49ers OTA Week 1 Periscope recap

San Francisco 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman, right, and cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon (23) during NFL football practice at the team’s training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my recap of Tuesday’s OTA.

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  1. Nice periscope session, Grant. I enjoyed it and you tempered the focus on negativity appropriately, in my opinion.

  2. Guess my earlier comment was early.

    Really enjoyed the Periscope commentary Grant. Good listen.

    Now I know what to watch for on Thursday.

        1. Great point undercenter, hunter henry tore is acl and is out for the year, huge loss at te for the chargers, we need kettle corn to be huge at te this year.

  3. Thanks for the OTA’s coverage BigG.

    A few reporters who were at the D-Line drills had this to say:

    49ers team reporter Joe Fann called Tuesday’s practice “fairly mundane,” but did note that defensive linemen DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas dominated during pass rush drills.

    Nick Wagoner @nwagoner
    While the Niners aren’t in pads during OTAs, they got some strong inside pass rush work from DL Solomon Thomas during one on ones. Thomas won four straight reps against the first and second team offensive line.
    2:31 PM – May 22, 2018

    TomD’s Take: Pettis will be aligned in the slot much of the season….Way to early to panic and
    I can guarantee you he’s no AJ Jenkins.

    Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee noted that the team’s new featured running back, Jerick McKinnon, caught a lot of passes from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

    “Garoppolo-to-McKinnon gonna be staple of offense for coming years,” wrote Cam Inman of Bay Area News Group.

    Rookie wide receiver Dante Pettis got most of his work in the slot, according to Brad Almquist of KNBR.

  4. http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article211662339.html

    “The versatile McKinnon, by contrast, looked very comfortable. The over/under on his catches for the season might be 73, the highest number that Devonta Freeman caught when Shanahan was coaching him with the Falcons.”

    “Third-round pick Fred Warner lined up at MIKE with the second-team unit and looked as fast and effective as advertised.”

    “Shanahan said that if Ward did not win a starting spot in training camp, he likely would be the top backup at five spots in the secondary: Both cornerback positions, nickel cornerback, free safety and strong safety.”

    “In the team’s third-and-long package, the most frequent configuration had Buckner and Thomas rushing from the inside and Attaochu and Marsh from the edges.”

  5. Former 49ers exec sees glimpses of Bill Walsh in new regime
    Daniel Brown
    PUBLISHED: May 21, 2018 at 6:48 pm | UPDATED: May 22, 2018 at 4:00 am

    McVay said the current 49ers front office dynamic reminds him of the days when McVay, Bill Walsh and Eddie DeBartolo were in charge.

    “The three of us worked beautifully together. And I kind of see that right now with Jed York, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan,” McVay, now 87 said.

    “I see the interaction between the coach and the general manager,” McVay said. “I see them (exchanging ideas): ‘How do you like this kid? How do you see that kid?’ And so on and so forth.”’


  6. Grant, how did Thomas’ body look compared to last year?

    McCloughan’s thoughts on Pettis are encouraging because of his track record regarding the position.

    I fully expect Cooper to beat out Garnett. That’s why they got him. They aren’t believers in Garnett.

  7. Two positions that Scotty Mac struggled to identify. One being the QB position( kind of important). I liked Alex Smith too but that was a miss. Second is WRs. He was god awful at identifying that position. Crabtree fell in his lap and that was a disappointing pick. So as Razor said I would be thrilled if a guy who sucked at knowing what a good Wr looked like didn’t agree with the pick. By the way Doctson looks like a poor mans crabtree which isn’t a good look. Pettis will be very good in a couple years.

    1. It’s very difficult to find a natural route runner with good hands. Plus Pettis can separate. Everything else like building muscle and going over the middle he will get better at. Do people not remember Goodwin when he was a bill? He can only go deep. Now he looks like a legit #2 at the very least. I got great confidence in Kyle knowing that position better then most and developing it. Who saw Bourne looking legit quick?

  8. From everything I have read since he joined, even if Sherman doesn’t get back to an elite level of play he is going to have a positive influence on this team. Sounds like he has really taken the leadership and mentoring role very seriously.

    1. I agree Scooter. I loved this signing and the influence he would have on the locker room was a big reason why. If that picture is any indication, he doesn’t seem too worried about the Achilles either.

    2. I agree regarding Sherman. However, do you guys see any potential conflicts with Sherman coaching alongside the DB coaches? I mean there’s probably bound to be an instance or two where Sherman says one thing and Hafley doesn’t agree and vice-versa. But as I understand it, Hafley doesn’t have the experience that Sherman has in this system. I hope Hafley doesn’t feel undermined and can accept the situation as it is. Many can’t and egos can be pretty large on professional sports teams.

    3. Probably the best signing Lynch has had in his tenure, for the reasons you highlighted Scooter. For all his background with DBs, Baalke couldn’t improve the secondary the way Sherman’s influence is likely to do. Sherman has worked his way to the top. Hope he can instill the same ethic in the young guys of the secondary.

  9. Grant,
    You catch so much flack on this blog, mostly for your criticism of players and coaches. But, I’m a fan of your work, and while I don’t always agree, I always enjoy your take. Thanks man – go Dubz

    PS Interested to see how McGlinchey, Ahkello, and Warner look.

  10. Hey… Grant ….

    Here’s a thought …
    Why not take a picture of you … right now …
    and replace your Hi School prom pic… you have posted
    on this blog at the present … ?

    might go a long way in boosting your street creds …
    (ya never know)

    by the way … good to see ya back on Periscope

  11. Concern Garnett struggled vs Armstead’s pass rush
    Happy Armstead’s pass rushing over the guard spot. Exactly where ne should be on passing downs.

    Thomas and Armstead belong inside on pass downs. Would be great if they both have breakout seasons.

      1. Often the loss of muscle mass also results in a loss of strength and Garnett wasn’t that strong to begin with. I am not really a fan of a player making a drastic weight adjustment to fit into a scheme. That is unless a player is drastically over weight like Brown was.

      2. #80 – DYI – pass protection/pass rush drills without pads basically is a defensive drill. always has been and always will be. O-linemen can’t get as physical as they do as when wearing pads whereas defensive speed is an advantage

          1. #80 – if it is so obvious then why are you talking about Garnett getting beat by Armstead, Buckner and Thomas. you are putting a negative out there that is not a fair analysis because the offensive lineman is at a disadvantage. that’s like critiquing a corner who can’t cover during a one-on-one drill vs. a WR when the QB has all day because there is no pass rush. that is an offensive drill. unless you bring out the posey timer and clock it, it’s not a realistic drill. advantage offense!!!!!! skeleton (7 on 7) also is an offensive drill because there is no pass rush, no pressures, no dogs, no blitzes.

            1. mike,

              First, I find it interesting that your original comment was aimed at me and me only, even though I wasn’t the only one to comment on Garnett.

              Second, I didn’t give any analysis, just relayed info from a beat writer.

              Third, I know what OTA’s are. I think everyone on this site knows it was non-contact. Hence you stated the obvious, IMO.

  12. Shanscript.


    “Everybody improves with better play around them. As an inside guy, you can improve with outside edge rush. You can also improve with good corner play. You can improve with good hook players because as the quarterback, if no one is open, which gives you more of a second, more speed off the edge can give you more space against the guards. But, the better people get, the better our team gets overall, the better individuals get.”

    “Just looking at our roster where we’re at over a year timespan, we have one guy on our offense who started before we got here in [T] Joe Staley.”

            1. TY, George, you are the best.
              They found it 2 years ago, and think it is benign, but you never know….

              1. Also giving support and well wishes, hope you and your family are comforted as you go through this process!

            1. Thanks all, Kinda puts everything into perspective.
              This blog is an escape, and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me a small voice in the discussion.

          1. Prayers for your Wifey Seb.
            I can’t stand most of your posts but sometimes differences get set aside🤣.

  13. Grant you said Jimmy G’s mechanics are flawless.
    The knock on him from every expert says his mechanics aren’t good and that’s why he struggles with deep passes and over the middle.
    Does his mechanics actually look better and could it be he doesn’t have the rhythm with most of his receivers?

    1. There was a song on Cheech and Chong’s up in smoke called searching, do you remember it? Keep searching for your jimmy g flaws grant

    2. That’s always kind of hard question as there are so many different areas it encompasses. Footwork- can be, how they drop back, is it synched up with the routes so they can fire on time, is their base to wide or narrow, are they pushing off their back leg?etc etc. Then there is the throwing motion are they stepping into their throws or is it all arm, is there a wind up or is it compact.
      I’ve studied it a bit as I’m sure Grant has, but but I think it takes a real expert to see the subtle faults and no offense to Grant but while he is probably better than 90% of us in these evals. He’s closer to us laymen than he is to someone like Tom House.

    1. If JG has a breakout year and Brady is less Brady-like (it has to happen eventually), there’s going to be a lot of choking on beans in Beantown.

    2. Oh dear god, no. I heard this with Kaep and countless other qbs over the years. Let’s get him in the top 10 current qbs first, then top 5, then in the conversation with the best. After that we can start talking all time great level.
      Baby steps.

  14. Maybe it is more of a factor that Armstead is healthy, and can push the lineman into the pocket. Good news about Armstead. In every play, either the offense or defense will succeed. Mckinnon scoring meant that a LB or DB got beat.
    I still think that Garnett should be installed at LG, his natural position.
    I am even more convinced that Tomlinson should go to the RG, because then he could help McGlinchey. If Garnett is at RG, then the right side will have essentially a one year player and rookie on that side, and 2 veterans on the left.
    Having a veteran on both sides could possibly provide stability.
    Nice periscope, but Grant needs to become more centered.

    1. Grant needs to become more centered.

      Seb, do you mean his framing within the video? Or more of a spiritual sense? ;)

      1. There is a chance that Grant will regain his “balance” following achieving the “center”??!!
        Om Shanti!

  15. Interesting first day.

    1. I like the fact that Williams appears determined this year and Mckinnon is off to a strong start. We have invested much in him.

    2. We have several promising young receivers – Bourne, Kittle , TTaylor (pettis left off list)

    3. “Solomon Thomas could never beat McGlinchey ” What? Grant makes that determination on day 1.

    4. I am not hitting the panic button because Jimmy G missed PG on a crossing route on day1.

    5. Garnett is a concern. Pac 12 linemen syndrome.

    1. My heartfelt condolences to Solomon Thomas and his family.
      I too have been touched with this issue, and always wondered what I could have done to prevent it. Maybe he needed only a pat on the back. Maybe he just needed to be listened to. I saw him 2 days before, and he seemed totally normal. I guess he was good at hiding his pain.

    1. Quarterbacks need proficiency in quaternions now? I hope JG listened to his high school algebra teacher when he gave the “you’re going to need this later in life” spiel.

      1. Indeed, whether rotation or orientational, quaternions rule!! Such math will have a “transformational” influence on JimiG’s game!

        1. Following his playing career JG can stick around silicon valley as a game programmer. And probably make more money at it to boot!

  16. Good day for Rueben Foster. Judge has ruled against DV charges proceeding to trial.

    That’s a big win for Foster and the 49ers.

    1. Wondering when Foster returns to practice.

      Also wondering what the NFL does with the pot arrest. I suppose it might depend on if there’s an actual conviction.

      1. Since he was in the substance abuse program prior to his arrest for marijuana, he’ll get a two game suspension minimum, I’m thinking….

  17. So much for jail time for RF. The moral of the story? Let due process play out. Innocent until proven guilty.

  18. I liked it a lot better when Grant was still a sportswriter. The Periscope reports take about 18 times longer to listen to than would reading a written story on the same thing. It just seems like an ego trip to me–trying to be a “star.”

  19. this is the first time I’ve heard Grant speak, does he have a southern accent, or is that a ghetto accent? it surprised me

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