49ers’ Richard Sherman sidelined by calf injury

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) makes a catch against San Francisco 49ers defensive back Adrian Colbert (27) as 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman (25)] watches during the first half of an NFL football game in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

SANTA CLARA — This time, Richard Sherman lasted two-and-a-half games before he broke down.

Last year, he broke down in November, when he tore his right Achilles. He never had missed a game in his career before that injury.

This past Sunday, Sherman strained his left calf during the first half of the 49ers’ 38-27 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The 49ers had to carry him to the locker room. He couldn’t make it through the third game of the season. And he won’t play this Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. The 49ers don’t know exactly when he will return

“Not ready to push the panic button,” defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said Thursday. “Sherm is a fighter. Sherm will play through pain. He has played through a torn hamstring. I’ve witnessed it, back in his younger days. He’s not always 100 percent. He’s got an unbelievable pain tolerance. He’ll get out there.”

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  1. I hope they do not let monetary considerations factor in whether Sherman plays or not. They should hold him out until he is 100% healthy.
    Maybe this will result in them taking a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook, and start 3 rookies in the backfield, with Exum as the veteran. Maybe not 3, but at least 2.
    Saleh needs to coach better. 43 missed tackles is from the lack of coaching. He needs to be better organized so they do not have to burn time outs to prevent a penalty. He needs to get them focused so they can play together as a cohesive unit. He needs to instill discipline so they cut back on the penalties. He needs to prepare them better so there are no missed assignments. He needs to get them energized so they can get some third down stops.
    Saleh must improve the defense so it can help the offense. They need to get get sacks, so Saleh should not rely on a 4 man rush. He must include some exotic blitzes, that come from unexpected positions and different angles. The defense must get a turnover, so CJB can operate from a shortened field. Ideally, a pick six may help them win the game.

  2. Grant….

    9er offensive and defensive woes are pretty well established. With offense and defense being the high-profile aspects of football, related issues are quickly spotlighted and dissected. Some issues are creatively imagined. All hotly (if not violently) debated.

    What about 9er special teams? According to Football Outsiders, the 9ers are ranked 17th in the league–rank factors are interesting. Check: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamst. From your perspective, what can the 9ers do to improve in terms of scheme, decision making, and execution? Are the 9ers fine at special teams play and just leave them alone? Are there gaping flaws? Poor schemes? Other?

  3. The 49ers pass defense ranks near the bottom in the NFL according to Football Outsiders’ DVOA rankings. It’d be interesting to hear Sherman’s opinion on why that’s the case….

        1. Yep. As I said on another 49ers social media platform, this team could easily be 3-0 if not for the self-inflicted miscues.

          1. You can say the same thing about every team in the league. Tackling is poor everywhere and mistakes are made every week. Detroit missed a bunch of chances a couple of weeks ago. We could be 0-3 as easily as being 3-0. That’s the NFL.

    1. The 49ers are on pace to miss 229 tackles this year, eclipsing their total of 125 a season ago.

      That is alarming! Fangio would be having a heart attack if that was on his watch.

  4. Last nights game was entertaining. Both Goff and Cousins slinging it all over the yard and no bad penalties taking big plays away. The NFL needs to show the officials this game as an example of how good the product can be when they don’t make themselves the story.

      1. Smh. You were completely wrong about Cousins and teams interest in him including the Niners, and you still keep coming back with this dumb sh*t. Guy throws for over 400 yards and puts up 31 points on one of the best defenses in the league and here’s oneniner throwing shade. You are a piece of work.

        1. Which part is completely wrong?

          Cousins is ok but he is not a winner….he puts up big numbers but never wins……. what part of that is wrong?

          I could careless about the team interest…..so far their interest in building the team to a winner is fail…….all their big FA are busts….

          1. You kept spouting off last season about how Cousins wasn’t any good and wouldn’t get a big deal, Niners didn’t want him among other things. Saying a player isn’t a winner is moronic. It’s a team sport and nobody with any common sense looks at a QB who put up the numbers he did last night as a reason why they lost. He was the only good thing about the Skins most of his time there and was the only reason the Vikes were in the game last night.

            1. Wow….easy bro….what i said was he was not a top 10 qb and does not deserve to be paid top QB $….

              No need to go apeshyte……God forbid you are wrong once in a while……

              1. What McVay has been able to do with Goff is nothing short of a miracle. Dude couldn’t even beat out Mannion, let alone throw a spiral in practice….

              2. Obviously, Hammer. Even I was able to account for the Fisher factor, but I also took into account the McVay mitigation. I was confident he’d save him, but I never imagined he’d be able to turn him into a stone cold assassin….

                *Rocket’s gonna like that!

              3. Wow….easy bro….what i said was he was not a top 10 qb and does not deserve to be paid top QB $….
                No need to go apeshyte……God forbid you are wrong once in a while……

                You said exactly what I posted above and were wrong on all counts. If I’m wrong on something I admit it. I wasn’t wrong about Cousins. He got the first completely guaranteed deal and was highly sought after by many teams including the 9ers which you said many times wasn’t true. Just accept the fact you were completely out to lunch on this topic and move along.

              4. Razor,

                I told you going back to Goff’s draft year that he was one of the best pocket passers I had seen coming out of College in quite sometime. It’s not McVay magic. It’s putting a great passer in an offense that suits him which he didn’t have in year one under Fisher. A good system just gives a QB a chance. It’s up to the QB to excel in it and Goff is doing that. You whiffed on this one my friend. It happens.

              5. McVay could be Coach of the year, but it helps when you have a loaded roster. As good as Goff was on Thursday, he had a lot of help. Great weapons, good protection, good defense to lean on. This team is in SB or bust mode and have a year or two before it blows up.

      2. Just wondering of Shanny was sitting there in his big recliner, sipping a strong drink or three, yelling damn it!!

        Wishing he had Cousins as he runs effectively and also straight out of bounds not touched..and throws for like 425 yards/3 tds.

        1. Well, we do know KS went into mourning after losing out on Cousins. Maybe the loss of JG and this last game brought back those emotions. ;p

  5. Sherman is done, he will never be what he was before the injury. KS needs a OC, he wants to be HC and OC and it seems that he can’t handle both. There is the need of a True DC, Saleh could be linebackers coach perhaps? I’m just an amateur and I don’t know much about football but even me can see the obvious. WHY can’t they?.

    1. So why can’t he do both? What’s wrong with his offense? And don’t feed me the garbage of it’s to much. The O isn’t struggling and it’s not his fault the D is Missing so many tackles. Unless your saying, if he had an OC he could spend more time yelling at the coaches to keep the guys in line. I call hogwash.

    2. Sherman is done, he will never be what he was before the injury.

      Is that why he has only allowed one pass completion so far this season?

      1. “Is that why he has only allowed one pass completion so far this season?”

        I think that probably has more to do with teams just throwing the ball to other areas than it does Sherman “being back” for lack of a better word/phrase.

        1. I think that’s an ill advised speculation because if true; the eye in the sky would not lie to the DC, and he would take advantage….

          1. Not really. The old Sherman was one of the best in the game. No reason to go at him unnecessarily.

            I’m not saying he wasn’t playing good, but I’d question if the lack of targets was due to ability or rep.

            1. No reason to go at him unnecessarily.

              When the film says you’re vulnerable; it’s never unnecessary to gameplan for that vulnerability, ever. Case in point, when the Chiefs got the matchup they liked with Hill against Uncle Sherm, they took advantage. Had the pass not been underthrown, it would have been a TD. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the play where Uncle Sherm threw a calf….

              PFF SF 49ers
              Richard Sherman among qualifying CBs after two weeks.

              One catch allowed in 99 coverage snaps (1st)
              Targeted once every 24.75 coverage snaps (1st)
              Allowing 0.18 yards per coverage snap (2nd)#49ers

              7:56 PM – Sep 17, 2018

            2. This is the old story that the 49ers should be familiar with…When Jimmy Johnson was playing for us, no teams would throw his direction….problem was…Kermit Alexander was on the other side…not chopped liver there either…don’t worry someone will step up….

        2. Another tired and wasted Jackass Hammer hot take.

          I swear this guy goes against all common wisdom just to be different. He’s back to being the know-it-all loser we’re used to.

          He tried for a while there, I’d say a good 6 months of trying not t sound like a critical prick. Then right back to the old Jack.


        1. Agree it’s too soon but, as they say, the fish rots from the head. Poor tackling, stupid mistakes, poor execution. The buck’s gotta stop somewhere or we get a team run by committee. Whether KS is another Norv Turner is a fair question.

          1. Oh it’s a fair question, whine. I’ve been very outspoken in my thoughts about Shanahan. When I say too soon, I’m saying too soon to talk about firing him. Same with Lynch.

              1. Is there any one thing you can put your finger on that gives you hope that the next 2 years might be fruitful?

              2. Is there any one thing you can put your finger on that gives you hope that the next 2 years might be fruitful? –
                Can I answer that at the end of the season? We may be drafting Number 1, which is a thing.

              3. There wasn’t going to be a response anyway. I’d already said that there was no reason to talk about firing him.

  6. Sounds like someone who is hoping that Montana unretires and Walsh comes out of his grave to lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl.
    …hey, it could happen. 😋

    1. “…… hey, it could happen…..”

      Well … maybe in another universe … but, it reminded me of the
      Monday night game in which The Joe made his triumphant return …

      It was at The Stick … and the opponent was the Lions ….
      The Niners “allowed” Sanders to reach the required yardage to
      attain the record he was chasing ….. but no more !

      Classy … then ..
      The 2nd half began … and Joe stepped on the field ….

      No one who witnessed that moment …. would deny …
      the magic in the air …

      ( sorry for the digression .. but hey ! .. give me a brake ..
      I am a senior citizen … )

    1. While I was in Karate, visualization had its part. When striking a board or cinder block for example, you would visualize going through it. Maybe this would help with tackling as well….

  7. GC Is this really necessary

    I don’t even get the use of “broke down”…….Msmith breaks down….Ward breaks down……

    Someone who had never missed a game before last yr shouldn’t be labelled “broke down”….

    This is why ppl like prime and others don’t take you seriously…….

    What is the point of your read (i did stop reading after the 2nd paragraph) because it mischaracterizes RS has injury prone…

    Grow up dude…..stop being lazy…..you can be critical but please use common sense…..

    Richard Sherman lasted two-and-a-half games before he broke down.

    Last year, he broke down in November, when he tore his right Achilles. He never had missed a game in his career before that injury.

  8. How much of the missed tackles are due to lack of practice time for all 32 teams? The 1st month or so has been very sloppy in recent seasons….i would like to see how we compare to other teams and how missed tackle stats have looked since to rule change….but I’m an analyst, so that kind of stuff is really interesting to me

    1. Excellent point. As padded, full contact practices have declined in number over the last several years (to reduce the risk of player injury), tackling is sloppier well into the season. This observation has been made many times across the league. Some teams are a little better, others worse–but ovreall tacking effectiveness is down.

      Remember the good old days with two-a-day full padded practices in training camp–and full pad practices during game weeks?

      Related info…



      More fun! http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/20695591/cfl-eliminates-pads-all-regular-season-practices

  9. Soft tissue injuries suck. Unfortunately, their frequency goes up with age. This is not a good sign for Sherman. We may never see him contribute anything meaningful to the 49ers.

  10. 5 ways the Niners may snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
    1. On offense, emulate Reid. Flood zones, misdirection , screens, putting a man in motion.
    2. Spread them out wide, then use Juice to gash them up the middle.
    3. On defense, play tight man to man, and dial up some exotic, unpredictable blitzes. Maybe a delayed blitz up the middle.
    4. Gotta step on some toes….. Saleh needs to coach them up so they will wrap up.
    5. Every player needs to step up, and play smart, focused, energized and disciplined.

        1. If…. Bread

          If a picture paints a thousand words,
          Then why can’t I paint you?
          The words will never show the you I’ve come to know.

          1. IF, by Rudyard Kipling.
            If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
            Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.
            If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you….

            1. And here’s my little ditty for you, Sebby!

              Roses are Red
              The grass is green
              Get off your grass smokin butt
              And join the Marine’s!!!!!!!!!!!

              WAIT! Dont tell me……..you and your family members (you know, they of the Berzerkly grads) were at the battle of the bulge and told Dwight D. what to do (because he was cluless) and as a result of your folks input we won the war!!!!!!

              But you would rather not talk about it………………….

              1. No, but my uncle was in the Korean Conflict. He crawled over unexploded bombs to re-establish communications so the spotters could locate and report on the Chinese artillery. That intel may have helped turn the tide of battle.

              2. Back at ya, Razor. We all have much to be proud of.
                My uncle never talked much to the other relatives about his service, but one time when he came through, I pumped him for his impressions of Korea because I knew he was getting older, and those memories would be lost.
                He said that the living conditions were miserable, and the food worse. Bet you and your father could relate. ;p
                He said that with all the bombs bursting around him, there really was a -Fog of War.
                He said he would not have survived, if not for all the defective fuzes in the Chinese artillery shells. Up to 20%.
                They also had a saying- Dig or die.

    1. Unfortunately I have no doubt Rivers is going to carve this pathetic, undisciplined D up in a high scoring affair……… for the home team anyway. Come on Saleh, prove me wrong.

    2. Sure, play tight man to man when you haven’t got anyone who can cover. Seems like a great idea. Yeah, slow developing blitzes against a wiley veteran QB who has seen pretty much every blitz possible during his long NFL career; and handled them. A guy who is proven to be a quick read, quick release guy with the arm strength to hit the long ball. Yeah, terrific idea. Genius, in fact!
      What could go wrong?

      1. FYI, Detroit did that, and it resulted in 6 sacks. How many sacks do the Niners have? I want the Niners to take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook, and start 3 rookies in the defensive backfield. BW did that, and won a SB.
        If you did not watch the KC game, the Niners decided to try and get to the QB with only 4 pass rushers, and the Chiefs drove down the field 5 straight times for TDs. Guess you are happy with those results.
        Why do I advocate for delayed blitzes up the middle? Because they can be effective. At the snap of the ball, the O linemen take on their assigned defenders. By delaying for a second, that pass rusher is not assigned a blocker, so he could possibly be unblocked. Why up the middle? In the Colts game, Andrew Luck moved up in the pocket, then ran straight up the field untouched for a first down. If Foster could time his blitz correctly, he could meet the QB trying to escape the pocket, and stop those runs up the middle.
        I also want the Niners to do some exotic blitzes, with defenders the offense are not expecting a blitz from. Safety blitzes might be effective, especially against mobile QBs like Wilson.
        If the blitz can get to a QB quick enough, the long bomb may be prevented. With only 4 pass rushers, Mahomes had all the time in the world, and destroyed the defense. Expect Rivers to do the same thing.
        Yeah, I have been called a genius before, but my legendary status means I do not need to brag about that. I am just a humble Faithful Niner fan who sees the incompetence, and wants improvement.

        1. Yea, I’m not for playing zone most of the game and only rushing 4 guys. I wanna see more press coverage and rush 5. I’d rather live by the sword, and when death calls, die by it….

        2. “If you did not watch the KC game, the Niners decided to try and get to the QB with only 4 pass rushers, and the Chiefs drove down the field 5 straight times for TDs”

          Didn’t they get burnt on the first drive when they blitzed Foster? Did we get pressure when Mahomes was flushed out to his left, only to reverse field and hit Conley for a TD?

          The truth is that until Reid went vanilla, nothing worked.

            1. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-kansas-city-chiefs-tyreek-hill-is-the-most-dangerous-receiver-in-the-nfl

              “The crux of the matter is this: A vast number of cornerbacks in the NFL physically cannot stay with him deep in man coverage.”

              “Take a look at some of these releases against press coverage that Hill has had so far – all on vertical routes.”

              I said before the game that we were probably toast regardless. But I think we make them settle for a FG or two if we actually knew our assignments and could tackle.

              1. “But I think we make them settle for a FG or two if we actually knew our assignments and could tackle.”

                Meaning a FG or two instead of five TDs. Not saying we would have held them to 3 to 6 points in the 1st half.

              2. You are pretty much spot on #80.

                The defense was playing decent early on. A silly play call on 3rd and 15 and a bad PI on 3rd and 16 cost them 8 points. 14-0 instead of 6-0.

              3. Guess we have a different take on the first half.
                I saw 5 straight TD scoring drives, and they made it look easy. Mahomes was untouched, and he carved up the secondary.

          1. 80,

            Remember this is a guy who says that on offense we should invite the blitz and throw where defender vacated. Is it any wonder that he thinks the very opposite thing that he advocates in other areas is a good idea?

            1. I also said they should disguise their blitzes, so the offense does not know where the blitz is coming from. I said they should blitz from different positions at different angles.
              I certainly do not advocate telegraphing where the blitz is coming from.
              However, Reid did what I advocated. He invited the blitz, then threw screens to the side away from the blitz.

              1. “However, Reid did what I advocated. He invited the blitz, then threw screens to the side away from the blitz.”

                So you’re saying we did blitz, but it didn’t work. Hmm.

              2. 80, like you said, they did blitz Foster. However, like you also said, nothing worked.
                It was only in the second half when Saleh stopped mainly rushing only 4, and the defense started playing better.

        3. Sebs……….

          For just a second, i’ll be serious………
          Do you recall who those rookie DB’s were…….? Of course I know that you do……….and your equating our present rookies with those guys???????????

          OK, back to a pain in your arse…….”Sebbie, Sebbie, Sebbie…WILD AND FREE!!!!!!!!!!!”.

          1. DJ Reed, Marcel Harris and Tarvarius Moore are all better than Witherspoon or Ward. Those are the guys you need to make comparisons with.

  11. On another topic…I find it interesting that these first 3 games we did not see or feel a sense of the Jimmy G. Magic from last season. Rather, we saw Jimmy G making some plays, missing many, and taking a pounding. Did the league adjust taking the quick release throws away or is it Kyle’s scheme.

  12. Sherman is a luxury, a final piece for a team that’s pushing for the Lombardi. They are not that team and were never that team heading into this season. He’s a guy that New England, Pittsburgh or a competitive Cowboys team would sign. Losing some confidence in Lynch, but am wondering if coaching has something to do with what I perceive as overall lack of talent. Eli Harold is sacking people in Detroit and Aldrick Robinson has more TDs in one half than any other Niner WR so far this season.

    1. Sherman is a luxury that’s still viable. Talib…not so much. Maybe by December Talib will return with a vengeance, but I doubt it.

  13. OT, but relevant to the concussion issue.
    I may be parroting Amy Trask, but she advocated reducing the number of preseason games, and adding 1 or 2 games to the regular season. I, too, want a reduction in the preseason games, but only want one game added to the regular season. They should add that one game, and automatically increase the pay of the players by one sixteenth.
    Instead of risking serious injury to a meaningless game, one of those preseason games should be converted into a regular season game. That change should be locked in for at least 10 years, so the ramifications can be studied and evaluated. They should not add a second game until the league can determine that the additional game will not adversely affect the player’s health.
    Here is something Amy did not mention. They should eliminate 2 preseason games, make one a regular season game, but then use the second one as a bye week. That way, there will be 2 byes per season. Those bye weeks will help injured players to recover.
    The league should find a scheduler smart enough to assign the byes, so a team can play 2 games within 3 weeks. That would allow them to schedule Thursday Night Football, so those teams will have 10 days between contests. Right now, the TNF games have only 3 days of rest, which is way too little, especially for players suffering from concussion issues. They should do the same for Monday Night Football. Assign a bye after the MNF game, so they have 13 days between contests, instead of 6 days.
    Some may argue that a 17 game schedule would be too brutal. However, they already play 20 games.
    In the preseason games, the starters risk career ending injuries for playing in meaningless games. The teams should designate 22 starters, and not allow them to play. The teams want to evaluate the backups anyways, so it would be fair to the starters and backups. Of course, they should pay the starters their full salary for sitting. The Rams did that this preseason, so that may become the new trend.
    Finally, Amy also advocated eliminating the pre game 6 ineligible player rule. She wants all 53 players to be available to play. I whole heartedly agree. The league is just being cheap, but I think the game suffers by not having adequate amounts of backups.

    1. Screw all that crap, and let’s just get back to old school football. Amy’s ilk has made today’s players the offspring of Freddy P. Soft. Do you think Jack Youngblood was worried about his broken leg as he was in hand to hand combat along enemy lines? He never once kneeled….

      1. I beg to differ. This game is evolving, and while I admired the old school smash mouth thinking, the human cost is just too high.
        However, I do think Clay Mathews has a legitimate gripe.

    2. And, being the politically correct pothead that you are, because Amy said it, you think that makes it right?
      And, being a politically correct pothead, you do!

      When she contributes to the 9ers kickin arse in a disciplined way, then bring up Amy. Until then, who is she to me? She’s not the GM, she’s not the Coach, she’s not a scout……………..dont want to hear you try to glorify her, Seb.
      She’s just a human being who works for the team…………..

      1. Amy Trask is not an employee of the Niners.
        She is the one who counseled Al Davis to hire Bill Belichick. Al went with Mike White.
        She is 10 times smarter than I am, and you make her look like a genius.
        The SF Giants should think outside the box and consider her a candidate for their GM position.

      1. It is no secret. other posters have known this for a while.
        Some have threatened to reveal my true name, so I have removed any reason for their threats.
        Like Grant, I am not afraid to hide behind a screen name. I will stand behind what I write.
        However, I also like Seb, so I will use that when responding while addressed as Seb.

      1. Not really.. Cassie ..

        I was attending a Tubes concert at the San Jose Civic Auditorium ..
        And the Marty Balin Band was the warm-up … I was on the floor
        attaching a lens to my AE-1 .. when a guy came up and asked if I was there
        to photograph the Tubes …and
        I said … “Not really.. I have tons of pics of them… but I’m really interested
        in getting some pics of Marty …”

        Seemed to be the magic words ..too .. cuz he asked me if I knew John ..
        (the guitarist in the band )… I said … “No .. just Marty” .. then
        He asked me if I wanted to go backstage …

        I answered … Hell yes ! ….

        We went backstage …and Marty asked him .. “Where is it ? … and “Go get it”
        So .. we went out back and he
        opened the drivers door of a Ryder truck
        and pulled out the cognac … brought it back inside and handed it
        to Marty …
        So while the band stood in a circle … Marty opened it .. took a swig..
        and since I was standing directly across from… he handed me the bottle

        I got some great pics backstage … but I’ve moved several times since
        then and have since lost most of the concert pics I’ve taken

          1. Sure could be … Cassie … it sounds about right … but
            didn’t remember that it was New Years Eve …
            But .. on second thought … it would explain why ..
            Marty sprung for a Magnum … of Courvoisier cognac ..
            for celebratory purposes

  14. “Sometimes I feel like a pigeon: peck, peck, peck, type, type, type”….by Rudyard Sebling

    sebnynah says:
    September 23, 2018 at 7:30 pm
    Sometimes I choke on my verbal diarrhea.
    Not a pretty sight I tell you.
    Life is hard when you’re over 60 and have the mental capacity of a pigeon.

    Seb’s computer typing environment:


    1. Try harder. That was a burner account catfishing me.
      TrollD, you are the troll who fantasized about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.

      1. Sebbie… Be the Rudyard of your generation. Be bigger than all this. Be at peace with yourself. Find your Zen….and stay there. Please.

        1. C’mon Sebber. When you take into consideration TomD’s degree of difficulty for being original and witty, that was his best effort to date!

  15. Razor, if you had some burner account catfish your name, post verbal diarrhea, then quote it to attack you, then repeat it ad nauseum, you might not see the humor in it.
    I have tried real hard to ignore TrollD, but he seems to be begging for it.
    What is truly funny is Cassie whining for me to be nice, as if she would ever take her own advice.

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