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  1. Thanks for the recap. Seems like Armstead who I personally like, always has a good camp, then when the season comes he gets hurt. I think its a put up or shut up year for him. Still the best news out of the OTA’s is lack of serious injury.

  2. It’s early and u have me already worried about the D, specifically Thomas & the DBs.
    My doctor told me it’s bad to worry so maybe the cure is aligning thomas at safety where he could cover more TE’s as you mentioned. He could be the largest safety in NFL hist. at 265 lbs. !

  3. Sorry I missed the live Periscope recap . Hope to catch the next one so I can ask questions in real time.

    I know its just a non-padded practice, but…
    – How did Julian Taylor look?
    – what did Armstead specifically do in the practice that you liked?
    – how did the offensive guards look? Ware how to clean pockets mainly because of the defense of line played badly?

    1. Armstead has been able to push guards into the backfield since he was in college, and he showed that again today. But he also showed a good swim move to the inside I hadn’t seen him use effectively before. He still lacks awareness in the run game. Does a terrible job setting the edge against play-action bootlegs.

      The guards struggled, but he 49ers lack of edge rush helped the OL in general.

      1. Grant, sounds like our Erik. Nice to see a swim move along with his bull rush. If his ball carrier location doesn’t improve his role in the NFL will be confined to situational inside pass rusher.

        Not much film on Jullian Taylor, but his highlights show good instincts for all carrier location. Very curious to see how he’s going to do in preseason.

  4. What did Dez do in the past few years? If he was all that good, Jerrah would not have let him walk.


  5. From beatnik to clean cut. The difference is striking! I ran the 100 yard dash, but I couldn’t tell you how fast it was because I didn’t have a sun dial. Here we go with the Joe Williams hype. His athletics were never a question, but his mentality remains one. Safeties bulking up should provide the antidote to the injury bug. The seam pass is back with a Kittle!

    You took pictures to present as evidence against the 49ers for falsifying Thomas’ weight? Ha! Bosa’s arms are 3/8″ longer than Thomas’. Miller’s 1/2″ longer. Can we weight until the pads go on?

    If Reid was such a deep thinker, why did he think alienating a whole group of Americans made sense?

    1. You’re an idiot. He protested peacefully in a country formed in peaceful protest. People should not be alienated by that. If you get alienated by hat you’re a hypocrite because then you should be alienated by the entire American revolution.

      1. You can protest peacefully on your own time. Not on company time, on company dimes, and not in company uniform. I take it you’re a Newsom guy and not voting for Cox, ha!

        They all remind me of the class clown who needs attention. Sorta like yourself.

        1. Company time? You’re telling me the he’s working during the national anthem. It is before he has to do his job. If he was protesting about a white issue you know people would take it seriously. J.J. watts donations in honor of the hurricane are during company time too and yet he’s applauded. He is using a similar platform to create awareness. But I guess he is also seeking attention. Do you know how many unarmed black men get shot by cops. This is a legit thing to protest and kaep is an American hero. As is Eric Reid and they are proving that the racist roots of this country still exist thanks to people like you

          1. He’s on the field in uniform representing his employer, doing his job in preparation for kickoff. Are you really that daft? Let me answer that for you. Yes, yes you are!

            Do you know how many unarmed black men get shot by cops. This is a legit thing to protest and kaep is an American hero. As is Eric Reid and they are proving that the racist roots of this country still exist thanks to people like you.

            Protest with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind on your own time! “Kaep” is an American zero, and calling me a racist because I disagree with you is typical of a class clown that was under the impression that the American Revolution was peaceful. Pay attention this year when you retake 5th grade….

          2. “………..a white issue…”. What the hell is a “white issue”?

            Do YOU know how many unarmed black men who get shot by cops?
            Give your specific sources, pls.
            And leave your racism out of it. Painting America with a gigantic broad brush because of what some rogue cops have done is bearing false witness on everybody else.
            In High School long ago, the black kids only seemed to want to fuss and fight. Am I supposed to believe this is how all black people behave??? You see JUST what you want to see-dont you?

          3. Niners– You appear to have the rational of a newt. The minute they walk in to put on their Uniforms they are on the job. Once they enter the stadium they represent their team and not themselves. I am continually surprised by the low level of reason on these sites.

            1. Actually I have looked at the statistics and while black deaths percentage wise out number those of any other group it is not over whelmingly disproportionate when considering other demographics. There are over half a million arrests made every year. There were 68 unarmed deaths. Nineteen of which were black deaths. Some of those deaths would include people who had objects that had the appearance of weapons. Some innocent and others actually fashioned to look like weapons. 46 police were killed which was the lowest number in 50 years. One has to put all these numbers into context and not just be influenced by the media that wants to create and run with stories.

              1. Whenever I have to deal with a police officer, and my brother in law who happens to be black started out serving as an officer in the Elkhart City Police department and recently was promoted to detective, I do what I’m told, when I’m told and all my answers end with sir. If I have any conflicts with the officer’s behavior or requests, I hold my water until I leave alive. That’s when I go down and file a formal complaint. I’m not saying there aren’t bad cops because there are, but following those basic rules will keep you alive more often than not….

        2. Razor doesn’t this guy impress you so much with his mastery of the English language. His argument is calling you an idiot – figures.

          1. I just discovered the Eagles had a plan. They were going to do some community service work in Washington DC, and then refuse to go to the White House except for about 10 players and staff. When Trump cancelled on them, they decided to cancel their community service in Washington DC and blame it on Trump.

            1. Most of these so called protests have less to do with bringing social justice issues to the public than they do promoting other agenda’s political and otherwise. It is not like the public is already no aware of every social issue in this country. The media makes sure of that. Using the Anthem as a platform for protest, even if you whole hardedly agreed with their issue, did nothing but distract from it’s declared intent.

              The focus was always an attack on the symbol of national identity and unity not social justice. Bringing it to the attention of the public was not necessary. Using the National Anthem is an offense to a vast number of people in this country. Why would any reasonable person use a medium that offends people if it were not meant to do so from the get go. It is a divisive tactic used by those that wish to divide people in this country. Kaeps girlfriend and now he is a marxist and that was their game plan all along. . Reid is just stupid.

              1. Agreed. Stupid is as stupid does. Doesn’t take a deep thinker to figure that out.

          2. I’m not calling Razor an idiot. I’m not sure what to call a guy who whines about “company time” when the company in question is not.

            PS: neither of you guys own the Niners, so please STFU about doing this or that “on company time”

            1. Has nothing to do with whining, a la goto Mr. Roboto. You do not have the right to protest at the work place. If York doesn’t have a problem with it, more power to him. Doesn’t mean I have to fall in line with him or you. Manners while telling us to stfu. That’s what I love about you blue fools….

              1. You can do anything your employer allows you to do. Is that concept not sinking in, Raz? Did you take too many hits to your head in your playing days?

                You don’t have to STFU, but I’d highly suggest it, what you are saying is nonsensical.

              2. Where should this protest take place? If it’s done in private is it a protest?

                When the topic of disrespecting the NA and flag are an issue then perhaps we should contact our public schools because many schools no longer pledge allegiance to the flag.

                How about confescating every cell phone in stadiums from fans who are glued to them during the NA.

                Razor, was it you that said Kaepernick could protest because of great Americans like yourself who fought for them?

                Also, it should be mentioned that protesting players had permission and the support of their employer.
                Personally, I don’t see how any other form of protest could have brought this much light on an important issue.

              3. Mr. Roboto, did you get bent over too much as a kid because I clearly stated if York doesn’t have a problem with it, more power to him. I also said you do not under the constitution have a right to protest at the workplace. Let that sink in before your next suggestion.

              4. AES, I think I’ve made my position quite clear. Protest with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, but do it with a little intelligence. Protesting during the anthem was about as dumb as it gets if you’re really sincere about your cause. Yes, yes if you have permission from your employer, by all means. However, let’s not get confused like Mr. Roboto here and say it is a right, because it is not.

            2. However, let’s not get confused like Mr. Roboto here and say it is a right, because it is not.

              Ok, you are making me do it. You are an idiot.

        3. So do you own the Niners now, Razor? His “company “ had no issue with what he was doing on “thier” time.

          Obviously Jed didn’t have a problem with it. If it offends you that the team didn’t take disciplinary action, maybe you should take your fandom elsewhere.

          1. Ah, I was wondering when the resident smart ass would grace us with his wisdom.

            …maybe you should take your fandom elsewhere.

            Make me.

            1. You sound like you’d prefer a team that forces nationalism on its players. I suggest Jerry Jones and the ‘boys.

              1. Sounds like you’re having a manic episode. Prozac might be a mistake. Maybe librium would be a more effective managing tool. I suggest you try and get in to see Dr. Marvin….

              2. No problem Razor. I just needed to clear up the little misconception you seemed to have about what employees have the “right” to do. We good now?

              3. Employees do not enjoy any constitutional right to protest at work. Class dismissed Mr. Roboto.

              4. They have the right to do whatever, if legal, their employer allows them to do. Reid was doing that on his “company’s dime” because his employer granted him permission. You have a problem with that. For some reason you feel compelled to stick your nose into that employer/ employee relationship.

                Just say you prefer that team owners force thier players into empty displays of nationalism.

              5. Your comprehension isn’t showing. Constitutional right. Not employer right. Try getting that through that partisan pea brain of yours, and I’ll say it again for you slower this time, class is dismissed!

              6. Mr. Roboto, I don’t doubt your knowledge about sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

            2. Dude, I’ve not mentioned the Constitution once in this exchange. It was always about employer/ employer starting with your specious “company dime” and “representing the employer “ comments which were totally false in what Reid was doing.

              But since you brought it up. You know what is unconstitutional? The government coercion of employers to have thier employees behave in a certain and only a certain political manner. Which is exactly what that orange POS is doing.

              1. Keep it together, Mr. Roboto. You’ve only got 6 more years of “the orange POS”, and maybe 4 more of Pence/Haley.

      1. Hope they are still pleased with Williams about 4-5 games into the season.
        If memory serves me well, I believe that JW showed some flashes before getting injured last year.
        If Williams can have a promising TC and pre-season we will be set at the RB position in 2018.

  6. Here is another thing too. When did professional athletes begin to think normal citizens gave a **ck about there political views. There getting paid to play a sport. A lot of fans pay a premium to watch them play. Not to listen to there views of our president. That’s great you don’t like him. No one gives a sh*t. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous! Many of us use sports to take our minds off bigger issues. That’s all I have to say about that!

    1. Ok fine don’t applaud them for donating for charitable causes and raising money. They’re not animals they are human beings first

      1. Specifically, who inferred, called or implied that these men are animals?

        Are you putting words into other people’s mouths? Why, that shows a malicious intent~doesn’t it?

      2. The original Rockefella established on of the largest charitable trusts in the USA during his day. However he had a personal agenda that changed this country for the worse. I am not saying that everyone does. In fact Kaep was always generous with his time and money long before he was converted to marxism. It actually was his desire to help people that made him such an easy target for their propaganda. Good intentions can often be distorted and directed toward destructive means.

        1. Willtalk,
          Bad intentions can some times lead to good things. King Henry the 8th’s bad intentions led to the reformation of a repressive church, and the beginnings of democratic institutions. No small unintended accomplishments from a very bad dude.

          As a megalomaniac driven by selfish interests, Henry the 8th actually had a lot in common with a current leader of a powerful country. Never thought I would say this but here is hoping history repeats itself when all else seems to have failed.

      3. Niners – you have a knack for logic and common sense – a rare commodity in a time truly lacking in those attributes.

    2. RAW, so your occupation means you just have to stuff it politically ? Since when? Actors? Tell that to Reagan. Reality TV? Tell that to 45. Musicians? Tell that to Nugent.

      JFC, buck up there man. It’s we liberals that are supposed to be the snowflakes prone to triggering.

    3. RAW
      “There getting paid to play a sport. A lot of fans pay a premium to watch them play. Not to listen to there views of our president.”

      I don’t recall any protesting players not playing the game. I also, don’t recall them speaking to anyone about their cause prior, during and after the game unless asked by reporters.

      Kaepernick protested for 3 preseason games without a word until someone took a picture of him sitting during the National Anthem that went viral.

      I’m not a big supporter of the way the protest was played out, but something had to be done to highlight some deep seeded issues between police dept’s around the country and African-Americans.

      I respect every peace officer because they are put in dangerous situations every day to protect citizens, but it only takes a few bad cops to taint an entire police force and cause mistrust.

      Let’s face it, the elephant in the room is a lack of trust between people of color and the police/justice system.
      I would prefer a kneeling (non-violent) protest any day of the week over the protests that took place in the aftermath of the Rodney King court case.
      Wouldn’t you?

  7. Deep ball and Grant’s nitpicking be damned. I love this guy.

    Regarding Thomas and Richburg, Jimmy G said:

    “I didn’t really see it, to be honest. I kind of threw it and looked out the corner of my eye and saw it all going on. It’s football. Stuff is going to happen out here like that. Honestly, I love to see that out of the O-Linemen. It gets me fired up. I can’t do it and it’s probably a better thing that I don’t.”

    1. No pads at this stage of the OTA’s makes it hard to judge players imo. When the pads go on and real hitting starts all the storylines we are getting now will change.

  8. So, below is a link to a tweet from Joe Fann that shows some of Jimmy G’s throws during the session. He was not under pressure, but it seemed to me that he was getting his hips around better (as a result of better footwork) albeit not like Tom Brady. Just curious if others are seeing the same thing. So, I’m wondering if this maybe means that he is working on his foot placement to help his hips finish or is it just that he is not under pressure. I’m tending towards the former idea.

    1. Cubus… the videos I’ve seen on him and his footwork do’s and dont’s is that he’s not consistent with his mechanics. I’d think him working on being consistent with the good mechanics would be the way to go.
      His deep balls are the one thing that holds me back from believing he’s the next 49er great.
      That deep threat would add so much more to his game and put defenses in a tougher position. Something we haven’t seen since Young.

      1. Agree with what you say regarding film review videos of last season. But did you look at the one I posted? I’m just wondering if we are seeing some improvement.

  9. Draft Dodger Donald thinks attacking black folks will help him in the mid terms.
    Bob Kraft and Jerry Jones are getting punked by The Malingerer-In-Chief. Grow a pair fellas and tell him to mind his own business.
    Hypocrite all so proud but lied and bribed to avoid service. This Vet says F him.

    1. First of all, Trump has done more for blacks in a year than Obama did in 8. Black unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the gap between white unemployment and black unemployment has never been smaller. Secondly, he was duly elected by the American people. You don’t have to like him, and you also have the right to show how disrespectful and petty you can be….

      1. All 45 has to do is keep the Obama economy humming. (we really are still in the post 2008 meltdown recovery). So, so far so good. But… these moronic tariffs are going start heaving their effect as is 5 and 6 dollar gas. And just wait until the financial deregulation his idiot administration has been doing leads us into the next crash. It’s coming. As usual, it’ll take another Democratic administration to clean it all up.

        Oh and BTW. Trump is responsible for all these African American jobs? Personally? That’s a mighty big Federal Government there.

        1. Lmaooooo!!!! Yeah it’s Obama’s economy. It just took 9 years to start working.
          Ribico…. just stop it dude! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          “It’s going to take another Democrat to clean it up”
          Yeah they’ve been doing so well in California, Chicago, and every other broke city in his country.
          But then again that wasn’t Obama’s economy though.
          Man you’re a true simpleton. Again stick to football, quit whining that the orange one won and is still winning. Melting snowflakes one day at a time.

          1. I never thought I’d be able to point to a president as being worse than Jimmy Carter in my lifetime, but President Obama exceeded my expectations….

          2. Lol. Are you talking about California, MD? The 5th largest economy in the…. country? No, not country, try the world. Run by exclusively by Democrats. When you have states run exclusively by Republicans, you get Kansas. If you want California, or the rest of the country, to turn into an economic sh*thole like Kansas, then by all means vote for those who promise that.

            1. Here comes the California puff up my chest speech. Mr. Roboto can’t wait to pledge his allegiance to Newsom! Ha, ha!

              1. Pledge allegiance? No, only you Cult 45 guys do that.

                Just giving some facts about California. Puff up my chest? Dude, I don’t even live there.

              2. Maybe you should since you believe in higher taxes.

                My allegiance lies with God, Family and Country!

              3. My allegiance lies with God, Family and Country!

                Hardly. What would God say as you fiercely defend the guy who hasn’t seen a Commandment he hasn’t violated. Country? Trump cares so much about the troops he attacked a Gold Star family, slimed a Navy pilot who was captured and tortured in the war he dodged, nominated someone laughably, criminally, unqualified to run the VA.

                You may be on to that family thing though. Trump is on to his third. Well, 4th maybe, if you count him schtooping the porn star mere weeks after his latest offspring was born.

                God, Country and Family. When is that going to start? Or I should say, whatever happened to that Razor?

              4. Time to let it go rib. The Right defends the right and the Left defends the left and we all go nowhere. The country has never been more divided and history tells us the economy will crash at some point under the current structure. We’ll just have to let play out yet again because people never learn.

              5. Rocket, you are right. I just wish our resident conspiracy theorists would knock thier heads together for something productive for a change. Like finding out wtf happened to FLOTUS.

            2. I’ve lived here all my life. It’s also he poorsest in the biggest counties.
              More homeless than any other state.
              You lefties always bring up th economy here. It’s the 5th biggest because of population and a little thing called Silicon Valley.
              As far as debt it’s the worst. Running off of credit here.
              Rents are higher than ever, gas is too, education is bad.
              Nice try. California is in the brink of bankruptcy. Those are facts.

              1. Just wondering rib…
                where in that article does it tell th facts about the debt? Homelessness? Needles on streets in SF hat cost millions to clean up? High taxes? Horrible infrastructure? Cost of living?
                It’s an old fact that anybody or anything can look good on paper. Truth is it’s a crap hole and going down the tubes.
                Hollywood and Silicon Valley won’t be enough to hold it much longer. Do you even live here?
                It’s rich? But for who?

            3. Remember when President Obama told us 1% GDP was the new normal. If Trump’s economy hits 4% GDP, it’ll be all over for the democrats in 2020….

              1. That ain’t happening, my friend. Not unless California really knocks it out of the park. Not likely, not with the punitive measures this admin is trying to lay on the producer states out of pure spite.

    2. Van. Just wondering, when Trump “attacked black folks” happened.
      You act as if because you’re black you can do anything you want that’s controversial and not be opposed. And if you do oppose you’re a racist.
      That’s the thinking that’s got this country so divided right now. Last I looked around I don’t see a bunch of klansmen or skinheads running around. I just see SJW being taught that being a victim works.
      Stop with that mindset man!

      1. I still find it amazing that President Obama got a pass on Reverend Wright, and the media colluded to keep the picture of him with Farrakhan hidden.

        1. Are you really surprised Razor?
          This is the media who was all in for Hillary and even hand fed her questions to a debate.

          Their King would never face the hate they give Trump. It would have been downright racist if they even questioned his ties to racists.

        2. Where was this pass? I heard plenty about it. And this hidden picture? Apparently not hidden enough that your eagle eyes missed it.

          You guys are starting to sound too much like 45. “Soooooooo unfair, waaaaah”

            1. Soooooo unfair. That liberal media burying stories about Reverend Wright. And The deep state deep sixed that Farhakan / Obama collusion. Why if only people had heard about they’d never have voted for that guy with the Muslim name. Soooooo unfair.

              Ok, it’s back to football. I’ll let you two have your private discussion about government brainwashing via chemtrails.

              1. Ah, don’t take a knee now. This is just getting interesting, and I love these kind of fights. The media carried President Obama’s water, and only a person off their meds or a relative of Nancy Pelosi would deny that. If you’ve got something against muslims, why don’t you just come out and say it? As for football, if it’s ok with you, Mr. Roboto, the deplorable from backwards Indiana, has one final thought. Go Niners!

              2. Raz, glad you came out of delusion ( 6 more years. Lol, now that is funny) long enough to come up with the most cogent thing so far. GO NINERS! 100% agreement there.

              3. It was funny that he’d even get 4. Buckle up snowflakes he’s going to serve 8. And you’re going to benefit.
                THats all!

              4. he’s going to serve 8

                I agree there, MD. But I’m going beyond that. I say he ends up serving 10 to 20. Maybe 8 with good behavior. Scratch that, good behavior is unknown to that clown.

          1. Ribico…. not suprising you didn’t hear about it. When you sit on your butt and hit the tv button to certain “news” channels you’re not going to get the whole story. Instead of actually doing your own research from the thousands of independent real news sources.
            Like most liberals you’re just a wool wearer with a number on it.
            Stick to Niners football. At least you have the drive to research this topic.

            1. I guess you missed where I wrote I did hear about it. Reading comprehension, MD. If you are a product of the California school system, maybe things are as bad as Razor and you are claiming.

            2. Mr. Roboto’s candidate ran for president, and lost. Mr. Roboto’s passion for taking a knee during the anthem has been regulated to the dark, dank tunnel away from the field, and he lost again. Trump keeps winning, and Mr. Roboto’s sick of it, ha!Too bad, so sad! Only 6 more years to go, Mr. Roboto!

              1. I always stand at attention during the Anthem, Raz. I don’t make a beeline for the bathroom or concession stands, take the opportunity in the relative silence to bellow out something profane about the visiting team. That’s just the way I roll. The thing is, I’m not furious at those who don’t share my particular expression of reverence, in the stands or on the field. Don’t call them military haters, SOBs, say they shouldn’t belong in the USA.

  10. Two minutes kneeling in opposition to police violence, an old American tradition, is politically un-american and detracts from the inalienable right to enjoy three hours of controlled violence.

    The Orange Puffer Fish asks you to be proud America!

    Of course the Eagles football team had zero members or staff who failed to stand on the field for the entire 2017 season, including the playoffs.

        1. You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.

  11. Grant,
    Your Debbie Downer was a Debbie Upper for me today. But not in the way of the “good” out weighing the “not so good”. But in the way of an interesting and enjoyable analysis of today’s OTA taking me for a time away from the sad news of the passing of Dwight Clark.

    A Kittle catch reminiscent of a DC catch was a nice touch.

  12. Reid brought some class to a situation growing ugly by the moment. Lest we forget that it was he who got Kapernick and many other players off the bench and taking a reasonably respectable knee. That is leadership.

    I think with Reid and the 49ers it has been about the money. I am with Grant, he was a decent safety with smarts and leadership qualities and additionally, if they are looking else where for a safety help, that means they are not satisfied with what they have. So pony up 49ers.

    1. I think the issue with Reid is that he does not want to accept a backup situation at this time. Perhaps that will change. OTOH, if the team is run as a meritocracy, then if he should sign on, he should have the same opportunity to fight for a starting role as the other safeties.

    2. None of the kneelers would present a problem playing for a Bay Area team. If they do not play for the Niners or Raiders it has nothing to do with their past kneeling actions. I would assume there are also a few other teams where the same would hold true. On being the Seattle Seahawks. Notice I said past actions.

  13. Dez Bryant is another story. This is a tailor made offense, where as, the defense not nearly so. If Shanahan feels Bryant is not a fit then you have to go with that.

    It is interesting that Bryant and Reid are both together in the free agent discussion at this time. Both are disruptors. One disrupts on the field, wants the ball, complains about calls, requires patience from coaches and teammates, etc. The other at risk to self, upsets the entire NFL for a greater cause that clearly transcends the game of football. Both are in the same doghouse.

    1. I believe Reid made it clear that he concluded that the Kneeling was a bad idea and counter productive to their intent. Reid is not playing here because of variable factors that are purely football related.

        1. He lost his job to Tartt. I highly doubt he’d want to back him up at a salary commensurate with that role.

  14. Come to my Indian reservation or any reservation and see what your govt. did and is still doing to my people today and then ask me to stand for a flag that means absolutely nothing to me and most tribes. U people have no clue bout what goes on. To be offended for minorities not standing for a worthless flag is funny. That flag only represents white people. I noticed since Trump came into office people have are more upfront with their racism. So I will never stand for that flag I put my faith in my creator

    1. U people bring up 9/11, what about 12/29? Wounded knee massacre where woman and children were targeted with Gatling guns. 20 medal of honors were awarded for killing innocent woman,children, and a peaceful chief. What do u people have to say for that. I don’t see a change either except they’re killing us with meth now

      1. I wasn’t there but Reagan said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Time to move on because we’re all Americans first, and if you don’t feel that way, maybe you should go find a country you can be proud of.

        1. President Abraham Lincoln said that America is “the last best hope of mankind”, and he was correct.

        2. …..maybe you should go find a country……
          You say that to a Native American? Really? The irony is overwhelming.
          Equal Protection Under The Law…….would be nice

    2. That flag only represents white people.

      That’s funny. I served in the military alongside people of all races to include Indian’s, and we all were brothers in arms who were ready and willing to defend all of America, not just the white ones.

  15. Grant still needs some technical help. He needs better lighting, it is too glaring. He seems to stay uncentered. Maybe it is related to his claim that Kaep is not a starting QB, but at least he advocated for Reid’s return.
    I wish to differ with Grant about his take on the replacement players. He mentioned JJ Wilcox, but he pulled out at the last second, and is not even a Niner. He mentioned Brown and McGlinchey. I think Brown was poor at run blocking, and for McGlinchey, that is his strength, so that is an upgrade. Then he mentions McKinnon for Hyde. I remember Grant mentioning that Hyde was not a good fit for the KS offense. If they go back to the WCO roots, the short pass to the RB to move the chains, that would fit McKinnon to a tee. Also, Grant pointed out that Hyde was not suited for an OZ run game.
    All in all, it was a nice periscope but Grant does have things to improve upon.


    While we would not all personally choose to protest in a manner identical to Kaepernick, we respect and honor his choice, and whole heartedly join him in stating unequivocally that BLACK LIVES MATTER. The current state of affairs for people of color in America is unsustainable and unacceptable. According to analysis by the Washington Post, black people in America are two and a half times more likely to be shot and killed by police than white Americans. Far too often, people of color are dying at the hands of law enforcement personnel in the streets, our jails, and their homes. Indictments are rare and convictions are essentially nonexistent.

  17. I like you better on video Grant.
    You are more nuanced. You are still a Debbie Downer, but it is a lot less offensive in context.
    You really seem to key in on guys like Thomas and Pettis. Maybe you could go a little easier until the pads go on. Remember, Brieda is pretty fast too.
    I say bring back Reed too, but he may not be interested in backing up Tartt. He deserves a starting role in the NFL but I hope we get him back at some point. He and Ward could be awesome relief players.
    Let’s just assume until proven otherwise that guys like Ward will be healthy this year.

  18. Bought it for my mom for her International trip to Mexico and use in the US. She told me it works very well, good reception, crystal clear voice, and powerful battery, no frequently charging during the trip. She loves it very much.

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