49ers post-combine mock draft

Now that the Combine is finished, it’s time for another 49ers mock draft.

Round 1. Darron Lee, ILB, Ohio State.

The most athletic linebacker in the draft (other than maybe UCLA’s Myles Jack, who almost surely will get drafted before the Niners can take him).

Compares to: Ryan Shazier, ILB, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Round 2. Charles Tapper, EDGE, Oklahoma.

The most athletic edge defender in the draft. Experienced lining up at defensive end and defensive tackle on passing downs. Versatile.

Compares to: Justin Smith, DE, 49ers (retired).

Round 3. Kevin Hogan, QB, Stanford.

The most underrated quarterback in the draft. Will get picked earlier than more fans expect.

Compares to: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins.

Round 4. Marquez North, WR, Tennessee.

Big 21-year-old wide receiver who runs a 4.48 40-yard dash.

Compares to: Josh Gordon, WR, Cleveland Browns.

Round 4. Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina State.

Recorded 16 sacks as a junior in the FCS.

Compares to: Geno Atkins, DT, Cincinnati Bengals.

Round 5. Fahn Cooper, OT/OG, Ole Miss.

Round 5. Justin Simmons, FS, Boston College.

Round 5. Tyler Ervin, RB, San Jose State.

Round 6. James Bradberry, CB, Samford.

Round 6. Romeo Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame.

Round 6. Ka’imi Fairbairn, K, UCLA.

Round 6. Isaac Seumalo, G/C, Oregon State.

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  1. Grant, is this mock who you think the 49ers will draft, or your own notions on who to draft?

    Also, does the Lee pick suggest a trade back from 7? I like what I hear about Lee.

    I like Hargrave. I think Hogan can be had later. There should be some pretty good defensive talent at pick 68.

    1. These are my notions. And no, the Lee pick does not suggest a trade down. I think he will go top 10. He certainly is one of the 10 best athletes this year.

      1. Wow Grant…this was really a strong, solid draft…top to bottom. Made me think and really made sense according to the team’s needs. I love it and wish that you was this thoughtful and unbiased in your articles as you were in this mock…Great job…keep it up..

        1. yea…i agree its a solid draft…….not sold on the 1st pick……but the rest of the picks looks great…..

      2. Props to making your own independent conclusions on who to pick at 7.

        I’ll study up on Lee. I was hoping he’d fall to 37. After he had the great combine I was thinking modest trade-up could secure him.

      3. He’s a great athlete. I don’t really scout or know what to look for in game film. That being said from my perspective he looks a little small to be able to be a 3 down player in the NFL. His speed and tackling abilities make him a candidate to move to SS in my opinion. I don’t think he is a top 10 pick at all.

        Also have to consider how good of a defense he played on in college which marginalized his lack of size for a LB.

          1. Hey Grant, does this mock draft mean the the starting QB for the 49ers will be either Kaepernic( if he stays) or gabbert, because I doubt hogan will be the starter his first year

      4. Earlier this week you wrote about Kelly’s offense needing a running threat at QB to be successful. So why the Hogan selection?

      5. Grant,
        Nice. You top the list of GM of the month award.

        My only qualm is Ervin. Isn’t he a replica of Mike Davis?

          1. Ervin has a very good burst and enough speed to make him a dangerous RB on every touch.

            Not sure about the Sproles measurables because Darren comes in at a little south of 5’6″ but Ervin does seem to have a similar skill set – which makes him a steal in rd 5.

      6. Jeez. You love those ILB’s really high in the draft. I HATE that pick. Not because Lee isn’t a great player but because the 9ers need o-line help. ILB’s is not a position most teams rate even in the first round. I hope they trade down and nap a few o-lineman. Also, don’t like the Hogan pick. He’s a 5th rounder at best.

      7. So will they not pick up any OL help in the draft? Or will that be FA? Or they stick with the sorry bunch we have already? AD comes back and can resemble 2013 he’ll be ok, then we just need a RG.

  2. If the 49ers miss out on a top ILB, does anyone see them going for Keanu Neal to use as a nickle corner if he falls to 37?

    I know we are loaded with safeties, and Tartt has (or should have) the nickle safety role, but maybe Baalke can see the value of mixing and matching to keep defenses guessing.

    Also, and thoughts on Bronson Kaufusi for day three edge rusher? He’s 6’6.5″, 285 lbs, 34.5″ arm. He killed the 3-cone at 7.03.

    1. My two cents,ILB Blake Martinez- 5th round- old school LB not in vogue these days but tough and “football smart” ! Brodie I love the safeties in this class Karl Joseph is a guy we should pick simply because he is a BMF, great team player and fine football player-Killebrew is another guy I’d grab maybe move to OLB both of those guys are tough as nails.Tartt,Joseph and Killebrew -we are talking serious kickazz!

    1. Not wanting to get into the whole ILB in a 3-4 vs OLB in a 4-3 argument, but I think Lee (like Jack and Jaylon Smith) would be fine as a weakside ILB in a 3-4 or weakside OLB in a 4-3.

      1. Not wanting to get into the whole ILB in a 3-4 vs OLB in a 4-3 argument, but I think Lee (like Jack and Jaylon Smith) would be fine as a weakside ILB in a 3-4 or weakside OLB in a 4-3.

  3. I still think Bosa will fall to us at 7.

    4.Goff (STL for both 2nd rounders)

    1. Here’s how I see it:

      Tennessee: Tunsil
      Cleveland: Wentz
      San Diego: Ramsey
      Dallas: Bosa
      Jacksonville: Jack
      Baltimore: Hargreaves

              1. However, the 49ers should stick to BPA. Buckner is a much better prospect who carries much more value than Lee. He would add to our ailing pass rush as well as provide d-line depth if Ian Williams leaves in free agency. Other positions can be addressed in other rounds. Also, this is pre-free agency, so some needs will be fulfilled before the draft that we are unaware of at the moment.

              2. So you reach for one at 7? Talent is talent and Buckner is worlds better than lee and the draft is stocked with ILBs. Look at FA for pass rushers, SF isn’t gonna make a complete rebuild in one year anyway you grab Buckner if there and be happy you have a monster DL for the next 10 years!

              3. Hey Grant I like the pics could you see the 9ers grabbing Dodd in the second round? I don’t know much about rapper and haven’t seen much tape on him.

          1. Grant: the problem is that they need a lot of help on the o-line, and you say they will go defense with the first 2 picks, I don’t think that will go that way,
            but who knows. I wish Kap would come out of his closet and say what he wants
            to do, and not from 2nd or 3rd parties, that way we would get a better idea of
            what they are going to do in the draft, like if Kap does go then I would bet
            that they would go QB in the first rd.

      1. I wonder if Goff would be good trade-back bait. The Bradford extension reduces that possibility, but doesn’t eliminate it.

        Then there’s the Texans. Once free agency is over we will have a clearer idea.

        The Rams could offer a trade back to move up to 6, but I don’t see Jacksonville giving up the chance to draft Jack.

        The lure of Buckner remaining on the board could entice some teams into a modest trade-up.

          1. If the Niners intended on drafting a QB in Round 1, they would have hired Shanahan

              1. There’s a difference between not wanting to use your first on a QB and still believing in the QB you have. Seems that the author is suggesting it’s more of the latter.

                Maybe Shanahan thinks the same thing I do and that there’s little difference between RG3 and Kaepernick and why go down that street again. Can’t blame him there.

              2. Cole made it seem like Shanahan didn’t get the job because he insisted on spending the first pick on a QB.

              3. Since the pick is supposed to be Baalke’s to make either there’s more to it or Shanahan flat out said he didn’t want the job unless the team drafted a QB in the first round. The second part doesn’t sound very likely to me.

              4. Sounds to me like we’re the ones it’s working against if the team has that much faith in Kaepernick still or the GM is making decisions to save his job rather then to develop a team.

              5. Cole reported the Niners aren’t enamored with Goff, Wentz or Lynch, for what it’s worth.

              6. BTW if the team wanted either Goff, Wentz or Lynch would they say that they’re enamored with one or would they want people to think that they aren’t?

              7. That’s how you’d feel if you weren’t enamored with those three.
                It’s getting a bit convoluted here. This was about them choosing Kelly over Shanahan. You’ve taken from Cole’s report that Shanahan wouldn’t take the job if he couldn’t have a QB in the first round and that because the team isn’t enamored with the first round prospects they hired Chip Kelly instead.

                If Baalke wasn’t worried about losing his job he still would have hired Shanahan and drafted a QB next year instead or found one in the second this year. I truly doubt that Shanahan didn’t get the job because he was insisting that hard on using pick #7 on a QB.

              8. I’m sure Shanahan would have taken the job regardless. I’m saying the 49ers asked him what he thinks the team needs to return to winning, and he said it should draft a QB Round 1. That’s what Cole reported. Didn’t help Shanahan’s cause.

              9. Sounds like they’re trying to manage the expectations of 49ers fans, but who knows?
                Tough to say but I do know that if they really don’t want someone to trade with the Ravens and snag a QB they have to convince teams they aren’t interested in one.

              10. I think when you 100% aren’t in the QB game you say things like this:

                ‘Newsome was asked about teams that are in need of a quarterback, and how that might help the Ravens.

                His response?

                “You have to ask those teams that are looking for quarterbacks,” Newsome said. I feel real good about the two we’ve got: Joe and Ryan Mallett. You’d have to ask those teams. I’m at number six, so they can always call me.”

                I haven’t decided yet if the 49ers are interested in a QB at #7 but I know that IF they are they really don’t want anyone to know it.

              11. When did Cole say the 49ers weren’t enamored with the QB prospects? Not saying he didn’t say it, I just want to know when.

              12. He didn’t explicitly say it, but Bleacher Report printed “49ers not high on Wentz, Goff or Lynch” in his video report about Connor Cook. If that were incorrect, Cole would have made them fix it. Cole also said, “The 49ers sit at No. 7 overall and Baalke doesn’t want to use that pick on a quarterback at this point in time. He would rather get somebody later.”


              13. When did Cole say the 49ers weren’t enamored with the QB prospects? Not saying he didn’t say it, I just want to know when.
                By our hosts reasoning they said it when they hired Kelly.

              14. John McClain and Aaron Wilson from the Houston Chronicle posted their respective Mock Drafts today. McClain has the 9ers taking Wentz and Wilson has the 9ers taking Goff.

                McClain has Lee going #17 and Wilson has Lee going #9. They are projecting Lee as an OLB.

                So now I’m 0-3 with you media types. I don’t like any of your picks.

              15. Yeah I saw that a few days ago, but there was no clear statement that Baalke didn’t like the QB’s other than Cook. I truly hope that was a smoke screen, because if Baalke believes what he said and said it verbally, he is a bigger idiot than we suspect.

              16. Not just QB’s, but Offensive players in general. We need a second GM to make the picks on offense. Maybe that’s Kelly’s role.

              17. Yeah it’s questionable but he may be a better judge of College talent. At least it’s not FA where he really made a mess of things in Philly.

                Speaking of FA, do we see the Niners making a quick strike or is it going to be the wait it out for a week and see what is there after the smoke clears? Apparently they are interested in your guy Sean Smith but will get a fight from the Raiders to secure him.

              18. I bet the Niners strike quick with Smith while the Raiders are thinking about other guys like Weddle and Jackson.

              19. Makes sense. I also read the Raiders may be interested in Osemele. If they got him to go along with Hudson and Jackson, they’d have one of the best interior Olines in the league. Reggie can make this team into a serious playoff contender if he plays this right.

              20. Cole can say what he wants to say, just like you and everybody else, there’s no truth to any of this until some moves are made.

            1. If the team is going to target a QB at #7 I’m feeling more and more certain that it would be Goff.

  4. I love the hogan pick. Very cerebral player. Stands strong in the pocket and has great feet. Lee looks like a better version of shazier. But I like the way dean Lowry looks from northwestern.

  5. I’m not 100% sold on D Lee at number 7. I think that if Jack is already gone by the time the Niners pick, then we may have a shot at either Goff or Wentz, either of which I would rather have at 7. As far as Tapper in the 2nd? I’d really hope they would go for someone more dynamic. They are picking high enough in the 2nd that they should be able to get another dynamic play maker and Tapper was just average. Instead of Tapper in the 2nd I would go for Cody Whitehair OG if he’s available. Otherwise I like your picks.

  6. This would be horrible! Your reaching on every player you meantioned….baalke would be shown the door if this happened

  7. Grant, good job. Another out of left field. Still like Buckner. Would prefer your earlier pick of Lawson, but totally understand if you think Lee could be a 3 down back with his versatility. This draft is loaded with defense so there will be strong candidates later on.
    Hogan may fall to late third, so the Niners should offer one of their Fifths with their Fourth to move up in the Third, after picking at 37.

  8. Grant,I like your mock drafts! I still believe they will go wit a pass rusher(Ogbah) with the 7th pick and a future OT that will start off at LG with pick 37

  9. OK, here is my mock, using picks 7,37,68,106,133,142,145,174,181,210 211 and 213. I also used Drafteck top 300, and tried to pick within 5 of the number.
    1. Deforest Buckner
    2. Jason Spriggs
    3. Su’a Cravens
    4. Scooby Wright
    4. Kevin Hogan
    5. CJ Prosise
    5. Victor Ochi
    5. Cardale Jones
    6. Max Tuerk
    6. Kevon Seymour
    6. Branden Jackson
    6. Jeff Driskel

    1. Seb,
      Not bad bud. You have some good ball’rs on your list. Not too crazy about using up 3 picks on QB’s though – seems like it would be a war of attrition to see who would be the best QB of the lot with two QB’s likely being cut therefore wasting picks that could better used elsewhere.
      Still have Dylan Thompson in the house as well.

      1. AES, I was thinking that Cardale Jones could be converted to a TE with passing options, and Driskel could be used as a slot receiver with flea flicker options.
        I am against North in Grants’ mock because I like Smelter and White, so WRs should be low priority. Got 2 linemen, 2 LBs, 2DEs, 2 QBs, Jones the converted TE, 1 RB, 1 DT, 1 CB.

        1. Seb,
          Ahh, I got you. But with Baalke having to hit it out of the park with this draft, it’s too risky to draft players with the hope that they could be converted to play a different position. I just don’t feel that we have this kind of luxury.

          Even with a good number of picks in this years draft it still makes sense to draft players that are already established in their respected skill positions that just need development in the pro level.

          Not saying I don’t like the QB’s you selected, just not too crazy about drafting that many when there are so many other needs on this team.

          1. Well, with Kaep probably gone, they might need more QB candidates, and both Jones and Driskel would be a good fit for the Chip Kelly system. Think Hogan is more starter ready, but Jones sure looked good in the 2014 National Championship and Driskel ran a 4.56 forty.

              1. Seb,
                Don’t think that Adams will go undrafted. He would be limited as an NFL QB, but he might surprise.

                My sleeper is Brandon Doughty formerly of Western Kentucky. Just slightly small in stature for an ideal size QB at 6’2″ 215lbs – but if scouts like college players that have a proven themselves with strong consistent play they should look no further than Doughty’ last two seasons. This kid has put up monster numbers over the last two years.

              2. You may be right about Adams. He had a nice E/W game. As a sleeper, Doughty has good numbers. Watched some scouting film on him. He does seem to have a good arm and good pocket awareness.

    2. Seb

      I especially like your ‘Scooby’ pick and either Jason Spriggs or Rinnie Stanley at 2…Jeff Driscel to replace Hogan at 2nd 4

      Some good stuff here Seb

      1. Ty, Ore, I think if Hogan is picked earlier, Cardale Jones in the 4th, then Driskel in Cardale Jones spot. Then Adams in Driskel’s spot.
        Tried to cover needs. Niners do not need to draft WRs or a kicker. They can wait for UDFAs.

            1. Looked at the top prospects and saw Michael Thomas at 45, but then realized there are 2 Michael Thomases. One from Ohio State and the other from Southern Miss.

    3. 1.laquon Treadwell
      2. Kendall fuller
      3.dak Prescott
      4. Tyler matakenvich
      4. Paul Perkins
      5. Denver Kirkland
      5. Dad Nicholas
      5. Aaron burbridge
      6.hassan ridgeway
      6. Eric Murray
      6. Romeo okwara
      Resign Boone Anthony Davis comes back sign. Free agent Sean smith or Jenkins also sign Danny teavhean

    4. Nice Seb-question marks for me- Tuerk dropping to the sixth, Prosise in the fifth both of whom I think go a round higher .You are picking up two QB’s so I presume you think KAP or Gabs is off the squad.Good picks. PS I keep mocking Ochi as well love him in the the later rounds.

      1. High, just went with the Draftek rankings. I also forgot about Keith Marshall, but with his 40 time, I bet he goes in the third.
        Yes, I think Kaep is gone. :(

  10. Grant …

    I find the 2nd – Rd #6 .. pick curious …

    Question …

    Do you think Bradley Pinion is on the hot seat ?

    (so soon ?)

  11. Some good players in your mock but the Niners will never pass on Goff or Wentz for that matter and one will be available at #7. Dallas will not draft a QB until later and St Louis won’t be moving ahead of us. I have Hogan going to Dallas in the 4th round. Love Tyler Ervin. Think he is one of the best backs in the draft. Great hands and can go from 1st gear to afterburner in three strides. Nobody is picking this kid..

    1. SF doesn’t need a QB as of today. Mark Sanchez won in Chip Kelly’s system. His first start was against Carolina and his numbers: Sanchez notched two TDs as he threw for 332 yards.

      …Mark Sanchez! So, no SF does not need to waste a pick on a QB in the first 2 rounds.

  12. Marquez North would be a Baalke type pick, choosing a player based on his best season, not necessarily his most recent one. (Mike Davis, Aldon Smith, Eric Reid had better seasons than the one they played prior to the draft)

    1. Not to nitpick (which of course is a prelude to doing so :/) but Aldon’s down year was due to an injury his last season that forced him to miss multiple games he was not necessarily less productive.

      1. I have to disagree. Smith’s productivity may have been affected by injuries, but the reality is that his stats declined when Cowboy lose his functional strength and then decided to retire.

  13. If Baalke’s going to go defense at #7, it should be Buckner. Adding pass rushers is all well and good IF you’ve upgraded your front 3. If you haven’t, you’re largely wasting draft picks. I surely don’t see Hogan as a 3rd rd pick…but if it’s QB you’re after, I’d go Prescott. He’s the kind of athletic QB Kelly loves. He’s improved his passing a ton in the last year and like Hogan, can get you a 1st down with his legs. North is at the bottom of NFL.com draft profile WR’s and is #25 WR on Walter Football’s draft prospects. Better options would include Kenny Lawler, Rishard Higgins & Chris Brown. Hargrave had great numbers at South Carolina St, but he’s undersized as both a NT and DE for the Niners. He might get a shot in the hybrid alignment. Comparing him to Geno Atkins is a huge reach.

    1. Lee is more athletic than Buckner and fills a need.
      Hogan is more athletic than Prescott.
      North is the seventh-most athletic receiver in the draft according to SPARQ scores.
      Hargrave is the same size as Ian Williams.

      1. Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t the 49ERS supposed to be drafting the best football players, not necessarily the best athletes?

      2. Actually for a 6’7″ 3-4 DE, I would say Buckner is pretty athletic.

        Also, you might be putting a little too much weight on athleticism or at least misdefining it. Lee is very fast, but if you watch his tape he is often blown up by blocks. Buckner would be a better value in the run game as a plugger and the pass game as a rusher. Very athletic 6’7″ monster. If we are playing BPA, the answer is Buckner by a long shot.

        I would value Lee below the top ten.

        1. That’s true. His height is his best trait. Athletically, he ranks in the 58th percentile among NFL players.

  14. At what point does Tapper look like Justin Smith? I’m 3 mins in and see a worthless DE who’s getting beat on every play except one.

    1. Grant,
      I have to agree with Dan regarding Tapper. He is getting pushed off the LOS and shows no skill with hands or initial moves to get leverage. We already have that player in Carradine.

      At number 2 pick he seems like too much a risk. Preston Smith came into the league with significant skills and is still developing. Tapper may prove to be good, but I wouldn’t touch at number 2.

        1. Grant,
          Not saying can’t be a good NFL player but the comparison to Justin Smith might be much.

          The player that resembles JS’ playing style of pure strength and finesse is Anthony Zettel formerly of Penn St.
          He has a great motor, very nice football instincts and seems to have a nose for the ball.
          I would take him in the 4th if he’s still on the board.

          1. You’re right. Tapper is athletically similar to Smith, but Smith was a top-3 pick. Frank Clark is a better comparison.

  15. Rotoworld says that Ivory isn’t likely to be back with the Jets. I could see the team having interest in him.

  16. It would be interesting, although not necessarily in a good way, if the 49ers ended up with both Robert Griffin and Alfred Morris.

    1. I wouldn’t have a problem with Stanley. He is not my first choice but is very solid with a higher floor than Buckner,Goff,Lawson or Lee in my opinion. With that said their upside is higher. Personally I am still holding out hope for Jack even if it is a long shot.

  17. I don’t know all the players at the top of the draft or supposed who are to go at the top of the draft, but I like your thought process. 3 out of the last 4 first round pick have failed to start, so I doubt we go qb at #7. If you’re picking 7, you’re bad and the player you’re adding can’t be a project. He needs to start and contribute right away. I think we go Pass rusher or ILB with first pick.

  18. I think Gruden said it best when he gave Goff the 1-11 numbers. Without Romo, they were 1-11, so the Cowboy QB situation is a dire need. Since there are so many good defenders, Goff will be their best choice, which means Bosa Buckner or Jack should be available. I would select one of them over Lee, and Lawson even moved up in a mock to top 10.

  19. Mock draft
    7. Laqoun Treadwell WR Ole Miss
    37. Kendall Fuller CB Virginia
    68. Dak Prescott QB Texas A&M
    102. Tyler Matakevich MLB Temple
    4th. Conner McGovern OG
    130. Denver Kirkland OG Arkansas
    133. Bralon Addison WR Oregon
    5th. Dadi Nicholas OLB Virginia Tech
    160. Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas
    6th. Eric Murray CB Minnesota
    6th. Keith Marshall RB Georgia
    6th. Aziz Shittu DE Stanford
    Resign Boone
    Free Agents signings Sean Smith CB or Jenkins
    Danny Trevathan MLB

      1. Fan’s, It’s sad that before our eyes we had a chance to retain a top 3 DC in Fangio, and, per Grant, a chance to hire a top QB guru in Shannahan who would have solved our QB problems in one draft–something not done around here, ever…Our climb out of the cellar would have been meteoric, now like Randy Cross said, at least 5 years with the offensive plodder, Baalke.

        March 7, 2016 at 9:47 am

        I really wish they would have hired Shanahan. Goff would be great in a Shanahan offense.

        Grant Cohn
        March 7, 2016 at 10:02 am


          1. 49 for some reason,

            Simply citing what Grant stated eartlier in this post with another…I am resigned to another 5 years like Randy Cross said before we crawl out of this hole.

            1. If you’re counting, that would be twenty years of ineptitude, except for the years they stumbled on to Harbaugh

              1. TrollD, I am pretty sure all you do on this forum is cut and paste, so you aren’t exactly a guy who’s opinion catches anyone’s attention around here. Try coming up with some original material, and then you might start to shake your troll status on this blog.

              2. And I have news for you TrollD. You aren’t standing in anyone’s way. The Chip Kelly train is leaving with or without you.

                Nobody likes a cry baby bro, or a copycat! Find some originality or quit wasting your time on this blog because anyone can cut and paste these days. Heck, my 3rd grade nephew can do what you do on this forum.

              3. You know who i miss?

                Jim Tomsula

                As DL coach.

                wish the niners didn’t pull that shizz last year and sign him as a head coach. They in effect lost a good DL coach.

                Fangio/gase/tomsula/rathman not a bad crew of characters as coaches.
                Would have kept donatell with fangio staying.

              4. To tell the truth, I would prefer Tomsula as DC over O’Neil, but know that will never happen. I really like Tomsula, and think they never gave him the players or the support he needed, and they treated him badly in the end.

              5. Seb …

                What did Jimmy the T get for one season
                of ineptitude ..? .. Was it $10 million ..?

                With that kind of money … he’s set ..

              6. The only crybabay here is you 49 reasons you are a football idiot…Having played the game I marvel how football stupid you really are. As far as the York’s go, I’ll trust their track record to date, which is nothing to brag about.

                And I’ll take Randy Cross’s version of the 49ers, a man who played also…So keep posting your inept ideas, but do not call yourself a 49er fan, call yourself a York as- Kisser.

              7. Nobody likes a cry baby Tom. When you aren’t cutting and pasting someone else’s ideas, you’re acting like a little bi-och. At least I contribute original ideas. Maybe you should actually come up with some original ideas of your own about how the 49ers can get better, instead of crying about the past.

              8. Jamaica

                I hope that it’s Happy Hour where you are, and that you are pleasantly soused….Harbaugh is what caused our malaise in the first place…if there’s anything worse than making a giant mistake, it making the same giant mistake twice. He’s a self-important, arrogant, egotistical testicle who left us without the QB, Oline, Dline, and depth that he inherited from Singletary, Nolan, and McCloughan eras. If we’re fortunate enough to be able to get something of value for Kaep in the next couple days, (draft picks or player(s), it will finally wipe the Harbaugh handprints off the niners, and let’s get started winning again….

              9. C’mon Oregon I know you don’t like Harbaugh, but you are well aware he did not have personnel control. The lack of depth is all on Baalke.

            2. Randy Cross was a great 49er, and he certainly has right to his own opinion. But, 5 years is ludicrous in today’s NFL. If it takes the 49ers more than 2 years to get the franchise turned around, then more heads need to roll, starting with Baalke.

              Randy Cross was an excellent offensive lineman. However, I am not sure what he knows or has done in terms of running or coaching a football team. Do you?

          2. I recall fans proclaiming something like that in regards to Tomsula last season.

          1. It’d be perfect if York went with them. I feel like we’ve all given Baalke the benefit of the doubt. I don’t see him making moves to fill in the wholes in his roster. Last year he felt his talent was so good even Tomsula could win. To his credit he didn’t know about the retirements. This year he still believes in his talent selection just needs good coaching. I think 5 wins with the way he’s signing Wilhoite, Devey and Draughn to the roster he’s not serious about doing something different. We’ll end up 30 million under the cap and 5-11.

            1. That’s exactly what I was thinking today, Wilson. Identical under the cap and record. One other thing – Gamble will be the GM, Kelly will stay on as coach.

              But hey, there’s still hope and I’m not going to go all dark until at least tomorrow :)

              1. He could still pull some value signings off. I don’t need us to waster $45 million on Jackson like the Jaguars did. I would rather see us cut ties with players like Amstrong, Devey, Pears, Draughn, Books. There are better players out there with higher upside with the amount we have to spend.

            2. Wilson, with all the cap space, the Niners should match any offers for Williams and Boone, and re-sign them.
              I wish Anquan the best, and hope he can find a team that is contending.

            3. Wilson, I would agree with you, but Baalke just re-signed Williams. Maybe 7-9 with a dream not to have a losing season.

              1. Williams isn’t going to change the record much with out another ILB and some edge rushing help. The secondary would look at lot better if we could get some more pressure up front. Armstrong and Harold aren’t going to do it. We need a legit to RB system. We’re not making those moves. Williams is a piece but we have the $$ to do more. Why not do it? We have a harder schedule than last year, what makes you think we’ll be better? Devey’s back and so is Draughn.

    1. With Davis coming back, the Niners need a backup swing tackle. That’s not the most important area of concern.

      1. Grant,
        If the 49ers are monitoring Browns weight and conditioning this off season and he is continuing to improve, I don’t see a great need for a swing tackle.

        1. Killgore, when he was healthy again, was perfectly adequate at center, and once Tiller supplanted Devey, the Guard play went up.

          1. Killgore is adequate -but Ryan Kelly in the C with Killgore as backup( let Matin fight for a spot) and our Oline starts to look like something imo.

        2. TO THE BLOG

          In a recent post, I was bragging about Vernon Adams being MVP of the ‘Senior Bowl’…Someone corrected me, and it was not true…I had intended to say the E?W Shrine game….He was the MVP there, and his stats were the same as I quoted…Thanks to whomever corrected me…and SORRRRRRRYYY…

          1. Oregon- V A tore it up in that game-he has an uphill battle to make it(no not just because he is vertically challenged) in the pros- due in part to the notion commonly held in NFL that bigger faster ,etc is always better-but the little man has shown some qualities integrated into his game that give him a shot-here is Matt Waldman’s(one of my favorite football writers) take on his gamehttp://mattwaldmanrsp.com/2016/01/21/oregon-qb-vernon-adams-jr-playmaker/

  20. I think the Niners will take Buckner at #7. Not just because Baalke loves defense but because Kelley had him at Oregon and knows intimately how good he is and the damage he can do. As George Seifert said “You can never have enough good defensive linemen” and
    Buckner is the best.

    Myles Jack is a great, great talent -Hello, Patrick Willis II – but I bet he’ll be gone before#7.

  21. Grant,
    Very interesting mock. I believe the 49ers may be able to get Hogan in the 4th Rd but who knows if they wait that long he could be gone. As to your reasoning behind picking Lee with the 7th pick, it sounds a little too much like an Al Davis pick to me. A little too much emphasis on athleticism and not enough emphasis on what he has done on the field. If the team really falls in love with Lee I believe they could trade back to the late teens and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd rd pick.

      1. Lee is a more unique athlete than Lawson. Lawson is a thick guy who converts speed to power. Tapper is faster, more powerful and has longer arms than Lawson.

          1. Tapper is similar to Frank Clark, whom the Seahawks drafted in Round 2 last year despite a domestic violence issue. Draft services considered Clark a 4-5 round pick before the draft. I think Tapper will go even higher than Clark went. No domestic violence issue.

              1. Tapper is the kind of athlete the Seahawks would draft. I like him. Not a fan of Dodd.

              2. Kevin Dodd was unstoppable in the National Championship game against a stout Alabama line.

              3. Goodman was drafted in the 4th round. Dodd may go in the first. He is ranked 28th and 29th in the top prospects.

              4. Grant Cohn March 7, 2016 at 9:02 am
                For a big guy, he’s not that powerful. Plays high.
                That’s libel unless you have proof.

              5. I just finished a trip to Portland and from all the head shops and ‘dispensaries’ that could be see from I-5 alone it wouldn’t be a reach to draw that conclusion.

  22. I just don’t see how they can pass on drafting a 6’7″ 3-4 DE,

    Buckner upgrades the front 7 immediately ……

    Armstead + Williams or an average NT + Buckner = a better DLine with potential to be a great Dline…

      1. Yep signing Dial to that extension took Dline out of the first round equation imo. It also makes more sense to wait in a deep DLine draft and take one later. Lee wouldn’t be a bad pick but not sure he would be taken that high. Maybe they could get him after a trade down.

        1. Also worth noting Dial has gotten similar money to what McDonald was on after multiple very large increases in the salary cap.

        2. Dial will play a big part in a rotation no doubt. The Niners will still draft a DL I’m sure, but they don’t have to take one early with the players already in place.

  23. Have to think this is affected by Treadwell’s non-40, right? Plus, PFF is down on him … but while I love the idea of the Niners prioritizing ILB, I’m hoping they can address it in FA with their $62m-plus cap space. Danny Trevathan is no superstar, but could excel beside Bowman. That notion excites me. Then they could spend that top pick on the stud WR they haven’t had in forever. Unless, of course, the clouds part and Goff falls to 7, as some mocks have happening …

  24. John Middlekauff ‏@JohnMiddlekauff · 36m36 minutes ago

    Heard the #49ers have had talks with KC about acquiring De’Anthony Thomas in a trade

    1. Makes sense. Kelly recruited him to Oregon and used him the same role as LaMike for a year. He’d be a decent pickup and could also be the K/P returner.

    2. Pure speculation on my part, but does that signal that Kelly has no plans for Ellington going forward?

        1. I think Thomas has been the more productive of the two at both positions, so I don’t see that happening.

          1. Seems like they did not use Ellington because they were saving him as a returner. Maybe they want versatility and depth at that position.

  25. Grant’s 4 round mock compared to mine:

    Grant’s #1) LB DARRON LEE : While I like Lee, and like his fit with SF, I think #7 is reaching for Lee. I would love for Baalke to trade back into round one and grab Lee if he is still on the board late in round 1.

    My #1) Best defensive player available. I am expecting either BUCKNER, JACK, or BOSA to fall to the Niners at #7. If not, and JARRED GOFF is sitting at #7, I think I’d pull the trigger on him. Love that kid’s game.

    Grant’s #2) DE CHARLES TAPPER : Another reach here I think. Tapper has athleticism, but he has been extremely inconsistent as a football player.

    My #2) I like OG CODY WHITEHAIR here. Much better value, and I think he makes an immediate impact on the OL. My backup pick here depends on whether the 49ers resign Ian Williams. IF they let Williams go, I like NT ANDREW BILLINGS here.

    Grant’s #3) Another reach. Instead of Richie Rich, let’s call Grant Grant Reachy-Reach, for his early rounds of his 2016 mock draft. Seriously, QB KEVIN HOGAN should not come off the board this early.

    My #3) QB CONNOR COOK. No, I am not starting this argument again. Now, if by chance the 49ers take Goff in round 1, I’ll go with C RYAN KELLY here. I think an upgrade over Marcus Martin is probably a good pick here!

    Grant’s #4) WR MARQUEZ NORTH: I like this pick, a lot! North is one of the most physically talented WR is this draft class. I like his value here, and he certainly looks like a Baalke/ Kelly type, big, physical receiver. Great pick Grant!

    My #4) WR MARQUEZ NORTH: Again, outstanding pick Grant!

    Grant’s #5 (Rnd 4 Comp Pick) DT JAVON HARGRAVE: Wow Grant, now you are cooking with heat! Hargrave was the MEAC Defensive Player Of The Year. However, I think he’s probably long gone at this point.

    My #5) If we’re going to select guys further down than they are projected, I like DE/OLB KAMALEI CORREA out of Boise St. here. It’s time to pull the plug on Corey Lemonaide, who is yet to record a sack as a professional. Correa is underrated IMO, versatile, fills a need, and is an excellent value here.

    1. Scratch that. I forgot Lemonier did notch a sack in 2013. However he hasn’t had a sack in the last 2 seasons. Time for a much needed upgrade. And I should probably put DADI NICOLAS as another DE/OLB possibility here. Good pass rusher, but undersized for a DE, and his best fit, FYI, is a DE/OLB 3-4 hybrid!

    2. Although I’m not as sold on Cook I’m largely in sync with your thinking 49. I wish Kelly was there in the 3rd .I have several guys I’m enamored of in this draft and Kelly is one of them-absolute upgrade at a key position pretty sure he is gone by the 3rd. Billings is another-just a force but is being projected largely as a late first (can you imagine Armistead Billings and Buckner up front?);Hargrave is a guy I love as well (Ochi is another) but think is gone by the 4th. Couple other guys before I stop Karl Joseph and Miles Killebrew and C Westerman. Everybody is DDD in this draft and I get its strength- the rebel in me wants to do a O fronted mock just to shake it up!

        1. Guaranteed to pizzoff if you start an O fronted draft-here is a sampler-just for fun: (1) J’ Goff QB CAL;(2) D Henry RB BAMA : trade KAP and a sixth for an extra 3rd-bundle both thirds to move into lower 2nd and then (3) Ryan Kelly C.I like that kinda party :).

    1. Any thoughts on Bronson Kaufusi?

      6’6.5″, 285 lbs, 34.5″ arm. He killed the 3-cone at 7.03.

      There could be a good reason he isn’t discussed more when it comes to edge rushers.

        1. That’s what I heard too after some googling. Not one of those “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” extremes, but under-performed relative to the tape measure.

          But I love his agility. Very fluid mover for a guy 6’6.5″. Played basketball. Almost looks like an ideal TE conversion candidate. His combine weight was 20lbs over his listed BYU weight, but still did very well in the 3-cone.

          25 reps on the bench isn’t bad for a long armed guy. If I were a scout I’d want to see some blocking dummy hand punch drills.

  26. One poor man’s opinion:

    1. WR Laquan Treadwell, Mississippi
    2. DT Austin Johnson, Penn State
    3. G Josh Garnett, Stanford
    4. DE/OLB Bronson Kaufusi, BYU
    4. TE Austin Hooper, Stanford
    5. ILB Scooby Wright III, Arizona
    5. CB Harlan Miller, SE Louisiana
    5. S Deon Bush, Miami
    6. RB Keith Marshall, Georgia
    6. RB Devontae Booker, Utah
    6. QB Cardale Jones, Ohio State
    7. C Jake Brendel, UCLA

    I do not have the Niners taking a guard, inside linebacker, or cornerback early because I have them taking G Kelechi Osemele, ILB Danny Trevathan, and CB Sean Smith with all the money they have in free agency.

    1. Potkettle- several good ones there. Austin Hooper may be the only TE I’d consider this year! Garnett is a good player also like Harlan Miller alot!

    1. That’s part of the reason I don’t see him coming to the 49ers. Those numbers essentially mean that he’ll cost too much.

      1. On PFT:

        “The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Raiders and 49ers are “very interested” in free agent CB Sean Smith.

        Smith would fit either club as a plus-sized (6’4/214) press-man corner. Smith is expected to command $8 million to $10 million annually, and both San Francisco and Oakland are positioned well to meet an asking price like that.”

  27. 49ers Defensive Needs: Edge Rusher, 3-Down ILB
    Available Daft Depth: Interior Defensive Line, Safety

    Edge rusher’s are arguably one the most important positions in football. Naturally the inclination is to go get one.

    But the draft seems much deeper in interior defensive linemen. I might be inclined to grab a BPA inside guy if I’m not happy with the edge talent at that spot.

    Same with 3-down ILB. I’d love Myles Jack. I can see trading down (or up) for Lee.

    But if we miss one, a strong safety that can play nickle ILB might do the trick. We have good safety depth, but we may be forced to impress a strong safety into nickle ILB service, or face getting chewed up in the short-mid passing game.

  28. Nice Draft Grant. I suspect they will draft O-line prior to the 5th round and they’ll be drafting a TE, even though it is a weak draft class. But, I like many of your projections.

  29. I understand your reasoning for Lee as the pick. His versatility and ability to cover backs and slot receivers (to an extent) would make him a very versatile chess piece. However I wonder if he can make the conversion to ILB in the Niner’s system. I know that Bowman made a somewhat similar transition but Bowman was a bit bigger and has gotten bigger over time. The scouting reports on Darron Lee say that they are not sure his frame can pack on any more size. playing on the outside Lee may have had more force responsibilities and also fast and split flow reads for run fits. as an ILB in the Niner’s scheme; he’d likely have to play with tight and full flow types of reads for run fits inside against leads and iso plays which require banging around against Guards, Centers and Fullbacks. HOWEVER I have seen at least one analyst say they believe Lee is scheme versatile…to what specifically how and to what degree I do not know…but you’re not alone in your thinking.

    As to if Baalke will pick him? Despite being told that Baalke is Best Player Available kind of drafter…to me it appears that he targets need in the top of the draft. The Niners just resigned Wilhoite. As an experienced back up or a starter? I don’t know. And while Wilhoite isn’t a great linebacker; he’s okay…you can get by with him in the right schemes if used correctly (and limited in some situations…meaning I think the coaching staff left the defense and Wilhoite and Bowman out to dry in some situations last year with their schemes and play calling). So I think it lessens the need aspect of the ILB position IMO. Even though DE isn’t the biggest need, I have a hard time seeing Baalke passing on Buckner if he’s available. I also think it will be somewhat dependent on how the QB situation shakes out. If Gabbert is the last QB standing (meaning no Kaepernick or RGIII as possible starters) than I can see them picking Goff to initially back up Gabbert.

    Damn, I like your choice of Javon Hardgrave. A one gap penetrator! A 3 technique type of player the Niners lack! Someone that can be used as a Nickel interior pass rusher. Someone that can be used as a penetrator in the base defense when they want to change it up. He also has the lower body strength to anchor do eventually develop into an attacking 2 gap player in the base defense. He could be sort of a poorman’s Kawan Short whom I loved a couple years ago. But, I don’t know if Baalke will get past Hardgrave’s lack of height at 6’1″ or short arms (for a d-lineman) at 32″…but he did sign Ian Williams who has similar size…though as an UDFA so not much of a risk.

    1. Justin Smith has 32 1/2 inch arms, for what it’s worth. Geno Atkins’ arms are 32 inches.

      Shazier plays ILB at 230 pounds for Pittsburgh. They stack him behind a d lineman so he can run and hit. Jim O’Niel did the same thing with Craig Robertson last season in Cleveland.

      1. The Cardinals use Deone Bucannon as a linebacker and he’s listed between 211 – 216 lbs depending on where you look it up at.

        1. Cardinals practically play a 4-2-5 base defense with the 5th “big nickel” back being Buchanon. I don’t see the Niners playing a similar penetrating and aggressive flowing defense. they’ve been more of a 2 gap force from the outside and contain in the middle by the backers. So that hybrid undersized hybrid linebacker/DB is less of a likely fit in the base defense. but who knows, maybe they change up their defense some. and again, it’s not completely out of the question that Lee can make the conversion into a base ILB…I just think he’ll need to get bigger and learn to bang around on the inside with the big boys.

      2. yeah, i’m aware there are plenty of lineman that have sub 34 inch arms that play just fine. i point it out mostly because of Baalke’s preference for long levered players.

        as to ILB and scheme. The Browns had some weird schemes that covered their linebackers as they would switch from an Over front to a Bear type of front at times which protected their linebackers. their varied fronts confused the heck out their defensive front 7 last year and O’Neil caught criticism for it. I don’t see the Niners doing playing such extreme variations of fronts that would keep their linebackers covered to that degree.

        The Steelers implemented a more flexible single gap defensive scheme (at least to a certain degree) last year. So in terms of run fits, I think Shazier and the linebackers were playing more like a 4-3 type of fast flow spill type of scheme than they did in the past.

  30. And I have news for you TrollD. You aren’t standing in anyone’s way. The Chip Kelly train is leaving with or without you.

    Nobody likes a cry baby bro, or a copycat! Find some originality or quit wasting your time on this blog because anyone can cut and paste these days. Heck, my 3rd grade nephew can do what you do on this forum.

  31. Tapper would be an absolutely horrible pick in the 2nd round. Grant basing everything off of combine #’s because anyone who actually watches the film can see that Tapper is nowhere near as explosive off the edge as his workout numbers say. He has zero pass rush moves outside of a mediocre bull rush. Does not use his hands well at all and stands straight up out of his stance. He is dominated majority of the games.

    Cannot believe someone would even try and compare him to Justin Smith.

      1. again he has a half way decent bull rush with zero counter moves. His hand use is non existent. He’s a classic workout warrior who his a mediocre football player and not worth anything more than a late 3rd

        1. He has a decent spin move, and 34 3/4 inch arms. Great tools. Should be a better pro than college player.

          If the Niners were to draft an edge rusher with their second pick, which one do you think they should take? I’m open minded.

          1. Shilique Calhoun would be the way to go in the 2nd for pass rush. Reminds me of Aldon Smith athletically and is a more natural pass rusher which is what they need.

  32. Hmm, just saw that Miami acquired Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell for draft picks. Guess there are 2 player trades….. Maybe 4 player is not impossible.;p

    1. No one has said that four players aren’t possible Seb – just the ones that you propose.

  33. This Draft is going to be very interesting if the Titans included their #1 pick to the Eagles in the Demarco Murray trade. That will offset a lot teams plans drafting. We all know that the Eagles need a DE and Joey Bosa De might be the first to go and end up with the Eagles, all depends if the #1 pick was included in the deal with the Titans..:)

    1. I’d be shocked if the Titans “swap” first round picks with the Eagles as part of the trade. The Titans will be taking on the rest of the 5 year $40 million contract. The Eagles will still have a cap charge of $4 million. RBs are approaching a dime a dozen and for the most part just aren’t as valuable as they were years ago. I’m thinking it will be more of a late round pick. But you never know. One person’s treasure is another’s……

    2. Jam, what a blockbuster deal. Titans just jumped into a winning team category. I am thinking that they either swapped picks or Eagles got the Titans second round pick.
      Wish the Niners would make a big trade and get better.

  34. I am beginning to like Cook more. Seems to be able to make those throws in tight windows. Now we need to see if he can do it consistently.
    He might go to the Cowboys in the second.

  35. Colts extend Allen over Fleener.

    Don’t feel too bad Grant. One of these years someone you like in the draft might actually turn out to be good.

      1. Coffee and Grant,
        As bad a pick as Fleener and Murphy turned out to be at least you weren’t high on the A.J. Jenkins pick. I think I called him the next John Taylor.

        1. OC neither Fleener nor Murphy turned out to be bad picks. They just haven’t turned into the picks we thought they might be.

          1. Coffee,
            I was joking basically just taking a shot at myself for defending the 9ers when they drafted Jenkins but I nailed the Armstead pick last year.

            1. OC,

              You weren’t alone. A lot of people including myself tried to defend the pick. It’s not like we would have taken Jenkins there, but didn’t want to accept that it was a reach and could work out. Sometimes what you want to believe is not in line with reality.

              1. Of course, back then, the Niners were winning, so a lot of fans did not want to criticize the Niners, and gave them lots of slack.
                Now that they are losing, every pick and signing will be parsed and scrutinized.

      2. Murphy is still starting for the team that drafted him smart guy. How’s Tyler Wilson doing these days?

          1. Hell if I know but he’s listed as starting 14 games and I know he was hurt for a couple so there ya go.

              1. Only because he’s a solid contributor on first and second down. He’s not quite the pass rusher I thought he might be. If the Redskins don’t extend him then you can compare him to Fleener.

              2. Not quite the pass rusher? So you expected seven sacks instead of six through his first two seasons?

              3. Really? You wanna keep pushing it? I’m sure I’m not the only one that wouldn’t mind chiming in on your enormous Fleener man crush and how ridiculous you were in your expectations for him.

            1. Funny I go to check his grades at PFF and I can’t find him listed under linebacker anywhere, odd. Oh there he is, listed with the lineman.

              With a 78.8 overall grade.

              Fleener has a 74.8 overall grade.

              1. Hell of a whiff by that tackle. I think I probably would have made that sack.

            1. Thanks Mood. I was going to post that as well but then decided it was in my better interest not to. Let’s see if someone catches why. ;)

              1. Indeed. Where he plays however wasn’t really the point. Fleener is about to be looking for his next team and Murphy’s stock is on the rise.

      3. Besides everything I said about that situation was dead on balls. First I picked to the exact spot where he would be drafted(wrong team but that’s not important) plus I also said that the 49ers would go down the tubes if they didn’t draft him and guess what??

  36. Saw on another blog that Osmele may be too expensive and Mitchell Schwartz may command up to 10 mil. Maybe the best bet would be to give Boone a hefty pat raise and keep him for veteran leadership.

      1. Baalke just can’t get out of discount shopping mode even when they have a ton of cap space and no homegrown players to spend it on.

      1. hightop,

        I doubt it. Boone doesn’t have a fit on the OL after the signing of Osemele, unless they see him as a RT.

    1. Can’t believe the Niners missed out on Osmele. But he’s getting 5 years, $60 million because the Raiders plan on him playing Left Tackle, which he did pretty well at for the last 4 games of last year.

      Boone needs to go. He is sick of the team, which would be fine if his play didn’t also suffer. I may revise my draft to take Cody Whitehair in the 2nd round, survive with Tiller at the other guard spot, and start looking at Bruce Irvin as a free agent pass rusher.

    1. From PFT:

      The Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows reports the 49ers have offered free agent DL Tony Jerod-Eddie a long-term deal.

      Originally a restricted free agent, the 49ers decided not to tender Jerod-Eddie in the hopes of bringing him back on a long-term contract. Barrows reports Jerod-Eddie will test the market, but he could sign the 49ers’ offer if he does not find what he likes during the tampering period. With little depth on the defensive line, Jerod-Eddie should play a big role if he returns to San Francisco.

    2. Also on PFT:

      ESPN’s Ed Werder suggested on SportsCenter Tuesday that the 49ers are free agent Robert Griffin III’s best bet as a landing spot.

      Werder said he anticipates Chip Kelly having “interest” in Griffin, “depending on what happens with Colin Kaepernick.” The 49ers’ intentions with Kaepernick are unclear, but he has requested a trade out of San Francisco. Werder also passed along word from at least one NFL coach that believes Griffin is “done,” but who does expect him to get signed “based on what he did in 2012.”

  37. Most mock drafts have the 49ers picking Goff in the 1st round. That would be fantastic. However, count on Baalke to f*k it up and draft DeForest Buckner (DL, Oregon) or another head scratcher.

    1. I would jump for joy if the Niners manage to draft Buckner. Defense wins championships, and the game is won in the trenches.

    2. Nick,

      I’ve been pleading the case for taking Goff, but I know it’s not likely to happen whether he’s there at 7 or not. The Niners will go with what they have and probably take a QB later in the draft. Baalke is either incapable of drafting the right offensive players or just doesn’t want to spend the pick necessary to secure a top prospect on that side of the ball.

        1. Which begs the question… would the 49ers trade back with the (division rival) Rams seeing how Goff would land there anyway?

            1. Just a wee trade up to keep the Texans or Broncos (if they lose out on Brock Osweiler) from leapfrogging.

        1. I would say pick #65 along with a conditional 2017 pick that could become a third if he’s played a set amount of games as starter.

          Alex Smith left with higher perceived value and was worth(at least to the Chiefs) two 2’s. I think Kaep could in some teams mind be worth two 3’s if he becomes their starter.

          An alternative would be the same thing but swap #65 with #100. A 4th this year with a potential 3rd next instead of two 3’s.

    1. Jack Goff Buckner -happy with any of them. For me the question is how far does Jaylon drop and at what point do you take a flyer on him.

  38. “The Kelechi Osemele deal: 5 years, $60M max is wild. Highest paid guard in NFL history. Crazy $$.” – Ian Rapoport

    Free agent guards will love this. Boone’s going to get paid.

    1. Everybody is going to get paid Brodie. There is so much cap room available and many teams need to spend to reach the floor limit. It’ll be interesting to see how the deal is laid out because Reggie has avoided giving out long term deals with cap ramifications late in the contract.

      1. Yeah everybody is going to get paid, but I’m starting to have a bad feeling that it won’t be Baalke who pays them. There is now some chatter over at NN that both Wake and Vernon might be in play with the Dolphins most likely signing Mario Williams. But still my expectations for some game-changing FA pickups is getting lower by the hour.

      2. I wonder why some people think increasing the overall cap is an advantage for the 49ers. The 49ers had tons of cap space anyway.

        I think the league wide cap increase reduces the 49ers (relative) advantage in recruiting FAs.

      1. Good call. Could very well be. It will really be something of Boone signs as a swing/right tackle with his new team.

      2. Could be but he’s just a pretty good Tackle; he’s a probowl caliber OG. I guess the flexibility is part of the reason he is getting so much.

  39. “Malik Jackson about to join Jags” – Mike Klis via Maiocco

    A million hearts are breaking. But not too broken, because its a good draft year for D-line talent.

    Not sure how this will affect Ian Williams value because Jackson provides pass rush value.

    1. “Malik Jackson deal expected to come in at about $15 million per season, per source.” – Adam Schefter

      At these rates, I’m perfectly happy if Baalke ‏has a quiet first few days of free agency. If Kelly has modest success this year, and team moral is high, I can see the 49ers being a more attractive landing spot in 2017.

      1. “Jags deal for Malik Jackson is 6 years, $90M with $42M guaranteed, source said.” – Ian Rapoport

        This kind of money makes me totally fine with a quiet first week of free agency. Makes me wonder how much money Aldon Smith blew.

        1. I was a big proponent of signing Jackson, but that is a lot of money. I thought he’d get 6 years around $75M. Jags can have him.

          Mo Wilkerson must be smiling.

          1. Ten percent of the annual salary cap for a DL is excessive and would seem to be only affordable to a team that has a QB on a rookie contract. Once that QB is ready for his second contract the Jags will be making some tough choices.

            1. Will get even tougher once they sign Irvin. And they’ll have a legit #1 WR to pay before they extend their QB in Robinson.

            2. We have to stop looking at the contract values and realize that this is the norm in the NFL and will be indefinitely. The Jags aren’t going to get in cap trouble or have any problem signing their QB and WR, because the amount to spend continues increasing and they have a massive amount of space they have to fill to reach the floor spending level. The system is setup for players to get big pay days and it’s working.

              1. With that rising salary cap comes rising player salary expectations as we are seeing. If Bortles pans out expect an average of $25 million per year. They will have only a few players eating up over 30% of the salary cap.

                Obviously, $15M now will be less, percentage-wise, in the future, but it is still a large number. Throw in Robinson, Bortles and likely Irvin and Vernon and you’re looking at well over 30% and possibly 35% of your cap going to a few players. This will be new territory for the Jags.

              2. Rocket, even with the salary cap increasing the Jags will find themselves with cap issues in a few years, unless the players they draft don’t pan out and aren’t worth resigning.

              3. Do either of you know what happens to the minimum salary as the salary cap increases? I would think it would have to increase.

              4. Cubus, I think the salaries go up 15,000 each year, if I remember what I read, but could be wrong.

              5. Scooter,

                Seattle has shown you can sign a number of your own players including the QB and still be ok under the cap. Jax has so much money to spend that they can make signings like this and still be in position to extend Bortles in a year or two and whoever else they want. When you have cap space like this you can also take most of the hit early so that it doesn’t hurt you as much later on if you have to cut the player.

                I’m not saying you can offer huge contracts to everybody, but they can easily absorb the contract they gave to Jackson and a couple of others like it if they really want to. Raiders are in the same position which is why they didn’t think twice about giving Osemele a deal he couldn’t turn down.

                Here’s another way to look at it: Every year players get contracts we view as being too much, yet it still keeps happening and will continue to happen. Why? Because the cap keeps going up, and it will continue to go up because that is the model the league has in place. This year’s outrageous contract will look like a bargain next year or the year after. That’s life in the NFL. That’s why I’m saying it’s time to stop looking at the size of the contract and focus on the player getting it, because it comes down to how much that player helps your team more than what he’s getting paid.

              6. Cubus,

                Seb is right. The vet minimum increases by $15 000 each year and the total is based on year’s of experience.

              7. Fair enough rocket. So do you believe Jackson is a good value signing for the Jags? Or do you think they paid too much to acquire his level of talent? Because that is what it comes down to.

                For mine, he isn’t worth that much money. Even if it does mean the Jags signed a good player.

              8. Scooter,

                No they didn’t get great value because you don’t get great value in FA very often. The Jags paid what it took to sign a sought after player on the open market. They paid a high price, but if you see a player you feel can help you at a high level then you have to pay what the market says he’s worth.

                Here’s how I look at it: The Jags have added a very good player still on the rise who will being making less in a couple of years than players who likely aren’t as good as he is simply based on league inflation. That is how this system works. Everybody who is sought after gets paid. We can sit here and say how glad we are that the Niners didn’t pay it, but we are also left without a very good player who could have helped us and a lot of cap room that means nothing if you don’t spend it on talent.

                I believe you and I figured he’d sign for about 12 mill or at least agreed that he would be worth signing at that amount. So essentially he is going to make about 15 million more over the life of a 5 year contract than we expected. By the time this contract is over, the salary cap will likely have increased by 40-50 million. That extra 3 million a year is dwarfed by the salary cap increases so when you really think about it, you might as well ante up the extra 3 mill and get the player because you will be paying more for lesser players at his position after this anyway.

              9. One other thing I forgot to mention is that the contract report said it was worth UP to 90 million so the actual number could be lower and based on incentives reached to get him to 15 mill a year.

              10. He gets $15M per annum on average over the first 3 years of the contract, almost all of which is fully guaranteed. That is huge money.

              11. Yes it is, but it also means he’s getting the money early and won’t hurt them as much in the final two years of the deal. They are using their cap space to their advantage.

              12. I’m fine occasionally making a big free agent signing. Justin Smith comes to mind.

                I like the Torrey Smith signing too. Its not his fault he wasn’t thrown the ball. Niner passers had something like a 117 QBR when they bothered throwing in his direction.

                My question is when to sign a top free agent? Some years it makes sense to be frugal. Other seasons its time to strike while the iron is hot.

                The chaotic 49ers aren’t the most attractive landing spots for free agents. Kelly’s system might scare off some defensive free agents. And then there’s Santa Clara housing costs and state taxes.

                And its Its not like the 49ers are a player or two away from another Lombardi.

                I’m fine with…
                1) Having a modest 2016 free agency.

                2) Let the team become a more attractive destination. Go 7-9 to 8-8 or better, with decent team moral and locker room harmony.

                3) Make the big signings in 2017, with possibly the most cap space of any team.

                Of course the 49ers will need to achieve step 2 for all this to work.

              13. A side note… the big money Kelechi Osemele got makes Anthony Davis valuable… to retain or use as trade bait.

                It also might make Kaepernick’s contract seem less daunting for prospective trade partners.

      1. Agreed, but very unlikely since they tendered Wilhoite. Just hope Jaylon Smith recovers for the 2017 season.

        1. Niners are losing out on the elite players. They may be forced to scan the dregs. Hopefully, they can find a diamond in the rough or an underperforming player who will thrive in a Chip Kelly system.

          1. They may be forced to scan the dregs. 

            Who says they’re being forced to? That could be the plan all along.

    2. Man the big names are dropping like flies, Jackson, Hali, Osemele….

      I have a feeling it’ll be a lot like last year…. our team will be linked with everyone but fail to bring in primary targets.

    3. Appears to be a number of reports that Trevathan will be signed by the Bears.

      Grant how about a FA tracker thread?

    4. This seems odd coming from an NBA guy:

      Chad Evans ‏@TheNBABreak · 20m20 minutes ago

      BREAKING: The @Jaguars and Bruce Irvin are putting the finishing touches on a deal. Dave Caldwell is on a mission.

    5. Another one from Chad Evans@TheNBABreak

      Chad Evans ‏@TheNBABreak · 13m13 minutes ago

      The deal is inevitable and should be finalized by this evening. Also told the Jaguars will go HARD after Vernon tomorrow.

      1. Wow Jags going hard this year huh… Trying the Denver Bronco way.

        Good for them, they could control that division next year.

      1. Seriously? We have alll of those needs and Baalke goes after an injury-prone #1 RB? Don’t we already have one like that on the 49ers roster?

        1. Chris Biderman ‏@ChrisBiderman · 1h1 hour ago

          Doug Martin fact 49ers fans will love: he was drafted one pick after A.J. Jenkins.

          1. Not really. He was good during his rookie year and last year but has dealt with injuries in between.

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team is dumb enough to sign Martin and Miller.

    6. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter · 11m11 minutes ago

      Colts announced they waived outside linebacker Bjoern Werner.

      Don’t know if the Colts play a 3-4 or 4-3. Would he be a possible pickup at OLB?

        1. Wasn’t he considered a superior prospect to Tank Carradine in the 2013 draft. Sure his career has been underwhelming but more so than Tank’s??

          1. I really liked him before the draft. Had good measurements but was raw and needed more experience. Maybe he would thrive in a different system.

          2. He looked good on a strong college D, but isn’t overly athletic or explosive. I would rather give Tank a shot at OLB.

  40. FootballScoop – “Source says Lovie Smith is targeting Hardy Nickerson for defensive coordinator at Illinois”

    Barrows – “Newly hired 49ers ILB coach Hardy Nickerson?”

    1. And former Bishop O’Dowd head coach who used to let me use the weight room during the summer after I graduated college.

      1. Haven’t had these casual networking opportunities in Sonoma County since the Raiders LA move meant they’d leave Santa Rosa too.

        My nephew went to Bishop O’Dowd. An Alameda kid. His dads was a reporter for KTVU. I’d get sports tix once in a while.

    1. I doubt the Niners will be interested unless Wallace comes cheap. They already signed Smith at 8 mill per and let Crabtree walk so I doubt they are interested in another expensive WR.

      1. I don’t think he will be too expensive. He’s now been underwhelming at the last two teams he played for.

          1. I was thinking somewhere around $6M – $7M at the upper end, for maybe 1-2 years. Maybe some team values him more than that.

            1. I doubt any team is going to be willing to pay Wallace that considering he washed out with the Dolphins and the Vikings.

  41. Baalke reminds me of that old lady you see at the flea market complaining about the $0.99 cost of various items and going over to the $0.05-$0.10 items that are rusted and broken up because they are the “better deals”.

  42. This silence from the Niners is typical Baalke. The market starts out frothy and settles down. Remember that free agency is something Baalke does well.

    1. Not last year. Remember? Dockett, Wright, Cook did not even play. Bush had 4 carries? I really wished Pears had not played at all. Torrey was under utilized. Bellore did OK.

    2. What silence? From PFT:

      “49ers re-signed OLB Ray-Ray Armstrong.

      Armstrong will try to crack the 49ers’ 53-man roster as a reserve linebacker and core special teamer.”

      And there was much rejoicing. YEAH, Yea, ye, y……

      1. I don’t think that Baalke had much to do with the two biggest free agents that have come to the 49ers recently — Anquan Bolden and Justin Smith.

    1. If it gets them out of the basement, it will be a good move. If it gets them into the playoffs, he will be worth every penny. Helping win a Super Bowl gave him that SB mojo.

        1. Its OK. I am just glad we can disagree without being disagreeable. You are right. It is a lot of money, and the Jags may still flounder in the cellar.

    2. The market says he’s worth 90 mill. Doesn’t matter what we think. That is what it cost to sign him and the end result is a very good DL will be plying his trade in Jax. As I said above, stop looking at the contract numbers and focus on the player. The numbers will always be too high no matter who is signed because there is so much money to spend. The bottom line is did you get a player who is going to help you? In this case Jax believes they did and have no qualms about paying him.

      1. I would call it more of an affordable luxury. The Jags can afford Jackson because they do have a large amount of cap space but also because they have a QB on a rookie salary. Teams that have QBs on a second and beyond contract don’t typically have that luxury.

        1. Yes cubus. But teams have to be careful where they spend that luxury. Its all a guess, just ask Miami about suh.

      2. Actually it does matter what we think in this room. This is a blog, a discussion room. Nobody here is getting paid to sign anyone. Just a thought before u jump on your next high horse. Oh and by the way, we all can throw that “it doesn’t matter what we think” analogy, in the same garbage can as, “I trust said GM more than you”, ” do you have insider info”, and I’m pretty sure a couple of other misused quotes. Because if you haven’t realised by now, we are all discussing, and giving opinions, nobody here is a professional.

        1. Relax whiney it was context not a suggestion. It doesn’t matter that we think it’s too high because the NFL operates much differentlyrics than the average person.

    1. Steel, usually, they never play out the entire contract, and the players takes the deal for the signing bonus. Sometimes the player finishes the contract and is worth every penny.

      1. Good point young man… But man… Jacksonville went after the right guy, I just wouldn’t have offered 90. Then again, that’s why they pay the GM’s and not fans

    1. Hmm, Lamar Miller may be more feasible now. I sure would like a one-two punch of Hyde and Miller so both can excel, and stay fresh and healthier.

        1. Oh, great. Instead of focusing on the Free Agent market, Baalke went to Minnesota to look at draft prospects. Doesn’t he have scouts to do that?

  43. http://www.ninersnation.com/2016/3/8/11181506/trent-baalke-checked-out-prospects-at-minnesota-pro-day

    Meanwhile, Baalke is currently in Minnesota at the Gopher’s Pro Day. Who’s in charge of free agency? Wouldn’t it be better if he is in CA. Unexpected things do happen like the release of Mike Wallace. Shouldn’t Baalke be available to at least discuss whether or not the team should go after an unexpected release plus probably a whole host of other issues.

    This also makes me wonder if his underlings have been given their marching orders with little flexibility. So, if he has misjudged FA contracts, they might not be in a position to go after a target if expectations suddenly exceed what Baalke authorized. Yeah, I know there are cell phones and texting, but sometimes I wonder if Baalke gets it that his job is on the line.

    1. The Baalke/York free agency play book has gone to press and is now in an envelop on Baalke’s desk. There is no need for Trent to be around the office for at least another week.

  44. Was wondering why Baalke would attend Minnesota’s Pro Day. Then this occurred to me:

    De’Vondre Campbell
    232 lbs
    4.58 40-yard dash
    34 in vert
    118 in broad

    Kam Chancellor
    231 lbs
    4.59 40-yard dash
    32 in vert
    118 in broad

    1. Or he could be doing so to make sure he won’t have to spend any money in free agency for difference makers.

        1. Not in the least. It’s why I seriously doubt Sean Smith or any of the top tier free agents get signed by the 49ers. Baalke and York are most likely thinking once again that it was the coaching staff and not the team they have assembled as the team struggled.

    2. Apparently the Niners were interested in Incognito, but he stayed with the Bills because they gave him a shot last year.

      1. I’m happy about that. Incognito tends to falter in one form or another after getting a pay day.

      2. Rocket

        I hadn’t heard of any talks involving Incognito to the niners, , but I had thought it…maybe for comedy….

    1. Well. Mike Jurecki may state that Free Agents do not make the Pro bowl, but there is a logical explanation. If a team has a pro Bowl player, they will do everything in their power not to let him become a free agent. Free agents are players who will cost too much to re-sign, or are expendable with younger, cheaper players taking their place. Some players are Free Agents because the team is salary capped out so it it a matter of economics.

    1. I just saw that. It gives them a nice rotational pass rush, especially when (or if) Aldon Smith returns.

      Also rumored the Steelers are getting a deal done Ramon Foster per Jason La Canfora.

      That’s two more off my wish list.

      1. No dominant edge rushers in free agency left. I hope Balkee has a plan for the draft. Unless his plan is to lose one more year and get a higher draft pick next yeat

          1. Steele, It’s another lackluster FA from Baalke. I think Jacksonville is doing it the wrong way and over paid for Jackson. Ivory is not a bad pickup depending on how much they paid.

            We’ll get some more washed up scrubs at a bargain price while try and field a no name defense. It’s not over yet but I don’t expect Baalke to pick up any big name FA’s and I also don’t expect him to chose who people think he should with #7 pick either. He’s really vested in the guys he’s brought in and drafted. Why in the world would you keep Devey?

            1. To be fair to Baalke on this one, big name free agents seldom work out for the buyer. To often teams over spend for the big names and don’t get enough return on their investment.

              Examples over the years… Suh and Revis to Miami, Philly’s investment in Nnamdi Asomugha (sp?), Washington seemingly wins every offseason but for a specific example how about Albert Haynesworth.

              Some of our best signings were players players like Carlos Rogers, and even Justin Smith was not thought of so highly of as he was coming off a 2 sack season.

              1. Shoupbj, I wasn’t thinking Suh type signings. I am thinking quality players who can add immediate viability to areas of weakness. Martin, Miller or Morris to the backfield. We have no legitimate back up running back for Hyde. We all know Kelly’s offense is based off the run game. Are Hayne, Davis or Draughn really capable of carrying the load. There’s decent edge rushers and some ILB help out there as well. What we have behind Lynch is awful. I am not a fan of over paying like the Jaguars did for Jackson. We could use a better TE as well.

  45. Rick Stroud (via Barrows) – Bucs are believed to be nearing a deal for Doug Martin. Around $6.85M per year.

    Cross another off the list.

  46. This is a rebuilding year. I don’t see Niners splurging on any one player who may have been otherwise needed to put them over the top.

  47. please can someone communicate to Baaaalke…..”While a correlation between spending and winning is hardly established, keep in mind the reality that football ultimately is an entertainment business. Teams need to persuade fans to devote their time and money to the product, and one way to generate excitement (and to sell tickets and other stuff) is to bring new players to town.”

  48. Glad Williams is signed,I guess the Dline is all signed now and we going to have to rely on OLB for the pass rush that we are hoping for. Now time to figure out what our QB is RG3,Kaepernick or Goff.

    1. Now let’s get Boone. His versatility along the line is well worth it. But Baalke won’t want to pay him more than Staley who is around $8M per year or so. If we could get him for $6 to $7M average I think they should do it.

      1. I think they will wait with Boone to see if there is any interest. If by week’s end there isn’t a substantial offer the Niners needs to sign him

      2. Yes, I want Boone to re-sign. So glad I Dub is back. Now, the loss of Buckner (due to being picked earlier) will not be that bad, and the Niners can select Jack,Lawson, Spence or Lee. I would even hope they might go Ragland.

    2. So Grant remind me again how I’m the only person here that think Williams will get re-signed before hitting free agency.
      Grant Cohn December 29, 2015 at 6:59 pm
      He’s going to try to re-sign Williams and come up short. Other teams will offer more money.

  49. 5 and a half hours to go. My prediction for free agency 2016. I predict many disappointed 49er fans, those expecting a big first day splash by Baalke are going to be tremendously let down. I see Baalke doing what Baalke does, waiting and watching while the perennial losers go out and over spend. After 4 or 5 days he will swoop and land quality players at an appropriate price IE Carlos Rogers or Donte Whitner. So don’t freak out after the 1st day if the 9ers haven’t signed your favorite FA. I believe in Baalke when it comes to free agency, the draft not so much.

    1. So coach, who do you think will be the hidden treasures Baalke will find?
      My left field pickups-
      Guards- Jeff Allen or Brandon Brooks
      ILB- Keenan Robinson or Zach Brown
      OLB- Bruce Carter or Bjoern Werner
      DE- Cedrick Thorton or Kendall Reyes.

      1. Seb I have been so freaking busy at work [I hate standardized testing] I haven’t been able to put a list together but yours looks pretty good, I think they might sign a TE if the right one is available.

    2. Old Coach,

      I tend to agree with the wait and see approach more often than not, but Baalke isn’t in that position this year imo. He whiffed on an entire draft class that would be coming up to extensions right now, so he has this money to spend on young quality players that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. Signing a player to a high market deal is easy for them to do and would give them more talent to build with.

      The idea that Baalke never jumps in early or does well in FA isn’t necessarily accurate either. Last year he did jump in early to sign Smith and his FA class overall was awful. I don’t see a trend here that Baalke is some kind of FA savant at all. He’s hit and miss, with more miss lately.

    1. Listening to his comments can you tell if he’s talking about RG3 or Kaepernick? Sounds like the same person to me.

      ““There was a game plan initially installed, which was not run or operated in any way shape or form the way it should have been,” Cooley went on. “There was a quarterback not reading the field when he should have been, there was a quarterback scrambling when he [shouldn’t have been]….You can’t grade anyone else around Robert because of the way Robert played.”

        1. Same even said as much, might as well just keep Colin if they have any interest in RG. No sense swapping garbage for garbage.

          1. I don’t find Colin for all his faults to have near the ego it seems Robert has. He doesn’t seem to throw the team under the bus that way. Robert might be a great fit for Kelly in that its everyone else’s fault.

            1. I don’t know if it’s ego or not I just know that neither are starting caliber QB’s in the NFL. If they wan’t to sign as back ups then super, I’m on board with that.

            2. RGIII should go to Dallas and back up Romo.
              Their O line will at least protect him. Here, RGIII will need 6 surgeries after our O line protects him.

  50. I like Treadwell in the 1st round, and cook in the 2nd. Keep kap as there starter this year to see if it works with Kelly and let cook learn the system. Draft o line and make a couple big defensive signings in FA while there is still solid talent left and that’s a damn good start imo

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