descriptive adjectives. I almost tried to correct Scooter, but looked it up and found out that it was an Aussie colloquialism.

          I thought I was giving constructive criticism to a first time poster when pointing out how much more legible reading his post would be if he did not make so many mistakes. I could have lambasted him and told him to never post again, but did not because as long as they are polite and civil, I enjoy reading other points of view.

          Maybe getting an edit feature would help. They are not that hard to install.

          I will try to tone it down in the future, since you asked so nicely.

      2. Holy Cow, Sebs!

        Who are you-Shakespeare?

        You beat everything, you know that? Your lack of humility is unlike any other! Your not going to enlarge the vocabulary or improve the diction of anyone—unless they get their hands on your thesaurus! Have a snickers bar…………..

  41. Gruden with Trubisky:


    Don’t be so quick to pass on this guy. I see more momentum gaining for Kizer. I’d rather Trubisky that has the essential accuracy tools and can be deleloped by Shanny to at least be Future trade bate. Kizer I think will be a bust that has all the alarm signals of a typical size & strength “potential” what if. I see the Big Ben comparisons–no way–Big Ben was Better in college. Kizer underperformed with top recruits & coaches all around him. Trubisky overperformed at a basketball school & though a 1 year starter you have to project if he went Back his Senior year he would have improved and been a high pick next year too. Don’t Arron Rogers this pick.

    1. Gruden puffs up every QB, even Cook last year.

      Trubisky has every chance to be more like Druckenmiller or Carmazzi
      than Rodgers.

      1. Many people thought Rogers would be a bust too. He had the benefit of development of his talent. The Carmazzi & Drunk comparisons and worries are just weak because all teams fail at QB evaluations. This year Shanny has the luxury to draft a QB for 3 years out. With the rookie cap and the 9ers 70 mil under, they could draft a QB high this year, pick up Cousins next year and ride Hoyer this year. Only thing I don’t want to bank on is a top 5 pick next year thinking the draft class would be better. In ’05 many were saying wait till ’06. Now in hindsight Rogers & Alex Smith are in the league as playoff starters & Vince Young, Leinert & Cutler are not. From ’07 -Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn. It wasn’t till 3 years later when Ryan & Flaco came out were solid starters. Even then I would say the ’05 class overall performance is better. This attached article shows that even 3 years after evaluating QB classes evaluations could be wrong. In fact ’05 top to bottom is one of the better classes of QB contributions to the league as a whole:


        1. Along with the lack of experience, it’s been my contention from the beginning that Trubiscuit’s timidity will be a deal breaker with Shanny. He’ll be looking for an Alpha type for the position….

        2. Not me, I preferred Aaron Rogers over Alex Smith because I liked his accuracy while at Cal, and he grew up a Niner fan.

        1. I said every chance, not absolutely. QBs that look good in college sometimes just do not work out. A 50/50 chance.

      2. Before the 2014 draft I was saying the Niners should take Garoppolo, Fales or Carr because “Kaepernick’s a knee injury from becoming another Druckenmiller.”

        CK7 reminds me “The Druck” more than any other quarterback in the NFL. There’s no close 2nd.

        (Garoppolo was my favorite because of the quick release)

  42. King Solomon would give the 49ers something they lack in the trenches. Explosion. The Seahawks have explosive, athletic players they move up and down the line. Frank Clark, Bennett, and Avril. When you compare Frank Clarks explosion, lateral/change of direction drill numbers to the Twin Towers, the difference is significant….

    1. Love that you are riding the King Solomon train till proven otherwise:)

      That’s what you call a draft crush

      1. He’s no “Half-stepper”! All in!
        (He’s got a marketing agreement with Thomas’ agent)
        : -)
        (He had one with Kizer’s previously, but got a better offer. And a better prospect)

        1. My marketing slogan, ‘I will defer, but please procure’. Thomas/Kizer would be a Draftmas to remember;>)

      2. Before, he was banging the drum for Kizer, so things can change.

        Especially after KS signed a QUALITY QB like Hoyer. ;p

  43. Our GM and HC keep there cards tight thats a good thing but i hope we select either Fournette or Lattimore who both have the potential to be a top5 player at there respective position.

  44. Latest mock, with players bundled to make the deal more acceptable to the Saints.

    Niners should offer their second overall pick to the Saints for their 2 first round picks, and one of their third round picks. They should also offer 3 players, Brooks, Reid and Burbridge. The Saints will still have a first second and third round picks while getting 2 starters. The second overall pick will be a boon to the Saints and they can get Fournett, an LSU alum, thus depriving the Panthers of picking him up, and if Jax takes Cook since Fournett is gone, the Panthers will miss out on the 2 best RBs in the draft. This is a strategic move for the Saints and they will bolster their defense with upgrades on defense, while Burbridge is needed to bolster the WRs because they traded away Cook. Niners would get pick numbers 11, 32 and 76.

    The Saints will also give up a 2018 second round pick to help balance out the TVC.

    Niners would then trade back with the Chargers. They would offer the number 32 for the Chargers 38 and 113. do not know exactly who they would covet, but giving up a 4th round pick to move up 6 spots may allow them to leapfrog other teams and poach a player.

    2 trades which will give the Niners 8 players in the first 4 rounds, and a second round pick in 2018, while trading away Reid, Brooks and Burbridge. Yes, it would be costly to miss out on 9 possible players, and Reid and Brooks were starters, but the benefit of being able to draft a foundation for the future is a sound strategic decision.

    Niners would end up with pick numbers 11, 34, 38, 42, 66, 76, 109, 113, 143, 146, 161, 198, 202 and 219.

    Using the Draftek 300 and trying to pick within 5 of the ranking, the Niners could select-

    11- 10 possible players available, looking at all the mocks. Malik Hooker, Jonathan Allen, Derek Barnett, Jabrill Peppers, Reuben Foster, Gareon Conley, John Ross, Mike Williams, OJ Howard, Ryan Ramzyck. My choice since they traded away Reid- Hooker, or if he is taken sooner, Peppers.

    11- Malik Hooker S
    34- Carl Lawson EDGE
    38- Montravius Adams DT
    42- Raekwon McMillen ILB
    66- Roderick Johnson OT
    76- Davis Webb QB
    109- Fabian Moreau CB
    113- Josh Reynolds WR
    143- Jordan Leggett TE
    146- Derek Rivers EDGE
    161- D’Onta Foreman RB
    198- Calvin Munson OLB
    202- Stevie Tu’ikolovatu NT
    219- Ben Boulware ILB

    2 EDGE, 2 ILB, S, DT, OT, QB, WR, TE, RB,OLB and NT. First 4 picks on defense, 9 picks overall on defense, and 5 on offense.

    1. I’d offer Burbridge for the Saints picks 11, 32, 42, 76, 103, 2018 first and 2019 first.

    2. Jesus. This draft lacks elite prospects after Garrett. Nobody is going to bankrupt themselves to move up to #2 in this draft.

      2014, that’d make sense as there were five elites. This year, just one.

  45. sebnynah

    April 3, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Grant is trolling me….;p

    Grant Cohn

    April 8, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    People are scouting Gruden’s QB camp now?


    Cassie Baalke

    April 3, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Spoken like a narcissist


    April 8, 2017 at 8:10 pm


    I’m telling you true: these guys do not know, or care, who we are.

    TomD’s Take: Seb, the word delusional-narcissist with regressional fixation malaise could not possibly cover your brand of superiority complex.

    1. TrollD, more attacks just make you look like a fool on a hill.

      Are you going to keep on speculating about conjuring up neighborhood nightmares using Aldon’s assault rifle collection?

      1. When it’s the truth, it’s not considered an attack.

        I simply posted Cassie, Grant’s, and SawBrodies observations.

        Mine was medical observation, free of charge.

        Please seek help for your ailments.

        Thank you.

        1. TrollD, it still is an attack especially if it is untrue.

          Do not know how you get from from me playfully saying Grant is trolling me to his commenting on Gruden, except to say that it is a sign of desperate self delusion with no connection to reality.

          BTW, they were attacking, too, so this is like you ranting about conjuring nightmares in neighborhoods with Aldon’s assault rifle collection because I want the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

          1. Please, Seb,

            I’ve given you ‘free medical advice’.

            Scroll back up to the part on regressional fixation. Look it up, man.

            Your unhealthy fixation to assaut rifles is truly concerning to all, especially when you combine this with your favorite ‘go to’ gun phrase: “He shot himself in the foot.”

            Cassie Baalke was concerned enough with your fixation on these phrases that she ‘politely’ scolded you for it… Not wanting to send a gun nut spiraling out of control, I mention these for your own health.

            Don’t thank me now. Thank me after treatment.
            Your friend, (I’m pulling for you Seb) TomD

            1. And please, Seb,

              When you’re on a roll–in regressive condition–please ‘Do Not’ fire up the chainsaw, for your neigbors sake–no yard work today.

            2. TrollD, I merely mentioned I wanted the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot. That is a self inflicted wound that is not lethal, but very painful.

              You are the sicko who is spewing wild scenarios about conjuring up neighborhood nightmares by playing with Aldon’s assault rifle collection. I have never mentioned assault weapons except to say I want them banned because people do not need them in a civil society. An assault weapon was used to kill school kids. An assault weapon was used to murder those Dallas policemen.

              You are the gun nut who has fantasized about breaking into gun safes creating nightmares, not me. You are not only sick, but dangerous.

              Please seek help.

              1. Well,

                I guess we have what’s known in legal circles as: your word against mine.

                The gun safe break-ins you referenced were in response (for the thousandth time) to your overuse of gun references several posters–mainly Cassie Baalke, joked over.

                But then you quadrupled down on them–throwing it back in their faces–with more, and different gun phrases.

                As far as harming folks. That’s just your debate style. Adding or subtracting from what was written to suit yourself, then repackaging later for use against a poster…..Good luck with that, but most know your style of omission and addition by now.

              2. Oh what a surprise, Sebnnoying snivelling and fighting once again with the patrons.

              3. Prime, I have been trying hard to ignore the trolls, but TrollD is being persistent, and seems to relish attacking me with scurrilous accusations.

                You, I do not mind, because you are such a lightweight and too easy to needle.

                Accusing me of conjuring up neighborhood nightmares with Aldon’s assault rifle collection is calumny.

              4. No, I actually reduced the gun references and started to say that the the Niners should stop their own self inflicted wounds and reduce the unforced errors.

                TrollD, that does not give you the right to go hyperbolic and start fantasizing about breaking into gun lockers and conjuring up neighborhood nightmares with Aldon’s assault rifle collection.

                What is worse, is attributing me with your sick fantasies.

                I thought this site had some guidelines and controls.

              5. Analogous to the number of posters responding to your lengthy or encyclopedic, Kap chronicles in which they asked you to stop, were the number of posters pleading with you to stop your overuse of gun phrases last year.

                Not once did a poster ask me to stop….Why ? Because during the season my ‘go to’ line isn’t gun based and varied like yours.

                If the Niners made mistakes I cited the article, never using weaponry as an educational tool.

  46. The Great Browns Trade Haul of 2016

    1) Cleveland traded 2+139(2017) for Philadelphia’s 8+77+100+12(2017)+2018 second
    2) Cleveland 8+176 for Tennessee’s 15+76+52(2017)

    Cleveland traded picks 2+139+176
    Cleveland wound up with picks 12+15+52+76+77+100+2018 second

    (dates left out of total for visual clarity)

    This is what happens when there are highly coveted quarterbacks in the draft. The best thing the 49ers can hope for are that one or more teams are secretly gaga over Trubisky.

    1. The Great Raiders Non-Haul of 2013

      Oakland traded pick 3
      Wound up with Miami’s 12+42

      Charts go out the window near the top of the draft. It boils down to “covet players.”

    2. Both the Browns and raiders said “yes” to the best trade offer. The market determined the compensation.

      The decision by Browns and Raiders management was binary… is offer > than best player on the board.

      If the 49ers take an offer like 2 for the Jets 6+39, it means there were no better offers. It means they think 6+39 > than the BPR at pick 2 .

  47. Mock on

    Posted Apr 7, 2017

    Geoff Hobson



    2.49ERS: DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford; Matt Maiocco, CSNBayArea.com _ Maiocco had gone with North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in the previous two drafts but now the conventional wisdom is wafting to the hometown guy for the new regime. They think Thomas’ versatility can help the conversion to a 4-3 and there is a thought that Washington’s Kirk Cousins is going to be their quarterback next year.


    1. SPARQ scores for the Top-5 edge rushers (Garrett isn’t ranked because there’s a test missing from his SPARQ):

      1. Tyus Bowser, Houston (95.8)
      2. Jordan Willis, Kansas State (94.4)
      3. T.J. Watt, Wisconsin (94.0)
      4. Solomon Thomas, Stanford (94.0)
      5. Haason Reddick, Temple (93.0)

      (Those numbers in parentheses are percentile scores. All those guys are Top-7% (or higher) in pure athletic ablity. Which means, basically, they have the athleticism to play rush DE in the NFL and, for them, it’ll be down to technique and tenacity.)

      You don’t see Allen on the list because he’s in the 27th percentile with his SPARQ score. Which, btw, is really bad. And because of that, plus being a tweener, he’s ranked as an interior linemen where he doesn’t make that Top-5. And put that in perspective, the #1 interior defensive lineman of this year would only be 14th in last year’s draft and ranks in the 69th percentile of NFL defensive linemen for athletic ability. And while there is more to football than raw athletic ability, I just don’t see Allen having the athletic ability necessary to be anything but an average run-stuffing DT in a 4-3.

      But Thomas has the potential. And he’s shown a pretty good motor and effort. And that’s why I’m pretty much Thomas or bust at #2 seeing as we don’t actually need a safety and there’s not a corner better at being a corner than Thomas is at being a DE.

      Also, one more thing on Thomas there’s another ranking that SPARQ + Production to weed out the bathing suit players from those with the greatest NFL potential — Thomas is #3 after Garrett and Jordan Willis. Willis edging him out because his SPARQ is a bit higher and his stats are a bit better since he was just a DE and more free to do certain things Thomas wasn’t in his hybrid role.

      1. I wonder why King Solomon is ranked 2 and Jordan Willis is ranked 76?

        Guess all the evaluators did not see his Sparq scores.

  48. Despite the efforts of many to focus on football 2 1/2 weeks before the Draft, some feel it is more important to call attention to themselves and their wonderfulnes.

  49. “They” haven’t done anything yet. Did you notice that this is a new “they”, and that the remaining “old they” are staying out of the football issues?

    That’s what “they” say.

  50. My previous Mock was about putting Fournette in there at the beginning. This version is much more along the lines of something I can see the team doing.

    #2 Marshon Lattimore CB After signing two starting WR’s and a QB in FA I’ve moved back to defense at #2. Unless we see a draft day trade of Armstead I don’t see them going DE first. #2 just feels too soon for safety. Foster would make sense if the team feels like Bowman is done.

    #34 Jarrad Davis ILB- Solid character guy that can probably step into the Sam role as a rookie. If he bulks up a bit and doesn’t lose any athleticism he’s got the potential to replace Bowman one day at Mike.

    #66 Josh Jones SS Physical body slamming safety. Will have to learn to trade some of that aggression for control but this is exactly the type of S that I can see Lynch respecting and wanting on his team.

    #109 Josh Dobbs QB I feel like the team will pick a QB in the fourth round. This pick will take place 7 spots after where the ‘Skins took Cousins. Dobbs has recently climbed up boards but unless they’ve been playing games the last few weeks that’s just the media inflating his value. Dobbs has impressed teams in his interviews and has a lot of the physical tools you look for in a QB. I think Dobbs’s lack of consistency in College is a huge red flag but in the fourth round of this draft this is about as good as you’re going to get.

    #143 Antonio Garcia OT A sleeper prospect who’s shorter then avg arms have people looking past him. Quick hands and feet more then compensate for the arms. His athleticism will help him retain his quickness once NFL trainers start to bulk him up.

    #146 Derek Rivers DE Well it’s too bad that Grant doesn’t think the defense uses a Leo because he’ll never correctly describe where Rivers is playing on our team.

    #161 Jessamen Dunker OG Will need some development but has starter potential. Not a bad find in the 5th

    #198 Richie Brown ILB His ceiling is more of a solid depth player.

    #202 Brandon Facyson CB Practice squad player/potential depth

    #219 Mack Hollins WR Practice squad player/potential depth

    2xOL (og,ot)

    1. Wow, CfC, that is a great mock draft. Lots of guys in there I can really see the 49ers liking and taking. Top stuff mate.

    2. I like that you used the first 3 picks on defense.
      Grant’s earliest mock had Jarrad Davis, I think.
      Instead of Garcia, I like Julie’n Davenport.
      Dobbs could be a sleeper pick. Old Coach will like your mock.
      I agree with Rivers.

      Nice mock.

  51. JAMAL ADAMS, S, LSU: “Checking in at 6-foot, 214 pounds with exceptional instincts, awareness and tackling skills, Adams is a new-school safety with a classic game that’s plucked straight from the 1980s when Ronnie Lott and others lurked between the hashes as menacing enforcers for their respective squads.”

    “It’s a foregone conclusion that Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett is poised to be the No. 1 overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, but LSU’s Jamal Adams is the best prospect in the draft. It’s easier to hold that belief following Adams’ spectacular pro day workout where he clocked times reportedly in the 4.38 range, but I’ve long believed the charismatic safety is poised to make the biggest impact of any prospect in the draft. The LSU standout is a dynamic playmaker capable of roaming the deep middle as a centerfielder or attacking from the box as a “seek-and-destroy” defender. Adams’ versatility, toughness, and instincts pop off the screen when studying his game film. He is a Tasmanian Devil on the field, exhibiting a non-stop motor and relentless mentality when pursuing runners and receivers all over the field. As a run defender, Adams flashes outstanding instincts and awareness when slipping around blocks to put big hits on runners in the hole. He is a rare big hitter who is also a secure wrap-up tackler. Adams’ physicality, toughness and “thump” sets the tone for the defense, which is an expectation for a top-five defender. Against the pass, Adams is an underrated cover man with the capacity to thrive in man or zone coverage as a box defender. He plays with outstanding leverage and cushion in coverage while funneling receivers to his help defenders. In zone coverage, Adams has the athleticism and movement skills to play as a “post” defender or near the line of scrimmage as a curl/flat player. He shows terrific instincts and diagnostic skills reading route concepts and breaking early on throws. Although he has just five career interceptions on his resume, Adams’ ball skills and hands rate at a B-plus level. In the end, Adams’ production, skills and intangibles make him worthy of being a top-five selection in the draft. Moreover, his combination of traits leads me to believe he will be a superstar at the next level. When I spoke to several coaches about Adams at the combine, I repeatedly heard them rave about his enthusiastic personality and natural leadership skills.”

    “An AFC secondary coach called him a “culture changer” based on the way that he holds his teammates accountable for their preparation and performance. The coach went on to tell me that Adams has the “it factor” that every coach covets in a leader and top player. I know firsthand of Adams’ leadership skills based on my interactions with him when he was a high school player (Adams participated in The Opening regional camps where I assist as a camp counselor). With LSU’s coaches also touting Adams as one of the best leaders to ever come through the program, I’m willing to bet on his intangibles pushing him toward greatness.”

    Don’t blow this Niners!

    1. 49, I watched some one dissect Adams play, and while he has had some spectacular defensive plays, he showed some where Adams took bad angles to the ball and would get caught up in the wash.

      I would hesitate to anoint him the next Earl Thomas.

      With Ward possibly moving to safety, he would possibly be depth, but King Solomon would give the Defense a pass rusher so the QB does not have all day to throw.

      1. I love the moniker King Solomon. Little known fact it was due to his many wives and “real world politics” that the ancient kingdom of Israel that his father had spent so much time building up, basically split into two halves and precipitated the calamities that followed.

    2. Well… I think that’s kind of funny as Adams is not the best prospect. He’s not even the consensus best safety with Hooker tending to out-rank him slightly.

      Rather, I think this is a very flat & deep draft, but not one full of elites. Except for Garrett, none of them would be worthy of a Top-5 in a regular draft class and there are only a small number of Top Blue Chip prospects before you hit the wealth of Red Chippers.

      Solomon is (frankly), talent wise, a #6-to-#10 talent in a draft that has your normal 4-to-5 elites. Which is why all the trade down talk I keep seeing is just silly in my book. There’s nobody worth trading up to #2 for as you can get someone almost as good in the middle of Round 1. But the draft you draft in is the draft you have to draft in regardless of it’s strengths and weaknesses. And Thomas is the best prospect compared to the 49ers needs available.

      Elites (1): Garrett

      Top Blue-Chips (2): Thomas & Fournette

      Second-Tier Blue-Chips (6): Hooker, Adams, Cook, Lattimore, Howard, Trubisky

      Top-Red Chips (5): Foster, Charlton, Njoku, Reddick, Haason

      Marginal Red Chips (20): Allen, Williams (Mike), Davis, McDowell, McKinley, Ramczyk, Lamp, Barnett, Ross, Peppers, Brantley, Humphrey, Robinson, Mixon, Bolles, Williams (Tim), Engram, Kamara, White (Tre’) Harris

      Note: I didn’t miss Watson. I don’t think he’s even a Red Chip talent. In my book he’s just a faster version of all those Miami QBs that failed – Erickson, Dorsey, etc.. Only not as good of a ‘passer’ considering his high INT rate.

      In fact, after Trubisky I don’t think there’s a Round 1 QB in this draft though my #2 would be Mahomes and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sneak into Round 1.

      As for the 49ers if they draft a QB not named Trubisky this year, I’m hoping they manage to snag one of these two: Peterman or Mahomes. The rest can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned.

      1. CFC,
        I believe you missed adding Derek Barnett (Tenn.) from your list. His numbers are almost identical to Garrett’s. That being said, if you rank Garrett as elite (which I agree), than Barnett at the very least deserves a blue-chip ranking.
        What say you?

        1. :)

          Barnett’s 40 (mid 4.8’s)and 10 yard split(1.70) are actually quite pedestrian for someone who is being touted as pass rush specialist in the NFL. He’ll have to have one heck of a set of moves because he’s not likely to be running past any offensive tackles any time soon.

  52. As for me Mahomes has the guts and glory to be the next niner quarterback…He is raw but has the tools like Steve Young…Niners best bet at least in this draft!!!

    1. Matthew Jones

      as to Mahomes being ‘raw’…who wants to be like we were for the last 5 years…?

      1. OREGON,
        Most draftheads have us drafting S.Thomas. But it would be redundant imo because we already have two young potential players in Buckner and Armstead. If we (Lynch/Shanny) are going to draft a QB, I would rather they take one of the top 3. My vote would be Mitchell Trebisky. He is the most NFL ready QB of the top 3 and beyond.
        I like Watson, but he does not have the accuracy and arm strength required to be considered an immediate upgrade at our QB position.
        Kizer is an interesting prospect, but he showed some inconsistency last year and was even benched at one point. But I actually rank him higher then Watson.

        I would much happier if we could trade out of the #2 spot to grab any of these players – but if Lynch and Shanny are determined to gamble at taking a QB with the #2 pick, it’s Trebisky for me.

  53. 1stPick, didn’t do any trades.

    Round 1 Pick 2: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford (A+)
    Round 2 Pick 2: DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 2: Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 2: Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 36 (COMP): John Johnson, FS, Boston College (B+)
    Round 5 Pick 2: D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas (A-)
    Round 5 Pick 17: Elijah Lee, OLB, Kansas State (A-)
    Round 6 Pick 14: Eddie Vanderdoes, DT, UCLA (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 18: Robert Davis, WR, Georgia State (A-)
    Round 7 Pick 1: KD Cannon, WR, Baylor (A-)

    1. Nice. My only quibble would be to drop the second WR and select an ILB.

      Maybe Ben Boulware. he is pretty scrappy.

      1. They probably would have given me a D for that pick had I made it. I figured I could just get him as a UFA.

        1. Hmm, KD Cannon may not be available.

          He just shot up to 127 in the rankings. ;p

          If you stayed at WR, Chad Williams, Ryan Switzer and Josh Malone may be good candidates. Malone clocked a 4.4 forty.

    2. Like it a lot Razor. Getting Leggett and Johnson in round 4 would be especially awesome.

      1. Well done Razor.

        I’ve yet to see anyones mock include Ahkello Weatherspoon. I discovered him while watching film oh his teammate, Chidobe Awuzie about a week ago. Great pick, Razor

  54. New mock, no trades

    2- KING Solomon Thomas EDGE
    34- Kevin KING CB
    66- Davis Webb QB
    109- Ryan Anderson OLB
    143- Derek Rivers EDGE
    146- Julie’n Davenport OT
    161- D’Onta Foreman RB
    198- Jayon Brown ILB
    202- Chad Williams WR
    219- David Jones S

      1. I wanted to put Budda Baker there, but once Brock was let go, CB seemed like more of a need.

    1. This is far more realistic Seb. Much better! Though Thomas isn’t really an Edge player but ok and you know my quibbles with him! Don’t like Webb either. Prefer Peterman

      1. Peterman may also be a decent choice. Just do not want to spend too much draft capital with Cousins looming next season.

    1. No. I went right in.
      Are the Wappos on the warpath again? Kidding, it might just as well be cannabisistas stealing your signal!
      : -)

      1. Or the ghost of Black Bart interfering with my wisp signal just to mess with me for walking past his buried treasure every day.

        I’ve labored long and hard for bread
        For honor, and for riches
        But on my corns too long you’ve tread
        You fine-haired sons of bitches

        Black Bart, 1877

  55. New mock using the CBS board that has Rivers at 84 and Anderson at 92.

    2- KING Solomon Thomas DE
    34- Kevin KING CB
    66- Davis Webb QB
    109- Justin Evans FS
    143- D’Onta Foreman RB
    146- Vince Biegel OLB
    161- Ben Braden OG
    198- Josh Malone WR
    202 Stevie Tu’ilokovatu NT
    219- Blair Brown ILB

  56. Mock 5

    Rd 1 Reuben Foster ILB/OLB, Menacing off ball LB or MIKE if no Bow.
    Rd 2 Carl Lawson DE, 1st round talent in the 2nd due to deep edge class.
    Rd 3 Ahkello Witherspoon CB, Underrated press CB that will start.
    Rd 4 Julien Davenport OT, Staley grooms his successor.
    Rd 4 Brad Kaaya QB, Could thrive in our system or could be flipped if we get Cousins next year.
    Rd 5 Brian Hill HB, Dual threat for Shanny.
    Rd 5 Josh Reynolds WR, Deep threat that can go up and get the ball.
    Rd 6 Joe Mathis OTTO, Could unseat Brooks.
    Rd 6 Rudy Ford S, Depth and STs.
    Rd 7 Deyshawn Bond C/G, Would have a season or two to add bulk before starting.

    D line
    RDE Armstead
    NT Mitchell
    DT Buckner
    LDE Lawson

    MIKE Bowman
    OFF BALL Foster
    OTTO Mathis

    LCB Robinson
    SS Reid
    FS Ward
    RCB Witherspoon

    1. Nice. I like the Lawson, Davenport and Reynolds picks. Hill has good tape.

      However, wonder about Joe Mathis. He is injured, but he is a safe gamble for a 6th round pick and it is not an ACL.

    1. How deliciously ironic that the league will fine players for being in a casino, but they just voted to move a team to Las Vegas.

      Pot, meet kettle.

      1. How did I know the Las Vegas move would eventually create the veneer of hypocracy. This will not improve.

    1. I’ll do one soon HT, although the one CFC put up yesterday would be better than anything I could put together.

      1. CFC did a great one, I have seen several I like nonetheless looking forward to your take.

    2. Its in the works hightop, but as rocket said, going to be hard to top CfCs. You and razor also had good ones.

  57. Would love to get Kizer, that will keep The Usual Suspects references on this blog for at least the next 4 years.

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