49ers-Packers Week 12 film breakdown

Green Bay Packers running back Jamaal Williams (30) runs against San Francisco 49ers middle linebacker Fred Warner (54) and defensive tackle D.J. Jones, right, during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Check out my YouTube Live film breakdown of the 49ers’ 37-8 win over the Green Bay Packers. To watch the breakdown in full-screen mode, click the square at the bottom-right corner of the video.

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  1. Grant…

    Looking ahead to the Ravens…in the rain. Please provide some insight on how teams prepare for bad weather; in this case, rain, and lots of it. With your understanding of offensive schemes and execution, how do you think both teams will respond offensively?

  2. Ridiculous…So my understanding is that the center is responsible for the line adjustments…Yes Jimmy is supposed to help out with guys away from the line who could possibly be coming on a blitz, but it’s not Jimmy’s job to make line adjustments for guys at the LOS…Dude blames Jimmy for a missed block? Lol…And Sherm said the haters keep moving the goalpost and is criticizing Jimmy no matter what he does…

    1. That, and Jimmy’s bipolar karma prevents Wishnowsky from gaining an additional .8 seconds of hang time per punt. Bad Jimmy….

      1. I think there’s two issues. Jimmy calling the right protection after diagnosing the potential blitz. Grant noted Richburg should have noticed it too. Second is Skule not holding his ground. It was the OL and the QB. As the game went on Brunskill played better and the the 9ers ran the ball better. JG also found the open player when they blitzed or called the right protection.

  3. I don’t usually get a chance to watch these but had some time today to see this one. Nice breakdown Grant.

    In the stock up, good to see Ward and Warner getting their due. They played excellent games. On that play from Warner you pointed out, he indeed showed great recognition. Broke on the ball as soon as the RB showed he was leaking out. But watch Greenlaw on that play – he was just as quick to react. That’s a rookie and a 2nd year player showing veteran awareness. These guys are really well coached.

    With regards to Witherspoon I think you are being a bit nitpicky there. He was in decent position each time. Basically he made it need to be good throws. He still needs to improve getting hands on guys early in the route to disrupt, but he did a pretty good job not panicking, staying patient and has the speed to stay with the receiver downfield. Sherman otoh has benefitted from not being tested much the past two seasons – he does give up a fair amount of separation at times and either doesn’t get thrown at or gets lucky with bad throws. But at the same time he has enough good plays where he does blanket the receiver or break the play up that you can understand, with his reputation, why QBs don’t always look his way.

      1. Yeah, agree with that. Last season he tried playing with a bad ankle early in the year and it really showed in his play. He didn’t trust his recovery speed and played without patience – started guessing early in plays, which led to some busted coverages, and getting handsy downfield. He also got beat by some excellent throws where he had coverage similar to what you showed from this game. It ended up breaking his confidence pretty quick. He was better when he returned later in the year.

        Hopefully he will remain more disciplined this time round while playing with an ankle that is less than 100%. The Packers game was a good start, but if he does come against a QB that starts making some of those throws it will be interesting to see what it does to his confidence.

      2. Nobody expected him to be 100 percent his first game back. But he played good considering. Practice is nothing like a real game.

    1. On that one long pass attempt, the offensive WR gets his little bit of separation from Spoon by pushing off. It could have been offensive pass interference.

  4. Good periscope. Still, I would not conclude that Jimmy planting his back foot on the throw to Kittle is a sign that he has overcome that issue. His not planting his back foot is motivated by a desire to get the pass off quickly and not be hit with his foot planted. On that pass, he would have had time to smoke a cigarette before releasing the ball. No one was close to him so he had no fear of being hit while passing.

  5. Kyle said that Witherspoon wasn’t 100% but Moseley had to come out because of some injury so Kyle put Witherspoon in until Moseley was up to coming back in. As far as Lamar Jackson, I’d like see a safety or DB spy him, cover the inside or a side where they would expect him to try to slip out of the pocket. Jam him in there and sack him. The Ravens lost their center so thee middle could be vulnerable. Ingram is the RB, he isn’t that good, it’s been Jackson that’s their best runner. I think he’s going to end up like RG3 because eventually he’s going to get hurt running the ball so much and when he loses his speed due to injuries he’ll become just another QB. should be a great game though I hate mud ball.

  6. Perusing some other sites, I came up with this quote.-
    ‘Fundamentally, it goes back to a few hundred years BC. Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Attack weaknesses, Utilize strengths. Figure out what the strengths are on your team, there are some things you have to protect. Find the weaknesses in your opponent and attack. You can’t win a war by digging a hole. You gotta attack. You have to figure out where you want to attack, how you want to attack and that changes week to week and game to game.’
    Hmmm, smart man.

      1. And as Mao said… Do not stop half way and do not ever go backward. There is no way behind you.

        For the offense, underscores the importance of gaining positive yards (closing on the end zone), not being pushed back. Defensively, underscores the importance of not being pushed down the field.

        Deep stuff… Perhaps we should pause and contemplate.

      2. Oh, and don’t forget Dr. Seuss…

        Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.

        Today it’s both fun and hip to rip on 2019 9ers screw-ups. Ah, but what will we think of the 2019 season ten years from now?

        1. “I will critique the heat
          I will critique the cold
          I will critique sunshine
          And about growing old.

          I will critique everything
          Inside and out
          You will find there’s nothing
          I can’t critique about”.

      1. Going against the Niner defense. If the Niner defense can play controlled, disciplined and fast, maintaining their gap integrity, they can beat any team. Hit Jackson often, with focused force, get him rattled like Rodgers, and maybe he will start to make mistakes. I think Saleh can out coach Roman.
        JG needs to establish the run game, make several sustained drives, and score TDs instead of settling for field goals. Keep Jackson on the side line. The Ravens defenders are big, but comparably slow. The Niner offense should utilize their team speed to attack the edges, with precision strikes down field. JG also needs to play error free football, with good ball security.

          1. I think the Niner defense is stronger and faster than the Raven offense. I think they can contain Jackson, and squeeze the pocket with only a 4 man rush.
            I think the Raven defense is slower than the Niner offense.
            I do not think the Ravens are invincible, and they will read their press clippings, and let their guard down. If the Browns can beat them, the Niners can beat them.

            1. You really think John Harbaugh is going to let this team get over confident? Good luck with that.

              You’re right about speed, the Chiefs and Browns have fast offenses. We have to have some sort of run game and pass effectively. The weather could make it a bit like the Redskin game.

              We have been burned by QB’s like Murray and Wilson. We over pursue and lose containment. We don’t have Ford available yet. The weather plays into a run game but could limit passing which will help contain Jackson. Bosa gets burned on the read option.

              We have a good chance of winning.

              1. Looking at the Ravens blog, they say the Ravens absolutely shattered the Rams, and I read things like- number one ranked in the power rankings, juggernaut, unstoppable, another blowout win and Jackson MVP.
                ‘ We are running out of ways to describe, and things to say about the QB who is grinding every defense he faces into a fine powder.’
                Those are pretty lofty terms, but you are right, JH will try to keep them grounded.

              2. They did shatter the Rams!

                Blogs are not the same as what the team thinks. The same logic can be applied to the 49ers if you read the 49er blogs.

            2. Well, well, Sebnynah has himself a custom avatar. George Seifert is a fine choice Seb!

              And yes, I’m BACK, and thankful to be back, what a fantastic 12 weeks of NFL football so far, Go Niners!

          2. Yes, the Ravens have few weaknesses. They have an elite mobile QB, a strong running game, good receivers, a solid defense, and are well coached.
            However, I think the Niners have an elite defense, a productive offense, and are also well coached.
            Like many say, this game will be decided by which team makes the fewest mistakes.

            1. The way DJ Jones has elevated his play, along with the rest of the 49ERS interior, I think the Ravens losing their starting center – Matt Skura, is a bigger deal than people realize. Skura has been anchoring that OL for 37 straight games, and was second in the AFC in Pro Bowl voting prior to his season ending injury VS the Rams. I expect the Ravens will roll Jackson out of the pocket all day long, and if the Niners can find a way to contain him on the edges, they have a good chance of outscoring the Ravens on Sunday. Let’s hope Dee Ford is good to go on Sunday!

              1. Is this 49Reasons or NBSmallerBear? Or are you the same and just can’t decide on which personality to use?

              2. Nick Bosa is the SMALLER BEAR says:
                November 27, 2019 at 1:09 pm

                49Reasons says:
                November 27, 2019 at 1:12 pm

              3. Yeah, because someone posts the same thing under 2 different names on the same thread and I ask a question to clarify. So strange and fishy

              4. Yeah it’s not the first time and in the past the commentary between the three of you is oddly consistent with one another.

              5. Hah, you got me Jack. Cheers!

                I’d compliment your fantastic detective work if it weren’t for the fact that I accidentally blew my cover a while back. Apparently I’ve been allowed to return provided I stay on my best behavior. As happy as I am with my Nick Bosa pre-draft analysis, my established 49Reasons screen name has a legacy on this blog, synonymous with informed, outstanding 49ERS insight if I do say so myself, so choosing to go back to this, my original screen name, would seem to be a no brainer.

                BTW Jack, I couldn’t help but notice that Damontre Moore was getting more snaps than Solly recently, despite Moore being signed fresh out of his street clothes. Of course, this brought to mind our friendly Solomon Thomas debate a while back, and it begs yet another question for you Jack: Who get’s more snaps on Sunday – your guy, 3rd overall draft pick – Solomon Thomas, or the recently promoted UDFA – 6’6″ 273 lbs. Jeremiah Valoaga, who absolutely tore it up during the preseason?

              6. However Jack, I am impressed that you located my “test” post on an earlier thread, which I posted today. Kudos for that! And BTW, I hope you know that I like to engage with you primarily because I find you knowledgeable, and I appreciate your opinions and 49ERS insight, just as I do with Grant Cohn, even if we don’t always agree.

              7. “my established 49Reasons screen name has a legacy on this blog, synonymous with informed, outstanding 49ERS insight if I do say so myself”


    1. Attack weaknesses, Utilize strengths.

      Golly, enlightening. And here I thought strategic planners through the epochs won by doing the exact opposite. Attack strengths, utilize weaknesses.

      1. What did the Browns and Chiefs do to beat the Ravens? Do we have the personnel and scheme to repeat? I have not watched either of those games.

            1. Ever listen to one of his pressers? You are not going to get anything of substance, publicly, out of that guy. But tell me, is misdirecting the easily duped out of the AOW?

    2. Zoo again………..In a serious contest, who DOESN’T think along those lines? Even the fans instinctively know this, Seb………..there’s nothing unique about any of that.

      Freakin Zoo, always stating the obvious.

  7. Grant, I think what you are doing with the video breakdowns and the Hot Mic app is cutting edge. You are way ahead of the curve. Undoubtedly, what you are doing right now is the future of sports journalism. You have also matured as a writer which I respect. You are no longer presenting yourself as smarter than career football men which is a wise move on your part. If you will indulge me I have some constructive criticism that I think might help you.

    1. The video breakdowns are too long for the average blog reader. The content and play/player breakdowns is fantastic. Not every fan is a diehard, passionate fan like many on this blog. I rarely have time to watch the entire video and I’m about as big a 49er Faithful as anyone. I would suggest you post videos on your blog that are shorter. Target 5-10 minutes. Still do the longer breakdowns but open an account with Patreon and charge for the content. Many people in sports journalism are charging for content that isn’t nearly as good as your breakdowns. Add links to your Patreon account in all your social media accounts and this blog. Pay for a vacation with the new bride. Turn a little profit. You’re content is worth it.

    2. Be Billy Dee Williams when you’re on camera. A lot of times when you’re messing with your video equipment it looks like you had 10 Red Bulls and an adderall before you went on camera. You have way too much nervous energy. Be smooth like Billy Dee.

    3. Be Shannon Sharpe when you dress for your videos. You definitely have an affinity for loud clothing. Your shirt in this video about the Packers looks like a shirt a 20-something might wear to the club. Plus your dark jacket gets washed out in the video. Many of us old guys prefer the boring attire of a guy like James Brown but it’s not terrible if you want to have a more youthful style. If you want to have some style and not be boring in your attire then think of Shannon Sharpe. He wears some really loud clothing but he has sort of a sophisticated panache to his style. I think you could pull that off.

    4. Lose the headset. Not sure what kind of investment that would require on your part but I think you should make these videos look like you’re on the set of Fox NFL Sunday as much as possible. Think of it as practice for your national network job. There is probably a trade off in terms of the credibility the headset gives you for the content. You look like a coach with the headset so I think it does add a little to the viewers perception of your football knowledge. If it were me, though, I would lose the headset.

    Anywho, thats my 4 cents so take it for what it’s worth. The content in the videos is fantastic. Keep up the good work and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    1. Houston, very good advice, but you have been on this site long enough to know that Grant does not see good advice as help but rather as a personal attack.
      People have been trying to help him look professional but he chooses to dress like a college student on laundry day.
      As far as his vid analysis, I agree he has an edge on all other writers.
      For now.
      Someone will come along and uses his idea/concept and use your suggestions to make it look and sound professional. Grant took the first steps but someone else will run it in for a TD and make a name for themselves.
      Mark my words!

      1. If you guys think what Cohn is doing is cutting edge then you obviously don’t have much to compare it with. Do yourselves a favor and explore all the people out there doing film breakdown – many are no names on youtube who didn’t have a father getting them a job – and then compare it to Cohn’s low quality breakdowns. There were a ton of people doing this before Cohn and they do it a lot better. Not sure why people continue to kiss this kids a$$ when it is clear he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          1. Cohn is not an expert, far from it. Type sf 49ers video breakdown into youtube and you’ll see a few names pop up doing this besides Cohn who are so much better at it, it’s embarrassing. Alex Rollins and John Chapman are very good off the top of my head. Josh Putnam was linked down below check it out. Brett Kollmann doesn’t just do 49ers, but he’s another one who is excellent.

            1. I wonder why these football gearheads aren’t bringing their expertise, insights and breakdowns for, you know, actual teams? Maybe they are, or, have at the prep or collegiate levels?

            2. Alright. I know Chapman from his 49ers Rush podcast. He’s good. i like his video breakdowns as well. I prefer Brian Peacock over Chapman but to each his own. Both have Patreon accounts which is exactly what Grant should do. I don’t know Kollmann or Rollins but I will check them out. Having said that, Cohn’s video breakdowns are not far off from those guys. Saying he is terrible and then holding these guys up as far superior reveals you just really don’t like Cohn. That’s fine. We all have our preferences. Cohn’s video content is objectively good whether you like it or not.

              1. I see a big difference in quality between these guys and Cohn. You don’t fine. I don’t know the guy and I haven’t been coming here for an overly long time, but from what I’ve seen he doesn’t know much about the team he covers – he’s wrong about practically everything regarding the Niners – and his breakdowns are bush league quality.

      2. Yeah, we all started somewhere but if you take away his vid analysis, and if you take away his periscope you end with his predictions that are often wrong.

        The kid has been long enough at it….

    2. I agree with Houston in regards to video length. There is just so much content that is phenomenal in your video break downs.
      Speaking monetarily, you may try editing the videos to different categories with tag words so YouTube puts them in suggestions. Offense, Qb break down, corner back, etc. taking this hour long clip and breaking it into 7 to 8 short clips will generate more hits.
      The content is amazing.

  8. Seems like often Sherman is off his man but can see the quarterback just as well as the receiver can, and is in position to possibly pick the ball. Other CB are closer but not in as much control of themselves. He gets beat, but all corners get beat some of the time.

  9. Baltimore weather update… While a 90%+ chance of rain remains in the forecast as of today, it appears precip may taper-off as the afternoon wears on.

    1. I chose not to bet against these niners for the rest of the year, although I am very tempted this week with a rainy game in Baltimore and the way Ravens have been playing. I have a good feeling this won’t be a 45-6 blowout. I think Saleh will be the one to deliver a blueprint to the league on how to at least slow down Lamar. I say 23-19 Niners. Jimmy will make the game-winning play at the end.

  10. I feel like the Niner path to victory is to slow the game down and win the time of possession. Ravens love to control the game. Long, sustained drives will make it tougher for them to stick to the run, and that will allow the Niner defence to tee off. Really people will focus on the matchup between defence of the Niners and offence of the Ravens but I think the keys to the game lies in the Niner offence vs the Ravens defence.

    Niners win 28-21

  11. Wonder how Roman is going to attack the Niners’ D’s least experienced and potentially weakest link in the running game -Greenlaw.

    1. Saleh vs. Roman. My money is on Saleh. By now he should know what works and what doesn’t against these types of qb’s. The game plan must be to hit Action Jackson like he’s a rb every single time he leaves the pocket, regardless of whether or not he has the football. We will live with the flags, should they choose to throw them….

      1. I wonder if the 49ers will stick to their base 4-3 Wide alignment. I think the Ravens run a lot of inside zone and Power which would exploit the weakness of the interior line integrity against the run.

        They’re probably better off using their old Under front or even a double eagle/bear front. Another variant that would mesh with the Wide 9 scheme is the “Tite” front in which the interior D linemen basically all slant inside and push everything outside.

        1. I think that’s how they shut down Jones was with that “Tite” front, where the elevator door in the middle looks open, but as soon as the runner entered, Buckner and Armstead slammed the door shut….

      1. Bosa is a smart football players who’s learning quickly. I expect him to be patient in containment. This is not necessarily the week to speed rush for sacks and big QB hits, but a week for inexorable (Bosa?) constriction and coverage sacks. The more I watch Jackson the more impressed I am at this deceptive speed and SAQ when he initiates his designed runs. Jackson is the biggest challenge for the D this season, especially to the LBs, considering their unfamiliarity with him (as opposed to Wilson whom Niners play twice a year).

    2. Gap integrity will be a factor playing against Jackson. Make him beat you with his arm. I don’t think he can. As has been said before, hit him every time.
      I think this game will mimic the New Orleans playoff game a few years back with Kaepernick under center. That should be a good summary of GRoman intends to do.

  12. This will not be a cake walk. I expect it to be a close game. I was going to say 28-27, but with the rain, they might have less scoring.
    Niners 24-23.

    1. This is a good example of what I was saying above about there being a number of people on youtube who do this a lot better than Cohn.

      1. Not to take this too far afield, but your observation is valid. There are many play breakdown ‘experts’ on youtube (and the like)–some are rather weak, many are quite good. Some are media personality wannabes and freelancers, others are associated with mainstream sports media. Kudos to Grant for stepping into that arena–takes some guts. However, he’s not the only one doing this. He’s not the lone pioneer, bravely reinventing sports media content development and delivery–with emphasis on the technical breakdown of schemes and player performance/execution. Again, Grant does a decent job, particularly when he avoids hyperbole and hot takes. Would be fun to fast forward 15 years and see how sports media has evolved.

        1. Good take, but as I’ve said Cohn is really bad at this. From his choppy delivery and brain farts, to his Mom’s basement video quality/bad editing, and most importantly, his mistakes in what he’s analysing some of the time. He makes assumptions that are just not correct and show a lack of experience in understanding how this game is played. As my name implies, I’m no expert but I see a vast difference when I watch somebody who really knows what they are talking about in comparison to Cohn. I haven’t been able to get through one of his videos in awhile, so maybe he’s getting better, but from what I’ve seen he really needs to find a new line of work.

  13. Here’s my prediction.

    Niners 23

    Ravens 17

    Lamar Jackson goes out before halftime with a severe, high ankle sprain or lower calf injury that will sideline him for 2-3 weeks.

  14. I bet the Ravens run between the tackles using the wham bam open the hole play. Roman runs inside even with Jackson on occasion. Niners need to soften the pass rush and direct more attention toward the run game. Like Razor says, hit the guy relentlessly, and then hit him some more. Best defense against the Ravens is the Niners offense. Control the ball and put up points quickly and take the Ravens out of the run game.

    1. It’s nice in theory but Jackson is very good at avoiding hits and this defense has struggled containing QB’s who are a lesser version of him. If the Niners are going to win this game it will have to be on offense because the Ravens are going to put up points on anybody. Long drives that end in TD’s is the only way they can win this game.

      1. “Best defense against the Ravens is the Niners offense. Control the ball and put up points quickly and take the Ravens out of the run game.”

        I pretty much said what you said.

        1. You did and I didn’t mean to repeat you. The only thing I disagreed with a little was the strategy of hitting Jackson as much as possible. Not because it’s a bad idea, but because it’s easier said than done.

    2. The Ravens FB is absolutely brutal. The guy is a battering ram on legs. Don’t know his name but I think he’s #42. Roman has designed a play where the Oline blocks down and the FB comes around going the opposite direction of the down blocks and then loops around to absolutely destroy LBers. Greenlaw and Elijah Lee better have their heads on a swivel or they will be looking out of their ear hole. If the 49ers can quickly recognize that play coming then the LBer needs to put it in overdrive and come in to take out the FBs legs almost like a cut block to fill that hole. Make that FB fear for his career. You aren’t going to take that guy on straight up when he has a full head of steam. You’ve got to get to his legs before he has a chance to brace himself. Take that play away early or the Ravens can dominate you in the run game.

  15. Big week for me….home team vs favorite team…..

    Going to be watching this game live…

    ..sucks but i do think we will lose……this LJ kid is hard to contain….

    Plz JimmyG shock me…..we need good Jimmy….

    Let’s just hope Seattle also loses…

  16. What do the 9ers have to do to win this week?
    #1 Run the football. They need to run the ball at least 30 times and avg 4.5 or better.
    #2 Play a more traditional 4-3 not the wide 9.
    #3 Stack the box. Bring 8 into the box let Tartt play at the line of scrimmage.
    #4 Set the edge. Force the Ravens to run the ball between the tackles versus a stacked box (Jackson included)
    #5 Keep Jackson in the pocket. The D ends have to rush under control, force Jackson to step up and let the D tackles get the sacks.
    If they can accomplish #1 I think the other keys could fall into place. If they can’t accomplish #1 I believe it will be a very long day.

      1. Old Coach, I beg to differ. Hitting and sacking Jackson will get him off his game. Sacks will make converting third downs more difficult. Corralling Jackson, and possibly stripping him of the ball, will set the tone, like they did with Rodgers.

  17. Bad news – They didn’t miss a beat when the backup center came in. He played 61 of the Ravens’ 77 offensive snaps and gave up just two quarterback hurries, and assisted in opening holes for a season high 285 rushing yards….

  18. I posted this on a previous thread regarding the grades for the 2nd Cardinals game, but it was a couple of days old and nobody responded.

    Did anyone else notice that at 2:39 left in the half, Mostert was run out of bounds, they stopped the clock, but then started it again? The next two plays were encroachment penalties by the Cardinals and the clock ran all the way down to the two minute warning. I’ve seen this before, how in the world does it happen?

    I saw this again, (maybe on Monday night’s game?), and i just don’t get it. is there only one guy that starts and stops the clock and isn’t it a responsibility of one of the refs to monitor that and make sure the time is accurate?

    Maybe they need one guy to just specifically monitor the “clock keeper” or whatever he is called. This could be huge in some games.

  19. I also wanted to note that although a lot of people make negative comments about Grant, I really like his writing ability. Why is it that I never read fan posts on other sites that have so many comments regarding the author?

    I don’t always agree with his opinions, but he doesn’t make a lot of stupid mistakes in his writing like I see on a lot of other sites (grammar, spelling, incorrect usage of words or phrases, missing words, awkward sentence structure, etc.).

    It’s almost as if he actually proofs what he wrote before posting it – what a concept!

    I’m no English teacher, and I don’t mind a few errors here or there, but some of these other writers are horrible in those areas. Half the time, I don’t know exactly what they are trying to say and a good percentage of the time they are merely regurgitating what others have written. I also frequently see where an author uses a particular phrase of some sort and then the exact same phrase is used repeatedly throughout several sites by other authors.

    Although I enjoy reading other’s thoughts and observations, it is maddening to see the phrase “it wouldn’t be a surprise…” or “notched” a win, catch, or whatever – in every single article written by the author (ie. Peter Panacy).

    Okay, I’m done bitching now.

    1. I don’t always agree with his opinions, but he doesn’t make a lot of stupid mistakes in his writing like I see on a lot of other sites (grammar, spelling, incorrect usage of words or phrases, missing words, awkward sentence structure, etc.).

      It’s almost as if he actually proofs what he wrote before posting it – what a concept!

      Well, Grant is being distributed through a legitimate news organization, so I guess there is a modicum of compositional competence at play. Also, a second generation sportswriter and English major to boot, should give him a leg up on many internet wannabes.

  20. Ahem, I will take a little credit for improving the spelling and grammar on this site. I would point out grammar and spelling mistakes to lessen the impact of their usually emo screeds, filled with mistakes. Although if the poster was civil and polite, I would just post a * with the correct spelling. Now, posters do not want to be corrected by me, and they call me the Grammar Police, or some other term. I agree, the English on this site is superior to many other sites.
    I, too, like Grant’s writing style. He identifies the important problems, is edgy, and hits upon the salient points. I like his analysis and break down of plays. I watched another try to do what Grant does, but he only replayed the highlights. Grant hits on the good and the bad, and I learn a lot from his film breakdowns.
    Yes, Grant could improve on his presentations, but I am not going to be too hard on him. I consider these as promos, for possibly bigger roles, so I like his grit, gumption and ambition. It is hard for him to look professional in his Hot Mics, with Ryan wearing a T-shirt and hat on backwards. The makeup brushes in the background does not help. He should go to the Goodwill in San Rafael, if he wants a new look, and clothing upgrades, without spending too much. They have a very good selection.
    When JG said he needed to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers, I thought he was talking directly to me.
    I will take credit for the term- Glory Years. Some also use the term- Glory Days. I posted that term in 2013.
    Another term I used to describe how I wanted the Niners to respond to adversity was- Resilience. I had not seen any poster use that term before, and now it is used often. I got that term from my Horde WOW playing days. kek.

      1. Seems like this multiple Sebbie thing has a Horcrux-like feel — where Horcruxes (vessels for multiple Sebbies) are created to protect Sebbie’s immortality by splitting his/her soul into separate indestructible pieces.

        1. So far today, all the posts are mine. I am hoping the PD corrected the problem.
          Hmmm, you are equating me with -He Who Must Not be Named ? Guess you are afraid of me, and bestow great power to me. ;p

      1. Marin County is one of the richest counties in the US. They have a very good selection, but have not been there in a couple years. I have never been to the Oakland store.

  21. Saleh increased his usage of man coverage by 12% over his regular usage in Weeks 1-11 according to PFF. I know Witherspoon’s return probably facilitated some of that, but perhaps it also was in preparation for Action Jackson….

    1. There are two ways to look at coverage and Lamar Jackson.

      But first let’s recall the two Green Bay games that Kaepernick played. In the first one in the playoffs he faced man coverage and ran all over the Packers. In man coverage DB’s often have to turn their back to the QB which makes it easier for them to run for bigger gains. The second time against the Packers, they employed more zone coverage.
      The advantage of using zone coverage is that the DBs and Linebackers can keep their eyes facing the QB which makes it more difficult for the QB to scramble for big gains. DB’s were spot dropping and freezing and waiting for Kaepernick to scramble. Because they were frozen it made it easier for Boldin to get open. So Kaepernick basically spent the entire game just dropping back, one read and threw it to Boldin on every snap…I think Kaepernick had like 400 yards that game.

      I think Lamar sees zone coverage well. I think he sees the holes in standard zone coverage pretty quickly. The Rams used it against him. I think the were waiting for him to run. He shredded zone coverage pretty easily (5 TDs). What Niners have is a ferocious pass rush. So if the Niners play zone or man coverage, it needs to be press coverage. The coverage needs to get into the face of the receivers because hopefully the pass rush will disrupt things so that those quick passes are disrupted with both pass rush and jamming receivers. The 49ers defense will give up some plays, the receivers will get by the jam and the pass rush will not always be disciplined so Jackson will get some big gains. But overall, I think roughing up their receivers and leaning on the pass rush is playing to the 49er’s strengths and will be disruptive enough to cause the Ravens to make some mistakes.

      1. Press coverage, whether it be man, zone or a combination of the two, coupled with hitting Jackson everytime he leaves the pocket, seems like the winning strategy for mine….

    1. You didn’t get the memo from the NFL? It’s a personal foul (15 yard penalty) just for hurting the Quarterback’s feelings.

  22. #49ers stats (h/t: PR dept):

    1. Fred Warner leads the NFL with 33 tackles since Wk 10

    2. SF has scored 39 TDs, 2nd in the NFL and 4th most in franchise history through 11 games

    3. Armstead AKA “Can Man” has 10 sacks — 5th in the NFL

    4. SF scored 180 2H points, most in NFL.

    — Akash Anavarathan (@akashanav) November 27, 2019

    1. I might be remiss if I didn’t mention that Akash means ‘sky.’ ;p
      In the prime of my youth I spent 8 endless summers in the South of India. Much of my time was spent working on a top secret government project to improve the irrigation infrastructure for a largely rural and farm-based economy. As I had time away from my most important dutiful obligations I spent my afternoons chronicling the million dollar backfield of the Niners. Much of what we know today has been taken from my works without so much as a key mention.
      Of course things are different now and we live in a social media world. I can tweet about kneeling in honor of my colored brethren and impact the lives of many atop my riding mower.
      That said let me tell a short story about the time I almost lost my leg in battle many moons ago. Here I was minding my gaps in a field in Kerala whilst a British Raj peasantly subject approached, scimitar in hand and not of mind to exchange pleasantries. Mind you this was the time before I took up arms. Bearing nothing but my hardened hands I put my Sun Tzu training to use, tearing the very soul from that poor plebeians heart.
      My victory was short-lived however as I had left my mower in a high torque gear, in reverse so legend has it, such that as I kneeled before my conquest the mower crashed upon me and swallowed my leg from the knee down. Certainly a Don Quixote teaching moment there for my pride and dignity. Ha!
      Foot shattered and all I made my way to safety, however it is the importance of sacrificing my leg, however temporary, to kneel for my beliefs that I realized that a boy became a man that afternoon under the golden sun.
      Back to the here and now, last Saturday as I keenly watched Kaep fight through insurmountable odds to fit that oversized melon under a helmet, I couldn’t help but chuckle and mumble to myself- “You have achieved manhood, my boy.”
      Many have criticized Kaep’s worldly impact. As I watch the situation unfolding in Hong Kong today I am reminded of just how patriotic Kaep’s sacrifice has extended beyond our borders.
      TYVM for reading. More to come for my fans.
      GO NINERS!!

  23. 49ers defense has given up 26 points per game in 3 starts against mobile QB’s.

    They’ve averaged just under 11 in the other 8 games. (h/t: me)

    1. Do you believe that is because of the ultra aggressive pass rush?

      Or is it simply a case of disciplined pass rush lanes?

      Are the two mostly mutually exclusive (meaning if the D-lineman is going after the QB with his hair on fire…it’s inherently hard for them to stay disciplined and stay aware in their pass rush lanes).

      Do you slow down the penetration by the front 7 so that they can read the play and properly adjust? Or do they keep the pedal to the metal and hope they can blow stuff up before the opposing offense can make their play (run, pass or scramble).

      1. Against Arizona two weeks ago it looked like they slowed down the rush up front.

        Those numbers need a tad more context though. Against Seattle they pretty much shut them down. 21 of those points came as a direct result of turnovers, fumble TD, and a TD/Int inside the 25.

  24. For a switch, what do the Ravens have to do stop the Niners? Hope that Kittle and Sanders, maybe Breida and Juice, miss extensive snaps? Hope a rookie kicker misses a gimme at the end? Maybe a couple of picks or botched exchange leading to some short fields? That seems to be the only thing that’s worked up to now.

  25. I hope the 4 can squeeze the pocket, but it looked like Saleh dialed up a bunch of blitzes against the Packers.
    Hope they do some delayed blitzes up the middle, and sack Jackson as he tries to climb the pocket to escape.

    1. As we are about to watch an MVP candidate in Jackson this weekend, I am reminded of the sacrifice Kaep has made for all of us.
      Jackson is the embodiment of Kaep and possesses a skill set that is a mere subset of Kaep’s abilities.
      And yet here we are made to watch him grow old without so much as an opportunity to display his wares.
      This weekend I will be rooting for Jackson, only because I see the promise of Kaep in him.
      GO NINERS!!

        1. Yes, my catfish forgot to mention that Roman is using the pistol a lot, something he did not do as the Niner OC.
          Looks like he is playing to Jackson’s strengths.

          1. This catfish, it’s poetic justice for you real Seb. Next time you come into a new situation, being a pompous big mouth, is the last approach you should take!

            1. Naw, everyone, even you, know me from my catfish, so his efforts are futile and pathetic. I am glad he is wasting his time obsessing about me. I am not only living in his head, I have taken over it.

        1. No, Saw, he is transparent as glass. I am not rattled by him, but will just continue posting my player assessments, and how the Niners can improve, so they can keep winning.
          Sure, he tries hard, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Even if he does parrot me, he is just saying what I would say, so he is echoing my past statements. I thought many want less of my posts, not doubling them.
          No matter what, he still cannot be like me, and gives himself away every time. ‘My fans’? When have I ever said that?

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