49ers-Packers NFC championship film breakdown

Check out my breakdown of the NFC championship game:

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  1. Shanny’s offense is a master of deceit filled patterned zone blocking.The Redskins counter-trey using Samuel as the running back was bloody brilliant.

    The Lions looked like they have the blueprint for the Chiefs in week 4.

    1. As I see it, offense is all about creating space, leveraging speed, and using deception. Kyle uses all of them with a physicality unmatched for such a fast team. Shanalynch have created a well-oiled run-heavy offensive monster that D coordinators will be busy all of the off-season planning to defend.

      1. Patricia held Mahomes to 57% completion and didn’t allow him to throw a TD playing predominantly man coverage. The Texans used their blueprint the following week and beat them. I don’t think we can play as much zone coverage as we normally do against Mahomes….

        1. Yeah, I can trust Moseley much more than Spoon to re-route receivers off the LoS in man coverage. The Eraser will have his hands full in keeping everything in front of him. Williams/Tartt vs. Kelce will be a battle all day.

        2. The pass rush getting home is probably going to be a pretty key aspect to the D in this one. One of the main issues a lot of teams have defending Mahomes is how good he is at extending plays and finding his guys downfield out of structure. Can’t let Mahomes create time back there – have to get home and have to bring him down. That will allow the coverage to play aggressive and really look to take away receivers early in their routes without being too concerned of needing to maintain that close coverage for long.

            1. Wilson is probably the closest match to Mahomes in style of those guys. Mahomes isn’t really a runner, but he moves very well to avoid pressure. 49ers DL defended Wilson pretty well and they’ll need a good one against Mahomes.

              1. Mano y mano coverage on the Chiefs receivers, coupled with a single-high safety seems to give Mahomes the most difficulty.

    1. Nice one Mid. A couple of things:
      – There was a big difference in thinking about letting Armstead go and the guys you listed in the article this year. Armstead was productive even in 2018, and they weren’t under any cap constraints. The guys listed did not produce this year bar Coleman (who I expect the team to retain) and the team is under some cap constraints this season.
      – Ward was a FA anyway – it wasn’t about cutting or trading him, it was about re-signing him or not. Same as this year, though he may expect a bit of a pay rise after this season!
      – Buckner already has a pretty big cap hit for next season under the 5th year option. Extending him likely won’t result in that big an increase in his cap hit next year – or at least the contract can be structured so it does not.

      Regardless, you are right they will need to make some tough decisions moving forward about who to keep.

      1. Thanks for reading the article Scooter.
        – I listed the 2018 and 2019 seasons in regards to Ward and Armstead because there were several fans that wanted to see one or both gone before last season and this season either through a trade or being cut.
        – Ward was on his fifth year option in 2018, and some were predicting that Ward would be cut at the end of the 2019 preseason after he resigned with the team.
        -For Buckner, it is going to depend on how the team structures his extension and how much he is given.

        1. They should have no issues structuring Buckner’s extension so the actual increase in cap hit in 2020 isn’t much more than the $12.5M he is already expected to count for, no matter what the average annual is. As to whether they choose to do it that way, who knows, but if it is about trying to free up enough cap space to hold onto their pending FAs then they can extend Buckner without impacting their cap availability in 2020. Just something that needs to be factored in when discussing the pending extension for Buckner which wasn’t mentioned in your article – his extension doesn’t have to impact 2020 cap space.

        2. I’m not expert, but my guess is they extend Buckner and Kittle, franchise tag one of Armstead and Ward and try and get a team friendly deal with the other one or let him walk. but I have no idea myself which one of those two I would rather keep

    2. Being curious, I read your article. Nice, it was well written. Outlined all the factors and problems clearly.
      My only small quibble is- The Niners are poised to play in the Super Bowl. Maybe concentrate on that, and discuss the salary cap in 3 weeks.
      However, I do know that these players competing in the SB just made themselves a lot of money, especially in Free Agency. Armstead with his 10 regular season sacks and 2 postseason sacks, will probably be lured away with a fat contract.

    3. MW, funny that you start talking picks and salary cap in January. That’s what we have been doing for the last 5 years at the end the season, not this year! I know you are just starting but Google some of Jack’s old post and see how he uses stats in his posts.
      Some of Jack’s old post were a fore bearer of how Grant’s writes now, some read even better.
      Develop your own style (of course) and keep us surprised!
      Oh, and ALWAYS spell check!
      before, after and during writing….

    4. Good read Mid, thank you.

      This is going to be a really interesting off-season. I think AA is all but gone at this point and I’m fine with that. Though I love his skill set, I think he’s more of a product of the system due to Buckner allowing him to have so many 1-on-1 match ups. I think we’ll be fine with guys like DJ Jones, Blair (who i hope we extend), and Taylor.

      What will be something to watch for me is Paraage and how he responds to this new challenge. This is almost somewhat new, or at least unfamiliar territory for this organization. We’ve brought in some big free agents in the past (Sherm, Ford, Kwon, etc) and in those negotiations we’ve been able to negotiate what are considered team-friendly deals due to them being essentially year-to-year deals. However, extending home-grown proven talent, while in their prime, is not something we’ve had to do since, correct me if I’m wrong, Navarro Bowman. And in my mind the team doesn’t have the same leverage as it would with an aged vet coming on the open-market. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it still seems like new territory for this organization.

      That being said, would love to make sure we get the smaller role players and depth players signed as well i.e. the Blairs and Brunskills and Bournes….and any other last names that start with a “B”

    1. JG stats for 2 playoff games is 17/27 200yds 1 td/1int…..Only 6/8 77yds vs GB, easy to see, not real good, so very possible KS doesn’t trust him much. He’s not carrying the team obviously. Good thing for the run game. I think he’ll need to throw more vs KC. Hope he has a higher ceiling for next year.

      1. Both teams struggled against the run during the regular season, so it makes plenty of sense that Shanahan utilized the run game almost exclusively.

        1. Other teams also struggle vs the run, but 8 passes, bit strange, ‘says a lot’, too exclusive and won’t happen in the SB.

          1. There is no guarantee that it won’t. The Chiefs finished the regular season 8th against the pass and 26th against the run.

      2. Yes Tim.
        He isn’t sure about his QB who literally carried them here for the toughest part of the season.
        Yep just out of the blue.
        They didn’t gain much running the ball, but KS would be damned if he actually trusted his QB with that weak running attack tanking.

        Start Mullen’s NOW!

  2. If we’re having trouble with the Chiefs speed, don’t forget Tarvarius Moore — certainly in the dime and even in the nickel. He’s by far our fastest db

  3. Funny how reports are surfacing that Chiefs will blow out SF. Pretty sure SF was almost a winner vs so called best team in the NFL Balt with the best QB in football. Beat what others thought were unbeatable, the Saints ON THE ROAD AND THEIR TOP QB. Split vs Seattle and should have swept and what many are saying have the best QB in football Russel WILSON. So SF can handle mobile QB’s with big arms and non mobile QB’s with big arms. They stuff good running teams. SF has as many weapons as KC on offense. Bring on the Chiefs. Let’s send them home without their scalps!

  4. I agree, Jeff Wilson Jr may be their secret weapon. He can catch the ball, too. He is big enough to run up the middle.
    They should play to Breida’s strengths, and utilize Breida by running him outside. Also use him on reverses and counters.
    I know Kittle would be happy run blocking to victory, but I hope they match him on Mathieu, and burn him for a long gain.
    I think at times, the Niners should play tight man to man, with a jam at the line of scrimmage. That would disrupt their timing.
    I hope they employ the Wide 9 to contain Mahomes in the pocket. I hope they allow Buckner to line up as a DE, at times. Then he will avoid the double blocking. They should blitz Warner, Greenlaw, Williams or Tartt at times, so they do not know where the blitz will come from. A delayed blitz up the middle with a stunt, may be effective. Williams off the edge caused that strip sack.
    KS will have to match wits with Reid, but I think he will be up to the challenge. He has really grown and become wiser, as this season progressed. That last game was a masterful display of shrewd coaching. Matt LaFleur was owned. The overall coaching has improved a lot. Saleh and his number one pass defense will be strong and fast enough to counter Mahomes and his receivers.
    I hope the Niners channel Bill Walsh. He would use the short passing game (with YACs), to control the ball, control the clock, and control the score. Once they built a 2 score lead, they ran the ball. I do not think they will replicate the Packer game, but that is a good strategy to implement, and goal to strive for.

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  5. Niners O is going to shred that KC defense right at KC’s weakness and SF strength.
    In the middle of the field with movement from Deebo, Juice, Kittle and whoever the RB is at the time.
    Look for a monster game from Kittle and Deebo.
    And guess who will be throwing to them???? That pesky untrustworthy QB Jimmy! 🤣

    And of KC can’t stop the run, it’s really going to be a long day.
    Again how is KC going to stop SF again?

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    1. Apologize. It must have been my wife who accidentally sent this from my phone. It was meant as a late night joke sent via text but somehow ended up being submitted as a comment here.
      I also referenced Saleh’s number one pass defense above; in actuality it would be just a step below at number two. However the only strong remaining defense is the Niners and I fully expect to slow Mahomes and the speedy receivers.
      KS has shown he can go toe to toe with Reid, the only slight knock is experience.
      I expect KS to leverage elements of the West Coast Offense in this game. Niners pull it out late.
      GO NINERS!!!

      1. Dee, you exposed yourself as the catfish when you posted a Seb screed with your avatar.
        Imagine, a grown man acting in such a juvenile and immature manner.
        The Niners are poised to play in the SB, but you just cannot help yourself.
        I pity you.

        1. Funny that you think that, I’m flattered, but still funny.
          You see I discovered a funny thing about this site.
          You can be any one you want…..

  7. Early observations.
    – Initially I thought SF would need to reach the high 30’s to stop the Chiefs, as I belied the they would reach at least 35 points. I am not as convinced of that as I once was.
    – In terms of pass D Houston ranked 29th in the NFL and Tenn ranked 24th. Those are bad matchups against the chiefs.
    – When playing top 10 Pass Defenses they didn’t hit 35 points ( Ravens 33, Chargers 24 & 31, Patriots 23, Chicago 26 ) that averages out to 27.4 pts. With an extra week I would add 5 pts to an Andy Reid offense… So I would say if SF scores 33 points they should win this game.

    – In terms of the Man vs Zone debate. I think SF should stay true to form and primarily run zone with some man mixed in. Additionally I would be ok with them running a Nickel (and even some Dime with 3 safeties) even on base downs vs this team. However, I do not believe they should run primarily man as our corners do not have the speed to necessary keep up. That said, both Tartt and Ward are pretty fast for safeties and can cover a lot of ground to close out windows.

    1. Also. I read Mahomes has his worst games (not that they’re horrible) against 4 man rushes that get pressure.
      So IMO once again the front four is key to the defense.
      Box him in. Don’t give him lanes outside or inside. He’s not fast. He’s shifty, there should be no problem for Bosa or Ford catching him with their speed.

      As far as Kelce. Put Kwon on him to start. That’s his specialty. Covering TE’
      If he gets beat then you double him and make sure he doesn’t sit in the zone holes.

      KC’s defense is soft in the middle of the field covering RB’ and TE’.
      If the run game is slowed I see Kittle having a monster game, and if they double him, it’s Deebo and juice time on sweeps and wheel routes.
      I keep thinking. How is KC going to stop this offense.
      I’d bet our defense will fair a little better slowing down their O than their D on our O.
      Two different styles of offense, but SF can score just as much as KC can.
      Maybe not as fast, but they can.

      1. Grant did a great job breaking down Mostert’s runs. I think he’s even more dangerous that Tyreke Hill. He was one arm tackle away from breaking some really long runs. Same with Deebo.
        KC is not a great defense at all. Titans ran it right down their throats on the firs drive.
        The hype on Mahomes is insane. He’s going to get knocked backed down to earth because they aren’t the best offense over. The Pats and Rams were great offenses and got shut down.
        They talk about how fast he is to recognize defenses. Well I hate Rodgers but he’s a 12 year vet! You don’t think he knows how to read defenses???
        Niner D has been great all year. People forget that the played the Saints after a brutal game against the Ravens. On the road twice. And they still won!
        I would not be surprised if the Niners blow them out. No one blew out the Niners this year. Houston had a bad coach who made some stupid plays. If the Niners go down they are still going to grind it out with their run because all it takes is one play call from KS and a Niner back can take it to the house.

    1. Mahomes died last week
      And now he’s buried in the rocks
      But everybody still talks about how
      Badly they were shocked.
      But me, I expected it to happen
      I knew he’d lost control
      When we speed built a fire in XIX
      And shot it full of holes
      Oh, Mama, can this really be the end…

            1. I can see that a Rib,
              It also has shades of Brady’s first win.
              The year the patriots shocked the world and stopped the greatest show on turf.

    2. Speaking of the senior bowl. How many of our last draft picks played in last years Senior Bowl? Seems like it was quite a few.

  8. Glad to see the underdog Niners still have plenty of doubters… Fits perfectly into their mentality and while Mahomes is one hell of a player, he’s still human – one the Niners can defeat. As long as they stay locked in and focused down in Miami I like their chances.

  9. Super Bowl LIV MVP Odds:

    Mahomes +100
    Jimmy G +240
    Raheem Mostert +750
    George Kittle +1700
    Travis Kelce +1800
    Deebo Samuel +2000
    Tyreek Hill +2800
    Damien Williams +2900
    Emmanuel Sanders +3400
    Sammy Watkins +3500
    Nick Bosa +4100
    Tevin Coleman +4500

    (Odds via: @FDSportsbook)


    I’m surprised only one Niners defensive player, but I suppose that’s tradition. QBs always get the glory.

    1. At a crucial point mid-way through the 4th quarter, Wishnowsky will convert on a 4th down play–not only gaining a first down, but setting up the offense at the Chiefs 4 yard line… Wishnowsky’s broken field run, leading to a key 9er score and victory, will earn him a bronze statue at Levi’s on the play’s 25th anniversary.

  10. Another interesting stat about the KC defense. The addition of that elite Safety Tyrann Mathieu hasn’t improved the Chiefs defense against RBs all that much. Throughout the course of the year, the Chiefs defense is bottom 5 in yards rushing allowed to RBs and yards receiving allowed to RBs. In fact, KC is the absolute worst defense in the league in allowing receiving yards to RBs. Weird that would be the case with such a great addition to the defense with Safety Tyrann Mathieu. Chiefs defense is actually pretty good in Total points allowed but I chalk that up to playing 6 games against the Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders who all had offenses with a negative point differential. All 3 of those offenses, were in the bottom 3rd in the league in points scored. And going against so many horrible offenses, one has to wonder how the Chiefs defense was so poor against RBs. When the Chiefs face the 49ers offense, I expect Shanahan to exploit the Chiefs weakness especially in the pass game to the RBs. I look at some of these stats and it seems like the 49ers are going to score over 40 points in the Superbowl. It’s just bizarre to me that the KC defense is so poor in areas where signing an elite safety like Tyrann Mathieu should have helped. For you oneniner:


    1. KC run defense is propped up considerably by double digit deficits thanks to the offense. I think running the football and keeping Maholmes off the field is the recipe for success in Miami. If KC lets SF have a 17 point lead, do not expect them to make the turn over mistakes the other two playoff teams made.

    2. I’ll say it again. KC stopped a lower run defense last week that they’re so stoked about.
      To me it’s fools gold.
      Tenn ran at will in the first quarter.
      After that it was easily noticeable how tired they were. And cold I might add.
      The road tenn took to get there was a rough one, and they got beat by fresher legs.
      This niner team like KC will have had played 2 games in a month.
      Good luck with them keeping up 4 quarters wondering at times where to go to make a tackle. And with burners carrying the ball.

  11. Ford will help defeat Mahomes because he practiced against him, and knows him well.
    The intel Dee Ford divulged will make Reid change everything up, so the Niners need to expect things from left field.
    Fortunately, Reid is a Walsh disciple, so his tactics and strategies are familiar to KS and the Niners.
    Posters at the AP site think Ford will jump offside many times, so I hope Ford plays with discipline and in control. If he does move, he should move laterally, and not encroach into the line of scrimmage. Ford has extra motivation, because he must feel the Chiefs dumped him, and dissed him.
    The Niners will know all the Chiefs plays, so it will come down to which team can execute their game plan better.
    Many thought that Aaron Rodgers was superior to JG. Now, they think Mahomes is better than JG. Let them keep thinking that way, because JG will just win a ring if they diss him, and take him lightly.
    The Chiefs are 27th against the run? The Niners may have a distinct advantage. The Niner O line has cohesion. The TEs give the run offense synergy, so they should run right at Clark and Mathieu, and sic Kittle on them.

  12. Seb says:
    January 21, 2018 at 3:00 AM

    Shany should go four wide and all should feign falling down, mid-route, fooling all of the DB’s, before getting back up to catch the game winner.

    1. George Kittle did feign falling down, then got up to catch the pass. That tactic is very effective, when executed properly. You thought it was impossible to do.
      Catch the game winner? Sounds good to me.
      3 AM? My catfish must be obsessing a lot. I must be keeping him up at night.

    2. “Football Outsiders ranked Kansas City’s run defense 29th, in terms of DVOA.”

      5 takeaways from 49ers NFC Championship win vs. Packers
      by Chris Wilson3 hours ag

  13. On this week’s episode of Stacking the Box, FanSided‘s Josh Hill and Mark Carman discuss if the Chiefs are ready for what might be a more dangerous rushing attack in the 49ers than what Kansas City went up against in the AFC Championship vs. Tennessee.

    Hill is in on this because of the 49ers’ depth at the position. Even though Tevin Coleman had to leave the game with a shoulder injury, all that did was give us the game of Raheem Mostert’s life. He ran all over the Packers defense to the point where FOX’s Terry Bradshaw finally learned the guy’s name during the post-game celebration at Levi’s Stadium.

    via Niner Noise, Fansided

  14. Restructure contracts let sanders walk, sign A Cooper. Cut Thomas, cut Breida, let Sherman walk. Niners need compensatory picks and this will give them trade equity to move out of the first 2 rounds.

    1. 1. Breida is a restricted free agent, so they don’t have to cut him. Plus, he would be cheap to keep.

      2. Sherman is not a free agent, so the Niners would have to cut him.

      3. Compensatory picks would be awarded for the 2021 draft based on free agency in 2020; so you are talking about moving out of the first two rounds next year?

      4. Cutting players don’t count toward compensatory picks.

    2. The Niners make it to the Super Bowl and fans are already dismantling the team before the Big Game is over?! Some fans can never enjoy a good moment.

    3. – Cooper is expected to be the highest paid free agent WR, while Sanders has shown that he has bought into the culture created by Lynch and Shanahan. Sanders will also cost less than Cooper.
      – As Scooter pointed out, cutting Thomas would save the team $0.00.
      – Bredia can be signed to a low-cost contract since he is a RFA, and cutting him also eliminates the possibility of getting anything in return if a team tries to sign him and the 49ers choose not to match the offer.
      – Why would you cut the guy who has been the team’s best CB since his signing?

  15. Matt Maiocco

    Tevin Coleman is running on a side field as #49ers practice begins. He appears very much in play to be available for Super Bowl LIV.

  16. Sorry but I’m not really excited about Coleman coming back.
    He’s ok, and I still believe that if Mostert was running mote vs Minn he would have had a game like he did vs GB. I saw a lot of holes missed by Coleman simply because of his react time when running. I’d really like to see Brieda getting the other half of the carries in this game. Keep it fast moving.
    No knock on Coleman I just don’t see him being the second best back in this offense.
    And any wasted plays will not be good in this game.
    I think Breida is primed and ready for some big runs.

    1. I want to see Breida on special teams only for this game. I do not want to see him carry the ball unless it’s an emergency. Coleman to rough ’em up some, then roll out your Mosterati. Sprinkle in some Samuel too. Those are the guys we can trust running the football….

        1. Something wrong with him. Not running with patience and letting the blocking develop before hitting the hole. Carrying the ball too loosey, goosey and not high and tight. He just doesn’t look right to me. I like the way Coleman, Mosterati and Samuel are running the football right now….

          1. Coleman is the best overall back in the Niners’ stable, IMO. Kyle is not just calling stretch runs but also many gap scheme runs. Coleman is a tougher downhill runner than Brieda or Mostert (Wilson is probably the best in that regard). He’s much less likely to be brought down by the shoelaces than Mostert and Brieda. He’s also the best in pass pro and in catching the ball out of the backfield.

      1. There has been an abundance of help…I could count at least 4 games this season where Kshanny stopped using his playbook middle of the 3rd qt…..that is why the Throphy is ours……This is a special team…

      2. Coleman’s injury was a blessing in disguise. I’m glad it isn’t too serious.

        BTW Jack, I know we’ve debated about big Trent Brown’s fit for this offense. The 49ers officially have the lightest OL in the entire NFL, and it’s not even close. Any chance there is a direct correlation between that, and the offensive line’s dominant run blocking in Kyle’s stretch zone-blocking scheme, or would it be your contention that a players physical makeup/skill set (at 6’8″ 275 lbs, Trent Brown might be the largest offensive lineman in the league) isn’t an important factor in terms of system fit?

        Or to put it another way …. the round peg / square hole analogy.

        I’m just curious if you are still sticking to your guns on Brown after the 49ers put on a zone-blocking clinic for the ages, throughout the NFC playoffs?

    2. I agree ninermd. Breida has fresh legs and super motivation to win his way out of Shanny’s doghouse. Not that he needs more motivation than playing in a Superbowl but he must be going crazy for a chance to run the ball and show he can protect possessions. Breida is the 2nd most talented back on the 49er roster in my opinion. If Shanny can find the right times to work him in Breida could be a huge asset in the Superbowl. Plus you have to think the KC defense is going all out to game plan for Mostert. Breida being targeted, especially in the passing game, could be wide open.

  17. An alternative take…

    Rob Lowder
    Retweeted Matt Maiocco

    Tevin Coleman in two playoff games, despite exiting in the first half against the Packers:

    28 carries
    126 yards
    4.5 yards/carry
    2 touchdowns

    Raheem Mostert is the #49ers’ leading back, but getting Coleman (shoulder) back for the Super Bowl is a significant boost.

  18. Titans did not play like they did against the Pats and Ravens. Guess having 3 games just makes it harder to win. That third game, the Titans just looked like they ran out of gas. Derrick Henry did not seem to have the burst he had his first 2 playoff games. The pass rush that corralled Lamar Jackson allowed Mahomes to run free.
    The Niners, on the other hand, have elite team speed. Mahomes will not be able to elude the pass rush. Florio thinks the Niners should pound Mahomes to get him out of the game, but that may infuriate the Chiefs, who will want to try and knock JG out of the game. Florio hates the Niners, so he wants to fire up the Chiefs.
    The Coleman situation may cast doubt on if he could play, but KS should go with their hidden asset. Jeff Wilson Jr should be activated, just in case Coleman re-injures his shoulder. Maybe de-activate Pettis, since he has not played a snap lately. Wilson may be the best option for those tough runs up the middle. He can also catch the ball.
    Wilson has touched the ball 30 times, and scored 5 TDs. He has a nose for the end zone, so KS should use every weapon in his arsenal, in order to win. Wilson will be fresh, and fully healthy. If they are worried about Coleman’s shoulder and Breida’s fumbles, Wilson may be the answer.
    Mitchell Schwatrz may claim that former Chief Ford will not give the Niners any advantage, but we all know better.
    Andy Reid may be way more formidable than Matt LaFleur, but he also has a history of futility.

    1. Hey guy that never played football, the Titans lost because their game plan was mediocre like your football IQ. They let Mahomes run around untouched. That’s a big problem.

      1. They only rushed 3 at times too.
        Big mistake
        They were wore out.
        I thought if the Niners would have had to hit the road in the playoffs they were good enough to still make it, I might have been thinking wrong on that.
        That’s a lot of traveling and non rest for a team.
        It won’t be easy for KC like it was for their last two games.
        Leaning towards a niner domination/statement game

        1. I agree somewhat MD but many teams have had to go on the road and play three playoff games and they’ve won. So this notion of being tired and its harder is a lazy excuse. Sure every team would love to have a bye and homefield but that’s not always the case. The Niners earned it but I have no doubt this team could have gone into NO, GB, Seattle and win on wild card weekend. Its built for this time of season.

          As for the Titans, Vrables game plan was not very good. They leaned too much on Henry and they don’t have a QB who can do too much other then the handoff and the occasional play downfield or with his legs. They lacked offensive fire power and let Mahomes off the hook.

          1. Only 3 teams in history have done that, plus they were on the road for their last game, at Houston a divisional game.
            Yeah it’s no full proof excuse.
            But that’s hard to do, and watching the game you can see them fade out in the second quarter.
            Heck he Niners we’re dead tired and limped to the finish line due to the early bye.

          2. ninermd / Prime
            * Six wild card teams in the National Football League have won the Super Bowl. The six teams to win the Super Bowl from the wild card position include the Oakland Raiders in 1980, Denver Broncos in 1997, Baltimore Ravens in 2000, Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005, New York Giants in 2007 and Green Bay Packers in 2010.
            * Wild card teams that made it to the Super Bowl but lost in the title game include the Dallas Cowboys in 1975, New England Patriots in 1985, Buffalo Bills in 1992 and Tennessee Titans in 1999. Of the 10 wild card teams to make the Super Bowl, the Giants, Packers, Patriots and Steelers all had to win three road games in order to make the title game.

            1. Any time you respond or bring a counter argument to Seb, he gets all whinny and crows like he has to be the smartest guy in the room. Or he changes the narrative and twists it around.

              The argument I had was if the Niners were not able to secure a first round bye and at that time after the Seahawk loss, I said it would not be a problem.
              I had faith that if the Niners had to play on wild card weekend, any where including Seattle, they could win.
              Somehow by our blog idiot, that got translated to I wanted the Niners road to the SB to be difficult.
              This is why I need to meet this clown and explain myself clearly!

              1. PT
                * Why waste your time? If you feel the need to explain yourself to him, then he’s right.
                You’re letting him get inside you head!
                * Mark Twain: “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

            2. GEEP, Prime makes a bombastic statement, and I am just bludgeoning him over the head with it.
              He just cannot admit he was wrong. His oversize ego just cannot stand that I am correct about anything. Any smart Niner fan would prefer to not play twice in the Clink.
              His defeatist attitude assumed the Niners would not win against Seattle on that last game, so the Niners would have to take the Wild Card route. I was correct to advocate that the Niners win out.
              All he had to do was say- ‘OK, you are right. The smart thing to do is make it easier to win, by winning these last games.’ Too bad he is incapable of doing that, so I will continue to needle him, because his macho bravado made him declare he wanted to go twice to the Clink to play the Seahawks.
              Maybe the better advice for him would be to- ‘ Remain silent, and only have them think you the fool, than opening your mouth, and removing all doubt.’
              Personally, I am glad the Niners won the top seed and had that precious bye week to rest and heal up. He is defending the indefensible. If he wants out of his hole, he should stop digging.

              1. “ Niner fan would prefer to not play twice in the Clink.
                His defeatist attitude assumed the Niners would not win against Seattle on that last game, so the Niners would have to take the Wild Card route.

                Are you high again Seb? I was the one who said they could go into Seattle and win twice if they had to. The last game of the regular season and in the playoffs.
                Once again you lie and make things up because you can’t remember what was originally said. Your old age small brain is catching up to you Seb. Go smoke more pot!

  19. So spoke the football ‘genius’ who wanted to play twice in the Clink.
    I am glad the Niners did not want to make it twice as hard to win, and got that first round bye so the players could rest and heal up.
    I was rooting for the Packers to win, because I knew that the Seahawks would have been a formidable obstacle to the Niners’ success. I am happy that the Titans defeated the Pats and Ravens, eliminating 2 daunting opponents. The Chiefs will be tough, but I am confident that the Niners match up well against them.
    Posters who talk about mediocre football IQ, usually lack any common sense. Imagine, wanting to make it twice as hard to win. I want to make it twice as easy to win.

    1. So spoke the football ‘genius’ who wanted to play twice in the Clink.
      Genius is what I am compared to you. Where is that storm?

      I am glad the Niners did not want to make it twice as hard to win, and got that first round bye so the players could rest and heal up.
      It would not matter. This team is built tough. You doubted them from day one with the ignorance on Shannys and Lynch’s rebuild. Year 3 and already we are built to play in any type of environment.

      I was rooting for the Packers to win, because I knew that the Seahawks would have been a formidable obstacle to the Niners’ success. I am happy that the Titans defeated the Pats and Ravens, eliminating 2 daunting opponents. The Chiefs will be tough, but I am confident that the Niners match up well against them.
      Rooting for the Packers? Formidable Seahwaks? Scared of the Pats and Ravens? You are a wuss!

      Posters who talk about mediocre football IQ, usually lack any common sense. Imagine, wanting to make it twice as hard to win. I want to make it twice as easy to win.
      Winning a championship is never easy. But that type of thinking is for losers who never played a game where mental fortitude was a factor. Stick to soccer Sebnnoying. Faking injuries and crumbling to the ground in pain is more your game.

  20. I knew he would rise to the bait. So easy.
    Macho bravado does not make one smart. It actually sets one up for failure. Delusional thinking usually does that.
    The Niners are poised to win a ring because they were smart, and avoided making it twice as hard to win.
    Macho bravado dictates playing without a rest and traveling to hostile environments. Which path did the Niners choose? The easy path.
    Mental fortitude or stubbornness, is not the determining factor between winning and losing. Both sides have mental fortitude. Both the Chiefs and Niners possess that trait. That is a given. What makes the difference is being smart, having the right tactics and strategies, and gaining advantages.
    I am glad the Niners followed my strategy, and rejected yours. They are geniuses compared to you.

    1. Where was that storm again?

      Macho bravado is the Niners middle name. All the players talked about was how gratifying it is to out will the man across from you. You have no idea how this game works do you Sebnnoying?
      Don’t answer that, go back your crafts.

      1. That storm is being blackballed.
        No, the Niner players are humble, and respect the opposition. They do not bloviate like Frank Clark.
        Yes, the Niners imposed their will on the Packers, but the Chiefs will be a lot harder to defeat. If you are expecting another Packers game, you will be sorely disappointed.
        Macho bravado dictates that you will denigrate the Chiefs, and expect them to lie down and let the Niners run roughshod over them. I expect a dogfight, and the Niners may win, just by inches.
        Oh, and by the way, very few teams have won a ring as a wild card. Most winners are the favorites that get that first round bye.

  21. I detest the direction that soccer is going, and decry the flopping and faking of injuries, so do not ascribe those flopping tactics to me.
    I think that any soccer player who lies on the field more than 10 seconds should be sent off the field for at least 15 minutes. A new player can be inserted quickly as an injury substitute. If he does it again, the rest of the half. If he flops a third time, he cannot return. If that rule is implemented, players will be getting up, even if it means on one leg, so he can stay in the game. No more flopping. If a player is truly injured, he should stay on the ground, play is stopped and an injury substitute is allowed to be inserted in the game.
    However, I do think that a receiver, once he is past the sticks, should play smart, and at times, go to the ground after securing the ball, to avoid injury, if he sees a defender bearing down on him. I see that done all the time. They would still get a new set of downs, and the receiver would not risk injury. Too many times, a receiver will look to where he would be running with the ball, and drop it, before catching it. Of course, ideally, a receiver should catch the ball in stride and go untouched into the end zone, but that happens very rarely. Many receivers will be bludgeoned, if the defenders have a chance, or be held up and stripped of the ball like Breida. Nowadays, players are taught to rip and tear at the ball, to dislodge it. Playing close to the ground will avoid that catastrophe. Ball security is paramount, and could be the difference between winning and losing.
    Macho bravado dictates a player should stay upright, and fight for every inch. Too bad that will allow the defense to close in, gang tackle him, and strip the ball away. Losing the ball is a terrible outcome. They do not trust Breida because he struggles to gain inches, and has lost the ball.

      1. I saw Sanders do that many times this season, so he would not get lit up by the safety.
        Deebo had a couple drops, because he was thinking about running, instead of catching and securing the ball.
        Kittle is a beast, and can do whatever he wants.

    1. Ok. Orphans! Listen to me. Listen to Ignacio. I know it is fun to wrestle. A nice piledrive to the face… or a punch to the face… but you cannot do it. Because it is in the Bible not to wrestle your neighbor.

      Nacho Libre

    2. Go to the ground?? Walter Payton and everyone who ever ran with the ball is a fool!

      Injuries have always been part of the game, Seb. Breaking tackles is a hell of a lot of fun–you simply have never played this game. These guys are not victims..

  22. Sherman on Saleh.

    How has defensive coordinator Robert Saleh evolved over the last two years and kind of grow as a coordinator?

    “I don’t know if he’s changed that much as a coordinator. He’s calling a lot of the same plays. He’s scheming it up just as he always has. I guess he has more talent, and I guess people are executing the calls that he calls. That was one of the things where I would get frustrated with his criticisms because people were like, ‘oh, my God, he’s calling a terrible game.’ I was like, ‘well, he’s calling a great game and poor execution more than anything.’ You call a blitz, and they don’t blitz. You call a cover two, they play cover three. You get poor execution, and then everybody is like, ‘oh, my God, he’s a terrible coordinator, and he’s calling the same stuff this year,’ and all of a sudden we’re number one in the league. It’s guys just executing the scheme that he called.”

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