49ers pick Solomon Thomas after trading down. Grade?


Good trade. Bad pick.

The 49ers originally owned the No. 2 pick and they traded it to the Chicago Bears for the third pick, the 67th pick, the 111th pick and a third-rounder in 2018. The Bears drafted quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, whom the 49ers almost certainly didn’t want. Phenomenal trade for the 49ers.

Then with the third pick, the 49ers selected Solomon Thomas, a defensive lineman from Stanford. Thomas is talented, but not for what the 49ers need. The D-line was the strongest position group on the defense coming into the draft. Thomas is the third defensive lineman the Niners have taken in the first round the past three years.

Who on the 49ers will cover people next season?

The team lists Thomas as a defensive end, but on passing downs, such as third-and-medium or third-and-long, Thomas will play defensive tackle and line up across from a guard. And the Niners already have two players who do that — DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead, the past two first-round picks.

That means Thomas may not play all three downs for the 49ers. With the third pick, they needed a three-down player.

Instead of Thomas, the Niners should have traded down one more time for a corner or a safety. Had they done that, they could have gotten value and filled a need at the same time. The difference in draft grades between Thomas and the ninth or 10th pick this year is fractions of a point.

Grade: C.

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  1. Thomas will be a three down player. And I think he will be an excellent interior pass rusher with ability to also line up on the edge and be good. Buckner, Armstead and Thomas will all move around.

      1. I give them an F double minus. Solomon will cost too much to sign. He’ll wind up like K harris the last Stanford experiment we got. You should’ve went QB.

    1. This was always my concern with Thomas.
      I like him as a player but don’t see him as a great fit…

      Doesn’t this indicate that the 49ers don’t believe that either 1 or both of their previous first round picks can live up to their expectations?

      Base – Armstead, Mitchell, Buckner, and Thomas
      Sub package – Armstead, Buckner, Thomas, either Brooks (or Herold)
      (this is all dependant on if Armstead can kick outside)
      vs the former expected lineups of
      Base – Armstead, Mitchell, Buckner, Brooks(or Herold)
      Sub package – Herold, Armstead, Buckner, Brooks(or Herold)

      The net gain here seems to be ok in the Base, but minimal in the Subpackages as I dont see Armstead playing the edge very well or Thomas providing much of an upgrade over Armstead at DT.

      I wish I believed that he could rush from the edge but almost every sack he had was from the inside… in truth I see his upside as being something along the lines of Ahmed Brooks production level.

    2. We can rotate them so they will be fresh in the 4th quarter. With this much depth, an injury to one of them wouldn’t be so catastrophic.

    3. I see no reason to believe he couldn’t be a very good edge rusher. He’s faster, quicker and stronger than Joey Bosa. And, frankly, he’s the very model of the successful NFL edge rusher at this point in time.

      Sure, I know he’s not 6′ 5″ (the current conventional wisdom for pass rushers), I should point out that lots of them aren’t — your 2016 NFL sack leaders (10 or more sacks, 16 players):

      (I bolded every 6′ 5″ or taller pass rusher)

      Vic Beasley — 6′ 3″, 15.5 sacks
      Von Miller — 6′ 3″, 13.5 sacks.
      Markus Golden — 6′ 3″, 12.5 sacks
      Danielle Hunter — 6′ 5″, 12.5 sacks
      Lorenzo Alexander — 6′ 1″, 12.5 sacks
      Cliff Avril — 6′ 3″, 11.5 sacks
      Cameron Wake — 6′ 3″ 11.5 sacks
      Ryan Kerrigan — 6′ 4″, 11.0 sacks
      Erik Walden — 6′ 2″ 11.0 sacks
      Khalil Mack — 6′ 3″, 11.0 sacks
      Chandler Jones — 6′ 5″, 11.0 sacks
      Nick Perry — 6′ 3″, 11.0 sacks
      Joey Bosa — 6′ 5″ 10.5 sacks
      Brian Orakpo — 6′ 4″, 10.5 sacks
      Dee Ford — 6′ 2″, 10.0 sacks
      Frank Clark– 6′ 3″, 10.0 sacks.

      It’s one thing to have a theory, but if the theory doesn’t fit the evidence, you need to move on from the theory. And what the results tell us is that all those short guys keep winning… In fact, it’s almost as if 6′ 3″ (the most common height) is the perfect height for a pass rusher.

      It’s almost as if their quickness and low pad level gives them an actual performance advantage over the larger, less quick, less agile ‘prototypes….’

  2. Agreed. Been saying I like Thomas but he wasn’t a need. I guess our hope is to put enough pressure on the QB so we won’t have to cover. Also agree we could’ve gotten more picks and been able to draft a need at 10 – 13

    1. Assuming that we got the best value in our trade from #2 to #3, how could we have gotten more picks if nobody wanted to trade up to #3? Once we picked a player, we had to wait until our next pick.

    2. We had no pass rush. In 1981, I’m sure you’re familiar with the year, our young secondary was getting torn up because no DB can consistently cover for 5 seconds.

      So Walsh traded for Fred Dean.

      And, suddenly, the pass defense went from ‘okay’ to ‘great’ and the 49res went from 3-2 to 13-3 and the Superbowl. And the impact was immediate. In his first game, against the Cowboys, Dean made Danny White’s day a miserable one as he sacked him three times, hurried him numerous other times, and batted down two passes.

      And it was sustained. The pass defense that’d been giving up over 200 yards a game, gave up a hair over 160 yards/game for the rest of the season.

      After the season, Bill Walsh credited Dean with bringing that something extra to the 49ers that changed the defensive fortunes of the club in a dramatic way.

      1. I agree that pass rush is highly important. My question is will ST be able to be effective against quality NFL tackles or will he get swallowed up?

  3. I wonder if there were other trade-back offers.

    If it weren’t for injury concerns with Lattimore or Hooker I think one of those two would have been the choice.

    1. Without the hamstring worries, definitely Lattimore. Hooker has other injury concerns, (hip, sports hernia) but I was more worried about him being a bad tackler.

  4. With the run they were giving up last year this was a need. Since when is 2 out of 4 players on a d-line good enough. And with armstead injured I’d say it was 1 d-lineman. The d-line was a need and with the slight of hand move Lynch pulled it makes it a solid A

  5. Historically bad run defense and the best run defender who also rushes the passer very well not a need? You act like Armstead will even play a whole season, or at 100% if he does. LBs/DBs we can pick up with the haul, not to mention the plethora of players we have signed there already. How will this guy NOT be a three down player? I’m not saying there wouldn’t have been other good players at this pick the 9ers can use, but you’re being a bit selective in your thinking.

      1. Meh. Thomas will probably be a solid player. Wondering if this pick signals any concern or dissatisfaction with Arik Armstead by the new regime. Torn labrums have ended careers. Curious about the 49ers new staff’s comfort level with Armstead.

  6. This pick is an A. Drafting the player you wanted plus getting extra picks is excellent.
    I also think you can’t have too many D lineman. Having fresh lineman in the 4th quarter is one of the keys to victory.

    1. Yup! Ask the Giants. If they didn’t have the depth and quality at rushing the passer, the Patriots would have 7 rings by now!

  7. I called it. I wanted Lynch to trade the pick back. I admit it was to a different team, but getting pick numbers 67 and 111 is huge. They will help fill all the needs.

    I also wanted the Niners to get a 1018 second or third round pick. Niners got a third round pick from Chicago.

    Already, I wish to declare this draft a success. If they can manage to trade back from 34 or 66, I will say Lynch hit a grand slam.

      1. Prime, should I rub it in your face every time I can?

        Naw, this site need less emotions and more analysis.

        I will just use it to skewer you when you get bombastic.

          1. Well, I certainly knew that the Niners would not draft Trubisky like you did.

            Seem to remember you made a bet with Razor. looks like you lost.

            1. Your pick was Malik Hooker as I remember. How can you say you called it. You called for multiple trade backs. Practically everyone wanted to trade back on this board! You called it! Rich!

  8. How can you say they should have traded back again if you have no idea what was offered? They got the player THEY wanted and 3 extra picks. No way to not grade this an A

    1. No, they still can do it later on.

      If the Niners can determine 7 players who they will be happy to draft. They can offer to trade back 6 spots to a team for another later round pick.

      With the 66th and 67th picks, maybe he can trade back with one of them . and get a 4th or 5th round pick. Maybe the Niners could trade back 7 spots with Cincy for their 73rd and 138th

  9. TomD

    April 27, 2017 at 6:17 pm


    You’re draft acumen was proven wrong. Last year, you through up a hundred mocks and if the 49ers chose one of your draftees, you crowed victory.

    This year, once again, you were proven a loser, choosing Malik Hooker with your 1st pick while I correctly chose Solomon Thomas.

    Winner and still Champion, TomD, by KO of the mightly Seb.

    Incidentally, I dated my mock so you and others can go back and research my correct choice…..I also stated the 49ers would trade down a month ago, so was correct there, Seb, the anti Karnak.

    I would like to add a hearty thanks to Grant for his last minute work at the 49ers camp in helping me with my final choice.

    April 26, 2017 at 4:17 pm


    Thx for the info

    Did not know that Aaron Lynch weighed close to 300 Lbs.
    I based my first pick on the 49ers plethora of pass rushers.
    I reserve the right to change this pick based your recent info.

    Now my first pick is back to DL help: Solomon Thomas

      1. Grant,

        It is a deep draft for CB’s. Not to worry. With their abundance of picks after the trade down, a solid CB can be found.

        I found an excellent CB in the latter rounds in my mock–top rated!

    1. Tom, you’re a moron. Drafting Solomon is a disaster on the 49ers. He’s going to wind up like K harris and the other bum that can’t get back in the NFL. Geez, the 49ers have so many failures that it’s hard to keep track.

      1. Darren, I know that you’re mad that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas but don’t come here and take it out on the 49er fans. BTW, you should get a clue.

  10. First you would have had to have a team interested in moving up. The market may not have existed. Secondly, before you can grade out this pick and the trade, I think you need to see who the 49ers draft with the extra picks. This is a deep corner and safety draft class. Perhaps, as many have suggested one of the twin towers is deemed expendable and will not be on the team in 2017.
    I think it is a bit early to grade out this choice.

  11. at best, B- based purely on the player, boosted up to a B+ thanks to the deal they pulled off with Chicago. Guess a lot depends on howwell they use the dditional picks.

    Biggest head scratcher of the draft for me, the Chiefs trading up for P. Mahomes. He won’t be ready until 2019, and didn’t Andy Reid say that the Chiefs can win a Super Bowl with Alex?

    The good news for me? Mahomes is off the board!!!!!! I won’t have to throw my remote control through my fancy TV screen.

    1. Patrick Mahomes is the anti-Alex Smith. This tells me everything I need to know about how Andy Reid feels about the arm of Alex Smith.

      I can’t wait to watch this thing play out in KC. Say what you will about Alex, he’s smart and fundamentally sound. Chiefs’ fans better get themselves some neck braces because going from Alex smith to Patrick Mahomes will give Chiefs fans whiplash!

      1. 49Reasons:
        Patrick Mahomes will set for a couple of years and
        learn from Alex Smith….Andy Ried is betting he and can Alex can correct his bad habits.

  12. A pick and A wheeling and dealing. solomon will be a 3 down player. He will get plenty of sacks and with that vertical he will swat his fair share of passes. Also, our front 7 is immature. Front everything I have heard, Solomon will bring maturity and be the instant leader of that group.

    Grade A pick and Grade A GM manship

      1. Wrong again, O Mighty Seb!!

        This pick is about throwing fresh players at the apposing QB in the 4th Qtr………..just like Seifert’s D-lines used to do. Another above average big guy on that D-line, who is also good on the interior.
        That D-line should be basically set, for years. Perhaps a tweak here and there. Its up to the coaches now………….

  13. Grant your an idiot. There was no player other than reuben foster who they couls have drafted. Plus 3 extra picks for nothing. Give me a break. D line ia going to be monsters.

  14. The Niners clearly were focused on taking the player they viewed as best available, regardless of position. That’s why they were unafraid to take Thomas .

    A small but wise move: While opinions are sure to be split among the Niners’ faithful on whether Thomas was the right choice with this pick, there’s no doubt the trade the Niners made before picking Thomas was a home run. The 49ers played up their interest in North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky enough to draw interest in their pick and then cashed in by getting a nice haul of choices from the Chicago Bears.


    1. Seb,

      I also wrote that the 49ers played up their interest in Trubisky to trade down, so was correct in all three of my draft day, 1st Rd 49er gameplans.

      Please let me know if you need proof of this, as it was a day or two ago.

      1. One Caveate, Seb:

        If you proclaim now to Prime and myself that you’re a sniveler, and meant no harm clogging this site with your ridiculous Kap claims, and that Prime and myself were the winners–yourself the loser, then I will not be forced to throw my draft in your face and will end this.

        1. And I would like you also to apologize to Brodie, Cassie, and Juanhunglo, telling them you were just sniveling and and a sore loser.

        2. TrollD, nice try, if you want to get faced. All I have to do it bring up your Kaep for Tebow trade.

          You were such a wimp. you did not even post a mock.

          Advocating a player in amongst all your screeds does not count. Even I advocated for weeks for King Solomon, but in my final mock, I had Malik Hooker.

          TrollD, you are apparently unclear of the concept. I only declare that I am a winner when I manage to drive the poster into hurling expletives at me. They are getting cute and just using initials, but when their intent is clear, victory is so apparent.

          When they declare themselves a winner when they did not win, because I never devolve into spewing epithets, they just lose twice.

          However, whenever you post, you tend to spew gibberish, while I managed to make the call that they would trade back get multiple picks and even get a 2018 third round pick.

          So you are a loser, in so many ways.

          1. But I did post a mock, on Monday, entitled, “Monday Night Countdown (to the NFL draft.

            Now your a loser again for posting wrong information.

  15. My grade for the Solomon Thomas pick is triple A+. Lynch managed to gain some picks for this draft and the one in 2018 while still getting the guy they wanted. Thomas is one of the best run stoppers in the draft (an obvious weakness for the 49ers in 2016) and an ascending pass rusher.

    1. I don’t like the pick. Another d linemen who will make the previous 1st round picks or him, situational.
      The pressure is on ST to get 7 plus sacks next year to warrant that pick. Don’t like it!

      1. I disagree. Stopping the run game and putting pressure up the middle is one of the things the 49ers defense needed, and Thomas checks off both boxes.

      2. Prime, I disagree. How many sacks did Justin Smith get? When he came into the NFL from Missouri, everyone expected him to get double digit sacks every year. The Bengals didn’t use him right and let him go in free agency. The 49ers knew how to use him. He always commanded a double team and disrupted the other team on just about every play. His motor never stopped. He rushed the QB and broke down the pocket and other people got the sacks.

        All that matters is that the 49ers make sacks as a team. If the D-line gets enough pressure, it will force the QB to get rid of the ball much faster with less accuracy, including interceptions. I’m not saying that Thomas won’t get his sacks, but saying he needs to get 7 misses the point. I think that Buckner is going to be the prime beneficiary of this new defense.

    2. Brilliant pick and even better Trade. Niners now have a top 3-5 D line now. Buckner, Thomas, Armstead! Nasty

    1. They won’t draft a corner in the second…. They might take one early third. Remember Redmond is returning and Johnson is a good fit in this D.

  16. I’d give the pick the C+. I already pointed out that my biggest beef is that this is a guy who could potentially only be on the field for 20 or so snaps a game. With the other needs on the team this wasn’t the best choice.

  17. How could drafting a top 10 talent and getting 3 extra picks be graded any thing less than B+ or A-. The only way it could have been higher was if they had drafted Adams but that’s just me. All these offensive players going in the 1st round is pushing some very good defensive players into the 2nd round, maybe we still get a good DB. Keep your eye on T. White LSU.

      1. Prime I believe with the depth the 9ers have on their D line nobody will have to be 3down players. It will be like Seiferts lines in the 80’s always rotating and devastating in the 4th quarter.

        1. All three of those guys are not violent enough to have been selected in the 1st round.
          Buckner came on late but to me, all 3 guys are not that explosive violent type needed.

      1. Ha! I’m really hoping Cook is still on the board too so the degree of difficulty to make the pick is maximized.

    1. Gruden compared Thomas with Michael Bennett. If so, great selection. I wouldn’t be opposed to unloading Armstead in a trade. As you know, OC, I was not a fan of the Armstead pick in ’15.

  18. Grant, the main question I have had regarding Soloman Thomas and the 49er for the last six weeks is this… will Soloman Thomas be the best defensive lineman at the start of training camp or will it be Buckner. Thomas has un-coachable skills, speed, extreme quickness at the snap of the ball and very high energy. He is a very good to excellent pick. I suspect that the 49ers will draft more defensive talent this draft since this is a draft deep in defensive talent. Good start John Lynch!

  19. So it’s a bad pick and they should’ve traded back again for value? 6’3″ 273lb DE with a motor that doesn’t stop – and a bright future that some think could be the best defensive player in this class, according to Mike Mayock. Looking forward to you changing that grade to an A in the not to distant future.

    1. Many are comparing him to the Seahawks, Michael Bennett, as Solomon can line up anywhere on the DL.

      The 1st cornerstone in copying this defense is to get a mirror image player.

        1. I mocked Alabama’s Tackle, Cam Robinson as their 2nd pick.

          The 49ers will listen intently to the rumors and may offer a trade up to obtain this valuable player.

          1. TomD,
            You think the 9ers will go O line with their next pick? I think there are other bigger needs. especially CB.

            1. Your probably correct Coach.

              I don’t trust Baalke’s OL, esp. when top linemen are still available and Shanahan needs in order are: Solid blocking, a run game, a TE, solid WR’s and an accurate QB.

              We gave up more sacks than anyone last year or top 5

  20. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/105504-john-lynch-knbr-solomon-thomas-checked-every-box/

    “Lynch went on to discuss his thoughts on Thomas. “He’s a disruptive player,” Lynch said. “Last week, on Saturday, we all sat in our draft room – myself, (head coach) Kyle (Shanahan), (VP of player personnel) Adam Peters, and (Senior Personnel Executive) Martin Mayhew. We really challenged ourselves to come up with our vision statement basically for this draft and as we went through that, Solomon checked every box, both in talent and the spirit that he embodies, the character on and off the field.”

    “The kid’s a great football player too and he plays with a tremendous amount of passion. He’s got tremendous versatility. We just couldn’t be happier.”

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 9ers move back in the 2nd round. With teams adjusting their boards over night someone may want to move up to the top of the 2nd. Maybe Lynch can get 3 more picks by moving back one spot.

  22. Agreed Grant …Wonderfull trade horrible pick!Worst pick since AJ Jenkins..If we can cget the rest of our divisional foes to use cones as their o lineman …Thamas will be a hall of famer

  23. Here another question Grant?I dont care how goodnour defense is..whos gonna score some god damn points!
    Just like the rest of our Raven teams…Ive got Ghould locked for offensive mvp this year….Horrible horrible pick

  24. Fans,

    At the end of the day, as an NFL insider, the 49ers, according to NFL scouts with 40 years in the business, obtained the 4th best player in the land out of the top 100, in addition to 3 extra top picks….Not bad any way you try to micromanage this.

    Premier NFL Draft and Free Agency Publication

    NFL Draft 2017 – Final Top 100 Pro Prospects

    Tue, 04/25/2017 – 21:14 — Scouting Staff

    4. * Solomon Thomas – DE 6-2, 275


    1. Thx, # 80.

      Great Post.

      Nice to know a player always wanted to be a 49er.

      That can only be a plus as the Shanahan/Lynch team establish a new locker room culture.

        1. He was at Stanford for 2014, 2015, and 2016. Not much to fall in love with given three head coaches and sharply declining wins.

        1. “The Falcons are trying like crazy to trade up and so are the 49ers. Lot of action late.” – Rapoport

  25. That was a hell of a debut.

    That’s a great haul and likely a pretty good bluff by the 49ers. The 49ers still have 11 picks left in this draft.

  26. I’m perfectly fine with Thomas and robbing the Bears was icing. Create chaos in the pocket, shutdown the run and you’ll be in games. Great job Lynch. Solid A for the rookie GM.

  27. Lots of great defensive players left. I see Lynch building a D like the one he played on at TB

  28. I’d like to see the 49ers either:

    1. Use the extra 3rd rounder on Gareon Conley or

    2. Package the pick to move into the 1st round and select Reuben Foster

    1. No, wait. Be patient. getting bodies will mean more than moving up. This draft is deep. and the Niners will get quality at 111.

      Pick 67 is pure gold.

  29. Grant, there was obviously not another serious trade partner or I think they would have traded again. When you look at how the round played out, except for KC and the Texans, value met need at most of the picks. And the Chiefs and the Texans did not need to go all the way up to #3 to do what they wanted. The fact they got what they got in a draft where there were no trade ups for a player other then qb’s was I win in itself.

      1. Hightop,
        I guess some negative health news came out today regarding Fosters shoulders. I wonder how bad it is?

    1. Come on Coach, it’s too early to say that – he’s under investigation but hasn’t been charged yet.

  30. Solomon Thomas is Michael Bennett 2.0

    as for where he lines up? Armstead says he’s been playing LEO if you can believe that. I can envision Bennett, Buckner and Armstead moving all around depending on the personnel match up and the scheme match up (remember if they play an Over Front, the DEs have to be better run defenders…especially on the weak side …than in the Under scheme).

    I guess the Niners feel confident in Ward, Reid and at least one of their corners as well as confident in the quality of defensive backs available later in the draft.

  31. 7 picks left before the 9ers pick again. I think if they sit tight or trade back a couple of spots they will get a very good CB.

    1. The worst thing they could do is trade up. Stay put, field offers and eat from the table of talent in the meat and potatoes of this draft.

  32. Updated draft picks with Bears trade:

    Round 1: Pick 3 DE King Solomon, Stanford

    Round 2: Pick 2 (No. 34 overall)

    Round 3: Pick 2 (No. 66 overall)

    Round 3: Pick 3 (No. 67 overall)

    Round 4: Pick 2 (No. 109 overall)

    Round 4: Pick 4 (No. 111 overall)

    Round 4: Pick 37 (No. 143 overall)

    Round 5: Pick 2 (No. 146 overall)

    Round 5: Pick 17 (No. 161 overall)

    Round 6: Pick 2 (No. 186 overall)

    Round 6: Pick 18 (No. 202 overall)

    Round 7: Pick 1 (No. 219 overall)

  33. If foster (if his shoulders are okay) or King are gone before #34 The 9ers should trade back. but not to far.

  34. I give it a B+. Solid character, explosive burst off the ball, can line up almost anywhere on the D-line and should make an immediate impact.
    We could still use an impact edge rusher and quality/skill at LB- which I believe is forthcoming on day two.
    Nice day one work by the new regime.

  35. Did the Vegas Raiders pick an accused rapist -perfect!

    Agree with Razor-just sit tight & there is enough talent falling & teams that will be wanting to trade up tomorrow

        1. Bro Tuna – Hope you and the fellas are all doing well! It’s been too long bro, I’ll be sticking around. We owned the 1st round man!!

  36. I’m with Grant on this one. I like the trade but I really thought the Bears would take Solomon T. So I was a bit surprised by their pick. I liked the trade back and thought they might move back again so I was surprised by the pick of Thomas who I see as not the best use of a spot. I sure hope I’m wrong about this guy but I got bad vibes about him.

  37. Wow, Thomas AND Foster on day 1? OK, now I am impressed! Our run defense just took got a dramatic upgrade!

    Boy did they play this first round nicely.

  38. Foster? If he turns out to be clean, its massive. Niners were considering Thomas and Foster at pick 2. They wound up with both.

  39. my 3rd round position prediction. CB and finally a pick on the other side of the ball an O lineman or WR.

    1. Glad I didn’t bother watching it. I knew the 49ers would ruin the season once again. Thanks a lot Jed. I sure will avoid reading about this that’s for sure. I’m sick of the Stanford players, they’re BUMS! This guy is like K Harris. He’ll jump all over the joint on defense.

  40. He seems more fluid than both Bowman and Willis…….. very nice evening!
    Corner, WR, S, T (unless Webb is there late in the 2nd as I think Shanny has a gentlemen’s deal in place w Cousins)….. cross our fingers on Redmond being as solid as Robinson was last year.

  41. Updated draft picks:

    Round 1: Pick 3 – King Solomon, DL, Stanford

    Round 1: Pick 31 – Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

    Round 3: Pick 2 (No. 66 overall)

    Round 3: Pick 3 (No. 67 overall)

    Round 4: Pick 2 (No. 109 overall)

    Round 4: Pick 4 (No. 111 overall)

    Round 4: Pick 37 (No. 143 overall)

    Round 5: Pick 2 (No. 146 overall)

    Round 5: Pick 17 (No. 161 overall)

    Round 6: Pick 2 (No. 186 overall)

    Round 6: Pick 18 (No. 202 overall)

    Round 7: Pick 1 (No. 219 overall)

    1. And no Qb again for the 49ers. Complete morons. Odds are out of the 10 picks, we only get 6 players out of them for we play our STUPID version of wheel of MISFORTUNE and trade with idiots. Trading with Seattle, just STUPID, why not just give them our 1st round pick for next year DUMMIES!

      1. Correct:

        Round 1: Pick 3 – King Solomon, DL, Stanford

        Round 1: Pick 31 – Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama

        Round 3: Pick 2 (No. 66 overall)

        Round 3: Pick 3 (No. 67 overall)

        Round 4: Pick 2 (No. 109 overall)

        Round 4: Pick 37 (No. 143 overall)

        Round 5: Pick 2 (No. 146 overall)

        Round 5: Pick 17 (No. 161 overall)

        Round 6: Pick 2 (No. 186 overall)

        Round 6: Pick 18 (No. 202 overall)

        Round 7: Pick 1 (No. 219 overall)

        1. Prime,
          My only concern is his health. I guess there was a report that came out today saying he has bad shoulders. Health issues aside I believe he was the 2nd best player in the draft behind Garrett.

      1. Buy a drafting for dummies book, the 49ers can use one. Drafted 2 idiots. The Solomon pick way too high, going to cost us heavy in signing him. He’s going to wind up like the last failed experiment that went to the Raiders and can’t get back in the NFL.

  42. F grade for the 49ers. They screwed up not getting a QB again. 4 and 12 season for them. Nice move Jed, hired more idiots to run the team. ANd we traded with our rival? Next time you got a FA 49ers, how about you tell him to go to your rival in the division MORONS!

    1. It was a great trade. We gave up nothing for a great player. Troubled I like it. We need some meanness.

      The 49ers met with Foster a month before the draft.
      Lynch is doing a good job! Can’t wait till tomorrow.

      1. Really? You must be in Fantasy Land. All I see is the 49ers didn’t take a QB again and they’re going to have a 4 and 12 season.

      1. F grade for your response, Leo. Solomon is going to wind up like K harris the last failed Stanford player we got. I thought the motto for the 49ers is you STAY AWAY FROM STANFORD AND CAL PLAYERS that do NOTHING in the NCAA. I would’ve taken Christian if anything over this loser. He’s going to cost the 49ers too much money to sign and wind up sitting out. The other guy from Alabama, reminder of Frank Gore with 2 bad knees.

    1. Really? did he get an Uber ride, a limo ride, or a taxi ride to 49er land? These are garbage picks. This will NOT improve the defense at all.

      1. Seriously? Quit your infernal whining. In addition to improving the run defense and pass defense, Lynch also drafted two guys who can bring some much needed leadership and swagger back into the 49ers locker room.

        1. I want a QB, moron. I don’t care about the 2 dimwits. I don’t like drafting from Stanford or Alabama. Those are 2 of the worse sorriest colleges that do NOTHING each year in the NCAA. Don’t get me started on what the basketball teams can’t do on the men and women for either college. This is the worse draft this team has done and you’re all like black sheep, black liberal sheep that can’t get over the election. Wait until the season starts and you go 4 and 12. I’m being generous with my 4 and 12. I see a QB taken and he better be worthy, I might go 6 and 10. Tell Grant to put the cracker jack away to give us that infested 9 and 7 season, that won’t get the playoffs. That’s a wild card, and we’d be a 6 seed.

              1. I don’t care how many yards Hoyer throws for since it is a team sport and not an individual one.

        2. What leadership and swagger? Kapernick left a toxic environment in the locker room. Teams are led by a QB, not a ‘defender.’

          1. Speaking of toxic environment….. that’s what you must live in to be so ignorant, mean and clueless.

        1. I don’t watch the draft, Tuna. it’s a waste of my time. NCAA is a crap league. Nothing good ever comes to the 49ers since the 90s. The QB we get is a failure. The RB we get is a failure. No WR. P Willis is a washout next to J Peterson that sold out the team. Kids in NCAA are better off not being drafted by ANY TEAM in the NFL. Whole draft in the NFL is a big fat joke anyway. you never get the mocks right. you never get your player. You trade your picks for crap. That’s all the 49ers do is CRAP and so does Grant and his worthless prediction. If the 49ers were to go 9 and 7, I’d fork over half my pay check for lottery tickets, and I clear 500 every 2 weeks losers.

  43. That’s what I call a debut. Holy smokes. Trade down one spot and still get the player they wanted, pick up 3 extra picks and use one of them to move back into the 1st and get the best LB in the draft. This is a first time GM and HC running the draft folks. Fantastic beginning to the draft.

      1. Niners just got two top 10 players. And about the QB situation. We had pick #2. Shanny didn’t like any of the QBs enough to take them that high. We had #31 and Shanny passed on Kizer and Webb.

        Shanny is an expert. I trust his judgement of QBs 100%

  44. Round 3: Pick 2 (No. 66 overall)
    Round 3: Pick 3 (No. 67 overall)
    Round 4: Pick 2 (No. 109 overall)
    Round 4: Pick 4 (No. 111 overall)
    Round 4: Pick 37 (No. 143 overall)
    Round 5: Pick 2 (No. 146 overall)
    Round 5: Pick 17 (No. 161 overall)
    Round 6: Pick 2 (No. 186 overall)
    Round 6: Pick 18 (No. 202 overall)
    Round 7: Pick 1 (No. 219 overall)

    So where is our Qb going to be at and will he still be there?

      1. Last year along there was like 4 QBs the 49ers could’ve had and lost them all, includine one to the Raiders! This year there’s 5 and already lost 2 of them. The 49ers always play this roulette wheel to cheapen the pick they want for a Qb and the QB they need winds up on say the Browns or the Texans.

          1. The last QB Shanahan had threw over 300 yards in games for the Falcons and they went to the Superbowl. Where is the 300 yard passer on the 49ers moron? Do we have a J Jones? Do we have a running atttack? Do we have a defense? We weren’t 2 and 14 for nothing idiot. NFC East, AFC south, Chi, Carolina are all going to own the 49ers. Our wins may come from the division over Arizona maybe. 4 win season either way if we can’t get a QB.

              1. I would’ve taken Tribusky or Kizer with the 2nd pick and NOT traded with Chicago. Chicago already screwed up their needs. Solomon should’ve went to them.

  45. Niners get an A+.

    Cant believe Reuben Foster fell into their laps.

    Lynch put on his Trader Bill hat and not only traded back, he traded up to get a player they covet.

    Lynch concentrated on fixing the defense, and hit a grand slam. I trusted in the football acumen of Lynch, and he performed masterfully.

    1. I say again my Michael Savage voice of scorn and anger where is the QB? Golden opportunity to make a splash and 15 other teams did a lot better then us today.

      1. Just stop it already. If Shanahan saw a QB that he liked, I guarantee that Lynch would have taken him. He didn’t, so get over it.

        1. Lynch is as dumb Donahue and Baalke combined. So what is the so called lesson Kyle learned from losing the SUperbowl? He’s not going to pass, is that it? He’s not going tohave his QB throw the ball so he’s going to run it and that’s going to guarantee losses for this team over and over again.

          1. You are absolutely bringing nothing to the conversation other than your own microscopic, opinionated, blowhard gas. What was one of the main problems for the team last year? The answer (whether you willingly admit it or not) is that the defense had trouble getting off the field because they could not stop the run, which also led to problems defending against the pass. That needed to be addressed, and Lynch did just that. Just because the 49ers did not reach for QBs that normally would be second round selections at best does not mean the team does not have a plan on how to fix the team. You act like reaching for a QB would solve all the problems for the 49ers. News flash: IT WON”T. The team has holes at almost every position which needs to be addressed, but it is going to take more than just one off season and draft to address those holes.
            One final thing: look up where that Falcons defense ranked during their run to the Super Bowl and the basis of a Kyle Shanahan led offense.

      2. This draft is rated poor for franchise QBs. Lynch and KS are doing a good job. They are fixing the defense first.

        Cousins is waiting in the wings and there are 6 college QBs next season who could be franchise QBs.

        It is highly amusing that you are putting any negative spin on the draft so far. Just makes me wonder if you are just another clueless troll.

        1. So you rather take a chance on a Stanford player that is garbage and an Alabama player that’s also garbage? Real priority is a Qb, idiot. Do you really think that the 49ers can win games without a QB, is that it? Ever since we let Montana go, Young retired, the 49ers don’t need a QB, is that it?

      3. Michael Savage. That explains a lot you meathead. Find someone else to sell your fake news and fake outrage to.

  46. What I like the most is Lynch seems to learn quickly.

    I still cant believe this draft, and it was only the first day.

  47. I see once again you fans are on the koolaid and ignore the real needs of the team. We got no WR for a QB to throw to for we got no QB out there so we’ll probably run the ball about 70 to 30 on the RB/pass ratio, whatever you call it. Hoyer and Barkley are NOT 300 yard throwers. I agree they are way better then mr. bicep kisser kneel down Kapernick, but I want a QB not afraid to throw over 300 yards and get into high scoring affairs. What Lynch has done is a disservice to the team, the fans, the region, and to his boss. I give this failed experiment 3 years, and they’re both gone. Kyle is once again failing the team like a so called Donald Trump, full of promises and NOTHING gets done!

      1. Garcon reminds me of Issac Bruce and Bruce showed his age on the 49ers. Besides, Garcon needs a QB to throw him the ball and the 49ers again got NOBODY, that’s NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODY to throw 300 yards, nobody to lead, nobody to clear 3500 to 4000 yards.

        Can he do what Ryan did in 2015:
        Matt Ryan 614 407 4591 66.3 7.5 21 3.4 16 2.6 70 30 206 89.0

        1. We’re not going to fill every hole on this team in one offseason. For you to be this negative with the offseason we’re having strikes me as insane.

    1. the fact you think you build a team with a WR shows your a dumb ass. How many WRs Has NE drafted over the years. This is a long term build with a coach & Gm on 6 year deal and a loaded QB draft next year.

      1. OK, let’s look at Tom Brady and the Pats, can the 49ers emulate them? Do Hoyer and Barkley got these nos:?

        Tom Brady 432 291 3554 67.4 8.2 28 6.5 2 0.5 79 15 87 112.2
        Jimmy Garoppolo 63 43 502 68.3 8.0 4 6.3 0 0.0 37 3 15 113.3
        Jacoby Brissett 55 34 400 61.8 7.3 0 0.0 0 0.0 58 6 46 83.9

    2. Bah, Lynch has been a breath of fresh air.

      He did wonders signing 16 free agents that filled all the major holes, then he performed miracles in the draft. Lynch managed getting 2 players in the first round, and he got 2 additional third round picks.

      Only a Niner hater could look at what Lynch did and not be jumping for joy.

      1. Only a niner LOVER doesn’t give a crap about a QB, right? maybe we should have the kneel down flag hating Kaepernick back on the team.

        1. You have no arguments with me, but you are wrong about Kaep hating the flag. Kaep hated unarmed civilians getting shot in the back. He loves America and wants to fight injustices.

          Brandon Marshal stated that he thinks Kaep is being blackballed, but once the QB situation in the draft is settled, some team will want his services.

          I concede that Hoyer and Barkley do not fill me with confidence, but I also think KS is competent enough to take any QB and make him better.

          Who knows, Kaep may return if the other teams Blackball him.

  48. Bwahahahahahaha Ha!
    Depression candidates trying to take charge again.
    Nice try DS! Sad sack, did Lucy pull away the ball again? Snicker.

    1. Tuna, you ought to believe more in the Warriors then to believe in the 49ers. The Warriors got a better chance to win it all without a coach then the 49ers to win 9 games without a QB.

  49. Any news on Foster’s shoulder? I can’t find anything.

    This is awesome. Baalke would be trying to look like an unconventional genius, finding a player from a school no one ever heard of (Tart). Or he would delude himself into believing he’s out-thinking every other GM by gambling on injured players. The guy was a deluded moron, pissed off Harbaugh, and was here way too long.

    These guys get it. Being a GM isn’t rocket science. Often it pays to make the obvous pick. I just hope Foster doesn’t have a serious shoulder issue.

    Also, why are people so down on Armstead’s return? Doesn’t seem like he has an injury he can’t come back completely healed from.

      1. Grant, 9 and 7, really? 4 and 12 is more realistic and the 49ers did NOTHING in the draft. Where’s the Qb, Grant? I’m feeling about as aggravated as Family Guy Stewie. I’m getting tired of this, Grant. Every single year in the draft, this team does NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING in it, and you give them like what a B, a low A? I give them an F if they can’t get the player I want. Solomon, Grant is WORSE then Ka Harris and this team needs to leave Stanford and Alabama alone.

    1. Obviously, the concerns on his shoulder dropped his draft stock, but it is not an ACL. Niners will just allow his shoulder to heal fully, but I am sure they studied his charts. He should play next season, and once he lays down some licks, many teams will wonder why they passed on such a talent.

      1. WOw, Seb, and here I thought the 49ers were not going to draft the injured superstar anymore. This is what we traded for? Obviously, we have DUMMIES on the 49ers, DUMMIES as Michael Savage would say on the air and DUMMIES for fans and DUMMIES for reporters that CAN”T tell it like it is!

  50. Here’s what should’ve been done that goes back to Alex Smith:
    Draft your QB
    Sit him out one year
    You then draft, sign and put together offensive line
    year 2, fix the offensive line, get Wr, etc
    You start your Qb by year 2.
    Year 3, plan for the playoffs, maybe Superbowl.
    This team could get to the Superbowl within 5 years if they can draft right.
    But right now, they will NEVEr get to a playoff game with no QB.

  51. You people claim that the draft is QB loaded next year. What if we were to have a Raider like year and somehow get to the playoffs? That means you draft like no. 20. How do you get your QB that’s going to be highly rated? Do we have to trade off our 3 rounds to get up there in the 1st round to get the QB we need? I rather get the QB now and groom him for next year. Do you really have to get the QB in the 1st round and start him? Why can’t you get him and NOT start him? Is there a rule in the NFl that says if you draft your QB with the 2 or no. 31, you start him? What for?

  52. Anybody like Dobbs in round 3 or 4? Sounds like he had a lot of unfulfilled potential because of poor talent and coaching around him, but the guy is really smart and has the physical tools.

    1. I have mocked Davis Webb, and with that 67th pick, they might get him .
      Kaaya Peterman, Dobbs and Evans could all be in the mix.

      Think Kizer will go in the second round.

  53. My 3rd round selections are
    In no particular order
    Chidobe Awuzie
    Jourdan Lewis
    Teez Tabor
    Fabian Moreau
    Cordea Tankersley (are there any CB’s left with first names like Jim or Mike?)
    Marcus Maye
    Chris Godwin
    Carlos Henderson
    Cooper Kupp
    Lets see who gets through the 2nd round.

  54. I’d really like to stop hearing the “Thomas can play any spot on the line” line. Maybe in College, maybe. Put Thomas in the A gap on base down and show me how he holds up against a C/G double team.

  55. He graded out #1 in the nation among all interior linemen against the run. So what you’re saying is there’s no lineman in college football who can hold up in the NFL on the inside, apparently.

    We have some really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really dumb fans and writers. People who just do not understand the game.

    1. Armstead is a bust.

    2. Buckner is absolutely ATROCIOUS against the run. I mean, God awful. He’s a situational rusher at best. The guy is high-cut and weak. What you see on the field translates to what they do in the weight room. Thomas did 30 reps of 225. Armstead and Buckner did just 21.

    3. To complain about consecutive years of taking the same position is to say that you should just say that taking busts high in the draft means you should be set with a position. “Why did we just draft Randy Moss? We just drafted J.J. Stokes and Yatil Green the last 2 years!!!111”

    4. When you have multiple positions of need, you take the better player, period. You have a need at defensive line and in the secondary…and your choices are Reggie White and Ahmed Plummer. “Why take Reggie White after drafting Jamal Reynolds and Mike Mamula the last 2 years?! Bad pick! Should have traded down and addressed a NEED at corner, like with Ahmed Plummer!”

    Learn the game, people. Many of your comments are utterly embarrassing.

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