UPDATE: 49ers QB Brock Purdy UCL surgery set, plans to be ready for training camp

The timeline of Brock Purdy’s impending UCL surgery came into focus on Wednesday morning.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Purdy will meet with Dr. Keith Meister in Dallas on February 21 and plans to have surgery to repair his torn UCL on February 22. Meister is the team doctor of the Texas Rangers. The expectation is Purdy will make a full recovery and be ready for training camp.

While there was a possibility Purdy would need to undergo Tommy John surgery, the timeline suggests Purdy will undergo an internal brace procedure. The six-month timeline reported by Rapoport is consistent with the internal brace procedure discussed by John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan last week.

“I think the positive bit of news is that it seems to be consistent that the right approach is that one that takes about that six-month mark,” said Lynch. “Now, everybody will also say you never know until you get in there.”

San Francisco has dealt with several injuries in recent years. Shanahan was pleased with what he heard regarding Purdy’s possible return.

“The coolest thing for me to hear about that once three months is over, they start the rehab of just building the arm back slowly, and by six months it’s built back,” said Shanahan. “And that’s when I started asking questions, does that mean ease him in? When you think of ACLs and they said, no, the buildups been from three-to-six and at six months, he is the same dude and full go, so that was the most encouraging part that I heard.”

Purdy joined the Papa and Lund show on KNBR Thursday afternoon to discuss the process. 

“Everyone is saying it will be best for my career moving forward to get the surgery, to get the repair with the internal brace,” said Purdy. “Still, there could be some question as to getting a hybrid surgery, which is reconstruction with the internal brace. So, we’re going into it thinking the repair with the internal brace, for sure. All the surgeons have said that and that’s what we’re hoping for.”

According to Purdy any decision to change the procedure will be at the discretion of Dr. Meister.

“He’s done this year after year with the best of the best major league baseball pitchers. He’s going to make the best call for my career moving forward. 

Compared to their baseball counterparts, it is uncommon for football players to need UCL surgery. Two well-known UCL surgeries for NFL quarterbacks are Jake Delhomme and Nick Mullens.

In October of 2007, Delhomme underwent Tommy John surgery. The typical recovery time for this type of procedure is 12-18 months. Delhomme was cleared just seven months later and helped Carolina to a 12-4 regular season record. 

San Francisco fans are familiar with Nick Mullens. The 49ers quarterback suffered a UCL injury on December 20, 2020, against the Dallas Cowboys. Mullens underwent an internal brace procedure similar to the one Purdy will undergo. Mullens was cleared just five months later.

Purdy provided the timeframe he has been given to get back should the surgery go as planned. 

“They said I will be able to start throwing and get onto a program after three months or so and then be ready for camp.”


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  1. Hope he can bulk up to endure the physical abuse from NFL. Purdy is listed as 6.1″ but looks much smaller than Russell Wilson at 5.11″. May be the trainer can work with him on the lower strength while waiting for his arm to heal.

    1. He’s 6’1″ and 220 lbs. He can’t really bulk up any more. And bulk isn’t going to protect an elbow anyway. Lower strength? They guy’s legs are big. They’re the strongest part about him. It’s why he can scramble with quickness (he’s initially quick but doesn’t have long speed).

  2. Pitchers have said that after TJ surgery that their arm is stronger but the same has not been said about the procedure that BP is getting. His arm strength was already Avg. to slightly below Avg., if he loses any strength at all It could radically effect him. With his return being 2 days before the final preseason game is there any way Lance isn’t the starter at the beginning of the season. Purdy may noy be ready to be #2 until 3 or 4 games in.

    1. Eh, most throwing strength come from the legs. I mean sure you need your arm to throw the ball and direct it but it’s mostly legs. What might get effected are “off platform” throws. Throws where he’s on the run and can’t set his feet or where he has to make and adjustment in the pocket and can’t set his feet. There are some QBs with howitzers for arms that can still send a rocket down the field . As you said, Purdy didn’t have much pure arm strength to begin with.

  3. I would almost rather see him do the TJ and miss a season but come back with a stronger arm. It would also give TL a full season (hopefully) to develop. The best of both worlds is 2 QBs with great trade value. The 9ers could trade one of them for multiple early 1st rounders.

    1. It is best for the injury to begin the process of healing before doing a surgery. The inflammation and everything needs to “cool down”.

  4. He was already a fringe backup at best. Now with an injury like this he is damaged goods

      1. No QB on this team is qualified to hold Colin’s jock. Not Purdy and certainly not pretty boy Jimmy.

  5. Never before seen a team (think Aiyuk, Samuel, McCaffrey, others) go on a press tour pre Super Bowl crying more after a loss then these Niners. Embarrassing, This once was a proud, respected, highly revered franchise. Winners of 5 Super Bowls. Led by the esteemed Bill Walsh and George Seifert.

    And now losers of 2 SBs and 2 consecutive NFCCGs under the Yorks and a full week and a half after their trouncing, still crying about the Eagles kicking their butt and out coaching and out executing them. This team under the hapless and hopeless Kyle Michael Shanahan is never going to get to the promised land, and people on this blog, especially Felix, the team apologist, are delusional to think otherwise.

    1. Based on reality, which you obviously have no clue, they have a better chance at the Superbowl than the vast majority of teams who didn’t make it to the NFCCG. Look in the mirror, yup, no common sense. You and Fanatic should get on a blog where you have at least a little bit of knowledge about the subject being discussed.

        1. Yeah and they should never have traded Tittle to start Brodie. Yes but Tittle was no Albert. Hey Bay its 2023 welcome to the present

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