49ers Nuggets: Jimmy Garoppolo to undergo shoulder surgery

Jimmy Garoppolo will undergo surgery on his throwing shoulder according to Adam Schefter. Garoppolo injured his right shoulder during the 49ers wildcard victory over Dallas.


Schefter reports there is “significant interest” from several teams in acquiring Garoppolo and it is “likely” a trade will occur this month.


Despite the interest, Garoppolo is not expected to begin throwing until early July. The surgery and lack of availability for Garoppolo take part in team activities until training camp could impact his trade value, however teams interested in acquiring the quarterback already were already aware of his injuries.


It’s likely the 49ers will be limited to a mid-round draft pick in 2022 along with a conditional pick in 2023 as compensation for Garoppolo.


Bobby Turner out for 2022


Bobby Turner will not be coaching the 49ers running backs in 2022 according to several reports.


Turner, who will turn 73 in May, has been an integral member of coaching staffs for Mike and Kyle Shanahan since breaking into the NFL in 1995.


Known for his ability to spot talent, Turner found several running backs late in the draft. Among those handpicked by Turner and drafted in the sixth round: Terrell Davis in 1995, Mike Anderson in 2000, Alfred Morris in 2012, and Elijah Mitchell in 2021. Davis became the fourth player in NFL history to eclipse 2,000 yards in a single season in 1998.


It’s likely Anthony Lynn will be working with the running backs in 2022, however, there has been no official announcement from the 49ers.


Lynn coached running backs for Jacksonville (2003-04), Dallas (2005-06), Cleveland (2007-08), and New York Jets (2009-12). Lynn had the title of Assistant head coach added with New York (2013-14) and carried that on to the Buffalo Bills (2015-16) where he also served as offensive coordinator, replacing Greg Roman who was fired after the second game of the season.


Another defensive coach added


According to Matt Zenitz of On3Sports, the 49ers have added Stephen Adegoke as a defensive quality control coach. 


Adegoke worked for former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh as a defensive graduate assistant in 2021. Before joining Michigan, the former Mississippi State defensive back was on the staff at his alma mater and Florida.


No coaches at the scouting combine


Kyle Shanahan and his staff will not be attending the NFL Scouting Combine; however, John Lynch and the 49ers personnel department and scouts will be in Indianapolis. 


Lynch and assistant General Manager Adam Peters know the type of players Kyle Shanahan is looking for. They will meet with top prospects this week. Meanwhile Shanahan and his coaching staff can watch the film of the workouts. They will also be able meet in person with up to 30 prospects before the draft.


International games


The NFL announced there will be five international games in 2022. Playing “home” games in London will be Green Bay, New Orleans, and Jacksonville. Tampa Bay will play in Germany, with Arizona playing in Mexico. 


Of those games, the only possibility for San Francisco is against Arizona in Mexico. The 49ers do not have road games against the other ‘home” teams. 


This would mark the second international game between the two teams. Arizona defeated San Francisco 31-10 in Mexico City in 2005.

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  1. Does all the departure of coaches particularly on the offensive side of the ball have anything to do with Jimmy G vs Lance. Of course I’m making it out Jimmy G vs Lance but I mean schematically, how this team will be different and how that relates to the particular coaches that left.

    1. I don’t think so..this has been a common occurrence when teams are successful..it happened during the Walsh and Seifert eras..

  2. I’ve never heard of a coaching staff not attending the combine. That seems extraordinarily bizarre to me. I feel like there must be more to that story. Probably something easily explained but I’d be interested in hearing more about it.

    I’m hopeful the 49ers can get more than a mid-round draft pick for Jimmy G. In his last 2 full years starting for the 49ers he got to the Super Bowl and NFCCG. My best case scenario is a 2nd rounder plus another pick either this year or next year. Starting QBs don’t grow on trees and Jimmy G has proven he is an NFL starting caliber QB. Jimmy is better than Darnold, Tua, Davis Mills, Baker Mayfield, Bridgewater, Hurts, Goff, Wentz, etc. Jimmy is a top 15 QB so that should be worth more than a mid round pick in my opinion.

  3. I’m not surprised that the coaching staff will not be in Indy. We don’t have a first round pick and our 2nd is #61 overall.

    Despite the shoulder surgery, I still think we can get a 2nd and possibly a first for Jimmy. There are 6-10 teams in need of a starting QB and this years draft class is thin, Furthermore, Wilson and Rodgers will most likely stay put. Someone will be willing to overpay.

    1. I agree. The only other free agent that is in JG league is Mariota. I had proposed a trade of JG and Greenlaw to Denver for number nine. Denver needs both positions. I think Al -Shaair is as good as Greenlaw maybe better. I would actually prefer a later first round and pick up a center with the first pick. Maybe the Steelers but I wouldn’t include Greenlaw for the 20th.

      This is a rare case where value will be the calling not the talent.
      Value – a really good QB and will never be anything else. Lots of wins Lots of Ifs.
      Talent – there isn’t much in the draft or FA.

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