49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo struggles during minicamp

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) passes during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, June 13, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — It’s hard to explain why Jimmy Garoppolo played so poorly this week during the 49ers’ minicamp.

He was terrific last season for the brief time he played. Garoppolo started the final five weeks of 2017, and averaged a whopping 260 passing yards per game, even though he didn’t know the full playbook. He came to the 49ers in a midseason trade, and simply memorized their weekly game plans.

Now, he knows the playbook, and has experience with his current teammates. Most people expect he will play even better next season, and he may. But right now, he’s struggling.

On Wednesday, the second and final day of the 49ers’ mandatory minicamp, Garoppolo played well early, completing three of his first four passes. Then, he fell apart, and missed 11 of his final 16 throws. His completion percentage for the afternoon was a mere 40. He missed every deep pass he threw.

On Tuesday, the day before, Garoppolo couldn’t even yell the snap count correctly. He caused the offense to commit four false-start penalties in a row to start practice.

“It’s all on the quarterback,” Garoppolo said on Wednesday in the 49ers’ media room. “I mean, I’m the one doing the cadence. I have to make sure that me and all of the other quarterbacks are saying it the same way and sounding similar to one another.”

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  1. I am glad they are working on varying the cadences. If they can get the defense to jump offsides, they can then morph the play into a long strike downfield, since it is a free play.
    Hope it does not become too complicated, and they start fooling themselves. Reducing the unforced errors should be priority number one.
    Since KS is his own OC, maybe he needs to get upset, and start yelling at himself. Wonder what would happen if JG asked for an OC. Would they tell him one is not needed, or try to accommodate him by promoting Scangarello?

    1. Geezeeeee maybe we ought to trade him now !!! Come on man… So the best QB in the league has a off day… wtf.. reporters ? Go report on bowling or something !! Jimmy is the best QB.

      1. Well, I was not hypercritical of JG. In fact, since they acquired JG, I have not lobbied for the Niners to sign Kaep, since they finally have their franchise QB. I like JG and hope he can lead the Niners to the playoffs in the future.
        I was more critical of the coaching. KS even admits he may be responsible for the Cadence mistiming. He said the coaches did not prepare the offense adequately. Maybe they should have kept that last practice to work on timing and cohesion, but having a family barbecue may be good to help build team chemistry.
        Another good byproduct of skipping that third practice, was that there were no major injuries.

  2. Don’t know why your always looking to dump on Garoppolo ? He’s the best this teams had since Young left .Your going to work on things and make throws now that you wouldn’t during the season.This guy is going to be real good , there’s no worries

    1. Grant–by nature it seams–is a citric, like a movie or restaurant critic. Perhaps he could expand his role at the Press Democrat and become the resident critic–if he isn’t already. He could host a suite of blogs devoted to critiquing anything/everything–music, food, wine, cars, airlines, theater, children’s lemonade stands, farmers markets, licensed clinical social workers, periodontists, neighborhood trick or treat offerings, animal rescue not-for-profits, …..and sports.

      As some would say…..do what you love and make money doing it. You go Grant!

      Lastly, do I expect Grant to be a homer? Nope. Would like it if he offered a bit more objectivity.

      1. Cassie:
        * “Grant–by nature it seams–is a citric”………More like an Opinionated critic!
        * “As some would say…..do what you love and make money doing it”…….Although newspaper readership has declined precipitously over the past 20 years, talented new sports writers can still find jobs with these publishers or write for online publications. Others may showcase their skills as freelancers on other news sites, blogs or television. If you want to join the ranks of other sports writers, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree in journalism. In return, you can expect to earn a salary averaging just under $50,000 annually..https://careertrend.com/much-money-sportswriters-make-year-18147.html
        * “Do I expect Grant to be a homer? Nope. Would like it if he offered a bit more objectivity.”…….Love him or hate him, that is NOT Grant’s shtick and just not who he is!

        1. I know…I know!!

          Grant could get in on EA’s Madden video game gravy train. He could be hired by EA to prepare Periscope videos for post video game outcome evaluations. EA could record many hours of Grant video and voice, and have artificial intelligence instantly compile a 60 second Periscope-like clip after each completed game–breaking down the outcome and criticizing the players involved–football players AND the gamers playing the game.

          Grant could make $100K plus annually easily…

  3. If Jimmy G was a draft pick, lil cohn would be dumping all over him saying he’ll never make it in the NFL.

    Cohn family motto: write any old crap as long as it generate clicks.

  4. JG is the next Elvis Grbac. A backup to a good QB who got a shot at playing and also got a nice contract too and played OK but never was that next great QB.

    1. Every QB is going to have bad practices or make bad throws. The problem is that it seems JG can’t throw the deep ball and I think I read that he can’t throw over the middle either. The niners did not get a true RB they got a system RB who could work out if he catches 100 passes and rushes for 800-1000 yards. They also did not get a true number 1 WR. So if JG can’t develop the deep pass then defenses are going to stack the box and bring their players closer to stop the run and the short throws. Also the interceptions are going to be a problem so watch out for that as well. But again he can have all those problems as long as we win and make the playoffs and he works on those issues. This season is going to be an interesting season but im not just going to assume that JG is the answer just yet

      1. I’d say give it time–it’s only mid-June and this is Shanahan’s entry into year two. Interestingly, Montana wasn’t known as an accurate, strong, consistent deep ball thrower. Just think of those passers who had consistently beautiful, accurate deep throws…

  5. This season we’ll find out just how resilient Jimmy is, because adversity will be circling like a vulture.

    1. Razor…
      You can probably count on some adversity to befall
      onto Jimmy, this season… but it’ll be about .. how..
      he responds to that adversity … that will be most notable …

      Jimmy .. might.. even have a bit of a
      “sophomore slump” .. early on … but I believe even that will
      straighten itself out … remember ..
      last season … he was working with a (mostly) terrible
      O-line … and this season … he’ll have an (almost) totally
      new… O-line ! …. and common knowledge tells
      us that it takes time for an O-line to gel … and play in synch..

      Could this be why the O-line had problems in this last
      practice ?

      It’s worth considering

      all arrows pointing up !

      1. Too, the camp defense was a tad better this week. Kirk Cousins–Grant’s unabashed FA crush–had a poor camp outing as well.

        1. Cassie Baalke – Cousins is getting his first exposure to the Broncos system while Jimmy G has5 games with KS’s system under his belt. 8-20 on the last day of OTA’s is not a good way to wrap up practices until training camp opens, especially when you are the face of the franchise and signed a new contract averaging over $28M per year. Trust that the other offensive players also knew he was 8-20, as did the defensive players and coaches on both sides of the ball. KS should have made sure the practiced ended on a positive note, not another incompletion, especially in the end zone. Regardless of June, July or September practices, you don’t end on a negative. That type of performance, especially following the previous day’s botched cadences and false starts, is not becoming of the face fo the franchise. Jimmy needs to understand that he is under the spotlight now more than ever, and he has to perform at the level his contract mandates. In New England, he was behind Brady, so there was no pressure. Coming to S.F. in the trade late in the season put him in an environment where his teammates rose to the occasion to support him while he was getting his baptism under fire, but now, he is the leader. He has the contract; he has the money; he has the position he coveted, so now he has to pony up. How did he leave the field a better QB on Wednesday than when practice first started with an 8-20 performance, especially considering the snafus with the cadence on Tuesday? Sounds like Jimmy G has two consecutive un-Brady like days!!!!!!!!!! Bill Walsh never would have allowed Joe Montana, Steve Young or even Steve Deberg to walk off the field with an 8-20, 40% completion performance!!!!! Bill would have called some easy completions just to get the QB and the offense back on track and establish some confidence and continuity.

            1. Yes, Hammer, it should be Vikings instead of Broncos; however, that still does not change the context of comments about JG’s performance and failure of KS to be able to improvise as the play caller rather than just reading plays off of a script to get the offense and JG back on track!!!!!

              1. It’s f-Ing JUNE dude. Play calling? JFC!
                Besides, seemingly lost on many here were some cogent, self deprecating comments from JG that offer insights.

              2. Mike,

                You are probably a really nice guy, but is your take really to rip Lil Shanny over play calling at a June mini camp?

                If so that’s more than kinda dumb.

          1. Mike: Sounds like your beef (if I can call it that) has as much to do with KS as JG. Does Jimmy get no credit for taking ownership of the miscues and keeping his offensive players on the field after practice in order to fix the issues that they had? No doubt JG will have adversity this year, but it seems to me that his response to this situation is exactly what you want from a leader.

            Regarding the after-practice sessions:

            “It shows that guys care,” Garoppolo said. “If someone was to mess something up and just kind of brush it off, it’s kind of annoying. You want guys who care about the game, who care about this team. I think we have a good group in there.”

            1. Cubus – As the play caller, KS could have changed the flow of practice and stemmed the string of incompletes by calling some higher percentage passes to get JG back on track. Then, he could have gone back to the script. It’s more than just calling plays to call plays. It’s about the flow and the confidence. Play callers don’t want the QB to go from 1st and 10 to 2nd and 10 and then to 3rd and 10 and then to PUNT team!!!!!! An adept play caller will recognize when the QB is struggling and give him a high percentage pass or two to get him out of the funk.

              1. Yes, I agree in general. But I’m thinking KS might have conducted practice as he did because he wanted to see how JG would react as the new leader of the team. How would he handle it: laissez faire or grab the bull by the horns. KS said:

                “It’s always nice when you don’t demand anything,” Shanahan said. “You hope it’s their standard, not ours. Like I say, that’s really what makes it real, and I think those guys worked as hard as they could yesterday. It wasn’t a lack of effort.”

  6. Actually am glad Jimmy G had had an off couple of days. The important thing is that Jimmy G knows it was on him and he is taking measures to correct it. Still the biggest thing is the lack of serious injury to key players during the OTA’s and mini camp.

    The Niners had the second/third highest pre snap penalties (44 or 45 can’t remember) last year and is an area that needs immediate attention to. It isn’t something new and is disturbing that it is continuing.

    As far as the long ball, saw it last year. I am hoping that its a lack of familiarity with his receivers is the reason. We shall see soon enough.

    1. UC sez: …
      “…. Still the biggest thing is the lack of serious injury to key players during the OTA’s and mini camp….”

      yeah … knock on wood !
      (let’s hope it stays that way, too !)

      1. MWNiner:
        * FOR Grants next article: Ray Wright, SF 49ers head strength and conditioning coach, struggles. He was poor last season, now he has a years experience and he’s still not that good…Come on Grant, GET-ER DONE!

  7. Some of you need to relax and read the article a little more closely. I’ve had my fair share of disagreements with Grant over opinion pieces, but this isn’t an opinion piece. He has simply stated what happened during the practice and then posted statements straight from the sources to give it context. There seems to be an effort to attack the messenger regardless of what is being said and it seems personal instead of objective to me.

    1. Rocket: Relax – yes! It was minicamp.

      However, how do we know that some of the “mistakes” weren’t a result of trying some things that you generally would not try in a game. To quote Jimmy G:

      “That’s what practice is for. You learn what throws you can make with which guys and which guys are going to protect the ball better than others. You learn how to trust one another in practice.”

      Further he had this to say about the secondary specifically referring to their length (there were reports that Jimmy was missing high).

      “It’s the length.” ……..”It makes you adjust your throws. There’s some throws you need to put a little higher. Even the linebackers, they have such long arms some of them, that you have to adjust your throws or get it over the top of them without getting it too far to the safeties. It makes my job a lot more difficult, but I think going against those guys day in and day out will only help us going down the road.”

      Finally, I have every confidence that Jimmy is the kind of guy who learns from his mistakes. Often times people learn the best lessons from mistakes that are actually made as opposed to mistakes that are discussed in a theoretical sense.

      The deep ball is probably still a concern and hopefully that will improve. But as I posted earlier, if you have two WRs on the line of scrimmage, one who runs a 4.5 forty and the other a 4.3 forty, by the time the guy who runs a 4.5 forty has run 40 yards, the guy who runs a 4.3 forty has run just under 42 yards which is almost an additional 6 feet!

      1. It was just a report of what took place. Even the golden boy admitted that there were struggles.

        Of course it’s only practice and a place to potentially try new things. It’s not like Grant said that boy wonder sucked and the season was doomed.

  8. “I’m just joking with that, but those five games, things went very well. There was a number of times that maybe it should have been a pick, but Marquise Goodwin stepped back to the ball and made a play so we never worried about that one.”

    And herein lies part of why the last 5 games in 2017 were meaningless for 2018. What happens to all that excitement and belief if those type of throws start to go the other way and cost the team wins, especially during what looks like a very difficult early stretch in the season.

    Throw in a right tackle who will be playing his first snaps in the NFL, and teams adjusting after being able to watch the film of those last 5 games for months instead of weeks.

    1. Winning is never meaningless. It’s creates confidence, comraderie and reinforces the practice you put in.
      The 49ers all year talked about building a culture,about building a program,about building it brick by brick. When you win five games in a row it just proves that all of what you talk about and set out to do, works.
      I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous as saying those 5 wins were meaningless!

      1. And yet it means nothing with regards to how the team performs in 2018.

        The players were jacked up when last season ended. So much so that one of them said the 49ers were going to the Super Bowl this year. Unfortunately that excited player is now in Cleveland, the excited RT is now in New England, the excited RG is in Atlanta, and the excited C is in Miami.

        The 49ers caught some breaks during that winning streak as Lil Shanny said yesterday. Do those breaks keep happening or will there be a regression to the mean?

        1. No one knows how winning those games will affect 2018 but I know as sure as sh$t it will affect their preparation.

            1. The expectations are bigger because of the win streak and already the players are practicing harder as been reported as well as they are staying late. So I guess the hypothesis is coming to fruition already.
              Winning creates good habits.

              1. That isn’t anything new. Prior to last season the QB put together workouts with the WR’s. Hoyer sticking around to work after practice with Trent Taylor. That was coming off a terrible year. Camp Alex in 2011 coming of losing seasons.

                Staying after practice to fix mistakes or improve isn’t something that’s new in Santa Clara.

                “I think it’s been great, A lot of energy on the field, a lot of excitement. It’s always good to get that first week under your belt getting back.”

                From your favorite QB back in 2016

              2. Dead on, Prime. People who have real confidence are almost always more successful than people who don’t have that confidence. That’s true in every walk of life. Expectations are higher too, because the truly confident expect to win and are surprised if they don’t as opposed to the less confident who are surprised when they do win.

              3. No it’s not but it’s steps in building a winning culture. I mean you can work as hard as possible and still not have a winning result. The point is winning creates confidence, comraderie and knowing that you put the work in,results happen.
                How can you say that winning in sports is meaningless? Regardless if a team is winless or not, a win is what every single pro athlete tries to accomplish, it’s what every single sports organization strives for daily. You’ve discounted the entire reason why competition exists. The most sad thing about this whole thing is you used to be a coach!

              4. “No it’s not but it’s steps in building a winning culture. I mean you can work as hard as possible and still not have a winning result. The point is winning creates confidence, comraderie and knowing that you put the work in,results happen.”

                Sure, but there’s a lot of guys including half of the oline that weren’t around to build that confidence and comraderie. That’s all new now.

                “How can you say that winning in sports is meaning less?”

                Because what happened in 2017 has zero effect on 2018.

                “The most sad thing about this whole thing is you used to be a coach!”

                Lol. One of the first things a coach needs to remind their players of is that last year was last year. You can’t bring it with you. Those wins stay in 2017. Those losses stay in 2017. The minute we step on the field for spring practices in 2018 it’s all about 2018. You don’t get credit for last year.

              5. The end result is that whatever happened in 2017,has no bearing on 2018, that’s a for sure. I’ll give you that.
                But for any losing organization to rattle off five consecutive wins, it can lead to so much more and beyond in the upcoming practices, meetings, preparation of games, and in playing games. Why, because now you know how to do it and that’s the first thing about becoming a winning team is learning how to win and that’s what they did in 2017.
                You know that old saying you need to walk before you can run?

              6. Hammer:

                Does a coach probably want to have your attitude when starting activities for the next season? I think the answer in most cases is yes. Why, because most people get complacent easily and generally don’t work as hard if they start to think that “wins” are a given. And the reason they started to think they were a winning organization is because of what happened at the end of last year. In the NFL, hard work is still required even for winning organizations. But a key difference is that organizations with a winning mindset truly expect the hard work to payoff. Losing organizations aren’t so sure.

              7. “walk before you run”

                Right, and if this was 1979 I might be more inclined to agree with you or the pre-free agency days when guys stuck around. Now with the turnover the carryover even of that is reduced.

                The most important position group on the offense is comprised of 60% new starters who weren’t around a year ago.

                Yes, fans are excited and have increased expectations which might help sell tickets, but that doesn’t effect the outcome of games.

                Yes the players are excited for practices, but that’s nothing new. Every new season is about new opportunities for those guys.

                Getting back to the main point of the initial post. Lil Shanny’s comment that I quoted played a lot into why I have said this all along.

                The 5 wins were great. They were exciting. But there were plays in those games that could easily have swung the game in a different direction. The 49ers caught some good breaks in that stretch. They went +1 in turnover margin those last five games, compared to -4 prior.

                Will they get them this year? That’s something that should give people pause.

                Will Richburg be able to play all 16 games? Does the rookie fit in right away or get beat up? He will be facing some really good pass rushers in the first few weeks of the season. Is the new right guard an improvement? Can McKinnon fill the hole left by Hyde in the run game? Can the defense finally generate a pass rush from guys that have never done it before?

                There’s a lot of questions here and 2017 doesn’t answer any of them.

              8. Hammer the only thing I am arguing is that winning is never meaningless. It always leads to good things. From objective to subjective, winning always has value from year to year.

              9. Cubus,

                You can go through all the teams that finished a year out hot despite an overall losing record or 8-8, and you’ll get about 50% that did well the following season and about 50% that did not.

                Why? Because every season is its own entity.

              10. Beating 3 teams who played in the playoffs cant be meaningless…..

                At least common sense dictates that 2018 Jimmy is more confident and knowledgeable because of 2017……

              11. “Beating 3 teams who played in the playoffs cant be meaningless….”

                Really 2. That week 17 game was so meaningful that the Rams sat as many starters as possible.

              12. None, it’s just old “burner account” Jack doing his best to run up the click count.

                Notice how “burner jack” conflates “meaningless” with “doesn’t help with 2018 preparation”.

                The games sure weren’t meaningless to the players, coaches & fans. Just “meaningless” to “burners” that don’t pay for their seats at the games and get paid for clicks.

                “meaningless” from the same mindthink that says it’s best to tank for for draft position and it’s best to trade JimmyG for draft picks and Hoyer’s a great QB because he looks good in practice and let’s block those who comment because we don’t like what they say.

                Chess club BS.

              13. It’s not about winning, it’s about whether games are meaningful or meaningless. [Sarcasm intended]

              14. Depending on one’s emotional attachment to a particular thought, meaningful could weigh more than meaningless, or vice versa… And what would the weight ‘unit of measurement’ be in such context?

                Perhaps endorphins are involved…”any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.” The amount secreted would have weight. If someone gets really agitated about something being dismissed as meaningless, more endorphins would be secreted.

              15. Surely we can agree that last year’s results don’t transfer to this season? That’s the overall point here I think. The 5 game win streak was good for moral and likely makes a lot of the holdovers more confident, but in the grand scheme those wins mean nothing going into this season. They start at 0-0 with a lot of new faces, same as pretty much every other team in the league.

              16. Confidence is an important quality, and perception often becomes reality! Sure, there a number of new additions to this 49ERS roster, but the core is largely the same. It’s a young roster, and because the 49ERS are such a young team, the fashion in which the 49ERS finished last season, and Jimmy’s role in that turnaround, ABSOLUTELY affects the team’s confidence. Veterans like Montana and Rice will tell you that winning is infectious, and that developing a winning culture is necessary for long term success.

                When you hear some of these young players talk about finishing the way in which the 49ERS finished 2017, it’s obvious that it meant something to them both individually, and as a team. And what was very striking about that impressive winning streak, and the transformation that coincided with it, was the effect Jimmy had on the entire team in 2017, not just the offense.

                The biggest reason why the 49ERS strong finish will certainly have an effect on this team going into 2018 is the way the team responded to Jimmy G’s leadership. The 49ERS were simply a different team with Garoppolo over center. When it comes to team sports, players look to certain teammates for leadership. In the NFL, if the quarterback carries himself with the kind of confidence Jimmy does both in the locker room and in the huddle, well, you’re golden. This team believes in Garoppolo. They believe in him because he’s a natural leader. He’s genuine. They also believe in him because he conveys an aura of winning. He learned under the tutelage of one of the all-time great QB’s and Head Coaches. Most of all, Jimmy’s teammates believe Jimmy knows how to win football games. He’s 7-0 as a starter. He’s never lost an NFL start. He expects to win, and does win, each and every time he laces up his cleats.

                Believe me, when a QB is traded to a winless team (the 49ERS were 0-8) just before the trade deadline, spends 25 days digesting the playbook, and then come in and wins his first start on the road followed by 4 more straight wins against quality opponents, IT MEANS SOMETHING! Jimmy Garoppolo’s teammates believe in him. They believe they can compete and they believe they can win with him. They believe they can throttle the NFL’s best defense with him. They believe they can beat playoff caliber teams with him.

                Why do they believe? It’s simple really. Because this team with a 1-9 record won Jimmy’s first start, and every other start in 2017. So no, 2017 wasn’t meaningless. 2017 matters because Jimmy G matters! And that’s a fact Jack!

        1. Cassie,
          Yup, I thought that the subject of meaningless games was covered about 3 weeks ago.
          It would have saved energy to just copy and paste.

          What we need is football!

  9. Jimmy will be fine… they dont mention that he had all back up wr because garcon, Goodwin & Taylor all sat out.

  10. Relax guys. Jimmy has had 2 bad practices… it happens a lot of quarterbacks. Grant is just reporting what happened in this case. There is no way of sugarcoating 40% completion percentage unless you want him to outright or omit details.
    Yes, he normally takes a negative slant but this one is just reporting what happened.

    1. Actually Shoup, The Sac Bee’s Matt Barrows was able to “sugarcoat” it, so to speak. There is an art to reporting. A reporter has ways of influencing their work. It’s often about perspective. One can in fact report the facts, and put those facts into in perspective, all in the same report. There are always ways of “framing” the facts to support a personal point of view. For example; what if I told you that I ate a cheeseburger today, and that it was the BEST TASTING cheeseburger that I’d had in months, you would think it was a darn good cheeseburger, wouldn’t you? But what if I left out the fact that it was also the ONLY cheeseburger I’d had in months? That cheeseburger could be both the best tasting cheeseburger I’d had in months, and also one of the worst tasting cheeseburgers I’d had in my lifetime, right?

      Here’s my boy MATT BARROWS: “Finally, there was plenty of hand-wringing — including in this space — about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who looked like a mere mortal at times this week. It should be noted, however, that he also had some wonderful throws that fell just beyond the reach of defenders into the hands of his receivers. He showed the same feel and adaptation — a sidearm arm throw to thwart an oncoming rusher, for example — that got everyone so excited last season. The truth is that some quarterbacks look rough during the week and stellar on Sundays. Joe Montana comes to mind. Others look fantastic in practice and disappear on game days. Brian Hoyer comes to mind. When it comes to Garoppolo, perhaps the most promising aspect of the spring was that he and his offensive mates stayed late when they messed up and that he plans to hold a players-only session or two to bridge the long gap until training camp. That is, Jimmy now has a multi-million-dollar face and a multi-multi-million-dollar bank account. But he’s still grinding like a working-class Joe.”

        1. That’s your prerogative Jack. It’s painfully obvious you prefer salt on your breakfast cerial. Just think about what I mean by perspective.

          One or two less than stellar days throwing the football during a June minicamp, while working without the teams top 3 wideouts, means almost nothing when held up against the backdrop of a career 7-0 record (a 5-0 record starting for a team that lost it’s first 9 games while posting a franchise worst 0-9 record), displaying the kind of leadership that breeds success.

          Perspective Jack. It’s all about perspective.

          Garoppolo still has plenty prove in 2018 and beyond, yet I would argue as long as he keeps on winning at an absurdly high percentage when the games actually count, nitpicking his June minicamp numbers is embarrassing.

      1. 49,
        I like Barrows a lot and he reports well, he’s been around a while and wisely preaches patience because of his experience. But I would also expect an NFL qb to make some beautiful throws from time to time
        CK, threw a lot of beautiful balls but also hit ball boys and had gofers ducking back in their hole.
        40% is VERY bad, I would expect that from Johnny Manziel. But at this time of year qb’s are still trying to get their timing down and are working on things, beit footwork, timing, realease, loft etc… so you can expect more clunkers. That’s the reason I’m not worried, I don’t know the whole story yet.
        I don’t think Grant wrote a slam piece on Jimmy, he simply wrote what he saw… this is not like some of his previous works, like his piece on how Bowman couldn’t move any more, he didn’t say Jimmy needed to be cut or was a poor qb, he said he had a bad practice. That happens.

    1. I really liked this quote about Jimmy G from the article:

      “And the players like him. You can see the team rallied around him. But that wasn’t surprising because when Jimmy has lunch every single day, he’s eating there with all the offensive linemen. He’s a true quarterback in terms of his leadership skills are there. He’s not aloof and he’s not not around the team. He’s involved and he’s really taken to watching and observing and understanding the program and working on his skill set, even though he knew he was back-up to Tom.”

      1. That’s nice, but who eats lunch with the punter (and don’t say kicker…)? Punters are people too!

      2. Yup. JG won over his teammates pretty quickly over here too. My main point on my above post was that while Brady doesn’t have a great deep ball, he’s still the best QB in the league and one of the best all time.

        Your 2:10 pm post about JG was good. Give it time people. I expect JG to get better with more reps. I hope he cleans up his footwork. But as Brady shows, you don’t have to have a great deep ball to be a great QB.

        1. Thanks.

          “But as Brady shows, you don’t have to have a great deep ball to be a great QB.”

          Yep. I said this weeks ago as well. However, I won’t deny that the deep ball is one of the more exciting plays in football. I still think Jimmy will get better at it.

  11. Chalk it up to growing pains. Montana didn’t develop consistency in the WCO until 1/2 way through his second season, culminating in the largest 49er comeback in franchise history, 38-35, vs. the Saints.
    But it was actually his 3rd year that season long consistency was established, ending in 49er victories over the Cowboys in the NFC Championship and the Bengals for the Superbowl title.

    Many ex-Westcoast offensive coaches have also cited the 3rd year as the length of time a new QB needs to become proficient in the WCO, including Bill Walsh, Mike Holmgren and John Gruden.

    Also, meshing 49er and Patriot playbooks has been cited by various writers. It can’t be easy for Shanny to install, not just one, but two playbooks. So fans, look to the 3rd year for your magic.


    1. 49ers’ Joe Staley says Kyle Shanahan is a ‘next-level genius’ playcaller
      By David Bonilla

      Joe Staley is preparing to enter his 12th NFL season. Throughout his NFL career, Staley has played for six head coaches since being drafted by the 49ers in 2007. He has learned numerous systems

      However, when Staley talks about the current regime, you sense the genuine excitement in his voice.

      Much of that has to do with his current head coach, Kyle Shanahan. He is considered to be one of the most brilliant young offensive minds in football. You will get no argument from the veteran tackle…


  12. http://www.pressdemocrat.com/sports/7823585-181/49ers-roar-into-offseason-with

    “We could keep going,” Garoppolo said. “It’s unfortunate that our season comes to an end like this, but hopefully for next year we keep this good thing going. … Next year’s team will have a different identity than this one did, but I think ending the season how we did definitely helped us.”

    “but I think ending the season how we did definitely helped us.”

    Dang, if only he said meaningful instead of “definitely helped us.”

    1. That’s a good quote, especially the part where he mentions next years team having a new identity.

      Perhaps you can find the one where Hyde says the 49ers will be in the Super Bowl. Oh wait, thats right, he’s no longer on the team.

      Maybe find the one where Kilgore talks about how excited he is for 2018. Whoops. He’s not on the team either? Damn.

      How about Elvis Dumervil? Nope.

      Oh well, this one will do.

        1. A quick google search didn’t yield anything on the streak. I actually couldn’t find any quotes from him on any topic. I guess the press thinks that Nelson is meaningless.

            1. Interesting. I need to see recent pictures of him standing next to people with different body types to be sure.

      1. “That’s a good quote, especially the part where he mentions next years team having a new identity.”

        Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, not that you have a strong suit.

        Here’s the full sentence that includes the part about the new identity.

        “Next year’s team will have a different identity than this one did, but I think ending the season how we did definitely helped us.”

        He was clearly talking about 2018 and said how they finished 2017 definitely helped them.

        So keep on being hard-headed. It’s amusing how often you hurt your credibility.

        1. Lol. Perhaps you need to pay attention to the punctuation. The first part of the sentence was the best. 😉😂

          You basically are latching onto a quote here where he says two things. I jokingly liked the first part because it fits with what I’ve been saying, and you like the second because it fits what you’ve been saying.

          The funny part is you and others are latching onto a word instead of the general point that the 2018 team is its own entity and things that helped the team win 5 in a row at the end of last season might not happen again.

          But please keep telling me that is wrong.

          1. Nice misrepresentation of my take, something you do frequently. I never said the streak would carry over to this year. I said it was meaningful because they gained confidence and learned how to win.

            1. I didn’t misrepresent anything with regards to your take sweetheart.

              You and others are caught up on the use of the word meaningless and missed the bigger point which you’ve now agreed with.

            2. I’d like to weigh in on the meaningless discussion; however, I don’t think I’m understand the heavier aspects of the topic…

      2. So the takeaway from Jack here is don’t listen to sh*t from any player… ever. Got it.

        Grant, please don’t post any more player interviews, pressers, anything like that. They are ………………. meaningless.

        1. Let’s get rid of over time periods, have games end in ties and everyone’s happy. What’s the point in winning

          1. Anyone here ever see the movie Memento? The protagonist can’t remember anything from longer than 15 minutes ago. Everything is a brand new experience.

            That’s Jacks new nickname…Memento.

      3. Jack, you are wasting your time! I find it ironic that the very same posters who speak about the importance of winning were saying something completely different during the long losing streak last year.

        A bit too much homerism for me lately, wondering what Shanahan, Lynch and Garappolo won to deserve it.

        1. “wondering what Shanahan, Lynch and Garappolo won to deserve it.”

          They won 5 meaningless games in a row at the end of the season and made people forget about losing 10 of the first 11.

          One thing to remember though, those excuses from last year are pretty much out the window now though so if they struggle it should get interesting.

        2. EC,

          Good point. I think the excitement over the way the season ended is fine, but as usual we have now moved into homertown. The difference this year…at least I hope, is that the team will perform in the neighborhood of expectation unlike previous years.

          1. Rocket,

            Im as excited as any other fan about the possibilities abouthis year but I am also realistic that things don’t always work out, people regress, players get hurt, schemes are figured out, etc.


            Exactly! Last year doesn’t matter in terms of what the team does this

            Thing, is I can see scenarios where this team struggles this year. Hope they don’t though. For me OL play, RB play and pass rush would be good indicators of how the year progresses.

  13. Why Cassie? Here today, gone tomorrow. Or next season…or the season after that….eventually.

    And besides, from his point of view, staring directly down facing inches from the turf, how is he going to know anything about identities?

  14. Growing up in Canada…

    There’s a special place in hell for Canuck long snappers.

    Hey, don’t get down on me for saying that. In 15 minutes I won’t remember a thing about it .

  15. “you don’t have to sit there and MF them”…. This is what grant wants him to do. This is what grant would say, harbaugh would do. Apparently when these boys mess up, they try and fix it. No better place to fix things and get them right, than in training camp. Way better than screwing up in the regular season.

  16. Jimmy’s likely response to this article.

    We sitting in here — I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talking about practice. I mean, listen: We talking about practice. Not a game. Not a game. Not a game. We talking about practice. Not a game. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last. Not the game. We talking about practice, man.” :)

    Times are slow at the PD.

      1. They did mention the Press Democrat, but they should have said “according to Grant Cohn of the Press Democrat”. Maybe you could have an editor from PD (but I don’t recommend you as it will look like sour grapes) send PFT a message requesting that in the future, they identify the author of the article as well as the organization.

      2. There are many media aggregators that link directly to stories but they write the headlines. Probably the most prominent is Drudge. But Florio’s business model is to literally steal peoples work and repackage it to look as if he or Michael David Smith actually wrote the article. They do provide a link but this is a good example of one of the stories where they embed the link in a way that almost hides the work of the real writer. At best, Florio’s business model is unethical. At worst, Florio’s business model is theft of intellectual property. I really can’t see how NBC hired the guy. He’s a blowhard and a jerk and he uses the work of real authors to promote himself. I’m actually disgusted every time I see the guy on TV. It’s an automatic channel switch.

        1. You brought Florio to my attention couple of weeks back. I finally saw him on TV and his presentation is terrible. Not a fan at all.

        2. Couldn’t agree more about Florio.

          As much as I dislike lil cohn, it’s light years away from the loathing I have for that creep. A pathetic excuse for a human being.

    1. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/116646-49ers-beat-writers-address-jimmy-garoppolos-minicamp-struggles/

      “Still, Garoppolo completing just eight of his 20 pass attempts at Wednesday’s minicamp practice led to the “struggles” headlines like this one from Pro Football Talk. David Lombardi of The Athletic felt it necessary to note that two minicamp practices don’t tell the whole offseason picture.”

      PFT getting credit for Grant’s work. SMH.

      “What this headline doesn’t say is that Garoppolo looked sharp throughout most of the offseason program. Not like that matters, anyway, since pads weren’t on and teams use the offseason to install specific things — which often leads to “struggles.” But context is important”

      1. I guess when you sign a big money deal like Jimmy G did, everything is gonna get scrutinized. This could be a long year of nitpicking.
        I guess the only thing he can do to deflect the ball busting is just win baby.

  17. Criticizing a QB, or really any player for that matter in any sport, on how they perform in practice is the equivalent of criticizing a professional golfer on how he performs on the driving range. It comes across as being rather nit picky and amateurish. For those that have actually played sports, practice is about working on all aspects of your game. I’m sure that when Grant was practicing soccer and track ( no football surprisingly considering his vast knowledge of the sport) at DLS HS, he worked on things that maybe didn’t work out so well in practice, but in the long run helped him in games when it counted. I understand that Grant is reporting what he sees through his jaded viewpoint, always negative for whatever reason, and I think all understand that’s his MO, and will always be the angle, but come on. It’s friggin practice. How about digging a little deeper and exploring what he, and all other players are actually working on. That’s the information that fans really want to know. At least I do. As LeBron would say Grant, “be better tomorrow”!

        1. MATT BARROWS (is always spot on): “The truth is that some quarterbacks look rough during the week and stellar on Sundays. Joe Montana comes to mind. Others look fantastic in practice and disappear on game days. Brian Hoyer comes to mind. When it comes to Garoppolo, perhaps the most promising aspect of the spring was that he and his offensive mates stayed late when they messed up and that he plans to hold a players-only session or two to bridge the long gap until training camp. That is, Jimmy now has a multi-million-dollar face and a multi-multi-million-dollar bank account. But he’s still grinding like a working-class Joe.”

  18. Funny stuff. Now you’re a homer is you disagree that the streak was meaningless, even if you acknowledge that there’s no guarantee that the momentum will carry over. Now that JG finally struggled (in mini-camp), it’s time for doom and gloom to overwhelm the blog.

    No reason to get excited
    The thief, he kindly spoke

  19. https://www.49ers.com/news/jimmy-garoppolo-49ers-offense-take-ownership-of-minicamp-miscues

    “The defensive line got pressure on Garoppolo. Linebackers filled passing lanes. Defensive backs locked up their assignments in coverage. It wasn’t so much that Garoppolo was missing guys, but rather there was no one open to throw to.”

    Hard to judge the lines in non-contact situations, but the LBs filling lanes and the DBs locking up their assignments is encouraging. But we didn’t have all of our WRs either.

    1. And….the defense is beginning to get it’s act together–what a surprise. Players as individuals and units (offense and defense) are getting more competitive–testing each other. The way it should be.

      Can’t wait for the season to begin…

    2. The offense struggles and unsurprisingly JG gets the headlines. But for mine the real concern here is the receivers. Non padded practice is meant to heavily favour the receivers. But they weren’t getting open. Concerning. Also have seen reports the DL was getting to JG pretty easily too. Concerning. From what I have read it didn’t sound like JG was really missing many throws except deep balls – that means the entire passing game was bad, not just JG.

      1. Could be wrong but a couple of receivers didn’t practice on Wednesday, Goodwin being one. Not sure how much action Garçon got either.

      2. I think #80 posted the article by Fann at 49ers.com, where he states:

        “It wasn’t so much that Garoppolo was missing guys, but rather there was no one open to throw to. A few passes were nearly intercepted as Garoppolo tried to fit the ball into impossible windows. The quarterback’s one big miss came on a deep shot for the end zone after Jerick McKinnon sprinted past the defense on a wheel route.”

    3. the posted quote from 80 above is as good a description as any of what opposing D’s will try to do to our new O… 2018 oppo D coordinator’s will likely start with this opening gambit:

      “The defensive line got pressure on Garoppolo. Linebackers filled passing lanes. Defensive backs locked up their assignments in coverage. It wasn’t so much that Garoppolo was missing guys, but rather there was no one open to throw to.”

      this Defensive strategy vs. JG would be one “meaningful” outcome of last season’s win streak…
      hope we have a productive run game with an improved OL to counter this strategy with…

  20. Seriously, you are as dangerous as FoxNews. Just cherry pick stuff. Has one bad day. Don’t worry about cadence. That will all work itself out. Rest of OTA’s and days prior, dude was sharp.

  21. one thing I’ll say for the 2 pics of Jimmy winding up to throw that Grant posted:
    I know JG’s throw motion is compact, but at least it’s not from the Jeff Tedford school of keeping the arc around your helmet’s ear hole….

    1. #80 …

      This just proves one thing :
      Winslow is a ..“no-starch”….. kinda guy …

      (he prefers the wrinkles…)

  22. Jack really dumb low on the meaningless quote…… .

    Every game experience ….even if you are on the sideline is never meaningless

  23. “How many games did Hoyer lose by 3 points or fewer when Reuben Foster didn’t play?”

    This question was asked by our esteemed blog host on the twitter machine earlier today.

    It’s a question that tries to take blame away from Hoyer. A quick look at the numbers shows that during that opening 5 game losing streak with Hoyer at the controls the 49ers converted only 22 of 74 third downs, 29.7%. Compare that to the 5 wins with Garoppolo when the offense converted 42 of 70 third downs, 60%.

    A better question to ask might be, “How many games would Hoyer have not lost by 3 points or fewer if he’d just been able to make a play and execute the offense?”

    1. The 49ers lost five games by three or fewer points when Foster was hurt. Had he been healthy, they probably would have won some or all of those games.

        1. The 49ers scored at least 23 points in three of those five close losses. Hoyer wasn’t good, but my 9-7 prediction probably would have come to fruition if Foster hadn’t injured his ankle Week 1.

          1. They scored 23 or more only twice during that stretch, and the Rams game might have been different had Hoyer not thrown a pick on the first play of the game.

            1. They scored 39 in a loss to the Rams, 23 in a loss to the Colts and 24 in a loss to the Redskins. The Rams game might have been different if Bowman hadn’t missed six tackles. He was far worse than Hoyer, who played well in that game.

  24. I hope this helps KNEELERS to understand just WHEN mine and millions of the public’s respect for the NFL organization started to crumble….

    * In 2012 the NFL had an issue with Tim Tebow kneeling for each game to pray, they also had an issue with Tebow wearing John 3:16 as part of his eye-black to avoid glare, and made him take it off.

    * In 2013 the NFL fined Brandon Marshall for wearing green cleats to raise awareness for people with mental health disorders.

    * In 2014 Robert Griffin III (RG3) entered a post-game press conference wearing a shirt that said “Know Jesus Know Peace” but was forced to turn it inside out by an NFL uniform inspector before speaking at the podium.

    * In 2015 DeAngelo Williams was fined for wearing “Find the Cure” eye black for breast cancer awareness.

    * In 2015 William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness for domestic violence. (Not that the NFL has a domestic violence problem…).

    *In 2016 the NFL prevented the Dallas Cowboys from wearing a decal on their helmet in honor of 5 Dallas Police officers killed in the line of duty.

    * 2016 the NFL threatened to fine players who wanted to wear cleats to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

    So tell me again how the NFL supports free speech and expression, all of a sudden… It seems quite clear based on these facts that the NFL has taken a position against any action by NFL players demonstrating RESPECT for any issue: For God, social causes such as mental health, cancer, domestic violence, for cops killed arbitrarily for being cops, for the Memory of 9/11…

    BUT they have and still will allow (regardless of their pretentious vote) demonstrations of DISRESPECT for our National Flag, our National Anthem, for America , and for the American People, if it will help mollify a particular Group and its supporters. That is who and what the NFL has shown itself to be.

    Keep kneeling players, its your pay check that is in jeopardy.

    1. The NFL donates millions and millions of dollars to various charities. All they are saying is they want their players to keep it all about football on the field. If they want to raise awareness for whatever it is, do it off the field. Don’t use the league as their platform.

    2. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/is-nfls-free-speech-accurately-portrayed/

      “It should be noted here that although the NFL briefly showed support in 2017 for the players protesting police brutality and social injustice during the National Anthem, the league announced that players would be required to stand if they are on the field during the National Anthem in 2018.”

      “There is, a major flaw to this argument. Every item on the “NFL’s Free Speech History” list deals with a violation of the league’s unusually strict uniform policy. The protests during the National Anthem do not.”

      “We found no record of the NFL having any issues with Tebow’s kneeling, and as it was a common occurrence among players across the league”

      “The league has a longstanding rule against modifying uniforms and prohibits players from marking themselves with personal statements”

      “the Washington Post noted that the shirt also contained an unapproved logo.

    3. I believe it’s been repeated over and over that the protest is not about the flag or anthem…..

      Are people just dumb or Haters will always hate…..

      1. Dumb And Dumberer are the ones who chose the anthem to deliver the message, and not expect it to be lost in aggravation by disrespecting the flag….

    4. https://www.si.com/thecauldron/2016/09/09/remembering-september-11-nfl-football-warfare

      “A New York Times report from 2008 eventually disclosed that the Pentagon had been planting pro-war “analysts” on the network. When NFL on Fox got its paws on Super Bowl XXXVI, it turned the game into a staging area for a steroidal brand of partisan patriotism.”

      “The broadcast started with NFL players reciting a pastiche of patriotic quotes, including Teddy Roosevelt’s “we do not admire the man of timid peace; we admire the man who embodies victorious effort.” Throughout the game, NFL on Fox showed military commandos, battle maps, and crosshairs in its cutaway graphics.”

      “It didn’t matter that NFL players such as Cardinals safety Pat Tillman and Rams center Jason Brown criticized the war; or that actual veterans detested insulting comparisons between the vicissitudes of combat and the triviality of sport.”

    5. Trump is vehemently opposed to ‘disrepecting’ the Anthem and flag. He sees the protest as disrepectful. But he congratulates Roseanne on her ratings. Roseanne who grabbed her crotch and spit after her rendention of the Anthem. Which is more disrepectful? But there’s more to her story.


      “So I just tried to get through it, but I couldn’t hear anything with 50,000 drunk a—— booing, screaming ‘you fat [expletive],’ giving me the finger and throwing bottles at me during the song they ‘respect’ so much.”

      Hmm. Plenty of people struggle with the Anthem, it’s a tough song to sing. But the ‘patriotic fans’ threw a fit (and bottles) at an amateur that tried to do her best. The ‘patriotic’ fans disrepected the Anthem before Roseanne did.

      1. The left supports burning the flag, and kneeling for the flag yet complained that it was displayed next to North Korea’s flag! We can go back and forth. The bottom line is there are Losers And Winners, and Trump continues to win and it’s driving people like De Niro nuts, which in turn strengthens President’s Trump support with each outburst….

        1. “The left supports burning the flag”

          The left supports the right to burn the flag. It’s only a handful of college d-bags that actually do it.

          “RegardlessWe can go back and forth.”

          No doubt about that. There’s plenty of hypocrisy on both sides on a variety of topics. That’s one of the reasons I’m no longer a Democrat.

            1. Hey Razor, you served in the military for the right of Americans to burn the flag, did you not? Or why did you think you were?

              1. Thank you for your service in that, Razor.

                Now what do you say to a President who says you should leave the country if you don’t behave in a manner he approves?

    6. Under, Razor, If you guys are going to keep bringing politics into sports, then how about not whining about politics in sports, mmmkay?

      1. Mr. Roboto, we weren’t the ones that chose the anthem to deliver a political message! That genius came from the mmmkay-ers!

      2. Excuse me Rib, your hero Kap brought politics into sports, if you don’t like it talk to him. I am not backing off till the kneeling/political protest by any employee of the NFL stops at football games and football resumes to be entertainment. You obviously don’t like it and neither do I.

        Fans don’t need football but football needs fans……

        1. No, under. First of all Kaep is not my “hero”. Second of all, politics have always had a place in sports, especially since 9/11. The difference is that they were politics you happened to agree with.

          If you are disgusted with what you deem NFL hypocrisy, I’m going to pull a DonLd Trump and suggest you find a different sport to root for.

          ps: the CTE scandal and other health aspects are much more threatening to the NFLs future than a bunch of knee jerking right wingers.

          1. “Kaep is not my hero” hmmmm, if you say so.

            ” The difference is that they were politics you happened to agree with.”

            There is very little politics on both sides of the political spectrum that I agree with. So, no it never is acceptable in sports, whether I agree with it or not. Its okay for the players to voice their political opinions but for me its not okay!! Hogwash.

            “If you are disgusted with what you deem NFL hypocrisy, I’m going to pull a DonLd Trump and suggest you find a different sport to root for.”

            Its quite possible I will end up giving up on sports entirely. I already gave up on basketball – Latrell Sprewell incident. But it wont be because of the *dumb down liberals, or Trump telling me too. The difference between you and me is I am independent, I don’t have a political platform that encompasses much of conservatism or liberalism. I think for myself and not influenced by the degenerate political parties.

            the CTE scandal and other health aspects are much more threatening to the NFLs future than a bunch of knee jerking right wingers.

            True that, but don’t minimize the damage the kneelers are doing. I am not sure CTE is a scandal, it doesn’t take anyone with any type smarts to figure out football is detrimental to ones health, heck my Mom back in the sixties didn’t want me to play the game because of health risk and she never had the opportunity to go to college to enlighten herself like the professionals did. If the players were forced to play then that is a problem. They choose to play, its their choice. There are consequences that come with choice, some good some bad.

            *I would of refrained from using dumb down, but its too your response of knee jerking right wingers. I do try to refrain from name calling, I have to admit sometimes I lower myself to that standard, I shall try to improve on that. We got dumb down on one side and knee jerks on the other side, not much of a choice I would say.

              1. That is true Jack, I thought that most of us understand that politics is intertwined in all aspects of life and its a given. Protest on the job not so much.

              2. The only reason the NFL has this problem is they brought politics in by accepting money to have the players on the field for the anthem.

                In what profession other than sports are employees required to stand for the anthem?

              3. Protest on the job not so much.

                I had this back and forth with Razor a while back. “On the job” is a straw man as the employer allowed said protest, really nothing to do with you. If you don’t like the employer’s permissiveness don’t blame the employees.

              4. Jack in what other profession besides sports do they play the anthem? I don’t know of any. By the way I am opposed to requiring them to stand and if the government did the requiring then I would join the kneelers in a heartbeat not for their cause but for their right. But the government cant do that by constitutional law – first amendment.

                Rib, I have issues with both. My whole contention is that we are a people that have certain unique rights as stated in the constitution, the anthem and the flag are symbols of those rights, whether the intent is intentional or not its still disrespectful to the very thing that grants us those rights. It makes no sense to me. I could care less if the military or police or the liberals or the conservatives or Trump think about kneeling, makes no difference to me.

              5. UC,

                The Supreme Court has also supported the rights of people who choose not to stand. And it was pressure from the government that led to the NFL coming up with their latest requirement.

              6. “In what profession other than sports are employees required to stand for the anthem?”

                The United States military requires employees to stand for the anthem, if able-bodied.

              7. the anthem and the flag are symbols of those rights

                Under, I’d rather exercise those rights than just salute the symbols of them.

                Also, keep this in mind. If you are going to protest, and it doesn’t piss anyone off, you are doing it wrong.

            1. “Kaep is not my hero” hmmmm, if you say so.

              And here is why I say so. Voting is the baseline for any citizen activism. When Kaep announced he didn’t vote he spat in the face of everyone before him who gave much more than he’ll every lose in securing voting rights for marginalized groups. Whether suffragettes, the great civil rights battles of the 60s, up to current day with voter suppression in full swing, autocrats and those in power who are reluctant to relinquish it do not want you to vote, Kaep and those like him are merely doing the job for them.

              Only an ill-informed idiot can say “there’s no difference between the two parties”. If you are that ill-informed idiot, then by all means vote for a 3rd party loon, or a write-in if you have to.

              “Shut up and dribble”? I say unless you vote, shut up.

  25. Maxine Waters, “Impeach 45, Impeach 45!” Seriously? The guy that’s cut taxes, has a GDP at 4% and has a framework in place to end the war in Korea? Ha! Good luck with that, Maxine!

    1. Um…. Razor… The Korean issue is rather complex. A one-day circus in Singapore won’t change that. Rather than get into an insult match here, let’s agree–you and I–to check in on where things sit with North Korea on 16 June 2019. Okay?

      Can we get back to football?

      1. Cassie says, “A one-day circus in Singapore won’t change that.

        Let’s give peace a chance. Besides, you can’t have a circus without the midget! Ha! I’m here all night.

        1. Good. 16 June 2019 we’ll see what’s developed with North Korea. Now back to the Fahnhorst topic…

      2. Cassie, and we’ll also revisit this supposed 4% growth* a year from now. When 45’s moronic trade war is full swing.

        *that 4% estimate come from Goldman-Sachs, the elite of the elitist. I thought Trumpettes thoroughly detest anything more elite than Duck Dynasty (who are pretty elite in themselves).

    2. has a GDP at 4%

      California’s growth has been close to 6% the last half decade. Yet MD declares financial collapse is just around the corner. Care to debate him?

  26. Nothing happening today in the football world so I’ll rehash a topic.

    Randy “I play when I want to” Moss is a first ballot HOFer. TO, who played on a broken leg, had to wait.

    Minnesota: In addition to his quote on playing when he wants to, Moss left the field as his team attempted an onside kick. The Vikings surely would have liked to have Moss to throw to had they recovered. Minnesota eventually traded him.

    Oakland: He famously quit on Oakland, forcing a trade. As Cris Carter said “And Randy, not like any other superstar I’ve met, he has more quit in him than any of those other players”

    New England: Chris Gamble accuses Moss of shutting it down (quitting) against the Panthers. The Pats eventually trade him.

    And everywhere he went, his pre-snap body language was a tell to the D. If his body language was poor, the D knew he wasn’t going to be involved in the play.

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