49ers @ Ravens live stream

San Francisco 49ers middle linebacker Fred Warner (54) blocks Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Marquise Brown (15) from catching the ball during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019, in Baltimore, Md. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

This is the live stream for the 49ers Week 13 road game against the Baltimore Ravens. I will announce this game with my dad, Lowell Cohn, on HotMic live from The Cohn Zohn. If you have an iPhone, download the app in the App Store and use invite code COHN10. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch a stream of our call on Periscope below.

8:49 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • DE Dee Ford
  • RB Matt Breida
  • WR Dante Pettis
  • LT Joe Staley
  • K Chase McLaughlin
  • TE Levine Toilolo
  • K Chase McLaughlin

8:52 Here are the Ravens’ inactives:

  • QB Trace McSorley
  • WR Jaleel Scott
  • S Bennett Jackson
  • CB Anthony Averett
  • CB Iman Marshall
  • OG Ben Powers
  • DT Zach Sieler

9:45 Here is the live stream:

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  1. Dang, I was hoping that Matt Breida would have been active. Guess this is a good chance for Wilson to shine.
    I hope JG wears some gloves, because the ball will be slippery in the rain.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

  2. To have a true-to-life HotMic production, Grant and Lowell should ‘broadcast’ from a shower–a cold one. As close to game conditions as possible.

  3. I got here early?
    Where are all my buddies?
    Nobody is at the stadium???
    I can pick my seats today!
    When are the players going to show up?
    GO NINERS!!!

  4. Great play Deebo, but that was a strange decision by JG to throw deep into double coverage on 4th and short. Deebo really did a great job.

          1. On fourth down that was a smart play. if it is intercepted it is just like a punt. That was purely a hail Mary that Debo made a great play on. Peterson did not play that well at all. He was in a position to intercept that ball, but Debo out muscled him.

    1. Seems that the deep throw was the first option. Jimmy G believes in himself and in Deebo. Harbaugh is aggressive and Shanahan may want to match him step for step

    1. This is something Jimmy does all the time. In the rain when you are going down, in your area of the field , ball security- ball security- ball security. Not something JG is known for. You do not take risks in that situation. Jimmy is Jimmy and just does not play situationally smart.

  5. Can’t turn the ball over today. Just can’t. Fumbles like that are what lost the game against the Seahawks. Another short field and 7 given up cheaply today. In big games that’ll kill you.

      1. I fear he will never learn. What Shanny said last week about JG not having to take risks when the rest of the team is playing well, was a call for him to game manage. He did that last week, but it just is not in his nature to do that consistently. He will always do things like that.

    1. Just watch most games and count the passes he throws to the numbers. Very few. Most of his are behind or high. Jimmy is just not consistently accurate. In game conditions like this that is just magnified.

    1. To bad the 49er fans never realized what a problem a running QB presents to defenses. It’s all a trade off. You gain in one area and lose in another. The NIner fans just looked at what Kaep did not do well but forgot the trade of what he did really well.

      Jimmy does not read defenses well. He is not accurate and does not throw the long ball well. He gets intercepted and fumbles, but is a pocket QB so the fans love him.

  6. The Niners defense can’t handle the Ravens, this is looking like a long game. Jimmy G. will have to be near perfect to them in the game.

  7. Interesting that they haven’t played the Wide 9 and they haven’t been able to get pressure on Jackson.

    I read all week how slow the Balt offensive line is. Maybe, but they are winning the trench battle. Actually, winning on both sides of the ball.

  8. All week all I heard was how Baltimore hit CK on most read option. I’d like to hear what the ravens are doing that is not allowing Niners to do just that.

  9. So much for Saleh’s schooling, stopping Roman offense.
    Roman’s taking it to Saleh. Greg Roman, for gosh sakes.
    Way, way too much hype on this blog for Saleh prowess.

  10. So much for Saleh’s schooling, stopping Roman offense. Roman’s taking it to Saleh. Greg Roman, for gosh sakes! Way, way too much hype on this blog for Saleh’s defensive prowess.

    1. What he actually threw it so a back could catch the ball? You guys get all excited when he makes plays every QB should make. Lets keep things in perspective.

  11. Tartt had an INT if he kept his footing… too bad they’re getting gashed up front cause Jackson’s pass game is looking subpar even without pressure.

  12. Well, Niners are trying to hit the QB as per Razor’s advice and they have two 15 yard RTP penalties to show for it for hits in the pocket….. They got two hits on LJ’s runs though. I’m hoping they will tighten outside contain in the second half. But man, LJ sells the read option fakes so well…..

  13. Same kick that Gould has been doing all season, they can’t hook back into the middle. Bigger issue is the continued ineptitude of Shanahan in the 2 minute drill. Most of us in the chat could manage the time better than he does. What the hell was the huddle and blowing of like 20 seconds? Just plain stupid.

  14. Niners are playing them tough. They just need to play disciplined, and reduce the unforced errors.
    Getting a turnover will help.

  15. I’m officially moving Mostert out of the Unsung Heroes category and into just plain Niner Heroes. He should be the lead back on the team.

  16. Ye of little faith..let’s wait on halftime adjustments.this is where we find out if Saleh is built for a head coaching job.containment is our main problem..fix that and 2minute clock management and we will be okay

    1. Gould was not having a great season prior to injury. CM has been pretty good with the exception of 1 huge high profile missed FG.

    2. That kick was too far in this weather. Needed more time, so they could go for it on 4th. But don’t know what the hell KS was doing with regards to clock management.

      1. Nah, I’m tired of excuses for Gould. He’s paid like he’s an elite kicker. He isn’t elite. He clearly didn’t want to be here, so let him go.

  17. Let’s just hope Saleh figured out some adjustments… other than the first drive the D has look undisciplined and is getting owned up front.

  18. What a play Harris!

    I know people want to blame the DEs for getting fooled on Jackson’s keepers, but I think they are being told to take the RB. In which case its the scrape player not doing his job.

    1. See my comment above. I think the next level players aren’t getting the blame because it isn’t as obvious, but I have seen LBs and safeties behind the DEs getting sucked in as well. Someone isn’t doing their job properly, and given how the DEs are consistently taking the RB I think it might be the scrape player.

      1. I agree. I’ve seen some plays where there is a linebacker or safety behind who is caught looking into the middle of the pileup, and not keeping eyes on Jackson. If Saleh is telling the ends to crash down, then it is on the linebacker or safety to do it. For example, on Jackson’s touchdown run, #53 crashed down instead of keeping contain. Before the fumble recovery by Harris, on Jackson’s prior long run where Armstead is crashing down, Harris was behind and looking into the center of the pileup instead of keeping eyes on Jackson.

      2. OK. I can see that especially since there doesn’t seem to be any hesitancy on the part of the DEs, which would indicate that they are being coached to crash down. Is that wise though? Maybe now is the time to switch it up.

    1. I think he’s not featured in the passing game by design — staying back for blitz protection. Overall, he’s a having a great game, IMO.

      1. Agreed. Had some great blocks. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them start going to him in the passing game around now too.

  19. Wow football doesn’t get any better then this. Great game. Loser has nothing to be ashamed of. Probably going to see each other in the SB.

  20. I did not like that call.

    I really want the Niners to win this game, but even if they lose they have shown they can travel to the East, play at the other teams home, in terrible weather and play tough.
    Niners are one of the top 3 teams in the NFL without a doubt.

    1. They’ve made enough defensive stops. The fumble on offense that led to short field and a quick TD looks like it could prove very costly.

    1. Did u catch Davis praising Harbaugh for calling a timeout “to relax his kicker” with .03 left?

      Ahh guess that’s better than not calling a timeout as designed & letting the clock run-out with no attempt? Davis is a tool…

  21. Niner D coming up small. Very disappointing loss provided the kick is made honestly. But not too disheatened by it, just need to make the plays when they’re there.

        1. Sorry if I offended you.

          It’s hard for me to hear undeserved bad mouthing of players after they played a great game.

          When two good teams play a great game and one loses, it doesn’t mean that the Niners played a bad game.

          1. Where did I give undeserved badmouthing? I see people complaining about Jimmy, about Kyle and even Jimmy’s ball placement, but you don’t comment on theirs. You just hover around mine, like some creepy stalker.

            And I never said anyone played a bad game. I said they came up small (on the final drive). Of course, one drive does not make a game. I actually overall think they D played okay. But wins and losses are what matter here, and the Niners lost. They have to start winning these games as they definitely have the ability to win the superbowl this year. There is nothing worse than missed potential.

    1. IMO, Saleh has not improved at all in making changes during the game. He can do it when he gets to half time, but not so much during the game. Besides this game, another example was the KC game last year.

      1. Not sure of that. Just because Salen has a plan doesn’t mean the Niners have the personnel to completely stop this wildcat offense (to quote Kyle).

        1. Yeah, but if the plan is to scrape and allow the Ends to crash, then you really have to coach up those LBs and safeties. They seemed to be out of position on nearly every play where Jackson went outside. Shouldn’t the coaches yell at the guy who made the mistake and impress upon him strongly to play his assignment? Yet it seemed to happen over and over again.

          1. I see your point, and agree that the scrapers did not scrape well (I commented about that earlier). IMO, it’s got more to do with them executing poorly than game planning. In defense of the LBs/safeties, LJ does a bang up job in selling the handoff fake.

  22. Kyle and Jimmy lose this one……poor play calling clock management at the half, the last drive,,JimmyP giving up a dumb turnover…..Defense did its job…. Bad Kyle Bad Jimmy

    1. Are you a fan? We have a great team who played their hearts out on the east coast on a rain day. I couldn’t be prouder of them. We’ll see the Ravens again hopefully and get revenge.

    2. Let’s start with “bad Jimmy”. A turnover? Sure, so did Jackson. Bad Jimmy had more yardage, a better rating than the guy everyone is fellating. So, how about crawling back into your hole of negativity

      1. hey, mouth away however you feel! :) It’s a free country. Our leaders in DC has showed us that we can be unburdened by the thought process!

      2. Captain,
        You and Monty are certified 49ers adversaries.
        You and Monty cried when we lost our 1st game and your boy Monty clamored for Mullens.
        You and Monty trying to play the “informed criticism” card around here has absolutely no credibility.

        1. You can add a couple of other regulars to that list. Always look at thing in a negative light. The 49ers are far and away better than anyone expected and yet all some can do is find fault.

        2. Captain,
          Forgot to add Renas to your anti-49ers triangle. He may be the biggest crybaby in your group😭

          Cowboy-up like real 49ers fans. This was a good game in which either team could have won. Ravens won, ok, no big deal. We’ll meet again February – with a better outcome.

  23. I thought the Ravens were going to win this game honestly; but, the Niners showed a lot. They exhibited an ability to play tough against the current best team in the NFL, and have the game come down to a difficult 49 yard field goal in the rain (of course, Tucker is probably the best kicker in NFL history). It really was one bad play call (calling for a pass on 4th and 1). I have more confidence in the Niners given how they played, and feel this is a team that can win in New Orleans next week, and in Seattle next week, to finish off the season at 14-2.

    1. Never overlook games. Also have Atlanta and Rams. But given that their QBs are relatively immobile, our D should be able to shut them down.

      1. You’re right; haven’t overlooked them. But was more concentrating on the “hard” games remaining. Need to take each game one at a time.

        1. Our defense will feast on statue like QB’s in Brees, Ryan and Soff Goff.

          We’ll see the Ravens again in February with a totally different outcome. The only concern is where the parade will be held, in SF or SClara.

  24. Nice effort, but I’m not really into moral victories. Fact is they were just a little better than we were. They stuck with the run when it really mattered and we didn’t. Time to let this one go and focus on the Saints. Reality is that the NFC West goes through Seattle now.

  25. Good game…..no shame is losing this close to the Ravens.

    Onto the Saints now…….and hoping that the Vikings take the Seahawks tomorrow night.

  26. Assuming Saleh is back next year let’s hope the offseason will help him figure out mobile QBs… they played better at times in the second half but overall have looked mostly average against dual threat quarterbacks.

  27. The real tough thing is that the Niners can clearly be the best team in football now, but has given two HUGE games away and handed Seattle advantage in the division. If they learn the right lessons in time for the playoffs then there will be no issue, but the missed potential is frustrating.

  28. You would think with the QB being as dangerous as he is in the run game that Saleh would have coached his guys to hit him every handoff. Defenders gave up run after run while keying on the RB’s and even a few times on the TE coming out of the backfield. They played scared of getting beat by his running and still got beat. 3 guys all filling the same gap and letting him take the edge. Unprepared and confused with regards to assignments. That to me is bad gameplanning. Which is bad coaching. Far too much talent on this defense.

    Also when are people going to start talking about 49ers bad oline play? The rushing success is mainly from scheme and misdirection plus previous plays set-up. These guys doing their absolute best is barely average. The interior lineman constantly need help as with many teams difference is these guys hardly ever make any impact plays besides costly penalties. Give KS guys that can create holes and buy time in pass pro and his scheme could become a juggernaut.

    Jimmy G’s ball placement needs work also.

  29. Don’t get to see too many games like that. Of course it would of been nice to win, but rest assured the Niners are still a fine, team that can play football with the best of them.

    Really good football game.

  30. Wondering why Jeff Wilson didn’t get a carry today. Mostert and Willson would’ve been a better 1-2 punch than Coleman.

  31. @Rob_Lowder: If the Seahawks beat the Vikings tomorrow, the #49ers will drop from the No. 1 to No. 5 seed. From first-round bye to wildcard playoff spot. Next week’s matchup against the Saints would be for the No. 2 seed.

    Crazy what a difference one loss makes…

    1. I’m not too worried in the moment as Niners can lose one more game as long as they beat Seattle, and the seeding only matters after week 17. I do think we need to go beat the Saints though. Against both Seattle and Ravens the game has been there to win and the team has lost. These are essentially playoff games so they need to start winning them. Whether or not the Niners get a bye week and home field will probably be the determining factor in whether or not they compete for a super bowl. This team can beat anyone but they have to actually do it, and not give it away.

      1. Yea, I think they’ll take care of the Saints but beating Seattle in Seattle if the division is on the line is going to be tough. Regardless, the team has surpassed everyone’s expectations and it just shows how high the bar has been raised. No shame in getting a little help from the Vikings either :)

    2. Yeah, looks like there will be a lot of jockeying for position this year. End of the day though the 49ers were always likely to need to win the final game against the Seahawks if they want to win the division. Nothing has changed after this loss.

  32. Sucks to lose, but the team played tough against the hottest team in the NFL right now on the road, and only just came up short. Came up with some big stops on D, something no other D has done in recent weeks against the Ravens.

    In the end the key moments that lost the game for the 49ers were the fumble, not getting points just before the half, and not converting 3rd or 4th down in Ravens territory with scores tied after a big D stop.

    1. For me it was primarily the clock management at the end of the first half and the 4th down play call in the 4th quarter. Letting time runoff the clock at the end of the first half seemed like a mistake. I understand that KS wanted to keep Jackson off the field, but as far as I know, the Ravens don’t typically score in under a minute (I might be wrong on that). If it were Patrick Mahomes, I could understand more.

      Of course, second guessing afterwards is easy.

      Overall a very good effort and as many have said, this team has shown that they are one of the top 5 teams in the NFL. How many of us can honestly say we expected that at the beginning of the season.

    2. yeah, that fumble was a killer. Niners needed to get a two-score jump to keep the Ravens on their heels.

      The other play that made a big difference was the Al Shahir RTP penalty.

      1. I’m actually not that upset about the fumble although it hurt. It was very wet weather and a TO was to be expected. Happened to the best team in football as well.

        1. IMO, the main reason Jimmy G has fumbled the ball this season is that he doesn’t take the sack when he needs to. Like TB12 does. In today’s weather, there was even more reason to cover up the ball and that take the sack.

        2. I agree with Mood. For mine the fumble was the most egregious of the three moments I outlined, as it was also the most preventable. And given how the 49ers lost the Seahawks game I would have thought JG would be more cautious to not lose one that way this week.

          Not getting the first down at the end of the game was also bad, but more from a situation point of view than how it unfolded in my opinion. Personally I wasn’t a fan of running on 3rd and 4. And on 4th and 1, yes, easy to argue the team should have run the ball (personally I think they should have lined up in a run heavy look and used play action). Either way, a big moment in the game and they came up short both plays.

          The end of the half for me was just a bit unfortunate. I agreed with not leaving Jackson much time, but I think they also ended up taking too much time off for their own good. There was a probably a middle ground in there that would have been preferred. Having Mostert then juggle the ball took some yards off the play before the FG, making the kick a bit harder, and the defender got a hand on the kick I believe.

          1. Well, Jimmy is who he is. I’m a big Jimmy fan, but the stats clearly show that Jimmy is prone to turnover the ball. As recent game stats show, however, he is, in fact, improving, but in wet weather like that, I expected that the guy who touches the ball on every play would eventually have a TO. Jackson turned it over as well, but since the Ravens won, few care. That’s just the way it is.

            1. JG has been a lot better in terms of INTs recently. Not fumbles though.

              I am a big JG fan as well. But in big games these types of TOs deep in your own half can cost you a game. It obviously wasn’t the only reason the 49ers lost, but it was a factor today.

              And yes, the 49ers got their own takeaway on D (which was absolutely huge at that moment), and also had some TO on downs. If the 49ers won the Ravens are likely lamenting those as the key moments that lost them the game. That’s why this was a good game of football- big plays by both teams and could have gone either way.

  33. I see a lot of complaints about passing rather than running on 4th and 1. Tbh, at 3rd and 4 I thought they had an opportunity to run two pass plays to try and convert. Either way, it was a key moment that decided the game.

    1. I don’t have the stats, Scooter, but it seems to me that Jimmy has gotten the first down on the vast majority of his QB sneaks for 1 yard.

  34. Game went pretty much how I thought it would go, almost!

    Juanhunglo says:
    December 1, 2019 at 8:55 am

    Would have liked to see this matchup in better conditions. I guess we’ll have to wait ’till the SB. I stay away from betting on “rain” games so I skipped this one this week but if I had to wager I’d go with the No. 1 defense vs the No. 1 offense. The defense usually prevails in those matchups. I think that will happen today.
    I’ll take the Niners +6 and the under (45 1/2)

    SF 19 BAL 17

    Great effort. Great game. Both teams made enough mistakes to lose. Both teams made enough great plays to win. No shame here. It was a battle of titans. Let’s hope we can get some revenge in the SB. Hope somebody took my betting advise. I wish I would have! Enjoy the rest of the day folks!

  35. Hmm, maybe KS should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half.
    Maybe it might be the difference between winning and losing.

      1. No, they should be so efficient, they never let the play clock run down past 5 seconds. It is not hard to do, but some may take a delay of game penalty, and save their time outs.
        Are you happy they squandered their time outs, so they did not have any time outs to stop the clock at the end?

      1. You must be another poster who was happy to see them squander time outs, so the Niners could not stop the clock.
        Guess I expect basic competency, and you do not.

              1. Guess you liked the outcome of the game. I did not.
                If the Niners could improve their game clock and time out management, they might have had enough time to win the game.
                I am still proud of the way they fought, but a win would have kept them in first place. Maybe you do not think that winning is important.

              2. I still think that KS should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. Conversely, you must applaud wasting time outs and do not care about clock management.
                I just want the Niners to have the best chance to win.

        1. Seb, you are obviously a football genius so I have a (real) suggestion for you. You live in Sebastopol and the Analy Tigers football program has really been a failure the last 2 years. Go seek out the head coach and volunteer to assist him with your expertise. Help make the Analy Tigers relevant again.

          The local High Schools are always looking for volunteer help.

          1. No, I am fan of the San Francisco 49ers. I have absolutely no interest in high school sports.
            Since you think you are superior to me, what high school do you volunteer at?

            1. I volunteered at a local Sonoma County High School for 40 years. I did not say I was superior to you at all, I gave you a sincere suggestion.

  36. Patrick Mahomes has got to be like “That’s it? Just one season, one lousy season, where I’m the talk of the NFL?”

  37. Niners did not set the edge, and JG did not have ball security, but they still could have won.
    Hope they use this game as a learning experience.
    I am still proud of how they played their guts out. Those 4th down stops were very impressive.

  38. Of course it was Saleh fault for allowing 20 points to the most prolific offense that no one has solved to this point.

    I too was somewhat surprised at the clock management at half but if his intent was to keep Jackson and the Niners D on the bench, hard to argue with that. Niners D needed the rest.

    Running the football is alive and well in the NFL.

  39. Jimmy was fighting to make a play on the fumble. He got hit from behind and had the ball knocked out. Happens in football. Unless you wanted him to pull a Jim Everett there and just fall down before actually getting hit. People that play football don’t do that. People that watch football and critique afterwards do. ;-}

    1. True. A lot of quibbling here and I’m guilty as well. The truth is that the game hung on a play here and there. I’m still very proud of the effort. In the two losses, the niners were in the game until the very last play. What other team can say that?

      1. Very well said, hope the old adage of losing battles but the war is won in the end! Two loses but no blow out losses. Team will be hard to crack but no gurrantees

    2. He had already tucked the ball to take the sack. It was a lack of security that allowed the second defender to knock it out. It was avoidable.

      1. Your correct in your observation. Happens in football Scoot. I guess its really the left tackles fault for allowing that second player to get to Jimmy from behind to begin with. Then again, maybe its Kyle’s fault for calling that pass play to begin with. Then again, maybe if they snapped the ball a second earlier, the play would have developed differently. It’s the centers fault. Then again, maybe if it wasn’t raining the ball wouldn’t have been so slippery and he wouldn’t have fumbled to begin with. That’s it! It’s God’s fault.

  40. KS could improve. Sure he let the clock run down in the first half, so the Ravens could not possibly score, but he let the clock run down too much, so he did not use his third time out.
    Some day, he will have better clock management, so I will be able to praise him.

  41. Pittsburg beats this team in the playoffs. Baltimore will not make it to the super bowl. They are one dimensional with pizazz. If you shut their run game down and ask Jackson to beat you, he won’t with his arm.
    I don’t see an NFC team that beats this team moving forward. The team should welcome a sitting duck pocket passer in Brees. That game should be a blow out.

  42. Frustrating . Tough loss. Ravens were beatable .
    1. Niners D held them to 3 points in 2nd half.
    2. Jimmy 15/19 , 165, 1, 0 The fumble was unfortunate but the ball was slippery.
    3. KS, Why pass out of the shotgun on 4-1 in the 4th. Why not hand off to Wilson or Mostert. Play ended in a lineman batting down the ball and Ravens drove for the game winning FG.
    4. If Seattle wins Monday, Niners drop down to the 5th seed. Thankfully there are 4 critical games left.
    5. On to a week in Sarasota FL and then old man Brees and the Saints.

    1. He probably thought that they would not get the 1 yard based on how the Ravens stacked the box, and the inconsistent performance on inside runs. But I wonder why that play over the middle, as opposed, e.g., to a roll out to a tight end?

  43. Tough to grade the D I need this game.
    They held Baltimore to 20 points which normally is good enough to win but Baltimore was able to hold the ball and consistently able to flip the field.

    1. I’m not having much problem grading the Niners an A for team defense for holding the #1 scoring offense in football to 20 points on the road.

  44. There’s a good amount of haterade being drunk in honor of JG. In some people’s deluded minds, he stole Kaepernick’s job and must be maligned at every turn. The good news is Jimmy doesn’t seem too bothered by it. He lets it roll off and keeps doing his thing.

  45. I think Jimmy played well enough to win.

    The fumble and the third/fourth down plays were pivotal.

    They were game changers.

    No shame, no blame.

    Kyle needed to do a better job with the clock and some play calling.

  46. That’s Bubba, and his quota of dumb takes in every Point After show. Dennis Brown on KNBR wasn’t much better. He says that the D should be faulted for letting a QB run for 100 yards. If LJ faced the best Niners line Brown was a part of in the 90s, LJ would run for 200 yards to the outside.

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