49ers-Ravens Week 13 film breakdown

San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert (31) scores a touchdown against Baltimore Ravens defensive back Chuck Clark (36) and linebacker Jaylon Ferguson (45) in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019, in Baltimore, Md. (AP Photo/Gail Burton)

Check out my YouTube Live film breakdown of the 49ers’ 20-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. To watch the breakdown in full-screen mode, click the square at the bottom-right corner of the video.

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      1. @Grant why are you wasting your time with video cut ups……there are hundreds of videos on you tube saying the same thing…….not sure why this is different…….

        …… your face is not TV friendly…….stick with writing

  1. On that 4th and 1 play , Garropolo has to not lock in on Kittle , who was well covered , and buy a little extra time in the pocket , or run for it . Getting ball batted down in that spot is inexcusable … little things like that in spots like that are where he is weak , and could prevent him from being a champion QB

  2. The Kittle jet sweep should have been where Kittle runs to the left to draw defenders, and Deebo taking the jet sweep.
    Running where Kittle lines up is a dead giveaway, and I am sure DCs have noticed that. KS needs to be more deceptive.
    That 4th down pass was doomed before the snap of the ball. Why throw into the teeth of the defense, when attacking the edges would have been a better option? Kittle was covered.Even KS admits he could have selected a better pass play. However, they just should have lined Wilson deep in the I, and let him build up a head of steam before hitting the weakness in the line.

    1. Jesus this is ridiculous.

      “Build up a head of steam”…only to be hit in the backfield and tackled for a loss.

      1. Yes, it also takes competent blocking, but with 8 in the box, He could run outside.
        Guess you think the Niner O line is incapable of being able to block, so any scenario would not work.
        I do know that passing into the teeth of the defense, with Kittle being blanketed, certainly did not work.

        1. Wilson isn’t an outside back, that would have been Mos or Coleman.

          And sure, the oline is able to block…but not when you are saying the RB should be lined up deep in the I formation…some 6 yards behind the LOS. The defense will put 8 in the box, and on a sloppy field like that, yeah, the oline won’t hold.

          If you wanted to run it you go outside, as had been working, or you get Jimmy up to the line and QB sneak off the weak side. QB sneak doesn’t have the QB having to gain 6 yards just to get to the LOS. He goes over one side or the other of the center/guard, and gets a push from the RB (if needed). It was one yard.

          1. Actually, I liked Grant’s option. A high probability of completion- bubble screen to Deebo. With 8 in the box, the edges were lightly defended.
            I also mentioned that the Niners should have a one yard play, 2 yard play, and 3 yard play. The one yard play would be a QB sneak. However, it was not 4th and inches, it was 4th and a long yard.
            However, the Niners had already done that, so the Ravens were selling out to stop another QB sneak. Too bad that option was moot, when JG went to the shotgun, advertising the fact that it would probably be a pass.
            The Power I should be able to get one yard, because they could go either right or left, with an outside option, and Juice would be the lead blocker. The defense had to cover the left and the right, along with the edges, so if they guessed wrong, it might go for a long gain. Guess I want the Niners to have enough confidence to be able to get one yard running the ball.
            Even KS admitted that he could have called a better play, so maybe your beef is with him, not me.

            1. A bubble screen in that situation would have been blown up. You are expecting your WRs to block their defender and the receiving WRs defender, as the WR who is getting the ball backs up 3 yards. That play is being stopped 2 yards short.

              Again, the best play is going straight forward with a QB sneak or going in a sweep/outside run.

              1. That bubble screen would have Deebo in space, with blockers in front of him. He would not have to run into the teeth of the defense. 8 in the box is hard to run against. Beating a DB would be a lot easier, or like you said, a sweep/ outside run.

              2. And then they get flagged with OPI and move back.

                All your answers/suggestions are too complicated. Straight forward, QB sneak, 1 yard, you get the benefit of the doubt if you’re even remotely close when they spot the ball.

                Game over.

              3. OPI? Look at the play Grant detailed in his breakdown. There was no OPI.
                The Ravens were selling out to deny the QB sneak. Do not run into the teeth of the defense.
                Hit them where they aint. Attack weaknesses.

              4. And lining up 3 wide in a bunch formation will move 3 DBs to that side…so they will be there.

                Or even 2 wides, but youre putting a lot of trust in your rookie WR to both make the catch on a hot throw (has to get to him quickly and might not be completely accurate + Rain), and beat his defender. Bubble screens work when one DB is playing off coverage, but in that situation the DBs are going to be on the line, ready to jump that route. If you can’t see this you don’t really understand the game. You’re putting way too much on your WRs, who don’t block well and asking them to block perfectly. Wrong time, wrong play.

                Now if you want to line up your WRs wide, moving 2 or 3 out of the box, then run it away from them, sure, that atleast makes some sense.


              5. Putting Deebo in motion will allow him to get the ball in space.
                Deebo’s play that Grant suggested went for 12 yards.
                You yourself called for attacking the edges, especially with a stacked box.
                In this Bears- Cowboys game, Trubisky went for the quick bubble screens and they went for good gains and a TD. There is no guarantee that it would be stopped for -2 yards.

        2. They had about 10 players near the los.
          Calling a pass was not a problem (maybe the one he called was)… I guess you didn’t like the td to Deebo or the PI drawn by Sanders.

      2. @eMJay
        Don’t you know you are ridiculing an absolute football genius? He knows more about football than everyone except Cone, the football savant.

  3. Here’s why the Niners will not make it to the Superbowl.
    Injuries…I have never in 38 years of watching football seen a team with injuries like this one.Every game is a two starter average loss.
    If you paid attention you’d notice that Kittle was limping all game and definitely not putting weight on his right leg,he wasn’t doing that against Green Bay so he’s gotten worse,he will not be healthy the rest of the season.
    Stubborn Shanny ….Poor game management and bonehead play calls at the worst moments ,let’s call it bad Shanny.He obviously has not learned from his previous mistakes .Stubborn in continuing to start and give Coleman more carries than Breida and Mostert who are clearly better than him
    Seattle Empire….We cannot beat Seattle once let alone twice in Seattle ,they have owned us for years.From eating Turkey on the 50 in our stadium to ending Bowman’s career and knocking us out of the NFC championship game the 49ers have never been able to beat the Seahawks when it counts….ever..we will never beat Seattle untill we have a QB as good as Russel Wilson.
    Jimmy G…I like Jimmy and I think he’s a solid starter but he can’t put a dagger in people like Wilson or Brees or Brady.He makes horrible decisions at the worst time,he may develop into a clutch qb one day but as far as this year I don’t think he can win the big games in the playoffs.

    1. For a team that was expected to go 8 and 8 by most people, they sure are a huge disappointment at 10 and 2. If I was you, I would just find another team to root for.

      1. Never said I was disappointed,really proud of them.If you took the time to read you would see that I wrote reasons they will not make it to the Superbowl….thats why im going to enjoy watxhing good football for now and not be so upset by the inevitabke heartbreak loss thats going to come from the seahawks Now back to your mom’s basement till the meatloaf is ready..

        1. The team is 10 and 0 , but just like Seb and a few others you just have to find fault and want them to be 12 and 0. I have been a fan since I saw my 1st game in 1964. After the last few years, I am happy to see them relevant again.

          Just because you live in your Mom’s basement doesn’t mean everyone else does.

          1. I guess some people are just born negative and can’t enjoy success. The amazing part to me is the confidence they display to criticize a NFL head coach while sitting on their couch. Just amazing.

          2. Guess you accept losing.. Complacency is infectious, just like losing. I want the Niners to win. I want the Niners to improve, and learn from their mistakes.
            The SB Niners did not accept losing. Brent Jones HATED losing.

              1. You bring a lot to this site. You must be another poster who likes losing.
                I want the Niners to win.

              2. Yes, like a moth to a flame, they just cannot help themselves.
                Imagine, hurling expletives because I want the Niners to win.

              3. But you have no idea what it takes to win. I mean your football knowledge lacks anything outside the very basic concepts.

              4. You still consulting your Football for Dummies?
                By running the ball in the SB, KS would have kept his offense in field goal range.
                By running in OT against the Seahawks, KS would have assured a tie. A tie would be much preferable to a loss.
                I know running the ball is a foreign concept to you, but Occam’s Razor applies.

              5. I let it go for a long time because I started to believe Sebby that he doesn’t have it in for Shanny. I was wrong.
                If any of us talked this way about Sebs favorite player, he would vilify us as a Hate-monger this and filled with hate that……………yet, Sebs, you go on infinitely about KS. But your reasoning is irrational and unfair. Notwithstanding the fact that you can’t do anything 100 percent correctly all the time, these HC have to make hundreds of decisions a game, many of them immediately-in a game that is often decided by inches…………
                When it comes to KS, your anger is apparent and you are irrational.

              6. And Seb, pls dont say something lame, like “I just want them to learn and improve-guess you don’t”. if you just wanted them to improve, than you would readily acknowledge that this young team has improved-the season is not over and they have 10 wins. This is a huge “improvement” from last year…………

                So your “improve” nonsense….its clearly not true. There’s something more about your thing with KS, and it goes back some three years ago………….

              7. Saw, KS is responsible for the wins, he is also responsible for the losses. That is a fact of life, even if you will not accept it.
                I give constructive criticism, because I do not want them to continue making the same mistakes, over and over.
                Do I hate KS? No. I am cheering for him to succeed. I am cheering for the Niners to succeed. Did he say that he could have called a better play? Yes, so even KS thinks he can improve.
                Quit whining. Some day, you will meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same.
                It is irrational to expect that the Niners are perfect, and beyond reproach. They are a football team, not Gods. As a fan, I have every right to question their actions, especially if they lose.
                Whiners like you give the Niner fans a bad name. Attacking a die hard faithful Niner fan is what a Niner hater would do. I want the Niners to win another ring. Attacking with your whiny crybaby attitude does not help them win.
                Just by running the ball, the Niners could be undefeated. Instead of whining, you should agree that the Niners could improve, with small, simple solutions.
                Ahem, with a voice dripping with sarcasm- Oh, boo hoo, I am being MEAN to KS. He cannot handle it! I might make him cry!.
                No, he accepts all responsibility , and expects criticism. That is part of the job description. He himself wants to improve, and he will not get upset with some second guessing, especially if it is right.
                Why do you think you have the right to label me as a Raider fan, and say I hate KS? I am neither. I hunger for a 6th ring, and want them to win out. I have given both KS and JL lots of praise. I also am only doing what Richard Sherman wants me to do. Constructively criticize, so they can improve, and not get complacent. You certainly do not root for the team from all your posts. You vent your spleen on me, but you do not command respect, your judgmental screeds just make you look small, bitter and whiny. Grow up.

              8. Sebs-why is it that when you rag about KS its “constructive criticism”, your helping him to learn from his many mistakes? But when I call you out on your pervasive negativity-as evidenced since the draft and throughout-you call it “whining”?

                There’s really no valid answer to that, is there?

                You got KS for at least another 3 yrs………now there’s something for you to whine about………..

              9. Saw, stick to football, and stop whining. KS is a big boy and can handle criticism. He does not need you kissing his arse.
                The draft is ancient history. Get over it. I like the trade back strategy, but accepted their decision, and said I would root for Bosa to succeed.
                I have never said that KS should be fired. I said that if the Niners struggled, Saleh may be the sacrificial goat. Since the Niner defense is number one in many categories, his job is safe, although, he may be poached as a HC candidate.

        2. Speed, if you are so cocksure the outcome is preordained, why even bother watching? So if the team knocks your opinion on its @ss you can pull a Renas and the other negative nellys around here – “oh cool, I’m a fan! We win!” You represent bandwagonism at its worst.

            1. If you don’t want your crap commented on, then use more discretion before crapping. Your 5 minute hot takes of negativity, then walking them back after they are blown out of the water during the rest of the 55 minutes with “They are winning, isn’t it great to be a fan!” is just run of the mill.

              1. No no no, Ribycho. You’re extremely transparent. You initially walked back your “fake fan” delusion, but the moment you saw some other goon accuse me of jumping on the 49er bandwagon, here you are with the very same accusation. Presumably because you saw it got a reply and thought “this would be great bait to use in my sh1tposting”. Unfortunately, like ninermid-tier, you came to the errenous conclusion, with your limited processing ability unable to comprehend the act of replying without one caring about the nature of the accusation itself. You’re incredibly shallow.

                Two things can be true at once. Difficult concept for you to understand, I get it, but it happens. Some plays can be frustratingly boneheaded (hence complaints) while the overall result is fantastic.

                For someone who spends a lot of time preaching about how fans should fan properly, you do awfully little celebrating. Almost like the Niners winning has nothing to do with it, and it’s more about you receiving validation on this blog. We have a name for fans like that. Clue – it starts with ‘F’, ends with ‘E’, and rhymes with ‘cake’.

    2. 100 percent Correct on all accounts . I’ve been blowing that injury horn for three years now , the lost time players have lost since then is mind blowing, it’s been hholding them back then , and it will going forward

      1. When you say “holding them back” does that include holding them back from more than doubling their previous season win total with 4 left to play? Just asking.

      1. No, it’s just another guy on the internet with an opinion. What becomes of this “truth” if the Niners do happen to make it to SB?

    1. There are people in some personnel departments across the league who will watch the All-22 and not be certain which players deserve blame and which ones deserve praise.

      They need to come to this blog. We have all the answers here on who to blame.

      1. You mock, but while I wouldn’t say this blog is full of great insights from its community, you’ll often find a fan’s opinion is one of the most honest ones you can get. Plenty of sports use what is said online and balance it with their more professional take, simply because it’s a good source of information. Naturally, it requires filtering, and no doubt someone like you will end up getting completely the wrong takeaway from what I’m saying, but it’s pretty well known that forums and blogs are viewed by professionals on the regular.

        1. Actually, I fully expect the coaches to be a lot harder on the players than us fans.
          KS did not show the team the highlights of the Rams game, he showed all the lowlights.
          Sure, they will leave no stone unturned to get an edge, but they will never admit where they get their inspiration or insights.
          This is a copycat league, and things are in flux, constantly changing and evolving.
          Brent Jones had 3 critical comments. He did not like the game and clock management at the end of the first half, he did not like the DE crashing inside, and letting Jackson break containment, and he thought they could have selected a better play on 4th down. Kreuger mentioned wasting time outs.
          All 4 of those things I mentioned before. Like minds think alike, and it is common sense to identify areas where they failed, and can improve upon.

          1. Seb,
            I have always disagreed with your philosophy of saving TO’s until the bloody end at all cost.During my 6 years of coaching high school football I was never a HC so I never had to make decisions regarding TO’s. On the other hand as a head basketball coach for 25 years I made plenty of decisions about TO’s. Early in my career I was like you I used them very sparingly and always had 3 to 5 left for the last 2 to 3 min. I went to a coaches clinic and saw Hubie Brown speak on having a well thought out coaching philosophy, not to make decisions on the fly and under pressure but to have thought out every possible situation ahead of time. One of his major points was don’t save your time outs for the last 2 min. when taking them early can keep you in a game that might otherwise get out of hand.
            I changed my practice and started taking TO’s early in games. I can remember one game specifically where I took 4 TO’s early in the 1st quarter. I remember the official coming over to me with a look of disbelief and saying ” coach you do know you only get 5 of them” By staying in the game against a far superior team we were able to pull off a huge upset. Now I certainly needed those TO’s in the 4th quarter but we wouldn’t have been close if I hadn’t used them early. My incredibly long winded point is, sure save them if you can but you damn well better use them 2 mins. into the 3rd quarter if it will change a game. imho

            1. Old Coach, football is different than Basketball. Seattle saved their time outs, and used them to stop the clock. That gave them a chance to win.
              I will agree with you that using time outs wisely is fine, if it helps your team win.
              What I object to is wasting time outs. In previous games, they called a time out, and the next play, JG threw a pick. In another instance, they called a time out, then JG fumbled the snap. The team should be competent, efficient and prepared enough to never have to use a time out to prevent a delay of game penalty.
              The Niners sure could have used 3 time outs during the last 2 minutes of that Ravens game.
              Ideally, the Niners should play so well, they do not need to use a time out.

              1. Too bad the SB KS still wastes time outs like a drunken sailor. That is too obvious.
                I sure wish he would consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.
                I wish they would be competent and efficient enough get a play off in time.
                Conversely, you do not care if they waste time outs, because stopping the clock must be not important to you.

              2. Whenever I see KS use his time outs wisely, I have praised him.
                Actually he did use his time outs wisely against the Packers, and they did score just before the half. Then, I praised KS for wisely using his time outs.
                However, he mismanaged the game clock in the first half of the Ravens game, so he did not have time to use one of their time outs. He also wasted 2 time outs in the second half, so they were helpless to stop the clock.
                My catfish thinks it is a stupid idea to consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Too bad the Seahawks used their time outs wisely to stop the clock, and eventually defeated the Niners. That was a teachable moment for the Niners, especially if the Niners had just run the ball, with the Seahawks out of time outs, they would have been assured a tie. If they had tied, the Niners would still be in first place, and not the 5th seed.
                This catfish thinks this blog is dumb enough to believe him, but he is fooling no one.

            2. I’m with you, but a lot of the timeouts come due to getting to the line late. Thiugh, I typically judge their use not by when they’re used, but by what follows after. If they get to the line late and use one, then hit a succesful play afterwards, then I like to think the timeout helped there. If they come back with a somewhat poorly-conceived play then it’s hard to defend.

              I agree with your point though. If they keep you in the game then may as well use them.

    2. This was a nice read.

      It showcases some of the inherent problems with grading on a game without knowing the calls. Things like qb reads become highly problematic. Observers might simply state why didn’t he throw it to the wide open guy without knowing the read and or coverage cues that dictate where a qb should go with the ball.

      That said if fans observers repeatedly view film and analyze it properly they can become much better at understanding what they are seeing over time.

      1. That said if fans observers repeatedly view film and analyze it properly they can become much better at understanding what they are seeing over time.

        Watching a video repeatedly should explain what went right or wrong. However, IMO, one would not know why something went wrong unless they know the details of the scheme/playbook, e.g., the blocking assignments, or the route to be run.

        1. « one would not know why something went wrong unless they know the details of the scheme/playbook, e.g., the blocking assignments, or the route to be run. »

          Exactly, and to the article a quick glance at these film breakdowns shows exactly what Lombardi was saying about QB’s and “open” receivers.

      2. “Things like qb reads become highly problematic. Observers might simply state why didn’t he throw it to the wide open guy without knowing the read and or coverage cues that dictate where a qb should go with the ball.”

        That’s one of my biggest bugbears when it comes to fans criticising QBs. I especially love it when someone sees a WR was open for a small window of time on one side of the field and complain the QB didn’t get it to them because they were “locked” on a WR on the other side of the field. Because, you know, progressions often take you from one side of the field to the other in a heartbeat.

        Most fans don’t know much about the intracacies of football (and yes, I include myself in that). Sometimes it is pretty obvious what went wrong and who was responsible. Many times it isn’t that simple. And as Lombardi wrote in that article, even NFL personnel people don’t always know themselves. This is part of why people that don’t like PFF grades don’t like them – grading players without knowing the full details of a play is a foll’s errand.

  4. Wednesday. Prediction time…

    Niners 27, Saints 23.

    On top of that, looking forward to this weekend’s NCAA matchups.

    1. I’m going

      49ers – 28, Saints 17

      I usually put a little more credence into home field advantage but I feel like this is a good matchup for the 49ers. Plus coming off a loss and dropping from the 1 seed to the 5 seed, the 49ers are going to play angry. I think Michael Thomas will be held to a year low in receptions and Drew Brees is going to be on his back a whole lot in this game. Also, the Saints LB group has 1 good player. Depending on how Dennis Allen game plans, George Kittle could absolutely go off in this game.

      1. “Michael Thomas will be held to a year low in receptions”

        Niners pass D has been excellent and they have done a good job of shutting down opposing star WRs – Mike evans, Odell, Brandon Cooks and Davante.

      2. Drew Brees is going to be on his back a whole lot in this game.

        And let’s hope, while he’s down there, he’s not getting the ticky tack Ahmad Brooks-esque calls. No doubt the league feels they owe the Saints something.

      3. I think the niners will win and I expect them to pressure Brees but I don’t see them getting a tomb of sacks. He is one of the least sacked qb’s in the NFL for a reason.

        1. Put Brees in a sack. Put Brees in a tomb. I don’t care. 49ers defense is going to demolish the Saints offense.

  5. Good job Grant. Could only watch bits but this is good content. Really like the screen layout as well with you in the PiP window with the plays running. You are doing a great job of getting better and better at these breakdowns. Both from a football knowledge standpoint and a production value standpoint. The program looks almost exactly like Huddle which is what most high school players use to scout upcoming opponents and to compile their highlight videos to send to coaches. Very clear and easy to follow.

  6. Matt Barrows @mattbarrows : The #49ers are opening the practice window for DL Kentavius Street this week, per sources. He can be activated from injured reserve at any point, and the team has an open roster spot after releasing K Chase McLaughlin earlier today.

    Looking forward to seeing Street’s superhuman strength on the field. I guess we are rolling with Gould. He has missed 8 FG in 9 games. One of the highest paid kickers needs to do much better.

    Niners 34 – Saints 20

  7. Grant:

    Question on the play you show at around the 15:00 minute mark of your video where Robert Saleh pretends to blitz and the niners have 4 guys rushing and 7 in coverage. The TE, Mark Andrews (#89) for the Ravens runs a short crossing route that is wide open. It looks to me like Jackson had more than enough time to find his TE and if you look at the film, Andrews would have gained probably at least 10 yards. To me this was less of a brilliant play call by Saleh and more of a total miss by Jackson who should have thrown to his safety valve/checkdown. Seems like this would have been a better choice for Jackson than throwing deep into double coverage.

  8. Brees > Garoppolo sucks to say it , were probably better every other place , except maybe kicker and head coach . But the difference will be the gap between the two QB s

      1. No . But when that 3rd year QB has a better defense than the hall of famer I would expect him to not hurt his team with careless turnovers and make better decisions in crucial situations

  9. This will be a daunting challenge. The Saints are also 10-2, and have a solid team, with few weaknesses.
    Once again, this game may come down to which team makes the fewer mistakes. Too bad Brees, with his vast experience, will make fewer mistakes than JG, unless the Niner pass rush gets to him.
    Both KS and JG must be on top of their game, to beat Payton and Brees.
    Niners, 24-23.

    1. Yes many folks are overlooking the Saints defense which is pretty good……If JimmyP doesn’t protect the ball and Kyle pulls another boner it will look like the other losses….lets hope they get this game right= Kyle calls sensible plays and the team plays sound situational football

  10. Another game against an experience SB coach…….Kshanny will blow this game on another dumb mistake and lack of experience

    Don’t get me wrong – I am ALL IN with Kshanny……just being realistic about expectations…..

    The only top coach Kshanny has beaten is M.Tomlin, a game we could have lost….

    Kshanny has yet to beat a top 5 NFL head coach……..so enough of the genius talk……lets keep it real.

          1. Every one of those are leading their division.
            Maybe you should demonstrate your genius, and tell who you consider to be the top 5 HC.

            1. Every one of those are leading their division.

              Every one but one has won a Super Bowl. That one always finds ways to lose leading up to it.

          2. I’ll take Tomlin over Reid as well. That he has his team in the playoff hunt this year speaks volumes. Reid, scuffling along with the MVP, not so much.

            1. Yes, Tomlin has won a SB, but Reid has 14 years of making it to the playoffs, 4 straight NFCC Games, 5 championship games and a SB appearance.
              Reid has a 203- 128-1 record. Reid has just as many wins as games Tomlin has coached in.
              Tomlin has 8 years of making it to the playoffs, 3 championship games, and a SB win and loss.
              Tomlin has a 131-71-1 record in a division with the Brownies and Bungles.

              1. “ Tomlin has a 131-71-1 record in a division with the Brownies and Bungles“
                So all those years Walsh won he had the Falcons and the Saints?

              2. Yes, the Niners had an easier time, and was granted a first week bye.
                BW also won 3 rings, and changed the game.
                You want to make it twice as hard to win, and do not think they need a first round bye.

              3. So all those years Walsh won he had the Falcons and the Saints?

                And all these years Belichick as won, he’s had the Jets, Bills and Dolphins.

                See this smelly can of worms you opened, Seb?

              4. So, you want to deny reality?
                Teams not only have to be good, they have to be fortunate.
                Smelly can of worms? I did not assign teams to their divisions.

              5. .
                Smelly can of worms? I did not assign teams to their divisions.

                So what is it? Is Tomlins success based on his division opponents or not? And if so, why not Belichicks?

              6. Sure, I have always said that Belichick’s job has been easier with the incompetence of his division opponents.
                Do not know why you are blaming me for that.

              7. And Reids success came against the Giants, Skins, Cowboys…and then later Broncos, SD Charges and Raiders.

                I’d take the AFC North over both divisions during that time.

                And again, where’s his ring?

    1. Kshanny has yet to beat a top 5 NFL head coach……

      That win over the Seahawks last year must have been a mirage then.

  11. Niners roll.
    This team isn’t going anywhere and until they prove otherwise that they eat these pocket passers for breakfast. I’m not wavering.
    They complete the tough stretch at 2-1.
    It’s what I thought and it will happen.
    Atleast two picks or TO’s from Brees.

    Pressure him and he loves throwing into coverage.

    1. I think it will be a lot closer. The D will pressure Brees, but so will the NO defense pressure Jimmy G. On Thanksgiving they sacked Ryan 9 times and their front 4 is considered to be one of the best in the NFL. I see both offenses struggling.

      1. Cubus…. you killed it with sacked Matt Ryan 9 times
        Remember when Carolina sacked whoever it was 9 times in a game.
        They didn’t come close to Garoppolo in that game.
        I’ll take our O-line over Atlanta’s.
        And I’ll take Shanahans play calling to get the ball out faster, and I’ll take our running game over Atlanta’s.
        And I’ll take into consideration that we are not their division rival.
        31 isn’t all offense imo
        I think they roll these Aints.

  12. The guys over at the NN Podcast had an interesting comp for Mostert as faster version of Ariane Foster (the comp later picked up by Dieter K on KNBR with Grant). Thought that was a decent comparison based on running style, vision and decisiveness of making cuts, although Mostert is 3″ shorter and 20 lb lighter. Wonder how Kyle will split the snaps between Brieda, Mostert and Coleman this week, but I’d bet that Mostert will get the max.

  13. Grant: I appreciate your film review. I do think Ted Nguyen on The Athletic does a great job (probably has bigger and better production budget than you do). On the first play you show, Nguyen points out it was actually Warner’s responsibility on the scrape assignment, but that Roman counteracted this with the Nick Boyle motion, causing Warner to have to guard Boyle and make Greenlaw, the backside linebacker, have to move all the way over.

    I think both you and Nguyen do a good job noting the errors by defensive players that made the scrape concept not work in the first half (your reference to Tartt on the second video, Ngueyn’s reference to Nzeocha on Jackson’s touchdown run). It’s nice to have both of you to review.


  14. The All-22 is fine, but I like how Grant can take that film, and break it down, using layman terms to help fans gain insights. He detailed in slow motion, how Coleman lacks vision and ran with hesitancy. Then he showed how Mostert ran aggressively, hitting the hole at top speed, and avoided tackles.
    My only problem with Mostert is his size. I just do not think he is big enough to withstand the sledgehammer blows that a number one RB will receive. I do agree that Coleman should not be the featured back, but think that Jeff Wilson , who is 6’0″, 213 lbs, can run between the tackles. I think Mostert would be more effective as the change of pace back. Coleman should be used more in the passing game, with swing passes and screens as his best plays to succeed with.
    I hope the coaches for the Niner offense, will make sober assessments, and shrewd adjustments. Coleman, with his 6 yards on 5 carries, is not the best option.

  15. Don”t believe Seb he isn’t even a good ball washer. The quest for the elusive 6th is alive and well!! Time to beat the Aints!

  16. One thing I keep coming back to on the 49ers is the future. If you look closely at this roster, all indications are that this team is only scratching the surface of how good they can be next year. We’ve got a good group of RB’s who are doing an amazing job but just imagine if this offense had someone like Alvin Kamara. Also Jimmy G is really only completing his first 16 games of experience. Plus he’s in the first year back coming off a knee injury. At WR Sanders is a good NFL WR on the back end of his career. Can you imagine a true top end WR like Michael Thomas in this offense? On defense, the 49ers are playing with 2 rookie LBers seeing a lot of playing time. I firmly believe if Kwon Alexander played, the 49ers would have beat the Ravens on Sunday. No way Alexander screws up his gap assignments like Al-Shaair, Greenlaw, and Nzeocha did against the Ravens. If you have Warner, Kwon, and LB playing at a high level then this 49er defense would be even better. The future looks crazy bright for this team.

    1. This is a question that may have already been answered that I may have missed.
      Is K. Alexander eligible (if healthy) to make a return if the team goes deep in the playoffs?

      1. AES, the nature of the injury requires 6 months just to get back in the gym, and then another 6 before he’d be back to his pre-injury strength level.

          1. Cowboy played through the injury, but his power was greatly diminished. I doubt Watt makes it back that early, and even if he does, he won’t be very effective….

    1. Yeaaaah, right. Must be why Sherman was practicing today. Because he’s done. Or, you know, maybe Tartt has a fractured rib and might not play this weekend. Which we have already been told about.

  17. I like the sound of Brieda and Monstert in the back field better than Brieda and Coleman.
    I think Coleman would be fine in redzone opportunities, I never thought he looked like a starting running back who could take the bulk of the carries.

    Problem is Breida can never stay healthy.
    Even with healthy ankles if I were him I’d have a roll of duct tape on each one every game and practice, hell maybe even when grocery shopping.

    Oh and Goldmen-Sacks are hungry.
    Very hungry. I don’t see how NO o-line are going to contain these animals.
    Especially with DF playing again.
    They will only be faster on this turf.
    Brees is in twouble!!

    And one more Oh……
    rams are beating the Seahawks on Sunday. They might be a little more dangerous than expected when we see them again.

  18. Actually the SB KS is not listening to me, since he keeps wasting time outs.
    Winning by one point is still winning.

  19. Wow, Tim Ryan was suspended for insensitive remarks about Lamar Jackson.
    He should have just stuck to the dark color of the uniforms.
    I do not think he intended to be offensive. He apologized, and the Niners apologized to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.
    I hope he does not lose his job, and the suspension is for only a couple games.
    I like Tim Ryan, and like his passion.

        1. The white anger is ripe on this one. It’s not PC to ask people to be respectful about sensitive issues. It’s also an asinine comment he really didn’t need to make. The problem is that he’s taking away from this young mans natural talent by making it about his skin color. It’s absurd to think that is affecting how good he is at faking handoffs.

        2. Of course you are all in on defending it, Prime Cuck. Just further reinforces the incredibly low standards you set for yourself. Sometimes I wonder how your brain manages to figure out how to press letter keys in a set pattern to form strings of letters that ultimately represent words on a screen, but then I read your posts and come to my answer – it doesn’t, KEK!

      1. He was suggesting, although I believe not intentionally, that Lamar has an advantage because he’s black. I don’t chock this up to an overly sensitive public but instead just one of those things you don’t do. As an agent and representative of the 49ers or any public company you just can’t make a statement that carries any racial undertones. It’s not appropriate regardless of merit.

        They’re right to suspend him. They’re also right in not firing him.

        1. Agreed.
          I heard it on the podcast and shook my head. In that comfortable, bromantic atmosphere on Mac and Murph’s show, he may have momentarily forgotten that he was speaking publicly, and that he was a 49er employee. He may have been right, but it was in poor taste.

          1. It never occurred to me that contrast/camouflauge would affect the ability of the defensive players to find the ball, but I can see that it might. I have floaters in my eyes and if I look at a white background they are quite annoying in how they affect my vision. But as soon as I look at a dark green landscape, none to few of the floaters can be seen (even though the floaters are brown to black in color against a white background).

            Overall, I think it was an interesting observation. However, it was presented poorly. I think all he should have talked about was the uniforms, which make up the vast majority of the dark background, and simply referred to it as a further advantage beyond Jackson’s considerable playing abilities.

            Teams look for any advantages they can get. QBs try to set the pressure of the football for gripping purposes. To me it’s not surprising that teams that make a heavy use of deception on where the football is, might use dark uniforms to help hide the ball further.

            Having said that, it would be interesting to see if the dark uniforms are really that effective. In the game the 49ers played against the Ravens, you could see players going the wrong way and not seeming to know where the ball was. Weddle commented on this as well when the Rams played the Ravens (who were wearing purple uniforms). Did the dark uniforms provide an extra advantage beyond Jackson’s ability at deception?

            It would be interesting to hear some players comment on this “contrast” issue.

          1. “He’s really good at that fake, Lamar Jackson, but when you consider his dark skin with a dark football with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing,” Ryan said during the interview. “I mean, you literally could not see when he was in and out of the mesh point, and if you’re a half step slow on him in terms of your vision forget about it, he’s out of the gate.”

            Just to clarify why I think some might not be happy with his comments…

            If he was white QB bet he would have said QB “so smart he knows how to fake the defense”……..by focusing on LJ skin color he pretty much is disregarding LJ brain skills and talent…..by saying the reason LJ is good at faking the defense is because of the color of his uniform and skin.

            and that is how some view black people…..why is it always hard to give a black person credit for his or her smarts…..

            1. Specifically, oneniner, people view Black QB’s as traditionally less intelligent than their white counterparts, so there’s an even further edge to it. It’s painfully obvious to see why people would take issue with it. It’s so obvious, I wonder if Tim Ryan even has a filter between his brain and his mouth, as you would think somewhere along that line he’d realise maybe he could make his point without mentioning skin colour when racial tensions and discussions are so viral.

              Really, anyone who doesn’t think it’s at the very least a dumb mistake on his part is being willfully ignorant at best. Or, you know, they’re just racist themselves lol. People who tend to be racist also tend to have shall we say lower than average cognitive ability. It’s why it doesn’t surprise me whatsoever to see Prime Cuck, along with a handful of others, express the tired “muh millenial snowflakes” argument in response to it. Racist, lower than average intelligence – it all applies here.

              1. ++++++

                I forgive Prime – he does not reside in America……so he pretty much shoots off based on limited knowledge

              2. I mean, I don’t live in America, but am aware of basic knowledge such as this. Granted, I live in England, which is fairly adjacent to America when it comes to racial issues, if not as pronounced.

      2. Nick,
        “We live in a hyper sensitive world these days.”

        Agreed. But that very fact is the reason why making this type of comment (which I didn’t view as racist) can be viewed as inappropriate.

        I remember over 30 years ago, Howard Cosell saying (paraph) “look at that little monkey go” during a Monday night game. That set off a firestorm of criticism that was only extinguished when Mohammed Ali came to his aide. But even with that, Cosell never regained his credibility.

        Words really matter especially in this day and age more so than 30 + years ago.

    1. Any soldier knows his or her brain is more advantage under any conditions…….focusing on the clothing or skin color just show your ignorance

  20. Tim Ryan thing is a joke,if someone said that Tom Brady blended in with the Snow it would just be a funny joke..Cue Ribico the keyboard tough guy to come in and type something about opression in…5…4…3…….2

    1. I mean, Tim Ryan was dumb for saying it. You know you can’t say things like that. Offensive or not offensive, you have to be smart enough to just keep things like that inside your close circle. Otherwise people will be outraged, and you’ll get suspended.

    2. Cue Ribico the keyboard tough guy to come in and type something…

      The only thing worth typing in your direction is better to keep one’s mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. That that advice from a libtard.

      1. I agree, but you really ought to take your own advice. You’re not exactly what we would call “highly functional”…

  21. Same people that are leaving California in droves and now even complaining about the Tim Ryan thing are the same people who vote for liberal politics and laws,pure insanity….You wanted it you got it…got me laughing..What a bunch of PC fruit cakes…oh he said he was dark…oh my God…how offensive..I can’t sleep..where do they find these people? Definitely not the same cut as the men who stormed the beaches of Europe…Tim Ryan is a stand up guy who loves football and the Niners and I will personally miss hearing his thoughts on the game this week

    1. You don’t seem like an overly bright individual … whoever you really are. Reveal your true identity …be brave like the men who stormed the beaches of Europe.

        1. I am definitely not offended …. but quite amused …and I suppose a bit sad … that a buffoon like yourself exists. I think you forgot to storm .. your medication jar tonight.

          1. Please do not blame me for this catfish. I just mentioned that Ryan was going to be suspended, for one game, I believe, and have strenuously avoided non football matters.

    2. What a bunch of PC fruit cakes…

      The Ryan affair is more evidence that so-called political correctness is just society’s way of trying to prevent you from making an @ss of yourself. Some are determined to do it anyway.

  22. Just looking at some of the upcoming games for Baltimore… I think they will lose at least 1 more game and possibly 2 more games. I think the Bills will keep this game close and may have a shot to pull out a win and I believe the Steelers will beat Baltimore down the stretch.

    I also believe if SF wins this game they will beat Seattle in Seattle and the road to the superbowl will go through SF.

    1. Seattle was very lucky to get SF the week they did. Without Kittle, Sanders, Breida, Kwon and Gould. In addition to those absent Staley was in his first game back and looked rusty.
      If San Francisco rolls into Seattle healthy in week 17 I expect a dominant performance.
      The only thing going against this team beyond injuries right now is a lack of experience in big games. Hopefully Sanders, Staley and Sherman can provide the necessary guidance come playoff time.
      And it would be really nice if the football gods could give us a reprieve from the weekly injuries.

  23. As to Tim Ryans comment, Was it racist or racially offensive? I don’t know but it sure was stupid. Can you imagine Bill Walsh making that sort of comment? I’m haven’t been a big Tim Ryan fan and i’m even less of a Greg Papa fan. As far as i’m concerned they could get rid of both of them tomorrow and I would enjoy the broadcast 100 times more. If they do replace Ryan I hope they go back to a 49er alumni, Brent Jones would be a great pick. As to a play by play replacement I have no idea but its to bad Jon Miller isn’t younger I bet he would be incredible.

    1. I don’t Tim is a racist……he is a product of his ignorant environment getting used to seeing a black QB on top ……All he had to say was LJ is so smart in faking the defense…….why the need to think this has anything to with skin color is ignorant and dumb…..

      is the color of the football black?

    2. I don’t think he meant to be racist either, but it was an incredibly stupid thing to say.
      Why would anyone think that was good commentary. Just plain dumb.

      1. I wonder if Ryan had been drinking, like Jimmy The Greek obviously had been. And for those complaining about PC raging out of control in our current day, it was over 3 years ago that the Greek lost his job over stupid race-based remarks.

  24. I liked Wayne Walker and Joe Starkey. If you go way back, Don Klein was at the inception of the Glory Years. He called ‘The Catch’, and I was sorry to hear he passed away this year at 95.
    I did not like Ted Robinson. He seemed to become bitter, with all the losing. However, Greg Papa is worse, because he has too much Raider in him. His TOUCHDOWN RAI- er San Fran Cisco! grates on my nerves.
    At least Tim Ryan was entertaining, and kept a cheerful mood, even with all the past losing. His macho bravado, and positive shtick was fine by me, even during the 2-14 season.
    I am glad Tim Ryan has shown remorse, and his suspension is just. He never should have gone there.

      1. ‘I regret my choice of words in trying to describe the conditions of the game, Lamar Jackson is an MVP caliber player, and I respect him greatly. I want to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else I offended.’- Tim Ryan.

        1. this was not about the conditions of the game………it was about diminishing this young mans natural talent by making it about his skin color……

            1. I watched the game live…..and I didn’t think his skin color had to do with anything…..LJ and the offense is just very good at faking the defense – including the tv camera man and people watching LIVE……

              Saying this is because of skin color is diminishing his talent……

              @jack – If you think someone is wrong cuz they care about what matters to them, why are you right because you care about what matters to you?

              1. I would agree that he was trying to diminish Jackson’s talent if he didn’t say, “Jackson is really good at that fake” and mention how with his speed he’s out the gate quick.

                Feel free to care about it, that’s your right.

                If you heard the interview first, before reading the words, I think you might see how he wasn’t trying to diminish the guy.

              2. that’s dumb coming from you

                ……its like saying……”you are a n…ga……but a very smart one..”

                so because the saying added he is a “smart one”…..that means the statement was not racist

              3. Was his comment racist? I can see how it’s taken that way. Don’t think he meant it in that manner, but that’s just me.

                My initial comment, and the one that followed is that his intent was not to diminish Jackson’s talent.

                Feel how you want to feel.

              4. How the F…..do you know what was in his mind?

                I am not calling the guy a racist…..but I won’t put myself out there saying I know what he meant.

                quote from Captain sensible below…..I would align myself with the reasoning stated below if i was going to better understand why he said what he said….

                What most people have a really hard time with is the unresolved parts of themselves, where they tend to tilt towards group think, because thinking otherwise is hard and difficult. People have to confront their own, inborn levels prejudice and stereotypes that are hiding out.

                They have be uncomfortable with with the fact that they might be holding on to a superficial rendering of something that’s been determined by the herd as the right or appropriate action, even if they have to adhere to something that’s a half truth at best, because to do other is invoke the rage and scorn of other people who will defend their position to the death, if it somehow allows them to conform and be comfortable in group settings.

                I find most people indulge in group think. Most people are just herd animals and even the ones that think they somehow got off the farm, are just in another free range zone of sorts.

              5. I heard the interview and the context in which he said it. I’ve heard people who know him discuss the type of person he is. I’ve read his statement and it follows along with the context in which the remarks were initially made which was about the conditions of the game.

              6. You realize two things can be true. Its not black and white, life is shades of grey.

                Yes, he has immense talent and executed those plays perfectly, but that also does not mean that having darker skin, with a dark wet ball, and black uni’s, on a rainy day, does not HELP them execute the play even better as the there isn’t the contrast of color as one gets when you have lighter skinned or white uni’s contrasting a dark ball.

                Its a damn color wheel you’re hurt over.

                Everyone is so thin skinned its sickening, no matter the amount of pigmentation/melanin.

              7. Let’s just call him racist and ignore his actual statement and it’s meaning.

                We can then say stuff like I don’t see skin color. Then we can pat ourselves on the back for not being racist and so insensitive.

            2. I want to defer to you, because I didn’t see the interview, but I dunno, the context would need to really bail it out. When you bring up the skin colour, you’re giving an alternative reason as to why the fakes were successful, which hand-in-hand diminishes his talent because you’re providing an alternative reason instead. Even if it was totally unintentional, it directly diminishes it, so I really don’t know how it wasn’t about diminishing at all.

              1. Thanks Jack, I was going to reply to this oneminder about a non-issue, but Sherman said it best!

          1. It was about a dark wet ball and the dark uniforms, and him being able to fake handing off the ball so deceptively, one could not tell if he faked or not.
            Yes, he should never have talked about skin color, but I sincerely hope he called Lamar Jackson and personally apologized. He did not think Lamar Jackson was inferior, but that he gained an advantage.
            Once again, he never should have gone there, and just talked about a dark wet ball and dark uniforms.

            1. and i am telling you to stop being dumb and ignorant…….

              …..faking the handling off so deceptively is because he his smart, talented and his offense line sync it well…….nothing to do with wet ball, dark uniforms and dark skin……..

              1. Believe it or not, a dark wet ball with dark uniforms, is harder to pick up when compared to dry conditions and road white uniforms.
                If Tim Ryan had just stuck with that observation, and avoided all mention of skin color, we would not be talking about this.

              2. again you are doing the same thing……this has nothing to do with dark uniforms or dark skin

                In baseball – nobody says the white pitcher is good because he hides the white ball well under his white hands……..they say dude has talent (end of story)

                or lets say you believe that nonsense you just wrote….how come QB don’t wear gloves that are similar in color to the football….I mean if what you are saying is true….I would think in a copy cat league always looking for an advantage…..QB’s will be wearing same color gloves and the ball….

              3. In baseball – nobody says the white pitcher is good because he hides the white ball well under his white hands……..they say dude has talent (end of story)

                You watch Undisputed, oneniner? I ask because they made that exact same analogy on there, discussing the very same topic. I get why, but I don’t think it’s a great comparison due to the differences on sport. Agreed with the spirit of the point though, which I guess is the most important part.

              4. I mostly watch when I get home after work….I haven’t seen today’s show……

                The baseball analogy is to point out Pitchers do fake all the time……and nobody ever said white player has an advantage because the color of the ball is white or that the color of the ball blends well with his skin color……they say he his talented, very smart (end of story)……

              5. Quit continuing to make skin color part of this. It is wrong, and never should have been mentioned.
                NO ONE should be talking about skin color. A dark wet ball, and dark uniforms are perfectly fine to talk about, when talking about being hard to differentiate. Comparing road white uniforms to dark purple uniforms is totally OK. A football will contrast more against a white background, making it easier to spot.
                Many QBs do not wear gloves. JG did not wear them, even in those rainy conditions. Maybe you think they should make gloves that have lacing and markings like a football, but the competition committee would probably ban them, just like they ban shaded visors on QBs, because it would give them an advantage.
                Tim Ryan was raving about how deceptive Lamar Jackson was. He was praising his talent to be so deceptive. He was not saying Lamar Jackson cannot read a defense, or is wildly inaccurate, like many do with other black QBs. He is not saying Jackson is dumb, like you are doing with me. You may like your opinion, but it is not superior to mine.

              6. « If Tim Ryan had just stuck with that observation, and avoided all mention of skin color, we would not be talking about this. »


              7. @Jack…..people like you is what is wrong with America….

                Grow a spine and take a position.

              8. « people like you is what is wrong with America »

                You mean people who take their time to think about the facts and then come to a conclusion instead of popping off after not getting as much information as possible? Okie dokie.

                I have taken a position, and that position is that Ryan wasn’t diminishing anyone with his comments.

                He was describing the conditions of the game. Could he have crafted his words better to convey that? Yes.

              9. its ok dude…we can agree to disagree

                at the end of the day you see him as a victim…..i see him as just keeping it real with his values

                and yes i did take time to research who said what …..my response to this whole blah was 100% based on his weak apology

              10. « at the end of the day you see him as a victim »

                Huh? Where did I say that Ryan is a victim?

                Try again.

              11. see what i mean jack..

                …your point is they are wrong for thinking he was diminishing his talent… …so who is your victim in your accusation?

                when you start saying things like

                If Tim Ryan had

                you pretty much saying people are being hard on him

                i like Rib thinking ….

                The Ryan affair is more evidence that so-called political correctness is just society’s way of trying to prevent you from making an @ss of yourself. Some are determined to do it anyway.

              12. Ok. Got ya now. Thought you meant I was making him a victim for being suspended.

                Well yeah. If he hadn’t brought up skin color this wouldn’t be a racial issue for some and nobody probably would have thought twice about what was said.

              13. but he did bring it up…….and you are 100% certain it wasn’t to diminish LJ

                why bring up the if …is that to lessen the wrong….the wrong you are 100% certain does not exist?

                All i am saying is looking at the story objectively …..you can’t for certain be sure he wasn’t diminishing LJ. ……

              14. Bro, he wasn’t . Even players on the 49ers who know the man have stated they had a hard time finding the ball. His partner on the radio has stated as well that this wasn’t meant to demean Jackson.

                Without the skin color being mentioned the basic premise wouldn’t have changed. Wet dark ball, black jersey, dark/wet day. Hard to pick up the ball. Any hesitation against an athlete like Jackson gets you behind. Simple.

        2. ‘I regret my choice of words in trying to describe the conditions of the game, Lamar Jackson is an MVP caliber player, and I respect him greatly. I want to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else I offended.’- Tim Ryan.

          The apology was probably sincere. But that weasely qualifier “anyone else I offended” just blows. You either regret your actions or you don’t, others reactions should not be your influence. How about those people who weren’t offended, like our PT and Speed? Everything OK there, no apology towards them?

          1. He did not qualify it like some have, and said- ‘If I have offended anyone,’ as if he might think he did nothing wrong.
            I think it was sincere, and heart felt. I certainly forgive him, even though I thought it was insensitive, because he did not have hate in his heart.

              1. No, that is only if he said-IF. Ryan said-‘ I sincerely apologize to him and anyone else I offended.’
                Some were not offended.

              2. No. he included everybody, but everybody was not offended. Maybe only a few were offended; the hypersensitive.
                I was not offended, but just wish he had not gone there. I do not think Ryan meant to demean or denigrate Jackson.

    1. Seb,
      I liked Wayne Walker also even if he wasn’t an ex 9er but I believe that having an alumnus just brings something special to the broadcast. I go back to the Gordy Soltau and Hugh Mcelhenny days. I couldn’t agree with you more about Papa’s touchdown call it sounds much more like schitck than genuine excitement. I wish he would just go back to touchdown 49ers.

      1. Old Coach, Soltau and McElhenny were before my time, but I also liked Lon Simmons. (Gets away again!)
        Eric Davis and Gary Plummer were memorable color commentator/alums.

  25. “As to Tim Ryans comment, Was it racist or racially offensive? I don’t know but it sure was stupid. Can you imagine Bill Walsh making that sort of comment? ”

    That’s a terrible analogy.

    Walsh was a head coach. Walsh was cerebral. Walsh would not make a comment like that. But that’s the wrong choice.

    The right choice, would be perhaps another defensive lineman.

    Maybe somebody like Reggie White?

    Remember White’s insights into race?

    Were they equally stupid or wrong?

    I must admit that his reasoning as to why blacks were enslaved and not Indians was hysterical on the surface, but even that held some weird truth in it.

    White spoke in stereotypes and stereotypes have their roots in truth, which is how and why they become stereotypes.

    Stereotypes are not racist, nor are they misinformed. They communicate some level of truth at a level that is not nuanced or allows for an inevitable variance. But it does not make them wrong or invalidate them.

    White said that Asians could turn a TV into a watch. Was he wrong? Or that Mexicans have a social and familial structure that allows them to live in multi-generational households as part of their social structure. Was he wrong about that? In both instances, he wasn’t. What he didn’t have was graphs, charts, data points and variability rates that led him to his conclusions.

    If White was a Phd, and ran a peer review study that led him to the conclusion that “Mexicans” do indeed have a culture of multi-generational family living, then people more or less nod their heads in approval.

    It’s a position that’s sanitized and pasteurized so that people can consume it without theoretically gagging, but it would not make it more right or true than White’s observation.

    What most people have a really hard time with is the unresolved parts of themselves, where they tend to tilt towards group think, because thinking otherwise is hard and difficult. People have to confront their own, inborn levels prejudice and stereotypes that are hiding out.

    They have to be uncomfortable with with the fact that they might be holding on to a superficial rendering of something that’s been determined by the herd as the right or appropriate action, even if they have to adhere to something that’s a half truth at best, because to do other is invoke the rage and scorn of other people who will defend their position to the death, because it allows them to conform and be comfortable in group settings.

    I find most people indulge in group think. Most people are just herd animals and even the ones that think they somehow got off the farm, are just in another free range zone of sorts.

    For all of you who are embarrassed by Ryan, ask yourself why?

    You might come up with an entirely different answer if you dig deep enough.

    I’m more embarrassed by Jed and the Niners for banning him for one game.

    Either stand by the dude or cut him loose.


    1. I agree it doesn’t intrinsically make you wrong, but it does beg the question if it’s wise to be made at all? You have to be aware of how your comments can come off these days, and here he came off tone deaf. I don’t get your point re the one game suspension – he doesn’t deserve to lose his job, but the team needs to show consequence again because of how the optics would look otherwise. One game seems fair to me.

      1. I agree. I expected a 2 game suspension, but one game with his sincere apology is fine. Maybe it should be without pay.
        I do not think Tim Ryan was hating on Lamar Jackson. He was just being insensitive, and never should have gone there.

        1. I also expected a 2 year suspension from Grant for being the Blog Idiot, but I was able to skate by this time.
          GO NINERS!!

              1. Typical arrogance displayed by my catfish.
                He’s wasting all his time by reading MY posts and then writing about it!
                No need to respond.

              2. I predict that you will grow tired of yourself catfish.
                Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery!

    2. I’m a little surprised how much of a stir this has all caused, but in a racially charged society it was stupid to make the comment.

      1. Random dude at a sports bar…..no one bats an eye at the comment….but in the professional spotlight working for a team located in the most “progressive” region in the world, not the smartest thing to say.

        I have no problem with the comment, but understand the reaction. I do think the Niners went too strong on the repercussion. Should have just asked him for a public apology. They should have took his intentions more into consideration.

        1. i think what is frustrating to some is everyone knows what the expected apology is to read like,….for some reason this dullards always f….k it up….

          if you can’t apologize properly to a dumb comment you said……i don’t know how i can get behind or defend what you said….

          1. Why do you even have to apologize for a dumb comment? I’ve made a few dumb comments in my lifetime and never apologized and I bet most people are the same. It’s political correctness run amuck. You say something that no one should be offended with But because of political correctness you give the standard apology and get criticized again.

        2. Leo, I beg to differ. The Niners are sending a strong message that they do not condone such language from their spokesmen. He is a face of their franchise. They could have fired him, but a one game suspension is appropriate, since Tim Ryan did not intend to demean or belittle Jackson.
          Tim Ryans’ apology was sincere, and heartfelt. He knew he did something he should not have done, and I am glad he is accepting his punishment like a man, and not fighting it.

    1. Funny how Bosa has been one of the healthiest defensive players on the team ( knocking on every piece of wood available)

    2. also….

      t Barrows

      Verified account

      Follow Follow @mattbarrows
      Arik Armstead was given a vet day. He has no injury, will be good to go vs. Saints.

      12:08 PM – 5 Dec 2019

        1. Poor Solly. Better enjoy the rest of the year in SF because most likely it will be his last.
          We need his money to give to Double AA.

          1. If only, Prime. Thomas’ dead money hit in 2020 is the same as his salary cap hit at just under $9 million. Doubtful that they could find a trade partner willing to take on that cap hit.

            1. Thanks for that info. A trade possibly at the draft?
              We have so much depth there but Solly just hasn’t found his role in this defense. Best thing for him and his career is go to a team that can use him.

              1. Not sure, but the draft seems like a point in time that is too late. Teams might want to trade for Armstead during FA and the team will need to decide what to do with him before or during FA. Not sure what the team could get.

              2. A trade is a possibility. The team acquiring him would only be on the hook for roughly half his 2020 cap hit (the other half being the pro-rated signing bonus that would remain on the 49ers cap).

  26. Tim Ryan says it was hard to see the dark football between the dark jersey and the dark skin of Lamar Jackson…
    Triggered liberal translation….”he said he only has that skillset because of his skin color” “he has something against black people”…maybe stop being so sensitive and just man up…and no not like the liberal definition of a man…the traditional man…
    Tim Ryan didn’t say anything wrong or racist,he made an observation that was blown out of proportion just like everything else in post Obama America..Grow a spine people

    Niners 31 Saints 28

    1. Jimmy the Greek was sacked for making impertinent comments about black athletes. Some people said he was just telling it like is. That was in Reagan’s America. When traditional men ruled.

      Idiocy is not bound by the era.

  27. If Tim Ryan did absolutely nothing wrong. why did he sincerely apologize, and accept his punishment?
    He should have talked about the dark wet ball, and the dark uniforms, and stayed far away from mentioning skin tone.
    Some want to condone bad behavior, and that is what really is wrong with America today.
    Too bad we are distracted by this, instead of concentrating on how to defeat the Saints.

  28. 1. https://www.sacbee.com/sports/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/article238081294.html
    49ers cornerback Richard Sherman says he wasn’t “as outraged as everybody else” over the comments made by the team’s radio analyst Tim Ryan this week about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson that led to a one-game suspension from the team.
    “I understand how it came be taken under a certain context and be offensive to some,” Sherman said. “But if you’re saying, ‘Hey, this is a brown ball, they’re wearing dark colors, and he has brown arms,’ honestly, we were having trouble seeing it on film. He’s making the play fake and sometimes he’s swinging his arm really fast. And you’re like, ‘Okay, does he have the ball on that play?’ And you look up and (Mark) Ingram’s running it. “So it was technically a valid point, you can always phrase things better. You can always phrase things and not say, ‘his black skin,’ you know?”

    2. Saints LB Kiko Alonso is injured and has not practiced this week.

  29. Andrus Peat G, Will Clapp G, and Terron Armstead T, are all on the injury report for the Saints.
    Over half of the O line is nicked up? Kocurek is salivating over the chance to sack Brees.

  30. Tim Ryan is a great American…Also loved how he told Baltimore fan to shut his mouth while on air then calmly apologized to the listeners.He loves the Niners and he’s a local guy so hope he’s back soon.

    Meanwhile in Iran it is reported that up to 1000 protestors were killed by the government,meanwhile Kapernick a half breed from the suburbs who made millions of dollars to play a game continue to dis respect our flag and make a stance against “opressive” America and Sebnyah and Ribico crying tears of buttermilk because someone said a football blends in with someone’s forearm…What a horrible country?
    Worse case scenario we lose to Saints and Seattle which is likely the playoffs will go through Seattle and that is an impossibke task my friends

      1. Yup..I find it comical a half white half black kid raised by white people in suburban Turlock,went to college got an opportunity to play in the NFL now has a hood accent and hates white people..Hes kinda like a tan vanilla ice or Malibu’s most wanted..lol

  31. This is all I need to listen to about the Ryan subject.
    Seems the weak minded that are looking to be offended are going ape*hit over this.
    I’d bet most don’t even live with dark skin color. But that’s another subject.
    This country and people outraged with this crap are the problem. Just fanning the flames of racism and killing the true racist crimes out there by watering it all down, crying wolf and searching to be offended and to shut down free speech if they deem if “hateful”

    I’ll also just say I’m glad I don’t have soft friends like that, I kinda like how I get some Puerto Rican jokes, as I dish some white, black and any other stereotypical joke there is out myself.
    Be nice if everyone could embrace their culture and find the funny things that make us all different, that might open up to making us all equal as HUMANS!!! Smh

    This is who I’ll hear out.


    1. Yup seems the people crying racism are actually the racists.At work the racial stereo types actually become a point of jokes on the crew with each other .My buddy Ron (Asian) is referred to as Mr Miyagi we ask him how he keeps his noodles warm in his lunch box,or if a dog goes running bye we always yell “don’t eat him Ron!”
      He just laughs his tail off..Good one he pulled on me was a truck drove by bumping Spanish music then after it drove off he turns around and says “sorry bro did you say something?” Had me rolling..see were all Americans ,different colors but AMERICANS..Seems guys like Sebnyah and Ribico are just spoiled brats who thinks everyone owes them something..Never had it rough in they’re life,go crying and pulling the race card when things don’t go they’re way..Great to see their party caving on themselves.They talk about equality but seem to be the biggest dividers in this country.My Grandfather was born and raised in Honduras and when I asked him why he would never vote Democrat he would say “the best slave is the one who never realized he was a slave”
      Meanwhile Seb and Ribico would have you believe it’s 1932 and people are being gunned down in the street for being black..Sebnyah and Ribico are like that pimple on America’s ass that just won’t go away.I agree with Sherman even he knows how stupid this was,Kap already divided this team once with his B.S. hope the balding prince doesn’t create more issues with this now.
      But it’s the York’s it’s only a matter of time before they York this team up too

    2. I’m not sure who’s more offended. The ones who took offense over Ryan, or the ones taking offense at the offense. From the foaming at at the mouths here, I’d say definitely the latter.

      1. Yup. It is same irrational nutty group who listen to AM Right wing radio and run around screaming about the “war on christmas”.

      2. Ribico is triggered..there all triggered..here comes the typical “racist ” call…I don’t agree with you so you’re “racist”..??racist theyre everywhere!
        Ribico may have to go into his safe space to recover..please someone give him some free stuff

        1. Not nearly as triggered as you are. Half breed? Pimple on America’s ass? LOL You are just another lowlife whining about the modern world having left you behind. Raging at everything left and right. Probably key Hybrid cars too, don’t you?

        2. Free stuff? Sure, if you want to pay me back some the 5 figures I spent out of my pocket for secondary market tix, flights cross country, rental car, silicon valley lodging/meals for that Niners Seahawks Monday night game I attended, I’ll gladly accept your hand out. You probably can spare a dollar or two. Deal?

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