49ers-Raiders postgame report

El quarterback de los 49ers de San Francisco Nick Mullens lanza un pase en la primera mitad del juego ante los Raiders de Oakland el jueves 1 de noviembre de 2018 en Santa Clara, California. (AP Foto/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my 49ers-Raiders postgame report below.

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  1. Shanscript.

    “I’m not sure about that right now. I grew up a huge Niners fan. I also grew up a Raiders hater from growing up mainly in the AFC West also, and also having a history with them. It feels good definitely. It feels good to win and I’m definitely happy for our fans.”

    I’m happy for you too Kyle, my fellow Raiders hater.

  2. Niners showed one thing. This team is not devoid of talent. With better QB play, they actually won a game. In fact, they stomped the Raiders.
    They played NINER DEFENSE. that 4th down stop was excellent. The D line had 7 sacks. Other than one early field goal, they shut them out. Defenders wrapped up, and almost had a pick.
    Mullens was impressive. He was accurate, threw with anticipation, and hit his receivers in stride. The O line blocked well, the RBs gained big chunks of yardage, and Kittle had a sick one handed catch.
    Overall the coaching was solid. KS mixed it up with 32 runs and 22 passes. Mullens was able to roll out, and made ridiculously easy throws. They were focused and prepared, and played with discipline with only 3 penalties.Sure wish they had the same coaching for the previous 6 games. Their record could have been 6-3.
    Mullens won the starting job, but KS may still be stubborn and bench Mullens, since he likes CJB so much.

  3. Not sure what to take from this.
    The raiders have completely given up, they were a bad team to begin with and traded away most of their best players. I still thought the niners would lose based on Carr being better than CJ and the fact that the team had lost faith in CJ.
    With Mullens the team played better, but its tough to know how much credit to give the 49ers and how much was on the Raiders. The wr’s were running wide open all night, they might as well have been playing against air. The niners Pass Rush finally showed up and looked good but the raiders Oline is in shambles… so is this a sign of improvement or an outlier. Next weeks game against the Giants is much more interesting now… and should be telling.

    1. “The raiders have completely given up,”

      Similar to the Giants when we played them last year. But I think we looked better last night than we did against NY last year. Progress. And no more CJ going forward, phew.

  4. Yeah, I thought we needed to give Mullens a chance in this game regardless of CJ’s Injury status. Watching the cardinals game it looked like the offense had lost faith in him/themselves and they needed a shot in the arm.
    While I agree with Kyle that the blame was team wide. Sometimes qb changes are made because you can’t bench your entire offense and a message needs to be sent. Additionally, CJ may have the better skill set but he is a bit slow in processing information. Against the Card’s, the line wasn’t quite as bad as the stats would indicate. The Defense was often sending more men than the line could account for, so it is on the qb to get rid of the ball quickly. In that scenario even with tight man coverage, if the receiver makes one man miss or breaks one tackle it should be a house call. However, this never came to pass because CJ held onto the ball.

  5. Was great fun to see McGlinchey clearing the way downfield on Mostert’s long TD. McGlinchey looked quick and agile….waaaaay downfield. Wonder if Trent Brown could have done that. Maybe.

    Anyway, that’s why training camp over-the-top assertions that McGlinchey was a bad (bad…) pick are laughable. All that training camp video of OL/DL drills.

    Oh, and Kittle as a recent pick is looking rather decent too.

    1. Mostert’s long run was great, kinda reminded me of football in the park the way Mostert kept dodging back and forth behing McG, playing with the DB until he scored. Too bad we won’t see Mostert until next year hopefully. That replay of his arm busting up, ZIKES, I thought for a second it was a compound fracture but it was ugly. And it was time for a big change up at QB anyways. Happy Mullens did well, next’s weeks game will be telling if he’s going to be able to got the rest of the year, hope all the reps in practice help him.

      1. Notable #49ers debuts as starter:

        Joe Montana
        • 36 pass yards, 0 pass TD

        Steve Young
        • 80 pass yards, 1 pass TD

        Nick Mullens
        • 262 pass yards, 3 pass TD

        1. Not sure which bowl of Corn Flakes he was pissing into?
          McGlinchy? Mostert? Mullens? Kittle?… or just Cassie and Wayne enjoying the game?

          1. If McGlinchey has adequate hands, he might be a great extra TE (or tackle eligible) in red zone situations, or even 3rd and long from the 50 yard line on in.

              1. He has very decent athleticism for someone his size. Nice not to see a monster gut on a starting tackle.

        2. Good for Mullens but it doesn’t necessarily indicate career trajectory! He does join a list of passers that includes Ed Rubbert, RGIII, Clint Langley and others…

          Let’s pump the brakes on the comparisons to greats in history.

      2. Gee Grant… Does the 9er victory ring hollow to you? Guess we should reopen the ‘meaningless’ debate.

        Open a poll — Was the Thursday night win over the Raiders meaningless?

        Before we get get too far, does anyone wan’t to establish a definition of meaningless?

  6. Lousy game, NFL needs to end these Thursday night contest. Hope Mullens gets his. Fire Saleh, I don’t have to see what the defense was doing, acting like little kids, unacceptable. I urge all 49er opponents to take out these players. Not sorry the RB got injured, I hold him to blame for the QB’s poor numbers. The old 49ers would’ve had the Qb doing great, WR doing great and neither one did a thing. That’s why they get an F from me. I know what the stats say, the QB and WR did nothing. Raiders quit, Gruden needs to be fired, get that team out of JOKEland. I’d sue the Raiders just for masquerading as a football team and slap every player on the face and kick them in the nuts for that performance out there. Disgraceful! Shameful! Get out, Raiders! Mullens, you’re garbage. All teh 49er QBs are backup garbage haulers! Can’t throw 300 or so, get out of the league!

    1. Darren …

      Exactly .. how … do you know it was a lousy game …
      when you’ve already admitted that you didn’t even watch it .. ?
      Are you clairvoyant … or something ? …
      Then you go onto wish harm to another human being… and call
      for the firing of everyone involved …

      If you had the ability to look at things with a little objectivity … then
      perhaps you would see the ignorance … as well as immaturity of
      your childish rants …

      You are an annoyance to this blog … and that demonstrates a childish
      mind …. You don’t seem to know when to STFU …. and that also
      demonstrates … immaturity . . . .

      You lamented .. (in the previous thread) ….that maybe you’d be better
      off dead … but I … (for one) …. wouldn’t like to see that happen …. (really)

      What I would like to see is …. for you to grow up .. and … act … like
      the 51 year old man .. living in the North Bay … which you purport
      to be ….
      Someone of that age … should be equipped with a little intelligence …
      a modicum of wisdom … and most of all …. maturity … but you
      haven’t displayed any of that …. instead …
      remaining the 12 year old bratty kid …. which is why I’ll continue to believe
      that about you …

      Grow up … kid … or …
      give your Mommie’s laptop back to her

          1. Eel, now you know what a true troll looks like.
            D5K hates the Niners with a passion, and loves the Raiders. I just scroll past.
            Yes, you are very confused, and seem to not have a clue. You pan posters who wrote that he hoped Mullens would throw for 3 TDs, and advised Mullens to beat the blitz by throwing quick slants. I advocated that the Niners should run counters and misdirections. Breida ran a counter for a first down. That Mostert TD had the fly sweep option the other way. Mullens motioned that way, then pitched the ball going to the left.
            I called many plays, but you do not have enough class to acknowledge I was correct many times.
            Meanwhile you throw snark, but do not contribute in any meaningful way.

  7. Raiders are bad! Real bad!

    Having said that, despite the improvement in QB play, which could be attributable to new kid in the block syndrome, this team came prepared (unlike the team they played). I think they played their best game of the year.

    I didn’t see too many complaints regarding the loss of 1st pick status, which should be a reminder that winning is a heck of an elixir.

    I agree with Shanahan that CJB would have had similar success with the Raiders. Remember the team was competitive with other teams but always seemed to get in its own way.

    In either case it’s important to keep in mind this is one game but it can hopefully be a harbinger of good things to come.

      1. Nope. “I’m a half empty, be careful you don’t spill it” kind of guy!

        Having said that, I do try to recognize how things are and not how I wish them to be. Nevertheless kudos to Shanahan for adjustments (run game, roll outs, drop backs, etc.) and Saleh for consistency in bringing pressure on Carr. All the players, played as if they meant it.

        They put their foot to the Raiders throats and never let up.

        If they can play like that every week, irrespective of who’s throwing the ball, they will win plenty of games.

        Thankfully they have a long week to prepare for the next game.

        I hope this game isn’t an outlier but a turning point.

  8. Grant,
    Are you still calling for the 9ers to sign and start Kaep? The straight up silliest idea you have ever brought forth here, but then again we are all “WRONG” here about 50% of the time and our fearless blog leader is right there with us. I asked you a question earlier this week i’m not sure if you ever answered it so here I go again. Do you have a theory on why Rueben Foster’s play has deterioated so much in such a short time? How bout some grades.

    1. I think most of us are wrong far more than 50% of the time. We just hype the times we may have hit the ringer. 😉

    2. Good question about Foster. I’ll give you an answer in the next couple days. I promise.

      Grades are coming right up.

    3. OC, Grant and some of us just did not want CJB starting. Glad to see Mullens shine. Still think Kaep is superior to CJB. Just keep in mind that Mullens faced the Faders, who are inelegantly tanking.
      I also did not want KS fired, I wanted him to learn from his mistakes so he could improve, and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Looks like KS is now a lot smarter, and prepared the team well. Mullens saved him from more criticism. Blowout wins do that.
      To me, Foster looks hurt. Cannot tackle like a missile with a bum shoulder, which he has had since before his first TC.

  9. “…..Are you still calling for the 9ers to sign and start Kaep?….”

    OC …

    Watch his post game periscope for your answer… if you get a chance

    (he mentions the grades will be posted this morning)

  10. Grant… Does the Press Democrat have a blog policy concerning threats of violence? Check out Darren’s post above.

  11. Kittle became the first NFL tight end to post multiple receptions of at least 70 yards in the same season since New York Jets tight end Rich Caster in 1972.

    1. Right? That dude is an NFL player.

      To be honest, it was a terrible throw from Mullens and I think the WR routes were messed up, but Kittle went for the ball and made a heck of a catch!

  12. Good for Nick Mullens. He got an opportunity to play a game in the NFL and he took full advantage of that opportunity. That performance may actually extend his NFL career as a backup. He may have just made himself a few dollars by that performance. I’m happy for the kid.

    Having said that, I think the 2018 Oakland Raiders are the worst NFL team I have ever seen in my life. Not only was it a poor performance but the players effort was ridiculously bad. I’m not a Gruden hater but my God how does a coach recover from a year like he’s having this year? This team is going to set the Raiders back by a decade. If I’m Carr, I’m trying to get off this team asap.

    As far as the 49ers defense, I know the 49ers only gave up 3 points but that wasn’t a great performance. They couldn’t set an edge to save their life. We did see improvement in the pass rush and it seemed to revolve around Dekoda Watson. Buckner got some push as well. This defense has a bunch of holes that will take years and several good drafts to fill.

    1. As bad as the Raiders played last night, they are set up well for the future. 3 first round picks and tons of cap space. Add the fact they will be playing in Vegas and their brand is still popular in the NFL, they will be able to turn it around in a couple years.

      Jon Gruden is a smart guy. He is tearing it down to the wood and will build it back up. Not as dramatic as the Raiders but the 49ers are doing the same thing.

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