49ers @ Redskins live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers Week 6 road game against the Redskins. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

10:03 The Redskins receive the opening kickoff.

10:09 On second-and-five from the 49ers 11-yard line, Kirk Cousins throws a touchdown pass to Josh Doctson, who beat Jaquiski Tartt with a post route. 7-0 Redskins. The Niners seem physically and emotionally unprepared for this game. Seems like they’re still in shock NaVorro Bowman is gone and Carlos Hyde could be gone soon, too.

10:14 On that touchdown pass, the 49ers defense played a three-deep zone against a three-by-one formation in the red zone. Horrible call by Robert Saleh. No way to stop the middle receiver on the seam or skinny post concept. The way to shut down that alignment in the red zone is to use quarters coverage, lock the single receiver and slide the free safety over the top of the No. 3 so the other safety can handle the No. 2 receiver and the Mike backer can run vertically with the No. 3 receiver.

10:21 On third-and-12 from the 49ers 44, Brian Hoyer completes a five-yard pass to George Kittle, and the 49ers punt. Carlos Hyde rushed twice and lost two yards during that drive. Victor Bolden Jr. played one snap and ran a fake jet sweep.

10:27 On third-and-6, Saleh calls a soft Cover 3 defense and rushes only four players, but Cousins overthrows an open receiver downfield and the Redskins go three-and-out.

10:30 On first down, Trent Brown commits a false-start penalty. On second down, Garrett Celek drops a pass. And on third down, Joe Staley gives up a sack. Brandon Fusco also got walked back into Hoyer’s lap on that play. Classic 2017 49ers.

10:36 On third-and-1 from the Redskins 46, Tartt blitzes and tackles running back Mack Brown behind the line of scrimmage for a one-yard loss. First sign of life from the 49ers. Trent Taylor makes a fair catch at the 49ers 13.

10:41 On third-and-6, Kyle Shanahan calls a pass for Trent Taylor, who runs a one-yard route. Hoyer hits him for a one-yard gain. Gutsy play call. Niners go three-and-out.

10:54 On third-and-1 from the 49ers three-yard line, Cousins throws a swing pass to running back Samaje Perine, who scores. 14-0 Redskins. The 49ers are mailing this one in.

10:57 The 49ers are averaging a whopping one yard per play on offense. Matt Breida hasn’t been on the field yet.

11:02 Hoyer completes a 21-yard pass to Aldrick Robinson on third-and-10. But on the next play, Trent Brown commits his second false start of the game. And on the play after that, Marquise Goodwin drops a pass over the middle. The Niners punt two plays later.

11:04 Fusco is getting Hoyer killed. Hoyer knows he’s in trouble when he has the ball and sees Fusco’s face staring at him.

11:07 On second-and-7, Jimmie Ward makes a diving interception, but it looks like the ball hit the ground. The play is under review.

11:11 The officials rule the pass incomplete.

11:12 On the next play, Rashard Robinson intercepts a deep pass intended for Vernon Davis. Niners ball at their 20.

11:13 The 49ers have benched Brian Hoyer. C.J. Beathard is the new quarterback.

11:16 On third-and-10 from the 49ers 43, Kittle drops a pass, and the Niners punt.

11:25 The Redskins make a 48-yard field goal and lead 17-0.

11:37 On fourth-and-goal from the 1, Carlos Hyde takes the handoff and scores. 17-7 Redskins. The Niners will get the ball to start the second half. Beathard was 6-of-14 for 89 yards and a QB rating of 64.3 in the second quarter.

12:02 Robbie Gould makes a 52-yard field goal, and the Niners trail 17-10. Beathard’s QB rating is up to 74.2.

12:12 On third-and-six from the Redskins 35, Cousins throws a short pass to Jamison Crowder, and K’Waun Williams tackles him three yards short of the first-down marker. Trent Taylor returns the punt 39 yards to midfield. Let’s see if Beathard can lead another scoring drive.

12:20 On third-and-5 from the 20, Brandon Fusco gives up another sack. He is unbelievably bad.

12:21 Robbie Gould pushes a 47-yard field goal attempt wide right.

12:24 Ray Ray Armstrong strips Vernon Davis, Jimmie Ward recovers the ball and returns it for a touchdown. But it seems Davis was down. The play is under review.

12:27 Davis wasn’t down. The fumble stands. But Ward stepped out of bounds at the 1-yard line.

12:28 Hyde scores on first-and-goal from the 1, and the Niners tie the game at 17.

12:34 On third-and-11 from the Redskins 42, the 49ers rush six defenders and still can’t touch Cousins, who completes an 18-yard pass to Ryan Grant over the middle. The Redskins will face another third-and-long when the fourth quarter starts.

12:37 Coyle gives up a 14-yard catch to Chris Thompson. The Niners third-down defense is so bad.

12:43 On third-and-goal from the three, Dontae Johnson breaks up Cousins’ pass to Josh Doctson. Dustin Hopkins makes a 21-yard field goal and the Redskins lead 20-17 with 10:34 left.

12:50 On third-and-five from the 49ers 40, the 49ers offensive line gives up heavy pressure and Beathard throws deep and out of bounds near Aldrick Robinson. That’s twice in a row Shanahan has made Beathard drop straight back on third-and-5. Shanahan knows the 49ers can’t block. He needs to move the pocket and change the launch point.

1:05 Ray Ray Armstrong stares at the quarterback and forgets to cover Vernon Davis, who sprints down the field and makes a 51-yard catch.

1:07 On first-and-goal from the 7, Solomon Thomas guesses wrong on a read-option play and allows Cousins to run into the end zone for the touchdown. So much for that Stanford education.

1:11 On first-and-10 from the Redskins 45, Beathard shuffles up in the pocket and throws a long pass to Aldrick Robinson for a touchdown. Great play. Niners trail 26-24 with 1:58 left.

1:14 The Redskins recover the onside kick.

1:17 Washington runs three straight times and go three-and-out. The Niners will get the ball back with roughly a minute left in the game.

1:18 The punt results in a touchback. The Niners start from their 20 with 54 seconds left. They need a field goal to win.

1:31 On fourth-and-20 from midfield, Beathard throws an interception and the 49ers lose their fifth-straight game by three or fewer points. That’s a new NFL record. Stay tuned for my postgame Periscope and team grades.

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    1. Grant, who cares about a QB rating when your receivers are dropping balls? CJB played a lot better than a 64 rating, so why bring it up, unless you’re trying to make a silly point that doesn’t square with reality?

      Come on Grant, you’re better than that!

      1. For the rcord, I never brought up Hoyer’s QB rating. It’s a misleading stat, especially with a small sample size. Bottom line: The 49ers are scoring TD’s on 50% of CJB possessions (and the 1st possession was killed by a dropped pass on a perfect pass). Where’s that number Grant, compared to Hoyer?

  1. I am looking for the 49ers to beat the spread I consider that a moral victory and make an in or after game trade. Speculation at best, but Lynch needs something to gin up enthusiasm with Jed’s base.

  2. Wow. HIt two yards deep in the backfield. Then Hoyer almost throws a pick. THen 5-yards for the checkdown. This is why we lose.

  3. Why not have him throw the ball way down the field and hope for a defensive penalty. They’re 0-5. That’s on KS. Lousy play call. Meh……

  4. Tomlinson whiffed on his block on the Hyde loss. Why do they always call the play on 3rd down that they should haved called on 2nd.

    1. I think that he is doing double duty until he gets his offense scheme established. Probably next season he will bring in an OC.

    1. Had more then 3 seconds before the pressure reached where he was standing. Had an open receiver that he could have thrown to and had space to his left that he could/should have stepped into to buy more time.

  5. this team is just bad, even a bit worse than i thought

    not sure which players will stay be on the roster in 3-4 years if/when we’re good again. very few, due to the aging process and the lack of talent

  6. Receivers should watch the ball into their hands and fall down after securing it, instead of trying to run before catching it and dropping it.

  7. We need a mobile QB who can extend plays….Hoyer has no idea how to deal with a pass rush…just rolls up into a cowardly ball and takes another sack

  8. Kaep would have rolled out and took it to the house! Hey, we need some levity here! Jeesh they look weak! I might have to switch from coffee to gin!

  9. Incomplete forward pass. No TD I didn’t know these posts are delayed. Feeble offense wastes reversal. The throwing of one yard passes when we need 5 yards is 4 years too much of this method. Are we the only team in football that cannot get space?

  10. we’ll be seeing lots more of this kind of offense– interior OL is trash…Tomsula’s got his DL DOMINATING!
    Pinion will get lots of snaps!

  11. This cover 3 zone defense is a flippin joke.

    How can a pass rush get there with three step drops and receivers open all over the field, especially underneath and at the sidelines?

    Kyle is better than this.

  12. Brian Hoyer, playing like a scared little bi_tch, meanwhile, Jeremy Kerley has 2 beautiful TD’s VS the Patriots, including 1 spectacular catch!. Ugh!

    1. Shanahan sure picked the wrong “bridge” QB, which makes you wonder a little bit. Hoyer is playing like a scared little girl. How can an offense grow with this joke behind center? Maddening!

  13. If Niners were a basketball team down by 3 with one second Left, they would play for the layup. “Hey. We only lost by one!”

  14. Does Hoyer not understand what yard markers are for? How many times are we going to see a 5 yard pass when its third-and-long? This happens game after game.

  15. Joe Williams and Garnett should not have been put on IR. Both could have come back in 5 weeks or less. Instead, we got Hyde and Fusco

  16. I understand we are rebuilding. Mistakes are inevitable. But why do we run plays designed to come up short and fail. We cut Kerley. I’m not saying that was wrong. I’m saying these guys should be more competitive. Kerley got some space. The running game needs help desperately. Is the O-line the main problem? Is it every aspect of the offense? No bright spots.

  17. Our offensive line looks like a weak HS unit. Getting completely manhandled. The second coming of Montana wouldn’t survive back there, let alone an even crappier Kaep. They can’t do anything. Defense is getting tired quick. The worst thing they could do now is put in CJ. KS knows that and he won’t. Hoyer is the sacrificial lamb this year. Until he gets injured, which could be soon with this onslaught, we won’t see another QB. It’s going to be a long day boys. Maybe get out and mow the lawn or something!

  18. Everything underneath is available. Why some teams even throw the ball downfield on us is beyond me.

    Also, LBs don’t even react on a handoff – playaction or not.

  19. Goodwin yet again…would really rather have Kerley in there today….T.Brown F-ing up yet again…sit Goodwin…he’s not worth the deep threat potential…time for Bolden!

  20. Our WR have to make spectacular catches on every play just to complete a pass. So hard to watch. CJB might not be the answer, but Hoyer is literally handcuffing this offense. When your worst offenisve player is the QB, you have NO chance in this league!

  21. Alot of you keep complaining about guys like Hoyer and Hyde. But with the same breath, don’t acknowledge how freaking horrible this o line is. If bethard comes in, he will be the 2nd and 3rd coming of David Carr and Blaine Gabbert.. This Oline sucks, period. Until that gets better, we are doomed

    1. A right handed Kap who couldn’t pick up 5 yards on the ground to save his life, that is. At least Kaepernick’s legs present more problems for a defense.

  22. The Niners chose not to sign top OL people. Jed is cheap as the Yorks are in financial trouble with their malls. Jed is not the caliber to run a franchise. Get someone with the money to invest in winning like Lacob.

    1. Had nothing to do with that troll. You know it. You’re just one of these clowns who just have to whine for no reason but whinging. The Browns signed three linemen. Hasn’t done them a bit of good.

  23. 49er$ need to go all in to sign Cousins in FA, if he is there. He runs the type of offense Shanahan envisions with a high degree of precision and excellence, a real pro. We have to bring this hemorrhaging at QB to an end, the wretched mediocrity of the Kaep and Hoyer type pretenders, who treat regular season games as an opportunity “to work things out” rather than get things done. Rebuilding that O line has to be top priority as well, plus adding a real edge rusher and an elite CB, We’ve got the dollars and the masterplan, in the meantime by all means continue to clean house.

    1. Cousins would cost (2) 1st round picks 1 of which will be a top 2 because Washington will tag him. You are completely out of your mind.

  24. Let us be frank” Kyle has also been an offensive disappointment so far. His slump started in the blown SB and has continued.

    1. Just curious, who are you all going to blame when the results are the same? I don’t think Hoyer is the answer but poor play call, poor O line and receivers who can’t catch are all still there.

  25. D starting to fade…too many snaps…Ray Ray juked, really bad open field pursuit..bad technique– missing angles…bad, bad, bad…

  26. Lets get rid of Vance he drops to many balls. They should ha e kept Vance McDonald for this clown. Lol. Same guy but Vance is faster

  27. Offense inept, defense can’t get off the field, means the defense played two extra quarters so far in only five games. This is how the wheels fall off a season. The D wears out, things start to collapse.

  28. Oh, look, they lined up Hyde in the I and they scored a TD.
    Niners went bold, and i could not be prouder of them.
    GO NINERS!!!!!!

  29. What a difference it makes having a QB with “MOXY” baby!

    Niner score a TD!!! Niners score a TD!!! Momentum and hope heading into halftime. We get the ball first in the second half. Defense got a chance to catch their breath. We’ve suddenly got a ballgame boyz!

      1. You sound like Grant. BTW, That’s 4 short TDs for Hyde this year. How come you never mention that in your selective YPC theory?

  30. Shades of Joe vs NO 1980? I was there. Seb? You too? Greatest comeback in a football game I ever witnessed, no matter what level. Stay tuned!

    1. Yup, that was the days when beer vendors walked the aisles. After every score, we bought a beer to celebrate. Soon we were chugging it. Thank goodness I was not the designated driver. ;p

        1. They were not allowed to sit, and did not stand because they would be blocking the view of the fans, so they hunkered down and popped the caps off the beer bottles and filled cups to send down the line. We sent money down the line to pay him.

  31. Steelematic says:

    Alot of you keep complaining about guys like Hoyer and Hyde. But with the same breath, don’t acknowledge how freaking horrible this o line is. If bethard comes in, he will be the 2nd and 3rd coming of David Carr and Blaine Gabbert.. This Oline sucks, period. Until that gets better, we are doomed


  32. Heard the announcers say at the beginning of the game that when they met with Hoyer yesterday, he told them that the offense would be simplified today. Now I realize that KS did that in anticipation of inserting CJ if necessary.

  33. Well, CJ had to deal with the same drops, poor blocking, and penalties, but still got a TD on his second possesion. How many possesions did it take Hoyer to get a TD?

  34. The CJ led comeback is on…If niners pull this game out, Grant may have to cancel his show tonight based on Beathards QB rating….

  35. Two dries. I wonder how many are cheering Bethard right now, after two drives, after uttering their famous words:

    This pick wouldn’t be so terrible had the 49ers taken C.J. Beathard in the sixth or seventh round. While he clearly lacks the skill set of an NFL starting quarterback, he may be a decent backup one day.

    But the Niners drafted Beathard in the third round.

    And they traded up to get him.

    C.J. freaking Beathard.

    Coffee’s for Closers® says:
    April 28, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    Crab15 says:
    April 28, 2017 at 10:05 pm
    Grant – I was ready to crown their asses (Shanny & Lynch) and then they pull this BS move!!
    Why waste a 3rd rounder on a freaking career backup???

    #80 says:
    April 28, 2017 at 10:09 pm
    F-. They reached and they traded up to do it.

    Bandit says:
    April 28, 2017 at 10:39 pm
    yesterday was an A & today -D

    Bethard is like when we drafted Pinion

    I could go on, but I’ll leave it with my post.

    MosesZD says:
    April 29, 2017 at 4:49 am
    We only traded up 5 spots. We gave up a 7th rounder that, talent wise, is no different than a UDFA. All we lost is the ability to lock that UDFA talent up. That means when we go after Billy Bob Nobody we might have to give him a tiny signing bonus.

    Yet some of these people are acting as if we made the worst deal in the history of the NFL.

    As for the ‘pundits…’ Well, anyone who thinks pundits are clued-in needs to go back are re-evaluate the track record of pundits. Pundits are worse than GMs. And the fans are worse than them.

    As for Bethard. We’ll see.

    This is why I live by the four year rule. That’s why I compare what the do on the NFL field with their peers instead of just making proclamations that so-and-so is bust after five games…

    As for draft grades, draft grades are for Saints and Fools and I don’t any halos…

  36. Yea Crab, I was there. I believe it was 35-7 when they brought Joe in. My buddy and I kept saying to each other, “The mark of a championship team!!” after every score. Where that came from, I don’t know but 37 years later we still say it jokingly to each other when we talk on the phone!

    1. In 1985, a Division II nobody, Rice was drafted in the first round by San Francisco and tried so hard to justify that confidence that he couldn’t do anything right; or rather, he couldn’t catch anything right.

      And the vicious Candlestick Park fans made him pay. He would step on the field and be booed. He would drop another pass and be booed. He would run to the sideline, head down, and be booed again.

      “I tried so hard to be an impact player,” Rice remembered. “I tried so hard, and nothing happened. But, as hard as it was then, that time made me a better football player. It made me learn what the NFL was about.”

      I remember those days. I remember them well. I remember the press ripping Walsh for drafting Rice and saying that he’d gone senile.


  37. Signing Kaep would give them or any other team their best chance to lose. He’s horrible. Let it go fellas. If he’s so good, why is he still unemployed? Your not still grasping onto the “blackballing” nonsense are you? LOL! Come on! Time to get a grip on reality.

    1. Juan, if CJB can continue playing the way he as, I would not mind if Kaep is not re-signed. I just want the Niners to win, and CJB is doing a good job on short notice.
      What I cant stand is seeing Hoyer miss open receivers and making bad decisions. Hoyer pulled a Gabbert.

    2. JUanhunglo–Well why was Gabbart signed. Are you saying that Gabbart is better than Kaep. Your argument is a pure rationalization. Of course the way Seb pushes for the team to resign Kaep I am tempted my self to make those types of digs.

  38. Say what you want about this team but at least they keep fighting. If they keep that fight and add some more talent, I see good things ahead.

    1. I like Grant, but for a guy who grew up watching Montana & Young, to not be able to recognize a QB playing as poorly as Hoyer, and the effect it’s had on this team, is hard to imagine!

      And, it goes both ways. If a QB and his offense cannot sustain drives, it takes it’s toll on a defense.

  39. Nice play call by KS. He did not run the ball into the teeth of the defense.
    Hope they do dome screens, draws and reverses.

    1. I think they said that Armstead has a hand injury. But yeah, if AA was any good, they’d just wrap it up and send him back out there.

  40. Well, well, in the immortal words “surprise, surprise, surprise!!!”

    I am impressed with the rookie QB so far and what he’s been able to generate offensively!

    1. Every QB has bad games when they are inaccurate. This is something that most fans understand. That is except Niner fans who magnify every missed pass and expect perfection from their QB’s. No player is ever as good as their best game or as bad as their worst. I never thought that Cousins was worth the price he will demand.

    1. So there’s no confusion. I was talking about 1st and goal where Thomas whiffed, not 2nd and goal where he made a nice play. Consistent effort has been a problem for him.

    1. I don’t think so. I think Armstead and Lynch are out. Dumerville is a pass down specialist unless he is forced to play due to injuries.

      This post was intended to respond to Dust Mite’s post immediately below.

      1. I saw him make some plays, but missed two tackles. Just like when he was at Stanford, he didn’t always finish tackles and was hot and cold with his effort.

  41. Gee Cousins runs in a TD. That must mean he is a great runner. LOL. Just an example of how anyone can make runs when there is a lot of space to run in. But still you guys believe Hyde is great because he gets yardage or scores through available holes. Not trying to rag on him, rather just trying to keep it real and objective.

    1. Thomas bit on the Cousins run. Hyde is usually the short yardage back, which affects YPC. Hyde is constantly hit behind the line of scrimmage. You are the one that is basing your evaluation on one thing (two carries).

  42. Another obviously biased call late in a game. The back judge had his hand on his flag, ready to throw a flag if he saw even the slightest contact on that play by K’Waun. You can call that penalty on virtually EVERY PLAY!

    The 49ers didn’t necessarily deserve to win this game, thanks to Hoyer, but I still cannot accept officials deciding games on nitpicky calls!

    Football is no longer the best sport in the world thanks to officials making questionable calls, with games in the balance, late in every game. What a shame. Baseball is now KING in my book, thanks to NFL officiating. The officiating in this league is hard to deal with!

  43. Kyle specializes in close losses. That said, CJ starts for the foreseeable future. Kyle made the wrong call to start the season.

    1. King Solomon had a good day. He got a sack, and made some good stops. He also hustled downfield to get the RB from behind.

  44. Maybe it is time to throw that rub play in the toilet and flush it. Seems to be a terrible play design that only gets the offense penalized.

    1. This isn’t just a moral victory. This is about better draft position. For a team in the Niners position this is the best outcome scenario. You must be a really rotten chess player.

  45. Someday, the Niners will consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.
    Who knows, it may be the difference between winning and losing.

  46. Niners look like a different team with CJB. He did admirably, even with so little first string snaps. Glad KS went bold, and the Niners could easily have won the game, if not for a suspect OPI, that put them out of FG range.

  47. How the f@#% do they call that OPI when he was the intended receiver? Maybe it didn’t cost them the game, but it did cost them a chance at it. Terrible call, once again.

  48. On the plus side, I was on the verge of tuning the 49ers out for a week or two, because I had seen about as much Brian Hoyer as I could bare. CJB came riding in on a white horse to save me!

    Another week, another close loss, this time, an NFL record breaking close loss. Another week closer to a top pick!

  49. Jason La Canfora ✔@JasonLaCanfora
    Colin Kaepernick is pursuing a collusion grievance against the NFL under the CBA, source says. NFL spokesman says he is checking on it
    2:09 PM – Oct 15, 2017

    lol. RGIII and other scrub QBs can join it.

    1. Wasnt he given an opportunity to play in the CGL and he turned it down flat out? He’s going to have a hard time with the collusion argument.

    2. haha, the NFL just has to show the judge some clips of Kap hitting coaches and cheerleaders on the sidelines with his passes last year and case dismissed

  50. Lose East, not win but I know what you meant! Baby steps and patience is what’s needed. Only other Niner team to start 0-6 is the 1979 Walsh team. Hmmmm, interesting.

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