49ers – Packers live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 3 home opener against the Green Bay Packers. I will provide updates and analysis throughout the game.

4:05 49ers inactives: CB Dre Kirkpatrick, CB Ambry Thomas, CB Elijah Mitchell, G Aaron Banks

4:07 Packers inactives: CB Kevin King, S Vernon Scott, LB Ladarius Hamilton, G Elgton Jenkins

5:00 The 49ers will have their third starting running back in as many games this season tonight. Trey Sermon, Jacques Patrick, Trenton Cannon, and Kerryon Johnson are the 49ers active running backs.

5:20 49ers win the toss and defer to the second half. Green Bay will be on offense first. 

5:28 After driving to the 49ers 15, Nick Bosa wrecks the Packers offense with a pass deflction, and stops a draw play to force Green Bay to kick a field goal. Packers 3 49ers 0

5:35 49ers offense picks up a quick first down. Jimmy Garoppolo completes passes to George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk before throwing incomplete to Mohamed Sanu on third down. Everything from the 49ers offense is underneath. 

5:44 Aaron Rodgers hits Valdes-Scandling deep for a 47 yard gain against what looked like a busted coverage in the 49ers secondary. Then the Packers run the same play the 49ers used to score their first touchdown against Detroit and have the same result. Packers 10 49ers 0

5:48 After a George Kittle run sets up 3rd and 1, Jimmy Garoppolo throws a pass to a Packers linebacker and is lucky to have it bounce off his hands. This game could be over quick if the defense doesn’t hold on this next possession. 

5:55 End of the first quarter. Packers 10 49ers 0. Green Bay outgained San Francisco 142-25.

5:59 Arik Armstead ends the Green Bay possession with a sack. Nice stop for the defense. Now the offense needs to step up. 

6:01 Jimmy Garoppolo tries to hit George Kittle deep and it’s intercepted by Jaire Alexander. Packers ball on the 32.

6:07 49ers defense holds on 4th and 1 from their own 3. Great sudden change defense to not allow any points. 49ers run defense is struggling a bit with runs up the middle when Green Bay is in the shotgun. Something to keep an eye on as the game progresses. 

6:22 49ers offense finally crosses midfield, but gets stopped for no gain on 3rd and 1. After Trey Sermon drops a pass to start the drive, Garoppolo hit six straight throws. 

6:37 The 49ers defense hasn’t been able to stop the run between the tackles all season. Tonight it is finally catching up to them. Aaron Jones runs in untouched for a touchdown to put the Packers up 17-0. 

6:51 Trenton Cannon sets the 49ers offense up with a 68 yard kickoff return, and Trey Lance runs around the left side for a touchdown as time expires in the first half to give the 49ers their first points of the game. Packers 17 49ers 7 at the half. 

7:14 49ers offense drives the ball right down the field to open the second half with a touchdown and pull within 3 points. Big plays by Deebo Samuel on a screen and Trey Sermon helped get it started. Packers 17 49ers 14

7:19 San Francisco defense finally forces a three and out. 49ers offense gackes over at their own 28 after a 9 yard Brandon Aiyuk punt return. 

7:25 Three and out for the 49ers offense. Nobody blocks Preston Smith off the left side and he hits Garoppolo as he begins to throw which causes an incompletion on third down. 

7:39 Green Bay drives down the field for a touchdown. The 49ers defense helped them out with a 24 yard pass interference penalty. So far the 49ers defense has given up 81 yards on three pass interference penalties. That’s nearly as many yards as the 49ers offense had in the first half. 

7:54 Trey Sermon scores from the 1 yard line to pull the 49ers within three points halfway through the fourth quarter. A pass interference call on Green Bay gave the 49ers 35 yards, and then Garoppolo hit his next three attempts to get the 49ers inside the 10. Packers 24 49ers 21

8:05 Aaron Rodgers misses on three straight deep throws and the 49ers takeover at their own 26.

8:16 Jimmy Garoppolo throws a backwards pass that gives Green Bay the ball on the 49ers 36 yard line. Emmanuel Moseley comes up with a terrific play on 3rd and 4 to force a field goal. Crosby hits it. Packers 27 49ers 21

8:25 Jimmy Garoppolo leads the 49ers offense on a 75 yard drive, capped by a 12 yard touchdown throw to Kyle Juszczyk for a 12 yard touchdown. 49ers 28 Packers 27

8:29 Rodgers hits Adams twice down the middle to set up a 51 yard field goal attempt by Mason Crosby to win the game. 

8:31 Crosby hits it. Final score Packers 30 49ers 28

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    1. I’m very pleased about their loss. But the Rams worry me. I think they may well be the best team in the NFL right now.

  1. Thoughts..

    Aaron Banks needs to step up. Embarrassing watching him on the inactive list every week.

    Look for Green Bay to try and get Aaron Jones going this time around. They’ve been blown out of the water by our team year in and year out. If for no other reason, they need to slow the game down against the 49ers.

    Can Jimmy put the ball where it needs to be? Not behind, not too far in front of receivers or over their heads. Can he consistently hit receivers in stride or will he stick to his comfort zone- throwing darts at stationary receivers who find open spots in zone?

    Conversely will the Packers play the safeties up and backers in the middle; play more 1:1 on the outside and dare Jimmy to beat them deep?

    Will Jimmy step into this throws or attempt quick releases off his back foot?

    Time to get Kyle Juszczyk going in the passing game.

  2. Running backs will consist of Trey Sermon, Kerryon Johnson, Trenton Cannon, Jacques Patrick

    In coach Bobby Turner and Kshan playbook – I TRUST

    Trey Sermon becomes a star tonight.

  3. Donte Whitner seems to hold a grudge against Joe Barry… He thinks Niners O will run circles around Barry’s pretty vanilla defensive scheme.

  4. Garoppolo looks like $hit again tonight. He has clearly regressed.

    Has yet to hit a moving receiver in the game. All completions have been to stationary targets open in the soft zone.

  5. Ward has looked awful as a tackler this year. Something that has been a strength of his every year in the league. He has to be injured or something killing his confidence. Looks completely lost.

  6. If the Packers go up by more than 2 scores, it’s time to bring in Lance for a drive or two for some game experience.

    1. What can you do when you have a Quarterback that:

      1. Can’t hit a receiver on the hands.
      2. Can’t hit a timing pattern.
      3. Can’t throw over the top of the defense.
      4. Can’t throw outs- short or long.

      Yeah, the offense is going to be seriously limited.

      1. I’ve been barking up that tree for yea s now. Jimmy doesn’t throw with proper mechanics. It’s all upper body, while his feet are almost always point incorrectly.

        I don’t know why he hasn’t fixed this fatal flaw, but I put some blame on Kyle and his QB coaches.

  7. Jimmy’s not playing well, but Aiyuk needs to make that catch in the endzone. We’re lucky the score isn’t a lot more lopsided. Hopefully momentum has shifted.

  8. The run blocking has been terrible. Is it because the Packers are loading the box every play? We need to throw the ball deep, multiple times.

    1. Teams are selling out to stop the run and daring JG to beat them. We saw that in Philadelphia and it will be like that until JG shows he can carry the offense himself.

    1. Yeah, on the replay you could see that that was a good throw. Is part of the issue that Jimmy is just starting off slow. That was a good drive he just engineered.

  9. Has a team ever been as arrogant as the 49ers during the draft. They thought they were so good they could waste there first 3 picks on players they weren’t even going to use until 2022. And yes, Trey Sermon was drafted because of his zone / read skill set .

    Instead they go with their QB, who has already come up short because he has some of the worst throwing mechanics you will ever seen in a seasoned vet!

    And they wonder why Green Bay caught up to them.

  10. Jimmy needs to just go. He is completely lost out there. Shanny needs to get Lance in there just to save Garoppolo from further humiliation.

  11. Jimmy has 9 lives maaaaan. Wow hahah!

    Give credit where due. It’s not easy being beat up all night looking like a loser, then drive the team inside 2 mins for a TD.

    Hoping Rodgers doesn’t pull a rabbit out his hat now. Yikes!

    1. Oh pleeese!

      Season home opener in prime time. First Kyle, and then DeMeco, just gave it away! In a different division, this team might have a chance, but that’s obviously not happening! Worst QB in toughest division, and a stubborn HC with zero game clock sense = 9 wins!

  12. I told my wife that, if Kyle didn’t run them ball at least once there at the end, with 3 time outs left, and gave Rodgers a chance to win it, I was going to brake something. Now I am in the doghouse with her cause I broke something I shouldn’t have.

    Kyle is a fricken MORON! Absolutely zero sense of how to run down the play clock!

    I’m done. Kyle has finally lost me until he makes some changes.

    1. Of course I meant game clock! Just completely oblivious. And believe me, DeMeco deserves blame as well, but most of it goes to Kyle mor seemingly being oblivious to the game clock!

      3 TO’s, RUN THE CLOCK, jack_ss!! Just completely oblivious!

      1. No emotional breakdowns please. It’s a game between 2 of the best teams. If Anyone of several dozen plays had turned out differently the Niners would have one, yet you continuously blame Shanahan. Relax.

  13. Quick grades
    QB B= not pretty but good enough to win

    RB’s D i’m not sure who is more at fault the O line or the RB’s Juice played well

    OL F bad run blocking but where they really earn the F was in pass protection Vs. a D line that was one of the worst coming into the game.

    Wr B Couple of drops but made up for it with a couple of great catches . Aiyuk was better but he still doesn’t look the same as last year. Sanu looked good as the #3 WR.

    TE A Kittle looked like Kittle

    DL D poor against the run worse against the pass. Bosa gets an A the DL grade is an F without him

    LB’s nothing terrible, nothing special.

    DB’s C more injuries a couple of close calls on PI

    ST A Wishnowski might be the best punter in football

    Coaches C- on both sides of the ball. KS needs to find a way to run the ball. Ryans is not blowing me away.

    1. Agree with your grades and I was very surprised at both of our lines. I thought they would both dominate. I’m not sure which one I’m more disappointed in. Definitely a let down game.

    2. I agree with your grades except DB’s need a D especially for the last 37 seconds. Devontae Adams was way too open knowing the ball was coming his way

  14. That loss is on the defense, NOT Jimmy AND not Kyle. Juice fought his way into the end zone, was he supposed to fall down?

  15. I’m beginning to have my doubts about the Wide-9. Gaps are huge and the front seven can’t stuff the run. Also, so far it hasn’t seemed that the DL is getting to the QB enough to justify the shortcomings of the wide-9.

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