49ers post-Combine mock draft

Florida State defensive lineman Brian Burns runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Sunday, March 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Here’s who the 49ers should pick in each round of the upcoming draft.

Round 1, pick 2: Trade down with the Raiders for pick 4 in exchange for picks 24 and 141

We can debate whether Nick Bosa or Josh Allen is the best player in this year’s draft (it’s Allen), but the answer shouldn’t matter to the 49ers, because neither player is good enough to take them to the Super Bowl next season. The 49ers still are rebuilding and have holes all over their roster — more holes than their six draft picks can fill. The 49ers should trade down more than once for more picks. First, they should trade down two spots with the Raiders, so John Gruden and Mike Mayock can select their quarterback of the future — Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State.

Round 1, pick 4: Trade down with the Broncos in exchange for picks 10 and 41.

This trade down gives the 49ers five picks in the top 67, and nine picks total. Now, we’re talking. The Broncos move up to take quarterback Drew Lock from Missouri, whom John Elway reportedly loves. I like Lock, too. He’s the best quarterback prospect in this draft.

Round 1, pick 10: Brian Burns, DE/OLB, Florida State.

The 49ers still can get an elite edge-rusher with the 10th pick. Burns bends to the ground as he circles the arc to the quarterback better than any player in this draft. He would complement DeForest Buckner perfectly.

Round 1, pick 24 (from Oakland): Deandre Baker, CB, Georgia.

Arguably the best corner in the draft, Baker will fall to the 24th pick because he ran a 4.52 at the Combine, and teams typically don’t draft corners who run in the 4.5s before the 25th pick. Baker can start right away for the 49ers at right cornerback across from Richard Sherman, and eventually replace him.

Round 2, pick 36: Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State.

Arguably the best pass protector in the draft, Dillard can play left tackle for the 49ers in 2020 if Joe Staley leaves during free agency or retires. Dillard will fall to Round 2 because he lacks strength and may not be ready to play right away. If he is ready, the 49ers can play him at guard his rookie season.

Round 2, pick 41 (from Denver): Juan Thornhill, FS, Virginia.

Another player who potentially can start right away for the 49ers. Thornhill is a playmaker who picked off six passes in 13 games last season, and an excellent athlete who ran a 4.42 at the Combine.

Round 3, pick 67: Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State.

The second coming of Mike Wallace. McLaurin can begin his rookie season as a backup (practically all rookie wide receivers should start as backups), then become a starter in 2020. He has the speed to complement Dante Pettis and Kendrick Bourne.

Round 4, pick 101: T.J. Edwards, LB, Wisconsin.

Not a spectacular athlete — Edwards skipped most of the athletic testing at the Combine. But, he is a tough player who started four years in college, recorded 366 tackles, intercepted 10 passes and broke up 15. A major playmaker with fantastic instincts who will improve the 49ers’ run defense and zone coverage.

Round 5, pick 141 (from Oakland): Dru Samia, OG, Oklahoma.

The starting right guard for the best offensive line in college football last season, and the starting right guard for Kyle Shanahan at the Senior Bowl this year. Samia can spend his rookie season on the bench, then take over at right guard in 2020.

Round 6, pick 176: Tyre Brady, WR, Marshall.

Also started for Shanahan in the Senior Bowl. Brady is a big receiver with long, 33 5/8″ arms who can beat press coverage and make contested catches.

Round 6, pick 212: Darrin Hall, RB, Pitt.

A powerful running back with breakaway speed who inexplicably didn’t receive an invitation to the Combine. Hall immediately would improve the 49ers’ 32-ranked red-zone offense.

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  1. Love your scenario and do think the Niners will trade down but think Kyler Murray is what will drive the wheeling and dealing.

    A lot hinges on Arizona and who they select. Last I heard they are leaning on committing to Rosen and selecting Bosa with their #1.. This would put SF in serious trade action..

    They coached Sweat at the Senior Bowl so if they liked him I think he is their pick. And might be someone available later in the first round to trade down and add another second rounder or a first rounder if the Raiders really want Kyler Murray and I hear they really do and fear a Miami or Detroit will trade up with the Niners..

    Also think an edge rusher should be their first selection even if they end up with a FA edge guy..

    1. Jets are poised to offer a trade up target for QB needy teams, to poach a player ahead of the Raiders. Even the Giants.
      The Raiders would want Murray, but I think he goes number one. I do know that Gruden is not sold on Carr, so he will trade away his second and third round picks to the Niners, and recoup a second or third round pick by trading away Carr. This way, Gruden keeps 3 first round picks.

  2. Absolutely love everything about this mock draft. Except Baker won’t fall to pick #24 and no way on Earth Andre Dillard falls to the 2nd round.

    1. Thanks, Houston. If you’re right, the Niners could take Dillard at 24 and Rock Ya-Sin at 36. But, a CB who runs 4.5 hasn’t been taken in the top 25 since Vernon Hargreaves in 2016, so it’s not out of the question that Baker will be available at 24.

  3. Sebber’s, is that you? Honestly, this is a great draft if you have your VR Headset on. Take it off, and the fantasy fades rather quickly. I love Burns. He’s the 2nd best pass rusher in the draft, but barring a video showing them with a gas mask bong on, there’s just no way in hell Baker and Dillard make it to round 2….

          1. Yup, that is why I had him in my mock, but I am hoping he falls to 36. There are a lot of very fast options for the first round.

    1. Dante Fowler, for starters. And I’d still target Bradley Roby and Tre Boston, because you never know how the draft will play out.

              1. Armstead is a far better player for whats asked of him. Im sure you actually watch the games right?

              2. Fowler is still young, maybe still has upside b/c he only avg 1.75 tackles per game in 3 seasons, but F. Warner avg. 7.75 last year. Fowler does have more tackles behind L.O.S. and QB hits.

  4. Naaa. Allen or Bosa will be vital at a title run.
    They will be bigger players in Free agency that the draft
    They will sign one of the remaining edge rushers that will get 8-10 sacks, and will sign either Cromartie or Thomas and keep it simple and use their second pick on one of these two guys. If they trade it will be their second round pick.
    Thus forming a very dangerous defense next season.
    Take it to the bank, as Razor loves to hear. 🤣🤣

  5. I would like this draft but I honestly don’t see Oakland trading up for a qb.
    Yes, Oakland has a lot of picks but they are possibly the least talented team in the league and they need every one of those picks. The only qb they might trade up for would be Murray but then they need the number 1 pick.
    The Giants might trade up but then SF is probably looking at an Exchange where they swap firsts and OBJ and maybe give up their second and another conditional pick next year.

    1. I agree- I just don’t see the Raiders moving up for a QB………. and they should be moving BACK to collect picks- I think they stand pat at 4 though and take Williams or Allen.

  6. That’s a good mock. Don’t normally subscribe to the prediction of multiple trade downs, but that’s definitely possible in the new NFL landscape. Only quibble is Dillard. He won’t drop that far. Other than that, nice work.

    1. Whoa, whoa, wait a minute Seb …. what are you trying to pull? Grant is proposing that the 49ers would trade their #2 pick with the tRaiders, in exchange for picks #4, #24, and #141, but I remember you specifically saying that the tRaiders were unlikely to part with 2 first round picks.

      What am I missing here Seb? Did you realize after I explained to you that trading their #4 and #24 to the 49ers, in exchange for the 2nd overall pick, was not the same thing as giving up 2 first round picks?

      1. 49, you still seem unclear on the concept. Trading number 4 and number 24 for the number 2 pick sure sounds like 2 for Juan to me.
        I think your math is………..Obtuse.

  7. Not bad. Let’s see what free agency brings. Too, occasional pro day injuries can rearrange things.

    Anyone trust Lynch and Shanahan to make good decisions with their picks? Sounds like a poll question Grant.

    1. SKskolReport
      Developing story!
      Vikings and 49ers are in preliminary trade talks involving Everson Griffen.
      More details to come!

      3:02 PM – Mar 4, 2019

          1. Besides, Everson Griffen is shorter, and has shorter arms than Nick Bosa, for crying out loud. And according to Grant, even Nick Bosa isn’t long enough, or tall enough, to make a career out of hunting QB’s on the edge of an NFL defensive line. Everson Griffen would have to transition to the interior of a DL, if he wants to make a good living in the NFL.

            There is simply no way that he …. oh wait ….. Everson Griffen has done what as a DE? He came in at number 19 on the list of the Top 100 players of 2018, as voted on by peers? That has to be some kind of mistake, right? There is no way this guy has SIXTY SIX AND A HALF sacks since 2011.

            1. In his prime, Griffen had a quality speed-to-rip move and a swim counter. He didn’t need to engage the OT to beat him, so his arm length wasn’t a problem. Bosa isn’t that kind of player. He wants to engage the OT like Joey does.

              1. Oh geez Grant. I could go on and on about what I see as elite talent from Nick Bosa on tape. Nick has what I see as elite get off and burst, so he usually has an advantage over opposing linemen from the the word go, but I don’t care that Nick is willing to engage the OT because he consistently wins when he does. And he wins with strength, pad level, and technique. The fact that Nick can engage the OT and win consistently when he does, even regularly beating double teams, is only a plus in my eyes.

                But rather than going on and on about what I see on film, I’m happy to post what other people also see, and why so many scouts, NFL execs, and former NFL players of all positions, including former pass rushers, consider Nick the consensus best pass rusher in this class, and by a considerable margin.

                Here is a nice little scouting breakdown of Nick Bosa from bigplay.com, using a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being used by the evaluator as below average, and 4 being elite.

                “Bosa is the most complete prospect that I have ever evaluated. His pass-rushing ability is a 4, motor is a 4, his technique is a 4, the best I have ever seen in a college player. His first step is a 4, athleticism is a 3, hands are a 4, overall strength and power is a 4, run defense is a 3, size is a 3, and his pad level is a 4. He is a more explosive, slightly shorter version of his brother Joey. Like most products of Larry Johnson, his hands are like hammers and his technique is flawless. Bosa is the best overall prospect to enter the draft since Andrew Luck in 2012, with the potential to be a perennial All-Pro.”


                A little side note: Larry Johnson came to Ohio State in 2014, replacing former defensive line coach Mike Vrabel, who left to become the linebackers coach with the NFL’s Houston Texans. In his first season as a Buckeye, the Scarlet and Gray won the inaugural College Football Playoff national championship. During that year, Johnson’s defensive linemen combined for 30.5 sacks and quickly established themselves as one of the best units in the country. According to Johnson, there are five essential elements required for a defensive lineman to be successful on any play:


              2. For a guy who “consistently wins,” he didn’t finish very much in college. In his best season, he recorded just 8.5 sacks. Burns had two seasons better than that.

                What worked for Bosa in college may not work for him in the NFL, where OTs are bigger, longer and better. I’m not saying he’ll be a flat-out bust like Solomon Thomas. But, Bosa may never eclipse 8.5 sacks in the NFL. If he stays healthy (big if), he may be a good all-around player who defends the run well, like Justin Smith.

              3. Like I told people who were questioning just how talented Saquon Barkley was coming out of college last year (I know you weren’t one of them Grant), all I can is …. if you don’t see the talent jumping off your TV set while watching his game film, I’m not sure there is anything I can actually say that will make a difference.

              4. Lol, you can’t really compare the two anyways.

                There are only 2 scenarios for the 49ers in this draft, where I won’t be sorely and painfully disappointed if they don’t end up with Bosa:

                1) They draft Josh Allen instead
                2) They trade down for a King’s bounty worth of additional picks

                So if you think I’m long-winded now, just wait until they pass on Bosa!

              5. Yah, the way it’s starting to shake out, it’s looking like they might be able get a lot for that 2nd pick. They better, if they are going to trade it.

              6. One more thing Grant, go back and take another good look at Nick Bosa’s first 10 QTRS of the 2018 season, prior to his injury. Take a watch of his every snap. You won’t see a more dominant 10 QTRS of football from powerhouse college pass rushing DE in your life. You won’t.

                14 tackes, 11 solo, 4 sacks, a forced fumble, and a defensive TD. Like a big muscular cat, almost possessed like, hunting for prey. He looked like he was in an entirely different class physically, and technically, than every other football player on the field through 10 straight QTRS!

  8. I like your thinking but what I really like to see is how your last 5 years of mock drafts panned out. You put a lot of time and effort in drafting every year. It’s easy to criticize JL/KS about their picks. But how did your picks fare in the NFL last year and beyond? If you hit a 50% +, that would make you a good GM and raise your credibility in evaluating available talent. Just putting out names and hoping that one of them sticks is fun, but the real fun is being accurate year after year.
    Give us the follow up of your previous drafts.

    1. In 2017, my first two picks would have been Marshon Lattimore and Zach Cunningham. I mocked them consistently to the 49ers all offseason. Last year, I would have taken Derwin James instead of Mike McGlinchey.

      1. You say “would have” instead of ‘I picked’, were they on your final mock draft?
        You also do some cherry picking by not showing your whole draft.

        1. I did have Lattimore and Cunningham in my final mock of 2017. I didn’t have James, though. I had Denzel Ward. The Browns took him early. With him off the board, I would have taken James.

          1. Well what I’m getting at is, how many of your draft picks were studs and how many were duds even if they went to another team?
            Do your whole draft and let’s see how many turned out good, just to see if your insights into players is getting better tuned.

            1. The draft is an inexact science. There are way more misses than hits. A better evaluation should be to look at the overall records of all the draft pundits. Even with inside information, they can be wildly inaccurate. Trades mess up the dynamics totally, and it just becomes a game of darts. Additionally, maybe you should establish your own bona fides before questioning others.
              That said, I do claim some prescience in my writing. Maybe I miss, but maybe I hit, and that gives me the right to crow. Some will claim that by sheer volume, I am right about as much as the next guy. However, being right when everyone else was wrong, is a comforting thought.
              In 2017, I wrote 10 things JL should do in the draft. He did 8 of them, but could not avoid making the unforced errors, or avoiding the red flagged players. I was especially proud of advocating for obtaining 2018 second and third round picks. They also did trade back, and still got the player they coveted.
              Many regulars will have noted that I was the first to tout Murray, and predicted he would be the first pick in the draft. Of course, that was done by going on The Revenge of the Birds, and seeing how unimpressed with Rosen, many were. Still, I was the first, and many derided the possibility.
              Now it looks like I was right, and everyone else was incorrect. The Murray hype might be done to drive up his price, but I thought months ago that he was big enough, and possessed elite skills that could help teams win. Above all, with his baseball back ground, he was accurate, just like Wilson and Mahomes.
              So yes, some on this site are prescient enough to make shrewd calls, Grant included. No, he is not omniscient, because he has also made Joe Williams calls, but every decision is well thought out with supporting facts.
              That is the whole point of the draft. It is a roll of the dice, and the trick is to have the hot hand.In 2016, I got Buckner, John Theus and Fahn Cooper. In 2017. I got DJ Jones. This last draft. I wanted a pass rusher, and no ACL picks, but whiffed, and got a Baalke ACL pick.
              Sure am glad that Grant just proposed trading back twice, something I have been advocating for months. Now that the Combine is over, Players are settling into their rankings. Of course, you could just say that Grant was copying what the Colts and Seahawks did. They were 2 rebuilding teams. They traded back multiple times, and both got into the playoffs last season. That is also why I am advocating that strategy. By trading back and missing out on several really good players, The Niners could garner a boatload of picks that will plumb the sweet spot of the draft, gaining starters in multiple positions, locking them into rookie contracts, and building for the future.

              1. Subbie, I’m glad to know that you are thumping your chest again and that you take full responsibility for the abysmal record of the niners with your draft choices!

              2. really isn’t that hard. Only losers that miss say that its a hard process. Our organization for example always say it.

              3. For cryin out loud, Sebs-Grant does not need your slurpin! He’s plenty knowledgeable enough to stand on his own two feet. He’s a grown-up, not a victim.

            2. I can vouch for Grant’s first 2 mock picks for the 49ers in 2017. He definitely mocked both Lattimore and Cunningham to the 49ers. I personally had Jamal Adams mocked to the 49ers at #3. The 49ers definitely screwed the pooch with their first pick in that draft. Both Adams and Lattimore would have been much better picks than Thomas. And had Reuben Foster had even half of a brain in that head of his, taking him at #31 should have been a slam dunk, so I’ve basically given ShanaLynch a mulligan on that pick.

              1. 49reasons, my inquiry is not about veracity but more to add another layer of interest to the mock draft.
                Grant has worked himself up from a knee-jerk wannabee (“if you take away that play” is his most infamous quote) to a well researched writer. But how does the research stack up in real time is what I am interested in. He picked two good prospects in 2017, but if that is out of five years, that’s not a very high return.
                If we add points for every good pick in previous years, we’ll get a better insight on how the draft may work out.

              2. The niners did trade out of the #2 pick to drop back to the third pick. Truth be told, many people had Sol rated at that position. Still I wanted the niners to trade back further, but it seemed there were no takers and there were concerns about Lattimore’s medical if I am not mistaken. I was also thinking, Lynch let his emotions get in the way because he knew Sol and had that Stanford connection. As far as Foster. Yeah the red flags were there and they blew it. Could have had to two plyers who might otherwise still be on the team.

              3. Yah, I hear you dee. No matter what people will claim, it’s certainly not an exact science. And there is usually more going on behind the scenes that we often realize.

                I don’t cut Grant a lot of slack though, and I am sure he’s missed on his share of picks, and sometimes I think he’s a little too quick to make judgements on some of the Niners picks, but I do have to say that he usually does a really good job putting together his mock drafts.

      2. Interesting. Grant have you thought about doing the shadow draft? It would be interesting to see what your drafts would look like in comparison to the 49ers actual draft.

          1. This guy named Brian Peacock..host of ‘Locked on 49ers’ podcast, bay area reporter and former KNBR producer has had a ‘shadow draft’ the past 6 years. You can look up his predictions. He makes a pick while the 49ers are on ‘the clock’ what they will do, either a player or if they’ll trade the pick, whatever in the 10 minutes. He says..”As always, there’s only one rule in the Shadow Draft. When San Francisco is on the clock, I’m on the clock. You can check my work in past Shadow Drafts here.”

            1. I just listened to the..Locked on 49ers.. 37 minute podcast, Combine Review from Brian Peacock of players the 49ers would be interested in, very good and detailed podcast. This shadow draft would be interesting with the different scenarios, players off the board, trades and pressure going on being on the clock. If Grant does one and others here join in doing one and compare, it might be fun how it ends up turning out.

            2. I like it, it seems more honest since you know who’s available. Only problem is when the GM decides to trade down, or you want to trade down for picks.

              1. Trades are essentially off the table because you don’t know the offers. You essentially have to pick when the niners do and accept their trades However you can notate you wouldn’t have made the trade and instead selected player x. The problem is that you could end up with multiple shadow drafts that would affect your future roster.
                I would just recommend picking when they pick and stating if you would have made the trade or not.
                Over a few years you can stack up your drafts vs the teams and see your strengths and weaknesses.

  9. Love it all the way down to Thornhill. I think Burns has a chance to be the best pass rusher out of this year’s group by year 3. Definitely has the best bend and he will continue to get bigger and stronger. Very athletic! I have a feeling Isabella gets drafted somewhere.

      1. I think that is a good point. However, Isabella played out wide often in college with a good deal of success and his speed is nice to have. I think he could beat out Taylor.

      2. Isabella’s success came mostly from the outside and not the slot. Question though is how will be fare at the NFL level if put on the outside.

  10. Grant proposed a very realistic trade back scenario, but may be wrong with the Raider picks.
    If the Niners could manage to pull off those trades, and draft those players, I would jump for joy. What a bonanza! as Joe Starkey would have said.
    Since Grant proposed a trade back with the Broncos, the Giants will be well aware of the possibility. Also, TB may be in the market to trade back. Therefore, I will make a different scenario. I think the Raiders taking Haskins could be a big possibility, with Murray gone to the Cards, so the next trade back with the Niners would be with the Giants. They do not want to stay at 6, and watch Haskins and Lock getting picked ahead of them.
    So here is my new trade back scenario. Niners trade number 2 for the Raiders numbers 4, 35 and 66. Niners then trade number 4 and number 67 for the Giants numbers 6, 37 and 143. Giants have 3- 5th round picks, and the Niners have none, so I threw that in to sweeten the deal.
    The Niners end up with pick numbers 6, 35, 36, 37, 66, 104, 143, 176 and 212. They should trade back from 36 but that will not be in this calculation. 5 picks in the first 66, and 9 total.

    1. Niners could trade pick number 36 to the Titans for pick numbers 51 and 82. Moving up into the top of the second round would be well worth a third round pick for the Titans, and the Niner selections would be more spread out.

      1. Niner mock 7 Post Combine with 3 trade backs. Niners have pick numbers 6, 35, 37, 51, 66, 82, 104, 143, 176 and 212. Using Draftek big board and trying to stay within 5 of each ranking and draft number.
        Niners trade back, and still get the player they coveted. Montez Sweat. Bosa, Quinnen Williams and Josh Allen may be selected before the 6th pick. Jets would do best by picking OT Jonah Williams to protect Darnold.
        Other players the Niners could consider with even more trade backs are- Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary, Brian Burns, Clelin Ferrell, Devin White, DK Metcalf and Greedy Williams.
        6. Montez Sweat EDGE.
        35. Brian Burns OLB. (Ranked 28).
        37. DeAndre Baker CB.
        51. Erik McCoy OC.
        66. Deebo Samuel WR.
        82. Jonathan Abram S.
        104. Michael Dieter OT
        143. Ben Banogu EDGE.
        176. Caleb Wilson TE
        212. Keelan Doss WR.

        1. I think Sweat is a combine warrior, meaning won’t be as good on the field. Had good practices in the all star games, but when game time rolled around did not do anything special. Burns isn’t going to last that long.

          1. Sweat practiced for KS in the Senior Bowl, so I expect they know more about Sweat than you do. With his long arms, he was unblockable.
            4.41 speed is elite, and set a record.
            You may be right about Burns, but I threw him in to Burn Grant. He wanted Burns in the first. I am hoping he falls to the 36th spot. I did acknowledge he was ranked 28th.

            1. Seb,
              “With his long arms, he was unblockable.”

              Yup, until he went head to head with Oli Udoh, a relative unknown from Elon.

              1. 4.41 speed at 260 lbs is elite.
                Maybe Oli Udoh is also elite. He ran a 5.05 at 323 lbs and has 35- 3/8″ arms, too.

              2. Sebs-

                In all honesty, your forgetting something–“Can he Play?” This is not the Olympics, where just these measurables will get you a ribbon. Many other things come into play i.e. does the player consistently take the right angles? Is he football smart? The guy looks like Hercules, but does he bring that in a game? etc etc
                Brady is a clear example of that. Remember that footage of him running the 40 at his combine? Even for a QB it was not impressive.

            2. “4.41 speed is elite, and set a record.”

              Yep, beating the previous record holder, the illustrious Manny Lawson. How’d he work out as a pass rusher?

              You are giving the underwear Olympics too much credence. Sweat is still the same player he was before the combine. Good prospect, will be a 1st rounder, but is better using his length than his speed as a pass rusher as he can struggle to corner.

              1. I am counting on his Senior Bowl practices and their hands on evaluations of Sweat.
                I am also hoping that the new D line coach Kocurek will be able to utilize the DL properly, and put the players in their best positions to succeed.

              2. Oh, look. Montez Sweat just moved up 4 spots in the ranking, from 11 to 7. In my mock, Niners pick at 6.
                Burns has moved up 45, and is at 28.

  11. Grant,
    Awesome if things play out as you’ve projected. My only issue is with Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State. He’s a body catcher who lacks suddenness and an average blocker. There will be better options available in the 3rd round (pick 67).

  12. Decent, But as others have said, no way Dillard makes it to the second round. But how about Garrett Bradbury with 24th and Travon Mullens in the second.

    I also like the following trade with Oakland: We give our first and second for all three of their first rounders.

    I think you are over the top in your hatred of Bosa, but I do agree that neither Bosa and Allen deserve the #2 pick. Trade Down!

  13. Like your draft GC! Obviously, we’d be stoked with that much talent coming aboard. That said, I don’t think there is a scenario in this draft that is bad for the Niners. Bosa will be Joey, maybe better. That gives us a solid edge. Allen will be very good. Williams will be dominant and if we get an edge in FA, gives us dominant line.

  14. Grant – Love your trade down scenarios. Much of this revolves around Tyler Murray and Nick Bosa. I haven’t bought into the hype that either of these players are the best players in the draft and are transformational to the game. With that said, when you look consistent winners, the Patriots and Steelers being the model, after establishing the QB position, you draft the team and not an individual. With that said, would consider Alabama LB Mack Wilson at pick 24, a three down player with good coverage skills instead of CB DeAndre Baker who does not fit the tall long arms favored now by Saleh’s defense. Also, LT’s are premium, a lot of teams are looking, what do think about Wisconson’s David Edwards?

      1. Move McGlinchey to LT as was the plan. Edwards would be a solid RT. Not sure Dillard will last till round 2. What do you think of Mack Wilson and as a later round CB, how about Lonnie Jackson?

  15. Grant

    What a great mock…! Together with Seb’s 36 trade (crumb pickers) this is such a strong Draft, that there will still be quality picks through the entire draft….Nice picks…and good reasoning… It’s only my greed that longs for Josh Allen…

      1. After seeing Burns weigh in at 249 without losing speed and athleticism, he not only will make an impact right away, but could conceivably be the best edge rusher out of this years draft after a season or two when he will get bigger and stronger.

  16. Nice scenario Grant.
    But I don’t see the raiders trading away in a draft rich year.

    The raiders got rid of great players to position themselves as a 1st rd power.
    Unless they feel that they can find equal talent in later picks, I don’t see them trading away their high picks.

      1. A few years ago, Carr was one of the best young QB’s in football. Not sure what has caused his descent but if he can recapture his early success, he could still be a top 12 QB.

        I’m not sure if Haskins can provide the immediate impact that Gruden /Mayock are hoping for.
        I see too much Jamies Winston in Haskins. If the raiders can’t see this then they deserve what they get.

        1. I’m with you. But it’s clear Gruden doesn’t like Carr — just watch Gruden’s face during the games. And it’s been reported the Raiders were shopping Carr at the Combine. I have a feeling Mayock loves Haskins.

        2. Grudn/Mayock aren’t afraid to trade away good players like Carr while they still can get value picks for them like ‘Mack’. Carr was fading, Gruden wants some sizzle/new and improved action from the QB plus ticket sales for Vegas.

          1. Luke,
            I understand that mindset with Gruden.
            But I’m not sold on Haskins being the answer.
            The only time Gruden won a Super bowl were with Tony Dungey’ players not his.

            I like a maverick type coach who is not cookie-cutter material (ala Al Davis). But Gruden didn’t do very well as head coach after Dungey’ players retired or moved on.

          2. Luke

            I agree that Gruden will trade away good players before their time…Also, take into consideration that Carr took a lot of QB ‘hits’ over the last two years, and threw a lot of desperation/ self preservation passes…I think he needs a fresh team…

          3. AES….not sold on Haskins but now some experts say Arizona may keep Rosen, not trade him away and better the D with Bosa or Q. Williams?..and Murray is there at #2 or Haskins and Gruden calls Lynch. Like Grant said they can get the QB of the future but now with Murray!..and 49ers get #4,24,106 or 141. Then maybe the Bronco’s call for Haskins at #4, give #10,41 like Grant said and 49ers get Sweat who they probably really wanted. 49ers end up w/9-10 picks!

      1. Nick,
        If the raiders really want Haskins they won’t gamble that he falls to them with their #4.
        I really don’t care what they do unless they make an attractive deal with us.

        Gruden’ best move since taking over the helm is bringing in Mayock who is very adept at evaluating talent.

  17. I actually like this Mock draft, fairly realistic selections, all our needs addressed and I love Brian Burns.

  18. I like your picks and especially the emphasis on D. They’ve got some urgency to the issue of finding out if the defensive problems are talent or Saleh related. The offense should take care of itself with more time if Shanahan can spend a little more time working with what he’s got and a lot less time waiting for the players to adapt to his scheme. By the inch is a cinch; by the yard is hard. Works in football too.

    1. Thanks, whine. The defense surprisingly ranked 13th in yards allowed last season. It has lots of issues, but I think it’s biggest issue is the offense committing so many turnovers.

  19. I kind of agree trading down is the best option… unfortunately we are not in positon to take a sexy pick like Bosa or Allen.

    We have to be honest here, talent is a huge issue for Niners. Further, development of players is just as important. We are lacking in both areas.

  20. I speculated about trading 2 for the Raiders 4+24 the other day. But I was thinking if quarterbacks go 1-2, that leaves either Bosa or Allen falling to 4.

    Few mocks have Burns going high. Not sure why. I love what I see on his YouTube highlights.

    I was thinking greedy thoughts. Pick 4 Bosa/Allen. Pick 24 Burns.

    1. Grant is right to take Burns at 10 in his trade back scenario. The early mocks could be way off, as early mock often are.

      1. I agree. Burns stance and posture remind me of Aldon Smith. I could visualize Burns in a 4-point stance in Wide 9. Or making trouble from the SAM spot (though I see him as primarily DE).

        How do you rate Burns relative to Allen?

  21. My dream scenario is to trade down for two first rd picks.
    And my two first rd picks would be:
    Devin White & Brian Burns.
    You could thank me later 😉

  22. Grant, good mock. I like this trade down scenario.

    I see Allen in the 49ers future too. As draft day approaches, the 2 QB’s will receive the normal hyperbolic pre-draft, media blitz, ensuring even more teams, with better offers, make a run at he 49ers top pick!!!

    1. Chris Biderman: How a busy NFL Monday full of franchise tags shaped the 49ers’ market for pass rusher

      “I always have said, I wish the draft was first…look at your board and be like, ‘All right, now who do we want to overpay to go fill the holes?’ But it doesn’t work that way,” Shanahan said last week. “You don’t want to go overpay someone and then see someone you like better who you could have gotten in the third round…

      Monday was pivotal throughout the league’s free-agent process. Several pass rushers were given the franchise tag ahead of Tuesday afternoon’s deadline, preventing the 49ers from addressing their most pressing need on defense with a top-flight veteran.

      Pass rushers who were tagged were no surprise. Jadeveon Clowney (Texans), Demarcus Lawrence (Cowboys), Frank Clark (Seahawks), Grady Jarrett (Falcons) and Dee Ford (Chiefs) will be kept off the market as franchise players.

      Unsigned veteran free agents can begin negotiating with new teams during the legal tampering period March 11. Deals can officially be signed when the new league year begins March 13.


      1. I’m hearing Baker lacks football character, has a poor work ethic, and that he barely trained for the combine.

  23. Kurtenbach: Why Kyler Murray Mania is great news for the 49ers
    The NFL Draft is gearing up to be a windfall for Kyle Shanahan’s team.

    The 49ers didn’t tank, so they didn’t land the No. 1 overall pick in April’s NFL Draft.

    That was a tough blow for some fans at the end of the regular season, but perhaps the karma of actually trying down the stretch has come back and rewarded the Niners.

    After all, even if Murray does go No. 1, there will still likely be a handful of teams vying to get to No. 2 to select a quarterback — likely Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins. Teams have figured out that you can’t wait on a quarterback to fall in the draft — if you like a guy, you have to go get him.

    nd if teams are likely to clamor for Haskins, how high could the Niners drive the price up if Murray, who appears to be separating himself as QB 1, is on the board at No. 2?

    (Don’t forget Washington, down Alex Smith, either. They might feel desperate and empty the war chest, too — it’s not like they’re a competent and pragmatic organization).


  24. I don’t see the Raiders picking a QB, they have to many needs. If they do trade with the niners, you are shortchanging the niners. Usually, especially when a team wants a QB and there maybe other suitors you get more than the value of the pick not less. I would expect a third round and not a fifth round at least. Especially if the Card’s pick Murray. The other thing is now there will be two QBs on the market Rosen and Carr. Can the Raider’s get the asking price for Carr?

    With that said, if the cards do pick Murray and the raiders want Haskins, I like the move cause that means either Bosa or Josh will be there still at the #4 position. I would not trade back any further than the #4 position. I think Allen has more upside than Burns, Burns is maybe more polished right now. Remember, Allen only this season was asked to rush the QB more, and half the other times he spent dropping back in coverage on passing downs, imagine if he rushed the passer more often. Plus Allen played in one of the toughest conferences. I would then trade the 24th pick to pick up more picks.

  25. Before all this I would sign Earl Thomas and Houston. Then use the other picks to get a WR, CB and OL in that order. Trade back with the 24th pick, but keep it in the first. Use the picks picked up there to couple with the 2nd rounder to move back into the 1st. The thinking is you get to keep the players one extra year contract wise.

    1. In this scenario, better to still get a good edge rusher in 1st round. Can’t have enough edge rushers. Kyle is good at evaluating WR’s later in the draft.

      1. I’m putting him #17 to the Browns. Dorsey drafted Peters #18 in 2015 and he ran a 4.53.

        Sorry for the multi-edits. Brain not working.

        1. That’s fair, but the Browns took Denzel Ward in Round 1 last year. Plus, Peters posted great times in the agility drills and intercepted 11 passes in college.

          1. Was impulsive comment, I hadn’t checked or remembered them taking Ward. So yea probably wont take two in a row but he’s also a possibility at #10 to the Broncos.

            1. True, unless the Broncos trade up for Lock, or Lock falls to them. I imagine they plan to draft a QB. Flacco is just a bridge.

              1. Do you trade for Flacco and then use a first round pick on a QB in the same off season?

              2. The Eagles did something similar when they signed Bradford and then traded up for Carson Wentz a month later. But the Eagles traded for Bradford the previous year.

              3. Broncos should trade pick numbers 10, 113 and 148 for Nick Mullens, Solomon Thomas and Ahkello Witherspoon.
                Mullens is an NFL starting QB, Thomas is a first round pick who may thrive in a 3-4 system, and Witherspoon would replace Roby.

    1. DeAndre Baker is ranked 36 on the Draftek Big Board. Many other players may move up into the first round, driving down his ranking.

  26. I’ve been saying trade down for the last 3 years. This year is no different. We only have 6 picks. If we use all 6 every pick needs to hit. Like your draft but I’d get N’keal Harry in 2nd round.

  27. I’m in for that! Nice mock.

    I have been saying for months that the difference between Bosa (or Allen) and the next tier of pass rushers isn’t great enough to not trade back and get the extra picks. As you say, this team is still rebuilding and can do with upgrades pretty much everywhere.

    I might take some different players, but tbh the guys you have there all look pretty good to me. The only definite change I would make is that with all those picks they should add a TE. It is an historically deep TE group and the 49ers need a backup TE.

    1. Thanks, Scooter.
      If the 49ers draft a TE before Round 5, he would make more money than Kittle, and that might be awkward. Any TEs you like?

      1. It will only be for a year – they will give Kittle a new deal at end of season.

        After Nauta’s horrific combine he could be a steal. I don’t care how he tested, he can play. But in all honesty, with such a deep class there will be good options available every round. Moreau, Sternberger and Wilson in the mid rounds offer excellent value.

  28. Grant,

    The current 49ers management team does not know how to draft players period. Yes they had that Bears trade but looks like to me the bears got the better deal. Lets recap their past 2 drafts. Thomas should not of been drafted number 3 but he was and 2 years in he’s on the bust side, should of traded down some more. Foster would of been a good pick if he didn’t have all those issues but he does and look at what happen. Witherspoon not a good CB, Beathard not a good backup QB, Joe Williams got cut, Kittle is the only player worth anything, Taylor maybe 5 or 6 WR or PS, D.J Jones ok backup who know will be a starter probably, Pita PS player and Colbert who is only a backup player not starter. Out of 10 picks only 1 is a true starter.

    2018 Draft Mike is an ok pick but should of traded down or picked another player, like SS or CB like they should of done in 2017. Pettis could develop into a good WR but drafted way to high and injury prone. Warner looks to be a great pickup so far. Moore looks like a bust to be picked in the third round. Street shouldn’t of been picked in the fourth round, DJ reed is a backup or PS player, Marcell is backup or PS player, Jullian Taylor not sure yet and Richie James could become a good WR or 5 or 6 option or PS player.

    So as you can see after 2 drafts out of 19 picks they only found 3 players who are starters maybe 4 if Pettis develops. That’s not good drafting. They don’t know how to pick top tier players and I hope they are not trying to depend on finding GEMS in the later rounds. You need to think of your needs and what you can get out of your draft spot. They need to have the draft board ready. If they do what Grant suggest they can get 4 starters unless the OL is not ready then 3 starters or they can trade those picks and go get players from other teams to address areas of need.

    The point is that they probably won’t draft good because they will find a way to mess it up. They will probably draft Williams from Alabama and that will be another DL who is not a pass rush specialist. Or they will draft a player higher than they should be drafted. And here is a thought, why do they still have Arik on the team making close to 10 million who has not produced in 4 years and probably will not be a starter next year.

    1. Your point seems to be one of the larger elephants in the room–that Lynch and Shanahan are clueless when it come to drafting, and most everything else football.

      The root of the issue is ownership–beyond Jed. Responsibility for the 9er tire fire resides with Denise (primary) and John.

      Grant. Any progress in lining up an interview with Denise? Perhaps a few weeks before training camp?

        1. Cassie is right on this, Seb………..you haven’t smelled “stench” until you start thinking about what the York’s have done to this franchise, from day one! Hell, they chase away their WINNING Coach’s!! And those have been few and far between.
          I blame it on old man York, who used to try and lecture Walsh about football…………………..
          The really amazing thing is that they are still in business………….like a government job……….

          1. Ripping the ownership will not accomplish a thing. They will still be the owners, and I like how they have let JL and KS run the team. Better results are forthcoming with a returning QB and RB, and a successful Free Agency and draft.
            Saw, you just come off as a whiny pseudo fan.

    2. niner,
      Good points. But I’m not ready to close the book on Thomas or Witherspoon. Taylor played hurt in 2018 and deserves another year.

      Although McGlinchey is not in Kittle’ air space, he is a strong draft pick who more than held his own last year. McGlinchey has pro bowl potential written all over him.
      Warner is another player who will be viewed as a great pick in a couple of years. Pettis could be very good as well.

      I agree that Lynch and Shanahan have had their share of questionable picks, but they have made good on other players not name George Kittle as well.

  29. Grant:

    When are you going to do your periscope this afternoon? In the past, the short notices meant that I missed most of your “live” periscopes. Can you provide an approximate time, so I know to look out for it?


  30. I finally had a chance to view your mock Grant. It’s good, but I also cannot get behind it for a few reasons.
    The first reason is because I dtubt the Raiders are trading up unless a a QB needy team traded picks with the Jets. The next reason is I do not forsee Baker falling that far down in the first round. Finally, I also do not think Dillard falls out of the first round.

  31. Here’s an idea; Niners sign Trey Flowers in free agency (now that the franchise tag deadline has passed, and we know he is available), thus freeing them to use the #2 pick on Quinnen Williams (the “cleanest” Top 5 prospect out there). The D-Line would be Armstead, Williams, Buckner, and Flowers.

    Who says no to that?

    I’m hoping work loosens up soon so I can fully engage here.

    1. Sorry, I read that he is going to Miami, because he is following his DC who is now the HC. Sure wish the Niners could sign him….

      1. I read that too, but we could throw money at him. Regardless, let’s say we get Dante Fowler Jr. and Preston Smith instead (Smith for power, Fowler as a pass rush specialist). Then the line is Armstead/Quinnen Williams/Buckner/Smith and Fowler. Isn’t that defensive line the envy of maybe 29 out of the 31 other teams in this league?

    1. Either Kingsbury is utilizing a smokescreen of epic proportions or is showing the Cardinals are morons for hiring him.

  32. Sign et! Sign fowler or patriots de. Sign mosely n sign golden Tate too. 45 million total. Trade down n get picks n sweat. Get starting LT in 2nd round, little or Kaleb mcgary from Washington. Draft josh oliver. Draft a wr in later RDS to develop. Ks really good at that. Like Isaih Johnson cb and lb drue tranquil.

  33. Grant, Well thought out mock. BTW dont get caught up about Burns 249 weight. A Family friend worked out at the combine. Certain guys put on 8-9 pounds at weigh in, then lose most of it before the day off the drills. Also, are you satisfied with the teams center guard situation. Thx, again great job.

  34. Not a bad mock but I prefer standing pat and take either Allen or Bosa cuz I think they are a level or maybe 2 ahead of the other edge rushers.

  35. Can’t believe I wasted my time going through this mock draft. If a mock draft for the 9ers doesn’t include a trade or draft involving a cornerback it is not a mock draft that makes any sense, and by the way a mock draft involving a trade better include the 9ers getting Jalen Ramsey. Just saying.

    1. My mock had them taking DeAndre Baker in the second round.
      BTW, Jags will sign Foles, so they have no need to move up in the draft.

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