49ers rout Cardinals 38-10; Five burning questions answered

The San Francisco 49ers are now the top team in the NFC West.

In a game reminiscent of the organizations glory years, San Francisco (6-4) routed the Arizona Cardinals (4-7) 38-10 on Monday night in Mexico City.

Like the teams of the 1980’s and early 90’s, San Francisco’s offense methodically moved the ball down the field and punctuated drives with explosive scoring plays.

The offensive performance is likely to overshadow another dominant effort by the Niners defense. DeMeco Ryans was masterful in the second half as his group shutout its opponent in the second half for the third week in a row.

In addition to taking over the division lead, the 49ers moved into third seed in the NFC playoff picture and became the winningest team in the history of Monday Night Football.

Here are the answers to the five burning questions I posed before the game.

1.) Where is the left foot of Trent Williams? In all the right places.

Trent Williams and the 49ers offensive line were on point Monday night.

San Francisco came into the game averaging 4.4 yards per rushing attempt. When the starters left the game just past the midpoint of the fourth quarter San Francisco was averaging 6.8 yards per attempt on the ground.

The pass protection was just as good.

Jimmy Garoppolo dropped back to pass 29 times. The 49ers offensive line allowed no sacks, and their quarterback was hit only four times.

2. Can Jimmy Garoppolo go three games without throwing an interception? YES

Jimmy Garoppolo did not throw an interception against Arizona marking the first time in his career he has gone three games without one.

Garoppolo has played at a high level in recent weeks. On Monday night he completed 22 of 28 passes for 248 yards and four touchdowns.

For the second week in a row Garoppolo made a big time throw after having to avoid pressure when he found George Kittle down the middle for a 39-yard touchdown.

If Garoppolo continues to not turn the ball over and show a willingness to throw the ball away to avoid a big mistake the 49ers are going to be playing deep into the playoffs.

3. Will the 49ers face Kyler Murray or Colt McCoy? Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy made the start in place of Kyler Murray.

The veteran quarterback had not won back-to-back starts in the same season since 2011. It will be at least two more weeks before he gets another opportunity to break that streak.

After completing 17 of 23 attempts for 172 yards during the first half, McCoy was unable to keep it going after the break.

San Francisco’s defense clamped down in the second half, allow McCoy to throw for only 46 yards before being replaced by Trace McSorley.

4. Can the 49ers secondary contain DeAndre Hopkins? YES

DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best wide receivers in the game. The only problem is the rest of the Cardinals offense without Marquise Brown and Zach Ertz is just a bunch of guys.

Hopkins started the game out hot with a pair of 17-yard receptions as the Cardinals drove down to get the first points of the game on a field goal.

In the first half Hopkins was targeted eight times and finished with seven receptions for 77 yards.

As they did when facing Cooper Kupp and the Los Angeles Rams, the 49ers defense adjusted at halftime and the second half was a different story.

In the second half San Francisco’s pass rush gained steam and the coverage tightened. As a result, Hopkins was able to grab only two of four second half targets for a measly 14 yards.

5. Which team holds on to the ball? 49ers

For only the third time under Kyle Shanahan the 49ers did not have a turnover against Arizona.

Instead, it was the Cardinals who made the mistakes.

Just over five minutes into the second quarter, Jimmie Ward found himself in the right place at the right time. When a Colt McCoy checkdown to James Connor bounced off the running backs hands, Ward was in position to secure his first interception of the game.

Three plays later Jimmy Garoppolo connected with George Kittle for a touchdown to give San Francisco an 11 point lead.

Rookie Samuel Womack also recorded an interception when he got his hands on a Trace McSorley pass to end the game.


49ers 27 Cardinals 19

San Francisco opponents have scored 20 points or more only once when Nick Bosa has been in the lineup this season. That trend continued on Monday night.

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    1. The Jimmy G of the last 3 games is an NFL-Top 10 Quaterback.
      So strategy to put pressure of him was right?
      Or is it because he played a long game streak without any injury?

      1. plz calm down – our pretty QB completed 1 pass over 15 yards

        We are not winning the chip with short passes against a true contender

        1. November 22, 2022 at 7:30 am
          plz calm down – our pretty QB completed 1 pass over 15 yards

          Ha… says the guy that carried Alex smiths water for years.
          Some clowns never change their nose I guess.

    2. On ESPN this a.m., Stephen A. put the 49ers at No. 5 on his weekly Top 5 list behind the Chiefs, Cowboys, Eagles, and Bills with a nod to Jimmy G. BUT he says if the 49ers don’t make SB, Jimmy G ( who he continues to disparage as “Porn Star Jimmy”) will be the reason why. He just doesn’t believe Jimmy can take the Niners back to the Promised Land.

      1. And by the way Keyshawn thinks KS will be responsible if the Niners don’t get back to the SB. Says KS is “too tight” in tense, close games and will freeze up once again. I continue to wonder about this myself.

  1. KS took my advice and used Trent’s foot as a decoy!
    Nice win.
    Lance is lucky that he got injured for the season…..

  2. This was Shanahan’s Picasso.
    The play calling was great and as Kittle said after the game, “our best players are making plays.”

    Jack, as you noted, the 49ers defense made adjustments during the break. What a difference in the 2nd half.
    Also, I hope that the “tipping” talk about TW ended with this win. There’s a reason why TW is considered the best Olineman in the game, and his stance is a non issue.

    Great win, and I love how my Mexican peeps came out to
    support the 49ers tonight!

    1. Man, that was a home game. NFL robbed AZ on this one. Lol
      Everyone knows that we will have more fans in Mexico but we were designated as the away team. Love it!

    2. “Also, I hope that the “tipping” talk about TW ended with this win. There’s a reason why TW is considered the best Olineman in the game, and his stance is a non issue.”

      Yeah, much ado about less than nothing. Hammer, no more, OK?

      Per Pro Football Focus, upon first review Trent Williams recorded a 94.2 grade in tonight’s win over the Cardinals

      That’s the highest single game grade Williams has recorded in his 12 year NFL career

      Williams also recorded a 96.2 run blocking grade, which is also a career high


      1. Hey ribico and AES, so you are convinced that it’s strictly a coincidence that, the same week Trent Williams get’s called out for tipping run/pass, is the same week that the 49ers finally had a team completely on their heels defensively, for what feels like the first game all season?

        I think not!

        Listen to my words, ribico and AES …. ‘Any, and every thing that can possibly give a team even the SLIGHTEST competitive advantage matters!’

        The fact is … while it’s certainly not the end-all-be-all that some people seem to suggest, TIPPING run/pass DOES MATTER! It matters from a defensive stand point. There are a significant number of plays in every game where it DOES matter whether a team is tipped off to a run or a pass. There are players who spend a lot of time and energy practicing ways NOT to tip opposition to run/pass, whether it’s in an OL’s stance, or a QB’s stance, or a RB’s stance, or other subtle little “tells” that can tip off a team.

        Any competitive advantage, no matter how minor, MATTERS! And that’s why Kyle Shanahan’s response to this question was yet another absurd press conference responses from Kyle that we’ve become accustomed to in recent years. Kyle Shanahan goes into instant defensive mode when confronted with any subject that might call his coaching into question, because Kyle Shanahan is extremely emotionally immature! In fact, he’s a man-child, IMO.

        1. Jaxon,
          “TIPPING run/pass DOES MATTER!”.
          Rib, just put up the PFF rating on TW last night. What are you debating?

          Question 1: Did it really matter last night as well as TWs 12 yr dominating career?
          Question 2: How many games has TW hurt the offense?
          Question 3: Do you prefer to bench TW because of his stance?

          Jaxon, you are the poster boy for all (according to you) that is wrong with the team. Can you go one day without the cherry picking, my friend?
          Try to enjoy a win, Jax.

          1. Jimmy G. and Shanahan stole Jaxson’s lunch money and then stole his girl friend. He has never forgiven either one.

  3. Who is this JG guy?! Making plays outside the script.
    BTW, that incomplete throw to Aiyuk (he slipped) was on a rope! One of the best thrown ball I’ve seen from JG.

  4. Excellent game all around. Jimmy G looked like the QB we all expected him to be after those 5 games in 2017. Deebo looked like he did last year, can we put to rest the crap about him getting lazy after the big contract. McGlinchey had his best game in 2 or 3 years. The question now is can he put 2 or 3 of them together. Givens Ridgeway and McGill looked excellent getting Armstead back can only make them stronger. Womack and Lenior both looked strong last night and J. Ward looked better at NB. Mitch Wishnowsky is the best punter in football. Shanahan called a great game and Ryans makes great half time adjustments. All that being said I am worried about this weeks game. A short week after a road game played in altitude.

    1. Old Coach… he was also the only offensive player hitting that sideline multiple times. I’d say that has a little something to do with his off-season workouts or lack there of. 🤷🏻‍♂️Maybe

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