49ers-Redskins film session

San Francisco 49ers offensive guard Mike Person walks on the sideline in the second half of an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Check out  my Periscope breakdown of the Emmanuel Sanders trade and the 49ers best and worst plays from Week 7.

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  1. This was a good trade. It shows that the team is aggressive. Also, if things don’t work out with Sanders, they can cut him and get a compensatory draft pick.

    1. 1. They don’t get the pick if he is cut.
      2. The Niners don’t have to cut him; this is the last year of his contract, and if he leaves, we might get a pick, BUT ONLY if we don’t sign a free agent of comparable value. Depending on all of it, Sanders probably works out to a 5th or 6th round pick at most (depends on number of snaps he plays, etc.).

  2. You’re smoking crack putting the packers ahead of SF.
    Saints maybe. SF gets home filed and you can kiss the saints season bye in the playoffs.
    But the Packers? Am I one of the few who see them as frauds? I guess so. Luckily they come here this season. And we can see that team get exposed and destroyed.
    They are a bad call away from losing two games. Amd Rodgers alone isn’t going to get them far in the playoffs as a wild card, because
    Drum roll……….Minn is winning that division.

  3. I think Grant is becoming emotionally attached to the 49ers. He said, “If Sanders catches the ball, he’ll be our best receiver”. Welcome aboard, Mr. Cohn! Coo-coo-ca-choo!

  4. Catching 70 % of balls thrown his way , no drops , knack for getting open , good in big games . Saints , Packers and Panthers all wanted him . A + move

  5. Grant, good recap.
    You need to scrip your comments and stay focused and don’t get distracted with the comments coming it on the feed.

  6. I actually have a worse take than you on Jimmy G. I thought for some time that his not planting was not because of his injury. I got a gut feeling fortified by many red flags that Jimmy will not get much better. This is it. He is no rookie who has been in the league a long time. Long enough to have worked out that throwing off his back leg issue. For someone who has been in the league this long, there is no reason for that. At best he could work on those issued in the next offseason, but it will not happen this season. His habit is too deeply engrained. If he were a rookie out of college I might think differently.

    Often a persons strengths will turn out to be their weakness. His strength in 2017 was his confidence in himself. It carried over onto the team and was a major reason the season turned around. That same confidence is what is keeping him from changing his throwing. It’s what impels him to make throws that he shouldn’t. Usually, gunslingers have good arms. You can’t think like a gunslinger with an arm like Jimmys. I fear that Jimmies’ confidence might actually be arrogance.

    1. Is this what we are gonna expect going forward with u?
      U rattled on and on about Baalke’s supposed OCD….
      Now You’re trying to diagnose Jimmy..

  7. Oh, Grant! Don’t do that “Chariots of Fire ” theme vocally. It is very irritating at that volume. You might do an instrumental background- that would work. The idea is good, just the way it is done not only doesn’t work it makes one want to run out of the room. Your vocal might even work if you cut the volume down considerably. Of course, you wouldn’t know how it sounded while you were recording it.

    1. They can turn it down and lighten up…It was just fine Grant..you pulled it off and added that comedy effect to the hum which fit the slow motion of the guys running around in the mud, nice. You got guts!

  8. Nice periscope session.
    I would disagree with Grant’s assessment of JG’s passes. Remember, the ball was sodden, so it was like throwing a brick.
    Yes, JG did not start well, but he finished strong. His passing is not what is the limiting factor. Actually, he completed many passes that helped move the chains. It is nit picking, when he loses his tackles, and seeing him struggling because of that. On one pass that he did not have zip on the ball, a pass rusher was pushing Brunskill into him, so it was hard to step into the throw. He did not slide left, because there was another defender coming from that side.
    On the play that Grant said that Bourne and Pettis were open, I saw pretty tight coverage. Maybe Sanders is the WR they need to give JG better targets to throw to.

    1. Jimmy also used your long bomb pick on the int. That’s why that pass really wasn’t that bad of a decision, given the circumstances.

      The good return made it a good play but the reality is in most scenarios the db would have been better off not intercepting that ball.

      1. No, if it was the third down bomb, Pettis would have also jumped for a jump ball. They should have used Matthews for that play, he can high point the ball.

    2. “On the play that Grant said that Bourne and Pettis were open, I saw pretty tight coverage. Maybe Sanders is the WR they need to give JG better targets to throw to.”

      Bourne was not open… the redskins looked to be in cover 4 zone. So the dbs would actually in a position to read Jimmy, so when he throws they can break on the ball. Bourne was not yet turned, so the db would actually be able to break on the ball faster.
      Pettis was potentially open, but that is a bucket throw. Jimmy has to trust his ability to drop the ball in over a defender sitting at the goal and he can’t loft it so much that the boundary defender on that side can’t get back and intercept the ball. That is not an easy throw in such weather.

      I don’t wish to discourage him, but the breakdowns on this video were not his best. I hope he gets a chance to start watching film with a former coach or analyst so he can better understand what he is looking at. He will get better with time but I believe that would expedite the process.

      1. It is interesting to note that different people can have totally different opinions of the exact same plays.
        On the ‘Bad’ Jimmy throw to Kittle, JG threw it because the defender had his back to JG, and did not see the throw.
        However, I really like Grant’s analysis of the plays. The good, bad and ugly.

      1. Beating Packers and winning at Baltimore. Shoup, I think I’d take that trade. Even if having to endure all the blame gaming, finger pointing, handwringing, second guessing, bandwagon jumping of next week (not from you, but the usual “experts” around here)

    1. Not that Long I think… he comes from a similar offensive systems so it will mostly verbiage that he has to learn. To counter this they can just use him in a package of plays for the first 3 to 4 weeks.

        1. Yup. Peters came to Baltimore, got a cup of coffee, then went out and made a 70 yard pick six against Wilson.
          They pulled Josh Johnson off his couch, after not throwing a pass for 3 years, and he won his first game.

          1. Should of stayed on the couch with Kaep. Lucky win..then lost the last 2 games of the ’18 season…first loss 13/23-153 yds td and int….second loss 12/27- 91 yds and int…terrible…..then he had ankle surgery and was done!!…Kaep is going to stay on the couch because he’s worse.

    2. It’s being argued that Denver–under Scangarello–was running a somewhat similar offense. Unsure how valuable that will be–some I suppose. Being a veteran, he should pick things up quickly. Shanahan should be able to scheme in a way that Sanders can be effective early. Barring an jury to himself or other 9er WRs, I’d think Sanders will play at least 14-18 offensive snaps vs Carolina. Will be interesting to see where he’s at performance-wise in late November.

    3. Didn’t Jimmy G sit a month before he saw the field at the end of the Seahawks game? Learning curve is obviously shorter for a WR but I’m leaning toward saying Sanders doesn’t play this week. He’ll see a handful of snaps against the Cardinals. Shanahan seems like a guy who’s cautious about who he puts in the games.

  9. No way 49ers loose to the panthers… even though they might be challenge in the first half, I expect the niners to take care of business in the second half ( Like good teams do, finish games )

  10. Jimmy will be great a 300 yarder by game 8. He is the reason the team is winning. The team believes in him. Shoot before Jimmy I prayed for a win. Now we have Jimmy I expect a win.

    All he does is win.

    Down two tackles and a full back and still does what he needs to do to win.

    1. What are you smoking…what about the running game and defense that carry this team, JG is part of it too. JG doesn’t need 350 yards a game b/c of the running/great D…but…he has to step up his act, reduce int’s and gets to 70% comp. Sanders and other wr’s will help if JG can get them the ball and not make them wait for it or twist back 5 feet to catch it. They drop some passes too. Hopefully JG regains his ’17 performance soon.

  11. The best way to beat Carolina, is for the defense to shut down McCaffrey. Then, the ferocious pass rush of the Niners will get to the first year QB. I hope Saleh dials up some more exotic blitzes.
    I was surprised to see Thomas play NT, but he did well, but I also hope to see more of Julian Taylor.

    1. Up your game Sebbie. Technically, Kyle Allen isn’t a first year QB…

      On December 23, 2018, he [Allen] made his NFL debut against the Atlanta Falcons in relief for an injured Heinicke going 4-of-4 with 38 yards in his two drives before Heinicke came back into the game at the two minute warning of the first half. Allen would go on to make his first NFL start in the last game of the season against the New Orleans Saints. He went 16-of-27 with 228 passing yards, with two passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. He suffered an injury early in the fourth quarter and was relieved by Garrett Gilbert.

            1. I will defend your right to redefine a player’s tenure status as you see fit–until my pulse rate reaches 70 bpm. At that point, you’re on your own.

              1. Ignore my posts then, troll.
                The stench of Baalke is what gives you a very high heart rate. Go away.

              1. And you as well. I don’t even value the opinion of someone who just joined the site a few weeks ago.

              2. Don’t you know this is Sebbies blog and you must have his permission to post? Even Grant has to ask Sebbies permission before he posts.

              3. I know why you’re here, Sebbie. I know what you’ve been doing… why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. You’re looking for him. I know because I was once looking for the same thing. And when he found me, he told me I wasn’t really looking for him. I was looking for an answer. It’s the question that drives us, Sebbie. It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.

      1. So setbacks for Taylor, Hurd and Witherspoon. Is something that might be attributed to the new strength coaches (including Ben) or do they have no involvement whatsoever.

        1. Taylor just seems too small, maybe not but fragile. I hope Hurd comes back soon. Not sure when spoon comes back. I doubt involvement by the strength coach.

  12. (Copying from last post with the correction about Sanders’ injury last year being an Achilles, since there is a new post from Grant)

    1. Sanders upgrades the receiver position. He has not dropped a pass all season, is a solid slot performer who will provide Jimmy G the security blanket he needs over the middle or on check downs to the slot (what Taylor would have provided if he had not gotten hurt).
    2. He shows an ability and willingness to run block from the receiver position, which is key given our emphasis on the run game.
    3. He should adapt to the 49ers offensive scheme quickly, given he was playing in something similar under Broncos offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello.

    1. He has not played a full 16 game season in 4 years, is coming off an Achilles, and has had injury issues such that he cannot practice fully.
    2. If he did quit on the team during games because he wasn’t getting enough stats, that is of concern in this locker room, where it seems everyone seems to want to contribute regardless of personal glory. Then again, what receiver isn’t a diva to some extent?
    3. He is a one year rental. And giving up a 3rd round pick, and moving down several picks at the end of the 4th, start of the 5th (regardless of the fact we have a lesser need for developmental players) is a high price to pay for a 10 game rental (not including playoffs).
    4. Sanders is not a true #1 receiver; he is a #2 receiver. And if the question is does he move the needle sufficiently that the 49ers are now clearly the class of the NFC, the answer is no.
    5. The lack of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks raises some very real questions that may have some troubling answers:
    – Do we spend in free agency to replace our missing draft picks, even though we have less salary cap this coming year, and an added need to hand out extensions to Armstead, Buckner, and Kittle (we save some if we get rid of McKinnon, but not enough)?
    – Is Skule really our LT of the future (given his pass protection issues, McGlinchey is a RT long-term, which is more than fine; he may even become an All-Pro RT)?
    – Are we happy with Jimmie Ward staying our free safety (assuming we can sign him)? Or are we thinking Moore will be that answer? Without picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds, we are left with either Ward (who has looked much better this year, but still can’t play 16 games in a season and is a free agent) or Moore (hoping for improvement on his angles and eye skills).
    – Is there sufficient depth on the offensive line? Skule has shown better than Brunskill at tackle (Brunskill has had some ups and downs, and I think he still would work better as a Guard once he adds the necessary weight), but who is the center to replace Richburg if he goes down? Are we content with Tomlinson and Person as starters for another year?

    I like the aggressiveness given where the Niners are record-wise this year, and Sanders is probably the best receiver they could have gotten outside of AJ Green. But I don’t see this trade being anything more than B-, C+.

    1. We needed to upgrade our WR position, the best way possible, Trent Taylor wasnt gonna solve it, neither Jalen Hurd or Jordan Mathews , I love this move.

        1. Transcript: Jimmy Garoppolo discusses Emmanuel Sanders joining the 49ers, and his new receiver’s impact
          By Site Staff @49erswebzone
          28 mins ago • 0

          Did you get a chance to meet WR Emmanuel Sanders?

          “Yeah, yeah. We’ve been grinding all morning. He’s picking things up quickly. It’ll be a challenge, but yeah, it’s great to have him in here.”

          What are your initial impressions of Emmanuel’s game?

          “He’s a playmaker. If you give him a chance on the ball, he’ll make you look good. Just getting him in space, giving him opportunities to showcase his talents. He’s fast, gets out and cuts quickly, runs good routes and so all those things. It’s exciting.”

        2. Some notes from an article today.

          Although Garoppolo told the media that their trust will develop through reps, Sanders downplayed the urgency to spark chemistry. “If it’s an 18-yard comeback and he’s throwing ball where it’s supposed to be, it will naturally happen. It shouldn’t take too long,” Sanders said. When Sanders couldn’t reach a pass in Wednesday’s warmups, he returned to try again, and this time caught Garoppolo’s pass in his speedy stride.

          COOL COACH

          Shanahan has eyed Sanders since he came out of SMU in 2010, and Sanders first took notice of Shanahan’s capabilities with the 2016 Atlanta Falcons’ run to the Super Bowl. “Getting here and seeing how he is, he’s a laid-back, funny guy, light on his toes,” Sanders said. “In the team meeting, I was like, ‘I can’t wait to get home and tell my wife that the head coach is wearing Yeezys.’ That’s cool. This is one cool coach. “The environment here is so light. But we have concentration and are focused on the task at hand. His team is a reflection of him and it’s cool to see.”


          The day after Sanders tore his Achilles last December, cornerback Richard Sherman was on the phone telling him about the road to recovery. While Sherman’s comeback last year was complicated by irritating sutures, Sanders said he had no such issues. He maximized his rehabilitation, got proper rest, did not drink alcohol and, voila, “I was able to come back a lot faster than people expected.”


          Sanders’ deal expires at the end of this season, and the 49ers, who will cover his remaining $6 million in salary, would like to re-sign him, Shanahan said. Sanders said playing for a contender will be a driving factor: “Yeah, the money’s good, I’ve made my fair share, but it’s about happiness. I love playing football, I love being happy and I love winning.”


          Third-year receiver Kendrick Bourne relished Sanders’ arrival, saying: “We need that kind of presence, that championship (experience). He’s been there and knows what everything feels like. Bourne said Sanders has “natural swag” that fits in with the 49ers wide receivers’ dancing, up-tempo spirit. “Kyle sees that in him and knowing they can add that to our room will only help us, for my future, Deebo’s future and all that.”

          Sherman rated Sanders “right up there” with the league’s best, adding: “He’s explosive, he’s experienced, he has a great set of hands, great at changing speeds and he’s not scared to take contact. He has a knack for getting open, a knack for making big catches, and a knack for making contested catches.”

          OTHER NOTES

          Joining Sanders on the practice field was left tackle Joe Staley, who did offensive-line drills for the first time since his Sept. 15 hairline fracture to his left fibula. Wide receiver Deebo Samuel (groin) and nose tackle D.J. Jones (hamstring). On a side field, fullback Kyle Juszczyk (knee), cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon (foot) and tight end Garrett Celek (back) did rehab work. Right tackle Mike McGlinchey (knee) remained out of practice, too.

          The Panthers practiced without quarterback Cam Newton (foot), linebacker Brian Burns (wrist), guard Dennis Daley (groin), tackle Greg Little (concussion), and linebacker Christian Miller (ankle).

  13. My prediction.
    Jimmy G will either have his worst or best game of the season.
    I’m thinking his breakout game is going to happen for this season.
    There will be no normal Jimmy G games were use to so far this season.
    And it will be sweeter against this front 7.

    There are so many things to be excited for in this game.

    Arguably the two best front 7’s in the league will be matching up

    And two young QB’s facing them.

    Eric Reid is a trash bag who’s bitter for some reason. So he can get burned all day!

    Arguably the two best running teams will face off.

    A head coach who calls his defensive plays vs a head coach that calls his offensive plays.
    Should make for a great chess match between a savvy offensive mind and a gritty defensive mind.

    Our running game isn’t quit back yet, so this one will have to be won with stout defense as usual but this time it’s going to have to be Jimmy’s arm.
    And Jimmy is going to shine.
    Hopefully the running game can start clicking, but with the pieces not back I don’t see that happening vs this front 7.
    Good news is one of their LB’s will be busy chasing Kittle down all day.
    I look for Goodwin to have a good day, Kittle will be solid, and our new guy will have a an ok start. Deebo is another who could explode Sunday. Look for a big passing day, or a long day with tons of pressure on Jimmy.
    Again he comes through!
    Niners 24 Carolina 13

    1. Panthers LT did not practice, which means The Bosa Constrictor might be going up against Daryl Williams.

      Burns had wrist surgery during bye, but he’s scheduled to play with a cast.

  14. What’s Reid’s problem? How I remember it, the Niners (both the front office and staff) did nothing but support him and Kaep.

    I hope that Kyle and his new toy torch Reid/the Panthers. But, we’re still missing our starting tackles and Swiss Army knife full back. My prediction is this will be a defensive slugfest with an interception or fumble return for a touchdown being the difference in points necessary for a victory.

    49ers 17, Panthers 14.

    1. They were both blackballed by this organization. That has been proven repeatedly.
      Perhaps you should be more introspective; wonder why you are wearing blinders and bound to such racist viewpoints.

          1. Seb you just pop off and never have the intelligence to back up your claims.
            You said yourself you are lazy and that’s why you are pathetic.
            Go mow a lawn!

          2. Like Russian collusion right Seb?
            Smh. Reid was often injured and showed up in a contract year.
            The 49ers had money to spend in other areas.
            Reid is signed now. How was he blackballed?
            Kap just flat out sucks and turned down a Denver contract and his idiot girlfriend who cheated on his teammate with Kap ruined his other chance.
            Just stop with this blackballed garbage.
            You show up to work and pull something they don’t like that hurts business. Let’s see how long you or I would last.

            1. This catfish is very clever, but gives himself away every time.
              Yes, Reid was being blackballed, but he did eventually find a job, and I think he is standing for the anthem.
              This catfish does sound like me and my position on Kaep, but the employment of Reid helps undermine the case for Kaep. Glad Reid stated that he wanted to find more productive ways of protesting, and I wish Kaep would do the same.
              If you think Darnold is better than Kaep, after watching his ghost game, I guess you think they are intentionally Tanking for Tua.

        1. Oh, he’s that daft alright, and seems to be getting worse.
          Seb and his doppelgänger are the start of the new Blue Man Group; only neither clever nor entertaining.

        2. I wish to apologize for my catfish. I would never throw in a racial red herring. It seems as though he wants to sound like me, but troll away on unsuspecting victims.

              1. The last thing I’d do is associate myself with your name you moron!
                However, whom ever is doing it, I salute you! Seeing Seb squirm makes me jump for joy!

              2. Squirm? No, it is just a minor inconvenience. This catfish may try to copy me, but posters are now apprised of his efforts, and the catfish is just wasting his time. Now, anything weird, mean or stupid will be attributed to him.
                It just puts me in more of the light of being a victim, so his strategy is backfiring.

              3. No, it just shows how much power I have. I am getting him to parrot my words, in a desperate attempt to troll me.
                In his vain attempt to get me to post less, now, I have double the amount of posts.
                He gives away himself too easily, so now, the catfish is known right away.
                All I have to do is write in a calm, civil, respectful manner. or write a lengthy missive, and posters know it is me.
                I see he is fooling you, every time, so you are yelling at a catfish troll, not me.

              4. Yes, you are easily amused.
                The Niners are 6-0, and you want to devolve into immature trolling. Good show.

            1. Paule always says he is smarter than anyone on the blog, so maybe your are right and he is mocking himself. If he isn’t, it would be real easy to prove it.

              1. You must not be too bright to think I would mock myself, and I have never claimed to be the smartest person on this blog.

  15. I thought only Hurds injury was the reason for the Sanders signing. Sounds like Shanny isn’t as optimistic about Taylor returning either.
    If that’s the case let this dude walk.
    He’s another often injured player taking up a spot.

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