49ers’ new starting cornerback’s 1st assignment: Cover OBJ

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham works out prior to an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Gail Burton)

SANTA CLARA — This week in the 49ers locker room, their new starting cornerback, Emmanuel Moseley, the man who will guard Odell Beckham Jr. Monday night, refused to say Beckham’s name.

“I watched film on the Browns as a whole group,” Moseley said when asked about Beckham. “They have a good receiving corps.”

No kidding. But what about OBJ? How does it feel to face one of the league’s best receivers during your first career start, Emmanuel? What’s it like to be one of the biggest underdogs in football this week?

“Any competitor enjoys being an underdog,” Moseley said. “You can go out there and prove yourself. I treat every receiver the same. Just have to prepare for him, watch film on him.”

To Moseley, Beckham merely is “him.” Not OBJ. Not a brand. Just a pronoun. An anonymous player who will give Moseley the chance he needs to establish himself, his brand, his nickname: E Man. That’s what the 49ers call Moseley.

E Man replaces Ahkello Witherspoon, who had played exceptionally well this season until he sprained his foot against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Witherspoon will miss at least a month. Last season, Witherspoon guarded Beckham when he was on the New York Giants. Beckham caught two touchdown catches, and the 49ers lost 27-23.

Now, it’s Moseley’s turn to guard Him.

Here are five things to know about the matchup that could determine the winner Monday night.

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  1. I hope the Niners do not put a raw second year player on OBJ. If they do, I hope they can make an in-game assessment, and quick adjustment, if he is struggling. Maybe Moore is a better option to cover OBJ, with Marcell Harris as safety.
    That said, I sure hope E- Man can bait Baker into making a bad throw, and jump the route for a pick.

  2. Wondering if a Sports Illustrated (SI) writer–let go by the dramatic downsizing of SI staff–will be picked up by the Press Democrat.

  3. Interesting numbers on placekicking…

    Warren Sharp

    Kicker Confidence Problems

    After nailing 70%+ of FGs to take a lead for yrs:

    Kickers are 4/13 (31%) the last 2 yrs on FGs of 40-60 yds in the final 2:00 if down 1-2 pts

    2019: 2/3-67%
    2018: 2/10-20%
    2017: 12/16-75%
    2016: 16/23-70%
    2015: 22/29-76%
    2014: 14/21-67%
    2013: 12/16-75%

  4. OBJ is one of the fastest Wrs in the league? He ran a 4.43 40 at the combine. When I think OBJ I certainly don’t think speed. I think hands, hands and hands.

    Moseley is almost identical to OBJ. Same weight, height and 40 times. Moseley ran a 4.42 so as long as he stays in good position he should be fine.

      1. That was a failed experiment, seems silly to go back to it.

        We just need to bracket OBJ and let Sherman fend for himself on the other side.

        I’m more worried about Landry personally.

          1. @seb I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ward playing some FS in this game. Supposedly he is one of our best 11 according to Saleh so I expect to see him play early and often all over the field.

      2. dude, i want nothing more than to ignore…..but you such a clown, its almost impossible! you think your the smartest guy on this blog…..but you slip up and say things so ridiculous that it shines a spotlight on your true lack of football knowledge ( all the freaking time)…….and it blows my mind that the self proclaimed “smartest guy in the blog” is oblivious to the constant slip ups!!!!!!! and when called out point blank…..instead of shutting up, letting it go, skipping past the comment or god forbid…..taking a 15 minute break from this page……you fire back with insults about grammar and punctuation!! get a life man…..

        SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN PRACTICING AND EVEN STARTING AT FREE SAFETY DOESN’T JUST SLIDE OVER TO CB!!!! what an idiotic suggestion!!! just asinine! That’s how you ruin a guys career, by flip flopping him around….never letting him learn and get comfortable at one spot!!!!! Ward is NOT the long term answer at FS…..TM might be!! Flopping TM around is not good for him, E-man, the team or the FO!! The FO needs to see what it has and what it doesn’t have going into next off season!!
        Its the same reason they didn’t move MMG over to LT…..hinder his development and have to worry about LT and RT since one guy is a back up and one is playing out of position…..not to mention failing to get a good read on Skule going forward!

        1. Chill. You are just trying too hard. I have never, ever claimed to be the smartest poster on this blog. Grant, Scooter, Razor, Old Coach, CFC, AFFP and even Jack have just as good, if not better, football knowledge than me.
          I have been watching football for years, and players change positions ALL THE TIME. They converted Bruce Miller from a DE to becoming a FB.
          In one game, Beadles moved from guard to tackle, then had to play center, when the center went down due to injury. When the Niners played early last season, the Niner coaches moved McGlinchey to RG, a position he had never played before. Minka Fitzpatrick moved to a different team, learned enough of the playbook, played their next game, and got a pick.
          Guess you are dissing Saleh. He moved players all around, because he wanted them to become more versatile. The Niner coaches had Moore playing CB last season, so it is not a position he had never played before. I was happy with Witherspoon, but he is injured, so they need to make adjustments. If Moseley is torched by OBJ, I hope they make a quick adjustment, If Skule is owned by Garrett, there is another adjustment to be made. Since Staley is coming back, moving MM may not be necessary, and I see their logic in keeping MM at RT.
          What I do not like, is watching Moore take bad angles. Donte Whitner was emphatic when he stressed that the FS must play with discipline, because he is the last player on defense. If they get by the FS, it is usually a TD. In my opinion, Moore has not played well enough to give him the FS job for the rest of the season.
          Ward is going to be used in a versatile manner. He might play several positions. Saleh wants his players to be versatile enough to morph from one position to another, so he can disguise the coverages. I am glad they made a shrewd assessment, and a quick adjustment with Verrett. Maybe they need to do the same thing with Moore. Taking bad angles just means he may be playing in the wrong position, if he keeps letting them score.
          You want nothing more than the opportunity to ignore me? Then scroll past. Others have been called out for their lack of self control, so you should get a clue, and learn your lesson. If you want to pollute this site with your remedial English, just expect some pushback. Learn how to spell before you post again. Writing in a concise, coherent manner will help make your posts more legible. BTW, abnormal use of exclamation points just defines you as emo.

          1. j, I hope you have enough class to admit you were way wrong. Ward did start as FS, and Moore got in for mop up duty.

    1. 40 dash times are like looking at 0-60 in cars. It’s instructive, but measuring 40-70mph times is more like actual drivers’ needs for passing and merging.
      OBJ is very field fast. Very. Great feet, smooth and sudden out of cuts.
      Stopping him and Landry will key around stressing the QB, IMO.

    2. These combine numbers are overrated. Technique and persistence in DB is underrated. Landry has 4.77/40 but plays faster. Sherman’s straight line speed is probably slower than most receivers but he can use his quickness and route running knowledge to keep up with the receivers.

      The CBs have to focus on not allowing a free release at the LoS. Sherman teaches a master class in jamming/grabbing/holding in the first 5 yards which E Man hopefully has studied. In any case. CBs cannot allow Landry or OBJ to get behind them. Just avoid the big play.

      1. @ Mood that depends on how you use the numbers. They are just one small piece to the puzzle but non the less a very important piece. If it didn’t matter they wouldn’t have a combine at all. You can’t teach God given physical traits.

  5. Most plays in the NFL are under 40 yds which is why they don’t run a 100 yd dash.

    Why do you think Goodwin gets such a big cushion most plays? I’ll give you a hint, it’s his timed speed.

  6. Monday nite we will know rather or not E-Man efforts made the difference. Personally I will go with Sherman ‘s observation and opinion and based on what we know I think he will be ok as long as the pass rush is relentless.
    Should be a good game.
    My prediction, Niners 27 Browns 16. Total yards 49’ers 430. Browns 253. 49’ers 4 sacks 2 int. 2 fumbles recovered. Browns 1 int. 2 sacks.

    1. @bob I do see an ugly game from Baker coming up. He is too cocky and will try to make a couple big plays while under pressure which will lead to ill advised throws. I see a minimum of 2 ints but likely 3 or more imo.

    1. @ coffee espn next gen stats has that as the most improbable play over the past 2 years. It was a great play with a little luck.

  7. I wonder if Ward is healthy enough to play. He would give the Niners more options. If they can confuse Baker, it will allow the pass rushers enough time to get to him.
    I am hoping for 5 sacks. Ford, Bosa, Buckner Blair and Thomas.

    1. Thomas??!? LMAO. Yeah, if he’s lucky enough to pick up scraps from the rest of the D-Line pressure.

      The guy is a total waste. I reserved judgment on here while everyone was hostile towards him because he lost his sister in such an awful way. But it seems like the rest of the blog party was correct- he’s just terrible. Every year it seems he comes in with a new attitude, great expectations and he’s the sameness lazy loser we’ve always seen.

  8. So far, all, the 49ers have been up to the task. Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh have both shown their worth since being beaten by the Niners, and though all the pundits talk smack about the 5 turnovers ‘Pittsburgh forced’, we know they forced one, and the team simply must perform without the errors.

    Without some miraculous change Monday night, Coach Kitchens is overmatched.

  9. OBJ has been burning us regardless of who is charged with covering him. Let him get his, shut down Chubb and Landry and that really starts with pressure upfront and forcing that red a$$ Mayfield into poor decisions.

    Also let it be known here that if this strategy is employed by Shanny I will come here shortly afterwards to accept your praises. Unless Seb gave the aforementioned advice first, in which case we must all bow down to him in respect like the f#%in bourgeois pig he is.

    1. I did not mention shutting down Chubb first. Every pundit seems to be stressing that angle.
      You can still bow down if you like. ;p

  10. I enjoyed this article. However, trading for Ramsey makes no sense because he would cost too much in both picks and salary cap space.

    1. PFT says that Jax was offered 2 1st rounders for Ramsey, but declined because the team offering picks too late in the round each year………eliciting interesting speculation about which team it was.

      1. Well I’m reading tea leaves second hand via the article. I’d guess it means they pick in the bottom third of the 1st round most years. 🤷‍♂️

  11. Emmanuel Mosely and Justin Skule are huge vs. Browns on ‘Prime-time” if the 49ers wish to remain undefeated.

    Protecting JG’s blindside is one thing; doing it against Myles Garrett , one of the better DE’s, is another.

    Skule on Garrett:
    “He’s a strong, powerful, long guy, and he obviously knows how to rush the passer. Everyone knows that,” Skule said. “He’s definitely shown what he can do in this league, and you definitely have to being your A game against him.”

      1. I think we will see a lot of chipping, misdirection, etc. I think we will see Shanny pull out the book on this one as stated 9ers want to prove they are not the fake undefeated team. Shannys gonna make a statement this game! Watch out for a 50 burger being dropped.on the Browns!!

        1. They will line up in that 2 TE set, so Skule will get help.
          50? I will be happy with 49. JG should just concentrate on scoring TDs, and not settle for field goals.
          If Coleman is activated, it will be interesting to see who they sit. I hope they keep Wilson active, but that may mean Mostert does not play. Maybe de-activate Dwelley, instead.

  12. 49ers injury news: Nick Bosa ‘doing a lot better’ and is all smiles, says John Lynch
    By David Bonilla
    3 hrs ago •

    The San Francisco 49ers released their first injury report of the week on Thursday, and there was one name noticeably absent — rookie defensive end Nick Bosa. In fact, it was the first time all season that Bosa’s name has not appeared on a team-issued injury report.

  13. It will be interesting to hear what Grant says after his Hotmic session discussing the Seahawk/Rams game with Sakamoto. Both teams look vulnerable.

  14. Where the 49ers will attack:

    “The Browns are middle of the pack in allowing big plays in the passing game. They’ve allowed 11 explosive plays, which ranks the Browns defense 19th. The team that leads the lead in explosive pass rate? The home team on Monday Night.

    There are a lot of similarities between Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay’s offense. The same plays the Rams had success on should be the same plays the 49ers move the ball on. Play-action comebacks, curls, and “dig” routes, where the receiver crosses the field between 12-15 yards. The Rams chewed up a ton of yardage on these plays. That slows down the pass-rush since you’re leaving in more blockers, but it also opens up throwing lanes in the intermediate part of the field due to the linebackers biting on the run fake. This should be another game where Deebo Samuel has a day.

    Both Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp went over 100 yards against the Browns. ”


  15. Curious if Justin Skule ever faced Myles Garrett in college. IMO Myles Garrett is one of the top 3 talented DE’s in the NFL. Garrett was the best college defensive player I’ve ever seen play in person. He absolutely dominated o-lineman even when he was battling ankle injuries. Hopefully, Shanny schemes it up so Jimmy G doesn’t take so many hits this week.

  16. Skule played against Notre Dame and Georgia–2 top 5 teams last season.
    Vandy faces TX A&M this season w/o Skule

    Skule also played against Kentucky and Grant’s player–Josh Allen.

    Jeff Deeney

    MoreJeff Deeney Retweeted San Francisco 49ers
    Justin Skule allowed just one sack last year in 473 pass blocking snaps, and that was to Josh Allen of Kentucky. #49ers

    1. Hate to say it but the midget in Seattle.
      Experience, toughness and just wills his teams to tough wins.
      And he is a great fantasy football QB

        1. Faux Niner fans.
          It is JG. He is still not 100% due to his ACL, but he is undefeated.
          Yes, Wilson won a SB, but he also lost a SB.
          Wilson threw for 4 TDs, but J Winston also threw for 4 TDs against the Rams, and the Niners beat the Bucs.

            1. Wilson should have lost his last game, but the refs threw a flag on a ticky tacky foul. Mathews hit as the ball was being thrown, and struck with his shoulder pad. It was not a late hit or a blow to the head.
              Yes, Wilson can scramble, and he is fairly accurate, but he will be running around like a chicken with his head cut off, and will eventually get pulverized by a D lineman.
              The Seahawks should have also lost to the Bungles, a team the Niners stomped on.
              JG is a leader, can throw and complete passes into triple coverage, and has a couple rings, so he knows how to win.
              You can anoint the Smurf as the second coming, I will not.

              1. Bungle In The Jungle, well that’s all right by me. I’m a tiger when I want love, but I’m a snake if we disagree.

    2. It’s Wilson.
      When I ask myself who I would take over Wilson…….
      Brady and Rogers and Mahomes and Brees are equal but not better imo for a game next week, but I’d for sure take Wilson over all of the rest. Later we can talk about Lamar and Kyler when we’ve seen more this season.

    3. 1. Wilson is a top 5 qb and so he’s the best in the division.
      2. Jimmy is second but their is sizable gap between him and Wilson.
      3. Murray, is less proven than Goff but I think he is more likely to win games for a team than Goff.
      4. Goff is very close to to Murray and perhaps I’m giving the nod to Murray because I’ve seen less of him.

  17. 1) Russell Wilson- a guy I want to hate but can’t. Tremendous ability to buy time and make the killer play. Elevates his teammates. Plus he has a SB win.

    2) Jimmy Garoppolo-he has a very good W/L percentage and consistently plays well. His stats don’t bear some of this out though and his resume is still very thin resume.

    3) Jared Goff – has been to a SB but the results were not good. Also doesn’t seem to be anything special. System player. He can be very good and when pressured, very bad!

    4) Kyler Murray- talent and just starting out.

    1. Yeah, I really don’t think there is any doubt that Wilson is the best QB in the division atm. He’s one of the best in the NFL.

      JG might become one of the best QBs in the NFL in time, but jury is still out. He has nice tools, has had some really nice games, generally has consistently kept the offense moving including making key 3rd down throws, and has a good win/loss record so far. But he also has a few bad decisions a game in him which might become a problem at some point, especially come playoffs where games can be decided by one or two plays. Just ask Tony Romo.

      Goff I have never been that big a fan of. He looks great mechanically and can throw a beautiful ball. But he still struggles to diagnose what is in front of him without McVay’s guidance and pressure can really get him off his game. He is really lucky McVay is his coach.

      Murray… too early to tell what he will be.

      1. Yeah I think we are on the same page there Scooter. Where would you put Baker Mayfield in that continuum? I would put him above Murray but below Goff.

        1. I put Mayfield in a similar category as JG. Jury still out.

          Personally I think JG has shown more positives than Mayfield but both guys can and have done some nice things but currently have too many bad decisions in their game.

  18. Sour Yeast

    I have to agree with Prime at this point…but all that can disappear over the period of a couple weeks…Tooo early to tell….

  19. Niners 13 Browns 32
    They’ll tear us apart, far superior in every aspect of the game, except (maybe) qb.
    Garoppolo will be injured before q4.

              1. Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo
                Doo-doo-dee-dah, dah-dah-dah-dah-dah

                Frank Sinatra – Strangers In The Night

              2. Founder of Taoism. Chinese Philosopher. Whole ying/yang thing.

                No relation to Sun who lived after the little general’s strategist.

    1. Fab4all,
      You forgot to mention that an asteroid will hit the earth two hours after the game. Btw, is that ET or PT time? (ha)

  20. “Defensive end Nick Bosa and defensive back Jimmie Ward are completely off the 49ers’ injury reports for the first time this season.”


  21. Tough to see the 49ers winning this one.
    Their offensive line will get dominated by the browns DL. I fear for JG’s health.
    Niners DL will have to play lights out. Otherwise the DB’s will get torched.
    Right now Mayfield has better escapability than JG, it looks to me. And his receivers are a lot better.
    Also the 49ers turn over the ball way too much.
    Much will depend on how the game starts out. First three four series. Establishing the run will be crucial. No fumbles please.

    1. I feel compelled to choose Fitz. For lifetime achievement (he’s damn-near JR), and he’s still clutch and dangerous today.
      Krupp is impressive.
      Next year I hope to have Deebo in at least Honorable Mention, but he’s got to show it first.

    2. The WRs in this division aren’t the best with Larry Fitz not the player he was and Doug Baldwin retired. But there are still some sneaky good ones and a lot of young guys with potential.

      The Rams probably have #1 through #3 right now with Woods, Cooks and Kupp. Not sure which one I’d say is best – they all play different roles. Kupp gets the targets and stats but that is partly a function of being the slot guy. Woods is the possession outside guy and does his role very well. Cooks is the deep threat and does that very well too. Basically the Rams have the best slot WR, best outside possession WR and best deep threat in the NFC West. As to why, all these guys get open consistently.

      After that, Tyler Lockett really came on strong last year as a big play threat which complements Wilson well. He’s probably the 4th best WR in the division right now.

      I would then have Larry Fitzgerald as the 5th best – he’s still a reliable slot WR.

      Marquise Goodwin is probably the 49ers best right now – he doesn’t put up big numbers but his speed and quickness does impact how defenses play the 49ers. If Trent Taylor was healthy he may be better than Goodwin, but we just don’t know as he’s not been healthy since 2017.

      There are a number of young guys that could crash the top five by year’s end or next year. 2nd year players like Christian Kirk and Pettis (yes, even him) have the talent but need to improve consistency across their game, while rookies like Deebo, Metcalf, KeeSean Johnson and Andy Isabella also have potential to be quite good.

      1. So basically, the 49ers currently have the worst corps of WRs in the NFC West or at best are tied with AZ for the worst.

        Having said that, Deebo shows very good promise (despite dropping that deep pass against the Steelers) and Hurd is conceptually intriguing.

        1. I don’t think there is much separating the WR groups between the 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals. One thing the 49ers have over the Seahawks is depth.

          Of course, WRs are only one part of the receiving equation. I think the 49ers have the 2nd best group of receivers in the division, including the best receiver in Kittle.

      2. I generally agree here too Scooter. The best WR corps has to be in LA right now with Seattle having a good one, though I still think that Fitz can turn it on when necessary. It is up to the QB to get him the ball.

        I also think that Deebo is the WR with the most promise. Not sure who the Best the 49ers has is, but it may be Quise by default.

        1. I don’t think the Seahawks have a good WR group. I think they have one pretty good WR and one guy with potential and not much else.

        2. “Not sure who the Best the 49ers has is, but it may be Quise by default.”

          I don’t think it matters under Shanny.

          1. It matters for consistency and the big games. Our best receiver is Kittle.

            Scooter, didn’t mean to imply that the group in Seattle is better, but Lockett is. As a group they are not better but Wilson certainly elevates their play.

  22. It takes not only a good team but the ball bouncing their way to get to the Super Bowl. With that one in a million Seahawks TD pass, bogus roughing the passer call, and missed FG for the win shows the Rams are not going to get those bounces this season. Sorry Rams, no SB for you this year.

  23. MVP–Through four weeks of NFL play, linebacker Kwon Alexander seems the best suited for the award for the San Francisco 49ers.

    MVP does not always mean the best or most talented.

    Statistically, Alexander has played well. He has the second most tackles behind only fellow linebacker Fred Warner. Alexander has also recorded an interception while allowing just 5.8 yards per reception in coverage.

    The numbers are pretty strong, considering Alexander has played 53 less snaps than Warner. The discrepancy between the two is largely due to the ejection that Alexander faced in Week 1.

    Facing his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Alexander was poised for a great game before being ejected for a roughing call on the QB.

    As he was headed to the locker room, Alexander was promised by his teammates that they would win the game. He received support from his teammates and was encouraged quickly.

    As the game clock expired and the rest of the team ran excitedly back to their lockers, Alexander was there to congratulate his team and to celebrate with his brothers. A few short moments later, head coach Kyle Shanahan handed Alexander the game ball: a nod of approval and respect for the man ejected from his homecoming game.


  24. Just watched Grant’s periscope. He thinks the Niners will win, 23-17. The Browns are coming off their 40-25 smack down of the Ravens, so they are confident.
    The Niners will win if they can run the ball 40 times. JG will not throw any picks if he just hands off the ball, or gets the ball quickly into the hands of his playmakers.
    I think it will be a close game. Niners 24-23. Saleh must take into consideration the trick plays, Kitchens will throw at them.I hope Woods goes bold, and puts Ward in at FS, and lets Moore shadow OBJ.

          1. This just reminds me about Baalke, and how incredibly inept he became. First he had Mangenius as DC, who taught his players to read novels while on the field.
            Then Baalke had O,Neil, who taught fullbacks and defenders to jump out of their gap in order to block one of their own players.
            Baalke was a backstabber, and delighted to cut players on the team bus, to show who is boss.
            One of Jed’s worst mistakes, was believing in an empty suit who whiffed on an entire draft, and proudly dismantled a SB team, instead of his HC. At least JH was competent, and attracted competent coaches.
            With KS, it has also been a learning experience. He did not start off well, but he made bold changes in the defensive coaching this season, and gave those coaches good players through free agency and the draft. I see marked improvement, although there will always be improvement, when you start at the bottom of the league. Now, they are commanding a top 5 defense, and they are playing, NINER FOOTBALL.
            If Baalke were still here, the Niners would have been 1-2. John Lynch is also a quick study, and he has not only assembled a talented squad, he has provided good depth. I really like his candor and enthusiasm. He is the antithesis of Baalke.
            John Lynch was not afraid to give an interview with Grant. Baalke never did. JL should bestow another one, because Grant would have to say his mea culpas on how wrong he was about Saleh. Just like he did on his periscope.

  25. Who are the best running backs in the division? I think this is an interesting one. So far QB – Seattle (no question), WR – LA. I’d say that the best TE in the division is right here in SF unless others have objections (who is second – 5 though).

    1. This is a tough one. I’d say best RB is David Johnson, though his stats suggest he might be the worst starter in the division. I think that has a lot to do with his supporting cast though. Gurley has the name and the contract, but his knees have robbed him a bit. He’s not the player he was.

      My top 5 RBs in the division are:
      – Johnson
      – Gurley (though by end of year he could be out of the top 5 if his knee issues continue to be a problem)
      – Chris Carson
      – Matt Breida (would be higher if he could handle a bigger workload or was a more reliable receiver)
      – Tevin Coleman.

      Carson, Breida and Coleman are all pretty close (and tbh not far from the top 2 guys atm). I give Carson the nod because the Seahawks ride him and he still puts up good numbers.

  26. 31-13 Niners. I think they embarrass the Browns and the idiots on the NFL network and ESPN can call the Browns a fluke again, and claim this team still hasn’t beaten a good team.
    Then SF loses a close one to the desperate Rams at home and these cucks can continue the sleeping on this team. Only when they beat the Seahaks will they get some respect.

    1. Someone woke on the wrong side of bed this AM? What do you care what ESPN and NFL network say about 49ers? It’s not like they are fans of the team!

      Isn’t it enough that Grant is speaking positively about the team?

      Isn’t it enough that they are on the positive side of W/L?

      Do we really need the approbation of others? Are we all becoming Seb?

  27. For what it’s worth, since 1990, Brownies are 8-16 on the west coast. This is probably a worthless stat as:

    1. With the paucity of west TZ teams (Niners, Chargers, Raiders, Seahawks, Cards, and very recently Rams), they rarely play out west. Compare that with the number of east and central teams. Brownies, where they are located, are probably the least traveled team in the league.
    2. They have been a miserable excuse for a football team over most of this period.
    3. 4 of these wins came in the early ’90s under HC Bill Belichick.

    1. I think it becomes a factor in the 4th quarter, because the Browns traveled to Baltimore, back home, and now to San Francisco….

  28. If the 49ers try to use Mosely for single coverage on OBJ, Beckham will have a field day. If they double or triple OBJ, Landry and Chubb hit the buffet line.

    1. Yup, OBJ has 2 drops, and 2 catches.
      Chubb did have one run, then he ate too much in the buffet line, and got fat.

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