49ers return to practice field for Week 2 of OTAs

San Francisco 49ers running back Matt Breida (22) runs past Chicago Bears defensive back Deon Bush during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron)

Week 1 of OTAs was a bust for the 49ers.

Running back Matt Breida partially tore his pectoral muscle lifting weights while competing for a starting job. Free safety Jimmie Ward broke his clavicle diving for a ball without pads while competing for a starting job. And rookie first-round pick Nick Bosa strained his hamstring while competing for a starting job. The 49ers rushed Bosa back onto the field after he missed the past eight months rehabbing a core muscle.

Instead of establishing their depth chart and preparing for the upcoming season, the 49ers mostly set themselves back.

Now, they have a chance to atone for their Week 1 mistakes. Here are five things to watch during Week 2 of OTAs, which started Tuesday. Wednesday’s practice will be open to the media.

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  1. Refresh my memory. Didn’t Donte Johnson play a little of safety first time around ? Also, if he is healthy, why not give the rookie Tim Harris some reps at FS? It is now painfully obvious that as much as they wanted Ward to do that job, he just can’t stay healthy and b counted on.

  2. Since you are the only one that’s reporting the 49ers violated the “spirit” of the CBA, it strikes me as another one of your unsupported asseveration’s….

    1. That’s what he’s been reduced to at this point in his career. The PD job is normally a stepping stone to something bigger and brighter, but young Cohn is still here and now trying to become some sort of Skip Bayless wannabe to get attention. No one else has made an argument that the OTA’s were breaking the rules and other than a soft tissue injury to Bosa and Ward breaking his collar bone on a non contact play there hasn’t been anything to suggest it’s any different than previous years. It seems like a desperate attempt to get attention and achieve relevance. At least he’s got Jack Hammer and his Uncle Mike kissing his behind to make him feel better.

      1. The PD job is a good gig. TK, Maiocco and Barrows all lost their jobs at their newspapers, since all newspapers are downsizing, due to the internet.
        Grant is keeping his job, because they appreciate good writing.
        Interesting, the Niners are stretching the rules, but Grant is being vilified for breaking the news? Sounds to me like Grant is on the cutting edge, and shows relevance. The attention should be on the Niners, not Grant. The only attention Grant should receive is kudos for being a journalist, and getting a scoop.
        Sounds like you are not an expert, in a lot of things.

  3. On one hand we are rushing people back early and allowing them to get hurt, but JimmyG will have to move around eventually so may as well start now? Inconsistent

  4. This entire – Shanahan is endangering his players and violating the CBA with unnecessarily aggressive OTA’s – is just plain stupid. It’s a transparent Skip Bayless type effort at dishonest sensationalism to increase clicks. I certainly hope your better than this article because you are getting tiresome and reading this garbage is a waste of time. Be better in Week 2 coverage.

    1. Houston
      * Could not have said it better myself! Grant sounds like a 5 Y/O at the grocery store, when his mama refused to buy him some candy.

      1. What makes you think the 49ers are being unnecessarily aggressive? There are literally 0 NFL teams who only do walk thru’s during OTAs. The 49ers are doing exactly what every other NFL team does during OTAs which is to let the guys run through drills with minimal contact.

        1. Don’t you guys realize that Grant is only following the dictates of his bosses when he writes controversial articles? Newspapers are struggling to stay alive during the internet era. The only way they can stay afloat is via controversy.

        2. Houston

          Cheers !

          From all of this pessimistic ‘muck and mire’…comes a sensible post…Shannahan is NOT that stupid…Read more;…post less…

    2. I was really hoping rather than a retread of Grant’s last post that he would release his review of the Wide 9 defense. He’s doing what Grant does. He’s doubling down like he did on Solomon Thomas’s weight or that Joe Williams was the best RB on the team. It won’t be the last time we hear about it.

      We still bring in too many injured players regardless of what they do at OTA’s.

  5. Grant,
    I know its hard to evaluate D linemen during OTA’s but I haven’t read anything about How K. Street is moving. Take a look today if you can.

    1. OldCoach
      Thank you…..I’ve ask Grant about Street also, but he’s never acknowledge my request.
      I Guess you out rank me? lol

    2. I don’t understand the love for Street.
      To me he is a less talented Solomon Thomas. Another tweener, interior rusher that corners like a train off the rails.
      What am I missing?

      1. Shoup
        How many college football players can bench 500 pounds and squat 700? Yes, that’s not football, but it does tell us this kid is one strong dude. If he can develop his technique and convert that to pushing the pocket back to the QB, then we’ve got something. It helps Bosa and Ford get sacks and we all love us some more sacks!

        1. You know what’s actually more important athletic wise than brute strength? (and I love brute strength as a physical trait for linemen) Balance and agility.

          I’d like to see how well Street can run across a balance beam. Or compete in a Limbo contest.

          Powerful arms/hands aid in the ability to disengage and powerful quads/calves aid in not being driven back by a drive blocker. But balance keeps a defender off of the ground. Being fast in a straight line to get to QB usually isn’t a useful trait. Being able to bend around a block while being fast is.

          More of the game is played in the ankles than most people realize.

          1. Allforfunnplay
            * True, I can’t argue with your assessment and don’t know if his balance and agility were capable of running across a balance beam, or competing in a limbo contest? Not saying that he could, but if he could squat 700 pounds his balance likely not all that bad? If memory serves, he was a high to middle 2nd rounder B-4 injuring a knee trying out for an NFL team.
            * I would also assume if he’s that yoked up, it would affects his twitch muscles (type II), But if his conditioning included HIIT exercises and balance conditioning exercises (Bosu half-circle stability ball, a balance board and standing on one leg while raising the other leg to the side), maybe not that much?

            1. The history of the NFL is littered with the dashed hopes and dreams and carcasses of players that were elite athletes in some way that couldn’t perform in the NFL. That’s for a variety of reasons.

              But one of them is because of players that train specifically for size and straight line speed. NFL scouts them “stiff in the hips”….usually that has to do with defensive back or linebacker coverage or WRs running patterns. But you also hear about plodding offensive and defensive linemen. Those are the big guys that don’t move well. But you also hear scouts talk about “high cut” guys. Guys with big upper bodies, small waists and not a lot of “sand in their pail/pants”. These guys are yoked up but lack over all bulk as well as being stiff and off balance.

              The most recent NFL combine “stiff” is D.K. Metcalf. We’ll see if he’s actually a good receiver. He a big heavy receiver with exceptional speed but really poor short area quickness and agility. You could say he simply tested poorly. But you don’t run as well as D.K. did in the 40 and not feel too badly at the combine. The guy looks “rocked up” as they say.

              As far as street goes? Being able to squat 700 has little bearing on short area quickness and agility. If his balance is good, his lower body power will help him drive back blockers and hold his ground or go through his blockers. But again his balance has to be good in the first place or he’ll be shoved aside. It all starts with the feet and ankles.

      2. I don’t understand it either, Shoup. So far it’s silly imo. Right now he’s just a prospect recovering from a bad injury.

  6. Seriously? To assert that Breida tearing his pect overexerting himself in the weight room was a result of over aggressive OTA activity is nothing short of f***ing rediculousness at it’s lowest point………… Do you ever read what you write?

  7. NFL officials can request copies of the first week of Niner OTA practices for their evaluation and to make a determination if the Niners violated the boundaries of contact which the CBA addresses.

    Additionally, a 49er player could contact the NFLPA to lodge a complaint against the Niners for violating the “permissible contact and intensity” clauses in the CBA, and that complaint also would trigger and investigation and review of the tapes of the OTA practices.

    A complaint does not have to be lodged for the NFL to review 49er tapes as the league office has oversight and individuals assigned for purposes of reviewing teams’ practices.

  8. What is the definition of “Live Contact” in the CBA?

    “Contact” has in the past usually meant, putting on pads and hitting. It was “full contact” practices that the CBA was intended to limit like full on scrimmages and Oklahoma drills.

    What “Phase” are the 49er’s OTAs in right now?

  9. Grant, in one breath you say KS is forcing the players to be too physical in OTAs and then in another breath you seem to critique the cautious approach KS is taking with Jimmy G. Which in is it?

    1. Bingo. Criticize for conducting non-padded practice with too much intensity and aggressiveness, while simultaneously criticize they’re coddling Jimmy G too much. Literally makes no sense.

  10. I’m not sure about this wide 9 stuff. Taking away from a strength/defensive line, and putting more stress on a weakness/linebackers. Also seems to be taking away from the base they’ve set in years 1/2 along with getting away from what Saleh knows.

    Garoppolo won’t be seeing 11 on 11 until training camp in an effort to keep guys away from his legs.

    1. I’m hoping that the Wide 9 will be mostly used in special Nickel packages or maybe in base against outside running teams (like the Rams. I think the Wide 9 without run stuffing inside linebackers against a run up the middle team would be brutal for the 49ers. You almost need a 2 gap DT/NT to clog up the middle to protect the inside backers.

        1. The Wide 9 is mostly an up field disruptive scheme meant to tip the DL’s inclination towards pass rush. So giving up so few yards per carry is less relevant if the opponent is throwing short passes, screens etc…against you successfully? I don’t know….but I’m hoping there’s some specific context.

          To me it would make no sense to abandon the base Under in all circumstances. Control the middle of the field. Clog the middle of the line. As you know, the Under formation has only one bubble because of the down SAM which makes it a good interior run defense. The Wide 9 opens up some fat bubbles on the DL.

        1. @Oregon

          Got what? 4 interior 2 gap defensive linemen? Who? Both Armstead and Buckner can 2 gap. But neither are interior 2 gappers. And it would be a complete waste of Buckner’s skills as a penetrator. Who else on the team can 2 gap as an interior run defender?

          1. AFFAP

            DJ Jones…Sheldon Day…Lewis-Moore…and potentially Street and Jullian Taylor…alongside Buckner and Armstead…any more of them and they’d need their own locker room…I believe that Lynch will be watching cut-downs for one more…

            1. yeah...none of those guys can 2 gap. My point being that if they want to run wide 9 scheme, they’d better fortify the middle….maybe with a stout inside linebacker or 2 gap defensive tackle…..and replace one of those replacement player DTs like Moore, Day…or one of those DE projects like Street or Taylor.

    2. Saleh knows nothing…..I also blame him for Ward’s injury….

      Him being ok with players playing aggressive in shorts only means one thing……he is fighting/desperately hard to keep his job……there is a DL coach in the house who has a louder voice than he does….

      By now Saleh should know what to expect from the payers who have been on the team for a couple of years……He should be more of a teacher and stop this nonsense, that he wants them to be aggressive all the time…

    3. Yeah, remember all that talk about how we can’t change Saleh’s scheme because – well- it will be a disaster. Guess what? We’re changing Saleh’s scheme. Be interesting to see what Woods does with the DBs scheme. Maybe the plan was instead of replacing Saleh just start letting the tail wag the dog.

    4. I’m currently leaning towards what affnp said, hoping it will be a situation/ opponent specific thing. Makes sense to be using it a lot now as the team is mostly across the front the team has used the past 2 years. But if it becomes the norm during the season I do worry how effective it will be.

  11. Sounds like the Wide 9 will put extra pressure on 2nd level defenders. Speedy linebackers could have to do more stack-n-shead vs offensive linemen.

    Gore tore up the Wide 9 in 2011 running behind a gap scheme line, Miller and Walker. It will be interesting to see how the defense handles the change.

  12. Grant, you want the niners to take it easier during OTA to prevent injuries but you want JG to put himself out there to injure himself?

  13. “Week 1 of OTAs was a bust for the 49ers.”

    That depends on whose perspective you take into consideration.
    I agree that the contact should not have come in play yet.

    But when players are vying for jobs (excluding firm starters), every moment they spend on the field, greatly matters.
    I highly doubt that these players would be in agreement with your “Week 1 of OTAs was a bust for the 49ers” comment, which is just your personal opinion.

  14. Trash.


    Seriously, 49ers fans deserve better. Those of us who have been on here since the days of Maiocco deserve better.

    Not that hard to understand why this is free.

      1. A joke? LOL. The only joke is saying that being a 49er fan entitles us to anything other than a pain in the lower region. Talk about deserving – do we deserve Jed York?

        1. WC agree totally. Grant is just doing his job.
          Maiocco? they feed him scoops because he is a total sycophant and toady. Maiocco wrung out of Miller his assertion that he is not a FO mole, which to me just proved that Miller was Paraag’s tool. MM did that because the Niners want to find out who leaked, when it was SO OBVIOUS. JL and KS should not joke about running back to wrest the phone away from Paraag, during the draft. That ticked him off.
          Maiocco regurgitates what the FO wants him to deliver, but please, do not try to insult the intelligence of the posters. When was the last time MM wrote something that was actually insightful?

  15. You guys might strain your wrists over all this OTA kvetching around Grant’s reporting. I’m thinking one or two of you could hit the DL with carpal tunnel.

    Be sure to pace yourselves, stretch your fingers and drink plenty of fluids over the next few weeks as you fire back at GC in mid-season form, unless of course you’re Razor or CFB, who work non-stop to stay in hyper-post shape year round.

    1. Just think – If Razor charged for handing out those rose colored glasses, he’d be rich enough to buy the PD and fire Grant. The only prediction that matters is whether the 49ers improve their record from year to year. You have to have like a building contractor mentality. It’s not about whether you hired a new sub or that some of the old ones are boosting productivity. It’s about how is the construction proceeding. In terms of getting better from year to year since Harbaugh’s second year, it’s pretty clear that the construction is going very poorly despite all the so-called good efforts. In this regard Grant’s record is perfect.

      1. Whine Country, your love-fest with Grant has left you with a smelly birthmark on your nose. Year 3 of a totally rebuilt team seems to be on schedule, and the premature know it all’s are waving the white flag before the wars begun. I am anticipating crow in y’all’s C-Rats, so don’t be too disappointed….

        1. I have no love fest with Grant. I’m terminally hetro. I’m in love with the facts. And when it comes to that, he is way more accurate at reporting facts than you are. You are hopefully biased and a master at presenting conclusions upon which you base your facts. The best analogy I could give for you is that you are a stopped watch – keep up your endless optimism and eventually you will be right. Be careful time does not pass you up.

          1. I don’t understand what you’re talking about. This is year 3 of a complete rebuild, and it typically takes 5-6 years. What part of that fact doesn’t stimulate your libido? The best analogy I could give for you is that you’re like a sun dial – keep up your endless pessimism squatting in Grant’s shade, and you’ll end up being late to the party….

            * Be careful time does not pass you up.
            This thing all things devours: birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins towns, And beats high mountain down.

      2. Whine,
        It took Walsh three years to build a championship team. There were a few writers at that time that felt Walsh was not the man for the job.

        Who knows what the franchise would have become had the FO listened to the naysayers and fired Walsh after two seasons.

        Now, my only comparison of Walsh and Shanahan is solely based on their early years as head coaches.

        Some here put high expectations on Shanahan in his rookie year as head coach by saying that the 49ers would be a playoff team.

        It amazed me to see why some felt that way especially in the wake of Tomsula and Kelly. How could a team bereft of leadership, FO turmoil, talent and in search of a fresh culture suddenly be a playoff team just a few months after being described as a dumpster fire?

        I was on record at the time of Shanahan’ hiring as saying that year three would be Shanahan’ true measure as a head coach.
        This is year three and I expect to see significant improvement.

        1. You’re right AES, Walsh did not succeed overnight. But to claim that there was anywhere near the group of cockeyed optimists cheering on Bill’s every move then is what’s called revisionism. Walsh wasn’t acknowledged as great or even very good until he actually succeeded. No one – I say again, no one – saw the ’81 team’s success coming. I followed virtually every minute of it closely. When the current group succeeds, most of the fans I know will repeat the process and not only celebrate the success but recognize those who do it as either good or great. Razor and quite a few others here suffer from premature emotionation.

      3. Mr. whine country, where do you expect this team to be at this point in the rebuild? They are now entering year three with a completely different roster than the one they inherited. It seems like there is a lot of complaining on here about last season with no reasoning as to why. Did you expect them to win more games without their QB for most of the season? With receivers in and out of the lineup? Secondary players in and out of the lineup? RB’s in an out of the lineup? Last season was unfortunate, but it happens. Teams suffer injuries, sometimes crippling injuries that mess up a season. The 49ers were actually in the middle of the pack in terms of players lost for the season, but lost key players they couldn’t afford to lose. It happened to the GB Packers the season before when Rodgers went down and took their season with it. That’s football. It doesn’t mean everything else is a disaster and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We saw how good this offense can be when Garoppolo is healthy when they ran off 5 straight wins with him two seasons ago. We now have added a real presence on both edges and the young players have experience due to all the injuries suffered a year ago. There is a lot of moaning and groaning going on in here, meanwhile the Niners are viewed by most outsiders as a team to watch this season and a potential playoff team. Some fans just like to complain for the sake of complaining I guess.

          1. Absolutely. There is a lot of talent on this team now and while I don’t know what Shanahan can be as a HC, I do know he’ll get the offense figured out. Their biggest issue is Redzone scoring and my guess is that is what the main focus will be in these OTA’s and TC. Defensively they’ve added some Edge rushers that they’ve needed for the past few years and have a number of young players who showed some positives once they got into the lineup. We saw them beat Seattle late in the season in a game the Seahawks needed and the Niners were playing with young players all over the place. This team is going to be a lot better than you think provided they don’t suffer injuries to key players as they did last year.

              1. Razor

                Good point…perhaps with Poindexter on PS, I have no qualms about our ‘Redzone’ offense with Coleman, Samuel, Hurd , Kittles and Smith……NOW.. let’s get TO the redzone

        1. It happened to the GB Packers the season before when Rodgers went down and took their season with it.

          Not to mention, the 2011 Colts. 10 straight playoff appearances, they lose Manning, boom 2-14. They draft Luck, 11-5 next season. (funny turnaround that, no?) 3 straight playoff seasons with Luck. 2015 Luck is injured, missed most the season – 8-8 out of the playoffs. And that was just the quarterback position. Without your QB, just pack it in.

          THE most important thing for the Niners this season is to A: keep JG upright and healthy, then B: determine if he is the franchise QB we all hope he is.

        2. I’m not an expert either (unlike some here) but let me just say that I guarantee you that, as far as if they’ve actually improved – like become noticeably more competitive – I’ll know it when I SEE it!….and I ain’t seen nothing but a lot of rosy projections, excuses and speculation so far.

    2. Yeah it doesn’t look like Grant has much to write about so he’s just stirring the pot and hopes that some of it sticks.
      He could do more video-analysis which everyone seems to appreciate….

      1. It’s my understanding that OTA’s are about laying the foundation, while mini-camp is about fundamentals.

  16. Grant, is this any different from last season? This exchange I had with the legend regarding your report from last season’s OTAs:


    Back to football. Hmm. so Pettis did not want to risk getting his head ripped off while extending for a pass? Smart man. Save that for a game when it counts, not during a meaningless practice for the first time in the pros.


    If what you are taking from Grants report is that you “are there” remember these are no contact drills. If anybody is in danger of getting their “head ripped” off, the NFLPA would certainly want to know about it.


    Glad the practice does not allow full contact, but this is not flag football. Players can run at full speed, and there is a reason why some players do not like to catch the ball over the middle. Obviously, you think that possibility is so remote, they never have accidental contact.

    According to the legend, sh*t happens.

  17. So Grant is right there is no contact allowed in OTAs. And the CBA specifically says there are to be no one one types of pass rush vs. pass protection drills (I’m assuming with contact.).

    But the question regarding Bosa and his injury is what kind of drills did the 49ers have him doing? I think the CBA says (in an appendix that I haven’t read) they can do 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills with no contact. So if Bosa is simply running around his blockers with no contact….then that’s fine. If he’s engaging his blockers (contact)…that’s a no. no.

    So to be clear, having players run around at full speed is fine. Having them engage each other physically (contact) is not. If Bosa got injured from running to fast…then that’s on the Bosa and the 49er’s medical training staff…but not a CBA violation.

      1. I think….according to appendix G that lists the drills (which I admit to not having fully read) in the CBA…that 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills are allowed.

        The “one-on-one” drills that are mentioned to me imply contact drills.

        During Phase Three, all coaches shall be allowed on the field. No live contact is
        permitted. No one-on-one offense vs. defense drills are permitted (i.e., no offensive
        linemen vs. defensive linemen pass rush or pass protection drills, no wide receivers vs.
        defensive backs bump-and-run drills, and no one-on-one special teams drills involving
        both offense and defense are permitted). Team offense vs. team defense
        drills, including all drills listed in Appendix G to this Agreement, are permitted, provided
        no live contact occurs. Clubs may require players to wear helmets; no shells are permitted during Phase Three of the Club’s offseason workout program or any minicamp. -Article 21 Sec. 2. Subsec (b) Part (iii).

        1. AFP,
          On nflpa.com

          In phase 2 no one on one drills are allowed. In phase 3 they are allowed.

          In phase 3,

          During Weeks 1 & 2 a 4th non OTA workout is allowed but phase two rules apply ( in which no 1 one on 1 is allowed)

          Meaning 1 on 1 is allowed for 3 of the practices. By the way they were doing 1 on 1 during the videos released by the press.

          1. Shoup,

            I think it’s the amount or degree of contact that is used in the drill that is the question.

            Yes Phase III is when there are OTAs.

            (iii) Phase Three. Phase Three shall consist of the next four weeks of the
            Club’s offseason workout program. Subject to the additional rules set forth in Subsections 5(a) and 5(c) of this Article and Appendix G to this Agreement, during Phase
            Three each Club may conduct a total of ten days of organized team practice activity
            (“OTAs” or “OTA days”). The restrictions set forth in Subsection 5(b) of this Article
            shall not apply to OTA days. The Club may conduct a maximum of three days of OTAs
            during each of the first two weeks of Phase Three. A maximum of four days of OTAs
            may be conducted during either the third week or the fourth week of Phase Three, with
            the Mandatory Veteran Minicamp (Article 22, Section 2) to be held during the other
            week. During weeks in which the Club conducts only three days of OTAs, the Club may
            also conduct a fourth day of non-OTA workouts, but such activities shall be subject to
            the rules governing Phase Two workouts, as set forth in Subsection 2(b)(ii) of this Article. – also from -Article 21 Sec. 2. Subsec (b) Part (iii).

    1. Sorry, still have a problem with Grant using Breida as an example of over aggressive OTA activity. He was in the weight room. And he started his article with it. He was reaching and ended up using him as a bad example.

  18. Video analysis is favored because it’s a left brain approach. Men are generally cool with that. Opinion pieces fall into the right brain category which highlights perceptions and feelings, which is theoretically less “masculine” and veers dangerously close to gossip and conjecture, the fuzzy world of subjectivity, which by and large, most men are not as comfortable with.

    Grant’s helping you get in touch with your inner hair dresser.

    Just embrace the curl.

  19. Grant:

    I’m not clear on why you are blaming the Ward injury on the coaches. Were they urging Ward to throw his body around recklessly with no pads on? I thought it was just Ward doing something stupid as there was no contact other than with the ground. Or if not direct urging, are you blaming Saleh’s extreme violence philosophy?

    1. It is also my understanding that the front seven use their hands rather than shoulders when engaging in contact during OTA’s. Not only is that smart, but it also bodes well for our hand to hand combat in the trenches….

    2. @Cubus – with all the injury news and the type of practice – you don’t think saleh should be telling the players or expect the players to be less aggressive…?

      Ward already made a physcial play on Deebo the previous day – shouldn’t Saleh call his players and just teach them “guys take it easy this is May”

      JH did it all the time….and we never had this much injury problems…..

      1. I am on the record last year as not being a fan of the “extreme violence” philosophy. Yes, football is violent and I like hard hitting, but using the phrase “extreme violence”, imo, just eggs on players to play stupidly with not as much regard for their bodies as they should have in a violent sport.

        I’ve been calling for Saleh to be fired since the end of the 2017 season. But he’s still here and KS and JL seem to like him. Maybe he’ll surprise me this year and if his defense is great, I will gladly admit I was wrong about him.

  20. I would like to know if there are differences between this year and past years of Shanahan’s OTAs. If things have become more physical or are they on par. That would determine whether there is any validity to Grant’s thesis.

  21. Grant, don’t you know Brieda’s pec injury happened well before the start of OTAs, so why mention him in the same breath as Ward and Bosa? It’s dumb mistakes like this that make so many question your competency and credibility.

    1. Jsaniner,
      There’s a word that preachers, novelist writers and journalists use that sometimes describe Grant’ comments – Embellishing

  22. I have read here that the defense is changing somewhat. How much is this likely to impact game day production? If it affects it negatively, will the faltering have a built in excuse?

    I think AES is right, this is a make or break year and there ought to be significant improvement across the board. RZ efficiency and 3rd down efficiency are going to be key measurements (aside from W/L).

    I’m wondering with all the love shown Shanahan, will it carry over if the team struggles? They play a challenging road series to start the year, so if they falter it could be a challenge to right the ship. Wonder if the Shanacrew will acknowledge that maybe there are issues up front.

    Conversely, if the team tears out of the gate, will those of us who have been critical of Shanahan jump on his wagon? I can only speak for myself but I sure would like to, just haven’t seen a reason to yet.

    1. SY,
      I expect significant improvement this season, but that is open to interpretation.
      The FO may have a much different opinion regarding improvement.

      Hypothetical scenario here:
      What if the team improves their redzone issues.
      What if we double our sack ratio over last year.
      What if someone in TC emerges as a good CB or Safety.

      Let’s say (still hypothetical) that these areas are much improved and we only win 4-6 games. Do the York’ release Shanahan or Lynch, maybe both?

      If Shanahan wins 7-8 games, I believe he’s safe. It’s that 4-6 wins that is a grey area – at least for me.

      1. AES,

        Hard to see how improving RZ and sack ratio wouldn’t lead to increased wins. I would think though that if that would occur (increased RZ efficiency, double sacks) I would want them to keep Shanahan around.

        I also agree that seven wins is a safety zone. Although I could see Lynch and/or Saleh losing their job with just 6 wins. Think that Shanahan would be given one more year.

  23. I think coming out of those first 4 games with only one loss would give this team the confidence, and momentum to stack some wins, as continuity and familiarity improve throughout the season….

  24. I am calling it as we see it…..the team has won nothing……and i am tired of getting my hopes high……luv everything 49ers and only wish to see them ontop…..but seriously “show me what has changed”……

    the fact that Ward got hurt over something that should have been prevented continues to reinforce my thinking that coaching management after 2 yrs is the same ol crap…..

    1. One,
      We don’t know what the results will be yet, but the changes are Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander, a healthy Garoppolo and McKinnon. Add to that Deebo, Hurd, Coleman, K. Smith and yes, the big Wishnowsky. Like I said, we don’t have results yet, but these players may bring a significant and positive change.

      1. and we still have the same coaching leadership …..

        I am worried…..”The first week of 49ers organized team activities looked almost identical to the first week of the first two years under coach Kyle Shanahan.”

        I see no growth from the coaching staff – and Ward injury confirms it…..

        ..it’s pissing me off because that level of aggression was not necessary – JH used to preach this….why can’t this coaching loofs get it

        My thing is – if you are very good at job you worry about things you can’t control and try preventing it from becoming a big problem…..(risk management)…

        …these coaching staff are more concerned about things they should know by now instead of focusing on the little things that will make the team better…..

        1. I think you may be overreacting just a tad but that’s just me. The Coaching staff didn’t tell Ward to dive for a ball, in fact I’d bet the message to all the players before they hit the field every day is stay off the ground. I also don’t remember there being a rash of injuries in OTA’s the previous two years so maybe…just maybe, this is a creation of the writer of the blog to stir up peoples emotions. Looks like it’s working on some of you.

          1. “And it was clear during an open practice on Tuesday, that his style of play is every bit as aggressive as ever. While covering rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel, Ward got physical and flung Samuel to the ground in a drill designed to be non-contact.”

            Ward sustained a fractured collarbone in the team’s next practice

            He could have injured Deebo…….the second time he got injured

            obviously they didn’t tell him to chill out….

  25. Sounds like Tarvarious Moore has been moved back to FS, at least for now. Good move. Hope he is kept there and given a chance to compete for the starting job.

    1. nooooo…see what i mean…..these guys are clueless…..Moore was perfect at CB…..why stunt the growth….omg wtf is happening….

      You are telling me in 3yrs this morons can’t figure out the FS position…..this is incompetency at a high level…

      1. They lost Ward so they need more bodies at FS. That’s what he played in College so it made the most sense to move him over until they get everybody back healthy.

        1. no it makes sense keep him at CB …let me him keep improving………and find a temp replacement (Reed or FA) for Ward or Colbert

          next yr draft a FS in the 2nd rd …..easier to find a FS in the draft

      2. Lol! The over-reactions we’ve had this offseason have been highly amusing.

        Moore is a FS. That’s his best position. I understand (though disagree) with the team trying him at CB as it is a more valuable position, but nothing he did last year convinces me that is his long term spot. Moving him back to FS, his natural position and a position of need for the team, makes a lot of sense.

        In terms of stunting his growth, if they then move him back to CB then sure, this is stunting his growth. That would be stupid and I would be unimpressed if that is actually the plan. But if they keep him at FS then they are making a good move to get him there now rather than continue a failing experiment.

        1. I agree with both of you. If the long term plan is to keep him at FS cool. If that’s not the long term plan it’s bad.

          This helps explain the Johnson signing yesterday.

          1. Yeah, I can agree with that take. If this move is long term, it would also explain why the team did not sign or draft a FS.

            1. Hmmm, not really. If he had been playing FS all offseason then sure, but he only moved there this week. And his move to FS prompted the team to then sign another CB. I don’t think this was the plan heading into the offseason given these two facts. I think the injury to Ward and, spit-balling here, some feedback from Woods regarding Moore’s progress as a CB after seeing him live, have led to this decision now.

    2. What did I tell ya?😉Remember when I first brought it up before the 2018 season, and you kinda freaked out. My reasoning was they felt the coverage aspect of his game needed more work, and training as a cb would help facilitate that….

      1. If the long term plan was for him to be a FS the smarter move was to let him train there from day 1, which is what I said they should do. Not try him at CB. They clearly thought (and may still think) he has the skills to play there.

        1. I think if he beats out Colbert, he won’t be moved back to cb. He was one of the top single high safeties in the nation coming out, so I think he’ll win the job outright over Colbert this year….

          1. I think he is a better FS than Colbert too. Thought the same this time last year. I was disappointed to hear they were moving him to CB, but hopefully this is a sign they are going to put him permanently back to his better position. I think signing Johnson rather than a FS is a pretty good sign that is the way they are leaning too.

            1. Matt Maiocco

              Verified account

              Follow Follow @MaioccoNBCS
              #49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said Tarvarius Moore is playing safety due to all the injuries. Where will he be when season starts? “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” he said.

              1. Bad move if that is the case. They need to commit Moore to one role and keep him there regardless of the injury situation.

              2. Coaches speak if ever I heard it. One thing is for certain – they wanted to get a look at Moore at FS this week. If they didn’t, they would have signed a FS not a CB and kept Moore at CB. If they were completely happy with how Moore was progressing at CB I doubt this move would have happened.

            2. That was my first thought when Hammer posted the Johnson signing, and voiced it to your comment, I believe….

  26. Two positions in 2 years….Not sure how this will affect Moore’s growth. We will just have to wait and watch.

  27. Seb,

    You haven’t leveled with us, right? That tree branch removed from the backyard during the winter storms obviously caused brain trauma.

    Continuing to tout your numerous trade back scenarios in a draft– over since April 27th–is nothing more than the ravings of a cackling, cluster of cacophonous cockatiels….People have tuned you out, Sebraidah, get over yourself.

    Sebraidah video:

    1. TrollD, I do not plan to allow falling trees to hit me in the head. They could kill. One tree hit my tractor, and bent an arm for the bucket 6 inches.
      You, on the other hand, claim to have played professionally, years ago. Back then, they conducted Oklahoma drills, and you obviously display the repercussions from all those hits. All of the full contact drills with repetitive hitting every time, is finally being exposed as creating debilitating CTE in many players.
      Please, you are exhibiting the classic symptoms, with your fixating and repetitious postings, so seek help immediately. Trying to make fun of another poster, but failing miserably, is only done by posters who must have some mental impairment.
      Please just stick to re-posting articles and try to say something interesting about football. I promise to avoid your posts like the plague.
      BTW, I was the first poster on this site who called Murray being the first pick of the draft. Many ridiculed the notion, saying that Murray was going to play baseball. I also will say that I was the biggest advocate of trading back, even though Grant and Larry, among many others, also wanted a trade back. Fortunately, other teams also thought that trading back was a smart move. They did it 47 times. Conversely, there were 47 times when teams moved up. Guess you think teams like the Pats are clueless.

  28. It’s curious that being a fan (fanatical supporter) of a sports team evokes outrage, pure rage, angst, disgust, disdain, hubris and leads to seething persistent animosity amongst and betwixt those said ‘fans’. I thought this was passive recreational pass time, so in theory it would be a pleasurable hobby……
    Evidence to the contrary in the comments section.

  29. So far, it looks like there’s nothing negative to say about our 4th round punter. Still early, though. :)

    Matt Maiocco

    Verified account

    43m43 minutes ago
    #49ers practice note: Rookie punter Mitch Wishnowsky went 6-for-6 on plus-50 punts inside the 10-yard line, including two that were downed inside the 3-yard line.

    1. Cubus,
      Thanks for the report. The big Wishnowsky is going to be fun to watch. Heard that he also posted a 4.6, 40. If he fakes a punt and runs, he may surprise with his speed.

  30. Just read that apparently the FS and SS will be more interchangeable this year. Sounds like they are going to change not only their defensive front, but also their coverages. That suits guys like Ward and Tartt, but makes me wonder how a guy like Marcel Harris who is really a traditional in the box safety will fit.

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