49ers players take time to remember, reflect on Dwight Clark

FILE – In this July 12, 2014, file photo, former San Francisco 49ers wide receivers Dwight Clark, left, and Jerry Rice, right, walk together on the field before the “Legends of Candlestick” flag football game in San Francisco. Clark, the former 49ers wide receiver whose reception known as “The Catch” sent San Francisco to its first Super Bowl, has died one year after revealing he had ALS. He was 61. The team said Clark died Monday, June 4, 2018, surrounded by friends and family. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

SANTA CLARA — The day after Dwight Clark died, two spokespeople from the 49ers came out and talked about his legacy. They were head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch.

“Yesterday was a tough day for all the 49ers, losing such a great like that,” Shanahan said. He and Clark got to know each other from 1992 to 1994, when Clark worked in the 49ers personnel department and Shanahan worked as a ball boy for the team.

“Everyone knows the player Dwight was,” Shanahan continued. “I heard a lot about him when I moved here, mainly from my parents, because we moved here when I was in sixth grade. I didn’t grow up knowing all about The Catch. But within a week of being here, I knew all about it.

“Spent sixth grade, seventh grade and eighth grade as a ball boy, where I got to spend a lot of time with Dwight. He and Vinny Cerrato worked in the pro personnel department. Those were two guys I hung around a lot. They used to pick on me left and right. I was their guinea pig. They would send me on errands. They would all have golf carts and make me race next to them. I would have to run, and I would always lose. I think I entertained them. I just looked up to all of them. I didn’t know it at the time, but now that I’m older and I look back on that stuff, it had a huge impact on who I am now, and feel fortunate to be able to grow up around people like that, especially Dwight.”

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  1. I had just got out of boot camp, and was stationed at Las Flores, Camp Pendleton. I happened to be in the EM club enjoying a beer at the age of 19 when Montana to Clark happened. I’ll never forget it because my gunny was a big Cowboys fan, and when I jumped up and shouted in glee, I felt the heat from his stare. Ever since that incident, I somehow found myself doing mess duty and guard duty every year. One year I was so tired from mess duty, that I fell asleep on the beach for my brief time off, got sun burned and he tried to write me up for destruction of government property….

  2. I loved the stories about Joe and Dwight, hiding from the Turk. That ’79 season was a doozy. They were 2-14 the previous season, but did not have a first round pick because they gave it up for OJ.
    Their first pick at 29 was James Owens, an invisible RB. They had to wait until the last of the third round, and picked Joe with the 82nd pick. Then they picked Thomas Seabron, Jerry Aldridge, Reuben Vaughn, Phil Francis and Steve Hamilton. None of them made it to the ’81 roster.
    Then, with the 249th pick, Bill chose Dwight Clark in the 10th round.
    Both Joe and Dwight hid from the Turk because they expected to be cut. Bill Walsh was ruthless, the turnover was rapid, and no one felt secure, especially since they went 2-14 again.
    Dwight and Joe developed that special bond, and the rest was history. Dwight was not the fastest, or quickest WR, but Joe and Dwight had a special chemistry. Dwight would be the first to admit that he would not have reached the apex of his sport without Joe. Dwight did run good routes, but once, when asked why he was so wide open, he just said it was because of the genius of Walsh, who out thought the defense.
    One player who really helped Dwight, but I have heard scant mention of, is Freddie Solomon. Dwight said that Freddie was his mentor, and unselfishly helped Dwight become an NFL WR.
    I am glad John Lynch mentioned that they will honor Dwight on their uniforms this season.
    Dwight will be sorely missed, but his legend will endure forever.

    1. There is an OUTSTANDING special on the 49ers’ ’81 season on the NFL network. It was listed on the TV schedule as one of those A Football Life biographies (of John Madden), but the Niners’ story played instead. The show is hosted by Ronnie Lott, Randy Cross, and Dwight Clark. Not sure if it’s available on U Tube or not, but it is definitely worth looking for.

  3. Liked the Shanahan-as-ball-boy memories. Jed was about the same age as Kyle and was around the 9ers then–but not as often. Wonder if Jed has any Dwight stories…

  4. Ideas…

    How to honor Dwight on 2018 9er uniforms. One approach would have a patch–a red circle/disk (with gold trim) with a white 87 on it. Behind the number but ‘on top’ of the red disk, have a black silhouette of Clark making The Catch. The silhouette would be about 30% larger than the disk. Wish I could embed a graphic mock-up here.

    Other ideas?

    1. A white patch with the number 87 in red or just the number 87 in red alone. Red is the color of the awareness ribbon for ALS and a part of the 49ers color scheme, while the the number 87 would stand for Dwight Clark. Doing this would honor Clark and bring awareness to ALS at the same time.

    2. Cassie,
      Having a small replica of The Catch on the uniform would be awesome and also give great honor to a deserving 49ers hero.

    1. Grant sez:
      “… Turner was Clark’s teammate from 1980 to 1897..”

      H-mmmm … seems they both were
      “.. time- travelers ..” .. eh, Grant… ?

        1. you may be right, Cassie… howsome-ever …
          he ..DID .. make
          a mountain out of a molehill … over the earth shaking
          revelation of someone’s weight …. right ?

      1. Razor…

        Great idea… but (presumably) … this would
        be only utilized for this upcoming season..
        I was thinkin’ of something more permanent..
        such as …a statue of Dwight making “The Catch”
        outside the main entrance to Levis stadium…

        I dunno how they could incorporate Joe… and if they
        managed that one … how could they not include
        Everson Walls ? …which would present a potential
        embarrassment dilemma for him

        perhaps by erecting a giant banner of the
        immortal play over the scene …

        (but then maybe I’m over thinking’ this)

        1. MW, I don’t think Walls would mind. There was a story (in SI ? NBC sports?) about how DC got Walls his fair share of licensing dollars out of Kodak from that famous image. Just another of the cool things that man did where he didn’t have to.

  5. I hear ya Cassie…

    there was a time Grant would delete spammers
    very quickly… but … it seems … he’s not as interested
    in keeping that kind of scourge out of our faces anymore…

    I’m tellin’ ya …. this place is beginning to resemble
    the NFL.com comments pages !

    I’m in constant wonder if the spammers actually
    think there are very many real stupid people “out there”
    who would click on those malware links ?

    1. I googled one of the spammer user names last week. There were several instances where the user name was found on many, many blogs pitching the same scheme.

  6. OH Grant, SMH!

    The Warriors are on the verge of doing what most of the basketball pundits who have been following the season expected, and that is, Golden State DOMINATING Cleveland. This years NBA finals match up appears to be as lopsided as the Vegas Bookmakers predicted going in.

    In fact, this series was very predictable for those of us who understand that it’s never wise to overreact to any one NBA game, especially game 1 of a 7 game series, which often plays out in unpredictable ways. If anything, the way the Warriors “stole” game 1, at home, would tend to predicate the kind of dagger to the heart that could very well have crushed the Cavaliers spirit before the dust had hardly even settled on game 1 of a best of seven series.

    Well, and then there is our 49ers insider – Grant Cohn. In case you guys missed it, Grant Cohn wrote an article for the Press Democrat the day following that wild opening game, declaring: “We learned the Cavaliers are better than last year. We learned they’re a real threat to the Warriors. We saw the beginning of a series that probably will go the full seven games. Not to say the Cavs will beat the Warriors. But this is a serious series.”

    And here is an example of what has increasingly become my biggest gripe with Grant. For whatever reason, Grant simply cannot help himself. Regardless of the sample size, or any number of factors which may, or may not be effecting a certain outcome, and no matter how insignificant that outcome may be, Grant must, at all times, draw some sort conclusion to said situation or event. It’s something he’s done increasingly while covering the 49ers for the last several years.

    For those of us who understood how poorly the Cavaliers matched up to the Warriors in this series, we weren’t about to overreact to “act one”, AKA game 1 of the best of seven series. Sure, the Cavaliers made a game of it, and perhaps they probably should have won game one. But that really didn’t change any of the underlying factors which we base our analysis and prognostications. The facts before game 1, and after game 1, remained the same – that is, the Warriors were both the most talented team in the NBA, and also the most battle tested team in the NBA. Not only that, their opponent in the finals, the Cavaliers …. well, they weren’t even the second best team in the league. The second best team in the NBA this season was the Houston Rockets – a team built specifically for one propose, to beat the Warriors, and still couldn’t knock the Warriors off.

    But the mind boggling statement Grant made in this article wasn’t that the Cavaliers were suddenly playing at the same level as the World Champions, despite every underlying factor pointing in the exact opposite direction. No …. the most mind boggling statement in Grant’s article was this …. wait for it …: The Cavaliers are in great shape. Game 1 was meaningless for them — they didn’t have to win their first game on the road. A team isn’t in trouble until it loses at home in a seven-game series. Game 1 was a must-win for the Warriors, just as Game 2 will be for them.

    That’s right folks … after that soul crushing, demoralizing Cavaliers defeat in game one that meant “meant nothing to them“. Despite the fact that the Warriors were clearly the more talented team. And despite the fact that the Warriors have proven time and time again in the last couple years, that they can simply catch fire at any time (usually the 3rd QTR), and simply run any team in the NBA right out of their own arena, according to Grant …. game 2 was still a “must-win” game for the Golden State Warriors.

      1. love yer warning ….49 … very apropo ..

        seems Grant is getting way too comfortable in his
        (apparent) chosen persona … (a Debbie Downer)… but
        credit where credit is due… the last couple of pieces
        (here)… have been pretty good …imo …

        He definitely wears this persona much better…

        Oh .. one more thing …

        CONGRATS to the Dubs … !!

        just one more .. and the Cavs go home …
        cryin’ in their beers !!


    1. Grant is a complete quack, and instead of improving over time, he’s become increasingly stale and predictable.

        1. Long time, me too….
          We get what we pay for….. ($00.00)
          PD ain’t gonna add more (paid) staff…
          …jest sayin’-

    1. It is further evidence that Owens is full of his self. Being a great player does not change the fact that Owens is a disgrace as a person. I know he has mental problems, but that does not excuse his overall behaviour.

      1. “Owens is a disgrace as a person”

        The HOF snubbed him first. Bitter writers made TO wait because he didn’t kiss their asses.

        TO quotes.

        “While I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity…”

        “I would also like to thank the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals for the time I was granted with each organization. I am thankful for the relationships forged and the lessons learned while part of each team. I wish to congratulate all past, current and future inductees. It is quite an honor to be part of such elite company. This honor is something that I will cherish forever.”

        1. #80 …
          while I’ll agree .. he said some appropriate things,
          by thanking the teams he was on… it’s no excuse
          for him to snub the HOF …. just because they didn’t
          deem him to be a “first ballot”.. HOFer !
          remember … he’s not Joe … or Jerry !! …
          (no matter what his stats display)

          To be a first ballot HOFer … you must be a great teammate
          AND a great person .. both on and off the field …
          Does that describe T.O. ..?

          it just shows .. his .. “..childish..” .. behavior
          and not to mention .. his ..“.. diva..”.. stance
          is proudly presented .. and it shows that he still
          hasn’t grown up …
          So glad the Niners seem to be NOT considering his
          return to the club …

          To what MidWest says above .. I would add..
          “not only that … but his bronze bust would be
          taking up way too much valuable space in the Hall ..”

          Look how long Roger Craig has waited
          to get his gold jacket …
          (he’s STILL waiting !)

          Seems to me T.O. .. should… get his
          nomination rescinded… and they give it to Roger, instead …
          Believe me … Roger would immensely appreciate it..
          and be so grateful and show more class than
          T.O. is capable of mustering up …
          as well being a much better role model than T.O.

          after all .. wouldn’t you think the HOF would rather
          have role models than disrupters ?

          #More Heros than Zeros

          1. He’s definitely no Jerry, although Jerry was a diva too. But let’s compare him to first ballot HOFer Randy Moss. Moss and TO’s numbers are very close. Moss is a notorious diva, Moss has been arrested and suspended. Moss basically quit on the Raiders, while TO worked hard to play in the SB after breaking his leg.

            “To be a first ballot HOFer … you must be a great teammate
            AND a great person .. both on and off the field …
            Does that describe T.O. ..?”

            Does that describe Moss? No it doesn’t. The only difference between Moss and TO is that voters (writers) don’t like TO.

      2. T.O. may have snubbed the HOF but it doesn’t mean that his production on the field is not worthy of this honor.

        Owens was a diva with a “me first” attitude, but I never saw him give less than 100%. I met T.O. when the 49ers had their training camp at UOP in Stockton and can tell you that he was a gracious and modest young man.
        But even back then it was obvious that his desire to give 100% and work hard from the beginning of practice till the end was on full display.

        I’m not excusing Terrell’ penchant for self acclimation, but whether he shows up at the HOF or not is a decision he will have to live with.
        The NFL blackballed T.O. a long time ago and no doubt he still feels the pain because he felt that he was still able to offer his services and help out a team willing to give him a look.

        Players like T.O. and Dez Bryant can put stress on the locker room unity and perhaps they deserve to be blackballed, but we shouldn’t confuse that with their performance on the field.
        If Owens decides not to attend the HOF, I will get my popcorn ready just the same.
        Congrats T.O.

  7. Dear Press Democrat sports editor,
    I have noticed over the last month or so that you have been using Grant Cohn to cover both the Warriors and the Giants on a regular basis. First I would like to congratulate Grant on his promotion, it is well deserved. Secondly I would like to express my concern regarding this blog “Inside the 49ers”. Since Grants workload has increased his posts here have dropped in equal measure to his increased assignments on other sports/teams. The writer who has coordinated this blog has always been a writer whose main assignment has been this blog and the 9ers beat writer as in M. Miaocco or solely assigned to this blog as in G.C, I am requesting that you either assign Grant the 49er beat writer position as well as this blog or you bring in a new writer to run this blog. Covering the 49ers is a full time job and I believe that this blog will start losing clicks if you don’t deal with it in that manner. Again congrats to G.C. on his promotion and hopefully the PD will make the right choice regarding this blog and the 9ers beat writer.

      1. MWN,
        I have come to appreciate Grant sensationalism and all. He keeps things interesting and has worked very hard to become a knowledgeable football writer but if The PD is going to stretch him to thin they should have enough respect to give us a full time writer\moderator. imho Do other posters disagree that there has been a shortage of posts\info lately.

        1. Old Coach, my take on the situation is that Grant is double tasking, and is concentrating on a team in the championship playoffs, while this is the football off season.
          I think his lower output on the 49er posts also have something to do with the constant negativity and shade thrown in his direction. Posters cannot complain about every single post and his ‘Debbie Downer’ outlook, and expect Grant to take their attacks in stride. He does not need to accommodate posters who question his writing ability, or attack his father. These burner accounts are an orchestrated hatchet job campaign, and I suppose he knows who is doing it.
          Therefor, he is fulfilling his obligations to post a blog, and he lets posters go off on tangents that are off topic, if they want to. Posters will comment on all sorts of things, from personal screeds to politics, so it is not important for him to keep fresh blog posts forthcoming.
          Living in this new world of the internet, having well paid writers like in the Green Section during the Glory Years, are now a thing of the past. Back then, we doted on sports writers from the Chron, Bee, PD and Mercury news. Now we have blogs like NN, Niner Noise, 49er Webzone, The Athletic, Bleacher Report, 49er Insider, 49ers .com and many others. I rarely read them because they all tend to say the same old, same old. Bland, gung ho, pablum, non controversial, rainbow and unicorn homers.
          I come to this site to read something that gets me to think. Sure, he takes after his father, pointing out weaknesses and challenging the Niner, front office, coaches and players to improve, or prove him wrong. It is a journalistic style that is cutting edge and refreshing, IMHO.
          Personally, I do not think that the PD will want to pay another person, when one person can do both. Maybe the frequency of posts are lacking, but there is no earth shattering news coming out of the OTAs. This doubling of assignments are just the present reality, in the age of the ‘internets’.

          1. “I think his lower output on the 49er posts also have something to do with the constant negativity and shade thrown in his direction.”

            That’s funny.

    1. Oldcoach,
      I hear you. But there hasn’t been too much to write about. Grant covered the draft before and after. He stayed on top of the Foster situation as much as possible. He recently wrote a nice piece (imo) about Dwight Clark and is bringing us any reports from the OTA’s that is possible because the Org has tightened the lid on viewing open practices.

      I’m sure that his reports will triple once TC opens.

    2. OldCoach – We camped out three cold December nights at The Stick for NY Giants vs 49ers 1981 playoff tickets. The game before “The Catch” showdown. We are hard core 49ers fans. We want all the 49ers reporting we can get our eyeballs on.

      But I have a few questions. Does the Press Democrat have a full time 49ers beat writer other than Grant? I assumed Grant was already the Beat Writer. I’m not a subscriber, so I might be missing out.

      A few things to consider:
      – It’s June. Not alot of 49ers facts to report on because teams restrict access to players and information.
      – Budgets. Newspapers are fighting to exist. I wouldn’t be surprised if some day Editor/Janitor/white House Reporter job descriptions overlapped some day.
      – Some very good NFL reporters no longer have print employers. Mike Silver, Matt Maiocco to name a few. I think reporters grab work wherever they can.
      – Grant’s own career goals and need to make a living.

      I’m hearing you. We want more. I’d personally like to see play breakdowns. An individual player or all-22. Perfect for the offseason. But I think newspapers today are in an incredibly fluid situation. A way to survive might be gig-economy job role flexibility.

      1. I’ve often wondered why we can’t have fanposts, like they do over at NN. But I don’t know how to handle the logistics. It seems like someone would need to review the fanposts before they are actually posted.

  8. I might be posting something that is “off topic” for some here but I think this thread is about Dwight Clark. Back in the day, two very good friends of Dwight bought our home in Redwood City. When the friends were looking at our home, they brought Dwight with them to view our home. As is customary, the friends looked at the home but Dwight quickly went out front (our home was in a cul de sac) and managed to find a football to toss around with our two kids and their friends from the ‘hood. The only way to describe the reaction from the kids was that the experience was priceless. The impression that Dwight made on us, especially my wife, was that he was a very special person who enjoyed life and being around everyone. As time went on, our former neighbors told us stories of Dwight and Joe (guess who Joe is) visiting again and again to the home and always making them feel special. Just after his passing, one of our former neighbors told (on Facebook) of a time when Dwight and Joe were visiting and two of the kids were late for school. Not to worry, their two 49er heroes volunteered to drive them to school. The world is at a loss without Dwight Clark.

    1. Great story. I was living close by in San Carlos for a chunk of the 1980s.

      Way off topic but in the early 70s I lived in Alameda–in a neighboorhood with a couple Raider offensive lineman.

      1. h-mmm … where to begin …. ok ..

        OC ..
        I was thinkin’ that the PD might have given Grant
        some more pocket change for his dual coverage gig..
        (Dubs and Niners) … and to take one or the other
        gigs away from Grant … might have “stung” ..him
        a bit … hence my “.. ouch ..” .response..
        No knock on you .. cuz that’s the way you feel… and
        I agree with you 100% about the rest of your post …

        whine ..
        Great story ! … and .. imo… I would never
        consider your last post to be “off topic” cuz sometimes
        it’ll take a day or two .. to remember personal experiences ..
        like yours ..(espcially if your holding you’re …
        “.. Senior Citizens Card..”)
        (trust me on that one)

        Scooter …

        you hit that nail …squarely on the head !

        and last but not least …
        No worries … I wouldn’t consider your post to be
        “off topic” … either…. however I’d like to remind you..
        that “… communing…” with a couple of
        Oakland Raiders … is an easily
        forgivable sin

        1. Oh… #80 … I forgot your post…
          sorry for the oversight …

          To begin.. I agree with you Re: Randy Moss … but
          on the ..”Super Diva” .. outrageousness scale … even he
          doesn’t compare to T.O.’s immature and disruptive
          antics … which …(if it ever came down to it)…
          I’d take TWO Randy Moss’s over one of T.O.

          I had my fill of Owens’s
          “.. me first ..and screw everyone else..”
          attitude early one…
          and I would bet dollars to donuts.. his tenure
          with the great Bill Walsh woulda been very short …

          The only reason he was selected was because of
          the selection committee … made up by a bunch of
          millennial …“Stat Junkies”…
          only considering his stats… not the character of
          the man they select….
          I believe… that’s what’s wrong with the system

          Futhermore… in addition to T.O.s (apparent) inability to
          find anyone to enshrine him … it’s possible that
          he fears all the “booing” he’ll get from the crowd
          during his acceptance speech

          1. Moss quit on his team. TO gave his all on every play and was a good and willing blocker. I brought up Moss because it proves the hypocrisy of the HOF voters. TO’s beef is with the press, not us fans.

            I understand why people don’t like him. but if Garcia can forgive him…


            Is it true that TO couldn’t find anyone to induct him? I did a search and couldn’t find anything about it. He and Rice are friends. TO had Romo’s back. TO could have a family member induct him.

            I hope he reconsiders. He could throw in a few jabs at the press in his speech. His speech would have been the most emotional by far.

            1. #80 …
              No … to the best of my knowledge… it isn’t true
              that he couldn’t find anyone to enshrine him …
              Just me being snarky.. about a player I have no
              respect for …

              But.. really … have you even considered
              how many street creds you’d lose by accepting the task of T.O.s enshinement ? ..
              (I wouldn’t do it if he paid me a few million)

              Perspectives differ … huh ?
              I mean T.O. bad-mouths the press over his own
              misgivings … right ? … The press only
              attacked him after… getting annoyed with
              his childish, immature and frankly disruptive
              tantrums …over and over and over …again !

              (Doesn’t ..that..whole thing
              sound familiar today ?)

              “….His speech would have been
              the most emotional by far…..”

              You mean… like the “speech” he did
              back when he was cryin’ and beggin’
              for “another chance” … with ANY team …
              while doing sit-ups in his driveway ?..

              I’m sure there’s a you tube of it.. but I’m
              too lazy to look it up…

              #80 …
              it seems you and I will just hafta disagree
              on Terrell Owens worthiness to even go near
              the HOF … let alone be inducted into it

              1. Guys, I’ve got this one tidbit I heard yesterday on TO. On tv Marcellus Wiley said he texted TO and got a reply to the effect of:
                Sometimes you have to do something bad to take a stand that’s right. Apparently he intends to use the moment to emphasize his stand (and call attention to himself.Shock!). Wiley said he knows what it’s about, but will let TO do his reveal.
                I dunno; that’s what was said. I’m not too interested myself.
                If I had a vote I would not have voted him in 1st ballot, although I would’ve after that. There’s a message there that football is a team sport, something too often lost on TO.

              2. “Perspectives differ … huh ?
                I mean T.O. bad-mouths the press over his own
                misgivings … right ? … The press only
                attacked him after… getting annoyed with
                his childish, immature and frankly disruptive
                tantrums …over and over and over …again !” ~ MWN

                It should be noted that the “press” sought out T.O. more than any other player during that time. It may have been a love, hate relationship between Owens and the press but as I recall the press couldn’t get enough of T.O.

                Lambast T.O. all you want, but here’s a truth some may not want to hear: After the departures of our stars like Montana, Young, Rice, Lott and Craig among others in that era, T.O. kept the team relevant when he was here and was the best and last great WR we have had since.

                As far as him turning down a HOF stage appearance makes no difference to me. The NFL has become a monopoly corporation that has priced out the middle class family from attending games due to their insatiable greed.
                I for one is more than ok with Owens’ snub.

      1. I think he shared that story with us once before. It’s consistent with many stories offered since DC passed. Always considered the one to light up a room.. Keith Farnhorst and Steve Young both emphasized Dwight’s toughness. Walsh used his X like a running back, and DC absorbed a lot of hits without complaint.
        Quick out
        Square out
        Quick slant
        Short post
        Slant cross
        Short cross

      2. WC, very poignant.
        Dwight Clark epitomized class.
        If Lynch wants to regain that winning championship culture, he, and every 49er, should emulate Dwight Clark.

  9. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1584791-terrell-owens-a-great-teammate-players-and-coaches-defend-his-character

    “I wanted to go to battle with him. If I went into an alley, I wanted him to be next to me because I knew he was going to come out swinging.

    “He’s always going to give one hundred percent and he was very productive on the football field.”
    -Jerry Rice

    “When Terrell Owens is one that piece of grass, it’s amazing, the effort and greatness that he has in him. You cannot say anything negative about Terrell Owens on the field.”
    -Steve Young

    “I have mood swings, too. That’s part of the game. We’re all emotional, and when you want to win, that comes out sometimes…I had no problem with T.O. whatsoever. Personally, I never had a problem with him.”
    -Bryant Young

    That’s just his former Niner teammates. The whole article is worth reading. No spin from journalists, just words of truth from those that played with him.

    1. ok #80 .. but
      I wouldn’t be shocked if those quotes came
      from T.O.s very early rein with the Niners… but I betcha
      those sentiments differed greatly in
      Owens final year here … Mooch… Garcia ? … GONE !

      Wonder what Donavon McNabb said the day after
      losing the NFC Champ game ?
      Ya think the Eagles and Philly were enthralled with him ?
      I don’t think so …

      And he pulls the same kind of stunt on the HOF !
      Talk about biting the hand that feeds him ?

      1. From the same link.

        To me, he’s a good person. Some people may try to make it more than it is and might not be willing to deal with him in certain situations. I mean, everybody has his faults. Nobody is perfect. He has been great to me and I don’t have anything wrong with him.
        -Greg Lewis
        With us, everybody was tight, he kept the locker room together, he had functions at his house, invited everybody over and stuff like that.
        -Anthony Henry
        The whole situation is completely overblown. T.O. was nothing but a great teammate in Dallas.
        -Chris Canty
        I can only speak from last year and how things went between me and Terrell, but it was nothing but great for me to have him as a teammate and to have him out there catching passes.
        -Ryan Fitzpatrick
        I’m ready to Vouch for…and let everyone kno how GREAT of a teammate u were in Buffalo!
        -Donte Whitner
        I really enjoyed playing with (Owens)
        -Carson Palmer

      2. “Wonder what Donavon McNabb said the day after
        losing the NFC Champ game ?
        Ya think the Eagles and Philly were enthralled with him ?
        I don’t think so …”

        T.O. has never been one to use tactful words. His fault is in his brutal honesty and obviously it grinds away at many people in the sports world.
        Owens may get blowback for his outspoken take on McNabb getting so tired in the game that he was rendered useless. Especially given the fact that he worked tirelessly to come back from a big leg injury to play.

        As stated by some here and more importantly those who played with him, T.O. gave 100% in practice and in the game.

        His brutal honesty may have tarnish his character as a player but the NFL is right in recognizing his accomplishments on the field.

  10. This year’s whipping boy is doing well.


    “Now, several weeks past the draft, the Niners appear happy with their choice, who’s performed very well in drills, meetings and practices, through this week’s organized team activities (OTAs).”

    “He can do a little bit of everything,” said LaFleur. “He can play inside. He can play outside. It popped off the film for him, and it’s shown out here (in OTAs). He’s been very, very good in the classroom. He can pick stuff up quick and then translate it out (on the field).”

    “He’s got the speed to stretch the field,” he said. “He’s got the hands to play over the middle. He’s got the separation ability if we need him on third down to separate in the slot.”

        1. Cassie ..
          we sure will ! … but I’m confident that we have
          what we need .. to garner some serious credibility
          in the league this season … maybe even a playoff run ..
          (fingers crossed)

    1. “He can do a little bit of everything,”
      One can see how NFL offense is changing, and Shanny seems to be at the forefront of it. It’s moving in the direction of “positionless” football played by fast, smart, and athletic players, not the traditional approach of getting specialists for X,Z, slot positions and designated “red zone threat”. It’s also happening in D, especially at the DB positions.
      A similar change already happened in the NBA — Le Bron and KD advancing the ball to the half court playing point guard as an extreme version.

      1. I’ve been thinking pretty much the same, Mood.
        When Vrabel took over Titans he mentioned acquiring the right guys, maybe not the best guys at their position. His criteria are basically BB’s, but Shanny seems to take the same approach to different criteria.
        At WR the term “starter” will lose some significance.

  11. From yesterdays Happy Hour on NBC sports network. Two of the panelist thought that T.O might be missing the HOF ceremony to attend a corporate sponsored celebration so he could get paid. They both said he is close to dead broke.

  12. Just read that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide.
    Solomon Thomas must know that feeling a lot of other people are feeling right now. Such a loss of a beautiful person seemingly without a need to worry about a thing in this world. Out of the blue, so unexpected.
    Suicide rates for former military personnel have reached epidemic proportions, with 20 each day.
    Hope others who are feeling alone can take solace in the fact that many people care, and all it takes is asking for help.
    Help is only a phone call away. 1-800-273-TALK.

    1. Good post seb. I think people should have some compassion for those that have been suicidal. People like TO, allegedly. I worry about TO right now.

  13. Solomon Thomas’ plan for 2018 sounds like a good one to me:

    “I tried to brush it by, but sometimes my mind would just get ahold of it and I’d be frantic out there,” Thomas said. “I wouldn’t be myself — just thinking too much. I’m an over-thinker. That’s what I do sometimes. But I’ve taken a couple of breaths this year and calmed down and started taking it bit by bit, step by step, and attacked it, and just gone out there and played ball, and go be a beast. So that’s what I’m here to do. That’s what I’m going to do.”

  14. Hope the Levi’s turf matter improves this year (slow day today)…

    We could argue about turf maintenance…

    1. Yes, 49er Maintenance Dept. s/b further along with the canopy than previously mentioned.

      Absolutely, Cassie Baalke, things are tooooo slow in Ninerville with the canopy issue Jed mentioned last season taking eons, fans get baked as the globe gets warmer—-they just put out the longest raging fire in CA hist. a few days ago, meanwhile, Jed & the front office crank up their AC !

      The latest from a team that actually cares about its fans, rather than hiding the # of turf divots each game.


  15. Sports Illustrated predicts turnaround season for 49ers in 2018

    Jonathan Jones of SI and The MMQB made predictions for all 32 teams this week and had the 49ers finishing with a robust 10-6 .

    No team that missed the playoffs last year should feel as good about its odds in 2018 as the 49ers. They went 5-0 with Jimmy G, with three wins against playoff-bound teams. They added Richard Sherman, Weston Richburg, Jerrick McKinnon and Mike McGlinchey after losing Carlos Hyde and Aaron Lynch. I’d say the 49ers got better there. A 10-win season would be San Francisco’s best since 2013, but I don’t see 10 wins (or even 11) getting you a playoff spot in this year’s NFC.


    1. Interesting. Assuming it’s true, and the rumors of Tom’s “input” with Kraft on the Jimmy G stuff are as well, one wonders about BB’s patience. It’s one thing to defer to your boss. It’s another to have someone you supervise go over your head to counter what you’re trying to do.
      1st: Trade him, not me!, which is understandable.
      2nd: Now that the good backup and QBotF is gone, play the I’ll Retire card.
      Stay tuned at the end of 18

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