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  1. I very seriously doubt Trent Baalke is in any type of trouble.

    He never loses a front office battle.

    Chip Kelly will be blamed if this goes bad before the let Baalke take any blame.

  2. We pretty much knew this was on the horizon when Tom was brought back from Philly. York apparently recognizes the alternative could be an unmitigated disaster, so he’s willing to take a Gamble….

  3. I know little about Gamble, but I was under the impression he and Baalke were friends. That Gamble might be in the John McVay role, smoothing things out between York, Kelly and Baalke. If true, it still doesn’t rule out Gamble as a potential Baalke replacement.

    The Yorks (it would not be left up to little Jed) could find themselves in a tough spot if Gamble is offered a job by another team after the 49ers have a decent (if unspectacular) season.

    1. This means absolutely nothing… but Gamble’s picture looks like a guy that breaks legs if you don’t pay your monthly “tribute” (and I mean that in the nicest way). I bet he can negotiate some pretty “team friendly” contracts.

      1. I feel like we read way too much into these subtle office moves without much real knowledge of what goes on behind closed doors. What if Baalke suggested the move for Gamble because he’s great at his job? Much to do about nothing till Gamble is actually the GM and Baalke is removed. If Gamble is so great why has he bounced around so much?

        1. I dunno, Wilson, as I look at things it seems the sky is actually falling.
          What? Oh, it turns out that’s just ash from the wild fires.
          Never mind.

            1. Not really, no ash fall here, but the sky is full of smokey haze tinting the sunlight and I’m almost 4 hours north of the Carmel-Santa Lucia fire. It was raining glowing ash at a friend’s house in Carmel Valley. He’s got a lawn sprinkler going on his roof.

  4. I see Gamble as the Charles Haley of pro football manament. Where ever he goes, winning happens.

  5. Competition (even if it is only perceived competition) is good at every position. No resting on laurels.

  6. Meh, nothing has changed since when they re-hired him. Just a new title, to keep him happy and help keep other people’s hands off him.

    One thing I will say, it appears Gamble wants to keep moving up the chain. Titles are important to him. He reminds me Frank Underwood, politicking behind the scenes, making friends with the right people, but not afraid to backstab people if needed on his way to power. Didn’t work out for him in the end in Philly, but wouldn’t be surprised at all if Baalke finds himself ousted by next season, especially if the team doesn’t excel this year.

  7. “As opposed to Kelly and Baalke, who already “have problems” according to NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger.” ~Grant

    How would Baldinger acquire this type of information? And if in fact the reports are true, why wouldn’t the FO try to nip it at the bud especially coming on the heels of the Harbaugh/Baalke infighting reports?

    Having said that, Baalke should be looking over his shoulder. His drafts over the last 3 years have been less then stellar and has put the team in a precarious position because of it.
    I, along with others listed many players that were left on the board in this years draft that could have been a very good fit for us.

    Also, I don’t recall any high remarks being place on any rookie(s) attending mini-camp a month ago. We’ll have to wait for TC to see if any rookie(s) stand out.
    I’m sure that Baalke will be waiting with baited breath much more than us.
    This is make or break year for Baalke – and there’s a chance he doesn’t even get to the end of the season.
    The 49ers soap opera continues!

  8. Baalke is the walking dead. that may be a bad thing because the walking dead keep coming back.

    However, Jed finally realizes that the GM needs to have empathy and benevolent feelings towards the players so the players feel wanted and appreciated. Baalke treated players like they were a piece of meat. Baalke lacked those skills, so now Gamble can be the nice guy while Baalke shaves nickles and counts pennies.

    I hope Baalke stays away from the practices, and stops meddling/ coaching. He needs to stop using the roster cuts to dictate who plays.

    I wish to praise Jed. Usually, I am pointing out his deficiencies, but in this case, he has shown leadership. He made adjustments so now AD is back. I do not know if it is so toxic, that he wants to be traded. AD is worth at least a second, but one poster mentioned they may only get fifth round offers. The best solution is to pay him, and utilize his talents. He would make the O line better. Jed deserves praise, and I think he really wants to win, and will do everything in his power to achieve greatness.

    AD has posted a workout video that shows that he is in shape, and he has lost pounds, so he will fit the Chip Kelly system better.

    With AD back, I will predict a 10 win season, and an outside shot at the playoffs. I think he will help Kaep since they played in a SB together. To me, this is very positive news, and makes me even more optimistic.

    1. “now Gamble can be the nice guy while Baalke shaves nickles and counts pennies”.

      In all your crazy you do occasionally come up with some interesting ideas. I have often wondered since they re-hired Gamble whether that could be a good working combo – one guy with good emotional IQ (Gamble), the other more detached and clinical (Baalke).

      I wonder if Gamble’s higher emotional IQ had anything to do with getting Davis to seek reinstatement? Probably not, but I could see how a guy like Gamble could be used to smooth things over.

      1. Thank you for the back handed compliment. ;p

        Gamble gets promoted- AD applies for reinstatement. What an amazing coincidence.

        AD is taking a Gamble….

        1. Eveyone needs a backhand now and again for posting plays about double reverses and WR patterns ending up in a Rod Serling episode about a washed up NFL play designer stuck in the 1960’s.

    2. 10 wins? from this team, with all the questions it needs to sort out?

      Everything, and I mean everything, would have to go just right…………not even counting they cant have any injuries.

  9. what are they waiting for?? like this famous brand says !! JUST DO IT !! bye bye Baalke..

  10. I see Randy Gregory is doing Randy Gregory things. Couldn’t stay clean before the combine. Couldn’t stay clean last year. Now looks like he may not play this year at all after failing yet another test.

    Some guys just shouldn’t be in the NFL.

      1. Yep, he’s another one.

        I have no problems with these guys doing recreational drugs, if that is what they want to do. But seriously, why pretend to want an NFL career?

  11. This is like celery. You can chew on it for a while and make some noise, but there’s nothing there, no nutritive content. Rearranging deck chairs. Grant can’t ignore it, but the story itself is vaporous.
    Consider this: Jed likes a loyal inner circle. He likes familiar. To me this is like giving an extension to a solid, veteran backup QB for security. However long TB’s leash may be, this doesn’t change it.

  12. Not sure if letting Harbaugh go was such a bad thing. I loved the guy but I find that he seemed to self destruct during some games. I don’t think he would ever get us over that final hurdle. I have supreme confidence in Kelly and think our offense is going to be better then it has in many years.

    Who promoted Gamble? Was that something Baalkie can do? Or is that a York thing? Doesn’t mean anything till it does.

    1. When someone gets the assistant to your job and is better than you at it you better beleave that means something.

        1. How can anyone know that Gamble is better at Baalke’s job (GM), when Gamble has never been a GM? You can think he would be better, you can think he’s going to get a chance, but you can’t know he’s better.

        2. I suspect that should there be an issue (York’s opinion on Baalke personnel decisions) that they would move Baalke to a new role “Operations” or something like that…….. pay him well and and give Gamble control over personnel…. I imagine they are also paying Gamble very well at this point knowing that he is a nice piece to have.

          I understand that York has earned his reputation as a cheapskate, but I personally don’t believe and think they will spend freely when the needs arise……….. right now, I think it is all about assessing the young talent and then locking down the ones who perform well this year.

          I think Gamble and Baalke, and namely Baalke, are fine………. that is my$.02

  13. Considering how many injured players Trent picked, I think he would like a Gamble that pays off!

  14. Grant

    Still looking forward to whatever’s next. This is a good piece of writing, and you’re probably onto the truth, but you’re also just regurgitating Kawakami’s Scapegoat List and BASG’s earlier article today. You do, however, highlight some interesting tidbits about Gamble’s lofty reputation around the NFL. Thanks for that.

    Moving forward, I’d love to see something that reflects a collaboration between you and Dad, something that utilizes his knowledge of the Young Eddie D days and your inside knowledge of Young Jed’s continuing evolution. Trent Baalke has been a huge impediment to Jed’s growth as an owner, led him astray many, many times. Eddie found his offensive genius, and kept Walsh because he allowed Carmen Policy to shepherd him through the mad times. Has Jed found his offensive genius? You, Grant, appear to believe Evan Mathis’ account of a vanilla scheme, but you’d also have to concede that Chip Kelly is kind of a mad scientist, with at least the will and intellect it takes to adapt and evolve. Will Jed have the requisite patience? If so, will Gamble ascend to a Policy position?

    Is there any reason to believe Jed is learning and growing, from your insider’s perspective?

    Good piece. As always with you, I’m interested in seeing you go deeper. I’m going to DM you to follow up in that regard.

  15. I think a story like this would have more teeth, had it been published or a good bit of it prior to the announcement not post announcement. After the announcement it just seems a whole lot like late conjecture, which is what we fans do.

  16. Do you have nothing better to do that read tea leaves that probably don’t exist?

    1. Baalke is, despite the whinging of ignorant 49er fans and the 49er press about 4th round flyers with virtually no chance of making it in the NFL (because they don’t, healthy or not), one of the better drafters in the NFL. Seriously, you people have whacked expectations. After round 3 you’re lucky to get a decent starter, mostly it’s special teamers and back-ups.

    2. The 49ers have a .611 record during Baalke’s tenure as GM.

    3. From the beginning of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, the 49ers lost 11 starters — retirements (Smith, Willis, Borland, Davis), FAs lost to the cap/age (Iupati, Culliver, Cox, Gore), injuries (Kilgore) and character cuts (Smith, McDonald).

    Ozzie Newsome, one of the ‘best GMs’ in the League has gone through this kind of problem twice (including last year where they finished 5-11 and lost to the 49ers) with the Ravens. It’s a natural part of the process. Especially for clubs that don’t have elite QBs to hide their flaws.

    So I seriously doubt the Yorks are just going to dump Baalke. It’ll take a lot more than a one-year set-back. Especially as a lot of what is wrong falls on Harbaugh’s doorstep over the Kaepernick/Smith decision.

    1. Baalke just lost a lot of power. He may have a .611 winning percentage, but his trajectory is falling off a cliff.

      The draft is a crapshoot, but the good GMs find the late round gems. Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class.

      The loss of personnel could be attributed to Baalke not inspiring loyalty, and not trying to retain veteran talent and leadership.

      Decent Free Agents avoided Baalke like the plague, with good reason. The Niners must change or they will be doomed to be second tier. Walsh obtained elite FAs and achieved greatness.

      1. Also, the Warriors just ninja’d the best free agent when he fell in their laps because he wants to win championships.

        Maybe Baalke should get a clue.

    2. The only ignorance on display here is yours Moses. I wish I could fine the article that ranked all the GM’s over the past 5 years that was posted here a couple of months ago, but it really laid out just how bad Baalke has been in both the draft and FA, and how that is a direct result of the state the team is in right now.

      It’s not hard to see where he has failed though. He has not drafted well on the offensive side of the ball, in fact he’s been a complete failure. No QB, no playmakers at the skill positions, multiple Oline picks that haven’t panned out.

      Defensively, he’s used multiple picks on CB’s and is still trying to find a starter opposite another average player in Brock.

      He’s drafted one pass rusher who has been an impact player…1, and that player turned out to be a complete head case who is no longer on the roster.

      So to summarize, in 7 years as GM, 6 if you are of the opinion he just used McCloughan’s board in his first one, he has not found an answer at QB, hasn’t found impact pass rushers, hasn’t found playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, has wasted multiple picks on the OL and CB position, and blew an entire draft that resulted in most of the players selected not being in the league any longer.

      So spare me the rhetoric about how players aren’t found in later rounds or his winning percentage with a lot of the previous GM’s players and a different HC. Look at the team he has put together and objectively analyze what he’s done here. It’s not pretty.

      1. Could someone send “The Jedster” a copy of Rocket’s NFL Bio on Trent Baalke….ASAP !

      2. “…no playmakers…”

        How about Carlos Hyde? The question with Hyde is his ability to stay healthy, and it is a question, but you can’t say he’s not a playmaker.

        1. In 7 years, just Hyde? Who cant seem to stay healthy. When he is healthy, he is a playmaker—–when he’s healthy.

          Please continue your list of offensive skill players of note in the last half decade…………….

          1. SB,

            My point was the statement that Baalke has drafted “zero playmakers” wasn’t accurate, that’s all.

      3. Moses is actually on to something. We 49ers fans are a fickle bunch.

        He took over in 2010, and the moves he made built a team that won 42 regular season games and went to 3 straight NFCCG and a Super Bowl.

        The 2013 season boasted 13 starters that Baalke either drafted or brought in through free agency. That includes a quarterback who one pundit said had the potential to be the best QB ever, 4/5ths of the offensive line, a starting WR, the entire secondary, one of the best linebackers in the league, a pass rusher that dominated the league, and a solid NT to stuff the middle.

        Baalke failed miserably in the 2012 draft, which hurt the team moving forward, however his 2013 draft shows 5 players who could play key roles in 2016 and featured a Pro Bowler and a defensive lineman drafted in the late rounds that started 15 games for the team in 2015. The 2014 draft shows a DB that will likely be a starter at CB this season, a running back who looks to be dynamic if he can stay healthy, and a WR, CB and OLB who all will play key roles this year. It also featured an ILB who was outstanding as a rookie, but then unexpectedly retired leaving a gap that could not have been expected. The 2015 draft looks like it could reap rewards this year with early reports of Armstead possibly breaking out, Tartt already has played a big role, Harold ready to step in to replace Lynch early on, Bell, and Williams. And the top 2 from this 2016 draft will likely step in and be starters from day 1.

        Baalke definitely deserves scrutiny, his picks for a backup C/G failed twice and this left the right side of the OLine extremely weak last season. His WR picks haven’t shown much yet, and he was unable to replace Delanie Walker with a viable TE2 option. but he is still better than most of us give him credit for.

        However I agree with Moses’ take regarding highly respected guys like Ozzie Smith going through similar stretches. It’s a good comparison because the two franchises have seen similar shifts in their roster the last couple of years with veterans moving on and such. From 2013 on, Baalke’s teams actually have more wins 25-23 than Smith’s, including identical 5 win seasons a year ago. I’m also pretty sure that everyone would agree that Smith’s Head Coach last season was far better than Baalke’s.

        2015 was a throw away in so many ways. According to many accounts, the owner screwed up the head coach decision and as a result the coaching staff was just awful. Not only because of the losses, but also a wasted year of development for young guys.

        I see Chip Kelly as being somewhat in the Harbaugh mold, his staff appears to be much improved and it will be interesting to watch the development of players this year and moving forward.

        1. 5-11

          Was it Trent Baalke’s ability as a GM that gave us those 3 great years? Since it wasn’t there is not reason to expect the same type of bounce back that you are comparing to with the Ravens.

          1. I need to add that the point of showing the schedule is to illuminate the impact of Habaugh and how the record was poor and has essentially returned to the pre-Harabugh level even though Baalke and his chosen players are still on the team. The players that left were pre-Baalke selections and signings.

            Since taking over Newsome has not had two consecutive losing seasons and ti’s worth pointing out that they lost their starting QB last season and probably would have had another playoff run. Our GM doesn’t know how to pick one of those.

            1. “Was it Trent Baalke’s ability as a GM that gave us those 3 great years?”

              Yes and No. Yes in that he did a good job in 2010 and 2011 of bringing in talent. No, because it took a competent HC to get the most out of that talent.

              “The players that left were pre-Baalke selections and signings.”

              False. Sticking only to the starters, John Goodwin, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Aldon Smith, Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner, Chris Culliver, were all brought in by Baalke.

              “Our GM doesn’t know how to pick one of those.”

              Agree and disagree. They caught lightning in a bottle with Kaepernick. He was the talk of the league early on. Unfortunately since the league caught on to him he hasn’t been able to make the necessary adjustments. In addition, the QB position as a whole in the NFL is mediocre. I think that’s why having a running mentality like Harbaugh and Kelly is beneficial. The QB is still important, but doesn’t need to carry the team.

              “Since taking over Newsome has not had two consecutive losing seasons”

              Neither as Baalke. Yet.

              1. “Yes and No. Yes in that he did a good job in 2010 and 2011 of bringing in talent. No, because it took a competent HC to get the most out of that talent.”

                And double NO for then firing the only coach that was able to get water from a stone. If your players require an elite coach then you really aren’t doing a good job as a GM because how many elite coaches can one team expect to come across?

                “False. Sticking only to the starters, John Goodwin, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Aldon Smith, Carlos Rogers, Donte Whitner, Chris Culliver, were all brought in by Baalke.”

                First that’s hardly a list to hang your hat on as a GM and second aren’t these the same players that need an elite coach to be any good? Well, maybe excluding Iupati.

              2. “And double NO for then firing the only coach that was able to get water from a stone.”

                My gut tells me that York had more to do with that than Baalke. Getting rid of Harbaugh was like Jeddy’s dad getting rid of Mariucci so it fit’s a pattern.

                “that’s hardly a list to hang your hat on as a GM and second aren’t these the same players that need an elite coach to be any good”

                That list includes numerous Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl winner.

              3. “If your players require an elite coach then you really aren’t doing a good job as a GM because how many elite coaches can one team expect to come across?”

                I’m trying to think of a perennially good team that doesn’t have what most people consider to be a very good to elite coach. Much like a symphony where there is a lot of great individual talent, it takes a good conductor to get them all working together as a team. Tomsula and his band would have taken any top team last year and made them mediocre.

              4. That list includes numerous Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl winner.
                Excluding Iupati those players have all had varying degrees of success mostly inconsistently. Aldon is lucky to even be in the league anymore. Davis quit when Harbaugh was out. They all shined when they were with Harbaugh and most have struggled without him.(Iupati really being the lone exception)

              5. I’m trying to think of a perennially good team that doesn’t have what most people consider to be a very good to elite coach.
                It’s a valid point Cubus but I would throw out Brian Billick as an example. There’s a good reason that a Superbowl winning coach that has literally whored himself on live air for another head coaching job isn’t getting the opportunity.

              6. But, but, but…you make some good points.

                I don’t argue that you don’t need a good head coach. Most top level players also have good coaches. With those years you pointed out only 2011-2014 saw the team with a competent coach.

                Prior to last year I wrote about Baalke being the most important piece and to keep him over Harbaugh. I was spectacularly wrong. To a point. Those two really need to be aligned for a team to be successful. I think Kelly may be that guy. We will see very soon.

              7. My gut tells me that York had more to do with that than Baalke.
                I don’t rule anything out but I do struggle with the idea that Jed was the primary instigator in the ousting of Harbaugh. I’d be willing to accept that it was close to 50/50 on the two of them equally wanting him out but until it comes from the horses mouth I’m going to always believe that it was more Baalke then Jed.

                “Getting rid of Harbaugh was like Jeddy’s dad getting rid of Mariucci so it fit’s a pattern.”

                Sort of. Mariucci had 6 years. The ’99 and ’00 years were not pretty and he was fired after barely making the playoffs, barely making it past the Giants in the WCG and then getting blown out by the Bucs in the divisional round. Plus there was growing talk that Mooch didn’t have what it takes to take a team to the SuperBowl. He clearly had the talent and might have made it if Hearst hadn’t broken his ankle but the bottom line is he never did.

                Harbaugh was given 3 years plus a lame duck season. He made it to the SuperBowl and was knocking on the door the other two years he thought he had a job.

                Hard to compare the two coaching tenures if you really break them down.

              8. The ’99 and ’00 years saw a lot of changes as they moved on from a HOF QB and a salary cap purge. They were just starting to come out of it when the Yorks dumped Mariucci and brought in Erickson.

                Speaking of HOF, what ever happened to that guy? Inquiring minds want to know.

              9. The ’99 and ’00 years saw a lot of changes as they moved on from a HOF QB and a salary cap purge. They were just starting to come out of it when the Yorks dumped Mariucci and brought in Erickson.
                That’s tough Jack because even though they managed a 12-4 season in ’01 they still lost in the wild card round and then too a big stop back the following year by going 10-6 and nearly were bounced out of the wild card again if not for their historic comeback. They then got trounced the following week by the Bucs. The team wasn’t exactly trending up at that point and Mooch wasn’t doing much to dispel the thought that he couldn’t make it to the big game.

                You could at the time make the argument that maybe a different coach could take the team over the top. The same couldn’t be said about Harabugh at the time of his dismissal.

              10. “The same couldn’t be said about Harabugh at the time of his dismissal.”

                Huh? Harbaugh never won “the big one” and it took a win in the last game to salvage an 8-8 record in his final season.

              11. I’m not considering the lame duck season. Harabugh and the team had already checked out knowing his fate.

              12. Not only did everybody know Harbaugh was gone after the season, but they had a massive amount of injuries to deal with that season.

                I really wish we could have seen them Coach the rest of that season and the next with the changes to the offense they were incorporating. This story may have had a very different outcome.

              13. That team was 7-4 heading into Thanksgiving.
                3 weeks Prior they were 4-4 and 3 weeks later they were 7-7.

              14. “3 weeks Prior they were 4-4 and 4 weeks later they were 7-8.”

                Fixed it for you ; )

              15. So that report that came out a month or so ago, pointing out the 9ers complete lack of return on investment with respect to the draft………its wrong?

                That’s not good enough. I know a h—-s— team when i see one. Your opinion on Baalke, fine. Everybody has one. But for real credibility, why not point out all the fallacies, errors, perhaps even lies that report had in it, and back it up with facts?
                You know a tree by the fruit it bears, and the Baalke “tree” has given us a very bad harvest for at least 5 years. Dont even get me started on Jed…………..

            2. Great argument guys! That’s why we come here!

              I think Jack’s point that we tend to be a bit spoiled as fans is true. Many of us have the Montana/Young/Walsh paradigm and we view everything from this perspective. It’s why Jeff Garcia never had a chance even though he was a competent quarterback and it’s also why we were too harsh on Kap and contributed to his decline. That Baalke has made numerous mistakes is I don’t think up for argument, but it must be tempered with the understanding that he does have some material football competence.

              1. During the 80’s and through much of the 90’s, you could definitely say Niner fans were spoiled and even a little fickle as Jack said. Hating on Steve Young while he was winning Offensive player of the year is a great example of that, but we are a long way from those days.

                Over the last 15 years, this has been one of the worst organizations in football starting with Dr. York’s firing of Mooch to his son’s firing of Harbaugh and ultimate hiring of an unqualified replacement because he was easier to get along with.

                There was a 3 year run of excellence sandwiched between futility. That is the worst part about this return to the bottom. We saw this team flail for so long with no direction and then they finally turn the corner and it’s over in 4 years. That’s the hardest thing to accept and why I can’t give Baalke a pass any longer. You don’t have a collapse like this if the GM is doing his job well.

              2. Rocket,

                I agree though I think the blame is really with the Yorks. Baalke, whatever his faults, and he has plenty, pales in comparison to the mismanagement of the Tweedle Dee (Dr. York) and Tweedle Dumb (Jed). On them lies the woes of the team. They got rid of excellent coaches and created an atmosphere that is not geared toward winning games, but creating “brand”. Winning takes care of the other.

              3. Yes, interesting discussion.

                Steve Young learned under Lavelle Edwards whose passing offense is combined with Sid Gilman’s and part of the Air Raid Attack at Wash. State.
                Mike Leach is the Coach there and Sonny Dykes was a graduate Asst. there until the Louisiana Tech. job.

                Dykes, now Cal’s coach runs the “Bear Raid Attack’ which runs more than Leach’s Air raid does.

                I thought since Chip likes to run the ball and he’s only got Curt Modkins as OC (little passing game knowledge–Chip handles that) Chip could ask for Dykes as an Asst. OC.

              4. Meant that Dykes was a Grad. Asst. under Leach at Texas Tech (Mike Crabtree was his receiver coincidentally.

            3. “Since taking over Newsome has not had two consecutive losing seasons”

              Check ’96-’98.

              The bigger point though, if you look at what he and Baalke dealt with at different points you’ll see the results are similar, i.e. injuries and roster turnover.

              1. He wasn’t promoted to general manager until ’02.

                I understand your point and i’d agree to a tenuous connection.

            4. Channeling ninermd,

              Hey Coffee if you’ve got a problem why don’t you meet me in the parking lot at the first preseason game. We’ll be in lot 3A!

        2. Ozzie Smith turned the DP beautifully, but not much of a football genius probably. Now Ozzie Newsome is a good GM, was a really good TE, but I don’t know about his glove or arm, Jack.

          1. Hahaha! Good catch Brotha. I was on a roll though, and the Closer was nice enough to let that slip. ; )

        3. Jack,

          I was a big supporter of Baalke at one time. His draft picks and FA signings his first two years were excellent and it looked like the 49ers were building a team that would compete for a long period of time. I even defended him during that 2012 draft because of the fact he only had two picks in the first two rounds and they were late in those rounds. I gave him the benefit of the doubt until I could not anymore.

          What we are seeing is, as the team gets further away from the McCloughan years and players he selected depart, there is a lack of quality to replace them. I wish I could find the article that broke down the picks he’s made over the last 5 years and how they compare to other teams because it was truly eye opening just how bad his performance has been over that span.

          Baalke’s best attribute has been an ability to amass multiple picks, but the picks have not been used wisely in far too many instances. He has not been able to find players at key positions that you build the core foundation of your team around. His picks on the offensive side of the ball have been an unmitigated disaster for the most part, and he placed little emphasis on the QB and WR positions drafting most of the current options on day 3 or signing UDFA’s.

          On defense he has done better, especially at S and the Dline, but at the two most important spots imo – A pass rusher and CB – he has drafted one impact player who is no longer on the team. The OLB spot features an aging player acquired in FA years ago and picks from the 3rd round to the undrafted. Carradine is the highest pick that will be in mix this year, but that is after failing to make the transition to DE in the 3-4. If he shows something this year, then that will save Baalke’s ranking in this area a bit, but as of now I don’t see much at the position to be excited about and the resources sure haven’t been used in that area to expect a great return. Same thing at the CB position. Many picks used on the position, but most in the later rounds of the draft and surprise surprise here we sit with question marks to the point where they are moving Ward out there where he has never played before. Hopefully he steps up and does the job well, but that was not the original plan for him. They are doing this because nobody else has taken the job.

          What it comes down to for me is that Baalke is still living off of his first couple of years. Since then he has been in charge of an eroding roster due to poor drafting and bad FA signings. There is no doubt he was dealt a tough hand with the retirements last year, but if you draft well you have solutions to those problems and he simply hasn’t done that enough.

          1. he only had two picks in the first three rounds is what that sentence should have said.

          2. Rocket – IMHO your assessment of Baalke is consistently the most accurate and objective. That said, Cubus makes a good analogy when he compares an elite coach to an elite orchestra conductor. I have always believed that the Harbaugh firing resulted from a difference of opinion as to the talent that Harbaugh was provided with and that Jim felt he was receiving too much of the blame for lack of success. The issue was working together in harmony (no pun intended). One had to go…Jed chose Harbaugh. To look at Baalke’s talent selections in isolation avoids the real issue. If there is no harmony as between talent and the HC you get we we have. Tomsula was selected solely because of the harmony issue. No other coach was willing to step in and work with Baalke under the existing conditions because they sensed what the true problem was and they all knew that Harbaugh was a good coach. Something was wrong with the picture. Whatever can be said about Tomsula, he was willing to lay down and take whatever Baalke could dish out to the point that Baalke could even dare to put words in his mouth at the first press conference – “Somewhere in there he said that we’re going to run the ball.” That was the real Baalke showing there. Tomsula the dummy and Baalke the ventriloquist. Now we have Chip and already there are rumors that there has been some stress between the two. Add to this the subject of Grant’s blog re Tom Gamble and, well, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often ryhmes (Mark Twain). Is Chip right back in Philadelphia again?With Baalke the focus has to be on his working relationship with Chip because his real problem is people and not talent. Only time will tell.

  17. 49er 53.


    QB- Kaep, Gabbert

    O line- Staley, Garnett, Kilgore, Tiller, Davis, Beadles, Brown, Theus, Cooper, Balducci

    WR- Smith, Ellington, Rogers, Patton,White, Simpson

    TE- Macdonald, Celek, Bell, Miller

    RB- Hyde, Davis, Harris


    DT- Armstead, Buckner, Dial, Jerod-Eddie, Blair, Smith

    NT- Purcell, Lake

    OLB- Brooks, Harold, Tank, Lemonier

    ILB- Bowman, Hodges, Skov, Wilhoite

    CB- Brock, Ward, Acker, Reaser, Davis

    S- Reid, Bethea, Tartt, McCray


    Dawson, Pinion, Nelson

    Lynch is suspended. Redmond, Dorsey, Williams, Johnson and Smelter are injured and need more rehabbing. Robinson needs to put on more weight, get stronger, and learn to be more disciplined. Pears and Martin both are expendable. Armstrong is out competed by Skov. Burbridge, Campbell or Anderson could possibly out compete Patton or Simpson. Driskel is caught in a numbers game, but could possibly replace Bell if converted to TE.

    1. Surprises are Balducci and Lake. Trade fodder- MacDonald, Patton, Miller, Reaser, Wilhoite. Jerod Eddie could possibly be traded to Denver for Lamin Barrow or a draft pick, because that would please Vonn Miller, his bro.

      1. Draughn will be cut for the 8th time. Taylor may out compete Davis, but Harris is valuable for his return skills.

        Hope Hyde stays healthy.

    2. Seb

      They didn’t take the most physically imposing CB in the draft to stick him on the practice squad. Robinson is 6’2 with a longer wingspan and more speed than Dick Sherman, he has competitive fire, and he’s a natural man-cover guy. Wake up.

      1. JC, I thought you were shunning me. ;p

        Hmm, I watched Robinson play against Evans, and he was not only stiff armed, he has pushed to the turf.

        Here I sit with a cup of joe in hand. I am wide awake and ecstatic that AD is coming back. Looks like AD has cured his headache. Now that Baalke has lost power, he will not be able to insist on who plays, especially his favorites.

        1. No shunning. Your posts are incredibly entertaining, and I only rib you bc you handle it with grace and don’t back down.

          I think what you saw in RR’s first ever game in CFB was him handling an elite WR with aplomb. Yeah, he’s skinny, but he was a FR going against a seasoned vet, and Evans didn’t fare well in that game. Now, RR is in the NFL, still growing up and out, and he’ll only get better.

          On some of your other ideas: Kelly will keep 3 QBs, including Driskel, Taylor will be the #2 RB, Simpson won’t make the team, Cromartie over Davis, and Armstrong over Skov, but good job otherwise.

          I think Anderson and Cajuste both make the team this year, and I’m hoping Smelter, too, but he’s a long shot.

          Saying Bell could not make it, and furthermore, by being replaced by Driskel, qualifies as one of your asinine opinions, but yeah, otherwise, nicely done.

          1. E
            Cromartie is competing at Safety this year, not CB. He could make it on the bubble as a swing DB since he has done coverage.

            1. BT,

              Gotcha. Doesn’t change my position, especially with the added versatility he would bring. He’s a really good athlete, and IMO was more impactful than Davis last year.

          2. JC, back at ya. I like the irreverent humor, and yeah, I kinda have a thick skin. Most other posters would have been intimidated with organized opposition, but I have been on many blog sites, and this place is pretty tame.

            Driskel is big and fast. He could easily be converted to a TE, especially if MacDonald keeps getting the dropsies. Asinine or not, Miller being converted from a DE to FB and now to a TE, and Balducci being converted from a DT to Center, just mean that the possibility is not too far fetched. Bell was converted from a QB to TE, so it is a real possibility.

            1. You, Seb, have a thick skin????????????

              Like wet tissue paper…………….

              Your long emotional diatribes you let loose every once in a while are the stuff of legend!

              I do agree with most of your football strategy, tho–for whatever that may be worth.

              1. That last line was not meant to be patronizing in any way, by the way. Simply a statement of fact.

              2. Saw, considering the constant attacks that eventually degenerate into spewing expletives. I must say that I do not get too upset. I can defend myself, but some whine and cry that I am too mean if I am in the least bit negative. Maybe you have not noticed, but I almost never denigrate a poster, except the troll, and he deserves every word I print. I usually am civil and polite, but give back their own words against them, and some say that it is vituperative.

              3. Once a moron, always a moron.
                You’ve killed the blog, that’s why no one is on here anymore, well the good ones that is!

              4. Primetime:

                Welcome back, Seb’s prose was what drove you out.
                Welcome back, to that same old blog that you bitched about.
                Well the names haven’t changed since you hung around,
                But Seb’s prose has remained under a storm cloud.

                Who’d have thought it’d lead ya
                Back here where we need ya
                Yeah ya insult him a lot cause he’s verbose and you’re not
                Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

            2. Seb

              Bell is their best TE and Driskel will be their starting QB in 2017 unless Kap regains his past form. Driskel was drafted late, but before UoF screwed him up, he was the top QB recruit in the country out of high school.

              1. Bell is their best TE? Hmm, the depth charts say otherwise….

                Please. Driskel will probably be cut, then will be lucky to get on the PS.

    3. Johnson is injured and needs more rehabbing? Since when? It was reported he suffered a minor injury during OTAs.

  18. If Baalke is back next year and I believe he will be, I see Gamble becoming president in charge of football operations. The 49ers have needed a football position that would be on an equal level to the GM for a long time. I believe Baalke will be back because there will be real improvement across both the O and D line this season.

    1. Coach, you may be correct. I will not want the Niners to tank just to get rid of Baalke, because that would just be painful.

      Hopefully, with Gamble acting as a shield for the players so Baalke does not have to deal with them, the whole Niner team can improve.

      Getting AD back just made the O line immensely better.

      1. Trent Baalke’s current “OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR” is Curtis Modkins whose expertise is the running game…

        NFL rule changes favoring the forward pass to run up scores and, therefore, NFL profits, dictate otherwise…Consider these facts by Althon Sports, 2016 Fantasy Football Addition:

        “The league has become increasingly pass happy. In 2005 the league boasted two 4,ooo yd passers-Tom Brady and Trent Greeen. Last season 12 QB’s went for 4000 yds. +, with eleven throwing for more than 30 TD’s. Pass Atts. were up 11% and TD’s have surged dramatically, up 31%.”

        Facing teams who have studied Baalke’s M/O, ie–no threatening WR’s or QB’s, what does a defense focus upon–the run game. Take it away and win
        And due to insuffiecient offensive knowledge in drafting the above, missing on OL picks, even the run game is suspect…Consider this from Lindy’s Fantasy Football, 2016, TomD:

        Scout # 1: Joshua Garnett is “a little stiff–like Mike Iupati” ( a poor pass blocker).

        Scout # 3: He (Garnett) doesn’t move very well–just upper body strength similar to another guy from Stanford a couple of years ago–David Yankey who was a bust.

        From Althon’s Fantasy Football: 49ers surprise move trading up for Garnett, who was not considered a 1st rd. talent.

        So this does not bode well for 2016 or Trent Baalke….tomD

    2. OC,

      If Jed makes Gamble (or anyone of note) president in charge of football operations, that would signal that he’s learned something from his many mistakes and would be very welcome.

      1. It would just be another firing to take he focus off of the real issue, which is Jed’s involvement with the team. The York’s have fired the only two successful coaches they have had and have hired numerous disasters.

        1. Big P,

          You don’t think that hiring a team president would represent a good change from the past and current York SOP?

          Do you think JH was blameless for his firing?

          1. if you had the success that JH had in the NFL, and some little statistics puke (Prag) comes into a meeting with his entourage, and tries to tell you about running NFL offenses………In some clubs, Prag would have gotten punched out.

        2. Big P,

          You don’t think that maybe JH saw that CK wasn’t becoming what he had envisioned, didn’t want to deal with Jed’s BS any more and went on a campaign to ensure he got out of SF ASAP?

          Again, Jed’s actions put everything in motion, but JH played a part and not an insignificant one, either. His apparent absolute unwillingness to bend to anyone or anything, in any way, just has to become intolerable to be around.

          1. Harbaugh may be a bit difficult or goofy, but he wins games. If winning is the bottom line for the business you deal with it.

            Unfortunately winning isn’t that big of a deal in this case. The 49ers are a cash cow regardless.

            1. I guess if he had won the SB in 2012 or 2013 they would definetly sucked it up and dealt with him.

              Getting close and not winning affects relationships.
              It happened to Andy Reid too.

              Not saying it is right, just that this the nature of the beast.

              Winning a SB buys you a lot of breathing room.
              Just ask McCarthy or Sean Payton.

            2. Jack,

              You don’t fire a productive employee, until whatever baggage comes with that productivity becomes too heavy to carry.

              “If winning is the bottom line for the business, you deal with it.”

              I get what you’re saying, conceptually. It’s the “talent tolerance” principle. At the same time, everyone, regardless of their talent level, can misbehave to the point where they have to go.

              Exactly what JH contributed to his firing is unknown, and maybe we’ll never know. I happen to believe JH is too smart, tough and unyielding to sit by and have his future determined by Jed York, without taking action.

  19. *Which brings us back to Kelly. If the 49ers get off to a terrible start (something many believe is possible, if not likely) are not able to improve upon last year’s five win season – or even worse, regress – many believe that Kelly will be sacrificed in the same way Tomsula was. “

    1. Let’s do the math:

      Kelly gets to work with Baake’s roster of O-Linemen + (-) Aaron Lynch + (-) Ian Williams + (-) Glen Dorsey + (-) new starters at WR + (-) inexperienced Defensive backfield + (-) Rookies, inexperience on DL + (-) QB situation unresolved, + (-) 3 years of Kelly’s offense on video for all of NFL to see (esp. the Cam Newton led Auburn Tiger BCS Championship loss, 20-19–lots of pts Chip!! and last but not least
      + (-) Fans choice.

      Kelly has too much to reso

      1. Guess we can Count on Chips offense to do this in Championship games (if he gets to one). Man, what an offensive display vs. Cam’s Auburn Tigers 19 whole pts.

        At least in the Super bowls the 49ers could put up 38 vs Mia; 49 vs SD; 55 vs Den.

        49er fans get to see Curt Modkins and the Chipster,,,,Thank you Jed….While they’re running the ball I have time for a run to the bar!!

      2. *Forgot to include this:

        HOW DID I MISS THIS….. LB’s…

        Let the competition begin:

        1. Ray-Ray Armstrong

        2. Nick Bellore

        3. Eli Harold

        4. Gerald Hodges

        5. Sour Lemonade

        6. Winston Mcgiganticus

        7. Name your roster cut acquisition…Good Luck Chip

        1. Kap NFL Bio:

          A cat doesn’t change its spots–one to many rocket balls clanging off WR’s helmets and returned for TD’s on video for Chipster’s review.

          Chip’s offense requires quick reads + accuracy–both skill sets not fitting kap.

          Gabbert Nfl Bio: Accurate, quick reader, too many check downs–plays it too safe.

          Has Blaine Gabbert been judged unfairly?
          July 27, 2016 at 8:15 AM • 2 comments

          By Al Sacco

          1. *Forgot to add Harbaugh, realizing the project-in-waiting that is Kap, simplified the playbook, relied on stout running and defense.

            Guess what fans? Last I checked, Harbaugh is no longer the coach, a coach very much on his last NFL job (unless successful this year) has little time for development of skillsets for his offense, when he’s already got one ready-made for his offense–Gabbert

              1. Sorry Wilson,

                If I don’t post the truth, that move for Gambel never happens due to yesmen posters on this site….Reminds me of Chevy Chase in XMAS Vacation F-ing Off the Corporate Yes Men when he was denied his holiday bonus…Consider Me Chevy.

  20. Vary clear Jed strategy. He would dump Trent mid-season (with Gamble in the wings) in a heartbeat if PSL flame gets too hot. The flame temp is directly correlated to W/L record, and watchability of the product. No mystery here, been done in all professions countless times.

  21. Could Jed hire Vinny Cerrato to the front office to groom a decent GM, and help find coaches.
    I would like Cal coach Sonny Dykes to become offensive asst. and bring the offense to this century.

    On Tuesday, former 49ers director of player personnel Vinny Cerrato was on the show (The Game, 97.5 ) and discussed the idea that general manager Trent Baalke should “keep his head on a swivel” and be worried about his job. – See more at:

    1. Tom Gamble top candidate for Dolphins GM job——

      (Further bio written last year in an article about future GM candidates)

      Tom Gamble/San Francisco 49ers/Director of Player Personnel: In my 14 years of covering the NFL, I don’t recall getting as many strong comments about a potential GM candidate from high-ranking personnel executives and NFL player agents as I’ve received about Gamble

      Dolphin Fan Comments

      (1) FinsFan63 5 points 2 years ago

      I really want him after reading that article

      (2) gingerking87 1 point 2 years ago

      I like this for two reasons the first is a good drafting gm is what we need right now

        1. USA Today:

          Who reaches Super Bowl LI? 2016 NFL record projections for all 32 teams

          Nate Davis, USA TODAY Sports 12:38 p.m. EDT July 27, 2016

          San Francisco 49ers (2-14): Chip Kelly inherits a team with less talent than he had in Philadelphia … in a tougher division … plus a schedule that includes four trips to the East Coast.

          1. Is 2016 the Final Year for San Francisco 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke?
            by Peter Panacy 2 hours ago Follow @peterpanacy

            The 49ers, coming off a 5-11 finish in 2015 and boasting a roster largely lacking in talent, don’t exactly sing to Baalke’s efforts.

            In a nutshell, the 49ers front office may be lining up their options if the players Baalke has accumulated in recent years don’t pan out anywhere near where expected.

  22. This “story” is a fairy tale. It’s total and complete conjecture with no basis in fact or even circumstantial evidence. For all you know, Baalke is the guy who promoted Gamble. He is the guy who runs the department after all. The 9ers could have been in a situation where they need to do some succession planning and needed to retain top talent. The plan could easily be that Baalke is promoted to President of Football Ops and Gamble is slated to be the next GM. For all you know, this could simply be good business. I’m certainly no Baalke apologists but your reading of the tea leaves leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. It’s not impossible that Baalke is fired if the team has a horrendous season.

      But it is clear he feels very secure on his job.
      Otherwise he would had made some impact moves in FA.

      The fact that he saved almost all cap space and is willing to let Chip Kelly coach one season to show which young players can be part of the future before spending that cap shows us that he was promised some time to implement his vision post-Harbaugh (and post-Tomsula, who he clearly did not want as HC).

      A GM who is in the hot seat does not show thay kind of patience.

    1. Who would have known that he too thinks the 49ers FO reads his posts.

      In the end TomD and Seb are just 2 sides of the same coin.

      1. I do not beg to differ, I vehemently deny such an assertion.

        I may point out Jed’s failures, but I want him to learn from them and get better. The other side just hates him and wants him to fail so he can post ad nauseum. I want Jed to stop leaking, and behave in a manner that gets praise instead of scorn.

        Jed needs to act with class and dignity. He can only become a champion by thinking and acting like a champion.

        I just praised Jed for acting, and getting AD back means that he is trying hard to win. To me, that is a good first step. I hope Jed keeps a low profile, and says as little as possible. He can be positive and supportive, but should do that behind the scenes and with little fanfare. Above all, he must stop the leaks, because they hurt the team.

        Jed is taking a gamble with Gamble, but I think it is a good bet.

        1. Seb, this is cruel and unusual. “I want Jed to stop leaking.” Poor guy is going to get a bladder infection and have kidney failure.

      2. Allan

        Hey ! that last one sounds familiar….I really like your 5:55 post….good logic

  23. Wasn’t it Madden who used to say a rookie would cost you at least 1 game. If that is so, what rookies will be the ones to cost the 49ers those games? Buckner, Robinson, Garnett or some other player?

    1. Ahhh, now I understand why the 49ers have struggled so much the past two years. Baalke has had too many draft picks, resulting in lots of rookies losing games… ;-)

      1. So Prime was right all along!!!! Baalke blew it by keeping those picks instead of trading up!!!!

        1. Hilarious! Too many rookies is why the team lost! I was looking to see which rookie might have the biggest challenges adjusting to the pro game and more liable to make mistakes, but thanks for the laughs.

  24. TC is days away. Hope springs eternal. Niners have a daunting challenge, but if they can get back to playing Niner Football, they can improve. With AD back, the O line just became better. With Kaep back, he will redeem himself, and take the league by storm, again. With Hyde back, the running game will be light years better. With a pass rush, the DBs will play better. With Chip’s spread offense, other teams cannot stack the box and dare the Niners to throw.

    Chip is the key. He will be hailed as a genius if he can get Kaep to play like the old Kaep that won games with his legs and marched to the SB. Chip, by improving the offense, will help the defense. Running the ball will help sustain drives, but they should become more balanced so the defense cannot shape the Niner offense. Niners were way to simplistic and predictable last season. The Niners should take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and script the first 15 plays so the other team cannot steal their calls. They should set up the opposition by thinking 2 plays ahead. They should invite the blitz, then burn the defense by targeting the space that the blitzer just left.

    Kaep can improve. He should work on his deception. He should work on pump fakes, and looking off the safeties. Instead of winding up to throw, Kaep should work on delivering the short passes by just flicking his wrist. Maybe he should run with the RB, and either let him keep the ball, or pull the ball back to deliver a strike down field. Defenses will have to play for both the run or pass, so Kaep, with shrewd decision making, can take what the defense gives them.

    As the eternal optimist, I think the Niners can do well, even within their division, because the other teams have question marks, too. Rams have a spindly rookie QB, The Cards have an older CP, and the Seahawks have a new untested O line. If Chip can counter their stout defenses with innovative and efficient offensive schemes, the Niners can be competitive.

    With Baalke losing power, he cannot dominate a rookie HC like last year. Baalke will not be able to dictate who plays where, and Chip will not allow him to meddle with the coaching. Baalke will not be allowed to micromanage the team, and Gamble will protect the players from the wrath of Baalke. I do not expect any players will be cut on the team bus.

    I still want them to win it all, but will be content for them not having a losing season. That would be a major accomplishment, and a step in the right direction. If the stars align, the Niners could actually have a 10-6 record and a shot at the playoffs.

    GO NINERS!!!!!!!

    1. I like the optimism… and Davis returning could help a lot even even if I expect him to be only average… ( that says a lot about the oline ).

      But the rams are the only team in the division I see wins against.

      The cards and seahawks run defenses that should have no trouble shutting down our offense as they are very simple.

      The seahawks oline has been one of the worst in the NFL for the past 4 seasons but it doesn’t seem to affect them.

      As to the cards, Im not sure what a CP is but they ran roughshod over us last year and our talent level hasn’t been elevated enough to close that gap.

      1. Carson Palmer, who made terrible throwing decisions and basically gave the game away in the playoffs.

        I concede that both Seattle and Arizona will be extremely hard to defeat, but Chip may make the Niner offense at least somewhat competent. If he uses the concepts and schemes he employed while at Oregon, the Niners will at least stop shooting themselves in the foot.

      2. Seahawks O line did stink, but that is a recipe for failure in the future if they let RW get bludgeoned into the turf. He may use his agility to avoid pass rushers, but some team will blitz with a safety and nail him. I hope the Niners send Tartt to give him a pop.

      3. “As to the cards, they ran roughshod over us last year”

        Yes and No. They definitely blew out the 49ers during the first meeting in Arizona. Even before last year though the Cards had been a tough out in their nest though.

        The game out here was much more competitive, and it’s been that way the last couple seasons.

        Would expect that to hold form again.

        A 3-3 or 4-2 record in the division is not out of the question.

        1. I like your optimism, but I would be content with a 2-4 record, and happy with a 3-3 record.

    1. 3 Insults by Seb is turning the other cheek. Not wanting to be a punching bag, I will respond.

      Seb, your continual game day strategies are straight from a 1960’s playbook….You are an anachronism, you don’t belong, outdated, moldy. Rod Serling sums you up perrectly in this 3 min. “The Obsolete Man” scene:

      1. Spoken by the troll who intoned that Denver would trade Vonn Miller to the Niners for Kaep, even though he hates Kaep with a passion because I like him so much.

        Post all you want. I am just scrolling past because I do not want to waste my time. I tried to read one, but it was unintelligible.

        Have a nice day.

      2. TrollD, I am glad you respond when some one mentions trolls. You just admit you are one by doing that.

        I see you posting just after my posts, so, while I did say that I would try really hard to ignore you, your omnipresent post deluges seem to be trying to engage me.

        Back off. I will leave you alone on a hill, but you seem to be begging for it. Keep engaging me, and I might forget my promise.

        3 insults? Now we know who has the thin skin. Be a whining crybaby if you want. You really do not want me to unleash another barrage at you. You might start bawling and blubbering like a baby.

  25. The Steelers and Cowboys are potentially facing team fines due to the number of player suspensions among their rosters. If you asked around before that was mentioned I think a lot of fans and pundits would’ve said SF was the worst offending team due to all the RayMac, Aldon, Culliver shenanigans. Even when Aldon got suspended from the RayDuhs for the (final) incident that got him cut from the Niners there was snarky criticism directed towards SF, Jed, & Baalke.
    The brand is in tatters.

  26. The 49ers have a tough schedule and wins will be hard to come by. With Tom Gamble promoted to assistant GM, I expect that he will take over at some point during the season. If the Niners go on a losing streak of 4+ games, I can see Baalke being fired during the season. Anything short of 8-8 will probably get him fired, but Trent Baalke is most likely gone either way.
    Another Baalke viewpoint:

    Zain Naqvi

    An indication of this is that he actually used all of his draft picks in the draft this year, as opposed to trading away picks for next year or the year after. It gives the impression that he won’t be back to use those picks next year or the year after. Ironically, Baalke is going to be relying on the roster that he failed to improve to save his job. Baalke has a background on the defensive side of the ball and likes teams to grind out tough yards on the ground. The Chip Kelly hiring was distinctly un-Baalke and most likely Jed York’s pick, suggesting that the team is already slowly phasing Baalke out.

    1. IF Gamble can find Kelly talent, and Kelly opens his playbook to include a Cal Air raid attack, this could be a sign that Jed has learned from the past!

    2. “Baalke has a background on the defensive side of the ball and likes teams to grind out tough yards on the ground. The Chip Kelly hiring was distinctly un-Baalke”

      Not necessarily. In Kelly’s first year the Eagles play calling was 50.3% pass and 49.7% run. Kelly has shown that he likes to pound the rock. He just goes about it from a different look and personnel groups.

  27. I hope there weren’t too many people rooting for Kaleb Ramsey to make an impact this year.

      1. Leo – good memory. I was speculating about Ramsey, with misgivings… He always impressed and might be able to fill in for Ian, but is perpetually hurt. My nightmare scenario was he does great in preseason, makes the 53, and gets hurt shortly after. That would mean losing a DL, plus the player bumped off the roster.

    1. That’s it, now we’re doomed. On the back of Hayne retiring, I don’t see how the 49ers recover.

        1. Actually, even though I am desolate because Hayne retired, now that AD is back, maybe Chip will try and get Hayne back as a punt returner. He is also pretty versatile, so he could also be a gunner, or a change of pace back for Hyde so he would not get over worked.

          Baalke disliked Hayne and cut him on the team bus. Now that Gamble is helping manage the personnel, maybe Hayne has a chance to return.

          I was right about AD coming back, maybe Hayne could too. That is, if Jed wants to win as badly as he says he does. Hayne’s versatility should be intriguing to the Niners, and especially Chip.

          Chip is smart enough to utilize him properly, and could design plays with multiple laterals.

  28. Another one of Baaalke’s ACL picks bites the dust!!

    49ers DT Kaleb Ramsey has retired.

    A 2014 seventh-rounder, Ramsey never appeared in a regular season game thanks in large part to injuries. He was incredibly injury prone coming out of Boston College. Ramsey turned 27 last month. Jul 28 – 1:45 PM……

    1. Wow, a 7th round pick didn’t have a long, illustrious career. Shocking, and so very damaging for the team to miss on such a high pick.

      1. while were at it, lattimore was a 4th rounder, how’ bout we throw that and the 3rd rounder this year away too.

      2. Jesse Sapolu

        NFL draft:
        1983 / Round: 11 / Pick: 289 by San Francisco 49ers

        4× Super Bowl champion (XIX, XXIII, XXIV, XXIX)
        2× Pro Bowl (1993, 1994)
        2× All-Pro (1994, 1995)

        Career NFL statistics:

        Yeah, lets get more Baalke Gm’s who can’t find anything in the 7th round .

        Games played:

        Games started:

        Fumble recoveries:
        Player stats at

  29. 49ers selected Boston College DE Kaleb Ramsey with the No. 243 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

    Ramsey (6-foot-3, 293) will be a 25-year-old rookie after spending six seasons at B.C., missing most of the 2011-2012 campaigns with injuries. Incredibly injury plagued throughout college, Ramsey missed time with leg injuries, a hip ailment, left shoulder surgery, plantar fasciitis, a left calf tear, and hamstring woes. He also sat out the Combine with a right calf injury. Ramsey is a strong (36 bench-press reps) edge-setter type with experience at both tackle and end. Sat, May 10, 2014 06:33:00 PM

    1. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
      Tim Kawakami Retweeted Debi Davis

      Big 49ers presence in these elections, even if the 49ers deny it.

      Debi Davis @ReElectDebi Santa Clara voters please inform read @RamonaGiwargis article, the Nov. election is about our city vs. big business

      9:03 AM – 28 Jul 2016

      minijwei ‏@minijwei · 5h5 hours ago

      @timkawakami @ReElectDebi @RamonaGiwargis I love @JedYork like I love @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton

      matt Itelson ‏@mattitelson · 6h6 hours ago

      @timkawakami Jed York for President!


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  30. My 2016 49ERS TRAINING CAMP PRIMER, part 1 – ”Super Bowl XLVII seems like an eternity ago”:

    As a 49ers fan, this offseason has been many things for me. The first word that comes to mind (other than the word “long”) is Intriguing. At times it’s been frustrating, however, compared to last years’ train wreck of an offseason, this spring has been, at least for me, much less depressing. Without mincing words, I have to start by saying, though I have the highest respect for Jim Tomsula, as a person, and as a defensive line coach, Jimmy T was absolutely NOT the right man, or head coach, to follow James Joseph Harbaugh, a.k.a. Captain Comeback. I thought the decision to promote Tomsula, who’s resume had all of ONE game of NFL Head Coaching experience, was about as bad of a decision, as an owner could have made! Jim Harbaugh is the most hyper-focused, manic, obsessively competitive, and incredibly intense coach I have ever seen! And his approach proved to be very effective (while it lasted). To pivot directly to a man who is, at least on the surface, the exact opposite, was the wrong type of metaphor for the situation at hand. It’s a lot like a middle aged man trading in his 1964 Pontiac GTO, for a 1990 Chrysler Town & Country mini-van. Sure, that particular mini-van model had a good reputation for it’s dependability. But, It sure isn’t going to be turning heads anytime soon. This drastic change would obviously give people the impression that this would be a man who was going through a mid-life crisis. And we all know, perception I reality.

    Well, here we are, a little over 18 months since the day Jim Tomsula was hired to be the 49ers 19th head coach, and as we all know, a lot, and I mean A LOT, has changed!
    As fate would have it, the Philadelphia Eagles fired Chip Kelly on Tuesday, 12/29/15, with one game left on the schedule, despite the fact that, from the moment he was hired, Kelly transformed a 4-12 team into a playoff contender, with a 10-6 record in his first season at the helm. In the almost three full seasons under Chip, the Eagles earned the best record in the NFC East at 26-21. With all signs pointing towards giving Tomsula one more season, despite witnessing one of the most lackluster, uninspired, undisciplined, head coaching jobs in recent memory, The Eagles haste, and IMO owner Jeffrey Lurie’s misguided decision based on Roseman’s ability as a con man, gave Jed York just enough time to look himself in the mirror, and ask himself 2 simple questions. “Am I man enough to admit my mistakes?”, and “do I have enough guts to step up to the plate, swing for the fences, and fix this mess I helped create?”

    On January 14, 2016, Jed York officially announced the answer to those 2 questions as Chip Kelly was hired by the San Francisco 49ers to be the next great Head Coach in the history of this storied franchise. And, in my opinion, Chip Kelly is ABSOLUTELY the right coach to turn this team back into the perennial winner it once was. The 49ers were the FIRST TO FIVE ….. the first to win five Lombardi Trophies, and will be the SECOND TO SIX …. the second team to win six WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, and I can hardly wait to get started!

    I’ll dig into this roster, and what I think Chip can do with it, and why I think better days are ahead in PART 2, coming in the next few days.

  31. Baalke is a dead man walking.
    If he didn’t have the power to stop this promotion he should start measuring the drapes for his office in Sacramento alongside Pareth!!!

    1. This may not seem like a big deal but it’s nice to see consistent start times for practice.

      If I remember correctly last year the start times were all over the board. That would drive me crazy. Just another thing to have to think about.

      1. I do agree with the consistent times. It goes right along with repetition doing it over and over again for muscle and brain memory.

        1. Yep. And that 10:30 start time will get their body clocks ready for all those games in the Eastern time zone.

  32. Hahahaha! I’m getting my “collision” fix prior to PreSeason on Battlebots. Politically Correct violence; har!

  33. Interesting article about Peters slamming Chip for conducting practices that were too hard.

    What a wuss. Little over a decade ago, some teams had full contact practices with pads all day long. Nowadays, there is minimal contact and the practices are shortened.

    Peters seem to be parroting the FO mindset, so it is no surprise that he lambastes Chip. He praises his new coach and says he is more personable. Too bad the Niners had a players coach last year, and we all know how that turned out.

    Peters said that players stood up and had something to say, and then Chip got rid of them. What he forgot to mention was that those players stood up and ripped the HC. They dissed Chip, then whined about racism when Chip responded by cutting or trading them.

    Chip may still need to work on his people skills, but I think he is being unfairly criticized. if one considers the source, maybe one could understand why Peters was being a tad bit biased.

    1. You were in the Philadelphia locker room. You were in Paraag’s office with Jed during the orchestrated leaks…My, My, Seb, you’re an omnipresent wonder?

      However, I notice Kelly’s OC has only running game expertise w/o knowledge of the passing game…Logic Man, Seb, can I be the only one who see’s the train wreck ahead.

      Kelly has not learned his lesson from Philly. So when history is doomed to repeat itself and 49er players complain about Chip, will you be the first to annoit TomD and his football industry experience with the coup de grace against Chip and Trent? Afterall, I’m the one taking it to the streets vs. your groveling early last year to Paraag, Trent and Jed.

    1. TrollD, like a moth to a flame, you seem to not learn a thing.

      What you consider groveling is just me being a true fan, You on the other hand, hate the Niners with an enthusiasm unknown to man. As a self confessed Raider lover, you do not belong on this site, and you bring absolutely nothing to the discussion.

      Taking to the streets? LOL. More like crawling in the gutter.

      Have a nice day.

      1. Seb,

        You are who I thought you were. Go burn books and gather your “Statist” cheering section elsewhere and consider me on board with a more democratic view, miles ahead and beyond.

  34. 2016 49er Prognostication:

    Yes, the storied franchise whose marketing department has played up its five Super Bowl titles in recent years will enter 2016 with far more modest expectations.

    On the heels of a 5-11 disaster, the 49ers did change head coaches, but their talent-starved roster wasn’t overhauled in the offseason.

    Now, they will face the NFL’s toughest schedule, based on the 2015 winning percentage of their opponents, and travel the fifth-most miles (25,330) this season.

    A year after they weren’t favored in any of their regular-season games, it could be more of the same in 2016: In June, Cantor Technology, a gaming company, didn’t forecast the 49ers to be favored in a game this season and pegged them to be double-digit underdogs at Carolina, Seattle and Arizona.

    Source: Eric Branch, SF Chron.

  35. Paraag Marathe, Jed, and Silicon Valley Execs are entrenched with their own personal Luxury Suites at Levi Stadium.

    Yahoo Fantasy Football Lounge

    Located on the 400 level of the Suite Tower, the Yahoo Fantasy Football Lounge is the sister club of the lower level Champions Club with the two being connected via a beautiful central “wedding stairway.” On 49ers gameday this club uniquely features the broadcast booth at the 50-yard line as well as two patios, the Yahoo Sports Zones at the north and south ends of the club.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Silicon Valley didn’t just build the new San Francisco 49ers stadium. It also helped build the football team’s roster.

    The 49ers team, which will play the first game in its new stadium in the heart of Silicon Valley on Sunday, relied on a data-analytics app to help with scouting for the 2014 to 2015 season — and the team believes the technology could help it go all the way to the Super Bowl.

    The 49ers worked with enterprise software giant SAP to create an HTML 5-based iOS app that can quickly analyze about 100 variables, including stats for current team members and potential recruits

  36. And nothing good has ever derived from “The State” or Nixonian-like paranoia…Closed practices are a York specialty that spells out loser team loudly. Bill Walsh teams held open practices, were fan friendly with autograph sessions.

    1. Why can’t the public watch?

    Kelly’s first camp will take place largely out of public view. No camp practices — public or private — are expected inside Levi’s Stadium for the first time in three years, a team spokesman confirmed.

  37. Jason Peters says they were handcuffed with Bradford, because defenses knew he wasn’t going to run. Same thing I said months ago….

  38. Well, I guess if the PD did offer a filter option on this site that my screen would be mostly blank.


    “Last year … the last couple of years, there wasn’t a lot of vets. And any vet that stood up and had something to say, we got rid of them,” said Peters in an interview with the media that appeared on CSN Philly.
    When asked if having more time in between each play was beneficial for the veterans on the team, Peters answered, “If you run the 100 a hundred times in a row, back to back to back, don’t you think your 50th time you’re going to be a little slower? If you get a little bit of rest, you’re going to be a little faster.”

    He stated that, despite a lot of early success, the NFL eventually caught on to what they were doing offensively. –

  40. “I mean, this is the National Football League, and if the running back is to the left and you’re running the zone read, where do you think the ball is going?” Peters said. “To the right. . . . They caught up to us. .

    “[The coaches] call the play, and we execute it. But when the [opponents] know, and they’re professionals too, and they know what the play is, it’s tough.”

  41. Gabbert, Kaepernick and running back Carlos Hyde accompanied Kelly to a Warriors playoff game. I like the fact Chip is making a conscientious effort to improve his relations with players, and it’s that common effort with Kaepernick that might develop into a close personal bond. Ultimately, like the one Belichick shares with Brady….

  42. Per the great Al Sacco…

    Brock Osweiler 2015: 8 games, 61.8 comp %, 1,967 yds, 10 TDs, 6 Int

    Blaine Gabbert 2015: 8 games, 63.1% comp %, 2,031 yds, 10 TD’s, 7 Int

    1. So we are suppose to be impressed with those numbers? Being comparable to a Brock Osweiller is not very impressive. Just shows what morons the Texans are for paying that kind of money for an average QB. Another thing too is that Gabberts numbers were garbage time numbers. Late 4th quarter scores when the game is out of reach. Browns, Bengals games as examples…. I expect t whoever is the QB with Chip to put some nice numbers up. With Gabbert they will not translate to wins…

      1. “we are suppose to be impressed with those numbers?”

        What’s interesting is that they compare favorably to any 8 game stretch of Colin Kaepernick’s career.

        1. I guess we will talk when Gabbert has accomplished what Kaep has done in his career. Don’t worrie I will wait…..

          1. Kaepernick hasn’t achieved a lot in the NFL. People will point to his playoff record, but fail to realize it’s almost identical to that of Mark Sanchez.

            And like I said, find an 8 game stretch where Kaepernick’s numbers are better than what Gabbert put up.

            This is all about perception. Kaepernick was terrific in 2012-13 and still living off that in the eyes of some. Gabbert was awful with an awful team after being thrown to the wolves from day 1 so he couldn’t possibly be good in the eyes of some.

            We see that when comparing the two just last year. “Yeah Gabbert won more games, but he was lucky, the surrounding cast was better, blah blah blah”.

            1. And like I said, find an 8 game stretch where Kaepernick’s numbers are better than what Gabbert put up.

              Wow and you are calling others fan boys.

              Kap last 8 games of 2013:

              12 TD’s
              3 Int’s
              60% Completion
              1613 yards
              7.4 YPA

              No stat padding after they were losing either like many of Gabbert’s games. His QBR of 42 is a good indication that most of his numbers had little impact on the game.

              Not sure why you are defending Gabbert when he’s clearly shown he’s nothing more than a backup, but you go man.

              1. “Not sure why you are defending Gabbert”

                The same reason why I defended Alex Smith. I go by what I actually see on the field.

                And yes, that was a pretty good stretch by Kaepernick. Numbers were similar, but I’d bet his rating was a bit higher than Gabbert’s based on the TD:Int ratio.

                I don’t really pay attention to to the ESPN QBR. Too subjective imo.

              2. During that 8 game stretch Kaep averaged a shade over 200 yards passing a game? Man, I’d almost forgotten how much Harbaugh used to limit the passing game and take the pressure off the QB.

              3. The same reason why I defended Alex Smith. I go by what I actually see on the field.

                Me too and all I’ve seen from Gabbert is mediocrity. Same with Sanchez who while having decent playoff numbers, really stunk during most of his time in NY which is why he is now a journeyman player.

                I also supported Alex and it’s because he showed a big improvement in his second year before suffering through the turnstile of OC’s and injuries to his shoulder. There is nothing Gabbert has done to give me any reason to believe he is anything more than a backup.

              4. “suffering through the turnstile of OC’s”

                Yep. And Gabbert has suffered exactly the same fate. His journey has also included a new HC each season.

                “I also supported Alex and it’s because he showed a big improvement in his second year”

                True. However Smith’s performance that year was no better than Gabbert’s this season.

              5. Actually, Smith’s 2nd season wasn’t much different to Gabbert’s 2nd season, except Gabbert got hurt and missed almost half the year.

          2. Whoops I was wrong. Kaepernick and Sanchez have the same postseason record, 4-2.

            Kaepernick: 94-162, 58%, 1374yds, 7TD, 5Int, 87.3 Rating

            Sanchez: 95-157, 60.5%, 1155yds, 9TD, 3Int, 94.3 Rating

            Ouch. Must hurt to see that a guy who’s perception is based off of one play has actually outperformed your boy in the postseason.

            1. You keep referring to Kaepernick as if he plays for another team, when you call him “your boy”. Is he not entering into a competition for the right to lead the 49ers into the 2016 campaign? Whether he wins or loses, he’ll still be a member of the 49ers and by extension, your boy as well, or do you plan on Gabbert being the only “boy” you call your own and support?

              1. Nah, just a strong idea of how it is going to play out. And regardless of who the QB is I will evaluate based off actual performance, not perception. Have always done that. Being a long term bet of this board you should know that by now.

              2. Yea, that’s why I asked for clarification on your repetitious use of the term, “your boy” when referencing Colin Kaepernick….

              3. Running is key whether it’s Gabbert or Kaep. Especially in this offense. There is a reason why teams have caught up with Chips offense. He needs mobility which is a great asset to have. Which is why Gabbert is even being considered. He is a good athlete himself.

              4. Jack, I don’t feel as though it’s a bad thing to be an objective “fan boy” of a certain player on your team. Objective, being the operative word. For the ones who can’t be an objective “fan boy”, I can understand the irritation. However, as an objective fan of the 49ers, Blaine Gabbert will have his hands full against Colin Kaepernick in Chip Kelly’s offense. I’m looking forward to it, and pledge to fully support the one who emerges victorious!

              5. You keep bringing up 2015.. That year was irrelevant. Last year Gabbert had ZERO pressure on him. Regarded by most as the worst back up in the NFL.. Let’s see what he does starting Sunday… He is expected to start. I’m betting he loses the competition.

              6. Stop being a Kaepologist.. Kaepernick’s best year was 2012 when he came off the bench. He regressed every year thereafter.

              7. Jack, isn’t Seb pretty textbook in regards to your statement?

                “Thank you for proving my earlier point about perception.”

            2. Well let’s leave out his rushing stats and TDs shall we. What about his numbers in the SB… Did Mark Sanchez play in the SB? Better yet did Mark Sanchez play the Seahawks in the playoffs? Your numbers are garbage.. Look what the Seahawks did to the best single greatest season QB the nfl has ever seen.. In Peyton Manning.. I rest my case.

              1. “What about his numbers in the Super Bowl?”

                Already included.

                Rushing stats? Yes Kaepernick is a better runner. Big whoop. The league has caught up.

              2. Sanchez had some pretty good games in the playoffs for a couple of years, but he was awful during the regular season. Say what you want about Kap, but before last season he was always a top half of the league QB in rating and QBR and usually played well in high pressure situations.

                I don’t know how it’s going to work out, but if Gabbert is the starter it means Kap is likely done and this team will need to find a long term option in the draft next year.

              3. Sorry, Jack, but if you consider Sanchez to be superior to Kaep, I will question your football acumen. Sanchez is known as the Butt-Fumbler. Kaep put his foot on the one half yard line and sprinted untouched for 99 and a half yards. Kaep set a playoff record of 181 yards rushing. He can run, and Sanchez will probably be cut before the end of TC.

              4. “Sanchez is considered the Butt Fumbler”

                Thank you for proving my earlier point about perception.

                I don’t consider Sanchez better. They are about on the same level though and Kaepernick’s career is on a similar trajectory to that of Sanchez.

              5. Jack, you are the one comparing them. I think Kaep , even with his regression last year, will prove to be superior to Sanchez, and Gabbert, too. With Chip getting his prototypical QB that can run his system, Kaep will redeem himself. Last year, Kaep had a DJ for a QB coach.

                Like you say, it is all perception before TC. The realities during practices will determine the competition. I believe that Siemian will beat out both Lynch and Sanchez.

              6. Comparing them doesn’t mean I think one is better than the other. I find the similarities in their careers quite interesting. They are almost identical in so many ways if you look at their year 1, year 2, etc.

                The rest of your comment, blah. Kaepernick’s not the prototype for Kelly’s system in the NFL.

              7. They traded a conditional 7th for Sanchez, and if he is cut, they do not have to give it up. Kaep, on the other hand, was rumored to be worth at least a second, and considering the amounts of picks given up for Goff and Wentz, that would have been cheap.

                Kaep has a way bigger up side. His potential is sky high compared to Sanchez. You may differ, but that is my opinion.

              8. You missed the point. Straight over your head like a 747. I thought I was clear when I said compare their year 1, year 2, etc. Guess not. I’m not comparing where they are today.

  43. The decision to start Blaine Gabbert ahead of Colin Kaepernick is the biggest no-brainer in the NFL this season. Starting Gabbert is like choosing to eat a charred, misshapen hamburger. But starting Kaepernick is like choosing to eat a totally uncooked one. He’s raw enough to give Chip Kelly’s offense E. coli. Yes, Kaepernick is mobile, and in theory that’s a plus in Kelly’s scheme. But more important is a quarterback’s decisiveness. Kelly’s up-tempo and intertwined route combinations engender a quarterback getting the ball out promptly. Kaepernick has never shown the field-reading skills to do this

  44. In his first season with the Eagles, Kelly was supposedly surprised by the amount of man coverage his Eagles faced. He shouldn’t have been. Not only is man coverage the simplest way to handle Kelly’s torrid play-calling tempo, it was also the best way to defend a group of Eagles wideouts who couldn’t separate off the line. Now in his first season with the 49ers, Kelly is going to experience this all over again. None of San Francisco’s wideouts are good press-man separators. And sadly, the worst of the group might be its figurative No. 1, Torrey Smith. Stiff in his breaks and in his stop/start, Smith has a limited route tree and disappears against upper-echelon corners.

  45. Mark Schlereth on Chip’s blocking scheme:

    “I hate it. Everything is man blocking on the front side,” Schlereth said. “And so now everybody says, ‘Oh, Jason Kelce can’t play anymore. What’s wrong with Jason Kelce? He’s too small, he’s undersized.’ You try to run when the defense knows the snap count, and they’re driving you four yards into the backfield on every play, and you’re helping your guard to help secure that nose guard before you work up to the middle linebacker because you want to be man-blocking on the front side of everything.

    “It’s the only team in the league that does it that way, and the reason they’re the only team in the league that does it that way is because they’re stupid. They don’t understand NFL principles. You cannot do that. I don’t care who you are.”


  46. Kelly doesn’t understand NFL concepts, so he’s incapable of tailoring an offense around his personnel. He needs players to fit his system, which is an approach that has proven not to work. Sure, the Eagles scored tons of points early on with him, but only because they had talented players like LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. They struggled after all three left.

    The thing is, Philadelphia last year, despite the fact that Kelly destroyed its roster, had more offensive talent that San Francisco currently possesses. Gabbert is a cowardly quarterback who dinks and dunks because he’s too scared to take shots downfield. Torrey Smith is the No. 1 receiver despite the fact that he was atrocious last year. Taking the money and running to a decaying franchise…

    Via Walter

  47. It gets better at the other offensive positions, but only by default

    Hyde is one of two talented players on San Francisco’s offense. The other is left tackle Joe Staley. And that’s it. Those are the only two players who would start for more than just a handful of teams. A third would be Anthony the wake of his tweet directed toward Baalke. He wrote that it’s impossible to work with Baalke. A normal person would’ve reached out to Davis and asked how things could be rectified. Baalke, however, is too paranoid and egomaniacal to do such a thing. He’d rather be the general manager of a truly horrible team instead.

    The 49ers will have a huge hole at right tackle as a result of Davis’ absence. Trent Brown is likely to start there, and it’s going to be awful. Meanwhile, the interior of the offensive line happens to be in even worse shape.

    rookie Joshua Garnett, a third-round prospect who was considered a reach. As for the center spot, Daniel Kilgore was one of the worst players at his position last year.

    Keep cheering fans with heads in the sand…TomD

  48. San Francisco has more of a dilemma at safety, where Eric Reid is the only capable player. Reid is a decent player, but his partner, Antoine Bethea, was atrocious this past year. It’s fair to wonder if Bethea, now 32, is going to keep declining.

    Punter Andy Lee was shipped away for a 2017 seventh-round pick last offseason. Lee finished 15th in net average for the Browns, while Bradley Pinion was 23rd. Another Baalke special.

    San Francisco is especially potent in home night games against East Coast teams, thanks to Circadian rhythms. That gave the 49ers a huge advantage…

    The 49ers are going to be in a quick hole. Following an easy game against the Rams, they have to battle the Panthers, Seahawks, Cowboys, Cardinals and Bills (road). Things get easier after that, but San Francisco won’t be able to dig out of a likely 1-5 start.

  49. 2016 San Francisco 49ers Analysis: If there’s one thing San Francisco fans can be grateful for, it’s that unlike the equally dreadful Rams, they actually own their first-round pick, so they’ll be able to draft a great prospect after they finish 3-13 or 4-12. Unfortunately, the 49ers won’t be able to return to their glory days until Jed York relinquishes all decision-making and Baalke is fired. The two men have completely destroyed a once-great franchise, and they need to be stopped before even more damage is done.

    Projection: 3-13 (Tied 3rd in NFC West)


    1. Owning a first round draft pick and knowing what the hell to do with that pick are two totally different things.

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