49ers @ Rams live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 6 road game against the Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

7:45 Second and three for the Rams at their 29.

7:47 Antoine Bethea sacks Austin Davis for a 5-yard loss on first and 10 from the 32.

7:49 Fangio calls a blitz on third-and-15. Davis throws a short pass to Cook. Reid hits him and knocks the ball away.

7:50 49ers’ ball at their 22 yard line.

7:54 Kaepernick overthrows Stevie Johnson on third-and-4 and the 49ers go three and out.

8:00 Rams go three and out. Davis has 13 passing yards in the second half.

8:07 Kaepernick runs around the left end for 10 yards on third and 1 from the Rams’ 15.

8:08 The Rams are flagged for an illegal horse collar tackle on Kaepernick on first down.

8:09 Kaepernick rolls right and throws to Vernon Davis and Vance McDonald and they knock the pass away from each other.

8:10 Next play, Hyde almost fumbles handoff. He gains no yards. Third and goal from the 2.

8:10 Hyde gains no yards on third and goal.

8:11 The 49ers go for it on fourth down. Hyde runs up the middle and is stopped shy of the goal line. The Rams are flagged for a personal foul after the play. First and 10 for the Rams at their 1 yard line.

8:16 The Rams go three and out again. The Rams are worse than we thought.

8:17 Ellington returns the punt to the Rams’ 43.

8:20 Aaron Donald tackles Gore for no gain on fourth-and-1 from the Rams’ 34.

8:26 Davis misses a wide open Cook on second and 8 from the 20. That should have been a touchdown. The Rams end up kicking a field goal. 24-17 Niners with 2:24 left. Rams have just one timeout left.

8:27 The Rams will attempt an onside kick.

8:29 Stevie Johnson recovers. He is hurt. He took a knee to the right hip.

8:31 Hyde gains five yards on first down and the Rams take the last timeout.

8:32 Hyde is stopped for no gain right before the 2-minute warning. Highly questionable to give these carries to Hyde and not Gore.

8:35 Laurinaitis tackles Hyde after a one-yard gain on a weak lead to the left. Lee punts.

8:36 Tavon Austin makes the fair catch at the Rams’ 9.

8:38 On second and four, Dontae Johnson intercepts Davis and runs into the end zone. 31-17 Niners.

8:44 Niners win. Stay tunes for grades.

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    1. It’s Monday Night Football. Fans don’t want the 49ers to run the football. Running the ball is boring and dumb. 29th vs. the run and you pass the ball, unbelievable. Denver better do a better job next week. 3 teams have given the game to the 49ers. Inexcusable right there. Fisher sucks.

      1. Use better numbers. Excepting New Orleans the Rams are the worst in the league against the pass. The rams are better against the run – and by a significant margin. They aren’t great against either really, but their strength is up front and in the middle. The game plan to attack STL’s secondary was solid.


  1. I want a real Qb out there. CK is such a phony. He’ll have his shades, hoodie, and bad speech pattern all ready.

    Fisher should be fired from the Rams. Worse coach ever.

    1. Obviously, this news needs to stop. All it does is motivate the 49ers and they’ll get a SUperbowl out of it probably and bring more shame then the gay marriage brings to San Francisco. Any news or rumor on Harbaugh, Gore, CK, whatever, shut up, quit spreading it. You are motivating the 49ers, not making them lose.

    1. I’ll be glad when Harbaugh is out of here. Between the Indy job, Michigan job, Harbaugh out will be the best move ever. No more embarrassing the team.

  2. That’s how a defensive coordinator does his job at halftime. He makes adjustments and shuts the opponent down! Fangio is a a monster and our depth is amazing! We’ve got at least 3 more players out with injuries tonite and the subs are stepping up and Ballin!!!

        1. There’s really no way to know. From a fan perspective, any new hire is a pretty big crapshoot. Obviously there are some aspects of Harbaugh that are… problematic, but he’s been ridiculously successful by any reasonable metric. The odds are overwhelming that a replacement would be worse.

  3. Even when CK finally throws 300 yards, it’s worth NOTHING. this will not propel the 49ers to the superbowl. Teams like the Packers, the Cowboys, the Saints, they’ll watch for it and stop it.

    1. The Saints? Really? I’m sure they’ll watch for it, and then watch it happen, and then say “I knew that’s what they’d do!” and then go home and eat a hundred beignets and wait for next season. Pretty much the same for Dallas. GB hasn’t had much success of late stopping Kaepernick, but who knows, 4th or 5th or whatever times the charm.

        1. There are many forums out there, E. You can’t be on every one of them thinking oh this fan is a bothersome jerk. You’re too obsessed E, and you don’t even like the 49ers yourself. You never liked CK either, and you didn’t even like the punter we had. If anything E, they should arrest people like you that run a forum into the ground and have nothing but Howard Stern material. I recommend E you go outside and chop your wood in Oregon.

  4. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz on Vernon Davis.
    Rams can’t beat the 49ers in SF, Fisher can stay in SF. Worse game plan ever. I hope that joke QB of the Rams is cut next year along with Bradford. Rams need to draft the Cal QB.

  5. Great timeout. The smartest one called this year. Let’s gather ourselves. Give our offensive line a blow. Find 3 solid plays and end this.

  6. Come on RAMS! Your defense has played like garbage all game long and your Oline is a joke that can’t protect your QB, no wonder Phil beat you, even though I wanted them to lose! What kind of a game plan was that Fisher? Complete monkeys on the Rams, no wonder they got to move to LA. I hope the game was locally blacked out. I bet St. Louis wished they had the baseball game tonight.

  7. Boy, I’m amazed, they haven’t gone into running mode yet on the 49ers. Rams should blame themselves and then get rid of Fisher.

  8. Guess CK wants to be the top rated passer at long last. Too bad he won’t do it next week. It’ll be back to 200 yards and maybe some picks vs. Denver.

  9. Of all the times we don’t go for it when we should, were supposed to kick right there!!!!! What the hell is Harbaugh thinking. Their kicker makes 60 yard field goals. Make them score 2 touchdowns to beat us! What is he doing?

  10. Three tries at the goal line for Carlos there…gotta punch that in. I still believe he’s the heir apparent to Gore, but he’s still got work to do.

  11. Jeff Fisher, good coach gone bad. What he did should get him fired. I’m sick of using injury as a crutch. Rams need to get a QB.

  12. NFL should not have divisional games with the 49ers on a Monday Night. No more Arizona or St. Louis if all they’re going to do is embarrass themselves.

    1. Domingo,

      He coached against his own philosophy tonight late in this game. We’ve got all these defensive players hurt and he goes for it twice on 4th and 1? Once from the Rams 40?

      1. Jordan,
        Harbaugh left us in a dog fight. Bone head move IMO. That move allowed the Rams to get close enough to score and onside kick which is responsible for Stevie Johnson getting nicked up…

        I’m waiting for Harbaugh to have a growth moment. At least we are integrating the vertical pass now. Been asking for it for two years.

        BTW Vernon Killed us tonight. Three drops and he knocked a TD out of McDonalds hands lol. He’s sulking big time….

  13. Kick the FG. 49ers will run Frank Gore though I’d try to get 1 first down, make the Rams use a time out, then run the clock.

    1. He just got hurt. What is that a good job for? He probably won’t play next week. Boy today’s 49er fan must be a Kurt Angle fan.

  14. Situational (goal-line and game closing) playcalling & execution was and remains a black hole during the Harbaugh era.
    Hope Stevie Johnson is OK.

  15. I would spread them out, go 5 wide. If nothing is open let Kaep take a sack and wind the clock down. With 5 wide Kaep would be able to scramble for a first.

    1. Nope, run Hyde, Hyde got stuffed. See what stuffing the run will do for teams that can learn to stop the run? Make CK pass.

  16. Man, 1:13 left for the Rams. Boy, with an injured D…too much to hope for though. The 49ers are battered going to Denver.

    1. that’s why in the playoffs, that will turn into an L for the 49ers that do not pass the ball, and before we say what CK did, this is vs. a bad Rams team with bad coaching, bad QB, bad defense, bad Oline, Rams should just chuck their season now. Maybe they can trade with Washington again.

  17. Great performance by the 49ers who slept walk through the early portion of the game and came back to dominate.

    And a great game from Colin Kaepernick–343 yards passing–3 TD’s-Zero int’s!

    1. Ballke? He’s trying to get Harbaugh ousted and you cheer for that? Wow! Wish the 49ers had moved to Dallas itself. They play like oil barons.

      1. Do you really have nothing better to do than troll right now? Come on son, I know there is something more productive you could be doing.

        1. I’m trying really hard, but the 49ers paying off the refs and doing smoke and mirror all game long makes it very difficult. I saw nothing impressive. Least passing didn’t put the national audience to sleep so kudos for thinking of the national audience by the 49ers.

  18. I hope it’s humid in Denver on Sunday. No cold, no snow. Can’t wait to see Peyton break that record. Peyton is throwing 5 TDs.

  19. Least QBs of the week are just from the Sunday games so CK’s performance is all for naught, counts for nothing, won’t be in the paper. CK will have to do it in Denver to be counted. Don’t think so if he’s throwing picks.

      1. Peyton Manning has the 49ers number from Indy to Denver, mark it. Peyton is going to throw 5 TDs vs. the 49ers next week.

          1. Tell him to quit calling me Short Bus and I’ll try and be nice to CK this week, provided he’s not having ear phones, glasses, hoodie, or whatever. Let’s try and get the name right.

    1. Yeah, it’s easy when the Rams got nothing: Qb is terrible, coach is a joke, defense is like the Raiders, offense is terrible. Rams got to move from St. Louis, all there is to it. Come back to LA, Rams!

    2. It was a good win, but not dominant. Game turned on the the TD by Lloyd. Good pass by Kaepernick. Offense is still sporadic at times. Still no TD in the 4th quarter. Rams quit until they got the short field on got the FG.

      1. I know what you mean. Fisher should really blast the Rams tonight. I feel Denver is going to dominant if the injured players can’t suit up. Defense is really depleted, can’t have that vs. Peyton. He’s going to have 5 TDs, I can just feel it.

      2. I’m looking forward to the game to see what kind of adjustments Fangio makes and to see how the Niner D stacks up to slowing down Peyton. Seattle slowed them down pretty well.
        Niner Offense is too inconsistent, but Colin had a solid game, but for some reason can’t get it done in the red zone. It’s the tight windows and that big wind-up. He plays best when he can get outside the pocket and free style.
        It was great to see a pass rich. The O-Line was for the most part cohesive, until you factor in the Rams only have one sack.

        1. Seems you should just shut your pie hole. Flip flop much? Don’t criticize the man for weeks and then jump out of the bushes and give a half ass compliment.

          And Kaep had two redzone TD’s tonight, only Vernon knocked it out of McDonalds hands.

          Go hang out under your bridge troll…..

      1. Not ready at all to call CK the future or one above Steve Young. Least Young never embarrassed himself in front of the media. Always open, willing to talk. CK has not shown at all he can do that.

      1. CK can’t talk to the media. Embarrasses himself. Doesn’t make good eye contact. Wears shades, hoodie, bad hair, kisses bicep, nope, young is still the classy QB.

  20. “Anyway, I can’t figure out the military time stuff for it’s like trying to figure out if Colin Kaepernick can throw the football beyond 200 yards,”

    Ha ha, is that brilliant writing or what?

  21. What’s Dilfer saying about the 49ers tonight? Hope he’s saying Harbuagh has still lost the locker room, win wasn’t impressive, they beat a poor team…

  22. We are NOT a power run team. Whams and pulls are our specialty. When you consistently lose 1 yard gains you are not power. Good news is that pass interference by V Davis was an easy TD. Good call.

    1. The Rams are a lot better against the run than their record indicates. Their D line is solid and they’re among the NFL leaders in stuffing runs with no gain. For that reason, I think Greg Roman was an idiot for running – play after play right up the gut …

  23. Great to see the 49ers come back down 14-0 on the road vs a jacked up team. I’ll know how to feel for sure when the injury info comes in. Ward… Johnson… Willis… Iupati

    1. Just go home from watching the game and the announcers didn’t really mention the injuries till after the game. It has me wondering as well about the severity. Not much camera work to show the injuries either. Willis is the one I am most concerned about. S Johnson just got a knee to the bum, he’ll be ok.

  24. CK7 – 22 or 36, 343 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs. If the 49ers maintain tonight’s capability to punish defenses for stacking the box, lookout NFL.

    The tough part… the D played 77 snaps… injuries.

    1. The run game was stuffed, but the 49ers punished the Rams for stacking the box with a great passing game. (Been waiting years for this)

      Three weeks from now I’m expected alot of bootlegs to counter all the gap shooting defenders.

      1. Not going to happen. The Rams were a garbage team and still are, no QB, no d, no O, no nothing. They and Wash should share last place and think of drafting a real QB.

    2. Brodie,
      Greg Williams had a very poor game plan. He blitzed on nearly every play and left his corners one-on-one. CK7 is solid against the blitz and picked them apart.

  25. Costly win, may be the one that starts the 49ers losing streak to Denver and New Orleans. Step closer to losing Harbaugh, yaaay.

  26. Two teams went into this game with high ranked pass defenses. One came out with reputation intact. Not many here thought much of the 49ers D, especially the secondary, heading into the season. I thought they were better than they were being given credit for, but I never thought they’d be playing this well without Aldon Smith helping create some pass rush.

  27. Just dumb luck that is going to and will end. 1, we get rid of Harbaugh. 2 We get rid of CK if he can’t pass the ball. Don’t say this is the start of something until CK cleans up his act around the media. NFL should not be allowed to interview CK if he’s going to embarrass his own team.

    1. 350 yards and 3 tds! Should of been easily 400+ with 4-5 tds if not for Vernon Davis who was absoultley a joke tonight. Seemed like he was playing for the rams.. Keep on talking mora you are becoming good luck..

      1. CK=Elite, one loss, that’s all it takes, one loss. Seattle Ari could win out. The 49ers could face an opp. in the playoffs they did not play during the season. Remember when we faced the NY Giants twice in one year? Be careful, we could be getting the cowboys again that will be improved. I’m counting on so many things that will keep the 49ers from the Superbowl and when that happens, Harbaugh will be gone and then CK will be gone.

        1. It’s in taking pictures all day on Facebook and Twitter.
          I’m also growing a little tired of Crabtrees tantrums during the game. I don’t think he likes others making plays.

          1. Md,
            I wouldn’t have thought this two months ago, but I don’t see Crabs coming back next year. They don’t need him….

            1. He just doesn’t seem to fit in this year. He didn’t even look happy after the TD. Idk maybe he’s not happy with sharing.

    1. Good stuff, MW. Hopefully a breakout game for CK. We’ll need offensive production, especially if the defense comes down to the water boy and some big guy pulled from the stands.

    1. I’m very impressed MW that you’re trying so hard with these childish games. I’m sorry to say but anything done towards me just motivates me. you know what that means? It means you’re ignoring what your friends are telling you. You know the B analyst is going to say the Rams are like the redskins as their season is lost as like the Skins, they got no QB, no D, no O, the coach should be fired. Any team that can not overcome losing a key QB should have their coaching fired and any coach that send out a QB like SMith, Foles, that only give games away, those coaches should be fired too in the NFL. Fisher should just resign from the Rams. Unless CK can look at the media directly, not avoid, stop wearing shades, stop wearing ear phones, stop kissing his bicep, I don’t want NFL interviewing him.

    1. I can care less. I’d want Fisher fired for that kind of a game vs. the 49ers. Here is the golden opportunity to get rid of a coach that embarrasses his team, the game itself, the officiating, and the coaches in Kelly, Reid, and Fisher have done a great job giving the game to the 49ers, giving the opportunity for Harbaugh to have a false hope to you fans with false hopes that you think you deserve to win the superbowl, forget the fact McDonald is a criminal. Forget the fact you got no Qb. Forget the fact your RB won’t catch passes. Forget the fact you command the worse game planning, to plan this over a team that is 29th vs. the run is a poor excuse for a human being in Harbaugh. Anything the 49ers do is a phony and you are getting sucked into it, MW.

  28. Going for it on those 4th downs was Harbaugh saying, “we’re better than you, and will win even if you stop us.”

    May not have been the best move strategically, but love the message he was sending.

    1. Just plain defiance that somebody is going to make the 49ers pay. All the 49ers are doing is setting themselves up to be beaten badly. It’ll happen this Sunday. Denver will win by 28.

    2. What did you think of Kap this game? I don’t think I’ve seen him play better. Vernon was awful or he’d have even better stats.

      1. Maybe Vernon’s still hurt. I would not have activated him for this game at all. I’m sure if Denver is smart, they’ll know what to do against the 49ers.

      2. He was on tonight after the first series. Did a nice job of getting the ball out on time and accurate, made plays with his feet. Good stuff.

  29. Seattle and Ari both must win on Sunday. That’s the memo to both teams. They got to win out to keep the 49ers out of the playoffs and maybe get Harbaugh out of here so we can get a better coach.

  30. How come every time the 49ers are on a Sunday, Monday, or a Thursday must CK attempt to be a QB? Why doesn’t he just give up? He’s never going to be in any league. Never mind the QB rating, CK is never going to be the hall of fame QB or command any respect outside the Bay Area. He will never go to the pro bowl. He will never lead the 49ers. All CK is good for is kissing his bicep and getting a new tattoo. He has no respect for the media or to his fans. This stuff he did tonight, he won’t do it in Denver, he won’t do it in New Orleans. I guarantee teams will shut the door on running and CK running too. I guarantee CK is going to have nightmares in Denver and New Orleans. I’m sick of the CK interviews. He should be fined each time he wears glasses or has the ear phones. I hope the nFL stuck him with the 11 thousand swearing fine.

  31. Seems like last year when the Niners started out the season with a couple of losses and then turned on the gas. Rams have played us tough off and on over recent years. They did again but the Niners finally said screw it, let’s kick some butt. A most satisfying win minus the injuries.

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