49ers release CB Chris Cook

The 49ers just announced they’ve released 28-year-old cornerback Chris Cook.

In 2014, Cook (6’2″, 212 lbs) appeared in six games and played only 48 snaps before tearing his hamstring and landing on the Injured Reserve list.

The Niners’ starting secondary currently looks like this:

Left cornerback: Shareece Wright (5’11”, 182 lbs)

Slot cornerback: Tramaine Brock (5’10”, 197 lbs)

Right cornerback: Dontae Johnson (6’2″, 200 lbs)

Strong safety: Antoine Bethea (5’11”, 206 lbs)

Free safety: Eric Reid (6’1″, 213 lbs)

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  1. Wright seems to be exceeding fan base expectations from his dismal performance in San Diego. This does bode well for our young corners.

    1. Wilsonm73,
      It would be huge for the defense if Wright could have the same type of career revival that Carlos Rodgers had when he came to us some years ago.
      Rodgers was known as a good defender but had issues catching potential Int’s. That certainly changed once he put on a 49ers uniform.

      1. Baalke seems like he has a knack for picking up used CB’s. Cox was another one beside Rogers. As well as Bethea. Remember Grant had a bunch of statistics how bad Bethea was in coverage with the Colts and he played great last year. Wright may be the next in that line. Now if we could just get the right side of our OL and WR situation figured out.

    1. I take never with a grain of salt. In all his years in HS, college he’s never had a QB who ran the huddle? He’s played with a lot of QB’s in the NFL too. I am wondering if its a dig at the 49ers for not keeping him, or does Luck just run the huddle better?

      1. In the interview, it comes across as no one else has run the huddle like Luck does. Gore refers to him as, “a different animal” in relation to other quarterbacks with whom Gore has played.

        This does not surprise me. Luck is very assertive as a leader. Alex and Kap both seemed to defer somewhat to other leaders on offense. Further, Kap sometimes seems to act like “one of the guys” whereas Luck seems to stand apart, like Brady or Manning.

        Some reports from the off season and training camp seem to indicate that Kap might be taking a more traditional leadership role this year.

        1. First of all, Kaepernick learned very little about how to be a quarterback at the NFL level while at Nevada, meanwhile Luck was getting his PhD. All reports are that Kaepernick is a lead by example player, and not the vocal one that Frank describes….

          1. Kap was a leader at Nevada, but I agree it was not like running an NFL huddle. And he does lead by example (or better put, he has exhibited a non-direct leadership style), but he has also been very deferential to veteran players, sometimes perhaps to his detriment. I actually think not having some of those players around will help Kap take the next step to be more of a direct leader.

            1. They could only “coerce” him one time so far to give the “Braveheart” speech in front of the team prior to kick off….

              Expecting Kaepernick to command a NFL huddle like Luck at this juncture in their respective careers is a joke….

              1. “Expecting Kaepernick to command a NFL huddle like Luck at this juncture in their respective careers is a joke…”

                No one here is suggesting that.

    2. I suppose we will see if having more time in the huddle with the players once the play is received will make a difference. Not saying thats the reason but that it might be a mitigating factor.

    3. Yet, Kaep ran the pistol at Nevada, so he quickly made decisions on the field.
      JH had his method for play calling but was a control freak and the offensive ineptitude can be attributed to him.
      Tomsula is allowing Kaep to make more on field decisions. Sounds smart.

    4. One thing you can take to the bank is that Frank Gore is a class act through and through and the last thing he’s going to do is start taking shots at his previous team members or coaches. A lot can be read into his words but knowing Frankie I have no doubt that he meant no slight toward Kaepernick with his comments.

  2. Every time I write an 11 paragraph, convoluted ramble frequently contradicting myself, Grant starts a new column. This saves readers time, and me alot of embarrassment.

    Seriuosly, no surprise re Cook.

    I’m liking the starting secondary. It assumes (perhaps correctly) Ward isn’t going to start slot.

    1. The only disappointment is that if Ward doesn’t start we could have picked up a better WR in last years draft.

  3. Our Draft Crush Kevin White hasn’t been practicing in Bears TC. Working through something. Rooks need reps.

  4. I’m surprised it happened this early, but not surprised he didn’t make the team given Dontae Johnson has already surpassed him for the #3 CB role and has been looking good.

    1. A prompt evaluation and decision is a benefit to not only the 49ers, but Cook as well. It won’t shock me if Seattle brings him in for a debriefing….

      1. If Seattle feels they have to debrief him before consideration it might help explain why the Niner’s dropped him so quickly. Someone who doesn’t ever change his briefs is not someone you really want in your locker room.

  5. In Maiocco’s chat today, he comments on where Boone is lining up:

    @newuser Do you agree with Boone at LG? I understand they want him to backup Staley, but I would prefer a current hole be filled (RT) rather then filling a possible hole (LT)

    MM: No, I think the better spot for Boone is right tackle. There is no doubt in my mind that all things being equal, you want the right tackle to be the second-strongest spot on the O-line, and I think that player is Boone.


        1. Agree. I’d tend to want my A Team working together on their protections and the ZBS choreography. Timing, spacing, angles, cohesion, letting RBs get to know their blockers.
          P#1 is against Houston, right? Kap better buckle up.

          1. Exploring options tend to mean you don’t have an A team, and too much indecision in the coaching staff.

    1. Why Boone wasn’t moved to RT last year when AD went down is a mystery too.

      I know I’ve been a broken record on this, but I think they might be installing Steve Logan’s Gap Left / Zone right running scheme I linked to the other day.

      1. Here’s an original thought….how about letting the coaches put Boone where THEY think he will do the most good…Unless someone here has come up with an effective cloning machine, those other guys are still going to have to learn to block.

  6. Just read an article on Nick Moody’s interview yesterday. Somebody may have already mentioned this, but I’m beginning to think that the plan might be to have Moody cover Jimmy Graham.

  7. I love the story of how Melvin Gordon’s mom isn’t going to wear his jersey until he proves himself. Good stuff.

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