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    1. Razor, what are your thoughts on Vince Mayle (WR)? If they go a DL in round 1, is he someone you’d think about in round 2 or 3?

      1. He’s one of my sleepers, and I think it’s unlikely he’ll make it to the third round. If I had to decide between Beckham or Mayle in the second round, it might not be popular but I’ve got to take Beckham. I like Mayle and for a guy his size, he’s pretty quick laterally, not sure about top end. He’d be a good target for Kaepernick for sure….

        1. My really sleepy sleeper is Lemar Durant, WR from Simon Fraser Uni. Level of competition is a real concern, as is his history of knee injuries, but he’s a physical specimen. Could be worth a look late or as an UDFA.

      2. I don’t see the team going DL until later in the draft unless Smith chooses to retire, and even then the team might wait until the second round to grab one.

    2. I wonder if issues like “dead money” on a guy who is found in violation of the NFL’s new personal conduct policy will be revised. (Of course, even if that does happen, Ray would have to be deemed in volition by the NFL first.)

  1. Saves face to a front office and coach who are an embarrassment to prior staffs. Never been this embarrassed as a fan. Harbaugh has to go now. He is a good coach but stuff of the field is a huge part of it too. I’m not saying Ray is guilty. He could be innocent. But to put yourself in that position is questionable. And I highly doubt they cut him of they’re still in the playoff race.
    You can’t help keep your star lb out of trouble
    Your olb from breaking team rules
    Your te involved in the team
    I guess the rumors of he’s lost the lockeroom are true. Where’s singletary when you need him?
    Maybe he’s should hire him as a counselor or team a** whooping machine.

  2. Dial and Tank will be ready to take over for Ray Ray next year. Glad we acted decisively–time to clean house on our non-impact malcontents. (Crabs, you listening?)

  3. self-right·eous
    adjective: self-righteous

    having or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior.

  4. Too bad McDonald, you should of never put yourself in that position. Its just not smart. Whether your guilty or not, problems seem to be your habit.

  5. “This is about a pattern of poor behavior,”

    I guess McDonald is the only 49ers player who has shown a pattern of poor behavior over the last couple of years.

        1. As I said before, all of those reasons would have been valid at the end of the year also, when they would have saved more money.

          1. They are trying to save face and using McDonald as an example. If they were still in the playoff hunt, and was a bit younger and the cap impact would have been negative they would likely have continued to hide behind due process.

              1. I agree with Jack with respect to Aldon, at least if Baalke is the one making the decisions. Baalke has shown that he does not make any decision absent a cost benefit analysis, and the benefit of keeping Aldon for the future would likely outweigh quite a bit of bad PR.

                With McDonald, something shifted the benefit from keeping him to releasing him, despite a significant cost to releasing him. Maybe it was saving face, maybe it was some inside knowledge of what happened and/or the likely outcome, maybe it was a way of sticking it to Harbaugh — we may never know — but clearly something was more important to the organization than McDonald’s play and his cap hit.

                Of course, it is also possible the decision did not come from Baalke and no cost/benefit analysis metric was used. Overall, I think Jed York is a pretty good owner, but he does strike me as perhaps being a bit more reactionary than Baalke.

              2. Well, if Aldon is true to form we’ll likely be given an opportunity to be proven right or wrong on this matter this off-season… :-P

      1. Yes I’m sure he’s tempted but he’s already been a College Coach. I think winning a SB is everything to him and all that drives him. That’s a lot of money but I’m guessing somebody will offer him similar in the NFL.

      2. I don’t think it’s the money that gets his competitive juices flowing. I’d be highly surprised to see him head back to the collegiate ranks while brother and nemesis each have Super Bowl rings….

    1. Heard it’s ode to 60 and he could go anytime he wants. I’d take it too. As long as he’s not across the bay. Or in our division.

  6. Due process is only a figure of speech in ninerland these days.

    I said at the time of Mac’ first incident that he should have been suspended with pay in order to send a strong to the players.
    Hopefully this message takes root.

    Glad to see Baalke put on his work pants and make the announcement instead of rolling Harbaugh out to face the media.
    On a different note, Baalke’ media opp gives more weight that Harbaugh’ days are numbered.

    Whew, what a crazy year.

  7. Guess the niners are only about due process when the playoffs are still within reach. Pathetic. Its starts with the top and Jed is a clown.

  8. Thank You
    I honestly most people know these things are going on. Sometimes we have to let the justice systems do its job. Other times we must take a stand and say this is wrong. If we just try to just sweep things under the rug, are we not just as morally wrong as the people we would be trying to defend. Thank you for standing up and acting like Men. Robb Bouey

  9. I think it helps them make the decision to bring him back with that cap hit they would have taken.
    Guaranteed they were going to try to rework a deal with him this offseason. Especially with the due process favor hanging over his head. They caught a break, and took advantage of it.
    As for Aldon. I think they would hate to do it but they can’t turn back now. If he gets in the slightest bit of trouble he’s gone. Fingers crossed.

    Heard Matt Maioco on knbr. And his feeling is the WR’ may not trust ck.
    Those missed looks are starting to cause a problem for their numbers and future money. Should be an interesting offseason. If they hire a defensive minded coach. Ck has to go. If they decide to keep him they better bring in a turner for OC of he’d take it, or holmgren.

    1. I’m not surprised. I also heard from a reliable source that many players feel kap cost them a Superbowl ring….or two.

  10. Due process was Jim Harbaugh’s response.

    This decision to cut McDonald came down from Baalke.

    This was a pure PR move and it seems to have satisfied the lynch mob.

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