49ers rookie minicamp Periscope report

San Francisco 49ers first-round draft pick defensive lineman Nick Bosa (97) works on a drill during the NFL football team’s rookie minicamp in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my Periscope report breaking down 49ers rookie minimcamp.

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  1. Yeah, Bosa falling down more often than you’d like to see was something I pointed out to you. Very good player, but I agree there may be some balance issues at times.

    1. As long as he gets back up and relentlessly wreaks havoc, I can live with that. Might be a point of emphasis through camp as something to improve on….

  2. I am disappoint. You criticised the Niners for some of the free agents they picked up, but did not go on record to say who you would have preferred. These people are just camp bodies, if they make the roster great, if not see you next time. I feel like you also downplayed Wish too much – sure, wind in back but his kicks now are not the finished product we’ll be seeing when he takes the field after receiving NFL coaching in September. To be kicking as well as he is is cause for great optimist, if he can stay even within 5 yards of that he’ll be a sharp upgrade over noodle-leg Pinion.

    1. Sounded like it killed him to have to report on the punter who had no business being drafted in the 4th round. The insolence! The audacity! The unmitigated gall!

  3. Deebo =hindquarters?
    Could he make a cameo appearance in the Kentucky Derby tomorrow?

    Someone said Deebo is going to steal some bikes. Another said watch your chains.
    Good stuff.
    Thanks for the report Grant and good luck beating the weekend traffic mess.

  4. Nice report Grant.

    I think the Samuels and Hurd picks reinforce the kind of offense Kyle Shanahan wants to run. Most talent evaluators are judging the receiver picks based on the typical traits you look for in a Wide Receiver. Obvious things like hands, route running and speed. But it appears that Kyle is looking for RAC/YAC (Run or Yards After Catch) ability.

    We’ve said before that Shanahan and Walsh want to do the same thing on offense but go about it differently. Walsh wanted to control the ball with quick high percentage passes (usually short passes) based on the QB’s ability to make quick decisions. Shanahan wants to run the ball which set up play action passes which are usually higher percentage passes. Both schemes look for optimized match ups and receivers that can run and get yards after the catch.

    In some ways Debo Samuels reminds me of Ricky Watters. Watters was a initially a WR backing up Tim Brown his first year at Notre Dame. A couple years later when the starting running back Tony Brooks (Current NFL player Anthony Barr’s father) was suspended, Watters was switched to tailback. When the 49ers drafted Watters they kept him at tailback but utilized his receiving abilities. Samuels is what I imagine Watters would have been, had he stayed at WR with a physical running style that isn’t afraid of contact with defenders.

    Hurd was a running back at Tennessee. While at Tennessee, in his first year Hurd led the Volunteers in rushing (190-899-4.7, 5 TDs) and also contributed as a receiver (35-221-6.3, 2 TDs). He was a second-team All-SEC pick in his second year rushing (277-1,288-4.6-12), with (22-190) receiving. It’s been said that Hurd has spent one year as a WR. But he spent 2017 learning the position. He played the WR position in 2018. Anyway…..might point is that with his running back experience like Samuels, Hurd appears to be a potential RAC/YAC monster (assuming he gets some more speed back). I am less concerned about how well he runs dig and go routes. Because I assume he’ll be used in some sort of schemed play action to get him open…or maybe in a swing route…or a wide open stick route or if they’re smart a screen. I want to know how well Hurd catches the ball and runs after the catch.

      1. yup, so hopefully these YAC guys can become better receivers. But it seams like the coaching staff believe that the scheme will get them open so they can run after the catch.

      2. Geez guys

        Give them a break…you know this isn’t their first round-up….Both Deebo and Hurd have history with YAC… I like ‘allforfun…’s reference of Deebo to Ricky Waters…SLASHER !…Man !…I DID love to watch Waters run….Hurd is merely a man among boys out there. O.K. Garnett…time to get with it…!

    1. my caveat would be that if you value what others don’t, you should realize that you can pick them up later than they are available.
      Bill Walsh understood that by taking talented, but undersized, linemen in lower rounds while the rest of the league was drafting brutes in the early rounds.
      Schneider understood this and traded down to get Blair & where he thought he could still get Metcalf. When he saw the run on receivers w/ the other burners, Mecole Hardman, Parris Campbell, and Andy Isabella he moved up 13 spots to get Metcalf (the trade was announced on twitter 3 minutes after Isabella was drafted).
      It’s up to Lynch to maneuver the draft. The scouts do the heavy lifting. Shanahan has the final say on his “guys” for offense. Paraag does the contracts. Maybe he’s the final word over Saleh on the defensive guys.
      Obviously, there’s no way to know for sure who is going to draft whom. But that does seem to be the common consensus from the 1st 3 drafts by this regime.

  5. I think the punter pick makes sense when you consider all the running backs. I think the plan will be to play defense and run the ball. Hope we can limit the big play.

  6. After Grant gave Tyree Mayfield a nice report, I caught some tape on him. This kid is going to play on Sundays for the 49ers.
    He is a complete terror on Special Teams and plays his position in constant attack mode. Love the kids motor.

    At 6’3 245lbs, and playing with the fierceness of a LB, I will say “people get ready, there’s a train a-com’in.”
    I agree with Grant, Kaden Smith is going to need to bring his best game to the table in TC.

    Mayfield could be the biggest surprise of 2019.
    I saw Jullian and Blair early on in TC and said that they would make the team – and they did.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Mayfield come August. I came away really impressed with his ST play.

      1. Leo,
        Yeah, I didn’t see anything about his 40 time either.
        What I did see was a guy who beat coverage on punts and kickoffs returns as well as often being the first guy downfield to make the tackle.

        I see Mayfield making the roster as a special teams player who may be able to occasionally cause a fumble because of his size.
        Having played H-back and TE, he could be another versatile player that Shanahan can use.
        But for now, it’s all about special teams.

  7. Sweet. It sure is nice to see the player on the field, and make an assessment, than some draft profile.

  8. Report : Kaden Smith’s family is devastated

    1. Imagine Hurd lined up in the slot, Pettis, Samuel WR, Kittle TE and Mckinon /Coleman RB. Someone will have a serious mismatch.

    2. Kaden Smith will be a redzone weapon. He catches everything. Don’t need 4.4 speed when the ball is at the 7 yard line and it is 3rd and goal.

    1. If Kaden can come in and provide the red zone help this team needs, that will be great. It’s comes down to putting the best players on the field. Hope he is one of those players.

  9. Interested to know your thoughts on Miles and Wes’ coaching styles. I know you weren’t to find of our last WR coach. It’s nice to have guys with experience in those positions.

  10. Both of these guys are still raw in the coaching circle.
    Like Shanahan and Lynch they are green.

    Wes was Brady’ favorite WR until Edelman was ready. Miles made the c’boys as a UDFA and put up some good numbers and earned him a pro bowl in 2010.
    But to be honest, I know him more for having a little run with Kim Kardashian. His best catch! 🙋

  11. **Warning: Lengthy post ahead**

    Now the draft is over I thought I’d give my rundown on what I thought of the offseason based on the strength of the team’s position groups heading into FA and how they look now. Keep in mind I am basing this only on how the team has addressed each unit specifically, not factoring in how other positions may help improve or mask a unit. I am also not accounting for individual player improvement, just how the 49ers have improved the roster through roster additions.

    – Edge: Pre-offseason grade: Awful. FA/ Draft impact: Massive improvement. Clearly one of if not the team’s biggest need heading into the offseason. Ford and Bosa are a huge upgrade.

    – DBs: Pre-offseason grade: Awful. FA/ Draft impact: Minimal improvement. Historically poor performing unit in 2018. Added Verrett and Harris, and re-signed Ward. If Verrett stays healthy this may be a better than minor upgrade to the unit, but three straight years of significant injuries make that a real question mark of happening. 49ers are definitely hoping for player improvement and better play from other units to help the secondary.

    – WR: Pre-offseason grade: Poor: FA/ Draft impact: Moderate improvement. This unit didn’t perform well last year and lost its most accomplished player (Garcon). Lots of additions with Matthews, Samuel and Hurd will make for a competitive training camp, but team banking on Samuel performing as a rookie and Pettis making strides in year two.

    – Off-ball LB: Pre-offseason grade: Poor: FA/ Draft impact: Moderate improvement. Would be a large improvement if Alexander wasn’t coming back from a significant injury. Greenlaw and Mayo added as well.

    –  P: Pre-offseason grade: Poor. FA/ Draft impact: Large improvement. Pinion was bad and a FA. Could have gone a cheap route and ended up with another bad punter, but instead went with a high draft pick for one of two highly regarded punters in the draft.

    – OL: Pre-offseason grade: Decent: FA/ Draft impact: Minimal improvement. 49ers are basically bringing back the same unit as last year, but replacing Gilliam with a rookie.

    – RB: Pre-offseason grade: Decent: FA/ Draft impact: Moderate improvement. 49ers already had a pretty good backfield when everyone was healthy, but they struggled to stay healthy last year which is why I have them as decent not good. Now they have added Coleman to the unit and Hurd can provide some carries also.

    – TE: Pre-offseason grade: Decent: FA/ Draft impact: Modest improvement. Kittle is obviously good but didn’t have much behind him. I give this a modest improvement on the assumption Hurd will partly be used as a TE/HB. Smith and Celek will compete for the blocking TE role.

    – QB: Pre-offseason grade: Decent?: FA/ Draft impact: No change. This unit gets a decent with a question mark until we actually get to see what JG can do in extended action. No changes to this unit.

    – Interior DL: Pre-offseason grade: Good: FA/ Draft impact: No change. Best non-STs unit on the team didn’t have any real change. Mitchell was let go but he’d already been supplanted.

    – K: Pre-offseason grade: Good: FA/ Draft impact: No change. Gould was given the FT ahead of FA. Still some question marks regarding what will happen with him, but for now he’s a 49er.

    All in all the team addressed some key areas of need. I’m pretty happy with how the offseason went overall. But personally I would have liked a bit more of an emphasis given to improving the DB unit and OL.

    1. Scooter, your overview was generally very good, even if I might have some quibbles on the pre and post grades. Anyway, thanks for the write up!

        1. 49ers are basically bringing back the same unit as last year, but replacing Gilliam with a rookie.

          My contention is Coleman was his replacement by showing the 49ers enough throughout the season after they traded for him….

          1. I thought I was pretty clear I was talking about overall roster change. The only change at OL was letting Gilliam go and drafting a rookie. I’ll let the coaches decide who out of Coleman and the rookie take the swing OT spot.

            1. Gotcha, I’d be surprised if Coleman loses out due to the playbook complexity. I think he will be the SOT for this team with no problem at all….

    2. Good write-up Scooter, but I believe we should also take the coaching staff changes into consideration when discussing each position group.

      1. There are lots of other things we should also take into consideration, including player progression/ regression (which coaches will have a big role in), injuries, and how changes at one unit impact on another. But I wanted to focus purely on how the team addressed specific units player-wise, as stated at the beginning.

        1. Now that its been addressed, lets continue our analysis. As you mentioned player progression, I’d like to think the OL takes a natural step forward through continuity, and a complete mastery over the playbook….

            1. Good point. The faster the ball gets out, the better pass pro will look. On the other side, Warner should be more comfortable, and could lead to less confusion….

    3. “WR: Pre-offseason grade: Poor: FA/ Draft impact: Moderate improvement. This unit didn’t perform well last year and lost its most accomplished player (Garcon). Lots of additions with Matthews, Samuel and Hurd will make for a competitive training camp, but team banking on Samuel performing as a rookie and Pettis making strides in year two.”

      There are exceptions every year but it’s safe to expect WRs to come into their own years 2-3 (last year had a few rookies step up). I expect to see JG and Matthews develop a rapport and KS to go with a running/HBack game this year. I would be fine with that because we still have one of the best receiving TEs in the game.

      Speaking of TEs, did I miss something about Ross Dwelley?

      Good analysis Scooter.

    4. Very good analysis and well explained.
      I too am hoping for some improvement on the Oline and based on continuity but am disappointed in their not attempting to shore up the draft (along with the secondary).

      It seems a draft philosophy with this team has emerged in which early on they will go for BPA’s (especially in the trenches) but later in the draft they are measuring the players based on whether or not they believe they are better than the guys they have on the roster.

      It would also appear that they like Seattle and New England have a draft chart that differs wildly from the consensus boards.

  12. SCooter=moderate improvement is not going to take a horrible last place franchise and turn them into a SB contender….good write up but what puzzles me about this team is the holes in the roster…..Niners have DFord listed as OLB….you kidding??? DFord covering a TE is going to be a joke….Who is playing Nose? maybe Street?

    The Free Safety position is a mess and so is SSafety for that matter…OGuard position is a mess unless an UDFA finds his way into the lineup….way too many ???’s to be a good team coupled with Shanny’s ineptitude in the RZ….

    One positive takeaway Lynch may be gone soon

    1. It’s over. Give up.

      Worst ownership in the league, worst GM, worst coaching staff, worst scouting and player development staff, horrible drafts.

      Yup, it’s over.

      1. Cassie f Baalke- its been over…..the strange thing is most of the educated fans if empowered could fix this team= but not the band of idiots Jed has running this franchise….and Jed stop meddling with the team you know nothing of football

        1. Razor yes always full of it……hurts doesn’t it??? Why do you always poke at me, cause I am not a homer? Because I am honest? Oh well most fans bury their head in the sand with the rose tinted glasses anyway and think this draft pick or this guy is going to change the team and well it won’t……until Jed gets a real GM and HC its over before it begins…..or Jed sells the team

          1. When is everyone finally going to get it in their heads that Jed and family don’t really give a flying F about the team, so long as the franchise keeps appreciating in value year after year after year? The Niners are about as important in their grand scheme of things as a pimple on Jed’s butt, and only if the team begins seriously losing value, or becomes a PR disaster of biblical proportions, will things change. Once people realize that, they’ll stop beating their poor old heads against the wall waiting for pigs to fly. And maybe stop complaining, if they expect that to do any good.

              1. FYI, I have mentioned my fandom of another UCD alumnus.
                Please keep up.
                Hmmm, maybe that hit too close to home with you. I will encourage you. Even if you fail, try try again.

              2. most educated fans could fix this franchise.ha ha ha ha

                Yeah, and they can solve world hunger while they’re at it…

          2. Monty-these players KS has brought in-given that approximately 47 of the 53 needed to be replaced in 3 yrs, as well as the further refinement of the roster that is ongoing-what, specifically, would you have done different?
            Lets be honest that it was an open question just 2 yrs ago—who had the least talent in the NFL, Browns or the 9ers……………….

            1. Interesting question, and I certainly don’t think it’s the 49ers, but who do you think is the least talented team?

    2. Monty, its not really possible to have significant improvement across the board in one offseason. The main worry for me is the minimal improvement at DB.

      As for Ford, it really doesn’t matter what position they list him as. Do you really think he is going to be covering TEs for the 49ers? He’s here to rush the QB. He’s an edge.

  13. Post draft analysis. Guess we will have to live with these picks, and hope for the best.
    However, the Niners missed on a golden opportunity to leverage that number 2 overall pick into as many draft picks as possible and they could have gotten that IOL and S in the second round if they had traded back. They could have moved back and selected Josh Allen.
    I am happy. The draft proved my point that teams are willing, and even eager, to make trades. There were 47 trades, so 47 trade backs, and 47 trade ups. The Vikings, Pats, Rams and Seahawks each had 6 trades. The Colts, Washington and the Raiders were active. Even the Niners traded back, and bundled a player and pick to move up. I just wish it had been done sooner, instead of waiting until the 3rd day.
    To those who deride my football knowledge, I guess you are dissing Bill Belichick, too, because he did exactly what I advocated. Mayock did multiple incremental trade backs, and still got the player he coveted. Looking at Ballard and his draft room, they hit a grand slam, because they drafted all 4 of the players they targeted, and also obtained a 2020 second round pick. It was as if they read my 10 point plan, and followed it to a tee.
    JL, on the other hand, still seems to like injured players. Red flags do not bother him, because he gets ‘good value’. They even signed a player who tore his ACL AND MCL.
    He drafted another player who quit on his team. They seemed panicked and desperate. They selected a 313 ranked player with their 67th pick, and chose a 214 ranked punter at pick 104. Picking a punter in the 4th round may be defended by saying the Pats chose a punter in the 5th, but they picked 15 spots behind the Niners, and Belichick is too wiley to spend too much draft capital to move up that far. The Pats did move up a few spots, and chose a DT, then moved up a few spots to get that punter, so Belichick chose players he coveted, and could afford to do that because he had 10 picks. The Niners missed out on C Chauncey- Gardner S, so they should have been patient, and selected their punter in the 5th round.
    Fortunately, the Niners actually used a lot of their cap space, and filled all the glaring holes in Free Agency, so all of the Niner picks should have been BPA. After Bosa, all the picks seemed to be reaches, but KS got the players he wanted to get. JL deserves praise for being such a good team player, and consensus builder. If the players fail like Joe Williams, KS should get the blame.
    So now we go on to the OTAs and Mini camp. I am actually encouraged, because Zgonina and Hafley are gone. I think Kocurek is an upgrade, and Joe Woods, being a former DC, will not only help the DBs, he will help Saleh a lot.
    I sure wish they start putting players in their best positions to succeed. I want to see Thomas utilized correctly, and maybe see Garnett get some reps at LG, the position where he won the Outland Trophy from. Tomlinson played RG in college, and it might be nice to have a grizzled veteran on both sides of the line, instead of only the left side. Maybe they should move Sherman to safety, like they did with Ronnie Lott.
    Hope springs eternal, and the Niners are undefeated so far, so if they can manage to win some of their early games, this season has promise. If JG can stay healthy, this team might have a winning record, and if they can be prepared better, be more efficient in the red zone, create turnovers and finish games, they have a shot at a Wild Card.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

    1. Hey Razor check out Sebnynah….see Razor a perfect example of a homer….LOL reminds me of you….LOL

        1. Another day and more dribble from the Razor …..Say something that resembles intelligence instead of hurling insults. It makes you look small……

        1. That means, then, that Lincoln was weak minded-he was always cracking jokes.

          Take yourself a little less seriously, Sebs, and you’ll find plenty to laugh about. The ability to see ludicrous things for what they are is a gift you might want to develop…………………??????????

            1. No, I just want to smoke some Blues glues.
              Hmm, smoking some one’s pole? you sound like an expert at that.

              1. You must demonstrate this ‘smoking poles’ habit. I have never done it before, but you and UJB seem be connoisseurs of that technique.

    2. it was Bosa or Quinnen for them, so the most they could go back was 1 spot.
      my qualm is more where the other guys (Deebo, Hurd, Wishnowsky) were taken.
      out of the 1st rounders, McGlinchey was probably the best opportunity cost lost for a trade down since he was projected to go in the 20s, Rosen was still on the board, as were Miller/Wynn, and worst case you still have Brown.

      with Solly, they were worried that the Bears would snag him and weren’t going to make the trade unless they felt comfortable drafting Reuben Foster at 3… they made the trade.. good grief, these guys don’t understand the draft.

      1. McGlinchey has pro bowl written all over him and Foster was regarded as the top LB coming out.
        McGlinchey will hold down the Oline for the next 10 – 12 years, so when most of the the first rd picks in his draft class are gone he will still be playing. That’s a good pick in my book.

        In hindsight, Foster turned out to be a big mistake. But I put a large part of the blame on him for being completely undisciplined and unable to control his inner demons.
        Just think how great Aldon Smith’ career may have been had he learned to control his inner demons.

        As an Organization, you can’t monitor a troubled player 24/7. At some point they need to take responsibility for their actions and future. It’s too late for Aldon, but perhaps not for Foster.

        1. They had Aldon Smith as an example and still chose Foster. Foster had plenty of flags going into the draft including the poor choice of who was sponsoring his party. Grant pointed this out back then.

          1. SY,
            Yeah, I think that I made it clear that they made a mistake with Foster.
            I don’t think that anyone here has disagreed with that.

            I have a question for you. Would you have cut Aldon Smith after he had 19.5 sacks?

            He hadn’t gone completely off the rails yet, but I’m sure that the Org and teammates saw a few tendencies to give them concern.

            1. AES, to answer your question, I wouldn’t have cut him, but that isn’t the point. Eventually, he had to be cut because of internal mismanagement both prior to drafting him and once he was on the team.

              The organization did little to address either one of these and this is why we had a repeat with Foster.

              I certainly hope they have addressed these, but with the Yorks it is hard to know. They believe that failures on the team are external to them. Yet they present themselves as saviors.

              I am reminded of a story of our Center (I think it was Newberry) being taken out by Dr. York and he asked what was the one problem on the team. When Newberry deferred, York pressed and Newberry finally told him “You are”. And York was shocked.

              This attitude continues to this day. Which is why many fans have little confidence in the team run by the Yorks.

    3. I-me-my………Bellichick and me see it this way…………..Walsh and I were right……………Chuck Knoll did it just the way I would have……………..Lombardi was pretty good, but here’s what I would have done……………….

      If they stink by the end of the year, THEN the coaches are fair game–as long as they break the injury jinx.

      1. Saw, I advocated that the Niners should trade back, garner picks, then use some picks to move up to get the player they covet.
        Guess what? Belichick traded back, and then used picks to move up in the draft.
        What an amazing coincidence. I advocated something smart, and Belichick did something smart.
        You, on the other hand, cannot conceive or comprehend something like that.
        Sure, I am just channeling Bill Walsh, and his 1986 draft, so you seem to be dissing Bill Walsh.
        I pay homage to Bill Walsh by advocating JL put on his Trader Bill Hat, and have fun.

  14. sebnynah Take your own advice. you are right my bad!!!…I need to just ignore the homo insults hurled at me….sorry man

  15. On Jimmy G’s injury history:

    “So, what’s the verdict? Well, through three full seasons of HS, four full seasons of college, and five seasons in the NFL – 12 seasons total – Jimmy Garoppolo has had one major injury and one minor injury. Not too bad in my opinion, and nowhere near enough to consider it anything close to a pattern, or to earn him the label “injury prone”.”


    1. That quick release shouldn’t be wasted this year, because he’ll have some wr’s that can get open.

      1. I still don’t think Jimmy played that badly last year as some claim. His WRs dropped a lot of passes. I’ve watched that Minnesota game a number of times and everytime it still seems to me that Garcon dropped a number of catchable passes. Admittedly, I couldn’t see all of the angles. And the Bourne interception was definitely on Bourne. Prior to that game almost everyone agreed, even on this board, that the Vikings had a top defense and it was unlikely the 49ers would win. Still, the team could have won that game or at least made it very competitive if Alfred Morris hadn’t fumbled the ball on the goal line. Jimmy was improving and almost brought the team back to win in that KC game despite an abysmal 1st half performance by the D.

        But Jimmy has a bit of Brett Favre in him. He’s a gunslinger and he’ll throw it if he sees a sliver of an opening. I won’t be surprised if he averages almost an interception a game. I don’t have a problem with that as long as the offense is high powered.

            1. Nope, but I like the Shanny brand because he has a track record of scheming players open, and an eye for talent at the position….

  16. Bottom line is Jimmy was 6-2 in his 8 starts. His two loses were to better, playoff bound teams on the road and his defense had little to no outside pass rush leaving the backfield vulnerable. If he stays healthy, along with other key players, unlike last year, with the improvement of offensive weapons, and the addition of Ford and Bosa, and others on D, he will take the team to 10-6 to 11-5. Bet on it. I’m gonna. It’s obvious IMHGamblingO! :)

            1. They have improved drastically. There are a 10-11 win team if health permits. They were in every game but about 2-3 with a chance to win those other games. With an injury plagued team. They have gone from a well below average unit in rushing the QB to a very very good one. They have upgraded at RB, Wr and LB(Yes Kwon is an upgrade) over Foster. Schedule is also not difficult at all. Oh and having our QB back is a MASSIVE upgrade. I’m predicting playoffs this year. Hopefully health permits.

              1. Some question our secondary, and rightfully so but my questions are two-fold; how fast can they gel, and how efficacious the new coaches can be….

              2. You can’t rightfully and accurately judge a young secondary piece without a pass rush. You can draft all the young corners you want. Without a pass rush you get torched. You are going to see really good growth from Witherspoon and Moore this year.

            2. RAW, I think so too. I just wanted to avoid a barrage of negative nancy’s posting about how bad our secondary is, and how inept Lynch is for not drafting one in the 3rd or 4th round….

              1. RAW,
                “You can’t rightfully and accurately judge a young secondary piece without a pass rush.”

                Bingo! Dion Sanders and Ronnie Lott would have trouble in coverage if the QB had 4-6 seconds to throw the ball.
                The good news is, that ain’t hap’nin this year!

            3. Yes, but the problem is they keep drafting injury-prone players. They finally got a new trainer. I don’t have much faith that anything is going to change with regards to the rash of injuries this team faces every year.

              Add to that the fans’ collective renewed optimism based on the fact that THEIR team got new players, but they fail to realize a lot of good teams got better players as well. Look at the schedule- doesn’t look easy. I’m not going to cry at the end of the year because I only expect 4-6 wins. Hope we have a good draft next year and we start plugging some of our glaring holes.

              1. Last year there easily a 7-8 win team with a healthy JG and McKinnon. They were competitive in just about every game with a chance to win. In the off season they dramatically improved there team. So much so that Vegas has them winning more then 8 games. Don’t be surprised if they win 10-11 games with some injury luck. Of course anything can happen. Maybe JG can’t stay healthy. That’s a different conversation, I don’t think that’s the case.

              2. We don’t have any “holes”, but we might have some weak spots. Both safety positions just because what’s behind the starters coupled with their injury propensities, and maybe inexperience at the cb depth. We filled the three “holes” we had at Flanker, Leo and Punter. I think we have plenty of rotation to keep our DL healthy. Injuries are part of the game, but there’s also bad luck and I think that’s just something we’ve had more than our fair share of. I think it’s about time for our luck to change….

              3. Razor, he is just trolling you. Do not worry, the Niners are poised to have a good season.
                I think the coaching has improved, so if only they can avoid the injury bug, they will be competitive. If the planets align, they may become relevant.
                While I am critical of the later draft reaches, the Niners did get the best defensive player in the draft. Solving the pass rush with Ford and Bosa, is a major accomplishment for JL.
                I still think an 8 win season is probable, but I would jump for joy if they have a winning season.

              4. Homer fans…

                Proudly. Is that any worse than Sh*t On The Team At Every Opportunity fans?

                Aren’t we called “The Faithful”?

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                loyal, constant, and steadfast.
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              5. Coffee’s for Closers says:
                May 5, 2019 at 10:22 am
                Razoreater says:
                May 4, 2019 at 4:56 pm
                Eeyore fans. 🤣🤣🤣 Soooo predictable.
                Better then a kool-aid chugger living in a fantasy world.

                I never got drunk on the Mettenberger or Michael Turner kool-aid like you did CFC, and your fantasy is doom and gloom. Should have listened to me, because I know better. If only we had a real GM like my hero Ballard. It’s the same old story, same old song and dance. It’s like the constipation has gone to your head. Why don’t you get yourself a cooler, and lay yourself low….

              6. Ribico, et al,

                Just because someone isn’t a homer does not automatically make them a fan of your description!

                I have been fairly accurate on team wins and losses the last 3 seasons, not the Pollyanna predictions of some on here. I’m realistic.

                This team has a fair ways to go before they put fear in anyone. Not because I’m down on the team but because they have yet to prove they can take the ball and roll with it.

                Faithful is what you copied and paste. I remain a faithful fan (loyal, committed and steadfast) even when they stink, but I harbor no false illusions either.

                You all want to dress up and put lipstick on a pig, go right ahead. But I’m no less a fan for saying that the emperor wears no clothes and is a pig!

              7. I have been fairly accurate on team wins and losses the last 3 seasons, not the Pollyanna predictions of some on here. I’m realistic.

                BFD. That doesn’t make you a better or loftier “fan”. That just gives you a pompous patronizing view of others who are happily along for the ride, for better or worse.

              8. BFD. That doesn’t make you a better or loftier “fan”. That just gives you a pompous patronizing view of others who are happily along for the ride, for better or worse.

                Didn’t say that I was. You were the one who pretended to be more “faithful” and that I “Sh*t On The Team At Every Opportunity” as a fan.

                I simply gave an example of why our point of view isn’t manure as you stated.

                Funny how Seb says good post when someone else uses scatalogical language, but presents that he keeps it lofty! Hypocrisy runs deep!

  17. Hate to say it, but we’re probably getting close to that first season-ending injury somewhere across the NFL. Rookie camps and early OTAs do that.

      1. Wasn’t sure if he injured it in a personal workout, or in a camp setting. Either way, here we go…

    1. Unsure….hate to admit it, but I don’t track Sebbie’s UDFA chatter. My bad, now I’m going to Hades…

  18. Raiders Crowell tears Achilles. Must be the training staff or Gruden. Fire them all. Just warming you up for every time the Niners have an injury.

    PS Seb has been mentioning Steward since he came out of the birth canal. :) Just ask him.

      1. Seb you are a 65 year old try hard, old fart.
        Be a fan, nothing more and nothing less. Stop pretending!

          1. To think the team follows you or this POS blog is laughable.
            Know your role and be the best weed remover you can. Leave football up to the experts.

            1. You need the self praise, the acknowledgement of doing well, and to know that someone is listening. So for sure you win! Today, yesterday and tomorrow. You are special Seb! You are a someone.

              1. Prime, you must be slipping. It only took me one posting before you resorted to hurling an expletive. Please up your game, you are too easy.

              2. You are a person who is special. Congrats on being someone.
                At 65 years old you should be proud of the fossil you’ve become!

              3. You are the chosen one. Don’t ever forget your worth. A legend I believe you’ve been anointed?

              4. Prime, you think that making fun of a poster shows high character.
                I consider it a character flaw.

              5. That’s your crowd. That’s why this blog is ideal for you. You are the guru, the one, the only.

              6. Seb, everyone is laughing. Come on, you know that. Everyone knows that.
                Enjoy your evening.

              7. Funny, I do not see any LOL’s or ROFL’s.
                Most posters are nice and civil, and do not need to laugh at a blog to be fulfilled, like you are.
                Go ahead laugh all you want. I would rather comment on these practices, and look forward to Grant’s observations.

    1. What I found interesting from listening to the trainers and jockeys, regarding the controversy, is how restrained they were. In other sports, they’d be calling for blood. It sure looked like Maximum Security impeded War of Will. Yet I thought I heard the announcers say that the jockey riding War of Will said his horse didn’t have it down the stretch and that was then the presumed reason why they didn’t raise an objection. I just found it surprising that most seemed to take a reasonable perspective on whether or not the impeding affected the race. Having said that, I agree that Maximum Security was clearly the best horse. Country House got a gift, especially since MS “won” by a length and a half.

      1. Maximum Security did exactly what we’d want our running backs to do:
        Pressed the front, spotted a hole, shouldered his way through, and turned on the afterburner to accelerate to the Finish (Goal Line).
        Shrug 🤷‍♂️ what’s not to like?
        Sign him up!

      2. Country House was definitely making his move on the outside and had he not been impeded he may have had a shot at winning.
        I didn’t see any contact on CH, but that may have been because the jockey slightly pulled up on him feeling that there might be contact.

        Bitter sweet Derby for sure.

    1. An extract…

      “– UCLA quarterback Wilton Speight looks the part. At 6-foot-5 5/8, Speight has an NFL body and the ball comes out of his hand nicely. His final two years of college were interrupted due to injuries, including a cracked vertebrae in his back in 2017 while playing for Jim Harbaught at Michigan. Shane Day, the 49ers’ quarterbacks coach, worked him out in Southern California and remained in contact throughout the draft process. Speight chose to sign with the 49ers over the L.A. Rams and Tampa Bay.

      — Undrafted receiver Shawn Poindexter stood out in one-on-one drills. The 6-5 Arizona product got deep twice to haul in deep passes from Speight. He created good separation on a variety of routes. He dropped one pass on a slant when he did not turn to the look for the ball quick enough.”

  19. Gotta love 49ers reporter Patrick Holloway’ header from his write up on Nick Bosa. After watching Bosa’ first practice. Holloway said:
    “Just wait until he starts crushing fools.”

    Now that’s an awesome header!

        1. Actually, I’m going to file that in my best quotes book.
          Btw, I agree with Holloway. “I can’t wait to see Bosa start crushing fools!”
          It’s going to be a good season Mid!

      1. Yeah, it’s football, people fall. People get knocked on their arses, people get pushed around.
        And some fool’s are going to get crushed – courtesy of Nick Bosa.

            1. Me either. It’s that time of year. We haven’t played a down and we’re undefeated. I’ve got high hopes. High apple pie in the sky hopes!

              1. That’s the way its suppose to be Razor and AES. Its a new year with a new team and new expectations. I am all in till I’m not.

              1. Actually not really MWD,

                Hope is tied to theology and I won’t get into it here but the Spanish word for hope is esperanza, which is closely tied to waiting (which ties back to its theological meaning).

                Optimism is tied to the Latin word optima (the best) which ties back to its philosophical origins of expectations of favorable outcomes. It searches for the greatest possible good. Those who always expect this good are said to be optimistic.

                As I stated I hope but am not optimistic. Meaning I wait patiently for the promise that was laid out by the organization when it hired the new coaches and staff and they, in turn, looked for players to fill said roles. I do not think that this year will bring the most favorable outcome (SB or playoffs). But I’m looking forward to when it does occur.

                Sorry to be didactic, but wanted to explain why I was one and not the other.

              2. Etymology matters here, not common usage which is what the dictionary gives. That’s why I gave you some of the word origin background, but ok, it has that usage in normal every day language, but, to my mind, that is imprecise.

              3. How deliciously ironic. East rips me for being precise, then parses etymology with multisyllabic words.
                Hope is tied to theology? Faith is a more appropriate word.
                Didactic? no, East is more pedantic.

              4. The difference Seb is I don’t get on others regarding orthographical errors. I was merely clarifying why I used the words I did.

                You clearly do not understand the difference between faith and hope. But that is no surprise given some of the drivel you post with some regularity.

                By the way, stay in your own lane, this didn’t involve you. This applies to other conversations too, but you can’t help but try to be the center of attention. Not a surprise given your narcissism.

  20. Austin Walter went to a smaller high school in my area. He and his twin brother. Aston, played for Crosby high school. Aston was the QB and Austin was the RB. They were absolute beasts in high school. I remember going to see them play against Summer Creek and the game was 65-59 or something close to that. Rams recent draft pick LB Dakota Allen was a LB for Summer Creek in that game. The guy I thought would be a star out of that game was the QB from Summer Creek named Aaron Sharp. He was a 6’3” QB who won state track championships in the ‘200 & ‘400. Sharp went to UCLA but never really did anything with football. From everything I’ve heard the Walter twins are great young men. I’m rooting for Austin.

  21. Houston,
    Thanks for the Intel on Austin Walter. The 49ers may have hit on some good UDFA players.
    The TC competition is going to produce a very good roster.

  22. Grant…

    If you haven’t burned all your bridges with the 9ers front office, please let them know–likely the PR/communications group–that their public-facing website is a bit of a mess. Content, new and old, is scattered all over the place and isn’t easy to find–occasionally next to impossible. Navigation isn’t intuitive. In a nutshell, the design sucks. Seriously. How lame is that, considering Levi’s is dead center in Silicon Valley? Next, items of high fan interest–like rookie camp–aren’t spotlighted. Whoever’s in charge of posting content is failing. Perhaps some well-meaning senior exec (ha!) is being conservative when it comes to posting video and photos showing drills, etc. No excuse.

    If you’ve destroyed all relationships with PR/Communications, shame on you.

  23. 2 players who might crack the lineup are-
    Ben Garland and Tarvarius Moore.
    2 players who might be 53 cuts are-
    Malcolm Smith and Trent Taylor.

        1. I wish I could take credit for making fun of you but news flash Seb, other people in this life also think you are a fool!

          1. Yes, and there are others who recognize the trade back strategy was a wise move, and could have improved the team even more. Some will agree that reaching at 67 for a 318 ranked player is not the wisest way to draft, reaching for a 393 ranked player is puzzling, and drafting a punter in the 4th round smacks of desperation.
            I do not write here to gain their approval. I will never get that. I just like writing about a team I love.
            You hate yourself so much, you think that by tearing me down, you become superior. Too bad it has the exact opposite effect.

    1. If you’re going to quote me, at least get it right. I said Jalen Hurd is a coward who quit on his teammates. Hurd left school with 4 games left on the schedule because the coach refused to change his position. I did not say Bosa is a coward. Bosa’s situation was different. Bosa was injured and decided to leave school rather than potentially come back late in the year. I have major issues with Bosa as well but I never said he was a coward. Rather than stick around and help his backup through the transition like many injured players do, Bosa decided to withdraw from school totally to avoid pressure from coaches and teammates to rush his recovery. I wouldn’t place Bosa’s actions in the Coward category but I certainly hated his decision. Given the Bosa family history, I place Bosa’s actions at Ohio State solidly in the major red flag category.

  24. I agree with T. O., “get your popcorn ready!” and Holloway, “can’t wait to see him start crushing fools”

    These are the voices I’m listening to.

    1. I guess you’re going to have to wait a while longer …..

      “Things to consider: Bosa isn’t taking part in 11-on-11 drills, because as Matt Maiocco says, the 49ers are easing him back into the scheme of things after his abdominal injury.”

    1. First we’ll need a few weeks of wild speculations about udfa’s blooming into perennial Pro Bowlers before moving into complaining about the worthless bums on the roster drafted by the bums in the FO.

      1. Happens every year. Wait till preseason games for some to lose their collective minds.

        Most, if not all these guys will be cut. One or two may make the practice squad, if they are lucky and work hard. Most will amount to nothing (football wise).

        1. I never lose my mind, it’s just football.

          Players come and go all the time. I’ve been a fan since the days of Roland Lakes, Jimmy Johnson, Ken Willard and John Brodie. Guess what? All those players came and went. The glory teams of the 80′ came and went.

          My brother and I grew up in Berkeley and our friends from the neighborhood were Claudell Washington, who became a pro baseball player. Glenn Burke, another pro baseball player and Gene Ransome starting point guard for Cal. My brother and I dreamed of playing pro football and he actually went to a raiders tryout and got signed. He was the last player cut in training camp, but he realized his dream of just getting on the field.
          I got married at a very young age and raising a family became my sole purpose in life. Those guys probably wouldn’t admit it, but I could run circles around them.

          So, I say all that for this reason. Whether the players the 49ers sign will make or not, I get excited about them getting their chance. And I’ll be their biggest cheerleader!
          So again, I make no apologies for my optimism.

          1. AES, you sound like a Die Hard Faithful 49er fan. ;p
            I may be critical of them at times, but I just want them to learn from their mistakes, so they do not repeat them. I also will just give my personal opinion about how they can improve, and win games.
            Thanks for the personal history and stories, that is what makes America great, and this site so compelling.
            I also yearn for that 6th ring, just like you do.

            1. Thanks Seb,
              Yes, been a 49er fan since I was a kid. Growing up in a somewhat low – income area, us kids would drink crazy amounts of Berkeley Farms Milk in order to save enough coupons (Berkeley Farms provided coupons on their milk cartoons) to go to games at Kezar Stadium.
              Loved those days even if the team was not winning.

              I forgot to mention that my friend Glenn Burke (RIP) was one of the best athletes I’ve ever seen. He made his living playing baseball, but what he did on the basketball court would leave us breathless.
              My brother and I always talk about the old neighborhood and are grateful for being blessed to grow up in such a great place.
              But I digress.

              Everyone here has the right to critique the team. And I’ve been on both sides with critiscm and praise.
              But like Razor said, this is the best time of the year to celebrate your team. There are no win/loss records yet. Only a fresh and new beginning for a hopeful season.
              Ahhh, it feels good!

              1. AES, you are a good sport, and I really appreciate your posts on this site. I have toned it down on Bosa, and will continue to support him, because his success will help the Niners win games.
                Yes, hope springs eternal, and I like how they are trying hard to improve. These 53 cuts will be painful, because I think they have good depth throughout the roster. Those WRs who I have never heard of before, are showing off their skills.
                That Tyree Mayfield may push Garrett Celek off the team.

              2. all right, Sebs………..

                If you can tell horrible jokes…………what was that you said? People who find things humorous have small minds?…………Or some such negativity……….and yet, you just tried to be humorous with your Mooooo joke………….dont try to do a “Seb-spin”……….or, “Sebonian”……….

                I’ll make a few phone calls for you…….my friends in Hollywood, you know……….

          2. AES,

            As I stated earlier, I would expect nothing less than optimism. I point out the realities of the NFL. Some people don’t like it.

            I think you underscored my point of people not amount to much football wise but doing the important things like being a good father and husband.

            I grew up in South America so my first sport was futbol (soccer), and was utterly confused by American football, especially since the foot was so rarely used. In any case I watched the 49ers in the late 70s and early 80s and grew to love their tactical style that emphasized precision and execution. I have been a fan ever since.

            I watched a lot of futbol and that sport tends to temper expectations and optimism and lol realistically at the team’s chances and not pie in the sky projections. Also coached a fair bit of it. I guess it carries over to watching football and tempers my expectations.

            And as I stated in an earlier post I know the Yorks have been the nadir for this team and I still see nothing that changes my mind about them.

            1. SY,
              That’s a great story. I like that you came to enjoy the NFL. I still remember how the great Pele’ brought soccer to America back in the early 70’s.
              Looks like we both grew up in a great sports era.

              Having supported my team through thick and thin for over 50 years has ingrained in me a hope that every year could be The Year that we turn it around.

              Of course the reality of the season could be very clear at the halfway point of the season, but I’m going to forego the negative for the time being just like an expectant father.

              1. Pelé was a gem but there were other greats that don’t get American press. He’s been a great ambassador for the beautiful game (unlike the other recent great Maradona, who is a joke —except in Argentina—but that is a story for another day).

                In my fandom I researched the history of the team I root for, so I appreciate all the guys of yesteryear and all it took to get them to the Walsh years.

                Been to Canton twice (once for Art Monk’s and Darrell Green’s inductions [best friend a Redskin fan], and another just to browse the exhibits) and learn more about this wonderful game.

                The brutal elegance of American football is a thing to behold (like Boxing-though that is not a team game) and the chess like maneuvering of the players is always fascinating! It is the one sport where a coach is so indispensable. Other sports (like soccer, prepare players who then let the flow of the game dictate what strategies and set pieces that are likely to be employed) the coach is important but not like in football. Football is a game of matchups and outwitting the other guy across the way as much as it is about the players executing (Halas, Brown, Lombardi, Allan, Walsh, Parcells, Belichick, all of that tradition and make this a great sport).

                I see a lot of the same optimism in baseball (get them next year, though football, because of the short season, tends toward the greater drama).

                I always root for the Niners and on game day, I’m prepared for great things (any given Sunday) even though in the back of my mind I keep thinking of all the holes, match up challenges and “holes” that my team may have.

              2. SY,
                “The brutal elegance of American football is a thing to behold.”

                That is one of the best qoutes that I’ve heard in a while. The first time I watched a game in person and heard the clashing of helmets and shoulder pads, I was sold. It is an elegant sport, my friend.
                Hoping our team gives us plenty to cheer about this season.

              3. AES,

                I do hope the team makes strides. They have decent talent and if things go right, who knows. Looking forward to the start of the season, though.

            2. I grew up in South America so my first sport was futbol (soccer), and was utterly confused by American football, especially since the foot was so rarely used.

              SY, I went to the Niners-Dolphins exhibition game at Wembley Stadium in 1988, one of the first of the “American Bowls” in London. Judging by the camera flashes going off, the British crowd was most excited when foot hit ball – kickoffs, FGs and PATs. In the 30 plus years since, I guess it has sunk into them that football is that in name only :)

              1. We always get excited near the goal posts. South Americans tend to lose our minds in either ecstasy or agony. Not a surprise that they were confused. I bet that was a fun experience, seeing football through someone else’s eyes.

                The 4 down concept is also a place of mystery. Almost as difficult to understand as offsides in soccer to non soccer/and hockey minds.

    1. CFB,
      Love these kind of stories. Houston gave this kid a nice write up yesterday and it’s obvious that the 49ers liked what they saw.
      Happy for the kid.

  25. Given that the skill and consistency of a team’s QB has such a strong influence on what talent can do, I’d suggest the Bengals, Giants, and Bucs are at some risk, and remains to be seen how Murray and Rosen do with their new teams. Objectively, the Cardinals probably have the least talent, but they’re clearly trying to hit one out of the park with Murray and their new receiving corps. Unlikely they’ll succeed spectacularly, but they’ll be an interesting opponent this coming season, and some teams won’t be prepared for them. Also not that impressed with Lamar Jackson, but in the case of the Ravens, with their run-heavy attack and top 5 defense, his shortcomings are a bit compensated for. And questions remain about Josh Allen in Buffalo.

  26. Just read an interesting article titled- How Comp Picks Became Fuel For The Patriots’ Dynasty Machine.
    It outlines how the Patriots game the system. They let Solder walk to get a comp pick, but replaced him by trading for Trent Brown, so they did not lose that comp pick. Getting comp picks, gives the Patriots an advantage, which has translated into SB victories.
    Belichick realizes that draft picks are like throwing darts The more darts, the better the chances of hitting a bull’s eye.
    Belichick is another person who sees the wisdom in trading back. Only, he knows how to pull off those deals, unlike the Niners, who had a very valuable number 2 pick, and did not leverage it into something more.
    I hope JL reads that article, and learns from it.

    1. Just an FYI.
      Baalke also used this philosophy very well.

      In fact he was great at getting a lot of picks and getting good value in his trades. This is one of the reasons he didn’t go heavily after free agents he wanted the comp picks. Sadly he was horrible at selecting players with those picks.

      The moral of the story is that teams need that want take advantage of comp picks, trade backs, etc… need to be good at selecting players with those picks.

      1. Yup, it does not matter how many picks you have, when GMs like Baalke pick players like AJ Jenkins, Will Redmond and Marcus Lattimore.

        1. Exactly… while I was ok with Lattimore at the time based on his signifigant upside and the teams stacked roster. We later saw that drafting players with significant injuries would be a theme with him to the point where I cringe any time I see major injuries in a players history.

  27. Grant…

    Anything interesting transpire the last couple days of rookie camp–other than Walter’s signing?

  28. The 9ers are entering Phase Three…

    Phase Three: May 20-21, May 23, May 28-29, May 31, June 3-4, June 6 (OTAs), June 11-13 (minicamp)

    Details: Phase Three lasts four weeks total, with three weeks for Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and one for mandatory minicamp. Teams are allowed three OTAs for the first two weeks of Phase Three, with a maximum of four OTAs allowed for the third or fourth week. As is the case in other phases, no live contact is allowed, and no pads are allowed except for protective knee and elbow pads. Players may also wear helmets during Phase Three.

    During Phase 3, teams are allowed to engage in 7-on-7, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills. During mandatory minicamp, players go through physicals on Monday then engage in practice Tuesday through Thursday, with a day off on Friday. The practices can total 3.5 hours per day, with the second practice only consisting of walk through activities.

    1. They could have stayed put and drafted Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in the 4th round, but traded back and picked a punter.

      1. I am not a fan of the 49ers drafting a punter in the fourth round, but there is no guarantee that the team would have grabbed the punter they wanted.

          1. And can you guarantee that one of those two punters would have still been available at the 148th pick during the fifth round Seb?

            1. Nothing is guaranteed in the draft, and there was no guarantee that Belichick would have drafted MW. They drafted the Stanford Punter, so they might have passed on MW, since he allowed 3 blocked punts.
              Maybe MW would still have been available in the 6th round. I do know that a punter is drafted in the 4th round, about once a decade.

              1. I also know that 30 teams did not draft a punter, saving those precious draft picks for different position players. Most teams will wait, and sign an UDFA, who will be a lot cheaper.

              2. If Wishnowsky can get in position to keep opposing offenses at the 10-yard line, this could be something to watch. An NFL playbook gets limited beyond an offense’s own 10-yard line and if the defensive line can shake things up like we all hope it can, the 49ers can get some pretty nice opportunities.

              3. No way Sebbie.. Wishnowsky would’t have lasted to the 6th. It’s quite probable you haven’t seen him perform in games. I have–many. His ball placement is extraordinary, when looked at over the course of a season. If he avoids injury, doesn’t collapse mentally (20 years old maybe, 27 not so likely), and gets good special teams play around him, he should make a noticeable difference.

        1. Mid I could care less if they were both available or not.
          We wasted a draft pick on Pinion and he was a meh punter. The best punter in the league was drafted but the next 4 were not. |
          However, none of that matters… in the 4th round, I am still hoping to get a potential starter. They still could have gotten a player like George Kittle who was drafted in the 5th… or an average quality guard, db, fb… whatever and that player would have more value/impact for this team.

            1. A punter like Wishnowsky is a weapon. As Cassie has stated, if this guy plays in the NFL like he did at Utah, our defense will be at a distinct advantage. It’ll be a trickle down effect for the entire team….

    2. Shoup,
      Thanks for the link, bud.
      But I don’t take any Monday morning GM post draft analysis to seriously.

      Peacock joins hundreds of post draft pundits who will question a team’s draft selections across the board (every team).

      I can’t speak for other teams’ picks, but I would venture that journalists surrounding those teams have questioned some players who were drafted, and have inserted the players they feel should have been selected instead.
      It happens every year at this time.

      For now, I’m fine that the 49ers went after and got the players they wanted. Except for Bosa, I could complain that the 49ers passed on every player that I had mocked for them.
      But like someone once said, that’s why mocks are meant to be mocked.

      1. AES,
        The only difference is that this person doesn’t just critique the Niners draft picks, he goes on record with who he would have chosen at each selection and has a record going back 6 years. In that time period, his players have outperformed those selected by SF.

        1. Shoup,
          That’s interesting.
          The 49ers should contact him as a pre-draft consultant. I wonder how much, if any, input they receive from outside sources.

      1. I agree.

        I checked a few info sources for other teams and most are reporting days 2 and 3 of rookie camp (Chargers as an example). Could Grant get some answers?

  29. Oh Sebbie…. Keep that trade-back what-if chatter alive, right on through the season. I know, I know, you’re only a die hard 9ers fan, just wanting that 6th ring…and more. Still yearning.

    Say, did you check out the Seinfeld ‘yearning’ scene? Really good.

    Some 2020 draft rankings are beginning to appear. Run us through a massive trade-back scenario. For starters, assume the 9ers are picking in the 21st position, and Mullens (in brief appearances) went 18 for 20, no INTs, and 3 TDs.

    1. No, unlike you with your loser’s mentality ( It’s over. Give up). AES is optimistic, and also yearns for a ring before we die of old age.
      Maybe you need to make up a 2020 mock, before I do anything for you.
      How ironic. Posters have dissed my trade backs, but when Belichick does exactly what I advocated, they seem to be dissing Belichick, too. If the Niners want to win another SB, maybe they should copy what Belichick does. Sounds like he has the winning formula.
      Now, I will be advocating that KS hire hire father as the OC. If he refuses to do so, he will be saying that he does not think his father can help them win, and does not want to work with his father.
      If Jed wants to do everything in his power to win, he should insist on bringing Mike on board, at least as a consultant. MS could impart a lot of wisdom and knowledge to his son, and would gladly help his son succeed. Sure hope Jed is not too cheap to do that. I bet Mike could help solve the red zone woes, and teach KS how to finish games.

      1. Knowing that most 9er brass hold you in lofty esteem (legendary, you are?), I’m sure they’re trembling–wondering if Kyle will heed your direction to hire his father. If Kyle doesn’t, 9er brass will fear your retribution.

        Um. Sebbie….do you know if Mike wants to do what you direct? Have you checked with him?

        Occasionally, you’re insightful, other times you’re kinda delusional. Again, have you checked with Mike?

        1. Hmmm, MS- Help win football games and work with his son, or play with the grand kids……
          Tough call.
          Yes, Jed seems to be more focused on the bottom line, than bothering about winning another ring.

          1. Pretty sure Mike would rather play with the grandkids, go fly fishing, vacation often in the British Isles, and do everything else he was too wound up or time constrained to do while he was in the coaching game. And if he invested what he made during his career in even a middling way, he’s likely got tens of millions of dollars to spend on anything he wishes.

            Also pretty sure Kyle would prefer that Mike should enjoy retirement, and not coach with him. Could be too much of a Lavar-Lonzo relationship. Toxic for both parties.

            1. No, KS and MS coached together, and there was no toxicity. In fact, they enjoyed the opportunity to coach on the same team, and said so many times.
              I do not think MS would undermine his son and try to wrest the HC job away from KS. He would be doing everything in his power to help his son succeed, because Head Coaching jobs are results driven, and he would want his son to have a long tenure.

              1. Why stop there? Recall that you demanded the 9ers bring Chip K. and Jimmy T. back. And Skov, and Hayne, and _____________________________

                Mike ain’t coming abroad Sebbie.

                Suggest you not project your ideal father-son relationship model on the the Shanahans. You’d love it if your son was the ‘promising’ chief landscape architect for Seattle, and he hired you so he could get better–under dad’s guiding wing….

              2. My sons are too smart to follow in my footsteps. I always told them to study hard, so they would not dig ditches for a living.
                Of course, they would point out that I attended college, got my degree, and ended up digging ditches. However, I call that a labor of love, and digging ditches is only a small part of my work. I also create beauty, and functionality.
                I see the stench of Baalke keeps coming back to this site. Don’t you have something better to do than haunting my posts? That 2020 mock is still beckoning.
                * aboard

      2. There’s what, 34 teams? One of them is going to do what you order, Seb……….statistically speaking-BFD.

        Fact is, your going to be pissing and bitching all year………BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats what you debbie-downer ‘tude is REALLY all about!

        It is entirely possible your a Raider fan.

    2. CFB,
      Love me some Seinfeld. One of the best (if not the best) TV shows of all time.
      One of my favorite episodes was The Titleist. George’ “the sea was angry that day my friend’s, like an old man taking his soup back at a deli” is classic. “Man Hands” is crazy funny.
      But that’s enough of me going down memory lane.

      1. We both share love of Seinfeld. Always loved the Wire but no one takes Seinfeld in comedic relief.

      2. Seinfeld was certainly a great series and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the episodes. But I have to say The Big Bang Theory is funnier, although both are great comedy shows.

        1. Cubus,
          How about “Bubble Boy”? Had me laughing for days!I
          Larry David and Seinfeld are comedic geniouses.

        2. Well, Cubus, that’s a rare point of disagreement between us. I’d flip those two assessments. Just my take.
          But we certainly have some unintended comedians in this room! 🤪

    3. Don’t forget the “bundling of players that are flotsam and jetsam for draft picks” chatter, as well. That has been a bountiful space filler on this blog over the years…

  30. Hehe. Funny stuff Cass. I enjoy all the “opinions” on this side sight, even from Coach/GM GC. Good entertainment. I have one wish or critique, whatever you want to call it. Most should preface their amateur opinions with “In my humble opinion” and end their advise with “because, as you all know, I’ve never played or coached the sport and have only read books or watched, so I really don’t know much, but that’s what I think”. As an example, “In my humble opinion,
    they could have stayed put and drafted Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in the 4th round, but traded back and picked a punter, because, as you all know, I’ve never played or coached the sport and have only read books or watched, so I really don’t know much, but that’s what I think”. I think that should be a rule. :)

    1. Great idea — like those disclaimers companies add to their advertisements that effectively covers their collective rear. But a generic disclaimer may not do adequate justice to the colorful characters we have here — we need personalized disclaimers that Cassie can generate…

    2. I beg to differ. They COULD have stayed put and drafted CGJ . That is just a statement of fact.
      I did not say -They SHOULD have stayed put and drafted CGJ. That would have been my opinion.
      IMHO, you should read more carefully.
      However, I am just glad you are not hurling epithets, so I will preface everything by stating right now that things that I say are just my humble opinions, and anyone can disagree with my ideas if they want to.
      Remember, only 2 punters were drafted. Patriots had 10 picks, and they just won the SB, so Belichick can do whatever he wants. Starting out with only 6 picks, there were more pressing needs, and in my humble opinion, they should have been patient, and selected a punter in a later round. Being impatient, desperate, and reaching for players, may not be the wisest draft strategy to follow.

      1. The draft is over Sebbie… Over.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe you were in the 9ers draft room–privy to every decision, every call, every text, every email. Nor were you present while the 9ers board was being assembled. Nor did you accompany very scout to every location to evaluate draft prospects. You have no flippin’ clue what went down. Your ego is driving your anger. Let it go already.

        It’s over… Must we post YouTube material, underscoring IT’S OVER….?

        1. Yes, and here is this blog site, where posters give opinions, speculate and second guess all the time.
          Maybe you should take your own advice.You are pretty clueless, yourself.

          1. Noooo, Sebs-you don’t give opinions, you give dictates………..absolutes……and in this draft, you were wrong! And it galls you…………….

        2. ‘Must WE post’…. Sounds like Paraag has sicced you on me. He really must have not liked the leaker reference.

          1. No one outside this blog space even knows you exist…..
            …..not Paraag or John or Kyle…
            …to their great benefit.

            1. Jed sure does. He even said so. He said he gets the message, loud and clear.
              KS whined that we should not write anything negative, because it upsets the players.
              I even think JL is trolling me, by selecting a player with an ACL AND an MCL injury.

              1. Listen to the Eddie DeBartolo interview with Grant. He also said he ignored what Lowell wrote back then, but admitted to Grant that he read every word.
                You just want them to ignore the media, but easier said than done.

              2. It’s ok it’s ok. People listen to you Seb. From all across the NFL and especially from 49ers head quarters.

                Note to blog: let Seb have this moment. He needs the stroking.

              3. Haha!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Now your messing with people! I love it!! Good ol Sebs…………………

            1. CFB,
              HA! My aunts favorite song. She always thought that Sam the Sham and the Pharaoh’s were from the Middle East and was surprised when she found out that Sam (born in Texas) was a Native American and most of Pharaohs were Hispanic.
              Maybe it was the costumes? 😉

              1. Wonder if there was any unintended cultural appropriation going on…

    3. Juanhunglo:
      And as predictable as the Sun coming up in the east…….

      Seb says….”I beg to differ. They COULD have stayed put and drafted CGJ . That is just a statement of fact.”

      Sebbie: A legend in his own mind …….ROFLMAO

      1. GEEP, reading is fundamental. They could have done that, but they chose not to. It was their decision, and they are going to have to live with it. Also, I will have to accept their decision, and will assess their choice after next season. That truly is a statement of fact.
        If I had said they should draft CGJ, that was a suggestion.
        If i had said they must draft CGJ, that would be a command, and I did not do that.
        It must be nice to go through life, and let a simple statement allow you to roll on the floor, laughing like a hyena. The fact that the last punter picked in the 4th round, happened in 2007, must have set you off.

    1. I am not sure, but I think the second day and on is closed to the media, at least in regards to the 49ers.

    2. It was a three day camp–I think. The Saturday session may have been closed, but what about Sunday?

      With the love and respect the 9ers organization has for Grant, I’m confident his sources could provide enough information for Grant to generate a decent summary report. Perhaps he’s doing that now as he sits in the VW dealership (on Broadway in Oakland) waiting for the transmission repair on his 2006 Passat.

      1. Aaron Wilson
        49ers signed former Rice RB Austin Walter following a successful rookie minicamp tryout, per a source @RiceFootball #NFL #49ers
        3:32 PM – May 4, 2019 · Houston, TX

        Walter played four seasons as a running back, wide receiver and kick returner for Rice University, and earned All Conference USA Honorable Mention Honors in both 2017 and 2018.

        Walter didn’t receive an invitation to the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine, but he did attend the 2019 NFL Regional Combine Invitational in Kansas City, where he ran an impressive 4.49-second 40-yard dash.

        The Roost
        Walter’s 4.49 40-yard dash would have tied for sixth among running backs at the #NFLCombine

        1. Tom,
          A little surprised that Walter’ physical measurements have not been announced.

          I saw one report that list him at 5′ 7″ and 190 lbs. If the kid can play, he can play no matter his size. But because of small stature he may have an uphill climb. As an UDFA he may need to run like Barry Sanders to make the team.
          Just my thoughts.

          1. Agree… Just noticing out of all the players who stood out in rookie camp, Grant referenced a UFA who “got open at will,” so I watched his video. He got open vs. the top schools in the country also.

            Slot Receiver Trent Taylor is coming off injury and Richie James is the other, so I thought I would post this for any ideas.

            Thx, AES.

  31. Just loving how things are better for us….

    Dante Pettis + Deebo Samuels + Goodwin + Kittle + (the RB’s + FB) = this is offensive madness

    1. The good news is we’ve got time should we need to play tag in 2021. He’s a Frank Gore level leader in the locker room. Leadership+Skill+Durability=You’ve got to find a way to sign this guy someway, somehow….

      1. Contracts that big take time to iron out. They will resign him. This ain’t the Raiders organization that is confused on who to pay and who to trade. This will get done this summer.

        1. Hope so but if it doesn’t get done by the start of the season, I’d expect it would get tabled until next year, don’t you?

        2. Isn’t his agent the same one that Mack has? The guy that had Mack stay away from the team to get a new deal?

          This isn’t a big issue yet, but it is one to monitor. Probably be fine this year but don’t be surprised if it is a big story line next year unless the 49ers are willing to pony up.

            1. Atm I see him as a very good but not elite DT in the NFL. But I suspect he will get paid like an elite DT, and that will be his asking price.

              Maybe with the additions of Ford and Bosa he plays like an elite DT and $20M a year is probably fine. If not, $20M a year for a non-elite DT seems like a lot to me. $18M seems closer to the mark, which would currently make him the 2nd highest paid DT in the NFL (Fletcher Cox is at $17.1M), but accounting for inevitable inflation over the next 1-2 years won’t take long to be the average for top DTs.

              Of course, many of the top DTs in the NFL are currently playing on contracts signed a few years ago, so maybe $20M a year will just become the new norm by next year for good but not great DTs.

              1. 100% agree. $18 million is the number I had in mind, which leads me to believe we won’t get a long term deal done. I think his agent will want the $20 million….

          1. There was some talk that if the team took Williams instead of Bosa, there would be the option of moving on from Buck if he turned out to be too expensive. Way too early now, but it will be interesting to see if this is an issue next year come draft time. One difference between now and then is that next year the team will have a history of negotiations to sign Buckner to the big contract and they can gauge better how it’s going before next year’s draft.

    1. The stench of Walsh, hahaha? I’m pretty sure Gio didn’t even get into a Pre-Season game. George Plimpton did better with Detroit.

    2. Cassie, rejoicing in a mistake of Bill Walsh’s, just is not a good look. It is Schadenfreude.
      I would rather focus on his 1986 Draft. I think he drafted 8 starters, and it almost led to a Threepeat.
      Yup, that would be a typical Baalke stunt. Dissing BW. No wonder the stench of Baalke will never go away with you around.

  32. I remember scouting Willie Beavers, and so when I saw he got released by the Vikings; I was wondering if he’d be worth bringing in. The 49ers just claimed him. Coleman vs. Skule vs. Beavers. Should be an easy victory for Coleman….

    1. Should be. Former 3rd round pick with some starting experience should really be beating out a 6th round rookie and a journeyman vet that has barely played meaningful snaps in the NFL. I expect they will keep two backup OTs, just like they did last season.

      1. The thing Beavers has going for him is his versatility. Against, at least 3 years of NFL coaching and his technique is still not where it needs to be….

          1. Jeez, 3 years in an NFL strength and conditioning program and he’s still not strong enough? At least we know he hasn’t been using any PED’s….

  33. I think most if not everyone posting here agrees that the 49ers DL is now substantially better with Ford and Bosa. So, if the DL is much better, shouldn’t we expect that the OL will be significantly improved because they will be practicing against the much improved DL?

    1. Yep, that along with continuity and complete mastery over the offense. Throw in Jimmy’s passes with his release and processor, and they should be licking their chops come September. The one question mark might be Richburg, who played injured most of last year. Can he get himself right, and stronger?

    2. My understanding is the 1s rarely go head to head in practice anyway, so not sure how much of a benefit that is to the OL.

      1. I could see that during the season, but do you think that’s true in training camp and during the preseason (where the team doesn’t do any game planning).

    1. While it will be at Levi’s, the Steelers always play the Niners tough.
      They also improved in the draft. They moved up to get Devin Bush as a replacement for Shazier. They drafted Dionte Johnson as a replacement for AB. They Drafted Benny Snell, who ran for 1500 yards last season, and is also a good RB that lets his blocks develop.
      They also drafted Justin Layne CB, Zach Gentry TE, Sutton Smith EDGE, Isaiah Buggs DT and Ulysees Gilbert LB.
      They also signed Mark Barron and Donte Moncrief.
      In order to get to 8 wins, the Niners may have to win their first 2 games, both the Browns and Packers, and split the Seahawk games.

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