49ers-Rams post-game report

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo passes against the Los Angeles Rams during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Check out my 49ers-Rams post-game report below.

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  1. This years draft and undrafted FA’s was the best crop since 85. If we can have another off season equal to the last look out. Happy New Year fellow faithfuls.

      1. The 49ers draft in 1986 is widely considered one of the best drafts of all time. It provided the nucleus of 2 SuperBowls and a string of great teams.

      2. OldCoach, MosesZD – Great call. I’d say similar for the lack of bad picks. So many contributors. Pita T, Joe Williams only question marks.

  2. With that win, the 49ers drop into a two-way tie with the Faiders for 10th pick in the draft. The pick will be decided by a coin-toss with the loser drafting 11th.

    Also, the Bills have finally made the playoffs after 18 years of futility.

  3. Grant:

    Why are you saying Jimmy G beat this QB and that QB and probably won’t be able to beat Rodgers or Stafford next year? He plays against the other team’s defense not offense and vice versa. This makes no sense to me.

    1. Because shallow, cliche media-thinking. QBs don’t beat each other. But yet that’s how the press runs. Then, of course, they pat themselves on the backs for their expertise when they can’t seem to grasp one of the simplests truths of football — offenses don’t go head-to-head.

  4. Right now 49ers, Raiders are both 6-10 with 512 SOS. (SOS changing as I type)

    The Bengals won. Tt could be a coin flip with Coachless Las Vegas Rayduz for 9th draft pick.

    Pretty good players at 9. One of Edge, OL, CB should be there.

  5. Shanny’s WCO is a proven commodity. Garoppolo moves that WCO consistently and the team scores. With Jimmy, we have had five or more scoring drives in each game.

    We have the vital HC/QB combination in place. We have a ton of cap space and a top 10 pick. Get your popcorn ready.

  6. Consider if you will the twighlight zone that is NorCal pro football.
    The RayDuhs began the season with high hopes and expectations.
    The Niners began with timid expectations, which were squelched by week4, and then finished on upbeat hopes for the future.
    The RayDuhs finished with a depressing slide that they have to take into the offseason..
    They don’t have to rebuild, but they do have to reboot.
    Both 6-10.wow.

      1. Pretty sure yes. Apparently Chuckie had been approached, some feelers maybe sent to his agent, but had said he wouldn’t talk about a sitting coach’s job.
        Mark Davis fired Jack as he walked off the field today. That’s how Jeremy Newberry put it on The post game show.

      1. Moses –
        This is going to be a fun off-season…I hope Jed trusts Lynch to spend wisely. We need a couple more weapons on offense, more speed at WR to go along with Goodwin.

        1. I’ve never had a problem with the Yorks and spending. Despite the false narrative accepted as gospel, we’ve spent the money on FAs (or taken some big salaries in trade) or resigned our own stars plenty of times — Patrick Willis, Navaroo Bowman, Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Anquan Boldin, Carlos Rodgers, Torrey SMith, Aaron Brooks, Donte’ Whitner, Vernon Davis, Anthony Davis, Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Willis, Jonathan Goodwin, etc. In the later playoff seasons we even had to get back under the cap and let good players go, like Iupati, because we couldn’t afford to resign them to market value.

          Those were all some big contracts. Either resigning our good players. Or signing quality FAs. Or, in the case of Boldin, taking on his contract from the trade.

          The only time we’ve ever not was when Baalke decided to stop shopping the FA market for quality players when we had the cap room and decided to go money-ball/draft-and-develop.

    1. Crab15 – Yes. A draft slot is often the difference between nabbing a targeted player or missing out. Has the 49ers lost, we would have drafted 6th. If it turns out to be 9th that’s not too bad of a fall in value.

      1. B2W –
        So we finished the year with 5 straight wins, a franchise quarterback and a top 10 draft pick in 1st round.
        All arrows up!!! 👌

      2. Let me put it this way… Who wouldn’t drop 5 or 6 places in the draft if they could trade their 2nd round pick for a possible future franchise QB. One who, so far, is looking like he’s got a very good shot at actually being a franchise QB.

        Truth is, despite the whining over trivialities by the unrealistic negative-Nancy’s, for a guy with just 7 starts to his resume, he’s playing really, really well.

        So I’ll take that drop. I’ll sing all the way to the bank on that drop. We could easily end up with a dud drafted at #1, setting the franchise back years. Just ask the Bears. They haven’t had a first-team All-Pro QB for something like 50-years now while we’ve had multiple, including two HOFers!

        1. Winning 5 in a row makes the team more attractive for free agents (including Garoppolo himself). So there could be zero net loss in ability to attract talent + better moral entering 2018. I’m thrilled the way the last five weeks have gone.

  7. Contradictions re coin flip with flying. Eric Branch tweets CBS has 49ers picking 9th. Most others report coin flip for 9th.

    If there’s a coin flip, I hope Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men presides with a creepy “heads or tails…”

  8. Per Barrows:

    Opponents set – Though the dates won’t be known until April, the 49ers’ 2018 opponents have been set.

    They will host the Raiders, Bears, Broncos, Lions and Giants along with NFC West opponents – the Cardinals, Rams and Seahawks.

    They will have just one east-coast trip next season, to Tampa Bay. They also will visit the Vikings, Packers, Chiefs, Chargers, Cardinals, Rams and Seahawks.

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article192399724.html#storylink=cpy

    1. When has he not? Seriously. There’s a big disconnect with has happened and what fans (thanks to the press) think has happened. We’ve been, until Baalke’s last couple of years, solid players in the FA market ever since we got out of cap hell back in 2004 when Donahue gutted the roster to solve it once and for all. We’ve also done a good job in resigning our quality vets.

      Here’s 2014 going into 2015:

      The San Francisco 49ers will have decisions to make on their salary cap this offseason. The estimated salary cap for 2015 is somewhere in the neighborhood of $140 million, and the 49ers are already at around $151 million in contracts, according to Spotrac.


    2. Okay, Mo
      Here’s one of the places where you and I heartily agree. Jed’s Dad was the Scrooge, and that was an over-reaction to Edddie&Carmen& Dumbahue’s ineffective overCap spending into Cap Hell. Being stingy with bottles water deservedly evoked scorn, but that was a long way back.
      Jed spent big on Harbs and his staff. I didn’t hear of any resistance to Baalke’s spending. I think that’s all tired, cliche thinking.
      There’s been a bit of that this evening. Some folks carrying the torch……..

  9. As exciting as the last 5 weeks were and the spirited effort by the team, does it really matter?

    Im not trying to put a damper on things but none of this really matters does it as next year will have nothing to do with what happened this year.

    I guess moving forward the best thing is knowing we have a legit QB. From there, the organization can build around him.

    Proud to be a 49ers fan after what has occurred the last few years here.

    1. The 49ers are now the “hottest team” in the NFL. That is important for attracting free agents. What offensive player wouldn’t want to play with Jimmy G? There was a tweet a couple of weeks back about a soon-to-be FA wide receiver asking what it would be like to live in the Bay Area. Also, player confidence going into next year will be high.

      1. That’s the biggest “win” the 49ers achieved this year outside of trading for Garoppolo. Players will want to come to the 49ers not just for the money.

        Its a great thing when you spend your second round draft pick to grab a good QB and still have a top 10 pick and 3 other picks in first 3 rounds.

        1. Also, Scooter, it really seems like “winning” elevated everyone’s play. I imagine it’s things like heightened awareness by the players, increased personal accountability, a natural desire to be a “winner”, etc.

          1. Did winning elevate everyone’s play or did having a competent QB do that? I think its the latter more than anything. But once they started winning the team played with a lot more confidence.

        2. “That’s the biggest “win” the 49ers achieved this year outside of trading for Garoppolo. Players will want to come to the 49ers not just for the money.”

          Yup. And that wouldn’t be the case if JG was bubble wrapped. Shanny said he wants the lowest draft pick possible.

          That’s where the tankers and bubble wrappers get it wrong. Coaches and players want to win.

          1. Yeah, bubble wrapping JG and tanking were both nonsense talk by fans that don’t get the importance of getting experience, winning and building a winning culture.

  10. Great to hear Goodwin is ok. Obviously he will have a concussion, but based on his tweet the symptoms are fairly mild, at least at this point in time. Maybe tomorrow he will be feeling it a bit more.

      1. Yes, it could be. One reason why I think it is important to get an upgrade over Robinson – someone that can take over Goodwin’s spot if injuries become an issue. I am leaning towards John Brown atm, though he has had his own injury issues.

  11. We don’t need to make big free agent signings this year. Wait one more year. Develop our talent, draft some more up and comers. Once we’re expected to be in the mix to make a deep run in the playoffs, that’s the point you spend for FAs.

    1. Respectfully disagree. FA may be a good way to upgrade OL or maybe Edge or CB.
      Plenty left for draft. Most rook OLs need time.

      1. Standard MO in all good front offices is to meet immediate needs thru FA and draft-&-develop BPAs. The exception is for extreme talent depletion cases, like this year’s Niners. I think next draft will be halfway (some BPA, some need). I think the following draft (2019) will be all BPA.

  12. Montana three 4 picks in the game before the catch. It’s how you respond. Fans wanted a QB who takes chances. You got him. He takes great chances.

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