49ers post-free-agency mock draft

Iowa State wide receiver Hakeem Butler (18) pulls in a catch over Texas defensive back Kris Boyd (2) during the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Given the players the 49ers have signed this offseason, here’s who they should pick in each round of the upcoming draft.

Round 1, pick 2: Josh Allen, DE/OLB, Kentucky.

The 49ers’ best option is to trade down for more picks — they currently own only six. But, they may have trouble finding a trade partner. None of the quarterbacks this year are particularly exciting, and there’s no reason to trade up for an edge rusher, because teams can find quality edge rushers throughout the first round this year. So, the 49ers probably will have to take the best player available, and that’s Allen. He can play SAM linebacker in the 49ers base defense, and move to defensive end in the sub-packages.

Round 2, pick 36: Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State.

The 49ers gave Jason Verrett a one-year deal with $3.6 million, but Verrett has played only five games the past three seasons. The 49ers can’t count on him to be healthy or even make the team next season. They need another corner — someone who can start right away if necessary. Oruwariye is one of the top-graded corners in this draft. He’s 6-2, 205 lbs., he ran a 4.47 at the Combine and intercepted seven passes the past two seasons. He’s a playmaker, unlike 2017 third-round pick Ahkello Witherspoon, who has intercepted just five passes total since high school.

Round 3, pick 67: Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State.

No position has a higher bust rate than wide receiver. So, if I were a GM, I never would draft a receiver before the 60th pick, unless that receiver were the second coming of Jerry Rice or Julio Jones. No receiver in this draft fits that description, so I’d wait and take the best receiver available in Round 3. Butler is ranked 62nd overall by CBS — there’s a good chance he’ll be available for the 49ers (if not, I’d take Emanuel Hall. If he’s not available, either, I’d take Terry McLaurin). Butler is a big-play threat who averaged 22 yards per catch last season. He’s also 6-6, and excels making contested catches, unlike the rest of the 49ers receivers.

Round 4, pick 101: Marquise Blair, FS, Utah.

The 49ers gave Jimmie Ward a one-year deal worth $4.5 million, but Ward can’t stay healthy. The 49ers can’t count on him, just like they can’t count on Verrett. They need to draft a free safety who can play next season. Blair qualifies. He ran a 4.48 at the Combine, he hits hard and has intercepted six passes since 2016.

Round 6, pick 176: Foster Moreau, TE, LSU.

A dominant blocking tight end who has the athleticism to develop into a quality receiver — similar to George Kittle when he came out of college in 2017. Moreau can replace Garrett Celek as the 49ers’ No. 2 tight end.

Round 6, pick 212: Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls.

A Division II All American left tackle in 2018. Pipkins is one of the most athletic offensive tackles in the draft, but he needs to get stronger and improve his technique before he can play in the NFL. He’s a developmental prospect who can sit on the bench for a season.

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  1. Nicely done, Grant but every mock I’ve seen has Butler in the high 2nd, low 1st round.

    2. Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio St.
    36. Juan Thornhill, FS, Virginia
    67. Terry Mclaurin, WR, Ohio St.
    104. Sean Bunting, CB, Central MI
    176. Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls
    212. Deonte Roberts, LB, Rutgers

      1. Interesting you cite CBS when CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso offered a bold prediction for where Butler comes off the board. While most predict him as a prospect who could go in the first round, they took it one step further, projecting him as the No. 9 overall selection to the Buffalo Bills.

        The Draft Network’s Jon Ledyard offered a tip of the cap to Butler in his most recent big board ranking, labeling him as the No. 51 overall prospect in the entire draft.

        Gil Brandt called him one of the premier WR’s in the country.

        Draft Tek’s most recent mock draft currently projects the Cyclones pass-catcher to go to the Houston Texans at No. 55 overall, making him a second-round selection.

        1. Butler tested better than I expected him to at the combine. Not that he didn’t look fast or explosive on film, but I just thought it might be exaggerated by being so much bigger than the players defending him. Now I realise he is just as athletic as he looks on film.

          Add in his ability to make spectacular catches and track the ball, plus surprisingly decent ability to throttle down and change direction, I now expect he will go late round 1/ early round 2 at the latest.

      2. That’s another nice mock draft Grant.

        I agree that the 49ers prospects of trading back aren’t looking great, unless the Cardinals pass on Kyler Murray. It’s not that there isn’t a team willing to move up to take Nick Bosa as much as it is that it’s a deep draft for DE/Edge defenders, and there are a few very good interior DL’s available as well, and because of this it’s unlikely there is a team willing to give the 49ers enough in return to make the trade feasible, IMO. I could be wrong. Maybe Bosa or Quinnen Williams would be enough to entice another team to give up a bounty of picks, but that’s less likely than if there was a QB worthy of being selected #2 overall.

        The 49ers absolutely killed free agency last week, and in doing so, they’ve given themselves a lot more flexibility heading into the draft.While Dee Ford wasn’t technically a free agent, this was a blockbuster acquisition for the 49ers. Adding Ford will have a major impact on this defense. He is an ascending player who has blossomed into one of the best pass rushers in the business, and adding him to the defense will help take pressure of of the backend of the 49ers defense. I love the fact that the Niners didn’t have to give up a pick in this years draft to get him, and I also love the way Marathe structured Ford’s contract. Paraag Marathe seems to be some kind of wizard as the 49ers Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

        I’ll get my post-first wave of free agency mock draft up later on today. GO NINERS!

        1. Killed it in free agency? $54M for an LB coming off ACL surgery? A CB who has played 5 games in the past three seasons? RE-signing Jimmie Ward who is always injured? And though I like Jordan Matthews, he is hardly in the same stratosphere as AB or OBJ. Did we even try and make an offer for Earl Thomas? I don’t think so. It seems like the 49ers have assumed a lot of risk in their free agent signings. For some reason, they continue the Trent Baalke tradition of signing injured players.

          1. Craig, my sources are telling me we had a one year, $12 million dollar offer on the table to secure the services of Mr. Thomas, but the Ravens swooped in at the last minute with an offer we were not prepared to match….

          2. So you would rather pay 200 million for a WR (OBJ) who’s always injured ? Name me 1 season OBJ played 16 games ?

            Do the EMPIRE a favor and go root for the Raiders cause ur not a real 49er fan.

          3. So you’re upset about the lb coming off surgery, but mad we didn’t spend big money on the older FS coming off surgery?

      3. On the Draftek Big Board, Butler is ranked 23, and Thornhill is ranked 24.
        Amani Oruwariye is ranked 27.
        Marquise Blair is ranked 141.
        Foster Moreau is ranked 117.
        Trey Pipkins is ranked 282. Oli Udoh would be far superior over a Div II prospect.

        1. Why do I like Draftek over CBS or Walter? Draftek big board goes over 400, while the other 2 stop at 100. Draftek has Murray at 7, Haskins at 10, while CBS has Haskins at 13 and Murray at 14. Walter has Daniel Jones at 14, Drew Lock at 17, Haskins at 26 and Murray at 28.
          Draftek seems to be more realistic with their QB rankings.

    1. Lynch is under pressure to draft Bosa. One can argue that Allen is , in the long run, as good or better but Bosa is more ready to play now. Surprise pick may be Williams who could, with Buckner, dominate the DL.

  2. Thanks for the mock Grant.

    Allen had a few a nice stack-n-sheds tackles. Gave up a few runs over his gap, but mainly to the inside. Off ball linebackers should have helped.

  3. Nice one Grant. Can’t argue with the players. But I would like to see an OL drafted day 2. And given how the team addressed safety in FA I think they also should use a day 2 pick on a safety.

    A trade back I think will definitely be plan A.

      1. Tough call. I still think the team believes in Spoon and Moore. And with Verrett added I think safety is the greater need. Plus it has better quality available in the draft imo.

        1. Definitely a tough call. And I agree there are more good safeties than corners in this draft. You can find a good safety in Round 4, but you can’t find a good corner that late. And anything Verrett gives is a bonus. He may not even make the team.

          1. “You can find a good safety in Round 4, but you can’t find a good corner that late.”

            This is a good point. But it is also something of a double-edged sword. Premier positions that aren’t good or deep in a draft tend to have players that are over drafted. Look at OT last draft. I don’t like the idea of over drafting a CB just because the team thinks it can get a decent safety prospect later. That’s how you miss out on a really good safety prospect and end up with decent/ average guys at both spots.

            But if they are going to over draft a CB, Oruwariye or Justin Layne make sense. Both guys provide premier size and athletic traits for the position.

            1. Great points. I’d pass on Layne, but I really like Oruwariye. The 49ers need a healthy, young CB who has a history of intercepting the football. That’s not Witherspoon.

  4. Allen seems to make the most sense if in fact, Ford plays the LEO. I still wonder if Ford plays on base downs. I know he’s getting paid like he should start but with ShanaLynch, financial decisions are not always obvious. If they plan on not using Ford on base downs, then Bosa would be the better pick. I have a feeling that Quinnen Williams may get the nod at #2.

  5. Off topic, but can someone with a PFF Subscription tell me the number of times Richard Sherman was targeted in coverage in 2018 and also 2017?

    1. If I’m reading the data correctly:

      2018 – 14 games
      TGT – Receiving Targets = 40
      REC% – Percentage of targets caught = 62.5%

      2017 – 9 games
      TGT = 40
      REC% = 45%

  6. If its best player available Q Williams is better than Josh Allen. And If DK Metcalf stays healthy, he is a HOF WR who makes one handed catches look easy.

  7. Grant, best Mock I’ve seen all year! I love that you really understand the teams needs, and don’t just shove players in spots like some of the larger Draftnicks do!

    I’m very torn on the selection at no.2 overall, as I don’t think we can go absolutely wrong with either Bosa, Williams or Allen, although I do think Williams is the best of the 3, but need wise Allen would be a better fit, and while I believe Bosa will be a solid player and good out of the gate performer, I just don’t see the upside with him, he’s definitely not a Von Miller, Myles Garrett, Bradley Chubb type difference maker, while Williams could be the next Aaron Donald!

    That said, I would be super happy with all of the players and or positions you outlined, and even if those players aren’t available I would go for the same positions you mentioned just swapping in BPA at that point.

      1. Grant…DITTO for me…other than Trey Pipkins (whom I’ve never seen) You hit all of my choices…especially Moreau, Butler, and Oruwariea… Allen is a no-brainer….I love it….

    1. Allen is none of those rushers either. I have watched enough tape of him, Bosa, Miller, and Garrett, he is by far the least flexible. He does not bend even close to the others. That’s a concern. Another relatively stiff speed rusher with zero counter moves that can’t hold the edge. We take him over either Bosa and Williams and we will be regretting that decisions for the next decade.

      1. Thanks Daniner. I’ve heard the knock on Allen’s pass rush moves, and him being a little raw, but thought most scouts liked his bend. I’m not that great in evaluating tape, other than surface level stuff, and tend to gravitate towards on field production (matchup based) as my primary evaluation followed by size strength and speed. I think he looks like someone whos skill set would translate to the NFL, although I would agree that he probably wouldn’t fit in the elite category either. I’m super high on Quinnen Williams, though I think he’ll be redundant in our Front. I’m also very high on Clelin Ferrell, though I think unless we trade back he would be a reach at #2.

      2. Seems people are in love with this Williams and Donald comparison.
        Donald is much more athletic and put up bigger numbers in college.
        I just don’t see how people think Williams who never broke double digit sacks in college will come in and dominate in sacks in the NFL.
        Overrated IMO in this draft. I think he will be a great run stopper and that’s it.

        1. Saban has called Williams one of the best overall DT’s he’s ever coached. Do you really want D.J. Jones to play NT this season? I see him as a good rotational player, not a starter. Tons of NFL analysts think DW’s the best defensive player in this draft. All that aside, Williams and Buckner could well become a top DT tandem in relatively short order. Don’t disagree Lynch will need to take another PR, but I really don’t see him passing on DW if ‘Zona doesn’t take him. Plugging up what’s been a porous middle in the run game and creating lanes for Ford and whomever Lynch gets to rush the passer trumps what Bosa brings. Just my opinion, but I’ll be shocked if Lynch/Coach don’t take Williams.

          1. Frank…. the run defense or the pass rush?
            Which was worst?
            And every coach says things like that for their former players.
            Grain of salt.
            This team doesn’t need a strong middle as much as they need edge rushers.
            And with a horrible secondary stopping the run first isn’t going to help them.
            And again the 14th ranked rushing defense is far from “porous”
            So buckle up brotha. It’s Bosa or Allen. Williams will look good in Green and white

      3. Allen doesn’t have bend???
        You are literally the only person saying that, I have not read a single scouting report that states this.

        1. Shoup

          That’s the way I see it too …Get serious people…some of what we’re asking of these guys has never been done…IT’S FOOTBALL ! Guys run into one another; sometimes you get hurt…we’re looking at critical mass here…On the first set of Defensive downs in 2019, Kwon Alexander, Dee Ford, Josh Allen, Armstead, Buckner, and Blair are going to have to ‘ flip coins’ to see who gets to claim the first ‘sack’…IMHO…humble…. crap…

        2. Allen has the speed to go around the tackle to the QB. Not so sure if he can have great success doing that at the next level.

          Bosa has enough speed, but he mostly relies on raw power and efficient hand maneuvers to get to the QB.
          I lean slightly towards Bosa. If he can stay on field and stay away from his dad, I’d be all in.

          1. AES,
            I’m not saying Bosa is not better. I think he is.
            There are legit questions regarding Allen, but burst and bend are not among them. Saying Allen doesn’t have bend is like saying Bosa is not strong, it doesn’t compute and runs contrary to every review out there and the film.
            I think Bosa is the better player on day 1 but Allen is the better player by year 4. The question is really based on your draft philosophy do you go for the player with the highest floor or the player with the highest upside?

            1. Shoup,
              I hear you. But we need an Edge rusher and Bosa can immediately fill that need.
              Waiting 4 years for a player to become a finished product is much too long for my taste.

              The Bosa vs Allen convo reminds me a little of the Bradley Chubb, Harold Landry comparison from last season.

              Chubb was the best Dlineman and there was no debating that. But many felt that Landry was our best option because of his unique BEND.

              Here’s my point.
              While Landry showed his ability to bend last season, there were many times where his bend and speed were nullified by quick footed Olinemen.
              Now, Allen may have a nice bend, but like Landry, he may find that using that maneuver won’t always work against some of the best Olinemen at the pro level.
              Chubb has found much better success in the pros because of his power and speed.

              Bosa (imo) will be more successful than Allen because he is NFL strength ready and more technically sound “right now. ” And we need what Bosa can give us right now.

              Bosa would certainly be a slam dunk for me if not for some of the things that have been noted above him. But if he can prove that he is 100% in, he’s my guy.

  8. By the 3rd or 4th Round do you think it makes sense to simply draft the Best Player Available regardless of position? I’m not sure…you may have done that with your TE pick.

      1. You can…but what are your odds? Which has the greater payout and odds? targeting the BPA or the BPA at a position of need? Obviously it’s going to depend on who’s available. Ideally it lines up and the BPA is at a position of need. Or the talent difference of the BPA and the BPA at a position of need isn’t that great.

        I guess all this leads to why I think Mock drafts past the 3rd or 4th round have too many variables to predict.

    1. That’s why I took Bunting in the 4th as he’s ready made for a cover 3 look. Just needs to develop his press cover skill.

        1. Good question. I think he could because he’s been flying under the radar somewhat, plus he’s coming from a lesser conference level of competition….

  9. WHY WHY WHY do you keep mocking Josh Allen to them? Theres 0 chance they draft him. Hes not on Bosa or William’s level. Let it go

  10. I like it grant! looks like I don’t get to rant and rave today…lol

    I’m torn on trading back! I would love more picks…especially additional first rounders….
    but I feel like top 8 pick=great…….whereas 9-29=good!
    good players can be found later in the draft ( kittle) or free agency……but great players are hard to come by. I don’t see us picking this high again any time soon…..and great players don’t leave via FA unless they have major baggage.

  11. Nick Bosa has “NFL play strength.” Or, in the words of NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein:

    “Never skips leg days at the gym…Comes out with low pads and powerful leg drive to grind through the blocker’s edge…Rare play strength to eat double teams like a nose tackle…Able to crank up jarring initial punch…Has hand strength and core power for effective read-and-react…Doesn’t stay engaged for very long…Can switch gears into power bully when needed.”

    So no, Bosa’s not as fast as Allen in the 40, and he cannot drop back in pass coverage like Josh. Then again, he will be a better end who can both pass rush and set the edge against the run.

    The second round pick (#36) is where all the intrigue is to me. WR or DB? It can go either way, and many of these players grade similarly, so maybe you have to consider need. And “need” depends on whether you think Jordan Matthews, Jason Verrett or Jimmie Ward can star for most of the season. I like Rock Ya-Sin (2 time Georgia State Champion in wrestling) is a physical tone setter with coverage skills. I like Nassir Adderley as a future Earl Thomas protege. If you go DB, then you can come back and take Arcega-Whitehead in the third and Andy Isabella in the 4th.

    Or, going WR at #36, there is Harry, Butler or Brown providing a young, physically dominant receiver we haven’t seen since Terrell Owens. Having gone receiver early, look to 3rd round DBs like CB Joejuan Williams, Justin Layne or FS Darnell Savage. Joejuan silenced the vaunted Ole Miss receivers. Layne was a WR before turning into a CB two years ago, much like Sherman at Stanford (that worked out pretty well).

    I would double down in the sixth round with CB Montre Hartage and WR Mile Boykin or Preston Williams.

    1. Really like the Darnell Savage mention Cadmus! He’s one of my favorite under the radar players for sure!

    2. Cadmus

      VERY good post.. ! You bring out some of the reasons (besides lack of length and injury history) that Bosa doesn’t have the speed nor coverage skills that makes Allen our first choice . Face it, they’re all good edge rushers along with Burns, and Ferrell and Sweat…I think Allen’s the best…

  12. Basically you find the OLine to be so good there is no need to address until the 5th round?

    Nah, we have to see how Tomlinson returns and Person isn’t getting younger plus he’s not lock either. Staley, Magnunson, Garnett, Coleman, etc all are done after this year.

    2nd round should be Dalton Risner who can play guard and also tackle. if he’s not Staley’s replacement he’s a future G.

    1. the line is set! like it or not….. Garnett gets another year to try and beat Person out. if he cant, I agree…hell be gone next year.
      its not that the line is ” so great”……more than the “we have bigger needs” mind set.

      I will say this…we singed a lot of guys that fill needs….some like Ford and Alexander seem to be really solid…and some like Verrett and Mathews or more of a Band-Aid fix.
      this gives us some draft flexibility ….. if we trade back and/or pass on a pass rusher with the first rounder….I would say Wr or o-line could be the surprise pick

    2. I agree with you about more focus being needed on the oline. Assuming they’re done in free agency, drafting a starting caliber G/C and G should be their two priorities after drafting Allen, imo.

  13. So much fun. I think it nearly certain there’ll be some trading–down and up–which will alter draft order and may net an additional pick or two.

    Can’t wait for the post draft hoopla–anger, indignation, euphoria, wide application of the term ‘feakin’, accusations of reaching, etc. Hang on….

  14. — Dead money if 49ers cut Kwon post-2019: $3 million
    Dead money if Jets cut Mosley: $30 million

    — Dead money if 49ers cut Ford: $6.4 million
    If Lions cut Flowers: $43.6 million

  15. Very nicely done Grant. If using Ford at LEO is what they truly mean to do then Allen makes the most sense at 2. His ability to drop back in coverage as SAM allows him to stay on the field. The bonus is no more Smith. Safety seems to me to be the best option in 2nd then Wr in 3rd. I feel that a good safety with improved pressure from front 7 will improve corner play.

    1. I actually think using Ford at Leo makes Allen a little less likely to be the pick. Most of the D’s running this system have more of a traditional LB playing the SAM. And it is such an unimportant position in the scheme of things – only really sees around 30% of snaps.

      I get the idea that Allen could play SAM and be a DE in nickel, so two birds with one stone kind of principle. But as I said, the SAM is such a low value position that doesn’t really matter, and the role is more of a LB role. While Allen isn’t bad in coverage, there are better options than Allen for the SAM role. What is more important is how the person fits as a DE in nickel.

      With Ford being on the lighter side and not a great run defender, ideally the DE on the other side of the line (who will also usually line up against the strength of the offense) would be a decent run defender as well as good pass rusher. Allen isn’t really that guy. Bosa is.

      On base downs Bosa can also play the big end spot (as can a few guys on the roster). This spot (not SAM) is the one that will be tasked with rushing the passer if it is a pass on base downs. So having a big end that is also a good pass rusher is more important than a SAM that can rush the passer.

      Not saying Allen won’t be the pick, but I just think getting Ford may make taking Bosa over Allen more likely.

      1. Scooter,
        Not to completely disagree, however the 49ers currently have Armstead and ST manning the big end. Wouldnt that be overkill at one position? If the signing of Dee Ford’s draft stock helps anyone I would argue it might be Williams (curse the thought) as he could man the nose.
        Additionally from what I have seen the SAM and LEO have to be slightly interchangeable as offensive formation shifts can shift their responsibilities on base downs.
        TBH I don’t care… I just want the best edge rusher, everything else is secondary in my opinion.

        1. Shoup, no arguments from me that adding Ford has made Williams (or any other position) more likely. It also makes a trade back a real possibility. I was just referring to edge players specifically, and if they go edge, I think the move decreases Allen’s chances relative to Bosa.

          As for needing the SAM and Leo to be interchangeable – when was the last time you saw one of the 49ers DL in base switch to playing LB due to an offensive shift, and vice versa? Looking beyond the 49ers, same thing for other teams running this system? Most teams running this system have a true LB playing the SAM, and a true DE playing the Leo. They don’t switch position due to offensive shifts. They switch front.

          Most teams running this system on the other hand have a good pass rushing presence at big end. Calais Campbell. Joey Bosa. Adrian Clayborn. Michael Bennett. Most of those guys guys also slide into DT in nickel, but Joey doesn’t.

          Yes, the 49ers already have guys to play the big end. But neither Armstead or Thomas are particularly good pass rushers. Adding Nick Bosa would change that. It would make one of Armstead or Thomas surplus to need, so the 49ers would likely trade one away.

          You mentioned Williams, and I think he is a strong possibility for the 49ers now. If they took him I still think one of Armstead or Thomas would be traded away. And I suspect we would see both Williams and Buckner spend a bit of time at big end during the season.

          1. Scooter,

            “As for needing the SAM and Leo to be interchangeable – when was the last time you saw one of the 49ers DL in base switch to playing LB due to an offensive shift, and vice versa?”

            In SF it was not so common, but that is likely personnel based, if you watch Seattle’s or Jacksonville’s defense it happens more than you might think. Do you really think SF wants ST or Armstead playing as a SAM? I dont even think they are not even capable of being 3-4 Olb’s, so Saleh has had to adjust accordingly.

            Ex: the Leo is the weakside edge rusher great when the offense comes out, they line up with a wr on both sides, two backs, and TE on the opposite side of him. If the TE goes in motion suddenly the weakside of the formation becomes the strong side. Here the DL should shift accordingly but the Leo and Sam are not likely to run all the way to the other side of the formation… if they did this and I was an OC I would do this constantly.

            In this scenario the SAM is more likely to step up to the LOS and become the weakside Rusher/disruptor player (Leo’s responsibilities) while the LEO is more likely to take on the SAM backers core responsibilities.

  16. Actually agree with Allen pick… Bosa has issies staying healthy & less upside, while Allen can play both OLB/DE. With 49ers depth on line, makes more sense; flexibility. Less depth at LB. I think WR Butler will not last that long and if 9ers like him, will get in 2nd round as they did Pettis last year. All the FA $ going towards D, will allow them to be aggressive for the 0ffensive picks in draft. All speculation, obviously… but thats what keeps it interesting for us fans. Finally decent article from you, less hate and writing with emotion.

  17. Nice mock. I’m with Razor though. I highly doubt Butler last that long regardless of where some sites have him ranked. I also would love the 9ers to get Moreau.

    I tried to listen to a mock draft podcast by 2 guys from PFF. One of the guys had the 49ers taking DK Metcalf with the 2nd pick. I just had to turn it off. These are the guys with contracts to all 32 NFL teams to provide analytics. Absolutely absurd.

  18. I wish to disagree with Grant. I think the trade back option is still in play. This is a QB driven league, and several teams are needing a QB upgrade.
    Gruden , by looking askance at Carr, will want Haskins to throw the ball to AB.
    Giants have been asking for the number 2 pick, because they love Haskins. They also have 2 first round picks and 12 overall, so they can afford to give the Niners a boatload of picks.
    Denver has Flacco, but he is a short term solution. They also are having a fight over the succession to Pat Bowlen, so Ellis and Elway want to win NOW, so the new owner does not sack them. Elway is on thin ice after he chose Siemian, Paxton Lynch and Keenum these past couple years.
    Miami just signed Fitzpatrick, who will pull a Gabbert. Guess they are Tanking for Tua. Even with Fitzpatrick, they need a long term solution at QB.
    Niners do not need to be greedy. Oakland will give up first, second and fourth round picks ( 4, 35, 106), for the Niner number 2 and the rights for Haskins. Maybe Gruden wants Bosa, so those second and 4th round picks will make passing on Bosa worth it.
    Niners then trade back with Denver. Denver gives up its first, second and fifth round picks (10, 41, 148), for the Niners number 4. Elway wants Lock, who will benefit sitting behind Flacco and learning.
    The Niners end up with pick numbers- 10, 35, 36, 41, 67, 104, 106, 148, 176 and 212.

    1. Mock draft 9- post Free Agency.
      Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each draft number, the Niners could select-
      10. Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
      35. Garrett Bradbury OC.
      36. N’Keal Harry WR.
      41. C Gardner Johnson S.
      67. Tre Lamar ILB.
      104. Caleb Wilson TE.
      106. Justin Layne CB.
      148. Ben Burr- Kirven OLB.
      176. Oli Udoh OT.
      212. Keelan Doss WR.

  19. This would be an excellent draft for the Niners. Addresses all the remaining holes and improves the team from day 1.

  20. I’m all for not Drafting whoever Razor thinks is good….Dude is wrong 100% of the time but year after year he’s on hear spouting some arrogant B’s like he knows something..lol..

    1. Nah, I’ve gotten 3 of the last 4 correct. I’d like to help you move beyond your paralysis of perfectionism, big moan.

      1. Who was that?I didn’t say you got the picks wrong I said your evaluation of talent is horrible ..and your come backs are as weak as your player evaluations!Every player you seem to covet turns out to be a huge bust..lol
        Big moan?….How long did that take you to think up?…wow

  21. Soloqueen Thomas now Bosa Constrictor?Once Razor gives a top round pick a nick name you know he’s gonna be a bust..Ray Charles just called and said your blind as a bat

  22. Hi, Grant! I like your texts most of the time and I like this mock draft as well. I shall try something very similar, but just a little bit different – I shall make a mock draft based on SPARQ scores (and Draftech Big Board):
    1. J. Allen. Can play both, EDGE and SAM LB; 2. Dillard, OT if available. If not, Lindstrom, OG; 3. P. Campbell, WR. Fits Kyle’s preferences with regard to WRs. If there is a good CB available, I would consider that option as well; 4. F. Moreau, TE. Excellent blocking TE, nice addition to Kittle; 6. M. Boykin, WR. Fantastic SPARK score! 6. B. Banogu, EDGE. If we draft Allen, we need an DE, as well. And, great SPARQ score! 7. Whoever – BPA.
    Best regards from Serbia!

  23. There’s an old saying that the Army has the best food in the world…..until the cooks get hold of it. We can nit pick to death who the 49ers should draft – this guy or that for whatever reason. If we know one thing thus far it’s that talent and BPA are kind of meaningless unless Kyle an his crew know how to cook. (See Solomon Thomas for example) But don’t let me stop all y’all from speculating on who instead of how.

    1. The Army paid for your clothes while us Marines had to pay for our own. The Navy’s food was great, and unlike the Marines, you got second helpings. I made sure I was tight with at least one cook and one guy in supply when I was in, and it made life much easier….

      1. My dad (WW2 vet) said “Never volunteer for anything and you’ll be OK.” (Both of us were drafted.) Marines start off on the wrong foot – they’re all volunteers. As an aside, during the Vietnam era I knew many dozens of guys who grew up around me who were also drafted into the Army. Near the end of the war, a younger friend of mine was actually drafted into the Marines. No one could believe it because to the best of everyone’s knowledge the Marines hadn’t drafted anyone since WW2. Of course they made him into a truck driver because Marines not only volunteer to serve but also volunteer for the infantry. He went on to become a doctor after he finished spoiling their near perfect record.

    2. WC, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and you can’t cook Filet Mignon out of a rump steak.
      However, you are also right when the cook takes a Filet Mignon, and turns it into something as tough as a rump steak.
      Gotta have the right ingredients, WITH the right chefs.

      1. I wonder what the impact of Woods and Kocurek will have on the Niners. Will they help, or will the subtraction of Hafley and Zgonina help more.

  24. Isn’t anyone worried about the extent of Bosa’s surgery?? It wasn’t a walk in the park! I can see him doing it again and he will be toast!

    1. I’m a bit concerned….have mentioned it a couple times many months ago. Core injuries (to athletes) requiring surgery are nasty. I hope he’s recovered and never suffers that again.

      Eric Wright (star 9er DB in the 80s) suffered a similar injury and was never quite the same. Yes, sports medicine has improved over the years. Will be fun to see how Bosa’s career plays out.

  25. Grant,
    I believe that the Ford signing has pretty much eliminated Allen. The pick will either be traded back or it will be Bosa. Allen and Ford would play the same position.

  26. Yes Bosa has injury problems and I would take Allen over Bosa due to he would be a LB, pass rusher and cover specialist which would solve the third LB spot on the team. Allen, Warner and Kwon would be a great set of LBS. I wonder though lets say Cards bypass Bosa, which looks that way and 49ers trade the 2nd pick to the Raiders and gain extra first this year and second next year. Then the Raiders and Jets bypass Bosa as well cause they like Williams and Allen better or maybe a CB. Would picking Bosa at number 4 with extra draft picks be worth it? Or trade down again and get more picks to a team who really wants Bosa at number 4?

    Depending on what is being offered at the number 4 spot, lets say another first round pick this year(which would be 3 total) or next year get a first round plus a second round pick this year and a third round pick. Then if I was the 49ers I would have to see how much of a difference is the guys on my board compared to where they have Bosa rated. They say its suppose to be a great pass rush class. But to have 3 first round picks and get top 5 pass rusher, top 3 CB and top 3 Safety would be nice.

  27. The 49ers need to decide who are the top pass rushers are in their minds and be prepared for whatever draft scenarios happens. Adding another top 5 pass rusher to pair with DB and Ford would and is the best way to go. Line a pass rusher on each side and DB in the middle, who are teams going to block. Or do they want Allen to pair with their LB now of Kwon and Warner.

  28. Dee Ford was a LB in a 3-4 system and that’s suppose to be the reason the Chiefs did not want him cause they moving to a 4-3 system and I’m sure other reasons too. In the 49ers defense he suppose to play the LEO spot. he should not be covering anybody and if they do that would be a nightmare. That’s why they need Allen to cover and rush the passer, Like Mack does.

  29. Ian Rapoport

    From our Alabama Pro Day coverage: Star DT Quinnen Williams had dinner with members of the #Giants brass last night, will spend time with the Niners today. He’s firmly planted in the Top 10, likely Top 5.

        1. His nickname is Big Baby, but I’d probably call him Mama’s Boy, provided it was alright with him, because of his backstory. It seems to me that’s where his passionate and violent play stem from. A deep down, brooding pain that manifests itself out on the field….

    1. He is the best player in the draft. Adding Ford takes away the dire need to spend that pick on an edge. If they can’t trade back, taking the best player is a very good option. Then trade Armstead or Thomas.

  30. With the way the roster is currently set it makes the most sense to get Allen to play SAM in the base and edge in Nickle/Dime.

    If they go Bosa I’d look for a trade of either Thomas or Armstead since his position would be the big end.

    1. That’s the way I see it as well.
      This is also why I think picking up Dee Ford actually puts Williams back in play as he could play the Nose.
      Base would be Armstead at big end, NT- Williams, DT – Defo, Leo – Ford.
      I don’t like the idea, as I would prefer another edge rusher to pair with Ford and provide insurance but the move wouldn’t surprise me.

    2. I disagree with this making Allen more likely – see my posts above.

      Yes, if they take Bosa or Williams I expect one of Armstead or Thomas to be traded.

        1. “More likely” or “makes the most sense” in this context I think we can say they are interchangeable.

            1. I had written another post but deleted it as it sounded petty.

              Basically, your post, given the way it is structured, strongly indicates that you believe Allen makes more sense than Bosa as Allen can play SAM. This is the interpretation because your first sentence states Allen makes most sense playing SAM in base while the second sentence appears to follow from that and states if they get Bosa he would play big end and they would then perhaps trade Armstead or Thomas (with the inference being there would be surplus). Have I spelt out what you meant correctly?

              If that isn’t what you meant, fine, but this as a logical interpretation of your post, rather than assuming it is two completely unrelated comments/ sentences.

              If I am correct in understanding what you meant, then my using “most likely” rather than “makes most sense” in my response should be seen as interchangeable given the context of your post and my other posts in which I have explained my rationale as to why I believe Bosa makes more sense than Allen.

        1. Grant,
          Do you think they will draft a punter/kickoff specialist, have Gould handle KO’s or sign a third kicker as a KO specialist?

        2. Punters are a dime a dozen. Pick up an UDFA. There have been many drafts when no punter or only one or two were drafted.

          1. Not the left footed ones, and those are the ones BB covets.

            Depending on need, I could see Bailey going in round 5 just like Pinion did.

    1. Grant, I was wondering your take on the plan for a punter. You think they will use that complimentary pick on one? I like the Stanford punter over Wishnowski, Jake (from State Farm) Bailey but you might have to use that first pick in round 6 to get him….

  31. re: Nick Bosa.

    Name another DE who is shorter than 6’4″, has arms no longer than 33 inches and a vertical jump no higher than 33.5 inches who is or was a successful edge-rusher in the NFL.

    1. Would Williams be brought in to play the spot vacated by Mitchell in the middle in base and as an interior rusher in passing downs?

      I’m envisioning the rebirth of the interior like the BY/Stubblefield days.

        1. Matt Barrows post in today’s The Athletic (well worth the subscription cost) quotes wide 9 pioneer Jim Washburn “Even Ronald Blair is strong. He comes flying off the edge” and “… how would you like to see Blair or Armstead running right through the outside shoulder of the tight end?”

          Matt Barrows

          1. The way The Blair Blitz Project leveraged his angles to bring down Rainbow Brite in the open field was a thing of beauty.

      1. I like Williams as a 3 down player. Very good instincts.

        Allen would be fun too. He’d play end on pass downs .

        He’d be a blitz threat at SAM in base. VS the wide 9, if the TE releases the OT would has to radically kick out wide to pick up the strong side end (Blair, Armstead, Thomas, Taylor, Street).

        This gives Allen a straight line to the quarterback… with Ford coming off the weak side, and Buckner pushing the pocket.

        Bosa, Allen or Williams this will be fun.

      2. I think Williams would see some time at NT and big end in base. DT in nickel. Really good player. Stopping DeFo, Ford and QW would be very tough on an offense.

    2. Otis Sistrunk? He was listed at 6’4″ but he was in the 6’3″ range….back in the day. Wasn’t known as a stellar athlete, pretty effective as a DE. Scrappy.

    3. Solomon Thomas was 6’3 weighed in at 273 lb with 33 inch arms and vertical jump of 35 inches. if that’s how Bosa will play in the NFL like Thomas then do not pick him.

      1. Nick Bosa was a dominant edge rusher in college, while Thomas was an interior DL. I don’t know why anyone would compare those 2 players because they have entirely different skill sets. If your going to compare Nick Bosa to an NFL player, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to compare him to someone with a similar skill set? Extra long arms can be beneficial for an NFL edge rusher, but they aren’t what makes a great pass rusher. 6’4″ 266 lbs, tree trunks for thighs, strong hands and powerful 33″ arms will do just fine, if you know how to use them.

          1. Yah, I guess Dee Ford should have known he wasn’t tall enough, and his arms were too short, to make it in the NFL as a pass rusher.

            Seriously … since when is 6’4″ and 33″ arms not adequate? I never got that memo, and neither did the Big Ten!

              1. Well, Bosa weighed in almost 15 lbs more than Ford at the combine. They are also different players with different styles. Ford relies more on explosive speed/technique, to get to the QB, while Bosa relies on explosive power/technique to get the job done.

                That said, I’m still on the fence with the #2 pick, even more so after the Dee Ford trade. Bosa & Williams may be the safest picks, but Josh Allen’s ability to drop into coverage may suit them best.

  32. Drafting Williams will be a mistake for the 49ers. he could become a good player but not on the 49ers. That would be just as bad a pick as Thomas was. If they could trade Thomas and or Arik and trade down and get lots of picks and he was still their then yes but that’s not going to happen. If the 49ers pick Williams over Allen and Bosa, that will be a huge mistake

  33. More guarantee contracts will solve the problem……i am with the players there is no substitute to health if you want to see a show you have to pay for it just like you do HBO…

    Complain all you want, when your objective is to ensure that he helps your favorite team, boosts your fantasy performance, or otherwise adequately entertains you. But he’s the one taking the poundings that will affect his quality of life in the long run, and he’s the one that keeps America’s Team currently relevant to a nation. If the team isn’t going to get him properly paid not that he’s eligible for a new deal, Elliott needs to use the devices available to him.

    Don’t give me the “he signed a contract” routine, Old School Football Guy. It was a contract of adhesion (look it up), with no opportunity to negotiate more dollars than his draft slot dictated. The current system, which protects teams from draft busts who would suck away millions, fails to properly reward the men who should have gotten the big contracts that, due to fear that some of those big contracts won’t be earned, currently go to no one.

    Also, there are two contracts that control the relationship: The contract between the player and the team, and the contract between the union and the league. Elliott has rights under the broader contract that are independent of his individual contract, and that allow him to technically violate the terms of his own deal. By taking advantage of those rights, he can try to leverage the Cowboys into doing the right thing, before he ends up being the next guy who finally makes it to free agency with bald tires and far less money in the bank than he deserves.


  34. Arik is a bust and to put Williams next to him will not help Williams. Adding more pass rush would be best, They were good against the run last year. DJ Jones would be a good fill in or they should just sign someone.

  35. Knowing Lynch he will draft Sweat, Gary or Bush with the second pick. Then will say we just loved that guy at number 2

  36. Less than a year after marrying Rosen, the Cardinals are holding a private meeting with Murray. Will Rosen rebound with a Giant relationship? Could be since they stated they have no interest in Haskins, but they’re both pocket passers. Rosen being the more statuesque of the two….

      1. It’s possible or Daniel “Boone” Jones cuz you know he was a man. Yes, a big man! With an eye like an eagle, and as tall as a mountain was he!

  37. Here it is, the all-trade, make everyone happy draft. https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/sharedraft.php?d=yieatj.

    Since it is the same names as everyone else has already mocked, I think when I have time I will instead of doing a mock, list a bunch of players at each need position that would be a great pick, and the round they will probably go in. But for now, with the computer making every other teams’ picks and the computer offering the trades I took:

    1. Traded pick #2 for Bills’ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks.
    2. Traded Bills’ 2nd round pick for Falcons’ 2nd and 3rd round picks.
    3. Traded Falcons’ 3rd round pick to Ravens for picks 21 and 38 in the 3rd round.
    4. Drafted:

  38. I’m starting to get the feeling that if the Niners stay a #2 the pick is going to be Quinnen Williams. I think Bosa and Williams are the only 2 Elite prospects in this draft. Williams seems like the cleaner player with worlds of talent. Wouldn’t be mad with either. One thing I do know is that it will not be Josh Allen at #2.

    1. Yea, I’d be surprised if it was Allen. If it’s Williams, the deluge of trolls will be magnified 10 fold in here.

  39. Folks are clammoring for another BPA pick at #2 and that Allen is the BPA.
    Most experts disagree, calling Williams the BPA.

    Niners better get those double teams off buckner. He’s been lucky so far, surviving w/o encountering those Hi/low blocks Pete Carrol’s Hawks still use for intimidation (although outlawed now)…Drafting Williams alleviates the double teams so the 49ers don’t repeat a draft pick when he’s injured in Seattle next year.


  40. I think it’s a toss up between Williams and Bosa. Thomas is still on his rookie deal, which makes him the better trade bait over Armstead for the Cowboys 4th round pick….

      1. Are we playing hide n seek cuz it looks like you’re counting to 10, but peeking like my buddy Davey Clark used to do.😊

  41. All things being equal, Grant, if you’re right, the 49ers will be wrong.

    Case in point, both of Lynch/Shanny’s 2017 #1 picks were failures—Thomas/Foster. We need another 2010 draft of the two # 1’s (Anthony Davis and Iupati), but defensively.

  42. Well done on your latest mock Grant. However, I don’t think Butler will go that high, nor do I forsee the team taking an OL or TE during the draft.
    I will post my latest mock sometime tonight.

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