49ers need to ride that stallion

This is my Sunday column previewing the 49ers’ upcoming game against the Rams.

The final score might be closer than we expect but, come on, this game won’t be competitive.

The oddsmakers in Las Vegas must be messing with us, favoring the 49ers to beat the Rams by just 31/2 points Monday night. Sure, the 49ers have kicked nine field goals the past two games and struggle to score touchdowns in the red zone. Yes, the Rams are a division rival desperate for a win. And yes, the Rams’ head coach, Jeff Fisher, is good. All true. If you look hard enough, you can find reasons to believe the Rams will win.

One 49ers’ beat reporter dug deep this week and found an interesting pro-Rams stat. She asked Anquan Boldin about it Thursday afternoon in the 49ers’ locker room.

“When you look at the numbers, the 49ers’ passing game is ranked at the bottom of the league,” the reporter said. “The Rams, despite their record, their passing defense is ranked at the top of the league. What, to you, really is the story behind those numbers?”

Boldin shook his head and shrugged like the reporter had asked about Middle English or the Hegelian Dialectic. “Look where they’re ranked at as far as run defense,” he said.

Yes, look where they’re ranked. Twenty-eighth in rushing yards allowed per carry. Twenty-ninth in rushing yards allowed per game. That’s all you have to know.

The Rams can’t stop the run. If a team can’t stop the run, they probably can’t beat the 49ers.

I asked Jim Harbaugh about the Rams’ run defense Saturday afternoon. Harbaugh was more diplomatic than Boldin. An NFL coach is being diplomatic when he uses words like, “aggressive,” “fast,” or “experienced” to describe a player. If the player was any good, the coach would say so, wouldn’t speak in code. Got it?

“They do a nice job of running through gaps, getting penetration,” Harbaugh said. “Outstanding defensive line, and linebackers that are aggressive, fast.”

Translation: the linebackers aren’t so good.

A reporter followed up. “At times, can the (defensive line’s) aggressiveness come back to bite them a little bit?”

“It can, yeah.”

No translation necessary.

Rams’ middle linebacker James Laurinaitis seemed in awe of the 49ers’ run game on a conference call this week. “They do so much shifting and motioning, it gets defenders to have bad eyes at times. When a lot of things start happening in front of you, you have to make sure, “Hey, what are my keys?” Before they say, “Set, hut,” what are my keys? What am I looking at? And, I think sometimes you see on film, at the end of the game, if guys aren’t still honed in on what their keys are they could start chasing ghosts.”

Can’t be more clear than that.

How good is Frank Gore?

“He has phenomenal vision,” Laurinaitis said. “As a linebacker, you have to pace the ball and cancel gaps because, trust me, a lot of times on their power plays it looks like there is no room in there. But he’s patient, he gets low and he kind of squeaks through these little holes. He knows if there only is an arm in there, he can go through an arm. I can’t just assume that because it doesn’t look open that he is not going there. You really have to be patient as a linebacker and pace the ball.”

Sounds good. But patience won’t work for the Rams. Neither will aggressiveness. St. Louis just is not good enough to stop Gore.

Only Greg Roman, the 49ers’ offensive coordinator, can stop Gore Monday night. Roman calls the plays. He is responsible for making sure Gore gets the ball. Roman made noises Friday afternoon that he will use Gore sparingly against the Rams.

“We don’t want to just ride that stallion all day every day,” said Roman, referring to Gore. “There’s just a point of diminishing returns at some point.”

Roman is right – Gore is 31 years old and will wear down if he carries the ball too much. But, sometimes Roman doesn’t give the ball to Gore enough. Sometimes Roman tries too hard to be clever. Take Week 3 against the Cardinals. Roman called just six runs for Gore and the 49ers lost.

Harbaugh won’t let Roman make that mistake again. That’s my prediction. The Niners will run Gore down the Rams’ throats, score two touchdowns, kick three field goals and win 23-10.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. If the offense “pounds the rock and chews the clock” it will minimize defensive snaps. The 49er defense only played 50 snaps vs KC in part because of Gore.

    Important for keeping defensive legs fresh for Denver on six days rest.

    1. Seattle’s toughest non-mandatory (NFC West, AFC West) road opponents are Philadelphia and Kansas City.

      The 49ers non-mandatory road opponents are Denver (on a short week) and New Orleans. Both have historically good home records.

      At risk of “over looking” the Rams, the 49ers need to win in a way that chews clock and minimize defensive snaps to stay fresh for Denver.

      That means running.

  2. Sounds like a plan. Need to make sure that they utilize Hyde as well. He should get the holes he needs to punish the LB’s and DB in this game.

  3. Much to someone’s dismay .. I
    hope to see a heavy dose of Frank and Carlos ..
    all day !

    Our run game is a thing of beauty, and
    exciting to watch

    1. Certainly not me. I love the ground attack. It’s slow, deliberate, and disheartening on defenses.

      I also see our defense having a late night snack courtesy of the rams offense.

  4. Claude and I touched on this earlier in the week, the correlation between the Rams pass defense and their run defense. I believe Gore has one less carry at this point in the season as he did in 2013. I think you want to give Mr. Hyde a few more carries in this game, while riding the Stallion a little less. If the Rams sell out to stop the run, I like Kaepernick to take a couple deep shots to Lloyd or Ellington. I’m predicting Lynch gets his first sack in this game…..

  5. Why are the 49ers holding onto Chris Cook? The CB’s are playing well, Brock is working his way back and we still have DJ. Why play games with Osgood and JJ when you can cut dead weight in Cook?

    1. Coffee who would you add in his place? Just curious. Seems to me they like to keep extra corners around so there’s very little drop off when a back up comes in. Wright and Asomugha last year.

  6. Upset pick of the week: Giants over Eagles.

    Even though the Giants are the road team, they’re getting better each week, especially offensively.

    The Eagles have regressed. Nick Foles seems beat up, and I haven’t been impressed with LeSean McCoy’s productivity or attitude the past few games.

      1. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Vikings upset the Lions today either.

    1. Today is a bounce back day for the Eagles. I expect them to stomp the Giants.

    2. I expect the Giants to win as well.

      Beckham looked good last week in his debut, and really helped open up the Giants offense in the 2nd half. I expect that offense to keep getting better.

    3. How is Ny over phi an upset?
      C’mon Grant you could have went a little more daring.
      NY and manning has picked up on the WCO. They are rolling and will win that division.

    4. I’d like to make fun of you for this pick, but I started Eli in my FF league (over Dalton).

  7. love your optimism, Jack .. but you’re up
    against two major hitches in the giddy-ups ..

    1) The game is at the Clink .. (and most importantly) ..

    2). Grant’s man-cruch ( “8-8” -Romo) is playin’

    But… hope yer right

  8. Using overall yards to “rank” a passing game is a little bit simpleton.

    For instance, Russell Wilson is completing 70 percent of his passes and Seattle is ranked dead last in total passing yards….

    Does anyone think that Seattle has the worst passing offense in the league?

  9. Wish we had Kendall Hunter. And Anthony Dixon was a good player. The special teams unit misses him. But I’m happy the direction the 49ers are headed. Nobody feel safe when the see SF on their schedule I can guerentee that.

  10. The Rams will likely anticipate this strategy, thus crowding the line of scrimmage, slowing down Gore and Hyde.
    Kaepernick must be prepared to pass for his usual 225 yards and also run for fifty yards to get past the Rams.

  11. The 49er defense isn’t all that great against the pass. The Ram quarterback is pretty good and as a passer he’s already got better instincts than Kaepernick. The 49ers are like the Rams in that they don’t get too many sacks. The Rams are going to score more than 10 points (I wish I could bet Grant on that prediction) . I’d say more like 20+ points. I wouldn’t be too confident about. this one.

    1. They let you in there because you haven’t written a ton of insulting blog articles about their team….

  12. What? It’s sunny in Seattle? I could not recognize that dump with the sun shining. Cowboys are playing well .. 10-10 game with 2 min left in the half.

    1. I can’t believe I’m actually rooting for the Cowboys.

      It took Dallas years of arrogance to become insufferable. It took Seattle one measly sound baffle assisted championship.

    2. Poorly timed penalties and injuries mounting and a predictable silence from Mary. Cowboys looking really good.

  13. Is there any debate who has a better OL than the Cowboys? When you can run against this Seattle’s D, then they don’t look as dominant.

    1. Their offensive line is playing unreal. That last TD to Whitten, Romo had six seconds to throw….
      Today I am a cowboy fan….

  14. I said 2 weeks ago here that the way you punish Seattle with your offense is to make their linebackers cover your tight end. Their linebackers can run but they can’t cover. The check down is also killing Seattle as well.

    Hopefully, by the time we play them, our tight end ‘ s back spasms will have subsided. Vernon is a fraud and a joke this year. He’s still questionable for Monday against the Rams. I say we get McDonald healthy and get him and the other guy in there. At least we know they are committed to the team. Vernon has taken this year off.

    1. I haven’t watched tape but it seems Vernon gets covered by a safety or DB when we play Seattle, am I wrong?

      1. You are right. That has been the case in the past. Haugen his play this year, Seattle may not feel the need. Then again, he might be hurt.

          1. Rib

            Your point about 23J flinging fecal matter may be true, but I would have to say that Vernon’s behavior all offseason, coupled with his sudden fragility through the first 5 games warrants at least a suspicion that he’s not all-in.

            1. E,

              Watch when Vernon’s back flares up midway through the 2nd quarter and he sits out the rest of the game. Then you’ll know that what I’m saying is real. Vernon Davis is not all in. It’s all about him and his brand.

              1. And our esteemed, eminently qualified orthopedic surgeon, Jordo, has given his diagnosis from afar.

                So are you the same guy than determined Balke has OCD?

            2. E, you are talking about a player that holds out in pre-season, then gimps out for the reminder? Enough about Michael Crabtree.

  15. The Cowboys aren’t shy when it comes to giving gifts to NFC West teams this season…

    1. Isn’t that the truth :) Other than those special team’s turnovers, Dallas has dominated this game on both sides.

  16. Was that Wilson who “almost” threw an interception :) The guy many claims that don’t make mistakes.

  17. Makes me vomit in my mouth a little when so many people want to rip on our QB and that same group goes out of their way to crown Wilson. A very undisciplined defensive end made Wilson look great last week. This week Wilson is average. He should have thrown a pick six that was flat out dropped.
    Funny how Sherman looks average now that they can’t employ the same holding tactics.

      1. But he’s great, even approaching elite. Sees the whole field….. Any QB can look elite when his offensive line gives him time. Example of that is Cutler versus us in the 2nd half….

        1. People see reality through what ever agenda lenses they decide to put on. They never consider circumstances or individual play variables when either praising or trashing a QB/player.

  18. What are the odds Grant is chewing his nails right about now ?
    Both Cowgirls and Duh-Rai-duhs pitching a tie

  19. Wilson has 92 yards versus Dallas AT HOME. Real magician. Same Wilson that passed for 103 and 108 in games end of last season.

  20. I hate the Cowboys can’t believe I am rooting for Mr. self destruct Romo. He will let me down no doubt.

  21. Ball thrown high and Dick Sherman is clapping his hands like he did something.
    Russell Wilson is overrated like I’ve said since the beginning of the year. The raiders game looks a lot like the Jags game earlier. I’m hoping of O’fers when they meet.

    1. Romo is outplaying Wilson on the road and against the best D, and Wilson cannot even move the ball against that Dallas D at HOME!

    1. We did until Iupoti went down. Miller was a key loss last year too. All good. It always takes a little luck an health to win it all.

  22. Lmao I LOVE the raiders fans faces.
    Wilson looks elite, buahahahaa
    Are the cowboys legit????? I think so.

      1. Yep. And contain Wilson the “great pocket qb” in the middle and takeaway his outlet pass to the rb. The seahaks don’t scare me, Dallas does. They are officially legit.

  23. Speaking of riding the Stallion, the 49ers need to ride that pony right behind number 67, Daniel Kilgore. Kilgore is starting to come on. Harbaugh walked off the field after the KC game with his arm around Kilgore. Daniel had a great game against KC and is a big reason the 49ers running game is coming alive.

    Way to go Dallas!

  24. Oh Wilson is so good. Oh Wilson. He’s elite. You anti Kaep fools need to shut your pie holes. Wilson was terrible today at home.

    1. Ok Lame tell us again how to beat Seattle? You were chirping that you couldn’t run on Seattle. Guess what moron, the blue print is set!

        1. You think you can anger me with an Alex comment? You are dumber than you look with those skinny legs you posted. Work on those calves small guy!

          1. You wish! The stupidity and hypocrisy is what I follow. Tell us again on how to beat Seattle?

            1. Why did you Welch on your bet primeslime? Why did you post under multiple names? Go work on your character I’m trying to talk football with people that I enjoy interacting

              1. Who’s that? 23 idiot and fairwweather MD? Who else?

                Your talking football is pretending you know something, making some ridiculous prediction or comment, only to have it come back and make you look stupid.
                ie: franchises make personnel decisions based on jersey sales. I love that one!

              2. Says the guy who once told me
                He knows about football because he plays madden. Lmao
                You’re a joke. And fair weather fans don’t get all mad when the Ex gets his a** handed to him from his old team. You know the one you supposedly root for?

                October 12, 2014 at 5:14 pm
                You think you can anger me with an Alex comment? You are dumber than you look with those skinny legs you posted. Work on those calves small guy!

                What’s that agin prime? You sure about that? Or you’re just a regular racist.

              3. “If Alex smith doesn’t start spreading the field he will be gone” you can be the lost his job because he’s one dimensional. Still mad because I called this prime? It’s still really about Alex smith. You broke the agreement because he lost, you welched out on bets two years ago and came back with a different name. You are a flat out racist. How much “clout” do you really believe you have?
                DS, mora, ghost, and some other trolls…. That’s your class now. How does that feel? Smh.

              4. Still talking about past Alex Smith comments and forever a loser MD.
                Your week is almost up because next up is the Rams. But keep playing Bays body guard and try to find another player to bash besides Smith. Remember, he plays on another team now douche!

              5. I’m not a troll. I’m just the angry football fan tonight as Dal and Phil are the dumbest teams from their NFC Least. Everytime NFC West has to play the entire Least division, bad things always happen. Wash and NYG games are probably both 49er wins. You think all 4 teams can play capable football instead of letting the 49ers get an easy win?

              6. Wow, Shrimp Boy, I’m surprised from one 49er fan to another that you don’t want any competition. You want the 49ers to take the west with McDonald on a police report, QB that can’t pass, Gore that hogs the ball, and a coach with bad rumors that he’s lost the team. Whereas Sea and Ari both offer coaches that do not embarrass themselves on the media and QBs that don’t wear glasses, hoodies, ear phones, or whatever else to embarrass themselves. To have the 49ers take this division with all this adversity on them would be the saddest day next to the Giants getting an easy trip to the World Series and tying up our traffic after they win it and their fans act like morons and smash things at night, again.

              7. In a conversation between you and MWNiner, there is only one 49er fan involved, so get off that “from one 49er fan to another” derangement.

              8. Thanx .. rib ..
                appreciate the sentiment …

                Moron .. (aka Short Bus) ..

                I challenged you, a few threads ago.. to poll the regulars,
                here, to see if they think you’re a troll or not ..but
                you ignored it .. and you (again) went on your
                “one rant” … rants ..

                Why is that ?

                Just for the heck of it … let’s ask the regular posters

                ” .. Is Jim Moron a troll .. or not .. ??”

              9. MW, the choices are:

                a. troll
                b. monumentally imbecilic

                If it were b it’s doubtful this cat could put his pants on by himself in the morning, much less find the on switch to his computer.

                So I’m going with a.

                But there is a third option:

                c. uniter

                Whatever historical petty squabbles some of us regulars have amongst ourselves, we are united our stupefaction to the level of football non-intelligence he’s brought to this once interesting board.

                Whatever he is, it’s obvious he landed here only after being banned on every other forum he dumbed-down.

              10. For the love of God, why is anyone giving him any attention? That only gives him what he wants and encourages him to stick around. Grant clearly isn’t going to ban him, so it’s up to us to ignore him, no matter how outrageous his comments are, until he skulks away. The longer we engage him, the longer he’s going to infect the comment section.

              11. Lol Claude that’s how I feel when Grant posts some of his “alternative thinking” posts up.

              12. Mary ..

                funny you should post that.. because .. I just ran across
                that very same statement, from him …but ..
                my take is …

                it was the politically correct thing to say either before
                or after a game …
                (interesting to note, that this is the complete opposite
                of how Sherm conducts himself given the same circumstances)

                (of course..this is only my take ..and that and $5 bucks
                just might get you a cup of coffee at a Starbucks, somewhere)

              13. First one that replies to him has to post a pic in a Richard Sherman jersey and suffer “humiliations galore” as Inigo Montya said in the Princess Bride.

              14. Whoa….. Looks like were on the same page. Lol I was thinking suspension and maybe a fine.
                Godell style.

              15. Sadly, he will just change his blog name and before we realize it he/she would have ruined everyone’s day by then :( Only Grant can only stop this non-sense but he won’t. Man, I wish there is another place to go to just talk football.

              16. This guy reminds me of a graffiti chump that tags freeway overpasses. It’s an eyesore to everyone but him.

              17. Let’s have a friendly wager with each other. Whoever comments to Jim Morons posts. Will lose and will have to take a week long break from here. I challenge EVEYONE. :-)

              18. You beat me to the punch, Claude.
                Ignore him, shun him, and he’ll eventually tire of talking to himself and move elsewhere.

              19. Claude, you’re talking about Darren, not just any everyday troll. Ignoring him will actually provoke him into posting more comments. And when he does, somebody on here will respond to it. They always do and he counts on that. Two things usually occur at some point with him, however. First, at some point he will stop getting satisfaction out of the type of trolling he is doing now and will start developing a bit of a nastier streak with more personal attacks and name-calling. That is when he usually starts getting comments removed (he may force Grant’s hand on this) and eventually gets banned as he has on other blogs. Second, though not so often, he will go into his remorse mode; that’s when he starts telling the blog how he doesn’t understand why he can’t be happy with the 49ers and that as a 49er fan he should be happy when they win, but he just can’t be which depresses him. Sometimes this leads to him leaving the blog on his own — at least for a while.

              20. You say such stupid things. Pete Carroll documented NCAA violator and leader of the NFL banned substance usage and Bruce Arians gets mad at media if you’ve seen any of his interviews. Yep they’ve never embarrassed themselves or their organizations. Remember Palmer refusing to play for the Bengals and going into retirement instead? That didn’t embarrass anyone right? He could be having Dalton’s success right now. You’re not competition for anyone here with your absurd rants. There’s nothing easy about the NFC West. Best division in football as one example of absurdity that you espouse and it being easy for the 49ers. There are plenty of people on here we disagree with but you’re in another category.

                Wow are you really judging by appearance? You’re a troll. What I can’t figure out is if this is all an act just to piss people off or if you are so self unaware that you don’t realize your trolling.

  25. After the Green Bay game on opening day the SeaHawks have just not looked that good. Today was no exception, Dallas has outplayed them the whole game.

    1. First Downs – Dal 23, Sea 9
      Total Net Yards – Dal 401, Sea 206
      Total Plays – Dal 70, Sea 48
      Net Rushing Yards – Dal 162, Sea 80

      This was a whoopping. No home sound baffle advantage today!

    1. Very Kaepernick like as well. Much like that pass he through in the Carolina game I the reg season.

  26. If I hear another word hear that Wilson is a lot better than CK, I swear I’m going to lose it.

      1. Look ninerMD, I’m not saying Wilson is terrible, if fact, he’s excellent on some of the things that he can do. But CK also brings a lot on the field that not a lot of QBs can do. I just don’t get this talk around this blog that he’s approaching elite level like the Brady’s, Manning’s and Roger’s of the world. Please…..

        1. I agree. I’m sayin you will hear that garbage again and before you lose it, put a gps on it. :-)

  27. Dear Dallas Cowboys:

    I’ve pretty much hated you for as long as I can remember. But just for today, we’re cool. I can put all that history aside and say thanks for taking Seattle down.


    I’ll probably hate you again next week. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

    1. Is not really that of a mystery on how to beat this Seattle. Stop Lynch and be able to run against them. If Wilson has to win the game in the pocket, their chances are not that good.

      1. Yup…
        – Hammer them up the middle.
        – SeaCheats D thrives on long down and distance situations, so minimize negative yardage plays.
        – No TOs.

        Same formula the 49ers used vs KC.

        1. Brodie, did you notice the Dallas secondary playing a lot of man-coverage? They basically saying, hey Wilson, if you’re going to beat us you will have to make an accurate throws all day. And it clearly shows how inept that passing game when they struggle to run the ball.

          1. Don’t have TV here in the countryside. I was following the game on stats.sfgate.com. I’ll check footage when I get on wifi in town tomorrow.

            Running is key to beating SeAdderal, but if they play 9 in the box and/or man, they have to be punished with some gouge passes or they’ll keep stacking the box.

  28. Seattle losing today gives us a chance to move up to 2nd in the division tomorrow, with the edge on one tie-breaker. Next week we’ll be #1 in the NFC West, Denver is very beatable this year even at home.

    1. And that’s why I hate our pathetic division. Just give it to the 49ers. That way they’ll lose in the playoffs quickly.

      1. Jim are you the dumbest guy on the blog or what? You gotta be Bayareafanatics cousin or something!

        1. you should be disappointed. Seattle was supposed to win this game. I don’t see why we even bother playing the Rams with no Qb. If the Rams were smart, they should just forfeit their season. this game is going to be boring, pathetic, snooze fest.

  29. Should have been a bow-out.
    Two TO’s by the ‘boys’ kept the score respectable for the c-hawks.
    The ‘boys’ have won 5 in a row. Suddenly our win at Dallas in the first game is not looking like a walk-thru after all.
    We beat a pretty good team.

    1. Why don’t you bet your paycheck Jordan so your computer can get taken away after Arizona I guarantee you beats the Raiders. Raiders are on their way to 0 and 16. Gee, they better draft another QB.

    1. Yup. He was really terrible today. Their passing game is not scarring anybody. I mean, they made that Dallas secondary looked like an elite defense.

  30. Just because a lot of posters constantly trash Kaep will not make me trash the other QB’s whom they use to promote and compare him too while doing so. Every QB has their A,B,C,D and F games. No QB is as good as their hype or as bad as their detractors tend to make them. So Russel Wilson forcing a a play with time running down has a similar result to Alex last week. One has to consider the circumstances of every play and judge accordingly. While not implying that either Alex or Wilson should be defined by one games- game ending interceptions. I hope the “Kaep Slam points” were worth the Crow sandwich that some of you posters are trying to choke down now.

    1. It was just dumb luck. I don’t know what’s up with Dallas. Romo can barely walk. They got to rely on Murray to try and keep their lousy division respected I guess. NFC East is nothing but a poison division to play against. Of course for whatever reason, Phil and Dal left their game book at home.

  31. The seahaks OC is getting “Romanized”. They aren’t happy with him right now. Never mind the fact that Fallas whooped that a** in a major way. And their qb isn’t the hero they think he is. Love it!

  32. Mary, please post a link to the Pete Carroll Post Game Presser, along with Russell Wilson and Dick Charmin. I enjoy the agony of defeat….

    1. Good, when they cart off Gore or CK off the field one week in some game, I’ll be sure to post the picture of it too. You are such a vindictive 49er fan that wishes the worse for his opposition.

        1. Wow, I guarantee I got a lot of stuff to put up when Harbaugh gets FIRED. If Ari and Sea were smart, they can take advantage and rule the division.

    1. Those guys won’t bite on this, they only work with un-named sources because then they can spin it however they want.

  33. Well I hope if Cowboys get the 49ers in the playoff rematch, this time, they’ll knock the F out of those 49ers and Gore. All Dallas did today was create a stink in their division by not losing a game they were SUPPOSED to lose. Well, may as well just give the division to the 49ers so that they can get knocked out of the playoffs easily. I hope Giants can beat Eagles, but looks like they won’t. Another day of stinkeroo football from the No Fun League. Hope the SF Giants lose today to salvage this day.

    1. Get off this site Raider fan! 0-5 that’s got to hurt.. Oh how are your A s doing there mora?

      1. Get lost 49er fan. I’m still waiting for CK to have his break out game, not his ‘break in’ game where he does nothing.

  34. Poor Giants–NY Giants. Lost Victor Cruz for the year.Looks like SF will clean sweep NFC Least. Wash has Qb issues, NY has team issues. It’s sad what the NFL throws at the 49ers. Gone are the old days where we would get a high caliber thrilling game. Now we’re guaranteed mediocre poorly ref games with Mr. Incompetent in CK. I had high hopes this would be challenging for the 49ers, maybe we’ll be rid of Harbaugh, now the division has turned pathetic.

  35. I miss Alex Smith. Least he never embarrassed himself in front of the media or kissed his bicep.

  36. It was too bad Alex Smith was robbed of certain victory against us, just like the Rams that stole the victory from Tampa in the playoffs that got us instant replay.

  37. Did anybody else catch the after show on NFL network. Where Sanders yet takes another shot at Harbaugh and the Niners?
    They’re showing a clip of a reporter talking to PAC man Jones as he is ranting about the kicker. The host asks is that locker room stuff and of course loud mouth says “he’s just giving a message, he’s the messenger, don’t kill the messanger.. The messanger is right” PAC man is not a messanger he’s a player throwing his kicker under the bus, and yet the softest cb in league history STILL has to take a undertoned shot at the Niners and Harbaugh. If there is anyone as sleazy as Jerry Jones. It’s this devil. Smh

  38. There is a group of constant posters in this blog whose main interest isn’t football or the 49ers. This group is only interested in insulting other members of the same group. In addition, the same group actually needs someone like Jim Mora in order to be sure to feel superior to at least one other person.


  39. I’m posting this again because the blog software put it in the wrong place.

    There is a group of constant posters in this blog whose main interest isn’t football or the 49ers. This group is only interested in insulting other members of the same group. In addition, the same group actually needs someone like Jim Mora in order to be sure to feel superior to at least one other person.


  40. I removed all Press Democrat cookies so maybe this post will be at the end where it belongs.

    There is a group of constant posters in this blog whose main interest isn’t football or the 49ers. This group is only interested in insulting other members of the same group. In addition, the same group actually needs someone like Jim Mora in order to be sure to feel superior to at least one other person.


  41. Interesting that there seems to be “guardians of the truthful Niner way” around here. Sort of like the Church Lady from past SNL or the pee cee crowd and their rants about anything and everything.

    If you don’t like what someone posts, don’t read it. My moron detector has eliminated any number of numbskulls here but there are also some really smart dudes who post stuff that is most interesting to read.

    But the amount of vitriol and jack-assedness by some of you over the most trivial of things is really perplexing. Don’t you have something better to do with your time?

    As for the Niners, the game will be close tonight — I think. It will come down to who makes the fewest mistakes, as usual…

    And I think the Cowboys are still an average team and I think the Seahawks have been exposed as just a very good group and not some super-duper bunch of players. Sherman stunk…

  42. When one encounters dogpoo on the sidewalk, its best to step around or over it; don’t want to get any on you. When there’s so much dogpoo that it becomes hard to avoid, one finds another place to walk. This morning I checked back; still a problem. Trolltown is currently uninhabitable for me. I’ll try another recon in a week or two.

    1. Yeah, its a worry that almost all of the more savvy football people that usually comment on here are minimising their contributions in recent weeks, while gibberish is at an all time high.

      1. Scooter, unfortunately, it’s not likely to change unless this blog undergoes a change as other blogs have where you are practically forced to sign in with one of the social media accounts like Facebook so everybody knows who is who. And maybe that is in the works and one of the reasons Grant isn’t paying much attention to moderation right now.

  43. My dad used to say “Never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level”.

    Finally I know what he meant. I mean how can you respond to the statement that the 49ers have a QB who cannot pass? It is like trying to argue with a person who believes the Earth is flat. It is best not to argue with such people. Just shake you head and move on, all the while thanking God that such idiots are few and far between.

  44. Well, that looks like a consensus to me ..
    the Short Bus (Jim Moron) is, indeed a troll !

    Ribco .. agree 100%

    Claude, Wilson, Razor and everyone .. from now on
    I’ll pledge to put him on /ignore …..

    Short Bus .. you have worn out your welcome, here ..
    do us all a favor .. and leave ..
    and don’t come back ’till you grow a brain

      1. I’d be interested in seeing what draft picks we could get for VD and Crabtree. I believe we can add to our team by subtracting those two.

  45. I learned a long time ago that you can’t deal with ignorance, you just have to ignore it. Been coming here for years, everyday. I can’t remember such a tool as Moron!

  46. I learned a long time ago that you can’t deal with ignorance, you just have to ignore it. Been coming here for years, everyday. I can’t remember such a tool as Moron!

  47. Forever Faithful October 13, 2014 at 9:10 am
    You beat me to the punch, Claude.
    Ignore him, shun him, and he’ll eventually tire of talking to himself and move elsewhere.

    Some others in the past have. Got a feeling this guy will take a little longer, but really how long can it take for someone to be completely ignored and go on. The sight of his name makes me scroll past it. I literary value every minute of my life more now. Because it’s basically a waste of time reading his, Mary’s, 8-8…. And so on.

  48. Aldon Smith is in week two of the “Ray Rice” phase of his suspension. If the 49ers make it 4-2, then get a split (or better) between Broncos/Saints I’ll be a happy boy.

    1. OldCoach – I always thought the way to beat Seattle running right at them and avoiding negative yardage plays. That’s right in the Cowpies wheelhouse.

      I didn’t see the Seattle game, but paid close attention to web updates and game stats. Lynch had over 6 yards per carry, but only had 10 carries. (The 49ers had a similarly weird offensive attack last year vs the Colts. Great YPC, few run plays)

      Was Lynch is nursing an injury? Did the Cowpies stack the box?

      1. Brodie i didnt watch the game either it just seems like the Seahawks are losing their home dominance [I believe it has a lot to do with the change in empasis in the rules]

      2. Brodie, I’m pulling a Grant here – half of Lynch’s yardage came on one run. Dallas did masterful job of keep away from the sqawks – nearly 2 to 1 in time of possession. Mr. elite RW was awful, sqawk’s offensive penalties killed drives – Lynch was never able to get into a rhythm. Without timely ST plays (blocked punt for TD, muffed punt by Dallas on their own 15) by the sqawks keeping it close, it would have been a blowout.

        1. ribico, you should have also included if Wilson had not connected with Kearse for that 53 yard pass he would have only thrown for 73 yards, lol.

  49. How about some maturity and all of you posters who are bickering with each other take a “time out” and reach a peace accord where you now only will discuss legitimate football issues rather than personal attacks? It would be refreshing if you could check your egos at the door before clicking “post comment.” Thank you!!!!!

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