49ers-Rams postgame report

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle celebrates after scoring during the second half in an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Check out my 49ers-Rams postgame Persiscope report below.

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    1. Definitely better situation than last off-season. Still a big hole to fill at edge rusher where Niners don’t have either a #1 or #2 caliber player.

  1. Appropriate end to the lost season… Thanks to Kittle to make it a little better..

    Even when Grant was praising Mullens to Pro Bowl status and castigating Kyle for his lack of loud praise of Mullens, one statistic stood out. When it came to QB rating for throws made under pressure, both Mullens and Beathard had similar ratings that was significantly below that of Jimmy G. I don’t recall the details. Both these two have ways to go to diagnosing defenses pre-snap and post-snap. However, I think that Mullens has played much better than I could have ever hoped and is ahead of Beathard for the backup job. I think Kyle will retain both of them next season unless there’s a trade offer that they can’t refuse.

    On a different note:
    Verified account @LowellCohn
    More Shanahan. It’s possible to say he’s not a bad coach. He’s had bad luck. But it’s also not possible to assert he’s a good coach. He hasn’t had anything close to a winning season. His ‘goodness’ is yet to be determined. The burden is on him to prove it next season. Full stop.
    If there’s an excellent example of an inane, fatuous truism masquerading as a profound observation, this is it.

  2. Hey, several records tonight for the offense. Records. They were playing practice squad players and rookies, and they scored points. Take away the free 21 point to start the game and it was close.
    Have no regrets for this injury plagued season. Should we look deeper into what caused so many injuries? Grant’s opinion that it is because they are smaller players is interesting, worth following up. But otherwise how to minimize such crippling injuries? Non-contact injuries at that.
    So we played hard. In some ways came close despite it all. And have the second overall pick. Hooray!

  3. This game was our season in a microcosm. Injuries, turnovers, no pass rush on the negative side & Kittle looking great on the positive side.

  4. The bottom line is that the Niners have refused to address their porous offensive line for too many years. Every year we find a decent quarterback and every year he runs for his life. Mullins could be a great quarterback who knows. Most of the day he ran for his life. I don’t know why they don’t fix that. Like the Winchester Mystery House or something.

  5. The good news: The Niners managed to retain the second pick in the draft.

    The bad news: The Seahawks narrowly avoided an upset loss to the Cardinals, so the latter will have the first pick in the draft, and they’ll almost certainly select Baby Bosa (unless an idiotic team wants to mortgage their future in a trade for him). This despite the Niners doing their best to convince everyone they weren’t throwing those two games to the Cards on purpose.

    The ugly news: The Niners are now optimally primed for the Lynch “brain trust” to again fumble a high pick in the NFL draft. God knows who Lynch will select at #2. Maybe another Stanford bust? Unfortunately they won’t be partially saved by someone trading up for Justin Hebert, who decided to stay at Oregon (he woulda looked good in a NYG uniform). At least our fanbase can nurture a few months of false hope before the ugly truth manifests once again.

  6. Man you contradicted yourself Grant. Weeks ago you were dogging on Shanahan for not getting Kittle involved the Redzone. Now this week your basically dogging him for calling Kittles number in the redzone plus using Kittle’s ineffectiveness as a red zone target an excuse for Mullen’s int. It’s a joke. You have a man crush on Mullens and try your best to make a story. Plus you try to say that Mullens had a better run than Garrappolo. Please tell me their records? Did I forget that Jimmy beat the Rams last year? A few QB ratings points made him a better QB? He threw an atrocious pick six. Curious to see if you have a answer.

  7. Most of us had picked the 49ers to beat the Rams and we all knew deep down that wasn’t going to happen with this team so why do you have to complain so much. There is always next year after all we are fans waiting to have our hopes dashed again by the York family!

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