49ers @ Redskins live stream

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo warms up before an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

This is the live stream for the 49ers Week 7 road game against the Washington Redskins. I will announce this game with my dad on HotMic live from The Cohn Zohn. If you don’t have HotMic, you can watch a stream of our call on Periscope below.

8:43 Here are the 49ers inactives:

  • WR Deebo Samuel.
  • FB Kyle Juszczyk.
  • OT Mike McGlinchey.
  • OT Joe Staley.
  • CB Ahkello Witherspoon.
  • DT D.J. Jones
  • QB C.J. Beathard

8:44 Here are the Redskins inactives:

  • QB Colt McCoy.
  • CB Josh Norman.
  • RB Chris Thompson.
  • TE Vernon Davis.
  • OG Wes Martin.
  • S Deshazor Everett.
  • LB Josh Harvery-Clemons.

9:50 Here is the live stream:

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    1. Once again, NICK BOSA is the best player on the field as the 49ers take care of business in DC, and remain undefeated!

      NICK BOSA, on a rain-drenched football field, on the East Coast:

      Tackles: 7 (5 solo)
      Tackles for a loss: 4
      Sacks: 1

      Holy smokes, Bosa is simply playing at the next level, and showing why he’s already the best all-around DE in the NFL, bar none!

    2. Nick Bosa: 7 Tackles, 4 TFL, 1 Sack
      He’s a 3-down stud. not just a pass rusher.

      Not bad for a ‘waste of a draft pick.’

      1. Yep, he’s a special player because he isn’t simply a pass rushing specialist. Like you said Just Sayin’ (BTW, I like your screen name), his impact as a 3 down defender, could already be unmatched in the league, and he appears to be just getting started.

        He’s a REMARKABLE talent, to say the least! They may as well just give him the DROY already, because this kid is making a mockery out of opposing offenses.

    1. Stop, troll. While I share your enthusiasm towards this team it is clear you have been stalking me for quite some time now.

    2. BLOG
      If Grant isn’t gonna do the Game Blog anymore, maybe one of our Veteran Contributors could pick up the slack and do it for him? I DON’T mean that sarcastically, I miss the Blog and surely someone is both capable and willing to step in?

  1. You know having a “live blog” requires you to actually blog the event live?

    Also Grant is fully capable of blocking individual users. He blocked my original account for continually calling him out for trying to land a TV gig and not being an actual beat writer. So he’s not blocking the fake Sebs for a reason.

    1. Welcome to the club. He does this to anyone who dares to ding one of his cliche’ spouting pets or holds his feet to the fire.

  2. As we enter game 6, remember this forcast?

    S_____ K____ says:
    August 14, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    Still sticking by my Mullens starting by week 5 theory.

  3. Oct. 19, 2019 at 5:00 a.m. PDT

    After a one-point victory over the worst team in the NFL last week, the Redskins have to face one of the league’s best outfits. The San Francisco 49ers, coached by former Washington offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, are 5-0 and winning with a powerful offense and suffocating defense. In their past two games, they held the Browns and Rams to a combined 10 points.

    This is not an easy week for the Redskins, who face the formidable Vikings four days later in Minnesota. But first, here are five keys for Washington against San Francisco.

    Run the ball

    Interim coach Bill Callahan has promised his team will be dedicated to running the ball, even bringing in a fullback to add what he hopes will be more versatility to the offense. So far, so good: In last week’s win at Miami, running back Adrian Peterson gained 118 yards on 23 carries. Eventually, the running game opened up opportunities for quarterback Case Keenum to hit rookie Terry McLaurin, who had two touchdown catches. But the Dolphins have the league’s second-worst run defense, and the 49ers have the sixth best.

    The Redskins could quickly find themselves in third-and-long situations if they don’t run well on early downs, and that’s a scary proposition against an aggressive San Francisco defensive front.

    As Daniel Snyder’s Redskins hit new low, here comes Kyle Shanahan to show him what he missed

    Stop the run

    No one runs the ball more than the 49ers, and almost no one runs it as well. Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman and Raheem Mostert have combined to rush for 790 yards behind one of the league’s better offensive lines. If San Francisco establishes the run early, the Redskins’ defense is going to have a tough time with the 49ers’ passing game, which features hard-to-cover tight end George Kittle, who leads the team with 31 catches for 338 yards.

    The pressure will be on Washington’s defensive front to stop the ground game early and force Jimmy Garoppolo to throw, something he hasn’t had to do much this season. He’s averaging 20.4 completions per game.

    Force turnovers

    Garoppolo has been intercepted five times, and the 49ers have fumbled seven times (losing five) in five games. Perhaps their biggest flaw is that they have given their opponent opportunities to take the ball away. The Redskins had two interceptions against the Dolphins and even intercepted Tom Brady once the week before, but they have not been forcing turnovers as much as they will need to moving forward.

    To be able to beat a ball-control team with a defense as elite as San Francisco’s, Washington will have to force fumbles and pressure Garoppolo into ill-advised throws.

    Avoid breakdowns

    For much of the season, Washington has been its own worst enemy. The Redskins have killed promising drives with inopportune penalties and have let their opponents rack up big plays, with defensive miscommunication allowing pass catchers to run open. Callahan has made cleaning up these mistakes one of his priorities, and the Redskins didn’t make many mistakes for three quarters against the Dolphins. But they allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami’s backup quarterback, to tear them apart in the fourth quarter and almost lost a game they should have won going away.

    Good teams such as San Francisco thrive on such errors. The Redskins need to fix the communication problems and eliminate the sloppy penalties.

    The undefeated 49ers are winning with their outrageous defense

    Win the field-position game

    The Redskins didn’t have an explosive offense or a dominant defense last season, but they won six of their first nine games by employing a sold ball-control style, eating up clock with Peterson and pinning the other team deep in its own territory. They have not been able to do those things as well in 2019, in part because of injuries, losses on the offensive line and less effective quarterback play. And their defense has been particularly weak on third down, allowing the opponent to extend drives.

    Washington is built to be more of a ball-control team than one that hits on big plays. The sooner it settles into that style, the more competitive it can be.

          1. YOU two seb’s remind of that one Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk had an evil copy twin Captain Kirk and it was hard at first to figure out who was the original Kirk and the imposter…lol. But I already know now.

  4. Welp! Rain rain rain! I shy away from betting on “rain games” because that oblong football suddenly does weird things. So my money will go elsewhere today but I will still give my usual winning forecast for today’s matchup in Landover.
    I don’t think the “letdown” factor will apply today. In fact, I think the Niners will cover the 10. The O/U (40) will be the hardest to predict, as usual, especially with the weather. It will be right in that ballpark though. Take the over. Bring on the mud!!

    SF 29 WASH 13

    Go Niners! Have fun today folks!

    1. Juan, I would think you would at least take the under….
      Niners 35-3.
      Niners will keep it on the ground, and punch the ball out a couple times for fumbles.
      GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX!!!!!!

  5. 49ers 24, ‘Skins 10

    This is a game the Niners obviously should win. Hoping they show up not taking the Skins for granted and hoping for NO Injuries!!


  6. Just like last week, their run game is going like a hot knife through butter. Fortunately that holding penalty slowed them down. Saleh needs to do something with the run defense, bucause this isn’t working. It will be interesting to see if Wash. Sticks with the ground game, because that is clearly the soft underbelly of this defense.

    1. It’s a monsoon you moron. What else is he suppose to do?
      Again another indication you never played football in bad weather and have no clue.
      So ignorant!

        1. On a sloppy, damp and no traction type field you want misdirections and reverses?
          I thought you had knowledge in horticulture?
          Not only are you stupid in football but now your own profession.

              1. Injuries do happen all the time, but you honestly want a reverse or misdirection on wet turf to be the reason a key player is lost?

  7. Hot damn, Dwelley is HORRIBLE. Easily one of the worst players on the roster. Doesn’t do anything well. Jimmy has been fantastic though, that last run was so good.

  8. Weather radar is showing precip moving out to the NE. Rain may cease in another 30-45 min. Of course, the field remains a wetland…

    1. Conditions today can’t help. the place holder along with long snapper have played a large part of it this year. Also how many of the 7 missed were over 50 yards?

    1. While I hear you, I’m holding out hope things will change with Gould once he gets his long snapper back. Plus the weather conditions have to be a factor.

  9. These types of games are rough.
    If we had a healthy oline we would be ok. But I don’t think they will be able to run at all in a game they need a running game in.

  10. Shanahan should direct the offense to attack the left sideline. Some cracks have been forming on the Redskins right side, but it takes a trained eye to spot.
    On the defensive front all that is needed is to apply a high-low tackling technique to Peterson’s runs.
    The Redskins will crumple easily under these scheme changes. Callahan is precariously coaching with a few loose screws.

    1. Our guys are having a hard time with the conditions. In Santa Clara, no way to practice in that type of situation. Seems like outsize zone runs where you stick your foot in the ground and then cut could easily result in slipping.

    2. Kinda agree. No flow from one play to the next.

      Gain 13 yards on 2 runs then 3 straight passes, in terrible weather and a QB who has looked terrible throwing a wet ball today.

  11. Hell of a kick by the WA punter. Since they get the ball after halftime, maybe, under these conditions, they should just run out the clock and regroup.

    1. Too bad they did not try the third down bomb. JG should have heaved the ball to the 5 yard line for a jump ball. If the Niners catch it, great. If it causes a PI, great. If intercepted, it would have left them with little time, with 95 yards to go.

  12. I don’t love how the game has gone. Offence is going to need to make some adjustments as Redskins have been the better team so far honestly.

  13. The 49er passing game looks a lot like what we saw back in 2016 on the road against the Bears with a net of 5 yards in the first half.

    1. That throw right there to Bourne is the best ball thrown all game from Garoppolo. First time it didn’t look like he was throwing a shot put.

  14. so can someone tell me what’s going on? I’m 15 thousand miles away. how are we not killing them? is it a slop fest out there? it looks like we really miss juice.

    1. It’s a swamp and it’s pouring rain. Jimmy G. is clearly not a bad weather QB. He can’t throw a decent pass at all. It’s all on the defense and run game to win this game.

  15. The Niners should have been better prepared. Did JG even try out gloves. knowing it would be raining?
    The ball slipped out of his hand for an incompletion, and he fumbled the snap. I hope to see JG wearing gloves in the second half. They should have had JG wearing gloves, and hosing him down in Santa Clara, to prepare him for wet weather.

  16. people have been saying this defense reminds them of the 85′ Bears. well , that defense scored and shut everything down. Can they do it today?
    luckily, second half adjustments have been solid. east coast game in slop… time to wake up.

  17. yuck… bright side my shutout is alive. 🤣
    Nasty filed and weather. Didn’t think it would be this bad.
    Looks like weather makes things a little even.
    Once again gonna have to rely on the D

  18. Sure it’s raining but jimmy passes are not good even under those conditions. And they are ill-advised. they might be better off with Mullins in this sort of game. Short passes are what you want but without the bad decisions.

  19. Jimmy is playing with a wet,rain soaked, slippery, heavy football in a rainstorm! Not at all easy. The critiques are laughable. Come on!

    1. On that interception he still couldn’t read the safety coming over the top. There has been a mix of bad reads, arm throws, and weather related bad passes.

    2. He’s made a few bad decisions. But the interception doesn’t really bother me. Pettis was open, but the safety made a good play.

    3. The weather is being taken into consideration. No one is expecting him to air it out. He has made some bad passes on easy throws even under these conditions. You can adjust for rain, but it is swirling wind that you have no control over. I don’ think the winds are swirling.

  20. Thank you Richie James!

    2 fantastic plays with the punt return and YAC on the reception to put them down there.

    Good bounce back possession for Garoppolo too.

  21. Great bounce back drive from Jimmy. Hopefully the defence follows the cue, and takes over this game. Can’t let Redskins respond.

      1. One of the worst. Which he is. He was on the bubble for making the roster. However, I’ll give credit when he makes good plays. Like he did then. I still don’t believe he is a credible TE 2.

  22. This is why close games like this are terrible to watch. The refs can literally change a game with one bad call. He was not touched and instead of letting the play go to review they blow the play down.
    On top of that gave Washington a gift on a RTP.

    1. You know, I thought about that, but KS called a timeout right after that. If they had reason to believe that he wasn’t touched he could just as easily have thrown the flag.

  23. That was a TD to the outside if the tight end held his block. Good call. Bad execution. Of course, any play that doesn’t work is a bad call. To some! :)

  24. Great display of complementary football. If Niners can close this, this would be a great win. Early start, away from home, horrible weather, game has not gone well from an execution standpoint, a win would be huge. LET’S GOOOOOO

  25. Jimmy just wins. :) Just like Presidents, when things are going good quarterbacks get the credit, when things are going bad, they get the blame. Jimmy gets the credit! Nice win Jimmy!

          1. It’s a tried and true formula to win on the NFL. Shanny and Lynch deserve a lot of credit.

            This team can travel anywhere against anyone and win doing what they do.

  26. Ok OK it wasn’t 31-0. But I called the shutout.
    No serious injuries
    A shut out.
    And a tough win in horrible weather and on a horrible field.

  27. For 2 weeks in a row… the D started out Shakey only to come on strong. They are the reason SF won.

    Jimmy had a rough outing in the rain and Kyle didn’t really help him much early on. That said Kyle’s second half play calling was a lot better and Jimmy settled down and didn’t hurt the team. Both get kudos for understanding the flow of the game.

    This offense is rough without those 2 tackles. I expect a big jump when they all get healthy.

  28. That’s why I don’t bet rain games Seb! That missed field goal ended up hosing the SF -10 wagerer’s though! I’m always amazed how close, most of the time, the books get these games!

      1. Ummm thanks Seb but so far today I’m getting brutalized this morning! In the black for the year though so not all is lost. I have three this afternoon. Seattle -3 vs BAL, NO +4 at CHI, and the over (37). Wish me luck! Still lobbying the boss for the kegerator! ;-)

  29. What a great game! These are the games that that good teams find a way to win. I love good defensive football. A shutout is always hard, especially on the road. We will not remember this game at the end of the season, but it is very important. 6 – 0 !!!

    This team will only get better.

    I should have bet the under, it was 40.

    Time for some bacon.

  30. Undefeated. Yet another East Coast road win. We wont have to hear about that nonsense until Ravens 12/1
    Sloppy conditions favoring a good D and our D is the best in the league.
    Jimmy G had a good drive in the 3rd with completions to Kittle and Bourne. Some unusual play calls at the goal line. Why not hand off to Jeff Wilson.
    Anyway, let’s get ready for Panthers at home. The week after is Thursday Cards on the road and it will not be a cake walk. Followed by the much anticipated mini-bye and Monday night Seattle game.

  31. The grades should be interesting. Will they be based on stats alone or will they take into account the weather and field conditions?

  32. Kyle Allen will see a real defense next week….lets see how much Norv can protect him…..I luv our chances at home…

  33. Game-time weather next Sunday at Levi’s–low 70s and sunny. Of course, the long-term forecast could change, but it looks great through next weekend.

  34. If you think about it. A horrible call on the refs cost the cover in this game. I didn’t see anyone touch Bourne… anyone else get a better look? Should have been 6

    1. I didn’t see a touch, but i only saw the one angle from the far side line to the catch. Needed a view from the near sideline. Kyle called a TO right after that play. I would have thought he would have thrown a flag if he had gotten word that Bourne wasn’t touched.

  35. Weather and field conditions really favoured the Redskins in this game as the 49ers are built for speed. But after that opening drive the D once again found a way to take away the run. Callahan rarely tested them in the passing game but when they did the D dominated up front and had pretty good coverage for the most part. Had big plays when it mattered.

    The stat line on offense isn’t pretty reading, and that first half was awful. For the life if me I couldn’t work out why Shanahan wasn’t calling some screens and persisted with downfield passes in that weather. The INT to start the 2nd half on another downfield throw and I was really scratching my head. But credit to Shanahan. He realised the game just needed one or two explosive plays to win. The passing game eventually delivered with big plays to Bourne (twice) and James. Those plays were the difference in the end.

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