49ers-Raider live blog

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is shown before an NFL football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog from the 49ers Week 9 Thursday night home game against the Oakland Raiders. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

5:00 Richard Sherman, Pierre Garcon and Weston Richburg are active. Here are the players who aren’t:

  1. SS Jaquiski Tartt.
  2. SS Antone Exum Jr.
  3. LB Reuben Foster.
  4. WR Trent Taylor.
  5. OL Erik Magnuson.
  6. DT Jullian Taylor.
  7. OT Shon Coleman.

5:01 Here are the Raiders inactives:

  1. CB Rashaan Melvin.
  2. LB James Cowser.
  3. OT Justin Murray.
  4. OT T.J. Clemmings.
  5. OL Denver Kirkland.
  6. WR Marcell Ateman.
  7. LB Shilique Calhoun.

5:22 The 49ers win the toss and defer.

5:33 The Raiders drive to the 49ers’ 13-yard line with ease. But, Raiders left tackle Kolton Miller injures his right knee, and the Raiders go backward after a holding penalty. They kick a 37-yard field goal and lead 3-0.

5:34 The 49ers gave up a 20-yard gain on a two-yard check down during the drive. The 49ers blitzed multiple linebackers from Carr’s left side. The defensive end on Carr’s right side should have covered the running back out of the backfield, but didn’t.

5:40 On third-and-2 from the Raiders 24, Mullens fakes a handoff, rolls out of the pocket to his right and throws a 24-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Pierre Garcon. The 49ers lead 7-3. Mullens completed all three of his pass attempts and threw for 41 yards.

5:46 Kolton Miller is back at left tackle for the Raiders.

5:48 On second-and-1, DeForest Buckner sacks Derek Carr for a five-yard loss. Next play, Carr scrambles to his left and overthrows Jordy Nelson. The Raiders punt.

6:05 On third-and-goal from the 4, Mullens throws a touchdown pass to Kendrick Bourne. The 49ers lead 14-3. Mullens has thrown touchdown passes on the first two drives of his NFL career. Impressive.

6:18 The Raiders drive to the 49ers 38, but Seth Roberts commits a holding penalty and moves the Raiders backward. They punt a few plays later.

6:23 On third and 15, Mullens completes a four-yard pass to Kyle Juszczyk, and the 49ers go three and out. Bradley Pinion’s punt rolls to the Raideers 6-yard line.

6:30 On third and 6 from the Raiders 48, Cassius Marsh and Ronald Blair sack Carr for a four-yard loss. The Raiders offensive linemen are making the 49ers pass rushers look like Pro Bowlers. And the Raiders “vaunted” vertical passing game is making the 49ers makeshift secondary look like world beaters.

6:39 On third and 6 from the 49ers 24, Mullens completes a 53-yard pass to rookie wide receiver Richie James.

6:40 On third and 8 from the Raiders 21, Mullens throws an incomplete back-shoulder fade to Pierre Garcon.

6:41 Robbie Gould makes a 39-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 17-3 at halftime. They will get the ball to start the second half.

6:59 On second and 12 from the 49ers 27, Mullens throws a dangerous pass over the middle, but George Kittle reaches out with his left arm, makes a one-handed catch and runs 71 yards. Two plays later, Mullens rolls to his left and throws a touchdown pass to Kittle. The 49ers lead 24-3.

7:05 Dekoda Watson sacks Carr on second and 8, and the Raiders go three and out.

7:12 On first and 10 from the 49ers 48, Mullens tosses to Raheem Mostert, and none of the Raiders particularly feel like tackling him, so he runs 52 yards for the touchdown. And the 49ers lead 31-3.

7:18 On third and five from the Raiders 42, Fred Warner knocks down Carr’s pass, and the Raiders punt one play later.

7:31 On third and 1, Mostert runs for no yards and the 49ers punt.

7:47 Mostert is out with a forearm injury.

8:03 Robbie Gould makes a 25-yard field goal, and the 49ers lead 34-3.

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  1. to early to say, but CJ could get Wally Pipped tonite!!!!!!!! Raiders defense picking up where it left off on Sunday vs. the Colts, giving up 21 points in the 4thQ.

  2. Good start for offense.
    Mullins, nice start, needs to throw in the middle and left side.
    Stadium is 3/4 full. Bad for the Yorks.
    Buckner, is awesome.

    1. But … but … Jack Hammer said Alfred Morris was the best fit at RB for this team.

      Was he wrong, again?

      And, oh by the way, anyone notice Mullens look off the DB’s until the last second, on that TD? Have you ever seen Beathard do that? No, he doesn’t. That’s just one reason Beathard has been dragging this team to their current depths.

      1. “But … but … Jack Hammer said Alfred Morris was the best fit at RB for this team.”

        I forgot about that. Good memory.

    1. Cuz it’s better to waste a number one pick than a number four pick?

      With recent draft “luck,” Niners should be looking to buy known DBs.

  3. Hmmm, I noticed a lineman slapping the shoulder pad…then touching the head.
    Mullens strikes twice. Nice spiral.
    GO NINERS!!!!!!

  4. Start Mullens the rest of the season and see what we have. The season is over anyway. CJ is not a starter or really a backup.

  5. Not getting carried away, but so far so good.

    Mullens has thrown to 7 different receivers, nice balance of Run/Pass plays, 3 sacks by D and I only saw one missed tackle defensively when Moseley went down.

    Just keep this up for 4 quarters and it will be progress!

  6. It’s weird. I saw that Mullens was superior to Beathard in pre-season and I’m not a professional coach on any level. So why didn’t KS see this? It’s troubling actually and points to a type of myopia that’s potentially dangerous.

    1. Not really.

      Beathard was handpicked by Kyle, so giving up on him after 9-10 starts would have been something no NFL Head Coach would ever do. Many young QB’s don’t blossom until well into their 2nd full season, and Beathard has shown signs of improvement, although he has major flaws that I doubt he’ll ever overcome.

  7. I’ll say it again:

    The most important position in all of professional sports, is the NFL QB.

    Mullens may end up being a career backup, but CJB doesn’t even belong in the league.

    1. Slam, believe me, all I want is an accurate passer who can move the sticks and score. JG could do that, so I am happy he is the franchise QB.
      Seeing Mullens do this, is just icing on the cake. I like accurate QBs who throw with a sweet spiral.
      Still think Kaep should get a chance, maybe with another team like the Jags or Buffalo, but right now, Mullens is hot.

  8. Holy smokes the Raiders are bad.

    That being said the 49ers did a good job in coverage and beat that oline like a drum.

    Really good job by Mullens running the offense. Good job running the ball and getting big plays off play action like was mentioned pregame.

    Now they need to take the next step and finish it off in the 2nd half.

  9. Mullens not surprising. He outplayed CJ the entire preseason, regardless of who he was playing against. Kyle played the hierarchy game and probably cost the team a victory or two. Will he do that again? That’s the question.

    Speaking of self inflicted wounds, Kap will never play another down in the NFL. Career is over. Move on.

  10. I’ll say it again, and hopefully Grant Cohn is taking notes:

    The most important position in all of professional sports, is the NFL QB!

    Mullens may end up being a career backup, but CJB doesn’t even belong in the league.

    1. Grant was astute enough to realize that CJB was not performing well. Mullens is putting an exclamation point to his opinion.

  11. Can’t handle that stuff Seb but I’m enjoying a nice ice cold Racer 5. Enjoy! Who are you going to start next game Seb/Grant, Mullens or Beathard provided they are both healthy? I don’t think it’s even debatable. Nick.

    1. Juan, Mullens deserves another start. He was magnificent.
      Do not know which I am happier for- The Niners winning, or the Raiders losing.

  12. ..

    I just want to be the first to thank who ever it was that injured CJB hand….THANK YOU SO MUCH🤗🤗🤗

    @mullens …..I want to see more……please give us more….cant wait to play the Giants

  13. It’s early, but Mullens looks like he will be a good backup for Jimmy G. Seems to have many similar characteristics (unlike CJB). Further, if Mullens keeps this up, it’ll be great competition for Jimmy G. Always need competition to bring out the best in anyone. Still early though, so we’ll see.

  14. Let’s be clear the Raiders are awful.
    However, the Niners are playing better; executing better, tackling better and playing hard.
    Kittle is a star, Mullens looks good and a better fit for the offense and the offense is clicking.
    Even getting pressure on the QB. This is fun.

  15. Why is Pettis who is not 100% returning punts in a blow out when you have RJJ on the bench…….

    Our QB and FS are playing very smart ball..

  16. The Raiders are abysmal. At least our players didn’t quit on their coach.

    Grant’s post game periscope should be interesting. Coaches must be B+ or above right?

  17. Mmm curious to read Coach Cohn’s post game take. Will it be the glass is half full, or half empty? Will he nullify the entire night because of the putrid Raiders, will he praise the total performance entirely, or will it be somewhere in between. Should be interesting. Any bets?

  18. Maybe they should not run into the teeth of the defense. Fly sweeps may attack the edge.
    Just stay in bounds to keep the clock moving.

  19. Who the hell do thee players think they are, dancing and celebrating like they just won the super bowl because they might win they’re second game. If this was the old niners some veteran players would set them straighten.

  20. Grant was right the second he blew an artery and yelled “CJ Freakin Beathard??” back in the draft. I agreed with him then and now. I would have to assume that he will blow another blood vessel if Kyle starts CJ next game. I know I will. This game, even with as lousy as the Raiders are playing, proves that with Jimmy (if he hadn’t got injured), would have been sitting at a minimum of 4-5 after tonight. Good QB play changes everything in an NFL game.

    1. I agree. You know me, I,too, had reservations about CJB, and thought superior options were available. We just differ on the options, but I sure remember you disparaging CJB, too.
      Niners still wasted a time out, but when ahead by so much, it was a wise move to avoid a penalty.
      Sure am glad the coaching had them focused and prepared. They played together as a cohesive unit, and they played with discipline, and avoided the self inflicted wounds. I will praise KS when he does this well. Mullens is like a breath of fresh air.

      1. Shut up, Grant. This is YOUR fault for wanting Kaepernick back. Journalists like you should sit back and SHUT UP with your fake news! Now we’ll have a phony do we start CJB or Mullens vs. the Giants. There goes our QB, Grant. I hope you’re proud. Glad I didn’t watch the game, but Aikman is still a POS and so are you! I hope Mullens gets taken out by the Giants. Fire Saleh. Fire Kyle! The 49ers should apologize to Gruden for what they did to him, his family, his team. Disgraceful Thursday football, NFL needs to do away with it! Oh and thanks for telling me to save my 1.00 from buying the rat infested Press Democrat tomorrow, not buying that rag sheet of so many wonderful things the 49ers did. Give Mullens his big fat A for doing nothing, Grant!

      2. On a Thursday Night, October 1st, 2018, KYLE SHANAHAN finds himself another young QB who can actually deliver the football on time, with decent accuracy and boom, once again Kyle looks like the future of the NFL!

        Eat yourself some crow, Grant Cohn!

        1. And you’re one of the reasons that I don’t watch football, 49reasons. Your team did nothing out there. Gruden should be fired and kicked out of the league right now. Every Raider player should be benched. As a team, the Raiders should forfeit every game. Carr should request to be traded. I will see in 4 years the Las Vegas Raiders will take out your 49ers and break Jimmy G’s leg, you watch and see. NFL should take out the Thursday football, complete JOKE!

        2. Um, KS decided that Hoyer was starter material. They lost. CJB came in, He won one game, then lost. JG came in to save the day. Then JG tore his ACL.
          KS decided CJB was starter material, again. That is twice KS deemed CJB to be a starter in this league. His player assessments need improving. He went with CJB because he moved up in the draft to select him, so he was KS’s personal favorite.
          CJB became injured, and now Mullens came in and stopped the bleeding. The Niners won a game.
          Before everyone becomes giddy, and anoints Mullens as the next JM, remember, he beat a dispirited and flat Raiders team who are intentionally tanking. Mullens will face much sterner tests.

          1. Sebs-

            Kyle S. has forgotten more football than you will ever know. Our D-line did quite well against a better than average Raider O-line. I believe we had a sack or two?

            We had a QB who properly executed Shanny’s game-plan, and has the skill-set to do it again.

            With Mullen, they are a more competitive team-an upgrade at the most important position in sports………….and their ain’t NOTHIN you can do about it!!!!!!!!!!! Shanny’s game plans typically work-with the right players to make it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. Saw, KS finally did what I wanted. He considered time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Gruden did not follow my advice, because he used one that helped the Niners. The utilization of those time outs at the end of the first half was heartening, and I commend KS for using them wisely.
              I said that KS should roll out the QB. Mullens did that, and Garcon was so open, there was no Raider within 20 yards. Mullens rolled out again, and Kittle strolled into the end zone.
              I said that one way to beat the blitz is with quick slants. I said they should invite the blitz, then take advantage of the area the blitzer left. Bingo.
              I said they should do counters and misdirections, and attack the edges. The Niners sliced and diced them.
              In one regard, KS was not smarter than me. I said for weeks that CJB was under performing, but KS started him over and over. I thought Kaep was a superior option, but we all found out that Mullens is also a superior option. KS’s assessment was flawed because he liked an inferior QB over a superior QB.
              Yes. KS prepared his team adequately, and they played focused with discipline. They did not commit the unforced errors. They let the Raiders implode, and took advantage of their opportunities.
              However, Mullens and the Niners should feel proud of this win, but it was against the lowly Raiders, a 1-7 team. They will face sterner tests.

            2. Saw, before the game, I stated that I hoped that Mullens would throw for 3 TDs. You should acknowledge my football acumen for calling that ahead of time.

        3. “On a Thursday Night, October 1st, 2018,”

          You’re a month off bro. Come on, act like you’ve been there before. Keep your composure!

      3. Whoa, hold your horses, I still like JG, but now, he does not need to rush back too early. He can take his time with the rehab.
        One thing this league has shown, there needs to be adequate backups.
        Mullens pulled a JG, and benched CJB. I will praise CJB, because he has been supportive, and has shown class. He is not downcast or sulking, but he is being a good team mate.

        1. I personally believe that some of Beathards poor play was because of the beating he took in his first game. He never repeated that level during the rest of his starts. He never really was top level QB, but getting hit so hard messed with his head. He was basically done for the year either way. He was shell shocked and lost any confidence he ever had.

          1. Yup, he slowed down, then took even more hits.
            In the end, he would hold onto the ball way too long and take even more sacks. He needs to sit, and let his head clear out the cobwebs.

  21. Glad I missed this game. What a phony performance. No doubt in the words of Monk, here is what will happen:

    Mullens COULD start vs. Giants and win that game
    However vs. the Bucs, the 49ers will start losing and finish 3-13, picking no. 5 in the draft and getting NOBODY as usual, once again, the 49ers F’d the draft, thanks 49er,s,thanks Kyle you POS phony little bastard.

  22. Sell the team Jed York! what a lousy performance. You should apologize to the NFl and to Jon Gruden. You gave that game away, 49ers. There goes another great QB in the draft that was for us, but we F’d it again. No 300 yards passing I see.

  23. Then Kyle will play the role of phony coach and pretend not to know who starts against the Giants, but it’ll be Mullens. Should’ve lost 49ers. Kicked the NFL again. How many of you knelt down during the anthem as a tribute to Kaepernick.

    1. How many of you knelt down during the anthem as a tribute to Kaepernick.

      Hard to tell. Fox probably “honored America” by showing a beer commercial during the Anthem.

  24. I hope in 4 years when Gruden gets his team, he dismantles the 49ers in the Las Vegas. I want no mercy shown. Jimmy G if he’s smart better not be a 49er in 4 years. Can somebody tell AIkman to SHUT THE F UP already? Don’t you EVER give the 49ers ANY respect until Jed York sells the damn team! Never should’ve given Fox the NFl on Thursdays, Aikman is so F ing annoying! Destroy the 49ers in Vegas, Raiders! Do what the hockey team did to the Sharks!

      1. You’re just a troll, get lost. I don’t believe there’s any women here as I’ve seen nothing but male 49er fans. Don’t like an opinion, F off. Your 49ers did nothing. Mullens did nothing. Your RB I hope broke his arm for he deserved it. Kyle is a phony bastard. I hope you fire Saleh…to have your defense celebrate like little kids and then your offense shows how classless this team is and a slap in the face to the legacy of Bill Walsh. 49ers and Raiders are clearly not the same anymore and never will be. 49ers should get out of California altogether. So should you fans too!

        1. Many Niner fans are females and Grant knows me. I am a Bryn Mawr student and grew up on Pacific Heights. Love my Niners. Just be nice, please!

          1. Look at the people on here, aillie! 49reasons isn’t nice. Seb the 49er fan isn’t nice. Grant is in Kaepernick land and runs this site like a high school format. My opinion is NEVER respected at all on this forum. I’ll give you a short education, aillie. The 49ers need to be sold. York needs to be kicked out of the league. Jimmy G is a backup QB. CJB is a nobody QB. Mullens is a garbage QB, your good, bad, and ugly on the 49ers, except there’s no GOOD! Kyle is a sorry coach, needs to go. Saleh needs to go NOW to allow his defense to act like kids everytime they do something great, embarrassment, slap in the face of the league to celebrate like that. No RB on the 49ers impresses me. No WR impresses me. IN the past, Montana, Young, Garcia come to mind in respect, Alex Smith was shafted, Kaepernick was no good, and we never replaced T Owens. Never got an established defense, your D took on a team that’s quit on the coach clearly and either you fire Gruden or you dump all the garbage on the Raiders. That was not a win by the 49ers at all. You beat a quitting team just like next Monday, you’ll beat another quitting team. NFL should never ever schedule games like this, you can’t win, don’t play, forfeit the game! aille, this is NOBODY’s team on the 49ers, NOBODY! I wanted the 49ers to draft a QB, but now the Raiders and maybe the Giants will take the QB we should’ve had. I don’t want Jimmy G!

        1. Better then you playing with your 49er dolls like a sissy that you are. I gave my insight about the 49ers, I’m not repeating myself, 49reasons. Until I see who you really are, F off POS. Hey, I’m not watching the news. I’m not reading the paper, sporting page goes in the garbage. I eat dinner by 6pm anyway so ha ha ha ha, not going to see any 49er LOWLIGHT EVER! This game is something you BURN in the fireplace. Mullens is garbage, can’t pass I see.

  25. Disgraceful end to a disgraceful game that the NFL needs to flex from now on: Sunday Night, Monday NIght, Thursday Night. NO more 1 and something teams or 0 for something teams. Better fix this NFL. That was a lousy Thursday. There goes our QB the 49ers had their eye on too. Raiders jsut drafted our QB of the future once again. Remember this, Gruden. You better destroy this team in Vegas in 4 years. 4 Lousy years, I hope the NFL goes to an 18 game schedule so we can play AFC West foes sooner, not every 4 years. Complete BS game, I hope Mosert doesn’t make it. I hope Giants go after Mullens.

    1. I’m just glad our young #4 came in tonight and shut down Grant Cohn’s tired, fake – “Kyle’s on the hot seat” routine. However, since Grant never seems to learn a thing, he’ll find an excuse to keep up the charade!

      1. Sebber, you were supposed to tape it for Scooter! I hope you weren’t distracted by fielding phone calls for Kaepernick! 😁

        1. Naw, I just remembered that some posters do not get the live feed. Those big plays were exhilarating!!!!!!They played NINER DEFENSE with a 4th down stop. 6 sacks were impressive.
          Hey, can I help it if posters want to troll me about Kaep? I am happy to oblige. I would not have brought him up otherwise.

          1. After getting to know Mullens a little, I think it’s a safe bet the kid won’t be kissing his biceps anytime soon, agreed?

            1. I am optimistic. Kaep needs to win his lawsuit and void the CBA, which will make him a hero to the players. Players will get more money, more power and health benefits with a new CBA.
              Oh, wait, you mean Mullens? Grant says he has a dry wicked sense of humor. On the field, he showed lots of Moxie.
              Maybe if he runs for a TD……. ;p

  26. I can’t wait for Grant’s grades ….

    A’s for everyone ….. (How many sacks .. again …. ? )

    Just think …. if Kyle started Mullins a few games ago..
    where would the Niners standings be right now ?

    1. 49ers as a team get an F grade. HOpe you read my response to you, allie, not that I even care. I don’t care if I yell at men or women. Your team is garbage. Sell the team Jed York. You’re going to get this every time. I don’t care if you go undefeated the rest of the way. Sell the team Jed York. SEll the team Jed york. Sell the team Jed York!

      1. Hey Darren…. lemee ask you something …

        You say you didn’t watch this game …. NOR … ANY football …
        …. so-o-o-o … tell me your reason for being here ? …
        To annoy people … ? …. Nah…. cuz …. only a spoiled 10 year old
        would do that … ( on purpose ) …

        I woulda bet my bottom dollar …. that you’d be older
        than twelve …
        (Guess not .. huh? )

        I bet you’re great fun at a party …. right ?

        (which prompts me to ask … )
        How many social gatherings … have you’ve been bodily removed from ?

        Most everyone lights up a room ….. some when they enter …and peoples
        like you …… when they leave

        Oh .. if you’re actually older you might wanna visit your local Wally World ..
        and buy some maturity …

  27. Get ready for it, folks. The ones that didn’t want to hear any excuses for Shanny’s scheme not working, will now make excuses for why it did.

    Was that terrific All Pro Trent Brown escorting our rb into endzone downfield…wait no, it was Lynch’s draft pick who reportedly was used and abused in training camp, with limited movement skills, Mike McGlinchey!

    Allie, was that you in the stands with the #4 jersey?

    Mullens has heart.

    1. there goes the QB the 49ers were going to draft thanks to this game. Got to hope Raiders and Giants can win 5 games to outlast the 49ers.

      1. To date he has been their best pick.
        Yes, Kittle may be the better player but he was a low risk, high reward pick. Mike was a pick they couldn’t afford to get wrong and so far has been better than expected.

    2. Really, how much money did allie blow seeing a phony team in action? Better spent watching the GS Warriors, but I don’t like them either. I hope you wind up missing work, allie. If I was your boss in my frame of mind right now, you’re FIRED! And I’m not doing Trump either. This is a game where I throw my TV out the window if I watched it and smashed my toilet. Glad I get on the computer or watch the H and I marathons, more relaxing then seeing the phony NFL with teh phony 49ers blowing their season again. Sell the team Jed York!

    3. Not from me, if I am one of the people you are referring to. This is exactly what I have been saying they should be doing. Beating bad teams. For a team in as much disarray as the Raiders, beat them comfortably, which they did. Finally have something we can point to and say “look, progress!”. Hopefully they can keep playing well the rest of the year and win a few more games.

      Really begs the question as to why they couldn’t beat the Cards at least once though.

      1. Scooter:

        It’s like I said in response to Ribico. You have to have a professional driver (NFL competent QB) drive a Formula 1 race car (Shanahan’s offense). Okay, it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. I’m just hoping that we will learn that we have a competent backup QB, one that not only can replace an injured starting QB, but pushes that starting QB to play his best if he wants to keep his job.

    4. “Was that terrific All Pro Trent Brown escorting our rb into endzone downfield…wait no, it was Lynch’s draft pick who reportedly was used and abused in training camp, with limited movement skills, Mike McGlinchey!”

      Tell em Razor! Post of the night.

    1. Why are you a hater?

      We just had the best QB play all season…..

      The game gave us alot to think about in terms of future

    2. What I find odd is that all the people that were saying it was ok and understandable the team was losing sure seem pretty relieved the team finally won a game… I guess winning was important after all?

      1. They won the most important game for a 1-7 team of the season. They now can claim Bay Area Champions for the entire year. Losing is never ok, but there’s always a context to it. With this team, it’s a work in progress, and it’s been a work in progress. This game was an example of some of the progress….

      2. Do I seem relieved? Did I seem tense before this win?

        The whole must win/hot seat talk was all BS because Shanny was/is safe this year. We all know this.


        I was being sarcastic. I guarantee this win will be portayed negatively on this blog when we don’t get the #1 pick.

        1. I would say quite a few people on this blog seemed pretty worked up about suggestions that winning was an important measuring stick for this team’s progress, yes.

            1. I’ve no idea whether you were tense or not. But I will say you (and many others, this wasn’t meant to be targeted at any one individual) have been fairly vocal defending the losses.

              1. A fearless QB was the difference tonight. CJB was playing scared.
                The only thing I defended was the fact that when you lose your starting quarterback things change all across the board.

              2. That’s because most of the blame has been put on Shanny. And we have been compared to Philly/Minnesota, because hey, they won without their starting QB.

              3. “The only thing I defended was the fact that when you lose your starting quarterback things change all across the board.”

                No, that’s really not what you have been saying. You have very much been arguing it was ok and to be expected the team would lose against other bad teams because they lost JG.

              4. Yes things change when you lose your starting QB. You won’t win many games without good QB play. Thats hard to get with a back up.

                “You have very much been arguing it was ok and to be expected the team would lose against other bad teams because they lost JG”

                You show me where I said they should lose to other bad teams?
                I said the expectation to win without Jimmy G would be difficult.

      3. “Prime Time says:
        October 31, 2018 at 2:30 pm
        Winning is always better but in this case missing your best player in the most important position, and in a rebuild, does it matter?”

        1. Great win and good to see that all your Shanny bashing is thrown right back in your face. He coached a great game tonight, got a kid ready in less than a week and his play calling was phenomenal. All the things that we’ve been saying he could do, he did tonight.

          So winning is always good as it shows the team has fight. It teaches guys what it takes so it’s never meaningless.
          My point was we are not going anywhere without Jimmy G.

          1. I may have bashed KS, because he stuck with CJB.
            KS also needed to improve. Just because he did improve, does not mean that such criticism was not warranted. KS FINALLY called a good game and FINALLY finished out a game.
            JG is not playing. Mullens is, and he gives the Niners their best chance to win.
            Hope they win out, even if it means losing out on Bosa.

          2. As I said in my first comment postgame, it was a terrific game tonight.

            I hope that Shanahan can keep making me eat my words.

            When he loses I’m not going to say that he did a good job. When he wins I will, and tonight was a good game.

            1. “I hope that Shanahan can keep making me eat my words“

              Why? What’s there to prove? You watch the pre-game on NFL live and the broadcast tonight? All the experts like Teddy Bruschi, Troy Aikman, Darren Woodson, Adam Schefter, all guys who have won SB’s and know the game better than all of us, have said that when Jimmy G went down, so did the expectation to win because they all know that without a franchise QB, it’s impossible to win many games.
              But instead you and others blamed the loses on coaching. That Shanny was doing a poor job and that it was time to put him on the hot seat.
              Instead they all said he still had control of the lockerroom, the players have played hard during the losing streak and that he was one of the best offensive minds and play callers in all of football.
              And mind you, this rebuild would take time.

              Now you tell me if you , Grant and the other peanut gallery crew know more than those guys?

              1. “You watch the pre-game on NFL live and the broadcast tonight?”

                No. I don’t watch that stuff.

                “All the experts like Teddy Bruschi, Troy Aikman, Darren Woodson, Adam Schefter, all guys who have won SB’s and know the game better than all of us, have said that when Jimmy G went down, so did the expectation to win because they all know that without a franchise QB, it’s impossible to win many games.”

                They’re right that there shouldn’t be an expectation of a bunch of wins, and I didn’t have that. I wanted to see A win.

                This team is not a 0 win team without Garoppolo. There’s more talent than that.

                Shanahan is now 2-15 in his career without Jimmy G, 1 better than he was this morning. We should enjoy it.

              2. @No. I don’t watch that stuff”

                You should. Listen to people who are smarter than you, that know the game better than you, that have lived it, bled for it, won championships in it.
                You’ll be a better football savant because of it!

                “I wanted to see A win”
                That’s it now? All is good?

                “Shanahan is now 2-15 in his career without Jimmy G, 1 better than he was this morning. We should enjoy it”
                Playing that card is so weak. Like his career is defined now by how many games he coaches without Jimmy G.

              3. FRAUD ALERT.
                ‘They all know that without a franchise QB, it’s impossible to win many games.’ You forgot about Carson Wentz. Foles won the SB.
                KS was 1-7. It was not just the losing, it was how they lost.
                Just because KS has now won a game against an imploding tanking team, does not make him a genius above reproach. KS is not a genius for playing CJB while Mullens sat on the bench.
                I knew enough to say Mullems would throw for 3 TDs. I called for them to throw quick slants to beat the blitz. What did you do? Hurl insults.

              4. I listen to a lot of people that are smarter than me.

                Nothing they’re saying when it comes to winning/losing as it relates to the 49ers expectations is different from my own.

                I didn’t have big expectations for this team before the year. When Garoppolo went down I knew that the season was a wash. That being said, they have been in position to win 4 of the previous 5 games but there were a number of little things that cost them games. Many of those little things also cost the team wins last year early on.

                For as good as tonight’s win was, there still were some of the same issues we’ve seen all year but fortunately Mullens made up for them.

  28. Look at the people on here, aillie! 49reasons isn’t nice. Seb the 49er fan isn’t nice. Grant is in Kaepernick land and runs this site like a high school format. My opinion is NEVER respected at all on this forum. I’ll give you a short education, aillie. The 49ers need to be sold. York needs to be kicked out of the league. Jimmy G is a backup QB. CJB is a nobody QB. Mullens is a garbage QB, your good, bad, and ugly on the 49ers, except there’s no GOOD! Kyle is a sorry coach, needs to go. Saleh needs to go NOW to allow his defense to act like kids everytime they do something great, embarrassment, slap in the face of the league to celebrate like that. No RB on the 49ers impresses me. No WR impresses me. IN the past, Montana, Young, Garcia come to mind in respect, Alex Smith was shafted, Kaepernick was no good, and we never replaced T Owens. Never got an established defense, your D took on a team that’s quit on the coach clearly and either you fire Gruden or you dump all the garbage on the Raiders. That was not a win by the 49ers at all. You beat a quitting team just like next Monday, you’ll beat another quitting team. NFL should never ever schedule games like this, you can’t win, don’t play, forfeit the game! aille, this is NOBODY’s team on the 49ers, NOBODY! I wanted the 49ers to draft a QB, but now the Raiders and maybe the Giants will take the QB we should’ve had. I don’t want Jimmy G! I never wanted Jimmy G. QB should come from the draft, not off the streets.

  29. Nice interview there from Mullens…..really moving. Comes across as genuine and smart guy. Starting to like this kid the more I learn about him. He deserves every bit of praise that he is getting.

    We don’t have to worry about drafting a QB in the draft and just focus on Edge and DBs in the draft.

    Overall a complete game for once!

  30. The only number I’d take is number 11 or number 16. Number 4 is as lousy as number 7. QBs have such sissy numbers. Mullens should’ve had a big fat 0 on his uniform.

      1. No, I’m contemplating ending my life as the 49ers won’t be drafting a Qb. No more Superbowls for them. Sell the team Jed York. I see no hope for this team and you 49er fans are just like a Titanic as you root for your little team that FAILS every single time. QB can’t pass. WR can’t catch. RB sucks. Play calling sucks. Saleh sucks. Kyle sucks. Jed York sell the team! I’ll say that to the day of my death and put it on my gravestone, sell the 49ers Jed YOrk! I hate my life right now. All you had to do was lose the damn game, get a damn QB, can’t do NEITHER ONE right and NEVER HAVE! You get the no. 3 pick in the draft, for the love of Christ< TRADE THE DAMN PICK THEN! Don't pick another SOLOMON!

  31. Terrific game all around tonight. Mullens showed nice poise, running game with chunk plays, Richie James got going.

    Yeah, Arizona and Oakland don’t have the best offenses in the league but the defense played good and once again showed they’re decent when not having to go onto the field deep in their own territory after a turnover.

    Only bad break was Mostert, but at least it wasn’t to his lower body and he should be able to get back into form quickly.

      1. Yeah they should have kept Kaepernick. I never said they should bring him back now. I also never said anything about Toub. And I do think that McAdoo is better suited for a OC than a HC.

        The team won a game. Instead of trying to be a 🍆 focus on the win. Haven’t been many this year. Enjoy it.

          1. This is another example of you trying to argue something I’ve never said. McGlinchey moves very well and never said he doesn’t.

            What I’ve said is that he tends to struggle to seal the edge when he has a man lined on his outside shade.

            I know the difference. Do you?

            1. I was just trying to enjoy the win with you, Jack. Instead of being so defensive, try and enjoy it with me. Haven’t been many this year, you know what I mean?

              1. Why should I enjoy this win when you beat a man that needs to be fired after that performance? Gruden should be ashamed right now.

              2. Darren, you wanna know what Gruden is doing right now? He’s sitting and soaking in his gold plated bathtub trying to wash off the dirt that Shanny buried him in….

    1. Colin Kaepernick. He probably could have also beat this team, even without practicing.
      Raiders laid down like a dog and lifted its leg.
      I hope Kaep plays, but right now, not for this team. I will wish him well, and expect a team like Buffalo or the Jags would be a good landing spot.
      Mullens is accurate, and a good leader. I will be happy if he can be the starter for the rest of the season. The good thing is that he is under contract for years, and now JG does not have to rush his rehab. Foles showed why having 2 competent QBs is essential for success.

  32. Why is this a good win? Why should any 49er fan relish in this win? You beat a team that has quit on Gruden. You beat Gruden that doesn’t want to win or even be in Oakland. You beat a team that’s given up on its own fan base and giving the middle finger. We’ll probably hear Carr crying part 2 and you 49er fans will be so giddy in that one in not showing class. You had no business in Thursday night or any prime time game, 6 and 10 teams don’t deserve to be on TV 5 times out of 16 games. Mullens is a joke. CJB is a joke. You were NEVEr a playoff team. You roll the dice and get in the playoffs, the NFL will be rigged and a joke to cater to Kyle and his no confidence DC Saleh that needs to be fired. needs to go. This was a classless win, glad I won’t read about it, see about it, not watch it on TV or on YouTube. Disgrace. You need to apologize to Gruden and the Raiders for that embarrassment just now. I wanted the 49ers to draft a QB. Jimmy G is a back up Qb. BACK UP QBs don’t win.

      1. Well … Darren …. I’d bet dollars to donuts … I’m old enough
        to be your grandfather ….. and … maybe even your great grandfather …
        (if I’m right about your age ….) ….

        so— you got the gonads to answer
        my questions ?? …. or not ?

        Prove me wrong by saying something intelligent … (if you can)

        1. MW Niner, I’m not going to be the one set up. You want information, you tell me yours. There was a forum on here called Bayinsider. Look it up. I was there, but it got taken down by resurgent Ram fans. That’s the first forum I was on during the Ram Kurt Warner going to the SUperbowl era.

          Mullens and CJB do not impress me. Kyle is a phony, what he did on the Falcons, he can’t do it here. He doesn’t have the Qb nor an Oline nor a RB nor a WR, do we have a Julio Jones type WR? Do we have a defense that the Falcons had to go to the Superbowl? Saleh is another phony, to allow his defense to party, celebrate when they do good, that’s not how your run things at all. He needs to go. We got no WR. We got no RB. We got no defense. Why should I subject myself to watching a game where the QB will do nothing, the WR will do nothing…I mean, to have a phony TE as your player of the game? No 49er TE has ever dominated the game. Teams need to stack 8 and make Kittle stay and block. Watching a 49er game, MW is like gouging your eyes out. Nothing is impressive, and I’m not going to watch some other phony NFL team.

          1. yup …
            Still lookin’ for something intelligent … obviously … it ain’t
            com in’ .. anytime soon … huh?

            Guess I was right …

            You can’t even read … Dude !

            1. MW, what do you want, make it sensible or I assure you it’s going to get worse and worse. You want credit for kicking a team liek the Raiders? Fine, you won. But it won’t last. I bet you when you play Tampa, Tampa will put up 42 points against you.

              1. That’s it ? … You need help with comprehension !!
                Notice … I wasn’t even talking about this game …. I never
                even mentioned it ! ….

                I only mentioned .. YOU !!

                (Still haven’t seen any signs of any intelligence …)

  33. 49ers 2019: NFC South, AFC North, East opp North opp. East probably NYG part 5000, north could be Det or GB. I know in NFC South, they’re salivating to put on 49ers vs. Falcons the so called grudge match on prime time. I hope they put on 0 49er prime time games, NONE!

      1. All right fine, you win. 51 years old, live in the North Bay, started hating the 49ers the moment they let the Yorks take ownership, moment Jed came in, moment the team started losing, moment they gave up on WCO, legacy of Walsh, hired nobody coaching, can’t beat winning teams, got to kick a losing team, no QB impresses me on teh 49ers period, they should draft, NOT invest 137 million for a BACKUP in Jimmy G. There’s nothing impressive about teh 49ers, and before you say move on, like another NFL team, be a NBA fan or a NHL fan, that doesn’t impress me either as I now think of sports as tools of the devil, so if you want feel great about a win over a team that has QUIT and should be against what the NFL is all about, have at it. I never drink koolaid like you do. I never go on some rival’s site and parade my 49ers as a fancy team over yours. I don’t like Mullens. I hope he gets his. I don’t like CJB either. There, satisifed loser? I can care less who gets hurt, they deserve it because all they do is cost the team the opportunity to pick first and get a QB. Now we’ll get probably the 3rd pick in teh draft, AGAIN and pick up what, another Solomon the failure or another Reuben Foster another failure? My plan is when you lose your Qb and you lose games, you pick first and you pick a QB moron! Now I expect you won’t say a thing but just laugh at the way you set me up dumb as! Doesn’t matter, I’m seriously done with life as it’s not worth anymore. I’m better off dead so go on, laugh then! Get it out of the way but you did NOTHING tonight. You beat a team that QUIT just like you’ll beat the NYG that are QUITTING too.

  34. Quick observation. Mullens had a lot of easy throws, credit to him for completing them. CJ has missed on those throws, hasn’t seen them, and hasn’t gotten rid of the ball quick enough.

    HUGE difference in QB play.

  35. Well I could’ve had a great night sleep and a great day tomorrow. Instead it’s going to be crappy all because the 49ers had to lose but won the game to have fake optimism and a fake Qb debate on Mullens and CJB and who to start, lose once again on the opportunity to get a QB, opportunity to get a good pick in the draft. Thanks to them my life is meaningless. Can’t turn to the Warriors for they hate Trump. Can’t turn to the Sharks for they can’t win. Baseball doesn’t start in 3 months, and our teams will do nothing again, As won’t ever get back to the playoffs. Giants, won’t do anything. I really wish I was dead right now. I know what’s going to happen to Election day too, nothing out here in California as we’ll have Gavin do nothing but let in everybody Newsom. Just like we got Jed York on the 49ers. I hope it’s my last night.

  36. Some are speculating that there now is a QB controversy. Wrong.
    CJB is a professional, and knows the drill. He was supplanted by JG, but was all class, and is doing all the right things. He never sulked or backbit, he praised Mullens and is a good team mate. He will accept being the backup, because he has done it before. He knows he is one play away from starting, and his new job will be to study hard, and to be supportive.
    When KS declared that CJB was the best QB in the building, he was wrong. Like JG, Mullens made every player better.
    I hope Mullens starts every game, and can build up big enough leads, CJB can play mop up duty in the 4th quarter.

  37. I’m really glad Joe Buck and Troy Aikman repeatedly reminded viewers tonight of how injuries are the main culprit for the 49ers demise this season. And I appreciated Michael Irvin reiterating the point on NFL Network Post game show:

    And now, Bleacher Report weighed in:

    BLEACHER REPORT: “If Shanahan can make Mullens, Mostert and Kittle look like parts of a dynamic offense, it suggests great things to come when Garoppolo returns and the 49ers add talent. This season is one to forget, but San Francisco’s future is still bright with Shanahan in charge.”

    In fact, there is only one NFL “journalist” I know of who has even hinted at the idea that Kyle’s in over his head, can’t close games, and should be on the hot seat. He’s the only one who’s hinted that the 49ers might be better off without Kyle at this stage. This is the same “journalist” who refused to recognize Hoyer’s poor play, and never really fully explored the notion that CJB might actually be the cruxed of the 49ers problems this season, despite overwhelming evidence supporting the fact that he was in fact a major hindrance last season, and a ton of game film evidence this season revealing a QB who has no pocket presence, is slow as molasses through his progressions, never looks off defenders, and whose accuracy is wildly inconsistent even when afforded a clean pocket.

    Makes you wonder how this one “journalist” could be so far out of touch!

    NFL football is a different game today than it was in 2001, when a team could win a Super Bowl despite poor QB play. The rules have changed. It’s now a quarterback driven league, and it’s very hard to win in this league without one. I have a lot of respect for CJ Beathard. He’s absolutely tough as nails, and never points fingers. But the fact is he stinks at American professional football.

    Beathard is lacking the most important qualities an NFL QB needs to sustain success:

    – He’s slow a processing what he sees on the filed, both pre-snap and post-snap

    – He has very poor pocket awareness

    – He frequently shows hesitation, and is generally late on most of his passes

    – His decision making is poor, especially under psychological pressure in those late game scenarios which often separate winners from losers

    – He lacks pinpoint accuracy, and has average to below average arm strength

    No0w, I’ve been around the game long enough to realize that we should never overreact to one game. Mullens played very well tonight, but he did it against a bad team. That said, he’s supposed to be a very. very smart kid. Almost a football savant. He’s said to know Kyle’s offense almost as well as Kyle himself, and works tirelessly on the mental side of the game. Mullens seems to have most of those qualities Beathard lacks. Whether Mullens can build on his performance tonight remains to be seen, but I’d be willing to bet the house that he’s got a brighter NFL football career ahead of him than CJ Beathard!

  38. One thing about Mullens tonight, even though he’s shorter for a QB I don’t recall him he getting any balls batted down at the LOS. He did a really good job of getting the ball up for a high release on shorter passes over the middle along with being able to bring it down like on the screen to Kittle.

    His feet are also much quicker and better than Beathard.

    This is all based on one full game, against a bad opponent, but regardless of that he still made the plays.

      1. They invested more in Beathard, got to give him the chance to fail.

        It’s like the college coach who gets a big name recruit and even though the walk-on is practicing better, the big name guy starts until there’s no other choice.

      2. Well first there’s the obvious: Mullens got to play the Raiders. Those coverage problems we usually see with the Niners…the kind where they miscommunication and don’t pass off receivers from zone to zone?…..the Raiders just put on a clinic on how to guard grass and not receivers. Mullens was simply looking for empty spaces in the zones and the Raiders were giving him mostly wide open holes in their coverage.

        Secondly, I have to wonder if and to what degree Shanahan changed some of his offense. Mullens was obviously getting rid of the ball much faster than Beahard. He looked decisive out there. I complained last week that while Beahard looks like he’s trying to read a Russian novel while going through his reads…..that many of the passing plays that were called appeared to take too long to develop which may have compounded Beathard’s problem Mullens got rid of the ball faster but was that all because of Mullen’s quick decisiveness or were there more 3 step drop timed routes being run which imposed on the QB to try to get rid of the ball quicker? Because often Mullens…especially under pressure…would hurry up and quickly find an open receiver. Now I watched some tape of last weeks game and their were often times routes that were still developing while Beathard was trying to deal with pressure. So I don’t know if it’s all on Mullens for quickly finding open receivers or if Shanahan realized he needed the ball to come out faster and altered his offense (passing concepts/routes) accordingly. It’s probably some of both.

          1. that and Mullens was lucky enough to play a team that has (and this is incredible to say this after complaining about it for the past few years) an even worse pass rush than the 49ers. Off the top of my head, I think Mullens might have ended up on the ground maybe once?…I think it was a sack that was called off because of defensive holding?

            When Shanahan’s game plan goes according to plan…well you can just see the rhythm in his play calling. Everything working together from one play to the next which keeps defenses on their heels and unsure of what is coming next. But as Mike Tyson once famously said: “Everyone’s got a plan until they’re punched in the mouth”. Often times the Niners have been punched in the mouth and then things spiraled out of control because it seemed like they were unable to make an adjustment. But the Raiders never punched the Niners in the mouth and they were able to mostly stick to the plan.

      3. I am by no means a CJ Beatherd fan. But the Raiders Beatherd or, even worse, saying something stupid like he’s > than Garoppolo, let’s see him play at least a mediocre defense that has some tape on him first.

    1. you’re absolutely right about Mullen’s feet compared to Beathard. I saw that too. His feet were quick and had rhythm….meaning his steps were mostly uniform which makes timing them with passes much easier. I wrote earlier this week that after watching last Sunday’s game that CJ can’t dance…..his footwork looked uncoordinated….big steps, shorter steps, half steps…it just looks off.

      The batted ball thing….I think he looks for open windows (not having linemen in his face or directly in front of him)….also it could also simply be poor line play by the Raiders. Maybe their defensive linemen just weren’t putting their hands up. I’ve said before about the batted passes problem…that maybe the problem is on the O-line. I’m not joking when I say as a kid playing football my O-line coach told us to punch the D-linemen in the solar plexus if we saw their hands go up.

  39. Chuckys scowl all night was priceless, Oak fans deserve better. Already losing their team, then Gruden trades two of the best players in the farewell season.

  40. Erin Andrews mentioned several times how hard Nick worked at learning the offense. After every home game, at least, he would stay out on the field and go over every offensive play that was run. Shanahan has said that Mullens knows the offense better than anyone except KS.

    Also, he seems to have some Jimmy G in him (admittedly, I never saw Mullens play in college). The quick feet, decisiveness, side arm throws, dangerous throws at times, etc. But in the end, it was the Raiders and they are absolutely pathetic – I think worse than any Browns team from the last few years. You have to wonder if the Raiders players are going to mutiny and tie Gruden to the goal posts.

    We need to see Mullens play a few more games. But if he plays well, will KS give up on Beathard like he eventually gave up on Joe Williams?

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