49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo won’t divulge 2018 wishes


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) throws against the Tennessee Titans during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

SANTA CLARA — Despite his recent success with the 49ers, impending free-agent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo still will not say he wants to sign a multi-year contract extension with the team.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked if Garoppolo sees himself with the 49ers long term. Garoppolo dodged the question, as he had done before. “If we handle the (Jacksonville) Jaguars well,” he said, “and (if we) finish out the season well, we’ll figure it out after that.”

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  1. The 49ERS need to sign him fast. What happens if Brady gets hurt in the playoffs? He might be tempted to go back to New England. There is nothing holding him in SF he is a free agent in two weeks.

      1. I’ll tell you what Jimmy G’s wishes are….first down…first down….first down …until we run out of field…TOUCHDOWN..! Ditto for ’19 and ’20

    1. Good God… are Grant’s readers as clueless as he is? The article (if it can be called that) just stated that with the tag the team can keep him through the 2020 season if it came to that.

      So if Brady gets hurt in the playoffs then too bad for Bill.

  2. If I were an agent or legal counselor I’d be so pleased with Jimmy’s “coachability”. His financial well-being won’t be won in the Press.
    There are options. I’m interested in Scot McC’s ‘avoid the tag’ advice.

  3. Until he is signed long term, which may or may not happen this offseason, his contract status will remain a topic of conversation. I get that. However, his not saying he will sign a long term deal, but rather that he will wait and see what happens in the offseason, is not a sign one way or the other of his intent. In fact he is just repeating what his HC has been saying – right now they are focused on the next game, contract stuff can wait until the season is over.

    Tbh, I am not really sure what you expect him to say other than what he is saying. As you have rightly pointed out he has some pretty good leverage in negotiations. Saying he wants to sign a long term deal here this offseason before having those conversations between his agent and the team just weakens his position. Lets see how it plays out during the offseason.

    1. Yes. Also, I’ve noticed that when players do talk money during the season, fans get pissed off and say the focus should be football.

      He’s doing exactly what he should be doing — focusing on football — while ignoring the money distraction.

    2. We knew this would be the next agenda driven talking point regarding the 49ers by Grant. The only surprise here was that it took so long….

      1. It’s been one of his talking points pretty much since the trade happened, and it’s not just here. It’ll continue to be a talking point until a long term deal is done.

        1. Not really. It was a rent to own deal from the beginning. Made sense too. The conventional wisdom started by McGloughan; to have a deal in place prior to consummating the deal, was never even a consideration given the unique opportunity that suddenly presented itself….

          1. A quick scan of Q & A’s from other 49ers beat writers shows that it is.

            Now is the hand wringing necessary? That’s a different topic.

    3. I agree with Scooter. It’s the press game between the two sides and both are playing. The Niners haven’t committed to Garoppolo long term and he hasn’t committed to them. Ultimately he will be a Niner for at least another two years on FT’s. If something weird happens and they get a great offer for him while having the opportunity to sign somebody else like Cousins, that could be an option as well but I doubt it. I think JG will be the long term QB of this team and both sides will do what it takes to make that happen.

      1. the 49ers are not signing Cousins…….its never gonna happen……

        nothing weird will happen…….stop wasting brain cells on things that would never happened……

        JimmyG is 49er for life

  4. Here’s every Garoppolo pass against the Dolphins last year. Note his RZ performance. This is what he could look like with a full offseason, and a better roster.


    1st RZ trip.
    1st pass, 12 YD TD.

    2nd RZ trip.
    1st pass, incomplete.
    2nd pass, 20 YD TD.

    3rd RZ trip.
    1st pass, 7 YD completion.
    2nd pass, 10 YD TD.

    RZ stats: 4/5 (80%), 49 YDs, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 147.1 passer rating.

  5. You can tell from his interactions with other teammates (caught on film) and his excitement and about playing and joy over winning , the response coming from the fans that he is either thrilled to be here, or he is a major sociopath. I’m picking the former.

    BTW Grant, your next column could touch on the high rate of California taxation. The inference of course being another reason why JG wouldn’t want to play here.

    1. This whole contract situation feels a bit like the Sword of Damocles hanging over an otherwise Pollyannaish situation. Personally, I’m less concerned about the contract than I am about Garoppolo actually wanting to be here long term. The money will happen, and even the franchise tag as a stop gap is fine provided it’s not used as a shackle.

      As Rib points out, everything we’re seeing on video (and even his answers during the pressers) suggests that he is “all in”. His words are chosen carefully, but his actions and enthusiasm at least suggest optimism.
      Hopefully he sees Lynch and Shanny as building something that he wants to be part of.

  6. …….He said he sees no sputtering between Garoppolo and the team’s play caller, Kyle Shanahan, and called them “a dangerous combination.”……

    I agree they are a danger combo…….next year will be so much fun…….

  7. Garoppolo has been non-committal about his future since the 49ers traded for him Oct. 30. At his introductory press conference, a reporter asked Garoppolo if he had found his home for quite some time.

    1. Great to see the newbie taking on such an impressive and immediate leadership role.
      It would be interesting to see “similar” video from prior quarterbacks for comparison.

  8. Ok, so this article covers most scenarios except the trade scenario. From what I read here are the options:

    1. Jimmy G signs a long term deal
    2. Jimmy G does not sign a long term deal so the 49ers use the franchise tag on him.
    3. Jimmy G does not sign a long term deal so the 49ers use the franchise tag on him and tell him he’s free to try to find a trade partner.

    If it’s #3 then what is the required compensation when trading a player under a franchise tag?

      1. As I understand the rule around trading players who you’ve tagged with the non-exclusive tag, the acquiring team can only trade their own draft picks. They can not trade picks they’ve acquired via trade. Is that correct? So does that mean a team could only trade their 2018 and 2019 1st round picks? Cleveland and Buffalo both have 2 first round picks in the 2018 draft but they couldn’t trade both of those picks for Garoppolo because of this rule?? Also, can a team choose to accept less than 2 first round picks if they wanted? So for example, could the 49ers accept a 1st and 2nd rounder in 2018 instead of a 1st in 2017 and a 1st in 2018? I seem to remember something about the Patriots trading Matt Cassel to the Chiefs for a 2nd round pick even though the Pats had franchised Cassel. Not sure if the rules are the same now.

        Before people start going nuts, I fully expect Jimmy Garoppolo to be a 49er next year. Just curious if there is some crazy situation where Jimmy G refuses to live in the Bay Area and forces a trade – what would be the options for the 49ers.

        1. Hou the doubt Jimmy G not signing a long term deal is because the media has to create and scenario involving doubt. That sells.

          Not too many teams in the NFL typically negotiate long-term deals with any of their free agents during the season. It’s something done in the off-season. Ironically they leave this for the off-season so that NFL teams can still create a buzz with their fanbase.

          It’s all marketing driven to get people to stay onboard during the off months when nothing else is happening.

          Jimmy G will be a 49er next year and all this speculation is to fill time.

        2. HTown,

          I don’t know that answer for sure, but it doesn’t seem like there are any restrictions should they choose to do a trade after the Tag.

  9. Houston
    I think you stated the three options and in my view in order of the likelihood of each one occurring.
    Unless things blow up during these last two games (which is unlikely) the Niners are going to have to give Jimmy G pretty much what he wants. The team as a ton of money and Cap space. They could pay Jimmy a $40M bonus charge able to 2018 and still have $60M left to work with in 2018 and then in 2019 the $40M would not count against the cap giving them more room to sign free agents and resign their own players. One of the only other teams that might be able to pay Jimmy that kind of money upfront would be the Browns and I find it hard to believe he would prefer to play for NFL version of the New Jersey Generals.
    I also think the fan base would go nuts if they traded him and frankly I don’t see Lynch letting that happen.

  10. I’m not as concerned as I was a few weeks ago. I think Kyle is showing Jimmy his football prowess. Yes Jimmy has been great, but let’s give credit to Kyle’s play calling as well. I think this is a match made in heaven scenario and both recognize that. My gut tells me Jimmy’s all in if the price is right. Now it’s Lynch’s job to make sure the price is right.

    Grant – Not sure if this has been asked in a presser, but can you ask Jimmy’s thoughts on Kyle and his system? Does he think it sets him up for success?

    1. Great question to ask Leo. I’ll add how does the NE system compare to the 49ers system in that, which one does he feel accentuates his(Jimmy G’s) strengths?

    2. Love the question Leo,
      Maybe this wasn’t your intent, but I’ve been wondering about questions that sneak-up the “long term” issue without being quite so direct. Gauging his sincerity, I suppose his body language and relative enthusiasm while answering will probably speak much more than the words.

  11. There is one point that you seem to be missing in this long term contract discussion. He gets the franchise tag with no long term contract and is injured so badly that he can never play football again. That is why he should want the long term contract and a minimum dollar guarantee. The contract is also his protection against a career ending injury. At 26 you believe that you will live forever in good health. It ain’t the truth. Age is a wrecker.

  12. The minimum guaranteed money that Garoppolo should be after is $80 mil. That number actually gives the 49ers a break compared to the franchise tag for 3 years.

    A rough look would be 5 years, 135 mil with 80 guaranteed.

      1. 8 days ago, I made the following comment on the blog:
        “I’m choosing the numbers between Derek Carr’s contract ($40M full guarantee at signing and injury guarantee of $70M at signing. $69M due in 1st 3yrs, $125M max in 5 years) and Matthew Stafford ($92 million guaranteed, including a $50 million signing bonus, max of $135M in 5 years). The other parameter is 13% to 15% of 2018 salary cap (about $175M). Using 13%, I come to 6 years-138M with $65M guaranteed $25M at signing (remaining $40M guaranteed over the following 3 seasons), and total of $75M guaranteed for injury.”

        I added a 6th year (a year beyond GM-coach contract) because it shows that Niners see him as a franchise QB — not just the current’s regime’s guy.

        After his performance against the LeBeau’s relentless blitz (another box checked for the non-believers) and if he does OK against the Jags, I can see a 6 year-$150M with $80M guaranteed on some schedule as above.

        1. “I added a 6th year (a year beyond GM-coach contract) because it shows that Niners see him as a franchise QB — not just the current’s regime’s guy.”

          Thanks for answering my question that I asked 8 days ago. :)

    1. He’s got something to prove after his mediocre performances during the season against sub-par Ds– unlike Rosen and Darnold.

    2. It’s been a terrible season for Allen, but his measurables will get him drafted in the first round. So much talent is hard to pass on, but it’s a major risk for the team that takes him because he really hasn’t been all that impressive during his time in Wyoming.

      1. When you say “talent” are you including mental ability or is it primarily physical. Especially for the QB position, imo, it’s much more about mental ability than physical abilities (40 yard, jumps, measurables [except hand size], etc.).

      1. If the 49ers are fortunate enough to have Barkley fall to them now, that’s a no-brainer for me Prime. I’m not getting my hopes up though. Barkley is looking more and more like a pipe dream now that the Niners have strung together a healthy winning streak.

        Assuming Barkley is gone, who’s next on your wishlist Prime? Chubb might be BPA when the Niners are on the board, but can they really go defense with their first pick for the 6th straight year (Reid-2013, Ward-2014, Armstead-2015, Buckner-2016, Thomas-2017) , now that they have a QB they ought to invest in building around?

        1. OK Jack. If you’ve seen him play, and don’t see Barkley as a generational talent, I doubt there is anything I can say to change your mind.

    1. What Bell Cow’s might be available in free agency? Honestly, I think Carlos Hyde might be the best back to actually hit the open market.

          1. I’d love to get Freeman. He’s a perfect fit for Shanny’s system as evidenced last year. Bell is awesome too but $15M a year is awfully steep for a RB. I really don’t think the Steelers or the Falcons will allow either one of those guys to hit the market.

        1. I don’t see Pitt letting Bell get away. I wouldn’t rule out Barkley, as he’s the only prospect that the Niners have shown interest in.

    2. Jordan Howard is as “bell cow” as they come. The Bears drafted him in the 2016 fifth round. He’s given them rushing seasons of 1,313 yards last season and—with two games left this season—1,069 yards. A total of 13 TDs on a losing team. On a team desperately needing CBs, edge rushers, and O linemen, Shanalynch will pick RBs later in the rounds most likely.

        1. Both Bell and Matt Forte were drafted in the second round. I can see Shanalynch trading down on round 1 pick and picking up a RB in the second or third with the extra pick. Possible.

          It seems that Shanny likes to run RBs in committee, and a 15-carry-per-game back is a luxury in early rounds unless he’s also a receiver who significantly affects pass D with speed, like McCaffrey.

    3. Bell is the type of receiving back I know you are keen to get, but it will cost a lot of money for a guy that has had a lot of injuries and who doesn’t have much experience in a zone scheme.

      1. Scoot,

        It looks to me like the only year he had cut short due to injury was 2015. Otherwise he’s been there on game day. No?

        1. He has missed the end of season twice due to two separate knee injuries and was ineffective in the playoffs last year due to a groin injury. Add to that he has twice been suspended due to drugs. Not bad for a guy in his 5th year.

          1. He put up 167 and 170 yards rushing in the wildcard and divisional rounds last year. Doesn’t sound very ineffective to me.

  13. The new tax bill passed by the republicans makes signing JG a bit more complicated. My wife and I have two professional incomes and I just figured out we would be hit with an additional $10000 to $12000 in taxes in 2018 because of not being able to deduct state and local taxes beyond $ 10K. For the kind of money Jimmy is going to make, the new tax bill will probably cost him millions.

    For those of us who live in the bay area $ 10,000 combined limit for the property tax and state income tax deduction is a joke. Republicans are paying us back for being a blue state. I hope people of California punish them next November by voting out every single Republican member of congress.

    1. Yes, lots of middle-class double-income families who bought homes recently in the Bay Area (or any other other expensive metro) will be shafted. Surgical strike by GoP — elections have consequences, I suppose. It won’t matter if CA votes out the few GoP members of the Congress from CA.

      1. I wonder if there will be a push to form other entities (LLC, S-Corps) by the double income families and then have the LLC or entity take title to the house and rent it back to the double-income family. That way, at least property taxes should be fully deductible. The tax lawyers and accountants are some of the big beneficiaries of this tax overhaul.

      2. My wife and I are half seriously considering getting a divorce. The party of religion and family values just passed a bill making it better financially for people to just shack up instead of getting married. Hypocrisy thy name is the Republican party.

        There are about a dozen or so GOP congressmen from California. There are another 50 or so scattered around other states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut etc) that are being shafted by this bill. Throwing them all out will be enough to flip the house.

    2. amen…….this tax B.S was heist……..I don’t need $200-$300 back in taxes – that money should go to making the country better

      Nearly 9 million enroll in HealthCare.gov, surpassing expectations…….instead of helping those trying to get healthcare……GOP is helping the rich….

      @ninermd you are not part of that rich…..you are just a sheep….

      1. I know this isn’t a political thread here but apparently this is where the conversation has gone so i’ll throw my 2 cents in. I would like to know how this tax bill is only helping the “rich” exactly. Speaking for myself who lives in California, I am considered middle class and am saving a few thousand in taxes not to mention the increase in the child tax credit (i have 3 little ones). Group that with the increase in the standard deduction and it saved me a good amount of money. If I’m not mistaken Californians (more specifically high income Californians) got the worse of it, but are of the very small minority.

        From your comments I gather you support a big centralized government. But I am more of a conservative libertarian and I believe the cut in corporate taxes will ultimately provide a big boost in economic growth, which is Great for this country.

        Just my 2 cents….

        1. There are two governmental organizations that have conducted nonpartisan analyses of the anticipated effects of Republican legislation aimed at overhauling the tax system. There’s the Joint Committee on Taxation, established in 1926 with congressional oversight to prepare revenue estimates on proposals related to taxation. There’s also the Congressional Budget Office, which produces independent analysis of the budgetary effects of legislation.

          Recently released analyses from both groups come to the same conclusion. Over both the short- and long-term, the benefits of the Republican proposal is weighted to wealthier Americans.

          Its not news that this is a tax cut for the rich……if it is to you – i am very sure i will be wasting my time trying to educate you….

          When people like you start using code words like “big centralized government”……I give up…..because you don’t get it…. …..you spend hours arguing about type of government while you are being led like sheep….

          I don’t care about big or small government……I care about the people in the country……those who are suffering……..they don’t need a handout they need an fair playing field……

          1. Of course it is weighted toward the “rich”, that same rich was paying 35% taxes….of course they are the ones who this is “weighted” towards they have more of an amount to cut….it doesn’t take an analyst to figure that out, though i happen to be one.

            There are other ways to help those people you are talking about and I believe it will happen when Trump starts to look at Medi-care and Medi-cal next year. Obama-care is trash and there are other solutions that I believe are better and won’t cost as much for the middle class. But again my opinion.

        2. You do realize that the increase in the standard deduction is offset by the loss of personal exemptions. Under the old system a family of five got to write off about $ 29,000. Now that amount is reduced to $ 24000. The extra child tax credit makes everything a wash.

          Just wait until you do your taxes in 2019. You will find your “few thousand” in saving vanish like a fart in a hurricane.

        3. ” I believe the cut in corporate taxes will ultimately provide a big boost in economic growth, ” – Talking points fed to the sheep…..

          If you want to grow the economy why not give the money to the people…..If you give me Affordable healthcare you are saving me money………why do we have to go through a business…….I don’t get why people are so dumb…..

          You really think if I can make a cheaper product in china, I will move my Biz to america because you reduced the corporate tax……lol…lmao…….reducing my corporate tax has nothing to do with my profits…….

          1. Affordable healthcare??? Yes Obama-care really helped make that affordable.

            With the cut in Corporate taxes Companies are more willing to give raises to their employees (AT&T for example). Take a look at Ireland who have cut corporate taxes extensively over the years from 40% down to 12.5% and have experienced an increase in their GDP of 23%, compared to their 7% growth prior. We’ve seen the same thing in Germany, Spain, and others. Cutting corporate taxes helps economic growth, which will help everyone and create more jobs. Simple and straightforward, historic evidence backs that up. Say what you will, while continuing to call people stupid, dumb, idiots, when they don’t agree with your ideology, but this what tend to side towards as far as economics.

            Again just my 2 cents I think I’ll get back to football now. Good talk.

          2. Talking points fed to the sheep

            Did you happen to take economics in college….its not like Trump just made this stuff up out of thin air

            You really think if I can make a cheaper product in china, I will move my Biz to america because you reduced the corporate tax

            Yeah that and tariffs….

            reducing my corporate tax has nothing to do with my profits…….

            Something tells me you don’t understand what profits are….you realize with less corporate taxes you keep more money…. thus increasing your after-tax profit

            look i’m no expert, and I’m sure someone will come in rip me apart with some copy and pasted segment from a wall street article, ah well. Seriously back to football now.

        4. let add to your 2 cents

          Taxpayers in the top 1% — defined as those making over $730,000 — would receive 20% of the total tax cut, the think tank found. They’d get an average cut of $37,000, which translates to about 2.4% of their after-tax income

          The estate tax, which benefits about 5,500 taxpayers a year, will be eliminated.

          The alternative minimum tax (AMT), which was enacted in 1969 to “prevent taxpayers from escaping their fair share of tax liability through tax breaks,” would be eliminated.

          Families would be able to withdraw up to $10,000 per year from their 529 plans, tax-advantaged college savings accounts, and use it for tuition and other expenses at K-12 schools.

          That effectively creates a benefit for people who would be sending their kids to an expensive private school, anyway.

          “Hedge fund guys,” as Trump called them, and other fund managers will still have access to a loophole that allows them to pay a lower tax rate on investment profits.

          sorry Grant…..and other readers……just pissed at how this idiots are ruining the country

          1. Right. And, any miniscule benefits given to the “middle class” are temporary. They all go away in 2025. However the corporate tax cuts are permanent.

            Does anyone really believe that the Republicans will keep their word and make the middle class tax cuts permanent in 2025. Particularly if the economy goes into a downturn.

        5. I believe the cut in corporate taxes will ultimately provide a big boost in economic growth

          Where is the historical precedent to inform that belief?

    3. Didn’t need a tax cut from the fed to realize my state taxes are ridiculous too.

      Point that finger at th brown thing in office.
      Needs to be flushed!

  14. Playing the theory game…..“why the 49ers only had to give Belichick a 2nd-round pick for Garoppolo.”

    Bill B allowed Jimmy to pick his destination.

    1. They did right by Jimmy by sending him to a place and to a coach whom they respect.
      Also where he could be successful as far as away from NE as possible.

      Giving up a 2nd is as good as it gets for a pending UFA.

      Great deal for both teams.

  15. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has earned his first league-sponsored award and been named the FedEx NFL Air Player of the Week


    Ha ha!!!

  16. I’ll predict they will sign him this offseason quickly. Maybe even after Sunday if he does well vs Jax.
    He isn’t goin anywhere.

  17. Off topic. What did you guys think of Courtland Sutton last night. I had this bowl penciled in on my calendar just to see if Sutton was the big bodied receiver the Niners should consider drafting. Unfortunately Sutton was pretty much a non factor in the game. I am not sure if the blame was on the lousy SMU quarterback or Sutton not getting separation but just based on this one game I’d say we pass on Sutton.

    The other two big receivers I like are Equanemous St. Brown of Notre dame and Arden Tate of Florida State. Let’s see how they do in their Bowl games.

  18. JG isn’t going to tell the press that he will or will not sign long term. Yee would throw a fit if he did. However, there’s nothing wrong with a member of the press asking him about it.

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