49ers offense bumbles its way to 20-10 loss to Cardinals

SANTA CLARA — With 2:35 left in the fourth quarter, the 49ers had the ball at the Arizona Cardinals’ 9 line. A touchdown would have cut the 49ers’ deficit to three points.

Quarterback C.J. Beathard rolled to his left, threw the ball and hit offensive tackle Trent Brown in the back of the helmet. The ball bounced straight up, landed in the arms of linebacker Karlos Dansby, who made the interception, and the 49ers lost 20-10. Their record is now 0-9.

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      1. hopefully it’s a “silent majority” of fans with faith in JL & KS
        I think Saleh might just work out, if he and his D start getting help from the O, especially the OL….

    1. I am very optimistic about this team and the way that they are building this thing from the bottom up, a lot of people are going to look at this season and see our record (0-16, 1-15, 2-14 whatever), but they are learning a ton about this team and figuring out who has the character to handle this type of adversity to be on this team in the long run. They are also getting tons of looks at many different players bc of all the injuries. We have added a key QB piece that I am pumped about, and it looks like we have landed some key young players – Foster is going to be a stud, Witherspoon appears to be a guy that is going to turn into a solid starter a CB, and Thomas, inconsistent at times but has showed why he belongs and he made Kipers all-rookie team at the halfway point so I think people are being a bit tough on him.

      Honestly, I think Grant is just being extremely tough on this team and on Shanahan bc its good business and it increases page views…it is what it is.

      1. Agree on all accounts with everyone above. Of course it would be nice to see them get a win. But this is about the long haul, and I think despite the struggles, this thing is ultimately headed in the right direction.

      2. 49ersHogs – If you and others think Grant is being too tough on KS try reading and listening to the NY media and sports talk jocks, and you will get a good dose of “tough” reporting and analysis. It’s 24/7/365 regardless of the sport. They even bang on the jockeys and trainers of the horses in the Breeders Cup. West Coast media is a walk in the park compared to the Jersey and Big Apple crews.

        1. NY Post Monday a.m. headline and story about Niners next opponent……


          According to the columnist…..”Maybe the Giants can manage a win on the road over the 0-9 C.J. Beathard 49ers in Week 10 … and maybe the Drew Stanton Cardinals. But who else can anyone expect them to beat?”

          The Chiefs? The Eagles? The Cowboys? The Raiders and Redskins are beatable, but these Giants can lose to anyone on Any Given Sunday or Any Given Thanksgiving night.

          Going 0-8 at MetDeath Stadium is absolutely on the table.

          1. Mike, NYPost has point. Jints were in the playoffs last year, and expected to compete for the Lombardi this year. After a meltdown year (much like the Niners last year) let’s see what the tabloid boys write about the Jints next year after the team has been burned to the ground (much like the Niners this year). I’m sure they won’t be expecting a winning season like Grant was with the Niners this year.

            PS: how about that Porzingis kid?

  1. Lynch is the only one I’m on board with, Shanny hasn’t proven jack yet besides how to fool a whole fan base into believing you know what your doing without any substance to back that up. This proud franchise deserves better, we deserve better. I for one will continue to speak up, not concerned one bit with the ones trying to run us out of here…..yall should turn that venom towards the folks running the show not the ones forced to watch it.
    I’ll have my Niner gear on tmrw, but have no problem admitting it has nothing to do with this year’s squad.

    1. “Lynch is the only one I’m on board with”


      “Shanny hasn’t proven jack”

      What has Lynch proved? Admit it, you don’t like Shanny because he didn’t want Kap.

      1. That’s obviously one of the reasons Im not a fan, but I’ve laid out several yet you focus on the Kaep aspect of it. Fair enough, but you can bet we wouldn’t be sitting at 0-9 with Kaep under center. My point was he is and was good enough to at least bring in to COMPETE, that’s what rebuilding teams normally do. But I falsely assumed we were trying to win ballgames, didn’t think they would blatantly tank for a draft pick but if fan base is gd with it why not, saves Yorks even more money.

        As far as Lynch goes, id bet he has much more respect around the league and amongst players than Shanny, only an educated guess tho…..

    2. Some of y’all are very short-sighted, I mean what did y’all honestly expect this year, especially after we have 2 starters out on our oline, our best WR, a ton of rookies starting and all in a brand new system (a system that is pretty complex and has been shown to take some time to get down – see the Falcons in 2015)??? Did you guys really expect we were going to be 9-7 bc Grant said we would be?

      1. Lol. He predicted 9 and 7??? I knew he was an idiot. A true rebuild- a recovery from something, means it gets worse before it gets better. I admire how ShanaLynch have blown up the entire team. Further, they said that’s what they were doing. It’s gotten out of hand because of all the injuries, on a team that wasn’t more talented than anybody in the first place. Maybe the Browns or the Colts. Grant hasn’t studied much football, or other teams. Certainly hasn’t studied last year’s Falcon offense or even Mike Shanahans core concepts and schemes. I don’t know what the Niners will do, but I can imagine Saquon Barkley being a MVP candidate on this team and in this offense. I’m gonna remember all the naysayers too, and copy and paste their dumbass comments to remind them how their credibility is shot

        1. “Lol. He predicted 9 and 7??”

          Yes he did. That’s why he is putting almost all the blame on Shanahan. He truly believes that the team would win 9 games if they had hired Grant Cohn.

          1. I’m not puttting all the blame on Shanahan. I’m putting some of the blame on him. You’re giving him every excuse.

            1. “That’s why he is putting almost all the blame on Shanahan.”

              I said almost all, not all.

              I guess you missed my conversation with East where I said that I wasn’t happy with Shanahan so far.

              1. :-)

                Nah, I’m not offended. KS was the one who got attacked. You made sound points about Shanny and could have left it at that. Saying what a genius just seemed like an unnecessary insult.

              2. Grant you were the one that pointed out last summer the team lacked discipline. You even asked him about it pt blank in a press conference. I guess he (KS) did not believe you but I do.

            2. @Grant

              These guys are just not good. Shanny can probably grow into a good head coach. Lynch too. I think he effed up the draft by not taking one of those high top 3 DBs. The whole Stanford connection and late rise of Thomas who is really a tweener.

              Nonetheless, these guys are dropping like flies and not making key plays when put in the position to…. coaches can do only so much. Our line is decimated, there is no pass rush, the CBs would not start for half the teams in the league.

            3. Hahaha… Matt Ryan said Shannahan wasn’t that good either when he tried to blame him for the Superbowl loss. How are Atlanta’s offense and “Matty Ice” doing without him? In my opinion, to say Shannahan “isn’t good” at this point in his career is naive and ignorant.

            4. He deserves every excuse…lol…Put aside that this level of turnover to a roster in a single offseason has only been done maybe once in the last 25 years. He took over a team with virtually no talent outside of 5-7 guys out of 53. The team has more players on IR than any other team in the NFL. On a team already devoid of any real NFL talent, he has even lost a lot of fringe starters to backups who aren’t even as good as the guys in front of them. Now I know is some alternate universe that Walsh and Harbaugh would’ve won 9-10 games on this same team with the same circumstances but it’s simply not true. Anyone who takes Grant serious is an idiot in my opinion. I watch this team week after week and don’t know how Shanahan schemes these guys open game after game….for them to drop the ball…or for the QB to miss them…or for the line to not give the QB time to make a throw…But according to Grant…”He’s no good”…lmao

            5. Meanwhile, Shanahan would be a terrific hire. As I wrote in December, he’s the best offensive coordinator in the NFL. And he runs a West Coast Offense, meaning the Niners would return to their roots for the first time since they fired Steve Mariucci in 2003. Good for them.

              Do you still believe what you wrote in January?

              Below was my response back in January, “He doesn’t seem like a leader and doesn’t seem like a good fit for the Niners.”

              1. Here’s the thing, is this team better than last year or the year before? I’m talking about product on the field? If you say yes, you are dreaming. The only place where we are better is defensively and that is not the product of the draft but for the most part coaching (Saleh). Sad, but one rookie coach is better than another. The personnel brought in by Shanahan has been subpar. The best players on the team are Baalke holdovers (Ward, Tartt, Reid, Buckner, Brown, Hyde). Heck even the lowly Killgore beat out Zuttah, and everyone here thought he was a goner.

  2. Oh, but I thought having a w%@t#, drop back, passing QB (who stands for the athem) would cure SF of all of its problems? Who needs a QB with a greater than 4:1 TD to INT ratio, with a top 20 QBR, who won 3x as many road playoff games than Montana and Young combined, got the team to 5 yards from super bowl, kept them in the first half of the NFC championship game single-handedly and has a series of NFL QB rushing records that won’t ever be broken? Btw –
    He did this with less talent aroubd him on offence than the current team (who many of you have said is devoid of much talent.8) Who needs this when you can have Hoyer, Barkley, Beathard and Garropolo (aka Cassells #2)? As a life long 49er fan, this team and its and much of its fan base is getting what it deserves this year.

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