49ers-Redskins pregame show

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman reacts after an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo )

Check out my Periscope preview of the 49ers-Redskins game:

And check out my short video about Richard Sherman:

And check out my short clips about Jimmy Garoppolo:

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  1. I totally agree with you about Jimmy G. His passes have no zip. Probably why you never see him throw into tight windows like he did his first season. It’s a good exclamation that he doesn’t follow through because he is worried about his leg injury. It seems that in all of his completions his receivers are fairly wide open. If the receivers were bad that would not be the case. Even when he hits wide-open receivers, those receivers are not the only targets he had to throw too. His receivers get open.

    The bottom line, if Jimmy was playing for another team he would not even be doing as well as he is now. That drop by Goodwin was as much on Jimmy as it was on the receiver. Goodwin was wide open. All he had to do was throw it in front of him and it is an easy TD. He did throw some with zipping but they were short to short-medium throws. The throw to Coleman was also a bad timing throw.

    Frankly, I don’t know if we will ever see the 2017 Jimmy again. Remember he also had a tendency to not plant his left foot even then on long throws. I suspect he always has played somewhat scared. He doesn’t plant so he can protect himself once he releases it. That works for the short passes but not long ones.

      1. I did say in my post that some of his passes had a zip on them. That seemed encouraging to me at the time. I, however, have a sneaking suspicion that Jimmy plays scared far too much. During the 2017 season, he let it all hang out because he was playing for a contract. Once he had that contract, he played very cautiously in 2018 until Shanahan called him out for holding the ball too long. It was then that he made that stupid mistake of going for those extra sideline yards that cost him his leg injury.

        Grant bringing up the aspect of his not planting his left leg on passes seems to validate him playing scared. What Grant seems to have forgotten is that he and others have already brought that up during and right after his 2017 win streak. That was in respect to his problem with longer throws. They said it is because he does not plant and throw off of his left leg to follow through. Grant now believes it is because he does not trust his leg. He also had that problem before he was injured, so what if he just will not plant it because he is afraid of that injury or not? Maybe Jimmy will play scared his entire career now that he has his contract.

        During the 2017 season, I noticed he would turn right after his quick release so he never took a hit straight on. I don’t think you can do that when you are finishing off of your left leg in a follow-through. That is why he does not plant his left leg. It allows him to make last-second adjustments to hits from rushers. I suspect this is not just behavior impelled by his injury, but one he has always had. This does not bode well to him changing with getting more comfortable with his recovered injury, if he is just afraid to plant and follow through period.

        1. “ His passes have no zip.“

          “ He did throw some with zipping but they were short to short-medium throws.”
          First off which is it? Secondly, show me a QB with zip over 40-50 yard throws.

          As for playing scared. He’s been blitzed a lot and still making plays.
          Not sure how anyone can quantify playing scared versus poor fundamentals. Then again not too many people on here know what they are talking about.

          1. this id idiocy at its finest!!! Kap had zip…..too much zip! not much else! montanta had no zip…..especially when compared to the likes of Mariono and Elway!!!! grant just cant stay out of his own way!!!! 5-0, things are great…..and grant goes REACHING for some negativity to spew at us!!!! No $h! sherlock! the guy is barley a year removed from an acl tear…..hes not stepping into every throw and throwing rockets!!! Guys (kap) rely on talent alone for so long…..they sometimes never grasp the mental side of things…..this year JG LEARNS how to play qb….focuses on the mental aspects!

          2. Grant ISN’T reaching for negativity but is technically correct on Jimmy not throwing off the left foot. Don’t be that blind homer fan. He’s not reading defenses good enough yet and his passes do flutter at times. He does throw darts and good passes, others are short and behind. The 49ers do need better WR’s though and as long as Jimmy can keep the int’s and fumbles down, gets mentally focused, doesn’t read just 1 WR, passes for 70%, 2 td’s and avg 260 yds a game then they should be fine. He doesn’t need to throw 375 yards a game on this KS team..It’s a team game, he has a good running game and great defense but can he carry the team yet. Possible they may restructer his contract. He hasn’t got there yet, hopefully soon. I say 49ers win 27-13.

        2. playing scared

          Nonsense. He doesn’t have happy feet in the pocket. That td to Pettis vs the Steelers was super brave, too. You, and Grant, are full of it.

          1. ..not planting his left leg on passes seems to validate him playing scared.

            Nobody said he had happy feet in the pocket, you are full of it.

  2. Check that dime that Pettis dropped on a slant, window doesn’t get any tighter. Jimmy’s prob rt now is the same as pre injury. He is lights out on shirt or intermediate routes, but struggles on the deep ball. I believe its because of his ultra short windup. He’d make a great short stop, but a horrible right fielder. We need him to play the dilfer/ Flacco role for now, but hes far more talented so I like the strategy. He can win a game with his arm, those guys can only lose it.

  3. No zip? No problem. Looks like Joe Montana in the pocket the way he stands and delivers. Clean up the ball placement with the receivers, and there’ll be more Yakety Yak. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-A!

    1. Joe was smart, but he was also never afraid to take a hit. That is the question I have about Jimmy. It’s not about his physical ability, but unlike Grant I think it might be about his courage.

        1. Now THAT is an idiotic retort.
          Following that logic one cannot comment on ANY aspect of a game because one isn’t the one playing it. Geeze.
          You know what he means. Afraid to take a hit. Legitimate comment. No shame in Garoppolo being that way, if he is. Maybe too smart to put himself at risk when he doesn’t HAVE to. All teams are looking for that one dumb guy that is willing to plant the front foot and risk getting his knee blown out.
          Hopefully, the coach will figure it out

      1. willtalk,
        I know a very tough QB who has unquestionable courage. He can take hit after hit and keep playing.
        Only problem is he’s the 3rd string QB – CJ Beathard.

        At the end of the day it’s about getting the job done and JG has done enough to help the team win.

      2. Yeah I don’t buy that one at all. He stands in there and has taken plenty of hits. He runs down the field into traffic head first when going for a first. He just never really sits down on his front leg.
        So I would argue that is a form issue not a fear issue. Guys that are legit afraid to take a hit will not command respect in the huddle… and they will not perform as well as he does under pressure.

      3. willtalk–

        This isnt Jim Everett were talking about here…………….how can you possibly question his courage? ALL qb’s try to get rid of the ball before their sacked-and he’s been sacked many times, and keeps getting up and doing the same things, unaffected.
        With respects, I think you can not substantiate this one.

  4. I wish to post just once per blog entry to remind the audience that I am not posting until next Friday.
    Any post you might see from a ‘sebnynah’ accompanied by an avatar of the same likeness IS NOT ME.
    Have a good evening everyone.
    Go Niners!

    1. Nice try. I wish Grant would manage this site, better.
      I wish to disagree with Grant. JG does not have a problem. Yes he did suffer an ACL injury, but the Steelers game showed that he can take a big hit, without re-injuring his knee.JG dos not need to win this game by himself. He will allow his defense to shut the Skins down, which has a lot less talent than the Rams. Pettis is not bailing out JG. Pettis has dropped easy catches, and has not been impressive, until this last game.
      JG is not the limiting factor. He does not float the ball, and can process just fine. It is not his fault that Goodwin lets a ball fall though his bread basket, or Pettis lets a ball hit him in both hands, then drops it.
      Yes, JG can look off the safety more, and he need better ball security, but he is recovering from an ACL, and Grant is expecting him to play like he has played for years. However, this is JG’s sixteenth game. He needs more time to sync up with his receivers, but has been handicapped by losing his favorite target in Taylor.
      It almost seems obligatory that Grant writes to stir the pot, but in this case, I think he is way off base. He poses the possibility that JG could lose this game for the Niners, but I think JG will not regress.
      Yes, the Skins will sell out to stop the run, copying what the Rams did, but with Wilson activated, I expect him to gash them up the gut. Yes, the Skins will give a heavy dose of AP, but the Niner run defense is not wilted lettuce like the Dolphins. The Niner run defense is stout, and they will not allow a hundred yard rusher.
      JG does not need to make a big wind up to make a throw. Look at Rodgers. He kinda flicks his wrist, and the throw looks effortless. I think JG’s mechanics are just fine, the quick release reminds me of Marino.
      JG also trusts his knee. He would not have dived forward for a first down, if he did not trust his knee.
      I also disagree with Grant about the Skins. The Niners will be able run on them, They allowed 5 yards per carry. Grant is trying to say any given Sunday, but the Niner defense will destroy the Skins offense. The Niner defense will shut down AP, and bludgeon Keenum. They should put E Man on McLaurin, to shut him down.
      I disagree with Grant about Gruden. He is not their only problem, and if the Dolphins would have not been tanking, the Skins would have lost to the lowly Dolphins.
      GO NINERS !!!!!!

        1. FRM…. LMAO

          If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.
          Seb makes a good Athletic Supporter…both of them…

      1. more blah blah blah by the Pinata boy Seb….what a dolt…..he must be done trimming his pot plants so now he is over writing….should do this should do that should should should should

      2. Goodwin’s mom needed a loaf of bread. Jimmy sent him the bread, but Goodwin couldn’t take the bread to his mom, because his basket had a hole in it….

  5. This thing about struggling with the deep ball has become a cliche. First, deep balls are low percentage passes to begin with; and second KS doesn’t call them all that often – especially this year. Daryle Lamonica aka the Mad Bomber had a career completion percentage of 49.5%. And as far as zip is concerned it’s like my two sons who are commercial pilots say: A good landing is one you walk away from. A good pass is one that leaves the QB’s hand and is caught by an eligible receiver.

  6. The Niners should not panic, and trade for Sanders.
    There is no guarantee that Sanders would put them over the top, into the SB. With their juggernaut running game, the passing game is second fiddle.
    The Niners should be patient, and wait until their injured WRs become healthy. Trent Taylor should be ready soon. Deebo may only need a couple weeks to recover. Hurd has not played for a couple months, so he may finally be getting healthy.
    Bourne, James and Matthews are ready and willing.

      1. Why? Because I do not want the Niners to trade for Sanders?
        It was not my intention of being deceptive. I just think they should be patient, and utilize their existing players.
        I would rather they elevate Deontay Burnett, he is way less costly.

  7. I heard all of this after his debut season of 5 games. Someone like you who is really knowledgeable showed a breakdown of his throwing motion on YouTube. His main point was that Jimmy wasn’t transferring his weight to his left foot, rendering the deep ball inaccurate. This was something he was doing BEFORE the injury. SAME EXACT weakness. He simply has not corrected it. By the way, I am really enjoying your insight into the 49ers! Grateful for it.

  8. I think JG is being unfairly criticized. His throws will get better as he gets more experience.
    When asked to throw on third downs, he is completing passes, and moving the chains.
    On some of his interceptions, it is the receiver’s fault, like Breida tipping the ball in the air.
    Yes, he is recovering from an ACL tear, but he seems to be moving well, and it does not seem to hamper his throwing. Sometimes, he is not stepping into the throw, because he has a pass rusher in his face.

  9. Antonio Brown deserves to be on a football team. If he came to the Niners, they are instantly Super Bowl favorite.

    -Donte Whitner

    All due respect to Hitner, there is no way the Niners sign AB. Eventually some team will. What team will that be?

    1. What team will that be?

      Jerry Jones may be simultaneously egotistical, stupid, and desperate enough to do so. Ditto trading a couple of first round picks for A.J. Green.

  10. Evidently Grant is predicting JimmyP will lay an egg or two….I am sure that day is coming…..I still say team needs WR help…..they drafted 2 not 1 but 2 WR’s and they have done squat….hhhmmmmmm…

    I was really pissed when JimmyP missed Coleman on that screen in the Redzone…that was bad JimmyP

  11. So….Grant was wrong on a number of things in his little periscope video…First of all, while Jimmy does throw off of his back foot when there’s pressure barring down on him in the pocket, it’s not something that he’s been doing frequently. It is very understandable for non-haters of Jimmy as to why he would be doing so and not fully trust a couple of rookies to keep guys off of him. Then dude said that Jimmy’s arm strength is no better than Mullens at this point. That’s just hilarious. Jimmy has made several throws outside the numbers, accurately and on time. A receiver bobbling the ball before he goes out of bounds isn’t Jimmy’s fault. He then tried to say that Dante has been bailing out Jimmy all yr. Lmao…The pass he spoke about vs the Rams…It was a high pass because Jimmy had to get the ball over the underneath coverage of the linebackers, but in front of the safeties. So he put the ball up and expected his guy to go up and make a play on the ball…Great QBs do it every week. Great receivers do it every week…make plays for their QB when given the opportunity. Jimmy is playing with a bunch of young receivers that he hasn’t had a ton of experience playing with. Would that maybe be the reason that he stares them down on certain plays? Not sure that they’re going to be where they’re supposed to be…when they’re supposed to be there? Jimmy hasn’t had to carry the team this year like he did when he first got here. The team for the most part has gotten big leads and Shanahan has taken his foot off the gas and has tried to bleed the clock by simply running the ball and letting the defense end the games. But Jimmy won the Pittsburgh game…And Grant is DEAD WRONG on saying that Pittsburgh was in cover two. He got that from the idiot on tv who used to play for Pittsburgh…I can’t think of his name but Pittsburgh was in cover 3…not cover two…And even though Dante did what he was supposed to do…which was come back to the ball…Jimmy made the type of throw that only a handful of QBs would’ve made in that situation…He again…trusted his guy and gave him a chance to make a play and Dante did it. When Brady makes those throws to Edelman or Gronk…it’s just a great throw by Tom…when Jimmy does it…he’s being bailed out by the WR. Grant wants so badly for this team to lose…He sat up for 20 minutes telling us all why/how Washington could win the game and he’s only deciding to not pick them because of the grief he’ll get after the team beats the breaks off of the Skins…They’re allowing 140 yards rushing a game…yet we won’t be able to run the ball on them because a desperate, division rival stopped us from running it on them. And our non-throwing QB had 277 yards passing in that game? And if not for a dropped TD by Coleman and a holding penalty that went uncalled on Kittle took two TDs off the board. The Niners should’ve beaten the Rams by 30 points. The Niners will beat the skins 34-6…Book it!!! He’s focused in on Jimmy because Jimmy’s to classy to corner him and challenge his idiotic opinions and hot takes…

  12. Yes, yes, Jimmy G sucks. Bosa was a wasted pick. Dee Ford the worst FA signing ever. The defense is just lucky and all the rest of the crapping on the 49ers one who hates the team he covers could come up with…


    The 49ers rank in the top 10 in both sack rate (9.6%, third) and pressure rate (30.3%, eighth). Along with the Patriots and Bills, they’re one of three teams allowing opposing offenses to score less than 1 point per drive (0.98). No team is forcing more three-and-outs, nor is it close; the 49ers are at 48.8% and the No. 2 Bills are at 43.8%. Opposing offenses are just 1-of-24 at converting on third or fourth down against them over the past two weeks. This is a legitimately great defense.

    9 points
    2 hours ago
    In this week’s film breakdown, I analyzed Nick Bosa who has 30 pressures in just 119 pass rush attempts, he tallies a pressure 25% of the time. That hasn’t been done in literally two decades. For context, JJ Watt leads the league in pressures this year with 39, but it has taken him 245 pass rush attempts to get there. That’s only 16%. I looked at the pressure %’s for the last few Defensive Players of the Year. Aarond Donald has 19% each of his last two years, Khalil Mack in 2016 recorded a 19% rate as well and JJ Watt was at 15% and 18% respectively in his award winning seasons. Bosa only uses 3 moves, primarily his main move is called “the side scissors.”

    And so it goes. Year after year.

      1. With DJ Jones out, I hope to see more of Thomas, but wonder if Sheldon Day will man the NT position.
        I hope Solomon Thomas will get another sack.

      2. Raz

        If that toothless ‘barb’ is pointed at me….I still stand by both …”King” Solomon is still in the mine….

  13. Both of you are totally right. Grant Cohn is just the worst niners writer there is. He is a joke and just a bad writer. He is also like crack. We all think he is stupid and bad, but he in a skip bayless, way keeps us engaged.

    He has been wrong about everything about the 49ers this year, and every week he says some stupid conspiracy theory to keep his name in the loop and get clicks for his garbage click bate writing.

    Here is the comprehensive list:
    Kyle shanahan: said he stinks and that he’s Marc trestman.
    Robert saleh: said the niners need to fire him.
    Kwon Alexander: called it a awful signing
    Dee Ford: called it a awful signing
    Nick bosa: forget the draft. He said bosa is soft and won’t play hurt in week 1.
    Deebo Samuel: ate his own words on this one.
    Justin Skule draft pick: (he gave it a c) now he is a hot take artist who says he’s better than McGlinchey.
    Dre Greenlaw: said Mack Wilson should’ve been the pick. Look at any browns game, Mack Wilson stinks.
    Joejuan Williams: yet to play a game for the patriots.
    Jimmie Ward: said it was a horrible re signing.
    Ahkello Witherspoon: has been beating the drum saying he is an awful player.

    There are a lot more, but now let’s look at the Jimmy g hot takes and highlight how this fan who is paid because of nepotism has been wrong at every turn. Let’s also remember that his favorite stat for a qb is wins.

    1. Claimed that nick mullens was better and that the niners would go 6-10 because of jimmy g.

    2. He said Jameis Winston and jimmy g were the exact same.

    3. He said that jimmy g would lose the Bucs, bengals, Steelers, and rams game for the niners.

    4. Claims that Kyle shanahan doesn’t trust him, even though that shanahan himself has said that they are playing complimentary football and winning with their defense.

    5. With no basis or fact called him a bad leader.

    6. Rips jimmy g for not fully trusting his knee coming off an acl injury. Has grant Cohn ever played a sport? Does he realize how difficult the mental hurdle is for an athlete coming of a major injury? Think about how many weeks it took for Deshaun Watson to get his groove last year. Tom Brady has a bad season by Brady standards in his first year back. This is the worst take of all time.

    Bottom line: Cohn is a joke. He’s lucky that his pops got him a job. He writes garbage with no basis of fact. He just speculates with garbage, and constantly takes ridiculous and strong stances ripping players. I’m taking a strong stance on him. He sucks. The only thing he is good at is writing click bate articles that make old lazy men like me follow this garbage.

      1. Totally true:). I got tired because I realized while writing this that he has been wrong about just about everything regarding the 49ers.

            1. You are easily amused.
              I was unfairly banned, but came here, because I like the content better. On NN, they like to twitter amongst themselves, saying nothing.
              To get fired, you must be hired, first. I did not get hired, but I was banned for making an innocuous statement.

              1. The real losers are the Ban Hammers, who cannot accept a contrarian point of view.
                Banning some one who wrote- ‘True fans do not want their team to lose’, is petty.

              2. Banning some one who wrote- ‘True fans do not want their team to lose’, is petty.

                You history here is exhibit A through Z that it wasn’t just that.

                In any case NN’s gain is our loss.

              3. Sure, it was just an excuse, but I never violated protocols, implied threats or used ban-able language.

    1. Naw, Grant is OK. He likes to stir the pot, and says controversial things to be controversial.
      He also is able to admit when he is wrong, which is rare in the media business.
      Since he is not a True, Die Hard Faithful Niner fan, he can be objective. It must have been hard not to be even more negative, with all of the team’s past travails.
      This team has gone from being a 4-12 team, to being 5-0. Grant is eating crow, and I am relishing all the back tracking he is doing.
      Thankfully, he invites us to disagree with him, and I totally disagreed with his assessment of JG. That is what makes this site so enjoyable.
      Now, if only Grant would get rid of all the catfish burner accounts……..

      1. There is a difference between being objective and criticizing with no facts. Grant Cohn does the latter. A real objective look at the niners is to dive deep into the stats and show how the niners compare to the other best teams in the nfl, and how it might affect them moving forward. This idiot just takes strong and unfair stances, like a fan I might add, and unlike any PROFESSIONAL writer. He then acts as if he knows more about football then the coaches, players, and executives for any team. He is a joke, and we need to tell him that just like he tells wrongly tells the niners players. He acts like a spoilt brat kid because his dad got him a job. Do not tell me that nepotism is a low blow, because this man took the same shots at nick bosa throughout the draft process. He is an absolute joke of a writer and not by any means a professional in any work environment.

        1. However, like Bosa, Grant is doing well, so the nepotism criticism is belied by what has happened. Personally, I like Grant’s edgy style. It is way more interesting than the toadies and sycophants, and their dry rote pablum produced.
          With Bosa, nobody is talking about nepotism now, they are talking about sacks and pressures.

          1. Cohn takes immature cheap shots at the kid every week.

            I personally enjoy barrows the best. His ability to tell a story and write is incredible. He is also objective and fair.

            1. Wow. The Matts are the biggest toadies I know that cover this team. Sure, they get the juicy tidbits of news and gossip first, but they are unabashed homers, and never say anything negative about the team. He is the furthest thing from being objective, imho.
              Go ahead, stick with the syrupy sweet saccharine pablum.
              I will stick with Grant. His interactions with Pettis were entertaining, and his periscope with Lowell during the Rams game elicited great stories about the Glory Years.

              1. His interactions with Pettis were entertaining,

                You mean the locker room exchange where Pettis basically told him to get f-ed? I’m surprised he still has access.

              2. Pettis is learning.
                No, he cannot devolve into a petty tantrum, and ban Grant. He needs to grow up, read If, by Rudyard Kipling, and act accordingly. He should also read everything Bill Walsh said about interacting with the media.

    2. Let’s not forget that he’s ripping a ab whose playing without two starting tackles, his favorite receiver, and his full back. Despite this all of this adversity, this is a qb that went on the road on a short week and won a big division game while converting 8 of 17 third downs. He has only played 15 games, and Cohn wants to feed him to the wolves.

      Let’s compare this to the 3 best QBs in the nfl:

      Tom Brady in a similar situation, has been playing similar to jimmy g. Pat Mahomes started to struggle once his offense had similar injuries. Aaron Rodgers has not been Aaron Rodgers for most of this year mainly due to offensive injuries.

      1. Naw, he is pulling a Lowell.
        He is putting out obstacles, and daring JG to prove him wrong.
        He did the same thing with Pettis, and Pettis responded by having a very productive game.
        As a fan, you have every right to take umbrage. I remember grinding my teeth over what Lowell wrote about Bill Walsh. Hopefully, JG will not let the chatter negatively affect him, and just concentrate on scoring as many TDs as possible. He should set a goal of scoring 7 times every game.
        Yes, Grant can be galling. I sure wish he would manage this site better. However, like you said, you get upset, but you read every word. I am thoroughly enjoying this season, and have back tracked from my original 8-8 prediction, and see 10-6 as attainable, maybe even 12-4, if the planets align.
        Thankfully, the Niners are relevant again, and JL is building that winning culture.

      1. Did he? I was not aware of this at all. I thought this guy claims that he understands the ins and outs of schemes better than anyone else, even better than ted Nguyen who breaks down film for a actually reputable news source. Kaep is an awful scheme fit for the niners.

        He must have written that for the clicks. He is a journalistic disgrace. Where is his integrity?

        1. “journalistic disgrace. Where is his integrity? ”

          Browse other sections of the Press Democrat and you’ll understand the problem. They aren’t exactly a bunch of Edward R murrows over there.

          1. You’re totally right :). It’s partly my fault for having expectations with any writer from this dead end paper.

            1. The Press Democrat won a Pullitzer Prize for their wildfire coverage.

              As they say in real estate, location, location, location.

              1. No other fire coverage garnered a Pullitzer, from SoCal to Paradise.
                Believe it or not, it takes good writing to win a Pullitzer.

    3. Good post Da Niners. This absurd periscope reminds me 2017. Grant initially said that Jimmy G should sit the entire year. JG was named the starter and wins piled up. Each win resulted in nitpicking and an ominous prediction that if the Niners lost any of their remaining games , it would be franchise ending. BTW, JG stats for 2017 extrapolated over an entire year was close to 29 TD / 4,900 yards.

      1. I am getting too old. My memory is failing me. I totally forgot about that. Let’s not forgot that he said Brian hoyer was the best QB he had seen on the niners based on a training camp where he was the only player who fully knew the complex shanahan scheme.

        I am all for objective criticism of jimmy g. I think all of us niners fans agree that we need to see more. He has played just 15 games, and he has shown a lot of great traits and made some young quarterback blunders. Cohn isn’t objective though, he is just wrong and stupid.

        1. I agree. Let’s be fair and objective. JG has stared down receivers. He has also had receivers drop passes and juggle passes which turn into picks. There have been 3 sure TDs dropped by receivers. Also how many of our receivers in their current form would start on other teams. Our best receiving talent in order is : Kittle, Breida, Juszczyk, Coleman, Deebo, Petis …. The first 4 aren’t WR.

          1. Exactly and two called back by the referees. He is young and growing quickly. He has a long way to go, but I see traits that show extreme promise. He also doesn’t have the luxury of just dropping back and slinging it in great rhythm. The important thing for our offense is converting third downs and winning time of possession so that our slightly undersized and fast defense can dominate when they’re on the field. We have the least number of 3 and outs in the nfl. That alone should tell you that we have a guy whose gonna be special as he continues to grow.

    4. Don’t disrespect Skip, by comparing him to Grant. Skip is way better, and thrice as entertaining. Grant is growing into a 49er hater, and every week he has to eat crow after he’s served more hot L’s. Remember that he predicted a 6-win season. A win for this week and Niners will need to lose out for Grant to be right. The liklihood is Grant wont be close, which is all you need to know about the credibility he has. Simply being wrong would be one thing, but every week he repeats the same points, and is proven wrong, and then walks it back, before reskinning his point and trying it again the week after. Dishonest, hackish journalism. Have you seen the broadcast Periscope’s? His retired dad walks rings around him. It’s almost embarrassing lmao.

      1. Fair enough. Skip is definitely entertaining. I do no watch is broadcast periscope. It seems like a gigantic waste of time.

        “Simply being wrong would be one thing, but every week he repeats the same points, and is proven wrong, and then walks it back, before reskinning his point and trying it again the week after. Dishonest, hackish journalism.”

        This is my exact point. Extremely well put.

      2. Renas, did you really say you like Skip? Bayless is the very definition of a blowhard hack.
        Grant is light years better than Skip. Skip is a huge Cowboys fan, and it colors all of his takes on other teams.
        I expect Lowell to perform well on those periscopes. Lowell has forgotten more that any of us will ever learn about journalism. Grant is a raw rookie, compared the the grizzled, award winning, legendary Lowell.

        1. I like Skip. Undisputed is entertaining to watch, to me. Skip is biased, yes, Grant isn’t really much better. Light years better? Not a chance. Or as Rob Parker would say, “no way, no how”.

          1. Guess I am jaded, and Skip is passe’. I almost knows what he is going to say, before he says it. Very formulaic.
            Grant has his own shtick, but I eagerly await what he is going to write or say. That JG criticism came out of left field, to me.

              1. Bayless’ shtick? It’s just an act, a well honed act he knows riles excitable sports fans. You seriously can’t see that?

                And as far as him being an outspoken fan of the Cowboys? So what. Grant makes a big deal about his team impartiality, yet he covers the team as anything but. I prefer someone who says they are a fan, you know he doesn’t have ulterior motives in discussing his team.

            1. The Jimmy criticism is the same shtick Grant has repeated all offseason, so I have no idea why it came out of left field for you. It’s pretty obvious Grant, after being called out by Pettis, is making a point to walk it all back, to hype Pettis up, and then later he will revert back and call him a bust again. And when people call him a hater, he’ll say how positive he was on Pettis during certain weeks. Skip has far more integrity than Grant, who is repeating the same couple of tactics ad nauseum in order to keep himself relevant and edgy. It’s an act that is already growing tiresome. I almost think he’s trying to provoke Jimmy into engaging with him, but I trust Jimmy is far too classy a guy to bother lowering himself to Grant’s level, and engage in his idiocy/trolling.

              I don’t know why Pettis reads Grant, but I hope any player who does, realises Grant is maybe on par with “the Sun” in regards to journalistic integrity. That is to say, Grant is a hot take trash-rag (his journalism, not him the person) aimed at clicks and reactions. It can be entertaining, but this blog would be nothing without the community in my opinion.

              1. I’m not hyping up Pettis. His drop against the Browns was terrible. He also has bailed out Garoppolo a few times this season, like when Garoppolo threw an out route into Cover 2 against Pittsburgh and Pettis came back to the ball and caught it for the touchdown.

              2. First off grant credit Ryan Clark. He said it first. Don’t pass if his work as yours. I’m sure they taught you about academic dishonesty at UCLA.

                Second of all, wide receivers bail out qbs all the time. We have seen even the best QBs like Watson and Mahomes get bailed out by a great receiver. You act like if garappolo isn’t perfect then he sucks. You are a fan. No professional tweets that a player is a flat out bust after one drop. Based on everything you have said about the 49ers you are a bust of a writer and a joke. You have been wrong about every single thing regarding them. Learn to do your job with class and professionalism.

              3. Sure you aren’t Grant. I actually watched the whole periscope. I heard you sit there and claim that it’s all Jimmy, he’s the one holding the offense back, and that it has nothing to do with Goodwin and Pettis. I can get you the time stamp if you’d like lol, though the thought of sitting through another fifty minutes is somewhat unpleasant lmao.

                Pettis was supposed to come back and attack that ball, and you know it. He did it, and got his kudos. Then you called him a bust 15 days later. Hot take trash rag. At least own it. Hey, it can be fun in its own way.

              4. No, JG has a good attitude towards the media. He does not let it affect him in any way, and even if it does, he will not let them see that.
                However, I bet we see JG zip the ball, and work on his feet.
                Skip has far more integrity than Grant? No, nope, non, nein, iye, nei, nah, nem, nao, nyet, nage, neyn.

              5. For someone that hates jimmy g and Dante pettis you can’t stop talking about them. You are smarter than you’re given credit for. You know that you have zero talent or aptitude for writing and covering the 49ers thus you leach your name with negativity on to them and try and ride their fame to success.

              6. Where did I call you names, Grant? I suppose I phrased one sentence as if you were an idiot, but I rather meant that your argument points were idiotic, than you yourself. I feel I’ve been rather careful to not namecall, as, like I said below, I have no issue with you the person. I think you’re probably quite a standup guy, actually. And, again, your “you consume my content” retort doesn’t make sense. I don’t consume your content because I think it increases my football IQ. I consume it because I find it fun.

              7. I think you’re in the clear Renas. You were definitely respectful and fair. I think I’m the one who he’s retorting to.

              8. Sebbie –

                No, JG has a good attitude towards the media. He does not let it affect him in any way, and even if it does, he will not let them see that.

                Jimmy blocked Grant previously, no? I think Jimmy has grown from that, but I think that would be reason enough for Grant to believe he can bait a further reaction later down the line.

                However, I bet we see JG zip the ball, and work on his feet.

                Correlation does not imply causation, Sebbie. To claim otherwise is a logical fallacy. I suspect Jimmy will improve his mechanics, but I don’t believe it will be because Grant pointed it out. I believe it will be part of his growth as a QB, and Shanny coaching him up.

                Skip has far more integrity than Grant? No, nope, non, nein, iye, nei, nah, nem, nao, nyet, nage, neyn

                I mean, everyone who works with Skip says he has a lot of integrity. I think Skip is emotional, and this affects his arguments, but he delivers his stuff in a way that people will tune in to watch, so he gets paid a lot. He’s also on debate shows, so sometimes, in the spirit of debate he will have to play Devil’s Advocate in order for the show to be an actual debate. That then has to come across as a base opinion, so I get that sometimes it will feel disingenuous. Grant, however, is not on debate shows.

              9. Whoah, Grant is very skilled at writing. That is why I like this site so much, and even put up with my detractors because of it.
                Maybe you cannot see it, but I appreciate good writing, since it is so rare, nowadays. Now, anyone can make a blog site and type away. With the advent of the internet, newspapers are folding or shrinking, so writers need to be good, to stay on. That is why Barrows, Maiocco and Kawakami had lost their jobs at their newspapers.
                Grant has been writing for years, and he did not try to ride the Niners tailcoats these past few seasons, because frankly, they sucked. 5-11, 2-14, 5-11, 4-12 are not any success to ride to fame with.
                Now that the Niners have started to win, it is not because Grant has been easy on them. I would counter by saying Grant was pointing out weaknesses and flaws, and that the Niners learned from their mistakes, because Grant identified the salient areas in which to improve upon.
                ‘No professional tweets out a player is a bust after one drop.’ Grant did not do that. He made an assessment during OTAs, TC and preseason, that Pettis was not excelling in the practices. In fact, he was struggling, big time. Pettis was not going over the middle and fighting for the ball. Thankfully, after Grant called him out, Pettis responded by playing well.
                Now, Grant is admitting he was wrong, but still thinks they can improve. He is pointing out pitfalls, and how to avoid them. I would much rather have him do that, than kiss arse.
                You are entitled to your opinion, but you cannot come here, shred Grant, and not expect any pushback. Yes, nepotism is real, but Grant would not have this job, if he were not good. You can throw out invective, and name call, but it just lessens your message.

              10. Renas, but then JG did subsequently unblock Grant?
                I do see correlation. Pettis is now going over the middle, and fighting for the ball, and I do know he reads what Grant writes, because he asked Grant about his bust comment. Whatever caused him to play better, Grant outlined how he could improve.
                You like Skip. I cannot make you stop watching him. Maybe he has improved, but I have not watched him for years. To each his own, I guess, because I cannot stand him. Maybe it is because he is such a Cowboys fan, and I hate everything associated with the Cowgirls.

              11. Whoah, Grant is very skilled at writing. That is why I like this site so much, and even put up with my detractors because of it.

                Subjective. Plus, “skilled at writing” is not a uniform standard. Grant writes in a way where it reads like how he speaks. In that respect, yes he’s skilled, because he can convey text in a way that is very easily readable. Does he use words to lead you, or convince you particularly well. I would argue not. I’m not going to comment on your personal motivations for being here, as that’s for you to decide. Personally, I think you have the mentality where “detractors” aren’t particularly draining for you, and I know you enjoy the back and forth, but that’s just my impression.

                Maybe you cannot see it, but I appreciate good writing, since it is so rare, nowadays. Now, anyone can make a blog site and type away. With the advent of the internet, newspapers are folding or shrinking, so writers need to be good, to stay on. That is why Barrows, Maiocco and Kawakami had lost their jobs at their newspapers.

                I don’t love Kawakami (on my old twitter account, that later got suspended, he had blocked me when I dared to suggest that writing the Chip thing off before it even began wasn’t helpful. He didn’t remember, and I’ve had no issues with him since, but Tim is extremely sensitive to criticism), but plenty of newspapers have poor writers, because they sell for various reasons, mostly brand name power. Like the Sun. I don’t know guys have the Sun over there, but it’s notorious for its scummy, low standards of journalism. It’s also one of the best selling papers in the country.

                Grant has been writing for years, and he did not try to ride the Niners tailcoats these past few seasons, because frankly, they sucked. 5-11, 2-14, 5-11, 4-12 are not any success to ride to fame with.

                You can still ride the coattails of things that aren’t successful. In this respect, you could argur Grant’s strong stances against the front office and coaching staff were what made him relevant, and thus he was reliant on the Niners all the same. Really Sebbie, this point you’ve made here is meaningless.

                Now that the Niners have started to win, it is not because Grant has been easy on them. I would counter by saying Grant was pointing out weaknesses and flaws, and that the Niners learned from their mistakes, because Grant identified the salient areas in which to improve upon.

                I see zero evidence to suggest Grant has had any influence on the improvement on the Niners whatsoever. Really Sebbie, you’re going to have to actually evidence this claim. Again, correlation != causation.

                ‘No professional tweets out a player is a bust after one drop.’ Grant did not do that. He made an assessment during OTAs, TC and preseason, that Pettis was not excelling in the practices. In fact, he was struggling, big time. Pettis was not going over the middle and fighting for the ball. Thankfully, after Grant called him out, Pettis responded by playing well.

                Sebbie, Grant during the Browns game tweeted Pettis was a flat out bust, the very game after Pettis caught the game-winning touchdown on a play Grant now attributes nearly 100% to Pettis. Come on now.

                Now, Grant is admitting he was wrong, but still thinks they can improve. He is pointing out pitfalls, and how to avoid them. I would much rather have him do that, than kiss arse.

                It needs to be balanced. Grant is reactionary, and it comes across more as him desperately delaying the inevitable. But I agree, I don’t post on NN much because of the homerism. It’s part of why I enjoy this site.

                You are entitled to your opinion, but you cannot come here, shred Grant, and not expect any pushback. Yes, nepotism is real, but Grant would not have this job, if he were not good. You can throw out invective, and name call, but it just lessens your message.

                Where did he claim he didn’t expect pushback? I don’t see how it lessens the message, either. More emotional, maybe. Is emotion divorced from all this? I don’t think so.

              12. Renas, but then JG did subsequently unblock Grant?

                Later on, yes. Does that mean Jimmy has no intention of reacting to Grant? Maybe, probably. But it doesn’t indicate that Jimmy will never react to Grant at all, especially when Grant makes wild claims, like how Jimmy is the main thing holding the offense back because… Pettis made two nice catches?

                I do see correlation.

                That’s not the point. I said correlation does not imply causation. That is to say, just because something correlates (Pettis improving his play after Grant called him out), doesn’t mean it is caused by that event (in other words, Pettis improving his play after Grant called him out, does not mean Pettis improved his play because Grant called him out). Because, yeah, I see correlation too. It doesn’t evidence anything concrete. To claim it’s a direct result is fallacious.

                Pettis is now going over the middle, and fighting for the ball, and I do know he reads what Grant writes, because he asked Grant about his bust comment. Whatever caused him to play better, Grant outlined how he could improve.

                Sure. But let’s be honest, the outline was only a few steps mote nuanced than “catch the ball more”. That is to say, not particularly nuanced at all. In my view, at least. Maybe I am forgetting some details, and if so, I will pre-emptively apologise.

                You like Skip. I cannot make you stop watching him. Maybe he has improved, but I have not watched him for years. To each his own, I guess, because I cannot stand him. Maybe it is because he is such a Cowboys fan, and I hate everything associated with the Cowgirls.

                Eh, I liked Romo too. Maybe part of it is because I didn’t see the Niners in the “vs Cowboys” era. It was before I was born, actually. I’m only 23. But for me, I think it’s pretty easy to seperate Skip from his Cowboy love, in terms of entertainment value. I do think Skip is better on Undisputed, than he was on First Take, too. Shannon Sharpe is a good foil.

              13. Call me whatever name you want, you can’t get enough of my coverage.

                Was it Pol Pot who said there’s no such thing as bad publicity?

        1. You’re right. I think you suck. At the same time I said you’re like crack. You’re bad for everyone, but kind of addicting.

        2. Firstly Grant, let me be clear. I don’t dislike you. On the contrary. I enjoy this site quite a bit actually. I also don’t dislike your work. I dislike it, insofar as I judge it on its journalistic merits. However, I can think something is lacking in integrity, and still derive entertainment from it. I find you funny. Not in a “I laugh at you” way. Some of your lines make me laugh. Your delivery is great. You’re entertaining. Not as entertaining as Skip, but it’s an enjoyable time. I genuinely mean that.

          So, all that being said, I don’t really see what me consuming all of your work has to do with whether I think you offer great insights. I don’t watch Undisputed or The Herd to increase my football knowledge. I watch it to be entertained. Same deal here. I am allowed to get something out of content l, that maybe isn’t the main focus, no?

          To put it in other terms, I’m a big fan of all the DC TV shows, like Arrow. Arrow has been a dumpster fire for two years, but I haven’t missed one episode, because on some level it’s entertaining. I think you know what you’re doing, to, so I really don’t understand your response here.

          1. Well said! It seems grant can’t take criticism. Extremely ironic considering that it’s the only thing he does is criticize

      1. Thanks for being a pretentious brat who is always wrong working at a dead end paper. It makes you fun to watch.

  14. Here is another little set of facts that show why Cohn is a fraud. If you guys remember, he spent all off season screaming that Matt Ryan is what made Kyle shanahan. He also broke down the Vikings film, and used that game as his basis for what he thinks Jimmy g is as a qb. Now I could be petty and show Matt Ryan’s stats this year or his lack of winning without shanahan. Instead let’s talk about the fun little parallel that the Nfl offered us with scheduling. Matt Ryan got to go up against Mike Zimmer’s defense this year week 1 in Minnesota just like Jimmy. He was terrible and they got blown out. They dominated him. He had more receiving talent than jimmy. Their offensive lines were comparable because let us not forget that both mike person and Joshua Garnett got hurt in that game so McGlinchey played guard and Gary Gilliam played tackle. The defenses were also extremely comparable.

    The niners even with Kyle shanahan who was made by Matt Ryan and a bad qb were a George kittle dropped touchdown and a Alfred Morris fumble on the 1 away from winning that game. Despite jimmy playing bad, we still only lost by 8!

    How does this guy have any credibility? I’ve never met a person in this world that is so arrogant that they believe they’re right all the time when they’re constantly wrong. I cannot continue to reiterate what a joke Grant Cohn is.

    1. For being an old codger like me, you do seem to have a good memory.
      However, there seems to be different takes on what transpired.
      With Hoyer, yes, Grant touted him , because I was advocating for Kaep. However, Hoyer pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself. That is when he advocated for the Niners to sign Kaep. Grant keeps trolling me, like when he and Lowell went off on Kaep, during their Rams periscope, and he knows I am a big fan of Kaep.
      Matt Ryan set records in production, while KS was OC. Maybe Ryan needed KS as much as KS needed Ryan. They both got to the SB, and that propelled KS into this Niner head coaching gig. So, in effect, Ryan did help land KS in SF.
      Yes, Grant makes definitive assertions, that do not bear fruit. However, he also has admitted he had made a mistake, and has changed his mind many times. I will concede he is arrogant at times, but so are we all. I have had to eat some humble pie, many times.

        1. Sure, but so have many of us. Did you predict the Niners would be undefeated and leading the division?
          It is Grant’s job to make those hot takes.

      1. With Hoyer, yes, Grant touted him , because I was advocating for Kaep.

        Grant keeps trolling me, like when he and Lowell went off on Kaep, during their Rams periscope, and he knows I am a big fan of Kaep.

        Grant did what because of you? Because of you?. JFC, your narcissism knows no end, does it?

        1. Who else on this site is a fan of Kaep? No one.
          Everyone else does not even want to mention Kaep. Prime trolls me about Kaep. For the life of me, I could not understand why they were discussing Kaep, during the Rams game, except to troll against the Kaep fans.

            1. Several times, Grant put up a post about Kaep, and everyone knew he was just throwing me a bone.
              Please name another poster on this site who wants to hear about and talk about Kaep.

      1. You’re a pretentious idiot that has been doing that to 49ers players without fail, because daddy got you a job. You don’t seem to handle it too well when it’s done to you.

  15. Just watched Grants periscope came away wondering if the Niners are going to win any more games this year because JG doesn’t transfer his weight to his left leg.
    Also Washington going to win because they will shutdown the run game and Jimmy can’t pass deep.
    My prediction. SF 28 Redskins 9.

  16. This man is the gift that keeps on giving. Go check his Twitter. He just compared the the time it takes for a 8 yard pass to travel and the time it takes for a 13 yard pass to travel and claims that it means that jimmy g has lost his arm strength. Is this the type intelligence that the press democrat pays for? My goodness. My 4 year old grandson could tell you that a longer pass would take more time to arrive to the receiver. What a joke!

  17. My greatest fear this year came to fruition when Staley went down. Thought the O-line was the Niners weakest link. As it turns out the O-line, still somewhat of a question mark, has exceeded most expectations not only in talent but in depth. Although it is never recommended to have both starting tackles go down, the positive side is the reps that B & S are getting. If one of those guys turns out to be a viable replacement for Staley, it would provide some relief in the up and coming draft. With the 32 pick the Niners…No second round pick…with the 96th pick.

    JG/Shanny are in game manager mode. That is all.

    1. UC, I’m in total agreement. Staley was one the key injuries I worried about prior to the season, perhaps the difference between a winning and losing season. And after losing a second tackle, I’m still somewhat amazed the team has not lost a beat. After the D line and play of the DBs, team depth has been the most impressive turnaround from last season.

        1. He had to come up with something to criticize a 5-0 team. I think Grant will observe something and draw conclusions while finding the data to prove his conclusions rather than tempering his conclusions with the full data. IMO It would help his reporting if he said on X amount of drop backs out of X attempts JG threw off his back foot. On those attempts he had X amount of completions. He should also stop trying to play psychologist about JG’s mental state, it’s pure speculation. Does JG throw off his back foot sometimes, yes. Does he have a weak arm no. Could he play better, yes. Is he holding back the WR’s, hardly. I am not worried with Jordan Matthews as a back up. I am more concerned with filling Juices role in the run game. I would love to see us win with the passing game at some point.

            1. I don’t think Grant is a bad writer, sometimes I enjoy his stuff and it’s insightful. Other times he reaches a bit. I don’t know Grant personally to say anything about him. He has a professional career in sports journalism and now venturing into broadcasting. He’s ahead of all of us.

            1. You informed us that our Qb would be benched early in the season, and that he would be the reason we go 6-10. We’re 5-0 while playing without 2 starting tackles and our fullback. You’re clearly good at your job.

            2. Grant it’s ok to criticize JG. I am good with it. He’s not perfect and can improve. More often than not you take a less than positive approach about the team. Many times they deserve it.

              1. You’re totally right. Of course it’s okay to criticize him. He’s a young QB whose made a lot of mistakes. There is a big difference between criticism and nitpicking for no reason. Grant does the latter. Some of his opinions are baseless and pure speculation. Like “Kyle doesn’t trust jimmy.” Where is the journalism integrity? My question is why can’t he do some research and give legit facts.

              2. You nailed it. I think even if he stated “I wonder if Kyle trusts JG” it would change how I feel. None of us knows that completely. If he didn’t trust him we’d see Mullen.

              3. I would be totally okay if he openly speculates like that. Instead he tries to pass off his speculation as fact. I think it may just be a maturity thing. Eventually he will be humbled into acting like a real professional journalist.

                On another note I am surprised that there hasn’t been consequences for his blatantly wrong speculation.

              4. People leave the blog. There used to be a lot more regular guys on here who knew football that are now gone. Some left because of Seb and Prime’s bickering. Blogs are run on opinions so there’s room for it I assume. He doesn’t make the same kinds of claims in his AP articles.

      1. Yeah, I’ve not bothered with this one either. It’s the Redskins – the game preview is the 49ers should roll them unless they forget to pack their cleats.

      1. What preview?!

        Check out my Periscope preview of the 49ers-Redskins game:

        That is your own words, correct?

            1. Synopsis- Grant disses JG, and thinks the Skins can win if the Niners are complacent.
              There saved you an hour of watching.

      2. Grant,

        As you are seeing this please do something about the 90+% of ‘sebnynah’ posts on here. They are from the Catfish.
        I am not posting until next Friday to relieve us of this bum.

        1. Nice try catfish. You promised to stay off, so I could blog in peace. Please stay off til next Friday, like you promised.

  18. You heard it here…

    MikeH123 • 3 hours ago • edited

    This will be the signature game for Callahan. Redskins have a really great run blocking offensive line especially with the addition of Penn and Flowers. Replacing the mediocre slot receiver with a fullback is genius. AD has always been dominate behind a fullback. Defenses can load the box but the fullback will provide an advantage blocking at the point of attack. The speedsters McLaurin and Richardson will be left one on one on the outsides. Redskins by an easy 7. And they aren’t done in the division.

  19. Whoopee, got my Niners – Seahawks monday night tix! Since my last game attended at Levis was that Thanksgiving debacle, there is serious unfinished business riding on this one.

    1. Yeah, I’m totally jazzed.

      I’m going to lead with my chin and pull a Sebbie. I hope Sherman gets as many INTs as he did that Thanksgiving game.

  20. “Opponents have converted 1 of 24 third- or fourth-down conversions against the 49ers in their past two games. QBs have dropped back on 19 of those plays and have taken four sacks, posted an 11.8 passer rating and thrown for minus-11 net yards.”

    “Washington has scored two touchdowns in its last 11 quarters; the 49ers have allowed one touchdown in their last eight quarters.”

    -Eric Branch

  21. Seb needs a response for his latest damage to this site.

    SebRaider, go back to Niner Nation, hat in hand, mea culpa ready, and leave us to post in peace. I’m sure after ruining Grant’s blog by attracting all the burner accounts they will gladly take you.

    You are not a true 49er fan and all but admitted it this summer when you slammed the front office; Kyle Shanahan as “less than astute for not resigning Kaep;” and stated they were not a playoff team.

    Seb, you can’t backpedal out of your losing 49er prognostication by saying you “watched TomD, Peter King and other experts predict a playoff for the Niners, so decided to jump on board the band wagon…..Sorry Seb; that train has already left the station–OWN IT for once !!!

    Which leads me to point # 2. You never own what you say—another point of negativity you get called out on—especially by Prime when you welshed on that bet, and by Cassie Baalke when Hoyer had a better run of games than your boy, Kaep.

    You add only negativity, and frankly, your 49er bashing is getting old.

    Have you thought about moving to Las Vegas and joining a Raider blog, SebRaider, where your Niner negativity would dovetail nicely with those Raider PSL’s you’re about to buy ?

    1. TrollD, I stated that, when the Niners were on their 9 game losing streak to start the 2017 season, and KS was rolling with Hoyer. Kaep was a superior choice at that time. However, once JG fell into their lap, I have not called on JL or KS to sign Kaep, since I think JG is good enough to be the Niner franchise QB.
      Since they were 4-12 last season, I wanted incremental improvement. 8-8 was doubling their win total from last season. During TC, I changed my mind, and thought that a 9-7 season may be possible. After the preseason, I thought that 10-6 and a shot at the playoffs is possible. So before the first game, I also said that the playoffs were possible. However, I am a true sportsman, and will welcome any bandwagon fans, because they are coming out of the woodwork for the Niners. The more the merrier. It sure is churlish for you to try and exclude any fan from becoming a Niner fan.
      Now you are saying I welched on a bet? I have not welched at all. Prime is the one who claimed that the Niners would draft Trubisky, and welched on his bet to Prime. I did not bet, because I assumed Prime would welch on that bet. Even with the stipulation, he should have manned up and paid his debt. I did lose a bet to Pot Meets Kettle, and fulfilled the terms of the bet by praising his football acumen.
      Now you are accusing me of being a Raider fan, which only a Raider fan trolling a Niner fan would do. I intensely dislike the Raiders, and am glad they moved away. I feel sorry for the Bay Area Raider fans, because Mark Davis is such a terrible owner. At least Jed is keeping the team in the Bay Area.
      This reminds me of when I proposed a play, and you ridiculed me for even thinking of it. I proposed that the receiver should fall down, let the DB ignore him, then get up and catch the pass while uncovered. You thought that was impossible, and others called me a moron for even thinking of it.
      Interesting enough, on Jan 3rd, 2019, against the Rams, Kittle intentionally fell down, then got up to receive a pass from Mullens. He performed that play exactly how I envisioned it, so who is the moron? The person calling out a play ahead of time, or the clueless peanut gallery, who thought it was impossible?
      TrollD, I hope you have stopped fantasizing about breaking into gun safes, and creating nightmares. Maybe your medications are working. We need less crazy people, in this crazy world.

      1. The life of everyone on board depends upon just one thing: finding someone back there who can not only fly this plane, but who didn’t have fish for dinner.

  22. Thanks for “informing” us about our QB Coach. Very insightful. In similar news of the day, a scientist (He claims to be but really has no science background) has concluded that the moon is made up entirely of Wisconsin cheese. (Long sarcastic eye roll)

  23. Why is everyone so up in arms!? You’d think that the team was 0-5. TBH I scrolled to much (our resident troll was quite busy).

    Who cares what people say, we should care what they do!

    And they’ve been doing so well…

    1. I think most comments are just calling out Grant and his hackery. Not particularly surprising, given where we are posting. I’ve posted more on this thread than I think I ever had before, and Seb still demolished my post count lol (fair play Sebbie)

      1. He always does…

        What I don’t get is if people don’t like what Grant is selling they can vote with their feet. It isn’t like the Press Democrat has our brains locked in a vat and uses us to power the Pacific coast with the amount of postings we place. We are free to go read lots of other fan journalists.

    2. I am also partially to blame. I posted quite a bit. I was mostly irritated at the nonsense Grant spewed so I felt the need to call him out. I did not realize that Seb replies in his defense to every single post. If I had known, I would have refrained from posting to cause such an influx of posts. I mostly enjoy reading the comments here rather than the writing. A lot of you guys are interesting and offer good insights.

      1. I feel like your comments are pretty good, though. Though, I also lurked for a while before posting, so I know what you mean.

      2. I agree. I really enjoy the collective football intelligence of all the posters. I miss some of the old posters that have dropped off over the years, but it’s still an old school group of grid iron intellectuals that bleed red and gold, just like me.

        TBH, I come here more for the comments than I do for the articles (I have yet to watch a periscope). Yes, some of the commentary is annoying banter, but most of it is insightful. It feels like you’re hanging out with good friends in a bar talking football. And, much like that bar scenario, a couple of those friends are annoying, but most are pretty damn awesome and that’s why you’re there. Cheers to you, Press Democratic bloggers!

        1. I wouldn’t put “intellectual” and you in the same sentence, unless we were discussing antonyms, personally. But that’s just me.

          1. Unprovoked arsehole thing to say. Does that make you feel better? Older perhaps?

            I’m genuinely sorry I offended you so greatly by questioning your spelling of a word. There isn’t a big sign hanging on your avatar that says “I’m British.” You win though and have taught me a lesson about talking about anything other than football on here. Feel free to have the last word if you wish. Enjoy the game today.

            1. Oh no, no offense was taken. You, Betadux, were the one that decided to randomly attack the spelling of a word. For no reason. The fact that you were wrong is beside the point really. Glad to see you took a positive lesson from it though. I hope you also appreciate your greater understanding of the English language after it too. And don’t worry, I will enjoy it.

              1. You’re right. I attacked the spelling of a word, not you, so please, no more verbal sparring. I can’t possibly hope to match your superior command of the English language. Thank you for teaching this old dog such a valuable lesson. You are clearly wise beyond your years and I’m humbled by our brief exchange. I only hope that one day you happen to visit the States and we can all perhaps meet in the aforementioned bar so I can properly thank you in person. I would really enjoy that.

              2. I would think you owe me a pint of their finest bitter, Betadux. I’ll gratefully accept it of course. Likewise, if you’re ever washed up at sea and find yourself in the UK for any reason, I’ll take great pleasure in having you buy that pint for me. Lmao

      3. Da Niners, that is why I do that. Eventually they give up and stop posting.
        However, to tell the truth, I also unleashed a blizzard of posts because my catfish did not want me to post. ;p

    1. Yes, yes, and yes. For years I came here and only read the blog comments without participating. I think I’ve jumped in this last year or two partially because of the void left by some of those that left. Razor, you and FRM (aka Cassie Baalkie) are my favorite staples to the blog.

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